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010934: STUART E. PRALL, EDITOR - The Puritan Revolution - A Documentary History
020641: STUART MCLEAN - Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe
020626: STUART MCLEAN - Vinyl Cafe Diaries
016599: STUART TRUEMAN - The Fascinating World of New Brunswick
004866: STUDENTS OF TORONTO ISLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL - A History of Toronto Islands
017820: SU TONG - Binu and the Great Wall
002113: SUCH, PETER - Riverrun
012066: SUDJIC, DEYAN - 100 Mile City
010339: SUE BECKLAKE - The Official Planetarium Book of Space - an Exploration of the Wonders of Our Solar System
020515: SUE LEBRECHT - Mountain Bike Here: Ontario and Central and Western New York
017839: SUE BAPTIE, EDITOR - First Growth - the Story of British Columbia Forest Products Limited
018258: SUE MONK KIDD & ANN KIDD TAYLOR - Traveling with Pomegeranates
007443: SUETSUGU, ROBERT - Samurai Sushi
012815: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - The Arts of China
008114: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY - Labyrinth of Desire : Women, Passion, and Romantic Obsession
004450: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY - The Red Shoes: Margaret Atwood Starting Out
002006: SULLIVAN, PAUL - Maata's Journal: a Novel
020169: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY - Labyrinth of Desire: Women, Passion, and Romantic Obsession
009221: SULLIVAN, KAREN - Vitamins & Minerals: A Step-By-Step Guide
009911: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY - More Stories by Canadian Women
010735: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY - Stories by Canadian Women
001732: SUMAIDA, HUSSEIN WITH CAROL JEROME - Circle of Fear: a Renegade's Journey From the Mossad to the Iraqu Secret Service
000015: SUMII, SUE; WILKINSON, SUSAN (TRANSLATOR) - The River With No Bridge
018346: SUMMER RAIN, MARY - Phoenix Rising: No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come
014064: SUMMERS, ANTHONY - Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe
016416: SUMMERS, GILBERT J. - Rob Roy MacGregor - Rogue or Romantic Hero?
017618: SUMRALL, AMBER COVERDALE, EDITOR - Catholic Girls - Stories, Poems, and Memoirs By Various Writers
000270: SUNE ENGELBREKTSON - Stars, Planets, and Galaxies
015506: SUNE ENGELBREKTSON - Stars Planets and Galaxies - the wonders of the Universe in Full Color
005640: SUNSET EDITORS - Basic Carpentry Illustrated
000316: SURAPHONG KANCHANANAGA - Practical Thai-a Communication Guide for Travellers and Residents
006821: SURENDRA VERMA - The Mystery of the Tunguska Fireball
004420: SURI, MANIL - The Death of Vishnu
020160: SUSAN HAWTHORNE & RENATE KLEIN, EDITORS - Australia for Women: Travel and Culture (Spinifex Travel and Culture)
001136: SUSAN SWAN - Unfit for Paradise
001182: SUSAN FELDMANN, EDITOR - Storytelling Stone: Traditional Native American Myths and Tales
020547: SUSAN CHERNAK MCELROY - Heart in the Wild: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Animals of the Wilderness
017781: SUSAN FOX ROGERS, EDITOR - Solo: On Her Own Adventure
001867: SUSAN SONTAG - The Volcano Lover-a Romance
017317: SUSAN WHELEHAN AND ANNE LAUREL CARTER , EDITORS - My Wedding Dress - True Life Tales of Lace, Laughter, Tears and Tulle
009756: SUSAN DWORKIN - Stolen Goods
002639: SUSAN GOLDENBERG - Canadian Pacific: a Portrait of Power
010811: SUSAN CAHILL, EDITOR - The Smiles Of Rome: A Literary Companion For Readers And Travelers
013877: SUSAN CAHILL, EDITOR - Wise Women: Over Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing by Women
012966: SUSAN KANTOR, EDITOR - One hundred and One African-American Read-Aloud Stories
017844: SUSAN USHA DERMOND - Calm and Compassionate Children - a Handbook
019650: SUSAN TURNBULL CATON - Clotheslines
019883: SUSAN SWANN - The Western Light
020450: SUSANNA MOODIE - Voyages: Short Narratives of Susanna Moodie (Canadian Short Story Library)
012468: SUSIE BRIGHT, EDITOR - The Best American Erotica 1999
019703: SUSIE STECKNER AND THE MESA HISTORICAL MUSEUM - Cactus League Spring Training - Images of America
005669: SUSKIND, PATRICK - Perfume: the Story of a Murderer
007706: SUSKIND, RON - The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House, and the Education of Paul O'Neil
009905: SUSSMAN, CORNELIA;SUSSMAN, IRVING - Thomas Merton: The Daring Young Man on the Flying Belltower
010013: SUSTER, GERALD - Generals: The Best and Worst Military Commanders
018619: SUTCLIFFE, SERENA - Andre Simon's Wines of the World
008069: SUTCLIFFE, PETER H. - The Oxford University Press: An Informal History
007910: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - The English Gentleman's Wife
016414: SUTTER, MACK - Floral Wood Carving: Full-Size Patterns and Complete Instructions for 21 Projects
015276: SUZANNE MARSHALL - Adventure & Applique
020157: SUZANNE HEAD AND ROBERT HEINZMAN, EDITORS - Lessons of the Rainforest - Essays
015035: SUZUKI, DAVID; MCCONNELL, AMANDA - The Sacred Balance : Rediscovering Our Place in Nature
006385: SUZUKI, DAVID T.; DRESSEL, HOLLY - The David Suzuki Reader: a Lifetime of Ideas From a Leading Activist and Thinker
002441: SUZUKI DAVID - Inventing the Future-Reflections on Science, Technology and Nature
004277: SUZUKI; GORDON STAFF - It's a Matter of Survival
001945: SUZUKI, DAVID - Earth Time: Essays
002130: SUZUKI, DAVID; HEHNER, BARBARA - Looking at Plants
002506: SUZUKI; KNU - Wisdom of the Elders
009763: SUZUKI DAVID - Inventing the Future - Reflections on Science, Technology and Nature.
