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Gregory_Peck: - Gregory Peck Lullaby of Christmas Decca Album No. Da-724: 76 Rpm
10964: - Gourmet Magazine January 2008: Features - What Is Southern?; Good Day Sunshine; Nashville Native Letter
10068: - The Anglers Guide to Virginia Freshwater Sportfish
5039M: - 2 Original Items: Kohler Model K161, Operating Instructions, Schematic, Parts List and Model K161 Advertising
19934: - Esso Central and Western United States Ans Adjacent Canada Interstate Map 1957
10614: - Sporting Art: 2003 Calendar. New in Original Shrink Wrap
J10: - At Home with Stenciling: No. 7861 Plaid
2702: - Eighth Revision International Classification of Diseases: Volume 2 ; Public Health Service Publication No. 1693, Vol. 2
3524: - Original - American Agriculturist, September 1884, Volume XLIII - No. 9. New Series No. 452
3524to26A: - 4 Copies American Agriculturist 1884 (Originals)
3525: - Original - American Agriculturist, June 1884, Volume XLIII - No. 6. New Series No. 449
3526: - Original - American Agriculturist, April 1884, Volume XLIII - No. 4. New Series No. 447
3526A: - Original - American Agriculturist, March 1884, Volume XLIII - No. 3 New Series No. 446
3535to6: - 2 Books from the Library of Universal Literature, Part II Biography: The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus & Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches with Elucidations
7330: - Spinning Wheel: A National Magazine About Antiques. 2 Issues (March & December) 1968
7329: - Spinning Wheel: A National Magazine About Antiques. 4 Issues, 1962-1965
7328: - Spinning Wheel: A National Magazine About Antiques. 4 Issues, 1967; March, April, October, December
7326: - Antique Dolls 1996 Calendar
3537: - The Southeastern Reporter, Volume 30
3608: - Instructions for Study in the Humanities: 6 Booklets, Sessions I to XXXVI Complete.
3713: - Model Auto Review
3712: - Model Collector Magazine, 1992, Volume 6 (12 Issues)
3795: - Facts on File 2000: Weekly World News Digest with Cumulative Index
3796: - Facts on File 2001: Weekly World News Digest with Cumulative Index; (Facts on File Yearbook)
3889: - 1930 Tuberculin Test Results
3899: - Advertising Flyer: Martha Washington Complete Line of All New Electric Ranges
4007: - Jean Baptiste Cramer: Fifty Selected Piano-Studies , Vol 830 Book III
4020: - The Best of Martha Mier, Book 2
4500: - Advertising Flyer: Martha Washington Electric Range Model 51-3
4501: - Advertising Flyer: Martha Washington Gas Ranges Model 89-03
4502: - Advertising Flyer: Martha Washington Electric Ranges Models 151, 251, 351, 451
4503: - Advertising Flyer: Martha Washington Gas Ranges Models 189, 289, 389, 489
4511: - Advertising Flyer: Washington Frugal Electric Water Heaters: Table Top Models
4512: - Advertising Flyer: Washington Frugal Electric Water Heaters: Round Models
4513: - Advertising Flyer: Plymouth Oil Circulator Models 25, 25-W, 34, 47, 47-W, 48, 48-W
4515: - Washington Gas Hot Plates and Gas Laundry Stoves
4516: - Advertising Flyers: Washington Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces, Water Heaters, Plymouth Oil Circulators, Hot Plates
4588: - "Sold American!" - the First Fifty Years
4656: - Bird Lover's Handbook: Approved by the National Audubon Society/ Esso Advertising
4864: - Painting in England 1700 - 1850: Text Volume Only: Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mellon, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Va
4913to18: - 5 CIVIL War Magazines: The Siege of Petersburg, Gettysburg, Battles for Chattanooga, 5 CIVIL War Magazines: Battle of Chickamauga, Battle of Chancellorsville
1609: - Betty and Veronica Comics Digest Magazine: No. 35 March 1989
5288: - Instructions for Installing F345 Corn Head Attachment on Model 600 660 700 800 900 960 1000 1010 1060 Case Combines
5025A: - Original Advertisement: Kohler Engine: Model Kv161; 4-Cycle Short-Stroke Air-Cooled, Vertical Shaft
5045: - Clinton Touch 'n' Start Primer (Original)
1632: - Manual of Carpentry (United States Steel, Distributor)
1634: - Proper Use and Care of Hand Tools, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Striking & Struck Tools
1849.50: - 2 Books from the Riverside Literature Series-the Courtship of Miles Standish: Elizabeth & Sella Thanatopsis and Other Poems
5082: - Instruction Manual: Allen Tune, Model 50-505 Fuel System Analyzer
5083: - Instruction Manual: Allen Tune, Model 50-522 Ohmmeter
5090: - Owners Manual Craftsman Engine: Model Number 143. 133032
5086: - Operating Instructions: Allen Tune, Model 50-217 & 40-217 Compression Testers
5091: - Farm Equipment Electrical Systems
5104: - Chilton's Import Automotive Repair Manual
5124: - Introducing the Delcotron Generator and the Charging Circuit
5234: - 2 Books: Burley and Flue-Cured Tobacco in Slipcase
5243: - Allis Chalmers Model Wd-45 Diesel Tractor: Operating Instructions and Repair Parts List
5247: - Case: Tractor Plows Model a Series: Three, Four, Five and Six Bottoms. Operator's Instruction Manual
5248: - Studebaker: Timely New Tips on Truck Care
5289: - Ford Tractor Brochure: Gets More Done Faster, Easier, Cheaper with Dearborn Farm Equipment-Sales Brochure
7341: - Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins
6230: - Old Macdonald Had a Farm: A Musical Play for Children with Script and 10 Songs
10928: - Hindu Law: (Four in One) Hindu Marriage Act 1955 As Amended; Hindu Succession Act 1956; Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act 1956; Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act 1956 (with Short Notes)
