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526147: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - William Shakespeare: The Complete Plays (6 Volume Set)_
062148: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - King Henry V (Arnold's School Shakespeare)
301515: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Second Part of King Henry the Fourth 1600
538813: SHAKESPEARE, L.M. - Utmost Good Faith
030998: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Julius Cäsar - Eine Tragödie
199111: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; FURNIVALL, F.J. (ED.); CLARKE, F.W. - The Old Spelling Shakespeare: The Merry Wiues of Windsor (The Merry Wives of Windsor)
005985: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Life & Death of Sir John Falstaff
272989: SHAKH-NAZAROVA, V. S.; VOLKOVA, N. O.; ZHURAVCHENKO, K. V. - Anglo-Russkii Diplomaticheskii Slovar': Okolo 50000 Slov i Slovosochetanii/English-Russian Dictionary of Diplomacy: Approx. 50 000 Terms
499984: SHAKHIDI, GULSIFAT - My Neigbourhood Sisters: A Collection of Short Stories
001207: SHAKOW, DAVID - Clinical Psychology as Science and Profession: A Forty-year Odyssey
196138: SHALE, DENNIS J. - Cystic Fibrosis
417466: SHALEV, ZERUYA - The Remains of Love
527346: SHALIMAR; HENDRY, F.C. - A Windjammer's Half-deck
167984: SHALLCROSS, MARTYN - The Private World of Daphne du Maurier
424836: SHAMA-LEVY, MANOU - A Brush with Words: Portarits by Manou Shama-Levy
220869: SHAMA, MAHMOUD MOHAMMAD ABU - The Lower Jordan River Basin Publications 13: Degradation of Farmland Area in the Central Mountains of Palestine: A Case Study About the North-West Region of Ramallah
526269: SHAMEL, SHAFIQ - Goethe and Hafiz: Poetry and History in the West-OSTLICHER Divan (German Life and Civilization, 58)
481138: SHAN, LI - Li Shan
476714: SHANAHAN, TIMOTHY; WANG, ROBIN - Reason and Insight: Western and Eastern Perspectives on the Pursuit of Moral Wisdom
210365: SHANAHAN, RODGER - The Shi'a of Lebanon: Clans, Parties and Clerics
500580: SHAND, WILLIAM - The Malice of Their Clime
484535: SHANE MONTGOMERY EWEGEN - Plato's Cratylus: The Comedy of Language (Studies in Continental Thought)
512845: SHANES, ERIC (INT.) - Turner: Les Fleuves De France
456868: SHANGART - Xue Song: Paintings and Verses of By-gone Days
451817: SHANI, ANNUSHKA - Dark Matter
488554: SHANIN, TEODOR - Russia as a 'Developing Society' - The Roots of Otherness: Russia's Turn of Century, Volume 1
068186: SHANKAR, KAMALA; RANDALL, KENNETH D. - Therapeutic Physical Modalities
527587: SHANKAR M K - Tools of the Japanese Carpenter's Trade
104044: SHANKLAND, PETER; HAVERS, MICHAEL - Murder with a Double Tongue: The Enigma of Clarissa Manson
445546: SHANKS, DAVID R. - The Psychology of Associative Learning
242151: SHANMUGARATNAM, K. ET AL. - Cancer Incidence in Singapore, 1968-1977
009358: SHANNON, MARGARET T.; WILSON, BILLIE A. - Nurses Drug Guide, 1997
486199: SHANNON, RICHARD - A Press Free and Responsible: Self-regulation and the Press Complaints Commission 1991-2001
086600: SHANNON, RICHARD - The Crisis of Imperialism 1865-1915
492874: SHANOR, REBECCA READ - The City That Never Was: Two Hundred Years of Fantastic and Fascinating Plans That Might Have Changed the Face of New York City
173967: SHANSON, D. C. - Microbiology in Clinical Practice
160888: SHAO S P AND SHAO, LAWRENCE P. - Mathematics For Management and Finance
473763: SHAPERO RARE BOOKS - Sale Catalogue: Shapero Rare Books: A Millenium of Jewish Culture
045703: SHAPERO, BERNARD - Bernard J Shapero Rare Books - World Travel II
246004: SHAPERO, RICH - Too Far
607139: SHAPIN, STEVEN; SCHAFFER, SIMON - Leviathan and the Air-Pump: Hobbes, Boyle, and the Experimental Life
197175: SHAPIRE, ELI; SOLOMON, EZRA; WHITE, WILLIAM L. - Money and Banking
531596: SHAPIRO, DANIEL - Is the Welfare State Justified?
454006: SHAPIRO, SUSAN - Speed Shrinking
276770: SHAPIRO, JONATHAN S. - A C++ Toolkit
429317: SHAPIRO, KAM - Sovereign Nations, Carnal States
601480: SHAPIRO, JAMES (ED.) - Shakespeare in America: An Anthology from the Revolution to Now
408994: SHAPIRO, NORMA - Dian and the Gorillas: A True Story (Dominoes)
408996: SHAPIRO, NORMA - Dian and the Gorillas: A True Story (Dominoes)
183854: SHAPIRO, LEONARD M.; FOX, K. M. - A Colour Atlas of Palpitation and Syncope
471720: SHAPIRO, DANIEL - Is the Welfare State Justified?
