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43788: N.A. [JACQUES DUPUY] - Clavis Historiae Thuanae ID Est, Nomenclatura Nominum Propriorum, Quae in Illustris Viri Jacobi Augusti Thuani Operibus Historicis Usurpantur
37383: DURANT, HORATIA (INTR. OSBERT SITWELL) - The Somerset Sequence
41485: DURANT, DAVID N. - The Smythson Circle: The Story of Six Great English Houses
41292: DURANT, DAVID N. - The Smythson Circle: The Story of Six Great English Houses
41686: DURCAN, PAUL - Teresa's Bar
15264: DYKER, DAVID A. - Restructuring the Soviet Economy
9369: EARLE, T.F. - The Muse Reborn: The Poetry of Antonio Ferreira
35081: EARLE, AUGUSTUS, ED. E.H. MCCORMICK - Narrative of a Residence in New Zealand - Journal of a Residence in Tristan Da Cunha
41517: EARLES, JOHN - Streets and Houses of Old Macclesfield
21859: EARNEY, H.W. - The Inns of Andover: A History of the Inns, Taverns and Alehouses, Past and Present, in the Borough of Andover
15017: EATWELL, JOHN, ET AL - Transformation and Integration: Shaping the Future of Central and Eastern Europe
18347: EBELING, RICHARD M. (EXEC. ED.) - Champions of Freedom Volume 26: The Age of Economists - from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman
42547: EBERS, GEORG (TRANS. CLARA BELL - The Sisters [Two Volumes]
43309: D. JOSé SAYOL Y ECHEVARRíA - Eucologio Romano: Devocionario Completo Contiene Los Oficios de Todos Los Domingos Y Principales Fiestas Del año
34463: BUSH, DOUGLAS, ED. [AND] SHAW, J.E. (ED.) UPDATED A. BARTLETT GIAMETTI - A Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton - Volume One: The Latin and Greek Poems [and] the Italian Poems
41545: FONDATION BEYELER (ED.) - The Other Collection: Homage to Ernst and Hildy Beyeler
20335: FLYNN, GREGORY (ED.) WITH RICHARD E. GREENE - The West and the Soviet Union: Politics and Policy
39612: EVANS, ERNEST (ED. &C.) - Tertullian's Homily on Baptism
40336: LITTLEHALES, HENRY (ED. &C.) - The Prymer Or Prayer-Book of the Lay People in the Middle Ages in English Dating About 1400 A.D. [Two Volumes]
21678: PAUER, E. (REV., ED.) WITH BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES BY W.A. BARRETT - Old English Composers for the Virginals & Harpsichord: A Collection of Preludes, Galliards, Pavanes, Grounds, Chaconnes, Suites, Overtures, Sonatas
41243: GOBINEAU (ED., INTR. MICHAEL D. BIDDISS) - Selected Political Writings
36991: EDDY, MICHAEL R., WITH CATRIONA TURNER - Kelvedon: The Origins and Development of a Roman Small Town
41607: EDELMAN, BIRGITTA - Shunters at Work: Creating a World in a Railway Yard
43826: EDELSTEIN, J.M. - Wallace Stevens: A Descriptive Bibliography
42638: EDEN, T. - Tea
18474: EDER, KLAUS - The New Politics of Class: Social Movements and Cultural Dynamics in Advanced Societies
12482: EDGCUMBE, ROBERT - The House of Lords and the Unjust Veto
18072: N.A. (PREPARED BY THE GENERAL EDITOR) - The Interlude of Wealth and Health
18078: N.A. (PREPARED BY THE GENERAL EDITOR) - The Battle of Alcazar 1594
18108: N.A. (PREPARED BY THE GENERAL EDITOR) - The Interlude of Calisto and Melebea
37470: EDMONDS, J.M. (ED., TRANS.) - Elegy and Iambus Being the Remains of All the Greek Elegaic and Iambic Poets from Callinus to Crates Excepting the Choliambic Writers with the Anacreontea [Volume One Only]
40416: EDMUND, JOHN (ED. FOR THE PARKER SOCIETY) - Writings and Disputations of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1556. Relative to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
37993: MEMBERS OF THE ECCLESIOLOGICAL LATE CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY (EDS.) - Hierugica Anglicana; Or Documents and Extracts Illustrative of the Ritual of the Church in England After the Reformation
35826: THE SECRETARIES TO THE CONFERENCE (EDS.) - Conference on Missions Held in 1860 at Liverpool: Including the Papers Read, the Deliberations, and the Conclusions Reached; with a Comprehensive Index Shewing the Various Matters Brought Under Review
20004: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD [AND] VARIOUS WRITERS - New Zealand Illustrated. The Story of New Zealand and Its Descriptions of Its Cities and Towns [and] the Natural Wonders of New Zealand (Past and Present)
15154: EDWARDS, ROSALIND, AND GLOVER, JUDITH (EDS.) - Risk and Citizenship: Key Issues in Welfare
43163: EDWARDS, DAVID POETT - The Early Harvest
21360: EDWARDS, JONATHAN (COMPILED BY DON KISTLER) - Our Great and Glorious God
31784: EDWARDS, PAUL (ED.) - Voltaire Selections
18312: EDWARDS, TIM - Contradictions of Consumption: Concepts, Practices and Politics in Consumer Society
31756: EDWARDS, BRYAN - An Historical Survey of the French Colony in the Island of St. Domingo
39855: EELES, F.C. (DESCRIPTIVE NOTES) - Pontifical Services Volume III Illustrated from Woodcuts of the Xvith Century
40267: EELES, F.C. (FROM TRANSCRIPTS BY J.E. BROWN) - The Edwardian Inventories for Buckinghamshire
40324: EELES, FRANCIS C. - Notes on Episcopal Ornaments and Ceremonial
39854: EELES, F.C. (DESCRIPTIVE NOTES) - Pontifical Services Volume III Illustrated from Woodcuts of the Xvith Century
40337: EELES, FRANCIS C. - Notes on Episcopal Ornaments and Ceremonial
39874: EELES, F.C. (ED. FROM TRANSCRIPTS BY J.E. BROWN) - The Edwardian Inventories for Bedfordshire
33466: EGAN, FEROL - The El Dorado Trail: The Story of the Gold Rush Routes Across Mexico
41490: EGERTON, ETHEL - The Saxon Crosses Sandbach, Cheshire: An Illustrated Description and History
39486: EHRENBURG, ILYA (TRANS. ANNA BOSTOCK, WITH YVONNE KAPP) - First Years of Revolution 1918-21: Volume II of Men, Years - Life
