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3925: ABBEHUSEN, CARL. - Zur Syntax Raouls de Houdenc.
4083: ABD-RU-SHIN. [BERNHARDT, OSKAR ERNST.] - In the Light of Truth. The Grail Message Vol. I. [Vol. II., Vol. III.].
4737: D'ABLANCOURT, PERROT. (TRADUIT PAR). - Pour une etude de l'Histoire Veritable de Lucien ... Document de travail etabli par Rene Guise avec la participation de Michele Duclos et Marie-Christine Cousinat.
4925: ABRAY, LORNA JANE. - The People's Reformation. Magistrates, Clergy, and Commons in Strasbourg, 1500-1598.
2421: ABUBAKAR, SA'AD. - The Lamibe of Fombina. A Political History of Adamawa 1809-1901.
4422: ABUN-NASR, JAMIL M. - A History of the Maghrib.
3600: ACQUAVIVA, S. S. - The Decline of the Sacred in Industrial Society. Translated by Patricia Lipscomb.
3423: ADAM, SHEILA. - The Technique of Greek Sculpture in the Archaic and Classical Periods.
2747: ADAMSON, DONALD. - The Genesis of Le Cousin Pons.
2317: ADCOCK, SIR FRANK AND D. J. MOSELY. - Diplomacy in Ancient Greece.
3147: AEBISCHER, PAUL. - Prehistoire et protohistoire du Roland d'Oxford.
2693: AEBISCHER, PAUL. - Rolandiana Borealia. Le Saga af Runzivals Bardaga et ses derives Scandinaves compares a la Chanson de Roland. Essai de restauration du manuscrit Francais utilise par le traducteur Norrois.
4701: AEBISCHER, PAUL. - Textes Norrois et Litterature Francais du Moyen Age. II. La premiere branche de la Karlamagnus saga. traduction complete du texte norrois, precedee d'une introduction et suivie d'un index des noms propres cites.
3339: AEBISCHER, PAUL. - Des Annales Carolingiennes a Doon de Mayence. Nouveau recueil d'etudes sur l'epique francaise medievale.
3053: AEBISCHER, PAUL. - Neuf Etudes sur la Theatre Medieval.
3974: AEBISCHER, PAUL. - Le Voyage de Charlemagne a Jerusalem et a Constantinople. Texte publie avec une introduction, des notes et un glossaire.
3975: AEBISCHER, PAUL. - Le Mystere d'Adam (Ordo Representacionis Ade). Texte complet du manuscrit de Tours publie avec une introduction, des notes et un glossaire.
6052: AELLEN, CHRISTIAN; ALEXANDRE CAMBITOGLOU ET JAQUES CHAMAY. - Le Peintre de Darius et son Milieu. Vases Grecs d'Italie meridionale.
2801: AFFRON, CHARLES. - Patterns of Failure in La Comedie humaine.
3104: AGENO, FRANCA BRAMBILLA. - Le Rime di Panuccio del Bagno.
4063: AGRICOLA, GEORGIUS. - De Re Metallica. Translated from the first Latin edition of 1556 ... by Herbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover.
10328: AHMED, AKBAR S. - Millennium and Charisma among Pathans. A critical essay in social anthropology.
3389: AITKEN, MARION Y. H. - Etude sur Le Miroir ou les Evangiles des Domnees de Robert de Gretham. Suivie d'extraits inedits.
3913: ALBERES, FRANCINE MARILL. - Stendhal et le sentiment religieux.
3421: ALEMAN, MATEO. - Guzman de Alfarache. Edicion, introduccion y notas de Samuel Gili Gaya.
2438: ALEXANDER, JOHN T. - Catherine the Great. Life and Legend.
4991: ALFOLDI, ANDREW. - The Conversion of Constantine and Pagan Rome. Translated by Harold Mattingly.
2630: ALFOLDY, GEZA. - Noricum. Translated by Anthony Birley.
3431: ALLEGRETTO, MANUELA. - Il luogo dell'Amore. Studio su Jaufre Rudel.
4107: ALONSO, DAMASO. - La 'Epistola Moral a Fabio', de Andres Fernandez de Andrada. Edicion y estudio.
3910: ALONSO, DAMASO. - Estudios y Ensayos Gongorinos.