6459: - The Men Who Direct the Bell Telephone System (First Edition)
6698: - Tractor Hydraulics
6702to6734: - 4 Outstanding Truck Books for Your Collection. Great Trucks, Trucks, Classic Trucks, Pictorial History of Trucks, American Semi Trucks: See Descriptions
6723.4: - Two Graphis Design Books: Volume 90 and 91
6749: - Broadcasting Cable Yearbook 2002-2003
6766ABC: - 2 Union Pacific Railroad Booklets: Livestock and Presenting 18 Union Pacific Railroad Agricultural Motion Pictures
6766C: - Agricultural Motion Pictures, Presenting 18 Union Pacific Railroad Agricultural Motion Pictures
6814: - New Art from an Ancient Land
6869: - Suzuki Violin School, Revised Edition, Violin Part, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
6995: - 1985 Virginia Tech Bugle (Yearbook): Shades, Volume 88
6996: - 1986 Virginia Tech Bugle (Yearbook): Changing Times, Volume 89
6997: - 1988 Virginia Tech Bugle (Yearbook): Pushing the Limits
7744: - Walking Lawn Mower: Service Manual. Complete Repair Manual from Starting & Operation to Engine Maintenance & Service. [Push Type]
7079: - New Reducing Diet Menus with Domino Sugar
7087: - Party Sandwich Ideas with Wonder Bread
7103: - Gibson Refrigerator Recipes
7122: - Proctor-Silex... It's Ice Cream Time! New Recipes, Old-Fashioned Favorites, Party Treats
7148: - Favorite Egg Delights from Virginia's Favorite Families
7153: - Nutone Built-in Food Center Recipes
19935: - Esso Italia Map 1956
7156: - Nelson No. 1110 Automatic Electric Cooker and Deep-Fry Recipes and Instructions
9958: - Learning to Speak English: 2 Items-4 Bilingual Audiocassettes for Independent Practice: Program One Farsi; and Manual of Practice Sentences
DVD001: - Hydroponics: An Introduction to Soilless Agriculture
4865: - Painting in England 1700 - 1850: Plates Volume Only: Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mellon, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Va
9700: - Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Design, May 2007; Volume 64, Number 5
1823: - Caterpillar Fuel Saver Estimator (Gas Vs Diesel)
5064: - Magna Matic Balancer (Advertisement) Original
5067: - Peerless Air-Cooled Outboards (Clinton Engines) Original Ad
19947: - Electrolux Cleaner: Users' Home Maintenance Guide
5055: - Clinton Service Bulletin No. 54: Special Tools (Original)
5056: - Clinton Service Bulletin No. 4 (Original)
19936: - Esso Touring Service 1956 /Accommodations / Descriptive Literature : Both for Happy Motoring!
5032F: - Kohler Engines: Model K331; Operating Instructions, Schematic, Parts List (Original)
10041: - Super Muffins (Food Pleasures)
R007: - Virginia Slims (Cigarettes)1987 Book of Days Engagement Calendar by Philip Morris
R008: - Virginia Slims (Cigarettes)1988 Book of Days Engagement Calendar by Philip Morris
9801: - Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures, Complete 9 Volume Set
Christmas_2: - Lemax Village Collection: Porcelain the Forgotten Summer Item N0. 73213 with Box
5051: - Clinton Flyer: Jacket & Cap (Original)
5024A: - Original Kohler Engine Advertisement (5. 6-9. 5 H.P. ): Model K241; 4-Cycle Short-Stroke Air-Cooled: Specifications, Power Data, Drawings
10060: - 2 Brochures: Floating the James River and Fishing Access to the James River in Richmond
9193: - Thewoodbook 80
9624: - Postage Stamps of Ireland: 70 Years, 1922-1992
VHS007: - (Vhs - Mystic Lands-Burma: Triumph of the Spirit / Jerusalem: Mosaic of Faith
10630: - Webster's Guide to Abbreviations !St Ed
10631: - Ford Model T Instruction Book for Ford Model T Cars
YBA3_1887: - Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1887
10209: - New American Figure Painting
VHS031: - (Vhs - Rawhide: Incident of the Tumbleweed Wagon; the Premiere Episode
9953: - Original Model Lc88sg Service Manual Lowrey Organs: The Super Genie
10613: - Dairyland: America's Cow Calendar 2003 New in Original Shrink Wrap
19931: - Esso the Caribbean with the Bahamas and Bermuda, Mar Caribe Y Las Islas Bahamas Y Bermuda 1958
6475: - Williamsburg's Prelude to Revolution with a Summary of the Year 1975
2204: - War Department Technical Manual: Tm21-305 Driver's Manual
2038: - Starrett Fine Mechanical Tools Catalog 26
10628: - Delta Rockwell 4" Belt / 6" Disc Sander Model 31460 Instruction Manual (No Plastic Cover)
J41: - Angels: 30 Full-Color Postcards
J62: - Webster's New Thesaurus, Compact Edition
3138: - Jack and Jill: September 1972
3139: - Jack and Jill: March 1977
5069: - Clinton Owner's Guide for 401-403-405-407-415 (Original) Operation & Maintenance
5070: - Clinton Owner's Guide: 500-501 (Original) Operation & Maintenance
5073: - A Handy Guide to Clinton Engines (Torque, Specifications, Tolerance, Parts) Original
5075: - Clinton Engines Letterhead (Original 1975)
19952: - Instructions for Use and Care of Super Dynamic Model Vcb6020 Cylinder Type Vacuum Cleaner
YBA3_1892: - Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1892
5053: - Clinton Touch 'n' Stop Safety Brake (Original)
7504to6: - 3 John Deere Calendars: 1978, 1980, 1087; Buhrman & Sons, Richmond, Va
1611A: - The Three Bears
1798: - Hack Saws and Their Use
1564: - American History Illustrated ( Volume XIII, Number 8, December 1978)
1602: - Jughead with Archie Comics Digest Magazine: No. 86 May 1988
1775: - School Shops for Today and Tomorrow
10783: - Happy Birthday: December 29
