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013858: Dumas, Alexandre - Fernande: The Story of a Courtesan
284957: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo
024296: Dunbar, Nancy J - Images of Sport in Early Canada/ Images du Sport dans le Canada d'autrefois
022901: Dr. Allan Duncan - Medicine , Madams & Mounties: Stories of a Yukon Doctor 1933 - 1947
013023: Duncan, Dorothy - Nothing More Comforting: Canada's Heritage Food
027192: Glen Duncan - Death of an Ordinary Man
026133: J. Duncan & S. Starling - Text Book of Physics
028086: David James Duncan - The River Why
022132: Sara Jeannette Duncan - The Imperialist
0284517: Venerable Yung Dung and Marjorie Jacobs - The Short March to Wisdom
001306: Dunlop, Ian - Royal Palaces of France
022141: Fiona Dunlop - Portugal - National Geographic Traveler
018373: Dunmore, Helen - Love of Fat Men
016789: Dunmore, Spenser - In Great Waters: The Epic Story of the Battle of the Atlantic 1935-45
019445: Dunmore, Spencer - Above and Beyond: The Canadians' War in the Air, 1939-45
025774: Rev James B Dunn - Moody's Talk on Temperance with Anecdotes and Incidents
0283632: Philip Dunn - Prayer Language of the Soul - Over 300 Prayers from Around the World on Themes from Abundance to Peace
018693: Dunn, Charles - Highland Settler; A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Nova Scotia
285852: Dunning, John - The Bookman's Promise
285851: Dunning, John - The Bookwoman's Last Fling: A Cliff Janeway Novel
285853: Dunning, John - The Sign of the Book
010638: Dunning, Joan - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
018141: Dunning, Joan - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
013315: Dunning, Joan - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
021182: John Dunning - Two O'Clock, Eastern Wartime
011253: Dunning, Joan - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
022484: Ralph Dunstan - The A B C of Musical Theory
009723: J. Leslie Dunstan, Editor - Protestantism
025131: Caroline Marie Dupont - Enlightened Eating - Nourishment for Body and Soul
022694: Ben Dupre - 50 Big Ideas You Really Need to Know
024040: Dupuy, Diane with Liane Heller - Dare to dream: The story of the Famous People Players
005424: John And Alice Durant - Pictorial History of American Presidents
024661: Duras, Marguerite - L'Amante Anglaise
016131: Durband, Alan - Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare Made Easy
026784: William Shakespeare. Edited By Willard Higley Durham - The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
025748: Steven Durland, Editor - High Performance - a Quarterly Magazine for the New Arts Audience 46 Summer 1989
025749: Steven Durland, Editor - High Performance Magazine, a Quarterly Magazine for the New Arts 57 Spring 1992
024457: J.E. Durrant and H. R. Kingston -
006387: Gerald Durrell - The Whispering Land
004815: Durrell, Lawrence - Caesar's Vast Ghost: Aspects of Provence
004689: Durrell, Lawrence - The Greek Islands
017365: Durrell, Lawrence - Livia: Or, Buried Alive a Novel
015466: Durrell, Gerald Malcolm - The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium
014461: Durrell, Gerald;Durrell, Lee - Whispering Land
012228: Durrell, Lawrence - Balthazar
011637: Durschmied, Erik - Hinge Factor : How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History
022425: Alan Durst - Wood Carving
003129: Pierre Durye, Philippe Lenoir, Henri Brunel - Mauritius Isle De France
027683: Carol S Dweck, Ph.D. - Mindeset the New Psychology of Success How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential
009756: Susan Dworkin - Stolen Goods
003679: Dwyer, Augusta - Into the Amazon: the Struggle for the Rain Forest
009331: Dwyer, T. Ryle - Nice Fellow: A Biography of Jack Lynch
0284017: Ken Dychtwald - Bodymind
026902: Dye, Pete; Shaw, Mark - Bury Me in a Pot Bunker: Golf Through the Eyes of the Game's Most Challenging Course Designer
022416: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - The Power of Intention
001706: Dyer, Charles H. - The Rise of Babylon: is Iraq at the Center of the Final Drama?
023755: Dyer, Geoff - But Beautiful : A Book About Jazz
024238: Dr. Wayne W Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled - Mastering the Art of Manifesting
025009: Dyer, Wayne W. - Pulling Your Own Strings
026710: Dyer, James - Discovering archaeology in England and Wales (Discovering series ; no. 46)
017421: Dyer, Gwynne - With Every Mistake
027633: Dr Wayne W Dyer - Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling
027840: Gwynne Dyer - The Mess They Made the Middle East After Iraz
0284284: Wayne W Dyer - There's a Spiritual Solution to every Problem
005302: Henry Van Dyke - The Lost Word-a Christmas Legend of Long Ago
007265: Henry Van Dyke - The Blue Flower
015103: Henry Van Dyke - "Even Unto Bethlehem" The Story of Christmas
011581: Henry Van Dyke - The Unknown Quantity - a Book of Romance and Some Half-told Tales
021789: Michael Eric Dyson - Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur
011144: Dyson, Katie - Making Things for Children
028144: John Dyson - The Hot Arctic
028193: John and Kate Dyson - Fun with Kites How to Make 18 Beautiful Kites
019920: Albertina Sarivia E. - Popol Wuh: Ancient Stories of the Quiche Indians of Guatemala
019610: Jane E, Aaron - Elaine Bander - The Little Brown Essential Handbook for Writers
010306: Eades, Michael R. M.D. - Protein Power
023096: Betty J. Eadie - Embraced by the Light
012419: Eadone, Donald - Time Detectives - clues from our Past
0283702: Brooke Medicine Eagle - Buffalo Woman Comes Singing
022828: Alan Eagleson with Scott Young - Power Play: The Memoirs of a Hockey Czar.
