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196275: THOMPSON, B.A. - Commercial Vehicle Driving & Operation
022696: THOMPSON, B.A - Dorothy's Birthday
161656: THOMPSON, FRANCIS (MEYNELL, WILFRID) - Selected Poems of Francis Thompson
021936: THOMPSON, EDGAR HYNES; ATKINSON, KEITH B.; PHOTOGRAMMETRIC SOCIETY - Photogrammetry & Surveying: A Selection of Papers
179874: THOMPSON, R.A (ED.); GREEN, J.R. (ED.) - Complications of Nervous System Trauma
542532: THOMPSON, NICHOLAS - The Craftsmen in the City: Clothworkers' Hall Refurbished
454627: THOMPSON, EARL A.; ET AL - Journal of Political Economy: Vol. 87, Nos. 1-3
513678: THOMPSON, NOEL - Social Opulence and Private Restraint: The Consumer in British Socialist Thought Since 1800
169282: THOMPSON, G. R.; CARLSON, LARS A. - A Handbook of Hyperlipidaemia
537987: THOMPSON, C.W. - Lamiel: Fille Du Feu: Essai Sur Stendhal et L'Energie
542725: THOMPSON, CARLENE - Black for Remembrance
516952: THOMPSON, WILLIE - Ideologies in the Age of Extremes: Liberalism, Conservatism, Communism, Fascism 1914-91
211361: THOMPSON, F.M.L. (ED.); THE BRITISH ACADEMY - Proceedings of the British Academy Vol. 115: Biographical Memoirs of Fellows, I
090799: THOMPSON, H. P. - The West Indies
428487: THOMPSON, DENNIS F. - Restoring Responsibility: Ethics in Government, Business, and Healthcare
476963: THOMPSON, NOEL - The Real Rights of Man: Political Economies for the Working Class 1775-1850
258299: THOMPSON, J.G. (ED.); THE IRISH REPORTS - The Irish Reports, 1915, Vol. I.: Chancery Division and Land Commission
538655: THOMPSON, KATE - Switchers
422953: THOMPSON, LEIGH L. - Making the Team: A Guide for Managers
193077: THOMPSON, J. M. T.; BISHOP, S. R. - Nonlinearity and Chaos in Engineering Dynamics : IUTAM Symposium, UCL, July 1993
258302: THOMPSON, J.G. (ED.); THE IRISH REPORTS - The Irish Reports, 1914, Vol. II.: The King's Bench Division
260862: THOMPSON, JANNA - Discourse and Knowledge : Defence of a Collectivist Ethics
538761: THOMPSON, CHARLES P.; SKOWRONSKI, JOHN J.; LARSEN, STEEN F.; BETZ, ANDREW L. - Autobiographical Memory: Remembering What and Remembering When
458786: THOMPSON, WARREN S. - Population: The Growth of Metropolitan Districts in the United States: 1900-1940
101749: THOMPSON, GR - A Handbook of Hyperlipidaemia
019651: THOMPSON, A.H. - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson with a Bibliography of His Writings.
499897: THOMPSON-GRAY, JOHN - Japanese Blitz on Darwin February 19, 1942
215133: THOMPSON, WILLIAM R. - The Emergence of the Global Political Economy
418426: THOMPSON, EMMA - Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (Popcorn ELT Readers)
258300: THOMPSON, J.G. (ED.); THE IRISH REPORTS - The Irish Reports, 1915, Vol. II.: The King's Bench Division
454700: THOMPSON, F.M.L. (ED.); THE BRITISH ACADEMY - Proceedings of the British Academy Vol. 115: Biographical Memoirs of Fellows, I
108319: THOMPSON, DENYS - The Uses of Poetry
529658: THOMPSON, THOMAS L. - Early History of the Israelite People from Written and Archaeological Sources
018793: THOMPSON, R.W. - The Yankee Malborough
304115: THOMPSON, JOHN A. - Caught in the Rip: Cutting Across the Conventional Wisdom to Make Wise Decisions
258301: THOMPSON, J.G. (ED.); THE IRISH REPORTS - The Irish Reports, 1914, Vol. I.: Chancery Division and Land Commission
306752: THOMPSON, PETER - The Crisis of the German Left: The PDS, Stalinism and the Global Economy (Monographs in German History; vol. 13)
174089a: THOMPSON, ALAN J.; POLMAN, D. J.; POOLE, M. W. (EDS.) - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility; Supplement II : The Machine
106700: THOMPSON, WAYNE; GUERRIER, STEVEN W. - Space--National Programs and International Cooperation
447760: THOMPSON, PAUL B. - Food Biotechnology in Ethical Perspective
191269: THOMPSON, LAWRENCE M. - Analog and Digital Signal Transmission
009143: THOMPSON, S. M. & KAHN, J. H. - The Group Process and Family Therapy : Extensions and Applications of Basic Principles
543522: THOMPSON, F.M.L. (EDITOR) - The Rise of Suburbia
304348: THOMPSON, E. C; SUTHERLAND, W. A. (EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics; Oxford Second Series, Volume XXI, 1970
304350: THOMPSON, E. C.; SUTHERLAND, W. A. (EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics; Oxford Second Series, Volume XXIII, 1972
304349: THOMPSON, E. C.; SUTHERLAND, W. A. (EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics; Oxford Second Series, Volume XXII, 1971
304351: THOMPSON, E. C.; SUTHERLAND, W. A. (EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics; Oxford Second Series, Volume XXIV, 1973
304352: THOMPSON, E. C.; DAVIES, E. B. (EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics; Oxford Second Series, Volume XXV, 1974
304354: THOMPSON, E. C.; DAVIES, E. B. (EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics; Oxford Second Series, Volume XXVII, 1976
252251: THOMPSON, REV. NEWTON, S.T.D.; STOCK, RAYMOND - Concordance to the Bible (Douay Version)
479177: THOMPSON, KENNETH W. (ED.) - The American Presidency: Perspectives from Abroad
219185: THOMPSON, JON - Mark Wallinger: An Ikon Gallery and Serpentine Gallery Exhibition Catalogue
045212: THOMPSON, KEN - CASE and the Issues for IS Management
608041: THOMPSON, GENE. - A Cup of Death; A Dale Cooley Mystery.