1299: - Rules and Instructions Governing Employees Engaged in the Construction of Signals and Interlockers
1623: - Detroit Grinding Wheels (Detroit-Star ): Catalogue No. 11
1776: - How to Plan a School Workshop (Shop) (Laboratory)
1612: - Monica, No. 58
1699: - Operator's Manual-Engine: Mccormick Model 20-C Field Harvester
1830: - American Standard Saferty Code for the Use, Care, and Protection of Abrasive Wheels
VHS036: - Red Skelton Collection 10pc Vhs Tapes
1723: - Safety Handbooks No. 3-6 (Woods Workers)
1685.6: - 2 Hercules Bulletins-(D Series, 3 Cylinder, Diesel Engine) & (G Series, 3 Cylinder, Gasoline Engine)
1813A: - The Remington-Peters Selling Story. Sales Brochure:
1603: - Jughead with Archie Comics Digest Magazine: No. 95 Nov 1989
1603TO3: - 2 Jughead with Archie Comics; No. 86 & 95
YBA_1896: - Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture. 1896
1844: - Greenlee Handy Calculator
1606: - Archie Comics Digest Magazine: No. 95 April 1989
1604: - Archie Annual Comics Digest Magazine: No. 53
1604TO6: - 3 Archie Annual Comics Digest Magazine: No. 53, 67, 95
1456: - Finding the Profit in Agriculture
1516TO21: - 4 Early (1960s) Economics Texts: Milroy, Robert R. & Robert E. Walden. Accounting Theory and Practice, Introductory; Moore, Carl L. & Robert K. Jaedicke. Managerial Accounting; Clendenin, John C. Introduction to Investments; Newman, William H. & Char
1810: - Feeding and Care of the Horse: The Southern Stated Way
5047C: - Clinton Advertisements (Black & White Flyers): (1) the New Clinton 6-Pak with the New Super 415. (2) Clinton 6p + 4p = $$$$. (3) Wall Sign: Lawn & Garden Replacement Engine Center. (4) Variety Pak. (5) Clinton Pak Order Form. (6) Clinton's New General Trades Parts Box Cabinet. (All Originals)
5048: - Clinton Flyer: Lawn & Garden Replacement Engine Center (Original)
5050: - Clinton Flyer: Parts Box Cabinet Advertisement(Original)
R006: - Virginia Slims (Cigarettes)1985 Book of Days Engagement Calendar by Philip Morris
10059: - Clinch River (Virginia) Float Trips
10052: - Richmond Braves 2008 Yearbook (the Final Year)
3135to9: - 4 Jack & Jill Magazines: March 1957, August 1970, September 1972, April 1974, March 1977
000001: - History of Music in Sound, Vol II: Early Medieval Music Up to 1300 (LM-6015)
10039: - A Thousand Soups: From Around the World (Food Pleasures)
2011: - Tractor Transmissions
9671: - The Allan Goldberg Collection of United States Postal History-September 26, 2007
VHS019: - (Vhs - Great Adventures: Christopher Columbus and the New World
8021: - The Way Things Work: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Technology
8060: - Original - a Complete Line of Seeding Equipment: Mccormick-Deering Collectible!
YBA3_1885: - Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1885
1879: - Modern Welded Structures: Vol. I
1879.80: - Modern Welded Structures: Vol. I & II
8081: - Case 1060 Self-Propelled Combine: Operator's Instruction Manual
2306: - Greatest Short Stories: 6 Volume Set
6354: - The Royal Scotsman: Advertisement Brochure by the Great Scottish & Wstern Railway Company
19932: - Esso France Map 1954
8142: - Delco Remy: Training Chart Manual-Section C, Cranking Motors
2036: - Facts About Storage Batteries
10924: - Victorian Glass: Specialties of the 19th Century
10966: - Gourmet Magazine September 2008: (Collector's Issue) Features - Editor's View of Paris; Paris of the 21 Century; 10th Area; 11th and 12th; 19th and 20th; 9th; a Parisian Room of One's Own; Smooth Operator; an Antique Table
R003: - Virginia Slims (Cigarettes)1982 Book of Days Engagement Calendar by Philip Morris
R005: - Virginia Slims (Cigarettes)1984 Book of Days Engagement Calendar by Philip Morris
10740: - United States and Confederate States Postal History Featuring the A. . L. Tobias Collection Sale 954 Thursday, April 10, 2008
1307A8A10: - 3 Collectible Travel Guides for Spain-Prado Gallery, Toledo, Madrid
VHS003: - (Vhs - Mystic Lands-Anasazi: The Ancient Ones / Taj Majal: Heaven on Earth
9561: - Railroads Calendar 1997 (Canadian Pacific, New York Central, Southern Pacific, Roch Island Line, Switchyards, Pennsylvania, Santa Fe Locomotive, Pittsburgh and Lake Erie, Union Pacific (2), Santa Fe, Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac
VHS004: - (Vhs - Mystic Lands-Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon / Maya: Messages in Stone
VHS005: - (Vhs - Mystic Lands-Varanasi: City of Light / Australia: Dreamtime
D19: - Good Housekeeping's Book of Good Meals. How to Prepare and Serve Them. A Guide to Meal Planning Cooking and Serving
10242: - 1988 Ford Truck Shop Manual Vol. D, Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Body/Chassis/Electrical for F, B, C 600 Thru 80000 Series
7211: - (2004) Two Thousand Four Malibuboats: A Step Beyond
1721G: - How to Use the Stanley Rafter Square
5056C: - 6 Clinton Service Bulletins: (1) Service Bulletin No. 4: Chrome Re-Ring Set. (2) Bulletin No. 54: Special Tools. (3) Bulletin No. 97: Oil Distributor and Rod Lock. (4) Bulletin 98: Replacement of Muffler. (5) Bulletin 99: Redesigned Oil Distributors. (6)
10632: - Ford Model "a" Instruction Book
5058: - Clinton Yellow Pages with Stick-on Sign and Mailers (Original)
5061: - Clinton Power Service Clinic Kit: Folder (Original)
1880: - Modern Welded Structures: Vol. II
10603: - Ford Tractor Model 8n Operator's Manual
1656: - Case Horse or Tractor Spring Tooth Harrows - Original - Parts Catalog No. E358 - Collectible!
