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146002a: KAPLAN, FREDERIC M.; SOBIN, JULIAN M.; ANDORS, STEPHEN - Encyclopedia of China Today
240012: KAPLAN, JORDAN (ED.) - Exhumed
253731: KAPLAN, JUSTIN - Mark Twain and His World
213643: KAPLAN, GISELA - Contemporary Western European Feminism
526705: KAPOR, VLADIMIR - Local Colour: A Travelling Concept (Romanticism and After in France, Volume 13)
519734: KAPP, YVONNE; BRINSON, CHARMAINE (ED.); LEWIS, BETTY (ED.) - Time Will Tell: Memoirs
496038: KAPPAGODA, C. T.; LINDEN, R. J. - Atrial Receptors (Monographs of the Physiological Society)
471509: KAPPEY, FERDINAND E. - Sonnets and Lyrics
296445: KAPS, HELEN KAREN - Moral Perspective in La Princesse de Cleves
247043: KAPTEIN, AD; WEINMAN, JOHN (EDITORS) - Health Psychology
017900: KAPTEYN, PAUL - The Stateless Market: The European Dilemma of Integration and Civilization
241910: KAPUCU, NAIM - Governance Reforms: Comparative Perspectives
083577: KAPUR, NARINDER - Memory Disorders in Clinical Practice
052107: KAPUR, DEEPAK - Geometric Reasoning
518274: KARA, LESLEY - The Dare
533038: KARA, LESLEY - The Apartment Upstairs
511426: KARADENIZLI, KEMAL - Trabzon Tarihi
094551: KARAGIANNIS, D. (ED.) - Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence: Integration Aspects First Workshop, Ulm, Frg, March 19-21, 1990 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 474)
194222: KARAKALA, E.; KOSTOPOULOS, D.; PEFTITSELIS, K. - International Meeting on Results of the May, 13, 1993 Earthquake of West Macedonia: One Year After. Abstracts
532987: KARALLIEDDE, LAKSHMAN DELGODA; CLARKE, SIMON F.J.; GOTEL, URSULA; KARALLIEDDE, JANAKA (EDS.) - Adverse Drug Interactions: A Handbook for Prescribers (2nd Edition)
607283: KARAMPATZOS, ANTONIOS - Private Law, Nudging and Behavioural Economic Analysis: The Mandated-Choice Model
Am2129: KARAN, DONNA - Modern Souls
441557: KARASAVVIDIS, ILIAS - Learning to Solve Correlational Problems: A Study of the Social and Material Distribution of Cognition
435860: KARASAWA, KAZUTOMO (TRANS.) - Middle English Romance: 'The Lyfe of Ipomydon'
533618: KARASICK, ADEENA - Checking In
465161: KARATZAS, IOANNIS; SHREVE, STEVEN E. - Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
525419: KARAVAS, EVDOKIA; MITSIKOPOULOU, BESSIE (EDS.) - Developments in Glocal Language Testing: The Case of the Greek National Foreign Language Exam System
515583: KARCH, AMY M. - Focus on Nursing Pharmacology: First UK Edition
547338: KARCHER, W.F. - Dibenzanthracenes and Environmental Carcinogenesis (Cambridge Monographs on Cancer Research
499077: KARDAS, HANDEL S. - The Bluebell Railway's Historic Collection of Locomotives, Coaches & Wagons
451785: KARDAUN, OTTO J.W.F. - Classical Methods of Statistics: With Applications in Fusion-Oriented Plasma Physics
201271: KARDINER, A. - The Psychological Frontiers of Society
443208: KARDOS, MICHAEL - The Three-Day Affair
415362: KARDOS, MICHAEL - The Three-Day Affair
422966: KARDOS, MICHAEL - Before He Finds Her
282758: KAREKLAS, IACOVOS - International Law And Politics On Salamis
527500: KARELIN, ANDREY OSIPOVICH - Creative Heritage of the Nizhny Novgorod Artist and Photographer
468748: KAREN, ROBERT L. - An Introduction to Behavior Theory and Its Applications
169816: KARG, H.; SCHALLENBERGER, E. EDS. - Factors Influencing Fertility in the Post-Partum Cow : Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Vol. 20
302739: KARGUPTA, HILLOL; JOSHI, ANUPAM; SIVAKUMAR, KRISHNAMOORTHY; YESHA, YELENA (EDS.) - Data Mining: Next Generation Challenges and Future Directions
459903: KARIEL, HENRY S. - The Desperate Politics of Postmodernism
494826: KARIM, WAZIR JAHAN (ED.) - 'Male' and 'Female' in Developing Southeast Asia
523777: KARIM, WAZIR JAHAN (ED.) - 'Male' and 'Female' in Developing Southeast Asia (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women, Volume 14)
513076: KARIMI, FARHAD - [11C]Carbon Monoxide in Palladium-/ Selenium-Promoted Carbonylation Reactions: Synthesis of 11C-Imides, Hydrazides, Amides, Carboxylic Acids, Carboxylic Esters, Carbothioates, Ketones and Carbamoyl Compounds
541851: KARINTHY, FRIGYES - Voyage to Faremido Capillaria
287747: KARL, THOMAS R.; MELILLO, JERRY M.; PETERSON, THOMAS C. (EDS.) - Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States
449436: KARL, THOMAS R.; NICHOLLS, NEVILLE; GHAZI, ANVER (EDS.) - Weather and Climate Extremes: Changes, Variations and a Perspective from the Insurance Industry
416861: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Moderne & Zeitgenossische Kunst: 5. und 6. Juni 2014
