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42756: LANG, ANDREW (TRANS.) - Aucassin & Nicolette
43827: LANG, ANDREW - Books and Bookmen
41169: LANGBAUM, ROBERT - The Mysteries of Identity: A Theme in Modern Literature
37438: LANKESTER, EDWIN (ED.) - The Correspondence of John Ray: Consisting of Selections from the Philosophical Letters Published By Dr. Derham and Original Letters of John Ray
17856: LARMOUR, PAUL - Belfast: An Illustrated Architectural Guide
41819: LARRAIN, JORGE - Marxism and Ideology
43382: LARRAIN, JORGE - A Reconstruction of Historical Materialism
38679: LASKI, HAROLD J. - Trade Unions in the New Society
37714: LASKI, HAROLD J. (ED.) - Letters of Edmund Burke: A Selection
43612: LASKY, RICHARD - Dynamics of Development and the Therapeutic Process
31462: LASSAM, ROBERT E., AND GRAY, MICAHEL - The Romantic Era: Reverendo Calvert Richard Jones 1804-1877, Reverendo George Wilson Bridges 1788-1863, William Robert Baker DI Bayfordbury 1810-1896
41138: LAURENT, ERIC (TRANS. ANDREW BROWN) - Bush's Secret World: Religion, Big Business and Hidden Networks
9933: LAURENT, YVES SAINT - Images of Design 1958-1988
36209: LAVELLE, RYAN - Fortificatons in Wessex C. 800-1066
32170: LAVER, MICHAEL (ED.) - Estimating the Policy Position of Political Actors
35011: THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE TO PROMOTE THE BREAK-UP OF THE POOR LAW - The Minority Report of the Poor Law Commission [Two Volumes]
40454: LAWLOR, HUGH JACKSON (ED.) - The Psalter and Martyrology of Ricemarch [Two Volumes]
14984: LAWRENCE, DENNIS - The Third Way: The Promise of Industrial Democracy
37417: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Pornography and So on
38030: LAWRENCE, JOHN SHELTON, AND JEWETT, ROBERT - The Myth of the American Superhero
36043: LAWSON, JOHN - The Biblical Theology of Saint Irenaeus
32962: LAX, JULIAN (INTR.) - St Ives: Eighty Years of Modernism
43376: LAX, JULIAN (INTR.) - St Ives: Eighty Years of Modernism
39783: LAYSON, J.F. - Memorable Shipwrecks and Seafaring Adventures of the Nineteenth Century
36364: LEACH, BERNARD - Beyond East and West: Memoirs, Portraits and Essays
43933: LEADER, ELLIOT, AND PREDAZZI, ENRICO - An Introduction to Gauge Theories and the 'New Physics'
19638: LEATHER, JOHN - Spritsails and Lugsails
42351: LEAVITT, JUNE O. - The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka: Theosophy, Cabala, and the Modern Spiritual Revival
42704: LEBRUN, P. - Explication Des Prières Et Des Cérémonies de la Messe
35404: LECHNER, ROBERT (ED.) - Philosophy Today Vol 21 No 3/4
43222: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE - History of the Rise and Influence of Rationalism in Europe [Two Volumes]
19506: LÉCOLLIER, PAUL - Albert Camus
32421: LECOURT, DOMINIQUE, TRANS GREGORY ELLIOTT - The Mediocracy: French Philosophy Since the MID-1970s
31621: LECOURT, DOMINIQUE (TRANS. BEN BREWSTER) INTR. LOUIS ALTHUSSER - Proletarian Science? the Case of Lysenko
43699: LEE, PHILIP J. - Against the Protestant Gnostics
42169: LEE, KATHARINE - In the Alsatian Mountains: A Narrative of a Tour in the Vosges
18422: LEE, KEEKOK, HOLLAND, ALAN, AND MCNEILL, DESMOND (EDS.) - Global Sustainable Development in the Twenty-First Century
39392: LEE, SYDNEY - The Seigneurs and Sovereigns of Mediaeval Exeter &C.
40097: VAN DER LEEUW, J.J. - The Conquest of Illusion
35237: LEFEBVRE, HENRI, TRANS. JOHN STURROCK - Dialectical Materialism
40443: LEGG, J. WICKHAM (ED.) - The Processional of the Nuns of Chester
40446: LEGG, J. WICKHAM (ED.) - The Clerk's Book of 1549
39976: LEGG, J. WICKHAM - Church Ornaments and Their Civil Antecedents
37258: LEGG, J. WICKHAM - Church Ornaments and Their Civil Antecedents
43755: LEGG, J. WICKHAM - English Church Life from the Restoration to the Tractarian Movement Consideed in Some of Its Neglected Or Forgotten Features
43899: LEICESTER, SHELDON - Practical Studies for Paper Manufacturers and All Engaged in the Industry &C.
41482: LEMIRE, BEVERLY, PEARSON, RUTH, AND CAMPBELL, GAIL (EDS.) - Women and Credit: Researching the Past, Refiguring the Future
18106: N.A. (PREPARED BY TREVOR N.S. LENNAM) - The Marriage between Wit an Wisdom
18107: N.A. (PREPARED BY T.N.S. LENNAM) - The Play of the Weather 1533
43574: LEONARD, FRANCES MCNEELY - Laughter in the Courts of Love: Comedy in Allegory, from Chaucer to Spenser
31992: LEONARDI, ROBERT, AND WERTMAN, DOUGLAS A. - Italian Christian Democracy: The Politics of Dominance
43623: DI LEONARDO, MICAELA - Exotics at Home: Anthropologies, Others, American Modernity
19915: LEOPARD, JOHN - Ships in Bottles: A Modeller's Guide
43452: LEOPARDI [WITH ESSAY BY F.A. AULARD] - Poésies Et Oeuvres Morales de Leopardi [Three Volumes]
43599: LEPPERT, RICHARD - The Sight of Sound: Music, Representation, and the History of the Body
43728: LESNIAK, EDWARD (ED.) WAJDA, ANDRZEJ (INTR,) - Stanislaw Markowski Fotografie/Photography 1980-1989
20330: LEVENTHAL, PAUL L., AND TANZER, SHARON (EDS.) - Averting a Latin American Nuclear Arms Race
18063: N.A. (PREPARED J.W. LEVER) - The Wasp Or Subjects Precedent
38252: LEVI, SHONIE B., AND KAPLAN, SYLVIA R. - Guide for the Jewish Homemaker
13533: LEVIN, PETER - Making Social Policy: The Mechanisms of Government and Politics, and How to Investigate Them
18084: N.A. (PREPARED BY JUDITH C. LEVINSON) - The Famous History of Captain Thomas Stukeley 1605
16292: LEVITAS, RUTH, AND GUY, WILL (ED.) - Interpreting Official Statistics
34756: LEVY, LAWRENCE [TWO VOLUMES] - The History of the "Lodge of Israel" 1474, Warwickshire. With Some Impressions and Reminisicences [and] Vol. II. Jubilee Issue (1874-1924)
43211: LEVY, MERVYN - Ruskin Spear
40171: LEWIS, RALPH M. - Through the Mind's Eye
43964: LEWIS, MICHAEL - The Hawkins Dynasty: Three Generations of a Tudor Family
21286: LEWIS, ARTHUR M. - Vital Problems in Social Evolution
27898: LEWIS, SAUNDERS - A School of Welsh Augustans: Being a Study in English Influences on Welsh Literature During Part of the 18th Century
40179: LEWIS, H. SPENCER - Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life
21287: LEWIS, ARTHUR M. - Ten Blind Leaders of the Blind
19947: LEYS, THOMSON W. - A Weird Region: New Zealand Lakes, Terraces, Geysers, and Volcanoes, with an Account of the Eruption of Tarawera
19948: LEYS, THOMSON W. - A Weird Region: New Zealand Lakes, Terraces, Geysers, and Volcanoes
37501: LHERMINIER, PIERRE (RéD.) - Cinema D'Aujourd'Hui: L'érotisme En Question
41184: LHERMITE, PIERRE - Alan Watts: Taoîste D'Occident
16579: GUILHALL LIBRARY - A Handlist of Parish Registers, Register Transcripts and Related Records at Guildhall Library- Part Two: Greater London
38276: THE CHESTER BEATTY LIBRARY, INTR. DER NERSESSIAN - A Catalogue of the Armenian Manuscripts [Two Volumes]
42758: LIDDON, H[ENRY] P[ARRY] - A Collection of Sermons [Chiefly at St. Paul's]
15875: LIEB, HANS-HEINRICH - Communication Complexes and Their Stages
40607: LIEBERSOHN, HARRY - Aristocratic Encounters: European Travelers and North American Indians
43219: OPPIAN / OPPIANUS [FIRST PART TRANS. WILLIAM DIAPER, SECOND PART TRANS. JOHN JONES, LIFE &C. ED. JOHN JONES] - Oppian's Halieuticks of the Nature of Fishes and Fishing of the Ancients in V. Books with an Account of Oppian's Life and Writings, and a Catalogue of His Fishes
37807: LIGHTFOOT, J.B. - Essays on the Work Entitled Supernatural Religion
38147: LIMBURG, JAMES - Encountering Ecclesiastes: A Book for Our Time
39413: LINDARS, BARNABAS - John (New Testament Guides)
36701: LINDSAY, PHILIP - The Queenmaker: A Portrait of John Dudley Viscount Lisle, Earl of Warwick and Duke of Northumberland 1502-1553
41615: LINHART, SEPP, AND FRÜHSTÜCK, SABINE (EDS.) - The Culture of Japan As Seen Through Its Leisure
42978: LINKS, IAN DAVID - Phobias: Some Dramatic Cases
18273: LIPIETZ, ALAIN (TRANS. IAN PATTERSON) - The Enchanted World: Inflation, Credit and the World Crisis
32129: LIPPERT, BARBARA, ET AL - German Unification and Ec Integration: German and British Perspectives
43229: LIPSCOMB, GEORGE - The History and Antiquities in the County of Buckingham Vol. III [the Hundred of Burnham]
13163: LIPSON, E. - The History of the Woollen and Worsted Industries
20052: LISTER, MARJORIE (ED.) - European Union Development Policy
14604: LITTLEBOY, BRUCE - On Interpreting Keynes: A Study in Reconciliation
42692: LITTLEJOHN, ROBERT M. - Tea [Bulletin No. 15, Series X]
31946: LITVÁN, GYöRGY, AND BAK, JáNOS M. (EDS.) - Socialism and Social Science: Selected Writings of Ervin Szabó (1877-1918)
