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151621: CACUTT, LEN (ROSS, BERNARD) - The Old Sessions House: Its Setting and Its History
527961: CADDEL, RICHARD (ED.) - Sharp Study and Long Toil: Basin Bunting Special Issue
058571: CADDOCK, PATRICIA & HAY, CARLA - Studies in Eighteenth-century Culture Vol 21
540440: CADIGAN, PAT - Synners
460042: CADITZ, JUDITH - White Liberals in Transition: Current Dilemmas of Ethnic Integration
505621: CADMAN, TIMOTHY (ED.) - Climate Change and Global Policy Regimes: Towards Institutional Legitimacy
295795: CADOGAN, ADELAIDE - Illustrated Games of Patience
479320: CADOGAN, GERALD - Palaces of Minoan Crete
295796: CADOGAN, ADELAIDE - Illustrated Games of Patience: Second Series
604357: CADOGAN, MARY - Women with Wings: Female Flyers in Fact and Fiction
103841: CADY, EDWIN H. - The Realist at War: The Mature Years 1885-1920 of William Dean Howells
507331: CAEIRO, RUI - Acabamentos De Primeira
517896: CAESAR, JULIUS; HANDFORD, S.A. (TRANSL.); GARDNER, JANE F. (TRANSL. & ED.) - The Gallic and Civil Wars
419250: CAESARIS, C. JULII - Bello Gallico: Commentariorum: Libri V
465038: CAFA ART MUSEUM - 100 Vintage Prints: Exhibition Tour of the Collection of Charles Jin: 20th Century Works of Western Photographers in China
522004: CAFAGGI, FABRIZIO; MUIR-WATT, HORATIA (EDS.) - Making European Private Law: Governance Design
521963: CAFAGGI, FABRIZIO; LAW, STEPHANIE (EDS.) - Judicial Cooperation in European Private Law
497522: CAFFREY, HELEN - Almshouses in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1600 - 1900
487342: CAFIERO, GIUSEPPE - Theatre: The Advertisement, Nursery Rhyme in the Time of Silence (A Play in Two Parts)
158170: CAGNAT,R. - L'anee Epigrapheique 1894
158172: CAGNAT, RENE. - L'annee Epigraphique 1898
158173: CAGNAT, RENE. & BESNIER, M. - L'annee Epigraphique 1901
158171: CAGNAT, RENE. - L'annee Epigraphique 1892
443799: CAHEN, MICHEL - Le Portugal Bilingue: Histoire et Droits Politiques d'une Minorite Linguistique: La Communaute Mirandaise
085698: CAHILL, TIM - Jaguars Ripped My Flesh: Adventure is a Risky Business
526562: CAHILL, SUSAN; FLANNERY, EOIN (EDS.) - This Side of Brightness: Essays on the Fiction of Colum McCann (Reimagining Ireland, Volume 17)
435735: CAHILL, CHRISTOPHER (ED.) - The Recorder: A Journal of the American Irish Historical Society: A Tribute to Benedict Kiely: Volume 7, No. 1, Summer 1994
534595: CAHILL, LISA SOWLE - Global Justice, Christology and Christian Ethics: New Studies in Christian Ethics
525807: CAHN, SAMMY - I Should Care
454208: CAHN, JEAN-PAUL; MULLER, KLAUS-JURGEN - La Republique Federale d'Allemagne et la Guerre d'Algerie, 1954-1962
533738: CAHOONE, LAWRENCE E. - The Ends of Philosophy: Pragmatism, Foundationalism and Postmodernism
178257: CAILLEUX, ANDRE - La Geologie : Collection Que Sais-Je?
431650: CAIN, MAUREEN (ED.) - International Journal of the Sociology of Law, Volume 11, 1983
608061: CAIN, PAUL - Seven Slayers
431648: CAIN, MAUREEN; MCBARNET, D. (EDS.) - International Journal of the Sociology of Law, Volume 9, 1981
431649: CAIN, MAUREEN; MCBARNET, D. (EDS.) - International Journal of the Sociology of Law, Volume 10, 1982
431652: CAIN, MAUREEN (ED.) - International Journal of the Sociology of Law, Volume 13, 1985
431651: CAIN, MAUREEN (ED.) - International Journal of the Sociology of Law, Volume 12, 1984
521675: CAIN, P.J.; HOPKINS, A.G. - British Imperialism: Crisis and Deconstruction 1914-1990
508140: CAIN, WILLIAM E. - F.O. Matthiessen and the Politics of Criticism
431653: CAIN, MAUREEN (ED.) - International Journal of the Sociology of Law, Volume 14, 1986
431647: CAIN, MAUREEN; MCBARNET, D. (EDS.) - International Journal of the Sociology of Law, Volume 8, 1980
533616: CAIN, STEPHEN; MILLAR, JAY - Double Helix
209197: CAIN, TOM - The Accident Man
073798: CAINE, TOM; WIJESINGHE, BRIAN; WINTER, DAVID - Personal Styles in Neurosis : Implications for Small Group Psychotherapy and Behavior Therapy
482884: CAIRD, F. I.; EVANS, J. GRIMPLEY (EDS.) - Advanced Geriatric Medicine 7
258723: CAIRD, JOHN - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
252837: CAIRD, EDWARD - The Philosophy of Kant
414690: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC - Years of Recovery: British Economic Policy 1945-51
016463: CAIRNCROSS, A. K. - Wicksell Lectures 1960: Monetary Policy in Amixed Economy
607618: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC (ED.) - The Robert Hall Diaries, 1947-53
528218: CAIRNS, LUCILLE; FOUZ-HERNANDEZ, SANTIAGO (EDS.) - Rethinking "Identities": Cultural Articulations of Alterity and Resistance in the New Millennium (Cultural Identity Studies, Volume 20)
527887: CAIRNS, LUCILLE; FOUZ-HERNANDEZ, SANTIAGO (EDS.) - Rethinking 'Identities': Cultural Articulations of Alterity and Resistance in the New Millennium (Cultural Identity Studies, Volume 20)
