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Am1931: MACLEAN, IAN - All Souls Library 1438-2008: Buildings, Collections, Donors. A Brief Illustrated Guide.
533439: MACLEAN, MALCOLM; CARRELL, CHRISTOPHER (EDS.) - As an Fhearann - From the Land: A Century of Images of the Scottish Highlands
026633: MACLEAR, G. F. (ED.) - Old Testament History
021971: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - JB a Play in Verse
231667: MACLENNAN, BERYCE W.; DIES, KATHRYN R. - Group Counseling and Psychotherapy with Adolescents
515034: MACLENNAN, SELINA BARING - Gaston La Touche: A Painter of Bell Epoque Dreams
540708: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE (EDITOR) - Mistletoe Mysteries
491628: MACLEOD, FIONA - The Immortal Hour: A Drama in Two Acts
512089: MACLEOD, ROBERT - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
523780: MACLEOD, MORNA - Nietas Del Fuego, Creadoras Del Alba: Luchas POLITICO-Culturales De Mujeres Mayas
497961: MACLEOD, JENNY - Gallipoli (Great Battles)
540113: MACLEOD, KEN - The Sky Road
008045: MACLEOD, NORMAN - Good Words for 1865
523836: MACLEOD, MURDO J. - Spanish Central America: A Socioeconomic History, 1520-1720
493680: MACLEOD, I. A.; WILSON, G. - Structural Engineering in Scotland: A Review of Developments, 1931 - 1981
537471: MACLEOD, ALISTAIR - No Great Mischief
163039: MACLEOD, FLORA (ED.) - Parents and Schools : The Contemporary Challenge (Contemporary Analysis in Education Series; No. 25)
303468: MACLEOD, JOHN (ED.) - Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine
263620: MACLURE, STUART - The Inspectors' Calling: HMI and the Shaping of Educational Policy, 1945-1992
251345: MACLURE, STUART - The Inspector's Calling: HMI and the Shaping of Educational Policy 1945-1992
264551: MACLURE, J. STUART (ED.) - Educational Documents: England and Wales, 1916-1963
413699: MACMAHON, KATHLEEN - This is How it Ends: A Story of Unexpected, Life-Changing Love
436204: MACMILLAN, NORMAN - Into the Blue
205161: MACMILLAN; DAVID S. - Australian Universities: a Descriptive Sketch
529932: MACMILLAN, GILLY - The Long Weekend
530322: MACMILLAN, CHARLES - Footprints on the Sands of Time 1863-1963: The Story of the House of Livingstone
438151: MACMILLAN, FIONA (ED.) - International Corporate Law Annual Volume 2, 2002
494747: MACMILLAN, DAVID S. - Scotland and Australia, 1788-1850: Emigration, Commerce and Investment
101925: MACMORRAN, KENNETH M.; ELPHINSTONE, KENNETH J.T. - A Handbook for Churchwardens and Parochial Church Councillors
211943: MACMUNN, GEORGE - The Romance of the Indian Frontiers
523538: MACMURRAY, JOHN - The Self as Agent: Being the Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in 1953
299038: MACNAB, FRANCIS A. - Estrangement and Relationship: Experience with Schizophrenics (Social Science Paperbacks; 33)
Am1989: MACNAMARA, JIM - Organizational Listening; The Missing Essential in Public Communication
471185: MACNAMARA, JOHN - Names for Things: A Study of Human Learning
Am1990: MACNAMARA, JIM - Journalism and PR; Unpacking 'Spin', Stereotypes, and Media Myths
177379: MACNEIL, JOAN - Woman at the Window
439003: MACNEILL, IAN B.; UMPHREY, GARY J. (EDS.) - Biostatistics: Advances in Statiscal Sciences Festschrift in Honor of Professor V.M. Joshi's 70th Birthday; Volume V
021274: MACNICOL, NICOL; LITT, D. - India in the Dark Wood
469167: MACNICOL, JOHN - The Movement for Family Allowances 1918-45: A Study in Social Policy Development
507857: MACONIE, ROBIN - Alice and Her Fabulous Teeth!
438666: MACOR, LAURA ANNA - Der Morastige Zirkel Der Menschlichen Bestimmung: Friedrich Schillers Weg von Der Aufklarung Zu Kant
082197: MACOURT, MALCOLM - How Can We Help You?: Information, Advice and Counselling for Gay Men and Lesbians
523209: MACPHERSON, JOHN - Cholera in Its home. With a Sketch of the Pathology and Treatment of the Disease
409214: MACPHERSON, JAY - The Boatman
473816: MACPHERSON, NORMAN - Notes on the Chapel Crown, and Other Ancient Buildings of King's College, Aberdeen
520474: MACPHERSON, DOUG; SMALLFIELD, EDWARD - One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
539633: MACPHERSON, JOHN F. - Children Still
539632: MACPHERSON, JOHN F. - Children For Ever
494296: MACPHERSON, STEWART (ED.) - Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words/Lieder Ohne Worte
434694: MACPHERSON, I.S.; JONES, B. R. - The Interpretation of Graphs in Physics
602525: MACPHERSON, MALCOLM C. - Time Bomb: Fermi, Heisenberg, and the Race for the Atomic Bomb
528456: MACQUARRIE, JOHN - In Search of Deity: An Essay in Dialectical Theism
528547: MACQUARRIE, JOHN - A Guide to the Sacraments
528455: MACQUARRIE, JOHN - Jesus Christ in Modern Thought
486906: MACQUEEN, J.G. - The Hittites and their Contemporaries in Asia Minor
539872: MACQUEEN, JOHN, (ED.); SCOTT, TOM, (ED.) - The Oxford Book of Scottish Verse
538876: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Queen of The Music Halls
420643: MACRAE, JOANNA - Aiding Recovery?: The Crisis of Aid in Chronic Political Emergencies
530088: MACRAE-GIBSON, O. D. (ED.) - Of Arthour and of Merlin, Volume II: Introduction, Notes and Glossary (Early English Text Society, No. 279)
248945: MACRAE, NORMAN - Sunshades in October: An analysis of the Main Mistakes in British Economic Policy Since the Mid Nineteen Fifties
486603: MACRAE, J. C. - An Introduction to the Study of Fuel
452678: MACRAKIS, KRISTIE - Prisoners, Lovers, and Spies: The Story of Invisible Ink from Herodotus to Al-qaeda
499485: MACRAKIS, KRISTIE - Seduced By Secrets: Inside the Stasi's Spy-Tech World
504643: MACRAKIS, KRISTIE - Prisoners, Lovers, & Spies: The Story of Invisible Ink from Herodotus to al-Qaeda
166372: MACREAMOINN, SEAN (EDITOR) - Church in a New Ireland
417809: MACROBERT, C.M..; SMITH, G.S.; STONE, G.C. (EDS.) - Oxford Slavonic Papers: New Series: Volume XXV: 1992
271382: MACSWAN, JEFF - A Minimalist Approach to Intrasentential Code Switching (Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics)
607752: MACSWEENEY, BARRY - Brother Wolf
113000: MACURA, PAUL - Russian-English Dictionary of Electrotechnology and Allied Sciences
472756: MACWHIRTER, JOHN - Sketches from Nature By John Macwhirter, R.A.
