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3581: KRUGER, KARL. - Uber die stellung der handschrift J in der uberlieferung der Geste des Loherains.
5027: KRUPP, E. C. (EDITOR). - In Search of Ancient Astronomies.
3481: KUNDERT-FORRER, VERENA. - Raoul de Houdenc, ein franzosischer Erzahler des XII. Jahrhunderts ...
3251: KURBSKY, PRINCE A. M. - Prince A. M. Kurbsky's History of Ivan IV. Edited with a translation and notes by J. L. I. Fennell.
6013: KURTZ, DONNA CAROL. - Athenian White Lekythoi. Patterns and Painters.
2781: LABANDE, EDMOND-RENE. - Etude sur Baudouin de Sebourc. Chanson de Geste. Legende Poetique de Baudouin II du Bourg, Roi de Jerusalem.
4809: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE. - Gascony, England's First Colony 1204-1453.
4444: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE. - Medieval Travellers. The Rich and the Restless.
3669: LABRIOLLE, PIERRE DE. - History and Literature of Christianity from Tertullian to Boethius. Translated from the French by Herbert Wilson ...
1301: LABROILLE, PIERRE DE. - History and Literature of Christianity from Tertullian to Boethius. Translated from the French by Herbert Wilson. With an Introductory Foreword by His Eminence Cardinal Gasquet.
3797: LACY, A. D. - Greek Pottery in the Bronze Age.
5152: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY. - Montaillou. Cathars and Catholics in a French village 1294-1324.
4791: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY. - Jasmin's Witch. Translated by Brian Pearce.
3887: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY. - Le territoire de l'historien.
3479: LAGE, G. RAYNAUD DE. - Alain de Lille. Poete du XIIe siecle.
2832: LAGE, GUY RAYNAUD DE. (PUBLIE PAR). - Le Roman de Thebes. Tome I. [Tome II.
1277: LAMB, HAROLD. - Genghis Khan. The Emperor of All Men.
10753: LAMB, HAROLD. - The March of the Barbarians.
10710: LAMB, HAROLD. - The Crusades : Iron Men & Saints.
4918: LANDELS, J. G. - Engineering in the Ancient World.
3049: LANDONI, ELENA. - La Teoria Letteraria dei Provenzali.
3790: LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE. - In the Forbidden Land. An Account of a Journey in Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Authorities, Imprisonment, Torture and Ultimate Release ...
4023: LANDRY, FRANCOIS. - L'Imaginaire chez Stendhal. Formation et expression.
3711: LANE-POOLE, STANLEY. - Saladin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
3252: LANE, FREDERIC CHAPIN. - Venetian Ships and Shipbuilders of the Renaissance.
1639: LANE, ARTHUR. - Greek Pottery.
10898: LANE, JANE. - Titus Oates.
4677: LANGLOIS, ERNEST. (EDITE PAR). - Adam le Bossu. Trouvere artesien du XIIIe siecle. Le Jeu de Robin et Marion suivi du Jeu du Pelerin.
4357: LANGLOTZ, ERNST. - The Art of Magna Graecia. Greek Art in Southern Italy and Sicily. Photographs by Max Hirmer.
2269: LAQUEUR, WALTER Z. - The Soviet Union and the Middle East.
4210: LARNER, JOHN. - The Lords of Romagna. Romagnol Society and the Origins of the Signorie.
2578: LARSEN, MORGENS TROLLE. - The Conquest of Assyria. Excavations in an antique land 1840-1860.
2765: LATHUILLERE, ROGER. - Guiron le Courtois. Etude de la tradition manuscrite et analyse critique.
4319: LATTIMORE, OWEN. - Studies in Frontier History. Collected Papers 1928-1958.
3968: LAVESNE, DOUIN DE. - Trubert. Fabliau du XIIIe siecle. Edition avec Introduction, Notes et Glossaire par G. Raynaud de Lage.
5050: LAWRENCE, C. H. (EDITOR). - The English Church and the Papacy in the Middle Ages. With a Foreword by David Knowles.
1463: LAWRENCE, A. W. - Greek and Roman Sculpture.