42878: EHRHARDT, INGRID, AND REYNOLDS, SIMON (EDS.) - Kingdom of the Soul: Symbolist Art in Germany 1870-01920
38711: EHRHARDT, ARNOLD - The Apostolic Ministry
32264: EHRLICH, STANISLAW - Pluralism on and Off Course
43714: EICHENGREEN, BARRY, AND FRIEDEN, JEFFRY (EDS.) - Forging an Integrated Europe
32013: VAN DER EIJK, CEES, AND FRANKLIN, MARK N. (ET AL) - Choosing Europe? the European Electorate and National Politics in the Face of Union
40010: EISENHART, LUTHER PFAHLER - Riemannian Geometry [Princeton Landmarks in Mathematics]
40731: EISENMAN, STEPHEN F. - The Temptation of Saint Redon: Biography, Ideology, and Style in the Noirs of Odilon Redon
14498: EISENSTADT, S.N., AND AHIMEIR, ORA (EDS.) - The Welfare State and Its Aftermath
14695: ELDRIDGE, JOHN, CRESSEY, PETER, AND MACINNES, JOHN - Industrial Sociology and Economic Crisis
43304: ELIA, ILL.WALTER CRANE - A Masque of Days from the Last Essays of Elia
40969: ELIADE, MIRCEA - Two Strange Tales
43706: ELIOT, GEORGE - Novels of George Eliot [Eight Volumes]
39610: ELIOT, T.S. - The Cocktail Party: A Comedy
38093: ELLINGSEN, MARK - The Integrity of Biblical Narrative: Story in Theology and Proclamation
14596: ELLIOTT, JENNIFER A. - An Introduction to Sustainable Development: The Developing World
42672: ELLIOTT, E.C., AND WHITEHEAD, F.J. - Tea Planting in Ceylon
42342: ELLIOTT, MARK (ED.) - The Dynamics of Human Life
42521: THOMAS-ELLIS, AERONWY (FOREWORD MERVYN LEVY) - Later Than Laugharne: Poems
37244: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - A Study of British Genius
13535: ELLIS, PETER - Catsgore, 1979: Further Excavation of the Romano-British Village
42347: ELLSBERG, ROBERT (ED.) - Gandhi on Christianity
17463: ELLWOOD, T. (ED.) - Anderson's Cumberland Ballads and Songs: Centenary Edition Edited, with Life of Anderson & Notes
34401: ELRINGTON, C.R. (ED.) - Abstracts of Feet of Fines Relating to Gloucestershire 1199-1299
43787: SYMON [PATRICK] LATE LORD BISHOP OF ELY - The Books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon, Paraphras'D: With Arguments to Each Chapter, and Annotations Thereupon
42135: EMMOTT, ELIZABETH BRAITHWAITE - The Story of Quakerism
43607: MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND - Liberal Evangelicalism: An Interpretation
43726: CHURCH OF ENGLAND - The Book of Lessons: Being the Proper Psalms, and Lessons for Proper Sundays and Holy Days, Together with the Daily Lessons
13541: ENGLANDER, ELIZABETH KANDEL - Understanding Violence
43649: MURILLO [STEEL ENGRAVING] - Apotheosis of the Virgin
43650: MURILLO [STEEL ENGRAVING] - A Spanish Boy
43651: MURILLO [STEEL ENGRAVING] - A Spanish Girl
43652: MURILLO [STEEL ENGRAVING] - The Infant St. John
43653: MURILLO [STEEL ENGRAVING] - The Spanish Peasant Boys
33526: EPRILE, CECIL - War and Peace in the Sudan 1955-1972 [World Realities]
003126: BARRETT, ERIC AND GILLIAN - Ruth Petrovna: Reaching Russians - the Inspiring Story of Lifelong Missionary Ruth Deyneka Shalanko Erdel
42316: ESPOSITO, JOHN L., AND WATSON, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Religion and Global Order
33872: ESZTERHAS, JOE - Basic Instinct
39032: AMBROISE DE MILAN (TEXTE éTABLI &C., BERNARD BOTTE) - Des Sacrements Des Mystères: Nouvelle édition Revue Et Augmentée de L'Explication Du Symbole
20322: ETHIER, DIANE (ED.) - Democratic Transition and Consolidation in Southern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia
37447: EVANS, J.T. (ED.) - The Church Plate of Gloucestershire
35946: EVANS, ROBERT F. - Four Letters of Pelagius
36267: EVANS, J. GWENOGVRYN, AND RHYS, JOHN - The Text of the Book of Llan DâV Reproduced from the Gwysaney Manuscript
43882: EVANS, MAURICE - Spenser's Anatomy of Heroism: A Commentary on the Fairie Queene
42282: EVANS, G.R. - Anselm
42332: EVANS, G.R. - The Reception of Faith: Reinterpreting the Gospel for Today
30257: EVANS, JAMES - John Woodbury of Chillerton, Isle of Wight: A Mosaic Artist in the Roman Era
35378: EVANS, LESLIE - China After Mao
40837: EVANS, HILARY - Intrusions: Society and the Paranormal
43408: EVANS, DANIEL - Gwinllan Sef Prydyddwaithar Amrywol Destunau a Gwahanol Fesurau
43762: EVANS, G.R. - The Church in the Early Middle Ages
43627: EVANS, DOROTHY - Schooling in the South Atlantic Islands 1661-1992
34142: EVENSON, NORMA - Le Corbusier: The Machine and the Grand Design
43638: EVERSLEY, D.E.C. - Social Theories of Fertility and the Malthusian Debate
38218: EVINSON, DENIS - The Lord's House: A History of Sheffield's Roman Catholic Buildings 1570-1990
43509: EWALD, ALEX. CHARLES - Sir Robert Walpole: A Political Biography 1676-1745
15708: EWART, GAVIN - Collected Poems 1980-1990
37122: EWEN, C. L'ESTRANGE - Lotteries and Sweepstakes: An Historical, Legal, and Ethical Survey of Their Introduction, Suppression and Re-Establishment in the British Isles
38085: EXUM, J. CHERYL, AND CLINES, DAVID J.A. (EDS.) - The New Literary Criticism and the Hebrew Bible
38201: FACKENHEIM, EMIL L. - The Jewish Bible After the Holocaust: A Re-Reading
21669: FAHEY, JAMES C. - U.S. Army Aircraft (Heavier-Than-Air) 1908-1946
18443: FAILLE, CHRISTOPHER C. - These Last Four Centuries: A Romp Through Intellectual History
42292: FAKHRY, MAJID - Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Mysticism: A Short Introduction
21611: FALCONER, THOMAS - Education in Usk: An Address [Bound with Others, Pamphlets, Cases in Law, Court Judgements Etc. )
34722: FALCONER, THOMAS - On Surnames and the Rules of Law Affecting Their Change
37041: FALKENER, EDWARD - Games Ancient and Oriental and How to Play Them
37243: FARADAY, W. BARNARD - The English and Welsh Boroughs: An Historical Outline