511044: MACY, CHRISTINE - Dams
450107: MACY, CHRISTINE - Dams
526677: MADAN, F. - The Daniel Press: Memorials of C.H.O. Daniel
475408: MADAN, T. N. (ED.) - Religion in India (Oxford in India Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology)
090079: MADARIAGA, JAVIER SOLANA, ED. - Espana XXII Bienal De Sao Paulo: Brossa/ Moraza/ Prada
475280: MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE - On Hamlet
445487: MADDELL, GEOFFREY - Mind and Materialism
466692: MADDEN, RICHARD ROBERT - The History of Irish Periodical Literature: From The End of the 17th to the Middle of the 19th Century V2
484091: MADDEN, DAVID; SCOTT, VIRGIL - Studies in the Short Story
235414: MADDEN, FREDERIC (ED.) - Matthaei Parisiensis Monachi Sancti Albani, Historia Anglorum, Sive, Ut Vulgo Dicitur, Historia Minor. Item Ejusdem Abbreviatio Chronicorum Angliae; Vol. I : A.D. 1067-1189 (Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland During the Middle Ages)
604402: MADDEN, DAVID - Bijou
255993: MADDICOTT, J. R; STEVENSON, J (EDS.) - The English Historical Review (Volume CXIV, Part One, 1999)
255989: MADDICOTT, J. R; STEVENSON, J (EDS.) - The English Historical Review (Volume CXII, Part One, 1997)
255995: MADDICOTT, J. R; DUNBABIN, JEAN (EDS.) - The English Historical Review (Volume CXV, Part Two, 2000)
273301: MADDIESON, IAN (ED.) - The Tone Tome: UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics 27, September 1974
461001: MADDISON, ANGUS - Phases of Capitalist Development
524427: MADDISON, R.E.W. - The Life of the Honourable Robert Boyle
196972: MADDISON, LOVELL; CAMPION - The Skin in Rheumatic Disease
513486: MADDISON, ANGUS - Economic Progress and Policy in Developing Countries
488175: MADDIX, ANDREW - The Nuclear Chef: Celebrating 60 Years of NRI
521576: MADDOX, JOHN - The Doomsday Syndrome: An Attack on Pessimism
298382: MADDOX, JOHN (ED.) - The Journal of the Foundation for Science and Technology, Volume 18, Number 1, October 2003
522431: MADDOX, JOHN - A Plain Man's Guide to Zeta (a Manchester Guardian Pamphlet)
294551: MADDOX, JOHN; NEWMARK, PETER (EDS.) - Nature: Vol. 285, May - June. 1980
605298: MADDOX ROBERTS, JOHN - The Strayed Sheep of Charun
495888: MADDUX, RACHEL; WALKER, NANCY A. (ED.) - Communication, the Autobiography of Rachel Maddux, and Her Novella, Turnip's Blood
478710: MADELL, GEOFFREY - Mind and Materialism
469295: MADGE, CHARLES; WILLMOTT, PETER - Inner City Poverty in Paris and London (Reports of the Institute of Community Studies)
441790: MADGE, FRANCIS THOMAS; CHITTY, HERBERT - Diocesis Wynton: Thomas Wolsey
536347: MADGE, SIDNEY J. - The Domesday of Crown Lands
219406: MADGE, BRUCE - Harnessing Health Libraries (Harnessing Health Information Series; No. 4)
298971: MADHVANI, MANUBHAI M. - A Reflection
214011: MADIGAN, TIMOTHY J. (EDITED BY) - Promethean Love: Paul Kurtz and the Humanistic Perspective on Love
526337: MADIGAN, PATRICIA - Women and Fundamentalism in Islam and Catholicism: Negotiating Modernity in a Globalized World (Religions and Discourse, Volume 53)
487072: MADIGAN, CHARLES M. - Robert R. McCormick: A Celebration of His Life and Legacy: The History of the McCormick Tribune Foundation
247857a: MADISETTI, VIJAY K. - VLSI Digital Signal Processors : An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Design Synthesis
501549: MADISON, JAMES H. - The Indiana Way: A State History
492176: MADOKA FUTAMURA - War Crimes Tribunals and Transitional Justice: The Tokyo Trial and the Nuremburg Legacy (Contemporary Security Studies)
034589: MADOW, GLENN; CHELLIS, JAMES; SYBEX INC - McSe Exam Notes: Networking Essentials (Exam 70-058)
285007: MADOX FORD, FORD - The Good Solider: A Tale of Passion
604928: MADOX FORD, FORD - The March of Literature: From Confucius to Modern Times
Am1910: MADS GILBERT - Night in Gaza