4668: ALONSO, AMADO. - Estudios Linguisticos. Temas Espanoles.
4667: ALONSO, AMADO. - Estudios Linguisticos. Temas Hispanoamericanos.
3494: ALSDORF-BOLLE, ANNEGRET UND ISOLDE BURR. - Rucklaufiger Stichwortindex zum Romanischen Etymologischen Worterbuch.
10239: ALTANER, BERTHOLD. - Patrology. Translated by Hilda C. Graef.
2701: ALVAR, CARLOS AND VICTORIA CIRCLOT. (EDITORS). - VII Congreso de la Societe Rencevalls. Institucion Principe de Viana. Diputacion Foral de Navarra. 1981. .
3347: ALVAR, MANUEL. - Libro de la Infancia y Muerte de Jesus (Libre dels tres reys d'orient). Edicion y estudios ...
4796: ANDAYA, BARBARA WATSON. - Perak : The Abode of Grace. A Study of an Eighteenth-Century Malay State.
3870: ANDERSON, M. D. - A Saint at Stake. The Strange Death of William of Norwich 1144.
4468: ANDERSON, FLAVIA. - The Ancient Secret. In search of the Holy Grail.
4368: ANDRIEU, RENE. - Stendhal ou Le bal masque.
3657: ANGLO, SYDNEY. - Machiavelli : A Dissection.
2260: ANGUS, S. - The Religious Quests of the Graeco-Roman World. A Study in the Historical Background of Early Christianity.
2844: [ANONYMOUS]. - Aye d'Avignon. Chanson de Geste Anonyme. Edition critique par S. J. Borg.
4450: ANSCHUTZ, R. P. - The Philosophy of J. S. Mill.
4660: ANTOINE, GERARD; JAMES AUSTIN, W. T. BANDY, RICHARD BEILHARZ [AND OTHERS]. - Baudelaire. Actes du Colloque de Nice (25-27 mai 1967).
1244: ANTON, FERDINAND. - Ancient Mexican Art.
10996: ANTONELLI, PAOLA; [EDITED BY HARRIET SCHOENHOLZ BEE]. - Objects of Design from The Museum of Modern Art. New York, N.Y.
1241: ANTONOVA, IRINA; VLADIMIR TOLSTIKOV AND MIKHAIL TREISTER. - The Gold of Troy. Searching for Homer's Fabled City.
3065: APOLLONIUS OF TYRE. ALVAR, MANUEL. - Libro de Apolonio. Estudios, Ediciones, Concordancias. I. Estudios. [II. Ediciones. III. Concordancias.
1494: APPLEBY, JOHN T. - England without Richard 1189-1199.
2479: AQUINAS, ST. THOMAS. - Philosophical Texts. [with] Theological Texts. Selected and translated with notes and an introduction by Thomas Gilby.
2941: ARBELET, PAUL. - La Jeunesse de Stendhal. [Vol. 1.] Grenoble 1783-1799. [Vol. 2. Paris-Milan 1799-1802.
10866: ARBERRY, A. J. (EDITOR). - Religion in the Middle East. Three Religions in Concord and Conflict. Volume I. Judaism and Christianity [Volume II. Islam.
4544: ARBERRY, A. J. - Aspects of Islamic Civilization as Depicted in the Original Texts.
3521: ARENS, ARNOLD. - Untersuchungen zu Jean Bodels Mirakel 'Le Jeu de Saint Nicolas'.
4877: [ARISTOTLE]. ROSS, W.D. - Ethica Nicomachea.
4712: ARISTOTLE. - The Works of Aristotle. Translated into English under the editorship of J. A. Smith & W. D. Ross. Volume V. De Partibus Animalium by William Ogle. De Motu and De Incessu Animalium by A. S. L. Farquharson. De Generatione Animalium by Arthur Platt.
10010: ARMITAGE, FLORA. - The Desert and the Stars. A Biography of Lawrence of Arabia.
4981: ARMSTRONG, LILIAN. - Renaissance Miniature Painters and Clasical Imagery. The Master of the Putti and his Venetian Workshop.
2652: ARMSTRONG, EDWARD C. - The Authorship of the Vengement Alixandre and the Venjance Alixandre.
