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7398: [VENABLES, ROBERT]. - The Experienc'd Angler: or, Angling Improv'd. Being a general discourse ... third edition much enlarged.
9316: [WARD, ROBERT PLUMER]. - Tremaine, or the Man of Refinement.
9817: EXHIBITION - TOKYO 1907. - [Special number of Fuzoku Gaho devoted to the 1907 Tokyo Industrial Exhibition].
8557: [MARRYAT, CAPTAIN FREDERICK]. - Mr Midshipman Easy.
9209: [TYSSOT DE PATOT, SIMON.] - Voyages et Avantures de Jaques Masse.
9964: - Tableau Abrege de l'Histoire des Voyages, ou fragments les plus curieux ... dans l'Asie, l'Afrique, l'Amerique et l'Oceanie.
9281: [BERTOLDI, GIUSEPPE ? OR JAKOB BARTHOLDY?] - Memoirs of the Secret Societies of the South of Italy, particularly the Carbonari.
10069: - English, Japanesh, Small Dictionary; [Eiwa haya-gaku jibiki Binran].
9658: [HOBSON, BENJAMIN]. - [Hakubutsu Shinpen].
7939: [GUITON, N. (AINE)]. - Traite Complet du Jeu de Trictrac ... contenant les principes et regles de ce jeu, avec des tables de calculs qui ne se trouvent dans aucun des traites connus.
7099: [SYDNEY UNIVERSITY]. - Up and Atom! University Students' Festival Song Book 1946.
8348: [HARRIS, ALEXANDER]. - The Emigrant Family: or, The Story of an Australian Settler.
9726: [LANE, WILLIAM]. - The Workingman's Paradise: an Australian Labour Novel. By John Miller.
8763: [PHILP, ROBERT KEMP]. - Life Doubled by the Economy of Time.
8114: - The Illustrated Sydney News New South Wales Weather Almanac for 1875.
8358: - Supreme Court, Sydney, New South Wales ... Report of the Trial The Bank of Australasia v. Thomas Chaplin Breillat, Chairman of the Bank of Australia.
6527: [BLAXLAND, GREGORY]. - A Journal of a Tour of Discovery Across the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, in the Year 1813. Second edition.
9802: - Prison Administration in South Africa.
8320: [STIEBER, WILHELM]. - Die Prostitution in Berlin und ihre Opfer.
8309: APOLLO 11. - Apollo 11 Mission Commentary 7-20-69 CDT 12:59 [and] Apollo 11 Mission Commentary 7-20-69 CDT 20:34 ..
8245: - Papers on Mechanics, published by the Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. Vol. I. 1810 - 1843.
9857: [BRICAIRE DE LA DIXMERIE, NICOLAS]. - Le Sauvage de Taiti aux Francais; Avec un Envoi au Philosophe Ami des Sauvages.
10284: - [Kaiho : minshu toitsu sensen no tameno sentoteki taishushi].
8474: EXHIBITION - MELBOURNE 1880. - Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880. The Official Catalogue of the Exhibits, with introductory notices of the countries exhibiting.
7691: [BOURNE, F.S.A.] - Report on the Trade of Central and Southern China.
8023: [RYMER, JAMES MALCOLM]. - The Dark Woman; or, the Days of the Prince Regent.
9844: [HEINE, JOHANN AUGUST]. - Traite des Batiments Propres a Loger les Animaux, qui sont necessaires a l'economie rurale;...
9673: - [Eiji Kunmo Zukai or Ei Kuno Zukai depending on the transcriber].
9073: - New of Pom and Song The English and Japanese. [Eiwa Taiyaku Shintai Undoka].
9883: - [Wasei Jutai Iroha].
10135: [JEBB, JOSHUA.] - Report of the Surveyor-General of Prisons on the Construction, Ventilation and Details of Pentonville Prison, 1844.
10137: - Euthanasia Or Turf, Tent and Tomb.
10127: - [Mecha Hakase Maho Uranai].
10263: EXHIBITION - OSAKA 1903 - [Daigokai naikoku kangyo hakurankai jonai jitchi shukuzu]. Fifth National Industrial Exhibition ... Osaka.
6247: [DISNEY]. - Walt Disney's Dumbo of the Circus.
8863: [EXHIBITION - SYDNEY 1879]. - Sydney International Exhibition 1879. Official Catalogue of the British Section.
8279: [NICHOLSON, PETER] & [ELSAM, RICHARD]. - Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering, both plain and ornamental; ... arches, domes, groins, niches, stairs, columns, &c ... walls, bridges, tunnels, light-houses, &c. ovens, furnaces, &c. The formation of mortars and cements; ... slating, plumbing, glazing, &c. &c. and a full description of the various materials employed in all these arts. [bound with] The Practical Builder's Perpetual Price Book; ..
1409: [GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY]. - Ashtaroth: A Dramatic Lyric.
1774: [CLELAND]. - The Decorative Work of T.M. Cleland. A record and review, with a bibliographical and critical introduction by Alfred E. Hamill.
1889: [CHEMISTRY]. - Memorial Lectures Delivered Before the Chemical Society. Volume II. 1901-1913.
5326: [MEDICINE]. - Australasian Medical Conference. Transactions of the Ninth Session, held in Sydney, New South Wales, September, 1911.
8088: [EXHIBITION - MELBOURNE 1888-89]. - Official Record of the Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, 1888 - 1889, ..
8945: - The Pioneer. Land and Labor Library of Australasia. Vol. I No. 1. [no.2, No.3 and No.9].
8947: EXHIBITION - SYDNEY 1879. - Estudos Coloniaes. Nova Galles do Sul (Australia).
2770: [GIBSON, G.H.] - Southerly Busters, by Ironbark, profusely illustrated by Alfred Clint, ..
2771: [PRINTING]. - The Australasian Printer's Keepsake. A selection of tales, essays, sketches, and verse, illustrative of the craft in Australia. By Victorian compositors.
3156: [SCHOOLS]. - Regulations and Directions to Be Attended to in Making Application to the Commissioners of National Education for Aid Towards the Building of School Houses, or for the Support of Schools.
4319: ROMAN REPUBLIC OF 1849. - Rome en 1849 [binding title for a collection of seven items]. 1. Actes Officiels de la Republique Romaine depuis le 9 Fevrier jusqu'au 2 Juillet 1849. Paris, Amyot [1849]; 195pp. 2. de Lesseps, Ferdinand. Ma Mission a Rome Mai 1849. Paris, Amyot 1849; 168pp. 3. Reponse de M. F. de Lesseps au Ministere et au Conseil d'Etat. Aout 1849. Paris, Amyot 1849; 38,[2]pp. 4. Cernuschi (Henri August Primus) Representant du Peuple Romain juge par le Conseil de Guerre de L'Armee Francaise a Rome 1850. Paris, printed by Briere; pp3-22, drop title. 5. Rome a la France. Revelations sur la question Romaine, par un constituant de Rome recueilles et publiees par S.-F. Bernard. folio newsheet; 8pp. 6. Supplement au Censeur du Dimanche 12 Aout 1849. Discours de M. Jules Favre sur les affaires de Rome. Lyon; folio newsheet; 4pp. 7. Supplement au Censeur du Samedi 29 Septembre 1849. J. Mazzini a MM. Tocqueville et Falloux. Lyon; folio newsheet; 2pp.
5429: [NATIONAL PARK]. - An Official Guide to the National Park of New South Wales.
7679: [STOUKENBERG A. & N. WISSOZKY]. - [In Russian] Materialy dlya Izucheniya Kamennago v"ka v Kazanskoj Guberny. [Materialen zur Kenntniss des Steinhalters im Gouv, Kazan].
7639: [TENNYSON]. - Westminster Abbey. In Memoriam. Alfred, Lord Tennyson .. hymns and anthems to be sung on Sunday, October 16th, 1892.
7558: [DILLON, JOHN]. - The Decision of the Three Judges of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, pronounced seriatim Monday, 11th of April, 1836, on the Applicability of the Marriage Act of England to this Colony; with a report of the case, and a review of the arguments.
7143: [PRISONS]. - Penological Reform in Western Australia.
6927: [PACIFICISM]. - The Peacemaker. An Australian venture in reconstruction. Vol.9 No.1 [to No.12].
6864: [FEDERATION]. - United Australia. Public opinion in England as expressed in the leading journals of the United Kingdom.
6544: [TRADE UNIONS]. - First Annual report of .. the Government Statist in Connection with Trades Unions. Report for .. 1886, with an appendix. [ .. Second Annual Report .. Third Annual Report ..].
10313: - [Yashiro Shoten Eigyo Annei]. Catalogue of Bath.
6426: [PHOTOGRAPHS - SYDNEY]. - Tuttle & Co. Views of New South Wales.
6406: [JONES, WILLIAM]. - A Dissertation on the Orthography of Asiatick Words in Roman Letters.
6395: [NKRUMAH]. - Nkrumah's Subversion in Africa. Documentary evidence of Nkrumah's interference in the affairs of other African states.
6331: [EDUCATION]. - Copy of Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education. (1841-42).
9888: [JACSON OR JACKSON, MARIA ELIZABETH]. - The Florist's Manual, or, hints for the construction of a gay flower garden. With observations on the best methods of preventing the depredations of insects.
6039: [DILKE, SIR CHARLES WENTWORTH]. - The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco. By himself.
5970: [MEDICINE]. [ZIEMSSEN]. - Von Ziemssen's Handbook of General Therapeutics.
5800: [HAZLITT, WILLIAM]. - Beauties of the Dulwich Picture Gallery.
5503: [LORD HOWE]. - Lord Howe Island. Its zoology, geology, and physical characteristics.
3842: [ADVERTISING]. - New Zealand advertising agents Charles Haines Ltd's album of proof pulls &c of their advertising for Austin and Ford dating from the late twenties and early thirties.
6262: [DISNEY]. - The Nutcracker Suite from Walt Disney's Fantasia.
8329: - [in Russian] Lapti - Laptishchi.
8522: EXHIBITION - MELBOURNE 1888. - Report of the Royal Commission for the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition of 1888.
8157: EXHIBITION - TOKYO 1907. - The Tokyo Industrial Exhibition, an extra number of the 'Teikoku Gaho', an illustrated monthly magazine.
8516: EXHIBITION - ADELAIDE 1887. - Report of the Royal Commission for the Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition of 1887.
8515: EXHIBITION - ADELAIDE 1887. - Report of the Royal Commission for the Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition of 1887.
9108: [STRETTON, JULIA CECILIA]. - The Valley of a Hundred Fires.
8033: [GODWIN, WILLIAM]. - Cloudesley: A Tale.
10058: - Ned Nimble Amongst the Bushrangers of Australia.
8773: - Rough Nights' Quarters. By one of the people who have roughed it.
8767: [HUMPHREYS, HENRY NOEL]. - Stories by an Archaeologist and His Friends.