253402: SHAPIRO, LEONARD M. - Color Atlas of Heart Failure
603915: SHAPIRO, HARRY - Shooting Stars: Drugs, Hollywood and the Movies
607537: SHAPIRO, EILEEN C. - Fad Surfing in the Boardroom: Reclaiming the Courage to Manage in the Age of Instant Answers
511811: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - A Turning Wheel: Thirty Years of the Asian Revolution
049024: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - Toward the Well-Being of Mankind
607284: SHAPO, MARSHALL S. - Products Liability and the Search for Justice
530814: SHARAFADDIN, A.H. - Yemen "Arabia Felix"
215062: SHARAKAS, OTHMAN; HAMMAD, AHMAD ABU; NUBANI, AHMAD; ABDULLAH, ABDULLAH - The Lower Jordon River Basin Programme Publications 14: Land Degradation Risk Assessment in the Palestinian Central Mountains Utilizing Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
601887: SHARAT CHANDRA, G. S. - Will This Forest
189876: SHARE', MONTHER - Jordan's Place Within the Arab Oil Economies
454959: SHARF, FREDERIC A.; FINAMORE, MICHELLE - John Bates: British Fashion Designer: The Sensational Years, 1963-1968
528771: SHARF, FREDERIC A. - Stanley Myers: A Modernist Architect 1912-2010
456119: SHARF, FREDERIC A. - William "Billy" Chappell: 1907-1994
Am284a: SHARF, FREDERIC A. - William Billy Chappell 1907-1994
454361z: SHARF, FREDERIC A. - Suburban America 1930 - 1970: An Architectural Perspective
455042: SHARF, FREDERIC A. - Suburban America 1930-1970: An Architectural Perspective
512661: SHARF, FREDERIC A.; RHODE, MICHAEL G.; CONNOR, J.T.H. - "American Angels of Mercy" 1904 Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee's Pictorial Record of the Russo-Japanese War
455340y: SHARF, FREDERIC A.; WARD, SUSAN - Larry Salk: California Dreaming and the Evolution of American Fashion Art: 1945 - 1965
455676: SHARF, FREDERIC A.; FINAMORE, MICHELLE (EDS.) - John Bates: British Fashion Designer: The Sensational Years, 1963-1968
454360z: SHARF, FREDERIC A.; WARD, SUSAN - Larry Salk: California Dreaming and the Evolution of American Fashion Art: 1945 - 1965
454362: SHARF, FREDERIC A. - Suburban America 1930 - 1970: An Architectural Perspective
Am289: SHARF, FREDERIC A.; CAREY, JILL - Fashion and Satire: The Drawings of Orson Byron Lowell & Charles Dana Gibson
254207: SHARIEFF, GHAZALA Q. (ED.); MCCOLLOUGH, MAUREEN (ED.) - Neonatal and Infant Emergencies
268825: SHARIF, WALID (ED.) - The Arab Gulf States and Japan: Prospects for Co-Operation
491823: SHARIF, DR. M. BADI - Strangers in Palestine
448874: SHARIFFUDDIN, P. M. (ED.) - The Brunei Museum Journal, Volume 3, Number 3
448873: SHARIFFUDDIN, P. M. (ED.) - The Brunei Museum Journal, Volume 3, Number 2
448871: SHARIFFUDDIN, P. M. (ED.) - The Brunei Museum Journal, Volume 4, Number 3
448875: SHARIFFUDDIN, P. M. (ED.) - The Brunei Museum Journal, Volume 3, Number 4
168586: SHARKEY, JOHN - Celtic Mysteries: The Ancient Religion
602148: SHARLAND, ELIZABETH - From Shakespeare to Coward: From The Globe to The Phoenix Theatre - A Guide to Historical Theatrical London and the World Beyond
410282: SHARMA, MURARI R.; BANERJEE, AJIT M. - United Nations International Civil Service: Perceptions, Realities and Career Prospects
460142: SHARMA, SANJAY; HUTNYK, JOHN; SHARMA, ASHWANI (EDS.) - Dis-Orienting Rhythms: The Politics of the New Asian Dance Music
259278: SHARMA, PRAMILA - Curzon-Nama: Autocrat Curzon: Unconquerable India
246424: SHARMA, MADAN LAL (ED.); DAK, T.M. - Caste and Class in Agrarian Society: Dynamics of Rural Development
434974: SHARMA, YUYUSTU R. - The Lake Fewa and a Horse
216357: SHARMA, SANJAY; HUTNYK, JOHN; SHARMA, ASHWANI (EDS.) - Dis-Orienting Rhythms : The Politics of the New Asian Dance Music
527048: SHARMAN, J.C. - Empires of The Weak: The Real Story of European Expansion and the Creation of The New World Order
481957: SHARON COPLAN HUROWITZ; INTRODUCTION BY WENDY WEITMAN - The Prints of John Baldessari: A Catalogue Raisonne 1971 - 2007
527336: SHARP, CECIL J. - The Country Dance Book, Part 1: Containing a Description of Eighteen Traditional Dances, Collected in Country Villages
249028: SHARP, WILLIAM - Life of Robert Browning
432601: SHARP, THOMAS - Thomas Sharp: Selectes Poems 1960-75
306449: SHARP, RONALD; TURNER, FREDERICK (EDS.) - The Kenyon Review; New Series, Volume I, Number 2, Spring 1979
086296: SHARP, JOHN R. - Some Fundamentals of Information Retrieval
534125: SHARP, JOANNE P.; ROUTLEDGE, PAUL; PHILO, CHRIS; PADDISON, RONAN (EDS.) - Entanglements of Power: Geographies of Domination/Resistance
456152: SHARP, JANE M.O. - About Turn, Forward March with Europe: New Directions for Defence and Security Policy
076385: SHARP, IMOGEN (ED.) - Coronary Heart Disease: Are Women Special?
