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009369: JOHN GALSWORTHY - The Man of Property and Indian Summer of a Forsyte
009441: JOHN BOSWELL, EDITOR - The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Manual
009488: JOHN A.B. MCLEISH - The Far Shore Dimly Seen - Poems Chiefly Lyrical
014673: JOHN P.S. MACKENZIE - Birds in Peril - a Guide to Endangered birds in Canada and the U.S.
000973: JOHN E. COWEN - Teaching Reading Through the Arts
009664: JOHN MALO - Malo's Complete Guide to Canoeing and Canoe-Camping
016793: JOHN MOLE - It's All Greek to Me! a Tale of a Mad Dog and an Englishman, Ruins, Retsina - and Real Greeks
009793: JOHN RICHER AND JOHN SAYWELL - Renaissane & Reformation - the dawn of a New Age 1400-1550
013090: JOHN MONTGOMERIE AND SEFTON D. TEMKIN - Topham's Company Law
009826: JOHN ROBOTTOM - Modern Russia - Modern Times Series
019389: JOHN HASKELL KEMBLE - San Francisco Bay - a Pictorial Maritime History
009944: JOHN WATSON (IAN MACLAREN) - The Mind of the Master
009974: JOHN GALSWORTHY - In Chancery and Awakening
010048: JOHN HARE - The Literature of France - A Short Introduction
010100: JOHN GALSWORTHY - Swan Song
018986: JOHN KARMALI - The Beautiful Plants of Kenya
020530: JOHN STEINBECK - Travels with Charley (5oth Anniversary edition)
013285: JOHN GWYNNE-TIMOTHY, WITH DOUGLAS A KEARN - Quest for Democracy: Revolution, Reaction, and Conflict 1789-1918
010237: JOHN HARRIS - The Mercenaries
008330: JOHN MORRISH, EDITOR - Guitar Facts-the Essential Reference Guide
020064: JOHN MAN - Ninja: 1,000 Years of the Shadow Warrior - a New History
010432: JOHN CORNWELL - Hitler's Pope - The Secret History of Pius XII
012682: JOHN F. GORDON - Miniature Schnauzer Guide
010497: JOHN TOLAND - Captured by History: One Man's Vision of Our Tumultuous Century
010542: JOHN DARNTON, INTRODUCTION BY - Writers on Writing: Collected Essays from the New York Times
010561: JOHN BLASHFORD-SNELL - A Taste for Adventure
010615: JOHN MORGAN GRAY - Lord Selkirk of Red River
018385: JOHN K. GALBRAITH, PAUL GOODMAN, JANE JACOBS, ET AL - The Lost Massey Lectures - Recovered Classics from Five Great Thinkers
020288: JOHN MAN - The Great Wall
010704: JOHN TOLAND - Infamy - Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath
018918: JOHN SILLITO AND SARAH LANGSDON - Ogden - Images of America
019131: JOHN R. CHRISTENSEN - Drops of Jupiter
020403: JOHN RALSTON SAUL - Voltaire's Bastards : The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
012132: JOHN WOLFORTH - The Northland - Studies of the Yukon and Northwest Territories
010764: JOHN MCGREEVY, EDITOR - Glenn Gould By Himself and His Friends
010810: JOHN FORD - Tutankhamen's Treasures
020791: JOHN ASFOUR - Poems - Land of Flowers and Guns
010889: JOHN FETLER - The Pikes Peak People - The Story of America's Most Popular Mountain
013860: JOHN BETJEMAN - Summoned By Bells
014488: JOHN KING, PHILLIP ALBAUM - The Art of Using Color
014490: JOHN HEDGECOE - John Hedgecoe's Complete Guide to Black & white Photography
011213: JOHN RICHARD GREEN - Essays of Joseph Addison
012174: JOHN W. MCDERMOTT - How to Get Lost & Found in Fiji
019571: JOHN MCCUAIG - The Return of Robert Burns
012492: JOHN R. CROSSLAND AND J.M. PARRISH - Wild Life of Our World
020598: JOHN MISKA, EDITOR - Blessed Harbours: An Anthology of Hungarian-Canadian Authors (Prose Series 65)
011257: JOHN ELLIOTT - Understanding Botany
020184: JOHN MILLER, EDITOR - San Francisco Stories: Tales of the City
011281: JOHN NICOLS - The Magic Journey
017645: JOHN IRVING - Last Night in Twisted River
016201: JOHN HADFIELD - Every Picture Tells a Story - Images of Victorian Life
017445: JOHN H. F. MACKIE, EDITOR AND COMPLIER - Answering the Call - Letters From the Somerset Light Infantry (PA) 1914-19
016561: JOHN A. SANFORD - Dreams and Healing - A succinct and Lively ilnterpretation of Dreams
011436: JOHN GREASEY - Murder, London-New York - Uniform Edition of Inspector West
019578: JOHN WILLIAMS - Stoner
020639: JOHN CAWTE - The Universe of the Warramirri: Art, Medicine and Religion in Arnhem Land
020685: JOHN G. BRAUN, EDITOR - Currier and Ives 1971
015656: JOHN F. KENNEDY - Words to Remember
016526: JOHN NAISBITT & PATRICIA ABURDENE - Megatrends 2000 -Ten New Directions for the 1990's
016896: JOHN BARNES - Tales of the Madman Underground
020063: JOHN MAN - Samurai - The Last Warrior
015882: JOHN BOWLE - Henry VIII - A Biography
014705: JOHN BLACKBURN - A Scent of New Mown Hay - a Novel of Action, Horror and Emotion
020273: JOHN SHARKEY - Celtic Mysteries
020249: JOHN RALSTON SAUL - A Fair Country - Telling Truths About Canada
018082: JOHN FORTE, EDITOR - Corfu: Venus of the Isles
018205: JOHN KENNEDY TOOLE - A Confederacy of Dunces
020674: JOHN PREBBLE - Lion In the North: One Thousand Years of Scotland's History
018692: JOHN D. ROBINS - A Pocketful of Canada
019324: JOHN ROBERTS - To Rise a Trout - Dry-fly Fishing for Trout on Rivers And Streams
020707: JOHN BRYDEN - Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War, 1937-1947
020829: JOHN STUART MILL - On Liberty (Broadview Editions)
018909: JOHN W. SPELLMAN - The Beautiful Blue Jay and Other Tales of India
020646: JOHN WEAVER - Hamilton: An Illustrated History (The History of Canadian cities)
020524: JOHN R. MAY AND MICHAEL BIRD - Religion In Film
019619: JOHNNY D. BOGGS - Killstraight - a Western Story
012141: JOHNNY ALVES - You'll Die Laughing
014384: JOHNSON, ROBERT A. - Femininity Lost and Regained
002170: JOHNSON, BARBARA - He's Gonna Toot and I'M Gonna Scoot: Waiting for Gabriel's Horn
004180: JOHNSON, BRIAN - Volcano Days: a Novel
012932: JOHNSON, WAYNE - Six Crooked Highways: A Novel
006173: JOHNSON, SONIA - Going Out of Our Minds: the Metaphysics of Liberation
006544: JOHNSON, WALTER - The Trade Unions and the State
004355: JOHNSON, YVONNE; WIEBE, RUDY; WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - Stolen Life: the Journey of a Cree Woman
007050: JOHNSON, WAYNE - The Devil You Know: a Novel
003827: JOHNSON, DUDLEY - Pan-Africanists, the
002188: JOHNSON, PHILIP EARNEST; JOHNSON, PHILIP - Time Out: Restoring Your Passion for Life, Love and Work
017066: JOHNSON, ROGER N. - Aggression in Man and Animals
002554: JOHNSON, CAIT - Tarot for Every Day: Ideas and Activities for Bringing Tarot Wisdom Into Your Daily Life
008887: JOHNSON, SHAWNE - Getting Our Breath Back
015778: JOHNSON, RICHARD S.;KNOX, DEBRA JOHNSON - Find Anyone Fast - Easy to Use Guide to Finding Anyone Anywhere!
