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155a5113: SLOAN, GORDON - The Forest Resources of British Columbia - Volumes 1 and 2
16602450: SLOBODKIN, LOUIS - Gogo - the French Sea Gull
16201334: SLUTSKY, SCOTT - Masters of the Futures : Top Players Reveal the Inside Story of the World's Futures Markets
533h2122: SMAIL, HENFREY - The Worthing Pageant - the Worthing Road and Its Coaches
212a8112: SMALE, ANITA R. - Accounting Working Papers (Chapters 12-18) - Canadian Fifth Edition
568a2685: SMALL, PAT: EDITOR - Hoofbeats 1947 ('47): Student Yearbook of North Phoenix High School, Phoenix, Arizona
659c9378: SMALL, ALLAN - Blues "and How" - a Method of Teaching the Blues for the Pianist
415h2057: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH R. (EDITOR) - The Book of Newfoundland, Volume V (5 / Five)
415h2058: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH R. (EDITOR) - The Book of Newfoundland, Volume VI (6 / Six)
344g3052: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH (JOEY) R. - To You with Affection from Joey
344g3053: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH (JOEY) R. - No Apology from Me: A Book of Startling Surprises About Confederation
15103914: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH (JOEY) R. - Coaker of Newfoundland - Special Anniversary Issue
547c6607: SMART, TOM; COLVILLE, ALEX - Alex Colville : Return
616h6058: SMART, JANET - The Rhubarb Cookbook
447h5947: SMART, JERRY; KRELL, EDDIE; ET AL - Front Page Detective Magazine, November [Nov. ] 1962 - Confession Solves Bartholomew Mystery in Oklahoma
845g0872: SMART, LE ROY; TOWNSEND, ADJUTANT LUTHER TRACY; FLETCHER, LISA A.; STEARNS, LOU D.; HURD, WILLIS EDWIN; METCALF, H.H.; HANSON, H.H.; CAVERLY, A. AROLYN; CONWELL, ANNIE J.; SHANNON, WILLIAM; GOWING, FRED - The Granite Monthly - a New Hampshire Magazine, February 1897 - History of the Sixteenth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers
836c5377: SMECK, ROY - Roy Smeck's Rount the World Album of Simplified Guitar Solos
848h1714: SMECK, ROY - Roy Smeck's Folio of Mills Favorites for the Spanish Guitar (Plectrum Style) with Guitar Accompaniment
651h2505: SMEDILE, J.; LIVINGSTONE, F.; ELLIS, R.; INGRAM, L.; ET AL - The Military Engineer - Journal of the Society of American Military Engineers, May-June 1963, Volume 55, Number 365 - Richard Gridley
742c7455: SMEDS, HELMER; GASTRIN, JAN; SIMONS, LENNART; AKERBLOM, BROR: EDITORS - Den Osterbottniska Byn - en Samling Minnesbilder (the East Gulf Village - a Collection of Memory Photos)
839h4132: SMIT, LEEN; KRIJGSMAN, ADAM - Schippers Op de Alblas en de Graafstroom
143a7718: SMIT, JACOB; MEIJER, REINDER P. - Dutch Grammar and Reader with Exercises - Second Edition
302g3013: SMITH, CONVERSE J.; COLBY, FRED MYRON; ODLIN, JOHN WARREN; MARBLE, THOMAS LITTLEFIELD; WATTS, EMMA C.; PERKINS, BENNETT B.; METCALF, HENRY H.; ET AL - The Granite Monthly - a New Hampshire Magazine of Literature, History, and State Progress, June 1901, Vol. XXX, No. 6 - New Hampshire in the War of 1812
15604643: SMITH, D.C. - Colonists at Port Royal - Ginn Studies in Canadian History
459h4992: SMITH, HOWARD DWIGHT; BOYD, JOHN TAYLOR JR.; HALES, GEORGE P.; NIMMONS, GEORGE C.; WEITENKAMPF, FRANK; BAXTER, SYLVESTER; FERREE, BARR - The Architectural Record, December [Dec. ] 1918, Vol. XLIV, No. 6, Serial No. 243 - the Residence of Allan S. Lehman, Esq.
