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0284698: Brandon Presser - The Far Land 200 Years of Murder, Mania & Mutiny in the South Pacific
023657: Pressfield, Steven - The Afghan Campaign: A Novel
286528: Antony Preston - Aircraft Carriers
016852: Preston, John;Lowenthal, Michael - Winter's Light: Reflections of a Yankee Queer
028051: Nathalie Prezeau - Toronto Fun Places the Family Tested Guide to Year Round Fun in the GTA and Southern Ontario
018165: William H. Price - Civil War Handbook - a Civil War Research Associates Series
020113: Price, Raymond A.; Leith, James A. - Planet Earth: Problems and Prospects
003459: Price, T. Douglas - Images of the Past
285401: Steven D Price et al - The Whole Horse Catalog
017468: Price, Alfred - Warbirds Illustrated : Vol. 1 & 2 The Luftwaffe 1933-1945
012725: Dr. Steve Price - Dream Making in a Dream-Taking World
022257: A. Grenfell Price - The Western Invasions of the Pacific and Its Continents - a Stury of Moving Frontiers and Changing Landscapes 1513-1958
011622: Betty Price - Adventuring in Nature
002409: Prichard, Mari; Carpenter, Humphrey - A Thames Companion
014956: Priest, Robert - The Mad Hand - Poems
0284652: J B Priestley - Let the People Sing
0284653: J B Priestley - Wonder Hero
010951: H.E. Priestley & J.J. Betts - The Momentous Years 1919-1958
024456: J.B.Priestley - Jenny Villiers - a Story of the Theatre
014715: Priestley, J. B. - Outcries and Asides
286100: Priestley, Chris; Perrett, Bryan; Eldridge, Jim - War Stories for Boys (My Story) Stories from the Second World War
0283518: J B Priestley - The Prince of Pleasure and His Regency 1811-20
009406: Prieur, Benoit - Ulysses Atlantic Canada
027493: Liz Primeau - Gardening Basics for Canadians for Dummies
020294: Liz Primeau - My Natural History - The Evolution of a Gardner
019403: Laurie Primmer - Making Pottery with or Without a Wheel
019807: Tom Primrose - The Cypress Hills
006832: Prince, Eleanor F.; Collier, Gaydell M. - Basic Horse Care
287258: Prince, Lydia - Appointment in Jerusalem
028021: Bryan Prince - I Came as a Stranger - the Underground Railroad
287019: David Pritchard and Alan Lysaght - The Beatles: An oral history
286256: Ron Pritchard, editor - Shakespeare's England Life in Elizabethan & Jacobean Times
025142: Pritchett, V. S. - Balzac
027654: Steven Proctor, Editor - Canada Gold Canadian Men & Women Hockey Champions
016434: Indian and Inuit Affairs Program (Canada) - The Canadian Indian, - Ontario
022861: Bill Pronzini & Martin H. Greenberg - Great Tales of the West
021065: Bill Pronzini, et al - The Arbor House Treasury of Great Western Stories
010328: Daniel Protheroe and J. N. Rodeheaver - Quartets for Men - Gospel songs, negro Spirituals, Secular Songs
005747: Proulx, Annie - The Shipping News
006197: Proulx, Annie - Close Range: Wyoming Stories
0283926: Annie Proulx - Bird Cloud
023925: E. Annie Proulx - Accordion Crimes
285481: David Proulx - Pardon my Lunch Bucket
022521: David Proulx - Pardon My Lunch Bucket a Look at the New Hamilton with a Bit of Old Thrown in
0284381: Craig Proulx - Reclaiming Aboriginal Justice, Identity and Community
023981: Prouse, A. Robert - Ticket to Hell via Dieppe, from a prisoner's wartime log 1942-1945
285942: Proust, Marcel - Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 1 Swann's Way Within a Budding Grove, Vol 2 The Guermantes Way; Cities of the Plain Vol. 3 The Captive The Fugitive Time Regained
006078: Provost, Gary - Perfect Husband: the True Story of the Trusting Bride Who Discovered Her Husband Was a Coldblooded Killer
009506: Duncan Pryde - NUNAGA:Ten Years of Eskimo Life
025426: Pryde, Duncan - Nunaga: my land, my country
000865: Kenneth G. Pryke, Walter C. Soderland, Eds - Profiles of Canada
287214: Gia Publications - Stages on the Way: Iona Community Wild Goose Worship Group
001508: W.K. Cross-Publisher - The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins-48th Edition
026484: Rh Value Publishing - Porsche 911
022242: Eugenio Pucci - How to Visit the Excavations of Pompeii - Practical Illustrated and Colours Guide
013434: Puck, Wolfgang - The Wolfgang Puck Cookbook: Recipes from Spago, Chinois and Points East and West
010215: Puhn, Adele - The 5 Vital Secrets for a Healthy Life
015630: Pullen, Martha C. - Beautiful Vests & All the Rest: Program Guide for Martha's Sewing Room Public Television Series 700
027400: John J Pullen - The Twentieth Maine - a Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War
017507: Kate Pullinger - The Mistress of Nothing
012805: Pullman, Philip - The Firework-maker's Daughter
008699: Pulos, Arthur J. - American Design Ethic: A History of Industrial Design to 1940
009181: Punnett, R.M. - British Government and Politics 4th Ed Pb Opxxxx
024088: Rev. W. Morley Punshon, LL.D - lectures and Sermons
003190: Purdy, Al - Morning and Its Summer: a Memoir
006928: Purdy, Al - A Splinter in the Heart: a Novel
021217: Al Purdy - A Splinter in the Heart
0284174: Dr Basant K Puri & Hilary Boyd - The Natural Way to Beat Depression
287447: Purviance, Jamie - Weber's Way To Grill: The Step-by-Step Guide to Expert Grilling
286080: Pusateri, Leo J. - Mirror Mirror on the Wall Am I the Most Valued of Them All?