10163: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom a triumph.
10072: LAWRENCE, T. E. - The Home Letters of T. E. Lawrence and His Brothers.
3666: LAYARD, AUSTEN H. - Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; with Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan and the Desert ...
3155: LAYARD, HENRY AUSTEN. - Nineveh and Its Remains. Edited with an Intoduction and Notes by H. W. F. Saggs.
2846: LAZAR, MOSHE. (EDITOR). - Romanica et Occidentalia. Etudes dediees a la memoire de Hiram Peri (Pflaum).
2817: LEACH, MACEDWARD. (EDITOR). - Amis and Amiloun.
4272: LEATHERDALE, CLIVE. - Britain and Saudi Arabia 1925 - 1939. The Imperial Oasis.
10837: LECARRIERE, JACQUES. - The God-Possessed. Translation by Roy Monkcom.
2650: LECOMPTE, IRVILLE C. (EDITOR). - Le Roman des Romans. An Old French Poem.
5093: LECOUTEUX, CLAUDE. - Fees, Sorcieres et Loups-Garous au Moyen Age. Histoire du Double. Preface de Regis Boyer.
3432: LEFEVRE, YVES. (SOUS LA DIRECTION DE). - Manuel du francais du moyen age. 1. Syntaxe de l'ancien francaise par Phillippe Menard. [2.Syntaxe du moyen francais par Robert Martin et Marc Wilmet. 3. Systemes morphologiques de l'ancien francais. A. le verbe par Nelly Andrieux et Emmanuele Baumgartner.
4193: LEFF, GORDON. - Bradwardine and the Pelagians. A study of his 'De Causa Dei' and its opponents.
4835: LEHNER, MARK. - The Complete Pyramids.
3817: LEIGHTON, ALBERT C. - Transport and Communication in Early Medieval Europe AD500-1100.
3016: LEJEUNE-DEHOUSSE, RITA. - L'Oeuvre de Jean Renart. Contribution a l'etude du genre Romanesque au moyen age.
3958: LEO, ULRICH. - Studien zu Rutebeuf. Entwicklungsgeschichte und form des Renart le Bestourne und der ethisch-politischen dichtungen Rutebeufs.
4009: LEPAGE, YVAN G. - Les Redaction en Vers du Couronnemant de Louis. Edition avec introduction et des notes ...
4046: LETHABY, W. R. - Medieval Art. From the Peace of the Church to the Eve of the Renaissance 312-1350. Revised by D. Talbot Rice.
3837: LEVICK, BARBARA. - Tiberius the Politician.
4187: LEVISON, WILHELM. - England and the Continent in the Eighth Century. The Ford Lectures delivered in the University of Oxford in the Hilary Term, 1943.
2688: LEVITT, JESSE. - The Grammaire des Grammaires of Girault-Duvivier. A Study of Nineteenth Century French.
4789: LEVY, ANTHONY. - French Moralists. The Theory of the Passions 1585 to 1649.
3582: LEWENT, KURT. - Zum inhalt und aufbau der 'Flamenca'.
2667: LEWENT, KURT. - Zum Text der Lieder des Giraut de Bornelh.
4185: LEWIS, EWART. - Medieval Political Ideas. Volume One. [Volume Two.
1378: LEWIS, NAPHTALI. - Life in Egypt under Roman Rule.
10878: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD R. - Nomads and Crusaders A.D. 1000-1368.
10105: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD R. - Nomads and Crusaders A.D. 1000-1368.
4435: LEXA, PH. DR. FRANCOIS. - La Magie dans l'Egypte Antique de l'ancien empire jusqu'a l'epoque copte. Tome I. Expose. [Tome II. Les Textes Magiques. Tome III. Atlas.
3578: LICHTENSTEIN, GUSTAV. - Vergleichende untersuchung uber die jungeren bearbeitungen der chanson de Girart de Viane.
2969: LIEBESCHUETZ, J. H. W. G. - Continuity and Change in Roman Religion.
1598: LILLICH, MEREDITH PARSONS. - Rainbow like an Emerald. Stained Glass in Lorraine in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries.