2318: ARNHEIM, M. T. W. - Aristocracy in Greek Society.
3719: ARNOLD, PATRICK M. - Gibeah. The Search for a Biblical City.
5219: ARNOLD, DIETER. - Building in Egypt. Pharaonic Stone Masonry.
2777: ARNOULD, E. J., LOUIS BRANDIN, A. J. CARLYLE, H. B. CHARLTON [AND MANY OTHERS.] - Studies in French Language and Mediaeval Literature presented to Professor Mildred K. Pope by pupils, colleagues and friends.
3463: ARNOULD, E. J. - Etude sur le Livre des Saintes Medecines du Duc Henri de Lancastre accompagnee d'extraits du texte.
3446: ARNOULD, E. J. - Le Manuel des Peches. Etude de litterature religieuse Anglo-Normande (XIIe siecle).
3144: ARROUYE, JEAN; JEAN-CLAUDE AUBAILLY, REGINE COLLIOT, CHRISTIANE DELUZ [AND OTHERS.] - De l'Etranger a l'Etrange ou la Conjointure de la Merveille. (En hommage a Marguerite Rossi et Paul Bancourt.
5168: ARSLAN, EDOARDO. - Gothic Architecture in Venice. Translated by Anne Engel.
2961: ARTIN, TOM. - The Allegory of Adventure. Reading Chretien's Erec and Yvain.
5064: ASBRIDGE, THOMAS. - The First Crusade. A New History.
10032: ASHE, GEOFFREY. - The Virgin.
6006: ASHMEAD, ANN HARNWELL AND KYLE MEREDITH PHILLIPS, JR. - Classical Vases. Excluding Attic Black-Figure, Attic Red-Figure and Attic White Ground. Providence, Rhode Island.
4900: ASHMOLE, BERNARD. - Architect and Sculptor in Classical Greece. The Wrightsman Lectures ...
3616: ASHTOR, E. - A Social and Economic History of the Near East in the Middle Ages.
3864: ASTIN, ALAN E. - Scipio Aemilianus.
3069: ATHERTON, JOHN. - Stendhal.
1046: ATIYA, AZIZ S. - The Crusade. Historiography and Bibliography.
3283: ATIYA, AZIZ S. - Crusade, Commerce and Culture. [with] The Crusade. Historiography and Bibliography.
4119: ATKINSON, GEOFFROY. - Les Idees de Balzac d'apres La Comedie Humaine. Tome Premiere. [Tome II-V.].
2909: AUBAILLY, JEAN-CLAUDE. - Deux Jeax de Carnaval de la fin du Moyen Age. La Bataille de Sainct Pensard a l'encontre de Caresme et le Testament de Carmentrant. Edition avec une introduction et des notes ...
3565: D'AUBIGNE, AGRIPPA. - Les Tragiques. Edition critique avec introduction et commentaire par A. Garnier et J. Plattard. I[-IV].
6025: [AUCTION CATALOGUE.] - Greek Vases from the Hirschmann Collection ... Thursday 9th December 1993.
6026: [AUCTION CATALOGUE.] BOARDMAN, JOHN. - Greek, Etruscan and South Italian Vases from Castle Ashby. The property of the Marquess of Northampton which will be sold at Christie's Great Rooms on Wednesday 2 July 1980.
4010: AUDIAU, JEAN. - Les Troubadours et l'Angleterre. Contribution a l'Etude des poetes Anglais de l'Amour au Moyen-Age (XIIIe et XIVe siecles). Nouvelle edition revue et completee.
3459: AUERBACH, ERICH. - Literary Language and Its Public in Late Latin Antiquity and in the Middle Ages. Translated from the German by Ralph Manheim.
2707: AUGUSTIN, FRIEDRICH. - Sprachliche Untersuchung uber Die Werke Henri D'Andeli's nebst einem anhang enthaltend : La Bataille des Vins, diplomatischer abdruck der Berner Hs.
1491: AUGUSTINE, SAINT. - Confessions. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Henry Chadwick.
1061: D'AULNOY, MADAME. - Travels into Spain. Being The Ingenious and Diverting Letters of the Lady - Travels into Spain. Translated in the year of its publication from Relation du Voyages d'Espagne (1691) and now published with an Introduction and Notes by R. Foulche-Delbosc.