016961: SUZUKI, DAVID - David Suzuki: The Autobiography
019228: SUZUKI, SHINICHI - Ability Development from Age Zero (Suzuki Method International S)
019199: SUZUKI, SHINICHI;SUZUKI, WALTRAUD - Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
016749: SUZUKI, DAVID T.;SUZUKI, DAVID;DRESSEL, HOLLY - From Naked Ape to Super Species: A Personal Perspective on Humanity and the Global Ecocrisis
016124: SVENVOLD, MARK - Elmer McCurdy: The Misadventures in Life and Afterlife of an American Outlaw
019713: SVETLANA ALLILUYEVA - Only One Year
019233: SWAIN, PROFESSOR HARRY;STAGER, JOHN - Canada North: Journey to the High Arctic (International Geographical Congress)
010676: SWAINSON, DONALD - Sir John A. Macdonald: The Man and the Politician
020071: SWALE, ROSIE - Children of Cape Horn
019609: SWALLOW, TOM; ARTHUR, PILL - Flywheel: Memories of the Open Road
014382: SWAN, SUSAN - What Casanova Told Me
004411: SWAN, SUSAN - Stupid Boys Are Good to Relax With
004395: SWAN, CONRAD - Canada, Symbols of Sovereignty: an Investigation of the Arms and Seals Borne and Used From the Earliest Times to the Present in Connection With Public Authority in and Over Canada, Along With Consideration of Some Connected Flags
004816: SWAN, ROBERT - Icewalk
014632: SWAN, SUSAN - The Last of the Golden Girls
008403: SWAYZE, CAROLYN - Hard Choices: A Life of Tom Berger
015788: SWEDO, SUSAN;LEONARD, HENRIETTA M.D'S - It's Not All in Your Head: Now Women Can Discover the Real Causes of Their Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Health Problems
006146: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings
004279: SWIFT, GRAHAM - Last Orders
008481: SWIFT, NICHOLAS - The Longest Circle
009049: SWIFT, JAMIE;TOMLINSON, BRIAN - Conflicts of Interest: Canada and the Third World
009949: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels
017628: SWIFT, GRAHAM - Last Orders
012384: SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND - The Life and Works of Monet : A Compilation of Works from the Bridgeman Art Library
007682: SYDNEY GREENBIE - Children of the Sun: Peru-Ecuador-Bolivia
007681: SYDNEY GREENBIE - By Caribbean Shores-Panama-Columbia-Venezuela
019113: SYLVIA BROWNE - Contacting Your Spirit Guide
009355: SYLVIA BROWNRIGG - Ten Women who Shook the World
011633: SYLVIA A. EARLE - Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans
020721: SYLVIA FRASER - My Father's House A Memoir of Incest and of Healing
019218: SYNGE, JOHN M. - The Aran Islands (Marlboro Travel)
007056: SYVIA MCNICOLL - Last Chance for Paris
006317: SZEMAN, SHERRI - The Kommandant's Mistress: a Novel
000679: T.H. PRIEST - Desert Lion
012264: T. JEFF WILLIAMS - Building and Using Greenhouses
019838: T. A HEPPENHEIMER - Colonies in Space
005448: T. INGLIS MOORE, EDITOR - A Book of Australia
005449: T. INGLIS MOORE, EDITOR - A Book of Australia
020651: T.E. LAWRENCE - Seven Pillars of Wisdom
018280: T.E. LAWRENCE - Revolt in the Desert
020687: T. A. HEPPENHEIMER - First Flight: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane
020684: T. MELVILLE BAILEY - SIGNED - FIRST - Hamilton: Chronicle of a City
011651: T.A. CHENEY - Land of the Hibernating Rivers - Life in the Arctic
014106: T. HARV EKER - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
011161: T. R. GLOVER - The Ancient World
011556: T. W. ROLLESTON - The Book of Epictetus
013680: TABER, ED - The Klutz Book of Marbles
009214: TAINE, HIPPOLYTE ADOLPHE - The Origins of Contemporary France: The Ancient Regime, the Revolution, the Modern Regime Selected Chapters
010995: TAKAKI, RONALD T. - Double Victory: A Multicultural History of America in World War II
006139: TAKEHIDE KAZAMI - The Himalayas-a Journey to Nepal
005757: TALKINGTON, BRUCE - Disney Pooh's Grand Adventure: the Search for Christopher Robin
000283: TALL, DEBORAH - The Island of the White Cow: Memories of an Irish Island
001135: TAN, AMY - The Opposite of Fate: a Book of Musings
005186: TAN, AMY - Saving Fish From Drowning
005834: TAN, AMY - Joy Luck Club
013660: TAN, AMY - The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings
008126: TAN, CHEE KHOON;VASIL, R.K. - Malaysia Today: Without Fear or Favour
015415: TAN, AMY - The Moon Lady
008425: TANENBAUM, LEORA - Catfight: Rivalries Among Women--From Diets to Dating, from the Boardroom to the Delivery Room