42325: MÜLLER-FARENHOLZ, GEIKO - The Kingdom and the Power: The Theology of Jûrgen Moltmann
38296: FARMER, KATHLEEN A. - Who Knows What Is God? a Commentary on the Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
17686: FARQUHAR, DAVID U. - Missions and Society in the Leeward Islands, 1810-1850: An Eccelsiastical and Social Analysis
18199: FARR, DOROTHY M. - John Ford and the Caroline Theatre
35800: FARR, A.D. - God, Blood and Society
30401: FARR, ANTHONY - Sartre's Radicalism and Oakeshott's Conservatism: The Duplicity of Freedom
32628: FARRELL, DAVID M. - Comparing Electoral Systems
43387: FARRER, AUSTIN (ED. CHARLES C. CONTI) - Reflective Faith: Essays in Philosophical Theology
40696: FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN (INTR. JOSEPH NEEDHAM) - Greek Science: Its Meaning for Us
40000: FARTHING, GEOFFREY - Exploring the Great Beyond: A Survey of the Field of the Extraordinary
43853: FASCHING, DARRELL J., AND DECHANT, DELL - Comparative Religious Ethics: A Narrative Approach
32862: FAULKES, ANTHONY (INTR.) - Stories from the Sagas of the Kings
15736: FAULKNER, WILLIAM J. - The Days When the Animals Talked: Black-American Folktales and How They Came to Be
41900: FAUSSET, HUGH L'ANSON - The Lost Dimension
43931: FAWCETT, THOMAS - Hebrew Myth and Christian Gospel
42194: FEDER, STUART - The Life of Charles Ives
34119: FEDERER, CHARLES A. (ED.) - The Ballad of Flodden Field: A Poem of the Xvith Century
34952: MAYOR, FEDERICO (WITH JéRôME BINDé) - The World Ahead: Our Future in the Making
35501: FEENBERG, ANDREW - Lukács, Marx and the Sources of Critical Theory
18071: N.A. (PREPARED BY SYLVIA D. FELDMAN) - A Yorkshire Tradgedy 1608
43487: FELLENS, CH. - Les Droits Du Seigneur Sous la Féodalité: Peuple Et Noblesse [Two Volumes
38736: FELLOWES, EDMUND H. - Memoranda Concerning King Charles I
20455: FELS, GERHARD, AND SUTIJA, GEORGE (EDS.) - Protectionism and International Banking
20958: FELSTEAD, ALAN, AND JEWSON, NICK - Global Trends in Flexible Labour
34402: FENDLEY, JOHN (ED.) - Bishop Benson's Survey of the Diocese of Gloucester 1735-1750
34902: FENTON, STEVE - Ethnicity: Racism, Class and Culture
37617: FENYO, MARIO D. - Hitler, Horthy, and Hungary: German-Hungarian Relations, 1941-1944
8964: FERGUSON, T. REED (ED.) - The 1836 London Diary of James Stratton Carpenter
34804: FERGUSSON, I.L.C., TAYLOR, R.W., AND WATSON, J.M. - Records and Curiosities in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
34805: FERGUSSON, I.L.C., TAYLOR, R.W., AND WATSON, J.M. - Records and Curiosities in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
41140: FEUERSTEIN, GEORG - Holy Madness: The Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools and Rascal Gurus
20050: FEUS, KIM (ED.) PREFACE MICHEL BARNIER - A Simplified Treaty for the European Union?
21575: FIELD, FRANK - Three French Writers and the Great War: Studies in the Rise of Communism and Fascism
39792: FIELDING, HENRY (ED., INTR., NOTES AUSTIN DOBSON) - Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon
42582: HANDMADE FILMS - Company Profile
42583: HANDMADE FILMS - Track 29
15462: FINGLETON, JOHN, ET AL - Competition Policy and the Transformation of Central Europe
34466: FIRTH, RAYMOND - The Work of the Gods in Tikopia
38755: FIRTH, GEORGE C. - Chosen Vessels [a Tribute to Those Pioneers in the Care of the Deaf]
38235: FISCHER, ROBERT H. (TRANS.) - The Large Catechism of Martin Luther
13242: FISHBOURNE, EDWARD A. - An Architectural History of the Parish Church of All Saints', Gresford
43203: KNAPP-FISHER, JOHN - John Knapp-Fisher's Pembrokeshire
43710: FITZMAURICE, JOHN (FOREWORD LEO TINDEMANS) - The Politics of Belgium: Crisis and Compromise in a Plural Society
15673: FITZSIMMONS, ROBERT - Physical Culture and Self-Defense
35707: FLETCHER, JOSEPH (FOREWORD KARL MENNINGER) - Morals and Medicine - the Moral Problems of: The Patient's Right to Know the Truth, Contraception, Artificial Insemination, Sterilization, Euthanasia
35559: FLOOD, PETER, ED. (TRANS. MALACHY GERARD CARROLL) - Medical Experimentation on Man: A Cahier laênnec
43980: HENNIKER, FLORENCE [AND] HARDY, THOMAS, AND HENNIKER, FLORENCE - In Scarlet and Grey: Stories of Soldiers and Others [and] the Spectre of the Real
42267: FLOROS, CONSTANTIN (TRANS. ERNEST BERNHARDT-KABISCH) - Gyôrgy Ligeti: Beyond Avant-Garde and Postmodernism
14496: FODEN, BOB, HOFFMANN, JüRGEN, AND SCOTT, ROB (EDS.) - Globalisation and the Social Contract
15882: FODOR, ISTVAN - The Rate of Linguistic Change: Limits of the Application of Mathematical Methods in Linguistics
40032: FONG, PETER - Elementary Quantum Mechanics
43875: DE LA FONTAINE, JEAN, TRANS. GUIDO WALDMAN - Complete Tales in Verse (Contes Et Nouvelles En Vers)
42707: N.A. [JEAN DE LA FONTAINE] - Fables de la Fontaine, Suivies D'Adonis, Poëme
34628: FOREMAN, JOHN - The Fighter Command War Diaries [Volume Two]
38359: FOREMAN, GRANT (ED., ANNOT.) - A Traveler in Indian Territory: The Journal of Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Late Major-General in the United States Army
39776: PATRIARCH OF ANTIOCH (FOREWORD) - The Divine Liturgy of Our Holy Father John Chrysostom
35583: FORMAN, RON - A Passage in Time: Poems
42628: FORREST, DENYS - Tea for the British: The Social and Economic History of a Famous Trade
42493: FORTE, JOHN - Rock of Ages: The Fascinating Story of Paleocastritsa and Its Monastery
32323: FOSTER, JOHN BURT - Heirs to Dionysus: A Nietzschean Current in Literary Modernism
18421: FOSTER, JOHN (ED.) - Valuing Nature? Ethics, Economics and the Environment
39940: FORTESCUE-FOULKS, R. (ED.) - Exeter, a City Saved?