38338: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Going Back
42852: LIVINGSTON, JANE - The Art of Richard Diebenkorn
43212: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO (ESSAY) - Andy Warhol a Retrospective: A Guide to the Exhibition
42483: LLOYD, W.G. - John Williams V.C. A Biography
34817: LLOYD, WALTER - The Story of Protestant Dissent and English Unitarianism
35819: LLOYD, J.E. - I Went to Noke: An Anthology of Rustic Rhymes
43210: LLOYD, JOHN HENRY (PREFACE) - The Trial of William Penn and William Mead at the Old Bailey, 1670
43664: LOCKE, DON - A Fantasy of Reason: The Life and Thought of William Godwin
29959: LOCKLEY, R.M. - The Birds of Pembrokeshire
38578: LOCKRIDGE, KENNETH A. - A New England Town - the First Hundered Years: Dedham, Massachustetts, 1636-1736
14940: LOCKSLEY, GARETH (ED.) - The Single European Market and the Information and Communication Technologies
43380: LOCKTON, W. - The Treatment of the Remains at the Eucharist After Holy Communion and the Time of the Ablutions
43907: LODGE, EDMUND - Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain [12 Volumes]
18259: LODZIAK, CONRAD, AND TATMAN, JEREMY - André Gorz: A Critical Introduction
38866: LOFTON, JOHN - Insurrection in South Carolina: The Turbulent World of Denmark Vesey
43888: LOGUE, WILLIAM - Charles Renouvier: Philosopher of Liberty
38236: LOHFINK, NORBERT (TRANS. SEAN MCEVENUE) - Qoheleth: A Continental Commentary
43513: LOISY, ALFRED - Les évangles Synoptiques (Two Volumes]
39873: LOMAS, S.C. (ED. FROM TRANSCRIPTS BY T. CRAIB) - The Edwardian Inventories for Huntingdonshire
41598: LOMBARDINI, SIRO, AND PADOAN, PIER CARLO (EDS.) - Europe between East and South
17871: LE PÈRE LOMBEZ (AMBROISE LOMBEZ) - Traité de la Paix Intérieure, En Quatre Parties
10799: MASTER HEI LONG - Dragons Touch: Weaknesses of the Human Anatomy
34307: LONG, R. JAMES (ED. FROM BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE MS. LATIN 16098) - Bartholomaeus Anglicus on the Properties of Soul and Body: De Proprietatibus Rerum Libri III Et IV
18165: LONG, MICHAEL - The Unnatural Scene: A Study in Shakespearean Tragedy
33403: LONG, ADAM, MARTIN, REED, AND TICHENOR, AUSTIN - The Complete History of America (Abridged)
32729: LONGDEN, FRED - Co-Operation and the New Orientation
42767: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of Longfellow
42915: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
12348: LONGHURST, M.H. - English Ivories
37690: SPENCER-LONGHURST, PAUL - Moonrise over Europe: Jc Dahl and Romantic Landscape
39945: LONGRIDGE, RICHARD N. - The Devon & Exeter Institution 1813-1988
17892: LONGWORTH, T. CLIFTON - The Worship of Love: A Study of Nature Worship Throughout the World
42516: LOOMBA, ANIA - Colonialism/Postcolonialism
41010: LOPEZ, DONALD S., AND ROCKEFELLER, STEVEN C. (EDS.) - The Christ and the Bodhisattva
38487: LORD, WALTER (ED., COMMENTARY) - The Fremantle Diary Being the Journal of Lieutenant Colonel Arthur James Lyon Fremantle, Coldstream Guards, on His Three Months in the Southern States
34054: LOUDAN, JACK - The Hell-Rakes
33717: LOUKES, HAROLD - Friends and Their Children: A Study in Quaker Education
17091: LOVEL, T.W.I. (ED.) - Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Grouse at Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland. March 16th - 20th, 1981
42734: LOVETT, RICHARD (ED.) - Welsh Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil
41637: LOWE, GREGORY FERRELL, AND HUJANEN, TAISTO (EDS.) - Broadcasting & Convergence: New Articulations of the Public Service Remit
41663: LOWE, GREGORY FERRELL, AND JAUERT, PER (EDS.) - Cultural Dilemmas in Public Service Broadcasting
34931: LOWERSON, JOHN - A Short History of Sussex
21401: MANNÆI LUCANI [MARCUS ANNAEUS LUCANUS; LUCAN] - Pharsalia de Bello Civili Caesaris Et Pompeii Libri X
12457: LUCAS, W.W. - The Primordial Functions of Government and the Legal Status of Sovereignty
19350: LUCAS, JOHN (ED., INTR.) - William Blake
21189: LUCAS, F.L. (CHOSEN BY) - Thomas Lovell Beddoes: An Anthology
15606: LUCAS, HAROLD - Statistical Methods
41876: LUCE, H. KENNETH (ED.) - St Matthew's Gospel in English (Revised Version)
42829: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD, AND BARLOW, MARTIN - Shani Rhys James: Blood Ties - Cwlwm Gwaed
42774: LUCKOCK, HERBERT MORTIMER - Footprints of the Apostles As Traced By Saint Luke in the Acts &C.
41840: LUKES, STEVEN - Individualism
43180: LUNDE, KARL - Isabel Bishop
43672: LUTHER, KURT RICHARD, AND PULZER, PETER (EDS.) - Austria 1945-95: Fifty Years of the Second Republic
43696: LYDELL, EDWARD - Over the Hills
41497: LYNCH, MARGARET, AND MEMBERS OF THE RANULF HIGDEN SOCIETY (EDS.) - Life, Love and Death in North-East Lancashire 1510 to 1537
43285: LYNTON, NORBERT - Ben Nicholson
43313: LYNTON, NORBERT - Kenneth Armitage
34164: LYONS, A. NEIL - Robert Blatchford - the Sketch of a Personality: An Estimate of Some Achievements
38249: MA, WONSUK, AND MENZIES, ROBERT P. (EDS.) - Penetecostalism in Context: Essays in Honor of William W. Menzies
20485: MAASDORP, GAVIN, AND WHITESIDE, ALAN - Towards a Post-Apartheid Future: Political and Economic Relations in Southern Africa
42773: LORD MACAULAY - Critical and Historical Essays Contributed to the Edinburgh Review
42747: LORD MACAULAY - Critical and Historical Essays Contributed to the Edinburgh Review
42760: LORD MACAULAY - The Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches of Lord Macaulay
42046: MACCANNELL, JULIET FLOWER - Figuring Lacan: Criticism and the Cultural Unconscious
9876: MACCARTHY, FIONA - A History of British Design 1830-1970
43751: MACCOLL, MALCOLM - The Royal Commission and the Ornaments Rubric
40706: MACDONALD, ROBERT H. - Sons of the Empire: The Frontier and the Boy Scout Movement, 1890-1918
36848: MACGOWAN, KENNETH - The Rock of Cashel
36122: MACGREGOR, G.H.C., AND MORTON, A.Q. - The Structure of the Fourth Gospel
43871: MACHAN, TIBOR R. (ED.) - The Main Debate: Communism Versus Capitalism
32317: MACHEREY, PIERRE, ED. WARREN MONTAG, TRANS. TED STOLZE - In a Materialist Way: Selected Essays
34362: MACKAY, RICHARD - Cemeteries: A National Trust Policy Paper
36550: MACKENZIE, ANDREW - Archaeology in Romania: The Mystery of the Roman Occupation
43600: MACKENZIE, JOHN M. - Museums and Empire: Natural History, Human Cultures and Colonial Identities
37799: MACLAGAN, ROBERT CRAIG - Religio Scotica: Its Nature As Traceable in Scotic Saintly Tradition
33291: MACLEAN, IAN, MONTEFIORE, ALAN, AND WINCH, PETER (EDS.) - The Political Responsibilty of Intellectuals
42951: HORACE (COMMENTARY ARTHUR JOHN MACLEANE) - Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera Omnia [Bibliotheca Classica Vol. II]
42515: MACLYSAGHT, EDWARD - A Guide to Irish Surnames
37088: MACMILLAN, FREDERICK - The Net Book Agreement 1899 and the Book War 1906-1908
34872: MACPHEE, GRAHAM - The Architecture of the Visible
34236: MACQUOID, G.S. (SELECTED, ED.) - Jacobite Songs and Ballads
20243: MADDALA, G.S. (ED.) - The Econometrics of Panel Data - Volume I
32843: MADDEN, LAWRENCE (ED.) - The Joseph Campbell Phenomenon: Implications for the Contemporary Church
41487: MADDOCK, RAYMOND - Macclesfield Demolished But Not Forgotten: Memories of Macclesfield
32858: MADSEN, CATHERINE - The Bones Reassemble: Reconstituting Liturgical Speech
40240: MAERTENS, THIERRY - Assembly for Christ: From Biblical Theology to Pastoral Theology in the Twentieth Century
43250: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE (TRANS., INTR. ALFRED SUTRO) - Aglavaine and Selysette: A Drama in Five Acts
43251: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE (TRANS. RICHARD HOVEY) - Pelléas and Mélisande [and] Alladine and Palomides [and] Home
40880: MAGID, SHAUL - From Metaphysics to Midrash: Myth, History, and the Interpretation of Scripture in Lurianic Kabbala
33206: MAGNUS, BERND, AND CULLENBERG, STEPHEN (EDS., INTR.) - Whither Marxism? Global Crises in International Perspective
43573: MAGNUSSON, EIRIKR, AND MORRIS, WILLIAM (TRANS. FROM ICELANDIC) - The Story of the Volsungs & Niblungs with Certain Songs from the Elder Edda
38064: MAGONET, JONATHAN - A Rabbi Reads the Psalms
43640: MAHONY, ROBERT - Jonathan Swift: The Irish Identity
41718: MAINZER, KLAUS (TRANS. JOSEF EISINGER) - The Little Book of Time
39969: MAITLAND, J.A. FULLER (ED.) W.S. ROCKSTRO (ADDED VOCAL PARTS) - English Carols of the Fifteenth Century from a Ms. Roll in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge
31790: MAJUMDAR, MARGARET A. - Althusser and the End of Leninism?