026316: KARL HEINRICH WAGGERL - Wagrainer Tagebuch
299135: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Moderne & Zeitgenossische Kunst: 5. Dezember 2013
299136: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Moderne & Zeitgenossische Kunst: Werke bis ca. 5.000 Euros: 7. und 8. Juni 2013
299137: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Moderne & Zeitgenossische Kunst: 7. Juni 2013
299134: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Moderne & Zeitgenossische Kunst: 5. und 6. Dezember 2013
416860: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Moderne & Zeitgenossische Kunst Ausgewahlte Werke: 5. Juni 2014
489581: KARL MARX; FRIEDRICH ENGELS - Collected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Volume 6 Marx and Engels: 1845-1848: Marx, Engels, 1845-48 v. 6
489582: KARL MARX; FRIEDRICH ENGELS - Collected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Volume 7 Marx and Engels: 1848: v. 7
444684: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Kurst Nach 1945/Zeitgenossische Kunst: Auktion 267: 3/.4. Dezember 2015
463333: KARL & FABER - Karl & Faber: Moderne Kunst: Auktion 276: 31. Mai 2017
531466: KARLIN, SAMUEL; TAYLOR, HOWARD M. - A Second Course in Stochastic Processes
228470: KARLIN, KENNETH D. (EDITOR) - Progress in Inorganic Chemistry: Volume 43
468745: KARLINS, MARVIN; ANDREWS, LEWIS M. (EDS.) - Biofeedback: Turning on the Power of Your Mind
239245: KARLSEN, OLE (ED.) - Poesi Og Bildekunst: En Antologi
543735: KARLSEN, PATRICK - Frontiera Rossa: Il Pci, Il Confine Orientale e Il Contesto Internazionale
543670: KARMEL, PEPE, (AUTHOR) - Chamberlain: Five Decades +
544810: KARMI, GHADA - In Search of Fatima: A Palestinian Story
293242: KARNEIN, ALFRED - De Amore Deutsch: Der Tractatus Des Andreas Capellanus in Der Ubersetzung Johann Hartliebs, Volume 28
543243: KARNES, MICHELLE; SOBECKI, SEBASTIAN (EDITORS) - Studies in the Age of Chaucer: Volume 42, 2020
541859: KARNES, MICHELLE, (ED.); SOBECKI, SEBASTIAN, (ED.) - Studies in the Age of Chaucer: Vol.43
541860: KARNES, MICHELLE, (ED.); SOBECKI, SEBASTIAN, (ED.) - Studies in the Age of Chaucer: Vol.41
606400: KARNEZIS, PANOS - The Maze
161676: KAROLY, PAUL & STEFFEN, JOHN J. (EDS) - Improving Children's Competence : Advances in Child Behavioral Analysis and Therapy
485554: KARP, DIANE R. - Ars Medica: Art, Medicine, and the Human Condition
447602: KARP, DAVID - One
033757: KARPELES, GUSTAV - Heinrich Heine's Autobiographie
524720: KARPELES, MAUD; SCHOFIELD, KENWORTHY (EDS.) - A Selection of 100 English Folk Dance Airs for Melodic Instruments
439559: KARPENKO, G. V.; POKHMUROVSKII, V. I.; DALISOV, V. B.; ZAMIKHOVSKII, V. S. - Influence of Diffusion Coatings on the Strength of Steel
172251: KARPF, ANNE - Doctoring the Media : Reporting of Health and Medicine
082205: KARPILOW, CRAIG - Occupational Medicine in the International Workplace
506442: KARRAN, KAMPTA - Offerings 3 Behold! A Decade of Thirty Poems: 1977 - 1987
441914: KARRAS, ALAN L.; MCNEILL, J. R. (EDS.) - Atlantic American Societies: From Columbus Through Abolition, 1492-1888
535036: KARRAS, RUTH MAZO - Slavery and Society in Medieval Scandinavia
513365: KARSHENAS, MASSOUD - Industrialization and Agricultural Surplus: A Comparative Study of Economic Development in Asia
538009: KARSTEDT, SUSANNE (EDITOR) - Legal Institutions and Collective Memories
435158: KARSTIEN, C. - Die Reduplizierten Perfekta Des Nord- Und Westgermanischen
439837: KARTASHEV, A. V. - Ocherki po istorii russkoi tserkvi. V dvukh tomakh. Tom 1
542555: KARTUN, DEREK - Beaver to Fox
539669: KARTUN, DEREK - Megiddo
442561: KARUNARATE, W. A. E. - Twilight Thoughts
160563: KARVAS, PETER (BUNZLE, FRIDO TRANS) - Diplomaten Komodie in Drei Akten
536745: KARVONEN, LAURI - Fragmentation and Consensus: Political Organization and the Interwar Crisis In Europe
254989: KARYAKIN, Y. - Re-reading Dostoyevsky
497765: KARYN BURNHAM - York in the Great War (Your Towns and Cities in the Great War)
528996: KASAHARA, K. - Earthquakes Mechanics (Cambridge Earth Science Series)
192534: KASAHARA, K. (ED.) - Recent Plate Movements and Deformation
509886: KASE, HIROSHI; RICHARDSON, PETER J.; JENNER, PETER (EDS.) - Adenosine Receptors and Parkinson's Disease
169699: KASER MICHAEL - La Vie Economique En U.R.S.S. : l'Univers Des Connaissances
461545: KASER, M.C.; ROBINSON, E.A.G. (EDS.) - Early Steps in Comparing East-West Economies: The Bursa Conference of 1958
