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10097: THE COMMISSION OF FINE ARTS - The Plan of the National Capital from the Ninth Report of the Commission of Fine Arts.
19913: THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF MARYLAND, SENATE DOCUMENT G. - Memorial of Citizens of Anne Arundel County Relative to Free Negroes and Mulattoes
15968: THEURIET, ANDRE - Rustic Life in France. Illustrated by Leon Lhermitte.
3675: THOM, DE CORCY W - Midsummer Motoring in Europe.
13443: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Old Farmer's Almanac -- 1860. No. 68
5199: THOMAS, WILLIAM S. - Field Book of Common Gilled Mushrooms.
18231: THOMAS, EDWARD - These Things Also Are Spring's, Poems by Edward Thomas, Selected and Introduced by Patrick Garland, Wood-Engravings by James Bostock.
19925: THOMAS, FRANCIS - Statement of Thomas Francis [Concerning His Domestic Grievances]
8811: THOMAS, LEWIS - The Lives of a Cell.
8324: THOMPSON, NOMA - Western Gateway to the National Capital (Rockville, Maryland)
13247: THOMPSON, LAURA - The Native Culture of the Marianas Islands.
13838: THOMPSON, NOMA - Western Gateway to the National Capital (Rockville, Maryland)
17637: THOMSEN, CHRISTIAN W. - Visionary Architecture: From Babylon to Virtual Reality
9504: THOMSON, W.M.. - The Land and the Book.
19761: THOMSON, C. WYVILLE - The Depths of the Sea. An Account of the General Results of the Dredging Cruises of H.M. Ss. 'Porcupine' and 'Lightning' During the Summers of 1868, 1869, and 1870.
21182: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Writings of H.D. Thoreau: Walden, or Life in the Woods; a Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers; Excursions in Field and Forest; the Maine Woods; Cape Cod; Letters to Various Persons; a Yankee in Canada; Early Spring in Massachusetts; Summer. [9 Volumes]
8548: THORN, HENRY C. - History of the 313th U.S. Infantry: "Baltimore's Own.
19669: THRELFALL, ROBERT AND GEOFFREY NORRIS - A Catalogue of the Compositions of S. Rachmaninoff
7332: THRESH, ROBERT AND CHRISTINE - An Introduction to Natural Dyeing
16769: THURSTON, ROBERT H. - Reports of the Commissioners of the United States to the International Exhibition Held at Vienna, 1873
16061: TICE, GEORGE - Paterson.
17010: TIDBALL, HARRIET - Foundations of Handweavers. Introduction to the Home Study Course in Handweaving.
9756: TIGERMAN, STANLEY - Tribune Tower Competition & Late Entries to the Chicago Tribune Tower Competition. [Volumes 1 & 2]
4519: TILGHMAN, OSWALD - History of Talbot County Maryland; 1661-1861.
19342: TILGHMAN, OSWALD - Maryland Manual. 1905. A Compendium of Legal, Historical and Statistical Information Relating to the State of Maryland.
10439: TILLEY, JOHN SHIPLEY - Lincoln Takes Command.
13815: TILP, FREDERICK - The Chesapeake Bay of Yore. Mainly About the Rowing and Sailing Craft. Foreword by Louis Goldstein.
14641: TOD HUNTER INC. [TODHUNTER] - Grates, Franklin Stoves & Fire Frames: Authentic Reproductions of Antique Originals. A.I.A File No. 14-e
19946: TODD, ROBERT E AND FRANK B. SANBORN - The Report of the Lawrence Survey
10010: TOFT, CAROLYN HEWES AND JANE MOLLOY PORTER - Copmton Heights: A History and Architectural Guide.
17264: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Hobbit. Illustrations from the Film by Arthur Rankin, Jr and Jules Bass.
17273: TOLKIEN, J.R.R., ALIDA BECKER, ED. - A Tolkien Treasury. Illustrations by Michael Green. Color Illustrations by Tim Kirk.
17259: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Hobbit. Illustrated by the Author. 50th Anniversary Edition
18240: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Hobbit or There and Back Again.