009052: JOHNSON, KATHRYN - The Taos Guide
020191: JOHNSON, E. PAULINE - Flint And Feather, The Complete Poems of E. Pauline Johnson
009450: JOHNSON, R.W. - Shoot-Down: Flight 007 and the American Connection
009579: JOHNSON, HAYNES;SIMONS, HOWARD - The Landing- a Novel of Washington and WWII
010990: JOHNSON, GEORGE - Fire in the Mind: Science, Faith, and the Search for Order
018702: JOHNSON, P. J. - Rhymes of the Raven Lady: Northern Rhymes of the Raven Lady
013985: JOHNSON, HUGH - Hugh Johnson's Wine: The Classic Guide to the World of Wine
004061: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Navigator of New York: a Novel
003755: JOHNSTON, DAVID; MORGAN, CHARLES; HANDA, SUNNY - Cyberlaw: What You Need to Know About Doing Business Online
000326: JOHNSTON, RHONA - Wateraid and Kenya
004212: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Navigator of New York
009080: JOHNSTON, JULIE - Hero of Lesser Causes
015351: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
013104: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - Baltimore's Mansion : A Memoir
013803: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
017916: JOHNSTON, BASIL - Moosemeat and Wild Rice
010408: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
000775: JOHNSTONE, PAUL - The Archaeology of Ships
009803: JOHNSTONE, MICHAEL - Spook Files Omnibus I & 2 (2 books)
020276: JON RONSON - The Psychopath Test - a Journey Through the Madness Industry
005182: JON AND RUMER GODDEN - Two Under the Indian Sun
020695: JON HOLMES - Rock Star Babylon
018328: JON E LEWIS, EDITOR - The Mammoth Book of Combat - Reports from the Frontline
020366: JON KABAT-ZINN - Wherever You Go, There You Are
019877: JONAH LEHRER - Imagine - How Creativity Works
019814: JONAS JONASSON - The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
004768: JONATHAN DEE - Feng-Shui-the Art of Improving Your Home to Enhance Your Life
006464: JONATHAN KELLERMAN - The Butcher's Theatre
004015: JONATHAN EVAN MASLOW - Bird of Life, Bird of Death-a Naturalist's Journey Through a Land of Political Turmoil
011159: JONATHAN KOZOL - Death at an Early Age - Penguin Education Special
020230: JONATHAN GOTTSCHALL - The Professor in the Cage - Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch
020389: JONATHAN COTT - Dylan On Dylan - The Essential Interviews
016350: JONES, DIANA WYNNE - The Magicians of Caprona
001605: JONES, IRIS S. - Country Roads of Ontario
006600: JONES, EDWARD P. - The Known World
017085: JONES, ALEX - Seven Mansions of Color
006781: JONES, MAVIS - Her Festival Clothes
007162: JONES, TOBIAS - The Dark Heart of Italy
014855: JONES, TRISTAN - Somewheres East of Suez
003126: JONES, PETER A. - Educating Horses: From Birth to Riding
000913: JONES, CHRIS - Climbing in North America
002930: JONES, TRISTAN - To Venture Further-an Incredible Boat Journey Across the Waterways of Thailand
019698: JONES, TRISTAN - Encounters of a Wayward Sailor
011169: JONES, CHARLOTTE FOLTZ - Mistakes That Worked
020363: JONES, JOAN MEGAN - The Art and Style of Western Indian Basketry
017982: JONES, OWEN - Chinese Design and Pattern in Full Color
012758: JONES, DR. W. GIFFORD - The Healthy Barmaid
003200: JONES, CHRISTOPHER - Lost Civilizations: a Journey Into the Past
017755: JONES, MICHAEL OWEN - The Hand Made Object and Its Maker
014904: JONES, CHRISTOPHER - Lost Civilizations:A Journey Into the Past
015331: JONES, TRISTAN - The Incredible Voyage - A Personal Odyssey
005804: JONINA WOOD-EDITOR IN CHIEF - Canada: a Portrait
005235: JONKER, PETER MARINUS - The Song and the Silence: Sitting Wind the Life of Stoney Indian Chief Frank Kaquitts
000098: JORDAN, AGGIE - The Marriage Plan: How to Marry Your Soul Mate in One Year-Or Less
019275: JORDAN RUBIN - The Great Physician's Rx for Diabetes (Rubin Series)
015385: JORDAN, TED - Norma Jean: My Secret Life With Marilyn Monroe
012731: JORDAN, DAVID P. - The King's Trial: The French Revolution Vs. Louis XVI
016494: JORGE LUIS BORGES - Poems of the Night
001858: JOSE SARAMAGO - Todos Los Nombres
012238: JOSE CARLOS SOMOZA - The Art of Murder
020458: JOSEPH CAMPBELL; BILL MOYERS - The Power of Myth
003495: JOSEPH LEEMING - Tricks and Stunts With Playing Cards Plus Games of Solitaire
005810: JOSEPH ROMAIN - The Pictorial History of Hockey
001217: JOSEPH L. SCHOTT - Rails Across Panama-the Story of the Building of the Panama Railroad 1849-1855
007428: JOSEPH SVEC - Africa My Love
007612: JOSEPH JOHNSON - Young Smallshoes
003775: JOSEPH AGASSI - The Continuing Revolution-a History of Physics From the Greeks to Einstein
015501: JOSEPH H. CARTER - Never Met a Man I Didn't Like: The Life and Writings of Will Rogers
014084: JOSEPH PIKE - Stratford Upon Avon - A Series of Pencil Sketches
001758: JOSEPH LEEMING - The Real Book of Science Experiments
008286: JOSEPH S. TULCHIN ET AL - Strategic Balance and Confidence Building Measures in the Americas
020312: JOSEPH BRODSKY - On Grief and Reason - Essays
008766: JOSEPH SCHULL - Rebellion - The Rising in French Canada 1837
012474: JOSEPH CAMPBELL, EDITOR - Myths, Dreams and Religion
010273: JOSEPH MACHLIS - Introduction to Contemporary Music
020277: JOSEPH BOYDEN - Through Black Spruce
018812: JOSEPH BOYDEN - Through Black Spruce
020418: JOSEPH SANSOM, ESQ. - Travels in Lower Canada
011189: JOSEPH C. LINCOLN - Galusha The Magnificient
012737: JOSEPH BOYDEN - Through Black Spruce
015744: JOSEPH HOAG - Journal of the life of Joseph Hoag - an Eminent minister of the Gospel in the society of Friends
020467: JOSEPH BOYDEN - Three Day Road
019250: JOSEPH BOYDEN - The Orenda
003342: JOSEPHINA NIGGLI - Step Down, Elder Brother
016863: JOSHUA SLOCUM - Seul Autour Du monde- Sur Un Voilier De Onze metres
018415: JOSIE PENNY - So Few on Earth - a Labrador Metis Woman Remembers
011216: JOSPEH CONRAD - Almayer's Folly
001522: JOUBERT, ELSA - Poppie Nongena
000176: JOY WILSON - Cornwall-Land of Legend
014141: JOY DAY BUEL & RICHARD BUEL, JR. - The Way of Duty - a Woman and Her Family in Revolutionary America
013763: JOY ADAMSON - Born Free - a Lioness of Two Worlds
008721: JOY PARR, EDITOR - Still Running.
018103: JOY PACKER - The Glass Barrier
005948: JOY ADAMSON - Born Free-a Lioness of Two Worlds
005169: JOYCE CARY - Memoir of the Bobotes
019554: JOYCE BURNELL - Boo Too - Ghosts of Oakville & Haunted Halton
008949: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
012295: JOYCE REARDON, EDITOR - The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life As Rose Red
020016: JOYCE, JAMES - Dubliners - Centennial Edition
007120: JUAN VALERA - Pepita Jimenez
007355: JUDITH BAUER STAMPER - Scared Silly! Stories to Make You Gasp and Giggle
016964: JUDITH BANISTER - Collecting Antique Silver
000439: JUDITH SKELTON GRANT, EDITOR - The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies
009600: JUDITH BARKER-SANDBROOK, NEIL GRAHAM - Thinking through the Essay
010546: JUDITH POLLEY - The Secret of Val Verde
012203: JUDITH ROSSNER - Looking for Mr. Goodbar
020599: JUDITH COMFORT - Country Roads of the Maritimes - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
016501: JUDITH SKELETON GRANT, EDITOR - The Enthusiasms of Roberston Davies
000087: JUDY CHICAGO - The 39 Women
000023: JUDY BONAVIA - The Yangzi River
003194: JUDY BONAVIA - A Golden Souvenir of the Silk Road
013462: JUKES, MAVIS - Growing Up It's a Girl Thing: Straight Talk About First Bras, First Periods, and Your Changing Body
006282: JULES VERNE - A Long Vacation
005191: JULES VERNE - Their Island Home-the Later Adventures of the Swiss Family Robinson
014318: JULES VERNE - Journey to the Center of the Earth - Abridged and Edited
017090: JULIA JONES AND BARBARA DEER - The Country Diary of Garden Lore
008157: JULIA SPURLOCK - The Homemaker's Guide to Refinishing and Restoring Antiques(formerly Known as Pass Thy Hand for the Finishing touch)
012378: JULIA CAMERON - The Writing Diet - Write Yourself Right-Size
020406: JULIA CAMERON - The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
020005: JULIA AITKEN AND ANITA STEWART - The Ontario Harvest Cookbook: An Exploration of Feasts and Flavours
020542: JULIAN SHER; WILLIAM MARSDEN - Road to Hell : How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada
007401: JULIAN HUXLEY - New Bottles for New Wine
020066: JULIAN HOLLAND - Exploring Britain's Lost Railways
020578: JULIAN PORTER - 149 Paintings You Really Need to See in Europe - So You Can Ignore the Others
017979: JULIAN WEST, EDITOR - Traveling the Turf - the Essential Guide to the Racecourses of Great Britain & Ireland
013825: JULIE METZ - Perfection: A Memoir of Betrayal and Renewal
014243: JULIE PAPIEVIS - Go Back and Be Happy
009815: JULIEN AND MARILYN PAYNE - Dealing with Divorce - Your Rights and Responsibilities - a Canadian Guide
018900: JULIO CORTAZAR - Cronopios and Famas
014508: JUMPER, BETTY MAE;GALLAGHER, PETER - Legends of the Seminoles
005708: JUNE JOHNSON - 838 Ways to Amuse a Child
020826: JUNE PARKER - Walking in Mallorca (Cicerone Guide)
016929: JUNG CHANG - Wild Swans - Three daughters of China
004131: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN - Perfect Storm, the: a True Story of a Man Against the Sea
001641: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN - The Perfect Storm: a True Story of Men Against the Sea
003072: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN; SEBASTIAN, JUNGER - The Perfect Storm: a True Story of Men Against the Sea
013612: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN - Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea
016025: JUSTIN D. KAPLAN - Dialogues of Plato
016026: JUSTIN D. KAPLAN - The Pocket Aristotle
020441: K.F. SCOTT - Prescott's Famous Battle of the Windmill, Nov. 13-18, 1838
000029: K ADLARD COLES - Sailing Years: an Autobiography
000312: K. SOHAIL - Literary: Interviews With Urdu Writers Living in the West
008792: K.Y. TANG - Alternating Current Circuits
017585: KACER, KATHY - The Secret of Gabi's Dresser
008303: KADARE, ISMAIL - The Successor : A Novel
003686: KADETSKY, ELIZABETH - First There is a Mountain: a Yoga Romance
009485: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Trial
016398: KAFKA, FRANZ - Amerika
001193: KAGAN, ROBERT - Paradise and Power: America Versus Europe in the Twenty-First Century
016334: KAGAN, ROBERT - Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order
003366: KAHIL GIBRAN - A Tear and a Smile
009773: KAHIL GIBRAN - The Procession
010714: KAHLIL GIBRAN - Thoughts and Medittions
016155: KAINS, M. G. - Five Acres and Independence: A Handbook for Small Farm Management
017422: KAISER, ROBERT BLAIR - A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI And the Battle for the Future
016488: KAISER, GRACE H. - Dr Frau: A Woman Doctor Among the Amish
015739: KAJ BIRKET-SMITH - Eskimos
010846: KAJ L. NIELSEN - mathematics for Practical Use
002359: KALMAN, JUDITH - The County of Birches
