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9883: - [Wasei Jutai Iroha].
9857: [BRICAIRE DE LA DIXMERIE, Nicolas]. - Le Sauvage de Taiti aux Francais; Avec un Envoi au Philosophe Ami des Sauvages.
9844: [HEINE, Johann August]. - Traite des Batiments Propres a Loger les Animaux, qui sont necessaires a l'economie rurale;...
9802: - Prison Administration in South Africa.
9769: - Barque "Norna." (Correspondence relative to). [with] ... Further Correspondence.
9726: [LANE, William]. - The Workingman's Paradise: an Australian Labour Novel. By John Miller.
9673: - [Eiji Kunmo Zukai or Ei Kuno Zukai depending on the transcriber].
9658: [HOBSON, Benjamin]. - [Hakubutsu Shinpen].
9316: [WARD, Robert Plumer]. - Tremaine, or the Man of Refinement.
9281: [BERTOLDI, Giuseppe ? or Jakob Bartholdy?] - Memoirs of the Secret Societies of the South of Italy, particularly the Carbonari.
9209: [TYSSOT DE PATOT, Simon.] - Voyages et Avantures de Jaques Masse.
9108: [STRETTON, Julia Cecilia]. - The Valley of a Hundred Fires.
9073: - New of Pom and Song The English and Japanese. [Eiwa Taiyaku Shintai Undoka].
8853: - Hints on the Nature and Management of Duns. By the Honourable ____, a Younger Son.
8773: - Rough Nights' Quarters. By one of the people who have roughed it.
8767: [HUMPHREYS, Henry Noel]. - Stories by an Archaeologist and His Friends.
8763: [PHILP, Robert Kemp]. - Life Doubled by the Economy of Time.
8580: [GUERINEAU DE SAINT-PERAVI, J.N.M.]. - L'Optique Chinois, Traduit de l'Egyptien.
8557: [MARRYAT, Captain Frederick]. - Mr Midshipman Easy.
8522: Exhibition - Melbourne 1888. - Report of the Royal Commission for the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition of 1888.
8515: Exhibition - Adelaide 1887. - Report of the Royal Commission for the Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition of 1887.
8516: Exhibition - Adelaide 1887. - Report of the Royal Commission for the Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition of 1887.
8474: Exhibition - Melbourne 1880. - Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880. The Official Catalogue of the Exhibits, with introductory notices of the countries exhibiting.
8358: - Supreme Court, Sydney, New South Wales ... Report of the Trial The Bank of Australasia v. Thomas Chaplin Breillat, Chairman of the Bank of Australia.
8348: [HARRIS, Alexander]. - The Emigrant Family: or, The Story of an Australian Settler.
8329: - [in Russian] Lapti - Laptishchi.
8320: [STIEBER, Wilhelm]. - Die Prostitution in Berlin und ihre Opfer.
10932: - [Shinsen Shoka no Fukiyose].
8245: - Papers on Mechanics, published by the Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. Vol. I. 1810 - 1843.
8157: Exhibition - Tokyo 1907. - The Tokyo Industrial Exhibition, an extra number of the 'Teikoku Gaho', an illustrated monthly magazine.
8088: [Exhibition - Melbourne 1888-89]. - Official Record of the Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, 1888 - 1889, ..
8023: [RYMER, James Malcolm]. - The Dark Woman; or, the Days of the Prince Regent.
7939: [Guiton, N. (aine)]. - Traite Complet du Jeu de Trictrac ... contenant les principes et regles de ce jeu, avec des tables de calculs qui ne se trouvent dans aucun des traites connus.
7639: [Tennyson]. - Westminster Abbey. In Memoriam. Alfred, Lord Tennyson .. hymns and anthems to be sung on Sunday, October 16th, 1892.
7558: [DILLON, John]. - The Decision of the Three Judges of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, pronounced seriatim Monday, 11th of April, 1836, on the Applicability of the Marriage Act of England to this Colony; with a report of the case, and a review of the arguments.
7257: [STERNE, Laurence and John Hall STEVENSON]. - A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy. [and] Yorick's Sentimental Journey Continued .. prefixed, some account of the life and writings of Mr Sterne.
7143: [Prisons]. - Penological Reform in Western Australia.
7099: [Sydney University]. - Up and Atom! University Students' Festival Song Book 1946.
6128: [Atomic Energy]. - The Nature of Radioactive Fall-Out and its Effects on Man. Hearings before the special subcommittee on radiation of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy .. May .. June 1957. Part 1. [ .. Part 2]. [with] Selected Materials on Radiation Protection Criteria and Standards: their basis and Use. Joint Committee .. May 1960. [with] Physical research Program. Hearings before the subcommittee on research and development .. February .. 1958.
6039: [DILKE, Sir Charles Wentworth]. - The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco. By himself.
5970: [Medicine]. [Ziemssen]. - Von Ziemssen's Handbook of General Therapeutics.
5429: [National Park]. - An Official Guide to the National Park of New South Wales.
3842: [Advertising]. - New Zealand advertising agents Charles Haines Ltd's album of proof pulls &c of their advertising for Austin and Ford dating from the late twenties and early thirties.
3576: [VAIRASSE d'ALAIS, Denis]. - Histoire des Sevarambes, peuples qui habitent .. la Terre Australe, contenant une relation du gouvernement; des moeurs, de la religion, & du langage de cette nation .. nouvelle edition, revue & corrigee.
2771: [Printing]. - The Australasian Printers' Keepsake. A selection of tales, essays, sketches, and verse, illustrative of the craft in Australia. By Victorian compositors.
1774: [Cleland]. - The Decorative Work of T.M. Cleland. A record and review, with a bibliographical and critical introduction by Alfred E. Hamill.
10864: Exhibition - Dunedin 1865. - Official Catalogue of the New Zealand Industrial Exhibition, 1865.
10858: Exhibition - London 1885-86. - Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1885-86. Report of the Royal Commission for Victoria ...
10856: Exhibition - Launceston 1891. - Tasmanian Exhibition, Launceston, 1891-92. Official Catalogue of the Exhibits.
10857: Exhibition - Launceston 1891. - Official Record of the Tasmanian International Exhibition - held at Launceston, 1891-92.
10854: Exhibition - Melbourne 1866-67. - Intercolonial Exhibition of Australasia, Melbourne 1866-67. Official Record, containing, introduction, catalogues, reports and awards ... essays and statistics. [and] The Australasian colonies at the International Exhibition, London, 1862. [and] A Treatise on Australian building stones.
10853: Exhibition - London 1873; Melbourne 1872-73 & Vienna 1873. - London International Exhibition of 1873. (Melbourne, 1872-73). Official Record, containing introduction, catalogues, reports and recommendations of the experts, official awards ...
10852: Exhibition - Melbourne 1880. - Report of the Executive Commissioner on the Melbourne International Exhibition 1880-81.
10755: - [Tojimari Sen Kanagu : Bunka Kuroro].
10706: Exhibition - Tokyo 1907 - [Tokyo Kangyo Hakurankai Zue - Fuzoku Gaho].
10666: Exhibition - Tokyo 1914. - [Tokyo Taisho Hakurankai Kaku Kan no Kokei]
10668: [STEELE, John V]. - The Bush Pets' Party.
10660: Exhibition - Toyama 1936. - [Toyamashi Shusai Nichiman Sangyo Daihakurankai Kyosankai Shi].
10652: - [Rikukaigun fukuseizu].
10513: - [Kisha to Norimono].
10492: - [Nihon Kaigun - Kyoiku Ebanashi].
10471: - $1000000 Reward [Hyakumandoru no Kensho].
10470: - [Miezaru Te] The Invisible Hand.
10918: - [Yokomoji Iroha - Haya Keiko].
10416: [ERSKINE, Thomas]. - Armata. A fragment. [with] The Second Part of Armata.
10388: - [Uenokoen Shimizu Do Saigo Nanshu Dozo no Zu]
10389: - [Hibiyakoen Tsuru no Funsui Kokei].
10364: Exhibition - Tokyo 1922. - [Heiwa Kinen Tokyo Hakurankai Jimu Hokoku].
10350: - [Sekai Hatsumei Hatsuken Sugoroku].
10278: - [Hataraku Fujin]. No. 1 to no. 5 and no. 11.
10263: Exhibition - Osaka 1903 - [Daigokai naikoku kangyo hakurankai jonai jitchi shukuzu]. Fifth National Industrial Exhibition ... Osaka.
10137: - Euthanasia Or Turf, Tent and Tomb.
10127: - [Mecha Hakase Maho Uranai].
10135: [JEBB, Joshua.] - Report of the Surveyor-General of Prisons on the Construction, Ventilation and Details of Pentonville Prison, 1844.
10085: - [Nikonikoponchi].
10069: - English, Japanesh, Small Dictionary; [Eiwa haya-gaku jibiki Binran].
10058: - Ned Nimble Amongst the Bushrangers of Australia.
9602: Tameto Abe. - [Eigaku shokei nanatsu iroha].
10910: Tricycle advertisement. - Advertising leaflet for a new American children's bicycle.
1835: Advertising. - The Encyclopedia of Ideas.
10289: Advertising. - [Megamimaru?].
9334: Zanzibar. Universities Mission to Central Africa. - Mambo Ya Chuoni na Kawaida za Mafundisho.
9186: Giichi Akita. [The entry used by Worldcat names him Hodo Akita]. - [Sanpo Jikata Taisei].
9813: Sugar & alcohol. - Report From the Committee on the Distillation of Sugar and Molasses. [Second ... Third ... Fourth Report ... ].
8707: ALCOTT, William A. - Essay on the Construction of School-Houses, to which was awarded the prize offered by the American Institute of Instruction, August, 1831.