003189: TANG, XIYANG; XIYANG, TANG - Living Treasures: an Odyssey Through China's Extraordinary Nature Reserves
007163: TANGYE, NIGEL - Voyage Into Cornwall's Past
020511: TANIA BAYARD, EDITOR - A Medieval Home Companion: Housekeeping in the Fourteenth Century
012837: TANIZAKI, JUNICHIRO - Seven Japanese Tales
016387: TANNAHILL, REAY - Sex in History
002199: TANNAHILL, REAY - Sex in History
017100: TANNAHILL, REAY - Food in History
017860: TANNAHILL, REAY - Sex in History
010888: TANNEN, DEBORAH - Talking from 9 to 5: How Women's and Men's Conversational Styles Affect Who Gets Heard, Who Gets Credit, and What Gets Done at Work
008516: TANNEN, DEBORAH - Talking from 9 to 5: How Women's and Men's Conversational Styles Affect Who Gets Heard, Who Gets Credit, and What Gets Done at Work
009571: TANNEN, DEBORAH - You Just Don't Understand
013406: TANNEN, DEBORAH - You Just Don't Understand
009128: TANNER, MARCUS - Croatia: A Nation Forged in War
010639: TANNER, HEATHER; TANNER, ROBIN - A Country Alphabet
008008: TANYA SHAFFER - Somebody's Heart Is Burning: A Woman Wanderer in Africa
009247: TAPSCOTT, DON;CASTON, ART - Paradigm Shift: The New Promise of Information Technology
020011: TAPSCOTT, DON;CASTON, - Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation
019896: TARABORRELLI, J. RANDY - Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness
020102: TARANTINO, QUENTIN - Pulp Fiction: A Quentin Tarantino Screenplay
017596: TART, CHARLES T. - Living the Mindful Life - a Handbook for Living in the Present Moment
019954: TAVIS SMILEY WITH DAVID RITZ - My Journey with Maya
009065: TAVRIS, CAROL;WADE, CAROLE - The Longest War: Sex Differences in Perspective
007838: TAYLOR, JOANNE - There You Are
001600: TAYLOR, J. M. - Eva Peron: the Myths of a Woman
006512: TAYLOR, INA - The Edwardian Lady: the Story of Edith Holden, Author of the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
001713: TAYLOR, GLENN - Windsurfing
008241: TAYLOR, ALICE - Quench the Lamp
002910: TAYLOR, DREW HAYDEN - 400 Kilometres
019929: TAYLOR, TIMOTHY - Stanley Park
009439: TAYLOR, A.J.P.;TAYLOR, ALAN - The War Lords
009464: TAYLOR, JAMES - A Survival Guide for Project Managers
010086: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH - Elizabeth Takes Off: On Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Self-Image, and Self-Esteem
010416: TAYLOR, A.J.P. - From the Boer War to the Cold War: Essays on Twentieth-Century Europe
010435: TAYLOR, ALICE - Country Days
010436: TAYLOR, ALICE - The Village
013592: TAYLOR, INA - The Edwardian Lady: The Story of Edith Holden, Author of the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
010744: TAYLOR, JOE - How to Be an Effective Coach
014113: TAYLOR, TIMOTHY - Stanley Park
010423: TAYLOR, TIMOTHY - Stanley Park
017988: TAYLOR, ANDREW JR. - The World of Gerard Mercator: The Mapmaker Who Revolutionized Geography
014618: TAYLOR, LAURA ELISE - A Taste for Paprika: A Memoir
015320: TAYLOR, RICHARD L. - Instrument Flying
015981: TAYLOR, INA - The Edwardian Lady : The Story of Edith Holden
020339: TEATERO, WILLIAM - Mackenzie King: Man of mission (Canada's heritage in pictures)
007747: TEATERO, WILLIAM - Mackenzie King: Man of Mission
018950: TED SIMON - Dreaming of Jupiter
005946: TED BYFIELD - Just Think, Mr. Berton (a Little Harder)
014949: TED HENSON - Discovering Canada: Using the Five themes of Geography - Middle School
010502: TED MORGAN - Churchill - Young Man in a Hurry 1874-1915
010588: TED ANTHONY - Chasing the Rising Sun - the Journey of an American Song
020638: TED MOORES; MERILYN MOHR - Canoecraft: A Harrowsmith Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction
005108: TEDLOCK, BARBARA - The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine
002740: TEDLOCK, DENNIS - Teachings From the American Earth: Indian Religion and Philosophy
016741: TEDLOCK, BARBARA - The Beautiful and the Dangerous: Dialogues With the Zuni Indians
016095: TEITELBAUM, MICHAEL - Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Read-Aloud Storybook
013468: TEITLER, RISA - Training and Taming Cockatiels
009748: TEITLER, RISA - Training and Taming Cockatiels
009397: TEJOMAYANANDA, SWAMI - Hindu Culture: An Introduction