4875: LINCOLN, HENRY. - Key to the Sacred Pattern. The Untold Story of Rennes-le-Chateau.
4749: LINEHAN, PETER. - The Spanish Church and the Papacy in the Thirteenth Century.
2301: LINEHAN, PETER. - The Ladies of Zamora.
1676: LING, TREVOR. - The Buddha. Buddhist civilization in India and Ceylon.
3612: LIPMAN, V. D. - Americans and the Holy Land through British Eyes : 1820-1917. A Documentary History.
3978: LIPRANDI, CLAUDE. - Sur un personnage du 'Rouge et le Noir'. La Marechale de Fervaques.
4600: LITTO, V. DEL; HENRI-FRANCOIS IMBERT, MICHEL ERMAN, UDO SCHOENING [AND OTHERS]. - Stendhal et le Romantisme. Actes du XVe Congres International Stendhalien (Mayence 1982).
4369: LITTO, V. DEL. - En Marge des Manuscrits de Stendhal. Complements et Fragments Inedits (1803-1820) suivis en appendice d'un Courrier Italien.
2788: LITTO, VICTOR DEL ET HERMANN HARDER (RECUEILLIS PAR.) - Stendhal et l'Allemagne. Actes du XIIIe International Stenhalien, Brunswick (R.F.A.) (1978).
2264: LIVERMORE, H. V. - A History of Portugal.
3798: LIVERSIDGE, JOAN. - Britain in the Roman Empire.
3813: LIVINGSTONE, SIR R. W. - Greek Ideals and Modern Life.
3953: LLORACH, EMILIO ALARCOS. - Fonologia Espanola. (3.a edicion aumentada y revisada).
4480: LLOYD, JOAN BARCLAY. - African Animals in Renaissance Literature and Art.
4761: LOADES, DAVID. (EDITOR). - The End of Strife. Papers selected from the proceedings of the Colloquium of the Commission Internationale d'Histoire Ecclesiastique Comparee held at the University of Durham 2 to 9 September 1981.
3670: LODS, ADOLPHE. - Israel from its Beginnings to the Middle of the Eighth Century. Translated by S. H. Hooke.
4934: LOEW, E. A. - The Beneventan Script. A History of the South Italian Miniscule.
3788: LOEWE, MICHAEL. - Crisis and Conflict in Han China 104 BC to AD 9.
1438: LOFMARK, CARL. - Rennewart in Wolfram's 'Willehalm'. A Study of Wolfram von Eschenbach and his Sources.
2896: LOMMATSCH, DR. ERHARD. - Gautier de Coincy als Satiriker.
3460: LOMMATZSCH, ERHARD. - Leben und Lieder der Provenzalischen Troubadours. I. Minnelieder. Mit einem musikalischen Anhang von Freidrich Gennrich.
2858: LOMMATZSCH, ERHARD. - Ein Italienisches Novellenbuch des Quattrocento. Giovanni Sabadino degli Arientis 'Porrettane'.
2739: LOMMATZSCH, ERHARD. - Kleinere Schriften zur Romanische Philology.
2740: LOMMATZSCH, ERHARD. - Kleinere Schriften zur Romanische Philology.
4352: LOOMIS, ROGER SHERMAN. - The Grail. From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol.
2794: LOOMIS, ROGER SHERMAN. - The Grail. From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol.
3500: LOOS, THEODOR. - Die Nominalflexion im Provenzalischen.
1103: LOPEZ, ROBERT S. AND IRVING W. RAYMOND. - Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World. Illustrative Documents Translated with Introductions and Notes ...
1125: LORIMER, H. L. - Homer and the Monuments.
4973: LOUGH, JOHN. - The Philosophes and Post-Revolutionary France.
3388: LOUIS, RENE. - Le Roman de la Rose. Essai d'interpretation de l'allegorisme erotique.
2659: LOWE, LAWRENCE F. H. - Gerard de Nevers. A Study of the Prose Version of the Roman de la Violette.