179863: THOMPSON, R.A (ED.); GREEN, J.R. (ED.) - Neoplasia in the Central Nervous System
165367: THOMPSON, P.; TOLLOCZKO, J.J.A.; CLARKE (EDITED BY) - Stadia, Arenas and Grandstands : Design, Construction and Operation
449963: THOMPSON, DENYS - The Uses of Poetry
523151: THOMPSON, JOHN - Modern Trinitarian Perspectives
005528: THOMPSON, LLOYD J. - Reading Disability: Developmental Dyslexia
178965: THOMPSON, T. - Under the Barber's Pole
423868: THOMPSON, KENNETH A. - Sartre: Life and Works
438066: THOMPSON, JOHN E. - The Magnetic Properties of Materials
185540: THOMPSON, A.G. - London Bridge and The Pool
539940: THOMPSON SETON, ERNEST - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag and Other Lives of the Hunted
012926: THOMPSON, IAN E.; BOYD, KENNETH M. & MELIA, KATH M. - Nursing Ethics
536076: THOMPSON, JAMES - Applied Theatre: Bewilderment and Beyond
604332: THOMPSON, NATHAN - The Arboretum Towards the Beginning
605123: THOMPSON, JOHN - Horse-Drawn Farm Implements, Part II: Preparing the Soil
605124: THOMPSON, JOHN - Horse-Drawn Farm Implements, Part III: Sowing and Haymaking
605267: THOMPSON, MARGARET - Pygmy Goats
605799: THOMPSON, DOROTHY - The Chartists: Popular Politics in the Industrial Revolution
606114: THOMPSON, LEONARD P. - Suffolk Coaching Days
533435: THOMPSON, FRANCIS - St Kilda and Other Hebridean Outliers
540777: THOMS, W.J., (ED,) - The Old Story Books of England. The Gallant History of Bevis of Southampton; A Famous Ballad of Fair Rosamond; The Pleasant Story of Patient Grissell
059947: THOMSEN, STEPHEN; WOOLCOCK, STEPHEN - Direct Investment and European Integration: Competition Among Firms and Governments
191890: THOMSEN, STEPHEN E.; NICOLAIDES, PHEDON - The Evolution of Japanese Direct Investment in Europe : Death of a Transistor Salesman
498914: THOMSETT, MICHAEL C. - The German Opposition to Hitler: The Resistance, the Underground, and Assassination Plots, 1938-1945
528880: THOMSON, GEORGE - From Marx to Mao Tse-Tung: A Study in Revolutionary Dialectics
436693: THOMSON, DERICK S. - The New English-Gaelic Dictionary
246564: THOMSON, JOHN MAITLAND - The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland A.D. 1580-1593
546559: THOMSON, LESLEY - The Mystery of Yew Tree House
026074: THOMSON, GEORGE MALCOLM - Sir Francis Drake
240897: THOMSON, DAVID - Nicole Kidman
519276: THOMSON, E.S. - Dark Asylum (A Jem Flockhart Novel)
452608: THOMSON, JAMES - The Poetical Works of James Thomson
172881: THOMSON, J. ARTHUR AND CROWTHER, J. G. EDS - Science Today : The Scientific Outlook on World Problems Explained By Leading Exponents of Modern Scientific Thought
545238: THOMSON, SIR ARTHUR - The Consummation of William Harvey: The Harveian Oration 1961
544708: THOMSON, GUY - El Nacimiento De La POLITICA Moderna En ESPANA: Democracia, ASOCIACION y REVOLUCION: 1854-75
485716: THOMSON, CLIVE (ED.) - Mikhail Bakhtin and the Epistemology of Discourse
483020: THOMSON, PETER; DORNEY, KATE (EDS.) - Studies in Theatre and Performance, Volume 29, Number 3
080079: THOMSON, R; CALLOWAY, J; NAWALANIC, L - The Cost of Clean Water in Ammonia, Chlor-Alkali, and Ethylene Production.