011873: Putley, Julian - Sunfun Calypso
014923: Puzo, Mario - The Last Don
285116: Lewis Pyenson and Susan Sheets-Pyenson - Servants of Nature
001511: Pyle, Robert Michael - Wintergreen: Listening to the Land's Heart
021074: Ernie Pyle - Brave Men
008004: Pyle, Howard - Story of King Arthur and His Knights
019418: Pyle, Richard - Schwarzkopf: In His Own Words
027138: Thomas Pynchon - Vineland
027767: Dr 'A'id Al-Qarni - You Can be the Happiest Woman in the World - a Treasure Chest of Reminders
002514: Quaife, Darlene Barry - Days & Nights on the Amazon: a Novel
003847: Quammen, David - Natural Acts: a Sidelong View of Science and Nature
020155: Quammen, David - Wild Thoughts from Wild Places
026947: Quan, Tracy - Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl: A Nancy Chan Novel (Nancy Chan Novels)
014420: Jorge Alberto Quaranta - ARGENTINA: 23 PROVINCE TO EXPLORE
002451: Quarrington, Paul - Civilization and Its Part in My Downfall
023882: Quarrington, Paul - King Leary - a Novel
017316: Quarrington, Paul - Galveston
014625: Quarrington, Paul - Fishing With My Old Guy
014521: Paul Quarrington - King Leary
021143: Alissa Quart - Branded - the Buying and Selling of Teenagers
025555: Quednau, Marion - The Butterfly Chair
010598: Queen, Stuart A.;Habenstein, Robert Wesley - Family in Various Cultures
019969: Queen, William - Under and Alone: The True Story of the Undercover Agent Who Infiltrated America's Most Violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
285140: joe queenan - Red Lobster White Trash and the Blue Lagoon Joe Queenan's america
013924: Georgina Olivere Queller, et al Editors - A Charm Against the Pain : 29 Voices from Newfoundland
286952: Quennell, Peter - A history of English literature
016816: Frank Quigley - Woodworking - Painting & Finishing
020967: Jim Quillen - Alcatraz from Inside: The Hard Years 1942-1952
007979: Maureen O'Brien Quimby - Eleutherian Mills
027751: Thomas De Quincey - Confessions of an English Opium Eater
025513: Quindlen, Anna - Blessings
023341: Quindlen, Anna - How Reading Changed My Life
020565: Anna Quindlen - A Short Guide to a Happy Life
027871: Anna Quindlen - One True Thing - a Novel
026908: David B. Quinn - Raleigh & The British Empire
004938: Vernon Quinn - Beautiful America
286018: Quirk, Lawerance - The Films of Paul Newman (Film Books)
286147: Quirk, Lawrence J. - Totally Uninhibited: The Life and Wild Times of Cher - The Unauthorized Biography
019271: Antonia Quirke - Choking on Marlon Brando
024091: M.E.R. - The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible
018575: Raban, Jonathan - Coasting
009442: Rabb, Theodore - The Thirty Years' War
025477: Rabe, David - Recital of the Dog
285522: S S Rabl - Mobtown Clipper 34
027088: Karlis Racevskis - Michel Foucault and the Subversion of Intellect
021706: Arthur Rackham - The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book - Old Tales with New Illustrations
287304: Rad, Gerhard Von - Genesis, Revised Edition: A Commentary (The Old Testament Library)
014928: Radakovich, Anka - Sexplorations: Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier
020127: Thomas H. Raddall - His Majesty's Yankees - a Novel of Nova Scotia in the Days of Revolution
005406: Thomas H. Raddall - The Wings of Night-a Novel of Nova Scotia
007725: Thomas H. Raddall - Halifax-Warden of the North
285511: Thomas H Raddall - Pride's Fancy 298
0284414: Swami Sivananda Radha - Kundalini Yoga for the West
284860: Swami Sivananda Radha - The Divine Light Invocation
285037: Swami Sivananda Radha - Yoga A Path to Awareness Collected Essays
284839: Swami Sivananda Radha - In the Company of the Wise
026987: George Radwanski - Trudeau
022439: Bob Rae - From Protest to Power: Personal Reflections on A Life in Politics
024555: Bob Rae - From Protest to Power: Personal Reflections on A Life in Politics
013682: Rae, Bob - The Three Questions: Prosperity and the Public Good
021442: Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, Editor - National Museum of Anthropology - Mexico City
007826: Vinay Rai and William L. Simon - Think India - the Rise of the World's Next Superpower and What it Means for every American
0283994: Mary Summer Rain - Daybreak the Dawning Ember
022256: Kathleen Raine - William Blake (The World of Art Series)
286724: Rainer, Peter - Love and Hisses: The National Society of Film Critics Sound Off on the Hottest Movie Controversies
006090: C. Rajagopalachari - Ramayana
0283966: C Rajagopalachari - Ramayana
018493: Bilaal Rajan - Making Change: Tips from an Underage Achiever
009688: Rakovski, Marc - Towards an East European Marxism
027741: Patricia E Raley - Making Love - How to be Your Own Sex Therapist
286657: J L Rallings - Smuggler's Creek
015249: R. G. Ralph - Put It Plainly
285237: Tony Rodriguez; Kanshi Ram - Pure Yoga: Yogi Pranavananda
284812: Rama, Swami - Lectures on Yoga
0284230: Swami Rama - Path of Fire and Light Vol. 1 Advanced Practices of Yoga Vol. 2 a Practical Companion to Vol. 1
027510: Tariq Ramadam - Western Muslims and the future of Islam
000857: Ramazanoglu, Caroline - Feminism and the Contradictions of Oppression
012911: Ramer, Andrew - Revelations for a New Millennium: Saintly and Celestial Prophecies of Joy and Renewal
009490: Rodel J. Ramos - In Search of a Future - the Struggle of Immigrants
022532: Gabriela Ramos - Death and Conversion in the Andes - Lima and Cuzco, 1532-1670
023688: Dean Ramsay - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character
012984: Ramsay, David - Lusitania: Saga and Myth
007782: John Ramsay - American Potters and Pottery
002282: Ramsland, Katherine - The Forensic Science of C.S. I
025136: C-F Ramuz - When the Mountain Fell
000073: Chen Ran - Tibet: From 1951 to 1991
0284536: Janet Rancan - How to Draw Cats
286887: Randall, Ronne - Goodnight Stories
021918: Margaret Randall - Our Voices, Our Lives: Stories of Women from Central America & the Caribbean (Sun and Moon Classics; 65)
287387: William Lowell Randall - Who Has Seen the Wind? Sermons From St. Paul's
004994: Randle, John; Watanabe, Mariko - Coping With Japan
003315: Randolph, Barbara - American Country Living Christmas: Recipes, Crafts, and More
018591: Theron G. Randolph, MD - Human Ecology and Susceptibility to the Chemical Environment
022966: William Randolph, Jr. Hearst; Jack Casserly - The Hearsts: Father and Son
006330: Al Ranger - Vancouver Island-Sketches Maps and Trip Notes By Al Ranger Including Salt Spring & Quadra Islands
027148: Ian Rankin - The Hanging Garden
002060: Rao, Raja - Kanthapura
001085: Raphael, Chaim - A Coat of Many Colours: Memoirs of a Jewish Experience
0284555: Becky Rapinchuk - Simply Clean
025290: Roger Rapoport - The Super-Doctors
001549: Rapoport, Janis - After Paradise
023195: Stanley Rapp - Personal Success Program 6 Booklets
286741: Rapp, Doris - Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call
020353: Ahmed Rashid - Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia
025036: Edith Raskin - Watchers, Pursuers and Masqueraders - animals and Their Vision
025423: Frank Rasky - The Polar Voyagers - Explorers of the North
022036: Anthony W. Rasporich - William Lyon Mackenzie (Canadian history through the press series)
024576: A J J Ratcliff - Editor - Scott's Narrative Poetry
287343: Rosemary Ratcliff - Refurbishing Antiques
027706: Mary Ratcliffe, Retold By - Puss in Boots
286708: Rath, Tom - Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes
286432: Lois Fichner-Rathus - Understanding Art
020935: William Ratigan - Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Survivals
018342: Ratti, Oscar;Westbrook, Adele - Secrets of the Samurai: A Survey of the Martial Arts of Feudal Japan
005518: Santha Rama Rau - Home to India
024036: Santha Rama Rau - The Adventuress
027133: David M Raup - Extinction Bad Genes or Bad Luck?
