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B48: LEWIS, JAMES R - Encyclopedia of Death and the Afterlife
5694: LEWIS, PETER - The Fifties
6745: D.M.C. LIBRARY - Macramã©
10602: LICHNER, HEINRICH - In (on) the Meadow Op95 No. 2 Auf Der Wiese. Superior Ed. 1127 for Piano
4760A: EDITORS TIME LIFE - World War II: Japan at War
10157: LIGGETT, KENNETH W. (ED) - The Gun Report Magazine: November 1973, Vol XIX, No. 6 (Featuring Josiah Meriam)
3594: LIND, HENRY C. (ED) - American Law Reports, Federal Cases and Annotations Vol. 16; with 1977 Supplement
6930: LINDEMANN, GOTTFRIED. TRANSLATED BY TESSA SAYLE - History of German Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
6231: LINDREN, HAROLD (ET AL) - Gunnar from the Land of the North Star: A Musical Play for Children with Script and 10 Songs
9872: LINK, ALBERT N - From Seed to Harvest: The Growth of the Research Triangle Park
4092: LISZT, FRANZ/RAFAEL JOSEFFY - Original - Rhapsodies Hongroises for the Pianoforte Vol. I Nos. 1 to 8 Incl
40LISZTrhaps: LISZT, FRANZ (EDITED AND REVISED BY RAFAEL JOSEFFY) - Franz Listz Rhapsodies Hongroises No. 12 A.J. Joachim for the Pianoforte, Edited and Fingered by Rafael Joseffy.
4050: LISZT, FRANZ - Dreams of Love (Liebestraum) Notturne No. 3 for Piano (No. 2117) Brilliant Concert Number, Series One
4083: LISZT, FRANZ (EDITED AND REVISED BY RAFAEL JOSEFFY) - Chant Polonais No. 5 (Fr Chopin) Moja Pieszczotka )My Joys) Nocturne (Original Works and Transcriptions for the Piano)
J40: LIVESEY, MARGOT - Eva Moves the Furniture
10109: DE ARMOND, LIZZIE (WORDS) & MUSIC BY D'ADAM GEIBEL - The Uncrowned King: A Story Cantata for Christmas
9608: LORD GEOFFREY-LLOYD & PETER WILSON - Leeds Castle: A Brief History of the Castle of the Queens of Medieval England and a Guide to the Rooms
10876: LOFTING, HUGH - The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Being the History of His Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts, Never Before Printe
8121: LONG, KENNETH LONG (ED) - Original-I&T Shop Service Ford Shop Manual No. Fo-14 for Series 6000
5216: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - Best Loved Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
9110: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
D22: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - At the Portal: A Longfellow Birthday Book... With 12 Colored Illustrations
3890: LOOMIS, N. H. - Growing American Bunch Grapes: Farmers' Bulletin No. 2123, Usda
2340: LORD, JOHN - Beacon Lights of History: Volume VII, Lord's Lectures, Great Women
2342: LORD, JOHN - Beacon Lights of History: Volume IX, European Statesmen (the World's Heroes and Master Minds)
2344: LORD, JOHN - Beacon Lights of History: Volume XIV, the New Era (the World's Heroes and Master Minds)
9530: SHERER, LORRAINE & FLORENCE UPDEGRAFF - American Colonial Life; Volume I: Pilgrims and Puritans, Subject Matter for Teachers Use in Curriculum Development, Curriculum Bulletin P-111-B
9531: SHERER, LORRAINE & FLORENCE UPDEGRAFF - American Colonial Life, Volume II, Part I: Life in New England During the War for Independence and the Signing of the Constitution; American Colonial Life-New England 1689 to 1800. (American Life Series) Subject Matter Series P-111-B
9526: SHERER, LORRAINE & JOHN BOYLAN - American Pioneer Life; Part I: Curriculum Subject Matter for a Unit of Work. Pioneer Life in America (Kentucky and Tennessee): A Monograph, Curriculum Bulletin P-113-B
10442: LOSEKAMP, CINDY - Antique Linens with Pfaff (Apparently Volume I)
9446: COMPILED BY CALDER LOTH - Preserving a Legacy: A Catalogue of Historic Landmarks Preserved Through Easements Donated to the Virginia Historic Landmarks Board (First Edition)
J26: LICARI, LOUIS WITH SHARON ESCHE - Color Your Life... With Haircolor
10657: ROBERT LOUVAIN & THE STAFF OF THE WALT DISNEY STUDIO - Walt Disney's White Wilderness Animals of the Wilderness: A True Life Adventure - the Golden Library of Knowledge
10801: LOWIS, GEOFFREY L. - Fabulous Admirals and Some Naval Fragments (First Edition)
D09: HELEN LUCK, CHAIRMAN - Varina Woman's Club Cookbook: For Camp Easter Seal
9656: LUFKIN, W. RALPH - "All in One Lifetime"
B56: LYLE, JANE - The Complete Handbook of Astrology