528594: CAIRNS, LUCILLE (ED.) - Gay and Lesbian Cultures in France (Modern French Identities, Vol.20)
236594: CAIROLI, M. LAITITIA - Girls of the Factory: a Year with the Garment Workers of Morocco
529495: CAIUS, JOHN; MALLOCH, ARCHIBALD (ED.) - A Boke or Counseill against the Disease called the Sweate (1552)
524075: CAJORI, FLORIAN - A History of the Conceptions of Limits and Fluxions in Great Britain from Newton to Woodhouse (1911)
530524: CAKIRLAR, CUNEYT; DELICE, SERKAN (TEXT) - Taner Ceylan: The Lost Paintings
530524a: CAKIRLAR, CUNEYT; DELICE, SERKAN (TEXT) - Taner Ceylan: The Lost Paintings
483853: CAL, ERNESTO GUERRA DA - Lengua y estilo de ECa de Queiroz: bibliografIa queirociana sistemAtica y anotada e iconografIa artIstica del hombre y la Obra: ApEndice, Tomo 2
160929: CALAM, JOHN - A Clinicians' Guide to Helicobacter Pylori
209150: CALAM, JOHN - Clinicians' Guide to Helicobacter Pylori
504704: CALAS, PHILIPPE - Le Canal Du Midi: Memoire en Images
209746: CALASSO, ROBERTO - La Letteratura E Gli Dei
452989: CALATRAVA, SANTIAGO - Conversaciones Con Estudiantes
439398: CALCUTT, DAVID - Lady Macbeth (Oxford Playscripts)
168780: CALDAS, STEPHEN J.; BANKSTON, CARL L.; BANKSTON, CARL L., III - Forced to Fail : The Paradox of School Desegregation
520873: CALDECOTT, R.; COWPER, WILLIAM - R. Caldecott's Picture Book Containing the Diverting History of John Gilpin, the House That Jack Built, The Babes in the Wood and an Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog
540956: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH (ILLUS.) - The Diverting History of John Gilpin: The Babes in the Wood
465837: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The Panjandrum Picture Book
005901: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR [EDITOR] - Tobias Smollet: Selected Writings
167159: CALDER, JOHN & ROPER, ROBERT (EDS.) - Gambit International Theatre Review No. 38
260690: CALDER, ANDREW - Molière: The Theory and Practice of Comedy
430136: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR (ED.) - Jack London
280553: CALDER, ANGUS - Gods, Mongrels and Demons: 101 Brief But Essential Lives
420952z: CALDER, JOHN - Being - Seeing - Feeling - Healing - Meaning: New Poems 1999 - 2009
020776: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR - About Levy
012300: CALDER, JULIAN; GARRETT, JOHN - The 35mm Photgrapher's Handbook
022021: CALDERA, RAFAEL - Andres Bello: Philosopher, Poet, Philologist, Educator, Legislator, Statesman
247099: CALDERARA, MARIA - Maria Calderara
275504: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO; MCCARTHY, DENIS FLORENCE - Dramas Of Calderon V2: Tragic, Comic, and Legendary (1853)
275505: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO; MACCARTHY, DENIS FLORENCE - Dramas, Tragic, Comic and Legendary: Preface.
162757: CALDERON, DON PEDRO - Eine Auswahl Deutsche Ubertragungen Erster Band
085465: CALDERON-MADRID, ANGEL - The Role of Private Financial Wealth in a Portfolio Model : A Study of the Effects of Fiscal Deficits on the Real Exchange Rate
418373: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO - Tragedias 1
275496: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO; MACCARTHY, DENIS FLORENCE - The Two Lovers of Heaven, Chrysanthus and Daria: A Drama of Early Christian Rome (1870)
075735: CALDERON, E CABALLERO - Historia Privada De Los Colombianos
426123: CALDICOTT, CAROLYN - Rosehips on a Kitchen Table: Seasonal Recipes for Foragers and Foodies
526318: CALDICOTT, EDRIC; FUCHS, ANNE (EDS.) - Cultural Memory: Essays on European Literature and History
286141: CALDWELL, IAN; THOMASON, DUSTIN - The Rule of Four
522550: CALDWELL, RAYMOND - Agency and Change: Rethinking Change Agency in Organizations
270881: CALDWELL, SARAH J. G. - Mémoires De La Société Néophilologique De Helsinki: XLII: The Relative Pronoun in Early Scots
531220: CALDWELL, DORIGEN; CALDWELL, LESLEY (EDS.) - Rome: Continuing Encounters Between Past and Present
525923: CALDWELL, CONOR; BYERS, EAMON (EDS.) - New Crops, Old Fields: Reimagining Irish Folklore (Reimagining Ireland, 80)
527633: CALDWELL, CHRISTOPHER - The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties
445092: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Episode in Palmetto
253198: CALDWELL, BRIAN J.; SPINKS, JIM M. - Beyond the Self-Managing School
507150: CALDWELL, HELEN; BIRD, JAMES - Teaching with Tablets
606905: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - The Late Clara Beame
302883: CALEGARI, NINIVE (ED.) - Be Honest and Other Advice from Students Across the Country
523835: CALERO, MANUEL CHUST - America En Las Cortes De CADIZ (Prisma historico. Viejos documentos, nuevas lecturas)
525955: CALESHU, ANTHONY - Reconfiguring the Modern American Lyric: The Poetry of James Tate (Modern Poetry, 5)
