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812h1405: BARTHOLOMAE, PHILIP; ANDERSON, JOHN MURRAY; SLOANE, A. BALDWIN - I Want a Daddy Who Will Rock Me to Sleep: Sheet Music for Voice and Piano
53ah3436: BARTINIQUE, A. PATRICIA / DEFALCO, ROBERT A. - Kindred Styles - the Arts and Crafts Furniture of Charles P. Limbert: Exhibition Catalogue
845g1134: BARTLETT, ALICE HUNT; WOODHOUSE, HENRY; VEIT, SIDNEY B.; - Flying Magazine, August 1920, Volume IX, No. 7
611g0069: BARTLETT, FRED L. - Junior Athletics: A Course in Physical Education for Elementary Schools
733a5486: BARTO, HAROLD E.; BULLARD, CATHARINE - History of the State of Washington
13604678: BARTOK, PETER - The Minic Book
45304532: BARTON, JOHN - Reading the Old Testament : Method in Biblical Study
838g4886: BARTON, CLARE BISHOP; AXTHELM, PETE; GREENFIELD, MEG; ET AL - Newsweek Magazine, August (Aug. ) 10, 1981 - Japan's High-Tech Challenge
643h3070: BARTON, GEORGE - The World's Greatest Military Spies and Secret Service Agents
515j0844: BARTON, PETER; BANNING, JEREMY - Vimy Ridge and Arras - the Spring 1917 Offensive in Panoramas
658h4333: BARTON, JACK; BUFFINGTON, DAVE; KOOPMANN, HEINZ; ABLER, BARBARA; MAREK, FROLIN; WYSS, MAX - [Lgb] Telegram [Magazine], Spring 1996, Vol. 7, No. 1 - Salon Cars of the Rhatische Bahn
429a5025: BARTY-KING, HUGH - The Worst Poverty: A History of Debt and Debtors
467j1102: BARUCH, DOROTHY; MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH - Encore Paul, Jeanne Et Lise - Adopte de Good Times with Our Friends
156c7028: BARUTH-WALSH, MARY E.; WALSH, G. M. - Strike! 99 Days on the Line : The Workers' Own Story of the 1945 Windsor Ford Strike
822h2990: BASA, LYNN; MENSING, MARGO; MALARCHER, PATRICIA; KEENE, SUSAN WARNER; ARIAIL, KATE DOBBS; ET AL - Fiberarts, the Magazine of Textiles, November / December (Nov. / Dec. ) 1993: Special Gender Issue
338h1227: BASA, LYNN; HEMPEL, TOBY ANNE; WHEATER, KATHLEEN; SMELTZER, NANCY; COLTON, SARAH; ET AL - Fiberarts - the Magazine of Textiles, May / June 1987, Vol. 15, No. 3 - Special Dressing Up Issue / Howard Munson's Body Coverings
34500518: BASHEVKIN, SYLVIA B. - Toeing the Lines : Women and Party Politics in English Canada
848g0711: BASIE, COUNT; EBBINS, MILTON; JACKSON, BEN; ET AL - Count Basie's Folio No. 2 (Two) - Piano Styles
848h2665: BASIE, COUNT; ET AL - Count Basie Piano Styles - Folio No. 3 (Three): Piano Sheet Music
227c6419: BASKERVILLE, BEATRICE C. - The Polish Jew - His Social and Economic Value
126c8349: BASKERVILLE, BEATRICE - What Next o Duce?
658c9069: BASKETT, MICKEY: EDITOR - Mini Treasures for Maxi Pleasures - How to Make Accessories for Every Room in Your Doll House
62607489: BASOLO, FRED; JOHNSON, RONALD C. - Coordination Chemistry - the Chemistry of Metal Complexes
115h3126: BASQUE, GARNET; FIDLER, VERA; PATERSON, T.W.; FRIESEN, VICTOR C.. - Canadian Treasure Magazine - True Stories on Lost, Sunken and Buried Treasure - Volume 2, Number 1 (Collector's No. 4)
417h3152: BASQUE, GARNET; DUNCAN, HAL G.; BROWN, RON; PATERSON, T.W.; BARKHOUSE, JOYCE C.; WILKEN, LULU BEATRICE; BARTON, MARIE; PETHICK, DEREK - Canada West Magazine - the Pioneer Years, Spring 1979, Volume 9, Number 1, Collector's Number 33
115h1475: BASQUE, GARNET: EDITOR - Canadian West Magazine - the Pioneer Years: Summer 1994, Vol. 10, No. 2 (Collector's #36)
115a9072: BASQUE, GARNET: EDITOR - Canadian West Magazine - the Pioneer Years: Jan. /Feb. /Mar. 1993, Vol. 9, No. 1 (Collector's #31)
115a9080: BASQUE, GARNET: EDITOR - Canadian West Magazine - the Pioneer Years: October/November/December 1992, Vol. 8, No. 3 (Collector's #30)
115a9070: BASQUE, GARNET: EDITOR - Canadian West Magazine - the Pioneer Years: Spring 1994, Vol. 10, No. 1 (Collector's #35)
301g3337: BASSAN, P.; MCFADDEN, S.; MCDOWELL, C.; DAVIS, T.; PRIDEAUX, G.; TSAGARIS, E.; MARTIN, M.; ET AL - Doll Reader Magazine, October 1989: Make a Steiner
301g3338: BASSAN, P.; BORDEAU, A.; COLEMAN, D & E.; RADLER, E.; FOULKE, J.; COOK, C.; MANDEVILLE, A.; RATCLIFF, M.L.; ZILLNER, D.; ET AL - Doll Reader Magazine, November 1989: Shirley Temple and Cher Dolls
301g3513: BASSETT, C; MURPHY, J.; KELLEY, T.P.; BEMELMANS, L.; HILLMAN, G.M.; SCHISGALL, O.; STERN, D. - New Liberty Magazine, September 6, 1947 - the Donnelly Feud / Elwood Hughes of the C.N. E.
