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536596: FOSTER, W.D. - A History of Medical Bacteriology & Immunology
507884: FOSTER, EDWARD; DONAHUE, JOSEPH (EDS.) - The World in Time and Space: Towards A History of Innovative American Poetry in Our Time
188480: FOSTER, DOUGLAS - Mastering Marketing
484587: FOSTER, PAUL; RICHES, JOHN; WENELL, KAREN (EDS.) - The Expository Times: Volume 117, October 2005 - September 2006
087500: FOSTER, DAVID W. - Forms of the Novel in the Work of Camilo Jose Cela
296602: FOSTER, JONATHAN K. (ED.) - Neuroimaging and Memory: A Special Issue of Memory
540962: FOSTER, HAL - Design and Crime (and Other Diatribes)
534739: FOSTER, JANET - Docklands: Cultures in Conflict, Worlds in Collision
221669: FOSTER, NIGEL G. - Q and A: EC Law : Questions & Answers 2005-2006
541280: FOSTER, JOHN L. - Spy Stories: WLE Short Stories 13
518138: FOSTER, HAROLD J. (ED.) - An Outline of European Intellectual History: Bentham to Freud
524587: FOSTER, WILLIAM (ED.) - The Red Sea and Adjacent Countries at the Close of the Seventeenth Century as Described By Joseph Pitts, William Daniel and Charles Jacques Poncet
524334: FOSTER, FRANK FREEMAN - The Politics of Stability: A Portrait of the Rulers in Elizabethan London
235212: FOSTER, S.; SMOUT, T. C. (EDS.) - The History of Soils and Field Systems
536384: FOSTER, KENELM; BOYDE, PATRICK (EDS) - Dante's Lyric Poetry. The Poems: Text and Translation
539497: FOSTER, ALAN DEAN - Alien Nation
017753: FOSTER, SCOT DOUGLAS & JORDAN, LORRAINE M. - Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
484592: FOSTER, PAUL; RICHES, JOHN; WENELL, KAREN (EDS.) - The Expository Times: Volume 119, Number 4, January 2008
484593: FOSTER, PAUL; RICHES, JOHN; WENELL, KAREN (EDS.) - The Expository Times: Volume 119, Number 5, February 2008
034222: FOSTER, NIGEL - Blackstone's EC Legislation/1994-95
185463: FOSTER, JOANN M. - The Communitarian Organization : Preserving Cultural Integrity in the Transnational Economy
606234: FOSTER, STEPHEN - The Long Argument: English Puritanism and the Shaping of New England Culture, 1570-1700
607859: FOSTER, BRIAN; SHORT, IAN (EDS.) - The Anglo-Norman Alexander (Le Roman De Toute Chevalerie) By Thomas of Kent, Volume II: Introduction, Notes and Glossary
530422: FOTHERGILL-PAYNE, LOUISE - Seneca and Celestina (Cambridge Iberian and Latin American Studies)
522863: FOTHERGILL, PHILIP G.; HESLOP-HARRISON, J.W. (FOREWORD) - Historical Aspects of Organic Evolution
532025: FOTHERGILL, ANTHONY - Secret Sharers: Joseph Conrad's Cultural Reception in Germany
523418: FOTHERGILL, GEORGE A. - Hunting, Racing, Coaching and Boxing Ballads
602908: FOTHERGILL, JOHN - An Inkeeper's Diary
525322: FOTIADE, RAMONA - Pictures of the Mind: Surrealist Photography and Film
530627: FOTIADE, RAMONA (ED.) - The Tragic Discourse Shestov and Fondane's Existential Thought - European Connections No. 26
543738: FOTOPOULOS, TAKIS - Towards an Inclusive Democracy: The Crisis of the Growth Economy and the Need for a New Liberatory Project
490791: FOUCAULT, MICHEL - Schriften zur Literatur
477834: FOUCAULT, MICHEL; TUFAN, HULYA (TRANS.) - CinselliGin Tarihi I
545703: FOUCAULT, MICHEL (AUTHOR); MARTIN, LUTHER H.; GUTMAN, HUCK; HUTTON, PATRICK H. (EDITORS) - Technologies of the Self: A Seminar with Michel Foucault
515816: FOUCHE, JOSEPH - The Memoirs of Joseph FOUCHE, Duke of Otranto, Minister of the General Police of France
540779: FOUGASSE - Drawing the Line Somewhere
001338: FOULDS, G. A. (EDITOR) - The Hierarchical Nature of Personal Illness
261265: FOULDS, ADAM - The Quickening Maze
303560: FOULDS, DAVID (ED.) - Tales of Crime and Detection (Oxford Progressive English Readers)
456167: FOULIS, DUNCAN - Hunter & Foulis: The First One-Hundred and Twenty Years
545263: FOULKE, WILLIAM DUDLEY, (TRANSL. INTRO.) - Some Love Songs of Petrarch
293564: FOULKES, RICHARD - The Calverts: Actors of Some Importance
524410: FOULKES, S.H.; ANTHONY, E.J. - Group Psychotherapy: The Psychoanalytic Approach
426055: FOULKES, RICHARD - The Calverts: Actors of Some Importance
524409: FOULKES, S.H. - Introduction to Group Analytic Psychotherapy
544632: FOULKES S.H.; ANTHONY, E.J. - Group Psychotherapy:The Psychoanalytical Approach
510770: FOUNTAIN, HENRY - The Great Quake: How the Biggest Earthquake in North America Changed Our Understanding of the Planet
547713: FOUQUE, DE LA MOTTE - Undine, A Romance
536871: FOURACRE, PAUL - Frankish History: Studies in the Construction of Power
524346: FOURACRE, PAUL; GANZ, DAVID (EDS.) - Frankland: The Franks and the World of The Early Middle Ages, Essays in Honour of Dame Jinty Nelson
529410: FOURIER, CHARLES - Theorie des quatre mouvements. : Le nouveau monde Amoureux
531137: FOURIER, CHARLES - Le Nouveau Monde Industriel et SOCIETAIRE
020725: FOURMAN, MAXIMILIAN - Collins' Russian Phrase Book