43952: MAKIN, PETER - Pound's Cantos
31543: MALACHOWSKI, ALAN (ED.) - Reading Rorty: Critical Responses to Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (and Beyond)
43659: MALAMUTH, NEIL M., AND DONNERSTEIN, EDWARD (EDS.) - Pornography and Sexual Aggression
16689: MALKE, LUTZ S. (HERAUSGEGEBEN) - Narren: Porträts, Feste, Sinnbilder, Schwankbûcher Und Spielkarten Aus Dem 15. Bis 17. Jahrhundert
34508: EDWARDES, DAVID (TRANS., INTR. O'MALLEY AND RUSSELL) - Introduction to Anatomy 1532
9434: MALLON, MAURUS E. - Postcards to a Certain Michel: Essays
41473: MALMGREEN, GAIL - Silk Town: Industry and Culture in Macclesfield 1750-1835
20861: MALMGREEN, GAIL - Neither Bread Nor Roses: Utopian Feminists and the English Working Class, 1800-1850
33615: MALORY, THOMAS, ED. EUGèNE VINAVER - The Tale of the Death of King Arthur
34695: MALTHUS, T.R. - An Essay on the Principle of Population Or a View of Its Past and Present Effects on Human Happiness
8513: MANAGO, JOSEPH N. - Aesthetics: The Beauty of God, Nature, and Art
33119: MANDEL, ERNEST, ED. JON ROTHSCHILD - Revolutionary Marxism Today
31589: MANDEL, ERNEST (TRANS. JON ROTHSCHILD) - The Second Slump: A Marxist Analysis of Recession in the Seventies
33215: MANDEL, ERNEST - The Place of Marxism in History
002371: MANDER, JOHN - Elegaics
11985: MANGA, JANOS, TRANS, GYULA GULYAS - Hungarian Folk Songs and Folk Instruments
40986: MANN, BOB (ED.) - A Most Haunting Castle: Writings from the Ruins at Berry Pomeroy
41547: MANN, A.T. - Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold between Worlds
43577: BRADSHAW, MANNING AND THOMPSTONE (INTR.) - After the Fall: Central and Eastern Europe Since the Collapse of Communism
20830: MANNING, SAMUEL - Swiss Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil
36926: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS - Manuscripts and Men: An Exhibition of Manuscripts, Portraits and Pictures Held at the National Portrait Gallery, London June - August 1969
32532: MANZA, JEFF, AND BROOKS, CLEM - Social Cleavages and Political Change: Voter Alignments and U.S. Party Coalitions
32465: MAOR, MOSHE - Political Parties and Party Systems: Comparative Approaches and the British Experience
43781: MARCHANT, JAMES - Dr. John Clifford, C.H. - Life, Letters and Reminiscences
39893: DE MARGERIE, BERTRAND (PREFACE MANARANCHE) - Vous Ferez Ceci En Mémorial de Moi: Annonce Et Souvenir de la Mort Du Ressuscité
42118: MARGOLIES, DAVID M. - The Function of Literature: A Study of Christopher Caudwell's Aesthetics
18408: MARGOLIS, JOSEPH, ET AL - Psychology: Designing the Discipline
43299: GUYÉTAND [CLAUDE-MARIE] - Poésies Diverses
35903: MARITAIN, JACQUES - Antisemitism
32573: MARKOVIC, MIHAILO - From Affluence to Praxis: Philosophy and Social Criticism
33696: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER (ED. JOHN D. JUMP) - Tamburlaine the Great Parts I and II
41025: MARONEY, ERIC - Religious Syncretism (Scm Core Text)
43658: MAROWITZ, CHARLES - Roar of the Canon: Kott and Marowitz on Shakespeare
36437: MARR, L. JAMES - A History of the Bailiwick of Guernsey: The Islanders' Story
32400: MARSH, ALAN - Political Action in Europe and the Usa
38150: MARSH, CLIVE - Cinema and Sentiment: Film's Challenge to Theology
31998: MARSH, MICHAEL, AND MITCHELL, PAUL - How Ireland Voted 1997
43775: MARSH, F.W., FOREWORD BY HOWARD F. SUGDEN - Practical Truths from First Thessalonians
38694: MARSHALL, PAUL V. - Prayer Book Parallels: The Public Services of the Church Arranged for Comparative Study [Two Volumes]
35799: MARSHALL, JOHN - Catholics, Marriage and Contraception
20849: MARSHALL, J[OHN] - A Short and Practical Discourse, Upon the Holy Fast of Lent, Being the Substance of Two Sermons Preach'D at Whitehall, on the First and Third Sundays in Lent, Feb. 14, and 28, 1702/3
41865: MARSHALL, BRENDA K. - Teaching the Postmodern: Fiction and Theory
33884: MARSHALL, GEORGE N. - Facing Death and Grief: A Sensible Perspective for the Modern Person
39891: CABIÉ, ROBERT (ED. MARTIMORT ET AL) TRANS. MATTHEW J. O'CONNELL - The Church at Prayer: An Introduction to the Liturgy - Volume II: The Eucharist
42379: MARTIN, WALLACE - The New Age Under Orage: Chapters in English Cultural History
37138: MARTIN, STUART - The Mystery of Mormonism
39481: MARTIN, LAURENCE (ED.) - The Management of Defence: Papers Presented at the National Defence College, Latimer, in September 1974
43523: MARTIN, JOHN (PREFACE) WALTER SCOTT - Illustrations; Landscape, Historical, and Antiquarian to the Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
37554: MARTIN, CHARLES TRICE - The Record Interpreter: A Collection of Abbreviations, Latin Words and Names Used in English Historical Manuscripts and Records
35904: MARTIN, JOHN RUPERT - Rubens - the Antwerp Altarpieces: The Rasing of the Cross - the Descent from the Cross
19065: MARTIN, PRISCILLA (ED.) - Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida - a Casebook
38312: MARTIN, RALPH P. - Reconciliation: A Study of Paul's Theology
35113: MARTIN, JAMES P. - The Last Judgment in Protestant Theology from Orthodoxy to Ritschl
43366: MARTIN, HUGH, AND BLANE, RALPH (WORDS AND MUSIC) - The Trolley Song Featured in "Meet Me in St. Louis"
43541: MARTINDALE, FRANCES - Words of Hope & Comfort for the Sorrowful
33137: MARTINEAU, ALAIN, TRANS. JANE BRIELEY - Herbert Marcuse's Utopia
21206: MARTINET, GILLES (TRANS. FRANCES KELLY) - Marxism of Our Time Or the Contradictions of Socialism
43804: MASKELL, WILLIAM - The Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England According to the Uses of Sarum York Hereford and Bangor and the Roman Liturgy Arranged in Parallel Columns with Preface and Notes
43805: MASKELL, WILLIAM - Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae the Occasional Offices of the Church of England According to the Old Use of Salisbury the Prymer in English and Other Forms with Dissertations and Notes [Three Volumes]
38165: MASON, R. - Micah Nahum Obadiah (Old Testament Guides)
43578: MASON, CHRISTOPHER - Joanna Carrington
41560: MASSEY, MICHAEL - Studying Tv Drama
42706: N.A. [JEAN BAPTISTE MASSILLON] - Petit Carëme de Massillon, éVéque de Clermont
32778: MASTERS, ANTHONY - Bakunin: The Father of Anarchism
40390: MASURE, EUGèNE (TRANS. ANTHONY THOROLD) - The Sacrifice of the Mystical Body
42579: MATHIAS, ROLAND - The Hollowed-out Elder Stalk: John Cowper Powys As Poet
13261: MATHIAS, ROLAND - A Field at Vallorcines
43345: MATHIAS, ROLAND - Anglo-Welsh Literature: An Illustrated History
41729: MATSUNAGA, ALICIA - The Buddhist Philosophy of Assimilation: The Historical Development of the Honji-Suijaku Theory
7280: MATTHEWS, MIKE - Alf Cobb - Mugsborough Rebel: The Struggle for Justice in Edwardian Hastings
37021: MATTHEWS, W.H. - Mazes and Labyrinths: Their History and Development
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13940: READING MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY - Reading Exhibition of Heraldry 1963 Arranged By the Heraldry Society
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20734: NIMROD - Remarks on the Condition of Hunters, the Choice of Horses, and Their Management
