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9071799069: - - Bodemonderzoek in Leiden: 1992, jaargang 13 en 14. Archeologisch jaarverslag 1990/1991
Gouw: - - J. ter Gouw (z.d.). Kijkjes in de oude schoolwereld. I. Oude scholen. II. Oude schoolboeken. & J. van der Hoeven (z.d.) De verspreiding en bewerktuiging der dieren.
Gestel: - - Leo Gestel 1881 -1941
9062911307: DRS. P. - Handboek voor plezierdichters
0394507320: DORIS LESSING9 - Canopus in Argos: Archives Volume 1, 2, 3. Shikasta. Re: Colonised Planet 5. Personal, psychological, historical documents relating to visit by JOHOR (George Sherban). EMISSARY (Grade 9). 87th of the Period of the Last Days. & The marriages between Zones Three, Four, and Five (as narrated by the Chroniclers of Zone Three). & The Sirian experiments. The report by Ambien II, of the Five.
1570620830: - - Ling Ch'i Ching. A classic Chinese oracle. Translated by Ralph D. Sawyer & Mei-chun Lee Sawyer
9071799050: - - Bodemonderzoek in Leiden: 1991, jaargang 11 en 12. Archeologisch jaarverslag 1988/1989
VWO_1951: - - Het hoger onderwijs op de helling. Verslag van het congres gehouden te Leiden op 3 maart 1951
Ring: - - Richard Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen. Ein Buhnenfestspiel fur drei Tage und einen Vorabend. Das Rheingold; Die Walkure; Siegfried; Gotterdammerung. Vijf delen + deel fotoimpressie.
Verslag_1839: - - Verslag nopens den staat der hooge, middelbare en lagere scholen, in 1837
Gelre_2008: - - Bijdragen en mededelingen Gelre 2005. Historisch jaarboek voor Gelderland deel XCVI
0834800608: P. G. O'NEILL - Japanese Names; A Comprehensive Index by Characters and Readings
9060114132: P. G. AALBERS - Het einde van de horigheid in Twente en Oost-Gelderland 1795-1850
Aalders: M. H. W. AALDERS - Tussen kazerne en universiteit. De discussie over opvoeding en onderwijs aan de Koninklijke Militaire Academie te Breda in de negentiende eeuw
73-113397: JOAN ABBOTT - Student life in a class society
0470990333: ROGER C. SCHANK & ROBERT P. ABELSON - Scripts, plans, goals and understanding?: an inquiry into human knowledge structures
079141678X: DOUGLAS M. ABRAMS - Conflict, competition, or cooperation? Dilemmas of state education policymaking
68-15451: PETER ACHINSTEIN - Concepts of science. A philosophical analysis
0195032152: PETER ACHINSTEIN - The nature of explanation
Vergeetboek: ACHTERBERG, GERRIT - Vergeetboek
0300024398: RUCE A. ACKERMAN - Social justice in the liberal state
Acquoy: J. G. R. ACQUOY - Het klooster Windesheim en zijn invloed (1e deel, van drie delen)
0745614612: BARBARA ADAM - Timewatch. The social analysis of time
0801423031: MICHAEL ADAS - Machines as the measure of men. Science, technology, and ideologies of Western dominance
Adnet: GEORGES ADNE - Contribution ? l'?tude des professions universitaires. Les ing?nieurs en 1955. La profession des docteurs en droit sortis de l'universit? de Li?ge de 1899 ? 1949
Adriani: J. H. ADRIANI - Het stads-ambachtskinderhuis te Utrecht
9789013060072: ADRIENNE VAN DEN BOGAARD, HARRY LINTSEN, FRANK VERAART & ONNO DE WIT (RED.) - De eeuw van de computer. De geschiedenis van de informatietechnologie in Nederland
0333621328: S. A. M. ADSHEAD - China in world history
0195064763: RITA AIELLO (ED.) - Musical perceptions
0674741129: DAVID Z. ALBERT - Quantum mechanics and experience
Alders_natuurkunde: J. C. ALDERS - Jongens en natuurkunde. Eenvoudige proeven, zelf maken van allerlei toestellen
Gordon_Aldrich: PETER GORDON & RICHARD ALDRICH - Biographical dictionary of North American and European Educationists
9061352851: H. ALGRA - Kroniek van een Friese boer. De aantekeningen(1821-1856) van Doeke Wijgers Hellema te Wirdum
9072579011: GUSTAV A. ALINK - Piano Competitions, a comprehensive directory of national and international piano competitions
0631101411: ALICE AMBROSE (ED.) - Wittgenstein's lectures Cambridge 1932-1935. From the notes of Alice Ambrose and Margaret Macdonald
0198238975: KARL AMERIKS - Kant's theory of mind. An analysis of the paralogisms of pure reason
0791424782: DAVID L. HALL & ROGER T. AMES - Anticipating China. Thinking through the narratives of Chinese and Western culture
0345379918: SUN PIN / D. C. LAU AND ROGER T. AMES (TRANSLATION, INTRODUCTION, COMMENTARY) - The art of warfare. A comprehensive translation of the fourth-century B.C. Chinese military philosopher and strategist
9029083166: AMONG OTHERS: GRAHAM BIRTWISTLE, PATRICIA DONKERSLOOT - Corneille. Het complete grafische werk 1948 - 1975
0521571510: PATRICK AMORY - People and identity in Ostrogothic Italy, 489-554
Z-H_IV: J. G. N. RENAUD EN ANDEREN - Zuid-Hollandse Studien Deel IV
Z-H_II: S. J. FOCKEMA ANDREAE EN ANDEREN - Zuid-Hollandse Studien Deel II
Algrafische_Serie_5-8: A. H. G. BLANKENSTEIN EN ANDEREN - Algrafische Serie 5-8 in een band
Woltjer: J. WOLTJER EN ANDEREN - Het onderwijs in Nederland. Algemeene- en internationale tentoonstelling van Brussel 1910
Z-H_I: J. W. BERKELBACH EN ANDEREN - Zuid-Hollandse Studien Deel I
Orde_van_de_Ster_1e_jaargang: J. KRISHNAMURTI EN ANDEREN - De Ster. Officieel Orgaan van de Orde van de Ster
Fockema_Rijnland: S. J. FOCKEMA ANDREAE - Het hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland. Zijn recht en zijn bestuur van den vroegsten tijd tot 1857
0847610631: ANDREAS PAPADAKIS, CATHERINE COOKE & ANDREW BENJAMIN - Deconstruction: Omnibus Volume
0273027379: ANDREW D. CHAMBERS, GEORGESS M. SELIM & GERALD VINTEN - Internal auditing
0631125418_0631125515: G. E. M. ANSCOMBE, G. H. VON WRIGHT (EDS) - Bemerkungen ?ber die Philosophie der Psychologie. Remarks on the philosophy of psychology. Two volumes.
0226904296: G. H. VON WRIGHT & G. E. M. ANSCOMBE (EDS) - Ludwig Wittgenstein Notebooks 1914-1916
Answaarden: ROBERT VAN ANSWAARDEN - Les Portugais devant le Grand Conseil des Pays-Bas (1460-1580)
3923166257: ANTON SCHINDLING, UND ANDERE - 400 Jahre Arnoldinum, 1588-1988
0201632438: APPLE COMPUTER, INC - Inside Macintosh, Macintosh toolbox essentials
0201177196: APPLE COMPUTER, INC - Inside Macintosh, Volume VI
0201577550: APPLE COMPUTER, INC - Inside Macintosh, Volume VI
0201177315: APPLE COMPUTER, INC - Inside Macintosh, Volume I
0201577755: APPLE COMPUTER, INC - Inside the Macintosh communications toolbox
2020089437: PHILIPPE ARI?S - L?homme devant la mort. 1. Le temps des gisants. 2. La mort ensauvag?e
0898622468: ARNOLD P. GOLDSTEIN, BERJ HAROOTUNIAN, & JANE CLOSE CONOLEY - Student aggression. Prevention, management, and replacement training
0674137620: KENNETH J. ARROW - Individual choice under certainty and uncertainty. Collected papers of Kenneth J. Arrow, volume 3
grif4: MUZEUL DE ARTA AL R.P.R. - Galeria Nationala
grif3: MUZEUL DE ARTA AL R.P.R. - Studii Muzeale
grif5: MUZEUL DE ARTA AL R.P.R. - Galeria Universala
0691077479: OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT - SDI. Technology, survivability, and software
0875894712: LEE J. CRONBACH & ASSOCIATES - Toward reform of program evaluation
22106934X: CLAUDE ASKOLOVITCH & SYLVAIN ATTAL - La France du piston
052148328X: ROBERT AUDI (ED.) - The Cambridge dictionary of philosophy
0691015678: ROBERT AXELROD - The complexity of cooperation. Agent-based models of competition and collaboration
Axelrod: ROBERT AXELROD - The evolution of cooperation
0231132743: A. J. AYER - Probability & evidence
0839115154: ROBERT M. KNIGHTS AND DIRK J. BAKKER (EDS) - Treatment of hyperactive and learning disordered children. Current research
0691117543: ROBERT K. MERTON AND ELINOR BARBER - The travels and adventures of serendipity
0271007621: PAUL BAROLSKY - Giotto's father and the family of Vasari's lives
0198290926: BRIAN BARRY - Justice as impartiality. A treatise on social justice volume II
0262023334: JOHN A. BARRY - Technobabble
Bartels_3: A. BARTELS - Een eeuw middelbaar onderwijs 1863-1963.+ Een eeuw middelbaar onderwijswet herdacht
Bartels3: A. BARTELS - Een eeuw middelbaar onderwijs 1863-1963
0300055803: JAMES R. BARTHOLOMEW - The formation of science in Japan
Bartjens: WILLEM BARTJENS - De vernieuwde cyfferinge van Mr. Willem Bartjens, waar uyt men meest alle de grond-regulen van de reeken-konst leeren kan. Herstelt / vermeerderd ende verbeterd. Door Mr. Jan van Dam, en nu in dezen laatsten druk op nieuws yder vraag na gezien, bewerkt, en van alle voorgaande fauten gezuyvert, door den wel-ervaren reeken-meester Klaas Bosch
1850003718: LEN BARTON (ED.) - The politics of special educational needs
0198287895: K. BASU, P. PATTANAIK & K. SUZUMURA (EDS) - Choice, welfare, and development. A Festschrift in honour of Amartya K. Sen
0521499755: DON BATES (ED.) - Knowledge and the scholarly medical traditions
Copi: IRVING M. COPI & ROBERT W. BEARD (EDS) - Essays on Wittgenstein's Tractatus
1568860307: CESARE BECCARIA - Of crimes and punishments
9789087280017: ANNA BEERENS - Friends, acquaintances, pupils and patrons. Japanese intellectual life in the late eighteenth century: A prosopographical approach
0803950640: NANCY J. BELL & ROBERT B. BELL (EDS) - Adolescent risk taking
Bellot: H. HALE BELLOT - University College London 1826-1926
0436039621: SAUL BELLOW - More die of heartbreak
Bemmelen: A. VAN BEMMELEN - Lessen over de algebra of stelkunst, ten gebruike der Latijnsche scholen
benjanssens: BEN JANSSENS, MARYAM SHUTTLEWORTH, JOOST VAN DEN BERGH - Ben Janssens Oriental Art 2010
0195052730: THOMAS BENDER (ED.) - The university and the city, from medieval origins to the present
9029081627_9029084227: HANS K. ROETHEL & JEAN K. BENJAMIN - Kandinsky. Catalogue raisonne of the oil-paintings
0521231477: PETER REMNANT & JONATHAN BENNETT (TRANSLATION AND EDITING) - G. W. Leibniz. New essays on human understanding
albanberg: ALBAN BERG - yrische suite. Lyric suite. Suite lyrique. Fur Streichquartett. For string quartett. Pour quattuor a cordes
Bergson_Matière: HENRI BERGSON - Mati?re et m?moire. Essai sur la relation du corps a l'esprit
9081316941: IGNAS K. SKRUPSKELIS & ELIZABETH M. BERKELEY (EDS) - William and Henry James. Selected letters
0710076266: WILLIAM BERKSON - Fields of force. The development of a world view from Faraday to Einstein
0801410932: MORRIS BERMAN - Social change and scientific organization. The Royal Institution, 1799-1844
66-17326: JULIAN L. BERNSTEIN - Audio Systems
0198286708: BERTIL HOLMLUND, KARL-GUST L?FGREN & LARS ENGSTR?M - Trade unions, employment, and unemployment duration
0814710492: JAMES L. BESS (ED.) - College and university organization: insights from the behavioral sciences
906550026x: R. BESSEM - Oorkondenboek van het Karthuizerklooster St.-Andries-ter-Zaliger-Haven bij Amsterdam 1352 1392 - 1579 - 1583
Bezemer_Révigny: C. H. BEZEMER - Les répétitions de Jacques de Révigny. Recherches sur la répétition comme forme d
Biäsch: HANS BIASCH - Testreihen zur Prufung von Schweizerkindern vom 3.-15. Altersjahr
0231986032: HANS BIELENSTEIN - Paternalism in the Japanese economy. Anthropological studies of Oyabun-Kobun patterns
Binding: G?NTHER BINDING - Der fr?h- und hochmittelalterliche Bauherr als sapiens architectus
Blaauw: T. J. W. BLAAUW, R. J. KOK, P. SCHUTTE EN H. J. VERSTEEGH - Leerstof drukken. In aansluiting op het leerplan van het theoretisch vakonderricht in de typografie
1852780223: MARK BLAUG - The economics of education and the education of an economist
0195051734: DAVID BLEICH - The double perspective. Language, literacy & social relations
0521367743: J. PARRY & M. BLOCH (EDS) - Money & the morality of exchange
0262021730: IRVING BLOCK (ED.) - Perspectives on the philosophy of Wittgenstein
0691076928: MICHAEL A. REBELL & ARTHUR R. BLOCK - Equality and education. Federal civil rights enforcement in the New York City School system
0674748751: NED BLOCK (ED.) - Readings in philosophy of psychology
081338849X: CHARLES TILLY & WIM P. BLOCKMANS (EDS) - Cities & the Rise of States in Europe A.D. 1000 to 1800
1573562335: HARLAND G. BLOLAND - Creating the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
Boase: CHARLES WILLIAM BOASE - Registrum Collegii Exoniensis. Register of the rectors, fellows, and other members on the foundation of Exeter College, Oxford. With a history of the College and illustrative documents
0070063052: R. DARRELL BOCK - Multivariate statistical methods in behavioral research
0121088405: R. DARRELL BOCK - Multilevel analysis of educational data
0824813340: DERK BODDE - Chinese thought, society, and science
0465014526: MARGARET A. BODEN - The creative mind. Myths and mechanisms
9789043008143: JONATHAN LANDAW & STEPHAN BODIAN - Boeddhisme voor dummies.