543g1720: BASSETT, PETA; YEE, JENNIFER - Sawasdee, September 2004 - Thai Airways Magazine
145a8179: BASTIEN, JAMES - Theory - Level 3: Bastien Piano Basics
145a8178: BASTIEN, JAMES - Theory & Technic for the Young Beginner: Primer B
747h3597: BATCHELLER, DOROTHY - Cooking Alberta's Eggs [Cookbook / Cook Book]
658h3482: BATCHELOR, DUDLEY, E.; PATTERSON, EWEN K.; GRANT, J. FERGUS; ET AL - Canadian Geographical Journal, February [Feb. ] 1937, Vol. XIV, No. 2 - Trans-Canada Airway / Ski-Ing [Skiing] in Canada
653h4820: BATE, ALISON: EDITOR - Westcoast Shipping [Magazine] - Your Connection to Land, Sea, Air in the Pacific Rim, June 1997
653h4821: BATE, ALISON: EDITOR - Westcoast Shipping [Magazine] - Your Connection to Land, Sea, Air in the Pacific Rim, July 1997
653h4822: BATE, ALISON: EDITOR - Westcoast Shipping [Magazine] - Your Connection to Land, Sea, Air in the Pacific Rim, October 1997
653h4823: BATE, ALISON: EDITOR - Westcoast Shipping [Magazine] - Your Connection to Land, Sea, Air in the Pacific Rim, November 1997
653h4824: BATE, ALISON: EDITOR - Westcoast Shipping [Magazine] - Land, Sea, Air Transportation, March 1998
128a8213: BATEMAN, ROBERT (SIGNED); ARCHBOLD, RICK - An Artist in Nature
532h3724: BATEMAN HOMEMAKER'S CLUB; LIGHTBODY, IRENE [EDITOR] - Journey to Yesteryear: Reminiscences of Bateman [Saskatchewan] District Pioneers 1907-1967 [Local History]
215a1685: BATES, A.W. - Technology, Open Learning and Distance Education
873g2731: BATES, KYLE; CRAIG, BARBARA; KRIEGER, DEANNA: EDITORS - The Reef - 1976 Yearbook of Pacifica High School, Garden Grove, California - Volume XI
838g4948: BATES, M.; BUCHANAN, D.W.; BRESKY, D.; AYRE, R.; OLWYER, P.; SHADBOLT, DORIS; BOUX, RENE; DE TONNANCOUR, JACQUES; LEFORT, A.; FILION, G. - Canadian Art Magazine, Autumn 1955 - the Birds of Louis Archambault / James Macdonald
316g2035: BATES, ALAN; LANE, JOHN FRANCIS; BROWN, GEORGE H.; ARMES, ROY; GOW, GORDON - Films and Filming Magazine, June 1971 - at Cannes (Cover Photo of Nude Jurgen Draeger
666h3553: BATESON, CHARLES - The Convict Ships 1787-1868
127a8120: BATMANGHELIDJ, F. M.D. - ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus: Eradicate Asthma - Now!