299775: SHARP, RACHEL - Knowledge, Ideology, and Politics of Schooling: Towards a Marxist Analysis of Education
164110: SHARP, FRANK - Ovarian Cancer 5
532247: SHARPE, ELLA FREEMAN - Dream Analysis (The International Psycho-Analytical Library, No.29)
526835: SHARPE, CHARLES KIRKPATRICK (COLLECTED BY); GOLDSMID, EDMUND (ED.) - A Ballad Book; or, Popular and Romantic Ballads and Songs Current In Annandale and Other parts of Scotland
518872: SHARPE, J. A. - Judicial Punishment in England
541142: SHARPE, TOM - The Midden
273039: SHARPE, MATTHEW - The Sleeping Father
426094: SHARPE, GRAHAM (ED.) - Essential Poker
279821: SHARPE, L. J. (ED.) - The Anglo-American Lexicon of the Social Sciences
464164: SHARPE, TOM - Wilt on High
527197: SHARPE, LESLEY - A National Repertoire: Schiller, Iffland and the German Stage
104818: SHARPE, SUE - From Fear to Respect
536173: SHARPE, KEVIN; LAKE, PETER (EDITORS) - Culture and Politics in Early Stuart England: Problems in Focus
263579: SHARPES, DONALD K. - Education and the US Government
186879: SHARRARD, W.J.K. - Paediatric Orthopaedics and Fractures
146366: SHARRATT, PETER (ED) - French Renaissance Studies 1540-70
005026: SHARROCK, ROGER - Selected Poems of W. Wordsworth
447634: SHARRON, NOMI - On the Road to Jerusalem
456729: SHARUN, N. - The Gorky Art Museum: Picture Gallery
273185: SHATALOVA, T. I. - Anglo-Russkii Tematicheskii Slovar: Okolo 3500 Slov/English-Russian Thesaurus: Approx. 3,500 Words
600395: SHATTOCK, MICHAEL - Managing Successful Universities
451736: SHAUL, MATTHEW; JAMES, SARAH - Do Not Refreeze: Photography Behind the Berlin Wall
517030: SHAUL, MATTHEW - Do Not Refreeze: Photography Behind the Berlin Wall
072471: SHAVELSON, RICHARD J - Evaluation of Nonformal Education Programs: The Applicability and Utility of the Criterion-sampling Approach
477699: SHAVIT, YOSSI; MULLER, WALTER (EDS.) - From School to Work: A Comparative Study of Educational Qualifications and Occupational Destinations
090914: SHAW, RONALD - Wave Energy: A Design Challenge
421427: SHAW, BERNARD - Ein Negermadchen Sucht Gott
426690: SHAW, WILLIAM B. - The Story of Presbyterianism in Wigan
526283: SHAW, CHRISTOPHER DAVID - On Mysticism, Ontology, and Modernity: A Theological Engagement with Secularity
607941: SHAW, BOB - Medusa's Children ([Gollancz SF])
011337: SHAW, ERN - The Pocket Brains Trust (puzzlebook) No. 2
292399: SHAW, A. C.; LAZELL, S. K.; FOSTER, G. N. - Photomicrographs of the Non-Flowering Plant
249711: SHAW, MARTIN - Civil Society and Media in Global Crises : Representing Distant Violence
250110: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant. The First Volume, Containing the Three Unpleasant Plays
148961: SHAW, J. P.; PERIAUX, J.; CHAUDOUET, A.; WU, J.; MARINO, C.; BREBBIA, C. A. (EDS) - Innovative Numerical Methods in Engineering
464405: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 2: The Irrational Knot
464407: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 4: Cashel Byron's Profession
464412: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 9: Three Plays for Puritans: The Devil's Disciple; Caesar and Cleopatra; Captain Brassbound's Conversion
464413: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 10: Man and Superman
464398: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 28, Volume III: Music in London 1890-94
464394: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 24, Volume II: Our Theatres in the Nineties
464392: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 22: Doctor's Delusions, Crude Criminology, Sham Education
464416: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 13: Misalliance; The Dark Lady of the Sonnets; Fanny's First Play
464417: SHAW, BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw: Volume 14: Androcles and the Lion; Overruled; Pygmalion
477839: SHAW, J. THOMAS - Batiushkov: A Dictionary of the Rhymes and A Concordance to the Poetry
506223: SHAW, ROBERT - Causes
477838: SHAW, J. THOMAS - Baratynskii: A Dictionary of the Rhymes and A Concordance to the Poetry
524855: SHAW, STEPHEN; SHAW, MARGARET - Where Do All the Flies Go...? The Journal of Isabel and Samuel Haigh as they Emigrated to New Zealand in 1920
492041: SHAW, ANTHONY - The Upside of Trouble
535040: SHAW, CHRISTINE - Popular Government and Oligarchy in Renaissance Italy
517250: SHAW, DEVIN ZANE - Egalitarian Moments: From Descartes to RANCIERE
519918: SHAW, WARREN; PRYCE, DAVID - Encyclopedia of the USSR: 1905 to the Present, Lenin to Gorbachev
517310: SHAW, GARETH; WILLIAMS, ALLAN M. - Critical Issues in Tourism: A Geographical Perspective