0415173957: DAVID BOHM - On creativity
0880291389: P. BOISSONNADE - Life and work in medieval Europe
0691114129: DEREK BOK - Universities in the marketplace. The commercialization of higher education
0674391756: DEREK BOK - Higher learning
067406898x: DEREK BOK - Beyond the ivory tower. Social responsibilities of the modern university
Bomhof: J. W. BOMHOF, ISM F. M. KOLVENBACH - Amsterdammers voor de Grote Raad (1465-1580). Procesbundels en vonnissen uit het archief van de Grote Raad (Algemeen Rijksarchief Brussel) met betrekking tot instellingen en bewoners van Amsterdam. Nr 1 in de nieuwe reeks van J. Th. de Smidt, Verzamelen en bewerken van de jurisprudentie van de Grote Raad. Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid, UvA
Bonjour: EDGAR BONJOUR - Die Universität Basel von die Anfängen bis zur gegenwart, 1460-1960
2908212110: ROBERT BONNAUD - Y a-t-il des tournants historiques mondiaux? La Chnine, l?Europe et Ferrari. Suivi de La Chine et l?Europe (1867, extraits) de Joseph Ferrari
0195062981: THOMAS NEVILLE BONNER - Becoming a physician. Medical education in Great Britain, France, Germany, and the United States 1750-1945
0805300910: GRADY BOOCH - Object Oriented Design
Weldaet: ENGELINA PETRONELLA DE BOOY - De weldaet der scholen. Het plattelandsonderwijs in de provincie Utrecht van 1580 tot het begin der 19de eeuw
Booy: E. P. DE BOOY - Kweekhoven der wijsheid. Basis- en vervolgonderwijs in de steden van de provincie Utrecht van 1580 tot het begin der 19e eeuw
9024790794: WIM VAN DER MEER & JOEP BOR - De roep van de Kokila. Historische en hedendaagse aspecten van de Indiase muziek
Bordewijk: W. BORDEWIJK - Een onderzoek naar de factoren, die beroepswens en beroepsvoorstelling van de proletarische jeugd beinvloeden
Born: MAX BORN - Die Relativitätstheorie Einsteins und ihre physikalischen Grundlagen
0226066584: ARNO BORST - The ordering of time. From the ancient computus to the modern computer
Bose: D. M. BOSE, S. N. SEN & B. V. SUBBARAYAPPA (EDS) - A concise history of science in India
Bosselaar: D. E. BOSSELAAR, B. KEULEN, A. J. LUYT, G. RAS, & A. SIZOO (RED.) - Gedenkboek ter gelegenheid van het honderdjarig bestaan van het genootschap van leeraren aan Nederlandsche gymnasi?n 1830-1930
Humanisme: P. N. M. BOT - Humanisme en onderwijs in Nederland
9052941807: JAAP BOTTEMA - Naar school in de Ommelanden. Scholen, schoolmeesters en hun onderwijs in de Groninger Ommelanden ca. 1500-1795
0745605524: RAYMOND BOUDON - The analysis of ideology
Boudon: RAYMOND BOUDON - A quoi sert la notion de 'structure'? Essai sur la signification de la notion de structure dans les sciences humaines
0571143474: PIERRE BOULEZ (ED. BY NATTIEZ; TR.: COOPER) - Orientations
2707306967: PIERRE BOURDIEU - Homo academicus
2130376444: RAYMOND BOUDON & FRANCOIS BOURRICAUD - Dictionnaire critique de la sociologie
0226069230: MARY JEAN BOWMAN - Educational choice and labor markets in Japan
0875895468: SEYMOUR SUDMAN & NORMAN M. BRADBURN - Asking questions. A practical guide to questionnaire design
0198245505: RICHARD B. BRANDT - A theory of the good and the right
0375404260: FERNAND BRAUDEL - Memory and the Mediterranean
Bretschneider: E. BRETSCHNEIDER - Medieval researches volumes 1 & 2. From eastern asiatic sources. Fragments towards the knowledge of the geography and history of Central and Western Asia from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century
0670835897: ROBIN BRIGGS - Witches & Neighbours. The Social and Cultural Context of European Witchcraft
0471257052: M. PHILIP FELDMAN & ANNE BROADHURST (EDS) - Theoretical and experimental bases of the behaviour therapies
1888869046: JOHN BROCKMAN - Digerati; Encounters with the cyber elite
9068013963: DAAN BRONKHORST - Chinese dichters. Drieduizend jaar Chinese poezie
0631187383: STEPHEN E. BRONNER - Of critical theory and its theorists
Brookman: FRITS HENRY BROOKMAN - The making of a science policy. A historical study of the institutional and conceptual background to Dutch science policy in a West-European perspective
0691056854: ERIC DORN BROSE - The politics of technological change in Prussia. Out of the shadow of antiquity, 1809-1848
Brouwer: G. K. BROUWER - Examenvraagstukken aansluitend op wiskunde compendium
9061962145: L. E. J. BROUWER - Over de grondslagen der wiskunde
Brugmans: I. J. BRUGMANS (RED.) - Honderd vijfentwintig jaren arbeid op het onderwijsterrein 1836-1961
9050820476: KLAUS BERTISCH & WILLEM BRUIS (SAMENSTELLING) - Life with an idiot. Alfred Schnittke, Viktor Jerofejev
Willem_BRULS: WILLEM BRULS - Godenschemering. Een inleiding tot Wagners Ring des Nibelungen
Buddingh: D. BUDDINGH - Geschiedenis van opvoeding en onderwijs. Met: Bijdragen of geschied- en letterkundig mengelwerk, betrekkelijk de geschiedenis van opvoeding en onderwijs in de Nederlanden: Eerste gedeelte, tot aan de Hervorming; Tweede gedeelte, van de Hervorming tot in 1843.
D._Buddingh: D. BUDDINGH - Geschiedenis van opvoeding en onderwijs. Met Bijdragen of geschied- en letterkundig mengelwerk, betrekkelijk de geschiedenis van opvoeding en onderwijs in de Nederlanden, eerste gedeelte, tot aan de Hervorming; Tweede gedeelte, van de Hervorming tot in 1843
0140190090: E. A. WALLIS BUDGE - The book of the dead
Buikhuisen: W. BUIKHUISEN - Achtergronden van nozemgedrag
1850002983: ROBERT G. BURGESS (ED.) - The ethics of educational research
0226080870: ARTHUR W. BURKS - Chance, cause, reason. An inquiry into the nature of scientific evidence
0253328314: THOMAS BURNS - A History of the Ostrogoths
0132948435: BURTON L. WHITE, JEAN CAREW WATTS, & OTHERS - Experience and environment. Major influences on the development of the young child. Volume 1
Byll: H. VAN DER BYLL - Geschiedenis van het Amsterdamsch studentenleven 1632-1932
0863771483: P. N. JOHNSON-LAIRD & RUTH M. J. BYRNE - Deduction
2605000362: JAMES CAHILL - Die Chinesische Malerei
0691097186: EDITH HAMILTON AND HUNTINGDON CAIRNS (EDS) - Plato : The Collected Dialogues, Including Letters
76-17157: THOMAS D. COOK & DONALD T. CAMPBELL - Quasi-Experimentation. Design & Analysis Issues for Field Settings
0333652185: DAVID CANNADINE - The decline and fall of the British aristocracy
286260318X: LOUIS CARDAILLAC (DIR.) - Tol?de XIIe-XIIIe. Musulmans, chr?tiens et juifs: le savoir et la tol?rance
Carpenter: MARY CARPENTER - Reformatory schools for the children of the perishing and dangerous classes, and for juvenile offenders
EHCarr: EDWARD HALLETT CARR - A history of Soviet Russia: The Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1923 / The Interregnum 1923-1924 / Socialism in one country 1924-1926 / Foundations of a planned economy 1926-1929
0306804786: IAN CARR - Keith Jarrett, the man and his music
0534984533: WAYNE F. CASCIO - Costing human resources
085520673X: MARK CASSON - Economics of unemployment. An historical perspective
9027713758: HECTOR-NERI CASTANEDA - Thinking and doing. The philosophical foundations of institutions
0374157162: BRIAN CATHCART - The fly in the cathedral. How a group of Cambridge scientists won the international race to split the atom
Saenger-Ceha: M. M. TH. SAENGER-CEHA - Psychological and social factors in student drop-out
Chabé: ALEXANDRE-ALFRED CHAB? - La facult? de m?decine de Bordeaux aux XVe & XVIe si?cles
62-7398: WING-TSIT CHAN - A source book in Chinese philosophy
0824812018: WING-TSIT CHAN - Chu Hsi. New studies
0091392403: JOHN CHANDOS - Boys together. English public schools 1800-1864
Charle: CHRISTOPHE CHARLE - La r?publique des universitaires, 1870-1940
0801497361: SEYMOUR CHATMAN - Coming to terms. The rhetoric of narrative in fiction and film
0913028916: MAN-JAN CHENG - Lao-Tzu My Words Are Very Easy to Understand Lectures on the Tao Teh Ching
0835110036: WU CHENG'EN - Journey to the West (3 volumes)
: STEPHEN CHERNICOFF - Macintosh Revealed, four volumes: I Unlocking the Toolbox, II Programming with the Toolbox, III Mastering the Toolbox, IV Expanding the Toolbox
0415052912: RUTH CHERRINGTON - China's students. The struggle for democracy
01854781900: TSAO HSUEH-CHIN - Dream of the red chamber
9053495282: FORREST MCGILL AND M. L. PATTARATORN CHIRAPRAVATI - The Kingdom of Siam: The Art of Central Thailand, 1350-1800
0749400978: CLYDE CHITTY (ED.) - Post-16 education. Studies in access and achievement
69-11864: NOAM CHOMSKY - American power and the new mandarins. Historical and political essays
0745313205: NOAM CHOMSKY - World orders, old and new. With a new epilogue
0674010558: CHRISTOPHER AVERY, ANDREW FAIRBANKS AND RICHARD ZECKHAUSER - The early admissions game. Joining the elite
0674990080: CICERO - Letters to Atticus. Translated by E. O. Winstedt. In 3 volumes,the books I-XVI.