026296: Eagleton, Terry - Literary Theory: An Introduction
025928: Eagleton, Terry - Literary Theory: An Introduction
0284325: Rebecca Eanes - The Gift of a Happy Mother
006994: Stephen Earl - The Hills of the Boasting Woman
0283652: Jay Earley - Inner Journeys
027346: Robert Easting, Editor - St. Patrick's Purgatory the Early English Text Society No. 298
010340: Nicholson J. Eastman, M.D. & Keith P. Russell, M.D. - Expectant Motherhood
285637: Margaret Middleton Rivers Eastman - Hidden History of Civil War Charleston
008245: Easton, Alan - The Adventures of Captain Haylestone
021370: J.A.G. Easton, and G.W. Mahn, P. Eng. - Automobile Construction and Operation
0284335: Simon Easton - Woodburning with Style Pyrograpy Lessons and Projects with Modern Flair
027373: Ken Easton - Building an Industry - a History of Cable Television and Its Development in Canada
0284108: Eknath Easwaran - The Unstruck Bell Powerful New Strategies for Using a Mantram
0283814: Eknath Easwaran - Thousand Names of Vishnu
016722: Louis W. Eaton - Salt Water, Fresh Water and Fire Water
023549: James Eayrs - The Art of the Possible - Government and Foreign Policy in Canada
006458: Ebadi, Shirin; Moaveni, Azadeh - Iran Awakening From Prison to Peace Prize: One Woman's Struggle at the Crossroads of History
020480: M I Ebbutt - British Myths and Legends (Myths & Legends)
025780: Dick Ebersol, Producer - Beijing 2008 Highlights the Games of the XXIX Olympiad - DVD
011034: Eberspaecher, Alex - Vino Veritas : Not Another Wine Book
006068: Eberts, Marjorie; Gisler, Margaret - Careers for Bookworms & Other Literary Types
003209: Eberts, Ray; Eberts, Cindelyn - The Myths of Japanese Quality
009198: Martin Ebon, Editor - staff Members of The Institute for Parapsychology Durham, N.C. - Test Your ESP
028075: W J Eccles - The Canadian Frontier 1534-1760
0284128: Mark Eccles, Editor - The Macro Plays the Castle of Perseverance, Wisdom, Mankind, the Early English Text Society No.262
026338: Echlin, Kim - Dagmar's daughter
020213: Ula Waterhouse Echols - Robin Hood
285359: John Eckhardt - Prayers that Move Mountains
025739: Eco, Umberto - Baudolino
005332: Eco, Umberto - Foucault's Pendulum
022993: Mary Baker Eddy - Manual of the Mother Church the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts (1936) - 89th Edition and Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896 (1924) Authorized Edition - Unity of Good Rudimental Divine Science No and Yes Retrospection .3 Books
000291: Mary Baker Eddy - A Complete Concordance to Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures
026203: Edel, Leon - Henry James: A Life
284921: Matthew Eden - The Murder of Lawrence of Arabia - a novel
285655: Sir Timothy Eden - Durham
019839: Dorothy Eden - Sleep in the Woods
004194: Edey, Maitland A.; Johanson, Donald C. - Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evolution
025498: Edgar, Ken - As If - a Novel of Love After Divorce-and Men at War
013194: Edgell, Steve;Brooks, Brad;Pilcher, Tim - The Complete Cartooning Course: Principles, Practices, Techniques
028106: Clyde Edgerton - In Memory of Junior
284985: Mercedes Lackeyand Rosemary Edghill - Beyond World's End
010755: Rosemary Edghill, Editor - Murder by Magic - Twenty Tales of crime and the Supernatural
285843: American Heritage edidtors - The Great West Indians Two Histories from American Heritage The American Heritage Book of Indians
026342: Lionel D Edie - Money, Bank Credit and Prices
006652: James G. Edinger - Watching for the Wind-the Seen and Unseen Influences on Local Weather
028268: Mrs m Grieve edited and Introduced By Mrs. C F Leyel - A Modern Herbal
012450: James A. Williamson edited and Revised By D G Southgate - A Notebook of Commonwealth History
001036: Vicki Piekarski Editor - Westward the Women: an Anthology of Western Stories By Women
005809: David Rees-Consultant Editor - The Korean War-History and Tactics
006108: Stephen Blake Mettee Editor - The Portable Writers' Conference: Your Guide to Getting and Staying Published
003440: Carol F Jopling Editor - Art and Aesthetics in Primitive Societies: a Critical Anthology
008890: Michael O'Mara Editor - Tales of Old Ireland
002480: Sara St. Antoine Editor - Stories From Where We Live: the North Atlantic Coast-Newfoundland to Delaware
0284734: D R Bates Editor - The Earth and Its Atmosphere
000233: F. Anderson Editor - Crewel Embroidery
008667: William Marsden Editor - The Travels of Marco Polo - The Venetian
026970: Margaret Truman Editor - Where the Buck Stops - the Personal and Private Writings of Harry S Truman
009421: Frank Deford Editor - Best American Sports Writing 1993
026147: Charles W Eliot Editor - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, the Journal of John Woolman, Fruits of Solitude William Penn
003289: Michele Slung Editor - Slow Hand: Women Writing Erotica
008797: Meg Daly Editor - Surface Tension: Love, Sex, and Politics Between Lesbians and Straight Women
022325: Joanna Brooks Editor - The Life of Olaudah Equiano - the Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa, the African Written By Himself
004431: Dino Bigongiari-Editor - The Political Ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas-Representative Selections
0284405: Akwesasne Notes Editor - Basic Calll to Consciousness
026395: Time-life Books Editors - The Buffalo Hunters (American Indians)
026397: Time-life Books Editors - The European Challenge (American Indians)
023611: Fortune Editors - Why Do People Buy? a Close Look at Selling - the Great Unsolved Problem of American Business
010112: Runner's World Magazine Editors - The Complete Runner
005640: Sunset Editors - Basic Carpentry Illustrated
020322: Time-life Books Editors - What Life Was Like Among Samurai and Shoguns: Japan, AD 1000-1700
028241: Sunset Editors - Garage, Attic & Basement Storage
018956: Reader's Digest Editors - Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal : An A-Z Guide to Safe and Healthy Eating
010123: Marshall Cavendish Publications Editors - Pictures with Pins - a Smash Hit Selection of Brand New Designs
014841: Reader's Digest Editors - Sharks
026582: Time-life Books Editors - 52 Easy Weekend Home Improvements: A Year's Worth of Money-Saving Projects
011448: Edmonds, Robert - About Documentary: Anthropology on Film - a Philosophy of People and Art
026123: Edmonstone, Wayne E - Nathan Cohen: The making of a Critic - Illustrated
019396: Edmundson, Mark - Why Read?
010089: Dagmar Edqvist - Black Sister - a Novel of Suspense Laid In Tanganyika
017089: Deborah L. Balmuth Edtior - Maggie Oster, Introduction - Herb Mixtures & Spicy Blends
022068: Board of Education, City of New York - The Negro in American History
027770: Barbados Ministry of Education - Barbados "an Independent nation" - Barbados Independence Magazine
018321: Esi Edugyan - Half-Blood Blues
022560: Rod William Horton; Herbert W. Edwards - Backgrounds of American Literary Thought
005800: Harry Stillwell Edwards - Eneas Africanus
0283531: Rosalind Edwards - Let's Enjoy Poetry Kindergarten to Grade III Teacher's Edition
003678: Edwards, Peter - One Dead Indian: the Premier, the Police, and the Ipperwash Crisis
007715: Edwards, Anne - Royal Sisters: Elizabeth and Margaret
285727: Julie Andrews Edwards - Little Bo in France The Further Adventures of Bonnie Boadicea
002598: Edwards, Caterina; Stewart, Kay - Eating Apples: Knowing Womens' Lives
010276: Edwards, Kim - The Memory Keeper's Daughter
006507: Edwards, Kim - The Memory Keeper's Daughter
024166: Richard H Edwards Jr. - Tales of the Observer
008373: Christopher Edwards - Crazy for God - the nightmare of Cult Life By Ex-moon Disciple
020501: Tony Edwards - Historic Bedford: Images of Our Past
004742: Edwards, Ted - Fight the Wild Island: a Solo Walk Across Iceland
285723: Julie Edwards - The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles
023465: Clayton Edwards - A Treasury of Heroes and Heroines - a Record of High Endeavour and Strange Adventure from 500 B.C. To 1920 A.D.