4564: LUBICZ, R. A. SCHWALLER DE. - The Temples of Karnak. Photographs by Georges and Valentine de Mire.
1095: LUBICZ, ISHA SCHWALLER DE. - Her-Bak 'Chick-Pea'. The Living Face of Ancient Egypt.
2406: LUCE, G. H. - Phases of Pre-Pagan Burma. Languages and History.
5088: [LUCRETIUS.] BAILEY, CYRIL. (EDITOR.) - Titi Lucreti Cari. De Rerum Natura. Libri Sex. Edited with Prolegomena, Critical Apparatus, Translation and Commentary. Volume I. [Volume II. Volume III.
1358: LUI, HUI-CHEN WANG. - The Traditional Chinese Clan Rules.
6046: LULLIES, REINHARD. - Eine Sammlung Griechischer Kleinkunst.
6040: LULLIES, REINHARD. - Vergoldete Terrakotta-Appliken aus Tarent.
2498: LUNT, JAMES. - The Arab Legion.
4548: LUPTON, J. H. - The Utopia of Sir Thomas More in Latin from the edition of March 1518, and in English from the first edition of Ralph Robynson's translation in 1551 ...
2535: LUSCOMBE, D. E. - The School of Peter Abelard. The Influence of Abelard's Thought in the Early Scholastic Period.
2962: LUTHI, MAX. - Volksliteratur und Hochliteratur. Menschenbildd - Thematik - Formstreben.
3480: LYONS, FAITH. - Les elements descriptifs dans le roman d'aventure au XIIIe siecle (en particulier Amadas et Ydoine, Gliglois, Galeran, L'Escoufle, Guillaume de Dole, Jehan et Blonde, Le Castelain de Couci).
4134: MACAULAY, ROSE. - Fabled Shore. From the Pyrenees to Portugal.
1166: MACDERMOT, VIOLET. - The Cult of the Seer in the Ancient Middle East. A Contribution to Current Research on Hallucinations drawn from Coptic and other Texts [plus Supplement].
2279: MACDERMOTT, MERCIA. - A History of Bulgaria 1393-1885.
4070: MACDOWELL, DOUGLAS M. - The Law in Classical Athens.
10356: MACFARLANE, ALAN. - Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England. A regional and comparative study.
4201: MACGILLIVRAY, JOSEPH ALEXANDER. - Minotaur. Sir Arthur Evans and the Archaeology of the Minoan Myth.
2429: MACK, BURTON L. - The Lost Gospel. The Book of Q & Christian Origins.
2546: MACKIE, J. D. - Cavalier and Puritan.
4097: MACQUARRIE, JOHN. - Principles of Christian Theology.
4365: MACRI, ORESTE. - Ensayo de Metrica Sintagmatica. (Ejemplos del 'Libro de Buen Amor' y del 'Laberinto' de Juan de Mena).
10854: MADAULE, JACQUES. - The Albigensian Crusade. An Historical Essay. Translated by Barbara Wall.
3639: MADDISON, CAROL. - Marcantonio Flaminio. Poet, Humanist and Reformer.
1457: MADDISON, R. E. W. - The Life of the Honourable Robert Boyle F.R.S.
4462: MAIER, CHRISTOPH T. - Preaching the Crusades. Mendicant friars and the cross in the thirteenth century.
10778: MAITRE, COUNT JOSEPH DE. - Letters on the Spanish Inquisition ... With Notes by the Rev. John Fletcher ...
3746: MALE, EMILE. - Religious Art in France.
3745: MALE, EMILE. - Religious Art in France.
4658: MALESTROIT, A. M. DE. - La Response de Jean Bodin. 1568. Nouvelle edition publie avec une Introduction, des Notes et 3 fac-simile de l'edition originale par Henri Hauser.
1456: MALLETT, MICHAEL. - The Borgias. The Rise and Fall of a Renaissance Dynasty.
1011: MALMESBURY, WILLIAM OF. [WILLELMI MALMESBIRIENSIS MONACHI.] - The Historia Novella. Translated from the Latin with Introduction and Notes by K. R. Potter.
