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530553: PENNINGTON, PIERS; SPERLING, MATTHEW (EDS.) - Geoffrey Hill and His Contexts (Modern Poetry, Volume 6)
092375: PENNINGTON, MARK - Conservation and the Countryside: By Quango or Market?
435463: PENNINGTON, ROBERT - Pennington's Corporate Insolvency Law
511594: PENNINGTON, JOHN; MACGREGOR, ALASDAIR ALPIN; BROWMAN, PARK - Country Lover's Companion: The Wayfarer's Guide to the Varied Scenery of Britain and the People Who Live and Work in the Countryside
499317: PENNINGTON, LEE K. - Casualties of History: Wounded Japanese Servicemen and the Second World War
533151: PENNINGTON, MICHAEL - Rossya: A Journey Through Siberia
244819: PENNINGTON, KATE - Brief Candle
305012: PENNINK, BETSY - This is San Francisco
181195: PENNOCK, J. ROLAND & SMITH, DAVID G, - Political Science: An Introduction
526840: PENNY, LAURA (ED.) - A Tempestuous Voyage: The Diary of Annah Maud Gould's Trip Aboard the Ship Berlin
536975: PENNY, RALPH - Variation and Change in Spanish
545863: PENNY, ANDREW - Freewill or Predestination: The Battle Over Saving Grace in Mid-Tudor England
543410: PENRHYN STANLEY, ARTHUR - Essays Chiefly on Questions of Church and State from 1850 to 1870
497080: PENROSE, SEFRYN - Images of Change: An Archaeology of England's Contemporary Lanscape
600005: PENROSE, BARRIE; COURTIOR, ROGER - The Pencourt File
463492: PENSALFINI, ROB; URA, HIROYUKI (EDS.) - Papers on Minimalist Syntax
212604: PENSLAR, DEREK J. - Israel in History : The Jewish State in Comparative Perspective
409732: PENSOLA, TIINA - From Past to Present: Effect of Lifecourse on Mortality, and Social Class Differences in Mortality in Middle Adulthood
525437: PENSOM, ROGER - Le Sens de la METRIQUE Chez Francois Villon: Le Testament
525435: PENSOM, ROGER - MOLIERE l'Inventeur: c't Avec Du Vieux Qu'on Fait Du Neuf
530971: PENSOM, ROGER - Accent and Metre in French
424223: PENTECOST, HUGH ET AL. - Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; No 72, January 1959
424233: PENTECOST, HUGH ET AL. - Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; No 116, September 1962
424236: PENTECOST, HUGH ET AL. - Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; No 39, April 1956
197758: PENTLAND, ALEX P. - From Pixels to Predicates : Recent Advances in Computational and Robotic Vision
447591: PENTTILA, RISTO E. J. - The Role of the G8 in International Peace and Security
255182: PENZER, N. M. - Poison Damsels: Thieves, Sacred Prostitution and the Romance of Betel Chewing
106684: PENZIAS, ARNO - Ideas and Information : Managing in a High-Tech World
543009: PENZLER, OTTO (EDITOR) - Agents of Treachery: Spy Stories
604047: PENZLER, OTTO (ED.) - Pulp Fiction: The Villains
047045: PEON, RAUL HERNANDEZ - The Physiological Basis of Mental Activity
047044: PEON, RAUL HERNANDEZ - The Physiological Basis of Mental Activity
264590: PEPALL, JOHN - Against Reform
089361: PEPPARD, JOE - IT Strategies for Business
538763: PEPPER, LAURIE - Art: Why I Stuck With A Junkie Jazzman
198644: PEPPER, CLEMENT - The Digital IC Gallery: All You Need to know about the Latest TTL and CMOS Devices
196630: PEPPER, MICHAEL (ED.) - Metal-Semiconductor Contacts: Proceedings of a Conference Organized By the solid State Physics Sub-Committee in Association with the Thin Films and Surfaces Group of the Institute of physics, Held at Manchester, April 1974
438716: PEPPER, DENNIS (ED.) - The Oxford Christmas Storybook
547613: PEPPER, TERENCE - Norman Parkinson: Fifty Years of Portraits and Fashion
545509: PEPPER CLARK, JOHN - John Pepper Clark: Poems
437701: PEPPIN, BRYAN - No Accident
435033: PEPPIN, BRYAN - Double or Quits: Two Plays
471346: PEPPIS, PAUL - Sciences of Modernism: Ethnography, Sexology, and Psychology
522772: PEPSY, SAMUEL; BRAYBROOK, LORD (ED.) - The Diary of Samuel Pepsy
473033: PEPYS, SAMUELL, JR. - A Second Diary of the Great War
005226: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Diary Of Samuel Pepys FRS, Secretary to the Admirality in the Reigns of Charles II & James II
529926: PEPYS, SAMUEL; BRAYBROOKE, RICHARD LORD - Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, Secretary To the Admirality in the Reigns of Charles II and James II. Volumes I-V
014609: PERCEVAL, MICHAEL - The Spaniards: How They Live and Work
198152: PERCHYONOK, V. T. - Radical Reactions in Aqueous Media
459185: PERCIER, C.; FONTAINE, P.F.L. - Recueil De Decorations Interieures, Comprenant Tout Ce Qui A Rapport A L'Ameublement.