010264: TEMKO, FLORENCE;DENIS, SANDRA - Origami Magic
016773: TEMPLAR, RICHARD - Rules of Management : The Definitive Guide to Managerial Success
014638: TEMPLAR, RICHARD - The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Kind of Life
006864: TEMPLE BAILEY - Wallflowers
018777: TENNANT, VERONICA - On Stage Please
004584: TENNER, EDWARD - Our Own Devices: the Past and Future of Body Technology
007292: TEPPER, SHERI S. - Beauty
020051: TERENCE MOORE - The Captured Harvest - Creating Exquisite Objects from Nature
008951: TERENCE QUALTER - Conflicting Political Ideas in Liberal Democracies
009564: TERENCE DE VERE WHITE - Ireland - New Nations and Peoples Library
016001: TERENCE ROBERTSON - Channel Dash - Dramatic Escape of the German Battle Cruisers - Illustrated
018324: TERESA REILLY - Five Seasons of Wall Quilts
001693: TERRAINE, JOHN - The Life and Times of Lord Mountbatten: an Illustrated Biography Based on the Television History
001635: TERRILL, ROSS - The White-Boned Demon: a Biography of Madame Mao Zedong
019053: TERRILL, ROSS - The Australians : In Search of an Identity
020073: TERRY PRATCHETT - Making Money - A Discworld Novel
019995: TERRY WATADA - Kuroshio - the Blood of Foxes
020084: TERRY BROOKS - Antrax (Voyage of the Jerle Shannara, Book 2)
013046: TERRY TUCKER - Bermuda's Story
017228: TERRY, HENRY - A Victorian Flower Album : God's Floral Gems, Glistening on the Verdant Face of Nature: Collected and Painted in the Summer Evenings of 1873, As a Pleasing Recreation
019208: TERRY MURRAY - Faces on Places - a Grotesque Tour of Toronto
001390: TESS VAN SOMMERS - Sydney Sketchbook
004759: TEW, IAN - Sailing in Grandfather's Wake
020278: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - Student Calculator Math Book
014942: THAD CARHART - Across the Endless River
003421: THAKUR, H. B. - Don't Burn My Mother!
005125: THE MOOSEWOOD COLLECTIVE - Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special: More Than 275 Recipes for Sups, Stews, Salads & Extras
005445: THE ROADBUILDER - God's Commonwealths-British and American With a Chapter on Christ's Visit to Britain
017357: THE STRAITS TIMES COLLECTION 2 - Fun with Chinese Characters
008026: THE HUDSON'S BAY CO., - 325 Delicious Barbecue and Microwave Recipes
003446: THE EDITORS OF MARKET HOUSE BOOKS - The Bantam Medical Dictionary
000451: THE OBSERVER - Time Off in Portugal
015719: THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION FOR ONTARIO - The Ontario Public School Composition - for use in Forms III, IV, and V of the Public Schools
009155: THE FICTIVE COLLECTIVE, EDITORS - Baker's Dozen: Stories by Women
015796: THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION - The American Bar Association Guide to Workplace Law: Everything You Need to Know About Your Rights As an Employee or Employer
010116: THE OXFORD SHAKESPEARE - Julius Caesar
012313: THE EDITORS OF SHEET MUSIC MAGAZINE - 100 All-time Popular Hits
014071: THE WASHINGTON POST - The Presidential Transcripts
015718: THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION FOR ONTARIO - Life and Literature Book Two Grade 8 - Fourth Form, Senior Grade
015681: THE SATURDAY EVENING POST ALBUM - Norman Rockwell Memory Album
016726: THE BOROUGH OF NORTH YORK - Historical Outline of the Administration of the Borough of North York
017517: THE TELEGRAM NEWS STAFF - Balloons and Ballots - the Inside Story of Robert Stanfield's Victory
017195: THE WASHINGTON POST STAFF - The Fall of a President
019198: THEANNA BISCHOFF - Cleavage
018569: THEBERGE, JOHN B. - Wolves and Wilderness
005958: THELMA R NEWMAN - Creative Candlemaking
018271: THELWELL, NORMAN - A Plank Bridge by a Pool
016708: THEODORA WILSON WILSON - The Precious Gift - Bible Stories for Children
011661: THEODORE H. WHITE - The Making of the President 1972 - a Narrative History of American politics in Action
015990: THEODOSAKIS, JASON M.D.;FOX, BARRY;ADDERLY, BRENDA - Maximizing the Arthritis Cure: A Step-By-Step Program to Faster, Stronger Healing During Any Stage of the Cure
018591: THERON G. RANDOLPH, MD - Human Ecology and Susceptibility to the Chemical Environment
014312: THEROUX, PAUL - Fresh-Air Fiend : Travel Writings, 1985-2000
004114: THEROUX, PAUL - The Family Arsenal
004144: THEROUX, PAUL - World's End