Clarisse: J. CLARISSE - Sterre- en natuurkundig onderwijs, gemeenlijk genoemd: Natuurkunde van het Geheel-al, en gehouden voor het werk van zekeren Broeder Gheraert. Een Nederduitsch oorspronkelijk leerdicht uit het laatst der XIIe of het begin der XIVe eeuw. Uitgegeven naar vijf zeer oude HSS., met gebruikmaking van vier latere maar zeer nauwkeurige afschriften, met eene inleiding en aanteekeningen
0520059409: BURTON R. CLARK (ED.) - The academic profession. National, disciplinary, & institutional settings
0674715802: TERRY NICHOLS CLARK - Prophets and patrons. The French university and the emergence of the social sciences
Clark: BURTON R. CLARK - Educating the expert society
0520054327: BURTON R. CLARK (ED.) - The school and the university. An international perspective
0520087623: BURTON R. CLARK - Places of inquiry. Research and advanced education in modern universities
0262030500: MAURICE CLAVELIN - The natural philosophy of Galileo. Essay on the origins and formation of classical mechanics
0868615250: JOHN CLEVERLEY - The schooling of China. Tradition and modernity in Chinese education
0691026424: CHARLES T. CLOTFELTER - Buying the best. Cost escalation in elite higher education
0121790606: JACOB COHEN - Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences
9789089642394: H. FLORIS COHEN - How modern science came into the world. Four civilizations, one 17th-century breakthrough
0521398363: STEVEN R. ASHER & JOHN D. COIE (EDS) - Peer rejection in childhood
61-4725: JAMES S. COLEMAN - The adolescent society
0465042244: JAMES S. COLEMAN - Longitudinal data analysis
66-16762: ROBERT G. COLODNY (ED.) - Mind and Cosmos. Essays in Contemporary Science and Philosophy
0231116446: NEIL F. COMINS - Heavenly Errors. Misconceptions about the Real Nature of the Universe
Consilium_Magnum: COMIT? (REDACTIE) - Consilium Magnum 1473-1973. Herdenking van de 500e verjaardag van de oprichting van het Parlement en Grote Raad van Mechelen. Comm?moration du 500e anniversaire de la cr?ation du Parlement et Grand Conseil de Malines.
Waarde: COMMISSIE - De waarde van een Technische Hogeschool in Noord- en Oost-Nederland
Dalmulder: COMMISSIE VOOR STATISTIEK VAN HET INTERUNIVERSITAIR CONTACTORGAAN, VZ J. J. J. DALMULDER - De ontwikkeling van het aantal academici tot 1980. Aanbod en behoefte
0262192004: ROGER N. SHEPARD & LYNN A. COOPER - Mental images and their transformations
0486275868_0486275876: SIR HENRY YULE AND HENRI CORDIER - The travels of Marco Polo. The complete Yule-Cordier edition. Three volumes bound as two
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Bonnot: S?RAPHIN COUVREUR (TRADUCTION) - Les quatre livres de Confucius qui repr?sentent son h?ritage spirituel et se nomment: La grande ?tude; L'invariable milieu; Les entretiens, Le Meng Tzeu. Traduction int?grale, notes et pr?face du R?v?rend P?re S?raphin Couvreur S. J. de l'?cole Fran?aise en Extr?me-Orient. D?coration originale de Ton-Hi
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0465045138: MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALYI - Finding flow. The psychology of engagement with everyday life
0060166770: MIHALYI CSIKSZENTMIHALYI - The evolving self. A psychology for the third millennium
0521342880: MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALYI AND ISABELLA SELEGA CSIKSZENTMIHALYI (EDS) - Optimal experience; psychological studies of flow in consciousness
0060162538: MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALYI - Flow. The psychology of optimal experience
Cuipers: D. J. CUIPERS - Bijdragen voor de rechtsgeschiedenis van de gemeene dorps-gronden in Oostergo
0691100888: WILLIAM E. CUMMINGS - Education and equality in Japan
Czuber: EMANUEL CZUBER - Theorie der Beobachtungsfehler
342106539X: RALF DAHRENDORF - Der moderne soziale Konflikt
Dainville: FRAN?OIS DE DAINVILLE - L'éducation des Jésuites (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles)
9004096221: RICHARD C. DALES - The Intellectual Life of Western Europe in the Middle Ages
671210890: DAVID DALTON - Janis
0631163905: NORMAN DANIELS (ED.) - Reading Rawls. Critical studies of A theory of justice
0691084971: LORRAINE DASTON - Classical probability in the Enlightenment
0750702559: RICHARD DAUGHERTY - National curriculum assessment. A review of policy 1987-1994
0670262307: DYLAN THOMAS & JOHN DAVENPORT - The death of the king's canary
0262111144: DAVID KLAHR, PAT LANGLEY & ROBERT NECHES (EDS) - Production system models of learning and development
0855200723: DAVID BYRNE, BILL WILLIAMSON & BARBARA FLETCHER - The poverty of education. A study in the politics of opportunity
0198246374: DONALD DAVIDSON - Essays on actions and events
0899509037: MANSEL DAVIES (ED.) - A selection from the writings of Joseph Needham
9004103767: DOMINIK DECLERCQ - Writing against the State. Political rhetorics in third & fourth century China
Deen: N. DEEN - Een halve eeuw onderwijsresearch in Nederland
Defossez: L. DEFOSSEZ - Les savants du XVIIe siecle et la mesure du temps
0043710956: MARTYN DENSCOMBE - Classroom control. A sociological perspective
0669209031: RICHARD P. BARTH & DAVID S. DEREZOTES - Preventing adolescent abuse. Effective intervention strategies and techniques
0521338573: REN? DESCARTES - Meditations on first philosophy. With selections from the obections and replies. (Translated by John Cottingham.)
Dewey_Dewey: JOHN DEWEY & EVELYN DEWEY - Schools of to-morrow
2851090933: CHRISTIAN DEYDIER - Les Bronzes Chinois: Le Guide Du Connaisseur
0801854253: HUGH DAVIS GRAHAM & NANCY DIAMOND - The rise of American research universities. Elites and challengers in the postwar era
Diamond: CORA DIAMOND (ED.) - Wittgenstein's lectures on the foundations of mathematics
58-10160: PAUL DIBON (DIR.) - Pierre Bayle le philosophe de Rotterdam. Études et documents
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Stevin: E. J. DIJKSTERHUIS - Simon Stevin
Dijksterhuis_Wereldbeeld: E. J. DIJKSTERHUIS - Het wereldbeeld vernieuwd. Van Copernicus tot Newton
Dijksterhuis: E. J. DIJKSTERHUIS - Vreemde woorden in de wiskunde
9024750121: J. G. VAN DILLEN - an Rijkdom en Regenten. Handboek tot de economische en sociale geschiedenis van Nederland tijdens de Republiek
0631146407: ILHAM DILMAN - Induction and deduction. A study in Wittgenstein
0029081009: DINESH D'SOUZA - Illiberal education. The politics of race and sex on campus
Université_nouvelle: L'?DITEUR DES DOCUMENTS HISTORIQUES, CRITIQUES, APOLOG?TIQUES, CONCERNANT LA COMPAGNIE DE J?SUS - De l'Universit? nouvelle, fille ain?e de la r?volution
Needham_4: JOSEPH NEEDHAM (WITH THE COLLABORATION OF WANG LING & KENNETH GIRDWOOD ROBINSON (4.1) & LU GWEI-DJEN (4.3)) - Science and civilisation in China. Volume 4 Physics and Physical Technology; Part 1 Physics; Part 2 Mechanical Engineering; Part 3. Civil engineering and nautics (in three volumes)
0063183749: J. W. DOCKING - Control and discipline in schools
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0151581754: DONALD J. ALBERS, GERALD L. ALEXANDERSON AND CONSTANCE REID (EDS) - More mathematical people. Contemporary conversations
donck: J. J. C. DONCK - Theorie der cijferkunst
Schieland: D. VAN DOORN, J. A. JAEGER, W. A. H. CROL EN H. F. WESSELS - Gedenkschrift uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van het 700-jarig bestaan van het Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland
3445008213: WINFRIED DOTZAUER - Deutsche studenten an der Universität Bourges. Album et liber amicorum
0262540614: FRED DRETSKE - Explaining behavior. Reasons in a world of causes
0134340019: R. G. DROMEY - How to solve it by computer
0201416247: GEOFF DROMEY - Program Derivation. The Development of Programs From Specifications
0521429072: P. DRONKE (ED.) - A history of twelfth-century Western philosophy
2070741842: GEORGES DUBY - Dames du XIIe siècle. III Ève et les prêtres
2070737586: GEORGES DUBY - Féodalité
72-87939: GEORGES DUBY - Hommes et structures du moyen age
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9055151165: MARGUERITE DURAS - Dat is alles. Het afscheid van een schrijfster. [C'est tout]
Duyvendak: J. J. L. DUYVENDAK - China tegen de westerkim
Duyvendak2: J. J. L. DUYVENDAK - China tegen de westerkim
Duyvendijk: A. J. VAN DUYVENDIJK - De motivering van de klassieke vorming. Een historisch-pedagogische studie over twee eeuwen
0856080071: K. F. DYER - The biology of racial integration
0809306166: GEORGE DYKHUIZEN - The life and mind of John Dewey
9051571879: UMBERTO ECO - Europa en de volmaakte taal
0669122939: DOV EDEN - Pygmalion in management. Productivity as a self-fulfilling prophecy
67-27682: EDWARD F. DENISON, ASSISTED BY POULLIER, JEAN-PIERRE - Why growth rates differ. Postwar experience in nine western countries
Eerenbeemt: B. V. D. EERENBEEMT - Het kind in onze middeleeuwsche literatuur
Ekwall: EILERT EKWALL - English Place-Names in -ing
0801420172: ELEONORE STUMP TRANSLATION, NOTES, & INTRODUCTION - Boethius's In Ciceronis Topica.