459866z: PERCIER, C.; FONTAINE, P. F. L. (EDS.) - Recueil De Decorations Interieures, Comprenant Tout Ce Qui a Rapport A L'Ameublement
516937: PERCIVAL, A. C.; PERCIVAL, E. L. - The Percival Book: Percivals Past and Present
238953: PERCIVAL, A.J. (ED.); LONDON & MIDDLESEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological society, Volume 21, Part 2, 1965
188407: PERCIVAL, FRED; CRAIG, DAVID AND BUGLASS, D. - Flexible Learning Systems. Aspects of Educational Technology XX
016860: PERCIVAL, MONTGOMERY, DODDS - Atlas of Histopathology of the Skin
602279: PERCIVAL, JOHN - The Roman Villa: An Historical Introduction
473134: PERCY, ALGERNON - A Bearskin's Crimea: Colonel Henry Percy VC and His Brother Officers
534036: PERCY, MARTYN (ET.AL) - Untamed Gospel: Protests, Poems and Prose For the Christian Year
547412: PERCY, WALKER - The Movie-Goer
530028: PERCY, MARTYN - Engaging with Contemporary Culture: Christianity, Theology and the Concrete Church
602842: PERCY, WALKER - The Second Coming
254780: PERDUE, G.R. - The Technology of Washing
103135: PEREGRINE BINGHAM - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas and Other Courts, Volume 9
103134: PEREGRINE BINGHAM - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas and Other Courts, Volume 8
103136: PEREGRINE BINGHAM - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas and Other Courts, Volume VI (6)
497340: PEREHUDOFF, WILLIAM - Colour Chording: Post-Painterly Abstraction of the Canadian Prairies
523531: PERELMAN, CH.; HART, H.L.A. (INTRO.); PETRIE, JOHN (TRANS.) - The Idea of Justice and the Problem of Argument
607980: PEREPLYOTCHIK, DAVID - Psychosyntax: The Nature of Grammar and its Place in the Mind: 129 (Philosophical Studies Series, 129)
407238: PERERA, H. R. - Buddhism in Ceylon: Its Past and Its Present
469026: PERETTI, FERDINANDO; MORO, FRANCO - Twenty Important Neapolitan Baroque Paintings
407504: PERETZ, DON; DORON, GIDEON - The Government and Politics of Israel
495043: PEREZ, BERTHA (ED.) - Sociocultural Contexts of Language and Literacy
241812: PEREZ, YEHOSHUA - The Sayings of God
536618: PEREZ JANET - Contemporary Women Writers of Spain
546645: PEREZ DE ARCE, RODRIGO - Breve Historia De La Amnesia / A Brief History of Amnesia
447446: PEREZ, REINALDO - Wireless Communications Design Handbook: Terrestrial and Mobile Interference: Aspects of Noise, Interference, and Environmental Concerns, Volume 2
286543: PERFECT, WILLIAM - Annals of Insanity
543659: PERGHER, ROBERTA - Mussolini's Nation-Empire: Sovereignty and Settlement in Italy's Borderlands, 1922-1943
535326: PERHAM, MARGERY - Lugard: The Year of Adventure 1858-1898
546562: PERICIC, MARIJA - Exquisite Corpse
505170: PERILLAT, CHARLENE; DAVIET, LIONEL - It Bag: Conte(nus) De Sacs
546233: PERINOVA, VLASTA; LUKS, ANTONIN; PERINA, JAN - Phase in Optics: 15
521832: PERISIN, TAMARA - Free Movement of Goods and Limits of Regulatory Autonomy in the EU and WTO
544577: PERISTIANY, J.G. (ED.) - Honour and Shame: The Values of Mediterranean Society
525614: PERKIN, J. RUSSELL - Politics and the British Novel in the 1970s
538347: PERKIN, HAROLD - The Making of a Social Historian
523194: PERKIN, HAROLD - Key Profession: The History of the Association of University Teachers
602175: PERKIN, HAROLD - The Third Revolution: Professional Elites in the Modern World
487310a: PERKINS, KEN - A Fortunate Soldier
525383: PERKINS, ANITA - Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: German Literature and the Mobilities Turn (Australian and New Zealand Studies in German Language and Literature, Volume 22)
467837: PERKINS, W. TURNER - Channel Tunnel: Deputation to the Prime Minister: Full Details of the Present Scheme - Military, Engineering, Financial
543316: PERKINS, ANNE - Red Queen: The Authorized Biography of Barbara Castle
187878: PERKINS, THOMAS - Handbook to Gothic Architecture Ecclesiastical and Domestic for Photographers and Others.
171982: PERKINS, WALTER - History of the Abbey Lodge, No. 432 1836 to 1936
059492: PERKINS, J.O.N. - The Macroeconomic Mix to Stop Stagflation
141013: PERKINS, PHILIP HAROLD - Swimming Pools: A Treatise on the Planning, Layout, Design and Construction, Including Water Treatment and Other Services
082221: PERKINS, ELIZABETH R. - Education for Childbirth and Parenthood
530950: PERKINS, E.S. - Uveitis and Toxoplasmosis
511287: PERL, JED (ED.) - Art in America 1945-1970: Writing from the Age of Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism
504196: PERL, RAPHAEL F. (ED.) - Drugs and Foreign Policy: A Critical Review
247323: PERL, JEFFREY M. - The Tradition of Return: The Implicit History of Modern Literature
493129: PERLES, ALFRED - Reunion in Big Sur
419949: PERLIN, JENNY - Perseverance & How to Develop It
469449: PERLMAN, MARK - The Economics of Health and Medical Care
526173: PERLMAN, S.J. - Listen to the Mockingbird
601194: PERLMUTTER, DAVID - Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar - Your Brain's Silent Killers