R002: - Virginia Slims (Cigarettes)1981 Book of Days Engagement Calendar by Philip Morris
2029B: - From Point to Point: Instruction Manual and Handbook of Practical Applications for David White Instruments
2026: - The Hydraulic Brake System: Operation and Service
000003: - History of Music in Sound, Vol IX: Romanticism (1830-1890) LM-6153
1838_1967: - Tractor Operation & Daily Care
YBA_1895: - Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture. 1895
9912: - America Quilts Creatively, Book 100: Watercolor Quilts, Shaggy Quilts, Technology in Quilting, Applique, and So Much More!
10058-62: - Float Trips in Virginia on the Dan, Clinch, Staunton, James and Shenandoah Rivers
10606: - Original Manual of Instructions for the Care and Operation of the Oliver Model Thirty-Three Self Propelled Combine
8122: - Original-Advertising Brochure: Ford Tricycle Tractors
YBA2_1977: - Gardening for Food and Fun: The Yearbook of Agriculture 1977
YBA3_1884: - Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1884
9123: - Catalogo de la Primera Exposicion Representativa de Artesanias Argentinas (Catalogue of the First One Exposicion Representative of Artesanias Argentinas)
10142: - 1988 Ford Truck Shop Manual Vol. D, Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Body/Chassis/Electrical for F, B, C 600 Thru 80000 Series
10619: - The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls: Volume II-Happy Hours in Storyland
9428.32: - 2 Issues, Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design, June 2005-American Country Houses; Country Homes
5026: - Kohler Engines: Model L160; 4-Cycle Short-Stroke Air-Cooled Original Advertising Flyer
5031: - Original Kohler Engines (5. 6-10 H.P. ): Model K241; Operating Instructions, Schematic, Parts List, Carburetor Adjustments, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting
5034C: - Kohler Engines: Model K160 Original Advertising
5035: - Kohler Engines Original Advertising (3. 7 to 7 H.P. ): Model K161 Basic, K161c W/Clutch, K161p W/Direct Mount, K161r W/Gear Reduction, K161s W/Electric Starter, K161t Retractable Starter. 4-Cycle, Short-Stroke, Air-Cooled
5037B: - Original Kohler Engines (2. 1-4 H.P. ): Model K91 Advertising Brochure (Models K91 Basic, K91p Direct Mount, K91r Gear Reduction, K91s Electric Starter, K91t Retractable Starter) Includes Specifications, Modifications, Power Data, Drawings
5038B: - Original Kohler Engines (1. 8-4 H.P. ): Model K91; Operating Instructions, Schematic, Parts List, Carburetor Adjustments, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting
5039B: - Original Kohler Engines: Model K161; Operating Instructions, Schematic, Parts List, Carburetor Adjustments, Specifications, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting
9951: - Art Culinaire 26 (the International Magazine in Good Taste, Volume 26) Featuring-Liquid Sunlight: California Sparkling Wines; a Craving for Caviar
VHS027: - (Vhs - America's Castles: The Anglophiles Salisbury House, Agecrofy Hall, & Virginia House
8132: - Gears, Chain Drives and Their Lubrication: To Help Those Who Design, Operate and Maintain Industrial Equipment
9675: - Postal History from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania-October 24, 2007; Featuring 17th, 18th and 19th Century Covers
10426: - Rockwell/Delta 20" Wood Cutting Band Saw Operating Instructions and Replacement Parts List (Pm-1702)
10427: - Model 143 Powermatic 14" Bandsaw Operating Instructions and Parts List
9672: - United States Plate Blocks-October 4, 2007; Washington-Franklin Issues and Offices in China
5053C: - 3 Clinton Advertisements (Color Flyers): (1) Clinton Touch 'n' Start Primer. (2) Touch 'n' Stop Safety Brake. (3) Jacket & Cap (All Original)
5054: - Clinton Service Bulletin: Nos. 97, 98, 99, 100 (Original)
10609: - Volkswagen Beetles 2003 Calendar New in Shrink Wrap
7285: - Hammond Ambassador World Atlas
7318: - Full Color and Inscribed Studio Photo of George Wallace While Governor of Alabama
7319: - The Grand Ole Opry: Souvenir Program 1976
7324: - 1989 Dolls Calendar: French and German Dolls
7333: - Spinning Wheel: A National Magazine About Antiques. 1971 All of Volume 27, Numbers 1 Through 10
7415: - 2002 Virginia Tech Bugle (Yearbook): Pushing the Limits
7532: - Agriculture: Merit Badge Series
7539: - Local Historical Societies in Virginia: A Directory
7584: - Church Silver of Colonial Virginia (an Exhibition Organized by the Virginia Museum, February 2 - March 8, 1970)
11010: - How the Weels Revolve
5088: - Wisconsin 4-Cycle Heavy-Duty Air-Cooled Engines (Workhorse Power to Fit the Job and the Machine) Advertisement:
7963: - Guide to Wildlife Management Areas: John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir
7969: - Warm-Water Fishponds: Farmer's Bulletin No. 2250
8073: - Aditi: The Living Arts of India
8083: - Operator's Manual Mccormick No. 245 Corn and Cotton Drill Planter; Setting Up Instructions
8085: - Operator's Manual Mccormick International 56 Baler: Setting Up Instructions
8087: - Operator's Manual Mccormick International 120 Balanced Mower: Setting Up Instructions