7257: [STERNE, LAURENCE AND JOHN HALL STEVENSON]. - A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy. [and] Yorick's Sentimental Journey Continued .. prefixed, some account of the life and writings of Mr Sterne.
10089: - Densha to Norimono.
8853: - Hints on the Nature and Management of Duns. By the Honourable ____, a Younger Son.
6128: [ATOMIC ENERGY]. - The Nature of Radioactive Fall-Out and its Effects on Man. Hearings before the special subcommittee on radiation of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy .. May .. June 1957. Part 1. [ .. Part 2]. [with] Selected Materials on Radiation Protection Criteria and Standards: their basis and Use. Joint Committee .. May 1960. [with] Physical research Program. Hearings before the subcommittee on research and development .. February .. 1958.
6914: [JAPAN]. - General View of Commerce & Industry in the Empire of Japan.
3576: [VAIRASSE D'ALLAIS, DENIS]. - Histoire des Sevarambes, peuples qui habitent .. la Terre Australe, contenant une relation du gouvernement; des moeurs, de la religion, & du langage de cette nation .. nouvelle edition, revue & corrigee.
9769: - Barque "Norna." (Correspondence relative to). [with] ... Further Correspondence.
10085: - [Nikonikoponchi].
8580: [GUERINEAU DE SAINT-PERAVI, J.N.M.]. - L'Optique Chinois, Traduit de l'Egyptien.
9006: [DE MILLE, JAMES]. - A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder.
9951: [MITCHELL, JOHN MURRAY]. - The Gospel According to St. John in English and Marathi. (The Marathi expressed in Roman characters.)
10303: - [Kairiku Okatame Tsuke].
8558: [BALLANTYNE, R.M.]. - Fighting the Whales; or doings and dangers on a fishing cruise.
10177: [DISNEY]. - Walt Disney's Life of Donald Duck.
10316: - [Yuben]. Five small posters issued by the magazine Yuben.
9602: TAMETO ABE. - [Eigaku shokei nanatsu iroha].
272: ADAMS, CARSBIE C., WERNHER VON BRAUN & FREDERICK I. ORDWAY III. - Careers in Astronautics and Rocketry. Training and opportunity in the space and missile fields.
10130: ELEPHANT ADVERTISEMENT. - [Tenjiku Watari - Nama Taiho].
10066: ADVERTISING. - A shop banner for Crispo Potato Crisps. The Noisiest Crisp in the World. With an unused Crispo packet.
10156: JAPANESE ADVERTISING. - An album of trademark cards and labels, mostly for silk and or kimono textiles which date from Taisho (1911-25) through to about 1960.
1835: ADVERTISING. - The Encyclopedia of Ideas.
10289: ADVERTISING. - [Megamimaru?].
9334: ZANZIBAR. UNIVERSITIES MISSION TO CENTRAL AFRICA. - Mambo Ya Chuoni na Kawaida za Mafundisho.
10046: AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY. A.G. WEBSTER & SON, HOBART. - Grain & Manure Drills, Sold by A.G. Webster & Son.
9895: TAKAKU AIGAI. - [Aigai Gafu - cover title; inside: - Bansei Sanbo Gafu].
9813: SUGAR & ALCOHOL. - Report From the Committee on the Distillation of Sugar and Molasses. [Second ... Third ... Fourth Report ... ].
8707: ALCOTT, WILLIAM A. - Essay on the Construction of School-Houses, to which was awarded the prize offered by the American Institute of Instruction, August, 1831.
7966: ALDEN, WINTHROP. - The Lost Million.
7971: ALDRICH, T.B. - The Stillwater Tragedy.
5023: [PLINY]. ALLAIN, EUGENE. - Pline le Jeune et ses Heritiers.
8625: ALLEN, H. WARNER. - Number Three Saint James's Street. A history of Berry's the Wine Merchants.
9820: CHINESE IN AMERICA. - Chinese Immigration. Mr Page from the Committee on Education and Labor, Submitted the following Report ... [with] Mr Wills ... Submitted the Following as the Views of the Minority ...
7739: AMPERE, ANDRÉ-MARIE AND JACQUES BABINET. - Darstellung der Neuen Entdeckungen uber die Electricitat und den Magnetismus von Oerstedt, Arago, Ampere, H. Davy, Biot, Erman, Schweigger, de la Rive u.f.w. .. aus dem Franzsischen.
9134: AMPHLETT, JAMES. - The Newspaper Press, in part of the last century and up to the present period of 1860. The recollections of James Amphlett, who has been styled the father of the press, extending over a period of sixty years in connexion with newspapers, London and the country.
8839: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN. - A Poet's Bazaar. From the Danish ... by Charles Beckwith, Esq.
9098: ANDREW MATHER & CO., HOBART. - Lithograph Poster: Established 1849 A. Mather & Co. Importers and Family Drapers - 95 Liverpool St., Hobart.
8689: ANDREWS, THOMAS. - The Scientific Papers ... with a memoir by P.G. Tait and A. Crum Brown.
9836: ANSTEY, F. [IE THOMAS ANSTEY GUTHRIE]. - A Bayard From Bengal. Being some account of the magnificent and spanking career of Chunder Bindabun Bhosh, Esq. B.A., Cambridge, by Hurry Bungsho Jabberjee, B.A., Calcutta University, ...
9202: PRINTING - PACKAGING. ENNEVER & APPLETON. - A gathering of printed labels and wrappers for Ennever & Appleton, Confectioners of Sydney.
9222: APPLETON, G.W. [GEORGE WEBB]. - The Down Express.
7897: ARAKAWA, HIROKAZU. - The Go Collection of Netsuke - Tokyo National Museum.
8723: NEW YORK ARCHITECTURE. - Competition for the New York Court House MCMXIII. Edited by authority of the Court House Board.
6812: ARCHITECTURE. - Petites Maisons Construites Depuis la Guerre, introduction par S. Gille-Delafon.
6767: ARCHITECTURE. - The Most Wonderful Building in Australia. Will you help to build it?
2286: ARCHITECTURE. - Rudiments of ancient architecture, containing an historical account of the five orders, with their proportions and examples of each from antiques. Third edition, enlarged.
8578: ARCHITECTURE. - The International Competition for the Phoebe Hearst Architectural Plan for the University of California.
10324: ARCHITECTURE. - [Asahi Jutaku Zuanshu : Kensho chusho jutaku 85an].
8843: ARLEN, MICHAEL. - Man's Mortality. A story.
5962: ARMIT, LIEUTENANT R.H. [ROBERT HENRY]. - The Wind in His Circuits; with the explanation of the origin and cause of circular storms and equinoctial gales.
8167: COMMERCIAL ART. - An album or sample book of Japanese packaging, labels, brochures and suchlike.
4528: ASH, EDWIN. - Hypnotism and Suggestion. A practical handbook.
1843: ASHBY, W. ROSS. - Design for a Brain.
1040: ASHWORTH, T.R. & H.P.C. - Proportional Representation Applied to Party Government. A new electoral system.
6529: ASHWORTH, T.R. & H.P.C. - Proportional Government Applied to Party Government. A new electoral system.
3357: ASLANAPA, OKTAY. - Turkish Art and Architecture.
9710: VICTORIA. LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. - Standing Rules and Orders ...
8745: BRIDGES. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION. - Architectural Design of Concrete Bridges. Concrete for permanence.
9854: ASTOR, JOHN JACOB. - A Journey in Other Worlds. A romance of the future.
6723: [SPARTA]. BRITISH SCHOOL AT ATHENS. - Laconia. I. Excavations Near Angelona ...[etc]. [bound with] Excavations at Sparta 1906; [bound with] Excavations at Sparta 1907; [bound with] Excavations at Sparta 1908.
6122: ATHOL, JUSTIN. - How Stalin Knows. The story of the great atomic spy conspiracy.
9422: AUBREY, FRANK [IE FRANCIS HENRY ATKINS]. - A Queen of Atlantis. A romance of the Caribbean Sea.
9413: AUDSLEY, W. & G. [WILLIAM & GEORGE]. - Polychromatic Decoration as Applied to Buildings in the Mediaeval Styles.
7465: [CATALOGUE - ENGRAVED STAMPS]. J. AUGEY, SAINT-CLAUDE. - 1928. Maison Speciale pour tous Articles Graves.
9452: BAWDEN. AUSONIUS. - Patchwork Quilt [translated by Jack Lindsay].
336: TELEVISION. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. - Eighth Annual Report of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board Year Ended 30th June 1956.
10307: CHINESE IN AUSTRALIA. - Chinese Immigration. (Further Correspondence.)
10308: CHINESE IN AUSTRALIA. - Chinese Immigration to Western Australia. (Representation to Imperial Government by Members of Intercolonial Conference in Reference to.) [with] Remonstrance ... against the introduction of Chinese by the Government of Western Australia at the public expense ...
7486: [CATALOGUE - SERVICE STATIONS]. AUTO OMNIA, PARIS. - Catalogue General No. 24 “Service Station”.
10078: EXHIBITION - AUTOMOBILES. - A.P.M.A. Exhibition Sydney Town Hall 10th to 14th November, 1953 ...
10077: CATALOGUE - RADIOS. AWA - Radiola Broadcast Receivers.
8333: WADA AYATA. - [Shiyouindo Soshoku].
4634: AYERS, GWENDOLINE M. - England's First State Hospitals and the Metropolitan Asylums Board 1867-1930.
7868: BABBAGE, CHARLES. - The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. A fragment.
7523: BADHAM, C. DAVID. - Prose Halieutics or Ancient and Modern Fish Tattle.
8617: BAEDEKER, KARL [ED]. - Egypt. Handbook for Travellers. Fourth remodelled edition.
2997: [BENTON]. BAIGELL, MATTHEW. - Thomas Hart Benton.
5866: BAINBRIDGE-HOFF, COMMANDER WM. - Examples, Conclusions, and Maxims of Modern Naval Tactics.
6449: BAINES, THOMAS. - History of the Commerce and Town of Liverpool, and of the rise of manufacturing industry in the adjoining counties.
3412: BAINES, THOMAS. - The Northern Goldfields Diaries of Thomas Baines 1869-1872.
7587: BAKER, RICHARD T. - The Australian Flora in Applied Art. Part I The Waratah.
7900: BAKER, RICHARD.T. - Building and Ornamental Stones of Australia.
7898: BAKER, RICHARD.T. - Cabinet Timbers of Australia.
8696: BALCH, EDWIN SWIFT. - Glacieres or Freezing Caverns.
7273: BALDAQUE DA SILVA, A.A. - Estado Actual das Pescas em Portugal, comprehendeno a pesca maritima, fluvial e lacustre em todo o continente do reigno ..
7772: BALFOUR, FRANCIS M. - A Treatise on Comparative Embryology.
10311: BALLARAT. - A small bundle of Ballarat ephemera from the 1860s.
9972: ISHIKAWA SAVINGS BANK. - [Shinchiku o Hiro].