Elffers: DICK ELFFERS (ONTWERP) - Alban Berg Wozzeck. Programma Holland Festival 1960
0521235596: ELLIOT G. MISHLER, LONAR R. AMARASINGHAM, SAMUEL D. OSHERSON, STUART T. HAUSER, NANCY E. WAXLER, RAMSAY LIEM (EDS) - Social contexts of health, illness, and patient care
0718137483: WALTER ELLIS - The Oxbridge conspiracy. How the ancient universities have kept their stranglehold on the establishment
1883191041: BENJAMIN A. ELMAN - From philosophy to philology. Intellectual and social aspects of change in late Imperial China
0520066731: BENJAMIN A. ELMAN - Classicism, politics, kinship. The Ch'ang-Chou school of new text Confucianism in late imperial China
0521642795: JON ELSTER - Alchemies of the mind. Rationality and the emotions
66-19867: DOROTHY EMMET - Whitehead's philosophy of organism
9040710058: JAN VAN DEN ENDE - The turn of the tide. Computerization in Dutch society 1900-1965
0691083878: JOHN A. ENDLER - Natural selection in the wild
grif1: T. ENESCU - Luchian
089925571X: KLAUS HURRELMANN & UWE ENGEL (EDS) - The social world of adolescents. International perspectives
9070403161: E. P. DE BOOY & J. ENGEL - Van erfenis tot studiebeurs. De fundatie van de vrijvrouwe van Renswoude te Delft. Opleiding van wezen tot de 'vrije kunsten' in de 18de en 19de eeuw. De fundatiehuizen. Bursalen in deze eeuw
0520069625: A. P. KAZHDAN & ANN WHARTON EPSTEIN - Change in Byzantine Culture in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
0807844985: STEVEN A. EPSTEIN - Wage labor and guilds in medieval Europe
0805822313: K. ANDERS ERICSSON (ED.) - The road to excellence. The acquisition of expert performance in the arts and sciences, sports and games
Kok-Escalle: MARIE-CHRISTINE KOK-ESCALLE - Instaurer une culture par l'enseignement de l'histoire. France 1876-1912. Contribution à une sémiotique de la culture
Essen: L?ON VAN DER ESSEN - L'Université de Louvain (1425-1940)
1881526100: JON BARWISE & JOHN ETCHEMENDY - Turing?s world 3.0 for the Macintosh. An introduction to computability theory
0863771068: JONATHAN ST. B. T. EVANS - Bias in human reasoning; causes and consequences.
0195129415: WALTER EVERETT - The Beatles as musicians. Revolver through the Anthology
0030895391: HOWARD EVES - An introduction to the history of mathematics 4th edition
0670801305: HANS J. EYSENCK - Decline and fall of the Freudian empire
0534980597: RICHARD L. BURDEN & J. DOUGLAS FAIRES - Numerical analysis
9070174316: LEONARD BLUSSE & R. FALKENBURG - Johan Nieuhofs beelden van een chinareis 1655-1657
0803947623: JAMES S. COLEMAN & THOMAS J. FARARO (EDS) - Rational choice theory. Advocacy and critique
8434305593: SERGE FAUCHEREAU - Kupka
Feilzer: HEINRICH FEILZER - Jugend in der mittelalterlichen St?ndegesellschaft. Ein Beitrag zum Problem der Generationen
3534012356: LUDWIG FERTIG - Zeitgeist und Erziehungskunst. Eine Einführung in die Kulturgeschichte der Erziehung in Deutschland von 1600 bis 1900
57-11351: LEON FESTINGER - A theory of cognitive dissonance
0195121376: JAMES H. FETZER - Science, explanation, and rationality. The philosophy of Carl G. Hempel
0892640278: ALBERT FEUERWERKER - State and society in eighteenth-century China: The Ch'in empire in its glory
026206071X: STEPHEN E. FIENBERG - The analysis of cross-classified categorical data
039100123X: HENRY LE ROY FINCH - Wittgenstein, the early philosophy. An exposition of the 'Tractatus'
9027710945: MAURICE A. FINOCCHIARO - Galileo and the art of reasoning. Rhetorical foundations of logic and scientific method
9027706263: E. FISCHBEIN - The intuitive sources of probabilistic thinking in children
019505377X: DAVID HACKETT FISCHER - The Great Wave. Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History
3456800398: GERHARD FISCHER - Einfuehrung in die Theorie psychologischer Tests. Grundlagen und Anwendungen
0863770355: SHIRLEY FISHER - Stress and strategy
0091687519: C. P. FITZGERALD - China. A short cultural history
0198292880: ATHOL FITZGIBBONS - Adam Smith's system of liberty, wealth, and virtue. The moral and political foundations of The Wealth of Nations
0394574478: RICHARD FLETCHER - The quest for El Cid
Fletcher: ROBERT SAMUEL FLETCHER - A history of Oberlin College from its foundation through the Civil War
Fleury: JEAN FLEURY - Recherches historiques sur les emp?chements de parent? dans le mariage canonique des origines aux fausses d?cr?tales
Flexner: ABRAHAM FLEXNER - Universities: American, English, German
0813206537: JAMES T. FLYNN - The University Reform of Tsar Alexander I, 1802-1835
031331912X: GEORGE Q. FLYNN - Conscription and democracy. The draft in France, Great Britain, and the United States
0198236360: JERRY A. FODOR - Concepts. Where cognitive science went wrong
Fortgens_meesters: H. W. FORTGENS - Meesters, scholieren en grammatica uit het middeleeuwse schoolleven
70-92829: BAS C. VAN FRAASSEN - An introduction to the philosophy of time and space
0029461855: FRANCIS S. HILL, JR - Computer graphics
Franke: OTTO FRANKE - Geschichte des Chinesischen Reiches. Eine Darstellung seiner Entstehung, seines Wesens und seiner Entwicklung bis zur neuesten Zeit
9067653306: FRANS H. VAN EEMEREN, ROB GROOTENDORST, & TJARK KRUIGER - Handbook of argumentation theory. A critical survey of classical backgrounds and modern studies. Pragmatics and discourse analysis
0870234951: J. T. FRASER, N. LAWRENCE, AND F. C. HABER (EDS) - Time, science, and society in China and the west. The study of time V
9027710805: K. S. SHRADER-FRECHETTE - Nuclear power and public policy. The social and ethical problems of fission technology
Frederiks: K. J. FREDERIKS - Het Oud-Nederlandsch strafrecht
Freeman: KENNETH J. FREEMAN - Schools of Hellas. An essay on the practice and theory of ancient Greek education from 600 to 300 B.C.
0674769759: CHARLES FRIED - Right and wrong
157181938X: FRIEDA HEYTING, JAN KOPPEN, DIETER LENZEN AND FELICITAS THIEL (EDS) - Educational studies in Europe. Amsterdam and Berlin compared
0824046269: LESLIE R. WILLIAMS & DORIS PRONIN FROMBERG (EDS.) - Encyclopedia of early childhood education
9004101470: CHRISTOPH FUCHS - Dives, pauper, nobilis, magister, frater, clericus. Sozialgeschichtliche Untersuchungen über Heidelberger Universitätsbesucher des Spätmittelalters (1386-1450)
3828600123: MANFRED FUHRMANN - Seneca und Kaiser Nero. Eine Biographie
0471861871: WAYNE A. FULLER - Measurement error models
9780631170297: FRAN?OIS FURET - Revolutionary France 1770-1880
Fyrigos: ANTONIS FYRIGOS (ED.) - Il Collegio Greco di Roma. Ricerce sugli alunni, la direzzione, l'attivita
Gabriel_life: ASTRIK L. GABRIEL - Student life in Ave Maria College, mediaeval Paris
Gabriel: ASTRIK L. GABRIEL - Skara House at the mediaeval University of Paris. History, topography, and chartulary
Gade: JOHN ALLYNE GADE - Luxemburg in the Middle Ages
Galama: SYBRAND GALAMA - Het wijsgerig onderwijs aan de Hogeschool te Franeker 1585-1811
Gardiner: F. C. GARDINER - The pilgrimage of desire. A study of theme and genre in medieval literature
9029080620: MARTIN GARDNER - Magie en mysterie met mathematiek
1565843053: GARY ORFIELD, SUSAN E. EATON & THE HARVARD PROJECT ON SCHOOL DESEGRAGATION - Dismantling desegragation. The quiet reversal of Brown v. Board of Education
0472101838: PHILIP GAVITT - Charity and children in Renaissance Florence. The Ospedale degli Innocenti, 1410-1536
0803945647: JOHN P. VAN DE GEER - Multivariate analysis of categorical data: applications
58-9463: GEORGE R. GEIGER - John Dewey in perspective
0812279123: GERALD L. GEISON - Professions and the French state, 1700-1900
Gelder_gronden: J. DE GELDER - Eerste gronden der meetkunst, ten gebruike der Latijnsche scholen en andere kollegien
0870810634: GENE V. GLASS, VICTOR L. WILLSON & JOHN M. GOTTMAN - Design and analysis of time-series experiments
0852291639: GEOFFREY CHAUCER, EDITED BY ROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS A.O. - Troilus and Cressida. The Canterbury Tales. With modern English versions of both works
0030100755: GEORGE A. MILLER, EUGENE GALANTER & KARL H. PRIBRAM - Plans and the structure of behavior
0415144604: GEORGE BROWN, JOANNA BULL & MALCOLM PENDLEBURY - Assessing student learning in higher education
Leerboek_natuurkunde: G. C. GERRITS - Leerboek der natuurkunde. 3 delen
9061940656: B. DE GEUS, J. VAN DER HEIJDEN, A. MAAT EN D. DEN OUDEN - Een scone leeringe om salich te sterven
Gewin_1957win: J. P. J. GEWIN - Die Verwandtschaften und politischen Beziehungen zwischen den westeuropaischen Furstenhausern im Fruhmittelalter
Ghijben: J. BADON GHIJBEN - Beginselen der meetkunst
074564012: ANTHONY GIDDENS - Europe in the global age.
004445600X: ANTHONY GIDDENS - The class structure of the advanced societies
Giessen: R. W. VAN DER GIESSEN - Enkele aspecten van het probleem der predictie in de psychologie, speciaal met het oog op de selectie van militair personeel
0520214749: ANDRE GUNDER FRANK & BARRY K. GILLS (EDS) - ReOrient: Global economy in the Asian age
0415150892: ANDRE GUNDER FRANK & BARRY K. GILLS (EDS) - The world system. Five hundred years or five thousand?