3067: D'AUREVILLY, JULES BARBEY. - Oeuvres de J. Barbey d'Aurevilly. Les Diaboliques - Les Six Premieres.
4021: AVALLE-ARCE, J. B. - Temas Hispanicos Medievales.
4371: AVEZOU, R.; MARIO BONFANTINI, ARMAND CARACCIO, MARIE-JEANNE DURRY [AND OTHERS]. - Journees Stendhaliennes Internationales de Grenoble 26-28 mai 1955. Discours et Communications.
3830: AVI-YONAH, M. - The Jews under Roman and Byzantine Rule. A Political History of Palestine from the Bar Kokhba War to the Arab Conquest.
4298: D'AVRAY, D. L. - Death and the Prince. Memorial Preaching before 1350.
3349: AYALA, PERO LOPEZ DE. - 'Libro de Poemas' o 'Rimado de Palacio'. Edicion critica, introduccion y notas de Michel Garcia.
3352: AYALON, DAVID. - Gunpowder and Firearms in the Mamluk Kingdom. A Challenge to a Medieval Society.
1186: BACATTI, GIOVANNI. - The Art of Ancient Greece and Rome. From the Rise of Greece to the Fall of Rome.
1716: BADAWI, M. M. - Early Arabic Drama.
4027: BADEL, PIERRE-YVES. (EDITE PAR). - Le Dit du Prunier. Contre moral du Moyen Age.
5063: BADIAN, E. - Studies in Greek and Roman History.
4829: BADIAN, E. - Foreign Clientelae (264-70 B.C.).
1535: BAER, YITZHAK. - A History of the Jews in Christian Spain. Volume I from the Age of Reconquest to the Fourteenth Century. [ Volume II from the Fourteenth Century to the Expulsion.] Translated from the Hebrew by Louis Schoffman.
3737: BAER, ANN. - Medieval Women. Village Life in the Middle Ages.
2978: BAGLEY, J. J. - Historical Interpretations. 1. Sources of English Medieval History 1066-1540. [2. Sources of English History 1540 to the Present Day.
5117: BAGNALL, NIGEL. - The Punic Wars.
3984: BAIF, J. A. DE. - Les Amours de Francine. II. Chansons. Edition critique par Ernesta Caldarini.
5068: BAIGENT, MICHAEL AND RICHARD LEIGH. - The Elixir and the Stone. A History of Magic and Alchemy.
3220: BAIGENT, MICHAEL AND RICHARD LEIGH. - The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception.
3630: BAILEY, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL F. M. - Mission to Tashkent. Introduction and Epilogue by Peter Hopkirk.
2517: BAKER, J. N. L. - Medieval Trade Routes.
4852: BAKER, DEREK. - The Church in Town and Countryside. Papers read at the Seventeenth summer meeting and the Eighteenth winter meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society.
3929: BALDINGER, KURT. - Die Herausbildung der Sprachraume auf der Pyrenaeshalbinsel. Querschnitt durch die neueste forschung und versuch einer synthese.
10108: BALL, J. DYER. - Things Chinese. With an introduction by H. J. Lethbridge.
3244: BALY, DENIS. - Geographical Companion to the Bible.
3121: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Physiologie de l'Employe. Vignettes par M. Trimolet. Presentation de Roger Pierrot.
3407: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - La Physiologie du Marriage pre-originale (1826). Texte inedit presente par Maurice Bardeche.
4709: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Correspondance Inedite avec Madame Zulma Carraud (1829-1850).
4740: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Stenie ou Les Erreurs Philosophiques. Text inedit etabli par A. Prioult.
2884: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Illusions Perdues. Le manuscrit de la Collection Spoelberch de Lovenjoul. Introduction, edition et notes Suzanne Jean Berard. These complementaire pour le doctorat es-Lettres.
2748: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Lettres a Madame Hanska. Tome 1. 1832-1840. [Tomes 2, 3, & 4 1841-1848.
2939: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Falthurne. Manuscrit de l'Abbe Savonati. Traduit de l'Italien par M. Matricante. Texte inedit, etabli et presente par Pierre-Georges Castex.