43881: FOWLER, ALASTAIR (ED.) - Silent Poetry: Essays in Numerological Analysis
42832: FOX, CAROLINE, AND GREENACRE, FRANCIS - Painting in Newlyn 1880-1930
36554: FOX, LEVI - Leicester Castle
36134: FRANCE, ANN - Consuming Psychotherapy
43926: FRANCIS, PHILIP (TRANS.) - The Works of Horace
36744: FRANKENA, WILLIAM K., ED. K.E. GOODPASTER - Perspectives on Morality: Essays
14228: FRANKLIN, ALFRED - Les Rois Et Les Gouvernements de la France de Hugue Capet a 'Année 1906
39814: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Works of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Consisting of His Life, Written By Himself; Together with Essays, Humorous, Moral, and Literary [Volume Two]
32501: FRANKLIN, MARK N., MACKIE, THOMAS T., VALEN, HENRY, ET AL - Electoral Change: Responses to Evolving Social and Attitudinal Structures in Western Countries
42913: FRANZKE, ANDREAS - Tàpies
20331: FRASER, T.G. - The Usa and the Middle East Since World War 2
33139: FRASER, JOHN - An Introduction to the Thought of Galvano Della Volpe
36928: FRASER, NORMAN (ED.) PREFACE RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, INTR. MAUD KARPELES - International Catalogue of Recorded Folk Music - Catalogue International de la Musique Folklorique Enregistree
34776: FRÉDÉRIC, LOUIS, INTR. JEAN NAUDOU - Indian Temples and Sculpture
40068: HOVENDEN FREDERICK - What Is Life? Or Where Are We? What Are We? Whence DID We Come? and Whither Do We Go?
32461: FREEDMAN, DES, FOREWORD ANTHONY SMITH - Television Policies of the Labour Party 1951-2001
38446: FREEHLING, WILLIAM W. - Prelude to Civil War: The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina 1816-1836
43446: FREEMAN, G.J. - Sketches in Wales; Or, a Diary of Three Walking Excursions in That Principality, in the Years 1823, 1824, 1825
32088: FREEMAN, NICOLA, AND SHAUL, MATTHEW (EDS.) - Do Not Refreeze: Photography Behind the Berlin Wall
32650: FREEMAN, THOMAS - The Psychoanalyst in Psychiatry
39529: FREESTONE, W.H. - The Sacrament Reserved: A Survey of the Practice of Reserving the Eucharist, with Special Reference to the Communion of the Sick, During the First Twelve Centuries
34269: FREKE, D.J. - Peel Castle Excavations: Interim Report 1982-83 [and] 1985 [and] 1986
40328: FRERE, W.H. - The Primitive Consecration Prayer
39540: FRERE, WALTER HOWARD - The Anaphora Or Great Eucharistic Prayer : An Eirenical Study in Liturgical History
21304: FREUND, BILL - The African Worker
35471: FREUND, PAUL A., FOREWORD DONALD GOULD - Experimentation with Human Subjects
43095: FRICKE, CHRISTIANE (ESSAY) - Jan Saudek
16775: FRIEDLÄNDER, MAX J., AND ROSENBERG, JAKOB - The Paintings of Lucas Cranach
33692: FRITCSH, VILMA - Left and Right in Science and Life
38017: FRITZ, VOLKMAR - An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
42077: FROMM, ERICH - Psychoanalysis and Religion
33240: FROW, JOHN - Marxism and Literary History
37563: FRY, EDW. ALEX. (ED.) - Calendar of Wills and Administrations in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Worcester 1451-1600 Also Marriage Licenses and Sequestrations Now Depositied in the Probate Registry at Worcester
37105: FRY, ROGER B. - Giovanni Bellini
37822: FRYER, ALFRED C. - Llantwit Major: A Fifth Century University
43207: FRYER, KATHERINE - One Point of View
43188: FUCHS, BERNARD (ED.) - Illustrators '64
41690: FUJII, YASUNORI, AND MAEDA, KEI-ICHI - The Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravitation
42989: FULLER, PETER (ESSAY) - Adrian Berg: Paintings 1977-1986
41262: FULLER, PETER - Theoria: Art, and the Absence of Grace
39618: FULLER, REGINALD H. - The Formation of the Resurrection Narratives
15070: FULLER, STEVE - The Governance of Science: Ideology and the Future of the Open Society
34405: WELLS-FURBY, BRIDGET (ED.) - A Catalogue of the Muniments at Berkeley Castle [Two Volumes]
32658: FURMAN, ANDREW C., AND LEVY, STEVEN T. (EDS.) - Influential Papers from the 1950s: Papers from the Decades in International Journal of Psychoanalysis Key Papers Series
21233: FURST, LILIAN R. - The Contours of European Romanticism
43562: GADALLA, MOUSTAFA - Pyramid Illusions: A Journey to the Truth
35398: GALE, JACK - Oppression and Revolt in Ireland
41318: GALENSON, DAVID W. - Old Masters and Young Geniuses: The Two Life Cycles of Artistic Creativity
32964: BRIAN SINFIELD GALLERY - Mike Bernard R. I: Paintings & Watercolours
12968: GLYNN VIVIAN ART GALLERY - Allen Jones: Sculpture
43543: PORTLAND GALLERY - Jack Vettriano: Love, Devotion and Surrender [Prospectus]
14447: GAMBLE, ANDREW, AND PAYNE, ANTHONY (EDS.) - Regionalism and World Order
43719: GAMBONE, ROBERT L. - Art and Popular Religion in Evangelical America, 1915-1940
38269: GAMMIE, JOHN G., AND PERDUE, LEO G. (EDS.) - The Sage in Israel and the Ancient Near-East
36773: GANDY, MICHAEL (ED.) - My Ancestor Was Jewish: How Can I Find out More About Him?
