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277443: DREWS, JURGEN; RYSER, STEFAN (EDS.) - Human Disease: From Genetic Causes to Biomedical Effects, Vol.9
524215: DREXEL, ALBERT - Die Sprachen Der Erde, Erster Abteilung: Die Indogermanischen Sprachen, Die Mediterran-Vorderasiatischen Altsprachen, Die Kaukasischen Sprachen Und Die Semito-Hamitische Doppelgruppe
524216: DREXEL, ALBERT - Ursprung and Wesen Der Sprache, Zweiter Teil: Elemente Einer LOSUNG Des Problems
498416: DREXLER, ARTHUR - Charles Eames: Furniture from the Design Collection
478764: DREYFUS, JOHN; WILLIAMS, GRAHAM - Eric Gill for Father Desmond
461602: DREZE, JACQUES H. - Underemployment Equilibria: Essays in Theory, Econometrics and Policy
461382: DREZE, JACQUES H. - Labour Management, Contracts and Capital Markets
060098: DREZE, JACQUES H. - Allocation Under Uncertainty: Equilibrium and Optimality
469536: DREZE, JEAN; SEN, AMARTYA - India Economic Development and Social Opportunity
506348: DREZE, JACQUES H. - Moneta e Incertezza: Inflazione, Interesse, Indicizzazione (Money and Uncertainty: Inflation, Interest, Indexation)
410276: DRIBE, MARTIN - Leaving Home in a Peasant Society: Economic Fluctuations, Household Dynamics and Youth Migration in Southern Sweden, 1829-1866
531657: DRIFFIELD - Driffs Guide to All the Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in Britain
217488: DRILLIEN, CECIL M. (ED.); INGRAM, T.T.S. (ED.); WILKINSON, ELSIE M. (ED.) - The Causes and Natural history of Cleft Lip and Palate
544018: DRIN, MICHAEL - Three's a Crowd
534436: DRING, M.J. - The Biology of Marine Plants
538278: DRINKWATER, JOHN; ELTON, HUGH (EDITORS) - Fifth-Century Gaul: A Crisis of Identity?
413340: DRINKWATER, JOHN - The Dramatic Works of St. John Hankin, Volume 1-3
004817: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Abraham Lincoln A Play
009991: DRINKWATER, JOHN - An Anthology of English Verse
142281: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Mr. Charles, King of England
198659: DRINNON, RICHARD - Facing West : The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating and Empire-Building
507344: DRISCOLL, JAMES R. - The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service
200579: DRISCOLL, J. T. - Pragmatism and the Problem of the Idea (Vol. 1-5)
191263: DRISKELL, LES - Selection of Control Valves and Other Final Control Devices
077450: DRIVER, CIARAN - Towards Full Employment: A Policy Appraisal
508102: DRIVER, C J - In the Water-Margins: Poems
215122: DRIVER, C.(ED.); TEMPLE, PAUL (ED.) - Investment Growth and Employment : Perspectives and Policy
223515: DRIVER, FELIX (ED.); ET AL. - Journal of Historical Geography, Vol. 3, Nos. 1 to 4, 1976
450903: DRIVER, C. J. - Patrick Duncan: South African and Pan-Africanist
544591: DRIVER, C.J. - Death of Fathers
222067: DRIVER, EMILY; DROISEN, AUDREY (EDS.) - Child Sexual Abuse : Feminist Perspectives
298430: DRIVER, G. R. (ED.) - Aramaic Documents of The Fifth Century B. C.
409468: DRIVER, CIARAN; TEMPLE, PAUL - The Unbalanced Economy: A Policy Appraisal
235021: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 35, Number 3, July 2009
235022: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 35, Number 4, October 2009
235012: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 33, Number 2, April 2007
235013: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 33, Number 3, July 2007
235014: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 33, Number 4, October 2007
235015: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 34, Number 1, January 2008
235016: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 34, Number 2, April 2008
235018: DRIVER, FELIX; WYNN, GRAEME (EDITORS) - Journal of Historical Geography Volume 34, Number 4, January 2008
524109: DRIVER, C.J. - Elegy for a Revolutionary
181045: DRIVING STANDARDS AGENCY - Official Theory Test Car for Car Drivers and the Highway Code
283914: DROBOT, VLADIMIR - Formal Languages And Automata Theory
441031: DROEGE, WILLIAM (ED.) - The Seventh Edition Five-Letter A B C Universal Commercial Telegraphic Code
474722: DROGUS, CAROL ANN; ORVIS, STEPHEN - Introducing Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context
601186: DROMGOOLE, DOMINIC - Hamlet Globe to Globe: Two Years, 190,000 Miles, 197 Countries, One Play
547662: DRONKE, URSULA, (ED., TRANSL., AND COMMENTARY) - The Poetic Edda: Volume I: Heroic Poems
544656: DRONKE, PETER - Dante and Medieval Latin Traditions
541247: DROS, IMME (AUTHOR); POMERANS, ARNO; POMERANS, ERICA (TRANSLATORS) - Annelie in the Depths of the Night
514921: DROSNIN, MICHAEL - Citizen Hughes
009903: DROSTE-HÜLSHOFF ANNETTE VON - Die Judenbuche Ein Sittengemälde aus dem Gebirgichten Westfahlen