0465072305: SAMUEL BOWLES & HERBERT GINTIS - Schooling in capitalist America. Educational reform and the contradictions of economic life
0710084862: SAMUEL BOWLES & HERBERT GINTIS - Schooling in capitalist America. Educational reform and the contradictions of economic life
0520034678: GEORGE STINY & JAMES GIPS - Algorithmic aesthetics. Computer models for criticism & design in the arts
0486638316: DAVID BLACKWELL AND M. A. GIRSHICK - Theory of games and statistical decisions
0521371988: KEES GISPEN - New profession, old order. Engineers and German society, 1815-1914
9004103597: RONALD M. GLASSMAN - The middle class and democracy in socio-historical perspective
Gleason_Airplane: RALPH J. GLEASON - The Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco sound
Jefferson_Airplane: RALPH J. GLEASON - The Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco sound
9023228227: ARIE C. GLEBBEEK - Perspectieven op loopbanen
Glorieux: P. GLORIEUX - Aux origines de la Sorbonne. I. Robert de Sorbon. L?homme - le coll?ge - les documents
0201528185: THEODORE W. GRAY & JERRY GLYNN - Exploring mathematics with Mathematica
0714821349: DAISY LION-GOLDSCHMIDT & JEAN-CLAUDE MOREAU-GOBARD (EDS.) - Chinese Art. volume 1. bronzes - jade - sculpture - ceramics
0226470814: JACQUES LE GOFF - Time, work, & culture in the middle ages
0691020035: ALAN H GOLDMAN - Justice and reverse discrimination
0122887506: ARNOLD P. GOLDSTEIN - Structured learning therapy. Toward a psychotherapy for the poor
0198279086: ROBERT ERIKSON & JOHN H. GOLDTHORPE - The constant flux. A study of class mobility in industrial societies
9020708759: W.M. VAN DEN GOORBERGH, R.J. DE GROOF, & H.W.G.M. PEER - Hoofdlijnen van de moderne groeitheorie
0747507643: NADINE GORDIMER - My son's story
Komroff: MANUAL KOMROFF (ED.) ILLUSTRATIONS BY WITOLD GORDON - The travels of Marco Polo [the Venetian]
9004099646: S. TODD LOWRY & BARRY GORDON (EDS) - Ancient and medieval economic ideas and concepts of social justice
Goerlitz: P. K. GÖRLITZ - Geschiedkundig overzigt van het lager onderwijs in Nederland
Gouka: M. GOUKA - Handleiding bij het onderwijs in de schrijfkunst
Granet: MARCEL GRANET - Categories matrimoniales et relations de proximite dans la Chine ancienne
2226069305: MARCEL GRANET - La civilisation chinoise. Postface de R?mi Mathieu
052156762: EDWARD GRANT - The foundations of modern science in the middle ages. Their religious, institutional, and intellectual origins
Grauls: JAN GRAULS - Volkstaal en volksleven in het werk van Pieter Brueghel
379956635X: FRANTISEK GRAUS (HER.) - Mentalit?ten im Mittelalter. Methodische und inhaltliche Probleme
0205123406: ANNETTE M. LA GRECA (ED.) - Through the eyes of the child. Obtaining self-reports from children and adolescents
Greshoff: J. GRESHOFF - Cum grano salis
Grimm: TILEMANN GRIMM - Erziehung und Politik im Konfuzianischen China der Ming-Zeit (1368-1644)
019815710X: RONALD GRIMSLEY (ED., INTROD., NOTES) - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Du contrat social
Groot_chess: A. D. DE GROOT - Thought and choice in chess
67-11207: J. P. GUILFORD - The nature of human intelligence
Buntinx: J. BUNTINX EN M. GYSSELING - Het oudste goederenregister van Oudenbiezen (1285-1344). Deel I Tekst
Haan: A. A. M. DE HAAN - Het wijsgerig onderwijs aan het Gymnasium Illustre en de Hogeschool te Harderwijk 1599-1811
902389999x: S. W. M. A. DEN HAAN - Inventaris van het archief van het heilige geest- of arme wees- en kinderhuis te Leiden
Haas: M. DE HAAS - Bossche scholen van 1629 tot 1795
Haas_oefeningen: M. DE HAAS - Practische oefeningen in de natuurkunde voor aanstaande technologen
De_Haas_2e: M. DE HAAS - Bossche scholen van 1629 tot 1795
0631167846: P. M. S. HACKER - Wittgenstein. Meaning and mind. Volume 3 of an analytical commentary on the Philosophical investigations
0631108017: G. P. BAKER & P. M. S. HACKER - Wittgenstein: understanding and meaning; an analytical commentary on the Philosophical Investigations, Volume 1
0631187391: P. M. S. HACKER - Wittgenstein: Mind and will. Volume 4 of an analytical commentary on the Philosophical investigations
9060094115: IAN HACKING - Wat heeft filosofie met taal te maken?
66-10043: IAN HACKING - Logic of statistical inference
76-96196: ANNA HADDOW - Political science in American colleges and universities
3421054096: SEBASTIAN HAFFNER - Geschichte eines Deutschen. Die Erinnerungen 1914-1933
Thorndike_Hagen: ROBERT L. THORNDIKE & ELIZABETH HAGEN - Measurement and evaluation in psychology and education
0520018184: ROGER HAHN - The anatomy of a scientific institution. The Paris Academy of Sciences, 1666-1803
0747554145: DAVID HAJDU - Positively 4th street. The lives and times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina
Visser_Hakfoort: R. P. W. VISSER & C. HAKFOORT (RED.) - Werkplaatsen van wetenschap en techniek. Industriele en academische laboratoria in Nederland, 1860-1940
Hakuseki: ARAI HAKUSEKI - Told round a brushwood tree. The autobiography of Arai Hakuseki. Translated and with an introduction and notes by Joyce Ackroyd
Hallema: A. HALLEMA - Het Klaarkampster Weeshuis te Franeker van 1597-1897. Een bijdrage tot de geschiedenis der weezenverpleging in Friesland
Hamelinck: M. HAMELINCK - Etude preparatoire a la determination experimentale de diverses individualites intellectuelles
1400060168: JAMES HAMILTON - A life of discovery. Michael Faraday, giant of the scientific revolution
0520043804: JOANNA F. HANDLIN - Action in late ming thought. The reorientation of L? K?un and other scholar-officials
9027708878: HANS W. GOTTINGER, AND WERNER LEINFELLNER (EDS) - Decision theory and social ethics. Issues in social choice
080580126X: HANS-PETER BLOSSFELD, ALFRED HAMERLE & KARL ULRICH MAYER - Event history analysis: statistical theory and application in the social sciences
9027701911: NORWOOD RUSSELL HANSON - What I do not believe and other essays
0201082934: FRED HAPGOOD - Up the infinite corridor. MIT and the technical imagination
Harmsen: G. J. HARMSEN - Blauwe en rode jeugd. Een bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse jeugdbeweging tussen 1853 en 1940
0444894276: ROBERT J. AUMANN & SERGIU HART (EDS) - Handbook of game theory. With economic applications, volume 2
0444880984: ROBERT J. AUMANN & SERGIU HART (EDS) - Handbook of game theory. With economic applications, volume 1
0080182283: DONNA M. GELFAND & DONALD P. HARTMANN - Child behavior analysis and therapy
0875482171: CHARLES HARTSHORNE - Anselm's discovery. A Re-examination of the ontological proof for God's existence
8121504937: PETER HARVEY - An introduction to Buddhism. Teachings, history and practices
3534078691: H. W. HAUSSIG - Die Geschichte Zentralasiens und der Seidenstra?e; vol. 1: in vorislamischer Zeit; vol 2: in islamischer Zeit
9780199285907: TAMAR SZABO GENDLER & JOHN HAWTHORNE (EDS.) - Oxford Studies in Epistemology, Volume 1
0801834783: LESLIE A. HAYDUK - Structural equation modeling with LISREL. Essentials and advances
0815318596: RUTH HAYHOE - China's universities 1895-1995. A century of cultural conflict
Headlam: CECIL HEADLAM - The story of Oxford
052123704: RICHARD HEALEY (ED.) - Reduction, time and reality. Studies in the philosopy of the natural sciences
8121203406: SVEN HEDIN - Trans Himalaya. Discoveries and adventures in Tibet
Heek_halfcloth: F. VAN HEEK - Stijging en daling op de maatschappelijke ladder. Een onderzoek naar de verticale sociale mobiliteit
Heek_linnen: F. VAN HEEK - Stijging en daling op de maatschappelijke ladder. Een onderzoek naar de verticale sociale mobiliteit
Heerdt: A. C. BARON VAN HEERDT - Herde, Heerde, Heerdt. Geschiedenis van het geslacht van Heerdt
9020704060: ARNOLD HEERTJE - Economische en technische ontwikkeling
Heijden: PH. M. VAN DER HEIJDEN - Begaafdheid en beroep
0123361605: HEINZ HECKHAUSEN, HEINZ-DIETER SCHMALT AND KLAUS SCHNEIDER - Achievement motivation in perspective
Hemkes: H. HEMKES, KZ. - Handleiding voor kweekelingen, aankomende en jeugdige onderwijzers en onderwijzeressen. Vierde, naar de Wet op het Lager Onderwijs van 13 augustus 1857 gewijzigde en vermeerderde druk
0691044724: JEFFREY R. HENIG - Rethinking school choice. Limits of the market metaphor
9020718630: HENK KROFT, GODFRIED ENGBERSEN, KEES SCHUYT, & FRANS VAN WAARDEN - Een tijd zonder werk. Een onderzoek naar de levenswereld van langdurig werklozen
Lazarsfeld: PAUL F. LAZARSFELD & NEIL W. HENRY - Latent structure analysis
0195062531: HENRY E. KYBURG, JR. - Science & reason
Hentig: HARTMUT VON HENTIG - Bildung. Eine Essay
0731503783: P. A. HERBERT - Examine the honest, appraise the able: contemporary assessments of civil service selection in early Tang China
9062330932: H. JAAP VAN DEN HERIK - Computerschaak, schaakwereld en kunstmatige intelligentie
067456376X: DAVID HERLIHY - Medieval households
64-7534: ELI GINZBERG & JOHN L. HERMA - Talent and performance
0520207033: ELLEN HERMAN - The romance of American psychology. Political culture in the age of experts
9025315348: LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN / VERTAALD DOOR FREDRIK HERMANS - Tractatus logico-philosophicus.
Herrigel: EUGEN HERRIGEL - Het Zen-Boeddhisme in de kunst van het boogschieten [Zen in der Kunst des Bogenschiessens]
0471916404: PETER HERRIOT (ED.) - Assessment and selection in organizations. Methods and selection in organizations
Herz: NORBERT HERZ - Geodaesie. Eine Darstellung der Methoden fuer die Terrainaufnahme, Landvermessung und Erdmessung. Mit einem Anhange: Anleitung zu astronomischen, geodaetischen und kartographischen Arbeiten auf Forschungsreisen
0030818516: HERMANN HESSE - The glass bead game (Magister Ludi). In a new translation by Richard and Clara Winston
0773485740: KARLTON EDWARD HESTER - The melodic and polyrhythmic development of John Coltrane's spontaneous composition in a racist society
0306809206: CLINTON HEYLIN (ED.) - The DA CAPO book of Rock & Roll writing
0471910074: RICHARD M. SORRENTINO & E. TORY HIGGINS (EDS.) - Handbook of motivation and cognition. Foundations of social behavior
0875484220: DONALD HILL - A history of engineering in classical and medieval times
0486209520: ARTHUR M. HIND - An introduction to a history of woodcut. Vol 1 of two volumes
Hind: JOHN HIND - The principles of the differential calculus; with its application to curves and curve surfaces. Designed for the use of students in the University. Bound together with John Hind (1932) A digested series of examples in the applications of the principles of the differential calculus. Designed for the use of students in the University, and with Henry Coddington (1829). A treatise on the reflection and refraction of light, being Part I of a system of optics
0521083702: ROBERT A. HINDE (ED.) - Non-verbal communication
Hinsbergen: J. C. G. VAN HINSBERGEN - Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van de gemeente Nieuwkoop en haar onderdelen (Nieuwkoop, Noorden, Achttienhoven, de Meye).