31837: GANE, MIKE (ED.) - Towards a Critique of Foucault
40178: GARDNER, EDWARD L. - The Play of Consciousness Within the Webb
15295: GARDNER, BRIAN - European Agriculture: Policies, Production and Trade
20545: GARDNER, NICK - A Guide to United Kingdom and European Community Competition Policy
43761: GARDNER, MOSS, QUASH, WARD - Nalthasar at the End of Modernity
10037: GARNETT, HENRY - Portrait of Guy Fawkes: An Experiment in Biography
36257: GARNETT, EVE (FOREWORD BLOCH-HOELL) - To Greenland's Icy Mountains: The Story of Hans Egede, Explorer, Coloniser, Missionary
42737: GARNETT, RICHARD (PREFACE) - Poems Selected from Percy Bysshe Shelley
34621: GARRATT, G.R.M. - One Hundred Years of Submarine Cables
37178: GARRETT, CHRISTINA HALLOWELL - The Marian Exiles: A Study in the Origins of Elizabethan Puritanism
35726: GARRISON, WINIFRED ERNEST - An American Religious Movement: A Brief History of the Disciples of Christ
38794: GÄRTNER, BERTIL (TRANS. JOHN E. HALBORG, TRANS. REV. WINSTON JENSEN) - Didaskolos: The Office, Man and Woman in the New Testament
6899: GASCOIGNE, GEORGE (ED. JOHN W. CUNLIFFE) - The Glasse of Governement - the Princely Pleasures at Kenelworth Castle - the Steele Glas and Other Poems and Prose Works
41568: GASCOIGNE, DAVID - Michel Tournier
21077: GASCOYNE, DAVID - Collected Poems 1988
40292: GASELEE, STEPHEN - The Uniats and Their Rites: A Paper Ead Before the Alcuin Club on November 20, 1924
39438: LEFEBVRE, GASPAR &. (PRéSENTéS, TRADUITS, COMMENTéS) - Prières Et Offices Propres Au Diocèse de Lyon
39812: GASQUET, FRANCIS - The Last Abbot of Glastonbury & His Companions: An Historical Sketch
43812: GASQUET, FRANCIS AIDAN - The Last Abbot of Glastonbury and Other Essays
40531: THE MAN AT THE GATE - The Doctrine of the Ahuras
33834: GAUNT, WILLIAM - Arrows of Desire: A Study of William Blake and His Romantic World
39990: GAVIN, F. - The Jewish Antecedents of the Christian Sacraments
33851: GAY, JOHN, INTR. FRANCIS BICKLEY - Poems By John Gay
36795: GAZEAU, FRANCIS - Daoulas Et Son Abbaîe, Au Doux Pays de Bretagne Et de France
36901: GEARY, DOUGLAS (ED., WITH MEMOIR) - The Letters of Lady Jane Grey
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20373: GUERTNER, GARY L. - Deterrence and Defence in a Post-Nuclear World
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19758: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Port Line [with Corry, Royden, Tyser and Milburn]
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37592: HEWETT, WILLIAM (WORDS) USHER, WILFRED (MUSIC) - Cave of Living Streams: Sixteen Songs Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: Introduction and Text
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37594: HEWETT, WILLIAM (WORDS) USHER, WILFRED (MUSIC) - Where New Winds Blow: Twelve Songs Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: Introduction and Text
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43293: HOPE, WM. ST. JOHN, AND ATCHLEY, E.G. CUTHBERT - English Liturgical Colours
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17787: HUIJSER, WIM - Kingdom of Books: Hay-on-Wye, Bibliopolis Onder de Black Mountains
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38675: IRVINE, JAMES W. - The Waves Are Free: Shetland/Norway Links 1940 to 1945
14825: ISAMAH, AUSTIN N. - Social Determinants of Labour Productivity in West Africa
38740: ISSAVERDENZ, JAMES - The Divine Ordinances According to the Armenian Ritual
31898: ITOH, MAKATO - The World Economic Crisis and Japanese Capitalism
20505: IWAMI, TORU - Japan in the International Financial System
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43158: JACOBS, SUSIE (ED.) - Pedagogies of Teaching 'Race' and Ethnicity in Higher Education: British and European Experiences
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40664: JACOBY, RUSSELL - The Last Intellectuals: American Culture in the Age of Academe
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35195: JAMES, WILLIAM - Human Immortality: Two Supposed Objections to the Doctrine
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34914: JARY, DAVID, AND JONES, ROB (EDS.) - Perspectives and Practice in Widening Participation in the Social Services
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41374: JASPER, DAVID, AND CROWDER, COLIN (EDS.) - European Literature and Theology in the Twentieth Century
40186: JASPER, R.C.D. (ED.) - The Eucharist Today: Studies on Series 3
40125: JAST, L. STANLEY - What It All Means; a Brief and Non-Technical Exposition of Reincarnation and Magic As Applied to the World of to-Day
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38439: JEDREY, CHRISTOPHER M. - The World of John Cleaveland: Family and Community in Eighteenth-Century New England
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38831: JELLISON, CHARLES A. - Fessenden of Maine: Civil War Senator
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15341: JENKINS, CHARLES (ED.) - The Unification of Europe? an Analysis of Eu Enlargement
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43521: WILLIAM JERDAN - The Autobiography of William Jerdan &C. [Four Volumes]
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34529: JESPERSEN, OTTO - Mankind, Nation and Individual from a Linguistic Point of View
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32714: JOHNSON, W. STACY - The Voices of Matthew Arnold: An Essay in Criticism
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38908: JOHNSTON, ROBERT K. - Useless Beauty: Ecclesiastes Through the Lens of Contemporary Film
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21774: JOHNSTONE, DIANA - The Politics of Euromissiles: Europe's Role in America's World
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002864: JONES, THOMAS - Gerald the Welshman's 'Itinerary Through Wales' and 'Description of Wales': An Appreciation and Analysis
15992: JONES, EVAN ROWLAND - Una Montgomery
12784: JONES, JOHN (FITZ ROBERT) - Winifred Meredith and Other Pieces in Verse
40383: JONES, KENNETH CRISP (ED.) - The Silversmiths of Birmingham and Their Marks 1750-1980
32183: JONES, JOHN MILLER - Assembling (Post)Modernism: The Utopian Philosophy of Ernst Bloch
13576: JONES, KATHLEEN - The Making of Social Policy in Britain 1830-1990
37162: JONES, WILLIAM - Credulities Past and Present
35702: JONES, RICHARD FOSTER - Ancients and Moderns: A Study of the Scientific Movement in Seventeenth-Century England
20045: JONES, KATHLEEN B. - Compassionate Authority: Democracy and the Representation of Women
16462: JONES, ANTHONY L. - Heraldry in the Churches, Castles and Manor Houses of Glamorgan - South Glamorgan No. 5
43582: JONES, SERENE - Calvin and the Rhetoric of Piety
16460: JONES, ANTHONY L. - Heraldry in the Churches, Castles and Manor Houses of Glamorgan - South Glamorgan No. 3