018070: KALMAN, ESTHER - Tchaikovsky Discovers America
016426: KALMAN, BOBBIE - Early Health & Medicine
020464: KALTON C. LAHUE - Bound and Gagged - the Story of the Silent Serials
020462: KALTON C. LAHUE - Gentlemen to the Rescue: The Heroes of the Silent Screen
006618: KAMANI, GINU - Junglee Girl
005046: KAMENETZ, RODGER - The Jew in the Lotus: a Poet's Rediscovery of Jewish Identity in Buddhist India
015226: KAMINSKY, PETER - Fishing for Dummies
008068: KAMLER, KENNETH - Surviving the Extremes : A Doctor's Journey to the Limits of Human Endurance
011646: KANDEL, JOSEPH;SUDDERTH, DAVID B. M.D. - The Arthritis Solution
015096: KANDEL, JOSEPH;SUDDERTH, DAVID B. M.D. - The Headache Cure: How to Uncover What's Really Causing Your Pain And Find Lasting Relief
016685: KANE, JOE - Running the Amazon
001153: KANE, ALICE, EDITED BY EDITH FOWKE - Songs and Sayings of an Ulster Childhood
002832: KANE, SEAN - Virtual Freedom
009334: KANE, EVANGELINE - Recovering from Incest: Imagination and the Healing Process
000179: KANE, ROBERT S. - Britain at Its Best (World at Its Best Travel Ser. )
006196: KANIUT, LARRY - Bear Tales for the Ages: From Alaska and Beyond
002952: KANIUT, LARRY - Alaska Bear Tales
006856: KAPIT, WYNN, ET AL - Physiology Coloring Book
014988: KAPLAN, DAVID E.; DUBRO, ALEC - Yakuza - the Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld
016927: KAPLAN, DAVID E.;DUBRO, ALEC - Yakuza: The Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld
006511: KAPLAN, ROBERT - The Ends of the Earth-From Togo to Turkmenistan, From Iran to Cambodia-a Journey to the Frontiers of Anarchy
018472: KAPLAN, ROBERT D. - Surrender or Starve: Travels in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea
015917: KAPLAN, ROBERT D. - The Coming Anarchy: Shattering the Dreams of the Post Cold War
015705: KAPLAN, ROBERT - The Ends of the Earth: From Togo to Turkmenistan, from Iran to Cambodia, a Journey to the Frontiers of Anarchy
016573: KAPTCHUK, TED J.; CROUCHER, MICHAEL - Healing Arts : A Journey Through the Faces of Medicine
017897: KARABELL, ZACHARY - Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal
003954: KARDONG, DON - Hills, Hawgs & Ho Chi Minh: More Tales of a Wayward Runner
000464: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 56/7-Comedy and the Sporting Life
000465: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 27-28
000466: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 54: Fall Fiction Issue
000467: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 64/5 Filmsounds
000468: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 43
000470: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 25-26. Special Prose Issue
000471: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 48-Featuring Ann Ditchburn
000472: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 47-Poetry Coast to Coast
006249: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - Descant 79/80 Winter/Spring 1992/93 Space I
001881: KAREN PENDLE, EDITOR - Women and Music: a History
015702: KAREN MULHALLEN, EDITOR - DESCANT 149 - Summer and Smoke: The Search for Values with 2010 Collins/Descant Poetry Prize Winners
014290: KAREN CONNELLY - Burmese Lessons - A Love Story
010080: KAREN, ROBERT - The Forgiving Self: The Road from Resentment to Connection
010730: KAREN LIPTAK - North American Indian Sign Language
013908: KAREN CLOSE - Unfinished Women - Seeds from My Friendship with Reva Brooks
014078: KAREN CONNELLY - Burmese Days - a Love Story
015022: KAREN SULLIVAN - Organic Living in 10 simple Lessons
002851: KARESH, WILLIAM B. - Appointment at the Ends of the World: Memiors of a Wildlife Veterinarian
012765: KARIN & KERRY - Coast to Coast - the No-bull Guide to Backpacking In Southern Africa
001856: KARINCH, MARYANN - Lessons From the Edge: Extreme Athletes Show You How to Take on High Risk and Succeed
016666: KARL MAY - In the Desert
008367: KARL MARX, EDITED BY FREDERICK ENGELS - CAPTIAL - A Critique of Political Economy Vol. III - The Process of Capitalist Production as a Whole
002980: KARL SCHUTZ, EDITOR - The Little Town That Did, Chemainus Festival of Murals, B C Canada
008501: KARL MARX - CAPITAL:A Critique of Political Economy Vol. II The Process of Circulation of Captial
012457: KARL SKALA - Wia's Holt fo Geht
011358: KARL MARX - Karl Marx: The Communist Manifesto
020734: KARL MANNHEIM - Ideology and Utopia: An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge
010145: KARNOW, STANLEY - Vietnam: A History
008631: KARON, JAN - Jeremy : The Tale of an Honest Bunny
001853: KARPINSKI, GLORIA D. - Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage
015817: KARPMAN, HAROLD L. - Preventing Silent Heart Disease: Detecting and Preventing America's Number 1 Killer
010863: KARRASS, CHESTER L. - Negotiating Game : How to Get What You Want
002837: KARSH, ROMA - Endless: a Novel of Holocaust Survivors
004608: KASHIWA, ANNE; RIPPE, JAMES M. - Fitness Walking for Women
005130: KATA, ELIZABETH - Kagami
017507: KATE PULLINGER - The Mistress of Nothing
008308: KATE MORGENROTH - They Did It with Love
000232: KATE FAGAN, ET AL - Tangent 1997-an Anthology of Women's Creative Work
010196: KATE DICAMILLO - The Tale of Despereaux - Being the Story of a Mouse, a princess, Some Soup and a Spool of Thread
013749: KATE MUIR - Left Bank - a Novel
017932: KATES, JOANNE - Exploring Algonquin Park
015561: KATES, JOANNE - Exploring Algonquin Park
012164: KATHERINE MANSFIELD - Bliss and Other Stories
001267: KATHERINE ANNE ACKLEY - Essays From Contemporary Culture
003269: KATHERINE B. SHIPPEN - The Great Heritage
019509: KATHERINE GLOVER - Three Views of Crystal Water
010958: KATHERINE MANSFIELD - Something Childish and Other Stories -
019614: KATHLEEN GALLAGHER AND DAVID BOOTH, EDITORS - How Theatre Educates: Convergences and Counterpoints with Artists, Scholars, and Advocates
012551: KATHLEEN MEYER - How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art
002474: KATHLEEN DICKENSON MELLEN - Hawaiian Heritage-a Brief Illustrated History
009906: KATHLEEN NORRIS - Secret Marriage
020637: KATHLEEN JAMIESON - Findings
016611: KATHLEEN FLINN - The Sharper Your knife, the Less You Cry
000685: KATHRINE JASON, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - Name and Tears & Other Stories: Forty Years of Italian Fiction
017923: KATHRYN MCCLEARY AND BEVERLY DIXON MALLETTE - What's Worth Dying for - a Historical Mystery Novel Set in Simcoe County at the Time of Confederation
017817: KATHY SLAMP - Little House in the Arctic - an Adventure Story
012016: KATHY COFFEY - Dancing in the Margins - Meditations for People Who Struggle with Their Churches
019860: KATHY STINSON - The Man with the Violin
020656: KATIE THEAR - Home dairying
012756: KATIE BRAZELTON - Pathway to Purpose for Women
014651: KATZ, ELLIOTT - Great Country Walks Around Toronto - Within Reach by Public Transit
007295: KATZANDER, HOWARD L. - Antiques and Art: How to Know, Buy, and Use Them
012325: KATZMAN, DEBRA K.;PINHAS, LEORA - Help For Eating Disorders: A Parent's Guide To Symptoms, Causes And Treatment
009277: KAUFMAN, PAMELA - The Book of Eleanor - a Novel of Elenaor of Aquitaine
020148: KAUFMAN, KENN - Birds of North America (Kaufman Focus Guides)
015830: KAUFMAN, LOIS L. - Old Age Is Not for Sissies - a Witty Look at Aging
019681: KAUFMANN, WALTER A. - Critique of Religion and Philosophy
002463: KAUFMANN, KLAUS - Kombucha Rediscovered! : a Guide to the Medicinal Benefits of an Ancient Healing Tea
015815: KAVANAGH, TERENCE - The Healthy Heart Program - the Successful medically-tested Program that will Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness
012838: KAWABATA, YASUNARI - Thousand Cranes
017863: KAWABATA, YASUNARI - Snow Country
000006: KAWABUCHI, HIDEO - A Dweller in the Cosmopolitan House
000684: KAY, LINDA - Romantic Days and Nights in Montreal: Intimate Escapes in the Paris of North America
006701: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Ysabel
007203: KAY, FRANCES - Starting Fabric Collage
004012: KAY, SHIRLEY - The Bedouin (This Changing World Ser. )
000419: KAY, DENISON J.; POHL, MEL - Staying Sane When You Care for Someone With Chronic Illness: a Guide for Caregivers
013837: KAY, TERRY - Shadow Song
005756: KAYE, M.M., EDITOR - The Golden Calm: an English Lady's Life in Moghul Delhi Reminiscences
008258: KAYE, LINCOLN - Cousin Felix Meets the Buddha: And Other Encounters in China and Tibet
017748: KAYSEN, SUSANNA - The Camera My Mother Gave Me
002956: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - Zorba the Greek
002551: KEANE, FRANK; LAVIN, PATRICK - Thank You, Ireland: Some Phenomenal Success Stories of the Irish in North America
007384: KEARNEY, MARK; RAY, RANDY - Pucks, Pablum and Pingos: More Fascinating Facts and Quirky Quizzes From Canada's Trivia Guys
018310: KEARNEY, RICHARD - The God Who May Be: The Hermeneutics of Religion
014738: KEATS, JOHN - Howard Hughes - a Biography
002516: KEAY, JOHN - Explorers Extraordinary
011572: KEE, NANCY ERB - The Unusual Life and Times of Nancy Ford-Inman
001358: KEEBLE, MIDGE E. - Tottering in My Garden: a Gardener's Memoir
007405: KEEFE, WILLIAM J. - Parties, Politics, and Public Policy in America
003018: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - Travelling Ladies
009535: KEEGAN, JOHN - A History of Warfare
017679: KEEGAN, JOHN - Intelligence in War: Knowledge of the Enemy from Napoleon to Al-Quaeda
010311: KEELING, JILL ANNETTE - The Old English Sheepdog
002624: KEEN, SAM; FOX, ANNE VALLEY - Your Mythic Journey-Finding Meaning in Your Life Through Writing and Storytelling
017214: KEENAN, PATRICK T. - Canadian Warplane Heritage : Canada's Flying Museum
011075: KEENAN, BRIAN;MCCARTHY, JOHN - Between Extremes
004270: KEENE, C. - Witch Tree Symbol-Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
008171: KEENE, CHARLES - Mr. Punch with Rod and Gun : The Humours of Fishing and Shooting
011658: KEENE, CAROLYN - Clue of the Leaning Chimney #26
009677: KEENEY, PATRICIA - Selected Poems of Patricia Keeney
001590: KEESING, ROGER M. -AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - Kin Groups and Social Structure
015588: KEHE, DAVID;KEHE, PEGGY DUSTIN - Conversation Strategies: Pair and Group Activities for Developing Communicative Competence
016770: KEIGHTLEY, THOMAS - The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves & Other Little People
009419: KEILLOR, GARRISON - The Best American Short Stories 1998
020817: KEIR ELAM - The Semiotics of Theatre and Drama (New Accents)
006388: KEITH WILLEY - Crocodile Hunt
007027: KEITH KAYNOR - Jungle Myths-the Story of Abwe's Medical Work on the Amazon
007279: KEITH J. CROWE - A History of the Original Peoples of Northern Canada
014135: KEITH WRIGHTSON - English Society 1580-1680
009219: KEITH-RYAN, HEATHER; MCCULLY, SHARON - Quebec : Bonjour, Eh?