10347: WESCOTT, LYNANNE AND PAULS DEGEN - Wind and Sand. The Story of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk Told Through Their Own Words and Photographs
4070: JULE STYNE (MUSIC) SAMMY CAHN (LYRIC) - Original-the Things We Did Last Summer Featured by Frank Sinatra
5697: LYSTER, J. S. - The Opera 5. X Book: Browsing the Web with Speed and Style W/Cd-Rom
3814: DURBOROW, ROBERT M. & CRAIG S. TUCKER - Aquatic Weed Control in Catfish Ponds
6473: CLARKE, SAMUEL M. & JOHN C. AUSTIN - Worcester Porcelain in the Colonial Williamsburg Collection (Wallace Gallery Decorative Arts Publications)
10289: BOOTHE, DAWN M. (DVM) & MANY OTHER CONTRIBUTORS - Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Veterinary Clinics of North America - Small Animal Practice, Vol. 28, No. 2 - March 1998
10847: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - The Rockwell Deltagram & Flying Chips, a Rockwell Publication: Vol 31, No. 5 (Sept-Oct) 1962 Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
10848: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - 2 Rockwell Flying Chips & Deltagrams, Rockwell Publications: Vol 33, No. 2 (March-April) & 3 (May-June)1964 Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
10849: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - 3 Rockwell Flying Chips & Deltagrams, Rockwell Publications: Vol 34, No. 2 (March-April), No. 4 (July-Aug), No. 5 (Sept-Oct) 1965. Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
10843: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - 3 Deltagrams 1953 , Deltacraft Publications: Vol 22, No. 4 (July-Aug); 5 (Sept- Oct); 6 (Nov-Dec) Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
10844: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - Deltagram, a Deltacraft Publication (Special Aluminum Projects Issue): Vol 23, No. 3 (May-June) 1954 Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
1025: ORR, ETHEL M. & OTHERS - Reading Today, Book Two
8049: WOODS, BALDWIN M. & E. PAUL DE GARMO - Introduction to Engineering Economy
10851: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - 3 Rockwell Flying Chips & Deltagrams, Rockwell Publications: Vol 36, No. 1 (Jan-Feb), No. 6 (Nov-Dec) 1967; Vol 37, No. 2 (March-April) 1968. Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
10850: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - 5 (Almost a Full Year) Rockwell Flying Chips & Deltagrams, Rockwell Publications: Vol 35, No. 2 (March-April), No. 3 (May-June), No. 4 (July-Aug), No. 5 (Sept-Oct), No. 6 (Nov-Dec) 1966. Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
7821: DELINGER, DONALD M. (TEXT AUTHOR) & JAMES A. WARNER (PHOTOGRAPHIC AUTHOR) - The Gentle People: A Portrait of the Amish
9192: KELLY, FRANCIS M. & RANDOLPH SCHABE - A Short History of Costume and Armour: Volume I, 1066 - 1485; Volume II, 1485 - 1800
2525: MANLY, JOHN M. & EDITH RICKERT - The Writing of English
10846: WARKASKE, A. M. (ED) AND THE DELTA POWER TOOL DIVISION OF THE ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY - 3 Deltagrams , Deltacraft Publications: Vol 26, No. 1 (Jan-Feb) 1957; No. 3 (Sept- Oct, 1957); No. 6 (May-June 1957); 1958 Vol 27 No. 3 (May-June). Projects Material and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
4080: MACDOWELL, EDWARD A - Witches' Dance (Hexentanz. ) Op. 17, No. 2
4045: MACDOWELL, EDWARD - Twelve [12] Etudes for the Development of Technique and Style, Op. 39 for Piano (Schmidt's Educational Series No. 4)
2146: MACHLIS, JOSEPH - The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perceptive Listening
1548: MACNELLY, JEFF - The Very First Shoe Book
B55: MACRAE, NORMA M - Canning and Preserving without Sugar
9768: CHESAPEAKE BAY MAGAZINE - 2004 Guide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay: Your Personal Guide to Cruising More Than 300 Secluded Anchorages, Popular Cruising Spots and Historic Ports of Call
4674: EDITORS OF HORIZON MAGAZINE - The Horizon Book of the Arts of China
3210: MALET, A. - Histoire de France
10451: MALLEGG, KRISTIN B. (ED) INTRODUCTORY ESSAY BY HON. DR. CLIFTON R. WHARTON, JR - Who's Who Among African Americans, 22nd Edition
7617: MARCHAND, LESLIE A (ED) - In My Hot Youth: Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume 1, 1798-1810