37781: NISBET, J.F. - Marriage and Heredity: A View of Psychological Evolution
35733: NISBET, ULRIC - The Onlie Begetter
41628: NISHIDA, CHIYO, AND RUSSI, CINZIA (EDS.) - Building a Bridge between Linguistic Communities of the Old and the New World: Current Research in Tense, Aspect, Mood and Modality
17247: MODERN CHINA SERIES NO. 3 - China's Minority Nationalities: Selected Articles from Chinese Sources
35078: NOALL, CYRIL - The Book of Penzance
36902: NOALL, CYRIL - The Penzance Library 1818-1968
34171: NOBLE, RICHMOND - Shakespeare's Use of Song with the Text of the Principle Songs
43504: NOBLE, MARK - Memoirs of the Protectoral-House of Cromwell; Deduced from an Early Period, and Continued Down to the Present Time &C. [Two Volumes]
43703: CHAM [PSEUD. AMéDéE DE NOé] - A la Guerre Comme a la Guerre Variantes Lithographiques Sur le Thëme Bien Connu: Ah! Quel Plaisir D'ëtre Soldat
31994: NOHLEN, DIETER (ED.) - Elections in the Americas: A Data Handbook [Two Volumes]
33630: NOLAN, WILLIAM, AND WHELAN, KEVIN (EDS.) - Kilkenny: History and Society - Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County
15801: NOON, MIKE, AND BLYTON, PAUL - The Realities of Work
40474: NORMAN, GERAL R. (FOREWORD) - Peter de Wint's (1784-1849) 'Sketches from Nature': A Loan Exhibition of Watercolours and Drawings
40701: NORMAND, HENRY - Les Maïtres Du Taol Lao-Tseu, Lie-Tseu, Tchouang-Tseu
34349: NORR, SVANTE - To Rede and to Rown: Expressions of Early Scandinavian Kingship in Written Sources
21033: NORRIS, CHRISTOPHER - The Contest of Faculties: Philosophy and Theory After Deconstruction
42809: NORRIS, MARIA - Life and Times of Madame de Staêl
37265: NORTHCOTE, ROSALIND - The Book of Herbs
40417: NORTHCOTE, J. SPENCER, AND BROWNLOW, W.R. (FROM THE WORK OF COMMENDATORE DE ROSSI) - Roma Sotterranea Or Some Account of the Roman Catacombs Especially of the Cemetery of San Callisto
32439: NORTON, PHILIP (ED.) - Parliaments in Contemporary Western Europe Volume 1: Parliaments and Governments in Western Europe
18088: N.A. (PREPARED BY J.M. NOSWORTHY) - Lusty Juventus
43966: ANONYMOUS (NOTES, BIBLIOGRAPHY, JEROME PELTIER) - The Banditti of the Rocky Mountains and Vigilance Committee in Idaho: An Authentic Record of Startling Adventures in the Gold Mines of Idaho
43529: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS T. (NOTES &C.] - The Treasury of Sacred Song Selected from the English Lyrical Poetry of Four Centuries
40654: NOTT, C.S. - Teachings of Gurdjieff: A Pupil's Journal - an Account of Some Years with G.I. Gurdjieff and A.R. Orage in New York and at Fontainbleau-Avon
33145: NOVACK, GEORGE - Understanding History: Marxist Essays
35254: NOVACK, GEORGE - Polemics in Marxist Philosophy
35263: NOVACK, GEORGE - Democracy and Revolution
35284: NOVACK, GEORGE, FRANKEL, DAVE, AND FELDMAN, FRED - The First Three Internationals: Their History and Lessons
15077: NOVE, ALEC - Socialism, Economics and Development
20303: NOVE, ALEC - Studies in Economics and Russia
42027: OAKLEY, ALLEN - Marx's Critique of Political Economy: Intellectual Sources and Evolution [Two Volumes]
35792: OBERLING, CHARLES, TRANS. ERIC MOSBACHER - The Fight Against Cancer
34761: ODGERS, W. BLAKE - An Outline of the Law of Libel: Six Lectures Delivered in the Middle Temple Hall During Michaelmas Term, 1896
43591: OESTERLEY, W.O.E. - The Gospel Parables in the Light of Their Jewish Background
20089: NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT PUBLICITY OFFICE - Royalty in New Zealand: Official Pictorial Souvenir of the Visit of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of York, 1927
38318: OGDEN, GRAHAM - Qoheleth [Readings - a New Biblical Commentary]
40400: OGILVIE, WILL H. - Scattered Scarlet
40409: OGILVIE, WILL H. - Over the Grass
33681: OGILVIE, CHARLES - The King's Government and the Common Law 1471-1641
14929: OHKAWA, KAZUSHI, AND RANIS, GUSTAV (EDS.) WITH LARRY MEISSNER - Japan and the Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis
34808: OLD, WALTER GORN, TRANS. - The Shu King Or the Chinese Historical Classic Being an Authentic Record of the Religion, Philosophy, Customs and Government of the Chinese from the Earliest Times
41089: EPICTETUS (TRANS. W.A. OLDFATHER) - The Discourses As Reported By Arrian, the Manual, the Fragments [Volume II Only]
36912: OLDHAM, J.H. - White and Black in Africa: A Critical Examination of the Rhodes Lectures of General Smuts
42509: OLENDER, MAURICE (TRANS. ARTHUR GOLDHAMMER) - The Languages of Paradise: Race, Religion, and Philology in the Nineteenth Century
43683: OLESON, TRYGGVI J. - Early Voyages and Northern Approaches 1000 - 1632
43550: MRS. OLIPHANT - Francis of Assisi
42957: MRS OLIPHANT - Historical Sketches of the Reign of George II
37779: OLIVER, F.W. (PREF.) - Life and Its Maintenance: A Symposium on Biological Problems of the Day
37268: OLIVER, GEORGE (ED. W.D. HALLIBURTON) - Studies in Blood-Pressure Physiological and Clinical
42177: OLIVER, GEORGE - The History of the City of Exeter
34640: OLIVER, DAVID R. - Late Medieval Thanet and the Cinque Ports
43673: OLLERENSHAW, PHILIP - Banking in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: The Belfast Banks, 1825-1914
20645: OLSON, WILLIAM - Lion of the China Sea: A History of the Eastern and Australian Steamship Company Limited (Incorporated in England)
34111: OMAN, CHARLES W. - Warwick the Kingmaker
37337: OMAN, JOHN - The Text of Revelation: A Revised Theory
19568: ONIMUS, JEAN (TRANS. EMMETT PARKER) - Albert Camus and Christianity
39887: ORME, NICHOLAS - English Church Dedications with a Survey of Devon and Cornwall
40360: ORMEROD, ALLAN - An Industrial Odyssey: Memoirs of an Engineer and Textile Industrialist in a Career Extending from 1936 to 1995
33353: ORR, JAMES - David Hume and His Influence on Philosophy and Theology
13816: ORSO, STEVEN N. - Art and Death at the Spanish Habsburg Court: The Royal Exequies for Philip IV
40174: OSBORN, ARTHUR W. (FOREWORD RAYNOR C. JOHNSON) - The Expansion of Awareness: One Man's Search for Meaning in Living
35271: OSBORNE, PETER, ED. - A Critical Sense: Interviews with Intellectuals
9675: OSBORNE, JOHN - Look Back in Anger: A Play in Three Acts
32876: OSHO - When the Shoe Fits: Commentaries on the Stories of the Taoist Mystic Chuang Tzu
18389: OSIATYNSKI, JERZY (TRANS. JAN TOPOROWSKI) - Michal Kalecki on a Socialist Economy
43165: OSWICK, CLIFF, AND GRANT, DAVID - Organisation Development: Metaphorical Explorations
37159: OTEY AND BRINEY - Otey-Briney Debate between W.W. Otey of Lynn, Indiana and Elder J.B. Briney of Louisvlle, Kentucky
20452: OTTOSON, DAVID (ED.) - Duality and Unity of the Brain: Unified Functioning and Specialisation of the Hemispheres
43008: OVENDEN, GRAHAM - Pre-Raphaelite Photography
36224: OWEN, OLWYN, MACSWEEN, ANN, AND RITCHIE, MATTHEW - The Future of the Scottish Burgh Survey (Research Report)
8912: OWEN, HUGH - The Elementary Education Act, 1876 (39 and 40 Vict. , C. 79) with Introduction, Notes, and Index (and) an Appendix Containing the Regulations.