418457: MADSEN, PREBEN JUUL - Dansk Kunst Under Hammeren 89
020389: MADSEN, DEBORAH L. (ED) - Visions of America since 1492
476833: MADSEN, DAVID - Vodoun
467957: MADSEN, RICHARD; SULLIVAN, WILLIAM M.; SWIDLER, ANN; TIPTON, STEVEN M. (EDS.) - Meaning and Modernity: Religion, Polity, and Self
418458: MADSEN, PREBEN JUUL - Dansk Kunst Under Hammeren 90
514334: MADSEN, AXEL - Malraux, a Biography
521976: MADURO, MIGUEL; TUORI, KAARLO; SANKARI, SUVI (EDS.) - Transnational Law: Rethinking European Law and Legal Thinking
512937: MAE J. SMETHURST; CHRISTINA LAFFIN - The Noh Ominameshi: A Flower Viewed from Many Directions
514170: MAECKELBERGH, LUCRECE - Antonio Pappano: Con Passione
454604: MAECKER, H. (ED.) - Ionization Phenomena in Gases: Vols. I & II
601612: MAEDEL, K.-E. - Die Dampflokzeit: Schienengiganten Des 19. Und 20. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland, Osterreich Und Der Schweiz
144162: MAEGRAITH, BRIAN (LORD COHEN OF BIRKENHEAD) - Exotic Diseases in Practice : The Clinical and Public Health Significance of the Changing Geographical Patterns of Disease with Particular Reference to the Importation of Exotic Infections into Europe and North America
522225: MAEGRAITH, BRIAN - Exotic Diseases in Practice: The Clinical and Public Health Significance of the Changing Geographical Patterns of Disease with Particular Reference to the Importation of Exotic Infections Into Europe and North America
183444: MAEGRAITH, B. - Adams and Maegraith: Tropical Medicine for Nurses
488619: MAEL, PIERRE - The Land of Tawny Beasts
246909: MAEL, PIERRE - La Fille De L'aiguilleur
521981: MAENNIG, WOLFGANG; ZIMBALIST, ANDREW (EDS.) - International Handbook on the Economics of Mega Sporting Events
177123: MAES, MARIE - Building a People's Europe : 1992 and the Social Dimension
530794: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - La vie de la nature: La vie des abeilles, l'intelligence de fleurs, la vie des termites, la vie des Fourmis
509523: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - The Treasure of the Humble
451434: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - The Supreme Law
535880: MAETZKE, ANNA MARIA; BERTELLI, CARLO (ED.) - Piero Della Francesca: The Legend of the True Cross in the Church of San Francesco in Arezzo
058665: MAFEJE, ARCHIE - Economic and Demographic Change in Africa
482275: MAFFIOLI, MONICA - Il Bel Vedere: Fotografi e Architetti Nell'Italia Dell 'Ottocento
500818: MAGA, TIM - America Attacks Japan: The Invasion That Never Was
479385: MAGALLON, JESUS PEREZ - En Torno a Las Ideas Literarias De Mayans
087950: MAGAR, MAGAR E. - Data Analysis in Biochemistry and Biophysics
234514: MAGARIAGA, SALVADOR DE - Portrait of a Man Standing
157345: MAGARIANOS, CARLOS A. - Reforming the Un System : UNIDOs Need Driven Model
102596: MAGARINOS, CARLOS A. & SERCOVICH - Gearing Up for a New Development Agenda, Papers and Proceedings of the Meeting on Marginalization Vs Properity, How to Improve and Spread the Gains of Globalization
102574: MAGARINOS, CARLOS A.; ASSAF, GEORGE; ETC. - Reforming the UN System: UNIDO's Need Driven Model
012080: MAGARO, PETER A. - The Mental Health Industry: A Cultural Phenomenon
082402: MAGARSHACK, DAVID - Stanislavsky: A Life
082401: MAGARSHACK, DAVID - Stanislavsky: A Life
470263: MAGAT, WESLEY A. - Reform of Environmental Regulation
231035: MAGDA, KOVACS - Angol-Magyar Mikroszamitogep-Mikroelektronikai Szotar
195066: MAGDASSI, SHLOMO; ELKA TOUITOU - Novel Cosmetic Delivery Systems
469462: MAGEE, STEPHEN P.; BROCK, WILLIAM A.; YOUNG, LESLIE (EDS.) - Black Hole Tariffs and Endogenous Policy Theory: Political Economy in General Equilibrium
513328: MAGEE, BRYAN - Growing Up in a War
481177: MAGEE, STEPHEN P. - International Trade and Distortions in Factor Markets
506866: MAGEE, WES - No Surrender!