021263: CALHOUN, DAVID (ED.) - Yearbook of Science and the Future, 1983
532481: CALHOUN, CRAIG - Nationalism
021264: CALHOUN, DAVID (ED.) - Yearbook of Science and the Future, 1984
529229: CALHOUN, BLUE - The Pastoral Vision of William Morris: 'The Earthly Paradise' (South Atlantic Modern Language Association award study)
021262: CALHOUN, DAVID (ED.) - Yearbook of Science and the Future, 1982
021261: CALHOUN, DAVID (ED.) - Yearbook of Science and the Future, 1981
528610: CALIFANO, JOSEPH A. - The Triumph and Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson: The White House Years
483321: CALISHER, HORTENSE - Textures of Life
519712: CALKINS, DICK; NOWLAN, PHIL - Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century, A.D. (Big Little Book Series)
476476: CALLAGHAN, TOM - A Spring Betrayal
514549: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - That Summer in Paris: Memories of Tangled friendships with Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Some Others
086138: CALLAGHAN, P.M., ELLISON, J.R.M., HARRISON, T., WATKIN, J.S. - The Business Environment
459416: CALLAGHAN, HELEN - Dear Amy
242636: CALLAHAN, ASHLEY (ED.) - Georgia Inside and Out : Architecture, Landscape, and Decorative Arts : Proceedings from the Second Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts
424217: CALLAHAN, BARBARA ET AL. - Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; No 397, December, 1976, Vol 68, No 6
500314: CALLAHAN, TIM - Bible Prophecy: Failure or Fulfillment?
210284: CALLAHAN, KENNON L. - Twelve Keys to an Effective Church : Strategic Planning for Mission
466003: CALLAN, EDWARD - Auden: A Carnival of Intellect
537600: CALLAN, KEVIN - Killarney
429892: CALLAN, H. G.; GRIMSTONE, A. V. (EDS.) - Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, Volume 106, 1965
538154: CALLAN,HILARY; ARDENER, SHIRLEY (EDITORS) - The Incorporated Wife
422183: CALLAWAY, H. G. (ED.); DALLAS, ALEXANDER JAMES - Alexander James Dallas: An Exposition of the Causes and Character of the War: An Annotated Edition with an Introduction and Notes
102919: CALLENBACH, ERNEST - Publisher's Lunch
476659: CALLEO, DAVID P. - Rethinking Europe's Future
519342: CALLERY, B. & MOSIMANN, E.A. (COMPILERS) - The Tradition of Fine Bookbinding in the Twentieth Century: Catalogue of an Exhibition 12 November 1979 to 15 February 1980
538651: CALLINAN, DAVID - Fortress Manhattan
085441: CALLINAN, DAVID - Fortress Manhattan
536775: CALLINICOS, ALEX; MAUNDER, JONATHAN - International Socialism 135: The Second Coming of the Radical Left
472786: CALLINICOS, ALEX - Against the Third Way
186806: CALLISTER, FRANK - One World Not Two: An Examination of Bible Wonders in the Old and New Testaments
494838: CALLOW, PHILIP - Walt Whitman: From Noon to Starry Night
522710: CALLOW, SIMON - Orson Welles: The Road to Xanadu
513947: CALLOW, SIMON - Charles Laughton: A Difficult Actor
508847: CALLOW, PHILIP - Black Rainbow
508856: CALLOW, PHILIP - Testimonies New and Selected Poems
154690: CALLOW, PHILIP - New York Insomnia
602267: CALLOW, SIMON - Henry IV, Part I (Actors on Shakespeare)
260159: CALLOWAY, STEVEN - English Prints for the Collector
152283: CALLUM, EUAN; JOHNSTONE, RONA; SHRYANE, DOMINIC - Is It in Force? 1995 : A Guide to the Commencement of the Statutes of England and Wales and of Scotland Passed since 1st January 1970
526026: CALLUS, ANNE-MARIE - Becoming Self-Advocates: People with intellectual Disability Seeking a Voice
094697: CALMET, JACQUES & CAMPBELL, JOHN A. (EDS.) - Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Mathematical Computing: International Conference AISMC-1 Karlsruhe, Germany, August 3-6, 1992 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 737)
521692: CALMETTE, ALBERT; SOPER, WILLARD B. (TRANS.); SMITH, GEORGE H. (TRANS.) - Tubercle Bacillus Infection and Tuberculosis in Man and Animals: Processes of Infection and Resistance, A Biological and Experimental Study
166538: CALNAN, JAMES - Recent Advances in Plastic Surgery
521757: CALNAN, JAMES - The Hammersmith: The First Fifty Years of The Postgraduate Medical School at Hammersmith Hospital
074574: CALNAN, MICHAEL - Preventing Coronary Heart Disease: Prospects, Policies and Politics
199291: CALNAN, MICHAEL W. - Preventing Coronary Heart Disease : Prospects, Policies, and Politics
435230a: CALOGERO, FRANCESCO - Isochronous Systems
531389: CALON, SIGRID - Sigrid Calon Memory Game
451851: CALORI, ROLAND; LAWRENCE, PETER (EDS.) - The Business of Europe: Managing Change
185097: CALTHROP, DION CLAYTON - The Charm Of Gardens
439578: CALTHROP, KENYON (ED.) - Christmas: Anthology of Prose and Poetry
220052: CALVERT, PETER - A Political and Economic Dictionary of Latin America
434880: CALVERT, PETER - Politics, Power and Revolution: An Introduction to Comparative Politics