271490: FOURNY, MAX - Annuaire International Des Galeries D'Art: 1965-1966
437855: FOWDEN, LESLIE - Clay Minerals: Their Structure, Behaviour and Use
459087: FOWELL, FRANK; PALMER, FRANK - Censorship in England (Burt Franklin: Research & Source Works Series 446)
459088: FOWELL, FRANK; PALMER, FRANK - Censorship in England (Burt Franklin: Research & Source Works Series 446)
192243: (ED.) FOWELL, ANDREW J. - Fire and Flammability of Furnishings and Contents of Buildings
433827: FOWKES, ROBERT A. (ED.) - Word: Journal of the International Linguistic Association, Volume 28, 1976
467201: FOWKES, TONY; NASH, CHRIS (EDS.) - Analysing Demand for Rail Travel
452500: FOWLE, KATE (ED.) - Stray Alchemists
305718: FOWLER, ROBERT BOOTH - Enduring Liberalism: American Political Thought since the 1960s (American Political Thought)
182012: FOWLER, ROGER (ED) - A Dictionary of Modern Critical Terms
451332: FOWLER, GENE - Schnozzola: The Story of Jimmy Durante
504281: FOWLER, LOUISE; MACKINDER, ANTHONY - Medieval Haywharf to 20th-Century Brewery: Excavations at Watermark Place, City of London
504794: FOWLER, SIMON - Using Poor Law Records
172921: FOWLER, ETHEL L. - For Your Delight: An Anthology for Young Children from Six Years of Age Upwards
479720: FOWLER, PETER - Wessex (Regional Archaeologies)
499549: FOWLER, SIMON - Tracing Your Great War Ancestors: Gallipoli - A Guide for Family Historians
540381: FOWLER, CHRISTOPHER - The Bureau of Lost Souls
424721: FOWLER, PETER - Landscapes for the World: Conserving a Global Heritage
018086: FOWLER, ROY - The Film in France
543140: FOWLER, CHRISTOPHER - The Bureau of Lost Souls
542490: FOWLER, CHRISTOPHER - The Bureau of Lost Souls
427135: FOWLES, JOHN - Mantissa
547753: FOWLES, A.W. - The Revised History of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers: 1709-1975
545007: FOWLES, JOHN - Daniel Martin
433111: FOWLES, JOHN - Mantissa
278670: FOWLES, JOHN - The French Lieutenant's Woman
021916: FOWLES, JOHN, - Mantissa.
017935: FOWLES, JOHN - Mantissa
545012: FOWLES, JOHN - The Ebony Tower
482280: FOWLIE, WALLACE - A Reading of Dante's Inferno
436070: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume 21, 1946
436067: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume 18, 1943
083006: FOX, ROBIN (ED.) - Cardiac Medicine from the Lancet: Selected Papers from the Lancet 1988-1989
422140: FOX, ROBIN - The Challenge of Anthropology: Old Encounters and New Encounters
436062: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume 13, 1938
222352: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 7: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Summer 1996
540348: FOX, G.F. - Kyrik Fights the Demon World
427772: FOX, JOHN P. (ED.) - The British Journal of Holocaust Education; Volume 2, Winter 1993, Number 2
538603: FOX, GARDNER F. - Kyrik: Warlock Warrior
520187: FOX, JASON; TOTT, NICHOLAS - The PFI Handbook
510933: FOX, PETER; WEBSTER, NEIL - Preserved Locomotives and Multiple Units
433264: FOX, JEROME (ED.) - Proceedings of the Symposium on Optical Masers, New York, N.Y., April 16, 17, 18, 19, 1963
448271: FOX, ANGELA - Slightly Foxed
436056: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews and Biological Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume VII, 1931
436057: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews and Biological Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume VIII, 1933
509288: FOX, DR. MICHAEL W. - Beyond Evolution: The Genetically Altered Future of Plants, Animals, the Earth...and Humans
473480: FOX, L. - An Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra
052561: FOX, GEOFFREY C - Concurrency Practice and Experience, Vol 1 No 2
222353: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 8: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Winter 1997
222354: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 9: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Summer 1997
464813: FOX PIVEN, FRANCES (ED.) - Labor Parties in Postindustrial Societies
484447: FOX, ANNE L. - My Heart in a Suitcase
538832: FOX, G.F. - Kyrik: Warlock Warrior
436071: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume 29, 1954
517074: FOX, ASTRID - The Fox Tales
513957: FOX, JAMES - The Langhorne Sisters
523150: FOX, MATTHEW - Original Blessing: A Primer in Creation Spirituality
441960: FOX, KENNETH - Metropolitan America: Urban Life and Urban Policy in the United States, 1940 - 1980 (The Contemporary United States)
222337: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 10: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Autumn/Winter 1997-8
222340: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 13: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Winter 1999
058544: FOX, JOHN - The Poetry of Fifteenth-century France: 1; Authors and Themes