019910: KEITH RICHARDS - Life
010558: KEITH DEVLIN - The Unfinished Game - Pascal, Fermat and the Seventeenth-Century Letter Thta Made the World Modern
011114: KEITH, JOHN F. - The First Few Wars Are the Worst : His Grace Has No Measure
017972: KEITH THOMAS - Man and the Natural World - Changing Attitudes in England 1500-1800
012316: KEITH ANDERSON - The A to Z of Classical Music - The Great Composers and Their Greatest Works
001682: KEIZER, GARRET - The Enigma of Anger: Essays on a Sometimes Deadly Sin
019220: KEIZER, BERT - Dancing with Mr. D. - Notes on Life and Death
005028: KELDER, PETER - Tibetan Secrets of Youth and Vitality-How to Look and Feel Younger Using Five Ancient Rites for Stimulating Your Energy Centres
007406: KELLER, MARYANN - Rude Awakening: the Rise, Fall, and Struggle for Recovery of General Motors
008075: KELLER, BETTY - Black Wolf: The Life of Ernest Thompson Seton
011580: KELLEY, HELEN - Helen Kelley's Joy of Quilting : More Wit and Wisdom from America's Most Popular Quilting Columnist
014257: KELLEY, KITTY - His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra
017669: KELLEY, KITTY - The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty
008648: KELLMAN, PHILIP J.;ARTERBERRY, MARTHA E. - The Cradle of Knowledge: Development of Perception in Infancy
000552: KELLY, M. - Breath Dances Between Them
007281: KELLY MONAGHAN - The Insider Guide to Air Courier Bargains
010999: KELLY, LINDA - The Young Romantics: Victor Hugo, Sainte-Beuve, Vigny, Dumas, Musset, and George Sand and Their Friendships, Feuds, and Loves in the French Romantic Revolution
014930: KELLY, MARGUERITE - The Mother's Almanac - Your Child from Six to Twelve
015888: KELLY, LINDA ARMSTRONG;RODGERS, JONI - No Mountain High Enough: Raising Lance, Raising Me
008862: KEMBALL, WALTER G. - Geographic Essentials : Map Skills Using COSA
019770: KEMBLE, ROGER - The Canadian City: St. John's to Victoria: A Critical Commentary (NONE)
005698: KEMP, PETER - The History of Ships
009818: KEMP, THOMAS L. - Daily Meditations: Based on the Daily First Reading from Liturgy of the Hours Vol. 2
006037: KEN E. LIDDELL - This is Alberta
013585: KEN MCCOLM - Eating the Elephant
012652: KEN PATTISON - Milestones on Vancouver Island - a Concise Guide to Historical & Present Day Attractions Along Its Roads and Highways
010083: KEN FOLLETT - Eye of the Needle
010232: KEN FOLLETT - Pillars of the Earth
016435: KEN FOYSTER - Anniversary Reflections - 1856-1981 A History of Hamilton Diocese
014082: KEN COOPER - Held Hostage - a Serial Bank Robber's Road to Redemption
019801: KEN LIDDELL - Southern Alberta's Roamin' Empire
017245: KEN MCGOOGAN - Race to the Polar Sea - the Heroic Adventures and Romantic Obsessions of Elisha Kent Kane
007395: KEN FOYSTER - Anniversary Reflections-a History of the Hamilton Diocese 1865-1981
014907: KEN FOLLETT - The Pillars of the Earth
015714: KEN FOLLETT - World Without End
015973: KEN FINE - The nobles of broadsea and the Strange Tale of Dougal Summers
014947: KENDRA ENSOR, ET AL EDITORS - Travel Time! My First Backseat book!
013252: KENDRICK, MARTYN - Writing Lifestories : A Book about Natural Creativity, Original Expression and the Transformative Power of Stories
005369: KENDRICK, MARTYN - Writing Lifestories: a Book About Natural Creativity, Original Expression and the Transformative Power of Stories
006103: KENEALLY, THOMAS - The Great Shame: and the Triumph of the Irish in the English-Speaking World
012425: KENISON, KATRINA - Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry
018654: KENN HARPER, EDITOR - Christmas in the Big Igloo: True Stories from the Canadian Arctic
013278: KENNEDY-LOEWEN, SUSAN - A Small Business Handbook
008049: KENNEDY, PAUL M. - Preparing for the Twenty-First Century
002577: KENNEDY, DAVID M. - Over Here: the First World War and American Society
004757: KENNEDY, PAUL - Preparing for the Twenty-First Century
009327: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Quinn's Book
009609: KENNEDY, BETTY - Gerhard: A Love Story
010679: KENNEDY, DOUGLAS - The Big Picture
005785: KENNEDY, MICHAEL - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music
005265: KENNETH MACGOWAN & WILLIAM MELNITZ - Golden Ages of the Theater
001120: KENNETH GLYN JONES, EDITOR - Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook: Open and Globular Clusters-Vol. 3
001118: KENNETH GLYN JONES, EDITOR - Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook: Clusters of Galaxies-No. 5
000082: KENNETH MCKENNEY - Mexico
007779: KENNETH FOWLER - The Age of Plantagenet and Valois - the Struggle for Supemacy 1328-1498
000865: KENNETH G. PRYKE, WALTER C. SODERLAND, EDS - Profiles of Canada
010620: KENNETH R. MCGRUTHER - The Evolving Soviet Navy
017873: KENNETH GRAHAME - The Wind in the Willows
010656: KENNETH I. BRAY, D. BRUCE SNELL - For Young Musicians - Volume One, a Handbook
020720: KENNETH VIDIA PARMASAD - Salt and roti: Indian folk tales of the Caribbean : a first collection
010932: KENNETH MCNAUGHT - A Prophet in Politics - a Biography of J.S. Woodsworth
010933: KENNETH M. STAMPP - The Peculiar Institution - Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South
014479: KENNETH ECKHARDT & M. DAVID ERMANN - Social Research Methods: Perspective, Theory, and Analysis
018040: KENNETH ROBERTS - Rabble in Arms
017983: KENNETH WHEELER - Eagle Book of Sport
016730: KENT COTTRELL - Sunburnt Africa in Pencil, Paint and Prose
007969: KERBY, JOHN E. - For Sale by Owner
011700: KERMIT SCHAFER - Best of Bloopers - Uncensored - Radio and TV's Most Hilarious Boners
009190: KERN, KERRY V. - Labrador Retrievers
013458: KERROD, ROBIN - Learn About Weather
013459: KERROD, ROBIN - Learn About the Sea
005380: KERRY BROWN, EDITOR - Sikh Art and Literature
011931: KERSHAW, KENNETH A. - Quantitative and Dynamic Plant Ecology
017103: KERWIN SWINT - The King Whisperers - from Behind the Throne from Rasputin to Rove
016005: KESSLER, LEO - Claws of Steel
009414: KESTERTON, MICHAEL - Social Studies: The Best of the Globe and Mail's Daily Miscellany of Information
010765: KETTELL, RUSSELL HAWES - The Pine Furniture of Early New England
017730: KEVIN SULLIVAN - Anne of Green Gables - a New Beginning - Adapted from His Screenplay
019293: KEVIN DOWD AND MARTIN HUTCHINSON - Alchemists of Loss - How Modern Finance and Government Intervention Crased the Financial System
020644: KEVIN FORBES - Home Brewing - Producing your Own Beer, Wine and Cider
013502: KEVIN TRUDEAU - The Weight Loss Cure - "They" Don't Want You to Know About
007351: KEY, WILLIAM - The Battle of Atlanta and the Georgia Campaign
005325: KEYES, MARIAN - Sushi for Beginners
008918: KEYLOR, WILLIAM R. - The Twentieth-Century World: An International History
006087: KHADRA, YASMINA - The Swallows of Kabul
019774: KHADRA, YASMINA - The Swallows of Kabul: A Novel
020774: KHALED HOSSEINI - The Kite Runner
020753: KHALED HOSSEINI - And the Mountains Echoed
004489: KHASHOGGI, SOHEIR - Mirage
003362: KHASHOGGI, SOHEIR - Mirage
001377: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Beat Voices: an Anthology of Beat Poetry
018101: KHOURI, NORMA - Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan
008732: KIDD, SUE MONK - Secret Life of Bees
018488: KIDD, DIANA - Onion Tears
007335: KIDDER, TRACY - Among Schoolchildren
007361: KIDRON, M.; SMITH, D. - The War Atlas-Armed Conflict-Armed Peace
007044: KIELBURGER, CRAIG; MAJOR, KEVIN - Free the Children: a Young Man Fights Against Child Labor and Proves That Children Can Change the World
010295: KIEMEL, ANN - It's Incredible
001934: KIERNAN, LIAM - Northwest Terrorstories: a Novel
011207: KIERNAN, THOMAS - The Roman Polanski Story
012112: KIEVES, TAMA J. - This Time I Dance!: Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love, How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!
