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20277: PIPER, JIM - Get the Picture? The Movie Lover's Guide to Watching Films
17830: PIPES, ALAN - Production for Graphic Designers
26470: PIPES, LOUIS A. - Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists
RB14588: PIPHER, MARY - The shelter of each other: Rebuilding our families to enrich our lives.
RB13179: PIPHER, MARY - Reviving Ophelia
X25842: DAVID PIRIE - The Night Calls
X20419: LITZ PISK - The Actor and His Body
25653: PITMAN, E. R. - Garnered Sheaves
16627: PITMAN, JOANNA - The Raphael Trail: The Secret History of One of the World's Most Precious Works of Art
X25882: SCOTT RITTER & WILLIAM RIVERS PITT - War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know
X16160: BARRIE PITT - Zeebrugge: St Georges Day, 1918
22583: PITTMAN & KERR, RICHARD / HARLAND - Occasional Papers in Aboriginal Studies No. 3: Papers on the Languages of the Australian Aborigines
26945: PITTOCK, A. BARRIE - Climate Change: Turning Up the Heat
24280: PITTOCK, A.BARRIE - Beyond White Australia: A Short History of Race Relations in Australia
24081: PIZER, MARJORIE - A Poet's Life 1963-2005
RB16626: PIZER, MARJORIE - Selected poems 1963-1983
RB13230: PIZZICHINI, LILIAN - Dead Men's Wages: The Secrets of a London Conman and His Family
10008: PLANTE, DAVID - Slides
16732: PLATT, RUTHERFORD - The Living World
28109: PLATT, LEN - James Joyce Texts and Contexts
6594: PLAUTI, T. MACCI - Comoediae (ex recognitione Alfredi Fleckeiseni)
RB13911: PLAUTUS, TITUS MACCIUS - The Rope and Other Plays
19509: PLEKHANOV, GEORGI - Selected Philosophical Works Volume III
12699: PLEKHANOV, G. - Utopian Socialism of the Nineteenth Century
19510: PLEKHANOV, GEORGI - Selected Philosophical Works Volume IV
25698: PLOCIENNIK, HENRY - Australia's Snowfields
9748: PLOMER, WILLIAM - The Family Tree
X24435: ALISON PLOWDEN - The Young Elizabeth The first 25 years of Elizabeth I
X31953: DAVID H. PLOWMAN - Wage Indexation Australian Studies in Industrial Relations
28963: PLUMB, J. H. - Georgian Delights
28332: PLUMPTRE, C.E. - General Sketch of the History of Pantheism 2 Volumes
19808: PO, LAU TA - Chinese Painting For Beginners
17424: POCKLINGTON, GEOFFREY R. - Chelsworth: The Story of a Little Suffolk Village
12576: POCOCK, TOM - Fighting General: The Public & Private Campaigns of General Sir Walter Walker
13198: POCOCK, DORIS A. - Nan of Northcote
13068: PODGORECKI, KAUPEN, VAN HOUTTE, VINKE & KUTCHINSKY - Knowledge and Opinion About Law
RB16171: PODHORETZ, NORMAN - World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism
22840: POHL, FREDERICK - The Gold at the Starbow's End
23985: POHLY, LINDA - The Barbra Streisand Companion: A Guide to Her Vocal Style and Repertoire
17583: POINER & TEMPLE, GRETCHEN / DIANA - The Participation of Women in Academic Research
29793: POIRIER, JACQUES - Jacques Poirier Peintures - Paintings
RB12545: POITIER, SIDNEY - Life Beyond Measure - Letters to My Great-Granddaughter
26461: POLAND & GRAHAM (ED.), JEFFREY / GEORGE - Addiction and Responsibility
23227: POLINGER, ELLIOT H. - Pierre Charles Roy: Playwright and Satirist (1683-1764)
25752: POLIZZOTTO, CAROLYN - Approaching Elise
25945: POLK & TAIT, KENNETH / DAVID - The Use of Imprisonment by Victorian Magistrates
12519: POLLACK, RICHARD - The Creation of Dr. B: A Biography of Bruno Bettelheim
26874: POLLAK & MACNABB, MICHAEL / MARGARET - Gothic Matilda:The Amazing Visions of Australian Crime Fiction
669020: POLLARD (ED.), JACK - The Primary Club's Middle and Leg
17451: POLLARD, SPENCER D. - Understanding Capitalism: Can it Succeed?
13324: POLLARD, ELIZA J. - The Ministers Money
27875: POLLARD, JIM - The User's Guide to the Male Body
19194: POLLOCK, GRISELDA - Vision & Difference: Femininity, Feminism and the Histories of Art
20838: POLYAKOVA, ELENA - Stanislavsky
29806: POMEROY, LAURENCE - The Racing Car Explained: A Guide for the Younger Enthusiast
19226: POMFRET (ED.), JOAN - Lancashire Evergreens: A Hundred Old Favourite Poems
RB11841: DE POMIANE, EDOUARD - Cooking with Pomiane
RB10503: POMPER, PHILIP - Lenin's brother: The origins of the October Revolution
26866: POMPER, PHILIP - Lenin's Brother: The Origins of the October Revolution
20022: DE PONCINS, GONTRAN - The Ghost Voyage: Out of Eskimo Land
RB15619: POND, STEVE - The Big Show: High Times and Dirty Dealings Backstage at the Academy Awards®
25394: POOKE, GRANT - Contemporary British Art: An Introduction
12268: POOLE, MICHAEL - Browne Follows the Clue
12155: POOLE, PHILIPPA - Of Love and War
3392: POOLE, ROGER - Towards Deep Subjectivity
X23288: JOSPHINE POOLE - This Is Me Speaking
RB12238: POON, JANICE - Claire and the Water Wish
20353: POPCORN & MARIGOLD, FAITH / LYS - Eve-olution: The 8 Truths of Marketing to Women
RB13155: POPCORN & MARIGOLD, FAITH / LYS - Eve-olution: The eight truths of marketing to women
26287: POPE, MICHAEL - Introducing Watercolour Painting
RB10419: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage's Prize
13241: POPE, DUDLEY - Corsair
RB10965: POPE, DUDLEY - Convoy
9048: POPE, JESSIE - Just a Funny Book
29124: PORTAL, JANE - Korea: Art and Archaeology
14479: PORTER, JAMES - Piya
5636: PORTER, COLIN - A Very Public Servant
18348: PORTER, HAL - Stars of Australian Stage and Screen
8874: PORTER, HAL - The Tilted Cross (previous owner inscription)
19183: PORTER, ELIOT - Antarctica (Dutton 1978)
27115: PORTER, DOROTHY - What a Piece of Work
RB11273: PORTER, HAL - Selected stories
17021: PORTER (ED.), UNA B. - Growing Together: Letters Between Frederick John Cato and Frances Bethune 1881-1884
X25599: CHESTER PORTER - The Gentle Art of Persuasion
29803: PORTER, MISS - Thaddeus of Warsaw Volumes I and II
29387: PORTER, DOROTHY - Akhenaten
18300: PORTISCH, HUGO - Eye-Witness in China
22085: POSNER, GERALD L. - War Lords of Crime: Chinese Secret Societies The New Mafia
20890: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - About Blady: A Pattern Out of Time
1307: POST, HANS - The Missionary: A Commando in Europe
21184: POSTGATE, RAYMOND - Somebody at the Door
18918: POSTHUMUS & RICHMOND, CYRIL / DAVE - The Motorcycle Story
X27006: NEIL POSTMAN - Conscientious Objections Stirring up Trouble About Language, Technology, and Education
25975: POTAS & RICKWOOD, IVAN / DEBRA - Do Juries Understand?