541705: FOX, UFFA - More Joys of Living
076598: FOX, ROBERT W; HUGUET, JERROLD W - Population and Urban Trends in Central America and Panama
521243: FOX, L.; MAYERS, D.F. - Computing Methods for Scientists and Engineers (Monographs on Numerical Analysis)
032359: FOX, ELIO - Rome, in History - in Christianity - in Civilization
222343: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 16: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Spring/Summer 2000
526414: FOX, STEPHEN - America's Invisible Gulag: A Biography of German American Internment and Exclusion in World War II (New German-American Studies, V.23)
182192: FOX, PAULA - The Slave Dancer
222344: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 17: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Autumn 2000
222345: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 18: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Spring 2001
096061: FOX, D.W.; BOWEN, M.L. - The Law of Private Companies
031633: FOX, ELIO - Rome: In History - In Christianity - In Civilization
222342: FOX, C.J. (ED.) - Lewisletter (new series) No. 15: News from the Wyndham Lewis Society. Autumn '99 / Winter '00
436055: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews and Biological Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume VI, 1931
531529: FOX, L. - An Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra (Monographs on Numerical Analysis)
442629: FOX, ROBIN (ED.) - Biosocial Anthropology
502246: FOX, ALAN - A Lost Frontier Revealed: Regional Seperation in the East Midlands
436058: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews and Biological Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume IX, 1934
539219: FOX, RICHARD K. - Bella Starr, The Bandit Queen, or the Female Jesse James
436054: FOX, H. MUNRO (ED.) - Biological Reviews and Biological Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Volume V, 1930
421047: FOX, DAN; HEISER, JORG; HIGGIE, JENNIFER (EDS.) - Frieze: Contemporary Art and Culture, No. 166, October 2014
604546: FOX, GEORGE - Amok
605624: FOX JR., JOHN - Erskine Dale - Pioneer
236224: FOXALL, GORDON - Marketing Psychology : The Paradigm in the Wings
295420: FOXALL, ALAN; SAUNDERS, RAY - More Redditch Remembered
229352: FOXALL, ALAN; SAUNDERS, RAY - Redditch Remembered
491631: FOXCROFT, CHARLES T. - The Night Sister and Other Poems
026547: FOXE, BARBARA - Harmony in Chaos: Ramakrishna Vedanta
503989: FOXELL, SIMON - Mapping London: Making Sense of the City
301794: FOXLEY, ALEJANDRO - Distribucion Del Ingreso (Lecturas 7)
606199: FOXLEY, ALEJANDRO; ANINAT, EDUARDO; ARELLANO, J. P. - Redistributive Effects of Government Programmes: The Chilean Case
466863: FOXON, D.F. - A Register of Books 1728-1732: Extracted from 'The Monthly Chronicle'
541868: FOXTON, DAVID - The Life of Thomas E. Scrutton
528032: FOYLE FOUNDATION - Radio Seventeen
505247: FRAAD BAXANDALL, ROSALYN - Words on Fire: The Life and Writing of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
601208: FRAADE-BLANAR, ZOE; GLAZER, AARON M. - Superfandom: How Our Obsessions are Changing What We Buy and Who We Are
460253: FRACHON, CLAIRE; SASSOON, VIRGINIE (EDS.) - Medias et Diversite: De La Visibilite Aux Contenus
015895: FRAENKEL, GJ; LUDBROOK, J; DUDLEY, HAF; HILL, GL & MARSHALL, VR - Guide for House Surgeons in the Surgical Unit
410146: FRAGA, LUIS R.; MESSINA, ANTHONY M.; RHODEBECK, LAURIE A.; WRIGHT, FREDERICK D. (EDS.) - Ethnic and Racial Minorities in Advanced Industrial Democracies (Contributions in Ethnic Studies)
490508: FRAGNIERE, GABRIEL - L'Obligation Morale et l'Ethique De La ProspEritE: Le Retour Du Sujet Responsable (Collection Philosophie et Politique)
495753: FRAHM, ECKART; JURSA, MICHAEL - Neo-Babylonian Letters and Contracts from the Eanna Archive (Yale Oriental Series: Babylonian Texts)
525492: FRAIMAN, SARAH - Judaism in the Works of Beer-Hofmann and Feuchtwanger (Studies in German Jewish History, Volume 3)
176938: FRAISSE, PAUL; PIAGET, JEAN; LE NY, JEAN FRANÇOIS; ELKINGTON, LOUISE - Experimental Psychology: Learning and Memory v. 4: Its Scope and Method
001647: FRAISSE, PAUL; PIAGET, JEAN [EDS] - Experimental Psychology: Its Scope and Method Volume IV- Learning and Memory
419592: FRAJMAN, HELEN (ED.) - The Bank Book
057054: FRAME, RONALD - Paris With Privateers
057053: FRAME, RONALD - Paris With Privateers
057057: FRAME, RONALD - Paris With Privateers
057056: FRAME, RONALD - Paris With Privateers
515676: FRAME, GREGORY - The American President in Film and Television: Myth, Politics and Representation
084662: FRAME, IAIN - Africa South of the Sahara, 2005 (Regional Surveys of the World)
446675: FRAME, J. - The Effective Use of Forage and Animal Resources in the Hills and Uplands
526441: FRAME, GREGORY - The American President in Film and Television: Myth, Politics and Representation