004460: THEROUX, PAUL - Half Moon Street: Two Short Novels
005486: THEROUX, PAUL - The London Embassy
006073: THEROUX, PAUL - Picture Palace: a Novel
004275: THEROUX, PAUL - My Secret History
006900: THEROUX, PAUL - The Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific
007516: THEROUX, PAUL - Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China
004112: THEROUX, PAUL - Kowloon Tong: a Novel
004845: THEROUX, PAUL - Sunrise With Seamonsters: a Paul Theroux Reader
008206: THEROUX, PAUL - Hotel Honolulu : A Novel
008210: THEROUX, PHYLLIS - Night Lights: Bedtime Stories for Parents in the Dark
013975: THEROUX, PAUL - Mosquito Coast
004638: THEROUX, PAUL - World's End and Other Stories
004464: THEROUX, PAUL - My Other Life
013663: THEROUX, PAUL - My Secret History
009257: THEROUX, PAUL - Sir Vidia's Shadow : A Friendship Across Five Continents
010335: THEROUX, PAUL - The Pillars of Hercules: A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean
013937: THEROUX, PAUL - Dead Hand: A Crime in Calcutta
011385: THEROUX, PAUL - Blinding Light : A Novel
014778: THEROUX, PAUL - The Pillars of Hercules: A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean
019238: THESIGER, WILFRED - Arabian Sands
006245: THEVENIN DORAN, ANNETTE; SAMALONIS, LISA BONNELL - Menopause: Questions You Have.Answers You Need
008486: THIELE, COLIN - Wedgetail
012231: THOM, IAN - Murals from a Great Canadian Train/De L'Art Dans UN Grand Train Canadien
020681: THOM HATCH - The Last Days of George Armstrong Custer
015642: THOMAS, D. M. - Charlotte - the Final Journey of Jane Eyre
011656: THOMAS, GORDON;MORGAN WITTS, MAX - The San Francisco Earthquake
012171: THOMAS HUTCHINSON, EDITOR - The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
020094: THOMAS J. PETERS AND ROBERT H. WATERMAN, JR. - In Search of Excellence
003735: THOMAS HOBBES - Leviathan: Or the Matter, Forme and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil
004812: THOMAS, CLAUDE ANSHIN - At Hell's Gate: a Soldier's Journey From War to Peace
005033: THOMAS MERTON - The Waters of Siloe
005406: THOMAS H. RADDALL - The Wings of Night-a Novel of Nova Scotia
005442: THOMAS CARLYLE-EVERYMAN'S LIBRARY EDITED BY ERNEST RHYS - Scottish & Other Miscellanies-Essays and Belles Lettres
005693: THOMAS BRYAN UNDERWOOD - Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears
005799: THOMAS R. HENRY - The White Continent-the Story of Antarctica
001834: THOMAS, CAITLIN - Double Drink Story: My Life With Dylan Thomas
018767: THOMAS B. COSTAIN - The Last Love
015117: THOMAS, DAVID HURST - Predicting the Past: An Introduction to Anthropological Archaeology
018968: THOMAS LAIRD - The Story of Tibet - Conversations with the Dalai Lama
006605: THOMAS, WILLIAM - Guys: Not Real Bright-and Damn Proud of It!
002992: THOMAS, AUDREY CALLAHAN - Graven Images
007725: THOMAS H. RADDALL - Halifax-Warden of the North
018524: THOMAS WHARTON - Icefields
019152: THOMAS KENEALLY - A Commonwealth of Thieves - the Improbable Birth of Australia
004484: THOMAS FREDERIKSEN - Eskimo Diary
008221: THOMAS MCCORMACK, EDITOR - Afterwords: Novelists on Their Novels
000500: THOMAS HERBERT LEWIN - A Manual of Tibetan
000720: THOMAS BURKE - The Beauty of England
003651: THOMAS TANNER, EDITOR - Aldo Leopold: the Man and His Legacy
009249: THOMAS, D. M. - The White Hotel
009356: THOMAS MORE - Utopia
009434: THOMAS, ELIZABETH MARSHALL - The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture
009598: THOMAS KENEALLY - Schindler's List
009711: THOMAS R. ARP - The Form of Poetry
009893: THOMAS MERTON - WITH A FOREWORD BY EVELYN WAUGH - Elected Silence - the Autobiography of Thomas Merton
010020: THOMAS, D. M. - Lady With a Laptop: A Novel
001090: THOMAS J. LYON, EDITOR - The Literary West: an Anthology of Western American Literature
016464: THOMAS CLEARY, TRANSLATOR - The Essential Koran: The Heart of Islam - an Introduction Selection of Readings from the Qur'an
011822: THOMAS, DAVID HURST - Predicting the Past: An Introduction to Anthropological Archaeology
004642: THOMAS, WILLIAM J. - Never Hitchhike on the Road Less Travelled
018560: THOMAS H. RADDALL - His Majesty's Yankees
010687: THOMAS B. COSTAIN - Read with Me - a Personal Anthology of Memorable reading, selected and introduced By .