541688: DROUIN, CECILE - Child of the Red Land
537409: DROZDEK, ADAM - In the Beginning Was the Apeiron: Infinity in Greek Philosophy
466330: DROZDOWSKI, BOHDAN - Twentieth Century Polish Theatre
145602: DRUCE, C.J. - The Ridgeway
160261: DRUCE, ROBERT - The Eye of Innocence : Children and Their Poetry
440208: DRUCE, G. C.; PAGE, WILLIAM (ED.) - A History of the County of Buckingham; Part 2: Botany
511132: DRUCKER, ERNEST - Decarcerating America
521791: DRUCKER, JOHANNA - The Alphabetic Labyrinth: The Letters in History and Imagination
607433: DRUCKER, PETER F. - The Effective Executive
443874: DRUCKREY, TIMOTHY; ARS ELECTRONICA (EDS.) - Ars Electronica: Facing the Future
601076: DRUESNE, ALEXANDRA - Spaces for Leisure (Home Series)
601375: DRUESNE, ALEXANDRA - Bedrooms (Home Series)
601376: DRUESNE, ALEXANDRA - Fusion Interiors (Home Series)
601377: DRUESNE, ALEXANDRA - Cosy Living (Home Series)
601080: DRUESNE, ALEXANDRA - Dining Rooms (Home Series)
491837: DRUET, PIERRE-PHILIPPE; KEMP, PETER; THILL, GEORGES - Technologies et SociEtEs: Essai
538597: DRUITT, TOBIAS - Corydon and the Island of Monsters
508413: DRUMEL, PHILIPPE - Les Indes Noires
518871: DRUMMEN, JOHN; SISSUNG, MAUD (TRANSL.) - L'Ange Au Pied-Bot
472986: DRUMMOND, JAMES - Philo Judas or the Jewish-Alexandrian Philosophy in Its Development and Completion: Volume I
168390: DRUMMOND, JC/ WILBRAHAM, ANNE - The Englishman's Food
542905: DRUMMOND, IVOR - The Diamonds of Loreta
538114: DRUMMOND, J.C; WILBRAHAM, ANNE - The Englishman's Food: A History of Five Centuries of English Diet
518764: DRUMMOND, MARCY - Long Distance Riding
189295: DRUMMOND, MAGGIE - The Investor's Handbook : Proshare's No-Nonsense Guide to Sensible Investing
542759: DRUMMOND, IVOR - The Jaws of the Watchdog
460313: DRUMMOND, PHILLIP; PATERSON, RICHARD (EDS.) - Television in Transition: Papers from the First International Television Studies Conference
196575: DRUMMOND, HENRY - The Lowell Lectures on the Ascent of Man
540392: DRUMMOND, IVOR - The Necklace of Skulls
544629: DRUMMOND, MALDWIN - The Royal Cruising Club: Season 1980
538684: DRUMMOND, IVOR - The Priests of the Abomination
542737: DRUMMOND, JUNE - Burden of Guilt
410583: DRURY, MARTIN (ED.) - Three Team Plays
447661: DRURY, NEVILL (ED.) - New Art Four: Profiles in Contemporary Australian Art
532099: DRURY, JOHN H.; GILBERT, JOAN - Jim Thorpe (Mauch Chunk), Images of America Series
495097: DRURY, JAMES; WIJESINHA, RAJIVA (EDS.) - Aspects of Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language
164903: DRURY, M.; HOBBS, R. - General Practice (Treatment and Prognosis)
601212: DRURY, TOM - Pacific
433496: DRURY, JOHN PHILIP - Sea Level Rising
525043: DRUXES, HELGA; MACHTANS, KAROLIN; MIHAILOVIC, ALEXANDER (EDS.) - Navid Kermani (Contemporary German Writers and Fillmmakers, Volume 3)
195090: DRUYANOV, B. - Technological Mechanics of Porous Bodies
095667: DRUZHININ, V.F. - Razgovory Zhivykh i Mertvykh
234218: DRUZHNIKOV, YU. I. - Angely na Konchike Igly : Roman
426339: DRVENKAR, ZORAN - You
534734: DRYDEN, WINDY - Dryden - On Counselling: Volume 3: Training and Supervision
156271: DRYDEN, WINDY - Dryden - On Counselling: Vol 1 Seminal Papers
435004: DRYDEN, RICHARD - Before Birth
484196: DRYDEN, WINDY (ED.) - Key Cases in Psychotherapy
156272: DRYDEN, WINDY - Dryden - On Counselling: Vol 2 A Dialogue
156273: DRYDEN, WINDY - Dryden - On Counselling: Vol 3: Training and Supervision
428120: DRYDEN, JOHN - All for Love: World Well Loft, A Tragedy
213212: DRYLER, HELEN - Educational Choice in Sweden: Studies on the Importance of Gender and Social Contexts
231382: DRYSDALE, PETER; LIGANG SONG (ED.) - China's Entry to the WTO: Strategic Issues and Quantitative Assessments
464981: DRYSDALE DEMPSEY, G. - Tubular and Other Iron Girder Bridges Particularly Describing the Britannia and Conway Bridges ([Nineteenth century engineering series])
464982: DRYSDALE DEMPSEY, G. - Tubular and Other Iron Girder Bridges Particularly Describing the Britannia and Conway Bridges ([Nineteenth century engineering series])
432646: DRZIC, MARIN - Marin Drzic 1508-2008: Zbornik Radova s Medunarodnoga Znanstvenog Skupa Održanog 5-7. Studenoga 2008. u Zagrebu
113342: DU BOULAY, G. H. - Principles of X-Ray Diagnosis of the Skull
600213: DU PLOCK, SIMON; HEATON, JOHN M. (EDS.) - Existential Analysis: Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis, 17.1
458851: DU, HUANG, DAN, DANG - Wang Luyan: Sawing or Being Sawed? Painting and Installation
519576: DU PONT, B.G. - Lives of Victor and Josephine Du Pont
519577: DU PONT, B.G. (COMPILED BY) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1778-1791, Volume I