16461: JONES, ANTHONY L. - Heraldry in the Churches, Castles and Manor Houses of Glamorgan - South Glamorgan No. 4
16459: JONES, ANTHONY L. - Heraldry in the Churches, Castles and Manor Houses of Glamorgan - South Glamorgan No. 2
37039: JONES, ANTHONY - Welsh Chapels
43855: BURNE-JONES, GEORGIANA (FOREWORD) [EDWARD BURNE-JONES] - The Beginning of the World: Twenty-Five Pictures By Edward Burne-Jones
20267: JONES, MATTHEW - Britain, the United States and the Mediterranean War, 1942-44
43707: DE JONGE, ALEX - Nightmare Culture: Lautréamont and Les Chants de Maldoror
32327: JOÓS, ERNEST - Lukács's Last Autocriticism: The Ontology
42762: JOUAUST, D. (PUBLIéS) PRéF. LOUIS ULBACH - Les Caquets de L'Accouchée
32357: JOUGHIN, JOHN J., AND MALPAS, SIMON (EDS.) - The New Aestheticism
15432: JOVANOVIC, MIROSLAV N. (FOREWORD BY RICHARD G. LIPSEY) - International Economic Integration
40287: JOYCE, T.A., CLARK, J. COOPER, AND THOMPSON, J.E. - Report on the British Museum Expedition to British Honduras, 1927
43843: JOYNEVILLE, C. [CATHERINE LAURA JOHNSTONE] - Life and Times of Alexander I. Emperor of All the Russias [Three Volumes]
37809: JUDSON, ALEXANDER C. - The Life of Edmund Spenser
42128: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Psychological Types
21393: JUNIUS - The Letters of the Celebrated Junius a More Complete Edition Than Any Yet Published
41255: KABBANI, RANA - Europe's Myths of Orient: Devise and Rule
40766: KAELBER, WALTER O. - Tapta Marga: Asceticism and Initiation in Vedic India
17961: KALICZ, NáNDOR (TRANS. BARNA BALOCH, REV. PAUL ASTON) - Clay Gods: The Neolithic Period and Copper Age in Hungary
43111: KALITINA, N. (COMPILER) - André Derain
32064: KALTENHALER, KARL - Germany and the Politics of Europe's Money
43580: KAMEN, HENRY - The Duke of Alba
15064: KAMINSKI, BARTLOMIEJ - The Collapse of State Socialism: The Case of Poland
35703: KAMKE, E., TRANS. FREDERICK BAGEMIHL - Theory of Sets
16691: KAMMEL, KARL (FOREWORD) - Franzôsische Gotik Und Renaissansce in Meisterwerken Der Buchmalerei : Ausstellung Der Handschriften - Und Inkunabelsammlung Der ôsterreichischen Nationalbibliothek - Otto Pächt Gewidmet
38072: KANARIS, JIM - Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of Religion: From Philosophy of God to Philosophy of Religious Studies
33298: KANTH, RAJANI - Capitalism and Social Theory: The Science of Black Holes
15477: KANTOR, BRIAN - Understanding Capitalism: How Economies Work
41008: KAPFERER, BRUCE - The Feast of the Sorcerer: Practices of Consciousness and Power
31549: KAPLAN, E. ANN (ED.) - Postmodernism and Its Discontents: Theories, Practices
41648: KAPLAN, MATTHEW, KUSANO, ATSUKO, TSUJI, ICHIRO, AND HISAMICHI, SHIGERU - Intergenerational Programs: Support for Children, Youth, and Elders in Japan
38425: KARLSEN, CAROL F. - The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England
31633: KARRAN, KAMPTA, AND MACEDO, LYNNE - No Land, No Mother: Essays on the Work of David Dabydeen
34439: KARRER, OTTO - Peter and the Church: An Examination of Cullmann's Thesis
39598: KASPER, WALTER - Theology of Christian Marriage
15878: KATICIC, RADOSLAV - A Contribution to the General Theory of Comparative Lingusitics
41239: KATZ, STEVEN T. (ED.) - Mysticism and Religious Traditions
43928: KAUFMAN, EDWARD (FOREWORD EDWARD J. KHANTZIAN) - Psychotherapy of Addicted Persons
43936: KAUL, R.K. - The Augustans
43341: KAVAN, ANNA - A Scarcity of Love
37003: KAWASAKI, SHOICHIRO (ED.) - A Call from Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
33225: KAY, GEOFFREY - Development and Underdevelopment: A Marxist Analysis
13472: KEANE, JOHN B. - A Warm Bed on a Cold Night and Other Stories
21799: KEANE, JOHN B. - Reflections on Violence
32839: KEE, HOWARD CLARK - Medicine, Miracle and Magic in New Testament Times
33501: KEEFFE, BARRIE - Gimme Shelter & Abide with Me
34208: KEEN, LAURENCE, AND THACKRAY, D. - A Fourteenth-Century Mosaic Tile Pavement with Line Impressed Decoration from Icklingham
34281: KEEN, LAURENCE - Archaeologia Atlantica Volume 1,2 - Illa Mercimonia Que Dicitur Hamwih: A Study in Medieval Urban Development
43007: KELLER, VICTORIAN, AND YOUNG, CLARA - Morrocco: Alberti Morrocco
37827: KELLEY, E.L., AND BRADEN, CLARK - Public Discussion of the Issues between the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Church of Christ (Disciples)
31836: KELLNER, DOUGLAS (ED.) - Baudrillard: A Critical Reader
40397: KELLY, HENRY ANSGAR - The Devil at Baptism: Ritual, Theology, and Drama
42833: KELLY, SEAN F. (FOREWORD) CAREY, FRANCES (INTR.) - Ana Maria Pacheco: Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings & Prints
34478: KELSALL, MOULTRIE R., AND HARRIS, STUART - A Future for the Past
31883: KEMP, TOM - Marx's 'Capital' Today
39587: KEMP, ERIC WALDRAM - N.P. Williams
33171: KEMP, TOM - Marx's 'Capital' Today
42749: À KEMPIS, THOMAS - Of the Imitation of Christ
32648: RIMMON-KENAN, SHLOMITH (ED.) - Discourse in Psychoanalysis and Literature
42801: KENDRICK, A.F. - Catalogue of Early Medieval Woven Fabrics
20562: KENNEDY, DENNIS (ED.) - Living with the European Union: The Northern Ireland Experience
40272: KENNEDY, W.M. - The "Interpretations" of the Bishops & Their Influence on Elizabethan Episcopal Policy (with an Appendix of the Original Documents)
39868: KENNEDY, W.M. - The "Interpretations" of the Bishops & Their Influence on Elizabethan Episcopal Policy (with an Appendix of the Original Documents)
33055: KENNETT, FRANCES - Coco: The Life and Loves of Gabrielle Chanel
43732: KENNEY, W. HOWLAND (ED., INTR.) - Laughter in the Wilderness: Early American Humor to 1783
21074: KENNY, MICHAEL, AND MEADOWCROFT, JAMES (EDS.) - Planning Sustainability
43961: KENSY, RAINER, FOREWORD SEIICHI MITANI - Keiretsu Economy - New Economy? Japan's Multinational Enterprises from a Postmodern Perspective
43671: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER, AND BURROWS, MILLAR - Proverbs and Didactic Poems
42826: KENT, SARAH (ED., CUR.) - Elisabeth Frink: Sculpture and Drawings 1952-1984
37666: KENYON, FREDERIC G. - Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts Being a History of the Text and Its Translations
37338: KENYON, FREDERIC G. - The Text of the Greek Bible: A Student's Handbook
36722: KENYON, JOHN R. - Castles, Town Defences, and Artillery Fortifications in Britain and Ireland: A Bibliography - Volume 2
36723: KENYON, JOHN R. - Castles, Town Defences, and Artillery Fortifications in Britain and Ireland: A Bibliography - Volume 3
35005: KENYON, FRANK - Psycho-Analysis: A Modern Delusion
40833: KERN, ROBERT - Orientalism, Modernism, and the American Poem
42577: KERNAN, ALVIN B. - Modern Satire
34726: KERR, NORMAN - Inebriety Or Narcomania: Its Etiology, Pathology, Treatment and Jusrispudence
7379: KETTLEWELL, JOHN - An Help and Exhortation to Worthy Communicating. Or, a Treatise Describing the Meaning, Worthy Reception, Duty, and Benefits of the Holy Sacrament.