5159: BARRINGTON, GEORGE. - The History of New South Wales, ..
2895: BARTOLI, COSIMO. - Del Modo di Misurare le Distantie, le superficie, i corpi, le piante, le provincie, le prospettive, & tutte le altre cose terrene, che possono occorrere a gli huomini, secundo le vere regole d'Euclid, & de gli altri piu lodati scrittori.
8490: BASTIAT, FREDERIC. - Harmonies of Political Economy, translated ... with a notice of the life and writings of the author, by Patrick James Stirling.
9742: ROSE BAY PUBLIC BATH. - Lease agreement between the Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners and Millicent Myra O'Keefe for an area fronting Lyne Park in Rose Bay for a poposed public bath.
5459: BATHURST. - Bathurst Guide, embracing particulars descriptive of the Rise and Progress of the City and its Public Institutions .. published by the Bathurst Progress Committee.
9270: BAUM, A.W. - Aus Wundersamen Garten. Zehn Radierungen.
9458: BAWDEN. FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE. - Salammbo.
9486: BAWDEN. - Four issues of The Listener with covers by Edward Bawden. Nos. 1607, 1645, 1704, 1830.
9463: BAWDEN. HEATH, AMBROSE. - Good Food Without Meat.
9466: BAWDEN. AUDEN, W.H. - Mountains.
10207: CHARLES BAYLISS. - Photograph of Pitt Street, Sydney, looking south.
10208: CHARLES BAYLISS. - Photograph of George Street, Sydney, looking south.
2452: BAYNTON, BARBARA. - Bush Studies.
8235: BEALE, LIONEL S. - Life Theories: their influence upon religious thought.
5547: BEAN, ROBERT BENNETT. - The Racial Anatomy of the Philippine Islanders introducing new methods of anthropology .. with a classification of human ears and a scheme for the heredity of anatomical characters in man.
8819: BEERBOHM, MAX. - Rossetti and His Circle.
3089: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN. - Ludwig van Beethovens Samtliche Briefe und Aufzeichnungen. Herausgegeben und erlautert von Fritz Prelinger.
9376: BELL, ERNEST A. ET AL. - Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls or War on the White Slave Trade. [cover title: White Slavery Horrors of the Traffic ...].
423: BELOVE, B., M.D. - The Split Atom Last human pair on earth The whirling of ideas.
7881: BEMBO, PIETRO. - Epistolarum Familiarium, Libri VI. Eiusdem, Leonis X. Pont. Max. Nomine Scriptarum, Lib. XVI.
9329: BENOIT-LEVY, GEORGES. - Extreme Urgence.
8820: BENSON, E.F. - Sheaves.
7180: BENTHAM, JEREMY. - Economic Writings. Critical edition based on his printed works and unprinted manuscripts by W. Stark.
8140: DE BERENGER, LT. COL. BARON [CHARLES RANDOM]. - Helps and Hints How to Protect Life and Property. With instructions in rifle and pistol shooting. &c.
7585: BERENSON, BERNARD. - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance. A list of the principal artists and their works .. Venetian School.
2295: BERGSON, HENRI. - Creative Evolution. Translated by Arthur Mitchell.
9164: BERNARD SHAW. LAURENCE, DAN H. - Bernard Shaw: A Bibliography.
8760: BERRY, EDWARD PAYSON. - Where the Tides Meet.
8994: BEST, ELSDON. - The Maori Canoe. An acount of various types of vessels used by the Maori of New Zealand in former times, with some description of those of the isles of the Pacific ...
7614: BEWICK. HUGO, THOMAS. - The Bewick Collector. A descriptive catalogue of the Works of Thomas and John Bewick; [with] A Supplement to a Descriptive Catalogue of the Works ..
7728: BILLET, [FELIX]. - Traite d'Optique Physique.
8659: BINDING. JOHN GOODWYN, SYDNEY. - A ticketed Sydney bookbinding by Goodwyn on Trusler's 'The Works of William Hogarth; in a series of engravings ...'
6640: BINET, RENE. - Esquisses Decoratives.
1096: BIRD, J. MALCOM [ED].. - Relativity and Gravitation.
5640: BIRDWOOD, GEORGE C.M. - The Industrial Arts of India.
9007: BLACK, ARCHIBALD ET AL. - American Airport Designs - containing 44 prize winning and other drawings from the Lehigh Airports Competition ...
9344: BLACKBIRDING. - Further Correspondence Respecting the Deportation of South Sea Islanders.
2826: BLADES, JAMES. - Percussion Instruments and their History.
7211: BLAKE, WILLIAM. - The Prophetic Writings .. edited with a general introduction, glossorial index of symbols, commentary and appendices by D.J. Sloss .. and J.P.R. Wallis.
7248: [MIES]. BLASER, WERNER. - Mies van der Rohe. Furniture and Interiors.
8432: BLASIUS, WILLIAM [WILHELM]. - Storms: Their Nature, Classification and Laws. With the means of predicting them by their embodiments the clouds.
9792: GARNHAM BLAXCELL. - Indenture made on 20th April 1815 between Garnham Blaxcell and Sir John Jamison leasing large parcels of Sydney to Jamison in receipt of payment of five shillings.
8220: BLIGH, W.G. - Notes on Instruments Best Suited for Engineering Field-Work in India and the Colonies.
7296: BLISS, FREDERICK JONES. - A Mound of Many Cities or Tell El Hesy Excavated.
8605: BLUM, EDGAR C. - In Satan's Realm.
10139: BOLOT, PROF. [JOHN]. - The Original Bolot System of Dancing
9635: ATOM BOMB. - The Effects of the Atomic Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Report of the British Mission to Japan.
427: ATOM BOMB. - America Russia and the Bomb.
435: ATOM BOMB. - The Control of Atomic Energy. Proposals before the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission and unofficial plans.
487: ATOM BOMB. - The United Nations Atomic Energy Commission. An historical survey of the period June 1946 to March 1947.
548: ATOM BOMB. - The International Control of Atomic. Policy at the Crossroads. An informal summary record of the policy developments .. October 15, 1946 to May 17, 1948.
4511: ATOM BOMB. - Home Office. Civil Defence. Manual of Basic Training volume II - Atomic Warfare.
4562: ATOM BOMB. - Australian Army Journal Atomic Digest No.1. [cover title].
7110: ATOM BOMB. - Atomic Energy in Canada 1955.
7097: ATOM BOMB. - Medical Aspects of Nuclear Energy.
6126: ATOM BOMB. - A Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy. Prepared for the Secretary of State's Committee ..
8127: BOMPIANI, SOFIA. - Italian Explorers in Africa.
8393: BOOCK, JOHN C.T. - The inventor's collection of papers and reports relating to his 'Boock Break of Gauge Device'. It includes: Report of the Royal Commission on the Matter of Uniform Rail Gauge. 1921. Uniform Rail Gauge - Statement .. by the Secretary to the Royal Commission.1921. Patent of Boock's 'Improvement in Rail Car Undercarriage ..' accepted March 1936. Manuscript and typescript provisional specifications. Deed of Assignment of Patent. Aust. Official Journal of Patents .. 9th April 1936. Report From the Select Committee on the Advisableness of Constructing Three Railway Trucks to Demonstrate the Practicability of the Boock Railway Break-of-Gauge Device Together with Proceedings .. Minutes of Evidence and Appendices. May 1939. (2 copies and some separate sections which are proofs, all annotated). Proof of the N.S.W. Parliamentary Debates .. Thursday, 1 June 1939, with debate on the device. A couple of leaflets, photo of Boock & one of his wooden model; a quantity of clippings and various correspondence.
10245: TOY BOOK. - The Hearty Old Boy Who Looked Always the Same.
9713: COLOURING BOOK. - Child's colouring or painting book.
7492: BOOTH, ARTHUR JOHN. - The Discovery and Decipherment of the Trilingual Cuneiform Inscriptions.
2432: BOOTHBY, GUY. - The Red Rat's Daughter.
9041: BOOTHBY, GUY. - Pharos the Egyptian.
7350: BOOTHBY, GUY. - The Countess Londa.
7349: BOOTHBY, GUY. - The Kidnapped President.
9221: BOOTHBY, GUY. - Love Made Manifest.
1888: BORN, MAX. - The Constitution of Matter. Modern atomic and electron theories.
1133: BORN, MAX & KUN HUANG. - Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices.
8509: BOSANQUET, BERNARD. - Logic or the Morphology of Knowledge.
5435: [CATALOGUE - BICYCLES]. JOHN P. LOVELL ARMS CO. BOSTON. - Lovell Diamond Cycles. 1894 ..
8412: PAPER. S.D. WARRENS COMPANY BOSTON. - Warren's Paper Buyers Guide. Practical demonstrations on Warren's standard printing papers .. 1919.
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9150: BOUVE, EDWARD T. - Centuries Apart.
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2020: VON BRAUN, WERNER & FREDERICK I. ORDWAY III. - History of Rocketry & Space Travel.
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9094: SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE. - Condition of Tendering, Departmental Specification, and General Conditions for the Proposed Sydney Harbour Bridge.
8308: SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE. - Sydney Harbour Bridge Advisory Board. (Report on Designs and Tenders Submitted In Connection with the Proposed Bridge over Sydney Harbour ...).
7959: SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE. - Sydney Harbour Bridge Official Souvenir & Programme. [with] The Bridge Opened. Illustrated Supplement to Official Souvenir. March 1932.
8891: SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE. - Report From the Select Committee on the Sydney and North Sydney Bridge and Tramway Bill; ... proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence, and appendix.
10321: SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE. - A Symphony in Steel - 100 Photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge ... Arranged as a Flickascope. Flick the pages from back to front SEE IT GROW.
10145: BRIDGES. - Report From the Select Committee on Metropolitan Bridges; together with proceedings of the committee.
7801: BRIDGES. - New South Wales. Railway Bridges Inquiry Commission. Report to the Royal Commission .. to inquire into the stability of certain iron bridges ... together with minutes of evidence, diagrams and appendices.
9178: BROCK, R.W. [IE JOHN ALEXANDER BARR]. - Mihawhenua: the Adventures of a Party of Tourists Amongst a Tribe of Maoris Discovered in Western Otago, New Zealand. Recorded By R. W. Brock, MA, LLB. Edited By R. H. Chapman. (Being a Manuscript Addressed to the Editor, Found Attached to a Maori Kite on Mount Alta ...
9392: BRONSON, CLARK H. - Twice a Man. A psychological romance.
7882: BROOKES, [RICHARD]. - The Art of Angling ... in two parts. I. An account of fish and ponds .. flymaking ... II. The various modes of rock and sea fishing ... a new edition.
7423: BROOKS, C.P. - Cotton. Its uses, varieties, fibre structure, cultivation, and preparation for the market .. manufacture of cotton seed oil .. especial reference to cotton growing, ginning, and oil pressing in the United States.