8103: - Original - Operators Instructions for Allis Chalmers One - Seventy Tractor
8106: - Allis Chalmers Model Wd Tractor: Operating Instructions, Maintenance and Repair Parts Illustrations
8107: - Original - I&T Shop Service: Allis Chalmers Shop Manual for Models D-21, D-21 Series II, Two-Ten, Two-Twenty; Manual No. Ac-21
8133: - Automotive Oils for Trucks, Bus Transport and Tractor Lubrication
8123: - Original - Advertising Brochure: Ford Special Utility Tractors; Includes Models 620, 630, 820
8124: - Original - Fh-2 International Parts Catalog: Field Harvesters; Revision No. 6 (Complete), with Revisions No. 7 & 8
8131: - Lindsay Harrows Advertising
8137: - How to Read Shop Drawings: With Special Reference to Welding and Welding Symbols As Standardized by the American Welding Society
8140: - Delco Remy: Training Chart Manual-Section B, Energizers and Batteries
8141: - Delco Remy: Training Chart Manual-Section Cs, Delcotron Generators
7369: - America Is Me: 170 Fresh Questions and Answers on Black American History
9428: - Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design, June 2005-American Country Houses; Volume 62, Number 6
9429: - Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design, February 2004-Before and After; Volume 61, Number 2
9432: - Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design, June 2004-20th Anniversary of Country Houses; Volume 61, Number 6
9179: - La France: Les Grandes Heures Litteraires (in English-France: The Big Hours Litteraires
9209: - Catalog: The Henry Tolman II Collection of United States Revenue Stamps: Part Two-Beer Stamps. Sale 919, Thursday, September 21, 2006
9225: - Modern Aviation Library, Volume 23, Book No. 223
9232: - At Home Singapore Style: Distinctive Interiors & Decorating Sources
9263: - Gray's Sporting Journal: Upland Birds, Volume One, Issue 5
1419: - Wildlife Conservation in Virginia
5024.31: - 2 Original Collectibles: Kohler, Model K241; 4-Cycle Short-Stroke Air-Cooled
5037M: - 2 Original Items-Kohler Engines: Model K91 Operating Instructions and Kohler Engines: Model K91 Advertising Brochure
5047A: - A Collection of Clinton Engine Materials
5074: - Clinton Torque Data Chart (Original)
9314: - Catalog: 2006 Rarities of the World-May 13, 2006; Sale 913
9356: - Superstar Series, Vol. 4: Country: Alabama - Highway 101 - the Judds (Easy ABC Music)
9379: - Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design, Special Collector's Edition, January 2002; Todays Designers - Legendary Design - Top 100 Designers - Winter Art Antiques
9379A9427: - 2 Issues - Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design. Special Collector's Editions: (1) January 2002; Todays Designers - Legendary Design - Top 100 Designers - Winter Art Antiques. And (2) May 2005 Architecture Issue
9380: - Architectural Digest: The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design, Collector's Edition, May 2004; the Great Design Issue
6788: - Railroad Maps: The West; Highways, Cities, Stations, Signals, Tonnage
9985: - Owner's Manual for Jacobsen 4-Blade Rotary Mower with Power Flow Engine and Electric Key Starting, Power Propelled 21" No. 42152 Rotary Mower with Grass Catcher, Serial No. 1601 and Up. Includes Laid-in 1 Page Instructions on Replacing the Battery Pack
A1: - Original Philip Morris Cigarette Advertisement - Bellhop - "You'Re Safer Smoking Philip Morris!"
A11: - Association of American Railroads. "This 'Country Road' Leads Straight to the Nation's Markets". Original March 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A12: - General Electric Farm News. "Farmers Busy with Welding Repairs". Original February 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A13: - Attractive Ford Farming, Dearborn Farm Equipment, Right Combination for Better Plowing with Dearborn Plow. Original February 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A2: - 1965 Bud Budweiser Beer Double-Page Print Original Advertisement
A3: - Attractive Ford Farming, Dearborn Farm Equipment, Means Less Work... More Income Per Acre. Original March 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A4: - 1952 Chevrolet, Styleline de Luxe 4-Door Sedan. Original July 1951 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A5: - The New Ferguson Tractor, Leverage Gives a Power "Plus". Original March 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A6: - General Electric Farm News. "Takes Gamble out of Hay Curing". Original March 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A7: - Virginia Governor Tuck Challenges Nc Governor Scott! Original March 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A8: - Cunningham Garden Tractor, the 9-In1 Machine. Original March 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
A9: - 4-Wheel-Drive Universal Jeep. "Handiest Tool on Any Farm... Original March 1949 Advertisement in Southern Planter
Auto0002: - 2 Original Ford Advertisements: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 XL; 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe
Auto0003: - 1949 Dodge Truch Advertisement in March 1949 Southern Planter. "You Sure Got Yourself a Buy!"