519578: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1792-1794, Volume Two
519579: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1794-1796, Volume Three
519580: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1796-1799, Volume Four
519583: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1811-1814, Volume Nine
519584: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contempoary Correspondence 1814-1819, Volume Ten
519585: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1819-1834, Volume Eleven
519586: DU PONT, B.G. (COMPILED BY) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1778-1834, Index
478105: DU BOIS-REYMOND, MANUELA; DIEKSTRA, RENE; HURRELMANN, KLAUS; PETERS, ELS (EDS.) - Childhood and Youth in Germany and The Netherlands: Transitions and Coping Strategies of Adolescents
519379: DU PONT, VICTOR MARIE; DAVID, CHARLES W. (ED.) - Journey to France and Spain 1801
519581: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1804-1807, Volume Seven
519573: DU PONT DE NEMOURS - L'enfance Et La Jeunesse De Du Pont De Nemours
519575: DU PONT, B.G. - Du Pont De Nemours 1739-1817: Volumes I & II
600215: DU PLOCK, SIMON; HEATON, JOHN M. (EDS.) - Existential Analysis: Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis, 18.1
600214: DU PLOCK, SIMON; HEATON, JOHN M. (EDS.) - Existential Analysis: Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis, 17.2
506062: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Trilby
481003: DU GARD, MAURICE MARTIN - De Sainte-Beuve a FEnelon Henri Bremond
519587: DU PONT, B.G. - E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company: A History 1802-1902
421931: DU RESNEL, M. - Les Principes De La Morale et Du Gout
519382: DU PONT, HENRY A. - The Story of the Huguenots: As Contained in Two Addresses Made before The Huguenot Societies of South Carolina and Pennsylvania
601142: DU PLESSIX GRAY, FRANCINE - The Queen's Lover
519582: DU PONT, B.G. (TRANS.) - Life of ELEUTHERE IRENEE Du Pont from Contemporary Correspondence 1807-1811, Volume Eight
464626: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Trilby
255944: DU BLED, VICTOR - La Societe Francaise, Avant et Apres 1789
243953: DU COETLOSQUET, C. - Theodore Wibaux, Pontifical Zouave and Jesuit
112354: DU PREEZ, PETER - Dangerous Connections
546994: DU BOULAY, JULIET - Cosmos, Life, and Liturgy in a Greek Orthodox Village
111674: DU QINGHUA - Boundary Elements : Proceedings of the International Conference, Bejing, China, 14-17 October 1986
539147: DUANE, DIANE - Star Trek: Spock's World
542713: DUANE, DIANE - Star Trek: Spock's World
174097: DUARA, RANJAN (ED.) - Positron Emission Tomography in Dementia (Frontiers of Clinical Neuroscience; Volume 10)
546820: DUARTE, SONIA; SAGGESE, SYLVIA - Modelagem Industrial Brasileira
438609: DUB, MICHAEL (ED.) - Organometallic Compounds: Methods of Synthesis, Physical Constants and Chemical Reactions, Volume I: Compounds of Transition Metals, Covering the Literature from 1937 to 1964
085054: DUBE, ALLISON - Fire with Water : Generations and Genders of Western Political Thought
487646: DUBE, WOLF-DIETER; NEUMEYER, FRITZ - GemAldegalerie Berlin: Der Neubau am Kulturforum
206520: DUBE, S.C. - India's Changing Villages: Human Factors in Continuity Development
220611: DUBERMAN, MARTIN B. - Haymarket : A Novel
437413: DUBIN, JOSHUA; TRANTER, MARK (EDS>0 - Swank: An Anthology
215747: DUBIN, FRAIDA; MARGOL, M. - It's Time to Talk : Communication Activities for Learning English As a New Language
605045: DUBIN, STEVEN C. - Displays of Power: Memory and Amnesia in the American Museum
203694: DUBNER, M.F. (ED.) - Oeuvres d'Horace : Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera
503902: DUBOIS, ABBE J. A.; BEAUCHAMP, HENRY K. (TRANS.) (ED.) - Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies
529954: DUBOIS, JEAN-PAUL - Not Everyboady Lives the Same Way
255947: DUBOIS, PIERRE - Victor Hugo: Ses Idees Religieuses De 1802 a 1825
522597: DUBOS, RENE J. - Biochemical Determinants of Microbial Diseases (Harvard University Monograph in Medicine and Public Health, Number 13)
177626: DUBOULE, DENIS (EDITED BY) - Guidebook to the Homeobox Genes
547667: DUBOVEC, MAREK - The Law of Securities, Commodities and Bank Accounts: The Rights of Account Holders
282495: DUBUFFET, JEAN - Late Paintings By Jean Dubuffet (1975-82)
452776: DUBUS III, ANDRE - The Garden of Last Days
541744: DUBY, GEORGES, (AUTHOR); LEVIEUX, ELEANOR, (TRANS.); THOMPSON, BARBARA, (TRANS.) - The Age of The Catherals: Art and Society 980-1420
538735: DUBY, GEORGES; CLARKE, HOWARD B. (TRANS.) - The Early Growth of the European Economy: Warriors and Peasants from the Seventh to the Twelfth Century.