8852: BROOKS, DETECTIVE JAMES J. - Whiskey Drips. A series of interesting sketches illustrating the operations of the whiskey thieves in their evasion of the law ... to which is added, a circumstantial account of his attempted murder by the Philadelphia Whiskey Ring ... the only authenticated instance of hired assassins in the United States.
9637: BROWN, ERNEST W. - The Inequalities in the Motion of the Moon Due to the Direct Action of the Planets. An essay which obtained the Adams Prize in the University of Cambridge for the year 1907.
7794: BROWN, ERNEST W. - An Introductory Treatise on the Lunar Theory.
8537: BROWN, W. NORMAN. - The Story of Kalaka. Texts, history, legends and miniature paintings of the Svetambara Jain hagiographical work the Kalakacaryakatha.
8139: BROWNE, MONTAGU. - Practical Taxidermy: a manual of instruction to the amateur ... added a chapter upon the pictorial arrangement of museums. Second edition, revised and considerably enlarged.
6713: BRUHN, ADA. - Oltos and early red-figure vase painting.
8292: BUBER, MARTIN. - Die Schriften Uber das Dialogische Prinzip.
2043: BUCHNER, LOUIS. - Force and Matter: Empirico-philosophical studies, intelligibly rendered .. edited by J. Frederick Collingwood.
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1273: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS. - The Mummy. A handbook of Egyptian funerary archaeology. Second edition revised & greatly enlarged.
9385: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS. - The Book of the Dead. The Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum. The Egyptian Text with Interlinear Transliteration and Translation, a Running Translation, Introduction, etc.
10108: BURGOYNE, GEO. AUG. - The Wool Marks Directory of Australia ... an alphabetical classification of wool marks, with the name of owner, station, postal address, and pastoral district in Australia and Tasmania.
9894: BURICH, EVA, MAX DUPAIN &C. - Castlecrag.
6814: [WARREN HASTINGS]. BURKE, EDMUND. - Articles of Charge of High Crimes and Misdemeanors Against Warren Hastings, Esquire Late Governer General of Bengal [with] The Defence of Warren Hastings, Esq .. at the Bar of the House of Commons....
8692: BURLAND, HARRIS. - The Black Motor Car.
8505: BURMAN, PETER OR PIETER. - Vectigalia Populi Romani, et Zeus Kataibates sive Jupiter Fulgerator, in Cyrrhestarum Nummis.
5542: BURN, ROBERT SCOTT. - The New Guide to Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering. Theoretical and practical.
7707: BUTLER, SAMUEL. - Unconscious Memory: a comparison between the theory of Dr. Ewald Hering .. and the 'Philosophy of the Unconscious' of Dr. Edward von Hartmann .. Op 5.
8550: BUXTON, THOMAS FOWELL. - An Inquiry, Whether Crime and Misery are Produced or Prevented, by Our Present System of Prison Discipline. Illustrated by descriptions ... sixth edition.
7546: BUXTON, THOMAS FOWELL. - An Inquiry, Whether Crime and Misery are Produced or Prevented, by Our Present System of Prison Discipline. Illustrated by descriptions ... sixth edition.
6848: CAIRNES, J.E. - Essays in Political Economy. Theoretical and applied.
8826: CALABRELLA, BARONESS DE. - Evenings at Haddon Hall ... with illustrations from designs by George Cattermole.
8293: CALCOTT, WELLINS. - A Candid Disquisition of the Principles and Practices of the Most Antient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons; ...
9708: CALLAHAN, GEORGE W. - Secrets of Ventriloquism and Vocal Illusions. [cover title: Art of Ventriloqism ...]
7973: CAMDEN, JOHN. - The Hundredth Acre [subtitled: A Detective Story on the front cover].
7795: CAMPBELL, NORMAN ROBERT. - Physics, the Elements.
3043: CANBERRA. - Federal Capital Advisory Committee. Construction of Canberra. First General Report.
9873: CANBERRA. - Report Together with Minutes of Evidence and Plans Relating to the Construction of Provisional Administrative Offices at Canberra.
3914: [CHAMPOLLION]. CAPART, JEAN. - Le Centenaire de Dechiffrement des Hieroglyphes par Champollion.
6403: CAREY, W. - Remarks on the State of Agriculture, in the District of Dina'jpur.
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8569: CARLING, JOHN R. - The Weird Picture.
7745: CARMICHAEL, ROBERT D. - The Theory of Relativity.
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9418: CARSWELL, JOHN. - New Julfa. The Armenian Churches and Other Buildings.
9428: CARSWELL, JOHN & C.J.F. DOWSETT. - Kutahya Tiles and Pottery from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem.
7501: CASSAN, A.L. - Recherches Anatomiques et Physiologiques sur les Cas d'Uterus Double et de Superfetation.
8603: CATALOGUE - GRAVESTONES. D.L. KENT & CO. EAST DORSET, VT. - Turned Marble Monuments, Urns, etc.
10251: CATALOGUE - MAGIC. BERNARD'S, MELBOURNE. - Bernard's Quality Magic.
9783: CATALOGUE - CLOTHING. E. ROSENBURGER, NEW YORK CITY. - A Dark Secret is Let Out By [cover title; inside:] The Clothing Specialists of America. E. Rosenburger & Co.
8463: CATALOGUE - SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS. TOWNSON & MERCER, LONDON. - Catalogue of Chemical & Scientific Apparatus, Balances, Graduated Instruments, Pure Chemicals, &c.
9977: CATALOGUE - FURNITURE. INDUSTRIAL ARTS INSTITUTE, TOKYO. - '57 Works of Industrial Arts Institute.
9978: CATALOGUE - HOME CINEMA. PATHESCOPE, SYDNEY. - The Pathescope General Catalogue 1931 [with] Pathescope Home Cinema Film Catalogue.
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8918: CATALOGUE - GARDEN FURNITURE. JOHN P. WHITE, BEDFORD. - A Complete Catalogue of Garden Furniture and Garden Ornament. By John P. White, The Pyghtle Works, Bedford ... Xmas, 1906.
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9112: CATALOGUE - PRINTING. J.L. BONYTHON & CO., ADELAIDE. - The Following Illustrations for the Free Use of Our Customers. J.L. Bonython & Co.
9830: CATALOGUE - HEARSES. MERTS & RIDDLE, RAVENNA, OHIO. - Merts & Riddle, Coach and Hearse Builders.
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9364: CATALOGUE - FASHION. CLEGHORN & HARRIS, CAPE TOWN. - A Journal of Fashions for the Summer Season 1902-3.
8573: CATALOGUE - CAST IRON. A. DURENNE, PARIS &C. - Societe Anonyme des Etablissement Metallurgiques A. Durenne.
8552: CATALOGUE - PHARMACEUTICALS. WEEKS & POTTER, BOSTON. - Revised Catalogue of Foreign and Domestic Drugs, selected powders, fine essential oils, waters and extracts ... wines and liquors, proprietry medicines, druggists shop furniture ... sundries and surgical appliances, sponges, fancy goods, and toilet articles.
9958: CATALOGUE - FARM MACHINERY. WEIR PLOW CO, MONMOUTH ILL. - Plows, Cultivators, Harrows, Three-wheeled Riding, Tongueless, Single and Gang Plows ... etc., etc.
9870: CATALOGUE - CHEESE BOXES. JOSEPH LAMY FILS, BOIS D'AMONT, JURA. - Fabrique de Boites en Bois. Specialite de Boites a Fromages.
8549: CATALOGUE - PHARMACEUTICALS. MCKESSON & ROBBINS, NEW YORK. - Prices Current of Drugs and Druggists' Articles, chemical and pharmaceutical preparations, proprietry medicines & perfumery, sponges, corks, dyes, paints, etc., etc., etc.
9689: CATALOGUE - CLOTHES. CAPITAL & LABOUR CLOTHING ASSOCIATION, LONDON. - The Largest Clothing Manufacturer in the World.
9576: CATLIN, GEORGE. - The Breath of Life or mal-Respiration. and its effects upon enjoyments & life of man. (manu-graph).
9315: JAMES CATNACH. [NOT SO MUCH PIERCE EGAN & GEORGE CRUIKSHANK]. - Life in London: or, The Sprees of Tom and Jerry; attempted in Cuts and Verse. Eighteenth edition.
8757: CAULKINS, DANIEL. - Aerial Navigation. The Best Method.
8616: CESCINSKY, HERBERT. - The Gentle Art of Faking Furniture.
10104: DE CHABRILLAN, CELESTE. - Les Voleurs d'Or.
8701: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W. - The Maids of Paradise. A novel.
8439: CHAMBLESS, EDGAR. - Roadtown.
7543: CHEVALLIER, EDGECUMBE. - The Shipwrecked Mariners; a poem.
9784: CHIARINI'S CIRCUS. - Chiarini's Circus and Menagerie. Complete Congress of Wonders and Marvels.
9889: CHICAGO. - Rand, McNally & Co.'s Pictorial Guide to Chicago ... what to see and how to see it.
10226: UEDA CHIKUO. - [Tefukin Hitoriannai Ryuko Kakyokushu].
9264: CHILDREN'S ABC. - All Aboard ABC.
10154: CHOLERA. - A gathering of five Italian pamphlets on Cholera dating from 1849 to 1884: Intorno al Colera-Morbus Prima Istruzione Popolare ... [and] Regolamento Sovranamenve Approvato per Guarentire le Provincie del Regno dalla Diffusione del Colera Asiatico qualore vi penetrasse ... [and] Pratiche per l'Espurgo dei Luoghi e Degli Oggetti che Hanno Servito a Colerosi [and] Nota ed Avertenze Pratiche del Consiglio Superiore di Sanita ... sulla Colera [and] Istruzioni Pratiche del Consiglio Superiore di Sanita sul Colera.
10119: ASAI CHU. - [Tosei Fuzoku Gojuban Utaawase].
8433: CHUNDER DUTT, SHOSHEE. - Historical Studies and Recreations.
6024: CIPRIANI, GIO. BATT. [GIOVANNI BATTISTA]. - Scelta di Ornati Antichi e Moderni. Disegnati ed incisi ..
8749: CLAPPERTON, GEORGE. - Practical Paper-Making. A manual for paper-makers and owners and managers of paper mills ...
8381: CLARK, COLIN. - The National Income 1924 - 1931.
7541: CLARK, C.H. DOUGLAS. - The Story of the Atomic Bomb. A popular review of the principle discoveries which have led up to its production.
6135: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Interplanetary Flight. An introduction to astronautics.
9655: CLEGG, T.B. [THOMAS BAILEY]. - The Wilderness.
8992: CLIFFORD, FRED. CHUDLEIGH. - New Italy: A brief sketch of a new and thriving colony founded and established by the Italian immigrants who were sufferers by the Marquis De Ray's New Ireland colonization scheme.
7665: M'CLINTOCK, F.L. - The Voyage of the Fox in Arctic Seas. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and his Companions.