292066: PERLOFF, MARJORIE - O Momento Futurista
297485a: PERMAN, JAY A.; REY, JEAN (EDS.) - Clinical Trials in Infant Nutrition: Methodology, Statistics, and Ethical Issues, Nestle Nutrition Workshop Series, Volume 40
297484a: PERMAN, JAY A.; REY, JEAN (EDS.) - Clinical Trials in Infant Nutrition: Methodology, Statistics, and Ethical Issues, Nestle Nutrition Workshop Series, Volume 40
453564: PERNET, DENIS - Adrien Missika
463139: PERNICK, MARTIN S. - The Black Stork: Eugenics and the Death of "Defective" Babies in American Medicine and Motion Pictures Since 1915
012945: PERNOLL, MARTIN L. [EDITOR] - Current Obstetric & Gynecologic Diagnosis & Treatment
469428: PEROTTI, ROBERTO; STRAUCH, ROLF; VON HAGEN, JURGEN - Sustainability of Public Finances
211113: PEROVIC, JERONIM - Russian Energy Power and Foreign Relations: Implications for Conflict and Cooperation
540615: PEROWNE, BARRY - Raffles of the Albany: Footprints of a Famous Gentleman Crook in the Times of a Great Detective
076234: PERRAM, ANNIE FRANCES - Sara's Choice: No Vain Sacrifice
285961: PERRATON, HILARY - Open and Distance Learning in Developing World (Routledge Studies in Distance Education)
488597: PERRAULT, CHARLES - The Story of Blue-Beard
484992: PERRAULT, PIERRE - Nous Autres Icitte A l'Ile
418506: PERRAULT, CHARLES - Beauty and the Beast, Teacher's Book Level 2
418507: PERRAULT, CHARLES - Beauty and the Beast, Teacher's Book Level 2
537403: PERREAULT, TOM; BRIDGE, GAVIN; MCCARTHY, JAMES (EDITORS) - The Routledge Handbook of Political Ecology
493657: PERREGAARD, HENRIK PREBEN - Okonomisk Teorihistorie i et humanistisk perspektiv
414196: PERRET, SYLVAIN; FAROLFI, STEFANO; HASSAN, RASHID (EDS.) - Water Governance for Sustainable Development: Approaches and Lessons from Developing and Transitional Countries
520175: PERRET, MICHELE - Introduction A L'Histoire De La Langue FRANCAISE
425884: PERREZ, JOSEF C. - Strategic Investments, Credit-Rationing and Unemployment
475577: PERRI 6; GOODWIN, NICK; PECK, EDWARD; FREEMAN, TIM (EDS.) - Managing Networks of Twenty-First Century Organisations
495305: PERRIAM, CHRIS - Desire and Dissent: An Introduction to Luis Antonio de Villena
467008: PERRIAM, WENDY - Laughter Class and Other Stories
606600: PERRIAM, WENDY - Little Marvels and Other Stories
437124: PERRICONE SOMOGYI, ROSA ANNA - Sociology and Ethic of Well-Being
475950: PERRIE, MAUREEN - The Agrarian Policy of the Russian Socialist-Revolutionary Party from its Origins through the Revolution of 1905-1907
547066: PERRIE, WALTER - Roads That Move: A Journey Through Eastern Europe
143448: PERRIN, D. D. - Dissociation Constants of Inorganic Acids and Bases in Aqueous Solution (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)
503559: PERRIN, NIGEL - Spirit of Resistance: The Life of SOE Agent Harry PeulevE DSO MC
186692: PERRIN, REG (ED.) - Pot Black
419249: PERRING, F. H.; MELLANBY, K. (EDS.) - Ecological Effects of Pesticides (Linnean Society Symposium)
439834: PERRINS, CHRISTOPHER M. - Wielka Encyklopedia Ptakow
109299: PERRIS, CARLO - A Multicenter Multidimensional Study of Some New Longacting Neuroleptic Drugs
482513: PERRON, ELOI - GoElettes De L'Ile-aux-Coudres
421967: PERROT, CAPUCINE (ED.) - Artists' Studio
302609: PERROTT, DAVID L.; POGANY, ISTVAN (EDS.) - Current Issues in International Business Law
035355: PERROTT, J. W. - Anatomy for Students and Teachers of Physical Education
009233: PERROW, CHARLES & GUILLEN, MAURO F. - The AIDS Disaster : The Failure of Organizations in New York and the Nation
047694: PERRUCHOT, HENRI - Gauguin
179289: PERRY, MARIA - Knightsbridge Woman
517081: PERRY, JOHN; BRATMAN, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings
185978: PERRY, J. - Spinning Tops - Romance of Science Series
469067: PERRY, ROBERT L.; ROBERTSON, JOHN D. (EDS.) - Comparative Analysis of Nations: Quantitative Approaches
543459: PERRY, ELAINE; COLLERTON, DANIEL; LEBEAU, FIONA; ASHTON, HEATHER (EDITORS) - New Horizons in the Neuroscience of Consciousness
601184: PERRY, THOMAS - Forty Thieves
601017: PERRY, THOMAS - A String of Beads
015161: PERRY, KEITH - Business and the European Community
543887: PERRY, LEWIS - Radical Abolitionism: Anarchy and the Government of God in Antislavery Thought
530230: PERRY, GRAYSON - Sketchbooks
544066: PERRY, DAVID M. - Sacred Plunder: Venice and the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade
094177: PERRY, FRANCES - Gardening in Colour: An All-The-year-round Picture Encyclopedia
518693: PERRY, MARK - How to Lose the War on Terror
601869: PERRY, GRACE (ED.) - Poetry Australia, Number 100, 1985
029744: PERRY, FRANCES - Gardening in Colour, an All-The-year-round Picture Encyclopedia
005892: PERRY, MICHAEL - Sharing in One Bread
519226: PERRY, JOHN - American Ferryboats
536759: PERRY, JR., FRED L. - Research in Applied Linguistics: Becoming a Discerning Consumer (Second Edition)
471204: PERRY-KESSARIS, AMANDA (ED.) - Law in the Pursuit of Development: Principles Into Practice?