057055: FRAME, RONALD - Paris With Privateers
605474: FRAME, JANET - Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun
544868: FRAMPTON, KENNETH - Tadao Ando: The Museum of Modern Art, New York
532957: FRANA, ILARIA - Concealed Questions
508439: FRANCA, JOSE-AUGUSTO - 28 CRONICA De Um Percuso
107562: FRANCE, ANN - Consuming Psychotherapy
420562: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Thais
482893: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Penguin Island
204657: FRANCE, RICHARD; ROBSON, MEREDITH - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Primary Care
203794: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Mother of Pearl
184593: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Under the Rose
022209: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Rabelais
264204: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Elm Tree on the Mall
264203: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Opinions of Jerome Coignard
459346: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Histoire Contemporaine: Monsieur Bergeret: A Paris
164987: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Well of Saint Clare
488418: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Filles et GarCons: ScEnes De La Ville et Des Champs
201024: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Oeuvres completes, Illustrées, Tome I: 'Alfred De Vigny: Étude'; 'Poésies: Les Poemes Dorés - Idylles et Légendes - Les Noves Corinthiennes'
202269: FRANCE, R. H. - Urwald
605444: FRANCE, ROBERT L. - Veniceland Atlantis: The Bleak Future of the World's Favourite City
492542: FRANCES HUEMER - Portraits I: Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard Part XIX
491970: FRANCES BOWEN - After Greenwashing: Symbolic Corporate Environmentalism and Society (Organizations and the Natural Environment)
487116: FRANCES, RAELENE - The Politics of Work: Gender and Labour in Victoria, 1880-1939
490306: FRANCES MARGARET YOUNG - Biblical Exegesis and the Formation of Christian Culture
Am1357: FRANCESCA R. JENSENIUS - Social Justice through Inclusion: The Consequences of Electoral Quotas in India (Modern South Asia)
248415: FRANCESCHETTI, GIORGIO; STORNELLI, SABATINO - Wireless Networks : From the Physical Layer to Communication, Computing, Sensing and Control
218048: FRANCESCHINA, JOHN (ED.) - Sisters of Gore : Seven Gothic Melodramas by British Women, 1790-1843
248293: FRANCESE, JOSEPH (ED.) - Perspectives on Gramsci : Politics, Culture and Social Theory (Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought; 64)
220473: FRANCESE, JOSEPH (ED.) - Perspectives on Gramsci: Politics, Culture and Social Theory
414188: FRANCEYS, RICHARD; GERLACH, ESTHER (EDS.) - Regulating Water and Sanitation for the Poor: Economic Regulation for Public and Private Partnerships
458846: FRANCIA, PETER DE; ASHTON, DORE (EDS.) - Fables: 1990-2001
547220: FRANCIS, DICK; WELCOME, JOHN (EDITORS) - Best Racing & Chasing Stories 2
162204: FRANCIS & MAINIL - L'Abbe Prevost au Tournant du Siecle (SVEC 2000:11)
461020: FRANCIS KHOO KAH SIANG - Amoris Laetitia: The Joy of Love: On Love in the Family: Pope Francis
298141: FRANCIS, PAULINE - Black Beauty/original by Anna Sewell: retold by Pauline Francis
431976: FRANCIS, F. C. (ED.) - The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society; Fifth Series. Volume II
524453: FRANCIS, RICHARD (CURATOR) - Tate Gallery, Liverpool: Events, Summer 1986
525988: FRANCIS, ANDREW - 'To Be Truly British We Must be Anti-German' New Zealand, Enemy Aliens and The Great War Experience, 1914-1919 (BID, 4)
507638: FRANCIS, DEWI B. - Master Mariner: Captain William Henry Hughes, DSC
140462: FRANCIS-WILLIAMS, JESSIE - Children with Specific Learning Difficulties: The Effect of Neurodevelopmental Learning Disorders on Children of Normal Intelligence (The Commonwealth and International Library, Mental Health and Social Medicine)
524454: FRANCIS, RICHARD (CURATOR) - Tate Gallery, Liverpool: Events, Summer 1986
092625: FRANCIS, WILFRID - Boiler House and Power Station Chemistry
523113: FRANCIS, PHILIP - Horace
411452: FRANCIS, PAULINE - Black Beauty/original by Anna Sewell: retold by Pauline Francis
417390: FRANCIS, BRIAN - The Present Situation in Evolutionary Theory
600135: FRANCIS, STEPHEN; DUGMORE, HARRY; SCHACERL, RICO - Madame & Eve: La Coupe Est Pleine
431975: FRANCIS, F. C. (ED.) - The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society; Fifth Series. Volume I
438959: FRANCIS, WILFRED - Boiler House and Power Station Chemistry
431979: FRANCIS, F. C. (ED.) - The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society; Fifth Series. Volume VI
432504: FRANCIS, F. C. (ED.) - The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society; Fifth Series, Volume IV
479284: FRANCIS, DAVID PITT - Nostradamus: Prophecies of Present Times?