049232: MAGEE, R. J. - Selected Readings in Chromatography
486144: MAGENDIE, M. - La Politesse Mondaine et Les ThEories De l'HonnEtetE, En France, Au XVIIe SiEcle, De 1600 A 1660: Tomes I et II
526684: MAGENNIS, CAROLINE - Sons of Ulster: Masculinities in the Contemporary Northern Irish Novel (Reimagining Ireland, Volume 26)
510502: MAGGIE HAMAND - Virgin & Child
Am1780: MAGGIE GEE - Virginia Woolf in Manhattan
166081: MAGGIED, HAL S. - Transportation for the Poor : Research in Rural Mobility
514991: MAGGIO, THERESA - Mattanza: Love and Death in The Sea of Sicily
477285: MAGGS BROS. LTD. - Fine Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries from Famous Presses
501070: MAGGS, COLIN G. - Rail Centres: Swindon
230330: MAGGS BROS. LTD. - English Literature Prior to 1800, Part 5. L-M: Catalogue No. 895
239506: MAGHREB MACHREK (JOURNAL); DAGUZAN, JEAN-FRANCOIS (ED.) - Maghreb machrek, No. 202: Hiver 2009-2010. Action Publique En Gouvernance En méditerrané: Le Maroc et Sa Politique De Défense
466474: MAGILL, FRANK N. - Dictionary of World Biography, Volume 5: The 19th Century A-J
106959: MAGILL, C. P. - German Literature
160305: MAGILL, RICHARD A. - Memory and Control of Action
466148: MAGILL, FRANK N. (ED.) - Dictionary of World Biography, Volume 6: The 19th Century, K-Z
228231: MAGNAN, DOMENICO - La Citta Di Roma Ovvero Breve Descrizione Di Questa Superba Citta (two volumes)
167390: MAGNAN, PIERRE - The Messengers of Death
608187: MAGNANI, LORENZO; LI, PING; PARK, WOOSUK - Philosophy and Cognitive Science II: Western & Eastern Studies (Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics, 20)
540811: MAGNANI, LORENZO - Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology: Logical, Epistemological, and Cognitive Issues
516985: MAGNET, MYRON - The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735-1817
471326: MAGNET, MYRON - The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735-1817
206846: MAGNOR, MARCUS - Video-Based Rendering
538367: MAGNUM PHOTOS - Poster Book Icons: Magnum Photos
479350: MAGNUS, PHILIP - Kitchener: Portrait of an Imperialist
205712: MAGNUS, PHILIP - Makers of History: Sir Walter Raleigh
533572: MAGNUS, JAN R.; NEUDECKER, HEINZ - Matrix Differential Calculus: With Applications in Statistics and Econometrics
452799: MAGNUSON, JAMES - Famous Writers I Have Known
472958: MAGNUSON, PAUL - Coleridge and Wordsworth: A Lyrical Dialogue
159288: MAGNUSSON, HALLGRIMUR - Mental Health of Octogenarians in Iceland (ACTA Supplementum 349, Vol 79)
050097: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS - Chambers Biographical Dictionary
495291: MAGNUSSON, LARS - The Contest for Control: Metal Industries in Sheffield, Solingen, Remscheid and Eskilstuna during Industrialization
016098: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS - Vikings
495290: MAGNUSSON, LARS - The Contest for Control: Metal Industries in Sheffield, Solingen, Remscheid and Eskilstuna during Industrialization
143475: MAGNUSSON, EIRIKR (ED.) - Thomas Saga Erkibyskups : A Life of Archbishop Thomas Becket, In Icelandic; 2 Volume Set (The Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages)
507068: MAGOWAN, ROBIN - Sweets
262703: MAGOWAN, ROBIN - Internal Weather
607049: MAGOWAN, ROBIN; PERRIE, WALTER (EDS.) - Margin 8
459431: MAGRA, CHRISTOPHER P. - Poseidon's Curse: British Naval Impressment and Atlantic Origins of the American Revolution
008946: MAGRATH, IAN T. [EDITOR] - The Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas
475827: MAGU, STEPHEN M. - Peace Corps and Citizen Diplomacy: Soft Power Strategies in U.S. Foreign Policy
519041: MAGUIRE, JOHN M. - Marx's Theory of Politics
526495: MAGUIRE, NORA - Childness and the Writing of the German Past: Tropes of Childhood in Contemporary German Literature (Studies in Modern German and Austrian Literature, Volume 1)
532062: MAGUIRE, MUIREANN - Stalin's Ghosts: Gothic Themes in Early Soviet Literature
409287: MAGUIRE, MARK; MURPHY, FIONA - Integration in Ireland: The Everyday Lives of African Migrants
442882: MAGUIRE, ROGER, ET AL - Architectural History: Journal of the Society of Architectural Histrorians of Great Britain, Volume 39, 1996
526506: MAGUIRE, NORA - Childness and the Writing of the German Past: Tropes of Childhood in Contemporary German Literature (Studies in Modern German and Austrian Literature, Volume 1)
525164: MAGUIRE, NORA - Childness and the Writing of the German Past: Tropes of Childhood in Contemporary German Literature
302146: MAGUIRE, NORA - Childness and the Writing of the German Past: Tropes of Childhood in Contemporary German Literature (Studies in Modern German and Austrian Literature)
604464: MAGUIRE, MICHAEL - Scratchproof
470958: MAHAFFEY, VICKI - Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions
303295: MAHAFFIE, CHARLES D., JR. - A Land of Discord Always: Acadia from Its Beginnings to the Expulsion of Its People, 1604-1755
244747: MAHAFFY, J.P. - The Plate in Trinity College, Dublin: A History and a Catalogue
172546: MAHAMMED, N.; PICCININNI, R.; SUTER, U. - Some Applications of Topological K-Theory
016821: MAHAN, L. KATHLEEN - Nutrition in Adolescence
168840: MAHAPATRA (ED) - Chandrabhaga 4
604365: MAHARIDGE, DALE; WILLIAMSON, MICHAEL - And Their Children After Them: The Legacy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: James Agee, Walker Evans, and the Rise and Fall of Cotton in the South
442363: MAHAT, R. S. - Capital Market, Financial Flows and Industrial Finance in Nepal
432564: MAHDAVI, RAFAEL - Rafael Mahdavi: Selected Works 1973-2009
009872: MAHDER, WILLIAM [EDITOR] - Paris Arts on Seine
191783: MAHDY, GALAL EL - Disaster Management in Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Computer Systems
491573: MAHER, BRENDAN - Introduction to Research in Psychopathology