283095: THOMSON, RACHEL (ED.) - Loop
511443: THOMSON, IAN - Primo Levi
446968: THOMSON, WILLIAM TYRRELL - Laplace Transformation (Prentice-Hall Electrical Engineering Series)
450476: THOMSON, J. J.; THOMSON, G. P. - Conduction of Electricity Through Gases, Volume II: Ionisation By Collision and the Gaseous Discharge
188349: THOMSON, JAMES - The Seasons
184462: THOMSON, JAMES - 'The Seasons', and 'The Castle of Indolence'
540000: THOMSON, JUNE - Flowers for the Dead and Other Stories
521544: THOMSON, CAROLYN; HUNTER, JOHN (EDS.) - Wildflower Country
303606: THOMSON, PETER; DORNEY, KATE; WYLLIE, ANDREW (EDS.) - Studies in Theatre and Performance; Volume 31, Number 2
530403: THOMSON, HENRY - Food and Power: Regime Type, Agricultural Policy, and Political Stability
479226: THOMSON, RUPERT - Air & Fire
273084: THOMSON, KEITH - The Legacy of the Mastodon: The Golden Age of Fossils in America
303608: THOMSON, PETER; DORNEY, KATE; WYLLIE, ANDREW (EDS.) - Studies in Theatre and Performance; Volume 33, Number 1
303609: THOMSON, PETER; DORNEY, KATE; WYLLIE, ANDREW (EDS.) - Studies in Theatre and Performance; Volume 33, Number 2
543105: THOMSON, G. SCOTT - Wool Merchants of the Fifteenth Centuries
538034: THOMSON, DAVID - Woodbrook
446331: THOMSON-LEIGHTON, F. (ED.-IN-CHIEF) - Journal of the ACM: January 1997; Volume 44; Number 1
011797: THOMSON, PETER; MCCULLOUGH, CHRISTOPHER (EDS.) - Studies in Theatre Production, Number 6, Dec 1992
524953: THOMSON, JAMES; ROBERTS, HENRY D. (ED.) - The Castle of Indolence and Other Poems
024317: THOMSON, C. L. - Stories from Chaucer
208013: THOMSON, DAVID - Two Frenchmen: Pierre Laval and charles De Gaulle
482307: THOMSON, VIRGIL - A Virgil Thomson Reader
473818: THOMSON, PETER - On Actors and Acting (Exeter Performance Studies)
183405: THOMSON, RUBERT - Soft
025926: THOMSON, BELINDA - The Post-Impressionists
486564: THOMSON, JOHN - Francis Thompson the Preston-Born Poet
601059: THOMSON, GRAEME - Complicated Shadows: The Life and Music of Elvis Costello
523387: THOMSON, JOHN GORDON - Researches on Blackwater Fever in Southern Rhodesia
531576: THOMSON, JAMES; ROBERTS, HENRY D. (ED.) - The Seasons (The Muses Library)
018794: THOMSON, GLADYS SCOTT - Catherine the Great and the Expansion of Russia
303607: THOMSON, PETER; DORNEY, KATE; WYLLIE, ANDREW (EDS.) - Studies in Theatre and Performance; Volume 32, Number 1
524724: THOMSON, MATHEW - The Problem of Mental Deficiency: Eugenics, Democracy, and Social Policy in Brtiain, C.1870-1959 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
034163: THOMSON, IAN - The Rise of Modern Asia
481071: THOMSON, ANTHONY F. - The English Schoolroom, or Thoughts on Private Tuition, Practical and Suggestive
152834: THOMSON, N.; LEWIS, A.; SANDFORD, C. - Grants or Loans?
183183: THOMSON, GEORGE MALCOLM - Sir Francis Drake
523634: THOMSON, STCLAIR - Joseph Lister 1827-1912: Personal Memories of Sir StClair Thomson
210330: THOMSON, PAT (ED.) - Doing Visual Research With Children and Young People
465714: THOMSON, DAVID - England in the 19th Century
303605: THOMSON, PETER; DORNEY, KATE (EDS.) - Studies in Theatre and Performance; Volume 29, Number 3
303604: THOMSON, PETER (ED.) - Studies in Theatre and Performance; Volume 28, Number 2
534849: THOMSON, R.M. (ED.) - The Chronicle of the Election of Hugh: Abbot of Bury St Edmunds and later Bishop of Ely
602555: THOMSON, DAVID - Movie Man
603224: THOMSON, DAVID - Warren Beatty: A Life and a Story
604253: THOMSON, DAVID - The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood
604304: THOMSON, CHARLES - Something to Sling in Your Shopping Basket: Selected Poems 1975-1990
604306: THOMSON, CHARLES - Lunchtime Rhymes
606373: THOMSON, DAVID - The People of the Sea
427627: THONET, PETER - Designer Profile 2008/2009: Industrial Exhibition Design, Volume 1
427626: THONET, PETER - Designer Profile 2008/2009: Graphic + Multimedia Design, Volume 2
302383: THONGER, RICHARD - A Calendar of German Customs
233454: THORBURN, THOMAS JAMES - The Mythical Interpretation of the Gospels
546895: THORBURN, ARCHIBALD - British Birds: Volumes 1-4
540369: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Walden, Or Life in the Woods
300115: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID; LARUSSO, CAROL SPENARD (ED.) - The Green Thoreau: America's First Environmentalist on Technology, Possessions, Livelihood, and More By
288678: THORESON, CARL E.; MAHONEY, MICHAEL J. - Behavioral Self-Control
081959: THORLBY, ANTHONY - Kafka: A Study (Student Guides to European Literature)
306386: THORLBY, RUTH - Where the Patient Was King? A Study of Patient Choice And Its Effect on Five Specialist HIV Units In London
470973: THORMAHLEN, MARIANNE (ED.) - English Now: Selected Papers from the 20th IAUPE Conference in Lund 2007 (Lund Studies in English)