1544: MALORY, SIR THOMAS. - King Arthur and his Knights. A selection from what has been known as Le Morte Darthur, made and edited by R. T. Davies.
1492: MALORY, SIR THOMAS. - The Tale of the Death of King Arthur. Edited by Eugene Vinaver.
5002: MANCA, JOSEPH. - The Art of Ercole de' Roberti.
3019: MANDACH, ANDRE DE. - Naissance et Developpement de la Chanson de Gueste en Europe. III. Chanson d'Aspremont. Manuscrit Venise vi et textes Anglo-Normands inedits British Museum Additional 35289 et Cheltenham 26119. A. Les Cours d'Agoland et de Charlemagne. [IV. Chanson d'Aspremont .... B. - C. la Guerre contre Agoland.
2764: MANDACH, ANDRE DE. - Naissance et Developpement de la Chanson de Geste en Europe V. La Geste de Fierabras. Le Jeu du Reel et de l'Invraisemblable avec des textes inedits.
2662: MANDACH, ANDRE DE. - Chronique dite Saintongeaise. Texte franco-occitan inedit 'Lee'. A la decouverte d'une chronique gasconne du XIIIeme siecle et de sa poitevinisation.
3499: MANN, PAUL. - Das Participum Praeteriti im Altprovenzalischen. (Nach den reimen der Trobadors.
3970: MANS, JACQUES PELETIER DU. - Dialogue de l'Ortografe e Prononciacion Francoese (1555) suivi de la Reponse de Louis Meigret, edite par Lambert C. Porter.
3606: MANSEL, PHILIP. - Constantinople. City of the World's Desire 1453-1924.
4862: MANUEL, FRANK E. AND FRITZIE P. - Utopian Thought in the Western World.
2375: MANZ, BEATRICE FORBES. - The rise and rule of Tamerlane.
3905: MAQUET, ALBERT. - Deux amis italiens de Stendhal. Giovanni Plana et Carlo Guasco. Preface de V. Del Litto.
6023: MARANGOU, LILA I. ET AL. - Ancient Greek Vases from the collection of Stavros S. Niarchos.
3073: MARCHOT, PAUL. - Les Gloses de Cassel. Le plus ancien text Reto-Roman.
4029: MARGARIT, ANTONIO M. BADIA. - Gramatica Catalana. [Tomo I. Tomo II.
4123: MARIE, ARISTIDE. - Gerard de Nerval. Le Poete et l'Homme d'apres des manuscrits et documents inedits. Avec une preface par Andre Billy.
2872: MARIN, FRANCISCO MARCOS. - Poesia Narrativa Arabe y Epica Hispanica. Elementos Arabes en los origenes de la epica Hispanica.
2991: MARKALE, J. - Celtic Civilization. Translated by Christine Hauch.
1405: MARLOWE, JOHN. - The Seat of Pilate. An Account of the Palestine Mandate.
3966: MARSEILLE, BERTRAN DE. - La Vie de Sainte Enimie. Poem provencal du XIIIe siecle. Edite par Clovis Brunel.
2793: MARSHALL, J. H. (EDITOR). - The Donatz Proensals of Uc Faidit.
10940: MARTELLI, GEORGE. - Livingstone's River. A history of The Zambesi Expedition 1858-1864.
10366: MARTIN, GEOFFREY T. - The Hidden Tombs of Memphis. New Discoveries from the Time of Tutankhamun and Ramesses the Great.
4953: MARTINDALE, ANDREW. - Simone Martini. Complete Edition.
4966: MARTINEAU, JANE. (EDITOR). - Andrea Mantegna.
4022: MARTINEAU, HENRI. - Le Calendrier de Stendhal. Avec la collaboration de Jules Lefranc et de Marion Lievre.
2727: MARTINEAU-GENIEYS, CHRISTINE. - Edition des Lunettes des Princes de Jean Meschinot precedee d'une etude sur sa vie et son oeuvre et suivie de notes et d'un glossaire.
4699: MARTINET, ANDRE. - La Description Phonologique avec application au parler franco-provencal d'Hauteville (Savoie).