526551: MAHER, EAMON; O'BRIEN, EUGENE (EDS.) - Breaking the Mould: Literary Representations of Irish Catholicism (Reimagining Ireland, Volume 36)
185011: MAHER, BRENDAN A. (ED.) - Progress in Experimental Personality Research Volume 3
438924: MAHER, BRENDAN A. (ED.) - Principles of Psychopathology: An Experimental Approach
015668: MAHER, BRENDAN A. - Contributions to the Psychopathology of Schizophrenia: Selected Reprints, with New Commentaries, from Progress in Experimental Personality Research
526547: MAHER, EAMON (ED.) - Cultural Perspectives on Globalisation and Ireland (Reimagining Ireland, Volume 5)
238555: MAHESHWARI, P (ED.); SWAMY, N.S. RANGA (ED.); ET AL. - Plant Tissue and Organ Culture: a Symposium
094670: MAHESHWARI, S. N. (ED.) - Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science
165275: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Berattelser Fran Var Gata
256832: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Palace of Desire: The Cairo Trilogy Volume 2
261502: MAHLER, GREGORY S. - Israel after Begin
110825a: MAHLER, DONALD A. (ED.) - Pulmonary Disease in the Elderly Patient (Lung Biology in Health and Disease; Volume 63)
250673: MAHNIG, MANFRED; DONNELLY, DERVILLA - European Science Research Councils Five Year Report: 1986-1990
485971: MAHNKE, R.; ROPKE, G.; SCHMELZER, J. - Aggregation Phenomena in Complex Systems
483438: MAHNKEN, IRMGARD - Redegebilde Oder Zufallsstreuung?: Zu Der Diskussion Zwischen Der Phonometrie Und Der GOttinger Slawistik Uber Die Problematik Der Zeit- Und Melodiegestalt Der Rede
159293: MAHON, THOMAS A. - An Exploratory Study of Hospitalized Narcotic Addicts in Great Britain (ACTA Supplementum 227)
514323: MAHONEY, IRENE - Madame Catherine
605571: MAHONEY, DANIEL J. - De Gaulle: Statesmanship, Grandeur, and Modern Democracy
525415: MAHONY, CHRISTINA HUNT - Out of History: Essays on the Writings of Sebastian Barry
288976: MAHONY, PAT (ED.) - Women's Study International Forum; Volume 19, Number 4, July-August 1996
477052: MAHONY, FRANCIS; KENT, CHARLES (EDS.) - The Works of Father Prout (The Rev. Francis Mahony)
540361: MAHY, MARGARET - Aliens in the Family
470541: MAHY, BENOIT; PLASMAN, ROBERT; RYCX, FRANCOIS (EDS.) - Gender Pay Differentials: Cross-National Evidence from Micro-Data
605537: MAHY, MARGARET - The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage: Dark Doings in the Thousand Islands
472984: MAI, LARRY L.; OWL, MARCUS YOUNG; KERSTING, M. PATRICIA (EDS.) - The Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution
510468: MAI JIA - The Message
529200: MAIDANIUK, EDUARD - Progulka po staromu Tomsku
465051: MAIDMENT, RICHARD; MACKERRAS, COLIN (EDS.) - Culture and Society in the Asia-Pacific
207420: MAIER, H. W. - La Cocaine : Histoire.-Pathologie.-Clinique.-Therapeutique.-Defense Sociale : Bibliotheque Scientifique
527024: MAIER, CHARLES S. - Once Within Borders: Territories of Power, Wealth, and Belonging Since 1500
090098: MAIER F J - Fluoridation
303728: MAIER, ROBERT - Die Stachanov-Bewegung 1935-1938
090096: MAIER F J - Manual of Water Fluoridation Practice
530959: MAIKIKALLI, AINO - From Eternity to Time: Conceptions of Time in Daniel Defoe's Novels
600654: MAILER, NORMAN - The Prisoner of Sex
518518: MAILER, NORMAN - Ancient Evenings
600653: MAILER, NORMAN - The Essential Norman Mailer
514866: MAILER, NORMAN - Cannibals & Christians
513985: MAILER, NORMAN - Pieces and Pontifications
600659: MAILER, NORMAN - The Presidential Papers
600656: MAILER, NORMAN - The Deer Park: A Play
600657: MAILER, NORMAN - Why Are We in Vietnam?
084540: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
602980: MAILER, NORMAN - The Spooky Art: Some Thoughts on Writing
605375: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
018987: MAILLAUD, P. - France. (The World To-day)
428055: MAILLOUX, STEVEN (ED.) - Rhetoric, Sophistry, Pragmatism
532972: MAIMERI, ESTER - Fiabe Giapponesi: Collana Favolosa II
449201: MAINARDI, GIUSI - Le Residenze del Vino
485625: MAINE, HENRY SUMNER - Lectures on the Early History of Institutions
153479: MAINES, PENNY (ED.) - Art in Clay: 1950's To1980's in Southern California: Evolution Revoltion Continuation
087893: MAINFRAY, G.; AGOSTINI, P. - Multiphoton Processes: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Multiphoton Processes, Paris, France, September, 24-28, 1990
235229: MAINGUET, MONIQUE - L'homme Et La Secheresse (Collection Geographie)
299141: MAINICHI - Mainichi Auction: Painting, Prints and Sculpture: Main Sale: 9 November 2013: Tokyo
299142: MAINICHI - Mainichi Auction: Painting, Prints and Sculpture: Main Sale: 6 July 2013: Tokyo
281581: MAINICHI - Mainichi Auction: Paintings, Prints And Sculpture: 3 November 2012: Tokyo
299143: MAINICHI - Mainichi Auction: Main Sale: 6 April 2013: Tokyo
196222: MAINLAND, WILLIAM F. - Schiller & The Changing Past
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426159: MARIA GIORDANO, FILIPPO; DELL'ACQUA, STEFANO (EDS.) - Die Welt War Meine Gemeinde Willem A. Visser 'T Hooft: A Theologian for Europe Between Ecumenism and Federalism
512912: MARIA STUART - Maintaining a Place: Conditions of Metaphor in Modern American Literature
277936: MARIAM, MESFIN WOLDE - Rural Vulnerability to Famine in Ethiopia: 1958-1977
436962: MARIANO, FABIO (ED.) - L'eta dell'Eclettismo: Arte e Architettura nelle Marche fra Ottocento e Novecento
479170: MARIAS, JAVIER; COSTA, MARGARET JULL (TRANS.) - The Man of Feeling
199130: MARIE, PIERRE - Lectures on Diseases of the Spinal Chord
Am1803: MARIE-MONIQUE ROBIN; ALLISON SCHEIN; LARA VERGNAUD - Our Daily Poison : From Pesticides to Packaging, How Chemicals Have Contaminated the Food Chain and are Making Us Sick
482016: MARILISA RACCO - Lingerie (Instant Expert (Princeton Architectural Press))
535556: MARINA, JACQUELINE - Transformation of the Self in the Thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher
484858: MARINCOLA, JOHN - Greek Historians
505291: MARINE, GENE - A Male Guide to Women's Liberation
605212: MARINER, LORRAINE (ED.) - Ten Poems about Friendship
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481251: MARINKER, MARSHALL - Controversies in Health Care Policies: Challenges to Practice
105187: MARINKER, MARSHALL - Medical Audit General Practice
221280: MARINKER, MARSHALL (ED.) - Sense and Sensibility in Health Care
108396: MARINKER, MARSHALL - Medical Audit and General Practice
105192: MARINKER, MARSHALL - Medical Audit General Practice
106388: MARINKER, MARSHALL (ED.) - Medical Audit and General Practice
216675: MARINKER, MARSHALL (ED.) - Controversies in Health Care Policies
184890: MARINKER, MARSHALL - Controversies in Health Care Policies
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184036: MARINSKY, JACOB A. (ED.); MARCUS, YIZHAK (ED.) - Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction, Volume 5
184037: MARINSKY, JACOB A. (ED.); MARCUS, YIZHAK (ED.) - Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction, Volume 6
286893: MARIO, DIACONO (ED.) - Kara Tanaka: A Sad Bit of Fruit, Pickled in the Vinegar of Grief
Am1657: MARIO PRICKEN; CHRISTINE KLELL - Visual Creativity: Inspirational Ideas for Advertising, Animation and Digital Design
257609: MARIOLOPOULOS, E; THEOCARIS, PERICLES S; MARVIDIS, L. N (EDS.) - Compendium in Astronomy
476615: MARION, JEAN-LUC - Etant donnE: Essai D'une phEnomEnologie De La Donation
524633: MARION, FRIEDA; WERNER, NORMA - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Half-Dolls
441972: MARION, JERRY B. - Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems
530469: MARISSEN, MICHAEL - The Social and Religious Designs of J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos
601606: MARISTANY, MANUEL - Los Ferrocarriles Vascongados y Sus Ilustres Ramales
506596: MARITZ, J. S. - Distribution-Free Statistical Methods
531184a: MARITZ, J. S; LWIN, T. - Empirical Bayes Methods, Second Edition (Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability, 35)
177908: MARIVAUX - Le Jeu De L'Amour et Du Hasard : Univers Des Lettres
159204: MARIVAUX - Arlequin Poli Par l'Amour
492546: MARJORIE TRUSTED - The Court Ballet of Louis XIII: A Collection of Working Designs for Costumes 1615-33
Am1716: MARJORIE B. (ED.) HONEYBOURNE - London Topographical Record, Vol. XXII
145426: MARK, JAN - School Stories (Kingfisher Story Library)
043610: MARK, JOHN (TRANSLATED BY ROWLAND JONES) - Naked into the Night
152493a: MARK, HERMAN; BIKALES, NORBERT; OVERBERGER, CHARLES & MENGES, GEORG - Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering: Index Volume
417022: MARK, JAN - The Eclipse of the Century (Scholastic Press)
511504: MARK ABEL - Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time
540729: MARK, JAN - The Tale of Tobias
152494a: MARK, HERMAN; BIKALES, NORBERT; OVERBERGER, CHARLES & MENGES, GEORG - Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering: Acid-Base Interactions to Vinyl Chloride Polymers, Supplement Volume
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532020: MARK, ROBIN; POUGET, MIREILLE; THOMAS, EDWARD (EDS) - Adults in Higher Education: Learning from Experience in the New Europe
531549: MARK, EZRA (ED.) - Blood Road and Other Stories, Volume Four (The Lambada Collection)
152479a: MARK, HERMAN; BIKALES, NORBERT; OVERBERGER, CHARLES & MENGES, GEORG - Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering; Composites, Fabrication to Die Design Volume 4
500989: MARK, GRAHAM - Prisoners of War in British Hands During WWI: A Study of Their History, the Camps and Their Mails
481998: MARK OTTAWAY - The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece
496987: MARK QUINLAN - Sculptors and Architects of Remembrance
525937: MARK, OLWYN, E. - Educating for Sexual Virtue: A Moral Vision for Relationships and Sex Education (Religion, Education And Values, 12)
064456: MARK, EVA & PERSSON, ANNIKA (EDITORS) - Proceedings of Nordic Symposium for Women in Philosophy (Nordic Women in Philosophy No. 1)
493154: MARK ROBERTS - Date With Death
537240: MARKEN, RICHARD S.; CAREY, TIMOTHY A. - Controlling People: The Paradoxical Nature of Being Human
603343: MARKER, LISE-LONE; MARKER, FREDERICK J. - Ingmar Bergman: Four Decades in the Theater
516281: MARKESINIS, BASIL S.; UNBERATH, HANNES - The German Law of Torts: A Comparative Treatise
516396: MARKESINIS, BASIL (ED.) - The Gradual Convergence: Foreign Ideas, Foreign Influences, and English Law on the Eve of the 21st Century
516397: MARKESINIS, BASIL (ED.) - Protecting Privacy: The Clifford Chance Lectures, Volume 4
191122: MARKHAM, R.; HORNE, R. W.; HICKS, R. M. - The Electron Microscopy and Composition of Biological Membranes and Envelopes
476243: MARKHAM, SARAH - John Loveday of Caversham 1711-1789: The Life and Tours of an Eighteenth-Century Onlooker
498220: MARKHAM, LEONARD - Coventry in the Great War
507335: MARKHAM, E. A. - Love Poems & Maze
601894: MARKHAM, E. A. - Cross-Fire
601908: MARKHAM, E A - Games and Penalties
605676: MARKHAM, GEORGE - Guns of the Elite: Special Forces Firearms, 1940 to the Present
607998: MARKIN, VLADIMIR; ZAITSEV, DMITRY - The Logical Legacy of Nikolai Vasiliev and Modern Logic (Synthese Library, 387)
255013: MARKINO, YOSHIO - My Idealed John Bullesses
432271: MARKISH, PERETZ - Dor Oys Dor Ayn
536212: MARKL, HUBERT (ED.) - Evolution of Social Behaviour: Hypotheses and Emperical Tests
524851: MARKLEY, ROBERT - Fallen Languages: Crises of Representations in Newtonian England 1660-1740
235310: MARKMAN, ARTHUR B.( ED.) - Cognitive Science: a Multidisciplinary Journal. Volume 32, Number 2, March, 2008
511419: MARKOVA, N. LU. - Seasons in the Dutch schedule of the XVI-XVII centuries from the collection of the Pushkin Museum named after A. S.