7617to23: MARCHAND, LESLIE A (ED) - 2 Volumes of Byron's Letters and Journals: In My Hot Youth, Volume 1, 1798-1810; Famous in My Time, Volume 2, 1810-1812; Wedlock's the Devil, Volume 4, 1814-1815; So Late Into the Night, Volume 5, 1816-1817
7618: MARCHAND, LESLIE A (ED) - Famous in My Time: Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume 2, 1810-1812
1940: GIBSON, MARGARET & RICHARD BAUSCH - New Virginia Review, Volume 6: Presentation Copy to Philip Morris from the Authors Signed
7402: MADDOX, MARGURITE & MIRIAM MORRISON PEAKE - The Complete Book of Curtains, Slipcovers & Upholstery
J64: MARINI, FOSCO - Meeting with Japan: A Personal Introduction to Its People, Their Culture, and Their History
10741: MARKS, MICHELE (ED) - Chesterfield County, Virginia Commemorative Album 1749-2010
10956: MARQUETTE - Marquette Dyna-Vision - Marque 8 Engine Analyzer
4831: MARSHALL, FRANCIS W. - Common Legal Principles That Everyone Should Know - As Given in the Opinions of the Greatest Common Law Judges: Volume II
4830: MARSHALL, FRANCIS W. - Common Legal Principles That Everyone Should Know: Volume I
4832: MARSHALL, FRANCIS W. - Common Legal Principles That Everyone Should Know: Volume I & II
10896: EDITED BY JOHN MARTIN AND HELEN WALDO - John Martin's Book, the Child's Magazine Vol XXIX 1924 No 3
10125: MARTIN, LETTY - Straight Stitch Machine Applique: History, Patterns and Instructions for This Easy Technique
YBA10_1985: MARTON, LARRY B. (ED) - The Yearbook of Agriculture 1985 U.S. Agriculture in a Global Economy, United States Department of Agriculture
10713: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Reynard the Fox or the Ghost Heath Run
9628: MATE, FERENC - Shipshape: The Art of Sailboat Maintenance
3852: MATTHEWS, MARGARETTE - Smoke: The Saga of an American Weed. Signed by Margarette M. Smith
9444: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - The Works of Guy de Maupassant: Short Stories
1314: MAVRAKI, NICKO - The Best Guide Book of the Ancient Monuments of Athens and the Acropolis
6445: MAYES, HERBERT R. - An Editor's Treasury: A Continuing Anthology of Prose, Verse, and Literary Curiosa; Part I Volume I
6445to6: MAYES, HERBERT R. - An Editors Treasury: Two Volumes-a Continuing Anthology of Prose, Verse, and Literary Curiosa; Part I Volumes I & II
6446: MAYES, HERBERT R. - An Editor's Treasury: A Continuing Anthology of Prose, Verse, and Literary Curiosa; Part I Volume II
1504: MAYNARD, LEONARD A - Animal Nutrition
D45: MCCARTHY, MARGUERITE G. - The Cook Is in the Parlour Cookbook: Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple Main Dishes That Get You out of the Kitchen from Campbell's Soup and Minute Rice
9650: MCCARTHY, LINDA - Own Your Space: Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online; Includes Unopened Cd
J07: MCCLANE, A. J - The Complete Book of Fishing : A Guide to Freshwater Saltwater & Big Game Fishing
6480: MCCRACKAN, W. D. - The Fair Land Tyrol (the Little Pilgrimages Series)
8023: MCDONALD, ELVIN (ED) - Handbook for Greenhouse Gardeners
4750: MCDOWELL, CHARLES JR. - One Thing After Another
7433: MCGETTIGAN, JAMES P. - Complete Book of Drills for Winning Soccer
4711: MCGUINNESS, C. L. - The Role of Ground Water in the National Water Situation with State Summaries Based on Reports by District Offices (Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 1800)
10669: MCGUIRE, LESLIE - This Farm Is a Mess. Parents Magazine Read Aloud Original
6960: MCKEE, MRS. - Royal Cookery Book in Colour
10711: MCKIEVER, CHARLES FITZGERALD - Slavery and the Emigration of North Carolina Friends
3574: MCKINNEY, C. A. - Heroes All: A Story of Post 8 - the American Legion, Department of Virginia; South Boston, Virginia (First Edition)
6681: MCMILLEN, WHEELER - The Farmer (Part of the Usa Survey Series)
11002: MCMILLEN, WHEELER (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Pathfinder News Magazine, December 12, 1951 Gold in Young Voices (Volume 58 No. 25)
10793: RAND MCNALLY - 2 Volume Set - Rand Mcnally 2006 Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide: Volume 1 - Guide, Volume 2 Index: The First Place to Look for Up-to-Date Business Planning Data!