605520: THORN, MEGAN - The Charles Shipman Payson Building
428069: THORNBURY, WALTER - Old Fleet Street
438676: THORNBUSH, S. E. - Sintoff: The Phantom and Its Wolf Tribe
034041: THORNBY, MARGARET - Margaret Thornby's Guide to Tea Rooms of Britain
600090: THORNDIKE, LYNN - Science and Thought in the Fifteenth Century: Studies in the History of Medicine and Surgery, Natural and Mathematical Science, Philosophy and Politics
545685: THORNDIKE, RUSSELL - The Shadow of Dr. Syn
545255: THORNDIKE, LYNN - University Records and Life in the Middle Ages
458787: THORNDIKE, EDWARD L. - Your City
458788: THORNDIKE, EDWARD L. - Your City
293482: THORNE, CHRISTOPHER - The Issue of War: States, Societies, and the Far Eastern Conflict of 1941-1945
006266: THORNE, FREDERICK, C. (EDITOR) - Journal of Clinical Psychology (Volume XXIII, 1967)
006265: THORNE, FREDERICK, C. (EDITOR) - Journal of Clinical Psychology (Volume XIX, 1963)
006264: THORNE, FREDERICK, C. (EDITOR) - Journal of Clinical Psychology (Volume XX, 1964)
447286: THORNE, H. S. - Northumbria in Colour
286003: THORNE, KAYE; MACKEY, DAVID (EDS.) - Everything You Ever Need to Know About Training
104477: THORNE, J.O. (ED.) - Chambers's Biographical Dictionary
530343: THORNE, RICHARD THORNE - The Administrative Control of Tuberculosis: Being The Harben Lectures Delivered in 1898 Before the Royal Institute of Public Health
012117: THORNE, FREDERICK, C. (EDITOR) - Journal of Clinical Psychology, Volume V
012113: THORNE, FREDERICK, C. (EDITOR) - Journal of Clinical Psychology, Volume X
012115: THORNE, FREDERICK, C. (EDITOR) - Journal of Clinical Psychology, Volume VIII
012111: THORNE, FREDERICK, C. (EDITOR) - Journal of Clinical Psychology, Volume IX
476262: THORNHILL, W. - The Growth and Reform of English Local Government
201074: THORNICROFT, GRAHAM; BREWIN, CHRIS R.; WING, JOHN - Measuring Mental Health Needs
535112: THORNTON, EDWARD - The Diary of a Mystic
543328: THORNTON, ROBERT J. - Space, Time and Culture Among The Iraqw of Tanzania
028385: THORNTON, GEOFFREY - Language, Ignorance and Education (Explorations in Language Study)
543993: THORNTON, MARGARET - Public and Private: Feminist Legal Debates
279033: THORNTON, CHRIS; DU BOULAY, BENEDICT (EDS.) - Artificial Intelligence Through Search
485337: THORNTON, THOMAS PERRY (ED.) - The Third World in Soviet Perspective: Studies By Soviet Writers on the Developing Areas
508840: THORNTON, JOHN W.; THORNTON JR., JOHN W.; HOYTE, EDWIN P. (FOREWORD) - Believed to be Alive
236718: THORNTON, IAIN (ED.); HOWARTH, RICHARD J. (ED.) - Applied Geochemistry in the 1980s
154788: THORNTON, JOHN - Elemental Practical Physiology
540583: THORNTON, ANNETTE - The Mosaic Pavements of Corinium: The Roman Cirencester
031611: THORNYCROFT, L. B. - The Doones in Fact, Fiction and Picture
483748: THOROGOOD, PETER - The Once Contented Land
465674: THOROLD, HENRY - Nottinghamshire (A Shell Guide)
450674: THOROLD ROGERS, JAMES E. - Speeches on Questions of Public Policy by John Bright, M.P., Volume 2
508191: THORP, MARGARET FARRAND - Charles Kingsley: 1819-1875
452047: THORP, DAVID; LATHAM, NOA; FOSTER, STEPHEN - John Latham: Time-Base and the Universe
605365: THORP, MARGARET - America at the Movies
451038: THORPE, RICHARD, ET AL - Towards 'Leaderful' Communities in the North of England: Stories from the Northern Leadership Academy
473211: THORPE, P.H. - "Geographia" Greater London Plan: In Four Sheets
520243: THORPE, C P; BAILEY, J C L - Commerical Contracts: A Practical Guide to Deals, Contracts, Agreements and Promises
196030: THORPE, I. J. - The Origins of Agriculture in Europe
439876: THORPE, ADAM - The Standing Pool
465387: THORPE, ADAM - Meeting Montaigne
543067: THORPE, JAMES - Edmund Sullivan: English Masters of Black and White
003215: THORPE, W.H. - Animal Nature and Human Nature
248112: THORPE, MICHAEL - Matthew Arnold (Arco Literary Critiques)
026847: THORPE, BENJAMIN - A History of England Under the Norman Kings
604333: THORPE, LORNA - A Ghost in My House
604334: THORPE, LORNA - A Ghost in My House
606365: THORPE, ADAM - The Standing Pool
606366: THORPE, ADAM - Flight
606367: THORPE, ADAM - Still
607219: THORPE, JEREMY - In My Own Time: Reminiscences of a Liberal Leader
515082: THOULESS, ROBERT H. - General and Social Psychology: The Psychological Basis of Social Life
518019: THOUREAU, HENRY D.; CRAMER, JEFFREY S. (ED.) - Henry D. Thoreau: Essays
212257: THOUVEREZ, EMILE - Histoire Sommaire Des Systemes Philosophiques (Redigee Conformement Au Programme Du Baccalaureat)
237982: THOYER, SOPHIE; MARTIMORT-ASSO, BENOIT - Participation for Sustainability in Trade
269680: THRANE, TORBEN - Referential-Semantic Analysis: Aspects of a Theory of Linguistic Reference