X18216: ANDREW POTOK - Ordinary Daylight Portrait Of An Artist Going Blind
12686: POTTER & ARCHER, MICHELLE / ROBYN - A Full House: The Esso Guide to the Performing Arts Collections of the National Library of Australia
13304: POTTER (ED.), BILL - The Mahogany Ship: Relic or Legend?
RB10966: POTTER, DENNIS - Blackeyes
RB11087: POTTER, ALEXANDRA - Me and Mr Darcy
RB11247: POTTER & CLAYTOR, JOAN / CONSTANCE - African-American firsts
RB11630: POTTER, LAWRENCE - This May Help You Understand the World
RB13861: POTTER, TONY - Pottery: An Usborne Guide
29221: POTTER JR., LOUIS - The Art of Cello Playing
28598: POTTLE (ED.), MARK - Daring to Hope: The Diaries and Letters of Violet Bonham Carter 1946-1969
X21915: REGINE POTZSCH (ED) - Sleep in Art
17168: POULANTZAS, NICOS - Classes in Contemporary Capitalism
24345: POUND & DASHPER, FRANCIS / JULIAN - Julian Dashpher: Sue Crockford Gallery
19466: POUND, SMITH & ULMER (EDS.), EZRA / MARCEL / WILLIAM - The Legacy of Kulchur
24899: POUND & STOCK (TRANS.), EZRA / NOEL - Love Poems of Ancient Egypt
RB14837: POUNDSTONE, WILLIAM - Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value
RB15751: POURNELLE, JERRY - Starswarm: A Jupiter novel
X17858: WENDY POUSSARD - Outbreak of Peace Poems and Notes from Pine Gap
16676: POWE, BRUCE - The Last Days of the American Empire
RB12029: POWELL, JILLIAN - The Gruesome Truth about the Romans
6812: POWELL, GORDON - The Innkeeper of Bethlehem
13170: POWELL, JAMES N. - Energy and Eros
RB12658: POWELL, JILLIAN - My New Sister
21821: POWELL, GORDON - The Shepherd of Bethlehem
23219: POWELL, ROBERT - Ken Yeang: Rethinking the Environmental Filter
21225: POWELL, RICHARD - P'liceman, P'liceman Don't Catch Me, Catch that Man Behind the Tree
21227: POWELL, RICHARD - Shark River
X19142: JAMES N. POWELL - Energy and Eros Teachings on the Art of Love
RB15557: POWELL, JULIE - Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously
RB15088: POWELL, JILLIAN - Chocolate
RB15060: POWELL, JENNY - Putting on a Play: Stop Bullying Me!
5518: POWER, HELEN - A Lute With Three Strings
21366: POWER, BRIAN - The Ford of Heaven
25669: POWER, PHYLLIS M. - Nursing in the Outback
13230: POWERS, J.F. - Prince of Darkness
23236: POWERS, ALEX - Painting People in Watercolor: A Design Approach
X19122: DAVID POWNALL - The Bunch from Bananas
RB13684: DE PRADA, JUAN MANUEL - The tempest
X17544: EMILY PRAGER - A Visit from the Footbinder
14642: PRASSINOS, GISELE - The Traveller
RB15794: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Night watch
RB13328: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Equal Rites
20493: PRATT, J.B. - The life And Death of Jamie Fleeman the Laird of Udny's Fool also Mill O' Tifty's Annie
19155: PRATT, JEREMY M. - PA 28 Warrior: A Pilot's Guide
X3913: GENEVIEVE GRAY ROSALIE PRATT - Towards a Discipline of Nursing
RB17265: DU PRE & DU PRE, HILARY / JACKIE - A Genius in the Family: An Intimate Memoir of Jacqueline du Pre
RB14953: DU PRE & DU PRE, HILARY / PIERS - A Genius in the Family
RB13106: PREBBLE, JOHN - The lion in the north: A personal view of Scotland's history
21231: PREEDY, GEORGE R. - The Fourth Chamber
21222: PREEDY, GEORGE - No Way Home
RB13042: DU PREEZ, MAX - Pale Native: Memories of a Renegade Reporter
27864: PREISS, BYRON - Robin 3000: Book One
18934: PREISWERK (ED.), ROY - The Slant of the Pen: Racism in Children's Books
27240: PREMDAS & STEVENS, RALPH R. / JEFFREY S - Elections in a Third World City: Port Moresby 1977
X22109: ALAN PRENDERGAST - The Poison Tree A True Story of Family Violence and Revenge
29585: PRENTIS, MALCOLM D. - A Study in Black and White: The Aborigines in Australian History
6350: PRESCOTT, G. W. - How to Know the Aquatic Plants
6450: PRESCOTT (ED), D. M. - The Treasure Book of the World
23250: PREST, WILFRED - Blackstone
RB14190: PRESTON, WENDY - The Choice Guide to Sydney for Kids
3945: PREVIN (ED.), ANDRE - Andre Previn's Guide to Music
RB10321: PRICE, STEVE - WWW Stands for World Wide Whiners: How The Internet is Being Manipulated by the Miffed
16087: PRICE, VICTOR - The Death of Achilles
18066: PRICE, SUSAN - A Feasting of Trolls
6999: PRICE, R.G.G. - A History of Punch (2nd ed)
8545: PRICE, CHRISTINE - Made in the South Pacific: Arts of the Sea People
24257: PRICE, R.G.G. - A History Of Punch (1st ed)
12756: PRICE, SUSAN - The Sterkarm Handshake
14984: PRICE, WILLARD - Japan's Islands of Mystery
16792: PRICE, WILLARD - The Japanese Miracle & Peril
16682: PRICE, E. HOFFMANN - Far Lands and Other Days (Signed Copy)
RB11142: PRICE, ALFRED - The Luftwaffe Data Book
4328: PRICE, HARRY - The Royal Tour 1901, or The Cruise of the H. M. S. Ophir
RB15089: PRICE, ROBERT - The ultimate guide to weight training for sports: Maximize your athletic potential!