003839: THOMAS, WILLIAM J. - Never Hitchhike on the Road Less Travelled
020484: THOMAS MOORE - Meditations: On the Monk Who Dwells in Daily Life
019210: THOMAS KING - Truth and Bright Water
012125: THOMAS, DYLAN - Portrait of the Artist As a Young Dog
019211: THOMAS KING - Truth and Bright Water
020129: THOMAS B. COSTAIN AND JOHN BEECROFT - Stories to Remember - Six Complete Novels and 33 Stories
012180: THOMAS CARLYLE - Sartor Resartus
020485: THOMAS J. STANLEY; WILLIAM D. DANKO - The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy
013642: THOMAS, WILLIAM J. - Never Hitchhike on the Road Less Travelled
011896: THOMAS MERTON - The Ascent to Truth
020081: THOMAS B. COSTAIN - The Tontine - Volume II
020633: THOMAS REEVES - A Question of Character : A Life of John F Kennedy
020127: THOMAS H. RADDALL - His Majesty's Yankees - a Novel of Nova Scotia in the Days of Revolution
012599: THOMAS KOHNSTAMM - Do Travel Writers go to Hell? - a Swashbuckling tale of High Adventures, Questionable Ethics, and Professional Hedonism
012250: THOMAS MERTON - Disputed Questions
013868: THOMAS, CULLEN - Brother One Cell: An American Coming of Age in South Korea's Prisons
013507: THOMAS, ELIZABETH MARSHALL - The Hidden Life of Dogs
015041: THOMAS, WILLIAM J. - Never Hitchhike on the Road Less Travelled
018609: THOMAS CRUMP - A Brief History of the Age of Steam
015458: THOMAS, ROY - Japan: The Blighted Blossom
019085: THOMAS, LESLIE - A World of Islands
020226: THOMAS WALSH - The Dark Window
015963: THOMAS, ALISTER - More of Canada's Best Canoe Routes
018144: THOMAS CLEARY - TRANSLATOR - The Essential Tao
016548: THOMPSON, JOHN HERD - Orwell's London
018760: THOMPSON SETON, ERNEST - Ernest Thompson-Seton Collected Novels
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011863: THUBRON, COLIN - Behind the Wall : A Journey Through China
014442: THUBRON, COLIN - In Siberia
014987: THUBRON, COLIN - Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China
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008578: THURMAN, ROBERT A. F. - Essential Tibetan Buddhism
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015464: THURSTON, HARRY - Island of the Blessed : The Secrets of Egypt's Everlasting Oasis
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010230: TRACY, LISA - The Gradual Vegetarian
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016576: TREFIL, JAMES S. - The Edge of the Unknown: 101 Things You Don't Know About Science and No One Else Does Either
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015130: TREWHITT, PHILIP - Armoured Fighting Vehicles
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014674: TRIGGER, BRUCE G. - A History of Archaeological Thought
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002417: TRILLIN, CALVIN - Travels With Alice
012345: TRILLIN, CALVIN - Travels With Alice
011345: TRINA PAULUS - Hope for the Flowers
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018809: TRISHNA BERNARD - With Kama Sutra Under My Arm - My Madcap Misadventures Across India
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010214: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - Marrying the Mistress
014922: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - A Spanish Lover
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014513: TROOST, J. MAARTEN - The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific
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018555: TROUBETZKOY, ALEXIS S - The Road to Balaklava: Stumbling into War With Russia
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007632: TRUDEAU, G. B. - A Tad Overweight, But Violet Eyes to Die for
013732: TRUDEAU, PIERRE ELLIOTT - Towards a Just Society: The Trudeau Years
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000635: TRUEMAN, STUART - Intimate History of New Brunswick
018977: TRUEMAN, STUART - An Intimate History of New Brunswick
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020206: TRUMP, DONALD J.; SCHWARTZ, TONY - Trump: The Art of the Deal
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020087: TRUSS, LYNNE - Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door
020088: TRUSS, LYNNE - Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation
008329: TSUKIYAMA, GAIL - The Samurai's Garden
003543: TUCK, LILY - Siam Or the Woman Who Shot a Man: a Novel
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003117: TULLETT, TOM - Strictly Murder: Famous Cases of Scotland Yard's Murder Squad
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008908: TUMA, ELIAS H. - European Economic History: Tenth Century to the Present Theory and History of Economic Change
011601: TURABIAN, KATE L. - Student's Guide for Writing College Papers
000863: TURCO, LEWIS-WITH "FRED FOYLE - Dialogue: a Socratic Dialogue on the Art of Writing Dialogue in Fiction
018983: TURCOTTE, DOROTHY - Remember the Brant Inn
012344: TURCOTTE, GERRY - Flying in Silence
019296: TURCOTTE, ELISE - The Sound of Living Things
009392: TURGENEV, IVAN SERGEEVICH - Fathers and Sons
013935: TURGENEV, IVAN - A Sportsman's Notebook
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018962: TURLEY, ANNE K.;SUNSET - Planning & Remodeling Family Rooms, Dens & Studios
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015615: TURNBULL, COLIN M. - The Human Cycle
000213: TURNBULL, COLIN M. - The Mountain People
014562: TURNBULL, FREDERICK G. - Remember Me to Everybody : Letters from India, 1943-1949
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016993: TURNER, STEVE - Van Morrison: Too Late to Stop Now
018304: TURNER, JOHN A. - Kwang Tung, Or, Five Years in South China -1880's-
009998: TURNER, JUDITH - Hidden World of Relationships
019492: TURNER, COLIN - Born to Succeed: Releasing Your Business Potential
018828: TUSHINGHAM, A. D.;ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM;DAY, KENT C. - Gold for the Gods: A Catalogue to an Exhibition of Pre-Inca and Inca Gold and Artifacts from Peru
011792: TUSKA, JON - The American West - The Greatest Tales from the Masters of western Fiction
015811: TUSTIN, LEE - Caught in the Act : Guide to the Youth Justice System and Young Offender's Act
010641: TUTE, WARREN - The True Glory: The Story of the Royal Navy over a Thousand Years
013453: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
018691: TWAIN, MARK;KISKIS, MICHAEL J. - Mark Twain's Own Autobiography: The Chapters from the North American Review
000943: TWOFEATHERS, MANNY - My Road to the Sundance
007135: TWYMAN, JAMES F. - The Proposing Tree: a Love Story