015295: KIKI THORPE - Tinker Bell - Two magical Tales - the Trouble with Tink and Tink, North of Never Land
005758: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - Intimate Grandeur: One Hundred Years at Massey Hall
010886: KILDARE DOBBS - Reading the Time
004076: KILGOUR, BETTY - So This is Africa!
018808: KILHAM, CHRISTOPHER;KILHAM, CHRIS - Tales from the Medicine Trail: Tracking Down the Health Secrets of Shamans, Herbalists, Mystics, Yogis, and Other Healers
020314: KILLAN, GERALD - Protected Places: A History of Ontario's Provincial Parks System
018769: KILLMAN, MURRAY - Curse of the Fleur de Lis : The Biography of Jacob Killman, Sr. U. E. Broken Ear
018503: KIM, PATTI - A Cab Called Reliable: A Novel About Growing Up in America
013555: KIM, ELIZABETH - Ten Thousand Sorrows : The Extraordinary Journey of a Korean War Orphan
000178: KIM AND EMMA NAYLOR - Amsterdam Confidental
015425: KIM SIMMONS - A Donkey Called Dando
020220: KIM STANLEY ROBINSON - Shaman - a Novel of the Ice Age
020379: KIM THUY - Man
018617: KIM ECHLIN - The Disappeared
014799: KIM, ASHIDA - Secrets of the Ninja
016066: KIM, TAE YUN - GRANDMASTER - Seven Steps to Inner Power
017721: KIM ECHLIN - The Disappeared
005510: KINCAID, JAMAICA - Mr. Potter
002151: KINCAID, JAMAICA - At the Bottom of the River
015171: KINCAID, JAMAICA - The Autobiography of My Mother
010346: KINDER, GARY - Light Years: An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier
014596: KING, MICHAEL - Lorien Lost - a Novel of Artistic Obsession
014878: KING, LARRY & YOFFE, EMILY - Larry King
005002: KING, STEPHEN - On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft
012111: KING, THOMAS - Green Grass, Running Water
006689: KING, STEPHEN - Lisey's Story
002432: KING, JAMES - The Life of Margaret Laurence
003046: KING, THOMAS - Green Grass, Running Water
003619: KING, THOMAS - Talking Gender
004468: KING, JAMES - Jack: a Life With Writers the Story of Jack McClelland
008405: KING, JAMES - Faking: A Novel
015844: KING, LARRY L. - In Search of Willie Morris : The Mercurial Life of a Legendary Writer and Editor
009797: KING, JAMES C. - The Biology of Race
014831: KING, DEBORAH - The Black and White Cat
013359: KING, JAMES - The Life of Margaret Laurence
013898: KING, JAMES - Pure Inventions
013896: KING, JAMES - Transformations
011074: KING, JAMES - The Life of Margaret Laurence
011602: KING, GRAHAM - Vocabulary Expander - Collings Wordpower
014909: KING, STEPHEN;STRAUB, PETER - Black House
015531: KING, DAVID - Finding Atlantis: A True Story of Genius, Madness, And an Extraordinary Quest for a Lost World
016454: KING, DR. JOHN L. - How to Profit from the Next Great Depression
017191: KING, STEPHEN - Dreamcatcher
003326: KINGLAKE, A. W. - Eothen: Traces of Travel
008777: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
006814: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Small Wonder
004424: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - High Tide in Tucson: Essays From Now Or Never
003199: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Homeland and Other Stories
008568: KINGSTON, MAXINE HONG - The Woman Warrior : Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts
010677: KINGSTON, ANNE - The Meaning of Wife
000575: KINGWELL, MARK - Dreams of Millennium; Report of a Culture on the Brink
008855: KINGWELL, MARK - Marginalia: A Cultural Reader
016607: KINKADE, THOMAS - Lightposts for Living: The Art of Choosing a Joyful Life
008967: KINNOCK, GLENYS - Eritrea: Images of War and Peace
000016: KINNOSUKE NATSUME - Botchan (Master Darling)
004888: KINSELLA, T. - The Tain Translated From the Irish Epic Tain Bo Cuailnge
018849: KINSELLA, W.P. - Dance Me Outside
008551: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - Shopaholic & Sister
008552: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - Shopaholic Ties the Knot
009765: KINSELLA, W.P. - If Wishes Were Horses
003632: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Best Short Stories
013364: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Best Short Stories
013447: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
008143: KIRBY, S, KATE MCKENNA - Experience Research Social Change: Methods from the Margins
012944: KIRK, GEOFFREY STEPHEN - Myth: Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures
009350: KIRK, RUTH;ALEXANDER, CARMELA - Exploring Washington's Past: A Road Guide to History
011102: KIRKBY, BRUCE - Sand Dance By Camel Across Arabia's Great Southern Desert
006592: KIRKPATRICK, JANE - Homestead: a Memoir
001275: KIRSTI SIMONSUURI - Boy Devil
006969: KIRTON, JOHN J.; RICHARDSON, SARAH - Trade, Environment & Competitiveness: Sustaining Canada's Prosperity
018294: KISHORE MAHBUBANI - The Great Convergence - Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World
020491: KIT WILLIAMS - UNTITLED. [The Bee Book].
009067: KITTO, HUMPHREY D. - Greeks
017866: KITTY KELLEY - Oprah - A Biography
016157: KIYOSAKI, ROBERT T.;LECHTER, SHARON L. - Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
006986: KIZILOS, KATHERINE - The Olive Grove: Travels in Greece
007128: KJELD HELWEG-LARSEN - Columbus Never Came
012695: KJELLSTROM, BJORN - Be Expert With Map and Compass: The Orienteering Handbook
003892: KLAGSBRUN, FRANCINE - Mixed Feelings: Love, Hate, Rivalry, and Reconciliation Among Brothers and Sisters
015519: KLARA GLOWCZEWSKA, EDITOR - Book of Unforgettable Journeys - The Conde Nast Traveler - Great Writers in Great Places
010725: KLAUS SPEICHER - Canary Breeding
014525: KLAWANS, HAROLD M.D. - Defending the Cavewoman: And Other Tales of Evolutionary Neurology
013765: KLEIN, MELANIE - Narrative of a Child Analysis
006491: KLEIN, VICTOR C. - New Orleans Ghosts
010571: KLEIN, NAOMI - Fences and Windows : Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate
011817: KLEIN, NAOMI - No Logo : Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies
014724: KLEIN, TOM - Loon Magic
017336: KLEIN, EDWARD - The Truth about Hillary : What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President
002209: KLEPPER, MICHAEL M.; GUNTHER, ROBERT E. - I'D Rather Die Than Give a Speech
011944: KLEPPNER, DANIEL - Quick Calculus; A Short Manual of Self Instruction
004438: KLOSTERMAN, CHUCK - Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story
003583: KLOTS, ALEXANDER B. - Field Guide to the Butterflies of North America: East of the Great Plains
020009: KLUCKNER, MICHAEL - Paving Paradise: Is British Columbia Losing Its Heritage?
015212: KNAGGS, JOHN R. - The Bugles Are Silent: A Novel of the Texas Revolution
004603: KNAPP, CAROLINE - Pack of Two: the Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs
000916: KNEALE, MATTHEW - English Passengers
007051: KNEALE, MATTHEW - Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance
002632: KNEALE, MATTHEW - Mr Foreigner (Originally Published as Whore Banquets)
011742: KNECHT, G. BRUCE - The Proving Ground: The Inside Story of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race
008660: KNIGHT, SIRONA - Empowering Your Life with Natural Magic
011881: KNIGHT, ERIC - Lassie Come-Home
013821: KNOBL, KUNO - Tai Ki : To the Point of No Return
015097: KNORR, ROSANNE - The Grown-Up's Guide to Running Away from Home
004399: KNOWLES - Strangers at Our Gates: Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy
006787: KNOWLES, JOHN - A Separate Peace
016798: KNOWLES, VALERIE - Strangers at Our Gates : Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy
020387: KNUD RASMUSSEN - A Journey to the Arctic
018173: KNUDSEN, MARK; PLANK, SHAWN - Old Man River and Me: One Man's Journey Down the Mighty Mississippi
003070: KOBAK, ANNETTE - Isabelle: the Life of Isabelle Eberhardt
009862: KOBAYASHI, KAZUO;VOGUE, NIHON;SUNAYAMA, CHIHARA - Easy Origami: A Colorful Introduction to Practical Paper Folding
017918: KOCH, ETTA;PRICE, JUNE COOPER - Lizards on the Mantel, Burros at the Door: A Big Bend Memoir
018899: KODAK - Student Filmmaker's Handbook
000014: KODANSHA INTERNATIONAL STAFF - Japan: Profile of a Nation
006001: KOEHLER, WILLIAM R. - The Koehler Method of Open Obedience for Ring, Home and Field,
008534: KOEPPEL, DAN - To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifelong Obsession
017072: KOEPPEL, DAN - To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifelong Obsession
000594: KOERS, SHIRLEY - The Eyes Are Sunlight: a Journey Through Grief
015128: KOESTENBAUM, WAYNE - Jackie Under My Skin: Interpreting an Icon
004185: KOGAWA, JOY - Istuka
017535: KOGAWA, JOY - The Rain Ascends
009018: KOKIN, MORRIS; WALKER, IAN - Women Married to Alcoholics : Help and Hope for Nonalcoholic Partners
014603: KONDO, HIROSHI - Sake: A Drinker's Guide
006492: KONRAD, GEORGE - The Invisible Voice: Meditations on Jewish Themes
012050: KONRAD H. JARAUSCH, EDITOR - After Unity: Reconfiguring German Identities
000210: KONSTANTIN TARNOVSKY - Illustrated History of the USSR -a Brief Outline
010131: KONSTANTINE SIMONOV - Days and Nights
010475: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Intensity
014910: KOONTZ, DEAN - Life Expectancy
014921: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Dark Rivers of the Heart: A Novel
009405: KOPINAK, KATHRYN - Desert Capitalism : What Are the Maquiladoras?