025125: FRANCIS, DICK - Longshot
482181: FRANCIS WARNER - Virgil and Caesar (Oxford Theatre Texts)
482180: FRANCIS WARNER - Rembrandt's Mirror (Oxford Theatre Texts 14)
482178: FRANCIS WARNER - King Francis I: A Play (Oxford Theatre Texts)
482179: FRANCIS WARNER - Byzantium (Oxford theatre texts)
Am248: FRANCIS LATHOM - The Midnight Bell
021913: FRANCIS, DICK, . - Reflex.
542367: FRANCIS, DICK; WELCOME, JOHN (EDS.); WELCOME, JOHN (INTRO.) - Best Racing and Chasing Stories 2
431977: FRANCIS, F. C. (ED.) - The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society; Fifth Series. Volume III
198840: FRANCIS, CLARE - Homeland
284836: FRANCIS, CLIVE - Laugh Lines: Theatrical Caricatures
600319: FRANCIS, S.; DUGMORE, H.; RICO - Madame et Eve: En Voient De Toutes Les Couleurs
467930: FRANCIS, RENE - The Story of the Tower of London
516961: FRANCIS, MARK; MORROW, JOHN - A History of English Political Thought in the 19th Century
456141: FRANCIS, DICK - Field of 13
411287z: FRANCIS, PAULINE - The Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor (Level 2)
107442: FRANCIS, M.E.; WHISHAW, FRED.; JEFFERIES, R.; HUDSON, W.H. - Stories and Articles from Longman's Magazine
112157: FRANCIS, HAZEL - Learning to Teach : Psychology in Teacher Training
452893: FRANCIS, LESLIE J.; FREATHY, ROB; PARKER, STEPHEN G. (EDS.) - History, Remembrance and Religious Education (Religion, Education and Values)
000505: FRANCIS-WILLIAMS, JESSIE - Children with Specific Learning Difficulties
607731: FRANCIS, JOHN - Bovine Tuberculosis, Including a Contrast with Human Tuberculosis
Am1754: FRANCIS SHEPPARD - Robert Baker of Piccadilly Hall and his Heirs
SAm248: FRANCIS LATHOM - The Midnight Bell
SAm261: FRANCIS HODGSON - David Hiscock: Works from 1982-90
479193: FRANCK, JULIA - Back to Back
419466: FRANCK, MARGA (ED.) - Bibliographic Index 1972: A Cumulative Bibliography of Bibliographies
435026: FRANCK, JULIA - Back to Back
516747: FRANCKE, LIZZIE; RAYNS, TONY (ET.A;.) - Sight and Sound Film Review Volume: January 1994-December 1994
197404: FRANCKS, PENELOPE - Japanese Economic Development
526999: FRANCO, PAUL - Rousseau, Nietzsche, and the Image of The Human
427267: FRANCO, PAULA - You Can Draw: Includes Tips and Techniques
470903: FRANCO, ALVARO DA COSTA; CARDIM, CARLOS HENRIQUE (EDS.) - O BarAo Do Rio Branco Por Grandes Autores
504561: FRANCO, JOSEPH; HAMMER, RICHARD - Hoffa's Man: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hoffa as Witnessed By His Strongest Man
458241: FRANCO, DANIELA - Los Sandy En Waikiki/Sandys at Waikiki
183172: FRANCO, F.; CHAND, P.G. VIJAYA SHERRY - Operation Flood and the Voluntary Sector
445110: FRANCOYS, THEODOSE VALENTINIAN - L'Amant Resuscite de la Mort d'Amour
200065: FRANGENHEIM, PAUL - Die Krankheiten Des Knochensystems Im Kindesalter
037171: FRANGES, I. ET AL (EDS.)., - Croatica Prinosi proucavanju Hrvatske knjzhevnosti 1 - 3
420270: FRANK, RIKE (ED.) - Andrea Geyer
520511: FRANK, THOMAS - One Market Under God: Extreme Capitalism, Market Populism, and the End of Economic Democracy
481762: FRANK, CHARLES R.; WEBB, RICHARD C. (EDS.) - Income Distribution and Growth in the Less-Developed Countries
058172: FRANK, THAISA - A Brief History of Camouflage
043302: FRANK, ANDREW & KUHN, WERNER - Spatial Information Theory: A Theoretical Basis for GIS. International Conference, COSIT '95, Semmering, Austria, September 21-23, 1995, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 988)
489953: FRANK, ANNE - Gesamtausgabe: TagebUcher - Geschichten Und Ereignisse Aus Dem Hinterhaus - ErzAhlungen - Briefe - Fotos Und Dokumente
165662: FRANK, JUSTIN A. - Bush on the Couch : Inside the Mind of the President
026347: FRANK HARRIS - Mein Leben
176704: FRANK HARRIS - Elder Conklin and Other Stories.