10137: BARASCH, MOSHE. - Crusader Figural Sculpture in the Holy Land.
2427: BARBER, RICHARD. (EDITOR & TRANSLATOR). - The Life and Campaigns of the Black Prince from contemporary letters, diaries and chronicles, including Chandos Herald's Life of the Black Prince.
1382: BARBER, MALCOLM. - The Two Cities. Medieval Europe, 1050-1320.
2277: BARBER, MALCOLM. - The Trial of the Templars.
1039: BARBER, RICHARD. - The Knight & Chilvary.
10990: BARBOUR, PHILIP L. (EDITOR). - The Jamestown Voyages Under the First Charter 1606-1609. Documents relating to the foundation of Jamestown and the history of the Jamestown colony up to the departure of Captain John Smith, last president of the council of Virginia under the first charter, early in October, 1609.
3140: BARDECHE, MAURICE. - Louis-Ferdinand Celine.
5009: BARING, ANNE AND JULES CASHFORD. - The Myth of the Goddess. Evolution of an Image.
1542: BARKER, SIR ERNEST. - Greek Political Theory. Plato and his Predecessors.
5074: BARKER, ERNEST. (TRANSLATOR). - From Alexander to Constantine. Passages and Documents Illustrating the History of Social and Political Ideas 336 B.C. - A.D. 337.
4909: BARKER, ERNEST. (TRANSLATOR). - Social and Political Thought in Byzantium from Justinian I to the last Palaeologus. Passages from Byzantine writers and documents translated with an introduction and notes ...
1540: BARKER, ERNEST. (TRANSLATOR). - The Politics of Aristotle. Translated with an introduction, notes and appendixes ...
4028: BAROIN, JEAN. (EDITEE PAR). - Simon de Pouille. Chanson de geste editee d'apres le manuscrit no. 4780 de la Bibliotheque National ...
4775: BARRETT, ANTHONY A. - Agrippina. Mother of Nero.
1960: BARRETT, SIR WILLIAM AND THEODORE BESTERMAN. - The Divining-Rod. An Experimantal and Psychological Investigation.
10911: BARROW, SIR JOHN. - The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of HMS Bounty its Causes and Consequences. Edited and with an introduction by Captain Stephen W. Roskill ...
4745: BARRY, JONATHAN; MARIANNE HESTER AND GARETH ROBERTS. (EDITORS). - Witchcraft in early modern Europe. Studies in culture and belief.
2835: BARTSCH, KARL. - Chrestomathie de l'Ancien Francais (VIIIe-XVe siecles) accompagnee d'une grammaire et d'un glossaire. Douzieme edition entirement revue et corrigee par Leo Wiese.
3916: BARTSCH, RENATE UND THEO VENNEMANN. - Grundzuge der Sprachtheorie. Eine linguistische Einfuhrung.
1532: BASKERVILLE, GEOFFREY. - English Monks and the Supression of the Monasteries.
2290: BASSET, BERNARD. - The English Jesuits. From Campion to Martindale. With a Preface by Terence Corrigan.
1357: BATES, GEORGE E. - Archaeological Exploration of Sardis. [Monograph 1.] Byzantine Coins. Cambridge, Mass.
2951: BAUMGARTNER, EMMANUELE; KARL-HEINZ BENDER, HELMUT BIRKHAN [AND MANY OTHERS.] - La Croisade : Realites et Fictions. Actes du Colloque d'Amiens 18-22 mars 1987. Publies par les soins de Danielle Buschinger.
4986: BAXANDALL, MICHAEL. - Giotto and the Orators. Humanist observers of painting in Italy and the discovery of pictorial composition 1350-1450.
4221: BAYNES, NORMAN H. AND H. ST. L. B. MOSS. - Byzantium. An Introduction to East Roman Civilization.
3677: BEARE, FRANCIS WRIGHT. - The Earliest Records of Jesus. A Companion to the Synopsis of the First Three Gospels by Albert Huck.
4393: BEATTIE, JOHN M. - The English Court in the Reign of George I.
4739: BECKER, PH. AUG. - Die Altfranzosische Wilhelmsage und ihre beziehung zu Wilhelm dem Heligen. Studien uber das epos von Moniage Guillaume.