501651: KASHIMA, TETSUDEN - Judgment Without Trial: Japanese American Imprisonment During World War II
174116: KASHIMA, H.; FALLOON, I.R.H.; MIZUNO, M.; ASAI, M. (EDS.) - Comprehensive Treatment of Schizophrenia : Linking Neurobehavioral Findings to Psychosocial Approaches (Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine; 8)
602596: KASHNER, SAM; MACNAIR, JENNIFER - The Bad & The Beautiful: Hollywood in the Fifties
513420: KASHYAP, R. L.; RAMACHANDRA RAO, A. - Dynamic Stochastic Models from Empirical Data
261229: KASIMES, CHARALAMBOS (ED); PAPADOPOULOS, A. G (ED) - Local Responses to Global Integration
541388: KASINEC, EDWARD - Slavic Books and Bookmen: Papers and Essays: Russica Bibliography Series No.3
440687: KASOMA, FRANCIS P.; RONNING, HELGE - Media Ethics: An Introduction and Overview
263318: KASPRZAK, LESZEK - Model Sedymentacji Ladolodu Vistulianskiego Na Nizinie Wielkopolskiej
534227: KASS, LEON R. M.D. - Life, Liberty and the Defense of Dignity; The Challenge for Bioethics
093169: KASS, STEPHEN L.; HANSELL, DAVID A.; LABELLE, JUDITH M. - Rehabilitating Older and Historic Buildings : Law Taxation Strategies
600151: KASSAK, LAJOS - MA: 1
007139: KASSIANOS, GEORGE C. - Immunization: Precautions & Contrainsications
528684: KASSIL, LEV; GLAGOLEVA, FAINNA (TRANS.) - The Black Book and Schwambrania
521855: KASSIM, HUSSEIN; PETERS, B.GUY; WRIGHT, VINCENT (EDS.) - The National Co-ordination of EU Policy: The Domestic Level
267498: KASSIMERIS, CHRISTOS; GOULIAMOS, KOSTAS (EDS.) - The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism
453365: KASSOVSKY, DARIA (ED.) - Doron Solomons - Shopping Day/Tonight's Headlines: April - June 2006
446882: KASTAN, DAVID SCOTT - Shakespeare After Theory
257878: KASTLER, ALFRED; LUCAS, RENE; DUPOY, GASTON; TEILLAC, JEAN (EDS.) - Annales De Physique: Quatorzieme Serie Des Annales De Chimie et De Physique, Tome 4, 1969
486822: KASVIO, MAIJA (ED.) - Kaupunkikoti: PAAkaupunkiseudun Uutta Asuinarkkitehtuuria/City Home: New Residential Architecture in the Helsinki Region
411819: KATAKIS, MICHAEL; HARDIN, KRIS L. - Michael Katakis: Photographs & Words
445188: KATAN, MATILDA; PARKER, PETER J. (EDS.) - Molecular Biology of Oncogenes and Cell Control Mechanisms (Ellis Horwood Series in Molecular Biology)
436243: KATCHADOURIAN, HERANT - Fifty: Midlife in Perspective
509249: KATCHER, PHILIP - Gettysburg (Battles in Focus)
514754: KATES, DON B. (ED.); CHURCH, SENATOR FRANK - Restricting Handguns: The Liberal Skeptics Speak Out
490337: KATHLEEN R. GIBSON - Tools, Language and Cognition
510092: KATHREN, R. L. - Radiation Protection
497977: KATIE CARMICHAEL - Drill Halls: Introductions to Heritage Assets
022285: KATKOV, G., SHUKMAN, H - Lenine Au Pouvoir. Les Debuts De L'ere Sovietique
466423: KATO, HIDETOSHI; ET AL (EDS.) - Visions of Japan
179459: KATO, SUSUMU - Dynamics of the Upper Atmosphere (Developments in Earth and Planetary Sciences
002282: KATONA, CORNELIUS & ROBERTSON, MARY - Psychiatry at a Glance
504622: KATRAK, K. D. - A Journal of the Way: Poems
175600: KATSIKIS, DIMITRIS (ED.) - UCL Jurisprudence Review 2008 Volume 14
546512: KATSUKI, YASUJI - Receptive Mechanisms of Sound in the Ear
442103: KATSURA, SAKO; SATOKO, TOKUNAGA - Academic Writing
301780: KATTEL, RAINER (ED.) - Halduskultuur Nr 7: Administrative Culture
173797: KATTENBUSCH, D. FERDINAND - Verbeitung Und Bedeutung Des Taufsymbols
606030: KATYN, VASIL; SVITAK, IVAN (TRANS.); POLACKOVA, KACA (TRANS.) - Asymetrical Thoughts: Prague, 1959-1967
458494: KATZ, HARRY; DEAN, KENNETH F. KAHN; SHEINKMAN, JACK (EDS.) - The American Scene on Paper: Prints and Drawings from the Schoen Collection
464554: KATZ, WILLIAM LOREN; LEHMAN, LAURIE R. (EDS.) - The Cruel Years: American Voices at the Dawn of the 20th Century
476721: KATZ, AGI (ED.) - Ghisha Koenig 1921-1993: Memorial Exhibition
523078: KATZ, JONATHAN - Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the USA, A Documentary and Pioneering Collection of Turbulent Chronicles - A Startling New Perspective on the Nation's Past
547285: KATZ, NAOMI; MILTON, NANCY (EDITORS) - Women of the Third World: Twenty Stories Set in Africa, Asia & Latin America
529298: KATZ, JERROLD J. - Propositional Structure and Illocutionary Force: A Study of the Contribution of Sentence Meaning to Speech Acts
504702: KATZ, ROBERT - Fatal Silence: The Pope, the Resistance and the German Occupation of Rome
179531: KATZ, R. C. - Aphasia Treatment and Microcomputer
143285: KATZ, JON - Death by Station Wagon
487589: KATZ, TED - The Studio Within