010506: Rausch, David A. - Building Bridges: Understanding Jews and Judaism
001844: Rausch, David A. - The Middle East Maze: Israel and Her Neighbors
287213: Walter Rauschenbusch - The Social Principles of Jesus - College Voluntary Study Courses
287236: Walter Rauschenbusch - Christianity and the Social Crisis
023323: Efraim Karsh; Inari Rautsi - Saddam Hussein: A Political Biography
016503: Ravitch, Diane - The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn
013567: Ravvin, Norman - Hidden Canada: An Intimate Travelogue
023411: James A. Rawley - Race and Politics - "Bleeding Kansas" and the Coming of Civil War
285335: G B Rawlings - Ancient Medieval Modern Coins and How to Know Them
016279: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings - The Yearlings
021470: Philip Rawson - Introducing Oriental Art
0284172: Philip Rawson - The Art of Tantra
024070: Cathcart Cowdery Ray - Narratives of Barbary Captivity
024872: Marie Beynon Ray - How Never to be Tired or Two Lifetimes in One
015189: Ray, Robin - Robin Ray's Music Quiz
011576: Ray, Cyril - The Wines of Italy
015746: Rayburn, Alan - Naming Canada: Stories About Place Names from Canadian Geographic
019127: Don & Carol Raycraft - Wallace-Homestead Price Guide to American Country Antiques
284915: Ernest Raymond - Mr Olim
006416: Rayner, Jay - Eating Crow
286473: Max Allan Collins; Richard Piers Rayner - Road to Perdition
285280: Julia Raynsford - The Story of Furniture
021543: G. Rayzer - Flowering cacti: a colour guide
286712: Fourny-Darg¿re, Sophie - Monet
002338: Rea, Robert R. - The Earth, the Stars, and Whisper
015252: Rea, Robert R. - The Earth, the Stars, and Whisper
015048: Rea, Robert R. - A View to the North
005133: Read, Piers Paul - Alive: the Story of the Andes Survivors
010516: Read, Sir Herbert Edward - A Concise History of Modern Painting
020625: P. E. Read - A Collection of Words
011760: Read, Piers Paul - Alive - The Story of the Andes Survivors
018233: Norman Reader - A Summer in Vaxjo
026149: H J Reader - Newfoundland Wit, Humor and Folklore
011826: William Ready - Necessary Russell - an Introduction to Bertrand Russell and the Russell Archive
001946: Reagan, Timothy G. - Non-Western Educational Traditions: Alternate Approaches to Educational Thought and Practice
016232: Reagan, Ronald - Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation
010092: Michael R. Real - Super Media - A Cultural Studies Approach
285398: Judy Reamer with Donna Alberta - The Parable of the Shoes (The Hidden Value of a Comfortable Soul)
008772: Arthur. A. Reams - The birdside Reader - Presented in Bird Doggerel
285343: Paul Rebillot with Melissa Kay - The Call to Adventure Bringing the Hero's Journey to Daily Life
014368: Rechtschaffen, Stephan;Cohen, Marc - Vitality and Wellness
017508: Maurice B. Reckitt - Croquet Today
004052: James Redfield And Carol Adrienne - Celestine Prophecy: an Experiential Guide, the
003895: Redfield, James - The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness
0283640: James Redfield - The Celestine Prophecy
005781: Redfield, James - The Celestine Prophecy: an Adventure With the Experiential Guide (Two Books)
014964: Robert Redfield & Alfonso Villa Rojas - Chan Kom - A Maya Village - Abridged Edition
014001: Redfield, James - The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
013583: Redfield, James;Adrienne, Carol - The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide
021668: James Redfield And Carol Adrienne - The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight
024754: Matt and Beth Redman - Blessed be Your Name - Worshipping God on the Road Marked with Suffering
007370: William Morris-James Redmond, Editor - News From Nowhere Or Epoch of Rest-Being Some Chapters From a Utopian Romance
019998: A. W Reed - Myths and Legends of Australia
003303: Reed, A.W. - Aboriginal Legends: Animal Tales
285351: Penny Kendall-Reed, Stephen Reed - Healing Arthritis Contemporary Naturopathic, Orthopedic & Drug Treatments
016314: Reed, A.W. - Maori Legends
011615: Reed, Mort - Coinology
011187: J.H. Reedy - Elementary Qualitative Analysis - for College Students
004827: Reekie, Jennie - Everything Raw: the No-Cooking Cookbook
006092: Rees, Nigel - Graffiti 3
010198: Rees, Ronald - New and Naked Land: Making the Prairies Home
010845: Reese, Terence - Bridge for Bright Beginners
009443: Reeve, Christopher - Still Me : A Life
286051: Reeves, Martha; Bego, Mark - Dancing in the Street: Confessions of a Motown Diva
020633: Thomas Reeves - A Question of Character : A Life of John F Kennedy
021391: William Pember Reeves - The Long White Cloud - Ao Tea Roa - New Zealand Classics
007435: Reeves, Richard - American Journey: Traveling With Tocqueville in Search of Democracy in America
023985: Geoffrey Regan - Historical Blunders
285444: Jerome R Reich - Colonial America
009867: Reich, Ronald - The Next American Frontier
022609: W. J Reichmann - Use and abuse of statistics (Pelican books)
026315: Kathy Reichs - Break No Bones Ready By Dorothee Berryman
027838: Bo Reicke - The New Testament Era the World of the Bible from 500 B.C. to A. D. 100
003319: Reid, Lori - The Dream Catcher: Unravel the Mysteries of Your Sleeping Mind
027855: Jo Reid and John Peck - Stove Book
010950: Reid, Richard - The Book of Buildings : The Architecture of Europe and North America
008903: Reid, Van - Peter Loon: A Novel
287147: Reid, Ken - One Night Only: Conversations with the NHL's One-Game Wonders
008432: Peter Reid - A Brief history of Medieval Warfare - the Rise and Fall of English Supremacy at Arms, 1314-1485
020658: Dennis Reid - A Concise History of Canadian Painting
009116: Reid, Alastair - Weathering: Poems and Translations
018864: Reid, Struan; Fara, Patricia; Watton, Ross - Inventors from Da Vinci to Biro
018865: Reid, Struan; Fara, Patricia; Conlin, Stephen; Dennis, Peter - Scientists from Archimedes to Einstein
018257: Reid, Bill;Bringhurst, Robert - The Raven Steals the Light
286106: Captain Mayne Reid - The Rifle Rangers Or, Adventures in South Mexico
019776: Reid, Grant - Landscape Graphics: From Concept Sketch to Presentation Rendering