4708: MARTINEZ, H. SALVADOR. - El 'Poema de Almeria' y la Epica Romanica.
3422: MARTINS, MARIO. - Laudes e Cantigas Espirituais de Mestre Andre Dias (c. 1437).
1012: MARTORELL, JOANOT AND MARTI JOAN DE GALBA. - Tirant Lo Blanc. Translated and with a Foreword by David H. Rosenthal.
3343: MARX, JEAN. - Nouvelles recherches sur la litterature Arthurienne.
3577: MARY, ANDRE. - La Fleur de la Poesie Francaise depuis les origines jusqu'a la fin du XVe siecle. Textes choisis et accompagnes de traductions et de gloses, avec une preface et des notices sur les ouvrages et les auteurs.
2852: MATARASSO, P. - Recherches Historiques et Litteraires sur Raoul de Cambrai.
10334: MATHERS, S. L. MACGREGOR. (TRANSLATOR). - The Kabbalah Unveiled.
3298: MATHEW, GERVASE. - Byzantine Aesthetics.
1616: MATHEW, GERVASE. - The Court of Richard II.
4801: MATTHEW, D. J. A. - The Norman Monasteries and their English Possessions.
3416: MATTHEWS, JOHN. - Western Aristocracies and the Imperial Court A.D. 364-425.
5052: MATTINGLY, GARRETT. - Renaissance Diplomacy.
2806: MATZKE, JOHN E. - Les Oeuvres de Simund de Friene. Publiees d'apres tous manuscrits connus ...
4702: MAUBON, CATHERINE. - Desir et ecriture melancoliques. Lectures du Page Disgracie de Tristan l'Hermite.
3920: MAUROIS, ANDRE. - Promethee ou la Vie de Balzac.
3727: MAY, GERHARD. - Creatio ex Nihilo. The Doctrine of 'Creation out of Nothing' in Early Christian Thought. Translated by A. S. Worrall.
1707: MAZIERES, PHILLIPE DE. - Letter to King Richard II. A plea made in 1395 for peace between England and France. Original text and English version of Epistre au Roi Richart introduced and translated by G. W. Coopland.
4047: MAZZARINO, SANTO. - The End of the Ancient World. Translated by George Holmes.
3625: MCARDLE, FRANK. - Altopascio. A Study of Tuscan Rural Society, 1587-1784.
2598: MCCABE, MARY MARGARET. - Plato's Individuals.
4302: MCCONICA, JAMES KELSEY. - English Humanists and Reformation Politics under Henry VIII and Edward VI.
4703: MCCORMICK, DIANA FESTA. - Les Nouvelles de Balzac.
5102: MCCRUM, M. AND A. G. WOODHEAD. (COLLECTED BY) - Select Documents of the Principates of the Flavian Emperors including the year of revolution A.D. 68-96.
10897: MCDONALD, WILLIAM A. - The Discovery of Homeric Greece.
3765: MCDONNELL, KEVIN. - Medieval London Suburbs.
1412: MCFARLANE, K. B. - The Nobility of Later Medieval England. The Ford Lectures for 1953 and Related Studies.
1051: MCFARLANE, K. B. - Lancastrian Kings and Lollard Knights.
2310: MCGRADE, ARTHUR STEPHEN. - The Political Thought of William of Ockham.
1597: MCHAM, SARAH BLAKE. - The Chapel of St. Anthony at the Santo and the Development of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture.
4838: MCINTOSH, CHRISTOPHER. - The Astologers and their Creed, an historical outline. With a foreword by Agenananda Bharati.
4164: MCLEAN, RUARI. - Modern Book Design from William Morris to the present day.
5028: MCLEOD, W. H. - Guru Nanak and the Sikh Religion.
10721: MCMANNERS, JOHN. - Death and the Enlightenment. Changing Attitudes to Death among Christians and Unbelievers in Eighteenth-century France.
3881: MCMILLAN, DUNCAN. - Le Charroi de Nimes. Chanson de geste du XIIe siecle. Editee d'apres la redaction AB avec introduction, notes et glossaire.