5420: CLOCHE, PAUL. - Les Classes, Les Metiers, Le Trafic.
1408: [KELLY]. CLOW, ROBITT JON. - The Cause of Kelly. A complete history of the primitive colonial war between the Kelly family and the police In Blank Verse.
9846: CATALOGUE - MEN'S SUITS. SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. - Made to Order Clothes for Men and Young Men. Spring and Summer 1937.
752: COBBAN, J. MACLAREN. - A Soldier and a Gentleman.
2905: COELLO Y QUESADA, FANCISCO. - La Question des Carolines .. traduit de l'Espagnol par Arthur Williamson Taylor.
6216: [BAYER]. COHEN, ARTHUR A. - Herbert Bayer - The Complete Work.
8477: COLE, E.W. - Hobbies.
8465: COLLIE, SIR JOHN. - Fraud in Medico-Legal Practice.
8602: COLLINS, WILKIE. - The Woman in White.
2569: [FURPHY, JOSEPH; AS] TOM COLLINS - Rigby's Romance. A "Made in Australia" Novel.
8858: COLLINS, WILKIE. - Man and Wife. A novel.
9688: THE COLONIST. - Prospectus of a Weekly Paper, to be Entitled "The Colonist".
8101: COLOUR. - A Grammar of Color. Arrangements of Strathmore Papers in a variety of printed colour combinations according to the Munsell color system ..
6503: COLSON, C. - Notes on Docks and Dock Construction.
10140: COLVILLE, W.J. [WILLIAM JUVENAL]. - The Throne of Eden. A psychical romance.
10286: COLYER, WILLIAM THOMAS & KAGAWA MINOSUKE. - [Sekai no Kyoi Amerikanizumu].
10038: SUPERHERO COMIC. - Bulb Magic!
7507: GREAT BARRIER REEF COMMITTEE. - Reports of the Great Barrier Reef Committee. Vol. I. [.. to Vol.VI., Part 3].
8834: NEW GUINEA. KEYSTONE VIEW COMPANY. - Stereoscope card: Natives of New Guinea in their picturesque sailing craft.
8833: AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES. KEYSTONE VIEW COMPANY. - Stereoscope card: Native Australians Hunting.
8752: BRIDGES. JOHN A. ROEBLING'S SONS COMPANY. - Construction of Parallel Wire Cables for Suspension Bridges.
8266: COMTE, AUGUSTE. - A General View of Positivism. Translated ... by J.H. Bridges.
7310: CONDER, JOSIAH. - A Popular Description of Columbia: geographical, historical and topographical.
8547: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Suspense. A Napoleonic novel.
5813: COOK, FRED C. - City of Hobart Plan.
5909: CORDINER, REV CHARLES. - Remarkable Ruins, and Romantic Prospects, of North Britain. With ancient monuments, and singular subjects of natural history.
8455: CORELLI, MARIE. - The Devil's Motor. A Fantasy.
9603: CORN. [CLAYE, REV WILLIAM]. - A Supplementary Letter to the Right Honorable Lord William Bentinck. Corn Importation, &c.
10004: CORNELL, SOPHIA S. - Cornell's Primary Geography for the Use of Schools. First Edition. [Chigaku Shoho].
4342: CORSON, E.M. - Perturbation Methods in the Quantum Mechanics of n-Electron Systems.
9804: COSTUME. - Ladies' Garments and How to Make Them. A practical treatise on the art of sewing, pressing & other details ... as employed by tailors ... by "Several Experts" ...
8762: COTSWORTH, MOSES B. - The Rational Almanac Tracing the Evolution of Modern Almanacs from Ancient Ideas of Time, and Suggesting Improvements ... 13 months to the year. Holidays and festivals, also weekdays fixed on permanent days ... 180 illustrations explaining the mystery of the pyramids, sphinx, obelisks, druidical circles, mounds, vertical stones, etc.
7014: COWEE, GEORGE ALVIN. - Practical Safety Methods and Devices; Manufacturing and Engineering.
7908: COWEN, RICHARD J. - X-Rays: their employment in cancer and other diseases.
8270: CRAIK, DAVID. - The Practical American Millwright and Miller: ...
9180: CRAWFURD, OSWALD. - The Mystery of Myrtle Cottage.
6901: CRAWFURD, JOHN. - Journal of an Embassy from the Governor General of India to the Court of Ava.
5930: CREUZE, AUGUSTIN F.B. - Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Naval Architecture ..
7430: CRIPPS, GEO. R. - About Furs.
6402: CRISP, JOHN. - An Account of the Inhabitants of the Poggy Islands Lying off Sumatra.
6952: [SALLUST]. C. SALLUSTII CRISPI. - Opera Omnia Quae Extant, interpretatione et notis illustravit Daniel Crispinus, et usum Serenissimi Delphini.
9009: CROMIE, ROBERT. - The Next Crusade.
7922: CROSLAND, NEWTON. - Apparitions; An Essay, Explanatory of Old Facts and a New Theory. To which are added, sketches and adventures.
7670: CROSTHWAITE, P.M. & G.R. REDGRAVE [ED]. - Committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers Appointed to Investigate the Deterioration of Structures of Timber, Metal and Concrete to the Action of Sea-Water.
9095: CROUCH, ARCHER P. - On a Surf-Bound Coast; or, Cable-Laying in the African Tropics.
7751: CUNNINGHAM, E. - The Principle of Relativity.
8262: CURTIS, LEONARD SAMUEL. - The History of Broken Hill - Its Rise and Progress.
10299: DAIKOKUYA KODAYU, NAGAO ISOKICHI. - Illustrations from the Russian accounts of Daikokuya Kodayu and Nagao Isokichi.
3717: DALE, GEORGE. - The Industrial History of Broken Hill.
6008: DANA, JAMES D. - Characteristics of Volcanoes, with contributions of facts and principles from the Hawaiian Islands.
8736: DANBY, FRANK. [IE JULIA FRANKAU]. - Baccarat.
754: DANE, JOHN COLIN. - Champion.
9642: DANIELS, HEBER K. - Dol Shackfield, a novel.
8508: DANTE. TOZER, REV H.F. - An English Commentary on Dante's Divina Commedia.
10180: DARWIN, CHARLES. - La Descendance de l'Homme et la Selection Sexuelle ... traduit ... par J.J. Moulinie. Preface par Carl Vogt.
7552: DARWIN, G.H. - The Tides and Kindred Phenomena in the Solar System.
8453: DAVIES, CHARLES MAURICE. - Heterodox London: or, Phases of Free Thought in the Metropolis.
8475: DAVIES, J. [JOHN]. - The Innkeeper and Butler's Guide, or, a Directory in the Making and Managing of British Wines; together with directions for the managing, colouring and flavouring of foreign wines and spirits, and for making British compounds, peppermint, anniseed, shrub, &c. Sixth edition.
8250: DAVIES, HON. C.E. [CHARLES ELLIS]. - A Trip to Europe.
8596: DAVIES, CHARLES. - A Treatise on Shades and Shadows, and Linear Perspective.
7150: DAVIS, ALEC. - Package and Print. The development of container and label design.
8823: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING. - Van Bibber and Others.
7002: DAVIS, E.J. - Anatolica; or, the journal of a visit to some of the ancient ruined cities of Caria, Phrygia, Lycia, and Pisidia.
5369: DAVIS, J. MERLE. - Modern Industry and the African. An enquiry into the effect of the copper mines of central Africa on native society and the work of christian missionaries ..
8619: DAVISON, RALPH C. - Concrete Pottery and Garden Furniture.
6033: DAVY, HUMPHREY. - Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, in a course of lectures ..
9605: TROUBLEMAKERS. HUDDERSFIELD DECLARATION. - Declaration. We, the undersigned Magistrates and other Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood of Huddersfield, feel ourselves called upon, at this momentous Crisis ...
10162: DEFOE, DANIEL. - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, ... Translated into the New Zealand Language under the direction of the Government. [He Korero Tipuna Pakeha No Mua, Ko Ropitini Kuruho, Tona Ingoa.]
5546: DENNETT, R.E. - Nigerian Studies or the religious and political system of the Yoruba.
9224: JAPANESE DESIGN. - [Kika Monyo - Geometric Patterns].
8166: DESIGN. - An album of designs for textiles and/or paper.
2989: DICK, WILLIAM B. - Dick's Art of Gymnastics .. practical and progressive exercises applicable to all the principle apparatus ..
7947: DICKENS, CHARLES & WILKIE COLLINS. - No Thoroughfare .. being the extra Christmas number of All the Year Round ..;
8618: DOBSON, E.J. - English Pronunciation 1500 - 1700.
4553: O'DONOVAN, W.J. - The Hair. Its Care, Diseases and Treatment.
8419: DORRINGTON, ALBERT. - The Radium Terrors.
9549: DORRINGTON, ALBERT. - The Radium Terrors.
9552: DORRINGTON, ALBERT & A.G. STEPHENS. - The Lady Calphurnia Royal.
8399: DOUBLEDAY, ROMAN. [LILY A. LONG?]. - The Hemlock Avenue Mystery.
7992: DOUGLASS, ARTHUR. - Ostrich Farming in South Africa. Being an account of its origin and rise; how to set about it; the profits .. how to manage the birds .. diseases and difficulties ..
7539: DRAMA. - The Miller and His Men. A drama, in two acts. Written expressly for, and adapted only to Webb's Characters and Scenes.
7217: [NONESUCH] DREYFUS, JOHN. - A History of the Nonesuch Press. With an introduction by Geoffrey Keynes and a descriptive catalogue by David McKitterick, Simon Rendall & John Dreyfus.
7519: DUCHENE, [EMILE AUGUSTE]. - The Mechanics of the Aeroplane. A study of the principles of flight. Translated from the French ...
7779: DUCKWORTH, W.L.H. - Studies From the Anthropological Laboratory the Anatomy School Cambridge.
3893: DUNCAN, SINCLAIR THOMSON. - Journal of a Voyage to Australia by the Cape of Good Hope. Six months in Melbourne and return to England by Cape Horn, including scenes and sayings on sea and land.
6407: DUNCAN, JONATHAN. - Historical Remarks on the Coast of Malabar. With some description of the manners of its inhabitants.
5979: DUSSAUCE, H. - A New and Complete Treatise on the Arts of Tanning, Currying, and Leather-Dressing; ..
4059: DUTT, SUKUMAR. - Buddhist Monks and Monasteries of India. Their history and their contribution to Indian culture.
9071: EARHART, JOHN F. - The Color Printer. A treatise on the use of colors in typographic printing.
8560: EASTLAKE, CHARLES L. - A History of the Gothic Revival. An attempt to show how the taste for mediaeval architecture .. has since been encouraged and developed.
8444: EASTLAKE, CHARLES LOCK. - Materials for a History of Oil Painting.