493956: DUBY, GEORGES - L'Economie rurale et la vie des campagnes dans l'Occident mEdiEval
533448: DUCHENE, ROGER - Madame de SEVIGNE et la lettre D'amour
477475: DUCIMETIERE, NICOLAS; JEANNERET, MICHEL (EDS.) - The Italian Renaissance: A Zest for Life
283616: DUCK, STEVE (ED.) - Journal of Social and Personal Relationships; Volume 3, Number 4, December 1986
084477: DUCK, R.E.V.; JERVIS, F.R.J - Management Accounting: A Practical Approach
001132: DUCKER, E.N. - Psychotherapy: A Christian Approach
163246: DUCKETT, M.A., PH.D., D.LIT. - Latin Writers of the Fifth Century
199705: DUCKETT, J. G.;RACEY, P.A.;LINNEAN SOCIETY OF LONDON - The Biology of the Male Gamete
535609: DUCKETT, ELEANOR SHIPLEY - Anglo-Saxon Saints and Scholars
541785: DUCKETT, ELEANOR SHIPLEY - Alfred the Great
542132: DUCKWORTH, COLIN - Steps to the High Garden
433245: DUCKWORTH, W. E.; HOYLE, G. - Electro-Slag Refining
174264: DUCKWORTH, COLIN - Steps to the High Garden
545315: DUCKWORTH, MARILYN - Pulling Faces
433244: DUCKWORTH, W. E.; HOYLE, G. - Electro-Slag Refining
443945: DUCLOS, CHARLES - Considerations Sur Les Moeurs
516088: DUDA, PAUL - The Vanishing Hutongs of Beijing
303880: DUDA, RUDOLF; REJL, LUBOS - Der Kosmos Edelsteinfuhrer: Edel- und Schmucksteine der Welt und Ihre Eigenschaften
482807: DUDAI, Y.; LITTAUER, U. Z.; SILMAN, I.; TEICHBERG, V. I.; VOGEL, Z. (EDS.) - Neurotransmitters and Their Receptors
108435: DUDENEY, HENRY ERNEST - Puzzles and Curious Problems
062150: DUDENEY, HENRY - Traveller's Rest
016499: DUDGEON, PIERS - The Virgin Alternative Guide to British Universities
036280: DUDLEY, NIGEL - Good Health on a Polluted Planet : A Handbook of Environmental Hazards and How to Avoid Them
233715: DUDLEY, JAMES R.; STONE, GLENN - Fathering at Risk
303500: DUDLEY, JAMES R.; STONE, GLENN - Fathering at Risk
279865: DUDLEY STAMP, L. - The New Naturalist: Britain's Structure and Scenery
261796: DUDLEY, HUGH; PORIES, WALTER (CONSULTANT EDS.) - Rob & Smith's Operative Surgery: General Principles, Breast and Extracranial Endocrines
020370: DUDOVITZ, RESA L. - The Myth of Superwoman: Women's Bestsellers in France and the United States
418155: DUDZUS, OTTO (ED.) - Bonhoeffer-Auswahl, Bands 1 - 4
524480: DUE, JESPER; MADSON, JORGEN STEEN; JENSEN, CARSTEN STROBY; PETERSEN LARS KJERULF; MARTIN, SEAN (TRANS.) - The Survival of the Danish Model: A Historical Sociological Analysis of the Danish System of Collective Bargaining
493109: DUERDEN, RICHARD - The Fork
060181: DUESENBERRY, JAMES S. & FROMM, GARY - The Brookings Quarterly Econometric Model of the United States
444464: DUFF, E. GORDON - Fifteen Century English Books: A Bibliography of Books and Documents Printed in England and of Books for the English Market Printed Abroad
040076: DUFF, RAYMOND S. & HOLLINGSHEAD, AUGUST B. - Sickness and Society
023111: DUFF, ARCHIBALD - A History of the Religion of Judaism 500 to 200 B.C.
419088: DUFF, CHARLES - A Handbook on Hanging
483119: DUFF GORDON, LINA - The Story of Assisi
479859: DUFF, JOHN B.; GREENE, LARRY A. (EDS.) - Slavery: Its Origin and Legacy
514179: DUFF, DAVID - Eugenie and Napoleon III
152399: DUFF, ANDREW - Reforming the European Union
488434: DUFF, WILSON - The Indian History of British Columbia, Volume 1: The Impact of the White Man (Anthropology in British Columbia Memoir)
106713: DUFFERIN, LORD - Letters from High Latitudes: Being Some Account of a Voyage in 1856 in the Schooner Yacht Foam to Iceland, Jan Mayen and Spitzbergen
517680: DUFFEY, PETER - Comets and Concordes (and Those I Flew Before)
078265: DUFFEY, ERIC - National Parks and Reserves of Western Europe
104104: DUFFEY, BERNARD I. - The Chicago Renaissance in American Letters: A Critical History
448298: DUFFIN, H. C. - Thomas Hardy: A Study of the Wessex Novels
107527: DUFFY, GERALD G. - How to Teach Reading Systematically
484303: DUFFY, CAROL ANN - New Selected Poems 1984-2004
525393: DUFFY, ANA - Of Silenced and Unheard Voices from the South: Argentinean Subalternity According to Luisa Valenzuela (Hispanic Studies: Culture and Ideas, Volume 80)
218832: DUFFY, MAUREEN - Restitution
472915: DUFFY, EAMON - Saints, Sacrilege & Sedition: Religion and Conflict in Tudor Reformations
541946: DUFFY, DEAN G. - Mixed Boundary Value Problems
540633: DUFFY, MAUREEN - The Erotic World of Faery
069192: DUFFY, ANDREW; DUFFY, CAROLINE; PUGH, OLIVER - Dear All: A Collection of Round Robins
606404: DUFFY, MAUREEN - Illuminations
536505: DUFOUR, ANNIE (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - Orsay Par/by Julian Schnabel
159622: DUFRESNY, CHARLES - Amusements Serieux et Comiques
110323: DUFTON, PETER - Polymers in Building and Construction: Materials in Use and Recent Developments in Markets
295102: DUGALL, BERNDT (ED.) - Handbuch der Historischen Buchbestande in Deutschland: Band 5: Hessen: A-L
541250: DUGAN, MICHAEL - Stuff and Nonsense
463036: DUGATKIN, LEE ALAN - The Imitation Factor: Evolution Beyond the Gene
543886: DUGATKIN, LEE ALAN - The Prince of Evolution: Peter Kropotkin's Adventures in Science and Politics
051134: DUGDALE, R.H. - Hydraulics (Examination Subjects for Civil Engineers)
524398: DUGDALE, G.S. - Whitehall through the Centuries
085801: DUGDALE, NORMAN - A Prospect of the West
507864: DUGDALE, D. S. - Manx Church Origins