543g1960: SMITH, GRAEME; WETMORE, GORDON; RYDER, ANTHONY; HARRIS, LAUREN; CHANG, WARREN; BROWN, HARLEY; RAYBOULD, BARRY JOHN - International Artist Magazine, December/January 2009 - Tap Into Your Precious Artistic Heritage, #64
108c7303: MICHAEL W. SMITH - Michael W. Smith - Go West Young Man - Songbook
328c7977: SMITH, EVE - Why Port Alice? - a History 1917-1965
71205657: SMITH, MELVIN H. - Our Home or Native Land? : What Government's Aboriginal Policy Is Doing to Canada
244a9071: SMITH, AMY J. - Nawcc Bulletin - National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - June 1992, Volume 34/3, Number 278
429a5047: SMITH, VERA C. - The Rationale of Central Banking and the Free Banking Alternative
216h1529: SMITH, GARY; HYNES, JIM; CHEEVERS, GERRY (FOREWORD) - Saving Face: The Art and History of the (N.H. L. Hockey) Goalie Mask
223h5424: SMITH, PETER C; ET AL - Warship International, No. 2, June 30, 1971, Volume VIII, No. 2: America's Unbuilt Bbs / America's Montana Class Super Battleship / S.M. S. Blucher
118c9743: SMITH, KENNETH B. - Duffy's Regiment: A History of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
847c8184: SMITH, PETER CHARLES - The Great Ships Pass: British Battleships at War 1939-1945
156c6057: SMITH, ELEANOR ROBERTSON: EDITOR - Lost Mariners of Shelburne County : As Inscribed on the Fishermen's Memorial Unveiled 1990 Shelburne, Nova Scotia
447h5888: SMITH, MARTIN; HARDY, RICHARD - British Railways Illustrated, May 1999, Vol. 8 No. 8: Electrifying the West Country - in 1939!
65500633: SMITH, LENDON H. - Happiness Is a Healthy Life: Observations, Intuitions, Dicta and Data
447h5885: SMITH, MARTIN; WINKWORTH, D.W.; COSTER, PETER; BOOTH, ADRIAN - British Railways Illustrated, July 1999, Vol. 8 No. 10: Gn Main Line - Aerial Views
662g4624: SMITH, GIL; SCOTT, MARGARET; WALTER, LEWIS H.; FISCHLER, STAN; JOHNSTON, DICK; ELLERY, JIM; FLEMING, DON; MOLTER, HARRY - Hockey Magazine, April (Apr. ) 1963 - Bobby Hull Cover Photo
873g3586: SMITH, BEN: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - The Year Book (Yearbook): Moose Jaw Technical High School, Volume 3 - June 1948
634g4617: SMITH, ERNEST W. - Augustus John - Exhibition Catalogue for a Traveling Exhibition, 1972-73
846g1237: SMITH, D.A. - At the Forks of the Grand, Volume II (2)
116a9580: SMITH, W.H. - Souvenir History of Ohio Lodge No. 1, A.F. & A.M. , Wheeling, West Virginia
621c9833: SMITH, H.V.; CASTER, A.B.; FULLER, W.H.; E.L. BREAZEALE, DRAPER, GEORGE - University of Arizona Bulletin, November 1949, Number 225 - the Chemical Composition of Representative Arizona Waters
215a0571: SMITH, RANDOLPH A.; DAVIS, STEPHEN - The Psychologist As Detective: An Introduction to Conducting Research in Psychology
51801362: SMITH, PETER; PITTS, ADRIAN C. - Energy : Building for the Third Millennium - Concepts in Practice Series
446h3784: SMITH, DOROTHY E. - Texts, Facts and Femininity : Exploring the Relations of Ruling
101h0701: SMITH, CYRIL STANLEY - A Search for Structure: Selected Essays on Science, Art, and History
215a4734: SMITH, ROBERT L.; STEVENS, PATRICIA - Substance Abuse Counseling: Theory and Practice *Second Edition*