016936: Harry Edwards - The Mediumship of Jack Webber
011335: Edwards, Anne - The Grimaldis of Monaco - the centuries of Scandal - the years of Grace
013280: Edwards, Kim - The Memory Keeper's Daughter
0284662: Helen Edwards & Jenny Lee Smith - My Secret Sister
009447: Edwards, Anne - Streisand: A Biography
010743: Edwards, Anne - A Remarkable Woman: A Biography of Katharine Hepburn
012557: G.M.Edwards - The Odyssey of Homer Books VI, VII
0283519: Margaret A Edwards - The Fair Garden and the Swarm of Beasts the Library and the Young Adult
015732: Edwinn, Gloria - Just for Starters: A Treasury of 350 of the World's Best Hors D'Oeuvres and Appetizers
012742: Whittington-Egan, Richard - Liverpool Ghosts and Ghouls
008088: Fred and Norah Egener - edited By Joan Barfoot - A Time Apart: Letters of Love and War
019515: Eggers, Dave - You Shall Know Our Velocity
0284757: Dave Eggers - The Wild Things - Fur Covered Edition
018175: Eggers, Dave - You Shall Know Our Velocity!
017858: Eggers, Dave - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius : A Memoir Based on a True Story
015939: Eggers, Dave - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius : A Memoir Based on a True Story
005301: Edward Eggleston - The Hoosier Schoolmaster-a Story of Backwoods Life in Indiana
016650: Eghrari, Massoud - Massoud's Voyage
006079: Egli, Glenn; Carrell, Jennifer - Making Love Last: 365 Ways to Say "I Love You"
0283624: Sheila Egoff - The Republic of Childhood a Critical Guide to Canadian Children's literature in English
021144: Sheila Egoff, Editor - Only Connect: Readings on Children's Literature
028295: John Ehle - The Widow's Trial
018319: Ehrenhalt, Alan - The United States of Ambition: Politicians, Power, and the Pursuit of Office
018603: Ehrenreich, Barbara - Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War
285888: Arnold Ehret - Mucusless Diet Healing System: Scientific Method of Eating Your Way to Health
019036: Ehrlich, Eugene - You'Ve Got Ketchup on Your Muumuu: An A-To-Z Guide to English Words from Around the World
003751: Ehrmann, Henry W. - Politics in France
010018: Virginia S. Eifert - Louis Jolliet - Explorer of Rivers
027608: Jonathan Eig - Ali - a Life
022278: Charles Einstein - Willie Mays - Coast to Coast Giant - Putnam Sports Shelf
027439: Loren Eiseley - The Man Who Saw Through Time - Revised and Enlarged Edition of Francis Bacon and the Modern Dilemma
005601: Alberta Eiseman - From Many Lands
002004: Eisenberg, Lee - The Number: How Much Do You Need for the Second Half of Your Life?
006640: Eisenstein, SergeýI Mikhaýilovich - Notes of a Film Director
001451: Eisenstein, Zillah - Hatreds: Racialized and Sexualized Conflicts in the 21st Century
014795: Eisenstein, Elizabeth L. - The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe
026572: Eisler, Riane - Tomorrow's Children: A Blueprint For Partnership Education In The 21st Century
026319: Eisnitz, Gail A. - Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry
013141: Eker, T. Harv - Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Mastering The Inner Game Of Wealth
020817: Keir Elam - The Semiotics of Theatre and Drama (New Accents)
004803: Elcock, Michael - A Perfectly Beautiful Place
027162: Larry Elder - The New Trump Standard
025135: Sam Elder - A Christmas Celebration
024606: Elder, Norman - This Thing of Darkness : Elders Amazon Notebooks / Norman Elder ; Foreword by H. R. H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
013962: Eldredge, John;Eldredge, Stasi - Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul, Keepsake Edition
012789: Paul Elek - This Other London
010782: Eley, Geoffrey - Our Country Year : An East Midlands Month-By-Month Diary of Countryside Life
023630: Allan C. Elgart - Still More Over Sexteen - Vol. 3
017908: Elgin, Suzette Haden - More on the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense
017483: Elgin, Duane - Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich
011787: Elgin, Suzette Haden - The Last Word on the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense
027034: Mircea Eliade - Cosmos and History - the Myth of the Eternal Return
027492: George Eliot - Felix Holt - the Radical
025670: Charles w Eliot, Editor (The Harvard Classics) - American Historical Documents 1000-1904 With Introduction and Notes
028080: Lise Eliot - What's Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life
018647: Marc Eliot - Regan - The Hollywood Years
014744: Eliot, Alexander - The Horizon Concise History of Greece
009952: Elkin, Frederick;Handel, Gerald - The Child and Society: The Process of Socialization
011103: Professor A.P. Elkin - The Australian Aborigines
022729: Stanley M. Elkins - Slavery: A Problem in American Institutional and Intellectual Life
285588: Elle - Douglas Glover
008875: Ellens, J. P. - Religious Routes to Gladstonian Liberalism: The Church Rate Conflict in England and Wales, 1832-1868
001716: Robbins Elliot, Editor - Fifty Years on
0284512: Marion Elliot - Papier-Mache Over 20 Creative Projects for the Home
026869: Elliot, Jason - An Unexpected Light : Travels in Afghanistan
014149: Elliot, Elaine;Lee, Virginia - Maritime Flavours Cookbook
002903: Elliott, Douglas B. - Wildwoods Wisdom: Encounters With the Natural World
285272: Charles Elliott, editor - The Quotable Gardener
028016: Bruce S Elliott - The City Beyond - a History of Nepean, Birthplace of Canada's Capital 1792-1990
008335: Elliott, C. Russell - As the Twig Is Bent
017859: Elliott, William - Tying Rocks to Clouds: Meetings and Conversations With Wise and Spiritual People
016724: Elliott, George;Reeves, John - God's Big Acre: Life in 401 Country
016315: Elliott, George;Reeves, John - God's Big Acre: Life in 401 Country
021948: Bob Elliott - Blue Jays Trivia Quiz Book
007345: Elliott, Patricia - Rethinking the Future
011257: John Elliott - Understanding Botany
026392: Ralph Ellis - King Jesus - from Kam (Egypt) to Camelot)
026500: Ralph Ellis - King Jesus - Prince of Judaea and Rome
022097: Chris Ellis - Famous ships of World War 2: In colour (Arco color series)
026499: Ellis, Ralph D. - Solomon, Falcon of Sheba: The Tombs of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Discovered in Egypt
001488: C & A Williams-Ellis - The Pleasures of Architecture
028057: Joseph J Ellis - Founding Brothers the Revolutionary Generation
021565: J.S. Ellis - All About Us - a History of Alliston & Vicinity
018490: Ellis, Deborah - Parvana's Journey
0284176: Prof Harold Ellis - Varicose Veins How They are Treated Ad What You Can Do to Help
014837: Ellis, Richard - Dolphins and Porpoises
012852: Mel Ellis - Wild Goose, Brother Goose
012813: Ellis, Alics Thomas - Wales: An Anthology
019139: Ellis, Peter Berresford - A Brief History of the Celts
026768: Ellis, Susan J. - The Volunteer Recruitment Book
025197: Louise Ellis, et al - Legendary Creatures - a Series on Canadian Folklore
000764: Ellis, Harry B. - Israel: One Land, Two Peoples
021902: Peter Berresford Ellis - A Brief History of The Druids
020867: Hattie Ellis - Tea - Discovering, Exploring, Enjoying
024475: Louise Ellis, et al - Folktales Contes Populaires - a Series on Canadian Foklore
020404: Peter Berresford Ellis - Eyewitness to Irish History