446791: CALVERT, ALBERT F. - The Spanish Royal Tapestries
192901: CALVERT, PETER; CALVERT, SUSAN - Latin America in the Twentieth Century
278683: CALVERT, PETER - The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1914: The Diplomacy of Anglo-American Conflict (Cambridge Latin American Studies; 3)
273567: CALVERT, JOHN - Liquid Gold: Energy Privatization in British Columbia
529039: CALVESI, MAURIZIO - Piero Della Francesca
472338: CALVET, E.; PRAT, H. - Recent Progress in Microcalorimetry
460013: CALVET, LOUIS-JEAN - Roland Barthes: A Biography
407249: CALVIJO, R - English-Armenian and Armenian-English Dictionary
407516: CALVIJO, R - English-Armenian and Armenian-English Dictionary
476332: CALVIN, WILLIAM H. - The Cerebral Symphony: Seashore Reflections on the Structure of Consciousness
533303: CALVINO, ITALO; PARKS, TIM (TRANS) - Numbers in the Dark & Other Stories
515427: CALVINO, ITALO - Adam, One Afternoon and Other Stories
480930: CALVOCORESSI, PETER - Freedom to Publish
494352: CALVOCORESSI, RICHARD; HARRISON, MARTIN - Bacon Moore; Flesh and Bone
486413: CALVOCORESSI, PETER - South Africa and World Opinion
452443: CALWELL, BRIAN - Sea Lawyer: A Guide for Yachtsmen
608000: CALZAVARINI, FABRIZIO - Brain and the Lexicon: The Neural Basis of Inferential and Referential Competence (Studies in Brain and Mind, 15)
607974: CALZAVARINI, FABRIZIO; VIOLA, MARCO - Neural Mechanisms: New Challenges in the Philosophy of Neuroscience (Studies in Brain and Mind, 17)
183033: CAMACHO, PAULINE ; GHARIB, HOSSEIN; SIZEMORE, GLEN W. - Evidence-Based Endocrinology
239252: CAMARD ET ASSOCIÉS - Camard, Paris, 14 Juin 2005: Sculptures Tableux Modernes
605084: CAMARTIN, ISO; ELSASSER, KILIAN T.; VON ARX, HEINZ (ED.) - Gotthardbahn: Ferrovia Del San Gottardo
473891: CAMATINI, EZIO - Progress in Electro-Optics: Reviews of Recent Developments
201198: CAMBELL, J. L. - The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. Vol. IV
201199: CAMBELL, J. L. - The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. Vol. V
201195: CAMBELL, J. L. - The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. Vol. I
201196: CAMBELL, J. L. - The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. Vol. II
201197: CAMBELL, J. L. - The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. Vol. III
531057: CAMBI, NENAD; CAMBI, MAJA (TRANS.) - The Good Shepherd Sarcophagus and Its Group
529987: CAMBI, NENAD; MARIN, EMILIO - ACTA XIII Congressus Internationalis Archaeologiae Christianae (Volume 1)
535483: CAMBRENSIS, GIRALDUS; O'MEARA, JOHN (TRANS.) - The First Version of the Topographies of Ireland
085302: CAMBRIDGE, ALRICK X. AND FEUCHTWANG, STEPHAN - Antiracist Strategies
473499: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY - The Cambridge University Handbook 1968-69
238943: CAMBRIDGE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY - Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Volume 88, Part 1. July 1980
278036: CAMDEN, WILLIAM - Remains Concerning Britain
424339: CAMDEN ENGLAND - Twelve Views of Camden 1733 - 1875
463315: CAMERON, IAN - Lodestone and Evening Star: The Saga of Exploration By Sea
008934: CAMERON, JOHN S. - Solvent Abuse: a Guide for the Carer
521850: CAMERON, IAIN; SIMONI, ALESSANDRO (EDS.) - Dealing with Integration: Perspectives from Seminars on European Law 1995-1996 (Skrifter FRAN Juridiska Fakulteten I Uppsala, No. 52)
487158: CAMERON, ANNE - Earth Witch
451446: CAMERON, B. - The Review of Economic Studies: Volume XIX, 1951-1952
419049: CAMERON, LYNNE; LOW, GRAHAM (EDS.) - Researching and Applying Metaphor
523623: CAMERON, HECTOR CHARLES - Joseph Lister: The Friend of Man
485219: CAMERON, JANET - Paranormal Eastbourne
246130: CAMERON, ERIC - Divine Comedy : Installation and Essay
085695: CAMERON, CHRISTINA - Charles Baillairge: Architect & Engineer
521841: CAMERON, JAMES; CAMPBELL, KAREN (EDS.) - Dispute Resolution in the World Trade Organisation
535646: CAMERON, THOMAS W.M. - The Internal Parasites of Domestic Animals: A Manual for Veterinary Surgeons
445368: CAMERON, JAMES - Point of Departure: Experiment in Autobiography
032146: CAMERON-SMYTH - The Freezer Book
047010: CAMERON, J STEWART - Dialysis and Renal Transplantation
466314: CAMERON, DAN; PENNINGTON, ESTILL CURTIS; RUBIN, DAVID S. (EDS.) - Baby-Boom Daydreams: The Art of Douglas Bourgeois
151456: CAMERON, MARSAILI - Community Renewal and Mental Health : Strengthening the Links
300404: CAMERON, NORMAN - The Winter House: And Other Poems
435816: CAMERON, P. J.; VAN LINT, J. H. - Graphs, Codes and Designs (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
008970: CAMERON, JOHN S. - Solvent Abuse: a Guide for the Carer
453762: CAMERON, LIZ; ET AL - Pioneering Painters: The Glasgow Boys