7966: ALDEN, Winthrop. - The Lost Million.
7971: ALDRICH, T.B. - The Stillwater Tragedy.
5023: [Pliny]. ALLAIN, Eugene. - Pline le Jeune et ses Heritiers.
10813: ALLEN, Grant. - What's Bred in the Bone. £1000 Prize Novel.
10644: ALLEN, Charles Bruce; Murata Fumio & Yamada Koichiro. - [Seiyo Kasaku Hinagata].
7739: AMPERE, André-Marie and Jacques BABINET. - Darstellung der Neuen Entdeckungen uber die Electricitat und den Magnetismus von Oerstedt, Arago, Ampere, H. Davy, Biot, Erman, Schweigger, de la Rive u.f.w. ... aus dem Franzsischen.
9134: AMPHLETT, James. - The Newspaper Press, in part of the last century and up to the present period of 1860. The recollections of James Amphlett, who has been styled the father of the press, extending over a period of sixty years in connexion with newspapers, London and the country.
8839: ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. - A Poet's Bazaar. From the Danish ... by Charles Beckwith, Esq.
8689: ANDREWS, Thomas. - The Scientific Papers ... with a memoir by P.G. Tait and A. Crum Brown.
9836: ANSTEY, F. [ie Thomas Anstey Guthrie]. - A Bayard From Bengal. Being some account of the magnificent and spanking career of Chunder Bindabun Bhosh, Esq. B.A., Cambridge, by Hurry Bungsho Jabberjee, B.A., Calcutta University, ...
9222: APPLETON, G.W. [George Webb]. - The Down Express.
7897: ARAKAWA, Hirokazu. - The Go Collection of Netsuke - Tokyo National Museum.
8723: New York Architecture. - Competition for the New York Court House MCMXIII. Edited by authority of the Court House Board.
8578: Architecture. - The International Competition for the Phoebe Hearst Architectural Plan for the University of California.
8843: ARLEN, Michael. - Man's Mortality. A story.
8167: Commercial Art. - An album or sample book of Japanese packaging, labels, brochures and suchlike.
1040: ASHWORTH, T.R. & H.P.C. - Proportional Representation Applied to Party Government. A new electoral system.
3357: ASLANAPA, Oktay. - Turkish Art and Architecture.
8745: Bridges. Portland Cement Association. - Architectural Design of Concrete Bridges. Concrete for permanence.
9854: ASTOR, John Jacob. - A Journey in Other Worlds. A romance of the future.
10453: Woogaroo lunatic asylum. - Report from the Joint Select Committee on the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, together with the proceedings ... and minutes of evidence.
6723: [Sparta]. British School at Athens. - Laconia. I. Excavations Near Angelona ...[etc]. [bound with] Excavations at Sparta 1906; [bound with] Excavations at Sparta 1907; [bound with] Excavations at Sparta 1908.
9413: AUDSLEY, W. & G. [William & George]. - Polychromatic Decoration as Applied to Buildings in the Mediaeval Styles.
7465: [Catalogue - Engraved stamps]. J. Augey, Saint-Claude. - 1928. Maison Speciale pour tous Articles Graves.
9774: Chinese in Australia. - Correspondence Relating to Chinese Immigration into the Australasian Colonies, with a return of acts passed by the legislatures of those colonies and of Canada and British Columbia on the subject.
336: Television. Commonwealth of Australia. - Eighth Annual Report of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board Year Ended 30th June 1956.
10078: Exhibition - automobiles. - A.P.M.A. Exhibition Sydney Town Hall 10th to 14th November, 1953 ...
4634: AYERS, Gwendoline M. - England's First State Hospitals and the Metropolitan Asylums Board 1867-1930.
7523: BADHAM, C. David. - Prose Halieutics or Ancient and Modern Fish Tattle.
2997: [Benton]. BAIGELL, Matthew. - Thomas Hart Benton.
3412: BAINES, Thomas. - The Northern Goldfields Diaries of Thomas Baines 1869-1872.
7898: BAKER, Richard.T. - Cabinet Timbers of Australia.
8696: BALCH, Edwin Swift. - Glacieres or Freezing Caverns.
2895: BARTOLI, Cosimo. - Del Modo di Misurare le Distantie, le superficie, i corpi, le piante, le provincie, le prospettive, & tutte le altre cose terrene, che possono occorrere a gli huomini, secundo le vere regole d'Euclid, & de gli altri piu lodati scrittori.
8490: BASTIAT, Frederic. - Harmonies of Political Economy, translated ... with a notice of the life and writings of the author, by Patrick James Stirling.
9270: BAUM, A.W. - Aus Wundersamen Garten. Zehn Radierungen.
9466: Bawden. AUDEN, W.H. - Mountains.
9458: Bawden. FLAUBERT, Gustave. - Salammbo.
2452: BAYNTON, Barbara. - Bush Studies.
8235: BEALE, Lionel S. - Life Theories: their influence upon religious thought.
8819: BEERBOHM, Max. - Rossetti and His Circle.
3089: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. - Ludwig van Beethovens Samtliche Briefe und Aufzeichnungen. Herausgegeben und erlautert von Fritz Prelinger.
8820: BENSON, E.F. - Sheaves.
7180: BENTHAM, Jeremy. - Economic Writings. Critical edition based on his printed works and unprinted manuscripts by W. Stark.
8140: De BERENGER, Lt. Col. Baron [Charles Random]. - Helps and Hints How to Protect Life and Property. With instructions in rifle and pistol shooting. &c.
7585: BERENSON, Bernard. - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance. A list of the principal artists and their works .. Venetian School.
8760: BERRY, Edward Payson. - Where the Tides Meet.
8994: BEST, Elsdon. - The Maori Canoe. An acount of various types of vessels used by the Maori of New Zealand in former times, with some description of those of the isles of the Pacific ...
7728: BILLET, [Felix]. - Traite d'Optique Physique.
6640: BINET, Rene. - Esquisses Decoratives.
5640: BIRDWOOD, George C.M. - The Industrial Arts of India.
9007: BLACK, Archibald et al. - American Airport Designs - containing 44 prize winning and other drawings from the Lehigh Airports Competition ...
9344: Blackbirding. - Further Correspondence Respecting the Deportation of South Sea Islanders.
10675: Blackbirding. - Polynesian Immigration. (Despatches relative to alleged abuses, etc ...).
8605: BLUM, Edgar C. - In Satan's Realm.
10678: Boer War paper game. SCHLETTE, E.G. - Boer-en Rooinekspel.
9734: Atomic bomb. - La Bomba Atomica e l'Aviazione.
7110: Atom Bomb. - Atomic Energy in Canada 1955.
7097: Atom Bomb. - Medical Aspects of Nuclear Energy.
8393: BOOCK, John C.T. - The inventor's collection of papers and reports relating to his 'Boock Break of Gauge Device'.
10966: Hikifuda specimen book. - A publisher's sample book of specimen hikifuda.
10791: Hikifuda specimen book. - [Hikifuda Mihon Jo].
10704: Textile sample book. - [Sawa Shirushi - Kyozome Gofuku Oroshisho].
10245: Toy book. - The Hearty Old Boy Who Looked Always the Same.
9221: BOOTHBY, Guy. - Love Made Manifest.
9041: BOOTHBY, Guy. - Pharos the Egyptian.
1888: BORN, Max. - The Constitution of Matter. Modern atomic and electron theories.
8412: Paper. S.D. Warrens Company Boston. - Warren's Paper Buyers Guide. Practical demonstrations on Warren's standard printing papers .. 1919.
8495: BOURDILLON, Francis William. - Nephele.
9150: BOUVE, Edward T. - Centuries Apart.
9547: BRADLEY, Charles. - The Red Cripple. A Tale of the Midnight Express.
7734: BRADLEY, F.H. - Essays on Truth and Reality.
10544: MULLER-BRANDEBOURG. (Hermann Muller-Brandenburg). - L'ouevre du Service du Travail allemand.
8754: BRECKINRIDGE, Col. Henry. - Airship Investigation. Report of Col. Henry Breckinridge Counsel for the Joint Committee to Investigate Dirigible Disasters.
9178: BROCK, R.W. [ie John Alexander Barr]. - Mihawhenua: the Adventures of a Party of Tourists Amongst a Tribe of Maoris Discovered in Western Otago, New Zealand. Recorded By R. W. Brock, MA, LLB. Edited By R. H. Chapman. (Being a Manuscript Addressed to the Editor, Found Attached to a Maori Kite on Mount Alta ...
8852: BROOKS, Detective James J. - Whiskey Drips. A series of interesting sketches illustrating the operations of the whiskey thieves in their evasion of the law ... to which is added, a circumstantial account of his attempted murder by the Philadelphia Whiskey Ring ... the only authenticated instance of hired assassins in the United States.
7423: BROOKS, C.P. - Cotton. Its uses, varieties, fibre structure, cultivation, and preparation for the market .. manufacture of cotton seed oil .. especial reference to cotton growing, ginning, and oil pressing in the United States.
9637: BROWN, Ernest W. - The Inequalities in the Motion of the Moon Due to the Direct Action of the Planets. An essay which obtained the Adams Prize in the University of Cambridge for the year 1907.
8537: BROWN, W. Norman. - The Story of Kalaka. Texts, history, legends and miniature paintings of the Svetambara Jain hagiographical work the Kalakacaryakatha.
7794: BROWN, Ernest W. - An Introductory Treatise on the Lunar Theory.
10891: Yanagisawa Bunzo &c. - [Kaidan Kasane Monogatari].
6814: [Warren Hastings]. BURKE, Edmund. - Articles of Charge of High Crimes and Misdemeanors Against Warren Hastings, Esquire Late Governer General of Bengal [with] The Defence of Warren Hastings, Esq .. at the Bar of the House of Commons....