43748: OWEN, JOHN (ED. WILLIAM H. GOOLD) - The Works of John Owen Volume XV - Church Purity & Unity
43038: BISHOP OF OXFORD ET AL - Lenten Sermons Preached in Oxford in 1859
42701: D'OYLY, GEORGE, AND MANT, RICHARD - The Holy Bible According to the Authorized Edition &C. [and] the Book of Common Prayer
32653: JONTE-PACE, DIANE - Speaking the Unspeakable: Religion, Misogyny, and the Uncanny Mother in Freud's Cultural Texts
32960: PACKER, WILLIAM - Contemporary British Landscape
32105: PADGETT, STEPHEN (ED.) - Adenauer to Kohl: The Development of the German Chancellorship
41436: PAGÁN, VICTORIA EMMA - Conspiracy Narratives in Roman History
43437: PAGE, WILLIAM - The Story of the English Towns: St. Albans
14100: PAGE, HENRY - Good Will on a Coral Strand
19994: PAGET, JOHN C. - Naval Powers and Their Policy with Tabular Statements of British and Foreign Ironclad Navies; Giving Dimensions, Armour, Details of Armament, Engines, Speed, and Other Particulars
20111: PAISLEYS - Highland Dress
43962: PAL, IZZUD-DIN - Pakistan, Islam, and Economics: Failure of Modernity
43838: PALLISER, BURY - Historic Devices, Badges, and War-Cries
37670: PALMER, HENRY SPENCER, REVISED SAYCE - Sinai from the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty to the Present Day
38948: PALMER, G.H. (ADAPTED BY) - The Offices, Or Introits for Sundays and Festivals with the Musical Notation from the Sarum Graduale
42936: PALMER, ROUNDELL (SELECTED, ARRANGED) - The Book of Praise from the Best English Hymn Writers
43107: PALMER, JOHN, AND RANSON, RON - Ron Ranson's Painting School: Watercolour Landscape
43467: PALMER, WILLIAM - Origines Liturgicae, Or Antiquities of the English Ritual, and a Dissertation on Primitive Liturgies
43193: PALMER, G.H. - The Psalms & Canticles at Mattins & Evensong Pointed to the Eight Gregorian Tones from the Sarum Tonale
14516: PALMERIO, GIOVANNI - Perspectives on Economic Thought
15055: PANAYIOTOPOULOS, PRODROMOS, AND CAPPS, GAVIN (EDS.) - World Development: An Introduction
20475: PANIC, M. - National Management of the International Economy
33333: PANITCH, LEO - Renewing Socialism: Democracy, Strategy, and Imagination
40294: PANTON, J.E. - From Kitchen to Garret: Hints for Young Householders
41737: PAPADAKIS, ELIM - The Green Movement in West Germany
43448: PAPWORTH, JOHN - An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms Belonging to Families in Great Britain and Ireland; Forming an Extensive Ordinary of British Armorials &C. [Two Volumes]
43386: N.A. (PARDON, GEORGE FREDERICK] - Illustrious Women Who Have Distinguished Themselves for Virtue, Piety, and Benevolence
42418: PARGETER, WILLIAM (ED. STANLEY W. JACKSON) - Observations on Maniacal Disorders
12498: PARIKH, G.D. - General Education in Indian Universities
39937: DARTMOOR NATIONAL PARK - The Archaeology of Dartmoor from the Air
33495: PARKER, D.C. - Some Aspects of Gipsy Music
32240: PARKER, IAN, AND SPEARS, RUSSELL (EDS.) - Psychology and Society: Radical Theory and Practice
32066: PARKES, STUART - Understanding Contemporary Germany
35393: PARKINSON, G.H.R. - Georg Lukács
43132: ACT OF PARLIAMENT - Georgii III Regis &C. An Act for Taking Down the Church of All Saints, in the Town of Fulbourne &C.
35536: BRETON, ANDRé, TRANS. PARMENTIER AND D'AMBOISE - Free Rein (la Clé Des Champs)
35476: PARNELL, R.W. - Behaviour and Physique: An Introduction to Practical and Applied Somatometry
20085: PARR, W.H. - Port Nelson - Gateway to the Sea: A History of Nelson Harbour Board to 1978
32868: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY - Sexual Morality in the World's Religions
39847: PARROT, ANDRé (TRANS. EDWIN HUDSON) - Golgotha and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
12765: PARRY, EDWARD ABBOTT (ED.) - Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple (1652-54)
13259: PARRY, WILLIAM - The Old Welsh Evangelist, and Other Poems
40468: GAMBIER-PARRY, T.R. (ED.) - The Colbertine Breviary [Two Volumes]
34121: PARSONS, ROBERT - The Christian Directory Guiding Men to Their Eternal Salvation
43441: PARSONS, MRS. CLEMENT - Garrick and His Circle
32154: PARSONS, NICK - Employee Participation in Europe: A Case Study in the British and French Gas Industries
38599: PARTON, JAMES - The Life and Times of Aaron Burr [Two Volumes]
18086: N.A. (PREPARED BY A.C. PARTRIDGE AND THE GENERAL EDITOR) - Gentleness and Nobility`
43156: REPORT OF A HOWARD LEAGUE WORKING PARTY - Unlawful Sex: Offences, Victims and Offenders in the Criminal Justice System of England and Wales
34381: MEMBERS OF THE NONCONFORMIST WORKING PARTY - Hallelujah! Recording Chapels and Meeting Houses
6394: PARULSKI, GEORGE R. - Sword of the Samurai: The Classical Art of Japanese Swordsmanship
30869: PASLEY, C.W. (ED. IN THE LIGHT OF THE SCIENCE OF ORGANISATION BY B.R. WARD) - The Military Policy and Institutions of the British Empire
41180: PASSIAN, RUDOLF - Licht Und Schatten Der Esoterik
19512: GOMEZ, JUAN PASTOR (WITH JOSE NAVARRO LATORRE) - San Francisco de Borja 1510-1772 (Un Jesuita, Santo Duque, Del Siglo XVI)
41717: PATERSON, DON - Rain
37392: PATTERSON, L.G. - God and History in Early Christian Thought: A Study of Themes from Justin Martyr to Gregory the Great
15384: PATTNAYAK, SATYA R. - Globalization, Urbanization, and the State: Selected Studies on Contemporary Latin America
32503: PATTON, DAVID F. - Cold War Politics in Postwar Germany
15009: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL, ET AL (EDS.) - The New Social Contract: Essays on Gauthier
33038: DYE, PAUL AND PHILIP (FOREWORD) - Barbara Rae Ra
43906: PAULIN, GUSTAVE - Théorie de la Gymnastique Pratique [and] Atlas de la Gymnastique Pratique
42573: PAYNE, PHOEBE D., AND BENDIT, LAURENCE J. - This World and That: An Analytical Study of Psychic Communication
18040: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE (INTR. GEORGE SAINTSBURY) - The Misfortunes of Elphin and Rhododaphne
43187: PEAK, ROBERT (ED.) - Illustrators '65
39720: PEARCE, CHARLES WILLIAM - The Priest's Part of the Anglican Liturgy Choir Offices & Litany
6949: PEARCE, JAMES J. - Everybody's Polo
13279: PEARMAN, HUGH (FOREWORD ALAN COLQUHOUN) - Rick Mather: Urban Approaches
40677: PEARSALL, ANTHONY B. - The Lovecraft Lexicon: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H.P. Lovecraft
34002: PEARSON, LU EMILY - Elizabethan Love Conventions
18603: PEARSON, NICHOLAS - Alec Pearson: A Line Through a Life
40237: PECK, A.L. - This Church of Christ: An Examination of Certain Presuppositions in the Historic Episcopate
15836: PEDERSEN, LEE, ET AL (EDS.) - A Manual for Dialect Research in the Southern States
6851: PEDROTTI, REMO - Famous Climbs in the Dolomites
12993: PEELE, MICHAEL - Shropshire in Poem and Legend
15355: PEET, RICHARD (ED.) - International Capitalism and Industrial Restructuring: A Critical Analysis
43676: PELTRE, CHRISTINE - Orientalism
15298: PENN, ROGER - Class, Power and Technology: Skilled Workers in Britain and America
32389: PENNIMAN, HOWARD R. (ED.) - Greece at the Polls: The National Elections of 1974 and 1977
33911: PERIN, F. WILLIAM, ED. C. KIRCHBERGER - Spiritual Exercises of a Dominican Friar Being Ghostly Meditations, and a Near Way to Come to Perfection and a Life Contemplative
41618: PERKINS, MAUREEN - The Reform of Time: Magic and Modernity
39870: PERKINS, JOCELYN - Westminster Abbey: Its Worship and Ornaments [Three Volumes]
39692: PERKINS, S.C. - The Standard Catalogue War Medals of the World with Valuations 1650-1989
15283: PERRI 6, AND KENDALL, JEREMY (EDS.) - The Contract Culture in Public Services: Studies from Britain, Europe and the Usa
35993: PERRY, THOMAS WALTER - Some Historical Considerations Relating to the Declaration on Kneeling, Appended to the Communion Office of the English Book of Common Prayer &C.
38536: GOULD, PETER AND OLSSON, GUNNAR (EDS.) - A Search for Common Ground
37620: COWIE, PETER [AND] BJÖRKMAN, STIG [AND] BERGOM-LARSSON, MARIA - Film in Sweden: Stars and Players [and] New Directors [and] Ingmar Bergman and Soiciety
37254: PETER, THURSTAN C. - The Old Cornish Drama with Illustrations from Ancient Cornish Sacred Poems and Miracle Plays of Other Lands (a Lecture)
43859: PETERSEN, CAROL MILES - Bess Streeter Aldrich: The Dreams Are All Real
38699: PETERSEN, JOAN M. - Altar Frontals: Their History and Construction, with Special Reference to English Tradition and Practice
42768: DR. LE PETIT - Sittengallerie Der Nationen: Das Buch Der Vôlker in Bildern Vignetten
43981: N.A. [JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU] EDS. DU PEYROU AND PéTER - Correspondance Originale Et inédite de J.J. Rousseau Avec Mme. Latour de Franqueville Et M. Du Peyrou [Two Volumes]
32144: PFALLER, ALFRED, GOUGH, IAN, AND THERBORN, GöRAN (EDS.) - Can the Welfare State Compete? a Comparative Study of Five Advanced Capitalist Countries
33718: PHAIRE, THOMAS - The Boke of Chyldren
12316: TOYNBEE, PHILIP ET AL - The Fearful Choice: A Debate on Nuclear Policy
20443: PHILIP, GEORGE - The Presidency in Mexican Politics
17242: PHILLIPPS, WILLIAM J. - Maori Houses and Food Stores
15552: PHILLIPS, D.C. - Philosophy, Science and Social Inquiry: Contemporary Methodological Controversies in Social and Related Applied Fields of Research
15471: PHILLIPS, D.C. - The Social Scientist's Bestiary: A Guide to Fabled Threats to, and Defenses of, Naturalistic Social Science
33000: PHILLIPS, CHARLIE (ED.) - #1 - Spring 2003
43425: KLINGERT, KARL HEINRICH (INTR. MICHAEL JUNG, TRANS. PHILLIPS AND PETTIGREW, EDS. FARDELL AND PHILLIPS) - Description of a Diving Machine Suitable for Use in Rivers (1797) and a Brief Supplement to the History and Description &C.