29566: PRICE, A. GRENFELL - The Challenge of New Guinea
27756: PRICE, SHIRLEY - Aromatherapy for Common Ailments
RB14380: PRICHARD, KATHARINE SUSANNAH - Haxby's Circus: The Lightest, Brightest Little Show on Earth
RB10814: PRIEST, CHRISTOPHER - Inverted World and Fugue for a Darkening Island
X23597: JOAN PRIEST - Scholars and Gentlemen: A Biography of the Mackerras Family
RB13598: PRIEST, CHRISTOPHER - The Dream Archipelago
4872: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Out of the People
23743: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - The Doomsday Men: An Adventure
6633: PRIESTLEY, MARGARET - The Ring of Fortune
27351: PRIEUR & MACKANESS (TRANS.), FRANCOIS XAVIER / GEORGE - Notes of a Convict of 1838
6897: PRINCE, PETER - Agents of a Foreign Power
9540: PRINCE, MORTON - The Dissociation of Personality: A Biographical Study in Abnormal Psychology
X19859: MICHAEL PRINCE - Murderous Places
7296: PRING, PETER - Winners of the World's Major Races from 1900-With More Than 2,500 Cross-Referenced Pedigrees
26950: PRINGLE (ED.), PATRICIA - Index 02
15139: PRINGLE, JOHN DOUGLAS - The Best of Ethel Anderson - Tales of Parramatta and India
X24806: ALLAN PRIOR - Fuhrer: The Novel
21486: PRISS, KASATKIN & MAZOV, A / V / V - Your Trip to the USSR: A Tourist's Manual
12226: PRITCHARD, MORRIS - From the King's Marshall: A History of the Marshall Family from the 12th Century to 1980
23629: PRITCHARD (ED.), JACKI - Good Practice in Safeguarding Adults: Working Effectively in Adult Protection
RB11476: PRITCHARD & MURLIS, DEREK / HELEN - Jobs, roles and people
RB11762: PRITCHARD, TIM - Street boys: 7 kids. 1 estate. No way out: The true story of a lost childhood
16465: PRITCHETT, V.S. - Build the Ship: The Official Story of the Shipyards in War Time
4288: PRITTIE, TERENCE - The Velvet Chancellors: A History of Post-War Germany
17865: PRIYANI, V.B. - The Fundamental Principles of Irrigation and Water Power
3470: PRIZEMAN & VAUGHAN, JOHN & JOHN - Interiors of European Homes
8254: PROCTOR ("FIVE OF CLUBS"), RICHARD A. - How to Play Whist: With the Laws and Etiquette of Whist
X16877: IAN PROCTOR - Sailing: Wind and Current
13111: PRONZINI, BILL - Dragonfire
29917: PROSE, FRANCINE - Blue Angel
20108: PROST & VINCENT, ANTOINE / GERARD - A history of Private Life: Riddles of Identity in Modern Times Volume 5
26211: PROTOS (ED.), ALEC - The Road to Botany Bay: The Story of Frenchmans Road Randwick Through the Journals of Laperouse and the First Writers
16668: PROTZ, ROGER - The Organic Beer Guide: Ales, Stouts and Lagers Produced from Barley and Hops Without Chemicals and Pesticides
24943: PROUDFOOT, HELEN - The Historic Buildings of Windsor and Richmond
1592: PROULX, E. ANNIE - Accordion Crimes
9747: PROULX, ANNIE - Brokeback Mountain
RB15238: PROULX, ANNIE - Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2
RB12965: PROULX, ANNIE - The Shipping News (Simon & Schuster 1994)
RB12821: PROULX, ANNIE - The Shipping News (Fourth Estate 1993 ed.)
15753: PROUT, EBENEZER - Applied Forms: A Sequel to Musical Form
15754: PROUT, EBENEZER - Musical Form
26144: PROVIS & JOHNSON, J. S. / K. A. - The Coxswains' Barrack Known as Cadman's Cottage: The History of Sydney's Oldest Dwelling
19815: PRUDDEN, BONNIE - Pain Erasure The Bonnie Prudden Way: The Medically Approved Method of Myotherapy
RB13661: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID - Evelyn Waugh and his World
3666: PRYDE, DUNCAN - Nunaga: Ten Years of Eskimo Life
20514: PRYOR, MICHAEL - Blaze of Glory: The First Volume of The Laws of Magic
15765: PRYOR, L.D. - Trees in Canberra
21261: PRZEWORSKI, ADAM - Democracy and the Market: Political and Economic Reforms in Eastern Europe and Latin America
24795: PUCCETTI, ROLAND - The Trial of John and Henry Norton
13770: PUDNEY, JOHN - Dispersal Point and Other Air Poems
5529: PUDNEY, JOHN - South of Forty
16187: PUDOVKIN, V.I. - Film Technique & Film Acting: Two Basic Landmarks of Cinema Theory and Practice
27471: PULKOWEGO, W ROCZNICE SWIETA - Klub Kombatantow
7057: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, CHRISTINE - The Eastmans Move House
X18009: KATE PULLINGERS - When the Monster Dies
RB10557: PULLMAN, PHILIP - Northern lights
23708: PULLMAN, PHILIP - Puss in Boots
RB17210: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Amber Spyglass (Soft)
RB16831: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Amber Spyglass (Hard + DJ)
RB16001: PULLMAN, PHILIP - Northern Lights (The Golden Compass)
RB15845: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Subtle Knife (1997 ed.)