026741: Ellroy, James - White Jazz
021406: Margaret Elphinstone - The Sea Road
284950: Robert T Elson - Prelude to War World War II
285147: Louis C Elson et al - Modern Music and Musicians Part Two Encyclopedia Vols. 1,2,3
0283858: Anne Elsworth - Watercolour Skills Workbook Develop Your Artistic Talents in Ten Easy Lessons
013933: Elsy, Mary;Norman, Jill - Travels in Alsace and Lorraine
003725: Elton, Geoffrey R. - England Under the Tudors
024500: Sarah Elton - Consumed - Food for a Finite Planet
285127: Geoggrey Elton - The English - The Peoples of Europe series
015898: Elyot, Amanda - The Memoirs of Helen of Troy - A Novel
014066: Ronald Embleton - Hadrian's Wall Reconstructed
006995: Emecheta, Buchi - The Family
285578: Alice B Emerson - Betty Gordon and the Lost Pearls
002040: Emerson, Gloria - Loving Graham Greene
000268: Edwin Emerson, Jr. & Marion Mills Miller, Illustratec With Plates, Engraving And Maps - A.D. 1800 to the Present Time (3 Volumes)
015323: Emerson, Gloria - Loving Graham Greene
001805: Emerson, Gloria - Loving Graham Greene
285494: Claire Emery and Barbara Ford - History of Hydro & Water in Burlington
025508: Frankj d Graham Thomas J Emery - Audels Carpenters and Builders Guide 3 - a Pratical Illustrated Trade Assistant on Modern Construction for Carpenters-Joiners. Guide 3
025688: Patricia Emison - The Shaping of Art History - meditations on a Discipline
024957: Anne Catherine Emmerich - The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ: From the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich
026736: Arthur Guy Empey - Over the Top
015378: Emsley, Clive - Crime And Society In England, 1750-1900
024241: Jorge Enciso - Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico
028131: Giulia Enders - GUT the Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ
011137: Endo, Shusaku - Deep River
012854: Enemikeese - the Indian Chief 1867 - an account of the Labours, losses, sufferings, and Oppression of Ke-zig-ko-e-ne-ne (David Sawyer) A Chief of the Ojibbeway Indians in the Canadian West
002099: Howard Engel & Eric Wright - My Brother's Keeper
014637: Engel, Howard - Crimes of Passion: An Unblinking Look at Murderous Love
022724: Marian Engel - The Honeyman festival;: A novel
027102: Frederic Andre Engel - An Ancient World Preserved - Relics and Records of Prehistory in the Andes - Illustrated
027687: Beverly Engel - Honor Your Anger - how Transforming Your Anger Style Can Change Your Live
015506: Sune Engelbrektson - Stars Planets and Galaxies - the wonders of the Universe in Full Color
000270: Sune Engelbrektson - Stars, Planets, and Galaxies
003950: L. Engelmajer - The Patriarch-Hope for the Drug Addicts
022160: Edward O. England - Study Thirteen at Westmore
0284130: George England and Alfred W Pollard - The Towneley Plays Early English Text Society Extra Series LXXI
000191: England, Allison - Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby
021672: Clear Englebert - Feng Shui Demystified
015677: Englehart, Steve; - Easter Parade - Welcome sweet Springtime!
007531: Englewood, R. - Words of the World's Religions: an Anthology
021119: John English - Just Watch Me - the Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1968-2000
285234: L E F English - Historic Newfoundland and Labrador and Historic Newfoundland (2 booklets)
009745: English, Barbara; Lipton-Douglas, Karen - Fifty Fascinating Field Trips : To Museums, Art Galleries, Historical Sites, Natural History and Science Museums, Specialized Museums and Galleries in Metropolitan Toronto and Surrounding Areas
026643: Ennals, Peter; Holdsworth, Deryck W. - Homeplace: The Making of the Canadian Dwelling over Three Centuries (Heritage)
008600: Enright, Anne - The Gathering
001756: Enright, D.J., Editor - The Faber Book of Fevers and Frets
019643: Dominique Enright - The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill
017201: Enriquez, Juan - The Untied States Of America: Polarization, Fracturing, And Our Future
014433: Ensler, Eve - The Good Body
014947: Kendra Ensor, et al Editors - Travel Time! My First Backseat book!
024800: N E Thing Enterprises - Magic Eye II Now You See It .3D Illusions
024801: Enterprises, N.E. Thing - Magic Eye Gallery: a Showing of 88 Images
003770: Rowland-Entwistle, Theodore; Kramer, Ann; Cooke, Jean Isobel Esther - History's Timeline: a 40, 000-Year Chronology of World Civilization
019601: Enzensberger, Hans Magnus - Europe, Europe - Forays Into a Continent
002584: Ephron, Amy - White Rose: Una Rosa Blanca
020677: Nora Ephron - I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections
017686: Nora Ephron - I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts on Being a Woman
019129: Amy Ephron - Loose Diamonds,,,, and Other Things I've Lost (and found) Along the Way
0284218: Theodore H Epp - Practical Studies in Revelation Vol 1 and Vol. 2
023252: Epp, Frank H. - Mennonites in Canada, 1786-1920 - the History of a Separate People
013139: Epstein, Jason - Book Business: Publishing Past, Present, and Future
010268: Erasmus - Ten Coloquies
026390: Peter C. Erb - The Pietists: Selected Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality) (Classics of Western Spirituality (Paperback))
002335: Erdrich, Louise - The Master Butcher's Singing Club
006524: Erdrich, Louise - The Painted Drum
001933: Erdrich, Louise - Tracks
011286: Erdrich, Louise - Tales of Burning Love : A Novel
011251: Erdrich, Louise - Bingo Palace
015329: A. Naci Eren - Turkish Handmade Carpets
002005: Erickson, Gary; Lorentzen, Lois Ann; Lorentzen, Lois - Raising the Bar: Integrity and Passion in Life and Business the Story of Clif Bar, Inc. a Journey Toward Sustaining Your Business, Brand, People, Community, and the
284880: Carolly Erickson - Great Harry The Extravagant life of Henry VIII
001773: Erikson, Erik H. - Childhood and Society
004535: Ernst, J. & Robert Cuff, Editors - An American History Reader
013489: Ernst, J. & Robert Cuff, Editors - An American History Reader
000999: Errington, Frederick Karl; Gewertz, Deborah B. - Articulating Change in the "Last Unknown
024069: Charles Erskine - Twenty Years Before the Mast
021615: John L. Esposito - What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam
020856: Phil (with Peter Golenbock) Esposito - Thunder and Lightning : My No - B. S. Hockey Memoir
027668: Willar R Espy - The Life and Works of Mr. Anonymous
285287: Robin Esrock - The Great Canadian Bucket List
008889: Esser, Teresa - The Venture Cafe: Secrets, Strategies, and Stories from America's High-Tech Entrepreneurs
0283933: Louise Tremblay-D'essiambre - La Derniere Saison 2 Vols Jeanne Thomas
001468: Estensen, Miriam - Discovery: the Quest for the Great South Land
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009243: Faludi, Susan - Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women
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019352: Chelsea's Family, Friends and Other Victims - Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me
022811: Chelsea's Family, Friends and Other Victims - Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me
023271: Florida Keys Commerical Fishermen's Association Family and Friends - Ocean Flavors and More!