Hinsbergen1954: J. C. G. VAN HINSBERGEN - Geschiedenis en inventaris van de polder Nieuwkoop en Noorden
1860743129: BRIAN HINTON - Celtic crossroads. The art of Van Morrison
Lange: KURT LANGE & MAX HIRMER - De cultuur van Egypte. 3000 jaar architectuur, beeldhouwkunst en schilderkunst in beeld
Leidenaars: LEIDSE WERKGROEP VAN AMATEUR (RECHTS)HISTORICI - Leidenaars voor de Grote Raad (1450-1580). Processen uit het archief van de Grote Raad (Parlement) van Mechelen met betrekking tot instellingen en bewoners van de stad Leiden. Nr 6 in de nieuwe reeks van J. Th. de Smidt, Verzamelen en bewerken van de jurisprudentie van de Grote Raad.
9059720695: TEUN HOEFNAGEL - Tussen traditie en emancipatie. De Engelse vakbeweging en haar strijd tegen de industriele arbeidsdisciplinering (1780-1914)
Hoesel: P. H. M. VAN HOESEL - Het programmeren van sociaal beleidsonderzoek: analyse en receptuur
0521483344: W. M. GOLDSTEIN & R. M. HOGARTH (EDS) - Research on judgment and decision making. Currents, connections, and controversies
0124044808: PHILIP C. KENDALL & STEVEN D. HOLLON (EDS) - Cognitive-behavioral interventions. Theory, research, and procedures
0691043175: DOUGLAS D. DAVIS & CHARLES A. HOLT - Experimental economics
9789029586146: DANIELA HOOGHIEMSTRA - De geest in dit huis is liefderijk. Het leven en De Werkplaats van Kees Boeke (1884-1966)
9027706182: W. L. HARPER & C. A. HOOKER (EDS) - Foundations of probability theory, statistical inference, and statistical theories of science. Proceedings of an international research colloquium held at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 10-13 May 1973. Volume II: Foundations and philosophy of statistical inference
Hoorn: I. VAN HOORN - Het onderwijs tijdens Karel den Grooten
0520080033: JANET HOSKINS - The play of time. Kodi perspectives on calendars, history, and exchange
Howie: GEORGE HOWIE - Educational theory and practice in St. Augustine
0521842743: SAM HOWISON - Practical Applied Mathematics. Modelling, Analysis, Approximation
Howison: WILLIAM HOWISON - The contest of the twelve nations; or, a view of the different bases of human character and talent
093570227X: FRED HOYLE - Home is where the wind blows. Chapters from a cosmologist?s life
58-6160: FRED HOYLE - The black cloud
0716703416: FRED HOYLE - From Stonehenge to Modern Cosmology
0295973749: FREDRICK P. BRANDAUER & CHUN-CHIEH HUANG (EDS) - Imperial rulership and cultural change in traditional China
0803943407: HUBERT M. BLALOCK, JR. - Understanding social inequality. Modeling allocation processes
0029036208: HUBERT M. BLALOCK, JR., & PAUL H. WILKEN - Intergroup processes. A micro-macro perspective
64-22534: HUBERT M. BLALOCK, JR. - Causal inferences in nonexperimental research
Hucker: CHARLES O. HUCKER - China's imperial past. An introduction to Chinese history and culture
0333414322: BARBARA HUDSON - Justice through punishment. A critique of the 'justice' model of corrections
Hudson: G. F. HUDSON - Europe and China. A survey of their relations from the earliest times to 1800
59-11078: E. R. HUGHES - Two Chinese poets. Vignettes of Han life and thought
0670814784: THOMAS P. HUGHES - American genesis. A century of invention and technological enthusiasm
homo_ludens: JOHAN HUIZINGA - Homo ludens. Proeve eener bepaling van het spel-element der cultuur
0521644054: DAVID L. HULL - Science and selection. Essays on biological evolution and the philosophy of science
0521235421: L. J. HUME - Bentham and bureaucracy
Hummel: ARTHUR W. HUMMEL (ED.) - Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing period (1644-1912)
0404616240: JAMES H. HUMPHREY (ED.) - Stress in childhood
0472096540: S. C. HUMPHREYS (ED.) - Cultures of scholarship
1850433607: R. STEPHEN HUMPHREYS - Islamic history. A framework for inquiry
902741890X: MARGA BRUYN-HUNDT - Vrouwen op de arbeidsmarkt. Nederlandse situatie in de jaren tachtig en negentig
0816508208: HUANG LIU-HUNG - A complete book concerning happiness and benevolence. A manual for local magistrates in seventeenth-century China
Hunt: J. MCV. HUNT (ED.) - Personality and the behavior disorders
0030029139: JAMES P. HURLEY - Logo physics
0313285845: KLAUS HURRELMANN (ED.) - International handbook of adolescence
Huxley: ALDOUS HUXLEY - The Doors of Perception
2221502051: GEORGES IFRAH - Histoire universelle des chiffres. Lorsque les nombres racontent les hommes
Piaget_Représentation: JEAN PIAGET & BÄRBEL INHELDER - La représentation de l'espace chez l'enfant
Piaget_développement: JEAN PIAGET ET B?RBEL INHELDER - Le développement des quantités chez l'enfant. Conservation et atomisme
9780199586806: BRAD INWOOD (ED.) - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Volume XXXVIII
068803036X: JOHN IRVING - The Cider House Rules
0801409810: MARGARET C. JACOB - The Newtonians and the English Revolution 1689-1720
Jaeger_envy: C. STEPHEN JAEGER - The envy of angels. Cathedral schools and social ideals in Medieval Europe, 950-1200
3110038005: WERNER JAEGER - Paideia. Die Formung des griechischen Menschen
902532259x: HANS DEN HARTOG JAGER - Verf. Hedendaagse Nederlandse schilders over hun werk
0748604561: ALLISON JAMES - Childhood identities. Self and social relationships in the experience of the child
0520072642: MARTIN S?NCHEZ JANKOWSKI - Islands in the street. Gangs and American urban society
0520068588: THOMAS JANOSKI - The political economy of unemployment. Active labor market policy in West Germany and the United States
Jansen: A. JANSEN - Toetsing van grafologische uitspraken. Een experimentele studie
9029562706: JANSMA, ESTHER - Alles is nieuw
0271006587: JAPANESE SCHOOLING. PATTERNS OF SOCIALIZATION, EQUALITY, AND POLITICAL CONTROL - Japanese schooling. Patterns of socialization, equality, and political control
0195055969: GEOFFREY COCKS & KONRAD H. JARAUSCH (EDS) - German professions 1800-1950
0198250398: NICHOLAS JARDINE - The scenes of inquiry. On the reality of questions in the sciences
0521204941: LISA JARDINE - Francis Bacon. Discovery and the art of discourse
0471026700: JEAN DICKINSON GIBBONS, INGRAM OLKIN & MILTON SOBEL - Selecting and ordering populations: a new statistical methodology
0123172608: OTOMAR H?JEK - Pursuit games. An introduction to the theory and applications of differential games of pursuit and evasion
0415008441: BRIAN JENKINS - Nationalism in France. Class and nation since 1789
0521214963: JENS ALLWOOD, LARS-GUNNAR ANDERSSON & ?STEN DAHL - Logic in linguistics
0060121947-2: ARTHUR R. JENSEN - Educability & group differences
0060121947: ARTHUR R. JENSEN - Educability & group differences
0822320479: LIONEL M. JENSEN - Manufacturing confucianism. Chinese traditions and universal civilization
0691026246: ROBERT JERVIS - System effects. Complexity in political and social life
0937809241: LI JIAN (ED.) - The Glory of the Silk Road: Art From Ancient China
1850005370: JOHN D. WILSON, GEORGE O. B. THOMSON, ROBERT E. MILLWARD & TONY KEENAN - Assessment for teacher education
Connor: JOHNSON O'CONNOR - Psychometrics. A Study of Psychological Measurements
0060915366: ROBERT T. JONES - Music by Philip Glass
Wildevenen: C. DE JONG - De droogmaking van de Wildevenen in Schieland. Zuid-Hollandse Studi?n Deel VI
0691058911: WILLIAM CHESTER JORDAN - The great famine. Northern Europe in the early fourteenth century
0300042353: JOSEPH J. TOBIN, DAVID Y. H. WU, AND DANA H. DAVIDSON - Preschool in three cultures. Japan, China, and the United States
0398058067: JOHN A. LASKA & TINA JUAREZ (EDS) - Grading and marking in American schools. Two centuries of debate
9023009541: ANODEA JUDITH - Handboek Chakra Psychologie. Zelfverwerkelijking in zeven stappen
1890951102: FRAN?OIS JULLIEN - Detour and access. Strategies of meaning in China and Greece [Le d?tour et l'acc?s: strat?gies du sens en Chine, en Gr?ce]
Greeven: JOH. GREEVEN & W. JUNGSCHLEGER - Tekenen is een wereldtaal. Richtlijnen bij het tekenen volgens de nieuwere richting. Deel II, III en IV
041506290X: ALON KADISH - Historians, economists and economic history
0674796624: JEROME KAGAN - The second year. The emergence of self-awareness
0865690375: SHEILA B. KAMERMAN & ALFRED J. KAHN (EDS) - Child care, parental leave, and the under 3s. Policy innovation in Europe
68-27305: TOKIOMI KAIGO - Japanese education; its past and present
377748220X: JEONG-HEE LEE-KALISCH A.O. - Korea. Die Alten Konigreiche
0122880501: ARNOLD P. GOLDSTEIN AND FREDERICK H. KANFER - Maximizing treatment gains. Transfer enhancement in psychotherapy
Kanon: D. KANON - Wat was en is. Iets van de ontwikkelingsgeschiedenis van ons volk. Leesboek voor de Volksschool. Tweede stukje
64-13470: ABRAHAM KAPLAN - The conduct of inquiry. Methodology for behavioral science
0520212258: ROBERT A. KASTER - Guardians of language. The grammarian and society in late antiquity
020110461X: DONALD W. KATZNER - Walrasian microeconomics. An introduction to the economic theory of market behavior
Kaufmann: GEORG KAUFMANN - Geschichte der Deutschen Universit?ten. I Vorgeschichte. II Enstehung und Entwicklung der deutschen Universit?ten bis zum Ausgang des Mittelalters
0394475410: YASUNARI KAWABAT - The Master of Go
0521793866: JOEL KAYE - Economy and nature in the fourteenth century. Money, market exchange, and the emergence of scientific thought
4924971022: KOIKE KAZUO - The economics of work in Japan [Japanese title: Shigoto no Keizaigaku]
1557290415: BARRY C. KEENAN - Imperial China's last classical academies. Social change in the lower Yangzi, 1864-1911
Keijer_ZH_II: B. DE KEIJZER (RED.) - Zuidhollandse genealogieen II
0520059727: ALFRED KELLY - The German worker. Working-class autobiographies from the age of industrialization
0262112000: J. A. SCOTT KELSO - Dynamic patterns. The self-organization of brain and behavior
0313267340: SIMON KEMP - Medieval psychology
0198249659: ANTHONY KENNY (ED.) - The metaphysics of mind
Kernkamp: G. W. KERNKAMP - De Utrechtsche Universiteit 1636-1936. De Utrechtsche Academie 1636 - 1815. (Deel I) Fockema Andreae, J. P., et al. (1936). De Utrechtsche Universiteit 1815-1936. (Deel II)
Kessel: P. J. VAN KESSEL - Duitse studenten te Padua. De controverse Rome-Venetie en het Protestantisme in de tijd der Contra-Reformatie
9066130148: K. J. B. KEUNIN - Geschiedenis van de wegen tussen Rijn en IJ
Kibre_priv: PEARL KIBRE - Scholarly privileges in the middle ages. The rights, privileges, and immunities, of scholars and universities at Bologna, Padua, Paris, and Oxford
Kibre2: PEARL KIBRE - The Nations in the Mediaeval Universities
Kibre: PEARL KIBRE - The Nations in the Mediaeval Universities
9521312027: RICHARD KIECKHEFER - Willy van Hoecke & Andries Welkenhuysen (Eds)
0852744552: J. P. KILLINGBECK - Microcomputer quantum mechanics
155786182X: BRUCE A. KIMBALL - The 'true professional ideal' in America. A history
0805847529: WAYNE J. CAMARA & ERNEST W. KIMMEL (EDS) - Choosing students. Higher education admissions tools for the 21st century
1560986077: W. DAVID KINGERY (ED.) - Learning from things. Method and theory of material culture studies
0520205995: R. BRACHT BRANHAM & DANIEL KINNEY (TRS) - Petronius: Satyrica
Kirby: E. STUART KIRBY - Introduction to the economic history of China
089925327X: KLAUS HURRELMANN, FRANZ-XAVER KAUFMANN & FRIEDRICH LOESEL (EDS) - Social intervention: potential and constraints
9039108013: YVONNE WHITEMAN / KO KLEISEN (RED.) - Tweeendertig Latijnse verzen Gedichten uit het oude Rome [A garden of Latin verse]
0252724356: E. D. KLEMKE (ED.) - Essays on Frege
Klikspaan: KLIKSPAAN [JOHANNES KNEPPELHOUT] - Studentenleven. Heruitgave verzorgd door Jan ten Brink, met photogravures naar teekeningen van Johan Braakensiek.