RB13078: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Shadow in the North
X21633: LALAGE PULVERTAFT - The Thing Desired
29135: PUNDYK, GRACE - The Honey Spinner: On the Trail of Ancient Honey, Vanishing Bees and the Politics of Liquid Gold
10856: PUNTILA, L.A. - The Political History of Finland 1809-1966
6895: PURDY, JAMES - Cabot Wright Begins
28972: PURDY, C. J. S. - Chess World
28254: PURDY, JAMES - In a Shallow Grave
6846: PURSER, PHILIP - Where is He Now? The Extraordinary World of Edward James
13892: PURSEY, H.J. - Merchant Ship Stability
13893: PURSEY, H.J. - Merchant Ship Construction: Especially Written for the Merchant Navy
16943: PUSEY, NATHAN M. - The Age of the Scholar: Observations on Education in a Troubled Decade
24306: PUTNAM (ED.), W. G. - Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Vol. C
24307: PUTNAM (ED.), W. G. - Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society Proceedings for 1976 Vol. XCVIII
24308: PUTNAM (ED.), W. G. - Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Volume IC
1611: PUTNAM, SAMUEL - The World of Jean de Bosschere
X18932: DAVID PUTTNAM - The Undeclared War: The Struggle for Control of the World's Film Industry
19652: PYBUS, CASSANDRA - The Devil and James Mcauley
X19131: MICHAEL PYE - The King Over the Water: The Windsors in the Bahamas. 1940 - 1945
18206: PYKE, W.T. - The Australian Favourite Reciter: Selected from Australian, British and American Authors
RB15285: PYLE, KENNETH - Japan rising: The resurgence of Japanese power and purpose
28365: QUADRI, RICARDO PEDRO - La Antartida en la Politica Internacional
RB14589: QUAMMEN, DAVID - Song of the Dodo
23577: QUAN, ANDY - Six Positions: Sex Writing
RB14074: QUAN, TRACY - Diary of a jetsetting call girl
25141: QUARLES & COUSINS (INTRO), FRANCIS / A.D. - Emblemes
RB11577: QUARRIE, BRUCE - Hitler: The victory that nearly was
12267: QUAYLE, ERIC - The Collector's Book of Detective Fiction
13459: QUEENEY, DONNA S. - Assessing Needs in Continuing Education: An Essential Tool for Quality Improvement
17430: QUEFFELEC, HENRI - Frontier of the Unknown
X23845: QUELCH, KASHANI, VANDERMERWE - Cases in European Marketing Management
RB14194: QUELLER, JESSICA - Pretty is What Changes
X28373: PETER QUENNELL - Memoirs of William Hickey
24148: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The Power of the Borgias: The Story of the Great Film
26169: QUICK, RICHARD - Souvenir of the Irving Collection Illustrated
26127: QUICK, RICHARD - Souvenir of the Japanese Collection: Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum Bournemouth
29968: QUICK, ANTHONY - Charterhouse: A History of the School
23385: QUICK, HERBERT - Vandemark's Folly
RB14000: DE QUIDT, JEREMY - The toymaker
23527: QUIGLEY, MARTIN - Magic Shadows: The Story of the Origin of Motion Pictures
9496: QUIMBY, HAROLD R. - Pacemakers of Progress: The Story of Shoes and the Shoe Industry
20544: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - The Confessions of an Opium-Eater and Other Essays
RB16448: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - Confessions of An English Opium Eater
RB11899: QUINDLEN, ANNA - Black and Blue
20808: QUINE, WILLARD VAN ORMAN - Word & Object
RB16186: QUINLAN, PATRICK - The Drop-off
20733: QUINN, DANIEL - After Dachau
30011: QUINN, JAY - The Boomerang Kid
23538: QUINN, JOHN - Battle Stations
17658: QUINN & LACEY, DES / GEOFF - Birds of French Island Wetlands
28147: QUINN, TERRY - The Great Bridge Conspiracy
29340: QUINT, GRAHAM CHARLES - Lugarno Tree Study
19847: QUIRK & WRENN, RANDOLPH / C.L. - An Old English Grammar
RB12723: QUONIAM, PIERRE - Louvre: The Visit
RB13277: VAN RAAY, CARLA - Desire: Awakening God's woman
RB10967: RABALAIS, KEVIN - The Landscape of Desire
X17363: STEVE RABEY - The Heart of Rock and Roll
X21199: ALAN RABINOWITZ - Jaguar: One Man's Struggle and Triumph in the Jungles of Belize
15130: RABONE, HAROLD R. - Lord Howe Island
18586: DE RACHEWILTZ, BORIS - An Introduction to Egyptian Art
X21670: HARVEY RACHLIN - The Making of a Detective
X17018: NAHID RACHLIN - Foreigner
29309: RACHMANINOFF, SERGEI - The Piano Works of Rachmaninoff: Preludes Opus 3 No. 2, Opus 23, Opus 32 Piano Solo
16719: RADCLIFF-UMSTEAD, DOUGLAS - The Birth of Modern Comedy in Renaissance Italy
26280: RADCLIFFE (ED.), RUSS - Best Australian Political Cartoons 2009
20757: RADCLIFFE-HALL & CLARKE, MARGUERITE / ROBERT CONINGSBY - A Third Sheaf of Little Songs: Songs of the Past and Present
23441: RADCLIFFE, ANNE - Gaston de Blondeville: Volume III and IV in 1
29403: RADCLIFFE (ED.), RUSS - Best Australian Political Cartoons 2013
28801: RADCLIFFE - BROWN & FORTES (ED.), A. R. / MEYER - Social Structure
X19112: PAUL RADER - Professor Wilmess Must Die
28717: RADFORD, ROBIN - Highlanders and Foreigners in the Upper Ramu: The Kainantu Area 1919 - 1942
X2967: PAUL RADLEY - Jack Rivers and Me
27701: RADOK (ED.), STEPHANIE - Artlink Indigenous: Beauty and Terror
18131: RADZINSKY, EDVARD - Rasputin: The Last Word
19951: RAE, HUGH C. - The Saturday Epic
21683: RAE (ED.), SIMON - The Faber Book of Murder
9576: RAE-SMITH, WILLIAM - The Complete Book of Water Gardening
6663: RAFFA, JOSEPH - The Happy Children
25216: RAFTERY, JUDITH - Not Part of the Public
X19559: BOB RAFTOPOULOS (ED) - S.T. Gill's Rural Australia: Famous Australian Art Series
X4535: H.G RAGGATT - Fuel and Power
RB11850: RAGSDALE & SAYLOR,, SUSAN / ANN - Great group games for kids: 150 meaningful activities for any setting
15370: RAHMAN, TARIQ - A History of Pakistani Literature in English
RB13882: RAHME, PETER - The Man and the Story Behind Amazing Grace
29676: RAHME, PETER - The Man & the Story Behind Amazing Grace
29162: RAI, DIPIKA - Someone Else's Garden
22663: RAIMUNDO, CARLOS A. - Relationship Capital: True Success Through Coaching and Managing Relationships in Business and Life
25777: RAINBIRD, STEPHEN - Aspects of the Trout Collection
18736: RAINE, HENRY B. - The Lash End
21705: RAINE, CRAIG - History: The Home Movie
RB11492: RAINEY & RAINEY, DENNIS / BARBARA - Staying Close: Stopping the Natural Drift Towards Isolation in Marriage
29076: RAINIER, CHRIS - Where Masks Still Dance: New Guinea
29954: RAJCHMAN, CHIL - Treblinka: A Survivor's Memory 1942 - 1943
RB14022: RAJENDRA, VIJEYA - Cultures of the World: Australia
14355: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE - The White Lotus: Discourses on Fragmentary Notes of Bodhidharma's Disciples
14374: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE - Yaa-Hoo! The Mystic Rose
14416: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE - The Wisdom of the Sands: Discourses on Sufism 2 Volumes
14645: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE - The Book of the Secrets Volume IV: Discourses on Vigyana Bhairava Tantra
17739: RAKOSI, CARL - Ex Cranium, Night
23661: RALEY, RITA - Tactical Media
X28820: CHRISTOPHER RALLING - Shackleton
RB16021: RALSTON, ARON - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
20990: RAMACHARAKA, YOGI - The Science of Psychic Healing
29100: RAMAGE, IAN A. - One Hundred Years Ago, Life on Sydney's Upper North Shore
28425: RAMBO, WEST, SCHOOLEY & BOYD (EDS.), ANNE / CHARLES / ANNALYNN / TOMMIE - Family Therapy Review: Contrasting Contemporary Models
20737: RAMER, ANDREW - Two Flutes Playing: A Spiritual Journeybook for Gay Men
22781: RAMIN, CATHRYN JAKOBSON - That Memory Book
28633: RAMIREZ, LEONORA (NORA) - Cocina Rapida
18978: RAMM, HARTMUT - The Marxism of Regis Debray: Between Lenin and Guevara
5565: RAMPHAL, SHRIDATH - One World to Share: Selected Speeches of the Commonwealth Secretary-General
RB11700: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay's playing with fire.