8505: BURMAN, Peter or Pieter. - Vectigalia Populi Romani, et Zeus Kataibates sive Jupiter Fulgerator, in Cyrrhestarum Nummis.
8725: BURNS, William J. & Isabel OSTRANDER. - The Crevice.
8550: BUXTON, Thomas Fowell. - An Inquiry, Whether Crime and Misery are Produced or Prevented, by Our Present System of Prison Discipline. Illustrated by descriptions ... sixth edition.
7546: BUXTON, Thomas Fowell. - An Inquiry, Whether Crime and Misery are Produced or Prevented, by Our Present System of Prison Discipline. Illustrated by descriptions ... sixth edition.
6848: CAIRNES, J.E. - Essays in Political Economy. Theoretical and applied.
8826: CALABRELLA, Baroness de. - Evenings at Haddon Hall ... with illustrations from designs by George Cattermole.
8293: CALCOTT, Wellins. - A Candid Disquisition of the Principles and Practices of the Most Antient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons; ...
7973: CAMDEN, John. - The Hundredth Acre [subtitled: A Detective Story on the front cover].
7795: CAMPBELL, Norman Robert. - Physics, the Elements.
10676: CAPES, B.E.J. [Bernard]. - The Mill of Silence.
10464: Film - lobby card. - Guerra Entre Planetas - Battle in Outer Space.
8629: CARLING, John R. - The Viking's Skull.
8569: CARLING, John R. - The Weird Picture.
7745: CARMICHAEL, Robert D. - The Theory of Relativity.
8608: CARRYL, Charles E. - The River Syndicate and Other Stories.
9428: CARSWELL, John & C.J.F. DOWSETT. - Kutahya Tiles and Pottery from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem.
9418: CARSWELL, John. - New Julfa. The Armenian Churches and Other Buildings.
9870: Catalogue - cheese boxes. Joseph Lamy Fils, Bois d'Amont, Jura. - Fabrique de Boites en Bois. Specialite de Boites a Fromages.
9783: Catalogue - clothing. E. Rosenburger, New York City. - A Dark Secret is Let Out By [cover title; inside:] The Clothing Specialists of America. E. Rosenburger & Co.
9364: Catalogue - fashion. Cleghorn & Harris, Cape Town. - A Journal of Fashions for the Summer Season 1902-3.
9283: Catalogue - furs. Plymouth Fur Company, Minneapolis. - Plymouth Furs.
9285: Catalogue - perambulators and carriages. Halesowen, Brirmingham. - Halesown Perambulator & Carriage Co, Ltd. Illustrated Catalogue. Season 1895.
11009: Catalogue - hats. Watanabe, Tokyo. - The Watanabe's Catalogue : Full fashioned and hand finished. Y. Watanabe & Co., Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan.
8918: Catalogue - Garden Furniture. John P. White, Bedford. - A Complete Catalogue of Garden Furniture and Garden Ornament. By John P. White, The Pyghtle Works, Bedford ... Xmas, 1906.
8603: Catalogue - Gravestones. D.L. Kent & Co. East Dorset, Vt. - Turned Marble Monuments, Urns, etc.
8594: Catalogue - Yachts. Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. Bristol, R.I. - Yachts by Herreshoff.
8573: Catalogue - Cast Iron. A. Durenne, Paris &c. - Societe Anonyme des Etablissement Metallurgiques A. Durenne.
8572: Catalogue - Hardware. The Penn Hardware Company, Reading, PA. - Illustrated Catalogue of General Hardware Manufactured by the Penn Hardware Company ... 1883.
8552: Catalogue - Pharmaceuticals. Weeks & Potter, Boston. - Revised Catalogue of Foreign and Domestic Drugs, selected powders, fine essential oils, waters and extracts ... wines and liquors, proprietry medicines, druggists shop furniture ... sundries and surgical appliances, sponges, fancy goods, and toilet articles.
8549: Catalogue - Pharmaceuticals. McKesson & Robbins, New York. - Prices Current of Drugs and Druggists' Articles, chemical and pharmaceutical preparations, proprietry medicines & perfumery, sponges, corks, dyes, paints, etc., etc., etc.
8463: Catalogue - Scientific Apparatus. Townson & Mercer, London. - Catalogue of Chemical & Scientific Apparatus, Balances, Graduated Instruments, Pure Chemicals, &c.
7819: Catalogue - Hammers. Henry Cheney, Little Falls. - Illustrated Catalogue of the Henry Cheney Hammer Company. 1912.
10606: Catalogue - Iron gates, fences &c. Handa Shonosuke Shoten. - [Sentetsuseio Monpi Tetsusakurui?].
10536: Catalogue - medical and dental equipment. Kawai Shoten, Tokyo. - [Iryokikkai Zufu?].
10458: Catalogue - tiles. Minton, Hollins & Co. Stoke Upon Trent. - [Catalogue of art-painted tiles, enamelled tiles and embossed Majolica tiles].
10403: Catalogue - Circus wagons. Beggs Wagon Co. Kansas City, Mo. - Beggs Wagon Co. Manufacturers of Circus Wagons, Band Wagons, Ticket Wagons, Cages, Calliopes, Racing Chariots ...
10395: Catalogue - hearses. Merts & Riddle, Ravenna, Ohio. - Merts & Riddle, Coach and Hearse Builders.
8757: CAULKINS, Daniel. - Aerial Navigation. The Best Method.
8616: CESCINSKY, Herbert. - The Gentle Art of Faking Furniture.
10104: de CHABRILLAN, Celeste. - Les Voleurs d'Or.
8701: CHAMBERS, Robert W. - The Maids of Paradise. A novel.
8439: CHAMBLESS, Edgar. - Roadtown.
7543: CHEVALLIER, Edgecumbe. - The Shipwrecked Mariners; a poem.
11023: Chiarini's Circus. - Chiarini's Circus and Menagerie. Complete Congress of Wonders and Marvels.
9264: Children's ABC. - All Aboard ABC.
10154: Cholera. - A gathering of five Italian pamphlets on Cholera dating from 1849 to 1884: Intorno al Colera-Morbus Prima Istruzione Popolare ... [and] Regolamento Sovranamenve Approvato per Guarentire le Provincie del Regno dalla Diffusione del Colera Asiatico qualore vi penetrasse ... [and] Pratiche per l'Espurgo dei Luoghi e Degli Oggetti che Hanno Servito a Colerosi [and] Nota ed Avertenze Pratiche del Consiglio Superiore di Sanita ... sulla Colera [and] Istruzioni Pratiche del Consiglio Superiore di Sanita sul Colera.
10656: Asai Chu. - [Tosei Fuzoku Gojuban Utaawase].
10119: Asai Chu. - [Tosei Fuzoku Gojuban Utaawase].
8433: CHUNDER DUTT, Shoshee. - Historical Studies and Recreations.
6024: CIPRIANI, Gio. Batt. [Giovanni Battista]. - Scelta di Ornati Antichi e Moderni. Disegnati ed incisi ..
10540: Kinoshita Circus. - [Kinoshita Dai Sakasu Dan].
8781: CLAPPERTON, Robert Henderson & William HENDERSON. - Modern Paper-Making.
8749: CLAPPERTON, George. - Practical Paper-Making. A manual for paper-makers and owners and managers of paper mills ...
7541: CLARK, C.H. Douglas. - The Story of the Atomic Bomb. A popular review of the principle discoveries which have led up to its production.
10967: CLARKE, Marcus. - The Mystery of Major Molineux, and Human Repetends.
10968: CLARKE, Marcus, et al. - The Australian Christmas Box: a series of stories ...
10947: CLARKE, Marcus.. - Long Odds.
10737: CLEGG, Thomas Bailey. - The Bishop's Scapegoat.
8642: Catalogue - Mechanical Music. Symphonion Manufacturing Co. - Symphonions.
10880: Catalogue - safes. Nagayama Safe Co. - [Nagayama Shiki Kinko Mokuroku].
10527: Catalogue - bicycles. Leonard Gundle Motor Co. - Carrier Cycles [cover title].
752: COBBAN, J. Maclaren. - A Soldier and a Gentleman.
8465: COLLIE, Sir John. - Fraud in Medico-Legal Practice.
10969: Tom Collins [Joseph Furphy]. - Such is Life being certain extracts from the diary of Tom Collins.
6503: COLSON, C. - Notes on Docks and Dock Construction.
10688: COMBES, Edward. - Report on the Lighting, Heating, and Ventilation of School Buildings in Great Britain, the continent of Europe, and America ...
10038: Superhero tulip comic. - Bulb Magic!
10549: Facsist Anti-Communism. - Le Communisme c'est la Vie Triste, Morne, Grise.
8834: New Guinea. Keystone View Company. - Stereoscope card: Natives of New Guinea in their picturesque sailing craft.
8833: Australian Aborigines. Keystone View Company. - Stereoscope card: Native Australians Hunting.
10655: Catalogue - watches. Yoshida Watch Company. - Fancy Smart ... Yoshida Watch Company [from the cover].
10215: Sugoroku. Nomura Toy Company - [Yaji Kita Rokkei Ryoko Sugoroku].
8266: COMTE, Auguste. - A General View of Positivism. Translated ... by J.H. Bridges.
10772: Confectionary. - [Kashi Moyo - Ten]
8547: CONRAD, Joseph. - Suspense. A Napoleonic novel.
10980: Cookery. - The Australian Housewives' Manual: a book for beginners and people with small incomes. By an Old Housekeeper. [bound with] Australian Plain Cookery. By a Practical Cook. Fourth edition. [bound with] Men, and How to Manage Them. A book for Australian wives and mothers. By an Old Housekeeper.