3813: MCVEY, EILEEN M. - Aquaculture for Youth and Youth Educators
4085: MENELSSHN, F - Original - Priests' March (Athalia) Op. 74 (Gems from the Opera) Series Three
3855R: DAVID MERRICK, PRODUCER - Hello, Dolly! Carol Channing-78 Rpm Rca Dynagroove. The Original 1964 Broadway Cast Recording
10651: MERYMAN, ANDREW - Andrew Wyeth
10621: MESSICK, F. ANNETTE - Cobblestone 1964 - Yearbook Richmond Professional Institute
10622: MESSICK, F. ANNETTE - Cobblestone 1963 - Yearbook Richmond Professional Institute
8147: AWS COMMITTEE ON FILLER METAL - Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Arc-Welding Electrodes (Aws A5. 3-69)
8148: AWS COMMITTEE ON FILLER METAL - Specification for Nickel and Nickel-Alloy Covered Welding Electrodes (Aws A5. 11. 69
6530: MEYER, ROBERT G - The Complete Book of Softball: The Loonies' Guide to Playing and Enjoying the Game
7497: GRAY, MICHAEL & ROGER OSBORNE - The Elvis Atlas: A Journey Through Elvis Presley's America
7987: MICHAUD, MICHAEL A. G - Reaching for the High Frontier: The American Pro-Space Movement, 1972-84
5245A: MIDDLETON, H. A - Tube Substitution Guide (1966 Tube Caddy): Direct Substitutions Only
10953: MILLE,R SNOWDEN - Roy Rogers and the Raiders of Sawtooth Ridge
4761B: MILLER, RUSSELL - World War II: The Resistance
4783: MILLER, RUSSELL - World War II: The Commandos
1403: MILLER, W. WADE - Shellfish Culture: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Year Two Species Module
1397: MILLER, W. WADE - Baitfish: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Year Two Species Module
1408: MILLER, W. WADE - Red Drum: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Species Specific Module
1398: MILLER, W. WADE - Plant Aquaculture: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Year Two Species Module
1406: MILLER, W. WADE - Ornamental/Tropical Aquaculture: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Year Two Species Module
1404: MILLER, W. WADE - Trout: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Year Two Species Module
1405: MILLER, W. WADE - Walleye: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Year Two Species Module
1399: MILLER, W. WADE - Carp: Aquaculture Curriculum Guide, Year Two Species Module
7965: MILLER, ALBERT G - Fury: Stallion of Broken Wheel Ranch
6924: MILLS, DICK - A Fishkeeper's Guide to Marine Fishes: A Superbly Illustrated Introduction to Keeping Marine Tropical Fishes, Featuring over 50 Magnificent Species
8006: MILLS, JOHN FITZMAURICE - How to Detect Fake Antiques
3184: MITCHELL, JOANIE - Journey to a Border: Visiting Guatemalan Refugees
2627: MITSUI, JAMES M. - Crossing the Phantom River
40VALCIK: MOKREJS, JOHN - Valcik in C Minor Op 41 No. 2 Paperback 1926
2387: MONDEY, DAVID - The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Aircraft
10204: MONROE, WILL S - Sicily, the Garden of the Mediterranean: The History, People, Institutions, and Geography of the Island
VHS008: MONTGOMERY, LOU - (Vhs - Dragonquest: Sacred Sites of Britain (Stonehenge/Avebury/Glastonbury/Iona/Lindisfarne)
B21: MONTGOMERY, ROGER - Twenty Count: Secret Mathematical System of the Aztec/Maya
10478: STAFF OF POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY - New Home Workshop Encyclopedia
5651: MOORE, MARCIA L. - Simple Cooking American Style
6222: MOORE, EVA - The Great Banana Cookbook for Boys and Girls
D03: MOREHEAD, ALBERT (ED) - The Official Rules of Card Games ; Hoyle Up-to-Date
4874: MORIER, JAMES (ED) - The Life and Adventures of the Celebrated Oriental Traveler Hajji Baba in Persia, Turkey and Russia, with Numerous Episodes and Incidents Illustrating Life in Persia
7707: MORIER, JAMES - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan (Number 238 in the World's Classics)
4834: MORRIS, M. F. - An Introduction to the History of the Development of Law
7361: MORRIS, PERCY A. - Boy's Book of Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders
7864: MORRIS, ROBERT HUGH - The Prince and the Pig's Gate: And Other Sermons in Story
7345: MORTON, ANDREW - Monica's Story