17604: TOLSTOY, LEO - Anna Karenina. Translated by Constance Garnett. The Text Edited and Revised by Gustavus Spett and the Translation Revised by Bernard Guilbert Guerney. Illustrated with Lithographs by Barnett Freedman. Introduction by Lionel Trilling. [2 Volumes]
10053: TOMAN, JIM - Cleveland's Changing Skyline. Cleveland Landmark Series Volume III
9757: TOMAN, JIM - The Terminal Tower Complex. Cleveland Landmarks Series
15084: TOOLEY, R.V. - Maps and Map-Makers.
10294: TOOMBS, SAMUEL - New Jersey Troops in the Gettysburg Campaign from June 5 to July 31, 1863. Illustrated.
20162: TORD, LUIS ENRIQUE AND PEDRO GJURINOVIC - El Palacio de Torre Tagle Y Las Casonas de Lima / the Torre Tagle Palace and the Old Mansions of Lima
13604: TORRENCE, CLAYTON - Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
17185: TORRENCE, RIDGELY - Poems
20191: TOTTIS, JAMES W. - The Guardian Building: Cathedral of Finance.
20746: (1880) TOURGEE, ALBION W. - The Invisible Empire: Part I. A New, Illustrated, and Enlarged Edition of a Fool's Errand, by One of the Fools ; the Famous Historical Romance of Life in the South Since the War. Part II. A Concise Review of Recent Events, Showing the Elements on Which the Tale Is Based with Many Thrilling and Personal Narratives and Other Startling Facts and Considerations, Including an Account of the Rise, Extent, Purpose, Methods, and Deeds of the Mysterious Ku-Klux Klan ; All Fully Authenticated.
8733: TOWERY, F. CARLISLE - The Lower Hudson: Report of the Second Regional Plan.
13343: [TOWNSEND, RICHARD H.] - Original Poems by a Citizen of Baltimore.
17567: TOWNSEND, GEORGE ALFRED "GATH - The Entailed Hat or Patty Cannon's Times, a Romance
16211: TOWNSEND - Entailed Hat
14639: TOY, MAGGIE (EDITOR) - The Architect: Women in Contemporary Architecture.
6576: TRACY, EDWARD B. - The New World of Aluminum.
16505: TRAFFORD, E. CHANNING - Florida Architecture. 32nd Annual Edition.
10076: TRAFFORD, E. CHANNING - Florida Architecture. 45th Annual Edition.
16504: TRAFFORD, E. CHANNING - Florida Architecture. 43rd Annual Edition.
16506: TRAFFORD, E. CHANNING - Florida Architecture. 34th Annual Edition.
19084: TRAIL, FLORENCE - Meanings in Music.
14162: TRAIN, ARTHUR - The Man Who Rocked the Earth.
16882: TRAVERS - Patapsco
16495: TRESKOW, IRENE VON - Die Jugendstil-Porzellane Der Kpm. Bestandskatalog Der Königlichen Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin 1896-1914 Materialien zur Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts. Band 5
19998: TRIPP, H. ALKER - Town Planning and Road Traffic Foreword by Professor Patrick Abercrombie
8751: TRISTRAM, W. OUTRAM - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways. Illustrated by Herbert Railton and Hugh Thomson.
20366: TRUITT, R. V. - Sport Fishing in Maryland Contribution No. 26
13456: TRUMBULL, JOHN - The Poetical Works.
1172: TUROW, SCOTT. - Laws of Our Fathers.
1249: TUROW, SCOTT. - Presumed Innocent.
16715: TWITCHELL, RALPH EMERSON - The Leading Facts of New Mexican History. (2 Volumes).
19122: TYDINGS, MILLARD E. - Counter-Attack: A Battle Plan to Defeat the Depression
19870: TYLER, LYON GARDINER - A Confederate Catechism : The War of 1861 - 1865
8153: TYNAN, KATHARINE - A Little Book of XXIV Carols
4883: TYSON, MARTHA E. - A Brief Account of the Settlement of Ellicott's Mills with Fragments of History Therewith Connected. Written at the Request of Evan T. Ellicott. Baltimore, 1865. Read Before the Maryland Historical Society, Nov. 3, 1870. Fund-Publication, No. 4
7088: ULMANN, ALBERT - Landmark History of New York: Also the Origin of Street Names and a Bibliography. New Edition.
19826: UNDERWOOD, JOHN - El Muza
14171: UNDERWOOD, LEON - The Siamese Cat.