9603: Corn. [CLAYE, Rev William]. - A Supplementary Letter to the Right Honorable Lord William Bentinck. Corn Importation, &c.
10004: CORNELL, Sophia S. - Cornell's Primary Geography for the Use of Schools. First Edition. [Chigaku Shoho].
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10971: Kimono design. - [Miyuki].
8166: Design. - An album of designs for textiles and/or paper.
10960: Japanese textile design. - [Shingata Komon Chu?].
10468: Japanese design. - Four original designs for fans.
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8419: DORRINGTON, Albert. - The Radium Terrors.
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10375: Kobayashi Eijiro. - [Taisho Shonen Sugoroku].
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8297: Advertising - Feet. - M. Joel & M. Kock, (from Paris) Corn Operators, by Special Appointment to the Duke de Orleans and Princess Adelaide, Prince Nassau ... most respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry and Public in general, that they eradicate Bunions and Soft Corns from their very roots; ...
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9615: Fireworks. - [Keitai Hitsuyo].
9085: Fireworks. - [Oginoryu Tama Ageya Yagyocho].
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7251: Catalogue - Furniture. - Meubles Modernes.
8125: FURNIVAL, William James. - Leadless Decorative Tiles, Faience, and Mosaic .. history, materials, manufacture and use of ornamental flooring tiles, .. recipes for tile-bodies, and for leadless glaze and art-tile enamels.
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9862: Paper Game. - Nieuw Stoombootspel.
9671: Monkey Game. - Het Apenspel.
9668: Paper Game. - Het Vermakelijk Harlekijnspel.
9669: Tram Game. - Tramway Spel.
9663: Aviation Game. - Helder's Vlieg-Spel.
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9261: Japan - gymnastics. - [Taiso Kyohan - Manual of Gymnastics].
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10339: Shibuya Shigeo & Suzuki Gyosui. - [Tsuepperin Sekai Isshu Sugoroku].
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8294: HADDON, Robert J. - Australian Architecture. A technical manual ..
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10816: Kurata Hakuyo. - [Hiko Jidosha Sugoroku].
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8864: HANDS, Joseph. - Beauty, and the Laws Governing its Development; with suggestions on education, relative to the attainment of beauty.
8202: HANDS, Joseph. - Will-Ability; or, Mind and its Varied Conditions and Capacities. A dissertation and explanation of the mystery of Will-Ability, Mind-Energy, or Mental Volition, as exercised in controlling ourselves, or the thoughts, feelings, and acts of others; exemplified, especially as to the latter capabilities, by the faculty of Electro-Biology, or Animal Magnetism, and the Influence of Fascination. Illustrated by facts. Also observations on the consequences effected in us through the quality or dominion of Faith and Belief, or Self-Will Operation, as influenced by the phrenological organ of hope, and called into active being, through the agency of education and persuasion, and other means, as Charms, Spells and Amulets, to which are added essays on Free-Will and Fate, Destiny and Inevitable Necessity.
10679: HANDS, Joseph. - Beauty, and the Laws Governing its Development; with suggestions on education, relative to the attainment of beauty.
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8761: HAZELTON, Harry. - The Trail of Blood. A tale of New York. [bound with] Life Among the Red Indians. An Indian Romance.
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1891: HERBERTS, K. - Oriental Lacquer. Art and Technique.
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9223: HIGGINSON, S.J. [Sarah Jane Hatfield Higginson]. - A Princess of Java. A tale of the far east.
7288: HIGHAM, Charles Frederick. - Looking Forward. Mass education through publicity.
10937: Hikifuda - [Kakukoku dai i no yuko hoshoraku? Hyakudokukudashi : Wajanyu].
10941: Hikifuda. - [Gakuyohin ...].
11010: Hikifuda. - [Shoyu Shio Sumi ...]
10961: Specimen hikifuda. - Hikifuda of a modern couple in an elaborate cockerell balloon basket above an exposition or fair; the brash young woman waving a Japanese flag.
10883: Hikifuda. - [Yamaishihara ...]
10882: Hikifuda. - Hikifuda with lucky gods Ebisu and Daikokuten on the telephone.
10911: Specimen hikifuda. - Large hikifuda of a boy flying his mother in a monoplane.
10761: Hikifuda. - [Goto Shokai].
10762: Hikifuda. - [Takahashiya ... Taromaru ...].
10709: Hikifuda. - [Rokujinmaru aputo - Toyama Seizai Kabushikigaisha].
10593: Hikifuda. - [Wayo Sake Kakushu ... Amari Eitaro Shoten].
10583: Specimen hikifuda. - Hikifuda of women and children shopping.
10534: Hikifuda. - Hikifuda of a woman driving a motor car.
10489: Specimen hikifuda. - Hikifuda of a woman driving a motor car.
10488: Specimen Hikifuda. - Hikifuda of lucky gods driving a motor car.
10371: Hikifuda. - [Shinshu Matsumoto Higashimachi Uetei].
10374: Specimen Hikifuda. - [Yorozu to Kanbutsu Sato Sekiyu ...]
10341: Hikifuda. - Hikifuda of a boy sailor winning a horserace with a crown princess like mother and two other military children cheering.
10342: Hikifuda. - Hikifuda of a ship against the rising sun.
10340: Hikifuda. - Hikifuda of a ship bedecked with flags with fireworks overhead
10269: Hikifuda. - Specimen hikifuda.
10268: Hikifuda. - Specimen hikifuda.
10262: Hikifuda. - [Kisha Seki Suiriku Nimotsu Unso Toriatsukaijo].
10224: Hikifuda. - [Niimura Shoten ... Shimosuwa Kinoshita ... Wayo Orimonosho ...].
10165: Hikifuda. - [Natori-gawa Shoyu Hatsubai-Moto].
10007: Specimen Hikifuda. - A large hikifuda - handbill - or modest poster for Kyoto haberdashery bargain sales.
10563: HILBERT, D. and W. ACKERMANN. - Grunzuge der Theoretischen Logik.
8538: HILDBURGH, W.L. - Medieval Spanish Enamels and their Relation to the Origin and the Development of Copper Champleve Enamels of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.
1665: HILER, Hilaire. - From Nudity to Raiment. An Introduction to the Study of Costume.
7967: HILL, Frederick Trevor. - The Accomplice.
7442: HILL, Headon. [Francis Edward Grainger]. - The Jesmond Mystery.
7354: HILL, Headon. [Francis Edward Grainger]. - The Rajah's Second Wife.
10745: HILL, Headon. - The Embassy Case.
10742: HILL, Headon. - Unmasked at Last.
10744: HILL, Headon. - Millions of Mischief. The story of a great secret.
9941: HILLCOAT, Captain C.H. [Charles Henry]. - Ida Hall or a Mystery of the Suez Canal.
750: HIND, Lewis. - The Enchanted Stone.
9604: HINGSTON, John. - To the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliament assembled, The humble Petition of the Labouring Poor of Great Britain, sheweth, ...
10433: Mineda Hiroshi. - [Sekai Shingata Norimono Sugoroku].
10841: Takeda Hisa. - [Saishin Majutsu Sugoroku].
11024: Tanaka Hisara. - [Joshi Supotsu Sugoroku].
10647: Morita Hisashi. - [Kensho Tsuki Shonen Yakyu Sugoroku].
10417: Morita Hisashi. - [Sekai Yume Ryoko Sugoroku].
10598: Sugiura Hisui. - [Shonen Sekai Kyoso Sugoroku].
10807: Ikematsu Hitoshi. - Original illustration of a rocket-like space ship.
7921: HOAR, Allen. - The Submarine Torpedo Boat. Its characteristics and development.
7276: [Catalogue - Prints]. Hodgson & Graves, London. - Catalogue of Engravings, after the finest pictures of the schools of Europe; systematically arranged ... index to the subjects ... a list of works in progress, or recently completed: forming part of the stock of Hodgson and Graves.
5384: HOLDSWORTH, [Edward]. - Remarks and Dissertations on Virgil; with some other classical observations; ... with several notes, and additional remarks, by Mr Spence.
2133: HOLLAND, Sir Henry. - Essays on Scientific and Other Subjects ..
8239: HOLME, Charles [ed]. - Colour Photography and other recent developments of the art of the camera.
8445: HOLYOAKE, Manfred. - The Conservation of Pictures.
7763: Homer. LORIMER, H.L. - Homer and the Monuments.
9808: Homoeopathy. - The Medical Telephone: containing hints on the preservation of health. Notes on nursing ... Plain directions for treating diseases. Ambulance lectures ...
10617: Kawabata Honami - [Shin'an Otogi Misemono Sugoroku].
8855: HOPE, Anthony. - Mrs. Maxon Protests.
8581: HOPKINS, Henry Powell. - Sources of Memorial Ornamentation.
5153: HOPKINS, Francis R.C. - Souvenir of the Dramatic Works. Printed for private circulation only.
9554: HORNUNG, E.W. [Ernest William]. - Irralie's Bushranger. A story of Australian adventure.
8788: HORNUNG, E.W. [Ernest William]. - Stingaree.
8765: HORNUNG, E.W. [Ernest William]. - Mr. Justice Raffles.
8347: HORNUNG, E.W. [Ernest William]. - A Thief in the Night. Further adventures of A.J. Raffles cricketer and cracksman.
7359: HORNUNG, E.W. [Ernest William]. - Witching Hill.
8155: Hotels. - The Stevens. The World's Greatest Hotel. Chicago.
8563: HOWARD, Thomas. - On the Loss of the Teeth; and on the best means of restoring them.
8409: HOWE, E.W. - The Mystery of the Locks.
8691: HOYLAND, John. - A Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, & Present State of the Gypsies; designed to develope the origin of this singular people, and to promote the amelioration of their condition.