8126: EASTON, ALEXANDER. - A Practical Treatise on Street or Horse-Power Railways: their location, construction and management; ..
9641: EASTWICK, MRS. EGERTON. - The Rubies of Rajmar or, Mr. Charlecote's Daughters. A romance.
8685: EDDINGTON, SIR A.S. - Fundamental Theory.
8684: EDDINGTON, ARTHUR. - The Relativity Theory of Protons and Electrons.
6536: EDUCATION. - The Australian Journal of Education, conducted by a committee ... under the Council of Education. Volume I.
2504: EDWARDS, RALPH & MARGARET JOURDAIN. - Georgian Cabinet-Makers.
10317: KAWAHARA EIKICHI - [Tokyo Yokahama Hitori Annai]. The Guide to Tokyo and Yokahama [cover title].
9806: IKEDA EISEN [AKA KEISEI EISEN]. - [Shinpan Edo no Hana Gofukuya Sugoroku]
9691: ELDRIDGE, JOHN CHAMBERS. - William Shakespeare ... An Australian Greeting, 23rd April, 1913.
6837: ELECTRICITY. - The Practical Applications of Electricity. A series of lectures delivered at the Institution of Civil Engineers .. 1882-83.
5843: ELLET, CHARLES. - The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers: containing plans for the protection of the Delta from inundation .. improving the navigation of the Ohio and other rivers .. an appendix on the bars at the mouths of the Mississippi.
8100: ELLIOT, GEORGE H. - Report of a Tour of Inspection of European Light-House Establishments, made in 1873.
434: ELLIOTT, R.C. - Sabotage.
1949: ENGINEERING RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, INC. - High-Speed Computing Devices.
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8297: ADVERTISING - FEET. - M. Joel & M. Kock, (from Paris) Corn Operators, by Special Appointment to the Duke de Orleans and Princess Adelaide, Prince Nassau ... most respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry and Public in general, that they eradicate Bunions and Soft Corns from their very roots; ...
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9067: FOWLES, J. - The Sydney Drawing Book, composed of scraps for little hands .. easy shaded studies. No. 1 [ .. No. 2. then it becomes The Elementary Free-Hand Drawing Book .. No. 4; and No. 5]
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9593: FROST, T. [THOMAS]. - The Corsican Brothers; or, The Fatal Duel.
2308: FUERST, WALTER RENE & SAMUEL J. HUME. - XXth Century Stage Decoration.
8896: FULLER. FORCE, ROLAND W. & MARYANNE. - The Fuller Collection of Pacific Artifacts.
7251: CATALOGUE - FURNITURE. - Meubles Modernes.
8125: FURNIVAL, WILLIAM JAMES. - Leadless Decorative Tiles, Faience, and Mosaic .. history, materials, manufacture and use of ornamental flooring tiles, .. recipes for tile-bodies, and for leadless glaze and art-tile enamels.
1936: [WREN]. FURST, VIKTOR. - The Architecture of Sir Christopher Wren.
7920: GALIER, W.H. - A Visit to Blestland.
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6001: GALTON, FRANCIS. - Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development.
9862: PAPER GAME. - Nieuw Stoombootspel.
9669: TRAM GAME. - Tramway Spel.
9663: AVIATION GAME. - Helder's Vlieg-Spel.
9671: MONKEY GAME. - Het Apenspel.
9666: AVIATION GAME. - Pilot.
9668: PAPER GAME. - Het Vermakelijk Harlekijnspel.
7975: GARDENHIRE, SAMUEL M. - The Long Arm.
9287: GARNIER, TONY. - Les Grands Travaux de la Ville de Lyon. Etudes, projets et travaux executes.
7201: GASPAR, CAMILLE. - Le Pontifical de l'Eglise de Sens.
6955: GASPAR, CAMILLE. - The Breviary of the Mayer van den Bergh Museum at Antwerp.
9046: GEDDES, WENDT &C. - The Atomic Age Opens, prepared by the editors of Pocket Books.
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1243: GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD. - On the Tertiary Volcanic Rocks of the British Islands.
4724: GEIKIE, JAMES. - Fragments of Earth Lore. Sketches and addresses geological and geographical.
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4199: GEORGE, HENRY. - Protection or Free Trade. An examination of the tariff question with especial regard to the interests of labour.
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7954: GETTY, ALICE. - The Gods of Northern Buddhism. Their history, iconography and progressive evolution through the northern Buddhist countries.
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5310: [GROPIUS]. GIEDION, S. - Walter Gropius. Work and Teamwork.
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8840: GLASGOW, ELLEN. - The Voice of the People.
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2510: VAN GOGH, VINCENT. - The Complete Letters .. with reproductions of all the drawings ..
9800: GOLDSMITH, JOHN. - An Almanack for the Year of our Lord God, MDCC.XCVIII .... Wherein are Contained Necessary Rules and Useful Tables.
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7199: GOMBRICH, E.H. - Meditations on a Hobby Horse and Other Essays on the Theory of Art.
4633: GOMBRICH, E.H. - New Light on Old Masters. Studies in the art of the renaissance IV.
9579: DEATH. NAOSUKE GONDA. - [Sogishiki Fuzu].
9292: J.G. GOODENOUGH. MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. - Commodore J.G. Goodenough. A Brief Memoir.
4010: GOODHART, JAMES FREDERIC. - On Common Neuroses or the neurotic element in disease and its rational treatment.
9561: GOODRICH, HENRY NEWTON. - Raven Rockstrow: or, the Pedlar's Dream. A romance of Melbourne.
7979: GOOLD, JOSEPH, CHARLES E. BENHAM, RICHARD KERR & L.R. WILBERFORCE. - Harmonic Vibrations and Vibration Figures.
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8846: GOSS, CHARLES FREDERIC. - The Redemption of David Corson.
5324: GOTHEIN, MARIE LUISE. - A History of Garden Art edited by Walter P. Wright.
1804: GOULD, MR & MRS G. GLEN. - Period Lighting Fixtures.
8450: GOULD, NAT. - A Straight Goer.
6210: GRAHAME, STEWART. - Where Socialism Failed. An actual experiment.
6840: GRAY, FRANCIS C. [CALLEY]. - Prison Discipline in America.
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8544: GREEN, ANNA KATHERINE. - The Mayor's Wife.
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8974: GREY. STUART, ALEXANDER. - Sir George Grey: His Friends and Foes. A political satire.
9629: GRIFFITH, GEORGE. - Gambles With Destiny.
9630: GRIFFITH, GEORGE. - The Gold-Finder.
8415: GRIFFITH, GEORGE. - Brothers of the Chain.
4127: GRIFFITHS, ARTHUR. - Memorials of Millbank, and chapters in prison history.
9324: GRIMSHAWE, HELENA. - Trapped by Avarice.
10092: GROPIUS, WALTER. - The New Architecture and the Bauhaus.
7730: GROSSETESTE. CROMBIE, A.C. - Robert Grosseteste and the Origins of Experimental Science 1100 - 1700.
8479: GROWDEN, OLIVER H. - Matthew Redmayne. A New Zealand Romance.
7792: GUERINI, VINCENZO. - A History of Dentistry, from the most ancient times until the end of the eighteenth century.
6841: GUILLEMIN, AMEDEE. - The Applications of Physical Forces. Translated .. by Mrs Norman Lockyer, and edited, with additions and notes by J. Norman Lockyer.
9907: NEW GUINEA. - Sale of Expropriated Properties (First Group) in the Territories of New Guinea and Papua [with ... Second Group ... Third Group ...].
7569: GULL, WILLIAM WITHEY. - A Collection of the Published Writings .. edited and arranged by Theodore Dyke Acland.
6339: GULLICK, THOMAS JOHN & JOHN TIMBS. - Painting Popularly Explained: .. fresco, tempera, encaustic, miniature, oil, mosaic, water-colour, missal, painting on pottery, porcelain, enamel, glass, &c.
10270: SUNDAY CHEWING GUM. - [Sande Chiuingamu].
9261: JAPAN - GYMNASTICS. - [Taiso Kyohan - Manual of Gymnastics].
6831: HACKIN, J. ET AL. - Asiatic Mythology. A detailed description and explanation of the mythologies of all the great nations of Asia.
8294: HADDON, ROBERT J. - Australian Architecture. A technical manual ..
8272: HADDON, KATHLEEN. - Cat's Cradles From Many Lands.
8273: HADDON, ALFRED C. - Evolution in Art: as illustrated in the life-histories of designs.
8564: HAFFNER, JEAN JACQUES. - Compositions de Jardins.
5122: HALL, H.R. - The Civilization of Greece in the Bronze Age (The Rhind Lectures, 1923).
10272: HALL, OWEN. [IE HUGH HART LUSK]. - Eureka.
8384: VON HALLE, ERNST. - Trusts or Industrial Combinations and Coalitions in the United States.
6071: HAMILTON, ROBERT. - An Inquiry Concerning the Rise and Progress, the Redemption and Present State, and Management, of the National Debt of Great Britain. The second edition, enlarged.
7607: HAMMER, WILLIAM J. - Radium, and other Radioactive Substances; Polonium, Actinium, and Thorium, ... properties and applications of Selenium and the treatment of disease by the ultra-violet light.
8864: HANDS, JOSEPH. - Beauty, and the Laws Governing its Development; with suggestions on education, relative to the attainment of beauty.
8202: HANDS, JOSEPH. - Will-Ability; or, Mind and its Varied Conditions and Capacities. A dissertation and explanation of the mystery of Will-Ability, Mind-Energy, or Mental Volition, as exercised in controlling ourselves, or the thoughts, feelings, and acts of others; exemplified, especially as to the latter capabilities, by the faculty of Electro-Biology, or Animal Magnetism, and the Influence of Fascination. Illustrated by facts. Also observations on the consequences effected in us through the quality or dominion of Faith and Belief, or Self-Will Operation, as influenced by the phrenological organ of hope, and called into active being, through the agency of education and persuasion, and other means, as Charms, Spells and Amulets, to which are added essays on Free-Will and Fate, Destiny and Inevitable Necessity.
10024: HIROSHI HARA [?]. - [Minatominato no Ryokigai].
7426: HARADA, JIRO. - The Lessons of Japanese Architecture.
9880: HARBOURS. - A Copy of the Report of the Harbour of Refuge Commission of 1846, on the several modes of construction ... copies of the papers connected therewith.
3406: HARLOW, V.T. - Ralegh's Last Voyage. Being an account drawn out of contemporary letters and relations, both Spanish and English, of which the most part are now for the first time made public, concerning the voyage of Sir Walter Ralegh, knight, to Guiana in the year 1617 and the fatal consequences of the same.
7219: HARROP, DOROTHY A. - A History of the Gregynog Press.
7438: HART, GEORGE. - The Violin: its famous makers and their imitators.
7173: HARTNELL, A.P. - Shop Planning and Design.
6330: HARWELL, T.B. - Select Scraps, incidental with remembrances of past days.