3350: MCMILLAN, DUNCAN. (PUBLIEE PAR). - La Chanson de Guillaume. Tome I. [Tome II.
4273: MCNIVEN, PETER. - Heresy and Politics in the Reign of Henry IV. The Burning of John Badby.
2275: MCNIVEN, PETER. - Heresy and Politics in the Reign of Henry IV. The Burning of John Badby.
3900: MCWATTERS, K. G. - Stendhal. Lecteur des romanciers anglais.
4971: MEEK, CHRISTINE. - Lucca 1369-1400. Politics and Society in an Early Renaissance City-State.
3982: MEGENDIE, MAURICE. - Le Roman Francais au XVIIe siecle de l'Astree au Grand Cyrus.
3675: MEIGGS, RUSSELL. - Roman Ostia.
1247: MEKHITARIAN, ARPAG. - Egyptian Painting.
4011: MELANDER, J. - Guibert d'Andrenas. Chanson de Geste. Publie pour la premiere fois.
3933: MELANDER, J. - Etude sur l'ancienne abreviation des pronoms personnels regimes dans les langues romanes.
5007: MELLERSH, H. E. L. - Chronology of the Ancient World, 10,000 B.C. to A.D. 799.
4678: MENARD, PHILIPPE. (EDITE PAR). - Le Roman de Tristan en Prose. Tome I. Des aventures de Lancelot a la fin de la 'Folie Tristan'.
3142: MENENDEZ PIDAL, RAMON. - Crestomatia del Espanol Medieval. Acabada y revisada por Rafael Lapesa y Maria Soledad de Andres.
3124: MENENDEZ PIDAL, RAMON. - Romancero Tradicional de las lenguas Hispanicas (Espanol - Portugues - Catalan - Sefardi). Coleccion de textos y notas de Maria Goyri y Ramon Menendez Pidal.
10813: MEPISASHVILI, RUSUDAN AND VAKHTANG TSINTSADZE. - The Arts of Ancient Georgia. Photographs by Rolf Schrade. Foreword by David Lang.
2736: MERGELL, BODO. - Tristan und Isolde. Ursprung und Entwicklung der Tristansage des Mittelalters.
2853: MERK, C. JOSEF. - Anschauungen uber die Lehre und das Leben der Kirche im Altfranzosischen Heldenepos.
3511: MERRILEES, BRIAN S. - Le Petit Plet.
4440: MERTES, KATE. - The English Noble Household 1250-1600. Good Governance and Politic Rule.
3434: MESSINA, MICHELE. - Domenico di Giovanni detto Il Burchiello. Sonetti inditi raccolti ed ordinati da Michele Messina.
3671: METFORD, J. C. J. - Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend.
3138: METTMENN, DR. WALTER. - La Historia de la Donzella Teodor. Ein spanische Volksbuch arabischen Ursprungs. Untersuchung und kritische Ausgabe der altesten bekannten Fassungen.
3341: MEUNIER, FRANCOISE. (PUBLIEE PAR). - La Chanson de Godin. Chanson de geste inedite.
2880: MEYBRINCK, ERNST. - Die Auffassung der Antike bei Jaques Milet, Guido de Columna und Benoit de Ste-More, mit besonderer berucksichtigung der kampfscenen und religiosen gebrauche.
2820: MICHA, ALEXANDRE. - La Tradition Manuscrite des Romans de Chretien de Troyes.
2755: MICHEL, LOUIS. - Les Lengendes Epiques Carolingiennes dans l'oeuvre de Jean d'Outremeuse.
2698: MICHELANT, HEINRICH. - Renaus de Montauban. Oder die Haimonskinder, Altfranzosisches Gedicht, ...
2694: MICHELANT, HEINRICH. (EDITOR). - Li Romans d'Alixandre par Lambert li Tors et Alexandre de Bernay. Nach Handschriften der Koniglichen Buchersammlung zu Paris.
5020: MICHELL, H. - Economics of Ancient Greece.
4806: MICHELL, JOHN. - The Dimensions of Paradise. The proportions and symbolic numbers of ancient cosmology.
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