VHS016: RICHARDS, MOSE AND CRYSTAL V. SPIJER; NARRATED BY KEVIN SPACEY - (Vhs - Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure: The Greatest Survival Story of All Time
4785A: MOSER, DON - World War II: China - Burma - India
1415: MOSS, JEFF (PROJECT MANAGER) - A Hidden Treasure: Instructional Materials for Groundwater Resource Protection
10395: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Mozart Symphony No. 41 in C Major (Jupiter) (Kalmus Miniature Orchestra Scores No. 35) K551
10042: MUHM, DON - The Nfo: A Farm Belt Rebel, the History of the National Farmers Organization
8168: MUMAU, THAD - Dean Smith: A Biography. Foreword by Michael Jordan
3214: MURRAY, STUART - A Traveler's Guide to France the Country-the People and the Language
1809: MYERS, MRS. C. E. (ED) - History: The Virginia Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs - 1923 - 1960
7688: NCAA - 2005 Ncaa Men's and Women's Basketball Rules and Interpretations
10731: PREPARED BY FRANK H. NETTER & EDITED BY ERNST OPPENHEIMER - The Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations: Volume 3 Part I; Digestive System, Upper Digestive Tract (First Edition)
10733: PREPARED BY FRANK H. NETTER & EDITED BY ERNST OPPENHEIMER - The Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations: Volume 3 Part III; Digestive System, Liver, Biliary and Pancreas with a Supplement on New Aspects of Structure, Metabolism, Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures Associated with Certain Liver Diseases
40V: NEVIN, ETHELBERT - Vn Giorno in Venezia (a Day in Venice) Op. 25
D43: NEWMAN, PAUL S. - Popeye in Ghost Ship to Treasure Island (a Big Little Book No. 2008) First Edition
6895: NEWSOM, SIDNEY CARLETON, (ED) - Poems from Shelley and Keats (Macmillan's Pocket Series English Classics)
9632: NICOLSON, IAN - Customizing Your Boat: Practical Ideas for Improvements, Repairs and Fitting out
10908: NORDEN, HEINZ - How to Throw a Party (Little Blue Book No. 1535)
10466: NORMAN, CHARLES - The Case of Ezra Pound
9259: NORTH, PAUL - American Steam Locomotives
10365: NUMRICH, GEORGE R - World Guide to Gun Parts, Military Goods-Accessories 12th Edition
10014: NUTTER, JOHN JACOB - The Cia's Black Ops: Covert Action, Foreign Policy and Democracy
1613: SCHWAB, GLENN O. ET AL - Elementary Soil and Water Engineering
10062: ODOM, MIKE (ET AL) - Shenandoah River Float Trips (Includes the Main Stem and the South Fork of the Shenandoah)
J43: OHRBACH, BARBARA MILO - Memories of Childhood: Old-Fashioned Rhymes, Poems, Recipes and Songs
10742: FUCHS, OLIVER & KARIN TOPF - Hot Golf Africa: The Africa Golf, Hotel & Resort Guide; Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe (Golf Around the World)
1888: OLSON, WILLIAM L. - Oxyacetylene Welding: A Self-Instruction Guide, Part 1
2142: OLSON, JOHN (ED) - Shooter's Bible
6818: ORDISH, T. FAIRMAN - Early London Theatres: In the Fields
4076: OREM, PRESTON WARE - The Organ Player: A Collection of Church and Recital Pieces for the Pipe Organ
6375: PILKEY, ORPIN ET AL - Coastal Design: A Guide for Builders, Planners, and Home Owners
10837: OTA, HAJIME - Houses and Equipment for Laying Hens, for Loose Housing on Litter (Miscellaneous Publication No. 728 / United States Department of Agriculture)
3058: OWENS, THOMAS S. - Great Catchers
1727: OWENS, ALBERT A. - Fundamentals of Shopwork
7435: WHITAKER, DONALD P. & RINN-SUP SHINN - Area Handbook for the People's Republic of China
7709: PAGE, THOMAS WALKER - Making the Tariff in the United States
6898: PALGRAVF, FRANCIS T. - The Golden Treasury: Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language and Arranged with Notes (Golden Treasury Series)
1307: PAREDES, O. C.; TRANSLATED BY JOHN MACNAB CALDER - New Guide to the Prado Gallery
4101: ARRANGED BY SHAW-PARKER - Franz Josef Hahdn: Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (Robert Shaw Choral Series - Music for the Church)
3538: PARMELE, GEORGE H. (ED) - American Law Reports, Annotated, Vol. 129; with Office Check Sheet . Judge Waller's (Halifax, Va) Signature Inside, Dated December 17, 1940.