415987: THRELFALL, MONICA (ED.) - International Journal of Iberian Studies; Volume 17, Number 1, 2004
415988: THRELFALL, MONICA (ED.) - Consensus Politics in Spain: Insider Perspectives
049265: THRESH, JOHN C. - Summary of the Report of the District Medical Officers of Health in the Administrative County of Essex for the Year 1902
515192: THROWER, RAYNER - The Pirate Picture
527799: THUAN, TJIAUW - Legal Entity Reform of Indonesia's Public Colleges and Universities
264968: THUBRON, COLIN - Among the Russians
020211: THUBRON, COLIN, - Falling
531866: THUBRON, COLIN - Falling
492787: THUBRON, COLIN - Falling
261538: THUKRAL, ENAKSHI GANGULAY (EDITOR) - Big Dams, Displaced People: Rivers of Sorrow, Rivers of Change
545407: THUNBERG, LARS (AUTHOR); ALLCHIN, A.M. (FOREWORD) - Man and the Cosmos: The Vision of St Maximus The Confessor
478823: THURBER, JAMES - The Years with Ross
546354: THURBER, JAMES; PARKER, DOROTHY (PREFACE) - Thurber's Men, Women and Dogs: A Book of Drawings
449759: THURBER, JAMES - Vintage Thurber, Volume I
540872: THURBER, JAMES - The Wonderful O
539482: THURBER, JAMES - The Beast In Me and Other Animals
244953: THURLEY, KEITH; WOOD, STEPHEN - Industrial Relations and Management Strategy (Management and Industrial Relations Series)
236311: THURLEY, GEOFFREY - The Turbulent Dream: Passion and Politics in the Poetry of W. B. Yeats
602990: THURLEY, GEOFFREY - The American Moment: American Poetry in the Mid-Century
029107: THURLOW, GILBERT - Biblical Myths & Mysteries
081269: THURMAN, RONALD G.; KAUFFMAN, FREDERICK C.; JUNGERMANN, KURT (EDS.) - Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism: Intra- and Intercellular Compartmentation
286536: THURNAM, JOHN - Observations and Essays on the Statistics of Insanity
496802b: THURRELL, R. G.; WORSSAM, B. C.; EDMONDS, E. A. - Geology of the Country Around Haslemere (Explanation of One-inch Geological Sheet 301, New Series)
444507: THURSTON, WILLIAM R. - Processes of Change in the Languages of North-Western New Britain (Pacific Linguistics)
486992: THURSTON, HERBERT - Beauraing and Other Apparitions
078134: THWAITE, A; MOLE, J (EDS) - Poetry 1945 to 1980
547712: THWAITE, ANN - Edmund Gosse: A Literary Landscape, 1849-1928
224454: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); GLAZER, NATHAN; STERLING, CLAIRE; ET AL. - Encounter 333 (Vol. LVII, No.1), July 1981
019719: THWAITE, ANTHONY - Poems, 1953-1983
259730: THWAITE, ANTHONY; LASKY, MELVIN J. (EDS.) - Encounter: October 1974: Vol. XLIII: No. 4
533710: THWAITE, ANN - Waiting for the Party: The Life of Frances Hodgson Burnett 1849-1924
224445: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); WICKERT, ERWIN; OSBORNE, CHARLES; ET AL. - Encounter 318 (Vol. LIV, No. 3), March 1980
215416: THWAITE, EMILY; SANDERSON, BILL - Future Perfect
224450: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); PANNICK, DAVID; BRANDYS, KAZIMIERZ; LOWENTHAL, RICHARD; ET AL. - Encounter 328 (Vol. LVI, No. 2), February-March 1981
224429: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); BRADBURY, MALCOLM; NISBET, ROBERT; ALLEN, H.C.; ET AL. - Encounter 279 (Vol. XLVII, No. 6), December 1976
224417: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); WOOTTON, BARBARA; RABAN, JONATHAN; MARTIN, DAVID; ET AL. - Encounter 237 (Vol. XL, No. 6), June 1973
224425: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); HOWARD, MICHAEL; THOMAS, R.S.; MINOGUE, KENNETH; ET AL. - Encounter 275 (Vol. XLVII, No. 2), August 1976
224441: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); POPPER, KARL; SINCLAIR, CLIVER; INGLIS, BRIAN; ET AL. - Encounter 314 (Vol. LIII, No. 5), November 1979
224455: THWAITE, ANTHONY (ED.); LASKY, MELVIN J. (ED.); MARTIN, LAURENCE; BURKS, R.V.; HOBAN, RUSSELL; ET AL. - Encounter 353 (Vol. LX, No.3), March 1983
461540: THYGESEN, NIELS; VELUPILLAI, KUMARASWAMY; ZAMBELLI, STEFANO (EDS.) - Business Cycles: Theories, Evidence and Analysis
001203: THYNE, JAMES - The Psychology of Learning and Techniques of Teaching
166481: THYNNE, FRANCIS/ EDITED BY FURNIVALL, F J - Emblemes and Epigrames
207876: THYNNE, FRANCIS; FURNIVALL, F.J. (ED.); KINGSLEY, G.H. (ED.) - Francis Thynne's Animadversions Upon Speght's First (1598 AD) Edition of Chaucers Workes
547937: THYRAUD DE VOSJOLI, P.L. - Lamia
428692: THYS, PETRUS - Provinciaal Textielmuseum Vrieselhof
456576: TIANBING, LI - Li Tianbing: Brand New Works
463370: TIANMIAO, LIN - Non Zero
260093: TIBBLE, ANNE - Alone
159142: TIBBLES, THOMAS H. - The Ponca Chiefs : An Account of the Trial of Standing Bear
489732: TIBI, BASSAM - Der Neue Totalitarismus: ,,Heiliger Krieg" Und Westliche Sicherheit
489733: TIBI, BASSAM - Fundamentalismus Im Islam: Eine Gefahr fUr Den Weltfrieden?