105920: PERRY, MARK; HOSEK, SUSAN D.; STEINBERG, PAUL S.; DAVIS, LOIS M.; TATE, MICHAEL G. - Army Medical Support for Peace Operations and Humanitarian Assistance
210208: PERRY, GEORGE - Steven Spielberg
243905: PERRY, CHARNER MARQUIS (ED.) - Ethics, Volume LXXII, 1961-1962: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy
442316: PERRY, A. H.; WALKER, J. M. - The Ocean-atmosphere System
100018: PERRY, ALLEN H. - Environmental Hazards in the British Isles
607427: PERRY, LINDA A.M.; TURNER, LYNN H.; STERK, HELEN M. (EDS.) - Constructing and Reconstructing Gender: The Links Among Communication, Language, Gender
502085: PERRYMAN, A. C. - Bygone L.B. & S.C.R. Steam
491246: PERRYMAN, MARK (ED.) - Going Oriental: Football After World Cup 2002
505929: PERSAUD, SASENARINE - Between The Dash and The Comma (poems)
434970: PERSAUD, SASENARINE - The Hungry Sailor
107417: PERSAUD, RAJ - From the Edge of the Couch: Bizarre Psychiatric Cases and What They Teach Us About Ourselves
505601: PERSAUD, SASENARINE - Dear Death
547873: PERSE, SAINT-JOHN; AUDEN, W.H. (TRANSL.) - On Poetry
538792: PERSILY, NATHANIEL, (ED.); METZGER, GILLIAN E.,(ED.); MORRISON, TREVOR W., (ED.) - The Health Care Case: The Supreme Court's Decision and Its Implications
474267: PERSON, ETHEL SPECTOR - On Freud's "Creative Writers and Day-dreaming"
511037: PERSONS, TIMOTHY; PERSONS, ASIA ZACK (EDS.) - The Helsinki School: From the Past to the Future, Vol. 5
469177: PERSSON, TORSTEN; TABELLINI, GUIDO (EDS.) - The Economic Effects of Constitutions
469111: PERSSON, INGA (ED.) - Generating Equality in the Welfare State: The Swedish Experience (Scandinavian Library)
254256: PERSSON, LEIF - Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End
110708: PERSSON, CARL G.A.; BRATTSAND, RALPH; LAITINEN, LAURI A.; VENGE, PER (EDS.) - Inflammatory Indices in Chronic Bronchitis (Agents and Actions : Supplements; Vol. 30)
492954: PERSSON, HELEN - Empirens dOttrar: kultur och mode under tidigt 1800-tal
188774: PERSSON, TORSTEN - Monetary and Fiscal Policy Vol. 1 : Credibility
607260: PERSSON, AXEL W. - Asine: De Svenska UTGRAVNINGARNA
110342: PERTWEE, ERNEST - The Reciter's Treasury of Verse: Serious and Humorous
534979: PERTWEE, ERNEST - The Very Humorous Reciter
427474: PERUCCHETTI, MAURO - Apopalyptic: Mauro Perucchetti
427473: PERUCCHETTI, MAURO - Apopalyptic: Mauro Perucchetti
485886: PERULLI, PAOLO - The Urban Contract: Community, Governance and Capitalism
530777: PERUTZ, MAX; PERUTZ, VIVIEN (ED.) - What a Time I am Having: Selected Letters of Max Perutz
530866: PERUZZI, ENRICO (ED.) - Manoscritti Filosofici e Scientifici Della Biblioteca Capitolare Dal Medioevo al Rinascimento
456525: PERUZZO, ALBERTO - Plessi Mariverticali
525521: PERVOTS, AARON - Bernard Vargaftig: Gestures Toward the Sacred (Modern French Identities, Volume 134)
438328: PERY, JENNY - Andrew Hemingway: Sumptuous Surfaces, and the Enshrinement of the Ordinary
438278: PERY, JENNY - Henry Piper
509903: PERYSINAKES, I. N. - Archaic Lyric Poetry
304225: PERZANOWSKI, JERZY; IDZIAK, PAWEL M. (EDS.) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, No. 23
304226: PERZANOWSKI, JERZY; IDZIAK, PAWEL M. (EDS.) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, No. 24
304227: PERZANOWSKI, JERZY; IDZIAK, PAWEL M. (EDS.) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, No. 25
304224: PERZANOWSKI, JERZY; IDZIAK, PAWEL M. (EDS.) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, No. 22
461811: PESCARZOLI, ANTONIO (ED.) - Sussidi Eruditi: 9: I Libri di Viaggio e le Guide Della Raccolta: Luigi Vittorio Fossati Bellani: Vols. I & II
461695: PESCARZOLI, ANTONIO - Sussidi Eruditi II: I Libri Di Viaggio e le Guide della Raccolta: Luigi Vittorio: Fossati Bellani: Catalogo Descrittivo
234373: PESEK, JOSEPH J. (ED.); LEIGH, IVAN E. (ED.) - Chemically Modified Surfaces
546137: PESHALL, JOHN, (REV.); CONSIDINE JOHN, (INTRO.) - A Mythical History of Oxford: Being a Facsimile of the History of the University of Oxford to the Death of William the Conqueror
297022: PESKETT, WILLIAM - The Nightowl's Dissection: Poems
547964: PESKETT, S. JOHN - This Music Business: From Nero to Wienerschnitzel
601886: PESKETT, WILLIAM - Cleaning Stables
220235: PESSEMIER, EDGAR A. - Experimental Methods of Analyzing Demand for Branded Consumer Goods with Applications to Problems in Marketing Strategy
479822: PESSEN, EDWARD (ED.) - The Many-Faceted Jacksonian Era: New Interpretations (Contributions in American History)
541043: PESSL, MARISHA - Night Film
541367: PESSL, MARISHA - Special Topics in Calamity Physics
299568: PESSOA, FERNANDO - Fernando Pessoa: Selected Poems
505095: PESSOA, FERNANDO - Poesia 1931-1935: e Nao Datada
527875: PESTELL, ALEX - Geoffrey Hill: The Drama of Reason (Modern Poetry, Volume 9)
470061: PESTON, MAURICE HARRY - Theory of Macroeconomic Policy
221738: PETCHSINGH, TRIRAT - The Third Encounter and Other Stories
264790: PETER, FABIENNE - Democratic Legitimacy (Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought; 62)
194610: PETER MÖRTERS , ROGER MOSER , MATHEW PENROSE , HARTMUT SCHWETLICK , JOHANNES ZIMMER - Analysis and Stochastics of Growth Processes and InterfaceModels
510358: PETER CATAPANO; SIMON CRITCHLEY - Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments: A Stone Reader
026337: PETER TOMPKINS - Shaw Und Mollissima
095916: PETER, LAURENCE J. - 5000 Gems of with & Wisdom: Memorable Quotations for All Occasions
493967: PETER SUMMERS (ED) - Hatchments in Britain 6: Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Middlesex
510355: PETER THOMPSON; STEPHEN HARRIS - Seeds, Sex and Civilization: How the Hidden Life of Plants has Shaped Our World
510694: PETER VANSITTART - The Wall: A Novel
490925: PETER F. SMITH - Building for a Changing Climate: The Challenge for Construction, Planning and Energy
497768: PETER WARR - Sheffield in the Great War (Your Towns & Cities/Great War)
484557: PETER, H.; WAGNER, H. - Bericht Uber die Erstellung des Albulawerkes erstattet von den Direktoren der Wasserversorgung und des ElektrizitAtswerkes der Stadt ZUrich: Dezember 1910
543022: PETER PAUPER PRESS - The ABC of Salads
461155: PETER, JAMES B.; SHOENFELD, YEHUDA (EDS.) - Autoantibodies
440970: PETER, MICHAEL - Der Gertrudistragaltar aus dem Welfenschatz: Eine Stilgeschichtliche Untersuchung
172680: PETER ORTON, SALLY JEFFERIES (ED) - Multiple Sclerosis in General Practice. (book + dvd)
607957: PETER HAINING (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY) - The Penny dreadful: Or, Strange, horrid & sensational tales!