34480: KEYNES, GEOFFREY, ED., INTR. - The Apologie and Treatise of Ambroise Paré Containing the Voyages Made Into Divers Places with Many of His Writings Upon Surgery
32401: KHAN, USMAN (ED.) - Participation Beyond the Ballot Box: European Case Studies in State-Citizen Political Dialogue
40824: KHAN, HAZRAT INAYAT - The Inner Life
42235: KHOSLA, K. - The Sufism of Rumi
36216: KIDD, STEWART - Fire Risk Management in Heritage Buildings (Technical Advice Note 22)
37820: KIEFFER, GEORGE H. - Bioethics: A Textbook of Issues
20959: KIELY, RAY, AND MARFLEET, PHIL (EDS.) - Globalisation and the Third World
41287: HILDEGARD OF BINGEN (TRANS. KIENZLE ET AL) - Solutions to Thirty-Eight Questions
38873: KIERNER, CYNTHIA A. - Traders and Gentlefolk: The Livingstons of New York, 1675-1790
31782: KILMINSTER, RICHARD - The Sociological Revolution from the Enlightenment to the Golden Age
34585: KIM, ASHIDA - Secrets of the Ninja
33773: KIM, ASHIDA - Ninja Hands of Death
33895: KIM, ASHIDA - Ninja Secrets of Invisibilty
33774: KIM, ASHIDA - Ninja Death Touch
34177: KIM, ASHIDA - Forbidden Fighting Techniques of the Ninja
12613: KIMMINS, C.W. - Songs from the Plays of William Shakespeare As Sung and Danced By the Bermondsey Guild of Play with Incidental Music
21339: KING, DESMOND - In the Name of Liberalism: Illiberal Social Policy in the Usa and Britain
40903: KING, URSULA - Spirit of Fire: The Life and Vision of Teilhard de Chardin
39607: KINGSBURY, J.D. - The Parables of Jesus in Matthew 13: A Study in Redaction-Criticism
39528: KINGSFORD, H.S. - Illustrations of the Occasional Offices of the Church in the Middle Ages from Contemporary Sources
42999: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
42711: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Five Nations
35978: KIRBY, J.C. - Ephesians - Baptism and Pentecost: An Inquiry Into the Structure and Purpose of the Epistle to the Ephesians
32546: KIRCHNER, EMIL J., AND SPERLING, JAMES (EDS.) - The Federal Republic of Germany and Nato
32161: KIRCHNER, EMIL J. (ED.) - Liberal Parties in Western Europe
38942: KIRSCHBAUM, ENGELBERT (TRANS. JOHN MURRAY) - The Tombs of St Peter & St Paul
38665: KIRWAN, A.D. (ED.) - Johnny Green of the Orphan Brigade: The Journal of a Confederate Soldier
36767: KIRWAN, JOHN (ED.) - Old Kilkenny Review 1999
43718: ROYALTON-KISCH, MARTIN - Adriaen Van de Venne's Album in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum
43639: KITCHEN, PADDY - A Most Unsettling Person: An Introduction to the Ideas and Life of Patrick Geddes
32364: KITCHING, GAVIN - Karl Marx and the Philosophy of Praxis
43593: KITSON, SYDNEY D. - The Life of John Sell Cotman
39750: KLAUSER, THEODOR (TRANS. F.L. CROSS) - The Western Liturgy and Its History: Some Reflections on Recent Studies [and] the Western Liturgy to-Day
42742: HERMAN, KLEIN AND THOMÉ (TRANS. J. MINSHULL) - The Creator's Wonders in Living Nature; Or Marvels of Life in the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms [Second Volume, Though Not Stated]
43295: KLEIN, LUDWIG GOTTFRIED - Interpres Clinicus Sive de Morborum Indole, Exitu in Sanitatem &C.