021240: Peter Fancy - Temiskaming Treasure Trails: 1916 - 1922
285528: Cole Fannin - Leave It to Beaver: Fire
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011019: O'Faolain, Sean - The Irish
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021764: J.G.Farrell - The Singapore Grip
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003343: Farson - Escapades
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011128: J.F. Faupel - African Holocaust - the Story of the Uganda Martyrs
003898: Favazza, Armando R. M.D. - Bodies Under Siege: Self-Mutilation and Body Modification in Culture and Psychiatry
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023453: Herbert Feis - Japan Subdued - the Atomic Bomb and the End of the War in the Pacific
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015312: Bob Fenster - They Did What!? The funny, weird, Wonderful, Outrageous and stupid Things Famous People Have Done.
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019332: Inigo Fernandez - History of Mexico - a Journey from Prehistoric Times to the Present Day
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025030: Guglielmo Ferrero - The Greatness and Decline of Rome - Vol. 1 to 5
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014770: Helke Ferrie - Dispatches - from the War Zone of Environmental Health
022816: Neil Ferrier, Editor - Churchill the Man of the Century - a Pictorial Biography
010834: Ferris, Paul - The House of Northcliffe: A Biography of an Empire
021654: Paul Ferris - Dylan Thomas: A Biography
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020224: Monica Ferris - And Then You Dye - a Needlecraft Mystery
022220: TIMOTHY Ferriss - Coming of Age in the Milky Way
023067: Ferro, Robert - The Family of Max Desir
023731: Ferron, Jacques - Wild roses: A story followed by a love letter
017739: Ferrucci, Franco - The Life of God: (As Told by Himself)
0284036: Piero Ferrucci - What We May be
027460: David C Fessler - The Energy Disruption Triangle - Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use and Store Energy
011116: Feteke, John - Moral Panic: Biopolitics Rising
004599: Fetherling, Douglas - Running Away to Sea: Round the World on a Tramp Freighter
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010889: John Fetler - The Pikes Peak People - The Story of America's Most Popular Mountain
0283974: Georg Feuerstein and Jeanine Miller - Yoga and Beyond Essays in Indian Philosophy
0283608: Georg Feuerstein - Sacred Sexuality Living the Vision of the Erotic Spirit
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003915: Fielding, Henry - Joseph Andrews-Shamela
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012549: Fields, Rick - Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday Life
000971: Fiennes, Ranulph - Mind Over Matter-the Epic Crossing of the Antarctic Continent
011123: Fiennes, Richard - The Order of Wolves
003627: Fiffer, Steve - Tyrannosaurus Sue: the Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought Over T-Rex Ever Found
007007: Fifield, Adam - A Blessing Over Ashes: the Remarkable Odyssey of My Unlikely Brother
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022066: Lolita Files - Blind Ambitions: A Novel
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025099: Thorne-Finch, Ron - Ending the Silence: The Origins and Treatment of Male Violence Against Women
0284215: Charles Finch - The September Society a Mystery
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026099: Timothy Findley - Inside Memory Pages from a Writer's Workbook
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011964: Findley, Timothy - Pilgrim
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005923: Finegan, Edward - Language: Its Structure and Use
0284301: Alan Finger with Katrina Repka - Chakra Yoga with CD
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002280: Finn, David - How to Look at Everything
285111: Ed Finn - The Right is Wrong and The Left is Right Cutting Through the Neoliberal Bafflegab
022414: R. H. Finnegan - Survey of the Limba People of Northern Sierra Leone
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015950: Fisher, Graham;Fisher, Heather - Strange and Fascinating Facts About the Royal Family
014199: Sally Fisher - The Tale of the Shining Princess
013979: Fisher, David E. - Across the Top of the World: To the North Pole by Sled, Baloon, Airplane and Nuclear Icebreaker
010686: Eddie Fisher - Eddie, My life, My Loves
022689: Helen E. Fisher - The Sex Contract: The Evolution of Human Behavior
285835: Margery Fisher - Who's Who in Children's Books A Treasury of the Familiar Characters of Childhood
020916: Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Small craft guide: Lake Ontario (Canadian shore)
002874: Fishlock, Trevor - India File: Inside the Subcontinent
014468: Marhsall W. Fishwick - Lee After the War
023593: Fiske, John - Reading the Popular
008266: FitzGerald, Kevin - With O'Leary in the Grave
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022836: Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon - A Veteran of 1812 - the Life of James Fitzgibbon
017110: Tom Fitzmorris - Tom Fitzmorris's Hungry Town - a Culinary History of New Orleans - the city Where Food is Almost Everything
024976: Becca Fitzpatrick - Hush, Hush
018799: Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise - You, Me and the Big Blue Sea
012639: Anthony Flacco - Tiny Dancer: The Incredible True Story of a Young Burn Survivor's Journey from Afghanistan
024497: Flanagan, Thomas - The Tenants of Time
0284731: Robert Flanagan - Body
023495: Roy C. Flannagan - The Story of Lucky Strike
018270: Tim Flannery - Among the Islands - Adventures in the Pacific
012210: Flannery, Tim - The Weather Makers - How We are Changing the Climate and What it Means for life on Earth
020240: Tim Flannery - The Weather Makers: How We are Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth
011915: Flannery, Tim - The Eternal Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and Its Peoples
000449: Leah Flater, Aritha Van Herk, Rudy Wiebe Editors - West of Fiction
285600: Mick Fleetwood with Stephen Davis - Fleetwood My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac
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019143: Fleras, Augie;Kunz, Jean Lock - Media And Minorities: Representing Diversity in a Multicultural Canada
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006190: Rudolf Flesch - The Art of Clear Thinking