489614: TIBI, BASSAM - Die Islamische Herausforderung: Religion Und Politik Im Europa Des 21. Jahrhunderts
489613: TIBI, BASSAM - Euro-Islam: Die LOsung Eines Zivilisationskonfliktes
607677: TICHY, LUBOS; DUMBROVSKY, TOMAS; ET AL. - Sovereignity and Integration: Paradoxes and Development Within Europe Today
546576: TICKLE, LOUISE - Between the Lies
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507577: TRETHEWEY, WILLIAM HILLARD (ED.) - La Petite Philosophie: An Anglo-Norman Poem of the Thirteenth Century
606922: TREUMER, STEEN; COMBA, MARIO (EDS.) - Modernising Public Procurement: The Approach of EU Member States
447375: TREVALLYN JONES, G.F. - Saw-Pit Wharton: The Political Career from 1640 to 1691 of Philip, fourth Lord Wharton
517912: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - England Under the Stuarts
027595: TREVELYAN, G. M. - Illustrated English Social History, Volume Two: The Age of Shakespeare and the Stuart Period
050205: TREVELYAN, JOANNA & DOWSON, DAVID - Thorsons Guide to Medical Tests
192668: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO - The Early History of Charles James Fox
543272: TREVELYAN, JULIAN - Indigo Days
541411: TREVELYAN, PHILIP; GOODING, MEL (FOREWORD) - Julian Trevelyan: Picture Language
078657: TREVELYAN, HUMPHRY - The Popular Background to Goethe's Hellenism
495369: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - The Golden Oriole
497284: TREVELYAN, R. C. - The Death of Man and Other Poems
510901: TREVENA, ARTHUR - Trains in Trouble: Railways Accidents in Pictures Vol. 2
510900: TREVENA, ARTHUR - Trains in Trouble: Railways Accidents in Pictures
605308: TREVENA, NIGEL (ED.) - The Colour of Steam, Volume One: Great Western Main Lines
090863: TREVERTON, GREGORY F. EDITOR - Europe/America 7: Europe,America and South Africa
529563: TREVES, FREDERICK - Scrofula and Its Gland Diseases: An Introduction to the General Pathology of Scrofula, with an Account of the Histology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Its Gladular Affections
189227: TREVETHICK - Environmental and Industrial Health Hazards
541640: TREVETT, JEREMY - Apollodoros the Son of Pasion
274062: TREVOR, WILLIAM - The Story of Lucy Gault
026201: TREVOR, STANLEY - The National Debt i.e. the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement: An Interim Balance Sheet
170400: TREVOR BLOUNT - Dickens: The Early Novels. Writers and Their Work : No. 204
537177: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Fools of Fortune
540570: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Nights at the Alexandra
262431: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Forbidden Kingdom
543688: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Family Sins and Other Stories
547070: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Miss Gomez and the Brethren
488341: TREVOR-ROPER, H. R. - Archbishop Laud, 1573 - 1645
188394: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Reading Turgenev
414620: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Death in Summer
606362: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Death in Summer
606363: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Love and Summer
606364: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Felicia's Journey
418186: TREW, ANTONY - Two Hours of Darkness
512886: TREW, H. F. - Botha Treks
158684: TREWARTHA, GLENN T. - The Earth's Problem Climatesme
064804: TREWARTHA, GLENN T. - The Less Developed Realm: Geography of Populations
460881: TREWARTHA, GLENN T. (ED.) - The More Developed Realm: A Geography of Its Population (Pergamon Oxford Geography Series)
275563: TREWIN, J.C. (ED.) - Plays of the Year: Volume 6: 1951
486298: TREWIN, J. C. - Paul Scofield
456344: TRIADO, JUAN-RAMON - La Pintura Espanola: El Siglo De Oro
532287: TRIANDAFYLLIDOU, ANNA (ED.) - Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies (Routledge International Handbooks)
486430: TRIANDIS, HARRY C. - Attitude and Attitude Change
242468: TRICE MARTIN, CHARLES (ED.) - Registrum Epistolarum Fratris Johannis Peckham, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis. Vol. I. (Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland During the Middle Ages)
171868: TRICKER, RAY; ALGAR, ROZZ - Building Regulations in Brief
525482: TRIDGELL, SUSAN - Understanding Ourselves: The Dangerous Art of Biography (European Connections, Volume 12)
545470: TRIER, EDUARD; LEDERER, HELMUT, (PHOTOGRAPHS) - The Sculpture of Marino Marini
512984: TRIFONOV, YURY - The Exchange & Other Stories
090857: TRIGG C F - An Engineer's Approach to Corrosion
535390: TRIGG, ROGER - Religion in Public Life: Must Faith Be Privatized?