12292: PHILLPOTTS, BERTHA SURTEES - Kindred and Clan in the Middle Ages and After: A Study in the Sociology of the Teutonic Races
36959: PHILP, BRIAN - The Roman Fort at Reculver
39369: PHILP, ROBERT KEMP - The History of Progress in Britain
34912: PHOENIX, JOANNA - Making Sense of Prostitution
35682: PICKERING, GEORGE - Creative Malady: Illness in the Lives and Minds of Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale, Mary Baker Eddy, Sigmund Freud, Marcel Proust, Elizabeth Barrett Browning
42003: PICKERING, W.S.F. (ED.) TRANS. H.L. SUTCLIFFE - Durkheim: Essays on Morals and Educations
21197: PICOLOTTI, ROMINA, AND TAILLANT, JORGE DANIEL (EDS.) - Linking Human Rights and the Environment
35041: PIERCY, ROB - Mynydd Eryri - the Snowdonia Collection
41238: CARTIER, JEAN-PIERRE ET RACHEL - Prophètes D'Aujourd'Hui
42914: PIGNOTTI, LORENZO (ARETINO) - Poesie DI Lorenzo Pignotti [and] Parte Seconda
43350: PIGNOTTI, LORENZO (ARETINO) - Favole E Novelle
31879: PILISUK, MARC, AND PARKS, SUSAN HILLIER - The Healing Web: Social Networks and Human Survival
21529: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA - D.H. Lawrence: Prophet of the Midlands
21530: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA (ED.) - D.H. Lawrence After Thirty Years 1930-1960
37427: PITCHER, SEYMOUR M. - The Case for Shakespeare's Authorship of the Famous Victories with the Complete Text of the Anonymous Play
37923: PITTION, JEAN-PAUL - Taking Liberties: Estampes Satiriques de la Révolution Française
13942: PLANCHÉ, J.R. - The Pursuivant of Arms; Or, Heraldry Founded Upon Facts
43632: PLAZA, MARIA (ED.) - Persius and Juvenal [Oxford Readings in Classical Studies]
40412: PLOMER, WILLIAM (ED., INTR.) - Kilvert's Diary: Selections from the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert [Three Volumes]
43945: PLOTNITSKY, ARKADY - Reconfigurations: Critical Theory and General Economy
39104: POCKNEE, CYRIL E. - Liturgical Vesture: Its Origins and Development (Alcuin Club Tracts, 30)
38543: PODMORE, FRANK - Robert Owen: A Biography [Two Volumes in One]
43552: POLLARD, A.F. - Henry VIII
30858: POLLARD, JAMES E., AND CRANE, E.J. - The Kit-Kat Club of Columbus 1911-1961
33908: POLLARD, FRANCIS E., ET AL - Democracy and the Quaker Method
43915: POLLARD, HUGH B.C. - The Book of the Pistol & Revolver
36279: POLLOCK, J.C. - A Cambridge Movement
32119: POMMERIN, REINER (ED.) - Culture in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1995
33838: POMPEN, AURELIUS - The English Versions of the Ship of Fools: A Contribution to the History of the Early French Renaissance in England
43856: PONSONBY, FREDERICK (ED.) - Letters of the Empress Frederick
16917: PONTING, K.G. - A History of the West of England Cloth Industry
42102: MERLEAU-PONTY, MAURICE (ED. JOHN O'NEILL) - Phenomenology, Language and Society: Selected Essays
43691: POOLE, RICHARD EDWARD [ATTRIB.] - The Bibliographical and Retrospective Miscellany. Containing Notices of, and Extracts from, Rare, Curious, and Useful Books &C.
42937: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Rape of the Lock: An Heroi-Comical Poem 1712
39415: PORTER, J.R. - Moses and Monarchy: A Study in the Biblical Tradition of Moses
34602: PORTER, W.S. - The Gallician Rite (Studies in Eucharistic Faith and Practice)
38512: PORTWAY, DOUGLAS - Selected Graphic Works
31905: POST, KEN - Regaining Marxism
43051: POSTLE, MARTIN, AND VAUGHAN, WILLIAM - The Artist's Model from Etty to Spencer
21172: POSUSNEY, MARSHA PRIPSTEIN, AND COOK, LINDA J. (EDS.) - Privatization and Labor: Responses and Consequences in Global Perspective
43767: POTTGEISSER, JULIUS (TRANS. JAMES CONWAY) - Sermons for the Sundays and Chief Festivals of the Ecclesiastical Year &C. Vol. I. Sermons for Sundays
41826: POULANTZAS, NICO (TRANSLATION ED. TIMOTHY O'HAGAN) - Political Power and Social Classes
20802: POWELL, CHRISTABEL - Walter Powell's Gwent: An Architectural Biography of a 17th Century Diarist
38666: POWER, J. TRACY - Lee's Miserables: Life in the Army of Northern Virginia from the Wilderness to Appomattox
41504: POWER, MICHAEL (ED.) - Liverpool Town Books 1649-1671
37373: POWER, PATRICK C. - The Courts Martial of 1798-9
43733: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Wood and Stone: A Romance
43428: POWYS, LITTLETON C. - The Powys Family
40007: PRADHAN, TRILOCHAN - Quantum Mechanics
43312: GASPARRI, PETRO CARD. (PRAEFATIONE &C.) - Codex Iuris Canonici Pii X Pontificis Maximi Iussu Digestus Benedicti Papae XV
34982: PRATT, EDWIN A. - The Licensed Trade: An Independent Survey
43819: COMMON PRAYER - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments &C.
43536: COMMON PRAYER - The Book of Common Prayer and the Administration of the Sacraments &C.
43637: PREBISH, CHARLES S. - Luminous Passage: The Practice and Study of Buddhism in America
42748: G.H.P. [GEORGE HAVEN PUTNAM] PREFACE - Prose Masterpieces from Modern Essayists Comprising Twelve Unabridged Essays &C.
37502: CONTEMPORARY FILMS PRESENT - Section 2 of the Main Catalogue
35017: L'ABBé PRéVOST, TRANS. GEORGE DUNNING GRIBBLE - The History of Manon Lescaut and the Chevalier Des Grieux
34180: PRICE, DEREK J. (ED., FROM PETERHOUSE MS. 75. I - The Equatorie of the Planetis
36849: PRINCE, ROSALIND (WALKS PREPARED BY GEOFF BRADLEY) - Castle Walks in and Around Historic Sites of Staffordshire
43334: GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE: PRINT - Boscobel House, Shropshire [and] the Royal Oak
19505: PRINZ, BERNARD - Voltaire
37918: PRIOR, LOVEDAY - Tyrant Fevers
43196: PROCTER, FRANCIS - A History of the Book of Common Prayer with a Rationale of Its Offices
18075: N.A. (ATTR. JOHN HEYWOOD) PREPARED BY G.R. PROUDFOOT - Johan Johan the Husband
18080: N.A. (PREPARED BY G.R. PROUDFOOT) - A Knack to Know a Knave 1594
18079: N.A. (PREPARED BY G.R. PROUDFOOT [AND] L.M. CLOPPER) - The Pardoner and the Friar 1533 [and] the Four Ps ? 1544
15846: PROUT, CHRISTOPHER - Market Socialism in Yugoslavia
43076: PRUEN, THOMAS - An Illustration of the Liturgy and Service of the United Church of England and Ireland, As to Its Daily Ministration
43744: COLLINS LITURGICAL PUBLICATIONS - The Weekday Missal: Weekday Masses for the Proper of Seasons, the Proper of Saints, Common Masses, Votive and Occasional Masses Complete with Readings in One Volume
36702: PUGH, JOHN - Good-Bye Forever: The Victim of a System
42629: PUGH, PETER - Williamson Magor Stuck to Tea
42519: DE PURUCKER, G. - Occult Glossary: A Compendium of Oriental and Theosophical Terms
20551: PYNSENT, ROBERT B. (ED.) - T.G. Masaryk (1850-1937) Volume 2 : Thinker and Critic
40575: QIAN, ZHAOMING (ED.) - Modernism and the Orient
39796: QUASTEN, JOHANNES - Patrology [Three Volumes]
37841: QVIST, GEORGE - John Hunter 1728-1793
43959: RADCLIFFE, ANN (ED. FREDERICK GARBER) - The Italian Or the Confessional of the Black Penitents: A Romance
36957: RADFORD, C.A. RALEGH - Pre-Conquest Minster Churches
20365: RADICE, GILES - Labour's Path to Power
43292: RAINE, ALLEN [ANNE ADALIZA BEYNON PUDDICOMBE] - A Welsh Witch [and Others] (Three Volumes, Twenty-Two Titles)
32050: RALLINGS, COLIN, AND THRASHER, MICHAEL - British Electoral Facts 1832-1999
42450: YOGI RAMACHARAKA - Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism
40106: RAMSAY, E.W. - My Psychic Quest: The Story of a Search in Spiritualism