412245: KATZ, SAMUEL - Battle-Ground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine
474716: KATZ, LEONARD D. (ED.) - Evolutionary Origins of Morality: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives
049041: KATZEN, M - Technology and Communication in the Humanities
211771: KATZMANN, VOLKER - Bildmeditationen Zur Bibel: Glasmalerei in Gotischen Kathedralen
461458: KATZNER, DONALD W. - Analysis without Measurement
447152: KATZUNG, BERTRAM G.; TREVOR, ANTHONY J. - Pharmacology: Examination and Board Review
165612: KATZUNG, BERTRAM - Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
518589: KAUFFMAN, STANLEY - Before My Eyes: Film Criticism and Comment
604540: KAUFFMANN, STANLEY - The Philanderer
430506: KAUFHOLD, KARL HEINRICH; ROTH, GUENTHER; SHIONOYA, YUICHI - Max Weber und seine 'Protestantische Ethik'
425137: KAUFMAN, MARGARET - Inheritance: Poems
165039: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 10
434891: KAUFMAN, LEON (ED.) - Anaesthesia: Review 2
434892: KAUFMAN, LEON (ED.) - Anaesthesia: Review 3
016900: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 1
047027: KAUFMAN, LEON & GINSBURG, ROBERT - Anaesthesia Review, 12
047028: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review, 8
165036: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 7
468734: KAUFMAN, GERALD L. - The Book of Modern Puzzles
470220: KAUFMAN, GEORGE G.; ROSEN, KENNETH T. (EDS.) - The Property Tax Revolt: The Case of Proposition 13
165040: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 10
165041: KAUFMAN, LEON, GINSBURG, ROBERT - Anaesthesia Review 11
165042: KAUFMAN, LEON, GINSBURG, ROBERT - Anaesthesia Review 12
540927: KAUFMAN, MILLARD - Misadventure
165035: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 6
165034: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 5
016899: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia: Review 3
165033: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 4
016901: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review, 5
165037: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 8
165038: KAUFMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review 9
607492: KAUFMAN, HERBERT - The Forest Ranger: A Study in Administrative Behavior
169725: KAUFMANN, A. - Methodes et Modeles De La Recherche Operationnelle : Tome 2 : 10 : L'Economie d'Entreprise
461670: KAUFMANN, JEAN-CLAUDE - Le Coeur a l'Ouvrage: Theorie De l'Action Menagere (Collection Essais & Recherches)
288068: KAUFMANN, HARRY - Aggression And Altruism
494334: KAUFMANN, CARL MARIA - Handbuch Der Christlichen ArchAologie: EinfUhrung in Die DenkmAlerwelt Und Kunst Des Urchristentums
169724: KAUFMANN, A. - Methodes et Modeles De La Recherche Operationnelle : 7 : L'Economie d'Entreprise
535024: KAUFMANN, YORAM - The Way of the Image: The Orientational Approach to the Psyche
299446: KAUGMANN, BEN WIEDEL - Piers Secunda: A Retrospective
607997: KAUKUA, JARI; EKENBERG, TOMAS - Subjectivity and Selfhood in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy (Studies in the History of Philosophy of Mind, 16)
063585: KAUMAN, LEON - Anaesthesia Review, 8
299428: KAUPP - Kaupp 10/13: Moderne: 04.10.2013
255360: KAUPP - Kaupp 21.11: Moderne, 09.12.2011
255357: KAUPP - Kaupp 12.11: Juwelen Und Uhren 08.12.2011
299146: KAUPP - Kaupp 10/13: Asiatika, Afrikana Und Aussereuropaische Kunst: 05.10.2013
299145: KAUPP - Kaupp 10/13: Kunsthandwerk, Antiquitaten Und Gemalde: 05.10.2013
546614: KAUR, RAMINDER; EQBAL, SAIF - Adventure Comics and Youth Cultures in India
515347: KAUTSKY, KARL - The Social Revolution and on the Morrow of the Social Revolution
208380: KAUTZ, KARLHEINZ (ED.); PRIES-HEJE, JAN (ED.) - Diffusion and Adoption of Information Technology
514872: KAVALER, LUCY - The Astors
539625: KAVAN, ANNA - A Stranger Still
283942: KAVANAGH, P. J. - Presences: New and Selected Poems
453255: KAVANAGH, DENNIS; SELDON, ANTHONY - The Powers Behind the Prime Minister
250361: KAVANAGH, TED - Tommy Handley's Last ITMA Script
508035: KAVANAGH, PAUL (ED.) - Poetry Australia Number 102: Renewing Dialects: New Poetry from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
426539: KAVANAGH, EMMA - Hidden
048152: KAVANAGH, DENNIS - British Politics: Continuities and Change
206592: KAVANAGH, PAUL - VS COBOL II for COBOL Programmers
006706: KAVANAGH, TED - The Itma Years
444828: KAVANAGH, JENNIFER - The O of Home
427418: KAVANAGH, EMMA - Hidden
546336: KAVANAGH, DAN - Going to the Dogs
109128: KAVANAGH, DENNIS & ROSE, RICHARD - New Trends in British Politics : Issues for Study and Research