10335: UNION TRUST COMPANY OF MARYLAND - One Hundred and Fifty Years of Banking in Baltimore, 1795-1945.
10365: UNITED STATES CONGRESS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. - First Annual Report of the Orphan Asylum and Female Free School of Alexandria. 22nd Congress. Second Session. Doc. No. 65. Referred to the Committee for the District of Columbia.
9439: UNITED STATES COMMISSION OF FINE ARTS - Georgetown Historic Waterfront.
8064: UNITED STATES CONGRESS - Acts Passed at the First Session of the Ninth Congress of the United States.
10379: UNITED STATES SENATE. 59TH CONGRESS, SECOND SESSION - History of Congressional Cemetery. Document no. 72
10380: UNITED STATES SENATE. 59TH CONGRESS, SECOND SESSION - History of Congressional Cemetery. Document no. 72
1167: UPDIKE, JOHN. - Beck Is Back.
17500: UPDIKE, JOHN - Just Looking: Essays on Art
15908: UPDIKE, JOHN - Marry Me.
16641: UPHAM, ELIZABETH - Sunshine and College Girls.
13374: UPSHAW, WILLIAM D. - Clarion Calls from Capitol Hill.
19423: UPTON, DELL - Another City: Urban Life and Urban Spaces in the New American Republic
8154: URN, ALTHEA - Trophies of Artemis
9099: US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, DIVISION OF ORNITHOLOGY AND MAMMALOGY - North American Faunas. 1889 - 1918 (Nos. 1 - 48)
6928: UZANNE, OCTAVE - The Sunshade, the Glove -- the Muff. With Illustrations by Paul Avril.
14091: VALDIZAN, HERMILIO AND ANGEL MALDONADO - La Medicina Popular Peruana (Contribucion Al Folklore Medico Del Peru). 3 Volumes
19722: VALDOVINOS, JOSE MANUEL CRUZ - Garrido Ofebres (1994-2005)
17406: VALENTINE, DAVID T. - History of the City of New York
15845: VALERY, PAUL - Dialogues Bollingen Series XLV. Volume 4.
13525: VALLANDIGHAM, EDWARD NOBLE - Delaware and the Eastern Shore Some Aspects of a Peninsula Pleasant and Well Beloved.
7841: VAN TRUMP, JAMES D. - Majesty of the Law: The Court Houses of Allegheny County.
14479: VAN JOLE, MARCEL - The Power of Example: 40 Years of Europe Nostra.
2176: VAN BRUNT, HENRY. - Architecture and Society: Selected Essays of Henry Van Brunt.
16698: VAN DYKE, JOHN C. - The New New York. A Commentary on the Place and the People. Ilustrated by Joseph Pennell.
20885: VAN DYKE, HENRY - The First Christmas Tree.
15644: VAN DYKE, THEODORE - Millionaires of a Day: An Inside History of the Great Southern California Boom.
15620: VAN DYKE, JOHN C. - The Grand Canyon of the Colorado.
16488: VARIOUS - 8 Books for Charles Innes
10133: VAUX, C BOWYER - Canoe Handling; the Canoe, History, Uses, Limitations and Varieties, Practical Management and Care and Relative Facts.
13614: VAUX, CALVERT - Villas and Cottages : A Series of Designs Prepared for Execution in the United States. Illustrated by 300 Engravings.
17243: VECCHI, PIERLUIGI DE - The Sistine Chapel: A Glorious Restoration
17655: VELLAY, MARC AND KENNETH FRAMPTON - Pierre Chareau: Architecte-Meublier, 1883-1950.
17319: VERNE, JULES - The American Gun Club. Translated form the French by Louis Mercier. Twenty-four full page illustrations.
20747: VICTOR, ORVILLE J. - History of American Conspiracies: A Record of Treason, Insurrection, Rebellion, Etc. In the United States of America.
8155: VILLON, FRANCOIS - The Poems of Master Francois Villon of Paris
17520: VILLON, FRANCOIS - The Lyrical Poems of Francois Villon. In the Original French, and in the English Versions by Algernon Swinburne, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Ernest Henley, John Payne, and Leonie Adams; Selected by Leonie Adams. With an Introduction by Robert Louis Stevenson.