011212: Reid, T. R. - Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West
021569: James O'Reilly Et Al Editors - Travelers' Tales Tibet: True Stories (Travelers' Tales Guides)
005013: James O'Reilly Et Al Editors - The Best Travelers' Tales-True Stories From Around the World
027728: Bill O'Reilly - Keep it Pithy - Useful Observations in a Tough World
023605: O'Reilly, Bill - The No Spin Zone: Confrontations with the Powerful and Famous in America
028148: Simon Reilly - Curing the Unmet Needs Disease
027584: Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard - Killing Jesus - a History
022568: James O'Reilly et al Editors - Travelers' Tales Paris: True Stories (Travelers' Tales Guides)
001886: Reiman, Jeffrey - The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison: Ideology, Class, and Criminal Justice
286285: Reiner, Carl - How Paul Robeson Saved My Life and Other Mostly Happy Stories
015077: Reischauer, Edwin Oldfather - The Japanese
017635: Reiss, Tom - The Orientalist: Solving The Mystery Of A Strange And Dangerous Life
287172: Benjamin A Reist - the promise of Bonhoeffer
001591: Rekai, Kati, Kane, Elise (Illustrator) - The Adventures of Mickey, Taggy, Puppo and Cica and How They Discover Italy and the Voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World
002495: Rekdal, Paisley - The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee: Observations on Not Fitting in
018608: Reksten, Terry - More English than the English: A Very Social History of Victoria
020257: Reksten, Terry - The Dunsmuir Saga
0284243: Carolyn Relei - Marine Animals Stained Glass Pattern Book
003096: Remington, Frederic; Pitz, Henry Clarence - Frederic Remington: 173 Drawings and Illustrations
019241: Frederic Remington - Frederic Remington's Own West
022690: David Remnick - King of the World - Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero
026181: Matthew Remski - Threads of Yoga - a Remix of Patanjali-S-sutras with Commentary and Reverie
014779: Mary Renault - The Bull from the Sea
010171: Ezio Renda - New Practical Guide of Florence
023955: Rendell, Ruth - Blood Lines: Long and Short Stories
026387: Rendle, Gil; Mann, Alice - Holy Conversations: Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for Congregations
016626: Reneau, Susan C. - The Adventures of Moccasin Joe: True Life Story of Sgt. George S. Howard, 1850-1877
286843: Renner, Rolf G - Hopper
006710: Renshaw, Jean R. - Kimono in the Boardroom: the Invisible Evolution of Japanese Women Managers
284905: Global Health Research - Natural Treatments & Remedies for the Worlds 400 Most Common Ailments
001775: Reseck, John, Jr - Scuba Safe and Simple
287484: Faye D Resnick with Mike Walker - Nicole Brown Simpson The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted
024002: Resnick, J P - Little Treasury of Golf
003395: Resnik, Phillip - Letters to a Quebecois Friend
021258: DRG Dynamic Resource - Through the Year Quilts (Leisure Arts 3487)
019904: Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson - Why Work Sucks and How to Fix it - the Results-only Revolution
285267: Richard Restak - The Brain
0284689: John Restakis - Civilizing the State Reclaiming Politics for the Common Good
0283737: Nancy Restuccia - Hold it! How to Sew Bags, Totes, Duffels, pouches, & More
023263: Florizel Von Reuter - The Master from Afar - a Flight Into The Past as it Might have Been
027005: E B Reuter and C W Hart - Introduction to Sociology
020868: Arlette Farge; Jacques Revel - The Vanishing Children of Paris: Rumor and Politics before the French Revolution (Studies in Cultural History)
010330: Alastair Revie - The Lost Command - Illustrated
023719: H J L J Masse Revised with Additions By Ronald F Michaelis - The pewter collector: A guide to British pewter, with some reference to foreign work,
003307: Revkin, Andrew - The Burning Season: the Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest
287409: Del Rey, Lester - The Best of Lester Del Rey
022445: Pierre Rey - The Greek
286425: Del Rey, Lester - The Early Del Rey Vol 1
0284155: Sheri Reynolds - A Gracious Plenty
005222: Reynolds, Sheri - Rapture of Canaan
004437: Nila Reynolds - Dream of Excellence-Haliburton Highlands Guild of Fine Arts
024663: Sir Joshua Reynolds - Fifteen Discourses delivered in the Royal Academy
024018: Quentin Reynolds - Only the Stars are Neutral
286649: Mark Reynolds - Day After Tomorrow
023190: Helen Dickson Reynolds - He Will Return - a Novel
286736: Michael S. Reynolds - Hemingway: The Final Years
024187: John Lawrence Reynolds - Shadow People - Inside History's Most Notorious Secret Societes
028169: Jason Reynolds - Long Way Down
286668: Reynolds, Burt; Winokur, Jon - But Enough About Me: A Memoir
019164: E. E. Reynolds - B.P. The Story of His Life
027531: Garr Reynolds - Presentationzen - Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery
007783: Victor Reynolds - Stories of the Flemish and Dutch Artists - from the Time of the Van Eycks to the End of the 17th Century - Illustrated
019649: Gregor Von Rezzori - An Ermine in Czernopol
287451: Howlett RHB, Dave - Connect Like a Real Human Being: How To Break Down Silos, Boost Collaboration and Increase Engagement In Your Organization
023980: Gotthold Rhode and Wolfgang Wagner - The Genesis of the Oder-Neisse Line in the Diplomatic Negotiations During WWII - Sources and Documents
012289: Rhodes, Jewell Parker - Voodoo Dreams - A Novel of Marie Laveau
005146: Elaine Rhoton - The Ship Called Logos
001607: Rhyne, Nancy - Plantation Tales
025364: Ernest Rhys - The Journal of John Wesley Vol. 1, 3, 4
005442: Thomas Carlyle-Everyman's Library Edited By Ernest Rhys - Scottish & Other Miscellanies-Essays and Belles Lettres
024664: Ernest Rhys - The New Gold Treasury of Songs & Lyrics
001151: Rial, Horacio Vazquez - Triste's History
285021: Mark Ribowsky - Howard Cosell The Man, the Myth, and the Transformation of American Sports
010560: Ricci, Nino - Where She Has Gone
005782: Ricci, Nino - Lives of the Saints
011025: Ricci, Nino - In a Glass House
004495: Ricci, Nino - Lives of the Saints
021027: Nino Ricci - the Origin of Species
017314: Nino Ricci - The Origin of Species - a Novel