602701: PETER, JOHN - Vladimir's Carrot: Modern Drama and the Modern Imagination
Am1753: PETER JACKSON - The ‘Rhinebeck’ Panorama of London, 1807-11
Am1179: PETER NICHOLS - The Freeway: A Play in Two Acts
Am1717: PETER MILLS; JOHN OLIVER - Survey of the Building Sites in the City of London After the Great Fire of 1666: Introduction and Indexes V.I
Am238: PETER ABBS - Personae
SAm238: PETER ABBS - Personae
463283: PETERS, PAULHANS (ED.); WILD, FRIEDEMANN - Design & Planning: Centers for Storage and Distribution
304527: PETERS, R. S. - Psychology and Ethical Development
512230: PETERS, ANNE - Rings of Green
474525: PETERS, B. GUY; SAVOIE, DONALD J. (EDS.) - Governance in a Changing Environment (Canadian Centre for Management Development Series on Governance and Public Management)
474550: PETERS, GUY; ROSE, RICHARD - Can Government Go Bankrupt?
496362: PETERS, F. E. - Islam: A Guide for Jews and Christians
547886: PETERS, FRITZ - Boyhood With Gurdjieff
440719: PETERS, GERHARD-EWALD (ED.) - Alte Musik Fur Verschiedene Instrumente: Konzert D-Dur Fur Flote Und Orchester
465231: PETERS, CATHERINE - Thackeray's Universe: Shifting Worlds of Imagination and Reality
537175: PETERS, CATHERINE - Thackeray's Universe: Shifting Worlds of Imagination and Reality
164306: PETERS, UWE HENRIK - Anna Freud: E. Leben Fur D. Kind
089711: PETERS, G.H. AND JOACHIM VON BRAUN, EDS. - Food Security, Diversification and Resource Management: Refocusing the Role of Agriculture?
045582: PETERS, TOM - Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution
094235: PETERS, ELLIS - The Confession of Brother Haluin: The Fifteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
495540: PETERS, MICHAEL A.; GHIRALDELLI JR., PAULO (EDS.) - Richard Rorty: Education, Philosophy, and Politics
547887: PETERS, FRITZ - Gurdjieff Remembered
197183: PETERS, TOM - The Tom Peters Seminar: Crazy Times Call for Crazy Organizations
022706: PETERS, ELLIS - Brother Cadfael's Penance
523141: PETERS, B. GUY; PIERRE, JON (EDS.) - The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration (Sage Handbooks)
544803: PETERS, EDWARD - Heresy and Authority in Medieval Europe
033676: PETERS, PROF. DR. GERD - Arbeit und Gesundheit - Ergebnisse vergleichender anatomisch-pathologischer und klinischer Untersuchungen an Hirngeschädigten
294143: PETERS, GLEN - Mrs D'Silva and The Lucknow Ransom
242365: PETERS, ROBERT - Connections in the English Lake District
294126: PETERS, GLEN - Lucknow Ransom
539051: PETERS, ELLIS - Mourning Raga
030530: PETERS, TOM - Liberation Management, Necessary Disorganization for the Nanosecond Nineties
012355: PETERS, TOM - Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution
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440386: PIFARRE, MANOLI; SANUY, JAUME; VENDRELL, CONXITA; GODIA, SUSANA - Internet En la Educacion Secundaria: Pensar, Buscar y Construir Conocimiento en la Red
532884: PIFFER, TOMMASO - Gli Alleati e la Resistenza Italiana
530202: PIGDEN, CHARLES R. (ED.) - Hume on Motivation and Virtue (Philosophers in Depth)
457520: PIGEON, PATRICK; REBOTIER, JULIEN (EDS.) - Disaster Prevention Policies: A Challenging and Critical Outlook
234048: PIGNATELLI, FRANCESCO - Reversed Renaissance
234739: PIGNON, DOMINIQUE; ET AL. - Questions Sur Le Nucleaire: Risques D'accidents Dans Les Centrales Nucleaires
537878: PIGOTT-SMITH, TIM - Out of India
534075: PIGOTT-SMITH, TIM - Do You Know Who I Am? A Memoir
545026: PIGOU, A.C. - Keynes's 'General Theory': A Retrospective View
532870: PIGOU, A.C. - Income Revisited Being a Sequel to Income: An Introduction to Economics
213707: PIIPARINEN, TOUKO - The Transformation of UN Conflict Management: Producing Images of Genocide from Rwanda to Darfur and Beyond
079830: PIKE, DAVID (EDITOR) - Pulsar: Poems from Ligden Poetry Society
487876: PIKE, DOUGLAS - Paradise of Dissent: South Australia, 1829 - 1857
518003: PIKE, ROBERT L. - The Gremlin's Grampa: A Police Procedural Novel
037842: PIKE, EARL C.; GREASLEY, PHIL - We are All Living with HIV: How to Set Policies and Guidelines for the Workplace
010118: PIKE, FRANK [EDITOR] - Ah! Mischief. The Writer and Television
487807: PIKE, E. ROYSTON - Human Documents of the Age of the Forsytes
235565: PIKE, LUKE OWEN (ED.) - Year Books of the Reign of King Edward the Third. Year XIV (Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland During the Middle Ages)
469769: PIKETTY, THOMAS - Les hauts revenus en France au XXE siEcle: InEgalitEs et redistributions, 1901-1998
305696: PIKHOJA, R. G. (ED.) - Knigi starogo Urala
220088: PIKSER, JEREMY - Junk on the Hill
207482: PILAND, SHERRY; UGUCCIONI, ELLEN J. - Fountains of Kansas City: A History and love Affair