RB11274: RAMSDEN, JOHN - Don't Mention the War: The British and the Germans since 1980
24263: RAMSEY, RICHARD DAVID - Edmund Wilson: A Bibliography
8245: RAMSEY JR., FREDERIC - Been Here and Gone
23630: RAMSEY, DAMON - Ecosystem Guides: Ocean Surfaces of Australasia
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13351: ROBERT, DEREK - That's the Life for Me
X26395: ROBERT LEES, ADRIENNE LEES - Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Preliminary Core 2: Better Health for Individuals
X26327: ROBERT LEES, ADRIENNE LEES - Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Preliminary Core 3: The Body in Motion
24770: ROBERTS, LES - A Shoot in Cleveland
25337: ROBERTS, BETH - Manganinnie: A Story of Old Tasmania
RB10251: ROBERTS, YVONNE - A History of Insects
RB11902: ROBERTS, COKIE - We are our mothers' daughters
19658: ROBERTS, HERBERT A. - The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy
26081: ROBERTS, JULIAN - Empirical Research on Sentencing
22338: ROBERTS, ENID - Remembered: From Ploughboy to Parliamentarian
8776: ROBERTS, STEPHEN H. - History of French Colonial Policy (1870-1925) Two Volumes
5871: ROBERTS (ED.), FRANK C. - Obituaries from The Times 1961-1970
22060: ROBERTS, KEVIN - Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands
2504: ROBERTS, ANNETTE - Sister Eileen: A Life With the Lid Off
24657: ROBERTS, A.W. - Coasting Bargemaster
24871: ROBERTS, PHILIP - Crux
20010: ROBERTS, DENYS - The Bones of the Wajingas
9391: ROBERTS, G.E. THEODORE - A Captain of Raleigh's: A romance
3064: ROBERTS, KEITH - Corot
1860: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - Kings in Exile
23752: ROBERTS, ALLEN - Arksearch: The Terrifying Quest
4182: ROBERTS, RON - Sixty Years of Somerset Cricket
20122: ROBERTS, CATHERINE - The Scientific Conscience
26980: ROBERTS, CECIL - A Man Arose
15485: ROBERTS, CECIL - Training the Airman: How They Fly
16838: ROBERTS, GLENDA S. - Staying on the Line: Blue Collar Women in Contemporary Japan
24454: ROBERTS-BRESLIN, JAN - Making Media: Foundations of Sound and Image Production
3386: ROBERTS, ERNIE - Workers' Control
X4387: C J ROBERTS - Epidemiology for Clinicians
X31341: JAN ROBERTS - Maybanke Anderson Sex, Suffrage & Social Reform
X25986: DOROTHY JAMES ROBERTS - Fire in the Ice
X23247: ANN VICTORIA ROBERTS - Liam's Story
X19815: WES ROBERTS - Straight A's Never Made Anybody: Rich Lessons in Personal Achievement
RB13061: ROBERTS, PAUL - The end of oil: The decline of the petroleum economy and the rise of a new energy order
29559: ROBERTS, JAN - Voices from a Lost World: Australian Women and Children in Papua New Guinea Before the Japanese Invasion
28650: ROBERTS, NORA - Born in Fire, Born in ice & Born in Shame 3 Vols
24030: ROBERTSON, WILFRID - The Black Planes
25471: ROBERTSON, BRUCE - Bombing Colours: British Bomber Camouflage and Markings 1914-1937
RB12410: ROBERTSON, DEBORAH - Careless
20050: ROBERTSON, TIM - The Pram Factory: The Australian Performing Group Recollected
16495: ROBERTSON, MRS. - The Orphans of Glen Elder
RB11032: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - k.d. lang: Carrying the torch
RB13682: ROBERTSON, E. GRAEME - Victorian Heritage
RB13636: ROBERTSON, GERALDINE - Women's web: Being the first of an ongoing series of women's stories, women's actions
X28137: ANN JEFFERSON AND DAVID ROBEY - Modern Literary Theory A Comparative Introduction
20820: ROBIE (ED.), DAVID - Nius Bilong Pasifik: Mass Media in the Pacific
22515: ROBIN, KERRIE - An Ordinary Wife
17425: ROBIN, DUTT - Martin Leman's Lovely Ladies
X20496: ROBIN SKYNNER, JOHN CLEESE - Life and How to Survive It
X4691: ROBIN BLACKBURN, DAVID HARVEY, ET AL - New Left Review 4: July/August 2000
18615: ROBINS, R. H. - General Linguistics: An Introductory Survey
24055: ROBINS, DENISE - House of the Seventh Cross
28580: ROBINS & WEBSTER, KEVIN / FRANK - Times of the Technoculture: From the Information Society to the Virtual Life
RB10196: ROBINSON, PETER - Snapshots from Hell: The Making of an MBA
26175: ROBINSON & MAINES, GEORGE / BARBARA - Crying for Help: The No Blame Approach to Bullying
23481: ROBINSON & MAINES, GEORGE / BARBARA - Bullying: A Complete Guide to The Support Group Method
30046: ROBINSON, CEDRIC J. - Black Movements in America
17678: ROBINSON & NAPPER, LYNNE / HOWARD - Intelligent Exercise with Pilates & Yoga
18708: ROBINSON, IAN - Chaucer's Prosody: A Study of the Middle English Verse Tradition
19353: ROBINSON, MADDEN & PERHAM (ED.), KENNETH / FREDERICK / MARGERY - Essays in Imperial Government
15676: ROBINSON (ED.) AND COBB, JR. (ED.), JAMES M. AND JOHN B. - The New Hermeneutic
18443: ROBINSON, JOHN A. T. - The Human Face of God
8640: ROBINSON, H. RUSSELL - A Short History of Japanese Armour
26290: ROBINSON (ED.), DUNCAN - Town, Country, Shore and Sea: British Drawings and Watercolours from Anthony van Dyck to Paul Nash
RB12301: ROBINSON, SANCIA - Mary Jane: Living Through Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa
24624: ROBINSON, HEATH - Absurdities: A Book of Collected Drawings
X26962: ROLAND E. ROBINSON - Language of the Sand
X17768: MARGARET A. ROBINSON - Arrivals & Departures
RB15208: ROBINSON, JOHN - Somebody's child: The story of a man who found hope, and took it back to the streets
RB14520: ROBINSON, SHARON - Stealing Home: An Intimate Family Portrait
28707: ROBINSON, NEVILLE K. - Villagers at War: Some Papua New Guinean Experiences in World War II
28243: ROBINSON, LYNDA S. - Drinker of Blood
27879: ROBINSON, RICHARD - Why the One You Fancy Never Fancies You: Murphy's Laws of Love
RB17221: ROBISON, JOHN ELDER - Look me in the eye: My life with Asperger's
12601: ROBLES, EMMANUEL - Flowers for Manuela
X19464: JAMES ROBSON - Budgie Bill
RB14784: ROBSON, FRANK - Lucky for Me: Adventures With a Seafaring, Cat-Hating, Tree-Climbing Dog