7702: HASKOLL, W. DAVIS. - Railway Construction, Second Series. Also Railways in the East, and generally in high thermometrical regions.
9086: HAWAII. - A photograph album recording a visit to Honolulu, probably in the late forties or very early fifties.
6284: [GRACE]. HAWKE, HARRIS & GORDON [ED]. - The Memorial Biography of Dr. W.G. Grace.
8246: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL. - The Blithedale Romance. [bound with] The Snow-Image, and Other Tales.
7427: HAYWARD, J.F. - Viennese Porcelain of the Du Paquier Period.
8761: HAZELTON, HARRY. - The Trail of Blood. A tale of New York. [bound with] Life Among the Red Indians. An Indian Romance.
1891: HERBERTS, K. - Oriental Lacquer. Art and Technique.
3212: [FEININGER]. HESS, HANS. - Lyonel Feininger.
9223: HIGGINSON, S.J. [SARAH JANE HATFIELD HIGGINSON]. - A Princess of Java. A tale of the far east.
7288: HIGHAM, CHARLES FREDERICK. - Looking Forward. Mass education through publicity.
10224: HIKIFUDA. - [Niimura Shoten ... Shimosuwa Kinoshita ... Wayo Orimonosho ...].
10007: SPECIMEN HIKIFUDA. - A large hikifuda - handbill - or modest poster for Kyoto haberdashery bargain sales.
10184: HIKIFUDA - [Sho kuni-shi-rui seiyo komamono].
10165: HIKIFUDA. - [Natori-gawa Shoyu Hatsubai-Moto].
10277: HIKIFUDA. - Kobe Mesu Gyuniku - Nagahama ote-kin azuma mitsuke - Yamatsuki-ro.
10268: HIKIFUDA. - Specimen hikifuda.
10262: HIKIFUDA. - [Kisha Seki Suiriku Nimotsu Unso Toriatsukaijo].
10269: HIKIFUDA. - Specimen hikifuda.
8538: HILDBURGH, W.L. - Medieval Spanish Enamels and their Relation to the Origin and the Development of Copper Champleve Enamels of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.
1665: HILER, HILAIRE. - From Nudity to Raiment. An Introduction to the Study of Costume.
7909: HILL, JOHN. - The Family Herbal, or an account of all those English plants, which are remarkable for their virtue, and of the drugs which are produced by vegetables of other countries;
7354: HILL, HEADON. [FRANCIS EDWARD GRAINGER]. - The Rajah's Second Wife.
7967: HILL, FREDERICK TREVOR. - The Accomplice.
7442: HILL, HEADON. [FRANCIS EDWARD GRAINGER]. - The Jesmond Mystery.
9532: HILL, HEADON. - The Hour-Glass Mystery.
5747: WALPOLE & STRAWBERRY HILL. - A Catalogue of the Classic Contents of Strawberry Hill collected by Horace Walpole.
9941: HILLCOAT, CAPTAIN C.H. [CHARLES HENRY]. - Ida Hall or a Mystery of the Suez Canal.
750: HIND, LEWIS. - The Enchanted Stone.
9604: HINGSTON, JOHN. - To the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliament assembled, The humble Petition of the Labouring Poor of Great Britain, sheweth, ...
8970: TE RANGI HIROA (P.H. BUCK). - The Material Culture of the Cook Islands (Aitutaki).
8971: TE RANGI HIROA (P.H. BUCK). - The Evolution of Maori Clothing.
8388: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL. - German Renaissance Architecture.
1920: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL. - Rococo Architecture in Southern Germany.
1970: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL. - German Rococo: The Zimmermann Brothers.
7921: HOAR, ALLEN. - The Submarine Torpedo Boat. Its characteristics and development.
7276: [CATALOGUE - PRINTS]. HODGSON & GRAVES, LONDON. - Catalogue of Engravings, after the finest pictures of the schools of Europe; systematically arranged .. index to the subjects .. a list of works in progress, or recently completed: forming part of the stock of Hodgson and Graves.
5552: HODSON, T.C. - The Meitheis.
5384: HOLDSWORTH, [EDWARD]. - Remarks and Dissertations on Virgil; with some other classical observations; .. with several notes, and additional remarks, by Mr Spence.
2133: HOLLAND, SIR HENRY. - Essays on Scientific and Other Subjects ..
8239: HOLME, CHARLES [ED]. - Colour Photography and other recent developments of the art of the camera.
8080: HOLME, CHARLES [ED]. - Modern Design in Jewellery and Fans.
8445: HOLYOAKE, MANFRED. - The Conservation of Pictures.
7763: HOMER. LORIMER, H.L. - Homer and the Monuments.
9808: HOMOEOPATHY. - The Medical Telephone: containing hints on the preservation of health. Notes on nursing ... Plain directions for treating diseases. Ambulance lectures ...
8855: HOPE, ANTHONY. - Mrs. Maxon Protests.
5153: HOPKINS, FRANCIS R.C. - Souvenir of the Dramatic Works. Printed for private circulation only.
8581: HOPKINS, HENRY POWELL. - Sources of Memorial Ornamentation.
9554: HORNUNG, E.W. [ERNEST WILLIAM]. - Irralie's Bushranger. A story of Australian adventure.
8765: HORNUNG, E.W. [ERNEST WILLIAM]. - Mr. Justice Raffles.
8347: HORNUNG, E.W. [ERNEST WILLIAM]. - A Thief in the Night. Further adventures of A.J. Raffles cricketer and cracksman.
9534: HORNUNG, E.W. [ERNEST WILLIAM]. - The Camera Fiend.
7359: HORNUNG, E.W. [ERNEST WILLIAM]. - Witching Hill.
8788: HORNUNG, E.W. [ERNEST WILLIAM]. - Stingaree.
7460: HOSPITALS. - Rigshospitalet i Kjobenhavn.
9282: HOTELS. - Hotel Victoria, Northumberland Avenue, Charing Cross, London.
8155: HOTELS. - The Stevens. The World's Greatest Hotel. Chicago.
8563: HOWARD, THOMAS. - On the Loss of the Teeth; and on the best means of restoring them.
8626: MELLOR MEIGS & HOWE. - A Monograph of the Works of Mellor Meigs & Howe.
8409: HOWE, E.W. - The Mystery of the Locks.
5355: HOWLEY, JAMES P. - The Beothucks or Red Indians. The aboriginal inhabitants of Newfoundland.
8691: HOYLAND, JOHN. - A Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, & Present State of the Gypsies; designed to develope the origin of this singular people, and to promote the amelioration of their condition.
7961: HULME, F. EDWARD. - Suggestions in Floral Design.
261: HULTEN, K.G. PONTUS. - The Machine as seen at the end of the mechanical age.
9582: HUMBER, WILLIAM. - A Complete Treatise on Cast and Wrought Iron Bridges ... illustrated by numerous examples, drawn to a large scale. Third edition ... revised and considerably enlarged.
9564: HUME, FERGUS. - The Millionaire Mystery.
9559: HUME, FERGUS. - The Mystery Queen.
9557: HUME, FERGUS. - The Crimson Cryptogram. A Detective Story.
8766: HUME, FERGUS. - Hagar of the Pawn-Shop.
9562: HUME, FERGUS. - The Jew's House.
10283: HUME, FERGUS. - The Dwarf's Chamber.
9530: HUME, FERGUS. - The Pagan's Cup.
8631: HUME, FERGUS. - The Rainbow Feather.
9326: HUME, FERGUS. - Red Money.
7952: HUME, FERGUS. - A Knight of the Road. A Romance.
9627: HUME, FERGUS. - A Creature of the Night. An Italian enigma.
9416: HUNT, T.F. [THOMAS FREDERICK]. - Half A Dozen Hints on Picturesque Domestic Architecture in a Series of Designs for Gate Lodges, Gamekeeper's Cottages, and other Rural Residences.
9417: HUNT, T.F. [THOMAS FREDERICK]. - Designs for Parsonage Houses, Alms Houses, Etc with Examples of Gables, and Other Curious Remains of Old English Architecture.
7828: HUNT, ROBERT. - Researches on Light in its Chemical Relations; embracing a consideration of all the photographic processes.
8601: HUNTER, A. [ALEXANDER] - Georgical Essays.
4990: HUNTER, MONICA. - Reaction to Conquest. Effects of contact with Europeans on the Pondo of South Africa.
9430: HUNTER, W.W. [WILLIAM WILSON]. - The Imperial Gazetteer of India.
10205: HUSKISSON, W. [WILLIAM]. - Shipping Interest. Speech of the Right Hon. W. Huskisson in the House of Commons ...
3588: HUTCHINSON, R.W. - Television Up-to Date.
2025: HYMAN, WILLIAM A. - Magna Carta of Space.
6788: INGERSOLL, ERNEST. - The Crest of the Continent a record of a summer's ramble in the rocky mountains and beyond.
2620: INIGO JONES. PALME, PER. - Triumph of Peace. A study of the Whitehall Banqueting House.
8878: INIGO JONES. WARE, ISAAC. - Designs of Inigo Jones and Others.
9525: IRIBE, PAUL &C. - L'Assiette au Beurre. No. Hors Series. La Foire aux Croutes.
9524: IRIBE, PAUL. - L'Assiette au Beurre. Esthetes! No.108.
9419: IRIBE &C. - La Baionnette. Volume 4. Nouvelle Serie. No.40 [... to No.52].
9999: ISE. - [Isesangu Meisho An'nai no Zu].
9606: MASAKATA ISHIBASHI. - [Eigosen].
9632: LORD HOWE ISLAND. - [Lord Howe Island. Its zoology, geology, and physical characteristics].
9755: JAPANESE ISRAELITES. - The Mystery of Japan. A startling French theory. ("St. James Budget").
8176: IZIKOWITZ, KARL GUSTAV. - Musical and Other Sound Instruments of the South American Indians. A comparative ethnographical study.
8613: JACKSON, WILFRID S. - Nine Points of the Law.
8286: JACOBS, THOMAS JEFFERSON. - Scenes, Incidents, and Adventures in the Pacific Ocean, or the islands of the Australasian seas, during the cruise of the clipper Margaret Oakley, under Capt. Benjamin Morrell. Clearing up the mystery which has heretofore surrounded this famous expedition .. full account of the exploration of the Bidera, Papua, Banda, Mindoro, Sooloo, and China Seas .. the inhabitants of the islands .. and a description of vast regions never before visited by civilized man.
7863: JAGARA. - Frederick Engels, Lewis Morgan and the Australian Aborigine.
8170: JALOVEC, KAREL. - Encyclopedia of Violin Makers.
5916: JANIN, JULES. - The American in Paris: or Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1843.
4925: JANOSSY, L. - Cosmic Rays.
8069: JAPAN. - [Gendai Ryoki Sentan Zukan - more or less: Illustrations of the bizarre in the contemporary avant-garde].