014524: Ricci, Nino - Testament
014061: Ricci, Nino - Testament
004493: Rice, Anne - The Mummy Or Ramses the Damned
0283692: Helen Steiner Rice - Lovingly Poems for All Seasons
027588: Wallace and Frances Rice, Compilers, Editors and Introduction - The Little Book of Laughter
026272: Anne Rice - Christ the Lord - the Road to Cana
008414: Rice, Bruce - The Illustrated Statue of Liberty
285005: Grantland Rice - The Tumult and The Shouting "My Life in Sport"
009112: Rice, Eugene F. Jr. - The Foundations of Early Modern Europe 1460-1559
0284006: John R Rice - God's Cure for Anxious Care
017549: Rice, David - Shattered Vows : Exodus from the Priesthood
016522: Rice, Jonathan - Curiosities of Politics
0284116: John R Rice - When Skeletons Come Out of Their Closets!
0284039: John R Rice - Twelve Tremendous Themes
0284000: Alfred William Rich - Water Colour Painting
014397: Rich, Adrienne Cecile - The Fact of a Doorframe - Poems Selected and New 1950-1984
020840: Mark Richard - House of Prayer No. 2 - A Writer's Journey Home
019910: Keith Richards - Life
007216: Richards, Alun - The Penguin Book of Welsh Short Stories
010985: Richards, Amy - Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future
026193: Emilie Richards - A Family of Strangers
026194: Emilie Richards - No River Too Wide
024818: Keith Richards - Life
010178: Richards, David Adams - The Friends of Meager Fortune
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025421: Richardson, Bill - Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast
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013181: Ridgeway, Rick - Below Another Sky: A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father
010749: Ridgeway, Rick - Below Another Sky: A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father
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0283897: Dagsay Tulku Rinpoche - the Practice of Tibetan Meditation Exercises, Visualizations and Mantras for Health and Well-Being - No CD
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010881: Ritchie, Charles - An Appetite for Life: The Education of a Young Diarist, 1924-1927
016627: Ritchie, Charles - An Appetite for Life: The Education of a Young Diarist, 1924-1927
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008092: Rivers, Isabel - Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance Poetry - A Student's Guide
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286820: Stefano Roffo, editor - Modigliani - Gramercy Great Masters Amedeo Modigliani
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004969: Rohmer, Richard - Red Arctic
286153: Rohmer, Major-General Richard - PATTON'S GAP - An Account of the Battle of Normandy 1944
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027892: Michael F Roizen and Mehmet C Oz - YOU on a Diet
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010867: Root, Henry - The Further Letters of Henry Root
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019584: Michael Ross with Jonathan Kay - The Volunteer - a Canadian's secret Life in the Mossad
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023322: Ross, Frank Jr. - Antique Car Models: Their Stories and How to Make Them
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001764: Roth, Gabrielle; Loudon, John - Maps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman
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286914: Roth, Danny - Focus on Defence
017409: Roth, Henry - Mercy of a Rude Stream: Star Shines over Mt. Morris Park
286913: Roth, Danny - Focus on Bidding
012017: Roth, Gabrielle - Sweat Your Prayers: Movement As Spiritual Practice
286915: Roth, Danny - Focus on Declarer Play
021671: Hal Roth - Two Against Cape Horn
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286912: Roth, Danny - Challenge Your Declarer Play
003841: Rothbart, Davy - The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas: Stories
023621: Rothchild, John - A Fool and His Money - the Odyssey of an Average Investor
024899: Rothenberg, Robert E. - The Complete Book of Breast Care
021280: John Rothenstein - The Tate Gallery
023496: John Rothenstein - Brave Day Hideous Night - the Tate Gallery Years 1939-1965 Vol . 2
025640: E. Roubaud - The French Language: Its Origin, History and Etymology: With a Synoptic and Genetic Table of the Indo-European Languages
287120: Roukes, Nicholas - Design Synectics: Stimulating Creativity in Design
0284494: Virginia Rounding - Grandes Horizontales the Lives and Legends of Four nineteenth- Century Courtesans
0284300: Sage Rountree - The Athlete's Guide to Yoga with DVD
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008096: Rourke, Constance - American Humor: A Study of the National Character
018518: O'Rourke, P. J. - The Bachelor Home Companion: A Practical Guide to Keeping House Like a Pig
015570: O'Rourke, P. J. - Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut: Twenty-Five Years of P.J. O'Rourke
0284474: Dr James Rouse - Health Solutions for Stress Relief with CD
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009532: Rousseau, Jean-Jacques - Confessions
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004313: John J Rowan - The Emigrant Sportsman in Canada 1876
014402: Rowbotham, Sheila - Woman's Consciousness: Man's World
000389: James W. Rowe & Margaret A. Rowe - New Zealand
026038: T J R Rowe - To You with Love
013211: Rowe, Terry - You and I, and Love
002892: Rowe, Terry - Terry Rowe's Moods of Love
025674: Walter Rowlands - Among the Great Masters of Music - Scenes in the Lives of Famous Musicians
008555: Hazel Rowley - Tete-a-Tete: The Tumultuous Lives & Loves of Simone De Beauvoir & Jean-Paul Sartre
026072: Rowling, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
026073: J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
026206: J. K. Rowling - The Casual Vacancy
027909: J K Rowling - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
012832: J.K. Rowlings - The Tales of Beedle the Bard
028185: A L Rowse - William Shakespeare A Biography
009045: Henry Roxborough - One Hundred Not Out - The Story of Nineteenth Century Canadian Sport