26479: ROCHBERG-HALTON, EUGENE - Meaning and Modernity: Social Theory in the Pragmatic Attitude
RB10787: ROCHESTER, A.J. - Confessions of a Reformed Dieter
RB15847: ROCHESTER, A.J. - The Lazy Girl's Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit
X20035: HAYS ROCKWELL - Steal Away, Steal Away Home
RB11530: RODDICK, ANITA - Business as unusual
30038: RODEN, MATTHEW - Escape
RB14445: RODENBURG, PATSY - Power presentation: Formal speech in an informal world
RB10163: RODERICK, COLIN - Miles Franklin: Her brilliant career
5146: RODERICK, COLIN - John Knatchbull: From Quarterdeck to Gallows
13773: RODERICK, COLIN - John Knatchbull: From Quarterdeck to Gallows (Signed Copy)
8934: RODERY, NICHOLAS - The Way of Power
RB17212: RODGERS, JONI - Bald in the Land of Big Hair - A True Story
RB15124: RODNEY, JOHN - How to Get the Job You Want in Plain English
14515: ROE, E.P. - A Day of Fate
X21401: ERNEST ROE - Teachers, Librarians and Children; A Study of Libraries in Education
10113: ROEDELBERGER & GROSCHOFF, F.A. / VERA I. - Wildlife of the South Seas: Animal Life of the Indo-Pacific, Indonesia, Australia, Oceania and Galapagos
21543: ROEDIGER, WILF - We Survived
14406: ROERICH, NICHOLAS - Altai-Himalaya: A Travel Diary
X19770: ROBERT ROESCH - Smart Talk The Art of Savvy Business Conversation
17806: JOHN-ROGER - The Way Out Book
27717: JOHN - ROGER - Wealth & Higher Consciousness
6990: ROGERS, R.C. - Painting and Lining Models
23082: ROGERS & EVANS, ROY / DALE - Happy Trails: Our Life Story
21642: ROGERS, LESLEY - Sexing the Brain
X20448: ROGERS & SPECTOR, HOWARD / ROY - An Introduction to Mechanisms in Pharmacology
RB15720: ROGERS, LESLEY - Minds of their own: Thinking and awareness in animals
RB13181: ROGERS, SKYE - Thirty something: Women talk about life, love, and being in their thirties
24891: ROGERSON & GILBERT, PAMELA / JUDY B. - Speaking Clearly: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension for Learners of English, Students Book
X21330: ROBERT A ROHM - Dr C: The Vision and Ministry of W A Criswell
RB11249: ROIPHE, KATIE - Uncommon arrangements: Seven portraits of married life in London literary circles 1910-1939
RB17071: ROIPHE, KATIE - The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism
18503: ROIPHIE, ANNE - Generation Without a Memory: A Jewish Journey in Christian America
4137: ROISSARD, M. LE ABBE - La Consolation du Chretien (2 vols)
15570: ROIZEN & OZ, MICHAEL / MEHMET C. - You Staying Young: The Owners Manual for Extending Your Warranty
RB13209: ROIZEN & OZ, MICHAEL / MEHMET - You Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy
RB12936: ROIZEN, MICHAEL - Real Age: Are You As Young As You Can Be?
26014: ROKHLIN, L. - Sleep Hypnosis Dreams
15557: DE ROLA, STANISLAS KLOSSOWSKI - Alchemy: The Secret Art
14041: ROLAND, BETTY - The Devious Being
RB13376: ROLAND, PAUL - Crime Scenes: Revealing the Science Behind the Evidence
12668: FR. ROLFE - Nicholas Crabbe or The One and the Many
9348: ROLL, ERICH - Elements of Economic Theory
10639: ROLLS, ERIC - Doorways: A Year of the Cumberdeen Diaries.
9974: ROLLS, ERIC C. - The Green Mosaic: Memories of New Guinea
RB16272: ROLLS, ERIC - Visions of Australia 1640-1910
RB14384: ROLLS, ERIC - A Celebration of Food and Wine: Of Flesh of fish of Fowl
9095: ROLPH (ED.), C.H. - Does Pornography Matter?
25881: ROM (ED.), PER - The Decorations of the Oslo City Hall
18797: ROMANO, DEANE - Flight from Time One
3678: ROMER, JOHN - Valley of the Kings
25709: ROOKMAAKER, H.R. - Modern Art and the Death of a Culture
RB12032: ROONEY, ANNE - Teen Faq: Alcohol
26015: ROONEY, SACK & HABEL, JAMES R. / WOLFGANG O. / ROBERT E. - Guide to the Dissection of the Horse
23696: ROORBACH, BILL - Big Bend
20270: ROOSE-EVANS, JAMES - Elsewhere and the Gathering of the Clowns: An Odd and Elsewhere Story
24873: ROOTES, ANDREW - Front Line County: Kent at War, 1939-45
25897: RORIMER, JAMES J. - The Cloisters
15050: ROS, FRANK - The Lost Secrets of Ayurvedic Acupuncture
19160: ROSARIO, VERNON A. - Science and Homosexualities
12264: ROSCOE & BRIMMELL, S. / R.A. - James Lumsden & Son of Glasgow: Their Juvenile Books and Chapbooks
8383: ROSE, EILEEN - The Torch Within
21439: ROSE, ANDREW - The Collector's Guide to Toy Soldiers: A Record of the World's Miniature Armies from 1850 to the Present Day
20237: ROSE, A. JAMES - Dilemmas Down Under: Australia and the Southwest Pacific
23257: ROSE, RICHARD - Understanding Post-Communist Transformation: A Bottom Up Approach
18971: ROSE, MARGARET A. - Reading the Young Marx and Engels: Poetry, Parody and the Censor
16774: ROSE, G. - Gemstones (Booklet 1960)
24495: ROSE, RONALD - Around Australia Program: Canberra
24560: ROSE, MARY BETH - The Expense of Spirit: Love and Sexuality in English Renaissance Drama
RB10816: ROSE, M.J. - The Venus Fix
26276: ROSE, PETER - Rose Boys
X16870: SIR ALEC ROSE - My Lively Lady
29813: ROSE & HODGSON, REUBEN / DAVID - Manual Equine Practice
29749: ROSE, JACQUELINE - Traces
15369: ROSEBERY, LORD - Wallace Burns Stevenson
RB10906: ROSEN, SUE - The Oldest House in Australia: Surgeon John Harris and Experiment Farm Cottage
RB14385: ROSEN, R.D. - Bad president
28841: ROSENBAUM (ED.), ROMAN - Manga and the Representation of Japanese History
29212: ROSENBERG, SUZANNE - A Soviet Odyssey
20833: ROSENBLATT & STAUTH, STEVEN / CAMERON - The Starch Blocker Diet: The Safe New Way to Eat the Foods You Love-and Lose Weight
21734: ROSENER, WERNER - The Making of Europe: The Peasantry of Europe
19600: ROSENFELD & SERGEEVA, B.A. / N.D. - Little Mathematics Library: Stereographic Projection
26078: ROSENFELD, ERIKA - Process, Policy and Prejudice: A Survey of Editorial Polices on Sentencing-Related News