17195: VILLON, FRANCOYS - Les Deux Testaments Et Les Ballades de Maistre Francoys Villon
20317: VINCENT, WILLIAM - The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea Part the First, Containing an Account of the Navigation of the Ancients, from the Sea of Suez to the Coast of Zangubar.
10649: VINCENT, FRANCIS - A History of the State of Delaware, from Its First Settlement Until the Present Time, Containing a Full Account of the First Dutch and Swedish Settlements, with a Description of Its Geography and Geology.
16696: VIOLLET-LE-DUC, EUGÈNE-EMMANUEL - Dictionnaire Raisonné de L'Architecture Française Du Xie an Xvie Siècle. (10 Volumes)
9760: VOGEL, ROBERT M. - Building Brooklyn Bridge : The Design and Construction, 1867-1883
6689: VOLLMER, ROY - Early Architecture of the Americas: A Colloection of Projects Produced by Second Year Achitecture Students of the Department of Acritecture, the Pennsyvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
15042: VON MOLTKE, FIELD-MARSHALL COUNT HELMUTH - Field-Marshal Count Helmuth Von Moltke As a Correspondent. Translated by Mary Herms.
16652: VONNEGUT, HURT - Slaughter-House Five
17702: VOSTELL, WOLF AND DICK HIGGINS - Fantastic Architecture
20738: (VOTING) BENTON, JOSIAH HENRY - Voting in the Field: A Forgotten Chapter of the CIVIL War.
17701: VOTOLATO, GREGORY - American Design in the Twentieth Century: Personality and Performance
16871: VROOMAN, JULIA SCOTT - The High Road to Honor. Memorial edition
19681: [WAGNER, RICHARD] - Richard Wagner to Mathilde Wesendonck. Translated, Prefaced, Etc. By William Ashton Ellis.
15032: WAGNER, STERLING R. - The Modern Airport. A Study in Landscape Engineering of the Location, Design, Construction and Management of Airports, Together with a Suggested Design for the Municipal Airport of Syracuse, Ny. Bulletin of the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University, Volume IV, No. 2-c, June 1931.
19734: WAINWRIGHT, SHIRLEY - The Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art, 1926
15842: WAKOSKI, DIANE - On Barbara's Shore
15843: WAKOSKI, DIANE - Inside the Blood Factory.
19666: WALKER, ALAN - Liszt, Carolyne, and the Vatican. The Story of a Thwarted Marriage. American Liszt Society Studies Series No. 1
19920: WALKER, ROBERT - An Appeal for the Union: Letter from the Hon. Robert J. Walker
19676: WALKER, ALAN - Franz Liszt. The Virtuoso Years, 1811-1847; the Weimar Years, 1848-1861; the Final Years, 1861-1886. [3 Volumes]
21257: WALKER, J. - A Rhyming Dictionary: Answering, at the Same Time, the Purposes of Spelling and Pronouncing the English Language, on a Plan Not Hitherto Attempted... And for the Purpose of Poetry, Is Added, an Index of Allowable Rhymes. (2 Volumes)
6071: WALL, ROBERT - Introduction to Mathematical Linguistics.
5592: WALLACE, KIM E. - The Character of a Steel MILL City : Four Historic Neighborhoods of Johnstown, Pennsylvania
19473: WALLACE, PHILIP B. - Colonial Churches and Meeting Houses, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware. Measured Drawings by William Allen Dunn. Introduction by Horace Wells Sellers.
19474: WALLACE, PHILIP B. - Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia: The Craftsmanship of the Early Days of the Republic. Measured Drawings by William Allen Dunn. Introduction by Fiske Kimball
14178: WALLACE, LEW - Ben-Hur. A Tale of the Christ.
20901: WALLACE, WILLIAM A. - Causality and Scientific Explanation. [2 Volumes]
16817: WALLACE, ADAM - The Parson of the Islands: A Biography of the Late Rev. Joshua Thomas.
19475: WALLACE, PHILIP B. - Colonial Houses Philadelphia Pre-Revolutionary Period. With Measured Drawings by M. Luther Miller. Introduction by Joseph Hergesheimer
15859: WALLACE, EMILY MITCHELL - A Bibliography of William Carlos Williams
15393: WALLIN - Pearl Harbor
9216: WALLIS, FRANK - How to Know Architecture: The Human Elements in the Evolution of Styles.