013525: TWYMAN, JAMES F. - Emissary of Light: A Vision of Peace
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007539: TYLER, ANNE - A Patchwork Planet
016628: TYLER ANBINDER - Five Points
002501: TYNG, CHARLES; FELS, SUSAN - Before the Wind: the Memoir of an American Sea Captain, 1808-1833
008605: TYNG, CHARLES;FELS, SUSAN - Before the Wind: The Memoir of an American Sea Captain, 1808-1833
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006435: TYRONE GUTHRIE, ROBERTSON DAVIES - Renown at Stratford-a Record of the Shakespeare Festival in Canada
017629: TYRRELL, PATRICIA - The Reckoning
006958: TZU, SUN II - The Art of War
018891: TZU, SUN II;CLEARY, THOMAS F. - The Art of War
009430: TZU, SUN II;CLEARY, THOMAS F. - The Art of War
007943: TZU, SUN II - The Art of War
016069: TZU, SUN II - The Art of War
016397: UITZ, ERIKA - Women in the Medieval Town
020213: ULA WATERHOUSE ECHOLS - Robin Hood
010205: ULLMANN, LINN - Before You Sleep
014597: ULMER, MICHAEL - M Is for Maple: A Canadian Alphabet
008170: UNG, LOUNG - First They Killed My Father : A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
018761: UNGER, DEBI, IRWIN UNGER - The Guggenheims: A Family History
008009: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL AND AMERICAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE - FOUR DAYS - The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy
002949: UNITT, PETER AND ANNE WORRALL - Unitt's Clock Price Guide
008733: UNITT, WORRAL - Price Guide to Antiques and Collectibles No. 15
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014162: UPGREN, ARTHUR - Night Has a Thousand Eyes: A Naked-Eye Guide to the Sky, Its Science, and Lore
015099: UPKEH, HENRY - Only Be Afraid of Standing Still : Practical Life Lessons from Children and the Natural World
001378: UPPAL, PRISCILA - Confessions of a Fertility Expert
000659: UPPAL, PRISCILA - How to Draw Blood From a Stone
010193: UPPAL, PRISCILA - The Divine Economy of Salvation
018830: URBAN, PETER - The Karate Dojo : Traditions and Tales of a Martial Art
001166: URBAS, JEANNETTE - From Thirty Acres to Modern Times: the Story of French-Canadian Literature
004711: URQUHART, JANE - The Whirlpool: a Novel
006904: URQUHART, JANE - A Map of Glass
003671: URQUHART, JANE - Changing Heaven
004068: URQUHART, JANE; PORCUPINES QUILL - The Little Flowers of Madame De Montespan
015745: URQUHART, JANE - Away
012590: URQUHART, JANE - Storm Glass
014541: URQUHART, TONY;DAULT, GARY MICHAEL - Cells of Ourselves
020729: URSULA M. FRANKLIN - The Real World of Technology (CBC Massey Lectures series) Revised Edition
000824: URWIN, DEREK W. - The Community of Europe: a History of European Integration Since 1945
006770: USHER, G. - Dictionary of Botany
009652: USTINOV, PETER - The Disinformer - Two Novellas
017453: USTINOV, PETER - Quotable Ustinov
017883: UTE LISCHKE AND DAVID T. MCNAB, EDITORS - Walking A Tightrope: Aboriginal People And Their Representations
019832: UWEM AKPAN - Say You're One of Them
020459: V. BLASCO IBANEZ - Mexico in Revolution
005144: V.F. PERKINS - Film as Film: Understanding and Judging Movies
002447: V.A. GILLETT - Where Wild Flowers Grow
001746: V.L. PANDIT - The Evolution of India
012565: V.N. BRUCE - Junior Science for secondary Schools Part II
009780: V.H.H. GREEN - Luther & The Reformation
010050: V.I. LENIN - On the Emancipation of Women
011586: V.I. LENIN - Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism - A Popular Outline
011552: V.H.H.GREEN - The Hanoverians 1714-1815
016081: V.C. CHAPPELL, ET AL - The Philosophy of the Mind
002215: VACHON, BRIAN - Writing for Regional Publications
000790: VACHON, GEORGETTE - Goggles, Helmets, and Airmail Stamps
015720: VACHSS, ANDREW H. - False Allegations
014872: VACHSS, ANDREW H. - Down in the Zero
009298: VADNEY, T. E. - The World since 1945
009476: VADNEY, T. E. - The World since 1945
002662: VAKIL, ARDASHIR - Beach Boy
013180: VAL BAKER, DENYS - A Work of Art and Other Stories
013179: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The Waterwheel Turns
003087: VALDES-RODRIGUEZ, ALISA - Playing With Boys
019575: VALE, BRIAN - The AUDACIOUS ADMIRAL COCHRANE: The True Life of a Naval Legend
015027: VALENTINE DAVIES - Miracle on 34th Street
020055: VALERIAN ALBANOV - In the Land of White Death : An Epic Story of Survival in the Siberian Arctic
011577: VALERIE NIELSEN - Green Light
009539: VALERIO, ANTHONY - Valentino and the Great Italians - According to Anthony Valerio - Prose Series 21
014919: VALLADARES, ARMANDO - Against All Hope: The Prison Memoirs of Armando Valladares
000624: VALLE, GINA - Our Grandmothers, Ourselves: Reflections of Canadian Women
004063: VALLET, RONALD E. - Stepping Stones of the Steward: a Faith Journey Through Jesus' Parables
012889: VAN LENNEP, JANE - First Foal
006054: VAN PRAAGH, JAMES - Reaching to Heaven: a Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death
002383: VAN HERK, ARITHA - Restlessness: a Novel
006847: VAN DER PLAS, ROB - Mountain Bike Magic
007459: VAN CAMPEN HEILNER - A Book on Duck Shooting
007349: VAN DER VEER, PETER - Religious Nationalism: Hindus and Muslims in India
004727: VAN DE CASTLE, ROBERT L. - Our Dreaming Mind
015428: VAN PRAAGH, JAMES - Reaching to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death
001700: VAN DER RYN, LIM - The Toilet Papers: Recycling Waste and Conserving Water
003241: VAN LOON, KAREL; GARRETT, SAM - A Father's Affair
000412: VAN NEST, WILLIAM - Connections: Effective Reading and Writing
015687: VAN C. GESSEL, TOMONE MATSUMOTO, EDITORS - The Showa Anthology: Modern Japanese Short Stories 1929-1984
000828: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - The Voice of the Thunder
020027: VAN NEWELL - The Road to Terra Nova
010185: VAN PELT, LORI - Amelia Earhart: The Sky's No Limit
017144: VAN PRAAGH, JAMES - Reaching to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death
015680: VAN DER MEER, RON;SUDJIC, DEYAN - The Architecture Pack: A Unique, Three-Dimensional Tour of Architecture over the Centuries What Architects Do, How They Do It, and the Great Buildings They Have Given Us
002112: VANCE PACKARD - The Human Side of Animals (Original Title: Animal Iq)
001815: VANDER POST, LAURENS - Flamingo Feather
011868: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Last Crossing
004121: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Last Crossing: a Novel
006269: VANDERHAEGHE, LORNA R.; BOUIC, PATRICK J. D. - The Immune System Cure: Optimize Your Immune System in 30 Days-the Natural Way!