530089: TRIGG, STEPHANIE (ED.) - Wynnere and Wastoure (Early English Text Society, No. 297)
011041: TRIGG, JOHN - All That Paraphernalia
439508: TRIGGS, ANTHONY - Sunny Southsea: Memories of a Golden Ages
472633: TRIGIANI, ADRIANA - All the Stars in the Heavens
601401: TRIGIANI, ADRIANA - Kiss Carlo
415504: TRIGWELL, PETER; WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER; YEOMANS, DAVID - Pass the MRCPsych Parts I and II: All the Techniques You Need
547130: TRILLING, LIONEL; TRILLING, DIANA (ED.) - The Last Decade: Essays and Reviews, 1965-75
460201: TRILLING, LIONEL - The Middle of the Journey
518167: TRILLING, LIONEL; ARNOLD, MATTHEW - The Works of Lionel Trilling
526028: TRIM, DAVID J. B.; BALDERSTONE, PETER J. (EDS.) - Cross, Crown & Community: Religion, Government and Culture in Early Modern England 1400-1800
456669: TRIMBLE, M. R. (ED.) - Women and Epilepsy
509864: TRIMBLE, MICHAEL; SCHMITZ, BETTINA (EDS.) - Seizures, Affective Disorders and Anticonvulsant Drugs
456886: TRIMBLE, MICHAEL (ED.) - Learning Disability and Epilepsy: An Integrative Approach
528042: TRIMBLE, STANLEY W. - Historical Agriculture and Soil Erosion in The Upper Mississippi Valley Hill Country
173290: TRIMBLE, MICHAEL R.; REYNOLDS, EDWARD H. - Epilepsy, Behaviour and Cognitive Function : Stratford-upon-Avon Symposium, November 1987 (A Wiley Medical Publication)
475003: TRIMEN, ANDREW - Church and Chapel Architecture
531010: TRIMMER, ERIC J. - Live Long and Stay Strong an Essay on Postive Health and Rejuvenation
536109: TRINDER, BARRIE; COX, NANCY (EDITORS) - Miners & Mariners of the Severn Gorge: Probate Inventories for Benthall, Broseley, Little Wenlock and Madeley, 1660-1764
531359: TRINGHAM, NIGEL J. (ED.) - The Victoria History of the Counties of England: A History of the County of Stafford: Volume X: Tutbury and Needwood Forest
605139: TRINIDAD, DAVID - Plasticville: Poems
546119: TRINKAUS, CHARLES - Adversity's Noblemen: The Italian Humanists on Happiness
090928: TRISKA, JAN F. COCKS, PAUL M.:EDITORS - Political Development in Eastern Europe
523817: TRISTAN, FLORA - Peregrinaciones de una Paria
471069: TRISTRAM, W. OUTRAM - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways
520679: TRISTRAM, HENRY (ED.) - The Idea of a Liberal Education: A Selection of the Works of Newman
526646: TRISTRAM, HILDEGARD L.C. (ED.) - The Celtic Englishes
536243: TRITTEN, CHARLES (TRANSLATOR) - Heidi Grows Up: A Sequel to Heidi
546247: TRITTON, A.S. - Materials on Muslim Education in the Middle Ages
540793: TRITTON, GUY - Intellectual Property in Europe: Second Supplement
543379: TRIULZI, ALESSANDRO, (ED,) - Fotografia e Storia dell'Africa: Atti Del Convegno Internazionale : Napoli-Roma 9-11 Settembre 1995
484120: TRIVETI, F. NICHOLAI; HOG, THOMAS - F. Nicholai Triveti, De Ordine Frat. Praedicatorum, Annales
518442: TROCCHI, ALEXANDER (ED.) - Merlin: A Collection of Contemporary Writing, Number Two, Volume One
491955: TROCME, SUZANNE; WATSON, CLAIR (EDS.) - Tre Quarti/Trois Quarts/Three Quarters
491355: TROEBST, STEFAN - Die Bulgarisch-jugoslawische Kontroverse Um Makedonien 1967-1982
241674: TROEN, S. ILAN - Israel Studies: Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 1998
241675: TROEN, S. ILAN - Israel Studies: Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 1999
241676: TROEN, S. ILAN - Israel Studies: Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2002
241673: TROEN, S. ILAN - Israel Studies: Volume 2, Number 2, Fall 1997
242187: TROEN, ILAN (ED.) - Israel Studies; Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 1999
601665: TROG (WALLY FAWKES); MELLY, GEORGE (FOREWORD) - Trog-Shots: A Cartoonarama
539696: TROG; MELLY, GEORGE (TEXT); LEE, LAURIE (FOREWARD) - Flook By Trog: A Flook's Eye View of the Sixties
541607: TROG - Flook: Roman' In The Gloamin': The Great Battersea Safari: S.S. Tapioca Cruise
606000: TROIDE, LARS E. (ED.) - The Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney, Volume I: 1768-1773
298846: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Barchester Towers
266462: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage
301137: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage
143387: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Warden
547761: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY; LETTS, JOHN, (INTRO.)) - Lord Palmerston
547762: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY; POWELL, ENOCH, (INTRO.)) - The Life of Cicero: In Two Volumes
243950: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Rector's Wife
534289: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Best of Friends