27765: ROSENQUIST, SARA - After the Stork: The Couple's Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Postpartum Depression
12421: VON ROSENSTIEL, HELENE - American Rugs and Carpets: From the Seventeenth Century to Modern Times
29987: ROSMAN & RUBEL, ABRAHM / PAULA G. - Feasting with Mine Enemy: Rank and Exchange Among Northwest Coast Societies
7392: ROSMAN, ALICE GRANT - Jock the Scot
22303: ROSNER, FRED - Studies in Torah Judaism: Modern Medicine and Jewish Law
RB14124: ROSOFF, MEG - The Bride's Farewell
9626: ROSS, W. STEWART - Janet Smith: A Promiscuous Essay on Woman
24197: ROSS, SHARON MARIE - Beyond the Box: Television and the Internet
19376: ROSS, ROBERT GAYLON - Who's Who of the Elite
6989: ROSS, WILLIAM - The Story of Anne Whateley and William Shaxpere
667003: DE ROSS, LES - Keeping Aviary Birds in Australia
17650: ROSS, JOHN - One People, One Destiny: The Story of Federation
23814: ROSS (ED.), STEPHEN - Modernism and Theory: A Critical Debate
26711: ROSS, EDGAR - The Coal Front: An Account of the 1949 Coal Strike and the Issues it Raised
26943: ROSS, GREG - Friends We Spend
RB11362: ROSS, ROSS - Blindfold games
25847: ROSS, LILLIAN - Reporting Back: Notes on Journalism
RB17169: ROSS, ALEX - Listen to This
RB15871: VAN DER ROSS, R.E, - Buy My Flowers ! The Story Of Strawberry Lane, Constantia
27601: ROSS (ED.), DAWN - Pro Hart's Breaker Morant
RB13883: ROSSANT, COLETTE - Return to Paris: A Memoir with Recipes
7293: ROSSDALE, PETER - Horse Breeding
7280: ROSSDALE, PETER - Inside the Horse: An Examination of the Horse's System in Illness and Health
X27162: PETER D. ROSSDALE - The Horse From Conception to Maturity
17769: ROSSET (ED.), BARNEY - Evergreen Review Reader: 1957 - 1966
24609: ROSSI, ERNEST LAWRENCE - The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing: New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis
18105: ROSSKAM, EDWIN - The Alien
9090: ROSSOTTO, DOMENICO - Ricordi di Guerra
14450: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Cyrano de Bergerac
8596: ROSZAK, THEODORE - Where the Wasteland Ends: Politics and Transcendence in Post Industrial Society
X23555: THEODORE ROSZAK - Dreamwatcher
RB12488: ROTH, HENRY - From Bondage.
17581: ROTH, PHILIP - Shop Talk: A Writer and His Colleagues and Their Work
2910: ROTH, CECIL - Magna Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica: A Bibliographical Guide to Anglo-Jewish History
29986: ROTH, ERIC ABELLA - Culture, Biology and Anthropological Demography
RB17094: ROTH, JOSEPH - Confession of a Murderer
17988: ROTHEL, DAVID - The Great Show Business Animals
2998: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Brave Day Hideous Night: The Tate Gallery Years 1939-1965 Volume 2
15128: ROTHERY, F.M. - Atlas of Bundaleer Plains and Tatala
29099: ROUDIK, PETER L. - The History of the Central Asian Republics
29764: HARESFOOT & ROUGE - How to Make - Up: A Practical Guide for Amateurs
9613: O'ROURKE, P.J. - All the Trouble in the World
19387: ROUSE, W.H.D. - The March Up Country: A Translation of Xenophon's Anabasis into Plain English
17965: ROUT JR., LESLIE B. - The African Experience in Spanish America: 1502 to the Present Day
20256: ROUTH, JONATHAN - The Little Men in My Life
24900: ROUX, MICHEL - Only the Best: The Art of Cooking With a Master Chef
21970: ROVERI (ED.), ANNA MARIA DONADONI - Egyptian Civilization: Religious Beliefs
21969: ROVERI, ANNA MARIA DONADONI - Egyptian Civilization: Daily Life
20905: ROWAN, CHARLES C. - The Silver Boomerang: Fantastic Journey into Ayers Rock
14801: ROWBOTHAM, DAVID - Maydays
14803: ROWBOTHAM, DAVID - All The Room
14802: ROWBOTHAM, DAVID - The Pen of Feathers
X27668: MAURICE ROWDON - The Companion Guide to Umbria
20861: ROWE, WILLIAM - Original Art Deco Designs
17893: ROWE, WILLIAM - Exotic Alphabets and Ornament
RB14422: ROWE & KIDD, LEANNE / MICHAEL - Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love: Your GP's 6-step guide to staying healthy longer
27384: ROWE, REV. C.G. - Mind Whom You Marry; or, The Gardener's Daughter
26603: ROWLAND, SUSAN - The Ecocritical Psyche: Literature, Evolutionary Complexity and Jung
X28332: ROWLAND, J.R. - Granite Country
26426: ROWLANDS, GRAHAM - Collected Poems
25339: ROWLEY, C.D. - Recovery: The Politics of Aboriginal Reform
29528: ROWLEY, C. D. - The New Guinea Villager: A Retrospect from 1964
28720: ROWLEY, C.D. - The Australians in German New Guinea 1914 - 1921
2641: ROWNTREE & LAVERS, B. SEEBOHM & G. R. - English Life and Leisure: A Social Study
28603: ROWNTREE, JOHN STEPHENSON - Quakerism, Past and Present Being an Inquiry into the Causes of its Decline in Great Britain and Ireland
23914: ROWSE, A.L. - A Cornishman at Oxford
RB10996: ROY, ARUNDHATI - The God of Small Things
X17765: ROGER ROYLE - A Few Blocks From Broadway
29684: ROYLE, TREVOR - The Best Years of Their Lives: The National Service Experience 1945 - 63
RB11044: ROZAKIS, LAURIE - Arco How to Interpret Poetry
29914: ROZIER, GILLES - Love Without Resistance
29041: RUBEL & ROSMAN, PAULA G. / ABRAHAM - Your Own Pigs You May Not Eat: A Comparative Study of New Guinea Societies
RB14452: RUBENSTEIN, MATT - A little rain on Thursday
7502: RUBIN (ED.), JOAN - Playbill: Woman of the Year - Palace Theatre
7505: RUBIN (ED.), JOAN - Playbill: Dancin' - Ambassador Theatre
6329: RUBIN (ED.), LOUIS D. - A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature
24193: RUBIN, DONALD B. - Matched Sampling for Causal Effects
7507: RUBIN (ED.), JOAN - Playbill: Hello, Dolly - St. James Theatre
29231: RUBIN & RUBIN, BARRY / JUDITH COLP - Hating America: A History
RB12382: RUBINFELD & HEMINGWAY, ARTHUR / COLLINS - Built for growth: Expanding your business around the corner or across the globe
15836: RUBINSTEIN, HILARY - The Complete Insomniac
28919: RUBINSTEIN, HILARY L. - Captain Luckless: James, First Duke of Hamilton 1606-1649