2001A: PARODY, W. HAROLD (ED) - Understanding and Measuring Horsepower
4739: PARTRIDGE, JENNY - Hopefellow: An Oakapple Wood Story
8072: PASCOE, JOHN DOBRÉE - Exploration New Zealand
11006: FERRARO, PAT & BOB - The Past in Glass
10989: PATER, WALTER - Greek Studies: A Series of Essays (First Edition)
6171: PATRICK, GLORIA - A Bug in a Jug and Other Funny Rhymes
6335: PATTOU, E. E. - Causeries En France Conversation Book with Grammatical Notes (Heath's Modern Language Series)
6794: COLONEL MICHAEL A. PEARSON (ED) - How the Army Runs: A Senior Leader Reference Handbook 1999-2000
9948: PECK, DAVID R - Identities and Issues in Literature-3 Volum E Set Hardcopy
J57: PECK, WILLIAM H - Family Guide - Splendors of Ancient Egypt: Selected from the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim, Germany
6723: PEDERSEN, B. MARTIN - Graphis Design 90: The International Annual on Design and Illustration
6724: B. MARTIN PEDERSEN - Graphis Design 91: The International Annual on Design and Illustration
9522: BANCROFT, PEGGY (TEXT) & KAYRISH, PATTIE CAPRIO (ILLUSTRATOR) - Falling Feathers: The Pocono Indian Presence
10273: PERKINS, JOHN - To the Ends of the Earth: Four Expeditions to the Arctic, the Congo, the Gobi, and Siberia
1531: PERPER, HAZEL - The Citrus Seed Grower's Indoor How-to Book
5202: STANBURY, PETER AND GRAEME PHIPPS - Australia's Animals Discovered
D46: PETERS, SHARON - Here Comes Jack Frost (Giant First-Start Reader) First Edition
10303: PADRID, PHILIP (RN, DVM) & MANY OTHER CONTRIBUTORS - Respiratory Medicine and Surgery: Veterinary Clinics of North America - Small Animal Practice, Vol. 30, No. 6 - November 2000
4609: PHILIPPI, DONALD (TRANSLATOR) - This Wine of Peace, This Wine of Laughter: A Complete Anthology of Japan's Earliest Songs
1762: PHIPPS, LLOYD J. - Handbook on Teaching Vocational Agriculture
1785: PHIPPS, LLOYD J. (ET AL) - Farm Mechanics Text and Handbook
1500: PHIPPS, LLOYD J - Mechanics in Agriculture
1500.1762.1785: PHIPPS, LLOYD J - 3 Books by Lloyd J. Phipps-Mechanics in Agriculture, Handbook on Teaching Vocational Agriculture, Farm Mechanics Text and Handbook
P002: PICOT, PIERRICK AND DANIELLA DANGOOR - Get by in French: A Quick Beginner's Course for Holidaymakers and Business People [2 Books, 2 Audio Cassettes, 1 Vhs Tape)
10408: THE STAFF OF PAUL ECKE POINSETTIAS - Poinsettia Culture
10948: POLIZZI, RICK - Baby Boomer Games: Identification and Value Guide. First Edition
3610: POLLARD, JAMES E. - Principles of Newspaper Management
10856: POLYTHRESS, DAVID B. (SECRETARY OF STATE) - Six 1970s Georgia Maps and Pertinent State Information Under Secretary of State David B. Poythress: State of Ga and Its Capitol, Georgia Flags, Congressional Districts, County Outline Map,Great Seal of Ga, Population of Ga Counties
9794: POST, STEPHEN G. (ED) - 4 Volumes. Bioethics for Students: How Do We Know What's Right? Issues in Medicine, Animal Rights, and the Environment. Volumes 1-4
1298: ROSEVILLE POTTERY - How to Decorate with Art Pottery
7163: POWELL, DON R. - A Year of Health Hints: 365 Practical Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer: Series 1-4
2296: PRAKKEN, DONALD W. - Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association: Volume XCI 1960
10600: PRESLEY, ELVIS - (Not Sheet Music) Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite - Vinyl Lp 2 Record Set (Vpsx-6089)
11003: ART PRINTS AND AMISH DAYS - Vintage Amish Buggy 5642 Heavily Laminated
D20: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney Productions Presents Donald Duck's Truck Book (a Chunky Book)
9652: CARIBE TOURIST PROMOTIONS - Castles de MI Viejo (of My Old Man) San Juan (Castles of Old San Juan) San Cristobol and San Felipe Del Morro
D34: ALICE AND MARTIN PROVENSEN - The Year at Maple Hill Farm (First Edition)
9935: PREPARED UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE VIRGINIA CODE COMMISSION BY THE EDITORIAL STAFF OF THE PUBLISHERS - Code of Virginia 1950 Volume 11 Rules of Virginia Supreme Court 2007 Replacement Volume (Including Amendments to Rules Promulgated Through April 13, 2007)
10667: QUACKENBUSH, ROBERT M. - Sherlock Chick and the Giant Egg Mystery. A Parents Magazine Read Aloud Original
10182: QUARSTEIN, JOHN V - The CIVIL War on the Virginia Peninsula (the CIVIL War History Series)
10183: QUARSTEIN, JOHN V - Two CIVIL War History Books: Fort Monroe and Virginia Peninsula (the CIVIL War History Series)