438526: PILCHER, TIM - La B.D. Erotique: Histoire en Images; Volume 1: Des Origines a L'Underground
007967: PILGER, JOHN - Distant Voices
523314: PILGRIM, JANE - Sports Day at Blackberry Farm (Blackberry Farm No.16)
158299: PILIKIAN, HOVHANNESS I. - The Copy for Mahumodo, 1964
498644: PILKINGTON, LEN - Surrey Airfields in the Second War
445537: PILKINGTON, HILARY; YEMELIANOVA, GALINA (EDS.) - Islam in Post-Soviet Russia: Public and Private Faces
518889: PILKINGTON, LEN - Surrey Airfields in the Second World War
545024: PILKINGTON, PHILIP - The Reformation in Economics: A Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Economic Theory
173926: PILLAY, T. V. - Aquaculture and the Environment
198431: PILLAY, ANAND - An Introduction to Stability Theory
537975: PILLEMER, DAVID B. - Momentous Events, Vivid Memories: How Unforgettable Moments Help Us Understand the Meaning of Our Lives
453958: PILLING, JOHN; WATERS, LAURENCE - Henley-on-Thames Then & Now
417491: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
417492: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
417493: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
417490: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
542053: PILLING, ANN (EDITOR) - Something to Do With Love
537145: PILLING, ANN - Home Field
417488: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
534225: PILLING, ANN - Home Field
417494: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
417495: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
417487: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
417486: PILLING, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Beckett Studies; Autumn 1980, Number 6
534288: PILLING, ANN - Mother's Daily Scream
538025: PILLING, JOHN (EDITOR) - Journal of Beckett Studies: Autumn 1982 Number 8
534287: PILLING, ANN - The Big Pink
523784: PILLINGER, COLIN - Space is a Funny Place: Fifty Years (and More) of Space Exploration seen Through the Eyes of Cartoonists
204102: PILNYAK, BORIS - The Volga Flows to the Caspian Sea
061906: PILOT MISSION ON SOCIO-ECONOMIC REFORM OF THE INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK; SOCIAL AGENDA POLICY GROUP - Cities Divided Against Themselves: The Case of Fortaleza: Social Reform in a Brazilian Metropolis
094560aa: PILOTY, R.; BARBACCI, M; BORRIONE, D.; DIETMEYER, D.; HILL, F. & SKELLY, P. (EDS.) - CONLAN Report (Lecture Notes On Computer Science 151)
517742: PILSCH, ANDREW - Transhumanism: Evolutionary Futurism and the Human Technologies of Utopia
531063: PILTZ, ELISABETH - The Von Post Collection of Cypriote Late Byzantine Glazed Pottery
510879: PILTZ, HOWARD J. - The Heyday of the Trolley Bus
299094: PILYAVSKII, V. I. - Arkhitektura Leningrada
545482: PIM, KEIRON - Endless Flight: The Life of Joseph Roth
300071: PIMENTEL, ARTURO V. (ED.) - Boletin Del Archivo Historico De Miraflores, Numero 46, 47 y 48: Enero-Junio De 1967, Ano VIII
223433: PIMLOTT, JOHN - Strategic Bombing
289205: PIMLOTT, BEN - Frustrate Their Knavish Tricks: Writings on Biography, History and Politics
211795: PIMLOTT, BEN; WRIGHT, ANTHONY; FLOWER, TONY - The Alternative : Politics for a Change
426970: PINAL, FRANCISCO AGUILAR - Impresos Castellanos del Siglo XVI en el British Museum
176727: PINARD, GEORGES FRANCK; PAGANI, LINDA (EDS.) - Clinical Assessment of Dangerousness : Empirical Contributions
Am1851: PINBOROUGH, SARAH - Dead to Her
015422: PINCH, STEVEN - Worlds of Welfare: Understanding the Changing Geographies of Social Welfare Provision
473301: PINCHBECK, IVY; HEWITT, MARGARET (EDS.) - Children in English Society: Volume I: From Tudor Times to the Eighteenth Century
503582: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Traitors: The Labyrinths of Treason
513852: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Pastoral Symphony
504138: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Too Secret Too Long: The Great Betrayal of Britain's Crucial Secrets, and the Cover-Up
497549: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - A Web of Deception: The Spycatcher Affair
426707: PINCHIN, CALVIN - Issues in Philosophy: An Introduction
474636: PINCHING, ANTHONY J. (ED.) - Clinics in Immunology and Allergy, Volume 6/Number 3, October 1986: AIDS and HIV Infection
520169: PINCHON, GILLES - Les mots-CLES De La Publicite Et De La Communication
604371: PINCOCK, STEPHEN; FRARY, MARK - Codebreaker: The History of Secret Communication
470012: PINCUS, JONATHAN J. - Pressure Groups & Politics in Antebellum Tariffs
460719: PINCUS, FRED L.; EHRLICH, HOWARD J. (EDS.) - Race and Ethnic Conflict: Contending Views on Prejudice, Discrimination, and Ethnoviolence