7961: HULME, F. Edward. - Suggestions in Floral Design.
261: HULTEN, K.G. Pontus. - The Machine as seen at the end of the mechanical age.
9582: HUMBER, William. - A Complete Treatise on Cast and Wrought Iron Bridge Construction ... illustrated by numerous examples, drawn to a large scale. Third edition ... revised and considerably enlarged.
9557: HUME, Fergus. - The Crimson Cryptogram. A Detective Story.
8631: HUME, Fergus. - The Rainbow Feather.
10283: HUME, Fergus. - The Dwarf's Chamber.
7828: HUNT, Robert. - Researches on Light in its Chemical Relations; embracing a consideration of all the photographic processes.
9430: HUNTER, W.W. [William Wilson]. - The Imperial Gazetteer of India.
8601: HUNTER, A. [Alexander] - Georgical Essays.
10658: Sawai Ichisaburo. - [Sugoroku - Dai Toa Kyoeiken Meguri].
10349: Kobayashi Ikuhide. - [Tokyo Meisho no Uchi Ashumabashi ...
9296: Chinese Immigration. - Petition. Arrest of Chinese Immigration. Laid upon the council table by the Honorable W.H.F. Mitchell ... 15th July, 1857. [with] Influx of the Chinese. Petition ... 7th August 1857. [with] Influx of the Chinese. Petition ... 7th August 1857. [with] Petition. Influx of Chinese ... 12th August 1857. [with] Influx of the Chinese. Petition ... 2nd October 1857. [with] Report of the Select Committee ... on the subject of Chinese Immigration, together with proceedings of the committee and minutes of evidence.
6788: INGERSOLL, Ernest. - The Crest of the Continent a record of a summer's ramble in the rocky mountains and beyond.
10503: Takeo Inoue. - [Shojo Kokkei Kaimono Sugoroku].
10869: Okamoto Ippei. - [Jido Mangashu].
10630: Okamoto Ippei. - [Shufunotomo - Manga Sugoroku].
10570: Okamoto Ippei. - [Yama to Umi] (Mountain & Sea).
10490: Okamoto Ippei. - [Katei wo Akarumi he].
10467: Okamoto Ippei. - [Shufunotomo - Manga Sugoroku].
9525: IRIBE, Paul &c. - L'Assiette au Beurre. No. Hors Series. La Foire aux Croutes.
9524: IRIBE, Paul. - L'Assiette au Beurre. Esthetes! No.108.
9419: Iribe &c. - La Baionnette. Volume 4. Nouvelle Serie. No.40 [... to No.52].
9999: Ise. - [Isesangu Meisho An'nai no Zu].
9606: Masakata Ishibashi. - [Eigosen].
9755: Japanese Israelites. - The Mystery of Japan. A startling French theory. ("St. James Budget").
8176: IZIKOWITZ, Karl Gustav. - Musical and Other Sound Instruments of the South American Indians. A comparative ethnographical study.
8613: JACKSON, Wilfrid S. - Nine Points of the Law.
8286: JACOBS, Thomas Jefferson. - Scenes, Incidents, and Adventures in the Pacific Ocean, or the islands of the Australasian seas, during the cruise of the clipper Margaret Oakley, under Capt. Benjamin Morrell. Clearing up the mystery which has heretofore surrounded this famous expedition .. full account of the exploration of the Bidera, Papua, Banda, Mindoro, Sooloo, and China Seas .. the inhabitants of the islands .. and a description of vast regions never before visited by civilized man.
10898: JANE, Fred T. - All the World's Fighting Ships.
10899: JANE, Fred T. - All the World's Fighting Ships.
4925: JANOSSY, L. - Cosmic Rays.
9898: Photography - Japan. - Portraits from photographs scrupulously hand painted to impersonate lithographs.
6993: Japan. - [Ichikawake Hiden Kumadori zukan - ie Drawings of Kumadori Secrets of the Ichikawa Family].
10894: Communications - Japan. - Post. A handmade (draft? mock up?) picture book or sketches for paintings on telecommunication and post in Meiji Japan; with "Post" scrolled across what passes for the title page.
10814: Vietnam: anti war and underground American press in Japan. - A collection of newspapers and leaflets produced by or for the American military in Japan during the Vietnam war.
2397: JAQUET, Eugene & Alfred CHAPUIS. - Technique and History of the Swiss Watch from its beginnings ...
8729: JENKS, George C. & Carlyle MOORE. - Stop Thief!
8753: JENNINGS, J. Ellis. - Color-Vision and Color-Blindness. A practical manual for railroad surgeons.
8779: JEROME, Jerome K, - Three Men on Wheels.
8337: JEVONS, W. Stanley. - The Principles of Science: a treatise on logic and scientific method.
4344: JEVONS, W. - Report on Band-Spectra of Diatomic Molecules.
8315: JOEST, Wilhelm. - Tatowiren. Narbenzeichnen und Korperbemalen. Ein beittrag zur vergleichenden ethnologie.
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2503: JOURDAIN, Margaret. - English Interior Decoration 1500 to 1830.
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9653: Hashizume Kan'ichi. - [Zokuzoku Sekai Shobai Orai].
9638: Hashizume Kan'ichi. - [Zokuhen Sekai Shobai Orai].
9611: Hashizume Kan'ichi. - [Zokuzoku Sekai Shobai Orai].
9255: Hashizume Kan'ichi. - [Sekai Shobai Orai - literally World Trade Traffic].
9260: Hashizume Kan'ichi. - [Sekai Shobai Orai - literally World Trade Traffic].
9169: Hashizume Kan'ichi. - [Sekai Shobai Orai Hoi].
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10323: Kant. WIRGMAN, Thomas. - A Complete and Permanent Science of Morals, Founded on Transcendental Philosopy. [or, drop title: Moral philosophy reduced to a complete and permanent science on the principles of transcendental philosophy, as contained in Kant's "Critic of Practical Reason."]
9824: Tsutsumi Kanzo. - [Manga sugoroku sekai haya nozoki].
10773: Tsutsumi Kanzo. - [Manga sugoroku sekai haya nozoki].
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8832: MORRISON, R.J. [Richard James]. - The New Principia: or, True System of Astronomy. In which the earth is proved to be the stationary centre of the solar system, and the sun is shewn to be only 365,006.5 miles from the earth. Second edition.
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10804: Hikifuda. Nakayama. - Club Washing Powder ... highly perfumed by violet essence, white rose, musk and Jockey Club Essence ...
9920: Nakazawa Hiromitsu, Kobayashi Shokichi & Okano Sakae. - [Toyo Mirai Sugoroku].
10693: Nakazawa Hiromitsu, Kobayashi Shokichi & Okano Sakae. - [Toyo Mirai Sugoroku].
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4445: NORTH, A.J. - Descriptive Catalogue of the Nests & Eggs of Birds Found Breeding in Australia and Tasmania.
8504: NORTON, John Bruce. - A Letter to Robert Lowe ... on the Condition and Requirements of the Presidency of Madras.
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1405: Oil. - Petroleum. (Correspondence, &c., Respecting Existence of, in New South Wales.)
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9539: Dokufu. Hanai Oume? - Set of proof wood engraved illustrations for a Japanese serial story.
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9333: Palace of Peace. - International Competition of the Carnegie Foundation. The Palace of Peace at The Hague. The 6 premiated and 40 other designs chosen by the society of architecture ...
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8740: PEMBERTON, Max. - Doctor Xavier.
2571: PERCIER, C. & P.F.L. FONTAINE. - Recueil de Decorations Interieures, comprenant tout ce qui a rapport a l'ameublement.
8442: Peters. LONG, W. Arnold. - Bobbie Peters A Chosen Vessel. A story of a deformed half-caste aboriginal native worker, who was made meet for the master's use.
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2416: PIGGOTT, Sir Francis. - Studies in the Decorative Art of Japan.
9294: PLANAS, D. Eusebio. - Historia de Una Mujer.
6504: DU-PLAT-TAYLOR, F.M. - The Design, Construction and Maintenance of Docks, Wharves & Piers ... second edition revised and enlarged.
10329: PLEASONTON, Gen. A.J. - The Influence of the Blue Ray of the Sunlight and of the Blue Color of the Sky, in developing animal and vegetable life, in arresting disease, and in restoring health ...
10240: PLOYER, Otokar. - Views, elevations and plans for the Remislavsky-Stome villa and studio in Prague, along with drawings and plans for a 'California Weekender'.
3453: Pompidou. - Paris Paris 1937 1957 creations en france.
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9427: PORNY, Mark Anthony. - The Elements of Heraldry. Containing, a clear definition, and concise historical account of that ancient, useful, and entertaining science ... annexed a dictionary of the technical terms made use of in heraldry.
10933: Borraginol poster. - [Borraginal : Dji Ji Ni].
10845: Tobacco poster. - Old Gold Cut Plug.
10783: Smoca Toothpowder Poster. - [Tabako Nomi no Hamigaki Sumoka].
10782: Smoca Toothpowder Poster. - [Tabako Nomi no Hamigaki Sumoka].
10771: Poster. - [Riken Chakku].
10624: Poster. - [Osaka Yuryo Senshoku Mihonichi].
10577: Poster. - [Kani Kansanki?]
10494: Fire Safety Poster. - [Hifuse - Chichibu Shobogume].
10202: Teruha toiletry poster. - [Hakuresui or Hakureisui]. A shop poster for Hakuresui toiletry to whiten the skin and remove blemishes.
10005: Fire Safety Poster. - [Hifuse - Chichibu Shobogume].
10886: Posters. - [Shogyo Bijutsuten Posuta Shusei].
10411: Civil defence posters. - [Kokumin Boku Zufu].