021014: Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things
024148: Allyson Roy - Baby Doll
024254: Nilanjana Roy - The Hundred Names of Darkness
007907: Roy, Cal - The Painter of Miracles
020109: Robert L. Roy - Cordwood Masonry Houses: A Practical Guide for the Owner-Builder
019600: Royle, Trevor - Death Before Dishonor: The True Story of Fighting Mac
026579: Royston, Jane - The Essential Home Reference Manual
286251: Rozelle, Ron - Description & Setting: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Believable World of People, Places, and Events (Write Great Fiction)
004877: GarcÃa Márquez, Gabriel - Chronicle of a Death Foretold
0283524: Lorne Rubenstein - Links an Insider's Tour Through the World of Golf
025911: Rubenstein, L. - Links An Insider's Tour Through the World of Golf
0283529: Lorne Rubenstein - Mike Weir the Road to the Masters
023530: Rubenstein, Lorne, - Mike Weir, The Road to the Masters
287402: Rubenstein, Richard E. - When Jesus Became God: The Struggle to Define Christianity during the Last Days of Rome
019488: Michelle Ruberg, Editor - Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
008054: Rubin, Harriet - The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women
024077: Rubin, Lillian B. - Erotic Wars: What Happened to the Sexual Revolution
014711: Rubin, Harriet - The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women
027418: Stanley Krippner and Daniel Rubin , Editors - The Kirlian Aura - Photographing the Galaxies of Life
019275: Jordan Rubin - The Great Physician's Rx for Diabetes (Rubin Series)
020807: Gretchen Rubin - The Happiness Project
009305: Rubin, Harriet - The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women
007714: Rubinsky, Yuri; Giacomelli, Marc - Christopher Columbus Answers All Charges
002477: Rubinsky, Holley - At First I Hope for Rescue
286689: Arthur Rubinstein - My Young Years
0284354: Mary Henley Rubio - Lucy Maud Montgomery the Gift of Wings
0284353: Mary Rubio & Elizabeth Waterston - The Selected Journals of L M Montgomery Vols. 1,2,3,4,5
017936: Rubio, Mary;Waterston, Elizabeth - Writing a Life: L.M. Montgomery - a Biography of the Author of Anne of Green Gables
017350: Rubio, Mary;Waterston, Elizabeth - The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery Vol. 1 - 1889-1910
017069: Canadian Museum of Civilization;Ruddell, Nancy J. - Raven's Village: The Myths, Arts & Traditions of Native People from the Pacific Northwest Coast
019654: Nicholas Ruddock - The Parabolist
285437: Margaret Rudkin - The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook
016686: Rudloe, Jack - The Wilderness Coast: Adventures of a Gulf Coast Naturalist
001427: Rule, Jane - A Hot-Eyed Moderate
024692: Rule, Ann - If You Really Loved Me - a True Story of Desire and Murder
017998: Rule, Jane - The Young in One Another's Arms
286730: Rulon, Bart - Artist's Photo Reference: Birds Over 500 Photos
025074: James Runcie - Grantchester - Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death
022435: Steven Runciman - A History of the Crusades Vol. 1 -The First Crusade and the Foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem , Vol. 2 The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East 1100-1187, Vol. 3 the Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades
285308: Dagobert D Runes, editor with an introduction by Wernher von Braun - A Treasury of World Science. Special Edition Published for AMSCO: American Mineral Spirits Company
015273: Runion, Meryl - How to Use Power Phrases to Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, and Get What You Want.
286646: Charles W Runyon - Pig World
0283569: James E Ruoff - Crowell's Handbook of Elizabethan & Stuart Literature
008296: Rupp, Joyce - Walk in a Relaxed Manner: Life Lessons from the Camino
011337: Rupp, Joyce - The Star in My Heart: Experiencing Sophia, Inner Wisdom
286329: Reinhard Rurup - Topography of Terror: Gestapo, SS and Reichssicherheitshauptamt on the "Prinz-Albrecht-Terrain" : a documentation
009720: Ruse, Mivhael - The Darwinian Revolution: Science Red in Tooth and Claw
286758: Salman Rushdie - Quichotte: A Novel
286804: Rushdie, Salman - Fury: A Novel
023354: Salman Rushdie - The Enchantaress of Florence
023246: Rushdie, Salman - Imaginary homelands: Essays and criticism, 1981-1991
009576: Rushdie, Salman - The Moor's Last Sigh
026720: Rushdie, Salman - Fury: A Novel (Modern Library)
015886: Rushton, WIlliam - Spy Thatcher : The Collected Ravings of a Senior MI5 Officer
026851: John Ruskin - Selections and Essays
011148: Russ, Martin - Showdown Semester: Advice from a Writing Professor
002424: Russell, Diana E.H. - Lives of Courage: Women for a New South Africa
022214: Dick Russell - And the American Experience
004162: Russell, Sharman Apt - Anatomy of a Rose-Exploring the Secret Life of Flowers
022049: Banks Russell - Affliction
003175: Franklin Russell - Season on the Plain
003219: Franklin Russell - Searchers at the Gulf-Canadian Nature Classics
000713: David H. Russell, B. Sc., M. Ed., Ph.D. - Implications of Research for Canadian Classroom Practices
028228: Vera E Russell - Teaching Music in Canadian Schools - the Holt Rinehart Winston professional Library
0283511: Scott Russell - Open House Canada and the Magic of Curling
025156: G. Stanley Russell, M.A. - The Monastery By the River
007856: Russell, Andy - The Canadian Cowboy: Stories of Cows, Cowboys, and Cayuses
016268: Franklin Russell - Searchers at the Gulf - Candian Nature Classics
015210: Franklin Russell - The Secret Islands - an Exploration
0283763: James M Russell, Editor - Spiritual Classics
011648: Russell, John - A Short History of Music
006219: Russo, Monica; Dewire, Robert - Complete Book of Birdhouses and Feeders
023229: Rust, William J. - Kennedy in Vietnam: American Vietnam Policy 1960-1963 (A Da Capo Paperback)
023740: Art Rust, Jr. With Mike Marley - Legends: Conversations With Baseball Greats
285200: Harley Rustad - Lost in the Valley of Death A Story of Obsession and Danger in the Himalayas
013147: Rutkowski, Chris A. - Abductions and Aliens: What's Really Going On?