19924: WALLIS, S. TEACKLE, - Address Delivered Before the Reading Room of Saint Mary's College, Baltimore at the Annual Commencement, July 20th, 1841
19922: WALLIS, S. TEACKLE - Charter, Constitution and by-Laws of the Maryland Institute, for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts; : Together with a List of Its Members, Junior Members, Life Members, Honorary Members, &C. &C. : To Which Is Added: The Address by S. Teackle Wallis, Esq. An Honorary Member of the Institute, Delivered at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Hall, on the 13th March, 1851. Formed January 12th, 1848--and Incorporated at December Session of the Maryland Legislature, 1849.
16776: WALZ, E. L. - Vollständige Erklärung Des Calenders, : Mit Einem Fasslichen Unterricht über Die Himmelskörper, Insbesondere über Die Sonne Und Der Sich Um Sie Bewegenden Planeten. : In Drey Abtheilungen, Mit Versinnlichenden Abbildungen
14828: WAR DEPARTMENT - Military Intelligence: Identification of German Naval Ships. Basic Field Manual: Fm 30-55, June 19, 1941.
19911: WAR DEPARTMENT, CORPS OF ENGINEERS, UNITED STATES ARMY, UNITED STATES SHIPPING BOARD - The Port of Baltimore, Maryland Port Series No. 16, Part 1 (Revised 1933) Prepared by The Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors, War Department, and the Bureau of Marine Development
15954: WARD, MILTON - Poems
16646: WARD, E. - Female Policy Detected: Or, the Arts of a Designing Woman Laid Open.
9155: WARE, WILLIAM ROTCH - The Georgian Period; Being Photographs and Measured Drawings of Colonial Work with Text. Volume I. Text and Indexes.
5828: WARE, MERRILL - Federal Architecture: Adaptive-Use Facilities.
9156: WARE, WILLIAM ROTCH - The Georgian Period; Being Photographs and Measured Drawings of Colonial Work with Text. I -VI.
12838: WARNER, JAMES - Chesapeake: A Portrait of the Bay Country. Associate Photographer Margaret J. White.
19349: WARREN, MAME AND MARION E. WARREN - Maryland Time Exposures, 1840-1940
19315: WARREN, IRA - The Household Physician; for the Use of Families, Planters, Seamen, and Travellers.
17237: WARREN, MAME - Johns Hopkins: Knowledge for the World. 1876-2001
13179: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - All the King's Men.
18474: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Ballad of a Sweet Dream of Peace: A Charade Fro Easter. With Music by Alexi Haieff. Illustrated by Bill Komodore.
551: WASHBURN, WILCOMB E. - The Cosmos Club of Washington: A Centennial History, 1878-1978.
8037: WASHINGTON, GEORGE C. - Seventh Annual Report of the President and Directors of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company to the Stockholders, Made Monday, June 1, 1835.
15623: WASHINGTON ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - John Wesley Powell. Proceedings of a Meeting Commemorative of His Distinguished Services, Held in Columbian University Under the Auspices of the Washington Academy of Sciences, February 16, 1903. volume 5, pp. 99-187, plate 1, July 18, 1903.
17221: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. - Working with the Hands. Being a Sequel to Up from Slavery Covering the Author's Experiences in Industrial Training at Tuskegee. Illustrated with Photographs by Frances Benjamin Johnston.
14475: WASSERMANN, JAKOB - Faber, or the Lost Years.
16679: WATERMAN, THOMAS TILESTON - Domestic Colonial Architecture of Tidewater Virginia.
19461: WATERMAN, THOMAS TILESTON AND JOHN A. BARROWS. - Domestic Colonial Architecture of Tidewater Virginia. With an Introduction by Fiske Kimball.
4156: WATSON, JAMES DOUGLAS - Prince George's County Past and Present.
8601: WATSON, JOHN F. - Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, in the Olden Time; Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of This City and Its Inhabitants (in Two Volumes)
8364: WATSON, JOHN F. - Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, in the Olden Time; Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdote, and Incidents of This City and Its Inhabitants (in Three Volumes)
17361: WATSON, SERENO - Botany. United States Geological Exploration Of The Fortieth Parallel. Volume 5
19828: WATSON, WILLIAM - The Poems of William Watson
21335: WAUGH, EDGAR WIGGINS - Heaven Speaks American.