439498: MARKOVA, VICTORIYA; VALAGUSSA, DZHOVANNI - Velikie zhivopistsy Renessansa iz Akademii Karrara v Bergamo
469324: MARKOVIC, MIHAILO - The Contemporary Marx: Essays on Humanist Communism (European Socialist Thought Series)
462957: MARKOVITS, ANDREI S.; DEUTSCH, KARL W. (EDS.) - Fear of Science - Trust in Science: Conditions for Change in the Climate of Opinion
009339: MARKS, RONALD - Skin Disease in Old Age
512549: MARKS, SHULA; ATMORE, ANTHONY (EDS.) - Economy and Society in Pre-Industrial South Africa
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442515: MARKS, ILANA - The G-String Theory: A New Wave of Being
161600: MARKS, JOHN AND PARE, C. M. B. EDS. - The Scientific Basis of Drug Therapy in Psychiatry
008445: MARKS, RONALD - Skin Disease in Old Age
145115: MARKS, ROBERT - Hamlet: Another Interpretation
054661: MARKS, NEVILLE & RODNIGHT, RICHARD (EDS.) - Research Methods In Neurochemistry, Volume 3
017669: MARKS, RONALD & CUNLIFFE, WILLIAM J - Skin Therapy
523798: MARKS, CONSTANCE I. (ED.) - Mathematical Questions and Solutions from the "Educational Times" - New Series,, Volume IX
197416: MARKS-MARAN, DIANE (ED.); ROSE, PAT (ED.) - Reconstructing Nursing: Beyond Art and Science
016784: MARKS-MARAN, DIANE J - Skills for Care Planning: A Guide for Teaching the Nursing Process
183452: MARKS, R.; ROBINSON, A. T. C. - Principles of Weaving
458497: MARKS, HERBERT - Robert Yarber: Panic Pending
197210: MARKS, R.; ROBINSON, A. T. C. - Roxburgh's Common Skin Diseases
539556: MARKSTEIN, GEORGE - The Goering Testament
528828: MARKUS, RADVAN - Echoes of the Rebellion: The Year 1798 in Twentieth-Century Irish Fiction and Drama (Reimagining Ireland, Volume 64)
262096: MARKUS, JULIA - Dared and Done : The Marriage of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning
447931: MARKUS, RADVAN - Echoes of the Rebellion: The Year 1798 in Twentieth-Century Irish Fiction and Drama (Reimagining Ireland)
277346: MARKUS, LAWRENCE - Lectures in Differentiable Dynamics (Regional Conference Series in Mathematics; Number 3)
008532: MARKUS, A.C.; PARKES, C. MURRAY; TOMSON, P. & JOHNSTON, M. - Psychological Problems in General Practice
433929z: MARKUS, RADVAN - Echoes of the Rebellion: The Year 1798 in Twentieth-Century Irish Fiction and Drama (Reimagining Ireland 64)
604396: MARKUS, JULIA - Dared and Done: The Marriage of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning
471972: MARKUSHEVICH, I. - Complex Numbers and Conformal Mappings
483567: MARKWELL, DONALD - A Large and Liberal Education: Higher Education for the 21st Century
007682: MARLAND, MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Conflicting Generations: Five Television Plays
280372: MARLAND , HILARY; KING, HELEN; WEINDLING, PAUL (EDS.) - Social History of Medicine; Volume 11, Number 3, December 1998
534701: MARLANTES, KARL - What It Is Like to Go to War
294093: MARLATT, G. ALAN (ED.) - Harm Reduction: Pragmatic Strategies for Managing High-Risk Behaviours
535649: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART LTD; MARLBOROUGH NEW LONDON GALLERY - Art in Britain: 1930-40 Centred Around Axis Circle, Unit One
214674: MARLE, HARRY - The Sex Syndrome
141343: MARLE, HARRY (WITH AN INTERVIEW WITH LORD LONGFORD) - We Made £200,000. The Story of B.H. & D. S.
205615: MARLER, PETER; HAMILTON, WILLIAM J. - Mechanisms of Animal Behavior
469656: MARLIER, ERIC; NATALI, DAVID (EDS.); VAN DAM, RUDI - Europe 2020: Towards a More Social EU?