080824: DUGDALE, J. S. - Fundamentals of Modern Management
049375: DUGDALE, R.H - Surveying (Godwin Study Guides series)
535466: DUGDALE, BLANCHE; ROSE, N. A. (ED.) - Baffy: The Diaries of Blanche Dugdale 1936-1947
035693: DUGEON, J.A & CUTTING, WILLIAM A.M - Immunization: Principles and Practice
075091: DUGGAL, K.S. - Alien Heart
425106: DUGGAN, MR M.J. (ED.) - The Risks from Radon in Homes
526950: DUGGAN, EILEEN - Poems
426636: DUGMORE, PAUL; PICKFORD, JANE; ANGUS, SALLY - Youth Justice and Social Work
535415: DUGMORE, C. W.; DUGGAN, CHARLES (EDS.) - Studies in Church History: Volume 1
518336: DUGUIT, LEON; LASKI, FRIDA AND HAROLD (TRANSL.) - Law in the Modern State
278272: DUHE, SANDRA C. - New Media and Public Relations
607377: DUHIG, IAN - The Bradford Count
070164: DUICHEV, IVAN - Rilskata Gramota na Tsar Ivan Shishman ot 1378 Godina
486624: DUIGNAN, PETER; JACKSON, ROBERT H. (EDS.) - Politics and Government in African States 1960-1985
607987: DUIJF, HEIN - The Logic of Responsibility Voids (Synthese Library, 456)
200999: DUIJVESTIJN, AD - The Rat Thymus: Non-lymphoid Cells in the Micro-Environment of T-cell Differentiation
447073: DUIJZINGS, GER (ED.) - Global Villages: Rural and Urban Transformations in Contemporary Bulgaria
512665: DUJOURIE, LILI; ESPALIU, PEPE; IGLESIAS, CRISTINA - Some Notes on Nothing, and the Silence of Works of Art
423288: DUKE, CHARLES B.; PLUMMER, E. WARD (EDS.) - Frontiers in Surface and Interface Science
437282: DUKE-ELDER, STEWART; LEIGH, ARTHUR GEORGE - System of Ophthalmology, Vol. VIII: Disease of the Outer Eye, Part 2
114047: DUKE, C. - Managing the Learning University (SRHE and Open University Press Imprint)
104232: DUKE, CHRIS - Managing the Learning University
466307: DUKE-ELDER, STEWART - System of Ophthalmology, Vol. IV: The Physiology of the Eye and of Vision
017411: DUKES, PAUL (ED.) - Russia and Europe (A History Today Book)
492086: DUKES, PAUL - Catherine the Great and the Russian Nobility
508211: DUKES, CHRIS; SMITH, MAGGIE - Provision and Progress for Two Year Olds
287313: DUKORE, BERNARD F. (ED.) - Shaw: Volume Fourteen: 1992: Shaw And The Last Hundred Years
410912: DULKEN, STEPHEN VAN - Ideen, die Geschichte machten: Das grosse Buch der Erfindungen
518082: DULL, PAUL S. - A Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy (1941-1945)
524085: DUMAREST, DANIELE; MORSEL, MARIE-HELENE - Le Chemin Des Mots: Pour Un Apprentissage METHODIQUE Du Vocabulaire FRANCAIS
430093: DUMAS, F. RIBADEAU - These Moderns: Some Parisian Close-ups
504492: DUMAS, MARIE-HELENE - Femmes & Art Au XXe SIECLE: Le Temps Des DEFIS
408768: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Vingt Ans Apres (Niveau 4)
498420: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Conspirators
522086: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Twenty Years After: An Historical Romance
169727: DUMAS, R. - L'Entreprise et La Statistique
090527: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Russian Gipsy or the Palace of Ice
274408: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Pictures of Travel in South of France (1859)
008029: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - La Tulipe Noire
177876: DUMAS A. - Robin Des Bois : Etoile d'Or
534253: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Borgias
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545296: EDGEWORTH, ROGER; WILSON, JANET (ED.) - Sermons Very Fruitfull, Godly and Learned: Preaching in the Reformation, C.1535-C.1553
408063: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: Volume LXXXIX, Part 1, 1988/9
216817: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, New Series - Volume LXXXX
284070: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, New Series, Vol. LXXXIX: Containing the Papers Read Before the Society During the One Hundred and Tenth Session, 1988/89
284071: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, New Series, Vol. LXXXX: Containing the Papers Read Before the Society During the One Hundred and Eleventh Session, 1989/90
284499: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED) - The Aristotelian Society: Supplementary Volume LXI
407785: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series, Vol. LXXXIX, Part 1, 1988/9
408236: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - The Aristotelian Society: Supplementary Volume LXII: 1988
407787: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series, Vol. LXXXIX, Part 2, 1988/9
407790: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series, Vol. LXXXIX, Part 3, 1988/9
242506: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series - Vol. LXXXIX, Part 3
216830: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED) - The Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume LXII
216839: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED) - The Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume LXIII
407786: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series, Vol. LXXXIX, Part 1, 1988/9
407789: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series, Vol. LXXXIX, Part 3, 1988/9
407791: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series, Vol. XC, Part 1, 1989/90
407792: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series, Vol. XC, Part 1, 1989/90