606376: KAVANAGH, PATRICK - Gaff Topsails
601968: KAVANGH, DENNIS - British Politics: Continuities and Change
441312: KAVANOVA, GALINA (ED.) - Petr Kavan: 'Questions are Answers': Sculptures
141410: KAVANU, J. LEE - Water and Solute - Water Interactions
542660: KAVENEY, ROZ (EDITOR) - Forbidden Planet
274077: KAVENNA, JOANNA - Come to the Edge
423314: KAVENNA, JOANNA - Come to the Edge
486725: KAVERIN, BENJAMIN - The Larger View
171179: KAVOORI, ANANDAM - The Children of Shahida
171178: KAVOORI, ANANDAM - The Children of Shahida
527995: KAWADA, LOUISE M. (ED.) - The Apocalypse Anthology
521012: KAWAKATSU, KEN-ICHI - Kimono: Japanese Dress
512473: KAWIN, BRUCE F. - Faulkner and Film
172023: KAY, M. M. - The Far pavillions/shadow of the Sun : Boxset
059933: KAY, JOHN (ED.) - The 1982 Budget
275927: KAY, IRVIN; MOSES, HARRY E. - Inverse Scattering Papers: 1955 -1963
545177: KAY, JILLY BOYCE - Gender, Media and Voice: Communicative Injustice and Public Speech
539579: KAY, JOHN - Entertainment
503708: KAY, ALAN - North Thanet Coast (Pocket Images)
110348: KAY, A.B - Eosinophils, Allergy and Asthma
449956: KAY, FRANCESCA - The Translation of the Bones
506919: KAY-FLOWERS, SUSAN - Childhood Experiences of Separation and Divorce: Reflections from Young Adults
301773: KAY, RONALD - Something on My Mind
449955: KAY, FRANCESCA - The Translation of the Bones
141768: KAY, HARRY ; DODD, BERNARD ; SIME, MAX - Teaching Machines and Programmed Instruction
110355: KAY, A.B & GOETZL, EDWARD - Current Perspectives in the Immunology of Respiratory Diseases
242767: KAY, MAURICE; SIME, STUART; FRENCH, DEREK (EDS.) - Blackstone's Civil Practice 2011: Updating Supplement
470680: KAY, JOSEPH - The Social Condition and Education of the People in England and Europe: Vols 1 & 2
601914: KAY, ERNEST - Pragmatic Premier: An Intimate Portrait of Harold Wilson
608016: KAYANGE, GRIVAS MUCHINERIPI - The Question of Being in Western and African Analytic Metaphysics: Comparative Metaphysics Using the Analytic Framework (Synthese Library, 438)
499182: KAYE, CHARLES - Old Bexhill
Am1870: KAYE, BARRINGTON - The Development of the Architectural Profession in Britain
479037: KAYE, JACQUELINE; ZOUBIR, ABDELHAMID (EDS.) - The Ambiguous Compromise: Language, Literature, and National Identity in Algeria and Morocco
542801: KAYE, JOEL - Economy and the Nature of the Fourteenth Century: Money, Market Exchange, and the Emergence of Scientific Thought
456510: KAYE, BARRIE - Boa: Memoirs of a Banana Planter in Remote West Africa
155257: KAYE, GERALDINE - Kwaku Goes Shopping (The New Oxford Supplementary Readers)
152388: KAYE, GERALDINE - Kwasi and the Parrot
433655: KAYE, SALA; BALSAM, HARRY; WILDER, ISRAEL - Poems By Michael Etkind: Holocaust Testimony 1-3
109444: KAYE, BARBARA - The Company We Kept
024549: KAYE, JOHN - The First Apology of Justin Martyr, Addressed to the Emperor Antoninus Pius.
278305: KAYE, JEFF; QUINN, STEPHEN - Funding Journalism in the Digital Age: Business Models, Strategies, Issues and Trends
213712: KAYIZZI-MUGERWA, STEVE - The African Economy: Policy, Institutions and the Future
440897: KAYSER, DANIEL; VOSNIADOU, STELLA (EDS.) - Modelling Changes in Understanding: Case Studies in Physical Reasoning
026297: KAYSER, WOLFGANG - Kleines Literarisches Lexikon
253259: KAZAMIAS, ANDREAS M. - Education and the Quest for Modernity in Turkey
519123: KAZAN, PHILIP - The Phoenix of Florence
505758: KAZANTIS, JUDITH - Minefield
260976: KAZEMI, FARHAD; WATERBURY, JOHN (ED.) - Peasants and Politics in the Modern Middle East
249347: KAZUBKO, KATRIN - Spielformen Des Dramas Bei Botho Strauss
496154: KE, MENG - Mencius (Chinese Edition)
547614: KEACH, WILLIAM - Shelley's Style
182177: KEAN, P.M. - The art of Narrative: Chaucer and the Making of English Poetry, Vol. II
530351: KEAN, B.H.; MOTT, KENNETH E.; RUSSELL, ADAIR J. (EDS.) - Tropical Medicine and Parasitology: Classic Investigations, Volumes I&II
264814: KEAN, P.M. - Chaucer and the Making of English Poetry: Volume II: The Art of Narrative
439343: KEAN, P. M. - Chaucer and the Making of English Poetry
436312: KEANE, JOHN B. - Moll
202336: KEANE; PHILIP S. - Sexual Morality: a Catholic Perspective
426333: KEANE, JESSIE - Dangerous
535375: KEANE, FERGAL - Road of Bones: The Siege of Kohima 1944; The Epic Story of the Last Great Stand of Empire
487008: KEANE, FERGAL - All of These People: A Memoir