001663: KORDA, MICHAEL - Country Matters: the Pleasures and Tribulations of Moving From a Big City to an Old Country Farm House
002504: KORDI, GOHAR - An Iranian Odyssey
011887: KOREN, GIDEON, DR. - The Complete Guide To Everyday Risks In Pregnancy And Breastfeeding: Answers To All Your Questions About Medications, Morning Sickness, Herbs, Diseases, Chemical Exposures And More
002147: KOSINSKI, JERZY - Pinball
017371: KOSINSKI, JERZY - The Hermit of Sixty Ninth Street: The Working Papers of Norbert Kosky
016136: KOSTASH, MYRNA - The Next Canada: In Search of Our Future Nation
003639: KOTTLER, JEFFREY A. - On Being a Therapist
012760: KOVEL, RALPH M. - The Kovels' Illustrated Price Guide to Depression Glass and American Dinnerware
012216: KOYAMA, KOSUKE - Water Buffalo Theology
014622: KOZA, KIRSTEN - Lost in Moscow: A Brat in the USSR
019516: KRAKAUER, JON - Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
018988: KRAKAUER, JON - Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains
017989: KRAKOW, AMY - The Total Tattoo Book
020309: KRAMER, LAWRENCE - After the Lovedeath: Sexual Violence and the Making of Culture
002684: KRAMER, JONATHAN; KRAMER, DIANE DUNAWAY - Losing the Weight of the World: a Spiritual Diet to Nourish the Soul
017867: KRAMER, JACK - Growing Hybrid Orchids Indoors
001567: KRAUSS, CLIFFORD - Inside Central America: It's People, Politics and History
015361: KRAUZER, STEVEN M. - Kayaking: Whitewater and Touring Basics
008513: KRAVETZ, STACY - Welcome to the Real World: You'Ve Got an Education, Now Get a Life!
002437: KRAWCZYK, BETTY SHIVER - Clayoquot: the Sound of My Heart
008719: KREH, LEFTY - The L.L. Bean Guide to Outdoor Photography
002848: KRICH, JOHN - Music in Every Room: Around the World in a Bad Mood
004864: KRICH, JOHN - El Beisbol: Travels Through the Pan-American Pastime
016980: KRIEGER, DOLORES - Accepting Your Power to Heal: The Personal Practice of Therapeutic Touch
008401: KRIS RADISH - Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA
008328: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Meeting Life: Writing and Talks on Finding Your Path Without Retreating from Society
015508: KRISTINE KERSHUL - Japanese in 10 Minutes a Day
019297: KRISTOF, NICHOLAS D.; WUDUNN, SHERYL - Thunder from the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia
019282: KRISTOF, NICHOLAS D.; WUDUNN, SHERYL - China Wakes: The Struggle for the Soul of a Rising Power
016355: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Gone Indian
006155: KROETSCH, R. - The Puppeteer: a Novel
006733: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Man From the Creeks
012366: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Badlands
014564: KROKER, ARTHUR - Spasm - Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh
019278: KROKER, ARTHUR - The Possessed Individual: Technology and New French Theory (Culturetexts)
014352: KROTZ, LARRY - Indian Country: Inside Another Canada
014662: KROTZ, LARRY - Indian Country: Inside Another Canada
005280: KRUEGER, LESLEY - The Corner Garden
001131: KRUEGER, LESLEY - Hard Travel
004022: KRUEGER, LESLEY - Drink the Sky
014742: KRULIK, NANCY - Love & Sk8
000858: KRYS VAL LEWICKI - Verdigris
012298: KUAN-CHUNG, LO;BREWITT-TAYLOR, C. H.;LUO, GUANZHONG - Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Vol. II
004263: KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH - Aids: the Ultimate Challenge
002089: KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH; GOLD, TODD - The Wheel of Life: a Memoir of Living and Dying
003260: KUCEY, ROBERT NICHOLAS - Giving Something Back
003668: KUCEY, ROBERT NICHOLAS - Giving Something Back
015046: KUCEY, ROBERT NICHOLAS - Giving Something Back
009980: KUHN, EDWARD, JR. - The American Princess: A Novel
019406: KUNAL BASU - The Japanese Wife and Other Stories
008129: KUNDERA, MILAN - The Art of the Novel
009114: KUNG, HANS - Theology for the Third Millenium: An Ecumenical View
003151: KUPFERBERG, TULI; TOPP, SYLVIA - As They Were-Celebrated People's Pictures
005069: KURALT, CHARLES - Charles Kuralt's America: Charles Kuralt
020036: KURDO BAKSI - Stieg Larsson, My Friend
015045: KUREISHI, HANIF - The Buddha of Suburbia
014980: KURELEK, WILLIAM - A Prairie Boy's Winter
018085: KURELEK, WILLIAM - Northern Nativity: Christmas Dreams of a Prairie Boy
011412: KURELEK, WILLIAM;ENGELHART, MARGARET - They Sought a New World: The Story of European Immigration to North America
002852: KURLANSKY, MARK - A Continent of Islands: Searching for the Caribbean Destiny
012843: KURLANSKY, MARK - Cod - a Biography of the Fish That Changed the World
006627: KUROSAWA, AKIRA - Something Like an Autobiography
001807: KURT SINGER - Spy Stories From Asia-a Record of Incredible Intrigue and Adventure
008621: KURT BROWN, EDITOR - The True Subject: Writers on Life and Craft
019011: KURT VONNEGUT - Letters
003038: KURTZ, ERNEST - Not God: a History of Alcoholics Anonymous
007721: KUSCHE, LAWRENCE D. - Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved
006841: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - How Good Do We Have to Be: a New Understanding of Guilt and Forgiveness
006853: KUSHNER, HAROLD - When Children Ask About God
003093: KUSHNER, DONN - House of the Good Spirits
009211: KUSHNER, TONY - Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes Perestroika
017557: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - How Good Do We Have to Be?: A New Understanding of Guilt and Forgiveness
017736: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - Overcoming Life's Disappointments
015525: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - When Bad Things Happen to Good People
007901: KUWABONG, DANNABANG - Echoes from Dusty Rivers: Poems
014765: KUZNETSOV, EDWARD - Prison Diaries
015243: KWA, LYDIA - The Walking Boy : A Novel
006044: KWA, LYDIA - The Walking Boy: a Novel
015813: KWITEROVICH, PETER O. - The Johns Hopkins Complete Guide to Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease
013145: KWOK, MAN-HO;PALMER, MARTIN;RAMSAY, JAY - Tao Te Ching: The New Translation - Illustrated
005749: KYLIE TENNANT - Australia Her Story-an Exciting Account of One Nation's Rise to Greatness
017497: KYUNG-SOOK SHIN - Please Look After Mom - a Novel
002936: L M MONTGOMERY - Chronicles of Avonlea
002380: L'HEUREUX, JOHN - The Miracle: a Novel
020790: L. EMILIE ADAMS - Understanding Jamaican Patois: An Introduction to Afro-Jamaican Grammar
018094: L.M. MONTGOMERY - Anne of Green Gables
003950: L. ENGELMAJER - The Patriarch-Hope for the Drug Addicts
012270: L EVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - Myth and Meaning
010151: L. SPRAGUE DE CAMP - Ancient Engineers
016134: L. FRANK BAUM - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - the Classic Tale
006093: L.E.F. ENGLISH - Historic Newfoundland and Labrador & Historic Newfoundland-1966 (2 Booklets)
011308: L.R. BORDEN - The meaning of Dreams
017200: L. PAUL BREMER III - AMBASSADOR WITH MALCOLM MCCONNELL - My Year in Iraq - The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope
006757: LA FOUNTAINE, GEORGE - The Long Walk: a Novel
014875: LA PLANTE, LYNDA - Cold Blood
007392: LAAKE, DEBORAH - Secret Ceremonies: a Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyond
013477: LAAKE, DEBORAH - Secret Ceremonies: A Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyond
011701: LAAR, HENRIETTA VAN - Sam in the City
017426: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE - Women in Medieval Life: A Small Sound of the Trumpet
007867: LACEY, ROBERT - Aristocrats
015678: LACROIX, NITYA;RANDALL, ALAN - Massage for Lovers
009698: LADD, EVERETT CARLL;SEROW, ANN G. - The American Polity: Cases and Study Guide
001999: LADERMAN, CAROL - Wives and Midwives: Childbirth and Nutrition in Rural Malaysia
005739: LAFCADIO HEARN - Chita: a Memory of Last Island
002865: LAFCADIO HEARN AND OTHERS, ILLUSTRATED BY RUTH MCCREA - A Japanese Miscellany-Strange Stories, Folklore Gleanings, Sutdies Here & There
020590: LAFCADIO HEARN - The Boy Who Drew Cats and Other Tales
009495: LAFFAN, BRIGID - Integration and Co-Operation in Europe
007884: LAFORET, ANDREA - The Book of the Grand Hall
011005: LAGATREE, KIRSTEN - Feng Shui at Work: Arranging Your Work Space for Peak Performance and Maximum Profit
014563: LAHAV, GALLYA - Immigration and Politics in the New Europe: Reinventing Borders
000664: LAILA MYKING - Scandinavian Phrase Book
003005: LAING, LLOYD ROBERT - Orkney and Shetland: an Archaeological Guide
016757: LAIRD, ROSS - Grain of Truth : The Ancient Lessons of Craft
020132: LAKUSTA, ERNIE - Banff and Lake Louise History Explorer: An Altitude SuperGuide (Culture and History Superguides)
006533: LALAGUNA, JUAN - A Traveller's History of Spain
014477: LALOND, DAVID AND JOHN ROSS - Experiments in Electronic Devices And Circuits
003840: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures: Stories
015907: LAM, VINCENT; LEE, COLIN - The Flu Pandemic and You : A Canadian Guide
017283: LAMA SURYA DAS - Awakening the Buddhist Heart: Integrating Love, Meaning and Connection into Every Part of Your Life