103939: SHAW, BERNARD - Misalliance, the Dark Lady of the Sonnets, and Fanny's First Play. with a Treatise on Parents and Children
519420: SHAW, ROBERT - The Hiding Place
607901: SHAW, BOB - Orbitsville Departure
039823: SHAW, BERNARD - The Irrational Knot (being the Second Novel of His nonage)
527951: SHAW, FRANCES - Discernment of the Revelation in the Gospel of Matthew (Religions and Discourse, Volume 30)
471938: SHAW, BERNARD; BEERBOHM, MAX - Bernard Shaw & Max Beerbohm at Covent Garden
530130: SHAW, J. V. W. - Supplement to Survey of Palestine: Notes Compiled for the Information of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine, June 1947 (Volume 3 of Series)
529737: SHAW, PRUE (SELECTED AND TRANSLATED BY) - The Letters of Giacomo Leopardi 1817-1837
103973: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant. The First Volumes Containing Three Unpleasant Plays (Standard Edition of the Works of Bernard Shaw)
009516: SHAW, R. W. ; SOUTTER, W. P. & STANTON, STUART L. (EDITORS) - Gynaecology
608118: SHAW, BOB - Killer Planet
529051: SHAW, J.J. - The Haemoflagellates of Sloths (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Memoir 13)
607900: SHAW, BOB - Orbitsville Departure
168511: SHAW, R. W. - An Atlas of Endometriosis
228460: SHAW, BERNARD - Misalliance with a Treatise on Parents & Children
600252: SHAW, ERIC - The Labour Party Since 1979: Crisis and Transformation
493546: SHAW, BERNARD - Music in London, 1890 -94: Volume I (Standard Editions of the Works of Bernard Shaw)
103938: SHAW, BERNARD - Back to Methuselah a Metabiological Pentateuch
097698: SHAW, BERNARD - The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza
540679: SHAW, SIMON - Bloody Instructions
468363: SHAW, BERNARD - Wagner-Brevier
103933: SHAW, BERNARD - Heartbrak House
048159: SHAW, ROBERT DANIEL - Kandila: Samo Ceremonialism and Interpersonal Relationships
456722: SHAW, BERNARD - My Dear Dorothea: A Practical System of Moral Education for Females Embodied in a Letter to a Young Person of That Sex
206223: SHAW, BERNARD - 'Saint Joan: A Chronicle' and 'The Apple Cart: A Political extravaganza'
085366: SHAW, TIMOTHY M. - Workers in the Third World Industrialization: Struggles and Strategies
104895: SHAW, ROWIE - Teacher Training in Secondary Schools
506634: SHAW, ROBERT B. - Curious Questions
453417: SHAW, BERNARD - Candida: Antzerki Atsegina
015340: SHAW, BERNARD - The Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw
493726: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - London Music in 1888-89 as Heard By Corno Di Bassetto (Later Known as Bernard Shaw) with Some Further Autobiographical Particulars
036983: SHAW, WILLIAM (PREPARED BY) - Calendar of Treasury Books, April-September, 1697. Preserved in the Public Record Office. Vol XII
519270: SHAW, SIMON - Murder out of Tune
103971: SHAW, BERNARD - Back to Methuselah a Metabiological Pentateuch
531940: SHAW, BERNARD - The Apple Cart: a Political Extravaganza
037440: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Major Barbara
155182: SHAW, JOHN W. & NORDLIE, PETER G. & SHAPIRO, RICHARD M. - Strategies for Improving Race Relations : The Anglo-American Experience
453418: SHAW, BERNARD - Candida: Antzerki Atsegina
244431: SHAW, JOAN - The Uncle and Other Stories
027894: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant, Voliume II: Pleasant Plays
105871: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God
242370: SHAW, ROBERT B. - In Witness
418905: SHAW, ALI - The Girl With the Glass Feet
195224: SHAW, VANESSA; LAWSON, MARGARET - Clinical Paediatric Dietetics
189265: SHAW, BERNARD - Our Theatres in the Nineties By Bernard Shaw. Vol. 3
289565: SHAW, DUNCAN J. - Introduction to Colloid and Surface Chemistry
425217: SHAW, DAVID - Choose Your Pleasure
537713: SHAW, BOB - The Two-Timers
079162: SHAW, C; WANG, W (EDS) - VRST 2001: Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology
035251: SHAW, BERNARD - The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza
055387: SHAW, BERNARD - Major Barbara
457478: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Pygmalion
103931: SHAW, BERNARD - John Bull's Other Island with How he Lied to Her Husband and Major Barbara
103932: SHAW, BERNARD - John Bull's Other Island with How he Lied to Her Husband and Major Barbara
103928: SHAW, BERNARD - Three Plays for Puritans. The Devil's Disciples, Caesar and Cleopatra, and Captain Brassbound's Conversion
289863: SHAW, MARY; DORLING, DANIEL; GORDON, DAVID; DAVEY SMITH, GEORGE - The Widening Gap: Health Inequalities and Policy in Britain
607912: SHAW, BOB - Terminal Velocity