517859: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY; DELANEY, FRANK (INTRO.) - The Landleaguers
480356: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - Other People's Children
515086: TROLLOPE, JOANNA; HARVEY, CAROLINE - A Castle in Italy
534294: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - Second Honeymoon
534516: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - Second Honeymoon
473755: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Choir
466702: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Barchester Towers
534299: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Soldier's Wife
533967: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - Girl from the South
143391: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Kellys and the O'Kellys
274191: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Novels and Stories
267348: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Claverings
076700: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Choir
444183: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - North America: Volume I
017457: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Best of Friends
468396: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Dr. Wortle's School
532090: TROMMER, JOCHEN (ED.) - The Morphology and Phonology of Exponence (Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, 41)
532916: TROMMER, JOCHEN (ED) - The Morphology and Phonology of Exponence
486308: TROMPF, G. W. - Payback: The Logic of Retribution in Melanesian Religions
304019: TRONCHE, ANNE - Champion-Metadier: Objets Terrestres
533575: TRONDAL, JARLE - An Emergent European Executive Order
526029: TRONENKO, NATALIA - Regularities in the Behaviour of Russian Phrasal Idioms
194883: TROON, TERENCE (ED.) - Gallery of Artistry
435032: TROOST, LINDA V. - Eighteenth-Century Women: Studies in Their Lives, Work, and Culture: Volume 4
482566: TROPER, HAROLD; PALMER, LEE (EDS.) - Issues in Cultural Diversity
488154: TROTMAN, R.E. - Technological Aids to Microbiology
048604: TROTMAN-DICKENSON, A. F. - Free Radicals: An Introduction
113504: TROTSKY, LEON - Problems of Life
514082: TROTSKY, LEON - Leon Trotsky on France
515565: TROTSKY, LEON; SALNER, DAVID (ED.) - Leon Trotsky on France
514010: TROTSKY, LEON - The History of the Russian Revolution
531772: TROTSKY, LEON - Writings of Leon Trotsky (1936-37)
421900: TROTSKY, LEON - Germany: The Key to the International Situation
512416: TROTSKY, LEON; PEARCE, BRIAN (TRANS.) - The War Correspondence of Leon Trotsky: The Balkan Wars 1912-13
520340: TROTSKY, LEON; BLOCH, GERARD (TRANS.) - 1905: Traduction De Russe D'apres Maurice Parijanine
481477: TROTT, TONY (ED.) - King Edward's School, Birmingham (The Archive Photographs Series)
432594: TROTTER, F. M. - Geology of the Forest of Dean Coal and Iron-ore Field
505482: TROTTER, LIONEL - Hodson of Hodson's Horse
522776: TROTTER, ALYS FANE - Old Colonial Houses of the Cape of Good Hope
530289: TROTTER, DAVID - Making of the Reader: Language and Subjectivity in Modern American, English and Irish Poetry (Language, Discourse, Society)
530934: TROTTER, CATHARINE; SORELIUS, GUNNAR (ED.) - The Revolution of Sweden
514973: TROUNCER, MARGARET - The Pompadour
095928: TROUP, FREDA - South Africa: An Historical Introduction
608065: TROW, M. J. - Lestrade and the Magpie
478806: TROW, MARTIN A.; NYBOM, THORSTEN (EDS.) - University and Society: Essays on the Social Role of Research and Higher Education
545637: TROW, M.J. - Maxwell's Movie
608072: TROW, MJ - Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder
608070: TROW, M.J. - Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus (Fiction - Crime & Suspense)
506957: TROWBRIDGE, WILLIAM - The Book of Kong
474153: TROY, JOHN - Ben Lives: That Irrepressible Dog is Back!
110872: TROYAT, HENRI; BELL, ANTHEA - Head in the Clouds
289947: TROYNA, BARRY; CARRINGTON, BRUCE - Education, Racism and Reform (Education in Society Series)
459148: TRUBETSKOY, EVGENIY - Russian Icon Painting
016828: TRUBOWITZ, SIDNEY - Human Bone Marrow: Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology Volume 1
299289: TRUCHET, JACQUES (ED.) - Bossuet: Oraisons Funebres de Bossuet
511028: TRUDEAU, G. B. - Doonesbury Deluxe: Selected Glances Askance
511016: TRUDEAU, G. B. - Check Your Egos at the Door
518683: TRUDEAU, MARGARET - Beyond Reason
511027: TRUDEAU, G. B. - Recycled Doonesbury: Second Thoughts on a Gilded Age
270224: TRUDGILL, PETER (ED.) - Applied Sociolinguistics
161341: TRUEBLOOD, ELTON - Signs of Hope in a Century of Despair
016874: TRUELOVE; LEE - Topics in Gastroenterology 4
016881: TRUELOVE; RITCHIE - Topics in Gastroenterology 5

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