16201087: BATRA, RAVI - The Crash of the Millennium : Surviving the Coming Inflationary Depression
126a5600: BATSTONE, CYRIL (SIGNED) - Old Rhondda in Photographs
13604915: BATT, ELISABETH - Robin's Menagerie
712h6160: BATTEN, JACK - The Annex: The Story of a Toronto Neighbourhood
34105504: BATTEN, JACK - Champions - Great Figures in Canadian Sport
753g2103: BATTISTOTTI, BRUNO; ET AL - Cheese: A Guide to the World of Cheese and Cheesemaking
511g3055: BATTLE, JAMES (SIGNED) - 9 to 19 (Nine to Nineteen): Crucial Years for Self-Esteem in Children and Youth
341h1875: BATTLE, CRAIG; DOYLE, JAMIE - The Greatest (and Not So Great) Uniforms in Sports - Sportsnet Special Collectors Edition
517h3613: BATTY, CAPTAIN ROBERT - An Historical Sketch of the Campaign of 1815, Illustrated by Plans of the Operations and of the Battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo
517h3569: BATTY, CAPTAIN ROBERT - Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied Army in the Western Pyrenees and South of France in the Years 1813-14 Under Field-Marshal the Marquess of Wellington
416h3616: BATUS; ET AL; FARNDALE, GENERAL SIR MARTIN [FOREWORD] - Dinosaurs to Defense - a Story of the Suffield Block
651h2392: BAUCHE, EMILE; ET AL - Log Home Guide (Magazine) - for Builders and Buyers, Winter 1984, Volume 7, No. 1 - Canadian-Japanese Connections
41902094: CAMPBELL-BAUER - La Dynamite
431g2176: BAUER, JOSEF M.; TRANSLATED BY LAWRENCE P.R. WILSON - As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me - the Extraordinary Account of One Man's Escape from a Soviet Prison Camp and His Three-Year Flight Across Siberia to Freedom
742h5481: BAUER, DR. M.; ET AL - German Health Resorts: Official Handbook of the German Health Resorts Association
75608958: BAUER, CATHY; ANDERSEN, JUEL - The Tofu Cookbook
152g4425: BAUM, BERNARD R. (SIGNED) - Oats - Wild and Cultivated : A Monograph of the Genus Avena L. (Poaceae) - Monograph 14
25308403: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Land of Oz (Oz Ser. )
25205813: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Wizard of Oz
336h2210: BAUMANN, DR. HANS (CHEFREDAKTEUR) - Deutschland Revue (Journal/Magazine of the German Center for Tourism) Jahrgang 1954, Heft 3
336h2209: BAUMANN, DR. HANS (CHEFREDAKTEUR) - Deutschland Revue (Journal/Magazine of the German Center for Tourism) Jahrgang 1954, Heft 1
762a8472: BAUMGARTNER, DAVID M.; ET AL - EDITORS - Lodgepole Pine: The Species and Its Management - Symposium Proceedings, May 8-10 1984 Spokane, Wa and Repeated May 14-16 Vancouver Bc
143h5356: BAXTER, BEVERLEY; SMITH, JOHN CAULFIELD; DINGMAN, HAROLD; THOMAS, MARCEL; LECOCQ, THELMA; DAVIS, JEROME; SHAPIRO, L.S.B.; LINDLEY, E.K.; MAYSE, ARTHUR; BERRIEN, F.K.; MARX, J.; MARX, A.; ORMOND, CLYDE; COATES, ELEANOR; CAMPBELL, HELEN - Maclean's, Canada's National Magazine, 1 September 1945, Vol. 58, No. 17: The Price of Housing / Russia's Quarrel with Japan / Arthur Rank
533h4306: TONY FREEMAN; RAYMOND BAXTER [FOREWORD] - Humber: An Illustrated History 1868-1976
117a8129: BAY, BILL - Fun with Strums - Mandolin: Fun with the Mandolin Level 2 - C Tuning
23205574: BAY, MEL - The Mel Bay Mandolin Method - Volume 2
214h5994: BAYLEY, D.; FURZE-MORRISH, L[ESLIE] - The Birth of a Nation and Its Destiny
455h6038: BAYLEY, D.; FURZE-MORRISH, L[ESLIE] - A People No One Knew
641h0040: BAYLEY, R. CHILD - Hand Cameras - a Handbook for Amateur Photographers
65102273: BAYLISS, R. I.; TUNBRIDGE, W. M. - Thyroid Disease : The Facts - Second Edition
118c5013: BAYLY, COLONEL - Diary of Colonel Bayly, 12th Regiment. 1796-1830
647a8925: BAYNE, ALFRED V. - A Candle on the Coast, 1944-1994: A Fiftieth Anniversary History of the Pacific Coast Children's Mission and Camp Homewood by the Founder
541h2213: BAYNES, NORMAN H.; HITLER, ADOLF - The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April (Apr. ) 1922 - August (Aug. ) 1939: Volume II (2 / Two) Only
301g3512: BBARKER, STEVE; BARKER, LINDA; WELCH, A.; OWEN, B.; WILSON, E.; CALLAN, J.; DRESSEN, E.; MCCLUSKY, T.; CLAPP JR,, C.; HARRINGTON, J.; REEVE, A.; WESTCOTT, J. - The New Liberty Magazine, July 12, 1947 - Profile of Dr. Harold Taylor