103943: SHAW, BERNARD - John Bull's Other Island and Major Barbara: Also How he Lied to Her Husband
103926: SHAW, BERNARD - Saint Joan a Chronicle and the apple Cart a Political Extravaganza
103970: SHAW, BERNARD - Saint Joan a Chronicle and the Apple Cart a Political Extravaganza
146648: SHAW, MALCOLM; ROPER, ERIC (EDS.) - Aspects of Educational and Training Technology; Volume XXVI : Quality in Education and Training
103942: SHAW, BERNARD - Androcles and the Lion, a Fable Play
113035: SHAW-STIFFEL, THOMAS (ED.) - Reference to Hepatitis C Infection
086551: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Back to Methuselah
602731: SHAW, IRWIN - Short Stories: Five Decades
603566: SHAW, IRWIN - The Young Lions
606270: SHAW, G. BERNARD - The Quintessence of Ibsenism
429047: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Allies: The United States, Britain, Europe and the War in Iraq
290889: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - The Quality of Mercy: Cambodia, Holocaust and Modern Conscience
457428: SHAWCROSS, ALAN - Quality Street: Portraits of my Mayfair Neighbours
511240: SHAWE-TAYLOR, DESMOND; SCOTT, JENNIFER - The British Royal Collection: De Bruegel à Rubens +special price+
291288: SHAY, SHAUL - The Endless Jihad... The Mujahidin, the Taliban and Bin Laden
256154: SHAYLOR, JOSEPH - The Pleasures of Literature and the Solace of Books
045056: SHCHEGOLEV, P. E. (ED.) - Padenie Tsarskogo Rezhima: Stenographicheskie Otchety Doprosov i Pokazanii, Dannykh v 1917 g. v Chrezvychainoi Sledstvennoi Komissii Vremennogo Pravitel'stva; T. II
528517: SHCHYHLEVSKA, NATALIA - Alfred Gong: Leben und Werk (New German-American Studies, Volume 32)
518122: SHEA, LOUISA - The Cynic Enlightenment: Diogenes in the Salon
608116: SHEA, SHIRLEY - Victims
525971: SHEA, NICOLE - The Politics of Prostitution in Berlin Alexanderplatz (Studies in Modern German Literature, 110)
188389: SHEAD, RICHARD - Constant Lambers
527536: SHEAF, COLIN - Art of Asia: From the Tuyet Nguyet and Stephen Markbreiter Collection. 9 October, 2014
517080: SHEAFFER, LOUIS - O'Neill: Son and Artist
517090: SHEAFFER, LOUIS - O'Neill: Son and Playwright
468811: SHEARCROFT, W.F.F.; AVERY, J.H. - Practical Physics
504791: SHEARD, JAMES - Hotel Mastbosch
285025: SHEARER, ANN - Survivors and the Media
143988: SHEARER, ANN - Building Community : With People with Mental Handicaps, Their Families and Friends
459626: SHEARING, GEORGE; SHIPTON, ALYN (EDS.) - Lullaby of Birdland: The Autobiography of George Shearing
018024: SHEARS, W.S. - The King: The Story and Splendour of British Monarchy
185538: SHEARS, W.S. (ED.) - Hutchinson's Pocket Guides: Notts., Derby, and Stafford
508340: SHEBA, KIMPEI - I Cover Japan
538087: SHECHTER, RELLI - Smoking, Culture and Economy in the Middle East: The Egyptian Tobacco Market, 1850-2000
539998: SHECKLEY, ROBERT - Hunter/Victim
540296: SHECKLEY, ROBERT - Dramocles: An Intergalactic Soap Opera
528529: SHEDINGER, ROBERT F. - The Mystery of Evolutionary Mechanisms: Darwinian Biology’s Grand Narrative of Triumph and the Subversion of Religion
538642: SHEED, WILFRID - The Blacking Factory & Pennsylvania Gothic: A Short Novel and a Long Story
540659: SHEED, WILFRID (INTRODUCTION) - The World of Chas Addams
530059: SHEEHAN, JOHN C. - The Enchanted Ring: The Untold Story of Penicillin
533722: SHEEHAN-DEAN, AARON (ED.) - The Cambridge History of The American Civil War (Volumes I-III)
533717: SHEEHAN-DEAN, AARON (ED.) - The Cambridge History of the American Civil War (3 volumes)
509809: SHEERS, OWEN - I Saw a Man
530786: SHEETS-JOHNSTONE, MAXINE - The Roots of Morality
534758: SHEFFIELD, GARY; TODMAN, DAN (EDITORS) - Command and Control on the Western Front: The British Army's Experience 1914-18
607909: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Divergence. Book Two of The Heritage Universe
607919: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES. - Summertide.
534418: SHEFFIELD, GARY (ED). - In Haig's Shadow: The Letters of Major-General Hugo De Pree and Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig
503326: SHEFFIELD, GARY (ED.) - War on the Western Front: In the Trenches of World War I
607904: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Divergence
461436: SHEFFRIN, STEVEN M. - Rational Expectations
539960: SHEFNER, VADIM; STURGEON, THEODORE, (INTRO) - The Unman: Kovrigin's Chronicles
016812: SHEGOG, RICHARD F.S - The Impending Crisis of Old Age: A Challenge to Ingenuity
606195: SHEHADI, NADIM; HARNEY, BRIDGET (EDS.) - Politics and the Economy in Lebanon
470445: SHEIKH, ANEES A. - Imagery: Current Theory, Research, and Application