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021230: Delia Pemberton; Joann Fletcher - Treasures of the Pharaohs
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005292: Monte And Marjorie Florman - How to Clean Practically Anything
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010288: Giles Foden - The Last King of Scotland
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016443: Foer, Franklin - How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization
002912: Stephen Foey - I Know I'Ve Been There - SIGNED
017682: Fogelman, Eva - Conscience & Courage: Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust
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028091: Bruce Fogle - The Complete Dog Training Manual
285007: Richard Harter Fogle, compiler - Romantic Poets and Prose Writers
006321: Foley, Denise; Nechas, Eileen - Women's Encyclopedia of Health & Emotional Healing: Top Women Doctors Share Their Unique Self-Help Advice on Your Body, Your Feelings and Your Life
015156: Foley, Daniel J., - Herbs for Use and for Delight: An Anthology from the Herbarist, a Publication of the Herb Society of America
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016286: Follain, John;Cristofari, Rita - Zoya's Story: An Afghan Woman's Struggle for Freedom
007683: Follett, Ken; Fitzgerald, F-Stop - Pillars of the Almighty-a Celebration of Cathedrals
022973: Ken Follett - The Power Twins
011906: Follett, Ken - The Hammer of Eden: A Novel
0284242: Jane Fonda - Jane Fonda's Workout Book
007585: Fong, Trudy - Maritime Provinces Off the Beaten Path
001912: Fong, Trudy - Maritime Provinces: Off the Beaten Path
0284581: Robert Fontaine - The Happy Time
011473: Fonteyn, Dame Margaret - The Magic of Dance
023479: Foon, Dennis - The Dirt Eaters (The Longlight Legacy)
0284709: Sandra Lounsbury Foose - Scrap Saver's Country Stitchery
003306: Forbath, Peter - The River Congo: the Discovery, Exploration and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic Rivers
027221: Raymond S Forbes - Examples in Technical Drawing
000862: Forbes, Jack D. - Native Americans of California and Nevada
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024937: Ford, Ford Madox - The Good Soldier: A Tale of Passion (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century)
023460: R. A. D. Ford - A Window on the North
016634: Ford, Barbara E. - The Master Revealed: A Journey With Tangrams
015935: Ford Madox Ford - The Good Soldier -Unabridged
019845: W. Birmingham; A.G. Ford - Planning and Growth in Rich and Poor Countries
000274: Ford, Doug; Moynihan, Daniel P. - The Pacific Islanders (the Peoples of North America Ser. )
022876: A. R. Radcliffe-Brown and Daryll Forde , Editors - African Systems of Kinship and Marriage
023762: Foreman, Russell - The Ringway virus
026421: George Foreman with Max Davis - Fatherhood By George - Hard Won Advice on Being a Dad
013350: Foreman, Ellen - Awakening Workbook - A Dream Journal
285840: Amanda Foreman - Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire
003692: John Fores - The Secret Island
005315: C.S. Forester - The Bedchamber Mystery
019724: Victor W. Forester, Sr. - Conning the Canadians
285822: C S Forester - Lord Nelson - illustrated
020748: E.M.Forester - Where Angels Fear to Tread
024988: Gayle Forman - Where She Went
028045: Henry James Forman - The Man Who Lived in a Shoe
001910: Forney, Kristine - Listening and Study Guide for the Sixth Edition of Machlis, the Enjoyment of Music
009717: Forsey, Eugene - A Life on the Fringe: The Memoirs of Eugene Forsey
017760: Forster, Margaret - Significant Sisters: The Grassroots of Active Feminism, 1839-1939
005245: Forsyth, Frederick - The Dogs of War
018082: John Forte, Editor - Corfu: Venus of the Isles
0283749: Erica Fortgens - Basics of Embroidery on Paper
0283742: Erica Fortgens - Zijdelintborduren Op Papier Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Paper
020778: Melody Fortier - The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping - Insider Tips, Helpful Hints, Hip Shops
025887: Anne Fortin - Cooking with Quebec Maple Syrup
021361: Adrian Forty - Words and Buildings: A Vocabulary of Modern Architecture
023705: Westinghouse Educational Forum - Transportation a Measurement of Civilization - Light, Life, and Man - Vol. 2
007079: Foshee, John - Solo Canoeing: a Guide to the Fundamentals, Equipment, and Techniques for Running Rivers Solo in an Open Canoe
025840: Foster, Cecil. - Slammin' Tar.
026355: Cecil Foster - The Call Me George
026750: Coral Davenport; Jane Foster - Top 10 Athens (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide)
002682: Foster, Cecil - Island Wings: a Memoir
026890: Foster, Peter - Master Builders: How the Reichmanns Reached for an Empire.
008557: Foster, Simon - Hit the Beach: The Drama of Amphibious Warfare
019477: David Foster - Hitman - Forty Years Making Music, Topping Charts and Winning Grammy's
014083: Foster, Cecil - Dry Bone Memories
0283839: Clare Foster - Painterly Plants
025766: Foster, Cecil. - Sleep on, Beloved
026578: Foster, Peter - Other people's money: The banks, the government, and Dome
027103: Peter Foster - Why We Bite the Invisible Hand the Psychology of Anti-Capitalism
010184: Foster, Cecil - Island Wings: A Memoir
002422: Fotheringham, Brady - On the Trail of Marco Polo: Along the Silk Road By Bicycle
023736: Allan Fotheringham with Roy Peterson - Last Page First
017684: Fotheringham, Allan - Fotheringham's Fictionary of Facts & Follies
005027: Fotheringham, Allan - Birds of a Feather-the Press and the Politicians
010382: Fotheringham, Allan - Look Ma-- No Hands: An Affectionate Look at Our Wonderful Tories
019733: Fotheringham, Allan - Birds of a feather : the press and the politicians
027044: Michel Foucault - Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews & Other Writings 1972-1977
023202: Jan Foudraine - Not Made of Wood: A Psychiatrist Discovers His Own Profession
0283767: Hanuman Foundation - Remember be Here Now
006757: La Fountaine, George - The Long Walk: a Novel
004583: Fowler, Marian - In a Gilded Cage: From Heiress to Duchess
022444: Marian FOWLER - In a Gilded Cage: From Heiress to Duchess
021233: Will Fowler - D-Day ? The First 24 Hours
007779: Kenneth Fowler - The Age of Plantagenet and Valois - the Struggle for Supemacy 1328-1498
012574: Fowler, Michael - Wellington, Wellington: A History
024549: Fowles, John - Poems
022839: John Fowles - The Enigma of Stonehenge
285689: Fowles, John. - A Maggot.