563h4328: THE BEACH BOYS; WILSON, BRIAN; CHRISTIAN, ROGER; LOVE, MICHAEL; USHER, GARY; FASSERT, FRED; WILSON, CARL - Beach Boys - Spirit of America: Songbook [Song Book] with Lyrics, Guitar Chords, and Sheet Music for Voice and Piano
848g0038: THE BEACH BOYS, BRIAN WILSON, TONY ASHER, MIKE LOVE, DENNIS WILSON, CARL WILSON, BRUCE JOHSTON, AL JARDINE - Beach Boys Hits Vol. 2 (Two) - Sheet Music for Piano and Voice with Chords
431h1289: BEAGLEHOLE, J.C. - The Life of Captain James Cook
421c8695: BEAHEN, WILLIAM; HORRALL, STAN - Red Coats on the Prairies: The North-West Mounted Police 1886-1900
551h1946: BEALE, ROGER; ET AL - Christian Musician Magazine - Improving Musicianship, Inspiring Talent - January / February (Jan. / Feb. ) 2010 - Gregg Bissonette Cover Photo
551h1947: BEALE, ROGER; ET AL - Christian Musician Magazine - Improving Musicianship, Inspiring Talent - November / December (Nov. / Dec. ) 2009 - Doyle Dykes Cover Photo
551h1948: BEALE, ROGER; ET AL - Christian Musician Magazine - Improving Musicianship, Inspiring Talent - September / October (Sept. / Oct. ) 2009 - Stryper Cover Photo
45307401: BEALL, PAMELA CONN; NIPP, SUSAN HAGEN - Wee Sing Musical Bible Book and Tape
426h3802: BEALLE, MORRIS A. - Red Rat Race
122a6024: BEALS, C.S.: EDITOR - Science, History and Hudson Bay: Volumes 1 and 2
868h0511: BEAN, GRACE HUGHES - The Town at the End of the Road: A History of Waterville Valley (New Hampshire / N.H. )
143h5546: BEAN, REITA I.; CAMPBELL, KAY; WILEY, JAMES M.; CAMPBELL, KAY; DARBYSHIRE, MARTHA B.; SELLON, JOHN AND EMILY; JOYNER, JULIA BLISS; ET AL - The American Home [Magazine], November 1945, Vol. XXXIV, No. 6 - Yes, the Blind Can Garden!
201h0219: RAY BRADBURY; CECIL DAWKINS; NAOMI BABSON; J. SCHAEFER; J. MORRIS; H.A. SMITH; G.H. YOUNG; R. CROMIE; PERLE MESTA; P. MORRISON; P. SCHUBERT; C.S. FORESTER; AMELIA BEAN - The Saturday Evening Post Magazine, April (Apr. ) 30, 1960: Sin Committee / Explosive Middle East / Montana's Tourist Wilderness
711h3026: BEARCROFT, NORMA - Wild Horses of Canada
523a7478: BEARD, BETTY J. - Fashions from the Loom - Handwoven Clothing Made Easy
53ac7783: BEARDEN, ROMARE; WASHINGTON, M. BUNCH - The Art of Romare Bearden: The Prevalence of Ritual
124h5559: BEARDEN, JIM; BUTLER, LINDA JEAN [SIGNED] - Shadd: The Life and Times of Mary Shadd Cary
845g0894: BEARDSLEY, A.H.; MEADER, KATHERINE C.; ET AL - The Granite Monthly - a New Hampshire Magazine - September, 1922: Timothy P. Sullivan
42504269: BEASLEY, WALTER J. - Jericho's Judgement: The Fascinating Story of Modern Archaeology
342h4720: BEASLEY, DAVID R. - The Canadian Don Quixote: The Life and Works of Major John Richardson, Canada's First Novelist
117h1951: THE BEATLES; LENNON, JOHN; MCCARTNEY, PAUL; DIXON, LUTHER; FARRELL, WES; ET AL - New Beatles Guitar Solos: Pacific Popular No. 43 Specially Adapted for Vocal and Guitar
415c6474: BEATTIE, JUDITH; POTHIER, BERNARD; MCNALLY, PAUL; BARTON, K.J.; NAFTEL, WILLIAM - Canadian Historic Sites #16: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History
86502140: BEATTIE, MELODY - More Language of Letting Go : 366 New Meditations by Melody Beattie (Hazelden Meditation Ser. )
517h3082: BEATTIE, JESSIE L. - Along the Road
316g2067: BEATTY, WARREN; WLASCHIN, KEN; ELLEY, DEREK; LAMBERT, GAVIN; WARNER, ALAN; GAY, KEN - Films and Filming Magazine, August 1975 - Cover Photo of Liza Minnelli and Burt Reynolds in 'Lucky Lady'
467a8239: BEATY, JOHN Y. - Story Pictures of Farm Animals - the Farm Life Readers
238c6436: BEATY, JOHN [OWEN] (SIGNED) - The Iron Curtain over America
238j0881: BEATY, JOHN - The Iron Curtain over America
853c5308: BEATY, JOHN Y. - On Our Farm: A Picture-Story Book of Children
467c8968: BEAUCHAMP, WILBUR L.; FOGG, HARRIET M.; GRAY, WILLIAM S. - Science Stories - Book Two: Curriculum Foundation Series
33200494: BEAUDOIN, GERALD; EDWARDS, JIM: JOINT-CHAIRMEN - The Process for Amending the Constitution of Canada - the Report of the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons
342h5340: BEAUDOIN, TED - Walking on Air
145a9747: BEAUDRY, MICHEL - Whistler: Against All Odds