40829: KLEIN, HOLGER (ED.) - The First World War in Fiction: A Collection of Critical Essays
36989: KLEIN, PETER, AND ROE, ANNETTE - The Carmelite Friary Corve Street, Ludlow: Its History and Excavation
14417: KLEINBERG, STANLEY S. - Politics and Philosophy: The Necessity and Limitations of Rational Argument
41624: KLEINHENZ, CHRISTOPHER, AND LEMOINE, FANNIE J. (EDS.) - Fearful Hope: Approaching the New Millennium
43715: KLEINSCHMIDT, HARALD - The Nemesis of Power: A History of International Relations Theories
43061: KLEPAC, LOUISE (ED.) INTR. WILLIAM SCOTT - William Scott: Drawings
41589: KLUVÁNKOVÁ-ORAVSKÁ, TATIANA, ET AL - From Government to Governance: New Governance for Water and Biodiversity in an Enlarged Europe
38158: KNIGHT, JONATHAN - 2 Peter and Jude (New Testament Guides)
41945: KNIGHT, FRANCES - The Church in the Nineteenth Century
14718: KNIGHT, ROGER, AND ROBINSON, IAN (EDS.) - My Native English: Criticisms of an Unnecessary Crisis in English Studies
40990: KNIGHT, W.F. JACKSON (INTR. G. WILSON KNIGHT) - Elysion: On Ancient Greek and Roman Beliefs Concerning a Life After Death
38277: KNOPPERS, GARY N., AND RISTAU, KENNETH A. (EDS.) - Community Identity in Judean Historiography: Biblical and Comparative Perspectives
40246: KNOX, JOHN - Chapters in a Life of Paul
41270: KNOX, THOMAS W. - Dog Stories and Dog Lore: Experiences of Two Boys in Rearing and Training Dogs; with Many Anecdotes of Canine Intelligence
42103: KNOX, T.M. (TRANS., NOTES) - Hegel's Philosophy of Right
40144: KNOX, WILFRED L. - St Paul and the Church of the Gentiles
37215: KNUTH, JILL - Banners without Words
14666: KOEKKOEK, AD, AND MENNES, L.B.M. (EDS.) - International Trade and Global Development: Essays in Honour of Jagdish Bhagwati
6880: KOESTER, HANS - Jugoslavia: Land of Promise
40750: KÖHLER, JOACHIM (TRANS., INTR. RONALD TAYLOR) - Wagner's Hitler: The Prophet and His Disciple
37106: KOLARZ, WALTER - Myths and Realities in Eastern Europe
40006: KONISHI, KENICHI, AND PAFFUTI, GIAMPIERO - Quantum Mechanics: A New Introduction
32624: KOOLE, RUUD - Politieke Partijen in Nederland: Ontstaan En Ontwikkeling Van Partijen En Partijstelsel
19209: DE KOONING, WILLEM - Transcending Landscape: Paintings 1975-1979
43851: KOVEL, JOEL - White Racism: A Psychohistory
42518: KOZICKA, MAUREEN - The Mysteries of Black Mountain - Kalkajaka (Place of the Spear)
43381: KRAUS, HANS-JOACHIM (TRANS. GEOFFREY BUSWELL) - Worship in Israel: A Cultic History of the Old Testament
38128: KREITZER, LARRY J. - The Old Testament in Fiction and Film: On Reversing the Hermeneutical Flow
38097: KREITZER, LARRY J. - Gospel Images in Fiction and Film: On Reversing the Hermeneutical Flow
40975: KRISHNA, GOPI - Higher Consciousness: The Evolutionary Thrust of Kundalini
37740: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - The Impossible Question
37741: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - The Impossible Question
37744: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - The Flight of the Eagle
37750: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Beginnings of Learning
43167: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Talks and Discussions at Brockwood Park 1969
20055: KRUEGER, JONATHAN - International Trade and the Basel Convention
43892: KRUKS, SONIA, RAPP, RAYNA, AND YOUNG, MARILYN B. (EDS.) - Promissory Notes: Women in the Transition to Socialism
32287: KUBÁLKOVÁ, V., AND CRUICKSHANK, A.A. - Marxism and International Relations
39760: KUCHAREK, CASIMIR A. - The Sacramental Mysteries: A Byzantine Approach
39521: KUCHAREK, CASIMIR - The Byzantine-Slav Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom: Its Origin and Evolution
39313: KUMAR, KRISHAN - From Post-Industrial to Post-Modern Society: New Theories of the Contemporary World
43471: KUMMERLY AND FREY - Gesamtkarte Von Europa Mit 16,000 Namen Masstab 1: 5,000,000
43740: KÜNG, HANS - Justification: The Doctrine of Karl Barth and a Catholic Reflection
42085: KÜNG, HANS (TRANS. EDWARD QUINN) - Freud and the Problem of God
43731: KUPER, HILDA - Sobhuza II: Ngwenyama and Kng of Swaziland - the Story of an Hereditary Ruler and His Country
40943: KUPER, ADAM - The Invention of Primitive Society: Transformations of an Illusion
41604: KÜPPERS, G., AND NOWOTNY, H. (EDS.) - The Impact of the Nuclear Controversy on Decision-Making Structures
35296: KURODA, KAN'ICHI - Destruction of the Revolution [the Critique of Gorbachev's Ideology]
32038: KURZ, HEINZ D. - United Germany and the New Europe
21871: KURZBEIN, HEINER, AND BERGHAUS, ERWIN (HERAUSGEGEBEN) - Bilddokumente Des Feldzugs IM Westen
39009: KUVOCHINSKY, P. (TRANS. FROM THE OLD SLAVONIC SERRVICE BOOKS) - The Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Graeco-Russian Church
16903: KUZNESOF, ELIZABETH ANNE - Household Economy and Urban Development: Sao Paulo, 1765 to 1836
41711: KWINTER, SANFORD - Architectures of Time: Toward a Theory of the Event in Modernist Culture
43351: SAMMARTHANI, DIONYSII (EITION ALTERA, LABORE ET CURIS PAULI PIOLIN) - Gallia Christiana in Provincias Ecclesiasticas Distriubuta Qua Series & Historia FranciÆ Vicinarumque Ditionum Ab Origine Ecclesiarum Ad Nostra Tempora &C. Tomus Undecimus [Normania]
39214: LACAN, JACQUES (TRANS. ALAN SHERIDAN) - ëcrits: A Selection
39051: LACEY, T.A. (INTR.) - The King's Book Or a Necessary Doctrine and Erudition for Any Christian Man, 1543
43067: LACKNER, STEPHAN - Max Beckmann
19515: LACOTTE, DANIEL - Traditions Et Légendes En Normandie
21289: LAFARGUE, PAUL - Social and Philosophical Studies
40786: LAFLEUR, WILLIAM R. - The Karma of Words: Buddhism and the Literary Arts in Medieval Japan
43749: LAGARDE, ANDRé (TRANS. ARCHIBALD ALEXANDER) - The Latin Church in the Middle Ages
40958: LAGO, MARY - E.M. Forster: A Literary Life
36025: LAKE, EDWARD - Officium Eucharisticum: A Preparatory Service to a Devout and Worthy Reception of the Lord's Supper to Which Is Added, a Meditation for Every Day in the Week
32271: LALLIER, ADALBERT G. - The Economics of Marx's Grundrisse: An Annotated Summary
34504: LAMBERT, ERIC - Mad with Much Heart: A Life of the Parents of Oscar Wilde
40453: LAMBOT, C. (éDITé) - North Italian Services of the Eleventh Century - Recueil D'Ordines Du Xie Siècle: Provenant de la Haute-Italie (Milan, Bibl. Ambros. T. 27. Sup. ) Dom C. Lambot
43818: LAMBROU, ANDREAS - Fountain Pens Vintage and Moder
37266: LANCASTER, G.H. - The Early Britons and the Early British Church
43153: LANCIANI, RODOLFO - Rovine E Scavi DI Roma Antica
37184: AN OWNER OF WELSH LAND - History & Geography of Wales, for the Young
38261: LANDY, FRANCIS - Hosea
43679: LANE, DAVID - Soviet Labour and the Ethic of Communism: Full Employmen and the Labour Process in the Ussr
32386: LANE, JAN-ERIK, AND ERSSON, SVANTE - The New Institutional Politics: Performance and Outcomes
43617: LANE, JAN-ERIK, AND ERSSON, SVANTE - Culture and Politics: A Comparative Approach

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