1697: WESTON, CURTIS R. ET AL - Internal Combustion Engines. Collectible
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3530to4: VARIOUS - 3 Books from the Library of Universal Literature, Part I Science: Electricity in Modern Life, Data of Ethics, Journal of Researches, Fragments of Science
5214to18: VARIOUS - 2 Classics: Best Loved Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; a Tale of Two Cities
4090: VARIOUS - Most Requested Songs from the Lawrence Welk Tv Show for All Organs
10453: VEASEY, TRICIA - Canvasbacks, a Pictorial Study
2350A: VICTOR - Welding, Cutting & Heating Guide - Set-Up and Safe Operating Procedures for Oxy-Fuel Welding, Cutting and Multi-Flame Heating Equipment
9261: VILLINGER, CARL J. H - Guide to Worm Cathedral & Plan for the Cathedral
D39: DE VIRES, BETTY (COMPILER) - Precious Moments: Sleepy Time Storybook
4008: CARL CZERNY/VOGRICH - Op. 740 the Art of Finger Dexterity: Fifty Studies for the Piano, Book I
3541: RICKER, C. W. & CARLTON E. TUCKER - Electrical Engineering Laboratory Experiments
8149: RICHTER, HERBERT W. & CHARLES F. RUBENSTEIN - Instructor's Manual to Accompany Electrical and Electronic Drafting
7366: MOORE, JOAN W. & ALFREDO CUéLLAR - Mexican Americans (Ethnic Groups in American Life Series)
8136: IHNE, RUSSEL W. AND WALTER E. STREETER - Machine Trades Blueprint Reading: Fourth Edition
9219: CARD, EMILY W. & ADAM L. MILLER - Managing Your Inheritance: Getting It, Keeping It, Growing It--Making the Most
9309: WAKEMAN, T. J - Modern Agricultural Mechanics
4762: WALLACE, ROBERT - World War II: The Italian Campaign
7013A: WALLACE, LILY HAXWORTH - The Revised Rumford Complete Cook Book
7220: WALLACE, ROBERT - The Old West: The Miners
7650: WALLACH, ELI - The Good, the Bad, and Me: In My Anecdotage
4046: WARD, HERBERT RALPH - May Night: Nocturne for the Pianoforte
8174: WARKASKE, A.M. (ED) - Deltagram Yearbook 1961; 6 Bi-Monthly Issues Complete
8174to6: WARKASKE, A.M. (ED) - 2 Deltagram Yearbooks: 1961, 1963
8176: WARKASKE, A.M. (ED) - Flying Chips & Deltagram Yearbook 1963; 6 Bi-Monthly Issues Complete
8179: WARKASKE, A.M. (ED) - Deltagram, a Deltacraft Publication: Volume No. 24, Issue No. 3, May-June 1955. Complete Project Plans with Power Tool Use, Illustrations and Workshop Tips for the Home Shop Owner
3895: WARREN, GEORGE M. - Farm Plumbing: Farmers' Bulletin No. 1426
6341: WATERS, HENRY J. - Essentials of the New Agriculture
19949: WATSON, LUCILLE MCWANE - Country Store and Much, Much More!! Plunkett-Meeks Store at Appomattox C.H. (Va)
8076: BOYD, LILYTH WATSON & HESSIE SMITH - Merrily We Learn and Sing: Varied Units for Kindergarten and Primary Grades with Music and Color Work Sheets
10703: WEBSTER, LAWRENCE P - Automating Court Systems (Court Management Library Series)
10977: WEBSTER, DONALD BLAKE (ED) - The Book of Canadian Antiques (First Edition)
4086: COLLECTED AND HARMONIZED BY J.B. WECKERLIN - Bergerettes (Pastoral Ditties): Twenty French Romances and Songs of the Eighteenth Century
9180: WEDDA, JOHN - New England Worships: 100 Drawings of Churches and Temples with Accompanying Text (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine)
3643: WEIKEL, BILL - Know Practical Horse Breeding
2502: WEILL, FÉLIX - Historical French Reader with Notes, Exercises and Vocabulary
3289: WEINER, GINA I. - Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan
9285: WEISS, BRAD - The Making and Unmaking of the Haya Lived World: Consumption, Commoditization, and Everyday Practice (Body, Commodity, Text: Studies of Objectifying)
1427: WELLBORN, THOMAS L., JR - Catfish Farmer's Handbook
4693: WERNER, ERIC (TRANSLATOR: DIKA NEWLIN) - Mendelssohn: A New Image of the Composer and His Age
4794: WERNICK, ROBERT - World War II: Blitzkrieg
9655: WESTCOTT, J. H. (ED) - Exposition of Adaptive Control Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, 1961
DR10: WESTERMARCK, EDWARD - The Future of Marriage in Western Civilization
10137: WESTON, CURTIS (ET AL) - How to Build a Combination Trailer-Loading Chute
1841: WESTON, CURTIS R. (ET AL) - How to Build Pickup Racks
1892: WESTON, CURTIS R. (ET AL) - How to Build an All-Purpose Wagon Box
1767: WESTON, CURTIS R. - How to Build a Tractor Carry-All
1769A: WESTON, CURTIS R. (ET AL) - How to Build a Wagon Chassis (4 Wheel Trailer)
7651: WESTVACO - James Fenimore Cooper: Chapters (29th Volume of Westvaco Series)