653h4901: BEAVER, PAUL; ET AL - Ships Monthly - the Magazine for Shiplovers Ashore and Afloat, July 1982 - Ferries to the Falklands
811h4141: BEAVERBROOK, LORD [WILLIAM MAXWELL AITKEN] - Canada in Flanders - the Official Story of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Volume II/2/Two [Only]
855a4652: BECHTOLD, EDUARD - Der Praktische Fleischer - Band II
153a5264: BECK, SUSAN P. - Great Clothing from Sweatshirts, T-Shirts & Denim
228g2357: BECK, RAYMOND - (1920) Goodrich Road Map of New York (State)
812g3433: BECK, JEFF; WOOD, RON; STEWART, ROD; HOPKINS, NICKEY; ET AL - Jeff Beck Anthology: Guitar Tablature Edition (Am 73024)
318c8214: BECK, JANICE - Three Towns: A History of Kitimat
62407335: BECK, ERNEST G.:EDITOR - The Practical Engineer Mechanical Pocket Book and Diary for 1923 (with Buyer's Guide and Techical Directories in French, Spanish and Russian) - Special Magnolia Edition - 35th Year of Issue
56609288: BECK, LEWIS W. (TRANSLATOR) - Immanuel Kant : Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals - Second Edition, Revised
734h4656: BECKER, ETHEL ANDERSON - Klondike '98: Hegg's Album of the 1898 Alaska Gold Rush
83301707: BECKER, WESLEY C. - An Empirical Basis for Change in Education - Selections on Behavioral Psychology for Teachers
551h1547: BECKER, HERMANN; OSTERLOH, GUNTER; DODDS, DAVID; ET AL - Leica Fotografie - International Magazine for 35mm Photography, Number 8 (Eight), 1984 - Leica M6 Practice / Leon Kellenberger / Reinhard Lamm
135g4475: BECKER, PETER; WETZELL, RICHARD F.: EDITORS - Criminals and Their Scientists: The History of Criminology in International Perspective (Publications of the German Historical Institute)
108c8821: BECKETT, HUBERT - Here We Come the Boys of Canada: Sheet Music for Piano and Voice
116c6147: BECKHAM, STEPHEN DOW - Land of the Umpqua: A History of Douglas County, Oregon
105a1188: BECKMAN, MARGARET; BLACK, JOHN B.; LANGMEAD, STEPHEN - The Best Gift: A Record of the Carnegie Libraries in Ontario - Signed by All Three Authors
117a4171: BECKWITH, JOHN: EDITOR - The Canadian Musical Heritage 5 / le Patrimoine Musical Canadien 5 - Hymn Tunes Cantiques
241c7182: BECKWITH, CAROL; FISHER, ANGELA; HANCOCK, GRAHAM - African Ark: People and Ancient Cultures of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
154a5350: BEDDOES, DICK - Dick Beddoes' Greatest Hockey Stories
654j0485: BEDDOW, F. LORLENE (SIGNED) - Carving the North End Wilderness: Flora [Local History of the Northern Part of Wallowa County, Oregon]
563h5784: THE BEE GEES; GIBB, BARRY; GIBB, ROBIN; GIBB, MAURICE - Main Course - Bee Gees Original Songbook with Piano Sheet Music, Lyrics and Guitar Chords
555j0110: THE BEE GEES; GIBB, ROBIN; GIBB, MAURICE; GIBB, BARRY; WEAVER, BLUE - Bee Gees Complete Vol. [Volume] 2 [II / Two]: Songbook with Piano Sheet Music, Lyrics and Guitar Chords
812j0289: THE BEE GEES; GIBB, ROBIN; GIBB, BARRY; GIBB, MAURICE - Best of the Bee Gees: Songbook with Piano Sheet Music, Lyrics and Guitar Chords
83201788: BEEBE, LUCIUS; CLEGG, CHARLES - San Francisco's Golden Era - a Picture Story of San Fran Francisco Before the Fire
125a7061: BEEBE, LUCIUS; CLEGG, CHARLES - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies
665g3225: BEECHING, WILLIAM - Canadian Volunteers: Spain 1936-1939
63602237: BEECROFT, GLYNIS - Carving Techniques
513h4699: BEEDON, FRANCIS W. - Nations Rise Again
753j0922: WIVES OF ALBERTA BEEKEEPERS - A Taste of Honey - Recipes Supplied by Wives of Alberta Beekeepers
116a2604: BEEMAN, RICHARD R. - The Old Dominion and the New Nation, 1788-1801
349h0544: BEERY, JESSE - Lot of Ephemera from Jesse Berry and His Beery School of Horsemanship
236h0539: BEERY, PROF. JESSE - Prof. Beery's Saddle-Horse Instructions: Five (5) Book Set
236h0543: BEERY, JESSE - Money Making Secrets in Horse Training
812h1293: BEETHOVEN, L.; HOLMES, G. AUGUSTUS; KARN, FREDERICK J. - Scherzando - Students' Classics No. 106 - from No. 3 of Three Sonatas, Composed in 1781 : Piano Sheet Music
755h4349: BEETON, ISABEL, MARY [MRS. BEATON] - Mrs. Beeton's Cookery Book: All About Cookery, Household Work, Marketing, Trussing, Carving, Etc.