614a6849: SMITH, J.A.; ROBERTS, R.H. - Arithmetic Book II - Gage's Educational Series
71608769: SMITH, BRYAN - Go to Sleep Smiling - a Bedside Book of True Stories
651h2623: SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY; KENT, NORMAN; WATSON, ERNEST W. - American Artist Magazine, October (Oct. ) 1959 - Paule Loring / Winslow Homer
744a0193: SMITH, KATHLEEN, ET AL: EDITORS AND THE VANCOUVER NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Nature West Coast: A Study of Plants, Insects, Birds, Mammals and Marine Life As Seen in Lighthouse Park
75202966: SMITH, RON; GUPPY, STEPHEN: EDITORS - Rainshadow: Stories from Vancouver Island
465h1814: SMITH, GENE - The Horns of the Moon: A Short Biography of Adolf Hitler
34501828: SMITH, CAMERON - Love and Solidarity - a Pictorial History of the Ndp
643h4107: SMITH, WALKER C.; LONDON, JACK - Sabotage: It's History, Philosophy & Function
661a0332: SMITH, E. D. - Battle for Burma
51402685: SMITH, SHANE - Greenhouse Gardener's Companion : Growing Food and Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sunspace - Revised and Expanded
721h1288: SMITH, MARY LARRATT - Young Mr. (Mister) Smith in Upper Canada
83100535: SMITH, RONALD C. - Materials of Construction - Second Edition
41204443: SMITH, LAURA ROUNTREE - Twinkle Toes and His Magic Mittens
15803918: SMITH, RONALD - Teach Yourself to Draw
15704568: SMITH, CHARLES E. - Pitman's Cumulative Speller - Commercial Student's Edition
72109811: SMITH, LLEWELLYN S.; COWAN, PHYLLIS - The House That Jam Built
812g2577: SMITH, LAURA R.; FEARIS, J.S.; GIRARD, ADELE; MARSALA, JOE - Little Sir Echo: Sheet Music for Piano and Voice with Guitar Chords
24801962: SMITH, DOUG - Vancouver Grizzlies : The Official Book
33206956: SMITH, K; KEENAN, D.J. - Company Law
86801509: SMITH, PETER SEABORN - Oil and Politics in Modern Brazil
13604553: SMITH, DAVID SETH ("THE ZOO MAN") - Zoo Friends - a Pictorial Tour of the Zoo Reproduced from over 300 Photographs
243h3518: SMITH, CAPTAIN GEORGE - An Universal Dictionary - Limited Edition Military Series
235c6539: SMITH, JEROME F. - Understanding Runaway Inflation - an Investor's Guide to Inflation Hedges
551h1896: SMITH, RHONDA; O'RILEY, CAROLYN; AND MANY OTHERS - Sedona Journal of Emergence!, December (Dec. ) 2004 - the Safety of Communicating with the Other Side
107c6597: SMITH, CHRIS; BURRIS, JIM - Ballin' the Jack - Sheet Music
201g4332: SMITH, C.J.; SPARKS, M.; SMITH, F.H. JR.; GRIFFITH, S.B.; OGORKIEWICZ, R.M.; PICKETT, R.L.; ANDREWS M.; NELSON, H.A.; TAYLOR, M.L. - Marine Corps Gazette - Professional Magazine for United States Marines, April (Apr. ) 1961, Number 4, Volume 45 - Red China's Military Revolution / a Military Briefing on Laos
114h5810: SMITH, SUSAN WESTON - The First Summer People: The Thousand Islands 1650-1910
71205562: SMITH, BARBARA - Passion & Scandal : Great Canadian Love Stories
34803138: SMITH, MAURICE A: EDITOR - Flight and Aircraft Engineer Magazine - Bound Issues from 4 July 1958 to 26 September 1958
64501157: SMITH, PETER L. - A Multitude of the Wise: Uvic Remembered
83700376: SMITH, DENIS - Bleeding Hearts... Bleeding Country: Canada and the Quebec Crisis