469352: MARLIER, ERIC; ATKINSON, A.B.; CANTILLON, BEA; NOLAN, BRIAN (EDS.) - The EU and Social Inclusion: Facing the Challenges
105877: MARLOW, W.H. (ED.) - Aerosol Microphysics, I: Particle Interaction (Topics in Current Physics; 16)
211505: MARLOW, BARBARA - Charting the British Economy
539271: MARLOW, NATALIE - Needless Alley
016549: MARLOW, JOYCE - Industrial Tribunals and Appeals: Everything You Need to Know (Practical Guides)
520527: MARLOWE, JOHN - Four Aspects of Egypt
536779: MARLOWE, MABEL - Dwellers in the Stream
444091: MARLOWE, SAM - Pourbet
538718: MARLOWE, DEREK - Somebody's Sister
478179: MARMASSE, CLAUDE - Enzyme Kinetics: Physical Bases, Data Analysis and Uses
525926: MARMION, DECLAN; THIESSEN, GESA (EDS) - Trinity and Salvation: Theological, Spiritual and Aesthetic Perspectives (Studies in Theology Society and Culture, 2)
458222: MARMOL, JOSE - Amalia (Clasicos Argentinos)
523117: MARMONTEL; FLORIAN - Belisarius and Numa Pompilius
526386: MARMONTEL; FLORIAN - Choix Des Plus Jolis Contes Moraux, Anciens et Nouveaux (2 volumes)
294762: MARMONTEL, JEAN FRANCOIS - Contes Moraux, Volumes 1-3
296563: MARMONTEL, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Belisaire: Nouvelle Edition, Corrigee et Augmentee
461406: MARMOR, THEODORE R.; DE JONG, PHILIP R. (EDS.) - Ageing, Social Security and Affordability (Volume Three)
535151: MARMOR, ANDREI (ED.) - The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Law
515919: MARMOR, ANDREI - Interpretation and Legal Theory
160481: MARNAU, ALFRED - New Poems
509773: MARNHAM, PATRICK - Lourdes: A Modern Pilgrimage
060122: MARNIE, SHEILA - The Soviet Labour Market in Transition
531972: MARODA, KAREN J. - The Power of Countertransference: Innovations in Analytic Technique
605670: MAROH, JULIE; HOMEL, DAVID (TRANS.) - Skandalon
275844: MAROHN, MARIEL (ED.) - Remember the '50s: Objects and Moments of a Dynamic Era
435837: MARON, MONIKA - The Defector
110462: MARONE, GIANNI; AUSTEN, K. FRANK; HOLGATE, STEPHEN T.; KAY, A. BARRY; LICHTENSTEIN, LAWRENCE M. (EDS.) - Asthma and Allergic Diseases : Physiology, Immunopharmacology and Treatment: Fifth International Sympiosium
438130: MARONEY, MARION L. - A Guide to Metal and Plastic Finishing
177914: MAROT, CLEMENT - Les Epitres
478891: MAROT, CLEMENT - Les Oeuvres dE Clement Marot de Cahors en Quercy Valet de chambre du Roy: AugmentEes d'vn grand nombre de fes compofitions nouuelles par ci-deuant non imprimEes: Tome Troifieme
478889: MAROT, CLEMENT - Les Oeuvres dE Clement Marot de Cahors en Quercy Valet de chambre du Roy: AugmentEes d'vn grand nombre de fes compofitions nouuelles par ci-deuant non imprimEes: Tome Premier
478890: MAROT, CLEMENT - Les Oeuvres dE Clement Marot de Cahors en Quercy Valet de chambre du Roy: AugmentEes d'vn grand nombre de fes compofitions nouuelles par ci-deuant non imprimEes: Tome Deuxieme
468041: MAROUDAS, N.G. - The Dicethrower: A Drama in Two Parts
487468: MAROWITZ, CHARLES - The Act of Being
230972: MARPLES, MORRIS - Princes in the Making: A Study of Royal Education
478645: MARPLES, MORRIS - Public School Slang
488320: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - Women and Thomas Harrow
424115: MARQUAND, JOHN P. ET AL. - Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine: No 88, May 1960
481789: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - H.M. Pulham, Esquire
539244: MARQUAND, ED - The Devil's Mischief, In Which His Own Story is Told in Words and Pictures
484972: MARQUART, CHRISTIAN - Beetlemania: Return of the Bug
441071: MARQUES, GAELLE SILVA; NEVES, ALVARO SEICA (EDS.) - Bypass: Issue 2/Numero 2, 2010 - 2011
481704: MARQUES, JOSE CARLOS; UTTING, PETER (EDS.) - Business, Politics and Public Policy: Implications for Inclusive Development (International Political Economy Series)
218860: MARQUES, JOSE - Relacoes Entre Portugal E Castela Nos Finais Da Idade Media
274118: MÁRQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - News of a Kidnapping
494897: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - The General in his Labyrinth
531554: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA; GROSSMAN, EDITH (TRANS.) - Living to Tell the Tale
515592: MARQUIS, BESSIE L.; HUSTON, CAROL J. - Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and Application
461384: MARR, DAVID G. - Vietnamese Tradition on Trial, 1920-1945
459106: MARR, J. E. - North Lancashire (Cambridge County Geographies)
513913: MARR, ANDREW - My Trade: A Short History of British Journalism
459115: MARR, J. E. - Westmorland (Cambridge County Geographies)
523384: MARR, J.E.; SHIPLEY, A.E. (EDS.) - Handbook to the Natural History of Cambridgeshire
428027: MARR, KAREN - Dark to Light
432463: MARRES, RENE - In Defence of Mentalism: Critical Review of the Philosophy of Mind
432464: MARRES, RENE - In Defence of Mentalism: Critical Review of the Philosophy of Mind
181007: MARRESE, MICHAEL; RICHTER, S. - The Challenge of Simultaneous Economic Relations With East and West
486628: MARRIC, J.J. - Gideon's River
513121: MARRIE, THOMAS J. (ED.) - Community-Acquired Pneumonia

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