9026509898: LOTTY ELDERING & JO KLOPROGGE (EDS) - Different cultures, same school. Ethnic minority children in Europe
9060003640: P. ABAS EN A. BROEKERS-KNOL C.S. - Een methode voor het oplossen van casusposities
9004136444: KOEN GOUDRIAAN, JAAP VAN MOOLENBROEK AND AD TERVOORT (EDS.) - Education and Learning in the Netherlands, 1400-1600. Essays in Honour of Hilde de Ridder-Symoens
0444889442: TEUN KOETSIER - Lakatos' philosophy of mathematics. A historical approach
0262112086: SERGE-CHRISTOPHE KOLM - Modern theories of justice
903512037x: GERRIT KOMRIJ - De Afrikaanse poezie in 1000 en enige gedichten
9028209299: KOPLAND, RUTGER - Gedichten. 1966-1999
0246107405: JERZY KOSINSKI - The Devil Tree
0028646576: RICHARD KOSTELANETZ (ED.) - Writings on Glass. Essays, interviews, criticism
Koyre: ALEXANDER KOYRE - Metaphysics and measurement. Essays in scientific revolution
0521584124: MATTHEW H. KRAMER - John Locke and the origins of private property. Philosophical explorations of individualism, community, and equality
0575015926: J. KRISHNAMURTI - The urgency of change
1954_Madras: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1954 Madras
0575006358: J. KRISHNAMURTI, EDITED BY MARY LUTYENS - The urgency of change
Life_ahead: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Life ahead
1958._Poona-Madras-Bombay: KRISHNAMURTI - Talks by Krishnamurti in India 1958. Poona-Madras-Bombay
A_new_approach_to_life: J. KRISHNAMURTI - A new approach to life. The way of living. The way of peace. Three radio talks by Krishnamurti
Commentaries: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Commentaries on living. Third Series
Varanasi-New_Delhi-Bombay: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Talks by Krishnamurti in India 1962. Varanasi-New Delhi-Bombay
anaras-Madras-Madanapalle-Bombay: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Talks by Krishnamurti in India 1955-1956. Banaras-Madras-Madanapalle-Bombay
Latin_America: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Authentic report of twenty-five talks given by Krishnamurti in Latin America
Life_the_goal: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Life the goal
The_pool_of_wisdom: J. KRISHNAMURTI - The pool of wisdom
Auckland_1934: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Verbatim reports of talks and answers to questions by Krishnamurti. Auckland, N. Z. - 1934
1948_Series_II_Bangalore: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1948 Series II Bangalore
The_search: J. KRISHNAMURTI - The search
La_premiere_et_derniere_liberte: J. KRISHNAMURTI (PREFACE BY ALDOUS HUXLEY) - La premiere et derniere liberte [La premi?re et derni?re libert?] [The first and last freedom] (trad. by Carlo Suares)
Ojai_camp_-_1934: KRISHNAMURTI - Verbatim reports of talks and answers to questions by Krishnamurti. Ojai camp - 1934
Ommen_camp_1937_and_1938: KRISHNAMURTI - Revised report of fourteen talks given by Krishnamurti. Ommen camp 1937 and 1938
The_search_first: J. KRISHNAMURTI - The search
Towards_discipleship: J KRISHNAMURTI - Towards discipleship
freedom: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Life in freedom
Ojai: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Authentic report of eight talks given by Krishnamurti at Ojai
Ojai_and_Sarobia_1940: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Authentic notes of discussions and talks given by Krishnamurti Ojai and Sarobia 1940
Bangalore: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's talks in India 1948. Series II - Bangalore
New_York_%26_Seattle: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's talks 1950. Series IV - New York & Seattle
Adyar,_India_1933-34: J. KRISHNAMURTI (PREFACE BY ALDOUS HUXLEY) - Verbatim reports of talks and answers to questions by Krishnamurti. Adyar, India 1933-34
Madras: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's talks 1953. Madras
Who_brings_the_truth?: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Who brings the truth?
New_York_City_1935: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Reports of talks and answers to questions by Krishnamurti. New York City - 1935
Commentaries2nd: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Commentaries on living. Second Series
By_what_authority: J. KRISHNAMURTI - By what authority? Ommen camp fire talks
1952_Madras,_India: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's Talks 1952 Madras, India
1953_Ojai,_California: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's Talks 1953 Ojai, California
1954_Banaras: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1954 Banaras
Benares_-_India_1949: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's Talks Benares - India 1949
1956-1957._New_Delhi-Madras-Bombay: KRISHNAMURTI - Talks by Krishnamurti in India 1956-1957. New Delhi-Madras-Bombay
Italy_and_Norway_-_1933: KRISHNAMURTI - Verbatim reports of talks and answers to questions by Krishnamurti. Italy and Norway - 1933
The_kingdom_of_happiness: J. KRISHNAMURTI - The kingdom of happiness
The_song_of_life: J. KRISHNAMURTI - The song of life
Toespraken_van_J._Krishnamurti_in_h: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Toespraken van J. Krishnamurti in het Sterkamp Ommen 1931 (29 juli-5 augustus)
significance: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Education and the significance of life
commentaries2n3rd: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Commentaries on living. Third Series
1953_London: KRISHNAMURTI - Krishnamurti's Talks 1953 London
Madras_1947: KRISHNAMURTI - Notes of group-discussions at Madras during 1947 with J. Krishnamurti. Madras 1947
Ojai_1944: KRISHNAMURTI - Authentic report of ten talks given by Krishnamurti, Ojai 1944
9027718946: PETER KROES - Time: Its structure and role in physical theories
Kroon: H. M. KROON, W. J. PAIMANS & J. E. W. IHLE (RED.) - Een eeuw veeartsenijkundig onderwijs. 's-Rijks-Veeartsenijschool Veeartsenijkundige Hogeschool 1821-1921
Avontuurlijk: D. J. KRUIJTBOSCH - Avontuurlijk wiskundeonderwijs. Bijdragen tot een meer boeiende didactiek van de beginselen der wiskunde
68-27405: AKIRA KUBOTA - Higher civil servants in postwar Japan. Their social origins, educational backgrounds, and career patters
0691011931: HAROLD W. KUHN (ED.) - Classics in game theory
0226458059: THOMAS S. KUHN - The essential tension. Selected studies in scientific tradition and change
Doorninck: MARIEKE VAN DOORNINCK & ERIKA KUIJPERS - De geschoolde stad. Onderwijs in Amsterdam in de Gouden Eeuw
Feenstra: J. FEENSTRA KUIPER - Japan en de buitenwereld in de achttiende eeuw
Kuiper_geschiedenis: J. KUIPER - Geschiedenis van het christelijk lager onderwijs in Nederland (16 n. Chr. - 1904).
09230819X: WITOLD KULA - An economic theory of the feudal system. Towards a model of the Polish economy 1500-1800
0691054460: WITOLD KULA - Measures and men
0404550649: PING WEN KUO - The Chinese system of public education
0586041419: KURT VONNEGUT, JR. - Between time & timbuktu or Prometheus-5. A space fantasy
9789072538017: MICHIO KUSHI - De makrobiotische weg
9780195175592: BRUCE ROSENBLUM & FRED KUTTNER - Quantum Enigma. Physics encounters consciousness
2020263688: JEAN LACOUTURE - Montaigne ? cheval
20200056852: EMMANUEL LE ROY LADURIE - L'argent, l'amour et la mort en Pays d'Oc
Laer: P. H. VAN LAER - Actio in distans en aether
Lambert: KAREL LAMBERT (ED.) - The logical way of doing things
0198523424: DONALD LAMING - The measurement of sensation
Yu-Lan: FUNG YU-LAN - A history of Chinese philosophy. Vol. I The period of the philosophers. Vol. II The period of classical learning
0877780870: L. N. LANDA - Instructional regulation and control. Cybernetics, algorithmization and heuristics in education
0262121867: THOMAS K. LANDAUER - The trouble with computers. Usefulness, usability, and productivity
0520034295: J. G. LANDELS - Engineering in the ancient world
Lang: G. LANG - Het gebruik van schoolkeuze-adviezen. Een bijdrage tot de evaluatie van het school- en beroepskeuzewerk
Lange_Ökonometrie: OSKAR LANGE - Einführung in die ökonomische Kybernetik
Lange_Kybernetik: OSKAR LANGE - Einführung in die ökonomische Kybernetik
1850003866: STEPHEN J. BALL & STAFFAN LARSSON (EDS.) - The struggle for democratic education. Equality and participation in Sweden
0133574679: EDWIN A. LOCKE AND GARY P. LATHAM - Goal setting, a motivational technique that works!