545h4047: SMITH, DREW L. - Why Civilizations Collapse; Fields, Dr. E.R. [Introduction]
128g2570: SMITH, H. CLIFFORD - Jewellery
515h4389: SMITH, WALDO E.L.; DYER, VICE-ADMIRAL K.L. [FOREWORD] - The Navy Chaplain and His Parish
25700758: SMITH, DENI MACK - Mussolini - IL Duce: Quattrocento Immagini Della Vita Di Un Uomo E Di Vent'Anni Di Storia Italiana
16101754: SMITH, WILFRED I - Code Word Canloan
346h5197: SMITH, ALBERT E.; KNIGHT, MRS. HUBERT G.; MACKIE, DONALD; BESLEY, J. CAMPBELL; MACARTHUR, L.W.A.; PITT-KETHLEY, VICTOR; STEVENS, GEORGE, WATERS, THOROLD; STOCK, RALPH; VIVIAN, HERBERT; INNES, J.R. - The Wide World, the Magazine for Men, December [Dec. ] 1915, Vol. 36, No. 212 - Down the Amazon from Source to Mouth
665g3223: SMITH, G Y - Seek and Save: The History of 103 Rescue Unit
73201364: SMITH, MONTE - The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork
83101535: SMITH, NORMAN - A History of Dams
41601764: SMITH, JAMES K. - Wilderness of Fortune - the Story of Western Canada
16103019: SMITH, I. NORMAN - Current Affairs for the Canadian Forces - Volume 3 - Number 3, 1 August 1952
108c8608: SMITH, GEORGE TOTTEN; RUNDBACK, JOHN C. - Walking Home with Angeline: Sheet Music for Voice and Piano - Featured by Miss Eily Helene in the Successful Musical Comedy Kitty Grey
124a6888: SMITH, KEITHLYN B.; SMITH, FERNANDO C. - To Shoot Hard Labour - the Life and Times of Samuel Smith, an Antiguan Workingman 1877-1982
536g1188: SMITH, JEROME IRVING; ET AL; HENRY, LESLIE R.; DORRIS, DUNCAN R. - The Antique Automobile Magazine, Fall 1957 (Vol. 21, No. 3)
416c5218: SMITH, WILLIAM H. SMITH - Smith's Canadian Gazetteer
342h4770: SMITH, RON - Kid Dynamite: The Gerry James Story
15704190: SMITH, RALPH; ET AL - Inclusive and Special Recreation : Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities: Third Edition
244h1669: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Vogue Ginny Dolls: Through the Years with Ginny
845g1095: SMITH, MARTY; ET AL - Truckin' Magazine, July 1981 - Full Color Van Issue
338h1363: SMITH, WALTER W.; GLAVE, JANET; HILSCHER, HERB; KINGSLEY, ARTHUR; MATTSON, H. - The Alaskan Magazine, Winter 1950 - 1951 ('50-'51) - Life at the University of Alaska
25308120: SMITH, CAROLYN - Dragon-Broiled Burgers - Nutmeg Press Pop-Up Book
244a9070: SMITH, AMY J. - Nawcc Bulletin - National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - August 1991, Volume 33/4, Number 273
244a9069: SMITH, AMY J. - Nawcc Bulletin - National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - June 1991, Volume 33/3, Number 272
51104817: SMITH, RANDOLPH A. - Challenging Your Preconceptions : Thinking Critically About Psychology
64409806: SMITH, LLOYD - The Sun for a Hat
237a0907: SMITH, BARRY R. - I Spy with My Little Eye
848h2543: SMITH, ETHEL - Ethel Smith Souvenir Album: Piano Sheet Music
845g0884: SMITH, CONVERSE J.; PARKER, E.E.; WEED, CLARENCE MOORES; ADAMS, IDA G.; ROBERTS, REV. DANIEL C.; NICHOLS, LAURA D.; GREENE, BELLE C.; COLBY, HENRY B. - The Granite Monthly - a New Hampshire Magazine - February, 1899: Rt. Rev. Philander Chase, D.D.