009647: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - Man Descending : Selected Stories
010672: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Englishman's Boy
014593: VANDERHOOF, ANN - An Embarrassment Of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude
015590: VANIER, JEAN - Becoming Human
017685: VANIER, JEAN - Our Life Together : The Selected Letters of Jean Vanier
004598: VANZANT, IYANLA - In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want
006320: VARA, JON - Home Wisdom: a Commonsense Guide to Solving Everyday Problems
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013402: VATSYAYANA;DANIELOU, ALAIN - The Complete Kama Sutra: The 1st Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text
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018439: WEBB, PHILA H.;CORBY, JOSE - Shadowgraphs Anyone Can Make
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014476: WEBER, BRUCE - You Can Yo-Yo! - 25 Tricks to try!
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008399: WEIGHTMAN, GAVIN - Signor Marconi's Magic Box: The Most Remarkable Invention of the 19th Century and the Amateur Inventor Whose Genius Sparked a Revolution
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017403: WEIL, ANDREW - Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide To Your Physical And Spiritual Well-Being
017404: WEIL, ANDREW M.D. - Eating Well for Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition
010632: WEIL, ANDREW X. - Eight Weeks to Optimum Health: A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power
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017553: WEIL, ANDREW X. - Spontaneous Healing: How to Discover and Enhance Your Body's Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal Itself
018535: WEILER, RENATE - Get a Grip! : On Your Authentic Self: A Step-By-Step Guide to Personal Success
005932: WEINBERG, GEORGE H. - The Pliant Animal-Understanding the Greatest Human Asset
009650: WEINLAND, RONALD - The Prophesied End-time
000754: WEINLAND, RONALD - The Prophesied End-Time
010056: WEINSTEIN, KATE - Living With Endometriosis: How to Cope With the Physical and Emotional Challenges
010229: WEIR, ALISON - The Princes in the Tower
010575: WEIR, STEPHEN - Sinking of the Mayflower: Lost November 12, 1912
011279: WEISS, BRIAN L. M.D. - Many Lives, Many Masters
002918: WELDON, FAY - Darcy's Utopia
001966: WELLARD, JAMES HOWARD - The Search for Lost Worlds: an Exploration of the Lands of Myth and Legend, Including Atlantis, Sheba, and Avalon
004798: WELLS, REBECCA - Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
005727: WELLS, JAN - Phonics Too
006840: WELLS, REBECCA - Ya-Yas in Bloom: a Novel
002668: WELLS, GORDON - The Business of Writing
019177: WELLS, ROSEMARY - Rachel Field's Hitty: Her First Hundred Years
015978: WELLS, H. G. - The War of the Worlds/The Invisible Man
002047: WELSH, IRVINE - Trainspotting
008194: WELTY, EUDORA - One Writer's Beginnings
020144: WENDY PIRK - Weird Canadian Animals
019611: WERNER, EMMY E - Reluctant Witnesses: Children's Voices From The Civil War
007106: WES BEAVIS - Escape to Prosperity
006613: WESCOOMBE, GEORGE - The Saga of Ocean Explorer I
009359: WESLEY C. SALMON - Logic
009807: WESLEY C. BAKER - The Open End of Christian Morals
020246: WEST, NIGEL - Mi6: British Secret Intelligence Service Operations 1909-1945
007961: WEST, JAMES L.W. III - The Perfect Hour: the Romance of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ginevra King
000807: WEST, D. J.; FARRINGTON, DAVID P.; CAMBRIDGE STUDY IN DELINQUENT DEVELOPMENT - Who Becomes Delinquent: Second Report of the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development
009136: WEST, THOMAS;WEST, GRACE - Four Texts on Socrates: Plato's Euthyphro, Apology of Socrates, and Crito and Aristophanes' Clouds
015691: WEST, REBECCA - Survivors in Mexico
009984: WESTERMANN, JOHN - The Honor Farm
002924: WESTFALL, WILLIAM - Two Worlds: the Protestant Culture of Nineteenth-Century Ontario

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