298833: SHEKAR, PRABHA; HARDINGHAM, MARTIN - Sericulture and Silk Production: A Handbook
517479: SHELDEN, ASHLEY T. - Unmaking Love: The Contemporary Novel and the Impossibility of Union
528223: SHELDON, LESLIE E (ED.) - Directions for the Future: Issues in English for Academic Purposes
032544: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Windmills of the Gods
537867: SHELDON, LESLIE E. (EDITOR) - Directions for the Future: Issues in English for Academic Purposes
030682: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Windmills of the Gods
525910: SHELDON, ELENA - Knowledge Construction in Academia: A Challenge for Multilingual Scholars (ISFLL Vol. 19)
187375: SHELDON, BRIAN; CHILVERS, RUPATHARSHINI - Evidence-Based Social Care : A Study of Prospects and Problems
196194: SHELDON, BRIAN - Behaviour Modification
519052: SHELDON, PETER - Swindon in Camera: A Photographic Journey 1850-1979
520435: SHELDRAKE, RUPERT - The Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science and God
537436: SHELL, ALISON; EMBLOW, ALISON; MYERS, ROBIN (EDITORS) - Index to the Court Books of The Stationers' Company, 1679-1717
220481: SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION - Allyl Chloride and Other Allyl Halides
538824: SHELL UK LTD - The Shell Postcard Box
538823: SHELL UK LTD - The Shell Postcard Box
107006: SHELL - Corrosion and Temporary Protectives
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540689: SIMENON, GEORGES - African Trio: Talatala, Tropic Moon, Aboard the Aquitaine
516977: SIMEON, OPHELIE - Robert Owen's Experiment at New Lanark: From Paternalism to Socialism
516978: SIMEON, OPHELIE - Robert Owen's Experiment at New Lanark: From Paternalism to Socialism
535632: SIMEON OF DURHAM; STEPHENSON J. (TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR) - A History of the Kings of England
Am845: SIMEONI, MONICA - Europe or Not! Multiple Conversations and Voices: With Alberto Martinelli, Vittorio Cotesta, Nadia Urbinati and Alain Touraine (Europe Des Cultures/Europe of Cultures)
176203: SIMISTER, J.M - Neuroleptics and Schizophrenia: Proceedings of an International Symposium Held in Cambridge March 29th 1978
519523: SIMKINS, PETER - Kitchener's Army: The Raising of the New Armies 1914-1916
532808: SIMMEL, GEORG; WOLFF, KURT H. (ED.) - Essays on Sociology, Philosophy and Aesthetics
533803: SIMMEL, GEORG - Theory, Culture & Society: Explorations in Critical Social Science, Volume 3, Number 3
233836: SIMMONDS, STEPHANIE; VAUGHAN, PATRICK; GUNN, S. WILLIAM (EDS.) - Refugee Community Health Care (Oxford Medical Publications)
537082: SIMMONDS, POSY - True Love
537083: SIMMONDS, POSY - F-Freezing ABC
216661: SIMMONDS, STEPHANIE; VAUGHAN, PATRICK; GUNN, S. WILLIAM (EDS.) - Refugee Community Health Care
531143: SIMMONDS, JAMES G. - A Brief on Tensor Analysis, Second Edition (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)
422256: SIMMONS, JACK (ED.) - Railways: An Anthology
460897: SIMMONS, JACK - Parish and Empire: Studies & Sketches
285750: SIMMONS, JACK (ED.) - The Birth Of The Great Western Railway: Extracts From The Diary And Correspondence Of George Henry Gibbs
509430: SIMMONS, JAMES - Sex, Rectitude & Loneliness
146540: SIMMONS, SYLVIA (ED) - Information Insights : Case Studies in Information Management
035389: SIMMONS, DANIEL H. - Current Pulmonology (Vol. 3)
539065: SIMMONS, ANNETTE - Territorial Games: Understanding & Ending Turf Wars at Work
541254: SIMMONS, GEORGE (MAJOR) - A British Rifle Man: Journals and Correspondence During the Peninsular War and the Campaign of Wellington (Napoleonic Library 3)
158069: SIMMONS, THOMAS FREDERICK - The Lay Folks Mass Book
603878: SIMMONS, CHARLES - The Belles Lettres Papers
535342: SIMMS, BRENDAN - Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy; 1453 to the Present
529072: SIMMS, BRENDAN - Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy 1453 to the Present
510886: SIMMS, WILFRID F. - The Railways and Tramways of Hong Kong
409721: SIMMS, MADELEINE; SMITH, CHRISTOPHER - Teenage Mothers and Their Partners. A Survey in England and Wales, Research Report No. 15
442719: SIMMS, EDNA - Teach Your Children to Swim
465638: SIMMS, ERIC - British Thrushes (The New Naturalist)
195490: SIMNETT, INA - Managing Health Promotion : Developing Healthy Organizations and Communities
477175: SIMOJOKI, ANSSI - Apocalypse Interpreted: The Types of Interpretation of the Book of Revelation in Finland 1944-1995, from the Second World War to the Post-Cold War World
468021: SIMOKO, PATU - Africa is Made of Clay
024015: SIMON, CLEMENS - I Shall!