751a1005: BEGA, NATASHA - Kur Te Mos Duhemi Me, Poezi / Quand on Ne Sera Plus Aime , Poemes
135a7928: BEGELMAN, MITCHELL; REES, MARTIN - Gravity's Fatal Attraction: Black Holes in the Universe
328c5893: BEGG, ALEXANDER - History of British Columbia from Its Earliest Discovery to the Present Time - the Ryerson Archive Series
721h4488: BEGG, ALEXANDER - The Creation of Manitoba; or, a History of the Red River Troubles
126j0990: BEGIN, MENACHEM; KATZ, SAMUEL (TRANSLATOR); GREENBERG, IVAN M. (EDITOR) - The Revolt [Story of the Irgun]
342h5393: BEGIN, MENACHEM; KAPLAN, KATIE [TRANSLATOR] - White Nights: The Story of a Prisoner in Russia
538a1183: BEGLEY, W.E.; DESAI, Z.A. - Taj Mahal: The Illumined Tomb - an Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Mughal and European Documentary Sources
107c6469: LE BEGUE, J.S. BACH, ALBRECHTSBERGER, REMBT, S.S. WESLEY, GUILMANT, SPOONER - Anthology of Organ Music (Second Series): Volume Eight (8), No. 1068 - Works for Two Manuals and Pedals
23407207: BEHARREL, PETER; PHILO, GREG: EDITORS - Trade Unions and the Media
135a5289: BEHRMAN, A.S. - Water Is Everybody's Business - the Chemistry of Water Purification
451h4131: BEISSEL, STEPHEN - The Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary - Points for Meditation
637a4133: BEITMAN, M.N.: COMPILER - Additional 1959 Television Servicing Information - Volume Tv-16
637a4134: BEITMAN, M.N.: COMPILER - Most-Often-Needed Early 1959 Television Servicing Information: Volume Tv-15
637a4132: BEITMAN, M.N.: COMPILER - Most-Often-Needed 1950 Radio Diagrams and Servicing Information, Volume R-10
156a5405: BEJERMI, JOHN (EDITOR) - Canadian Parliamentary Handbook/Ripertoire Parlementaire Canadien - 1991 Edition
73407155: BEKE, LASZLO - A Student's Diary: Budapest, Oct 16 - Nov 1, 1956
836g1753: BELAFONTE, HARRY; BURGESS, LORD; BURGESS, IRVING - Belafonte - Songs of the Caribbean (As Recorded on Rca Victor Lpm-1505): Songbook with Sheet Music for Voice and Piano with Chords
563h3842: BELASCO, LIONEL; WHIPPER, LEIGHLA - Calypso Rhythm Songs: Authentic Tropical Novelty Melodies - Sheet Music for Piano with Lyrics and Chords
103c6982: BELFAST;SHERIDAN, L.A.;NORTHERN IRELAND - Survey of the Land Law of Northern Ireland - Report to the Director of Law Reform for Northern Ireland
724h1367: BELL, MARCUS A.M.; BROWN, JENNIFER, M.; DOWNARD, KATHERINE M.; HUBBARD, W.F. - Pacific Rim National Park: An Annotated Bibliography
449g1415: BELL, DON; BALLA, JOE; SPENCER, WILLIAM; TRENT, BILL; OLIVER, MARGO; KLYN, DOYLE - Weekend Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 1 - January 4, 1969 - How Bookies Operate in Canada
647a8504: BELL, LEONARD M.; THOMPSON, JAMES M. - The Campbell River Estuary Status of Environmental Knowledge to 1977 - Special Estuary Series No. 7 - with Memorial Dedication to Roderick Haig-Brown
565h5411: BELL, ANDREW; PANTON, L.A.C.; AYRE, ROBERT; COMFORT, CHARLES; REINBLAT, M.; BUCHANAN, DONALD W.; GLOVER, GUY; SCOTT, CHARLES H. - Canadian Art [Magazine] Vol. VIII, Number 3, Spring 1951 - Georgian Bay Legacy / Aleksandre Bercovitch, 1893-1951
233j0803: BELL, F. MCKELVEY - The First Canadians in France - the Chronicle of a Military Hospital in the War Zone
45402786: BELL, JAMES B. - Roots of Jesus - a Genealogical Investigation
302g3424: BELL, RALPH P.; TALLANTYRE, RENEE; OWEN, H.G. - Canadian Geographical Journal, March 1942 - Canada's Aircraft Industry
74508502: BELL, TIMOTHY: EDITOR - Bell's Mile by Mile Alaska Yukon and British Columbia Travel Guide
64501295: BELL, LEONARD M.; KALLMAN, RONALD J. - The Nanaimo River Estuary: Status of Environmental Knowledge to 1976 - Special Estuary Series No. 5