441981: CAMERON, BURGESS - Input-Output Analysis and Resource Allocation
061757: CAMERON, ISABEL - Angus our Precentor
094978: CAMERON-JONES, MARGOT - Training Teachers: A Practical Guide
019772: CAMERON, JOE - The Football Quiz Book
518328: CAMERON, EDWIN; DE WALL, MARIUS; WUNSH, BASIL - HONORE'S South African Law of Trusts
435813: CAMERON, P. J.; VAN LINT, J. H. - Graph Theory, Coding Theory and Block Designs (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
605767: CAMERON, JAMES - Cameron in the Guardian, 1974-1984
607138: CAMERON, EDWIN - Justice: A Personal Account
607291: CAMERON, THOMAS W. M. - The Principles of Parasite Control
533407: CAMEROTA, MICHELE; HELBING, MARIO OTTO - All'alba della scienza galileiana : Michel Varro e il suo De motu tractatus : un importante capitolo nella storia della meccanica di fine Cinquecento
284239: CAMESASCA, ETTORE - The Sao Paulo Collection: From Manet To Matisse
495603: CAMFIELD, GREGG - Necessary Madness: The Humor of Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
419703: CAMHI, REBECCA; PAPAVASILIOU, ANGELICA (EDS.) - Opening Hours, 2007. Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens, Greece
297723: CAMIC, PAUL; CLIFT, STEPHEN; DAYKIN, NORMA (EDS.) - Arts & Health: Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2009
493139: CAMILLA GREBE - After She's Gone
518944: CAMILLERI, ADREA; SARTARELLI, STEPHEN (TRANSL.) - The Other End of the Line (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery)
534809: CAMMAERTS, BART - The Circulation of Anti-Austerity Protest
164116: CAMMANN, KARL - Das Arbeitan Mit Ionenselektiven Elektroden: Eine Einfuhrung
530488: CAMMETT, JOHN M. - Antonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism
209990: CAMMETT, MELANI CLAIRE - Globalization and Business Politics in Arab North Africa: A Comparative Perspective
297024: CAMP, JAMES - Carnal Refreshment
193176: CAMP, RODERIC A. - Memoirs of a Mexican Politician
523700: CAMP, WILLIAM - Two Schools of Thought
538443: CAMPANA, MICHELE - European Carpets
468188: CAMPANA, D.; CRABTREE, P.; DEFRANCE, S.D.; LEV-TOV, J.; CHOYKE, A.M. (EDS.) - Anthropological Approaches to Zooarchaeology: Colonialism, Complexity and Animal Transformations
533221: CAMPANELLA, TOMMASO; FIRPO, LUIGI (ED.) - Apologia Di Galileo
531113: CAMPANINI, ZEFIRINO - Istruzioni pratiche ad un novello capo-stampa o sia regolamento per la direzione di una tipografica officina (1789)
508896: CAMPBELL, DAVID G. - A Land of Ghosts: The Braided Lives of People and the Forest in Far Western Amazonia
040880: CAMPBELL, IAN M. - Energy and the Atmosphere: A Physical-Chemical Approach
460349: CAMPBELL, BERGHAHN - Creating our Common Future: Educating for Unity in Diversity
215785: CAMPBELL, J. A.; CUENA, J. (ED.) - Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence, Volume I. Expert Systems: Applications and Technical Foundations
525072: CAMPBELL, ALISTAIR - Blue Rain
525250: CAMPBELL, PAUL IAN - Football, Ethnicity and Community: The Life of an African-Caribbean Football Club (Sport, History and Culture: Volume 6)
437907: CAMPBELL, MARIAN - Decorative Ironwork
179706a: CAMPBELL, ADRIAN; WARNER, MALCOLM - New Technology Skills and Management : Human Resources in the Market Economy
537408: CAMPBELL, A. (EDITOR) - Aethelwulf De Abbatibus
540372: CAMPBELL, ROBERT - Sweet La-la Land
408226: CAMPBELL, BRYN - Reports & Rumours: Photographs by Bryn Campbell
463951: CAMPBELL, STEPHEN J.; COLE, MICHAEL W. (EDS.) - A New History of Italian Renaissance Art
467249: CAMPBELL, JOHN - Past, Space and Self
541089: CAMPBELL, PATRICK - Come Here Till I Tell You
533345: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - The Pleasures of Hope; with Other Poems
026406: CAMPBELL, ANGELA; COLE, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Modern First Editions (International Rare Book Prices)
524301: CAMPBELL, DAVID; COLDICOTT, TIM; KINSELLA, KEITH - Systemic Work with Organizations: A New Model for Managers and Change Agents (Systemic Thinking and Practice Series)
507075: CAMPBELL, LILY B. - Divine Poetry and Drama in Sixteenth-Century England
512391: CAMPBELL, P. J. - The Ebb and Flow of Battle
520228: CAMPBELL, PETER (ED.) - Learning from Construction Failures: Applied Forensic Engineering
237084: CAMPBELL, J. A.; CUENA, J. - Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence : Volume II : Machine Translation, NLP, Databases and Computer-Aided Instruction
526843: CAMPBELL, ALISTAIR - Mine Eyes Dazzle: New Zealand Poets, 1
511593: CAMPBELL, P. N.; MARSHALL, R. D. (EDS.) - Essays in Biochemistry: Vol. 20, 1985
540508: CAMPBELL, RAMSEY (EDITOR) - Superhorror
260695: CAMPBELL, COLIN B. - The Myth of Social Action
506031: CAMPBELL-KEASE, JOHN - Second Chorus: Poems & Translations
222504: CAMPBELL, PAUL A. - Earthman, Spaceman, Universal Man?