527922: FRANK, TIBOR - Double Exile: Migrations of Jewish-Hungarian Professionals Through Germany to the United States, 1919-1945 (Exile Studies, Volume 7)
474896: FRANK, ROBERT H. - Luxury Fever: Money and Happiness in an Era of Excess
492669: FRANK MACSHANE - The Life of John O'Hara
410056: FRANK, ALISON FLEIG - Oil Empire: Visions of Prosperity in Austrian Galicia
601521: FRANK, MATTHEW GAVIN - The Mad Feast: An Ecstatic Tour Through America's Food
437366: FRANK, JUDITH - Common Ground: Eighteenth-Century English Satiric Fiction and the Poor
535522: FRANK, BENIS M. - Okinawa: The Great Island Battle
547095: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER - Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment of Sociology
417714: FRANKAU, GILBERT - Royal Regiment: A Drama of Contemporary Behaviours
172291: FRANKE, MARCUS - War and Nationalism in South Asia : The Indian State and the Nagas
530901: FRANKE, WOLFGANG - An Introduction to the Sources of Ming History
267326: FRANKE, MARCUS - War and Nationalism in South Asia: The Indian State and the Nagas
474831: FRANKEL, TAMAR - Trust and Honesty: America's Business Culture at a Crossroad
255190: FRANKEL, B. (ED.) - Monatschrift Fur Geschichte Und Wissenschaft Des Judenthums
545019: FRANKEL, S. HERBERT - Money: Two Philosophies, The Conflict of Trust and Authority
Am1854: FRANKEL, DAVID; REISSNER, WILL - Israel's War Against the Palestinian People
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466990: FUENTES, CARLOS - Happy Families
478569: FUETRER, ULRICH; TAUBER, WALTER (ED.) - Flordimar (Arbeiten Zur Mittleren Deutschen Literatur Und Sprache)
532189: FUGEDI, ERIK; KARBIC, DAMIR; BAK, JANOS M. (FOREWORD) - The Elefanthy: The Hungarian Nobleman and His Kindred
160556: FUGEN, HANS NORBERT - Die Hauptrichtungen Der Literatursoziologie
539411: FUGLSANG, MARTIN, (ED.); SORENSEN, BENT MEIER, (ED.) - Deleuze and the Social
252907: FUGU - Duas Bocas: Historias de Comida e Sexo
425789: FUHMANN, FRANZ - Die Elite
474106: FUHRER, JEFFREY C.; LITTLE, JANE SNEDDON (EDS.) - Technology and Growth: Conference Proceedings: June 1996
489910: FUHRMANN, MANFRED - Poetik und Hermeneutik: Bd.4: Terror und Spiel: Probleme der Mythenrezeption
473793: FUJIMASA, IWAO - Micromachines: A New Era in Mechanical Engineering
548099: FUJIMOTO, SOU; TAKIGUCHI, NORIKO - Sincere By Design: The Architecture of Sou Fujimoto
438901: FUJIMURA, THOMAS H. - The Temper of John Dryden
081324: FUJITA, T. (ED.) - Gastro-Entero-Pancreatic Endocrine System: A Cell-Biological Approach
248182: FUJITA, MASAHIRO; GHOSH, INDRADEEP; PRASAD, MUKUL - Verification Techniques for System-Level Design
513394: FUJITA, MASAHISA; THISSE, JACQUES-FRANCOIS - Economics of Agglomeration: Cities, Industrial Location, and Regional Growth
081325: FUJITA, T. (ED.) - Gastro-Entero-Pancreatic Endocrine System: A Cell-Biological Approach
604862: FUJIWARA, CHRIS - The World and Its Double: The Life and Work of Otto Preminger
070764: FUKASAKU, KIICHIRO; KIMURA, FUKUNARI & URATA, SHUJIRO - Asia and Europe: Beyond Competing Regionalism
070779: FUKASAKU, KIICHIRO; KIMURA, FUKUNARI & URATA, SHUJIRO - Asia and Europe: Beyond Competing Regionalism
289010: FUKASAWA, HIRONOBU - Song Of The Winter Cherry
514279: FUKAZAWA, MISHIO - The Adventures of Duan Surk: Witches' Forest
491594: FUKS, ALEXANDER; HALPERN, ISRAEL (EDS.) - Studies in History
106170: FUKS, N. A.; SUTUGIN, A. G. - Highly Dispersed Aerosols
199447: FUKUDA, M.; KOBATA, A. - Glycobiology : A Practical Approach
447653: FULANI, DAN - Sauna and the Bank Robbers
485466: FULBRIGHT, J. WILLIAM - The Arrogance of Power
532452: FULBROOK, MARY - Subjectivity and History: Approaches to Twentieth-Century German Society
476788: FULCHER, GILLIAN - Disabling Policies?: A Comparative Approach to Education Policy and Disability
278817: FULD, WERNER - Von Katzen und anderen Menschen
538484: FULDA, ANDREAS (EDITOR) - Civil Society Contributions to Policy Innovation in the PR China
520008: FULFORD, ROGER (ED.) - Dearest Mama: Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess of Prussia 1861-1864
520009: FULFORD, ROGER (ED.) - Beloved Mama: Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the German Crown Princess 1878-1885
520010: FULFORD, ROGER (ED.) - Darling Child: Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess of Prussia 1871-1878
526418: FULFORD, SARAH - Gendered Spaces in Contemporary Irish Poetry
501942: FULFORD, MICHAEL; HOLBROOK, NEIL (EDS.) - The Silchester Amphitheatre: Excavations of 1979-85
444293: FULFORD, K. W. M.; GILLETT, GRANT; SOSKICE, JANET MARTIN (EDS.) - Medicine and Moral Reasoning