15266: RUBLOWSKY, JOHN - Music in America
7968: RUDD (A.H. DAVIS), STEELE - The Poor Parson
4277: RUDD, STEELE - The Romance of Runnibede
X26639: RUTH RUDNER - Huts and Hikes in the Dolomites
2068: RUEGG & BIANCHINA, FRANK & PAUL - You Can't Plant Tomatoes in Central Park: The Urban Dropouts Guide to Rural Relocation
13186: RUELL, PATRICK - Urn Burial
9588: RUFF, AGNES - The Adventures of Pinkie
17869: RUFINO, JOSE DOS SANTOS - Photographic and Descriptive Albums: Volume IX Manica e Sofala
16080: RUHEN, OLAF - Tangaroa's Godchild
8942: RUHEN, OLAF - The Broken Wing
21725: RUHEN, OLAF - Opening the Oceans
15451: RUHEN, OLAF - White Man's Shoes
15452: RUHEN, OLAF - Scan the Dark Coast
29524: RUHEN, OLAF - Land of Dahori: Tales of New Guinea
29046: RUHEN, OLAF - Land of Dahori: Tales of New Guinea
28722: RUHEN, OLAL - Mountains in the Clouds
3379: RUHLE, JURGEN - Literature and Revolution
17434: RUIS - Cuba for Beginners
22688: RULE, ANDREW - Rose Against the Odds: The Lionel Rose Story, Adapted from John Dixon's Original Screenplay
28995: RUMSEY & WEINER (EDS.), ALAN / JAMES F. - Emplaced Myth: Space, Narrative and Knowledge in Aboriginal Australia and Papua New Guinea
25170: RUPP, H.M.R. - The Orchids of New South Wales
26308: RUPP, REBECCA - Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School
RB12383: RUPP & LOOMIS, JOYCE / BARBARA - Rest your dreams on a little twig
28247: RURYK, JEAN - Next Week Will be Better
20225: RUSBRIDGER & NAVE, JAMES / ERIC - Betrayal at Pearl Harbor: How Churchill Lured Roosevelt into WWII
14572: RUSEK, JAMIE - Exotic Butterflies: Charted Designs
22213: RUSH, JAMES - The Ingenious Beilbys
29916: RUSH, NORMAN - Whites
RB10197: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Fury (Hard + DJ)
11496: RUSHTON, WILLIAM - The Day of the Grocer
8429: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Works of John Ruskin Volume I 1887 ed.: Sesame and Lilies: Three Lectures
8430: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Works of John Ruskin Volume I 1876 ed.: Sesame and Lilies: Three Lectures
8431: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain: Volume VIII
8432: RUSKIN, JOHN - Index to Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain
8428: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Works of John Ruskin Volume VI: The Crown of the Wild Olive: Four Lectures on Industry and War
26714: RUSLI, MH. - Sitti Nurbaya
9281: RUSSELL, A.J. - For Sinners Only
20928: RUSSELL, PETER - The TM Technique
16153: RUSSELL, E. WALTER - Soil Conditions and Plant Growth (1961 ed.)
21708: RUSSELL, CONRAD - The Short Oxford History of the Modern World: The Crisis of Parliaments English History 1509-1660
15535: RUSSELL & RUSSELL, E. WALTER & SIR E. JOHN - Soil Conditions and Plant Growth (6th ed. 1968)
22263: RUSSELL, DANNY - Dear Eddie: God, Turtles and Letters about Mum
12825: RUSSELL, ERIC FRANK - Deep Space
19771: RUSSELL, PENNY - A Wish of Distinction: Colonial Gentility and Femininity
18400: RUSSELL, FRANKLIN - The Secret Islands
3418: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Unarmed Victory
19568: RUSSELL, E. JOHN - The World of the Soil
8795: RUSSELL, H.Y. - Various Verse
4676: RUSSELL, DOUGLAS A. - Costume History and Style
X17337: ALEXANDER RUSSELL - Aristocrats of the South Seas
RB17052: RUSSELL, BRUCE - The Chelsea Manifesto
RB16726: RUSSELL, THADDEUS - Out of the Jungle: Jimmy Hoffa and the Remaking of the American Working Class
RB13002: RUSSELL, GARY - Torchwood: The Twilight Streets
29291: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON - Witchcraft in the Middle Ages
28883: RUSSELL, GORDON - The Things We See - No. 3 Furniture
6844: RUSSO, ALEXANDER - Profiles on Women Artists
1389: RUSTON, GERTRUDE - The Clock of Time
24211: RUTGERS, HENDRIK - Testimony of a Lawyer
29026: RUTGERS, A. - Birds of New Guinea: 160 Colour Plates from the Lithographs of John Gould
4366: RUTHERFORD & HANNAH (EDS), ANNA & DONALD - Commonwealth Short Stories
3692: RUTHERFORD (ED.), ANNA - From Commonwealth to Post-Colonial
27589: RUTHERFORD (ED.), ANNA - Aboriginal Culture Today
9631: RUTHVEN, JOCELYN FITZGERALD - Memoirs of Jocelyn Fitzgerald Ruthven: Master Mariner 1849-1943
14693: RUTLAND, SUZANNE D. - Edge of the Diaspora: Two Centuries of Jewish Settlement in Australia
30084: RUTLEDGE, THOM - Embracing Fear and Finding the Courage to Live Your Life
20539: RUTLEDGE, BRETT - The Death of Lord Haw-Haw: No.1 Personality of World War No.2
2334: RUTTER, FRANK - El Greco
14013: RUTTER, OWEN - The Song of Tiadatha
RB14018: RUTTER, VIRGINIA - Embracing Persephone - How to be the Mother You Want for the Daughter You Cherish
21303: DE RUYTER, PETER - Lifenotes: A Users Guide to Making Sense of Life on Planet Earth
21871: RYAN, PAUL W. S. - Engineering Administration
RB10254: RYAN, PADDY - Fiji's natural heritage
19541: RYAN, VIRGINIA - Where the Cypress Rises: An Australian Artist in Umbria
19036: RYAN, ELIZABETH - Regards, Some Girl with Words: Genevieve's Journey 1984-2005
19960: RYAN, EDNA - Two-thirds of a Man: Women & Arbitration in New South Wales 1902-08
15174: RYAN, ALAN - Bertrand Russell: A Political Life
RB17213: RYAN, GERRY - Would the real Gerry Ryan please stand up
RB14570: RYAN, MAURICE - Lismore: The story of a north coast city
X18268: ANATOLY RYBAKOV - The Bronze Bird
2859: RYDER, G. H. - Strength of Materials (Cleaver-Hulme ed. with Jacket)
28451: RYLANT, CYNTHIA - Silver Packages and Other Stories
RB12738: RYLE, GILBERT - Dilemmas: The Tarner Lectures
RB16517: VAN RYN & CERAK, DON / NEWELL - Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope
X26118: NAWAL EL SAADAWI - Walking Through Fire A Life of Nawal El Saadawi

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