216821: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED) - Proceedings of Aristotelian Society, New Series - Volume LXXXVIII
216822: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED) - Proceedings of Aristotelian Society, New Series - Volume LXXXVII
242507: EDGINGTON, DOROTHY (ED.) - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society; New Series - Vol. XC, Part 1
539391: EDGINTON, IAN - Aliens: Rogue
470808: EDGLEY, ROY; OSBORNE, RICHARD (EDS.) - Radical Philosophy Reader
535026: EDINGER, EDWARD F.; WESLEY, DEBORAH A. (EDITOR) - The Aion Lectures: Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung's Aion
149405: EDITE PAR SYLVIE LECUYER - Jehan et Blonde De Phillippe De Remi
082634: EDITED BY : JOFFE, RUSSEL T.; CALABRESE, JOSEPH R. - Anticonvulsants in Mood Disorders
164938: EDITED BY GRANVILLE GROSSMAN, KENNETH - Recent Advances in Clinical Psychiatry 3
Am1123: EDITED BY CILIANG CHE - Global Interior Design Collection 2
Am702: EDITED BY WANG SHAOQIANG - APD - Asia Pacific Design 5
537236: EDITIONS IICHIKO - Iichiko Intercultural: No.11, 1999:
537235: EDITIONS IICHIKO - Iichiko Intercultural: No.9, 1997: On Foucault
027907: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Light and Film (Life Library of Photography)
166519: EDITORS: MONK, GRAHAM-BROWN, SARKANY - Skin Disorders in the Elderly
025544: EDITORS OF STUDIO MAGAZINE - Graphic Excellence
091308: EDITORS OF "PUMPING - Pumping Manual
546350: EDLMANN, C. ELLIOT - The Making of Soft Toys, Including a Set of Full-Sized Patterns for Animals and Birds
151106: EDMANS, TERESA; TARIFA, GRISEL - The Regeneration Maze Revisited
210203: EDMISTON, BRIAN - Forming Ethical Identities in Early Childhood Play
462864: EDMONDS, ROBIN - The Big Three: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in Peace and War
507415: EDMONDS, NATALIE - Reading for Comprehension 2
193041: EDMONDS, ERNEST (ED.) - The Separable User Interface
462915: EDMONDS, ROBIN - Setting the Mould: The United States and Britain: 1945-1950
525833: EDMONDS, JAMES E. - History of the Great War: Military Operations, France and Belgium, 1914
206503: EDMONDS, ERNEST A. (ED.) - The Separable User Interface (Computers and People Series)
526359: EDMONDSON, RICCA; RAU, HENRIKE (EDS.) - Environmental Argument and Cultural Difference: Locations, Fractures and Deliberations
486818: EDMONDSTON, ELIZABETH - Books of Your Own: Suggestions for Running a Personal Library
162074: EDMUND MARSDEN, JUDITH EARNSHAW AND OTHERS - Green Knuckles - an Anthology
237655: EDMUNDS, F.H. - Geology and Ourselves
453414: EDMUNDS, E. W.; SPOONER, FRANK - Readings in English Literature: Senior Course, Vol. II: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, 1625-1780
453416: EDMUNDS, E. W.; SPOONER, FRANK - Readings in English Literature: Senior Course, Vol. I: The Elizabethan Period, 1558-1625
453415: EDMUNDS, E. W.; SPOONER, FRANK - Readings in English Literature: Senior Course, Vol. III: Nineteenth Century, 1780-1880
518900: EDMUNDS, F.H.; OAKLEY, K.P. - The Central District (British Regional Geology)
Am1971: EDMUNDSON, WILLIAM - The Nitrate King: a Biography of "Colonel" John Thomas North
494555p: EDOARDO TORTAROLO - The Invention of Free Press: Writers and Censorship in Eighteenth Century Europe (International Archives of the History of Ideas / Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Idees)
542545: EDRIC, ROBERT - In the Days of the American Museum
045848: EDS LAWS, JOHN W - Non-Invasive Radiology (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045849: EDS WALKER-SMITH, J.A - Paediatric Gastroenterology (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045850: EDS KREJS, GUENTER - Diarrhoea (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045851: EDS MENDELOFF, ALBERT - Pathophysiology of Non-Neoplastic Colonic Disorders (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045852: EDS BUIST, T.A.S - Invasive Radiology (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045853: EDS JAMES, O.W.F - Gastrointestinal Disorders in the Elderly (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045847: EDS ISENBERG, JON & JOHANSSON, CATJA - Peptic Ulcer Disease (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045845: EDS BENHAMOU, JEAN-PIERRE & LEBREC, DIDIER - Portal Hypertension (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
045843: EDS CLASSEN, MEINHARD - Endoscopy (Clinics in Gastroenterology Series)
101528: EDSALL, MARIAN S. - Library Promotion Handbook
466734: EDSCHMID, KASIMIR - South America: A Continent of Contrasts
026377: EDUARD MÖRIKE - Gedichte
513917: EDUARDO, LEIGH - Mistresses: True Stories of Seduction, Power and Ambition
Am1183: EDUARDO BERTI - Agua
071414: EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOR WOMEN - Returning to Work
107884: EDUCATION AND SCIENCE STAFF, DEPT.OF - Science 5-16 : A Statement of Policy
073837: EDUCATION & SCIENCE,DEPT.OF - School-based Initial Teacher Training in England and Wales
510116: EDVINSSON, LARS; MACKENZIE, ERIC T.; MCCULLOCH, JAMES - Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
281556: EDVINSSON, LARS; UDDMAN, ROLF (EDS.) - Vascular Innervation and Receptor Mechanisms: New Perspectives
477452: EDWARD, EARL OF CLARENDON; MACRAY, W. DUNN (ED.) - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641: Vol. IV. (Books IX - XI.)