16803: RAMSAY, G.D. (ED.) - Two Sixteenth Century Taxation Lists 1545 and 1576
43810: RAMSAY, G.G. (ENGLISH TRANSLATION) - Juvenal and Persius
42640: RAMSDEN, A.R. - Assam Planter: Tea Planting and Hunting in the Assam Jungle
15538: RANIS, GUSTAV, AND MAHMOOD, SYED AKHTAR - The Political Economy of Development Policy Change
20011: RANK, BENJAMIN K. - Heads and Hands: An Era of Plastic Surgery
14462: RANKIN, AIDAN - The Politics of the Forked Tongue: Authoritarian Liberalism
43791: RANSOME, HILDA M. - The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore
40373: RAPER, JULIUS ROWAN, ENSCORE, MELODY L., AND BYNUM, PAIGE MATTHEY (EDS.) - Lawrence Durrell: Comprehending the Whole
41594: RAPPERT, BRIAN (ED.) - Technology and Security: Governing Threats in the New Millennium
43941: RASCHKE, WENDY J. (ED.) - The Archaeology of the Olympics: The Olympics and Other Festivals in Antiquity
38125: RASHKOW, ILONA N. - Taboo Or Not Taboo: Sexuality and Family in the Hebrew Bible
42669: RATTRAY, J.J., AND TALLACK, H. MACKAY (PREFACE, PROCEEDINGS) - Detailed Report of the General Committee of the Indian Tea Association for the Year 1954
36968: RAVINET, SUZANNE (AVANT-PROPOS) - Le Pays de Loudunois Patrimine Connu Et Peu Connu - Tome 1: Prehistorie - Moyen Age
21945: RAWLINGS, JOHN, AND PASSMORE, MICHAEL - Die Postgeschichte Der Nûrnbeger Reichsparteitage - the Postal History of the Nuremberg Rallies
42718: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Heathen World of St. Paul: St. Paul in Damascus and Arabia [Bound with] St. Paul in Asia Minor and at the Syrian Antioch
43005: RAWSON, PHILIP (ED.) - Primitive Erotic Art
39468: RAWSON, C.J. - Gulliver and the Gentle Reader: Studies in Swift and Our Time
34715: RAYNAL, WILFRID - The Ordinal of King Edward VI. Its History, Theology, and Liturgy
20467: RAZIN, ASSAF, AND SADKA, EFRAIM (EDS.) - Economic Policy in Theory and Practice
20614: RAZIN, ASSAF, AND SADKA, EFRAIM (EDS.) - Economic Policy in Theory and Practice
42209: READER, IAN - Religion in Contemporary Japan
31519: READINGS, BILL - Introducing Lyotard: Art and Politics
43940: REDPATH, PETER A. (ED.) INTR. JAMES V. SCHALL - From Twilight to Dawn: The Cultural Vision of Jacques Maritain
32886: REED, CHARLES (ED.) - Development Matters: Christian Perspectives on Globalization
38026: REED, JEFFREY T. - A Discourse Analysis of Philippians: Method and Rhetoric in the Debate over Literary Integrity
31763: REES, JOHN (ED.) - Essays on Historical Materialism
36227: REES, THOMAS, AND MILLS, CORALIE - Bracken and Archaeology (Technical Advice Note 17)
33795: REES, JOAN - Samuel Daniel: A Critical and Biographical Study
35244: REES, JOHN - The Algebra of Revolution: The Dialectic and the Classical Marxist Tradition
42505: REEVES, MARJORIE, AND GOULD, WARWICK - Joachim of Fiore and the Myth of the Eternal Evangel in the Nineteenth Century
43903: REEVES, JOHN C., AND KAMPEN, JOHN (EDS.) - Pursuing the Text: Studies in Honor of Bez Zion Wacholder on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday
43023: REFF, THEODORE - Manet: Olympia
40804: REGARDIE, ISRAEL - Foundations of Practical Magic: An Introduction to Qabalistic, Magical and Meditative Techniques
14714: REGINI, MARIO (ED.) - The Future of Labour Movements
38655: REICH, JEROME R. - Leisler's Rebellion: A Study of Democracy in New York 1664-1720
43077: REICH, SHELDON - John Marin: A Stylistic Analysis and Catalogue Raisonné [Two Volumes in Slipcase]
41654: REID, DONALD G. - Tourism, Globalization and Development: Responsible Tourism Planning
37059: REID, ROBERT (ED. BRIAN HORROCKS) - The Churchill Years
40250: REIF, STEFAN C. - Judaism and Hebrew Prayer: New Perspectives on Jewish Liturgical History
14739: REIFER, THOMAS EHRLICH (ED.) - Globalization, Hegemony & Power: Antisystemic Movements & the Global System
38070: REINHARTZ, ADELE - Scripture on the Silver Screen
36599: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - The Herefordshire Beacon
36608: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - Wilton Castle 1066 to 1644
36612: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - Bloody Montgomery 1223 to 1295
36611: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - Oystermouth Castle 1066 to 1326
36843: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - Castles of Breconshire
42585: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - Montgomery Castle: A Royal Fortress of Henry III
36592: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - Kington and Huntington Castles 1066 to 1416
36594: REMFRY, PAUL MARTIN - Radnor Castle 1066 to 1282
38669: REMINI, ROBERT V. - Andrew Jackson & His Indian Wars
33779: REMNANT, G.L. - A Catalogue of Misericords in Great Britain
39549: RENAUDOT, EUSEBE (INTR. J.M. HUSSEY) - Liturgiarum Orientalum Collectio - Frankfurt and London 1847 [Two Volumes]
20546: RENWICK, NEIL - Japan's Alliance Politics and Defence Production
42653: REPPLIER, AGNES - To Think of Tea!
43614: RESNIK, SALOMON, TRANS. ALAN SHERIDAN - The Theatre of the Dream
43592: RÉVILLE, ALBERT - History of the Dogma of the Deity of Jesus Christ
37468: GIFFORD, WILLIAM (TRANS.) REVISED AND ANNOTATED JOHN WARRINGTON - Juvenal's Satires with the Satires of Persius
36906: REY, JEAN - Essays of Jean Rey, Doctor of Medicine, on an Enquiry Into the Cause Wherefore Tin and Lead Increase in Weight on Cacination (1630)
38897: REYNOLDS, HERBERT EDWARD (DESCRIPTIVE NOTES, INTR.) - An Original Manuscript of John Hooker, Chamberlain of the City of Exeter, 1555
40230: REYNOLDS, REGINALD (PREF. STEPHEN HOBHOUSE) - The Wisdom of John Woolman with a Selection of His Writings As a Guide to the Seekers of Today
32001: REYNOLDS, ANDREW (ED.) - The Architecture of Democracy: Constitutional Design, Conflict Management, and Democracy
43274: REYNOLDS, HERBERT - A Short History of the Ancient Diocese of Exeter from the Conquest to the Church Congress of 1894
32015: RHODES, R.A.W., AND WRIGHT, VINCENT (EDS.) - Tensions in the Territorial Politics of Western Europe
34399: RHODES, JOHN (ED.) - A Calendar of the Registers of the Priory of Llanthony By Gloucester 1457-1466, 1501-1525
20239: RICH, PAUL B. (ED.) - The Dynamics of Change in Southern Africa
43694: BLUM, RICHARD AND EVA - The Dangerous Hour: The Lore of Crisis and Mystery in Rural Greece
40763: RICHARDS, SAM - The Engaged Musician: A Manifesto
37665: RICHARDS, JULIAN (ED. DAVID M. JONES) - Stonehenge: A History in Photographs
40724: RICHARDS, SAM - John Cage As.
42304: RICHARDSON, ALAN - Priestess: The Life and Magic of Dion Fortune
42225: RICHARDSON, ALAN (ED., INTR.) - Dancers to the Gods
42006: RICHARDSON, JACOB - Cannibals Were My Friends: Finlay's True Fernandian Tales
37701: RICHTER, HANS, ED. RöMHILD, TRANS. BREWSTER - The Struggle for the Film: Towards a Socially Responsible Cinema
43469: RIDDLE, GRANT C. - Amputees & Devotees
43588: RIDLEY, JASPER GODWIN - Nicholas Ridley: A Biography
14076: RIELY, JOHN - Rowlandson Drawings from the Paul Mellon Collection
35450: RIGBY, S.H. - Engels and the Formation of Marxism: History, Dialectics and Revolution
36954: RIGOLD, S.E. - The Roman Haven of Dover
37919: OVID (TRANS. HENRY T. RILEY) - The Fasti, Tristia, Pontic Epistles, Ibis, and Halieuticon
39858: RILEY, ATHELSTAN (ED.) - Prayer Book Revision
40273: RILEY, ATHELSTAN - Prayer Book Revision: The Irreducible Minimum &C.