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489138: KETTLER, WILFRIED - Das JUngste Gericht: Philologische Studien Zu Den Eschatologie- Vorstellungen in Den alt- Und FrUhmittelhochdeutschen DenkmAlern (Quellen Und Forschungen Zur Sprach- Und Kulturgeschichte Der Germanischen VOlker)
182473: KETTLER, H.K. - Baroque Tradition in the Literature of the German Enlightenment 1700-1750: Studies in Determination of a Literary Period
022986: KETTRIDGE, J. O. - French-English and English-French Dictionary of Commercial & Financial Terms, Phrases & Practice
006278: KETY, SEYMOUR [EDITOR IN CHIEF] - Journal of Psychiatric Research, Volume 6 (1968)
447542: KEUNG HO, MAN - Minority Children and Adolescents in Therapy
534811: KEVERNE, RICHARD - The Havering Plot
540817: KEVIN MCCAIN (EDITOR) - Believing in Accordance With the Evidence: New Essays on Evidentialism
157893: KEW, JOHN; STREDWICK, JOHN - Business Environment, B2.1, Step 4 (Reading & Training)
011423: KEY NOTE PUBLICATIONS - Keynote Report: A Market Sector Overview: Biscuits and Cakes
445670: KEY, MARK - Sustainable Masonry Construction
011425: KEY NOTE PUBLICATIONS - Key Note Report: Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts
011424: KEY NOTE PUBLICATIONS - Key Note Market Review: UK Leisure and Recreation
025329: KEY, HAZEL - Ivies (Wisley Handbook 34)
547723: KEYES, SIDNEY - The Iron Laurel
540506: KEYES, THOM - The Battle of Disneyland
547054: KEYES, THOM - All Night Stand
523313: KEYES, SIDNEY - The Cruel Solstice
540834: KEYES, THOM - All Night Stand
451953: KEYFITZ, NATHAN - Population Change and Social Policy
521591: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - Blood Transfusion (Oxford Medical Publications)
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188193: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes, Volume I: Indian Currency and Finance
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533818: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - Selected Essays of William Hazlitt 1778 : 1830
494669: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - The Life of William Harvey
538406: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - The Gates of Memory
513362: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD; MOGGRIDGE, DONALD (ED.) - The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes: Volume XXI - Activities 1931-1939, World Crises and Policies in Britain and America
237790y: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - A Békeszerzodés Gazdasági Kovetkezményei
237790z: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - A Békeszerzodés Gazdasági Kovetkezményei
202062: KEYS, WENDY - What Do Students Think about School?
440641: KEYSEN, CARL (ED.) - The American Corporation Today
526938: KEYSER; O'NEIL - Rule Generalization and Optionality in Language Change
205958: KEYSER, S. JAY - Recent Transformational Studies in European Languages
191115: KEYSM FRANCES P. - The Royal Box
534269: KEYZER, FRANCES (AN ENGLISHWOMAN IN PARIS) - French Household Cooking: with a Number of Recipes from the Best Paris Chefs, Simple and Inexpensive
487206: KHA, DAO ANH - Plains-Chants De Mon Amour
Am1576: KHABIBA KASHKAY - The Food and Art of Azerbaijan
517287: KHADER, JAMIL; ROTHENBERG, MOLLY ANNE (EDS.) - ZIZEK Now: Current Perspectives in ZIZEK Studies
538222: KHALAF, SAMIR - Prostitution in a Changing Society: A Sociological Survey of Legal Prostitution in Beirut
517433: KHALIP, JACQUES - Last Things: Disastrous Form from Kant to Hujar
032221: KHAMTSOV, A. I.; GONCHAROVA, A. A. - Around the Kremlin: The Moscow Kremlin, Its Monuments and Works of Art
175947: KHAN, SADRUDDIN AGA (EDITOR) - Nuclear War, Nuclear Proliferation, and Their Consequences
450424: KHAN, AFAQUE - Ghandian Approach to Communalism
513292: KHAN, TAUFIQ M. - Middel Eastern Studies in Income & Wealth
469682: KHAN, AZIZUR RAHMAN; LEE, EDDY (EDS.) - Poverty in Rural Asia
482711: KHAN, VERITY SAIFULLAH - Minority Families in Britain: Support and Stress
091776: KHANDWALLA, PRADIP N. - Revitalizing the State : A Menu of Options
247960: KHARAB, ABDELWAHAB; GUENTHER, RONALD B. - An Introduction to Numerical Methods : A MATLAB Approach
184380: KHARAKA, YOUSIF K.; MAEST, ANN S. - Water Rock Interaction (Volume 1+2)
528672: KHARKHORDIN, OLEG - Main Concepts of Russian Politics
532897: KHARKHORDIN, OLEG - The Collective and the Individual in Russia: A Study of Practices
208598: KHASHAKI, GILLIAN - "Financial Times" Management Briefings: Self Managed Learning
517430: KHASNABISH, ASHMITA (ED.) - Postcoloniality, Globalization, and Diaspora: What's Next?