482658: CAMPBELL, DUNCAN ANDREW - Unlikely Allies: Britain, America and the Victorian Origins of the Special Relationship
512515: CAMPBELL, MALCOM - The Romance of Motor-Racing
526723: CAMPBELL, ANNE; BROADHEAD, PAT (EDS.) - Working with Children and Young People: Ethical Debates and Practices Across Disciplines And Continents (New International Studies in Applied Ethics, Volume 5)
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535428: CARRUTHERS, ANNETTE - Edward Barnsley and His Workshop: Arts and Crafts in the Twentieth Century
540693: CARRYL, CHARLES E. - Davy and the Goblin
531679: CARSE, ROLAND - Monarchs of Merrie England: Volumes 1-4
051475: CARSON, DAVID; MONTGOMERY, JONATHAN - Nursing and the Law
426523: CARSON, CLARE - Orkney Twilight
501646: CARSON, M.A.; KIRKBY, M.J. - Hillsope Form and Process
501766: CARSON, M.A.; KIRKBY, M.J. - Hillslope Form and Process
540483: CARSON, PAUL - Scalpel
110745: CARSON, ANTHONY - A Rose by Any Other Name
283202: CARSTAIRS, JOHN PADDY - Touch a French Pom-Pom
283318: CARSTAIRS, G M - Studies in Inter-Cultural Social Work
184293: CARSTAIRS, VERA - Deprivation and Health in Scotland
030065: CARSTAIRS, JOHN PADDY - No Music in the Nightingale
417907: CARSTEN, F.L.; ET AL (EDS.) - The Slavonic and East European Review: Vol. XLIX, No. 114, January 1971
434414: CARSWELL, JOHN; DRALLE, LEWIS ARNOLD (EDS.) - The Political Journal of George Bubb Dodington
434246: CARSWELL, JOHN - The Saving of Kenwood and the Northern Heights
441889: CART DE LADONTAINE, HENRY - The King's Musick: A Transcript Of Records Relating To Music And Musicians 1460-1700
426686: CARTA, SILVIO - Visual Anthropology in Sardinia (New Studies in European Cinema)
109593: CARTANO, TONY - Blackbird
541011: CARTANO, TONY (AUTHOR); COX, STEVE (TRANSLATOR) - After The Conquest
197196: CARTER, BERNADETTE; DEARMUN, ANNETTE - Child Health Care Nursing : Concepts, Theory and Practice
513969: CARTER, JIMMY - The Blood of Abraham
536460: CARTER, JASON W. - Aristotle on Earlier Greek Psychology: The Science of Soul
463914: CARTER, BOB - Realism and Racism: Concepts of Race in Sociological Research (Critical Realism: Interventions)
296276: CARTER, SUSAN B.; SUTCH, RICHARD (EDS.) - Historical Statistics of the United States, Earliest Times to the Present: Millennial Edition, Volume 2, Part B: Work and Welfare
456799: CARTER, JILL - Embroidered Heirlooms to Make and Treasure
488251: CARTER, ANGELA - The Passion of New Eve
470277: CARTER, NEIL; KLEIN, RUDOLF; DAY, PATRICIA - How Organisations Measure Success: The Use of Performance Indicators in Government
108294: CARTER, CHARLES HOWARD - The Western European Powers, 1500-1700
539846: CARTER, PETER - The Gates of Paradise
031648: CARTER, KATHERINE - The Junior True Book of Ships and Seaports
029938: CARTER, A. H. C. & SPEAK, P. - Map Reading and Interpretation, New Edition with Metric Examples
495381: CARTER, J.; STOCKS, J. L.; THOMPSON, J. M. (EDS.) - The Economic Review: Volume XXI, 1911
275290: CARTER, F. W.; TURNOCK, D. (EDS.) - Environmental Problems in Eastern Europe
424871: CARTER, DAVID S. G.; O'NEILL, MARNIE H. (EDS.) - International Perspectives On Educational Reform And Policy Implementation: International Perspectives on Educational Reform and Policy Implementation
495380: CARTER, J.; PRICHARD, H. A.; RASHDALL, H. (EDS.) - The Economic Review: Volume XII, 1902
083723: CARTER, ELIZABETH A.; MCGOLDRICK, MONICA - The Family Life Cycle: Framework for Family Therapy
148845: CARTER, D. - Perioperative Care
199127: CARTER, DAVID - Interpreting Anaphors in Natural Language Texts
513844: CARTER, JIMMY - Faith and Freedom: The Christian Challenge for the World
192385: CARTER, NEIL; KLEIN, RUDOLF; DAY, PATRICIA - How Organizations Measure Success : The Use of Performance Indicators in Government
514363: CARTER, JIMMY - Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President
012754: CARTER, NICHOLAS PH.D. - Development, Growth, and Ageing
514958: CARTER, ROSALYN - First Lady From Plains
268973: CARTER, ROBERT - Prints in the Valley
106205: CARTER, STEPHEN - The Politics of Solzhenitsyn
158148: CARTER, WALTER - Insects in Relation to Plant Disease
526924: CARTER, MARTIN - Poems of Succession
539139: CARTER, B.L. - The Copts in Egyptian Politics
272639: CARTER, RONALD (ED.) - Keywords in Language and Literacy
305714: CARTER, STEPHEN L. - The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion
530425: CARTER, EDWARD C. II (ED.) - Three Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-1806 (Facsimilie Edition)
087816: CARTER, E.H.; HOLROYD, G.H. - A first Social and Dramatic History Book 1
473841: CARTER, HARRY - A History of the Oxford University Press: Volume I: To the Year 1780
491817: CARTER, SIMON - Rise and Shine: Sunlight, Technology and Health
498221: CARTER, DAVID - Carlisle in the Great War
509854: CARTER, CHRIS (ED.) - The Neuropharmacology of Polyamines
425043: CARTER, R. G. - Masters and Masterpieces of Music: An Introduction for Young Listeners
191306: CARTER, B. - Manual of Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing
439321: CARTER, ANDREA - Death at Whitewater Church: An Inishowen Mystery
147250a: CARTER, ROBERT - Talwar, a Fabulous Saga of India
538006: CARTER-RUCK, P.F.; SKONE JAMES, E.P.; SKONE JAMES, F.E. - Copyright: Modern Law and Practice
183578: CARTER, JAN - Literature Review of the Cost-Effectiveness of Nuclear Medicine
144426: CARTER, BERNADETTE - Child and Infant Pain: Principles of Nursing Care and Management
495575: CARTER, RITA - Read People: Understand Behaviour. Expertly Communicate.