521306: FULFORD, ROGER - Glyn's 1753-1953: Six Generations in Lombard Street
469099: FULFORD, GLENN; FORRESTER, PETER; JONES, ARTHUR - Modelling with Differential and Difference Equations
468722: FULFORD, R.J. - Higher Papers in Applied Mathematics
214584: FULLAN, MICHAEL G. - Change Forces : Probing the Depths of Educational Reform
015066: FULLARD HAROLD AND DARBY H.C EDITORS - The University Atlas
205845a: FULLER, GEOFFREY - Corporate Borrowing: Law and Practice
205845b: FULLER, GEOFFREY - Corporate Borrowing: Law and Practice
205845c: FULLER, GEOFFREY - Corporate Borrowing: Law and Practice
011192: FULLER, J. H. S. & TOON, P. D. - Medical Practice in a Multicultural Society
094905: FULLER, ROY - Counterparts
087632: FULLER, ROY - The Reign of Sparrows
546082: FULLER, ROY - Poor Roy
050822: FULLER, ROY - Buff
491804: FULLER, REGINALD H. - The Foundations of New Testament Christology
262513: FULLER, ROY - Owls and Artificers: Oxford Lectures on Poetry
506117: FULLER, ROY; TOLLEY, A.T. (ED.) - A Tribute
474731: FULLER, BRUCE (ED.) - Inside Charter Schools: The Paradox of Radical Decentralization
505493: FULLER, ROY - Epitaphs and Occasions
505492: FULLER, ROY - Consolations
505736: FULLER, ROY - The World Through the Window: Collected poems for children
503958: FULLER, THOMAS; NUTTALL, P. AUSTIN - The History of the Worthies of England, Volume One
540917: FULLER, ROY - With My Little Eye: A Mystery Story for Teen Agers
505687: FULLER, ROY - Subsequent to Summer
506675: FULLER, ROY - New Poems
542337: FULLER, JACK - Our Fathers' Shadows
031433: FULLER, THOMAS - The Church History of Britain, Volume 3
092622: FULLER, ROY - From the Joke Shop
528774: FULLER, JOHN - The Sonnet (The Critical Idiom Series, No.26)
505494: FULLER, ROY - The Reign of Sparrows
496413: FULLER, GRAHAM E. - The Future of Political Islam
503959: FULLER, THOMAS; NUTTALL, P. AUSTIN - The History of the Worthies of England, Volume Three
485520z: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER - Inventory of World Resources: Human Trends and Needs,. Document 1: The World Game: Integrative Resource Utilization Planning Tool
528265: FULLER, KAY; HARFORD, JUDITH (EDS.) - Gender and Leadership in Education: Women Achieving Against the Odds
506572: FULLER, ROY; TOLLEY, A.T. (ED.) - Roy Fuller: A Tribute
487321: FULLER, ALEXANDRA - Scribbling the Cat: Travels with an African Solider
442305: FULLER, MAX H. - One-Act Plays for the Amateur Theatre
466563: FULLER, MARY MARGARET (ED.) - Fate: True Stories of the Strange and Unknown: Vol. 20 - No. 3, Issue 204, March 1967
525407: FULLER, KAY; HARFORD, JUDITH (EDS.) - Gender and Leadership in Education: Women Achieving Against the Odds
453466: FULLER, CORY - Gladwell & Patterson: Summer Collection, 18 May - 8 July 2016
180687: FULLER, ROY - New Poems
092695: FULLER, ROY - The Carnal Island
092696: FULLER, JOHN - Fairground Music
510245: FULLER, CHRISTOPHER J. - See it/Shoot it: The Secret History of the CIA's Lethal Drone Program
106910: FULLER, KAY - Forfeit
024771: FULLER, NEIL - Principles of Microeconomics
526392: FULLER, KAY; HARFORD, JUDITH (EDS.) - Gender and Leadership in Education: Women Achieving Against the Odds
048611: FULLER, J.H.S & TOON, P.D - Medical Practice in a Multicultural Society
601978: FULLER, SIMON (ED.) - The Poetry of War, 1914-1989
605149: FULLER, JOHN - The Last Bid
605345: FULLER, PETER - The Australian Scapegoat: Towards An Antipodean Aesthetic
605412: FULLER, JOHN - Tell It Me Again
425856: FULLING, E. H. (ED.) - The Botanical Review, Volume 18, January 1952, No. 1
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425857: FULLING, E. H. (ED.) - The Botanical Review, Volume 12, January 1946, No. 1
425875: FULLING, E. H. (ED.) - The Botanical Review, Volume 9, January 1943, No. 1
425872: FULLING, E. H. (ED.) - The Botanical Review, Volume 14, January 1948, No. 1
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425871: FULLING, E. H. (ED.) - The Botanical Review, Volume 17, January 1951, No. 1
142007: FÜLÖP - MILLER, RENÉ - Inter Dies (8 Folgen Zu Je 32 seiten)
546802: FULTON, ROBIN, (ED.) - Lines Review No. 48: Including Heinrich Boll, An Attempted Approach
527973: FULTON, ROBIN - The Man with the Surbahar (Lines Review Editions, 1)
484846: FULTON, ROBIN - Selected Poems: 1963-1978
601261: FULTON, SYBRINA; MARTIN, TRACY - Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin
495682: FULTON, JOE B. - Mark Twain in the Margins: The Quarry Farm Marginalia and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
169601: FUMENTO, ROCCO - Tree of Dark Reflection