Am1760: SIMON THURLEY - The Whitehall Palace Plan of 1670
275183: SIMON, ELLEN - Voicing in Contrast: Acquiring a Second Language Laryngeal System
051440: SIMON, JUDITH - Instructor's Manual to Accomany Understanding and Using Information Technology
488939: SIMON, MICHAEL A. - Understanding Human Action: Social Explanation and the Vision of Social Science (SUNY Series in Philosophy)
512014: SIMON, ERIKA - The Kurashiki Ninagawa Museum: Greek Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
513937: SIMON, NEIL - Rewrites; a Memoir
519961: SIMON, ANDRE L. - Wine and Food: A Gastronomical Quarterly; Vol. I, Numbers I-IV
293627: SIMON, ROBERT I. (ED.) - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Litigation: Guidelines for Forensic Assessment
184254: SIMON, WILLIAM E. (ED.) - The Templeton Honor Roles for Education in a Free Society, 1997-1998
480054: SIMON, BRIAN - Education and the Labour Movement, 1870 - 1920 (Studies in the History of Education)
523307: SIMON, JOHN - English Sanitary Institutions, Reviewed in Their Course of Development, and in Some of Their Political and Social Relations
491212: SIMON, MARCEL; MCKEATING, H. (TRANS.) - Le Christianisme Antique et Son Contexte Religieux Scripta Varia (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen Zum Neuen Testament)
479534: SIMON, PIERRE-HENRI; RIVAROL - Maximes PensEes et Paradoxes
600369: SIMON, BRIAN; CHITTY, CLYDE - SOS: Save Our Schools
538950: SIMON, HERBERT; FENTON, WILLIAM - About Railways
437061: SIMON, JOAN - Education and Society in Tudor England
192256: SIMON, MARVIN K.;OMURA, JIM K.;SCHOLTZ, ROBERT A.;LEVITT, BARRY K. - Spread Spectrum Communications: Volume 1
411031: SIMON FINCH RARE BOOKS LIMITED - Simon Finch: Catalogue 35
177704: SIMON, JEFFREY (ED.) - Security Implications of SDI
603237: SIMON, BORIS - ABBE Pierre and The Ragpickers
604849: SIMON, GEORGE T. - The Big Bands
605286: SIMON, CLAUDE; HOWARD, RICHARD (TRANS.) - The Battle of Pharsalus
605926: SIMON, CHRISTOPH; MCLAUGHLIN, DONAL (TRANS.) - Zbinden's Progress
Am882: SIMON RAE; WILLIAM RUSHTON - Soft Targets: Poems from the Weekend "Guardian"
537238: SIMONDON, GILBERT; MALASPINA, CECILE (TRANS.); ROGOVE, JOHN, (TRANS.) - On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects
603671: SIMONET, PASCAL - Stack
419473: SIMONETTA, MASSIMO (ED.) - The Extreme Conditions of Temperature and Pressure in the Chemical Industry
524135: SIMONI, ANNA E.C. - The Ostend Story: Early Tales of the Great Siege and the Mediating Role of Henrick Van Haestens
040881: SIMONS, JOHN PHILIP - Photochemistry and Spectroscopy
537506: SIMONS, ARTHUR J. - The Vegetable Grower's Handbook: Vol II
520590: SIMONS, GEOFF - The Scourging of Iraq: Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice
094616: SIMONS, B. & SPECTOR, A. (ED.) - Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 448)
526288: SIMONS, KATE - The Leprous Man: A Psychoanalytical Investigation Into Stephen Donaldson's Fantasy Novels
063930: SIMONS, MARTIN - Poverty and Wealth in Cities and Villages: Studies in Ghana, Kenya, Northern India, Singapore, South America, Australia
102742: SIMONS, GEOFFREY LESLEY - Silicon Psychosis: Derangement in the Global Network
601994: SIMONS, ERIC N. - Steel Castings
526290: SIMONSEN, JAN KETIL; LARSEN, KJERSTI; ENGEBRIGTSEN, ADA I. (EDS.) - Movement and Connectivity: Configurations of Belonging
082262: SIMONSEN, RICHARD J. (ED.) - Dentistry in the Twenty-first Century: A Global Perspective
535773: SIMPER, ROBERT - Rivers Alde, Ore and Blyth
535900: SIMPER, ROBERT - The Suffolk Sandlings: Alde, Deben and Orwell Country
498722: SIMPER, ROBERT - Thames Tideway
535903: SIMPER, ROBERT - North East Sail: Berwick to King's Lynn
535772: SIMPER, ROBERT - The Deben River: An Enchanted Waterway
535902: SIMPER, ROBERT - Creekside Tales: Life on the East Coast of England
Am2024: SIMPLICIUS; HAGAN, CHARLES (TRANS) - Simplicius: On Aristotle Physics 7
Am2027: SIMPLICIUS; MUELLER, IAN (TRANS) - Simplicius: On Aristotle On the Heavens 2.10-14
Am2034: SIMPLICIUS; URMSON, J.O (TRANS) - Simplicius: On Aristotle Physics 5
Am2044: SIMPLICIUS; URMSON, J.O (TRANS) - Simplicius: On Aristotle Physics 4.1-5 and 10-14
Am2045: SIMPLICIUS; FLEET, BARRIE (TRANS) - Simplicius: On Aristotle's Physics 2
192160: SIMPSON, J.Y. - The Self-Discovery of Russia
450072: SIMPSON, JAMES R. - Troubling Arthurian Histories: Court Culture, Performance and Scandal in Chretien De Troyes's Erec et Enide (Medieval and Early Modern French Studies)
195299: SIMPSON, W. GORDON - Plastics and Resin Compositions
464001: SIMPSON, PERCY; BELL, C.F. (EDS.) - The Walpole Society 1923-1924: Volume 12
191391: SIMPSON, ROBERT W. - The Loma Prieta, Califotrnia, Earthquake of October 17, 1989-Tectonic Processes and Models : U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1550-F
472333: SIMPSON, KEN - Spiritual Architecture and Paradise Regained: Milton's Literary Ecclesiology
465095: SIMPSON, RICHARD L. - Autism Spectrum Disorders: Interventions and Treatments for Children and Youth
453774: SIMPSON, MERCER - Rain from a Clear Blue Sky
513054: SIMPSON, GEOFF - A Dictionary of Bomber Command 1939-1945
414435: SIMPSON, MAUREEN - Mystery at the Water Olympics (Elementary)
414436: SIMPSON, MAUREEN - Mystery at the Water Olympics (Elementary)
510682: SIMPSON, JOHN W. - Essays and Memorials
506473: SIMPSON, LOUIS - Selected Poems