017429: CARTER, GWENDOLEN M. - The Government of the Soviet Union
297420: CARTER, MARJORIE (EDITOR) - Imperial College Civil Engineering Library: Catalogue of the Civil Engineering History Collection
539901: CARTER, LIN - The Man Who Loved Mars
529102: CARTER, RONALD; MCCARTHY, MICHAEL - Cambridge Grammar of English: A Comprehensive Guide, Spoken and Written English, Grammar and Usage
531153: CARTER, M; VAN BRUNT, B. - The Lebesgue-Stieltjes Integral: A Practical Introduction (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)
258817: CARTER, DALE - War and Cold War in American Foreign Policy, 1942-62
005815: CARTER, CHARLES - The Easter Story in Art
198050: CARTER, MARY D.; BONK, WALLACE J.; MAGRILL, ROSE - Building Library Collections
529943: CARTER, A.F - The Yards
290517: CARTER, TIMOTHY; PARRY, MARTIN - Climate Impact And Adaptation Assessment: A Guide to the IPCC Approach
296275: CARTER, SUSAN B.; SUTCH, RICHARD (EDS.) - Historical Statistics of the United States, Earliest Times to the Present: Millennial Edition, Volume 2, Part B: Work and Welfare
463323: CARTER, DALE - The Final Frontier: The Rise and Fall of the American Rocket State (The Haymarket Series)
601223: CARTER, GRAYDON (ED.) - Vanity Fair's Writers on Writers
525609: CARTER, CLAIRE - Who's Coming Out to Play: Disruption and Disorientation in Queer Community Sports
029851: CARTER, CHARLES H. - The Western European Powers, 1500-1700
097904a: CARTER, ROBERT - Talwar, a Fabulous Saga of India
536051: CARTER, PHILIP - 1057
001471: CARTER, JAN [EDITOR] - The Maltreated Child
602622: CARTER, JOHN (ED.) - Pacific Islands Year Book (Fourteenth Edition)
495519: CARTMELL, DEBORAH; WHELEHAN, IMELDA (EDS.) - Teaching Adaptations
534224: CARTNER, LINDY RAJAN - And The Twain Shall Meet: Three Countries and Three Generations: A Doctor's Story
492789: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - Look at it This Way
507794: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - Half in Love
016799: CARTWRIGHT, FREDERICK F. - Social History of Medicine
522242: CARTWRIGHT, FREDERICK F.; BIDDISS, MICHAEL - Disease and History
492791: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - In Every Face I Meet
521898: CARTWRIGHT, PETER - Consumer Protection and the Criminal Law: Law, Theory and Policy in the UK
196614: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - To Heaven By Water
085190: CARTWRIGHT, HUGH M. (EDITOR) - Intelligent Data Analysis in Science (Chemistry Masters Ser., Vol. 4)
503339: CARTWRIGHT, RICHARD L. - They Did Not Fail
607052: CARTWRIGHT, JULIA - Isabella d'Este, Marchioness of Mantua, 1474-1539: A Study of the Renaissance (Volume 1)
520170: CARTY, JAMES - National Library of Ireland: Bibliography of Irish History 1912-1921
422282: CARUSO, RAFFAELLA A. (ED.) - Enzo Guaricci: Trasmutazioni: Installazioni, Sculture e Performance, 1995 - 2011
480477: CARUTHERS, FELIX P.; LEVENSTEIN, HAROLD (EDS.) - Adaptive Control Systems
424812: CARVE, P. L. (ED.) - The Comedy of Acolastus
172002: CARVER, CHARLES S.; SCHEIER, MICHAEL F. - Perspectives on Personality: Third Edition
518884: CARVER, TERRELL - Marx
411109: CARVER, SHARON M.; KLAHR, DAVID (EDS.) - Cognition and Instruction: Twenty-five Years of Progress
269649: CARVER, TERRELL; CHAMBERS, SAMUEL A. (EDS.) - Contemporary Political Theory: Volume 10, Number 2, May 2011
534806: CARVER, RAYMOND - Elephant: And Other Stories
602248: CARVER EDWARDS, JOHN - Berlin Calling: American Broadcasters in Service to the Third Reich
062145: CARVICE, CHARLES - The Waster
527673: CARVILLE, JUSTIN (ED.) - Visualizing Dublin: Visual Culture, Modernity and the Representation of Urban Space (Reimagining Ireland, Vol. 48)
462853: CARY, JOYCE - The Horse's Mouth
423439: CARY, JOYCE - Britain and West Africa
471038: CARY, JOYCE - Except the Lord
085862: CARY, JOYCE - The Moonlight
280739: CARY, JOYCE - Memoir of the Bobotes
471065: CARY, JOYCE - Not Honour More
476041: CARY, JOYCE - Not Honour More
086226: CARY JOYCE - Aissa Saved
189252: CARY, JOYCE - Memoir of the Bobots
255231: CARY, JOYCE - Not Honour More
106078: CARY, JOYCE - Not Honour More
434829: CARY, JOYCE - Not Honour More
028238: CARY, JOYCE - A Fearful Joy