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255j0590: BELL, ANDREW; NEWALL, PETER; KINGHORN, CAPTAIN 'SANDY'; WISE, JON; ET AL - Ships Monthly, March [Mar. ] 1997, Volume 32, Number 3 - New Royal Yacht - Tall Ship Proposal
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463c6643: BROCK, PETER - Variations on a Planet
301h2166: BROCK, RAY; ET AL - Car Craft Magazine, November (Nov. ) 1955, Volume 3 Number 6: Cover Photo of Merlin Windham and His '55 Buick Custom
301h2165: BROCK, RAY; ET AL - Car Craft Magazine, July 1955, Volume 3 Number 3: Cover Photos of '51 Merc Owned by Dave Burgarin
301h2168: BROCK, RAY; ET AL - Car Craft Magazine, December (Dec. ) 1957, Volume 5 Number 8: Cover Photos of Merc Owned by Tony Ferreira
563h5142: KENDIS & BROCKMAN - Golden Gate (Open for Me) - Sheet Music for Piano and Voice
136a6117: BROCKMAN, JANIE - Stories and Pictures of a Noble Life
35203536: BROCKMAN, C. FRANK - Flora of Mount Rainier National Park
533h4307: HAROLD BRIERCLIFFE; ERIC BROCKWAY - The Illustrated History of Douglas Motorcycles
432a9854: BRODE, PATRICK - Casual Slaughters and Accidental Judgments: Canadian War Crimes Prosecutions, 1944-1948
105a1178: BRODEUR, HELENE - Rose Delima: A Saga of Northern Ontario, Book Two
757h1469: BRODIE, JEAN - A Guide to Good Cooking
753j0470: BRODIE, JEAN; ET AL - A Guide to Good Cooking - Being a Collection of Good Recipes Carefully Tested and Approved by Expert Authority, Under the Supervision of Jean Brodie to Which Have Been Added Recipes Chosen from the Contributions of over Fifteen Thousand Users of Five Roses Flour Throughout Canada Together with Many Economical and Time-Saving Cookery Suggestions of Value to the Modern Housekeeper
747h3346: BRODIE, JEAN; HARVEY, PAULINE - A Guide to Good Cooking with Five Roses Flour [Cookbook / Cook Book]
51101352: BRODY, ERNESS B. (EDITOR); BRODY, NATHAN (EDITOR) - Intelligence : Nature, Determinants, and Consequences
65107905: BRONFEN, NAN - Nutrition for a Better Life : A Source Book for the 80s
429a6093: BRONK, RICHARD - Progress and the Invisible Hand : The Philosophy and Economics of Human Advance
313a7821: BRONSON, HAROLD E. - The Profit Parasites
223h5425: BROOK, DR. PETER; ET AL - Warship International, No. 3, September [Sept. ] 30, 1971, Volume VIII, No. 32: The Elswick Cruisers / Israeli Guided Missile Patrol Boats / H.M. S. Malta
649a8158: BROOK-SHEPHERD, GORDON - Iron Maze: The Western Secret Services and the Bolsheviks
217a1467: BROOKE, ARTHUR; PAPPOUTSAKIS, JAMES: EDITOR - Brooke: Method for Flute (Complete)
848g0537: BROOKS, JACK; RIMSKY-KORSAKOFF, N.; ROZSA, MIKLOS - Song of Scheherazade Souvenir Album (Songbook)
241j1135: BROOKS, HENRY; MANN, DR. R.J. (ED.) - Natal; a History and Description of the Colony: Including Its Natural Features, Productions, Industrial Condition and Prospects
727h2408: BROOKS, WALTER; GARNER, HUGH; DEMPSEY, DAVID; DUFFY, JACK; MCCOY, DORIS; ET AL - Liberty - Canada's Young Family Magazine, March (Mar. ) 1959 - Marilyn Monroe Cover
812g3735: BROOKS, GARTH; BASTIAN, LARRY B.; ALGER, PAT; BLACKWELL, DEWAYNE; LEE, EARL BUD; WILLIAMS, KIM; ET AL - Garth Brooks - No Fences: Songbook with Sheet Music for Piano and Voice with Guitar Chords
108c8711: BROOKS, JACK; CARMICHAEL, HOAGY - Ole Buttermilk Sky: Sheet Music for Voice and Piano
723c9548: BROOKSBANK, JACK; SPILLER, ADRIAN - The Institution of Production Engineers in Canada: Historical Review
544g1783: BROOMHALL, MARSHALL - The Jubilee Story of the China Inland Mission
23209252: BROSE, EUGENE; USE, HENRY - Spotlighting Your Marching Band - a Handbook on the Marching Band
217a0898: BROSNAC, DONALD - An Introduction to Scientific Guitar Design
117a1254: BLACKWOOD BROTHERS - Blackwood Brothers Sing - Number One - a Collection of Gospel Songs and Spirituals: Shaped Notes