108c8563: SMITH, ROBERT - How to Play the Violin - Ez (Easy) Method
512g1932: SMITH, HUNGERFORD CO., LTD. - Fountain of Profits: A Manual of Information Designed to Help You Increase Profits
35503050: SMITH, MAURICE: EDITOR - Flight and Aircraft Engineer Magazine: Bound Issues from April 1, 1955 - June 17, 1955
813g1361: SMITH, PHILIP; JOHNSON, JOTHAM; HOOVER, J. EDGAR; RUSSELL, HENRY NORRIS; BOONE, ANDREW R.; ESTABROOKS, G.H.; LIDDY, SYLVESTER J.; FRENCH, SIDNEY J.; SKERRETT, R.G.; SNYDER, LAURENCE H. - Scientific American Magazine, Volume 155, Number 1, July 1936 - J. Edgar Hoover on Crime Scene Science
319g0730: SMITH, PHILIP; O'BRIEN, ANDY - Weekend Magazine, 10 July 1965 - Mme. Afsar Kia (Wife of Iran's Ambassador to Canada) Cover Photo
41401982: SMITHSON, PETER; BRIGGS, DAVID - Fundamentals of Physical Geography
135a6989: SMOLIN, LEE - The Life of the Cosmos
33203725: SMOLLA, RODNEY A. - Suing the Press : Libel, the Media, and Power
219a4596: SMOLLIN, MICHAEL J. - Meet Strawberry Shortcake and Her Friends
615c8591: SMOOK, GARY A. - Handbook for Pulp & Paper Technologists
567a4536: SMUCKER, DONOVAN E. - The Sociology of Mennonites, Hutterites, and Amish: A Bibliography with Annotations, Volume II (Only) 1977-1990
737c5882: SMYLY, JOHN AND CAROLYN - The Totem Poles of Skedans
732a7202: SMYLY, JOHN; SMYLY, CAROLYN - Those Born at Koona - the Totem Poles of the Haida Village Skedans, Queen Charlotte Islands
151h2007: SMYTH, ROSS (SIGNED) - The Lindbergh of Canada: The Erroll Boyd Story
65107439: SMYTH, ANGELA - The Complete Home Healer : Your Guide to Every Treatment Available for 300 of the Most Common Health Problems
116g0585: SMYTHE, RAY (SIGNED) - Memo to F.D. R. (Fdr) - Signed and Inscribed by Author to Cycling Champion William "Torchy" Peden
86103516: SMYTHE, CONN; WITH SCOTT YOUNG - Conn Smythe : If You Can't Beat 'Em in the Alley - the Memoirs of the Late Conn Smythe
336h2896: SMYTHE, MARY ANN; SHANKS, DAVID; FRUTKIN, MARK - Artscraft Magazine, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 1990 : Viviane Gray and Ron Noganosh
164h5854: SNIDER, JILL; ROBIN HOOD KITCHENS - Robin Hood & Baker's Baking Festival, 10th Anniversary 1992
563h3935: SNIDER, LOU; RAE, JACKIE - Valley of the Saints (Dans Les Beaux Pays D'en-Haut): Sheet Music for Voice and Piano
752c5470: SNIVELY, GLORIA - Exploring the Seashore in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon
836c5412: SNOW, J. ALBERT - Nancy Lee Variations - Sheet Music for Piano
238g1344: SNOW, EDGAR - War and Peace in Vietnam
563h4966: SNOW, HANK - Hank Snow Folio No. 2 [Two]
73108506: SNOW, CHIEF JOHN - These Mountains Are Our Sacred Places - the Story of the Stoney People
238g0152: SNOW, JOHN HOWLAND - Government by Treason
666g3773: SNOWIE, J. ALLAN; O'BRIEN, J.C. "SCRUFFY" (FOREWORD) - The Bonnie: Hmcs Bonaventure
639a4690: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH; FABERGE, PETER CARL - Faberge: Lost and Found - the Recently Discovered Jewelry Designs from the St. Petersburg Archives
302g3043: SNYDER, ART; SMITH, ESTELLE LANDER; ET AL - Rubberstampmadness (Rubber Stamp Madness) - the Magazine for Rubber Stamp Artists and Collectors, March/April 1999
23305357: SNYDER, LOUIS L. - The First Book of World War I (One)
65202637: SNYDER, SOLOMON H.; LADER, MALCOLM, H.: EDITORS - Caffeine - the Most Popular Stimulant:
136a7178: SNYDER, MARGARET - This Old Man - Golden Sound Story
166a1286: SNYDER, MARGARET - Puss in Boots - Golden Sound Story
24701091: SNYDER, MARGARET - Barbie - the Island Resort Adventure: A Golden Sound Story Book
652h2874: SNYDER, BILLY; ET AL - The (Usat) Chateau Thierry News, July 23, 1987
639a4679: SNYDER, PETER ETRIL - A Painter's Harvest: The Works of Peter Etril Snyder *Signed by Artist*
45200586: SNYDER, JOHN - Reincarnation Vs. Resurrection
848g0700: SNYDER, TED - The Beggar - Sheet Music for Voice and Piano with Ukulele Chords - Theme Song to the Paramount Picture "the Secret Hour"
108c8648: SNYDER, TED; WHEELER, FRANCIS - Stolen Kisses - Sheet Music
312a0201: SOAMES, NICOLAS; INMAN, ROY - Olympic Judo: History and Techniques
106a0407: SOARES, JOHN - Loaded Dice the True Story of a Casino Cheat