526368: PINDAR, PETER; WOLCOT, JOHN - The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. With a Copious Index, to Which is Prefixed Some Account of His Life; Five Volume Set
533819: PINDAR, PETER - The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq (Volumes 1-3)
460425: PINDAR - Pindar: Pythian Odes
020764: PINDAR, PETER - Peter Pindar's Poems
162899: PINDER, WILHELM - Deutsche Burgen Und Feste Schlosser
534189: PINDER, WILHELM - Deutsche Burgen (DIE BLAUEN BUCHER)
422277: PINDER, WILHELM - Deutscher Barock: Die Grossen Baumeister Des 18. Jahrhunderts (Die Blauen Bucher)
518227: PINDER, JOHN (ED.) - The Economics of Europe: What the Common Market Means for Britain
017528a: PINDER, DAVID - Western Europe: Challenge and Change
532422: PINE, LISA - Hitler's 'National Community': Society and Culture in Nazi Germany
158880: PINE, CYNTHIA M. (ED.) - Community Oral Health
268781: PIÑEIRO, CLAUDIA - Le Vedove del Giovedì
471101: PINELL, D'ANTONI OLLE - El Fons Documental: D'Antoni OllE Pinell (Barcelona, 1897-1981) A L'Arxiu Comarcal Del Baix PenedEs
512080: PINEO, HUGUETTE LY-TIO-FANE - In the Grips of the Eagle: Mathew Finders at Ile De France 1803-1810
092008: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - Letty: An Original Drama in Four Acts and an Epilogue
092010: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - The Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith: A Drama in Four Acts
535545: PINES, MALCOLM (ED.); SPOERRI, THEODOR, (ED.) - VIth International Congress of Psychotherapy: London 1964: Lectures and Communications: Parts I-IV
506060: PINES, SHLOMO; STROUMSA, GUY G. (ED.) - Studies in the History Religion (The Collected Works of Shlomo Pines Volume IV)
506061: PINES, SHLOMO; HARVEY, WARREN ZEV (ED.); IDEL, MOSHE (ED.) - Studies in the History of Jewish Thought (The Collected Works of Shlomo Pines Volume V)
527191: PING, LARRY L. - Gustav Freytag and the Prussian Gospel: Novels, Liberalism, and History
043328: PINGALI, K; BANERJEE, U; GELERNTER, D; NICOLAU, A & PADUA, D - Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing: 7th International Workshop, Ithaca, NY, USA, August 8-10, 1994 - Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 892)
418621: PINGAUD, BERNARD, ET AL - L'Arc: 26: Levi-Strauss
475665: PINGRET, EDOUARD - Voyage De S.M. Louis-Philippe Ier Roi Des Francais, Au Chateau De Windsor
280476: PINHARANDA, JOAO - Coleccao Antonio Cachola: Arte Portuguesa Anos 80-90
016158: PINION, F.B. - A Lamb Selection
092165: PINK, M. ALDERTON; THOMAS, S. EVELYN - English Grammar Composition and Correspondence
542248: PINKERTON, KATHRENE - The Secret River
047384: PINKERTON, PHILIP - Childhood Disorder: A Psychosomatic Approach
001896: PINKERTON, PHILLIP - Childhood Disorder: A Psychosomatic Approach
535579: PINKNEY, ROBERT - Right-Wing Military Government
147697: PINKNEY, ALPHONSO - Red, Black and Green : Black Nationalism in the United States
015351: PINKNEY, MAGGIE - Great Aussie Slang
078457: PINKNEY, ROBERT - Democracy in the Third World
268783: PINKSTER, HARM; GENEE, INGE (EDS.) - Unity in Diversity: Papers Presented to Simon C. Dik on His 50th Birthday
521326: PINNER, DAVID - Ritual: Murder, witchcraft and Paganism in a Cornish Village
212062: PINNER, DAVID - Two Plays : The Teddy Bears' Picnic; The Potsdam Quartet
538710: PINNER, DAVID - Ritual: Finders Keepers Forgery, Number One
459649: PINO, GIUSEPPE; ARNAUDON, JEAN-CLAUDE (EDS.) - From Spirituals to Swing
209468: PINSKY, MICHAEL R.; DHAINAUT, JEAN-FRANCOIS; ARTIGAS, ANTONIO - The Pulmonary Circulation : Moving from Passive to Active Control
536938: PINSON, PETER; LAWLOR, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION) - Emanuel Raft: Painting, Jewellery, Sculpture, Printmaking
144782: PINTER, HAROLD - The Dwarfs : A Novel
190541: PINTER, HAROLD - Party Time
495694: PINTER, HAROLD - Family Voices: A Play for Radio
517692: PINTER, HAROLD; FOWLES, JOHN - The Screenplay of The French Lieutenant's Woman
495693: PINTER, HAROLD - One for the Road
511102: PINTER, HAROLD - No Man's Land
432269: PINTER, HAROLD - The Proust Screenplay
547628: PINTER, HAROLD - Poems: Harold Pinter
513078: PINTER, HAROLD - The Servant and Other Screenplays: The Servant, The Pumpkin Eater, The Quiller Memorandum, Accident, The Go-Between
461347: PINTER, HAROLD - The Dwarfs
161908: PINTER, HAROLD - Collected Poems and Prose
603572: PINTER, HAROLD - The Dwarfs
604430: PINTER, HAROLD - Various Voices: Prose, Poetry, Politics 1948-1998
Am761: PINTER, HAROLD - The Heat of the Day
520224: PINTO, RICARDO (ED.) - Developments in Housing Management and Ownership
479174: PINTO, VIVEK - Gandhi's Vision and Values: The Moral Quest for Change in Indian Agriculture
536453: PINTO DE BRITO, RODRIGO - The Skeptical Dynamis and Its Pragmatic Possibilities