514354: EDWARD GIBBON - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
186866: EDWARD MORTIMER LTD. - Mortimer's Ready Reckoner: Paper Calculations and Printing Tables
490283: EDWARD MAUNDE THOMPSON - An Introduction to Greek and Latin Palaeography (Oxford Reprints)
477453: EDWARD, EARL OF CLARENDON; MACRAY, W. DUNN (ED.) - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641: Vol. V. (Books XII - XIV.)
530740: EDWARDES, EDWARD J. - A Concise History of Small-Pox and Vaccination in Europe
011314: EDWARDES, MICHEAL - Asia In the Balance
206899: EDWARDS, E. J. - Adventure Islands
289021: EDWARDS, FRANCIS (ED.) - The Gunpowder Plot: The Narrative Of Oswald Tesimond Alias Greenway
529744: EDWARDS, G.; ARIF, A. (EDS.) - Drug Problems in The Sociocultural Context: A Basis for Policies and Programme Planning (Public Health Papers, No.73)
445569: EDWARDS, PAULETTA J. - Out of the Rubble
294567: EDWARDS, F. C.; MCCALLUM, R.I.; TAYLOR, P. J. (EDS.) - Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects
455968: EDWARDS, AARON - A History of the Northern Ireland Labour Party: Democratic Socialism and Sectarianism
180553: EDWARDS, DAVID L.; SMITH, PETER (EDS.) - Robert Runcie : A Portrait by His Friends
546989: EDWARDS, A.S.G. (INTRO.) - The Life of St Edmund: King and Martyr; John Lydgate's Illustrated Verse Life Presented to Henry VI; A Facsimile of British Library MS Harley 2278
172219: EDWARDS, PAGE, JR. - The Mules That Angels Ride
281504: EDWARDS, H. - A Collection Of Old English Customs
074606: EDWARDS, PETER; JONES, STEPHEN; WILLIAMS, STEPHANIE - Business and Health Planning for General Practice
538206: EDWARDS, PAUL - Heidegger's Confusions
472575: EDWARDS, G. M. (ED.); HOMER - The Odyssey of Homer Books VI and VII
472576: EDWARDS, G. M. (ED.); HOMER - The Odyssey of Homer Books VI and VII
509865: EDWARDS, STEVEN W. - Biochemistry and physiology of the neutrophil
288971: EDWARDS, ROSALIND; RIBBENS, JANE (EDS.) - Women's Study International Forum; Volume 18, Number 3, May-June 1995
171637: EDWARDS, OLIVER - Talking of Books
425524: EDWARDS, P. K.; MARGINSON, PAUL; MARTIN, RODERICK; PURCELL, JOHN; SISSON, KEITH - Beyond the Workplace: Managing Industrial Relations in the Multi-Establishment Enterprise (Warwick Studies in Industrial Relations)
051353: EDWARDS, SYBIL - Decorative Painting Techniques Sourcebook: Step-by-step Decorative Brushwork
231538: EDWARDS, DAVID L.; SMITH, PETER (EDS.) - Alcohol and Alcohol Problems (British Medical Bulletin; Volume 50 No. 1)
251730: EDWARDS, RICHARD; HANSON, ANN; RAGGATT, PETER (ED.) - Boundaries of Adult Learning
456673: EDWARDS, ROSALIND (ED.) - Researching Families and Communities: Social and Generational Change
547237: EDWARDS, R.P.A. - The Tower Block
417559: EDWARDS, PROFESSOR D., ET AL (EDS.) - Palaeontology: Volume 36, Part 1, March 1993
417556: EDWARDS, DR. D., ET AL (EDS.) - Palaeontology: Volume 35, Part 2, June 1992
417557: EDWARDS, DR. D., ET AL (EDS.) - Palaeontology: Volume 35, Part 3, August 1992
417558: EDWARDS, DR. D., ET AL (EDS.) - Palaeontology: Volume 35, Part 4, November 1992
462893z: EDWARDS, EDWARD - Anecdotes of Painters
241013: EDWARDS, GEORGE; BYRNES, ANDREW (EDS.) - Hong Kong's Bill of Right : 1991-1994 and Beyond: Proceedings of a Seminar Organised by the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, 18 June 1994 (The Problems and Prospects Series)
241038: EDWARDS, GEORGE; CHAN, JOHANNES (EDS.) - Hong Kong's Bill of Rights : Two Years Before 1997 (The Problems and Prospects Series)
464217: EDWARDS, SAMUEL - Queen of the Plaza: A Biography of Adah Isaacs Menken
538924: EDWARDS, LIONEL - Our Horses
536024: EDWARDS, A.C. - The Account Books of Benjamin Mildmay, Earl Fitzwalter
496435: EDWARDS, PAUL (ED.) - Volcanic Heaven: Essays on Wyndham Lewis's Painting & Writing
502638: EDWARDS, BERNARD - The Road to Russia: Arctic Convoys 1942
522496: EDWARDS, PAUL; WAJCMAN, JUDY - The Politics of Working Life