5164: WEAVER, LAWRENCE - English Leadwork: Its Art and History.
16977: WEAVER, MARTIN G. - Mennonites of Lancaster Conference
21363: WEBER, MAX - The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Translated by Talcott Parsons. Foreword by R.H. Tawney.
9686: WEBSTER, RICHARD. - Philadelphia Preserved. Catalog of the Historic American Buildings Survey.
13440: WEBSTER, NOAH - An Improved Grammar of the English Language.
13444: WEBSTER, NOAH - A Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases : With the Principal Phenomena of the Physical World, Which Precede and Accompany Them, and Observations Deduced from the Facts Stated. 2 Volumes.
21155: WEBSTER, NOAH - An American Dictionary of the English Language; First Edition in Octavo, Containing the Whole Vocabulary of the Quarto, with Corrections, Improvements, and Several Thousand Additional Words: To Which Is Prefixed an Introductory Dissertation on the Origin, History and Connection of the Languages of Western Asia and Europe with an Explanation of the Principles on Which Languages Are Formed. [2 Volumes]
17344: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Union Text Book: Containing Selections from the Writings of Daniel Webster; the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution of the United States; and Washington's Farewell Address with Copious Indexes.
21181: WEBSTER, NOAH. - The Elementary Spelling Book; Being an Improvement on the American Spelling Book. The Last Revised Edition.
4601: WEED, CLARENCE MOORES - Ten New England Blossoms and Their Insect Visitors.
20356: WEEDON, L. L. (LUCY L.) - Fairy Tales in Wonderland. Illustrated by E. Stuart Hardy and Others
1393: WEGMAN, WILLIAM. - Farm Days.
19120: WEIS, FREDERICK LEWIS - The Coloial Clergy and the Colonial Churches of the Middle and Southern Colonies, 1607-1776
16794: WEISER, FREDERICK AND HOWELL J. HEANEY - The Pennsylvania German Fraktur of the Free Library of Philadelphia. An Illustrated Catalogue. 2 Volumes Publications of the Pennsylvania German Society No. X & XI
16750: WEISHAMPEL, JOHN F. - The Stranger in Baltimore. A New Hand Book, Containing Sketches of the Early History and Present Condition of Baltimore, with a Description of Its Notable Localities, and Other Information... Weishampel's New Monumental City Guide.
21350: WEISS, MARC A. - The Rise of the Community Builders: The American Real Estate Industry and Urban Land Planning
10382: WELLING, JAMES C. - Brief Chronicles of the Columbian College from 1821 to 1873, and the Columbian University from 1873 to 1889.
10386: WELLING, JAMES C. - Brief Chronicles of the Columbian College from 1821 to 1873, and the Columbian University from 1873 to 1889.
19259: WELLS, DAVID AND GEORGE BLISS JR., EDS - The Annual of Scientific Discovery: Or, Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art.
13792: WELSH, LILIAN - Reminiscences of Thirty Years in Baltimore. Illustrated with Six Photographs.
17491: WENNERSTEN, JOHN - Oyster Wars of Chesapeake Bay.
165: WERNER, M.R. - Tammany Hall.
4173: WESBTER, SAMUEL - Letter from Citizens of Newburyport, Mass. , to Mr. Webster, in Relation to His Speech Delivered in the Senate of the United States on the 7th March, 1850, and Mr. Webster's Reply.
8787: WEST, MYRON HOWARD - Springfield, Capital of Ililnois: Official City Plan
1205: WEST, MICHAEL LEE. - Consuming Passions.
8648: WESTCOTT, THOMAS - Centennial Portfolio 1876-a Souvenir of the International Exhibition at Philadelphia, Comprising Lithographic Views of Fifty of Its Principle Buildings, with Letter-Press
8550: WESTON, LATROBE - Baltimore in Verse and Prose
4153: WETHERED, JOHN - Speech of Mr. John Wethered, of Maryland, on the Tariff
13176: WEXBERG, ERWIN - Individual Psychological Treatment.
16819: WEYBRIGHT, VICTOR - Spangled Banner the Story of Francis Scott Key.
9175: WHARTON, EDITH AND OGDEN CODMAN JR - The Decoration of Houses.