524849: PINTZUK, SUSAN; TSOULAS, GEORGE; WARNER, ANTHONY (EDS.) - Diachronic Syntax: Models and Mechanisms
290732: PINVERT, LUCIEN - Jacques Grevin (1538-1570): Etude Biographique et Litteraire
214943: PIPER, DAVID WARREN; GLATTER, RON - The Changing University : A Report on the Staff Development in Universities Programme, 1972-4
262147: PIPER, DAVID - London: An Illustrated Companion Guide
513192: PIPER, JOHN - Oxfordshire (not including the City of Oxford): A Shell Guide
517583: PIPER, MYFANWY - The Seducer: A Drama in Two Acts
449308: PIPER CLENDINNING, JANE; MARVIN, ELIZABETH WEST - The Musician's Guide: Anthology Recordings
528933: PIPES, RICHARD - Russia under the Old Regime (The History of Civilization)
153475: PIPES, ALAN - Zeichnen für Designer : Wie Produkte ihre Form Finden
015639: PIPPARD, JOHN AND ELLAM, LES - Electroconvulsive Treatment in Great Britain, 1980
164382: PIRA STAFF - CD-ROM for Publishers
536250: PIRAGES, DENNIS; COUSINS, KEN - From Resource Scarcity to Ecological Security: Exploring New Limits to Growth
531924: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Tutt'e Tre: Novelle Per Un Anno, Volume VII
531925: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Candelora: Novelle Per Un Anno, Volume XIII
163358: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Die Wollust Der Anstandigkeit
277194: PIRANI, G. (ED.) - Advanced Algorithms and Architectures for Speech Understanding
179522: PIRAUX, H. - Radioisotopes and Their Industrial Applications
451882: PIRAZZOLI, PAOLO - Les Variations du Niveau Marin Depuis 2000 Ans
606878: PIRBRIGHT, PETER - Off the Beeton Track
250438: PIRDEAUX, W.F. - Notes for a Bibliography of Edward Fitzgerald
535822: PIRES BORGES, DULCE HELENA - Eduarda Lapa Pintora
512535: PIRETTI, MARIA SERENA - Le Elezioni Politiche in Italia dal 1848 a Oggi
512155: PIRIE, GORDON (ED.) - The Journal of Transport History: Third Series, Volume 31, Number 2, December 2010
512153: PIRIE, GORDON (ED.) - The Journal of Transport History: Third Series, Volume 32, Number 1, June 2011
439754: PIRIE, J. M. (ED.) - Symposium on Chemical Engineering in the Iron and Steel Industry (Chem. E. Symposium Series)
540993: PIRIE, DAVID - The Patient's Eyes:The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes
015657: PIRKE, K.M.; VANDEREYCKEN, W. - The Psychobiology of Bulimia Nervosa
520209: PIRKIS, GAIL; WOOD, HAZEL (EDS.) - Slightly Foxed: The Flight in the Heather - No. 43, Autumn 2014
520213: PIRKIS, GAIL; WOOD, HAZEL (EDS.) - Slightly Foxed: Grecian Hours - No. 46, Summer 2015
159102: PIRON - Oeuvres Choisies De Piron
412960: PIRON, MAURICE - Guillaume Apollinaire et l'Ardenne
545475: PIROTTA, GODFREY A.; WARRINGTON, EDWARD - Guardian of the Public Purse: A History of the State Audit in Malta: 1800-2000
254691: PIROVANO, CARLO - Arti Visive '80: Catalogo Generale
185346: PIROZZOLO, FRANCIS J. (ED.); WITTROCK, MERLIN C. (ED.) - Neuropsychological and Cognitive Processes in Reading
294121: PIRRO, JEANINE - Clever Fox: A Dani Fox Novel
528277: PIRZKALL, HEIKE PINTOR - La COOPERACION Alemana al Dessarollo: Factores Condicionantes de Su TRANSFORMACION En La DECADA de Los Noventa Y Su Impacto En AMERICA Latina (Hispanic Studies: Culture and Ideas, vol. 34)
530231: PISANI, DANIELE; DAL CO, FRANCESCO - Paulo Mendes Da Rocha: Complete Works
218847: PISELLI, FORTUNATA;AFONSO, MANUELA - Caminhos Silenciosos Da Mudanca: Quatro Aldeias Antes E Depois Do 25 De Abril
275757: PISEMSKII, ALEKSEI - One Thousand Souls
275756: PISEMSKII, ALEKSEI - The Simpleton
539903: PISERCHIA, DORIS - Earthchild
540438: PISERCHIA, DORIS - A Billion Days of Earth
477019: PISSARRO, JOACHIM - Face to Face to Face
113009: PISSULLA, PETRA; DRAGER, CHRISTIAN (EDS.) - Economies in Transition and Globalized Markets: The Challenge to International Economic Organizations / Proceedings from the XI Malente Symposium (Future; Volume 16)
295317: PITAVAL, GAYOT DE - Causes Celebres et Interessantes, Avec Les Jugemens Qui Les Ont Decidees: Tomes I - XI
483911: PITCHER, WALLACE S.; FLINN, GLENYS W. (EDS.) - Controls of Metamorphism: A Symposium Held Under the Auspices of the Liverpool Geological Society
236979: PITCHFORD, A. - Studies in Geometrical Optics
474178: PITCHFORD, J.D. - Population in Economic Growth
500096: PITCHFORK, ROGER - Lamberhurts: Jewel of the High Weald - Buildings & Walks
534207: PITERBERG, GABRIEL - An Ottoman Tragedy: History and Historiography at Play
539826: PITHERS, MALCOLM T. - Legacy of the Lens
017844: PITKIN, ROY M. & ZLATNIK, FRANK J. - The Year Book of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1980

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