2923: BECKER, PHILIPP AUGUST. - Der Liederkreis um Vivien.
4219: BECKWITH, JOHN. - The Art of Constantinople. An Introduction to Byzantine Art 330-1453.
10160: BEDDIE, M. K. (EDITOR). - Bibliography of Captain James Cook R.N., F.R.S., Circumnavigator.
3603: BEDE, THE VENERABLE. - Baedae Opera Historica with an English Translation by J. E. King in two volumes. I. Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation based on the version of Thomas Stapleton, 1565. Books I-III. [II. ... Books IV and V. Lives of the Abbots, Letters to Egbert.
4878: BEDINI, SILVIO A. - The Trail of Time. Time measurement with incense in East Asia. Shih-chien ti tsu-chi.
2981: BEDOYERE, MICHAEL DE LA. - The Meddlesome Friar. The Story of the Conflict between Savonarola and Alexander VI.
1373: BEGIN, MENACHEM. - The Revolt. Story of the Irgun. Translated by Samuel Katz, Member of the Command of the Irgun Zvai Leumi.
3885: BEHRENS, DIETRICH. - Unorganische lautvertretung innerhalb der formalen entwickelung des Franzosischen Verbalstammes.
2750: BELANGER, J.-L. ROLAND. - Damedius. The Religious Context of the French Epic. The Loherain Cycle viewed against other early French epics.
10994: BELL, GERTRUDE. - Persian Pictures. With a preface by Sir E. Denison Ross.
2900: BELLAY, J. DU. - L'Olive. Texte etabli avec notes et introduction par E. Caldarini.
4115: BELLON, ROGER; MICHELINE DE COMBARIEU, JEAN DUFOURNET [AND OTHERS]. - Le Goupil et le Paysan (Roman de Renart branche X).
4765: BELPERRON, PIERRE. - La Croisade contre les Albigeois et l'union du Languedoc a la France (1209-1249).
10803: BELPERRON, PIERRE. - La Croisade contre les Albigeois et l'union du Languedoc a la France. (1209-1249).
3060: BENDER, KARL HEINZ. (EDITOR). - Les Epopees de la Croisade. Premier Colloque International (Treves, 6-11Aout 1984). Publie par Karl-Heinz Bender avec la collaboration de Hermann Kleber.
2920: BENDER, KARL-HEINZ. - Konig und Vasall. Untersuchungen zur Chanson de Geste des XII. Jahrhunderts.
1391: BENEDETTI, ALESSANDRO. - Diaria de Bello Carolino (Diary of the Caroline War). Edited with Introduction, Translation, and Notes by Dorothy M. Schullian.
4927: A BENEDICTINE OF STANBROOK. - Mediaeval Mystical Tradition and Saint John of the Cross.
4720: BENNETT, H. S. - The Pastons and their England. Studies in the Age of Transition.
1453: BENNETT, H. S. - Six Medieval Men and Women.
2402: BENTLEY, G. E. JR. (EDITOR). - William Blake's Writings. Volume I. Engraved and Etched Writings. [Volume II. Writings in Conventional Type and Manuscript.
2891: BENTON, JOHN F. (EDITOR). - Self and Society in Medieval France. The memoirs of Abbot Guibert of Nogent. Edited with an introduction ...
4680: BERCEO, GONZALO DE. - Milagros de Nuestra Senora. Edicion, prologo y notas de Antonio G. Solalinde.
1388: BERCOVICI, KONRAD. - The Crusades.
10747: BERENSON, BERNARD. - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance. Venetian School in two volumes.
3931: BERG, MAGNUS; JACQUES DOUCHIN, MERETE GERLACH-NIELSEN, POUL HOYBYE [AND OTHERS]. - Etudes Romanes dediees a Andreas Blinkenberg a l'occassion de son soixante-dixieme anniversaire.
6032: BERGER, ERNST UND REINHARD LULLIES. - Antike Kunstwerke aus der Sammlung Ludwig. I. Fruhe Tonsarkophage und Vasen. Mit Beitragen von John Boardman, Gunter Neumann, Ingo Pini ...
2772: BERGERT, FRITZ. - Die von den Trobadors Genannten oder Gefeierten Damen.