248048: KHATRI, SUNIL P.; BRAYTON, ROBERT KING; SANGIOVANNI-VINCENTELLI, ALBERTO L. - Cross-Talk Noise Immune VLSI Design Using Regular Layout Fabrics
433314: KHATTREE, RAVINDRA; NAIK, DAYANAND N. - Computational Methods in Biomedical Research (Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series)
532605: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
458016: KHAYYAT, TAROUB A. - Political Communication in the Age of Dissemination: Media Constructions of Hezbollah
525977: KHAYYAT, TAROUB A. - Political Communication in the Age of Dissemination: Media Constructions of Hezbollah (Interdisciplinary Communication Studies, 7)
019381: KHAZANOV, A.M. - After the USSR: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Politics in the Commonwealth of Independent States
488219: KHAZANOV, ANATOLY M. - After the USSR: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Politics in the Commonwealth of Independent States
513336: KHEIR-EL-DIN, HANAA (ED.) - The Egyptian Economy: Current Challenges and Future Prospects
449037: KHENG-LIAN, KOH; KELMAN, ILAN (EDS.) - Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences
464861: KHENG-LIAN, KOH; KELMAN, ILAN; KIBUGI, ROBERT; OSORIO, ROSE-LIZA EISMA (EDS.) - Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences
452537: KHENG-LIAN, KOH; KELMAN, ILAN (EDS.) - Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences
236925: KHERALLAH, MYLENE; LOFGREN, HANS; GRUHN, PETER; REEDER, MEYRA M. - Wheat Policy Reform in Egypt: Adjustment of Local Markets and Options for Future Reforms
547325: KHIABANY, GHOLAM - Iranian Media: The Paradox of Modernity
474543: KHIAONARONG, TANAI; LIEBENAU, JONATHAN - Banking on Innovation: Modernisation of Payment Systems (Contributions to Economics)
001745: KHODOROVICH, TATYANA - The Case of Leonid Plyushch. Translated from the Russian by Marite Sapiets, Peter Reddaway and Caryl Emerson. Introduction by Peter Reddaway. Editor of the Russian Edition T Khodorovich
299451: KHOSHAFIAN, SETRAG; ABNOUS, RAZMIK - Object Orientation: Concepts, Languages, Databases, User Interfaces (Wiley Professional Computing)
195280: KHOSROWPOUR, MEHDI - Advanced Topics in Information Resources Management Vol. 1
541538: KHOURY, JESSICA - Origin
045020: KHRUSHCHEV, N. S. - Predotvratit' Voinu, Otstoyat' Mir!
525564: KI, GOH PEI; KIANG, KOH KOK (TRANS.) - Origins of Chinese Festivals
546813: KIAER, CHRISTINA - Imagine No Possessions: The Socialist Objects of Russian Constructivism
477583: KIAER, LUDOLPHUS O. - Sermonem D. Junii Juvenalis Certis Legibus Astrictum Ex Accurata Inquisitione Locorum Atque Interpretatione: Demonstrare Conatus Est
259630: KIBATA, YOICHI; NISH, IAN; HOSOYA, CHICHIRO; TANAKA, TAKHIKO (EDITORS) - Nichiei koryushi: 1600 - 2000. 2, Seiji gaiko.
544619: KIBBLE, JOHN - Charming Charlbury: With Its Nine Hamlets and Chipping Norton
053006: KIBBLE, T.W.B. - Classical Mechanics
296281: KICKEN, RUDOLF; PASTOR, SUZANNE E. (EDS.) - Klaus Kinold: Panorama
474798: KICKERT, WALTER J. M. (ED.) - Public Management and Administrative Reform in Western Europe
076575: KICKI, JERZY; SOBCZYK, EUGENIUSZ - New Technological Solutions in Underground Mining
501821: KIDD, COLIN - British Identities Before Nationalism: Ethnicity and Nationhood in the Atlantic World, 1600-1800
543852: KIDD, BENJAMIN - The Control of the Tropics
515641: KIDD, MEG - Four Book Walls: A Memoir of Andrew Block
516606: KIDD, A. T. - History of the Tin-Plate Workers and Sheet Metal Workers and Braziers Societies
519635: KIDD, SUE MONK - The Invention of Wings
197653: KIDD, B. J. - Documetns Iluustrative of the Continental Reformation
506384: KIDD, TOM - Life in Shetland
523653: KIDD, JOHN - On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition of Man: Principally with Reference to the Supply of His Wants and the Exercise of His Intellectual Faculties
537438: KIDD, PETER - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts of the Queen's College, Oxford
438524: KIDD, BENJAMIN - The Science of Power
541841: KIDD, CHIP - Batman Collected
102944: KIDDLE, CATHERINE - What Shall We Do with the Children?
261274: KIDNER, RICHARD - Blackstone's Statutes on Employment Law
169392: KIDSON, FRANK & SHAW, MARTIN - Songs of Britain
207753: KIDWAI, AYESHA - Xp-Adjunction in Universal Grammar : Scrambling and Binding in Hindi-Urdu
490521: KIECKENS, EWOUT - Benedictus XVI en de toekomst van de rooms-katholieke Kerk
605839: KIEFER, OTTO - Sexual Life in Ancient Rome
184846: KIEFFER, BRUCE - The Storm and Stress of Language : Linguistic Catastrophe in the Early Works of Goethe, Lenz, Klinger, and Schiller
545439: KIEHL, EMILIJA; SABAN MARK, SAMUELS, ANDREW; (EDITORS) - Analysis and Activism: Social and Political Contributions of Jungian Psychology
418695: KIELGAST, ANNE HAGEN - Exit 07: Afgangsudstillingen for Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademis Billedkunstskoler 2007, 12.05.07 - 08.07.07
260266: KIELHOLZ, P.; SIEGENTHALER, W.; TAGGART, P.; ZANCHETTI, A. (EDITORS) - Psychosomatic Cardiovascular Disorders - When and How to Treat?