42068: RILEY, PATRICK - The General Will Before Rousseau: The Transformation of the Divine Into the CIVIC
39852: RILEY, ATHELSTAN (DESCRIPTIVE NOTES) - Pontifical Services Volume IV Illustrated from Woodcuts of the Xvith Century
42491: RIMMER, ALFRED (PREFACE J.S. HOWSON) - Architectural Drawing Studies, Intended As a Simple Guide to the Knowledge of Ancient Styles of Architecture
37025: RIMMER, JOAN - Ancient Musical Instruments of Western Asia in the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities, the British Museum
35885: RINGEL, GERHARD - Map Color Theorem
36969: RIOU, YVES-JEAN (PRéFACE) - Le Pays de Loudunois Patrimine Connu Et Peu Connu - Tome 2: Eglises - Chapelles Et Calvaires
15063: RITZER, GEORGE - The Mcdonaldization Thesis: Explorations and Extensions
34455: PITT-RIVERS, GEORGE - The Riddle of the 'Labarum' and the Origin of Christian Symbols
33024: ROACH, MARY ELLEN, AND EICHER, JOANNE BUBOLZ (EDS.) - Dress, Adornment, and the Social Order
43858: ROBB, JAMES H. - Working-Class Anti-Semite: A Psychological Study in a London Borough
40146: ROBBINS, KEITH (ED.) - Protestant Evangelicalism: Britain, Ireland, Germany and America C. 1750-C. 1950 - Essays in Honour of W.R. Ward
43932: ROBERTS, RAYMOND - Typographic Design
42428: ROBERTS, GEOFFREY, AND EDWARDS, ALISTER - A New Dictionary of Political Analysis
36036: ROBERTS, C.H. (ED.) - Two Biblical Payri in the John Rylands Library Manchester
21676: ROBERTS, NICHOLAS - Aircraft Crash Log No. 4: Armstrong Whitworth Whitley
39568: ROBERTS, C.H., AND CAPELLE, B. - An Early Euchologium: The Dër-Balizeh Papyrus Enlarged and Reedited
21673: ROBERTS, NICHOLAS - Aircraft Crash Log No. 1: Avro Lancaster
21675: ROBERTS, NICHOLAS - Aircraft Crash Log No. 5: Boulton Paul Defiant
20280: CADFRYN-ROBERTS, JOHN - British Sporting Prints
42360: ROBERTSON, ALEC - The Church Cantatas of J.S. Bach
42941: ROBERTSON, JOHN MACKINNON - Buckle and His Critics: A Study in Sociology
43631: ROBIN, JEAN - Les Sociétés Secrètes Au Rendez-Vous de L'Apocalypse
36720: ROBINSON, CHARLES J. - A History of the Mansions and Manors of Herefordshire
39541: ROBINSON, J.ARMITAGE - Barnabas, Hermas and the Didache
40111: ROBSON, ARTHUR - Human Nature
40080: ROBSON, ARTHUR - The Eternal Truths of Life
32821: ROCKMORE, TOM - Habermas on Historical Materialism
31407: RODER, TOM - A Lever Her Twinkle: Poems 1986-88
40419: RODOPOULOS, PANTELEIMON E. - The Scaramentary of Serapion
41567: ROGERS, JONATHAN - The Terrible Speed of Mercy: A Spiritual Biography of Flannery O'Connor
42899: ROGERS, SAMUEL - Italy: A Poem
38152: ROGERSON, JOHN W.(ED.) - The Pentateuch [a Sheffield Reader]
38300: ROGERSON, J. - Genesis I-II (Old Testament Guides)
38329: ROGERSON, JOHN W., DAVIES, MARGARET, AND CARROLL R., M.W. DANIEL (EDS.) - The Bible in Ethics: The Second Sheffield Colloquium
43538: CLEMENTIS ROMANI, IGNATII, POLYCARPII - Patrum Apostolicorum, Quae Supersunt. Accedunt S. Ignatii Et S. Polycarpi Martyria Ad Fidem Codicum Recensuit &C. [Two Volumes]
31544: RORTY, RICHARD - Philosophy As Cultural Politics: Philosophical Papers, Volume 4
43402: ROSÆO, ALEXANDRO [ALEXANDER ROSS) - Virgilii Evangelisantis Christiados Libri XIII
20064: ROSANDICH, RYAN G. - Intelligent Visual Inspection: Using Artificial Neural Networks
38460: ROSE, WILLIE LEE - Rehearsal for Reconstruction: The Port Royal Experiment
18514: ROSE, MARGARET A. - The Post-Modern and the Post-Industrial: A Critical Analysis
35694: ROSEN, EDWARD (TRANS) - Three Copernican Treatises: The Commentariolus of Copernicus - the Letter Against Werner - the Narratio Prima of Rheticus
43865: ROSENAU, HELEN - The Ideal City Its Architectural Evolution in Europe
32390: ROSENAU, PAULINE MARIE - Post-Modernism and the Social Sciences: Insights, Inroads, and Intrusions
21168: ROSENBAUM, S.P. - Victorian Bloomsbury: An Early Literary History of the Bloomsbury Group - Volume 1
33090: ROSENBERG, PIERRE, ET AL - Chardin
33313: ROSENBERG, JUSTIN - The Empire of Civil Society: A Critique of the Realist Theory of International Relations
43863: ROSENWALD, LESSING J. - The 19th Book Tesoro de Poveri
20091: ROSS, W.HUGH - Te Kooti Rikirangi: General and Prophet
32617: ROSS, KAREN (ED.) - Women, Politics and Change
43544: ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL (ED., WITH MEMOIR) - The Poetical Works of Felicia Hemans
19185: ROSSMANN, KURT (ESSAY) - Immanuel Kant 1724 / 1974
42769: ROSTAND, EDMOND - L'Aiglon: Drame En Six Actes, En Vers
41626: ROTHSCHILD, JOAN - Teaching Technology from a Feminist Perspective: A Practical Guide
41474: ROTTENSTEINER, FRANZ - View from Another Shore [European Science Ficton]
41475: ROTTENSTEINER, FRANZ - View from Another Shore [European Science Ficton]
19517: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES (INTR. F.C. GREEN) - Discours Sur L'Origine Et Les Fondements de L'inégalité Parmi Les Hommes
18023: ROUSSEL, DIANA EDWARDS - The Castleford Pottery 1790-1821
32247: ROUSSOPOULOS, DIMITRIOS (ED.) - The Anarchist Papers
36102: ROWE, VIOLET A. - The First Hertford Quakers
39430: ROWINSKI, FRANCIS C. (FOREWORD) - Ofiara Mszy Swietej I Podanie Wiernym Komunii Swietej - the Holy Sacrifice of Mass and Distribution of Holy Communion
38014: ROWLETT, LORI L. - Joshua and the Rhetoric of Violence: A New Historicist Analysis
42537: ROWLEY, H.H. - Dictionary of Bible Personal Names
42538: ROWLEY, H.H. - Dictionary of Bible Place Names
20779: ROZ - A Home for Sam & Susie
38356: RUBY, ROBERT H., AND BROWN, JOHN A. - The Chinook Indians: Traders of the Lower Columbia River
43698: RUDERMAN, DAVID B. (TRANS., INTR., COMMENTARY) - A Valley of Vision: The Heavenly Journey of Abraham Ben Hananiah Yagel
36588: RUDLAND, E.M. (INTR. ALLARDYCE NICOLL) - Ballads of Old Birmingham & Neighbourhood
15248: RUIGROK, WINIFRIED, AND VAN TULDER, ROB - The Logic of International Restructuring
32822: RUNDELL, JOHN F. - Origins of Modernity: The Origins of Modern Social Theory from Kant to Hegel to Marx
38091: RUNIONS, ERIN - How Hysterical: Identification and Resistance in the Bible and Film
18761: RUSH, R.W. - The East Lancashire Railway
21326: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Eagle's Nest: Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural Science to Art, Given Before the University of Oxford in Lent Term, 1872
17429: LORD JOHN RUSSELL - The Life of William Lord Russell; with Some Account of the Times in Which He Lived
39299: RUSSELL, G.W.E. - Dr. Liddon (Leaders of the Church 1800-1900)
35745: RUTHERFORD, W.G. - St. Paul's Epistles to the Thessalonians and to the Corinthians: A New Translation
42650: RUTTER, OWEN - A Brief History of the Firm of Messrs. Davison, Newman & Company &C. [at the Three Sugar Loaves and Crown]
10343: RYAN, MICHAEL (ED.) - The Derrynaflan Hoard I: A Preliminary Account
18416: RYAN, ALAN (ED.) - Justice
43874: RYAZANOVA-CLARKE, LARISSA, AND WADE, TERENCE - The Russian Language Today
34460: RYKWERT, JOSEPH - On Adam's House in Paradise: The Idea of the Primitive Hut in Architectural History
43675: RYVES, ELIZABETH - The Hermit of Snowden; Or Memoirs of Albert and Lavinia &C.
43808: CHRISTIE'S - The Parsons Fragment of Italian Prototypography: The Property of the Grandchildren of the Hon. Edward Alexander Parsons
43549: MURRAY, A.S. [AND] HUTTON, C.A. [AND] DAVENPORT, CYRIL [AND] DESTREÉ, OLIVIER GEORGES - Greek Bronzes [and] Greek Terracotta Statuettes [and] Cameos [and] the Renaissance of Sculpture in Belgium
35119: SACHS, ARIEH, ED., INTR. - The English Grotesque: An Anthology from Langland to Joyce
43220: SAILHAN, PIERRE - La Fortification: Histoire Et Dictionnaire - Cartes de France Des Ouvrages Fortifiés
43717: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE (ED.) - The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick [Two Volumes]
42499: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE (ED.) - Minor Poets of the Caroline Period [Three Volumes]
14373: SAKAKIBARA, EISUKE (INTR. CLYDE PRESTOWITZ) - Beyond Capitalism: The Japanese Model of Market Economics
39188: SALAVILLE, S. - Liturgies Orientales: Notions Générales éléments Principaux
41332: SALCINES, MANUEL - The Mosque of Cordoba
36345: SALDANHA, C.F. - A Short History of Goa
34400: SALE, A.J.H. (ED.) - Cheltenham Probate Records 1660-1740
20435: SALITAN, LAURIE P. - Politics and Nationality in Contemporary Soviet-Jewish Emigration, 1968-89
43257: SALT, H.S. (ED.) - Godwin's "Political Justice" a Reprint of the Essay on "Property" from the Original Edition
38317: SALTERS, R.B. - Jonah & Lamentations (Old Testament Guides)

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