10377: WEYL, WALTER E - The New Democracy; an Essay on Certain Political and Economic Tendencies in the United States
7765: COMPILED BY ANDREW WHEATCROFT - Dolin: Friends and Memories
2408: WHEELER, KEITH - The Old West: The Townsmen
7482: WHEELER, KEITH - World War II: The Road to Tokyo
4795A: WHIPPLE, A.B.C. - World War II: The Mediterranean
10832: WHITAKER, DEWEY (ED) - The Flue Cured Tobacco Farmer Magazine: Volume 24, Number 2, February 1987
10721: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - The Land of Footprints: The Works of Stewart Edward White:
10852: WHITE, W. HALE (EDITED, WITH PREFACE AND NOTES) - Selections from Dr. Johnson's 'Rambler' (the Vision of Theodore the Hermit of Teneriffe Is Added in the Appendix)
7398: WHITE, NELIA - The Thorn Tree
7808B: WHITE, ED - Exploring Flatwater: Northeastern North Carolina, the Outer Banks and Eastern Virginia: "the 57 Best Scenic Waterways" Signed
1579: WHITEHOUSE, PATRICK B. - World of Trains
9876: WHITEHOUSE, PATRICK B. (EDITOR) - Great Trains of the World
7292: WHITLOCK, DAVE - L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook
1557: WHITTEN, JAIMIE L. - That We May Live
2252: WHYTE, ANDREW - Cars: The Old Classics from the Early Days to 1945
J30: WILDE, OSCAR - Five Plays by Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest, the Ideal Husband, a Woman of No Importance, Lady Windermere's Fan, Salome
19996: WILLIAM WIRT TURNER, ET AL - Basic Engineering Drawing; a Text Integrating Engineering Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, & Machine Drawing
9954: DOC WILLIAMS - Rhythm Chord-Slide-a-Gram
40GERRARD: WILLIAMS, GERRARD - Two Songs with Piano. [No. 1. ] an Irish Peasant Love Song. (L. Atkinson. ) [No. 2. ] a Song in Autumn. (F.W. Home. )
7221: WILLIAMS, RICHARD L. - The Old West: The Loggers
7567: WILLIAMS, GEORGE WASHINGTON - History of the Negro Race in America, Volume Two, 1800 to 1880
9272: WILLIAMS, JOHN ALDEN (ED) - Islam (Great Religions of Modern Man Series)
7487: WILLIAMSON, JAMES J. - Mosby's Rangers: A Record of the Operations of the Forty-Third Battalion Virginia Cavalry, from Its Organization to the Surrender (Collector's Library of the CIVIL War)
8031: WILLOUGHBY, GEORGE A - Elements of Shop Drawing
10955: WILSON, JEFFREY - The Traiteur's Ring (Signed by Author with Inscription)
10719: WILSON, ANN QUIN - Native Houstonian a Collective Portrait
1652: WILSON, M. R. - Buildings and Equipment for Vocational Agriculture Instruction. Bulletin No. 36, Volume XXII, No. 3
9842: WILSON, JOE - The Blue Ridge Music Center: A Place Near the Heart (Includes Extra Information on the Blue Ridge Music Center)
10002: WINN, ALICE - Always a Virginian: The Colorful Langhornes of Mirador, Lady Astor, and Their Kin
7936: WINSLOW, I. O - The Principles of Agriculture for Common Schools
10611: WINSTON, DAVID LORENZ - Amish Country: 2003 Calendar. New in Shrink Wrap
Christmas_1: ELIZABETH WINTHROP - The Christmas Pageant 10126-7: A First Little Golden Book
D37: WOMER, KELLY - Precious Moments: Animal World
10467: WOODSON, BENJAMIN N - The Set of the Sail: 52 Reflections on Life Life Insurance and Life Underwriting
D08: WORSHAM, SUZANNE WINNINGHAM - Cooking with Heart in Hand
10897: WORTHYLAKE, MARY M. - Children of the Seed Gatherers (First Edition)
10918: WRENN, L. PETER - A Christmas Special: Legends, Customs Traditions of Christmas: A Collection
10260: WRONG, GEORGE M - Ontario Public School History of Canada
1919: XYZYX - Derailleur 5, 10, and 15 Speed Bicycle Repair
D10: HOPTON, DR. RALPH Y. & ANNE BALLIOL - Bed Manners and Better Bed Manners: How to Bring Sunshine Into Your Nights
3736A: YANOSEY, ROBERT J. - Pennsy Diesel Years: Volume 4
7297: YOUNG, ANDREW W. -THOROUGHLY REVISED BY SALTER S. CLARK - The Government Class Book: A Youth's Manual of Instruction in the Principles of Constitutional Government and Law
4089: LARRY YOWELL & GLENN BROWN - When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby: Sheet Music Featured by Bing Crosby
9229: ZANDER, GIUSEPPE - The Work of Extraordinary Maintenance of St Peter's Basilica
4784A: ZICH, ARTHUR - World War II: The Rising Sun
4793: ZIEMKE, EARL F. - World War II: The Soviet Juggernaut V. 25
9461: ZOLLARS, ELY V - Hagberg Immigrants and Their New World Immigrants with a Certificate of Authenticity No. 3

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