116c6832: GIMBEL BROTHERS - Gimbel's Illustrated 1915 Fashion Catalog
25105422: PARKER BROTHERS - Q*Bert's Quazy Questions - a Riddle Book to Make You Laugh
124h4664: BROUGH, JAMES; ANNETTE, CECILE, MARIE AND YVONNE DIONNE - "We Were Five" - the Dionne Quintuplets' Story from Birth Through Girlhood to Womanhood
812h0706: BROUSSOLE, JEAN; GRAHAM, IRVIN; DRAKE, ERVIN; SHIRI, JIMMY; STILLMAN, AL - Je Crois en Toi (I Believe) - Sheet Music for Piano and Voice
52708871: BROW, DIX - Sea of Cortez Guide : For Fishermen and Sailors, Divers and Beachcombers with Trailerboats, Cartoppers or Seagoing Yachts
41601855: BROWN, LORNE - When Freedom Was Lost : The Unemployed, the Agitator and the State
86502759: BROWN, SHARON - Some Become Flowers : Living with Dying at Home
538h2814: BROWN, GREGG; MOORE, LINDA - The Story of Cpr (Canadian Pacific Railways) Roundhouses (Round Houses) in British Columbia
255j0719: BROWN, PETE; STIX, JOHN; ET AL - Guitar Magazine - for the Practicing Musician, June 1992 - the Yardbirds
72500791: BROWN, JEREMY; ONDAATJE, CHRISTOPHER - The First Original Unexpurgated Canadian Book of Sex and Adventure - 1001 Amazing Facts, Quotations, Answers, Opinions and Statistics About the Sexual Life of Canada and the Canadian People
641c8393: BROWN, H.E. - Classic Guitar Maker's Guide: Diagrams, Photographs, and Step-by-Step Instructions
302g2736: BROWN, CARLTON; TALMEY, ALLENE; - Vogue (American) Incorporating Vanity Fair (Magazine), May 1, 1939 - New York World's Fair Issue
343h5458: BROWN, QUENTIN [EDITOR] - This Green & Pleasant Land: Chronicles of Cavan Township [Ontario Local History]
843h4278: BROWN, GERALD H. - The Boy Scouts Association Handbook for Canada - Based on the System of Training Contained in Scouting for Boys, by Lieut. -General Sir Robert Baden-Powell
201g4701: BROWN, FATHER BERNARD; FRASER, B.; EARL, MARJ.; PORTER, M.; PHILLIPS, ALAN; HEINEY, DONALD; ET AL - Maclean's, Canada's National Magazine, January (Jan. ) 5, 1957 - Frank Mcmahon / Report from Israel / Arctic Priest / Farewell to Artist Oscar Cahen
313c6815: BROWN, VIVIENNE - Adam Smith's Discourse: Canonicity, Commerce and Conscience
848g1257: BROWN, JAMES; ELLIS, ALFRED; JONES, NAT; SHUBERT, ALBERT; TERRY, JOHNNY - The Best of James Brown: Songbook for Voice and Piano with Guitar Chords
16801313: BROWN, BRIAN A. - Separatism - a Positive Response from English Canada
812g4423: BROWN, ARTHUR L. - The Pixies' Good Night Song - Sheet Music for Piano
302g3026: BROWN, HOWARD H.; LORD, C.C.; SWAINE, C. JENNIE; ET AL - The Granite Monthly - a New Hampshire Magazine Devoted to History, Biography, Literature and State Progress, September, 1908, Vol XL, No. 9, New Series, Vol. III, No. 9 - the Battleship "New Hampshire"
115a8912: BROWN, HOWARD MORTON - Founded Upon a Rock - Carleton Place Memories
447h5999: BROWN, LAWRENCE; ET AL - Iajrc [International Association of Jazz Record Collectors] Journal, Fall, 1989, Volume 22, No. 4 - Don Albert Cover Photo
23108627: BROWN, JIM; PHILLIPS, DAVID: EDITORS - West Coast Seen (Formerly Titled West Coast 68)
83309996: BROWN, JOHN L.; MOFFETT, CERYLLE A. - The Hero's Journey : How Educators Can Transform Schools and Improve Learning
61205653: BROWN, F. MARTIN; BAILEY, WAYNE - Earth Science
563h3851: BERTRAND-BROWN - All for You - Song of Love: Sheet Music for Piano and Lyrics for High Voice
563h5139: BROWN, LEW; DAVIS, BENNY; CONRAD, CON - Hi Ho the Merrio (As Long As She Loves Me) - Sheet Music for Piano and Voice with Ukulele Chords
812g3117: BROWN, ADA; ET AL - British Columbia Old Time Fiddlers' Association
15304743: BROWN, HARRIETTE J. - Hand Weaving - for Pleasure and Profit

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