45304733: SOBER, RABBI MOSHE - Beyond the Jewish State: Confessions of a Former Zionist
25509468: SOBOL, RICHARD; SOBOL, JONAH - Seal Journey
816a2287: SOBY, TRUDY - Be It Ever So Humble
137h4254: CARNDUFF & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Stake in the West: Carnduff and District [Saskatchewan Local History / Genealogy]
648g3683: ALDERGROVE HERITAGE SOCIETY - The Place between: Aldergrove (British Columbia) & Communities - Local History
137h4498: WASKATENAU AND DISTRICTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - By River and Trail - the History of Waskatenau and Districts (Volume One)
627a2696: SEMANS AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Always a Hometown - Semans (Saskatchewan) and District History
321a7771: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Okanagan History - Sixtieth (60th) Report
321a7769: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Okanagan History - Fifty-First (51st) Report
218h2141: ECKVILLE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Homesteads and Happiness: Eckville, Alberta and District History
164h5837: THE LADIES AUXILIARY OF THE LUNENBURG [NOVA SCOTIA] HOSPITAL SOCIETY - Dutch Oven - a Cook Book [Cookbook] of Coveted Traditional Recipes from the Kitchens of Lunenburg [Nova Scotia]
526j0172: PORT HARDY HERITAGE SOCIETY - A Dream Come True - Port Hardy 1904-2004 [British Columbia Local History]
613h2044: THE NORTH & SOUTH SAANICH AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY - The Best of Saanich Fair Cookbook [Cook Book]
627a4688: THE CULROSS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - All Our Yesterdays: A History of Culross Township (Bruce County, Ontario) 1854-1984
321a7757: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Okanagan History: The Fifty-Third (53rd) Report
343h5443: MAXSTONE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Faith, Hope and a Homestead: History of Maxstone [Saskatchewan] and Surrounding School Districts
648g2890: WOODRIVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Golden Memories of the Wood River (Woodriver) Pioneers
167h0432: MEMBERS OF THE NOVA SCOTIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society for the Years 1878-1884
167h0433: MEMBERS OF THE NOVA SCOTIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society for the Years 1886-1894
63ac7754: RED DEER EAST HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Mingling Memories
121g3558: THE OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Twenty-Seventh (27th) Report of the Okanagan Historical Society, 1963
628a2155: THE WATERLOO HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Waterloo Historical Society Reports: Volume III (Three), 1923-1927
343h5474: SHORT GRASS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Long Shadows - a History of Shortgrass Country [Goddard, Birdsholm, Hoping School, Florann, Lucky Strike, Groton, Tagona, Alberta]
343h5475: ARCHERWILL AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Past to the Present: Algrove, Archerwill, Barrier Lake, Bradgate, Dahlton, Echo Park, Everton, Felton Grove, Loring, Marneau Lake, Newgate Park, Nobleville, Nora, Port Arthur [Saskatchewan Local History]
72409230: THE SIDNEY & NORTH SAANICH HISTORICAL SOCIETY - 100 Years of Sidney - Vhs Video Tape
64500793: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Thirty-Second Report of the Okanagan Historical Society
218h2800: VULCAN (ALBERTA) AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Wheat Country - a History of Vulcan (Alberta) and District: Complete in Two Volumes, I and II
713h1115: HORSEFLY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Horsefly (British Columbia / B.C. ) - Its Early History, 1859-1915
444h6039: BARRHEAD AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Trails Northwest - a History of the District of Barrhead, Alberta
321a0616: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Okanagan History: Fifty-Seventh (57th) Report of the Okanagan Historical Society
629a8812: THE PAS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Pas: Gateway to Northern Manitoba