187072: CARY, LUCIUS - The Venture Capital Report Guide to Venture Capital in the UK : How and Where to Raise Risk Capital
539680: CARY, JOYCE - The African Witch
433231: CARY, JOYCE; BISHOP, A. G. (ED.) - Selected Essays
203984: CARY, JOYCE - Memoir of the Bobotes
452844: CARY, JOYCE - Prisoner of Grace
021049: CARY, JOYCE - Except the Lord
187073: CARY, LUCIUS - The Venture Capital Report Guide to Venture Capital in the UK : How and Where to Raise Risk Capital
519608: CARYL, JESSIE; SZEWCZYK, MONIKA; BURNHAM, CLINT; PECK, AARON; DERKSEN, JEFF; HOPKINS, CANDICE (ET AL) - CJ Press: Anthology of Exhibition Essays 2006/2007
533838: CAS, ALEXANDRA; RYMES, THOMAS K. - On Concepts and Measures of Multifactor Productivity in Canada 1961-1980
242274: CASA, FRANK P. - The Dramatic Craftsmanship of Moreto
452864: CASALE, RICCARDO; MARGOTTINI, CLAUDIO (EDS.) - Floods and Landslides: Integrated Risk Assessment
535116: CASALS, PABLO; KAHN, ALBERT E. - Joys and Sorrows: Reflections By Pablo Casals
421281: CASARINO, CESARE; NEGRI, ANTONIO - In Praise of the Common: A Conversation on Philosophy and Politics
528301: CASAS, ARTURO; BOLLIG, BEN (EDS.) - Resistance And Emancipation: Cultural and Poetic Practices (Hispanic Studies: Culture and Ideas, Volume 35)
537981: CASATI, ROBERTO, (ED.); TAPPOLET, CHRISTINE, (ED.) - European Review of Philosophy: Response-Dependence: Vol.3
198863: CASCIO, WAYNE F. - Costing Human Resources : The Financial Impact of Behavior in Organizations (Kent Series in Human Resource Management)
198861: CASCIO, WAYNE F. - Costing Human Resources : The Financial Impact of Behavior in Organizations (Kent Series in Human Resource Management)
474047: CASE, JAMES H. - Economics and the Competitive Process
457781: CASE, MARGARET H. - Seeing Krishna: The Religious World of a Brahman Family in Vrindaban
276129: CASE, JOHN; CHILVER, SIR A.H. - Strength of Materials and Structures: An Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids and Structures
525400: CASE, ROD E.; WILLIAMS, GWENDOLYN M.; COBIN, PETER - Cognitive Linguistic Explorations of Writing in the Classroom (Contemporary Studies in Descriptive Linguistics, Volume 46)
539658: CASE, JOHN - The Genesis Code
607644: CASE, THOMAS H. - Memoirs of a King's College Chorister
449001: CASEBY, RICHARD - The Opium-Eating Editor: Thomas de Quincey and the Westmorland Gazette
527094: CASELLAS, MILAGROS LOPEZ-PELAEZ - What about the Girls? Estrategias Narrativas De Resistencia En La Primera Literatura Chicana (Hispanic Studies: Culture and Ideas, 44)
529902: CASELLI, FRANCESCO - Technology Differences Over Space and Time
484658: CASEMENT, ANN (ED.) - Who Owns Jung?
180448: CASEY, BERNARD - Temporary Employment Practice and Policies in Britain
490426: CASEY, MAURICE - An Aramaic Approach to Q: Sources for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
485912: CASEY, MADELEINE; LAKE, RICHARD - Beautiful Dreamer: A Musical in Two Acts
002347: CASEY, BLANK, MOBLEY, KOHN, STREET, MCDOUGALL, GOODER & PLATTS - Special Hospitals Research Report No 2: Patients with Chromosome Abnormality in Two Special Hospitals
538570: CASEY, P.J. - Carausius and Allectus: The British Usurpers
534326: CASEY, DAVID; PEARCE, DAVID (EDS.) - More Than Management Development: Action Learning at GEC
522498: CASEY, DAVID - Managing Learning in Organizations
292123: CASEY, JEAN-PIERRE; LANNOO, KAREL - Europe's Hidden Capital Markets: Evolution, Architecture and Regulation of the European Bond Market
144264: CASEY & HILDER - Peace Fire : Fragments from the Israel-Palestine Story
161094: CASH, JOAN E. ED. - Neurology for Physiotherapists
157533: CASH, JOAN; DOWNIE, PATRICIA A. (ED.) - Cash's Textbook of Neurology for Physiotherapists
532264: CASH, SARAH; BARRY, CLAIRE M. - Ominous Hush: The Thunderstorm Paintings of Martin Johnson Heade
306624: CASH, WILEY - This Dark Road to Mercy
529960: CASH, WILEY - When Ghosts Come Home
157441: CASH, JOAN E. - Physiotherapy in Some Surgical Conditions
157109: CASH, JOAN E. - Chest, Heart and Vascular Disorders for Physiotherapists
163692: CASH, JOAN E.; DOWNIE, PATRICIA A. (ED.) - Cash's Textbook of Chest, Heart and Vascular Disorders for Physiotherapists

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