536120: FUMERTON, PATRICIA; HUNT, SIMON (EDITORS) - Renaissance Culture and the Everyday
543934: FUNABASHI, YOICHI; TAKENAKA, HEIZO (EDITORS) - Lessons from the Disaster: Risk Management and the Compound Crisis Presented By the Great East Japan Earthquake
219084: FUNDACAO BIENAL DO MERCOSUL - Material Pedagogico 2008
219083: FUNDACAO BIENAL DO MERCOSUL - Material Pedagogico 2008
219081: FUNDACAO BIENAL DO MERCOSUL - Material Pedagogico 2008
283124: FUNDACIO "LA CAIXA - Retorn Al Pais De Les Meravelles
296540: FUNDACIO, FRANCISCO GODIA - Manolo Esencial: Esculture, Pintura, Dibujo
453768: FUNDACION CAJA DE PENSIONES - David Salle: Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst
Am1538: FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE - Lyne Cohen
501829: FUNDER, JOSHUA - Watson's Pier
473791: FUNK, EDWARD R. - Proceedings of the Electron Beam Welding Symposium: November 7 and 8, 1966
539431: FUNKE, CORNELIA - Reckless
436925: FUNKE, GERHARD; BAUM, MANFRED; DORFLINGER, BERND; SEEBOHM, THOMAS M. (EDS.) - Kant-Studien; 91. Jahrgang, Heft 1, 2000
605757: FUNKE, MANFRED; JACOBSEN, HANS-ADOLF; KNUTTER, HANS-HELMUTH; SCHWARZ, HANS-PETER (EDS.) - Demokratie Und Diktatur: Geist Und Gestalt Politischer Herrschaft in Deutschland Und Europa
491345: FUNKEN, MICHAEL (ED.) - Uber Habermas: GesprAche Mit Zeitgenossen
548107: FURBANK, P.N. - E.M. Forster: A Life, Volume One: The Growth of the Novelist, 1879-1914
548108: FURBANK, P.N. - E.M. Forster: A Life, Volume Two: Polycrates' Ring, 1914-1970
547917: FURBANK, P.N. - Samuel Butler (1835-1902)
533928: FURBANK, PN - E M Forster a Life: Volume Two, Polycrates' Ring 1914-1970
472681: FURLEY, SIR JOHN - In Peace and War: Autobiographical Sketches
210820: FURLEY, OLIVER; MAY, ROY (EDS.) - African Interventionist States
445196: FURLONG, JOHN; PHILLIPS, ROBERT (EDS.) - Education, Reform and the State: Twenty-five Years of Politics, Policy and Practice
202011: FURLONG, RONALD - Injuries of the Hand
412680: FURLONG, MONICA - The End of Our Exploring
477146: FURLONG, WILLIAM; GOODING, MEL (EDS.) - Venice Agendas IV, 2005: Neighbours in Dialogue
271590: FURLONG, V. J. - The Deviant Pupil: Sociological Perspectives
516078: FURLOTTI, BARBARA; REBECCHINI, GUIDO - The Art of Mantua: Power and Patronage in the Renaissance
532246: FURMAN, ANDREW C.; LEVY, STEVEN T. (EDS.) - Influential Papers from the 1950s (The IJPA Key Papers Series)
092788: FURMSTON, MICHAEL. POWELL-SMITH, VINCENT. EDITORS - Construction Law Reports. Volume 31
542157: FURNBERG, LOUIS - Mozart-Novelle
447309: FURNEAUX, BARBARA; ROBERTS, BRIAN (EDS.) - Autistic Children: Teaching, Community and Research Approaches
522189: FURNEAUX, HOLLY - Queer Dickens: Erotics, Families, Masculinities
441399: FURNEAUX, RUPERT - Great Clashes of the Twentieth Century
020775: FURNEAUX, RUPERT - The Bourbon Tragedy
046136: FURNEAUX, MARK - International Yearbook & Statesmens Whos Who 2005
087815: FURNEAUX, W. - The Out-door World: Or Young Collector's Handbook
295092: FURNESS, ROSALIND (ED.) - Frieze Art Fair Yearbook 2007-8
182852: FURNESS, RAYMOND - The Twentieth Century, 1890-1945
295093: FURNESS, ROSALIND (ED.) - Frieze Art Fair Yearbook 2007-8
418989: FURNESS, ROSALIND (ED.) - Frieze Art Yearbook 2007-8
513590: FURNHAM, ADRIAN - Personality at Work: The Role of Individual Differences in the Workplace
604714: FURNISS, DAMIAN - Chocolate Che
301507: FURNIVALL, F. J. (ED.) - The Digby Plays
161424: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK J. - Arthur: A Short Sketch of His Life and History in English Verse of the First Half of the Fifteenth Century, Copied and Edited From the Marquis of Bath's MS.
446461a: FURNIVALL, FREDK J.; FURNIVALL, PERCY (EDS.); VICARY, THOMAS - The Anatomie of the Bodie of Man: Part I.
281431: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK J. (ED.) - Phillip Stubbes's Anatomy Of The Abuses In England 1583: Part I
207894: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK J. (ED.) - The Stations of Rome (in Verse from the Vernon Ms., And in Prose from the Porkington Ms.); and the Pilgrim's Sea Voyage (from the Trinity, Cambridge Ms.): With Clene Maydenhod (from the Vernon Ms. In the Bodleian Library)
301509: FURNIVALL, F. J. (ED.) - A Book of Precedence
207239: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK J. (ED.) - The Book of Quinte Essence or the Fifth Being; That is to say, Man's Heaven ... Edited from the Sloane MS. 73, About 1460-70 A.D.
430089: FURR, MARK (ED.) - Bookworms Club Reading Circles: Teacher's Handbook
430090: FURR, MARK (ED.) - Bookworms Club Reading Circles: Teacher's Handbook

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