17601: WHARTON, EDITH - Ethan Frome. With Water-Colour Drawings by Henry Varnum Poor and an Introduction by Clifton Fadiman.
10595: WHARTON, EDITH - Italian Villas and Their Gardens. Illustrated with Pictures by Maxfield Parrish.
13738: WHARTON, EDITH - Italian Villas and Their Gardens. Illustrateded with Pictures by Maxfield Parrish and by Photographs.
13916: WHEDBEE, T. COURTNEY J - The Port of Baltimore in the Making: 1828-1878.
17364: WHEELER, GEORGE M. - Report Upon United States Geographical Survey West of the Hundredth Meridian. Volume II, Astronomy and Barometric Hypsometry.
17365: WHEELER, GEORGE M. - Report Upon United States Geographical Survey West of the Hundredth Meridian. Volume IV, Paleontology.
6335: WHEELER, GEORGE M. - Report Upon United States Geographical Survey West of the Hundredth Meridian. Volume VI, Botany.
2167: WHEELER, GERVASE. - Rural Homes; or, Sketechs of Houses Suited to American Country Life with Original Plans, Designs, Etc.
5156: WHILDIN, J.K. - Memoranda on the Strength of Materials Used in Engineering Construction.
19860: WHITE STAR LINE RED STAR LINE - To Europe Cabin Class [Promotional Brochure]
2213: WHITE, THEO, ED. - Philadelphia Architecture in the Nineteenth Century.
16207: WHITE, DAN - Crosscurrents in Quiet Water. Portraits of the Chesapeake.
8676: WHITEFORD, JAMES (AND OTHERS) - Manuscript Medical Copy Book and Pharmacopoeia.
2237: WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL. - The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs, Volume VII and VIII.
2172: WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL F. AND FRANCK CHOUTEAU BROWN, EDS. - Early Homes of Rhode Island. From Material Originally Published As White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs.
16191: WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM L. - Contributions to the Early History of Perth Amboy and Adjoining Country, Sketches of Men and Events in New Jersey During the Provincial Era.
19818: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier Household edition
16738: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Poems... With a Biographical Sketch by Nathan Haskell Dole.
4152: WHITTINGHAM, WILLIAM ROLLINSON - The Body of Christ. A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Maryland.
8012: WHITTINGHAM, WILLIAM ROLLINSON - The Priesthood in the Church, Set Forth, in Two Discourses, Delivered, the First, in St. Paul's Church, Baltimore, at the Ordination of the Rev. Thomas James Wyatt, and the Rev. John N. MC Jilton, Deacons, to the Hold Order of the Priesthood, on the Twenty-Third Sunday After Trinity. The Second, in Christ Church, Baltimore, at the Institution of the Rev. Henry Van Dyke Johns, to the Rectorship, on the Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Trinity.
8010: WHITTINGHAM, WILLIAM ROLLINSON - The Work of the Ministry in a Day of Rebuke : A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Maryland
19451: WHYMPER, EDWARD AND MURPHY, LADY BLANCHE - Scrambles Amongst the Alps and Down the Rhine. With Illustrations.
20147: WIEBENSON, DORA - Architectural Theory and Practice from Alberti to Ledoux.
15865: WIENERS, JOHN - Unhired.
19774: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
15902: WILBUR, RICHARD - Moliere's the Learned Ladies. World Premiere English Verse Translation by Richard Wilbur. Williamstown Theatre Festival.
15456: WILBUR, RAY LYMAN AND NORTHCUTT ELY - The Hoover Dam Documents. 1948. Second Edition of "the Hoover Dam Power and Water Contracts and Related Data" 1933.
15841: WILBUR, RICHARD - The Beautiful Chnages
6848: WILBUR SMITH AND ASSOCIATES - Baltimore Metropolitan Area Transportation Study. Volume 1. Findings and Recommendations. For the Maryland State Roads Commission.
17114: WILDE, OSCAR - The Poems, Essays, Novels and Fairy Tales, Plays and Prose Cosmopolitan Edition
21337: WILDE, OSCAR - The Ballad of Reading Gaol. Conceptions by John Vassos
17534: WILDER, THORNTON - Our Town: A Play in Three Acts. With an Introduction by Brooks Atkinson and Illustrations by Robert J. Lee.
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