2843: BERNE, TRISTAN DE. - La Folie Tristan de Berne. Publiee avec commentaire par Ernest Hoepffner. Deuxieme edition, revue et corrigee.
2929: BERNEVILLE, GILLEBERT DE. - Der Kritische Text der Gedichte von Gillebert de Berneville. Mit angabe samtlicher lesarten nach den Pariser handschriften von H. Waitz.
4684: BEROUL. - Le Roman de Tristan. Poeme du XIIe siecle. Edite par Ernest Muret. Quatrieme edition revue par L. M. Defourques.
4126: BERTELA, MADDALENA. - Stendhal et l'Autre. L'homme et l'oeuvre a travers l'idee de feminite.
3092: BERTOLDI, VITTORIO; CHARLES BRUNEAU, PAUL AEBISCHER, JEAN HAUST [AND OTHERS.] - Festschrift Karl Jaberg zu geeignet zur feier seines 60. geburtstages und zur vollendung des 60. semesters seines akademischen lehramtes.
3387: BERTONI. GUILIO. - Rambertino Buvalelli. Trovatore Bolognese e le sue rime provenzali.
4960: BERVE, HELMUT AND GOTTFRIED GRUBEN. - Greek Temples, Theatres and Shrines. Photographs by Max Hirmer.
1352: BETTENSON, HENRY. (SELECTED AND EDITED BY). - Documents of the Christian Church.
3221: BEYERLIN, WALTER. (EDITOR). - Near Eastern Religious Texts relating to the Old Testament ...
2770: BEYLE, M. [STENDHAL.] - Balzac. Etudes sur M. Beyle. Analyse de La Chartreuse de Parme.
1376: BIERMAN, JOHN. - Dark Safari. The Life Behind the Legend of Henry Morton Stanley.
3634: BIHALJI-MERIN, OTO. - Byzantine Frescoes and Icons in Yugoslavia. Photographs by Toso Dabac, Dusan Stanimirovic and others. With notes on the plates by Svetislav Mandic.
3119: BILLER, GUNNAR. - Remarques sur la syntaxe des groupes de propositions dans les premiers romans francais en vers (1150-75).
4280: BILLINGTON, SANDRA. - Mock Kings in Medieval Society and Renaissance Drama.
3906: BILLY, ANDRE. - Vie de Balzac.
1630: BINSKI, PAUL. - Medieval Death. Ritual and Representation.
4170: BIRGE, JOHN KINGSLEY. - The Bektashi Order of Dervishes.
4125: BIRLEY, ANTHONY. - Septimus Severus. The African Emperor.
3165: BISSON, T. N. - The Medieval Crown of Aragon. A Short History.
4912: BLACK, ROBERT. - Benedetto Accolti and the Florentine Renaissance.
2307: BLACK, MATTHEW. - An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels and Acts.
4457: BLACKER, CARMEN. - The Catalpa Bow. A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan.
4378: BLACKER, CARMEN. - The Japanese Enlightenment. A Study of the Writings of Fukuzawa Yikichi.
5090: BLAKENEY, EDWARD HENRY. (EDITOR.) - The Apology of Socrates. The Greek Text of Plato. Edited, with Introductory Notes, Commentary and English Translation ...
4404: BLAMIRES, DAVID. - Characterization and Individuality in Wolfram's 'Parzival'.
1650: BLAMIRES, DAVID. - Herzog Ernst and the otherworld voyage. A comparative study.
2943: BLIN, GEORGES. - Stendhal et les Problemes du Roman.
3120: BLINKENBERG, ANDREAS. - Le probleme de l'accord en francais moderne. Essai d'une typologie.
2742: BLISS, A. J. (EDITOR). - Sir Orfeo.
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2426: KNIGHT, CHRISTOPHER AND ROBERT LOMAS. - The Hiram Key. Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scroll of Jesus.
10867: KNIGHT, STEPHEN. - The Killing of Justice Godfrey. An Investigation into England's Most Remarkable Unsolved Murder.
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2957: KRAEMER, ERIK. - De la Bonne Enpereris qui Garda Loiaument sen Mariage. Miracle mis en vers par Gautier de Coinci. Edition critique ...
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5186: KRIS, ERNST. - Steinschneidekunst in der Italischen Renaissance.

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