015417: LAMA, TENZING NORBU - Himalaya
018951: LAMA, DALAI;CUTLER, HOWARD C. - The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living
006500: LAMB, JAMES B. - On the Triangle Run: the Fighting Spirit of Canada's Navy
001206: LAMB, G. F. - Shakespeare Quotations
002853: LAMB, DAVID - Over the Hills: a Midlife Escape Across America By Bicycle
002633: LAMB, DAVID - The Africans
019676: LAMB, ANDY AND PHIL EDGELL - Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest
002289: LAMBERT, DEREK - Spanish Lessons: Beginning a New Life in Spain
001546: LAMBERT, DEREK - Just Like the Blitz: a Reporter's Notebook
013623: LAMBERT, DEREK - Spanish Lessons: Beginning a New Life in Spain
007179: LAMBKIN, DAVID - The Hanging Tree: a Novel
017647: LAMOTT, ANNE - Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith
002982: LAMPKIN, RITA - Easy Japanese Crossword Puzzles: Using Kana
012138: LAMPTON, CHRISTOPHER - Sharks, Rays, and Eels
007929: LAMUNYON, JANE;ETCHISON, BIRDIE L.;REED, TERRI;BRUNSTETTER, WANDA E. - Romance on the Rails: All the Enchantment of Railway Travel in Four Short Stories
012001: LAN, DAVID - Guns and Rain : Guerrillas and Spirit Mediums in Zimbabwe
003019: LANCE H.K. SECRETAN - The Way of the Tiger-Gentle Wisdom for Turbulent Times
019734: LANCE H. K. SECRETAN - Living the Moment : A Sacred Journey
014731: LANCE ARMSTRONG - It's Not About the Bike - My Journey Back to Life
014892: LANCHESTER, JOHN - The Debt to Pleasure
018949: LANCHESTER, JOHN - The Debt to Pleasure: A Novel
009702: LAND, LOIS RHEA;VAUGHAN, MARY ANN - Music in Today's Classroom:Creating, Listening, Performing: Creating, Listening, Performing
015579: LANDALE, JAMES - Duel : A True Story of Death and Honour
017556: LANDAY, JERRY M. - David: Power, Lust and Betrayal in Biblical Times
002207: LANE, HARLAN L.; PILLARD, RICHARD - The Wild Boy of Burundi: a Study of an Outcast Child
000070: LANE, DAVID - Soviet Economy and Society
005929: LANG, SUSAN S. - Women Without Children: the Reasons, the Rewards, the Regrets
011324: LANG, AUBREY; LYNCH, WAYNE - Loons
010263: LANGMAN, R. C. - Appalachian Kentucky: An Exploited Region
016765: LANGUAGE STUDIES DEPARTMENT - Think, Engage, Respond - Readings for an Active Citizen
011421: LANI GUINIER - The Tyranny of the Majority: Fundamental Fairness in Representative Democracy
009169: LANTERMANN, WERNER - The New Parrot Handbook: Everything About Purchase, Acclimation, Care, Diet, Disease, and Behavior Od Parrots, With a Special Chapter on Raising Par
009184: LANTERMANN, WERNER;LANTERMANN, SUSANNE - Cockatoos: Acclimation, Care, Feeding, Sickness, and Breeding
019528: LAO-TSE - Lao-Tse: Life and Work of the Forerunner in China
017683: LAPHAM, LEWIS H. - Hotel America: Scenes in the Lobby of the Fin-De-Siecle
001608: LAPIERRE, LAURIER L. - 1759: the Battle for Canada
019495: LAPP, JANET E. - Dancing With Tigers
005347: LAPPE, FRANCES MOORE - Diet for a Small Planet
003481: LAQUEUR, WALTER - The New Terrorism: Fanaticism and the Arms of Mass Destruction
006267: LARABEE, ANN - The Dynamite Fiend: the Chilling Story of Alexander Keith, Jr., Nova Scotian Spy, Con-Artist and International Terrorist
013787: LARRY DI ANGI - The Magic is in the Extra Mile
004810: LARRY W. PHILLIPS - Ernest Hemingway on Writing
007129: LARRY HENDERSON - A Journey to Samarkand
015673: LARRY GAUDET - Safe Haven - the Possibility of Sanctuary in an Unsafe World
012292: LARRY MCMURTRY - Sin Killer - The Berrybender Narratives - Vol 1
020708: LARRY E. TISE - Conquering the Sky - the Secret Flights of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk
016884: LARS KEPLER - The Hypnotist
001436: LARSEN, NICK; BURTCH, BRIAN E. - Law in Society: Canadian Readings
001379: LARSON, ERIK; CLINE, ISAAC MONROE - Isaac's Storm: a Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History
007687: LARSON, GARY - The Prehistory of the Far Side: a Tenth Anniversary Exhibit
007633: LARSON, GARY - The Far Side
003654: LARSON, EDWARD J. - Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galapagos Islands
008893: LARSON, GARY - Wiener Dog Art : A Far Side Collection
009057: LARSON, GARY - Beyond the Far Side - Collection #2
009146: LARSON, CALVIN J. - Pure and Applied Sociological Theory: Problems and Issues
013339: LARSON, ERIK - Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History
003810: LARSON, ERIK - The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America
015467: LARSON, JYOTHI;HOWARD, KEN - Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby: The Yoga Workout for New Moms
013276: LARUE W. PIERCY - HAWAII: Truth Stranger Than Fiction - true Tales of missionary Troubles and Triumphs Fictionized By Michener
002855: LARUE W. PIERCY-GREETER AND HISTORIAN AT MOKUAIKAUA CHURCH - Hawaii-Truth Stranger Than Fiction-the True Tales of Missionary Troubles and Triumphs Fictionized By Michener
012092: LARUE W. PIERCY - Hawaii This and That - Facats and Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Island
010619: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor: The Years Alone
020264: LASS, WILLIAM E. - Minnesota:A History (The States and the nation series)
020605: LASZLO GAL - East of the Sun & West of the Moon
014775: LATHAM, ELIZABETH - Silences of the Heart
002374: LATIFA; HACHEMI, SHEKEBA - My Forbidden Face: Growing Up Under the Taliban a Young Woman's Story
003924: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND; EURIPIDES; GRENE, DAVID - Euripides V: Electra, the Phoenician Women, the Bacchae
006531: LAU, EVELYN - Choose Me: Stories
008343: LAU, EVELYN - Fresh Girls and Other Stories
012916: LAUBER, LYNN - Listen to Me: Writing Life into Meaning
017780: LAUBIN, REGINALD - Indian Dances of North America: Their Importance in Indian Life
000889: LAUFER, BERTHOLD - Chinese Pottery of the Han Dynasty
014158: LAUGHTON, TIMOTHY - The Maya : Life, Myth and Art
017123: LAURA ESQUIVEL - Malinche - a Novel
005625: LAURA CHESTER, EDITOR - Cradle and All: Women Writers on Pregnancy and Birth
006649: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins at Mystery Mountain
006860: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins: Forest Adventure
004959: LAURA GOODMAN SALVERSON - Immortal Rock
019573: LAURA SHAPIRO - Julia Child - a Life
019364: LAURA Z. HOBSON - Gentleman's Agreement
010449: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins' Adventure in the Country
010922: LAURA BEATRICE BERTON - I Married the Klondike - with a Preface By Robert Service
011181: LAURA E. RICHARDS - Captain January
020176: LAURA BYRNE PAQUET - Wanderlust - a Social History of Travel
015824: LAURA CHESTER, EDITOR - The Unmade Bed: Sensual Writing on Married Love
009429: LAURANCE, ROBERT - Going Freelance: A Guide for Professionals
019728: LAUREL LEE - Walking Through the Fire - a Hospital Journal
011993: LAUREN VAN DER POST - The Lost World of the Kalahari
020725: LAUREN BROWN - Wildflowers and Winter Weeds
010777: LAUREN GROFF - The Monsters of Templeton
005303: LAURENCE HOPE - India's Love Lyrics-Including the Garden of Kama
003946: LAURENCE, LESLIE; WEINHOUSE, BETH - Outrageous Practices: the Alarming Truth About How Medicine Mistreats Women
013762: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Dance on the Earth: A Memoir
002029: LAURENS VAN DER POST - Journey Into Russia
010236: LAURENS VAN DER POST - The Hunter and the Whale
013288: LAURENS VAN DER POST - Journey Into Russia
001909: LAURENTS, ARTHUR - Anyone Can Whistle
001103: LAURIE, SANDERS G.; TUCKER, MELVIN J. - Centering: a Guide to Inner Growth
000127: LAURIE GOUGH - Island of the Human Heart
019424: LAURIE, HILARY - Dylan Thomas' Wales
010754: LAURIE VIERA RIGLER - Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
019403: LAURIE PRIMMER - Making Pottery with or Without a Wheel
013946: LAURYSSENS, STAN - Dali & I: The Surreal Story
009121: LAUTENS, GARY - Peace, Mrs. Packard and the Meaning of Life
011652: LAVANDERO, JORGE - El Dilema De Chile: Crecimiento Sin Equidad
019895: LAVERE ANDERSON - Stories About Abraham Lincoln to Read Aloud
005294: LAVERNE GAY - Wine of Satan-a Tale of Bohemond, Prince of Antioch
005847: LAVERY, SHEILA - Aromatherapy: a Step-By-Step Guide
002781: LAVIGNE, DAVID M.; KOVACS, KIT M. - Harps and Hoods: Ice-Breeding Seals of the Northwest Atlantic
016879: LAVIGNE, YVES - Hells Angels at War: The Alarming Story Behind the Headlines
009915: LAWHEAD, STEVE - Taliesin - Book One of The Pendragon Cycle
007184: LAWLESS, JILL - Wild East: the New Mongolia
017157: LAWLOR, ERIC - Looking for Osman: One Man's Travels Through the Paradox of Modern Turkey
002168: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Women in Love
005346: LAWRENCE F. JONES AND GEORGE LONN - Pathfinders of the North
005954: LAWRENCE J. BURPEE, EDITOR - An Historical Atlas of Canada
017354: LAWRENCE, R.D. - Shark!: Nature's Masterpiece
011712: LAWRENCE AND ELISABETH HANSON - Marian Evans & George Eliot - A Biography
007466: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Erotic Works of D. H. Lawrence
014941: LAWRENCE OSBORNE - The Naked Tourist
018585: LAWRENCE, R. D. - The North Runner