Auto0004: - 1956 Austin-Healey 100 Advertisement from March 5, 1956 Time Magazine
Auto0005: - 2 Original Print Color Advertisements: 3 Wonderful Ways to Go de Soto 1958; Announcing the New Coronado 1955
Auto0006: - 3 Original Print Studebaker Advertisements: Studebaker Hawks 1956; Studebaker/Budd (Steel Bodies and Wheels) Ads; New 1940 Studebaker Commander at Boulder Dam
Auto0007: - 3 Original Print Studebaker-Packard/Merceded-Benz Advertisements: Studebaker Hawks 1956; Studebaker/Budd (Steel Bodies and Wheels) Ads; New 1940 Studebaker Commander at Boulder Dam
Auto0008: - 2 Original 1955 Lincoln Print Advertisements
6421: - Social Register Summer 1972 (All Cities): New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati & Dayton, San Francisco, Baltimore, Buffalo. Volume LXXXVI, June 1972
5063: - 2 Items: Ignition Analyzer and Tester Model 51 & 51-R Ad (Clinton) Original
4864%2665: - Painting in England 1700 - 1850: 2 Volumes - Text & Plates Volumes. Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mellon, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Va
10061: - Staunton (Va) River Guide
Julie: - Christmas with Julie Andrews. Rca Special Collector's Edition Prs-290, Stereo. 33 Rpm
5075M: - 4 Miscellaneous Clinton Items: (1) Clinton Engines Letterhead-1975, (2) Tool Order Form-1964, (3) Quick Reference Original Clinton Parts Price List-1966, (4) Clinton Power Service Clinic Kit: Folder (All Originals)
5068A: - Clinton Series B-700: Parts Catalog (Original)
8035: - Household & Personal Property Inventory Book
19930: - Esso Eastern United States and Adjacent Canada Interstate Map 1957
9950: - Art Culinaire 25 (the International Magazine in Good Taste, Volume 25) Featuring-the Season for Espana and Spain Shows Off the World
10629: - Ryobi Operator's Manual 5-1/2 Inch 18 Volt Circular Saw P501
D02: - 3 Publications: Petersen's Medium Format Photography and Petersen's Photographic Library Vol 2 & 6
D07: - Metropolitan Cook Book
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YBA10_1982: HAYNES, JACK (ED) - The Yearbook of Agriculture 1982 Food--from Farm to Table, United States Department of Agriculture
11007: HAYNES, E. BARRINGTON - Glass Through the Ages: A Pelican Original 10'6
YBA9_1969: HAYNES, JACK (ED) - The Yearbook of Agriculture 1969 Food for Us All, United States Department of Agriculture
3280: HAZEN, BARBARA SHOOK - Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Rainy-Day Circus
8001: HEISER, CHARLES B. JR - Peppers of the Americas: At the National Arboretum
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9612: HENDERSON, KEN - Brothers of the Forest: An Early American Adventure
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8037: HENDRICKSON, JOHN - Eagles
9773: HENNING, RONI - Screenprinting: Water-Based Techniques, Non-Toxic Methods for a Safe Environment
1301: FINK HENRY - Federal Regulations of Railroad Securities and Valuation of Railroad Properties: Letter to the Railroad Securities Clmmission in Reply to Their Request for Information and Opinions
7683: HENTY, G.A - Through Russian Snows: A Story of Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow
5240: HERNDON, BOOTON - The Leggett Story... The Southern Retailing Family
9270: HERTZBERG, ARTHUR, EDITOR - Judaism (Great Religions of Modern Man Series)
7873: HEYNEN, JIM (ED) - Fishing for Chickens: Short Stories About Rural Youth
YBA5_1907: GEO. WM. HILL (ED) - Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture. 1907
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10492: HOERNER, HARRY J. (ET AL) - Small Gasoline Engines: Operation, Repair and Maintenance
3136: HOFFMANN, KARL K. (ED) - Jack and Jill: April 1974
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9094: JOHN HOLLANDER, EDITOR - American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, Volume One, Freneau to Whitman (Library of America)
4621: HOLLYWOOD, MIKE - Papa Mike's Cook Islands Handbook
6822: HOLMES, GLENN - The Heritage of Australian Birds: The Indigenous Bird Families of the Australian Region
10007: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes & Gardens New Garden Book: How-to Help on Gardening, Landscaping, Lawn Care
7230A: HORN, HUSTON - The Old West: The Pioneers
10364: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P - Lettering from a to Z
3290: HORVATH, SHERL - The Little Book
1222: HOUGHTON, NORRIS - Entrances & Exits: A Life in and out of the Theatre
40ROBINS: WHITE, HOWARD AND SUSAN M. PERKINS - The Robin's Song, Words by Susan M. Perkins, Music by Howard White, Sheet Music
10637: HOWARD, FRANK L. (ETAL) - Automotive Antifreezes. Nbs Circular 576