628h5286: HOPE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Forging a New Hope - Struggles and Dreams 1848-1948: A Pioneer Story of Hope, Flood, and Laidlaw [B.C. / British Columbia]
343h5472: THE ROSE VALLEY & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Tribute to Our Pioneers [History of Rose Valley & District, Saskatchewan]
846g2250: THE BROCHURE COMMITTEE OF THE LENNOX AND ADDINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historical Glimpses of Lennox and Addington County
627a2698: THE MILLARVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Foothills Echoes (Millarville, Alberta History from 1940)
628g0193: PREECEVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Lines of the Past: History of Preeceville and District (Saskatchewan Local History)
63ag0246: VALEMOUNT HISTORIC SOCIETY - Yellowhead Pass and Its People (Valemount, British Columbia)
63ac8946: SALTCOATS AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Saltcoats - Roots and Branches (Saskatchewan Local History/Genealogy)
613h2083: THE LADIES OF SPRUCE GROVE WARD RELIEF SOCIETY - Our Favorite Recipes: Magic of Mormon Cooking - Recipes by the Ladies of Spruce Grove Ward Relief Society, Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints [Spruce Grove Alberta]
64601781: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Okanagan Historical Society: Forty-Sixth Annual Report
444h5555: KOOTENAY LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Pioneer Families of Kaslo
444h5650: 7TH TOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY (COMPILER) - 7th [Seventh] Town / Ameliasburgh Township Past & Present
63ac7753: VEGREVILLE & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Vegreville in Review: History of Vegreville and Surrounding Area, 1880-1980: Volumes I and II (One and Two)
631h2915: OFFALY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Farming in Offaly Down the Years - a Miscellany in Stories and Pictures
343h5327: INNISFAIL AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Candlelight (Candle Light) Years - a History of Innisfail (Alberta) and District Pioneers
628a2255: DAYSLAND HISTORY BOOK SOCIETY - Along the Crocus Trail - a History of Daysland, Alberta and Districts
137h4272: VETERAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Pictorial Album of Veteran, Loyalist and Hemaruka, a Companion to "Where the Prairie Meets the Hills"
137h4753: DE WINTON AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Sodbusting to Subdivision
218h3250: SHAMROCK HISTORY BOOK SOCIETY - Harvest of Memories : R.M. (Rural Municipality) 134 and Shamrock - Saskatchewan Local History
321a7828: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Okanagan History : Fifty-Eighth Report of the Okanagan Historical Society
562j0009: CHESTERMERE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Saddles Sleighs and Sadirons - Local History of Chestermere, Alberta and Vicinity
444h5719: NORTH ENDERBY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - In the Shadow of the Cliff - a History of North Enderby [ B.C. / British Columbia]
723h3243: THE HEAD-OF-THE-LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Around and About Hamilton [Ontario] 1785-1985: A Pictorial History of the Hamilton-Wentworth Region
113a7940: VICTORIA HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE & EDUCATION SOCIETY - The Holocaust 1933-1945: Building Hope - Educator's Handbook
562j0032: LUBECK MERRYMAKERS SOCIETY - Our Bend in the Peace: The Story of Royce and Lubeck [Alberta Local History]
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64104082: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Children's Clothes - French Chic
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228a8077: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Rand Mcnally & Co. 's 1901 State Map of Arkansas
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25407554: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Fruit Troop - Gladys Grape
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617g1213: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Victoria City and Vancouver Island Directory 1956