285625: William Fox - Rocks and Rain and the Rays of the Sun
025802: Fox, W. Sherwood - The Bruce Beckons (Heritage)
025738: Darrell Fox, Editor - Forever Terry a Legacy in Letters
021349: Michael W. Fox - The Healing Touch: The Proven Massage Program for Cats and Dogs
023781: Fox, Hyla Wults - Antiques, an illustrated guide for the Canadian collector
025717: Levi Fox - Stratford Upon Avon and the Shakespeare Country
023855: Fox, Charles - Horses In Harness
024969: Janet Fox - Faithful
016446: Fox, Emmet - Diagrams for Living: The Bible Unveiled
0284762: Michael J Fox - No Time Like the Future an Optimist Considers Mortality
027822: Matthew Fox - The Coming of the Cosmic Christ
026544: Lane Fox, Robin - The Search for Alexander
0283985: Matthew Fox - A Spirituality Named Compassion
011529: John Fox, Jr. - The Kentuckians - A Knight of the Cumberland
022377: John Nihmey; Stuart Foxman - Time of Their Lives: The Dionne Tragedy - a True-life Fairy Tale
016435: Ken Foyster - Anniversary Reflections - 1856-1981 A History of Hamilton Diocese
024066: Frame, Janet - Daughter Buffalo;: A Novel
018533: Frame, Janet - Living in the Maniototo
0284543: Peter France - A Place of Healing for the Soul Patmos
0283917: Suza Francina - The New Yoga for People Over 50 a Comprehensive Guide for Midlife & Older Beginners
004995: Susan Francis With Andrew Crofts - Nowhere to Hide
010798: Francis, Anne;Bird, Florence - Holiday in the Woods
021847: Daniel Francis - A History of World Whaling
0283703: John Francis - The Ragged Edge of Silence
028010: R Douglas Francis et al - Origins Canadian History to Confederation
028065: Daniel Francis - The Great Whale Chase - a History of World Whaling
009313: Francis, R. Douglas - Readings in Canadian History: Pre-Confederation
012227: Francisco, Goldman - The Divine Husband: A Novel
023224: Harry A Franck - All About Going Abroad with Maps and a Handy Travel Diary
018520: Franco, Eloise - Little Stories
023694: Frank, Benis M - Okinawa: The great island battle (Men and battle)
026186: Dorothea Benton Frank - Queen Bee
028049: Gerry Frank - Gerry Frank's Where to Find it, Buy it, Eat it in New York 2010-2011
013156: Frank, Tom and dave Mulcahey - Boob Jubilee: The Cultural Politics of the New Economy
0284724: Gilbert Frankau - Winter of Discontent
021603: Henri Frankfort - The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art)
020729: Ursula M. Franklin - The Real World of Technology (CBC Massey Lectures series) Revised Edition
284980: Leo Frankowski - A Bay and His Tank
012534: Franks, Norman - Dark Sky, Deep Water - First Hand Reflections on the Anti-U-Boat War in WWII
012536: Franks, Norman L. R. - Search Find and Kill Coastal Commands U Boat Success
023307: Connor Franta - Note to Self
023308: Connor Franta - A Work in Progress
285316: Allen J Frantzen - Troilus and Criseyde The Poem and The Frame - A Reader's Companion
008759: Franzen, Jonathan - How to Be Alone : Essays
026658: Franzen, Jonathan - The Discomfort Zone - a Personal History
017706: Franzen, Jonathan - The Corrections
005721: Franzoi, Umberto - The Doge's Palace in Venice
026120: Frascina, Francis; Harrison, Charles - Modern Art And Modernism: A Critical Anthology (Icon Editions)
0284214: Antonia Fraser - My History a Memoir of Growing Up
020050: Fraser, John - The Chinese
001487: Fraser, Sylvia - SIGNED - My Father's House: a Memoir of Incest and of Healing
022542: Flora Fraser - Princesses - the Six Daughters of George III
001208: Fraser, Marian Botsford - Walking the Line - Travels Along the Canadian/American Border
027966: Flora Fraser - The Unruly Queen the Life of Queen Caroline
019717: Fraser, Allan - The Bull
0284732: Peter Fraser - Punch and Judy Accompanied By the Dialogue of the Puppet Show
024744: Fraser, Laura - An Italian Affair
007965: Fraser, Sylvia - The Rope in the Water - A Pilgrimage to India
0283633: Margaret Fraser et al Editors - Canadian Living's Family Cookbook
000367: Fraser, Mary L., Illustrated By Linda Johns - Folklore of Nova Scotia (Vol. 1)
024847: Brendan Fraser - Journey to the Center of the Earth - DVD
027078: Antonia Fraser - Mary Queen of Scots
018123: Fraser, John - Eminent Canadians: Candid Tales of Then and Now
004347: Fraser, John - Stolen China
022459: Derek Fraser - The Evolution of the British Welfare State
011710: Fraser, John - The Chinese - Portrait of a People
026804: Fraser, David, Editor - Fairest Isle: BBC Radio 3 Book of British Music
027404: William A Frassanito - Antietam - the Photographic Legacy of America's Bloodiest Day
022588: Trent Frayne - It's Easy All You Have to Do is Win - Review Copy
000166: Frazier, Charles; Secreast, Donald - Adventuring in the Andes: the Sierra Club Travel Guide to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, the Amazon Basin, and Galapagos Islands (Adventure Travel Guides)
018963: David Frazier - Around the House
014986: Frazier, Ian - Gone to New York: Adventures in the Big City
020808: Dr. Gregory W. Frazier - Motorcycle Touring - Everything You Need to Know
004484: Thomas Frederiksen - Eskimo Diary
001944: Marianne Fredriksson - Het Zesde Zintuig
009555: Michael Freedland - The Warner Brothers
019574: Freeh, Louis J. - My FBI: Bringing Down the Mafia, Investigating Bill Clinton, and Fighting the War on Terror
0284111: Michael Freeman - Meditative Spaces
025366: Freeman, Bill - Sioux Winter
018466: Freeman, J.W. - Discovering Surnames - Their Origins and Meanings
015296: Freeman, John M.;Pillas, Diana J.;Vining, Eileen P.G. - Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood: A Guide for Parents
285709: Scott Freeman - Midnight Riders The Story of The Allman Brothers Band
285754: Richard Austin Freeman - Travels and Life in Ashanti and Jaman Cass Library of African Studies Travels and Narratives No. 17
013217: Anne Fremantle and Bryan Holme - Europe - A Journey with Pictures
004209: Fremont, Helen - After Long Silence: a Memoir
004596: French, Nicci - Losing You
005656: French, Marilyn - Her Mother's Daughter
007207: French, Nicci - Killing Me Softly
024294: Orland French - Pioneering - a History of Loyalist College
014741: Samuel French - Samuel French (Canada Ltd.) Plays - Basic Catalogue
011269: Orland French - Tramping Through the Trilliums - a Historical Romp - a Satirical History of Ontario
005700: Peter Freuchen With David Loth - Book of the Seven Seas
021292: Sigmund Freud - Freud on women: A reader
025091: Sigmund Freud - The Future of an Illustion
025306: Freud, Sigmund - The Origins of Psychoanalysis - Letters to Wilhelm Fliess Drafts and Notes 1887-1902
007489: Freud, Sigmund - Totem and Taboo
004556: Freud, Sigmund - Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis
020647: Sigmund Freud - Dream Psychology - Psychoanalysis for Beginners
027594: Sigmund Freud - Cocaine Papers
001566: Frew, Timothy - Largemouth Bass-an Angler's Guide
004765: Frey, James; Not Available - A Million Little Pieces-Oprah's Book Club
018330: James Frey - Bright Shiny Morning
013684: James Frey - Bright Shiny Morning
013184: Scott H. Johnson-Frey, Editor - Taking Action: Cognitive Neuroscience Perspectives on Intentional Acts
026526: Friberg, Gunnel (ed.) - Myth, Might and Man: Ten Essays on Gamla Uppsala
007264: Marlena Frick - The Homecoming
285715: Hugh Lofting complied by Olga Fricker - Doctor Dolittle A Treasury
005674: Friday, Nancy - My Mother My Self-the Daughter's Search for Identity
027664: Nancy Friday - Jealousy
004419: Frideres, James - Native Peoples in Canada: Contemporary Conflicts
027719: Edrita Fried - Active Passive the Crucial Psychological Dimension
010622: Friedan, Betty - The Fountain of Age
008198: Friedlaender, Walter F. - David to Delacroix
020672: Martin L. Friedland - The Case of Valentine Shortis: A True Story of Crime and Politics in Canada
022291: Martin L. Friedland - My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures
000158: C.P. Friedlander - Heathland Ecology
024810: Friedlander, J.; Koren, M.; Murphy, B.G. (Editors) - A Baseball century: The first 100 years of the National League
010344: Friedman, Michael Jan - Crossover: Star Trek the Next Generation
009517: Friedman, Michael Jan - Shadows on the Sun - Star Trek
011819: Friedman, Raymond - Principles of Fire Protection Chemistry
011013: Friedman, Thomas L. - From Beirut to Jerusalem - One Man's Middle Eastern Odyssey
023966: Friedman, Bruce Jay - The Collected Short Fiction of Bruce Jay Friedman
028019: Thomas L Friedman - The World is Flat a Brief History of the 21st Century
285479: Matti Friedman - Spies of No Country
011431: Friedman, Howard S. - The Self-Healing Personality: Why Some People Achieve Health and Others Succumb to Illness
002233: Friedman, Sonya - On a Clear Day You Can See Yourself: Turning the Life You Have Into the Life You Want
016504: Friedman, Kinky - The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover - a Novel
014249: Friedman, Thomas L. - The World Is Flat : A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
013473: Friedman, Michael Jan - Shadows on the Sun
010493: Friedman, Michael Jan - Reunion - Star Trek The Next Generation
020368: Friedman, Thomas L. - The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization
007217: Friedman, Thomas L. - Longitudes and Attitudes: the World in the Age of Terrorism
027333: Albert B Friedman and Norman T Harrington - Ywain and Gawain - the Early English Text Society No. 254
008236: Friesen, Gayle - Losing Forever
010987: Friesen, John W. - Cultural Maze: Complex Questions on Native Destiny in Western Canada
018527: Max Frisch - An Answer from the Silence - a Story from the Mountains
284895: Michael Frisch - A Shared Authority Essays on the Craft and Meaning of Oral and Public History
000903: Clifford & Dawn Frith - Austrialian Tropical Reptiles & Frogs
026810: Fritz, Jean - Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Beecher Preachers
012082: Fritz, Jean - Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus?