007239: Calvin Rutstrum - The Wilderness Life
025206: Rutter, Owen - The Scales of Karma
024460: George Frederick Ruxton, Edited By Horace Kephart - In the Old West - as it Was in the Days of Kit Carson and the "Mountain Men"
008832: Cornelius Ryan - Najdtuzszy Dzien - (6czerwca 1944)
287146: Ryan, Christopher; Jetha, Cacilda - Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships
025213: Charles J Ryan - H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement - a Brief Historical Sketch
0284542: John J Ryan - The Jesus People
023881: Anatoli Rybakov - Fear
007562: Rybczynski, Witold - City Life: Urban Expectations in a New World
007556: Rybczynski, Witold - City Life: Urban Expectations in a New World
019655: Rybczynski, Witold - Home: A Short History of an Idea
016783: Witold Rybczynski - Last Harvest - How a Cornfield Became New Daleville:
016702: Rybczynski, Witold - Waiting for the Weekend
015002: Rybczynski, Witold - One Good Turn : A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw
013878: Rybczynski, Witold - Looking Around : A Journey Through Architecture
013393: Rybczynski, Witold - Waiting for the Weekend
012712: Hope Ryden - America's Last Wild Horses
0283592: Joanne Ryder - The Evening Walk - a Golden Tell a Tale Book
010897: Peter Ryhiner - The Wildest Game
016150: Rylands, Jane Turner - Across The Bridge Of Sighs: More Venetian Stories
287225: Ryman, Rebecca - Olivia and Jai A Novel of Passion and Betrayal in 19th-c India
020693: Flora S. et al. Clancy - Maya: Treasures of an ancient civilization
011730: Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Bonnin) - American Indian Stories: Library Edition
287106: Saab, Geoff - Low Risk Rules: A Wealth Preservation Manifesto
287156: Saad, Layla - Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor
018628: Eric;Saar, Erik;Novak, Viveca - Inside The Wire: A Military Intelligence Soldier's Eyewitness Account of Life at Guantanamo
020133: Sabat, Jack - Zen and the Art of Street Fighting: True Battles of a Modern-Day Warrior
004712: Sabbag, Robert - Loaded: a Misadventure on the Marijuana Trail
286864: Fred Saberhagen - The Complete Book of Swords Comprising the First, Second and Third Books
026754: Sabol, David, Jeffrey B Snyder - Old St. Nick Carving: Classic Santas from Wood (Schiffer Book for Woodcarvers)
009498: Sacco, Vincent;Kennedy, Leslie W. - Criminal Event: An Introduction to Criminology
002857: Sachs, Albie - The Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter
022335: Eckart Sackmann, Text - Meisterwerke Der Fantasy-Kunst (Masterpieces Of Fantasy Art)
001730: Sacks, Oliver - A Leg to Stand on
025184: Bill Buford; Ptimo Levi; Vaclav Havel; Isabel Allende; Oliver Sacks - Granta 21, Spring 1987: The Storyteller
015916: Oliver Sacks - The Island of the Color Blind
013159: Sacks, Oliver W. - Seeing Voices: A Journey into the World of the Deaf
027959: Lynn Veach Sadler - Margaret Drabble - Twayne's English Authors Series
021730: Moshe Safdie with Wendy Kohn - The City After the Automobile - an Architect's Vision
0283616: Louis A Safian, Compiler - 2000 Insults for All Occasions
287359: Linda Safran, editor - Gesta International Center of Medieval Art Vol. 52 No. 1 Spring 2013
287360: Linda Safran, editor - Gesta International Center for Medieval Art Vol. 52 Number 2 Fall 2013
023859: Sagan, Francoise - Responses: The autobiography of Francoise Sagan
287342: Sagan, Carl - Cosmos
021602: H. W. F. Saggs - Civilization Before Greece and Rome
024007: William S. Sahakian, Ph.D. - History of Psychology - a Source Book in Systematic Psychology
014679: Saint, Steve - End of the Spear - a true Story
015177: Sainty, Geoff - Burnum Burnum's WILDthings
015365: Sakade, Florence, Editor - Urashima Taro and Other Japanese Children Stories
016048: Sakamoto, Kerri - One Hundred Million Hearts
003884: Sakamoto, Kerri - The Electrical Field
011923: Andrei D. Sakharov - Progress, Coexistence & Intellectual Freedom
000739: George K. Sakkas, Educationist-Lecturer Guide - Crete in Colour-a Tourist Guide Book
009834: Salamon, E.D. - Gender Roles Doing What Comes Naturally
019833: James Salant - Leaving Dirty Jersey
023673: Sale, Kirkpatrick - Rebels Against The Future: The Luddites And Their War On The Industrial Revolution: Lessons For The Computer Age
026913: Salinger, Pierre & Leonard Gross - Mortal Games
0283552: Margaret A Salinger - Dream Catcher - a Memoir
007183: Salisbury, Charlotte - Tibetan Diary and Travels Along the Old Silk Route
018300: Salisbury, Richard - A Homeland for the Cree: Regional Development in James Bay, 1971-1981
009739: Harrison E. Salisbury - Russia
027086: Dr Lee Salk - Familyhood - Nurturing the Values That Matter
285900: Felix Salten - Bambi's Children
005208: Salter, Robina - Hannah: a Novel
010495: Saltzman, Devyani; Mehta, Deepa - Shooting Water : A Mother-Daughter Journey and the Making of a Film
022983: Nick Salvatore - We All Got History:: The Memory Books of Amos Webber
004959: Laura Goodman Salverson - Immortal Rock
021920: Richard J. Salvucci - Latin America and the World Economy: Dependency and Beyond (Problems in World History)
011055: Salzman, Mark - Lost in Place: Growing Up Absurd in Suburbia
001218: Salzmann, Zdenek - Language, Culture, and Society: an Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
016474: Samar, Vincent J. - The Right to Privacy: Gays, Lesbians, and the Constitution
003103: Jan Samek - St. Mary's Church in Cracow
012199: Peter Sammartino and Rene Guastalla - Survey of French Literature
006547: Sammon, Rick; Sammon, Susan - How to Photograph Water Sports & Activities
027804: Victor Sampson and Ian Hamilton - Anti-Commando
024966: Natalie Corbett Sampson - Game Plan
010472: Sampson, Anthony - The New Anatomy of Britain.