5664: LU HSUN - Chinese Literature
1422: BURKE, STANLEY R., JORDAN HUDSON & LARRY W. FANNON - The Teachers Manual for Shop Equipment Safety and Operation
1388: HUDSON, C. JORDAN - Aquaculture Infusion Units (Instructional Materials, Excellent Teaching Materials)
9555: THE BARONESS VON HUTTEN - Pam at Fifty
7952: UROFSKY, MELVIN I. & PHILIP E. UROFSKY - Two Hundred Years of Mr. Jefferson's Idea: The Expansion of Religious Freedom in the United States
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5318: NAVAL INSTITUTE - Naval History, Volume 7, 1993, Numbers 1-4
1322: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE - The Smithsonian Book of Inventions
10382: ADONICA LYNNETTE INZER (ED) - Towards a CIVIL Architecture in America: Modulus 23 (the Architectural Review at the University of Virginia)
3535: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (a Library of Universal Literature, Part II Biography, Volume 19 [Marked Part II, Vol. 4 on Spine]
1022: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Pocket Edition. Ales of a Traveller Vol II
1021A: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Tales of a Traveller Vol II
7984: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Washington Irving's Works: Astoria, or Anecdotes of an Enterprise Beyond the Rocky Mountains; Salmagundi; the Adventures of Captain Bonneville
7985: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Washington Irving's Works: The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent; a History of New York (from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty) by Diedrich Knickerbocker; Crayon Papers by Geoffrey Crayon, Gent
4915: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. ET AL - Gettysburg
6902: ROBINS, HELEN J. & AGNES F. PERKINS - An Introduction to Rhetoric: Lessons in Phraseology, Punctuation and Sentence Structure
10337: TUINMAN, JAAP WITH MANY CONSULTANTS - A House for a Mouse (Journeys Emergent Level One)
10888: JACKSON, THOMAS CAMPBELL - Hammers, Nails, Planks, and Paint: How a House Is Built
B26: JACOBS, HAYES B - A Complete Guide to Writing and Selling Non-Fiction
7747: JACOBSEN, BERTIL - Sjomansuniformen: I Olika Mariner, Genom Tiderna
10202: JAMIESON, DAVID - Uddingston in Old Picture Postcards
10772: SJOBERG, JAN AND OVE (TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH BY T.W. & E. SUMMERS) - Working with Copper, Silver, and Enamel
J55: JANSON, H. W - History of Art: A Survey of the Major Visual Arts from the Dawn of History to the Present Day
6872: JEFFERS, JACK-PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST - Advertisement: Jeffers-Outdoor Art and Applied Photography
1883B: JENNINGS, ROYALSTON F. - Gas and A.C. Arc Welding and Cutting
D01: RUBIN, JEROME & CYNTHIA - The Proper Bostonian Cook Book
P005: JEX, WILLIAM W - Intermediate English Esl: English As a Second Language (2 Vhs Tapes)
10875: SETTEL, JOANNE & NANCY BAGGETT - Why Do Cats' Eyes Glow in the Dark?
7403: PERRY, JOHN AND JANE - Veterinarians and What They Do
7859: DE VISSER, JOHN & PAUL VON BAICH (PHOTOGRAPHERS) - Quebec Et le Saint-Laurent
8008: MAROON, JOHN & CASEY HUSBAND (EDS) - 1999 Washington Redskins Official Yearbook: Celebrating the New Millennium
6823: JOHNSON, BRIAN D. - Railway Country: Across Canada by Train
7950: JOHNSON, MARIE (ED) - Ancient Greek Dress. A New Illustrated Edition Combining. 'Greed Dress' by Ethel Abrahams / 'Chapters on Greek Dress' by Lady Evans
J12: PRICE, JONATHAN & CARLENE SCHNABEL - Desktop Publishing: With Recipes for Pagemaker Recipes & the Ibm Pc at
10094: JONES, LOUISA - Provence: A Country Almanac
6965: STEPHENS, OTIS H., JR. & JOHN M. SCHEB, II - American Constitutional Law: Essays and Cases
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7945: LIBæK, IVAR / ØIVIND STENERSEN - Norges Historie: Tilrettelagt for Elever Med Norsk Som Andresprak (Norwegian History: Access for Students with Norwegian As Second Language)
10673: JACKSON, K. & B. - The Saggy Baggy Elephant
4748: SNYDER, KARL & THOMAS BOBICK (COMPILERS) - Safe Grain and Silage Handling
10293: GOODWIN, JOHN-KARL (DVM) & MANY OTHER CONTRIBUTORS - Advances in Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Therapy: Veterinary Clinics of North America - Small Animal Practice, Vol. 28, No. 6 - November 1998
9000: KARSELIS, TERENCE C - The Pocket Guide to Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation
10887: JACKSON, KATHRYN & BYRON - Richard Scarry's Best House Ever (First Edition0
B03: KAUTZ, WILLIAM H - Channeling : The Intuitive Connection
1588: KEANE, BIL - Can I Have a Cookie?