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228a8042: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Colour Map of North America - Circa 1902
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228a8044: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Colour Map of the African Continent - Circa 1902
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228a8034: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Rand Mcnally & Co. 's 1901 Coloured Map of the State of New Jersey
228a8035: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Rand Mcnally & Co. 's 1901 Coloured Map of the State of New Hampshire
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71407687: AUTHOR NOT STATED - An Analysis of the Painting and Decorating Trade
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168a4921: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Brave Beginnings, Canadian Labour 1900 to 1929 - 26 Minute Vhs Tape
168a4922: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Hard Times and High Hopes, Canadian Labour 1929-1945, 28 Minute Vhs Video Tape
168a4923: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The New Militancy: Canadian Labour 1965-1984, 28 Minute Vhs Videotape
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814c5532: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The London Scottish Regimental Gazette: No. 168 - Vol. XIV, December 1909
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16103673: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Nato's Deadly Warplanes - Fall 1987 - an Air Combat Special Report
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228a8055: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Colour Map of the State of Louisiana - Circa 1902
228a8051: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Colour Map of the Roman Empire - Third Century
228a8052: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Map of Ancient Rome
228a8053: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Forum Romanum - and Its Surrounding Buildings
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228a8050: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Rand, Mcnally & Co. 's 1901 Colour Map of the State of Rhode Island
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228a8048: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Map of the Province of Quebec - Circa 1902
228a8045: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Map of Bengal and Assam - Circa 1902
228a8046: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Two Maps of the Kingdom of Prussia: 1786 and 1866
757h2656: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Ogilvie's Book for a Cook (Cook Book)
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25605648: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Walt Disney Pictures Presents - Oliver and Company - Disney Animated Series
349h2205: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Stuttgart: Die Stadt Der Auslandsdeutschen
25205705: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Story of Three Little Pigs - from the Read Along with Me Series
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564a5365: AUTHOR NOT STATED - L'Enfant Voue Au Blanc Ou Prudence Est Mere de Surete
349h2201: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Harz-Braunschweig: Kyffhäuser, Elm-Lappwald, Heilbader, Kurorte, Sommerfrilchen, Fremdenoerkehrsorte (Vintage German Tourism Ephemera)
75202897: NO AUTHOR STATED - 1999-2000 British Columbia Medical Directory
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25500528: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Chicken Little - a Brimax 'Story Time' Board Book
35204173: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Australasian Flower Essence Academy - Video Correspondence Course - Module 1: Vhs Video Tape *Pal Format*
349h2202: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Harz Und Kyffhäuser: Vintage German Tourist Booklet
349h2203: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Cologne (Germany) on the Rhine: The Cathedral Town (Vintage Tourism Booklet)

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