0335153569: BRUNO LATOUR - Science in action. How to follow scientists and engineers through society
0226469298: JAMES M. LATTIS - Between Copernicus and Galileo. Christoph Clavius and the collapse of Ptolemaic cosmology
Science_and_Hypothesis: LARRY LAUDAN - Science and hypothesis. Historical essays on scientific methodology
0486231232: BERTHOLD LAUFER - Jade. A study in Chinese archaeology & religion
0197259782: BRIAN LAWN - The prose Salernitan questions
0674154169: WILLIAM LAZONICK - Competitive advantage on the shop floor
0262121077: EDWARD E. LEAMER - Sources of international comparative advantage
0520076001: TAKIE SUGIYAMA LEBRA - Above the clouds. Status culture of the modern Japanese nobility
0902308696: DOMINIQUE LECOURT - Proletarian science? The case of Lysenko
0201117762: HENRY LEDGARD - Professional Pascal. Essays on the practice of programming
9622013023: THOMAS H. C. LEE - Government education and examinations in Sung China
0471188506: LEE J. CRONBACH, GOLDINE C. GLESER, HARINDER NANDA, & NAGESWARI RAJARATNAM - The dependability of behavioral measurements: Theory of generalizability for scores and profiles
0521797101: MERLE GOLDMAN & LEO OU-FAN LEE (EDS) - An intellectual history of modern China
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Lestocquoy: J. LESTOCQUOY - Aux origines de la bourgoisie: Les villes de Flandre en d'Italie sous le gouvernement des patriciens (XIe-XVe siècles)
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0312027990: MYRON LIEBERMAN - Privatization and educational choice
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Apocrief: LUCEBERT - Apocrief
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2973: NORMAN MAILER - Miami and the siege of Chicago. An informal history of the American political conventions of 1968
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Marrou_6e: HENRI-IR?N?E MARROU - Histoire de l'éducation dans l'antiquité
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Kanji: YUTAKA MIYAMOTO - Kanji dictionary self-taught: The newest assembly-method putting components together
0815758081: TERRY M. MOE - Schools, vouchers, and the American public
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City_of_Cambridge: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - City of Cambridge. An inventory of the historical monuments in the city of Cambridge
0520026683: ERNEST A. MOODY - Studies in Medieval Philosophy, Science, and Logic
Mooy: A. J. DE MOOY - De Gelderse kroniek van Willem van Berchen, naar het Hamburgse handschrift uitgegeven over de jaren 1343-1481
085527039X: THOMAS MORAWETZ - Wittgenstein & knowledge. The importance of
0521235111: JOHN MORGAN - Godly learning. Puritan attitudes towards reason, learning, and education, 1560-1640
9023445988: HARRY MULISCH - Egyptisch
Muller: H. C. A. MULLER - Voorloopers en navolgers van Marco Polo
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Immortalité: ALEXANDRA DAVID-NEEL - Immortalit? et r?incarnation. Doctrines et pratiques Chine - Tibet - Inde
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Newman: J. H. NEWMAN - The office and work of universities
1860741290: RICHARD NEWMAN - John Mayall Blues Breaker
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9027707820: JOHN M. NICHOLAS (ED.) - Images, perception and knowledge
0521796482: THOMAS NICKLES (ED.) - Thomas Kuhn
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Holland_Festival_1958: NN (ONTWERP) - Arnold Schoenberg Von heute auf morgen & Erwartung. Holland Festival 1958
9056910795: ALEXANDER M?NNINGHOFF - Max Euwe, the biography. Including 50 games with the original analysis by the Dutch World Champion
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Ozouf: JACQUES OZOUF - Nous les maitres d'ecole
0091066719: SGAM.PO.PA (HERBERT V. GUENTHER TRANSLATOR) - The jewel ornament of liberation
Pace: RICHARD PACE - De fructu qui ex doctrina percipitur (The benefit of a liberal education)
Pailliet: M. PAILLIET - Manuel de Droit Français contenant: 1. Le Code Napoléon 2. Le Code de Procédure Civile 3. Le Code de Commerce 4. Le Code d
0192835572: THOMAS PAINE - Rights of Man, Common Sense and other political writings
0198501994: ABRAHAM PAIS - A tale of two continents. A physicist's life in a turbulent world
0749417692: KATE ASHCROFT & DAVID PALACIO - Researching into assessment and evaluation in colleges and universities
Palmer: CLAUDE IRWIN PALMER - Practical calculus for home study
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Petri: STEFAN J. PETRI - Eignungsprufung, Charakteranalyse, Soldatentum. Veränderungen der Wissenschafts- und Methodenauffassung in der Milit?rpsychologie des Deutschen Reiches, Grossbritanniens und der USA 1914 bis 1945
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Piaget_formation: JEAN PIAGET - La formation du symbole chez l'enfant. Imitation,jeu et rêve. Image et représentation
Piaget_langage: JEAN PIAGET - Le langage et la pensée chez l'enfant
Piaget_jugement: JEAN PIAGET - Le jugement et le raisonnement chez l'enfant
Piaget_genèse: JEAN PIAGET - La genèse du nombre chez l
Beth_Piaget: EVERT W. BETH & JEAN PIAGET - Mathematical Epistemology and Psychology
74-124158: RAYMOND PICARD (RED.) - Teachers and students. Daumier and the university
0672484528: LARRY PINA - Macintosh repair & upgrade secrets
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Poel: MARC G. M. VAN DER POEL - De declamatio bij de humanisten. Bijdrage tot de studie van de functies van de rhetorica in de renaissance
Poelje: COMMISSIE-VAN POELJE - Rapport van de Commissie inzake het Zevende en Hoogere Leerjaren van de school voor gewoon lager onderwijs
Poincaré: HENRI POINCARÉ - Science et Méthode
9780262531351: ROBERT CUMMINS AND JOHN POLLOCK (EDS) - Philosophy and AI
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0135919827: W. JAMES POPHAM - Modern educational measurement
0091461804: KARL R. POPPER - Realism and the aim of science
0091514509: KARL R. POPPER - The open universe. An argument for indeterminism
3492037267: KARL R. POPPER - Alles Leben ist Probleml?sen. ?ber Erkenntnis, Geschichte und Politik
Porteau: PAUL PORTEAU - Montaigne et la vie p?dagogique de son temps
052122599X: G. S. ROUSSEAU & ROY PORTER (EDS) - The ferment of knowledge. Studies in the hagiography of eigteenth-century science
905183571X: VIVIAN NUTTON & ROY PORTER (EDS) - The history of medical education in Britain
RRPost: R. R. POST - Scholen en onderwijs in Nederland
Postan_VI: M. M. POSTAN & H. J. HABAKKUK (GENERAL EDS); HABAKKUK, H. J., & M. POSTAN, M. (EDS) - The Cambridge economic history of Europe. Volume VI parts I & II The industrial revolutions and after: incomes, population and technological change
Postan_I: M. M. POSTAN & H. J. HABAKKUK (GENERAL EDS); CLAPHAM, J. H., & EILEEN POWER (EDS) - The Cambridge economic history of Europe from the decline of the Roman empire. Volume I The agrarian life of the Middle Ages
A41-3509: M. M. POSTAN & H. J. HABAKKUK (GENERAL EDS); RICH, E. E., & C. H. WILSON (EDS) - The Cambridge economic history of Europe. Volume IV The economy of expanding Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Pound: EZRA POUND - The Confucian Odes. The classic anthology defined by Confucius.
Prawdin: MICHAEL PRAWDIN - The Mongol empire; its rise and legacy. [Tschingis Chan und sein Leben, 1938]
PeterMax: PETER MAX & RONWEN VATHSALA PROUST - The Peter Max New Age organic vegetarian cook book
047210778X: HUGH DE QUEHEN (ED.) - Lucy Hutchinson's translation of Lucretius: De rerum natura
0710077807: W. V. QUINE - Methods of logic. revised edition
0720433134: C. B. MCGUIRE & R. RADNER (EDS) - Decision and organization. A volume in honor of Jacob Marschak
0745009034: SHIRIN M. RAI - Resistance and reaction. University politics in Post-Mao China
International_Star_Bulletin: EMILY LUTYENS AND D. RAJAGOPAL (EDS). - International Star Bulletin 1928-1933
0520203186: RALPH A. THAXTON, JR. - Salt of the earth. The political origins of peasant protest and communist revolution in China
0521305179: MATTHEW RAMSEY - Professional and popular medicine in France, 1770-1830. The social world of medical practice
0520067630: JOSEPH W. ESHERICK & MARY BACKUS RANKIN (EDS) - Chinese local elites and patterns of dominance
0690002858: ANATOL RAPOPORT - Semantics
0631167854: PAUL RATCHNEVSKY - Genghis Khan. His life and legacy
9004102876: CHUN-SHIEH HUANG & ERIK Z?RCHER (EDS) - Time & space in Chinese culture
Thomaz: MME YVES DE THOMAZ DE BOSSI?RE - Un Belge mandarin ? la cour de Chine aux XVIIe et XVIIIe si?cles. Antoine Thoma 1644-1709
0436409763: PIERS PAUL READ - Polonaise
020157084X: DAVE MARK & CARTWRIGHT REED - Macintosh Pascal programming. Inside the Toolbox using THINK Pascal
9051663129: B. E. JANIK & H. J. VAN REES - De molens van de Alblasserwaard en de Vijfheerenlanden. Van maalwerktuigen tot cultuurmonumenten
Reich: WILLI REICH (HRSG) - Alban Berg. Bildnis im Wort. Selbstzeugnisse und Aussagen der Freunde. Mit Photos und Dokumenten
Novissima: HEINZ-G?NTHER NESSELRATH & HERMANN REINBOTHE (HER.) - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Das neueste von China (1697). Novissima Sinica. Mit erg?nzenden Dokumenten herasugegeben, ?bersetzt, erl?utert
Reininghaus: W. REININGHAUS - Die Entstehung der Gesellengilden im Sp?tmittelalter
Reinsma_1964: R. REINSMA (RED.) - Scholen en schoolmeesters in Friesland tussen 1830 en 1850
9027705321: J. HINTIKKA & U. REMES - he method of analysis. Its geometrical origin and its general significanc
074940387X: ANITA WIJNAENDTS VAN RESANDT (ED.) - A guide to higher education systems and qualifications in the European Community
9027712522: NICHOLAS RESCHER - Leibniz's metaphysics of nature
0801412935: MICHAEL D. RESNIK - Frege and the philosophy of mathematics
Révész: G. REVESZ - Talent en genie. Grondslagen van een psychologie der begaafdheid
1559702206: DAVID REVILL - The roaring silence. John Cage - A life
01514105: MICHEL BLAY (ED.) REVUE D - 'Expérience et raison', la science chez Huygens (1629-1695)
0520029372: DAVID K. REYNOLDS - Morita psychotherapy
2226115374: LILIANE HILAIRE-P?REZ - L?invention technique au si?cle des Lumi?res
052136910X: KARL-HEINZ BECKER & MICHAEL D?RFLER - Dynamical systems and fractals. Computer graphics experiments in Pascal
Rheologists: BRITISH RHEOLOGISTS - The principles of rheological measurement. Report of General Conference, Bedford College, University of London, October 1946
9060214811: C. M. RIDDERIKHOF - Jean Pyrrhus d'Anglebermes.??Rechtswetenschap en humanisme aan de Universiteit van Orleans in het begin van de 16e eeuw
Ridderikhoff_proc: CORNELIA M. RIDDERIKHOFF (ED.) - Premier livre des procurateurs de la nation Germanique de l'ancienne université d'Orléans, 1444-1546. Premiere partie: Texte des rapports des procurateurs
Riemann: B. RIEMANN - Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen. Neu herausgegeben und erläutert von H. Weyl
Riemens: K.-J. RIEMENS - Esquisse historique de l'enseignement du Fran?ais en Hollande du XVIe au XIXe si?cle
0521283698: JACK HIRSHLEIFER AND JOHN G. RILEY - The analytics of uncertainty and information
906168384x: RAINER MARIA RILKE - Florentijns dagboek
9026312113: RAINER MARIA RILKE - Gedichten uit de jaren 1913-1926
1870076095: MAURA RINALDI - Kraak porcelain. A moment in the history of trade
0253319293: FRITZ RINGER - Education and society in modern Europe
3424011223: L. S. DAGYAB RINPOCHE - Buddhistische Glueckssymbole im Tibetischen Kulturraum
086299828X: J. A. G. ROBERTS - China through western eyes. The nineteenth century. A reader in history
0271014431: CLAYTON ROBERTS - The logic of historical explanation
0674879201: JOHN E. ROEMER - Theories of distributive justice

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