010884: LAWRENCE, R.D. - The Zoo That Never Was
013744: LAWRENCE, T.E. - BROWN, MALCOLM - The Selected Letters
012013: LAWRENCE S. RITTER, FOREWORD, PHOTOGRAPHS BY TERRY HEFFERNAN - Baseball Tales: Major League Writers on the National Pastime
011483: LAWRENCE EARL - The Riddle of the Haunted River - The Secret Circle Mysteries No. 2
014540: LAWRENCE SOLOMON - Toronto Sprawls - a History
017351: LAWRENCE, R.D. - The Zoo That Never Was
020334: LAWRENCE GOLDSTONE; NANCY GOLDSTONE - Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World
008307: LAWSON, MARY - The Other Side of the Bridge
020295: LAWSON, M. K. - The Battle of Hastings 1066
019620: LAWSON, JULIE - Too Many Suns
019527: LAXTON, EDWARD - The Famine Ships: Irish Exodus to America, 1846-51
002562: LAYCOCK, GEORGE - The Wild Bears: the Story of the Grizzly, Brown and Black Bears, Their Conflicts With Man and Their Chances of Survival in the Future
009118: LAYCOCK, GEORGE - The Bird Watcher's Bible
017995: LAYTON, JACK - Speaking Out: Ideas That Work for Canadians
005116: LE VAY, DAVID - Human Anatomy and Physiology
006449: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Tailor of Panama
006690: LE CARR├ , JOHN - Our Game
008539: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Incredible Good Fortune: New Poems
009378: LE CARRE, JOHN - Call for the Dead
017568: LE CARR╔, JOHN - The Tailor of Panama
012593: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Solomon Leviathan's Nine-Hundred and Thirty-First Trip Around the World
016631: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Little Drummer Girl
003557: LEACH, EDMUND - Claude Levi-Srauss
003444: LEACH, EDMUND - Claude Levi-Strauss
002882: LEAF, ALEX - Seven Days to Success in Skiing
018438: LEAF, MUNRO - The Story Of Ferdinand
019644: LEAMER, LAURENCE - As Time Goes by: The Life of Ingrid Bergman
005299: LEANDER S. KEYSER - Our Bird Comrades
008362: LEAR, EDWARD - A Book of Nonsense
003195: LEARN, C. R.; O'NEAL, MIKE - Backpacker's Digest
018834: LEAVITT, DAVID - Florence: A Delicate Case
013826: LEAVITT, DAVID - Florence, a Delicate Case
000626: LEBOEUF, MICHAEL - Imagineering: How to Profit From Your Creative Powers
020234: LEBRECHT, SUE - I Hate Winter: A Guide to Winter Outings in Ontario
009960: LEBRECHT, SUE - 52 Weekend Activities
004047: LECKIE, KEITH ROSS - The Seventh Gate
018716: LEDDY, MARY JO - Radical Gratitude
018824: LEDEEN, MICHAEL A. - Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli's Iron Rules Are As Timely and Important Today As Five Centuries Ago
002222: LEDERER, RICHARD - The Miracle of Language
007649: LEDERER, RICHARD - Crazy English: the Ultimate Joy Ride Through Our Language
001504: LEDERER, RICHARD - The Play of Words: Fun and Games for Language Lovers
018743: LEE, DENNIS - Difficulty of Living on Other Planets
001389: LEE, SANG CHUL AND ERICH WEINGARTNER - Wanderer: Autobiography of a United Church Moderator
006181: LEE, SARA - Strange Tales From Strangeways-and Other Extraordinary Prison Cases
006390: LEE, GUS - Honor and Duty
020652: LEE HENDRIX; THEA VIGNAU-WILBERG - An Abecedarium: Illuminated Alphabets from the Court of the Emperor Rudolf II
000838: LEE YOUNG YU - Tokyopop Sneaks Vol. 2
008042: LEE H. JOHNSON - TULANE UNIVERSITY - Nomography and Empirical Equations
000719: LEE, DON - Yellow: Stories
004656: LEE, DENNIS - Difficulty of Living on Other Planets
009139: LEE, YOUNG-GUL ET AL EDITORS - Korean Poetry
020092: LEE, BRUCE - Tao of Jeet Kune Do
020335: LEE JOHNSON - Creative Retirement for Women
009627: LEE, MARACLE;MARLATT, WARLAND - Telling It: Women and Language Across Cultures
019239: LEE, LAURIE - As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning
019109: LEE ANNE NICHOLSON - EDITOR - Star Trek 30 Years - TV Guide Official Collector's Edition
011743: LEE SIEGEL - Against the Machine - Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob
012991: LEE, GWEN; LEE, DON - Rivers of Gold : A True Yukon Story
020239: LEEDAHL, SHELLEY A - The Bone Talker (Northern Lights Books for Children)
011744: LEEDS, REGINA - Sharing a Place Without Losing Your Space: A Couple's Guide to Blending Homes, Lives, and Clutter
014670: LEFANU, SARAH AND STEPHEN HAYWARD - Colors of a New Day: Writing for South Africa
014500: LEFKOWITZ, BERNARD - Our Guys: The Glen Ridge Rape and the Secret Life of the Perfect Suburb
005087: LEGGET, JANE - Local Heroines: a Travel Guidebook to Women in Great Britain
014985: LEGGET, ROBERT F. - Rideau Waterway
004479: LEHMBERG, PAUL - In the Strong Woods: a Season Alone in the North Country
010709: LEHRER, JIM;LEHRER, JAMES - Purple Dots
016458: LEIBER, JUSTIN - Can Animals and Machines Be Persons?: A Dialogue
003317: LEILA GHOSH AND DALIA ROY - Ajanta and Ellora
000845: LEISS, WILLIAM; CHOCIOLKO, CHRISTINA - Risk and Responsibility
000831: LEITH, WILLIAM - Handbook of Stuttering Therapy for the School Clinician
012801: LEN NORRIS - 27th Annual Collection - 101 Cartoons
012799: LEN NORRIS - Norris 21st Annual Collection - 101 Cartoons
015664: LEN CULLEN - ".Some Fell on Good Ground" - Tales of a Gardener - Book II
015663: LEN CULLEN - ".Some Fell on Good Ground" - Tales of a Gardener Book II
013577: LENCIONI, PATRICK M. - Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Field Guide for Leaders, Managers, and Facilitators
013234: LENCIONI, PATRICK M. - Silos, Politics, And Turf Wars: A Leadership Fable About Destroying the Barriers That Turn Colleagues into Competitors
000803: LENNOX, JOHN, EDITOR - Margaret Laurence-Al Purdy, a Friendship in Letters: Selected Correspondence
008038: LEO TOLSTOY - The Cossacks and the Raid
017906: LEO POLITI - Song of the Swallows
017178: LEO, JENNIFER L. - What Color Is Your Jockstrap?: Funny Men And Women Write from the Road!
010895: LEO DEUEL - Flights Into Yesterday - The Story of Aerial Archaeology
020712: LEO F. BUSCAGLIA - Loving Each Other: The Challenge of Human Relationships
000308: LEON J. COHEN - Say It in French
001631: LEON, VICKI; - Uppity Women of Ancient Times
003163: LEON M. URIS - These Angry Hills
018008: LEONARD MEYERS - Twenty-Three Skidoo
005604: LEONARD COTTRELL - Lost Cities
003135: LEONARD, LINDA SCHIERSE - Creation's Heartbeat: Following the Reindeer Spirit
008365: LEONARD BERKOWITZ - The Development of Motives and Values in the Child
010367: LEONARD COTTRELL - Madame Tussaud
010931: LEONARD COTTRELL - The Bull of Minos
020649: LEONARD COHEN - Leonard Cohen Anthology
020181: LEONARD MLODINOW - The Drunkard's Walk - How Randomness Rules Our Lives
017189: LEONARDO B. DAL MASO - Rome of the Caesars
003161: LEONHARD HUIZINGA - Take Your Jacket Off-the Chronicle of a Merchant House as Seen Against 75 Years of World History
010074: LEONIDAS B. LELLOS - Greece - History- Museums - Monuments
013471: LERNER, HARRIET GOLDHOR - The Dance of Intimacy: A Woman's Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships
009540: LERNER, HARRIET GOLDHOR - Women in Therapy
017140: LERNER, HARRIET GOLDHOR - The Dance Of Anger: A Womans Guide To Changing The Patterns Of Intimate Relationships
014428: LERNER, GERDA - The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-Seventy
003042: LEROUX, GASTON - The Phantom of the Opera
012260: LES STRANG, JACQUES - Seaway: The Untold Story of North America's Fourth Seacoast
010738: LES MARTIN - Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Storybook Based on the Movie
020627: LES A MURRAY - Subhuman redneck poems
019280: LES KLETKE - Marketing the Mountain - Adding Value to Nepal's Agriculture
018694: LESLEY ANN MARCOVICH - The Biography Handbook
015660: LESLEY GORDON AND JEAN LORIMER - The Complete Guide to Drying and Preserving Flowers
019079: LESLEY MACKLEY - THAI - Simple and Delicious Easy to Make Recipe
000235: LESLEY CHOYCE - An Avalanche of Ocean-the Life and Times of a Nova Scotia Immigrant
018818: LESLEY CHOYCE - Nova Scotia: Shaped By the Sea
003418: LESLIE, ANITA - Francis Chichester: a Biography
015179: LESSELL, COLIN B. - Homoeopathy for Physicians : A Practical Introduction to Prescribing
003494: LESSING, DORIS MAY - The Fifth Child
004861: LESSING, DORIS MAY - The Good Terrorist
005278: LESSING, DORIS MAY - The Summer Before the Dark
007732: LESSING, DORIS MAY - Particularly Cats.and Rufus
007949: LESSING, DORIS - African Laughter : Four Visits to Zimbabwe
003178: LESSING, DORIS - Das F├╝nfte Kind
009351: LESSING, DORIS MAY - Mara and Dann: An Adventure
018892: LESSING, DORIS - The Grandmothers: Four Short Novels
011271: LESSING, DORIS - Prisons We Choose to Live Inside
017544: LESSING, DORIS - Prisons We Choose to Live Inside
017349: LESSING, DORIS - The Fifth Child
007871: LESTER B. PEARSON, ET AL. - Canada:Nation on the March
001066: LESTER L. SHORT - Birds of the World
009843: LESTER MONDALE - Values in World Religions
020780: LESTER RAY PETERSON - The Gibson's Landing story
018305: LETHBRIDGE, H.J. - All About Shanghai: A Standard Guidebook - 1934-
010959: LETITIA PRESTON OSBORNE - They Change Their Skies
004907: LEVANT, EZRA - Fight Kyoto: the Plan to Protect Our Economy

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