517715: SIMPSON, N.F. - The Cresta Run
517718: SIMPSON, N.F. - One Way Pendulum: A Farce in a New Dimension
540731: SIMPSON, HELEN - Four Bare Legs in a Bed and Other Stories
521208: SIMPSON, IDA HARPER - From Student to Nurse: A Longitudinal Study of Socialization
161672: SIMPSON, C. - Gas Chromatography
534547: SIMPSON, EMILE - War From the Ground Up: Twenty-First-Century Combat as Politics
039525: SIMPSON, PERCY - Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour
449134: SIMPSON, N. F. - A Resounding Tinkle
188406: SIMPSON, F. A. - The Antarctic Today
087396: SIMPSON, JOHN - News From No Man's Land Reporting the World
526510: SIMPSON, MURRAY K. - Modernity and the Appearance of Idiocy: Intellectual Disability as a Regime of Truth
252582: SIMPSON, M. J. - Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams
502799: SIMPSON, ANDREW - Manchester: Remembering 1914-18
530744: SIMPSON, F - A Series of Ancient Baptismal Fonts
540904: SIMPSON, JAMES R. - Troubling Arthurian Histories: Court Culture, Performance and Scandal in Chretien De Troyes's Erec Et Enide
263064: SIMPSON, J. A. - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
295908: SIMPSON, PAUL (ED.) - Design Council Magazine: Issue 1, Winter 2006
290521: SIMPSON, C. - Gas Chromatography
414413: SIMPSON, MAUREEN - Destination Karminia (Intermediate)
414414: SIMPSON, MAUREEN - Destination Karminia (Intermediate)
210637: SIMPSON, JEFFREY - The Friendly Dictatorship
540736: SIMPSON, JULIET - Aurier, Symbolism and the Visual Arts: Romanticism and After in France: Vol. 2
258896: SIMPSON, JOHN - Unreliable Sources: How the Twentieth Century Was Reported
453786: SIMPSON, ANDREW - Wh-Movement and the Theory of Feature-Checking
431812a: SIMPSON, JAMES R. - Troubling Arthurian Histories: Court Culture, Performance and Scandal in Chretien De Troyes's Erec Et Enide
534354: SIMPSON, EMILE - War from the Ground Up: Twenty-First-Century Combat as Politics
281567: SIMPSON, F. M. - A History Of Architectural Development: Vol. I: Ancient, Early Christian And Byzantine
466264: SIMPSON, CLIVE - Sirens
528228: SIMPSON, JAMES R. - Fantasy, Identity and Misrecognition in Medieval French Narrative
529942: SIMPSON, INGA - The Last Women in the World
485794: SIMPSON, JOHN - A Mad World, My Masters: Tales from a Traveller's Life
296479: SIMPSON, M.C.M. (ED.) - Conversations with M. Thiers, M. Guizot, and Other Distinguished Persons, During the Second Empire. By the Late Nassau William Senior. Volumes I & II
242260: SIMPSON, DONALD H. (ED.) - The Manuscript Catalogue of the Royal Commonwealth Society
527330: SIMPSON, ST. JOHN (ED.) - Queen of Sheba: Treasures from Ancient Yemen
026986: SIMPSON, D.H. - Commercialization of the Regional Press, The Development of Monopoly, Profit and Control
184507: SIMPSON, JOHN AND HOWLETT, DARRYL EDS. - Future of the Non-Proliferation Treaty : The 1995 Extension and Review Conference
605044: SIMPSON, KEN - Spiritual Architecture and Paradise Regained: Milton's Literary Ecclesiology
607071: SIMPSON, ROD; GASCOIGNE, RUSS - Mainly Fun and Horses
529761: SIMS, PATTERSON - Philip Pearlstein's People, Places, Things
536932: SIMS, L.S. - Stuart Davis: American Painter
219030: SIMS REED LTD. - British Art Reference Books 2006
002797: SIMS, ANDREW - Neurosis in Society
450661: SIMS REED RARE BOOKS - A Selection of Rare Books
036284: SIMS, JACQUELINE (COMPILED BY) - Women, Health & Environment - an Anthology
453594: SIMS REED - Sims Reed: Modern Illustrated Books & Art Reference
306694: SIMS REED GALLERY - British Prints 2006
015923: SIMS, ANDREW - Neurosis in Society
607362: SIMS, J. M. (ED.) - The Genealogists' Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 2, June 1965
295714: SIMSON, GEORGE (ED.) - Biography; Volume 26, Number 3, Summer 2003
526289: SIMUT, CORNELIU C. - The Ontology of the Church in Hans KUNG
531293: SINASON, VALERIE - Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder
496332: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - The Red and The Blue: Intelligence, Treason and the Universities
482381: SINCLAIR, MARGARET (ED.) - The International Review of Missions: Volume XLVII
530840: SINCLAIR, WILLIAM J. - Semmelweis: His Life and His Doctrine
426422: SINCLAIR, BARBARA - Activate Your English Pre-intermediate Coursebook: A Short Course for Adults
539722: SINCLAIR, UPTON - One Clear Call
540370: SINCLAIR, CLIVE - Augustus Rex
145919: SINCLAIR, WALTER - St. James's Place Tax Guide 2202-2003
456377: SINCLAIR, MAGGIE - Dods Parliamentary Companion 2012: 180th Year
296788: SINCLAIR, CLIVE - Bedbugs
106676: SINCLAIR-STEVENSON CHRISTOPHER - That Sweet Enemy: a Personal View of France and the French
524707: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Upton Sinclair Presents William Fox
482294: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - Beau Bumbo
435814: SINCLAIR, ALLAN M. - Automatic Continuity of Linear Operators (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
145140: SINCLAIR, P. J. N. - Prices, Quantities, and Expectations : Keynes and Macroeconomics in the Fifty Years since the Publication of the General Theory
482367: SINCLAIR, MARGARET (ED.) - The International Review of Missions: Volume XXXIII
009417: SINCLAIR, IAN - Residential Care: The Research Reviewed
538563: SINCLAIR, MICHAEL - The Dollar Covenant

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