8771: POTTER, Beatrix [Not by]. - Peter Rabbit and His Pa.
3535: POUCHET, Georges. - The Plurality of the Human Race: translated and edited ... by Hugh J.C. Beavan.
6067: POUND, Ezra. - Exultations.
8849: PRADT, M. De . [Dominique Georges Frederic]. - Les Trois Ages des Colonies, ou de leur etat passe, present et a venir.
9568: PRATT, Ambrose. - The Counterstroke.
9567: PRATT, Ambrose. - Vigorous Daunt: Billionaire.
9130: PRATT, Ambrose. - The Living Mummy.
6006: PRESTWICH, Joseph. - Geology. Chemical, physical, and stratigraphical.
8714: PRIDEAUX, T. Syme. - Dishonesty Exposed. Report on Experiments Made on Board H.M.S. 'Imperieuse' in June 1856, with Prideaux's Self-Closing Furnace-Valve-Door, and the Common Door.
8666: PRIP-MOLLER, J. - Chinese Buddhist Monasteries. Their plan and its function as a setting for Buddhist monastic life. [with] Kina For Og Nu.
8148: PRITCHETT, R.T. - Smokiana, Historical & Ethnographical.
8597: PROCTOR, Richard A. - Chance and Luck: a discussion of the laws of luck, coincidences, wagers, lotteries, and the fallacies of gambling; with notes on poker and martingales.
10322: Public health, quarantine & sanitation. - A collection of sixteen reports on vaccination, quarantine, disease and sanitation in Sydney.
7815: [Catalogue - Cast-Iron Hollow Ware]. E. Pugh & Co., Wednesbury. - [Illustrated Price List of Cast-Iron Hollow-Ware - E. Pugh & Co.].
10781: Puppets. - [Seiyo Ayatsuri Ningyo].
10850: PUTTICK, A.A. [Athol Alfred?]. - Television. A simple story which provides a peep into the treasure trove of Television. [cover title: Television Without Tears].
10229: Russian ship. Putyatin. - A Bunkindo woodcut of a supposedly Russian ship.
4193: Gandhi. Pyarelal. [Pyarelal Nayyar] - The Epic Fast.
10726: Asian labour in Queensland. - Eleven parliamentary papers relating to the introduction of Chinese or 'Coolie' labourers from India: Asiatic Labour ... 1861; [with] Asiatic Labour (Despatches relative to.) ... 1861; [with] Coolie Immigration (petition in favor of.) ... 1861; [with] Chinese and Coolie Immigration ... Petition ... 1862; [with] Coolie Immigration. (Petition.) ... 1874 [with] Immigration of Chinese and Indian Coolies ... 1875; [with] Coolie Immigration. (Petition.) ... 1882. [with] Labourers From British India. (Further Correspondence ...) 1883; [with] Correspondence respecting Proposed Introduction of Labourers from British India ... 1884; [with] Labourers from British India (Further correspondence ...) ... 1884; [with] Labourers From British India. (Further Correspondence ...) 1884. [with] Labourers From British India. (Further Correspondence ...) 1885.
10721: Asian labour in Queensland. - Seven parliamentary papers relating to the introduction of Chinese or 'Coolie' labourers from India: Asiatic Labour ... 1861; [with] Asiatic Labour (Despatches relative to.) ... 1861; [with] Coolie Immigration (petition in favor of.) ... 1861; [with] Chinese and Coolie Immigration ... Petition ... 1862; [with] Immigration of Chinese and Indian Coolies ... 1875; [with] Correspondence respecting Proposed Introduction of Labourers from British India ... 1884; [with] Labourers from British India (Further correspondence ...) ... 1884.
8844: LE QUEUX, William. - The Money-Spider.
10002: London - Melbourne Air Race. - Nederlands Succes. Melbourne Race.
9599: RADCLIFFE, Ann. - The Italian, or, The Confessional of the Black Penitents. A romance.
4474: Railways. - Victoria. Report of Andrew Clarke, .. Surveyor General, upon Railways; with appendices.
4473: Railways. - Victoria. Report of the Select Committee .. Upon Railways; together with the proceedings .. minutes of evidence and appendices.
10906: Kitazawa Rakuten. - [Rakuten Zenshu]. 1-3, 5-7, 9 [all published].
3406: Ralegh. HARLOW, V.T. - Ralegh's Last Voyage. Being an account drawn out of contemporary letters and relations, both Spanish and English, of which the most part are now for the first time made public, concerning the voyage of Sir Walter Ralegh, knight, to Guiana in the year 1617 and the fatal consequences of the same.
10394: John Ramage. - The Torture Book.
7550: RASHDALL, Hastings. - The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages. A new edition in three volumes edited by F.M. Powicke and A.B. Emden.
10824: Ready reckoner. - [Koku Soba Hayami?].
9092: REISNER, G.A. [George Andrew]. - Models of Ships and Boats.
7983: REISNER, G.A. [George Andrew]. - Models of Ships and Boats.
10751: Patent remedies. - A gathering of 19th century handbills or descriptive and instructive leaflets or wrappers for various patent, herbal or quack medicines.
9278: Advertising. Hudson's Household Removals. - Hudson's Household Removals. Fire Proof Depositories.
3455: Reynolds. NORTHCOTE, James. - Memoirs of Joshua Reynolds, .. comprising original anecdotes .. a brief analysis of his discourses .. to which are added varieties on art.
10551: Urine. Carlo Magnani-Riccoti. - Il Sindaco della Citta di Novara - Manifesto.
9162: Richard Burton. PENZLER, Norman M. - An Annotated Bibliography of Sir Richard Francis Burton.
2854: RIDDELL, Robert. - The Carpenter and Joiner, Stair Builder and Hand-Railer.
9106: RINEHART, Mary Roberts. - The Window at the White Cat.
3516: RINEHART, Mary Roberts. - The Circular Staircase.
10749: Risho. - [Hanabi Hiden-shu].
10537: Fujiwara Ritsuta. - [Sorakai Seifuku Sugoroku].
8099: ROBERTS, Helen H. - Ancient Hawaiian Music.
10206: ROBERTS, Morley. - The Adventure of the Broad Arrow. An Australian romance.
9569: ROBERTSON, Andrew. - The Kidnapped Squatter and other Australian stories.
6463: ROBERTSON, J.M. [John Mackinnon]. - A History of Freethought in the Nineteenth Century.
9572: ROCK, Gilbert. [ie John Alexander Barr]. - Colonists. Illustrating goldfields and city life in Australia between 1851 and 1870.
10996: ROCK, Gilbert. [ie John Alexander Barr]. - Colonists. Illustrating goldfields and city life in Australia between 1851 and 1870.
9262: RODGERS, H.J. - Twenty-Three Years Under a Sky-light, or Life and Experiences of a Photographer.
9909: ROGERS, Ben. [ie Roger Pugh?]. - The Vengeance of the Tong.
8786: ROLLINS Jr., William. - Midnight Treasure.
7870: ROS, Amanda M. - Fumes of Formation.
9928: ROSENKRANTZ, Baron Palle. - The Magistrate's Own Case.
8406: de Rougemont, Louis. [Henri Grien]. - The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont as told by himself.
10922: Louis de Rougemont. - Grien on Rougemont; or, the story of a modern Robinson Crusoe. As told in ... the Daily Chronicle. Illustrated by ... Phil May, and other pictures.
8513: RUSSELL, J. Scott. - The Modern System of Naval Architecture.
6372: RUTHERFORD, E. - Radio-Activity.
10275: Sagane Ryokichi. - [Genshi Bakudan (ie: Atomic Bomb)].
11005: Street Kamishibai. Yodogawa Manpo & Kahi Ryuji? - [Okami Otoko : 3 kan ... 4 kan].
10896: Sugoroku. Kawabata Ryushi. - [Shonen Undo Sugoroku].
10734: Kawabata Ryushi. - [Boken Shosetsu Sugoroku].
10694: Kawabata Ryushi. - [Shonen Gunkan Sugoroku].
10318: Kawabata Ryushi - [Nijuyon Toki Katei].
10990: Kimishima Ryuzo. - [Hanakotoba Sugoroku].
10075: Ota Saburo. - Asagiri.
10789: Uryu Masakazu & Hashimoto Sadahide - [Seiyo Shinsho].
10982: Okano Sakae - [Shonen Hiko Sugoroku].
10994: Okano Sakae - [Shonen Hiko Sugoroku].
10785: Shogakusei Zenshu. Okano Sakae [cover design]. - [Sanjutsu no Hanashi].
5357: SAMAROW, Gregor. [ie Oskar Meding]. - For Sceptre and Crown. A romance of the present time. Translated from the German ..
11021: Japanese textile samples. - A sample book of bright patterned silk, much of it creped.
10866: SAMUELS, Lieut. Edmond. - An Illustrated Diary of Australian Internment Camps. By an Australian officer of the guard.
10294: Yoshimoto Sanpei. - [Isoppu Sugoroku].
9959: Wada Sanzo. - Wood Block Hand Prints - Japanese Life and Customs - A set of six pictures by Sanzo Wada. [aka , Showa Occupations or Japanese Vocations in Pictures].
10461: Poster. Sasao (?). - [... Daitoasenso Kansui Yokusan Senkyo].
9540: SAVILE, Frank. - Beyond the Great South Wall - being some surprising details of the voyage of the S.Y. Racoon.
10516: Takeuchi Keishu & Iwaya Sazanami. - [Shin'an keiba Yugi].
5620: SCAMMON, Charles M. - The Marine Mammals of the North-Western Coast of North America, described and illustrated; ... with an account of the American Whale-Fishery.
8203: SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Mary Anne. - Theory on the Classification of Beauty and Deformity, and their correspondence with physiognomic expression, exemplified in various works of art, and natural objects ...