512512: EDWARDS, AGUSTIN - The Dawn (Being the History of the Birth and Consolidation of the Republic of Chile)
517704: EDWARDS, RUTH DUDLEY - Murdering Americans
520301: EDWARDS, LIONEL - My Hunting Sketch Book, Volume II
514136: EDWARDS, ROBERT R. - Invention and Authorship in Medieval England (Interventions: New Studies Medieval Cult)
232930: EDWARDS, MICHAEL - Future Positive : International Co-operation in the 21st Century
222649: EDWARDS, RICHARD; HARRISON, ROGER; TAIT, ALAN (EDS) - Telling Tales : Perspectives on Guidance and Counselling in Learning
545257: EDWARDS, PAUL; WALVIN, JAMES - Black Personalities in the Era of the Slave Trade
484595: EDWARDS, SARAH (ED.) - Philosophical Topics: Volume 20, Number 2, Fall 1992: Medieval Philosophy
464845: EDWARDS, PAUL; WAJCMAN, JUDY - The Politics of Working Life
279027: EDWARDS, PETER; JONES, STEPHEN; SHALE, DENNIS; THURSZ, MARK (EDS.) - Shared Care: A Model for Clinical Management
480260: EDWARDS, PAUL - English Garden Ornament
480261: EDWARDS, PAUL - English Garden Ornament
442024: EDWARDS, BRIAN (ED.) - Mattoid 33, No. 1
538803: EDWARDS, MARTIN (ED.); COOPER, NATASHA (FOREWORD) - Scenes of Crime: A Crime Writers' Association Anthology
017893: EDWARDS, RICHARD; STOCKWELL, NIGEL - Trusts and Equity
091150: EDWARDS, MICHAEL; DEGO, GIULIANO & STRAUS, MARGARET (EDITED BY) - Directions in Italian Poetry, Prospice 6
523473: EDWARDS, G.B.; FOWLES, JOHN (INTRO.) - The Book of Ebenezer Le Page
109300: EDWARDS, GRIFFITH - Cannabis and the Criteria for Legislation of a Currently Prohibited Recreational Drug: Groundwork for a Debate
505995: EDWARDS, MICHAEL (ED.) - Raymond Queneau
546024: EDWARDS, BERTRAM - Midnight on Barrowmead Hill
542246: EDWARDS, MONICA - Storm Ahead
455967: EDWARDS, AARON - A History of the Northern Ireland Labour Party: Democratic Socialism and Sectarianism
429165: EDWARDS, MICHAEL; HULME, DAVID (EDS.) - Non-Governmental Organisations - Performance and Accountability: Beyond the Magic Bullet
067335: EDWARDS, BOB & ROA, AUGUSTIN - The Spanish Conspirators - After Franco Who?
489879: EDWARDS, DOROTHY; NEWMAN, CHRISTINE M. (EDS.) - Northallerton Wills and Inventories, 1666 - 1719 (Publications of the Surtees Society)
531434: EDWARDS, ALLEN L. - An Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation
109854: EDWARDS, PAGE - The Lake : Father and Son
278587: EDWARDS, ERNEST P. - A Field Guide to the Birds of Mexico
424570: EDWARDS, GRIFFITH; BUSCH, CAROL (EDS.) - Drug Problems in Britain: A Review of Ten Years
462894z: EDWARDS, EDWARD - Anecdotes of Painters
441716: EDWARDS, ALLEN L. - An Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation
543644: EDWARDS, MARTIN - Eve of Destruction: A Harry Devlin Mystery
497908: EDWARDS, BERNARD - War of the U-Boats: British Merchantmen Under Fire
302628: EDWARDS, BRYAN - The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British West Indies, with a Continuation to the Present Time: Volume III
302629: EDWARDS, BRYAN - The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British West Indies, with a Continuation to the Present Time: Volume V
460092: EDWARDS, FOLKE - Valosta Varjoon: Fran Ljus Till Morker (19. syyskuuta - 27. lokakuuta 1991)
503392: EDWARDS, MARK - Religions of the Constantinian Empire
533663: EDWARDS, MARTIN (ED.) - Capital Crimes: London Mysteries
007731: EDWARDS, DAVID I. - Antimicrobial Drug Action
163556: EDWARDS & OWEN - The Resiters of Roger Martival Bishop of Salisbury 1315-1330 VOL IV (Diocesis Sarisbiriensis Registrum Rogeri Mertival Pars Sexta)
048917: EDWARDS, R G; HOWE, C W S; JOHNSON, M H - Immunobiology of Trophoblast
525318: EDWARDS, NATALIE - Voicing Voluntary Childlessness: Narratives of Non-Mothering in French
260218: EDWARDS, BRIAN - Troubles, Trials and Travels: Three London Boroughs, Old Bailey, the KGB and Me
475914: EDWARDS, PAUL; HUMPHREYS, RICHARD - Wyndham Lewis: Portraits
600490: EDWARDS, ROSALIND - Mature Women Students: Separating or Connecting Family and Education

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