10409: KEENER, JAMES - Dinosaur Triangle: Land of the 'Terrible Lizards'
10148: OSBORNE, KEITH. AND BRIAN PIPE - The International Book of Beer Labels, Mats and Coasters
drmb17: KELLER, HELEN - The Story of My Life: Special Edition with Her Letters (1887-1901) Addition Chapteer and a Supplementary Account of Her Education by John Albert Macy
7728: KELM, GEORGE L - Escape to Conflict: A Biblical and Archeological Approach to the Hebrew Exodus and Settlement in Canaan
5464: DENLINGER, KEN AND PAUL ATTNER - Redskin Country: From Baugh to the Super Bowl
7336.51.52: KESTING, FRED - 3 Special Issues of Sports Afield: Fishing
8161: KETCHAM, DALE - Sworn Off Women
9006: KETCHAM, HANK - Dennis the Menace: Dennis Power (Fawcett Gold Metal Book)
5458: KEY, RAY - Woodturning: A Designer's Notebook
2619: KHERDIAN, DAVID (ED) - I Sing the Song of Myself
10730: MCDONNELL, LEO P. ASSISTED BY DONALD M. KIDD AND LOUIS J. SIY - The Use of Portable Power Tools Including Staplers, Nailing Machines and Power-Actuated Drivers
4672: KIELTY, BERNARDINE - Masters of Painting: Their Works, Their Lives, Their Times
4813: KILPATRICK, CATHY - Let's Look at Animal Homes
D42: KILPATRICK, CHRISTOPHER H. - Kirkmouse (Signed) with Extras
10612: KIMBALL, RON - Cadillac Calendar 2003 New in Original Shrink Wrap
10389: KING, WILLIAM P. (EDITOR) - Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church South 1930 (First Edition)
9613: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Life's Handicap: Being Stories of Mine Own People (Rudyard Kipling Centenary Editions)
7492: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Rudyard Kipling's First Jungle Book
3581: KIRBY, CLINTON M. - Laboratory Manual of Physics
7775: KIRKLAND, RICHARD C - Tales of a Helicopter Pilot
9679: KISSAM, PHILIP - Surveying: Instruments & Methods for Surveys of Limited Extent
4093: HAYDN, JOSEPH; EDITED BY KLEE & LEBERT - Original - Vol. 295 Twenty Sonatas, Piano Book I Nos. 1 to 10
10425: KNAPP, GEORGE E - Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Leavenworth in the 1930's and Early 1940's
8144: KNOFLA, ALAN N. (PUBLICATION DIRECTOR) - Blueprint Reading for Machinists-Advanced
10144: KNOTT, GRACE L - English Smocking, Revised Edition (Includes Extras! )
9163: KOCK, GERALD L - Georgia Commercial Practice (Includes 1968 Cumulative Supplement)
6403: NICOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - The Golden Cockerel. Opera. Conductor's Score. Act 3. Russian Text. K 5215-C
4720: KRAMER, JACK - Drip System Watering for Bigger and Better Plants
1631: KREBS, ALFRED H. - Agriculture in Our Lives (an Introduction to Agriculture and Agricultural Science)
10135: KRUEGER, DAVID (ET AL) - How to Build a Hydraulic Log Splitter (Using Flat Iron or Pipe)
7545: KRUSCHWITZ, ROBERT B - Inklings of Glory: Christian Reflection (a Series in Faith and Ethics)
7544: KRUSCHWITZ, ROBERT B - Vocation: Christian Reflection (a Series in Faith and Ethics)
7311: KUBASEK, NANCY (ET AL) - The Legal Environment of Business: A Critical Thinking Approach with Total Law Cd-Rom (2nd Edition)
4044: KUHLAU, FRIEDRICH - Sonatinas for the Pianoforte, Volume One
4073: KULLAK, THEO - Original-No. 447 the School of Octave Playing for Piano Part 2 Op 48 (Seven Octave Studies)
6717: THROM, EDWARD L. AND JAMES S. CRENSHAW - Popular Mechanics Auto Album: The Motor Car in Pictures and Story from 1769 to 1952
10286: BURK, RONALD L. (DVM, MS) & GLEN K. KING (DVM, MS) & MANY OTHER CONTRIBUTORS - Radiation Oncology: Veterinary Clinics of North America - Small Animal Practice, Vol. 27, No. 1- January 1997
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10172: SPANG, JENNIE L. AND WILFRED AND ALONZO SPANG - Cheyenne Way of Tanning (First Edition)
1649: FISHER, MARTIN L. & FASSETT A. COTTON - Agriculture for Common Schools
1517: MOORE, CARL L. & ROBERT K. JAEDICKE - Managerial Accounting
4072: LACK, THEODORE - Valse-Arabesque Op. 82 (Distinctive Compositions in Dance Form in the Fourth and Fifth Grades, Series Seven)
3894: LAMBERT, EDMUND B. - Mushroom Growing in the United States: Farmers' Bulletin No. 1875
9626: LANDSTROM, BJORN - The Ship: An Illustrated History (from the Primitive Raft to the Nuclear-Powered Submarine)
10744: LANE, SAMUEL M. (RICHMOND VA NATIVE) - The Long Road Home: Reflections of an Aerial Gunner
7446: VAN LARE, JAMES - The Professional Listener
3616: LASLETT, PHYLLIS M. - Virginia Architects Handbook 1991
5625: SHACKELFORD, LAUREL & BILL WEINBERG (EDS) - Our Appalachia : An Oral History
7678: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM - Life of Phillips Brooks. (Creative Lives Series)
4011: L. VAN BEETHOVEN/BULOW/LEBERT - L. Van Beethoven: Op. 81a Sonatas for the Pianoforte
9562: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - Harley-Davidson: History and Mystique
10774: LEGG, JACQUELYN G - Ukrops - the Words Worth Eating Low Cholesterol Cookbook - Book One (Presented by Ukrop's)
10768: LEMBO, ROBERT M., M.D. (ED. ) - Educational Review Manual in Pediatrics (Educational Review Manual), Softcover (2008) Updated Ed.
2706: SCHIFF, LEON & EUGENE R. SCHIFF - Diseases of the Liver
10316A: MANDELKER, LESTER (DVM) & MANY OTHER CONTRIBUTORS - Nutraceuticals and Other Biologic Therapies: Veterinary Clinics of North America - Small Animal Practice, Vol. 34, No. 1 - January 2004
7692: LEUTHNER, STUART - The Railroaders
7732: LEVERAGE, HENRY - Whispering Wires (Adapted from Saturday Evening Post Story of the Same Title)
5392: LEWIN, MOSHE - The Making of the Soviet System: Essays in the Social History of Interwar Russia

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