030399: KIELHOLZ, P. - Depressive Zustände - Erkennung, Bewertung, Behandlung
276688: KIELL, NORMAN - The Universal Experience of Adolescence
289705: KIELY, RAY - Sociology and Development: The Impasse and Beyond
442547: KIELY, BENEDICT - The Captain with the Whiskers
547080: KIELY, BENEDICT - The Captain With The Whiskers
605962: KIENAST, WALTER - Deutschland Und Frankreich in Der Kaiserzeit (900-1270): Weltkaiser Und EINZELKONIGE: Dritter Teil
237417: KIENLE, EBERHARD - Ethnizitat Und Gessellschaft : Occasional Papers No. 5
542156: KIEPUSZEWSKI, LUKASZ - Niewczesne obrazy: Nietzsche i sztuki Wizualne
533645: KIERLUF, ANINE; RONNING, HELGE (EDS.) - Freedom of Speech Abridged? Cultural, Legal and Philosophical Challenges
520329: KIERNAN, V.G. - State and Society in Europe: 1550-1650
540585: KIERSNOWSKI, RYSZARD; KUCZYNSKI, STEFAN (EDITORS) - Polish Numismatic News III: 1979
419673: KIERULF, IDA (ED.) - Victor Lind: Contemporary Memory
454852: KIESO, DONALD E.; WARFIELD, TERRY D.; WEYGANDT, JERRY J. - Intermediate Accounting, Volume 1
537441: KIESSLING, NICOLAS K. - The Library of Anthony Wood
288215: KIETZMAN, MITCHELL L.; SUTTON, SAMUEL; ZUBIN, JOSEPH (EDS.) - Experimental Approaches to Psychopathology (Personality and Psychopathology: A Series of Monographs, Texts, and Treatises)
217481: KIEVIET, C. JOH. - Het Kamp in 't Spookbosch: De Avonturen Can Cier Z.K.C.-ets
029153: KIEWITT, EVA L - Evaluating Information Retrieval Systems, the Probe Program
251200: KIGHTLY, CHARLES - The Folk Heroes of Britain
440132: KIHARA, H. (ED.) - Fauna and Flora of Nepal Himalaya: Scientific Results of the Japanese Expeditions to Nepal Himalaya 1952 - 1953: Vol. I.
169843: KIHLMAN, CHRISTER - All My Sons
169874: KIHLMAN, CHRISTER - Sweet Prince : A Novel
541545: KIJEWSKI, KAREN J. - Katwalk
461874: KIKUCHI, SADAO - Ukiyo-e Taikei: A Survey of Japanese Prints, Volume 5
485621: KIKUTA, MIKIKO (ED.) - European Eyes on Japan 5: Japan Today
483732: KILALEA, KATHARINE - OK, Mr Field
305315: KILBURN, J. M. (TAYLOR, T. L.) - History of Yorkshire County Cricket, 1924-1949
174960: KILFORD, W.K - Elenemtary Air Survey
015201: KILGOUR, O. F. & MCGARRY, MARUITE - Complete Hairdressing Science
486823: KILHAM, WALTER H. - Mexican Architecture of the Vice-Regal Period
507417: KILLEAN, SALLY - More Guided Reading and Writing
507420: KILLEAN, SALLY - Reading for Comprehension 3
446041: KILLEN, HAROLD B. - Digital Communications with Fiber Optics and Satellite Applications
206675: KILLEN, HAROLD B. - Modern Electronic Communications Technology
547290: KILLICK, BRIAN - Beneath the Dome
527266: KILLICK, RACHEL (ED.) - Uncertain Relations: Some Configurations of the "Third Space" in Francophone Writings of the Americas and of Europe (Modern French Identities, 31)
441931: KILLICK, TONY (ED.) - Papers on the Kenyan Economy
539790: KILLICK, BRIAN - The Heralds
224263: KILLINGRAY, DAVID & ELLIS, STEPHEN - African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society, Volume 101 Number 405 October 2002
223711: KILLINGRAY, DAVID; WOODWARD, PETER (EDS.) - African Affairs, Volume 95, Number 379, April 1996: The Journal of the Royal African Society
223710: KILLINGRAY, DAVID; WOODWARD, PETER (EDS.) - African Affairs, Volume 96, Number 382, January 1997: The Journal of the Royal African Society
224259: KILLINGRAY, DAVID & ELLIS, STEPHEN - African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society, Volume 100 Number 401 October 2001
223709: KILLINGRAY, DAVID; WOODWARD, PETER (EDS.) - African Affairs, Volume 96, Number 385, October 1997: The Journal of the Royal African Society
224262: KILLINGRAY, DAVID & ELLIS, STEPHEN - African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society, Volume 101 Number 404 July 2002
278359: KILLINGRAY, DAVID; ELLIS, STEPHEN (EDS.) - African Affars: The Journal of the Royal African Society; Volume 101, Number 402, January 2002
223713: KILLINGRAY, DAVID; WOODWARD, PETER (EDS.) - African Affairs, Volume 93, Number 371, April 1994: The Journal of the Royal African Society
470500: KILLINGSWORTH, MARK R. - Labor Supply (Cambridge Surveys of Economic Literature)
537554: KILLIP, K.C. - The Pool In The Glen
520784: KILLMURRAY, ELAINE (COMPILER); ORMOND, RICHARD; ROGERS, MALCOLM (EDS.) - Dictionary of British Portraiture, Volume 2: Later Georgians and Early Victorians - Historical Figures Born Between 1700 and 1800
546803: KILMA, IVAN; BRAIN, A.G. (TRANSL.) - Judge on Trial
429356: KILMARNOCK, ALISTAIR (ED.) - The Social Market and the State
305324: KILMISTER, C. M. - Language Logic and Mathematics (New Science Series)
526067: KILMURRAY, AVILA - Community Action in a Contested Society: The Story of Northern Ireland
520785: KILMURRAY, ELAINE (COMPILER); ORMOND, RICHARD; ROGERS, MALCOLM (EDS.) - Dictionary of British Portraiture, Volume 3: The Victorians, Historical Figures Born Between 1800 and 1860
084438: KILNER, E; SAMUEL, D. - Applied Organic Chemistry
417315: KILPATRICK, DAVID - Writing With Blood: The Sacrificial Dramatist as Tragic Man
221846: KILPATRICK, SARAH - Fanny Burney
516530: KILROY, RICHARD - Menswear Illustration

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