10440: SCOTT, G. Firth. - The Last Lemurian. A Westralian romance.
1007: SCOTT, H.H. - A Monograph of Nototherium Tasmanicum.
10450: Akashi Seiichi. - [Fujin Nama Hi Tate Sugoroku].
10337: Akashi Seiichi. - [Kodakara Sugoroku].
10498: Hosokibara Seiki. - [Kaimono Awase].
10413: Nakamura Susumu [&] Hosokibara Seiki - [Shin'an Supotsu Sugoroku [&] Unmei Unsei Dokusen-ban].
10730: Yanase Masamu & Fujimori Seikichi. - [Okami e! (Waga Rodo)].
10903: Goto Seikichiro. - [Washi to Urushi].
10012: SELBORNE, John. - The Thousand Secrets.
338: Television. The Senate. - Report from the Select Committee on the Encouragement of Australian Productions for Television. Part I. - Report.
337: Television. The Senate. - Report from the Select Committee on the Encouragement of Australian Productions for Television.
10784: Shogakusei Zenshu. Maekawa Senpan. - [Hikoku no Hanashi - Sensuikan no Hanashi].
8587: SERVISS, Garrett P. - A Columbus of Space.
2258: [PRINGLE-PATTISON] SETH, Andrew. - The Development from Kant to Hegel with chapters on the philosophy of religion.
7970: SEVERY, Melvin L. - The Darrow Enigma.
8662: Shakespeare. RUSDEN, G.W. [George William]. - William Shakespeare; his life, his works, and his teaching.
8094: SHAW, Simeon. - The Chemistry of the Several Natural and Artificial Heterogeneous Compounds, Used in Manufacturing Porcelain, Glass, and Pottery.
7567: SHAW, Eyre M. - Fire Protection. A complete manual of the organization, machinery, discipline, and general working, of the fire brigade of London.
8698: SHIEL, MP. - The Rajah's Sapphire.
8343: SHIEL, M.P. - The Dragon.
5988: SHIELD, William. - Principles and Practice of Harbour Construction.
11004: Carpentry. Suzuki Shigeharu. - [Taisho Tekagami].
9762: Ship's newspaper. - The Sorata Scorcher Vol. 1 No. 2. October 10(?) 1883.
10964: Kurofune Kawaraban. Perry and the Black Ships. - [Amerika Jokisen no Zu ... Kairiku o Kata o Yakunin Fu].
10711: Maruo Shiyo. - [Mei Tantei Setsu-Mei Kurabe Sugoroku].
9826: Yukawa Shodo. - War Nurse from the series [Kinko Fuzoku Hyaku Bijin - 100 Beauties Past and Present].
10760: Hikifuda. Shoes. - [Hakimono Hanao-sho .... Omura Kazumasa].
10834: Magic. Kitensai Shoichi - [Kakkoku Hatsumei : Fushigi No Den].
10803: Catalogue - printed photograph mounts. Asanuma Shokai. - [Shashin Daishi Teika-hyo].
10822: Catalogue - bicycles. Nishiura Shoten. - [Nishiura Shoho].
10112: Hikifuda. Benkyo Shoten? - [Wayo Zakka Keorimono-rui]. Hikifuda - or handbill - for a sale of Japanese and western wool textiles.
10897: Kyokaen Shujin (?) - [On'na Kaizoku Ryujin Otora]
10939: Yanagawa Shunsan. - [Seiyo Tokei Benran].
9772: Yanagawa Shunsan. - [Seiyo Tokei Benran].
6838: SIEMENS, C. William. - On the Conservation of Solar Energy. A collection of papers and discussions.
10705: Shop signs. - [Shin Kanban Zuan Kosakushu].
9944: Kyoto Silk. - A collection of 48 and a half large sample books of Kyoto silk from the twenties and thirties.
4654: SIMMONDS, P[eter].L[und]. - The Animal Food Resources of the Different Nations, with mention of some of the special dainties of various people ...
10690: Simon, Jaakow. - Lastträger Bin Ich.
9782: SLADEN, Douglas. - Fair Inez. A romance of Australia.
9759: SLADEN, Douglas. - Fair Inez. A romance of Australia.
9856: Slavery. [Gilbert Francklyn?]. - A Very New Pamphlet Indeed! Being the Truth addressed to the people at large. Containing some strictures on the English Jacobins ... respecting the Slave Trade.
10998: SLEE, Richard & Cornelia Atwood PRATT. - Dr. Berkeley's Discovery.
4519: SLEVIN, Joseph R. - The Amphibians of Western North America. An account of the species known to inhabit California, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Sonora and lower California.
8417: SMEATON, Oliphant. - A Mystery of the Pacific.
9228: SMITH, James & John Wren SUTTON. - The Secret of the Sphinx or, the Ring of Moses.
7532: [Exhibition - Melbourne 1888-9]. SMITH, R. Burdett. - Report by ... Executive Commissioner for the Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, 1889; with appendices and views of the New South Wales Court.
489: SMYTH, H.D. - A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the United States Government 1940-1945 ..
439: SMYTH, H.D. - A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the United States Government 1940-1945.
3400: SMYTHE, F.S. - Climbs and Ski Runs. Mountaineering and Ski-ing in the Alps, Great Britain and Corsica.
10538: Soap. - [Bikatsu Sekken].
6366: SODDY, Fredk [Frederick]. - Radio-Activity: an elementary treatise, from the standpoint of the disintegration theory.
10779: Hanai Oume. Shuyotei Sofu. - [Hanai Oume Suigetsu Kibun].
9716: Wattle wedding souvenir. - Souvenir in Commemoration of the Marriage Between Captain Leonard G. Sewell ... and Miss Elsa Faning at Christ Church, Lancastergate, January 5th 1918.
5004: Space. - Space Weapons. A handbook of military astronautics.
9133: SPARROW, Walter Shaw. - Our Homes and How to Make the Best of Them.
9744: SPENCE, Percy Frederick Seaton. - Two ink drawings: native police and apparent new chums with a settler.
3387: SPENCER, Herbert. - Facts and Comments.
3386: SPENCER, Herbert. - The Data of Ethics.
5437: SPURZHEIM, J.G. - A View of the Elementary Principles of Education, founded on the study of the nature of man.
10923: STEPHENS, John. - Sanitary Reform: its general aspect and local importance, considered in a lecture ...
4539: STEPHENS, James. - Insurrections.
7705: STEUART, Sir Henry. - The Planter's Guide; or a practical essay on the best method giving immediate effect to wood, by the removal of large trees and underwood;
8777: STEVENSON, Burton E. - The Marathon Mystery. A story of Manhattan.
8595: STEVENSON, Robert Louis. - A Footnote to History, eight years of trouble in Samoa.
8411: STILES, Henry Reed. - Bundling: its Origin, Progress and Decline in America.
7441: STOCKTON, Frank R. - A Bicycle of Cathay.
7280: STRONG, Mrs Arthur [Eugenie]. - Apotheosis and After Life. Three lectures on certain phases of art and religion in the Roman empire.
5897: SUASSO, Antonio [i.e. Antonio Lopez Suasso Diaz de Fonseca]. - The Theory of Infantry Movements.
8824: SUE, Eugene. - Paula Monti: or, The Hotel Lambert.
9012: SUGDEN, Alan Victor & John Ludlam EDMONDSON. - A History of English Wallpaper 1509 - 1914.
10315: Sugiura Hisui, Takeo Takei, Takeshi Kimata &c. - [Wagako no Rekishi].
10826: Insurance sugoroku. - [Seimei Hoken Sugoroku].
10790: Fire sugoroku. - [Hifuse Senden Kotobuki Goroku].
10646: Hikifuda & Sugoroku. - [Nichiro Kinen Sugoroku].
10594: Sugoroku. - [Diasan Sugoroku].
10539: Sugoroku. - [Saiken Sugoroku].
10355: Sugoroku. - [Katei Kyoiku Sekai Isshu Sugoroku].
10353: Advertising sugoroku. - [Katata Shobai Hanjo Sugoroku].
10347: Advertising Sugoroku. - Sugoroku issued by the Osaka Mainichi newspaper Sunday supplement
10338: Sugoroku. - [Kodomo Norimono Sugoroku].
10325: Sugoroku. - [Yumei Shoten Annai u Kure-Roku].
10267: Advertising Sugoroku. - [Shobai Hanei Sugoroku].
10787: Sugoroku. Kawabata Ryushi & Hoshino Suiri. - [Kaimono Sugoroku].
10944: Kawakami Sumio. - [Kogei no.96].
10888: Itagaki Takao & Horiguchi Sutemi [editors]. - [Kenchiku Yoshiki Ronso].
6987: SUTTON, Richard L. - Tiger Trails in Southern Asia.
1298: SUTTON, Sir John Bland. - Selected Lectures and Essays including ligaments their nature and morphology fourth edition.
10943: Catalogue - books. Aoki Suzando. - [Naigai Shoseki Shuppan Hatsuda Mokuroku]
8467: SWEDENBORG, Emanuel. - The True Christian Religion; containing the universal theology of the new church.
3520: SWIFT, Emerson H. - Roman Sources of Christian Art.
9967: SWIFT, Benjamin [ie William Romaine Paterson]. - The Tormentor.
7440: SWINBURNE, Algernon Charles. - Ode on the Proclamation of the French Republic. September 4th, 1870.
10750: SWINBURNE, Alfred James. - [Tsuzoku Ronridan]. [Cover title: The Grave Made Gay].
8312: Sydney. - Rates assessment ledger for the ward of Bourke in Sydney 1863.
10566: City Bank of Sydney. - Jubilee Souvenir - the City Bank of Sydney 1863 - 1913.