017296: Sanchez, Thomas - Day of the Bees - a Novel
027161: George Sand - The Marquise & Pauline - Two Novellas
287105: Sandberg, Sheryl - Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
286210: Judith Barker-Sandbrook - Thinking Through Your Writing Process
286023: Carl Sandburg - Abraham Lincoln The Prairie Years and The War Years One Volume Edition
027997: Carl Sandburg - Abraham Lincoln - the War Years - Vol. One
027998: Carl Sandburg - Abraham Lincoln the War Years Vol. 3
021528: Carl Sandburg - Abe Lincoln Grows Up
018111: Sandecki, Daniel - Strange Currencies
014421: Sanderfur, Glenn - And the Night Shall Be No More
285442: George Sanderlin - Across the Ocean Sea A Journal of Columbus's Voyage
021102: TI Sanders - The Weather Is Front Page News
024562: Sanders, Coyne S.; Gilbert, Tom - Desilu : The story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
023637: Sanders, Lawrence - McNally's Gamble
023638: Sanders, Lawrence - McNally's Puzzle
027038: Sarah Huckabee Sanders - Speaking for Myself
012485: Gerald DeWitt Sanders, et al Editors - Chief Modern Poets of Britain and America - Vol I: Poets of Britain
011886: Sanderson, Richard - Looking for a Needle
023648: Sandford, John - Hidden Prey
023631: Sandford, John - Secret Prey
023632: Sandford, John - Chosen Prey
023633: Sandford, John - The Devil's Code (Kidd)
023634: Sandford, John - Easy Prey
023635: Sandford, John - The Night Crew (Prey)
027105: R Loren Sandford - Wounded Warriors Surviving seasons of Stress
005014: Sandi, Michael - Sports Illustrated Backpacking
018978: Sandoz, Mari - Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas- 50th Anniversary Issue
027629: Patricia Sands - The Bridge Club .it Was Never Just About the Cards
023392: Sands, Kathleen M. - Escape from Paradise: Evil and Tragedy in Feminist Theology
023647: John Sanford - Silken Prey
016561: John A. Sanford - Dreams and Healing - A succinct and Lively ilnterpretation of Dreams
286340: Sanger, Marjory Bartlett - Escoffier, Master Chef
024511: Andrew Jackson and Matthew Sanger , Editors - Dismantling Democracy: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and Its Impact (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
021422: Sheena Gillespie; Terezinha Fonseca; Carol Sanger - Instructor's Manual for Literature Across Cultures
020869: Charles Sangster - St. Lawrence and the Saguenay and Other Poems (Literature of Canada)
020418: Joseph Sansom, Esq. - Travels in Lower Canada
286056: Santana, Carlos - The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light
005950: Loretta Santini - Michelangelo-Painter, Sculpture-Architect
008225: De Santis, Solange - Life on the Line : One Woman's Tale of Work, Sweat and Survival
024580: Santmyer, Helen Hooven - And Ladies of the Club
286119: Santopietro, Tom - Considering Doris Day
285055: Saki Santorelli - Health Thy Self Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine
008191: Santos, Sherod - The Perishing - Poems
0284514: Li Sao - Li Sao and Other Poems of Qu Yuan
025462: Y. Saparina - Cybernetics Within Us - a Fascinating Scientific Exploration of Your Automatic Subconscious Power
286534: Kenneth Magee; Joel Saper - Freedom From Headaches A Perosnal Guide for Understanding and treating headache, face and neck pain
013208: Sapoznik, Henry - Klezmer!: Jewish Music from Old World to Our World
0284371: Sapper - Tiny Carteret
028046: Sapper - The Island of Terror
013792: Sapphire - Precious - based on the Novel Push - Includes the novel Push and a Reader's Guide
0284093: Swami Saradananda - Mudras for Modern Life
0284048: Swami Saradananda - The Power of Breath
027203: Jose Saramago - The Cave
027201: Jose Saramago - Blindness
001858: Jose Saramago - Todos Los Nombres
027144: Jose Saramago - Seeing
015439: Sardar, Ziauddin;Abrams, Iwona - Introducing Chaos
002007: John Young Sargent, M.A. - Easy Passages for Translation Into Latin
008180: Denny Sargent - Clean Sweep
000206: Sari, Riska Orpa; Spalding, Linda (Editor) - Riska, a Dayak Tribeswoman
028217: Joel Sartore - The Photo Ark One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals
010825: Jean Paul Sartre - The Reprieve
023911: Sarup, Madan - An Introductory Guide to Post-Structuralism and Postmodernism
000616: Sass, Tish - Views of Toronto in Verse: 200 Years Past Yrok
014475: Dino Sassi - Kenya Souvenir
019360: Siegfried Sassoon - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man
009094: Satterthwaite, Marjorie - Dog Owners Guide to Labrador Retrievers
027601: Jocelyne Saucier - And Miles to go Before I Sleep
285208: Stan Sauerwein - Gentleman Train Robber The Daring Escapades of Bill Miner - True American Amazing Stories
027528: Jason Saul - Social Innovation, Inc
002310: Saul, John Ralston - The Collapse of Globalism: and the Rebirth of Nationalism
028306: John Ralston Saul - Reflections of a Siamese Twin Canada at the End of the 20th Century
026497: Saul, John Ralston - The Unconscious Civilization (Cbc Massey Lectures Series)
024515: Saul, John Ralston - The Birds of Prey
285070: John Ralston Saul - The Comeback
017668: Saul, John Ralston - Reflections of a Siamese Twin: Canada at the End of the Twentieth Century
017543: Saul, John Ralston - The Unconscious Civilization
020403: John Ralston Saul - Voltaire's Bastards : The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
020249: John Ralston Saul - A Fair Country - Telling Truths About Canada
010283: J. G. Saunders - Metric Math Books 1-4
007353: Saunders, Peter - Wine Label Language
0284162: Marhsall Saunders - Beautiful Joe
026860: Saunders, Gail - The Bahamas: A Family of Islands (Caribbean Guides)
026063: Saunders, Vivien - The Complete Woman Golfer
015775: Saunders, Gary L. - Doctor, When You're Sick You're Not Well : Forty Years of Outpatient Humour from Twillingate Hospital, Newfoundland
014045: Mark Saunders - the American Civil War - a History
019179: Saunders, Marshall - Beautiful Joe
026158: Sauriol, Charles - Pioneers of the Don
004934: Savage, George - The Antique Collectors Handbook
284897: Jay M Savage - Evolution
287285: Savage, Thomas - The Power of the Dog

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