285038: Franz Frohse, et al - Atlas of Human Anatomy,
003201: Froissard, Jean - Equitation: Learning and Teaching
023869: Frolick, Larry - Splitting Up: Divorce, Culture, and the Search for a Real Life
002595: Michael Frome - Whose Woods These Are-the Story of the National Forests
026407: Fromm, Erich - You Shall Be As Gods - a Radical Interpretation of the Old Testament and Its Tradition
0284294: Erich Fromm - Psychoanalysis and Religion
000599: Myrna Katz Frommer And Harvey Frommer - Growing Up Jewish in America: an Oral History
021534: Laura Fronty - Aromatic Teas and Herbal Infusions
002264: Frost, Robert - Early Poems
014774: Frost, Lee - Photos That Sell : The Art of Successful Freelance Photography
012868: David Frost - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
027828: Frank J Frost - Greek Society
003168: Lt. Col. Bill Froud - Horseback Riding Simplified
028223: David Frum - Trumpocracy the Corruption of the american Republic
023000: Linda Frum - Barbara Frum - a Daughter's Memoir
002895: Frutkin, Mark - The Growing Dawn
017150: Mark Frutkin - Walking Backwards
005004: Northrop Frye - The Educated Imagination
0284206: Northrop Frye - Anatomy of Criticism Four Essays
0283939: Northrop Frye - The Well-Tempered Critic
019961: Frye, Northrop - Bush Garden: Essays on the Canadian Imagination
022013: Northrop Frye - On Education
001779: Fryer, Mary Beacock - More Battlefields of Canada
020737: Mary Beacock Fryer - Battlefields of Canada
001919: Fu, Chih-Ying; Fu, Zhiying - Handing Down the Light: the Biography of Venerable Master Hsing Yun
004872: Fuentes, Carlos - The Campaign
006591: Carlos Fuentes - The Eagle's Throne
025185: Hanif Kureishi; Doris Lessing; Nadine Gordimer; Carlos Fuentes - Granta 22, Autumn 1987: With Your Tongue Down My Throat
0283833: Mara K Fuhrmann - Nature Art And Structure
023914: Robert Fulford - Best seat in the House: Memoirs of a lucky man
025828: Robert Fulford - The Triumph of Narrative: Storytelling in the Age of Mass Culture
002053: Fulford, Robert; Rotstein, Abraham; Godfrey, Dave - Read Canadian: a Book About Canadian Books
006440: Fulghum, Hunter S. - Like Father, Like Son
025550: Edmund Fuller - Successful Calamity - a Writer's Follies on a Vermont Farm
008086: Fuller, Danielle - Writing The Everyday: Women's Textual Communities In Atlantic Canada
023986: J.F.C. Fuller - The Decisive Battles of the Western World and Their Influence Upon History: Volume 2, 1792 - 1944 (v. 2)
013650: Fuller, Elizabeth - When You See the Emu in the Sky: My Journey of Self-Discovery in the Outback
003176: Fuller, Elizabeth - When You See the Emu in the Sky: My Journey of Self-Discovery in the Outback
024491: Fullerton, Douglas H - Graham Towers and his times: A biography
015311: Fulton, Crystal;Phillips, Glen C. - Four-Foot Cucumbers, Juvenile Delinquents & Frogs from the Sky!: Snippets of Life in Victorian Canada
285338: Jason Fung - The Obesity Code Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss
022614: Hubert Furey - Malmaison
023753: J C Furnas - Goodbye to Uncle Tome
0283810: J C Furnas - The Americans a Social History of the United States 1587-1914
285389: Dr. D A Furniss - An Account of William Adams Potters 1779-1979
285607: L Frank Baum Retold by William Furstenberg - The Wizard of Oz
011847: R.de L. Furtado - Prime Ministers of Canada 1867-1980
025483: Fyfield, Frances - Without Consent
010948: Viscount Grey of Fallodon K.G. - Fallodon Papers
022310: Donna Gabaccia and Franca Iacovetta - Women, Gender, and Transnational Lives: Italian Workers of the World (Studies in Gender and History)
026077: Gabaldon, Diana - Lord John And The Private Matter
284861: Diana Gabaldon - Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone
285760: Dana & Frank Gabbard - The Duckburg Times Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17/18, 19
027658: Medard Gabel with the World Game Workshop - Energy Earth and Everyone a Global Energy Strategy for Spaceship Earth
022620: Vicki GABEREAU - This Won't Hurt a Bit! : Vicki Gabereau Chats with the Famous, the Not-so-Famous and the Should-be-Famous
0284199: Vicki Gabereau - Cooking Without Looking
0284630: John Gabree - Gangsters from Little Caesar to the Godfather the Pictorial Treasury of Film Stairs
021049: Fred Gaffen - Cross-Border Warriors: Canadians in American Forces, Americans in Canadian Forces
0283705: Marc Gafni - The Mystery of Love
027308: A P Gage - Physical Technics or Teacher's Manual of Physical Manipulation, Etc
285737: Beverly Gage - G-Man J Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century
015707: Gagnon, Daniel; Morningstar, Amadea - Breathe Free - Nutritional and Herbal Care for Your Respiratory System
017796: Gahan, John W. - The Line beneath the Liners: A Hundred Years of Mersey Railway Sights and Sounds
019897: Peter Brown; Steven Gaines - The Love You Make: An Insider's Story of the Beatles
024339: Gair, Angela - The Drawing and Painting Course - a Step by Step Guide to Drawing, Watercolour, & Oil Painting

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