10560: Hayashi Tadaishi. - [Sekai Haya Mawari Hiko Kyoso Sugoroku].
11019: Shimizu Taigakubo. - [Denki Kyoiku Sugoroku].
10595: Yodogawa Taisuke. - [Suwae Kokorozashi Iku?].
10429: Yamada Takanori. - [Shonen Yakyu Sugoroku].
10739: Itagaki Takao. - [Geijutsukai no Kicho to Jicho].
10664: Itagaki Takao. - [Atarashiki Geijutsu no Kakutoku].
10290: Minamimura Takashi. - [Robotto Kaiju - Saibogu Kaiju]. Original illustration for the magazine Shonen.
10276: Minamimura Takashi. - Original illustration for a double page spread in Shonen magazine.
10258: Minamimura Takashi. - [Jido Taiho-ki]. Original illustration for a double page spread in Shonen magazine.
10301: Takeo Takei. - [Genshi Bakudan (ie: Atomic Bomb)].
10485: Inoue Takeo. - [Kodomo Katsudo Shashin Sugoroku].
9323: Hayashi Tamiji. - [Kibutsu Zushiki - Vessel Patterns (more or less)].
5146: TARDIEU, Ambroise. - Etude Medico-Legale et Clinique sur l'Empoisonnement ... deuxieme edition, revue et considerablement augmentee.
8588: TAYLOR, William Alexander. - Intermere.
323: Television. - Report of the Royal Commission on Television.
9597: Kate Temple? - The Fair Mystery. By the author of "Strangely Parted," &c., &c.
6994: TEMPLE, Sir Richard. - Oriental Experience: a selection of essays and addresses ..
6096: TERESHKOVA, Valentina. - Speech .. at the World Congress of Women.
9645: Japanese textiles. - Sample book of textiles titled Tozakire Honcho ['album of textiles we have handled' - more or less] and dated March Taisho 4 [1915].
8073: Textiles. - [Shokumon Zue - Miyuki].
10893: Japanese textiles. - Sample book of woven ribbed silk and brocades for decoration and furnishing.
10766: Japanese textiles. - A gathering of 15 original designs for textile designs.
7972: THANET, Octave [ie Alice French]. - The Lion's Share.
9760: THOMAS, Edward A. - At Swords' Point. A novel.
6622: THOMAS, John Jones. - Britannia Antiquissima: or, a key to the philology of history (sacred and profane).
7854: THOMPSON, Sir H. - Modern Cremation. Its history and practice .. recently improved arrangements made by the Cremation Society of England. Second edition revised and greatly enlarged.
5867: THOMPSON, Sir H. - Modern Cremation. Its history and practice .. recently improved arrangements made by the Cremation Society of England.
8686: THOMSON, James. - Collected Papers in Physics and Engineering. Selected and arranged with unpublished material and brief annotations by Sir Joseph Larmor ...
8566: THOMSON, Sir William, Baron Kelvin. - Mathematical and Physical Papers. Collected from various scientific periodicals from May, 1841, to the present time.
1617: [Catalogue - Furniture]. Thonet. - Thonet Freres.
4527: THORNTON, W. Pugin. - Phrenology or Heads, and What They Tell Us. Fifth edition
10478: Catalogue - tiles. - [Haku ki-shiki - Uoruban - MI Shokai?].
8141: Tobacco. - Tobacco Whiffs for the Smoking Carriage.
10209: Tobacco. - Three price and retailers lists of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco and a manual of rules and regulations from the Imperial Japanese Government Monopoly.
8624: Tokyo. - The Outline of the Reconstruction Work in Tokyo & Yokohama.
10823: Tokyo. - [Tokyo Meisho Manseibashi Hirose Chuza Dozo?].
10808: Exhibition - Tokyo - [Tokyo Hakurankai Dai Ichi Kaijo Dai Ni Kaijo Bayoru No Bikan].
10507: Tokyo. - [Kaisei Tokyo Zenzu].
10259: Catalogue - Photo albums. Seiundo Co. Tokyo. - Catalogue of Album.
7062: [Bosch]. DE TOLNAY, Charles. - Hieronymus Bosch.
10146: Murayama Tomoyoshi. - [Puroretaria Eiga Nyumon].
10039: Shogakusei Zenshu. Murayama Tomoyoshi. - [Ongaku no Hanashi to Syokashu].
10957: War artists; Sino-Japanese war. Mizuno Toshikata. - [Dainipponteikoku banbanzai : Seikan Shugeki Wa-gun Taisho Nozu?].
5144: TOTTEN, George Oakley. - Maya Architecture.
9807: Chung Teong Toy. - Ah Toy v. Musgrove. A copy of the report of the arguments and judgment in the case of Ah Toy v. Musgrove - Supreme Court of Victoria.
10938: Paper. Toyosha? - [Shin Hatsumei Keibenshi].
10786: Paper toys. - A gathering of eleven Taisho period cheap and flimsy paper games and booklets.
8735: TRACY, Louis. - A Son of the Immortals.
7383: TRAIN, Arthur. - McAllister and his Double.
7382: TRAIN, Arthur. - True Stories of Crime, from the District Attorney's Office.
10818: Trams (streetcars). - [Otogi Ehon : Densha-Dzukushi].
8070: TRELOAR, W.P. - The Prince of Palms.
8341: TROLLOPE, Anthony. - Barchester Towers.
11028: Shimizuya Tsunejiro (publisher). - [Wayo Shitai Iroha].
10754: Sino-Japanese War. Fushuken Tsuneshige? - [Teikoku Kantai Toshima ni Shina-kan o Yabu Ru].
9331: TUCKER, Horace. - The New Arcadia. An Australian story.
8391: TUCKER, John Owen. - The Mute; a Poem of Victoria. And other poems.
6017: TUKE, Daniel Hack. - Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles.
9927: TURNER, George Frederic. - The Toad and the Amazon.
9074: Rochester University. - Grand Exhibition of Rochester University Pet Animals, at Corinthian Hall, Friday Evening, December 4 1868.
6533: Sydney University. - The Sydney University Magazine. January, 1855 - No. I [... July 1855 - No. III].
10981: Sato Unsho. - [Shogaku Irozu Mondo].
10795: Shimizu Usaburo. - [Seiyo Hanabi No Ho].
9656: Ogawa Usen [also known as Soju Usen]. - [Soju Manga].
8856: VANCE, Louis Joseph. - The Bandbox.
8536: VANDAM, Albert D. - The Mystery of the Patrician Club.
10884: VERNE, Jules and Inoue Tsutomu. - [Gakujutsu myoyo : Zobutsusha kyogaku shiken].
7435: VERNEUIL, M.P. - Etude de la Plante. Son application aux industries d'art .. pochoir, papier peint etoffes, ceramique ..
8759: VESCELIUS-SHELDON, Louise. - An I.D.B. in South Africa.
10978: VILLER, Frederick. [Christian Sparre?]. - The Black Tortoise : being the strange story of old Frick's Diamond.
8355: Imaginary Voyage. - The History of Bullanabee and Clinkataboo, Two Recently Discovered Islands in the Pacific.
8215: WAINEWRIGHT, Jer. [Jeremiah]. - A Mechanical Account of the Non-Naturals: Being a brief explication of the changes made in humane bodies, by Air, Diet, &c. Together with an enquiry into the nature and use of baths ... the fifth edition, revis'd. To which is added, An Anatomical Treatise of the Liver, with the diseases incident to it.
11014: Kon Wajiro. - [Shinpan Dai Tokyo Annai].
10921: Wakefield, Edward Gibbon - Facts Relating to the Punishment of Death in the Metropolis.
8728: WALCOTT, Earle Ashley. - The Open Door. A romance of mystery, time, 1905.
8410: WALCOTT, Earle Ashley. - Blindfolded.
6847: WALDSTEIN, Charles. - Essays on the Art of Pheidias.
8727: WALK, Charles Edmonds. - The Time Lock.
6077: WALKER, Francis A. - The Wages Question, a treatise on wages and the wages class.
6835: WALLACE, Robert. - India in 1887.
6531: WALPOLE, J.P. - Recollections and Historical Notices of Cambridge; preceded by a brief outline of schools and universities ..
8372: WALRAS, Leon. - Correspondence of Leon Walras and Related Papers. Edited by William Jaffe.
8794: WALSH, M.C. - The Golden Idol. A tale of adventure in Australia and New Zealand.
7974: WALSH, George E. - The Mysterious Burglar.
10587: Sino-Japanese War. - [Ehon Nichi Shin Kan Sensoki].
10592: Sino-Japanese War. - [Ehon Nichi Shin Kan Sensoki].
8724: WATSON, H.B. Marriott. - The Devil's Pulpit.
7455: WATSON, John. - The Theory and Practice of the Art of Weaving, by hand and power, ..
8346: WAWN, William T. - The South Sea Islanders and the Queensland Labour Trade. A record of voyages and experiences in the western Pacific from 1875 to 1891.
7560: WEALE, John [ed]. - Ensamples of Railway Making; which, although not of English practice, are submitted, with practical illustrations, to the civil engineer and the British and Irish public.
9695: WEAVER, Mrs. - Letter from a Mrs Weaver to a Mr Buntin, September 17 1880
9537: Wegener, Sem, Iribe &c. - La Baionnette. Volume 5. Nouvelle Serie. No.53 [... to No.65].
9536: Wegener, Sem, Iribe &c. - La Baionnette. Volume 2. Nouvelle Serie. No.14 [... to No.26].
10949: WEIR, Hugh C. - Miss Madelyn Mack, Detective.
6022: WEISMANN, August. - Essays Upon Heredity and Kindred Biological Problems.
1122: WESCHER, Herta. - Collage.

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