9788: KUROFUNE KAWARABAN. PERRY AND THE BLACK SHIPS IN JAPAN. - Kawaraban or illustrated news sheet titled [Amerika sengo jinbutsu seimei-roku - Details of the people from the American ships].
9789: KUROFUNE KAWARABAN. PERRY AND THE BLACK SHIPS IN JAPAN. - Kawaraban or illustrated news sheet of a sumo wrestler defeating three American sailors while American and Japanese onlookers laugh and clap.
6993: JAPAN. - [Ichikawake Hiden Kumadori zukan - ie Drawings of Kumadori Secrets of the Ichikawa Family].
9898: PHOTOGRAPHY - JAPAN. - Portraits from photographs scrupulously hand painted to impersonate lithographs.
2397: JAQUET, EUGENE & ALFRED CHAPUIS. - Technique and History of the Swiss Watch from its beginnings ...
5960: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - The Life of the Fields.
8729: JENKS, GEORGE C. & CARLYLE MOORE. - Stop Thief!
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4344: JEVONS, W. - Report on Band-Spectra of Diatomic Molecules.
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4710: JOHNSTON, JOHN. - The Australian Handbook of Meat Inspection.
9412: JONES, OWEN. - The Grammar of Ornament ... illustrated by examples ...
4379: JONES, ERNEST. - Essays in Applied Psycho-Analysis.
4493: JONES, FREDERIC WOOD. - The Mammals of South Australia.
1280: JONES, FREDERICK WOOD & STANLEY D. PORTEUS. - The Matrix of the Mind.
4613: JONES, ERNEST. - Treatment of the Neuroses.
6401: JONES, WILLIAM. - On the Introduction of Arabic into Persian.
4483: JORDAN, DAVID STARR & EVERMANN, BARTON WARREN. - American Game and Food Fishes. A popular account of all the species found in America north of the equator, with keys for ready identification, life histories and methods of capture.
2503: JOURDAIN, MARGARET. - English Interior Decoration 1500 to 1830.
2608: JOURDAIN, M. - English Decorative Plasterwork of the Renaissance.
6310: JULIAN, H. FORBES & EDGAR SMART. - Cyaniding Gold and Silver Ores. A practical treatise ..
6519: JUNOD, HENRI A. - La Tribu et la Langue Thonga, avec quelques echantillons du Folklore Thonga.
9566: JUNOR, CHARLES. - Dead Men's Tales.
10197: HIKIFUDA. TSUMURA JUNTENDO. - [Chujo Yu - Herupu].
8996: KAGAWA, GENTEKI [OR GEN'YU OR SHIKEI]. - [San Ron Yoku or Sanron Yoku depending on the transcriber].
10120: SHOCHIKU REVUE - SHOCHIKU SHOGO KAGEKI. - [Gakugeki]. Shochiku Review [English subtitle for two issues].
9611: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Zokuzoku Sekai Shobai Orai].
9638: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Zokuhen Sekai Shobai Orai].
9653: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Zokuzoku Sekai Shobai Orai].
9672: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Sekai Shobai Orai - literally World Trade Traffic].
9260: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Sekai Shobai Orai - literally World Trade Traffic].
9996: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Dai Nihon Kunizukushi - Eiji Santai].
9255: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Sekai Shobai Orai - literally World Trade Traffic].
9169: HASHIZUME KAN'ICHI. - [Sekai Shobai Orai Hoi].
8519: KANBAN. LEVY, DANA. - Kanban. Shop Signs of Japan.
10287: IEHARA MASANORI & SHIOZU KANICHIRO. - [Gakko Hitsuyo - Irozu Mondo].
9395: KANT, IMMANUEL. - Metaphysical Works of the celebrated Immanuel Kant, translated from the German, with a Sketch of his Life and Writings, by John Richardson ... Containing 1. Logic. 2. Prolegomena to Future Metaphysics. 3. Enquiry into the Proofs for the Existence of God, and into the Theodicy, now first published.
8149: KANT. CHAMBERLAIN, HOUSTON STEWART. - Immanuel Kant - a study and a comparison with Goethe, Leonardo da Vinci, Bruno, Plato and Descartes.
3100: KARP, THEODORE. - The Polyphony of Saint Martial and Santiago de Compostela.
5902: KAUTSKY, KARL. - Die Klassengegensatze von 1789, zum hundertjahrigen gedenktag der grotzen revolution.
8822: KEIRO. [CHARLES YATES STEPHENSON]. - Practical Palmistry ... together with treatises on clairvoyance and psychometry.
10151: KELLY, HUGH. - The Romance of An Hour, a comedy of two acts, as it is performed, with universal applause, at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden.
8130: KEMP, DIXON. - Yacht Designing: a treatise on the practical applications of the scientific principles ... illustrated with numerous drawings of celebrated yachts.
8649: KENDRICK, JOHN B. - History of the Wallingford Disaster.
5923: KENNEDY, WILLIAM [ED]. - The Continental Annual, and Romantic Cabinet, for 1832. With illustrations by Samuel Prout.
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9626: KERNAHAN, COULSON. - Captain Shannon.
9891: KERRY, CHARLES. - Picturesque Tumut. [cover title of a photograph album].
8615: KESTEL, R.W.O. - Radiant Energy, a Working Power in the Mechanism of the Universe.
7989: [JOHANNES VAN DEN BOSCH]. DE KEVERBERG, [CHARLES JOSEPH], BARON. - De la Colonie de Frederiks-Oord, et des Moyns ... traduction d'un manuscript u General-Major van den Bosch ... avec une preface.
5761: [HARVEY]. KEYNES, GEOFFREY. - The Life of William Harvey.
9305: YAMANAKA KICHIROBE. - [Moyo Hinagata Naniwa No Ume].
5709: KIDD, B.J. - A History of the Church to A.D.461.
3465: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN - Johannes Climacus or, De Omnibus Dubitandum Est and A Sermon.
9194: HENRY KINDER. - A Complete Report of the Examination in the Alleged Murder Case of the Late Henry Kinder, with all the correspondence, the diary, and four photographs.
4418: [BEARDSLEY]. KING, A.W. - An Aubrey Beardsley Lecture .. introduction and notes by R.A. Walker and some unpublished letters & drawings.
4587: KINGSBURY, GEO C. - The Practice of Hypnotic Suggestion: ... handbook for the ... medical profession.
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9877: KOCH, MATHIAS. - Vorschlage zur Erzielung grosserer Sicherung vor Feuersgefahr vorzuglich auf dem Lande durch umfassende Benutzung von chemischen, technischen und anderen zweckdienlichen Hulfsmitteln.
10211: KAWARASAKI (OR KAWARAZAKI) KODO. - [Hana Shishu (7)].
10020: DYE COLOURS. KOHIYAMA H. (?). - An album of annotated dyed fabric swatches with the binding title, "Dyed Pattern - The Higher Technical School of Tokyo - H. Kohiyama."
1957: KOHLMAIER, GEORG AND SARTORY, BARNA VON. - Houses of Glass. A Nineteenth-Century Building Type.
8664: KOHN, FERDINAND. - Iron and Steel Manufacture. ... iron and steel in the Paris Exhibition of 1867; ... the state and progress of the manufacture during ... 1867 & 1868 ... descriptions of many of the principal iron and steel works in Great Britain, the continent of Europe, and the United States.
9280: THE RAJAH OF KOLHAPOOR. - Diary of the Late Rajah of Kolhapoor, during his visit to Europe in 1870. Edited by Capt. Edward W. West.
9930: FURUYA KORIN. - [Take Zukushi].
10253: KRASNOV, PYOTR NIKOLAYEVICH, OKI ATSUO & ONCHI KOSHIRO. - [Soto no Washi Yori Akahata e].
7189: KRAUS, KARL. - Die Dritte Walpurgisnacht.
9985: BAIDO KUNIMASA [UTAGAWA KUNIMASA IV]. - [Meiji Kiken Kagami].
7336: KUPPORD, SKELTON [SIR JOHN ADAMS]. - A Fortune from the Sky.
10055: TEA LABEL. - Smile Extra Choicest Spring Leaf Japan Tea.
10221: WINE LABELS. - Album of specimen wine labels titled on the cover: 'Album G - Enveloppes Sachets Etiquettes-Dennison' with the initials G.M.C. under a coat of arms.
9435: LABOUREUR. CAREW, THOMAS. - A Rapture ... with engravings by J.E. Laboureur.
10176: LAFITTE, J.P. [JEAN BAPTISTE PIERRE]. - The Red Doctor. Translated from the French ... by Huon d'Aramis.
10320: LANG, JOHN. - Botany Bay.
10246: LANGE, OTTO. - Dekorationsmalereien fur das Burgerhaus.
8226: LANGLEY, SAMUEL PIERPONT AND CHARLES M. MANLY. - Langley Memoir on Mechanical Flight.
5715: LARCOMBE, J. - Notes on the Political History of the Labour Movement in Queensland.
344: LARNER, E.T. - Practical Television with a foreword by John L. Baird.
10103: LAURENCE, Z. - Perspective Simplified; second edition, containing a new "preliminary chapter," ... with an additional plate.
9758: LAW, FREDERICK HOUK. - The Heart of Sindhra. A novel.
8098: LAWRY, REV. WALTER. - Friendly and Feejee Islands: a missionary visit ... [with] A Second Missionary Visit to the Friendly and Feejee Islands ..
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1541: LAWSON, WILL. - Pacific Steamers.
7299: LAWSON, CAPTAIN J.A. - Wanderings in New Guinea.
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2563: LEACROFT, RICHARD. - The Development of the English Playhouse.
9013: LEE, HENRY. - The White Whale.
8360: LEES, FREDERIC RICHARD. - An Argument Legal and Historical for the Legislative Prohibition of the Liquor Traffic:
6996: LEFFINGWELL, ALSOP. - The Mystery of Bar Harbor. A melo-dramatic romance of France and Mt. Desert.
8542: LEGRAND, EDY. - Voyages Glorieuses Decouvertes des Grands Navigateurs & Explorateurs Francais.
8561: LEIGH, EVAN. - The Science of Modern Cotton Spinning: embracing mill architecture; machinery for cotton ginning, opening ... preparing and spinning, with all the latest improvements; also articles on steam and water power ... gearing and American system of belting compared ... boiler explosions, &c; ...
5560: LEONARD, MAJOR ARTHUR GLYN. - The Lower Niger and its Tribes.
4872: LEPLASTRIER, CLAUDE. - “Willoughby's Fifty Years”. A retrospect of the jubilee period of the Council of the Municipality of Willoughby for the years 1865-1915.
7591: [WALCKENAER, CHARLES ATHANASE]. ACADEMIE ROYALE DES INSCRIPTIONS ET BELLES-LETTRES. - Rapports sur les Recherches Geographiques, Historiques, Archaeologiques, a entreprendre dans l'Afrique Septentrionale.
8730: LEWIS, ALFRED HENRY. - Confessions of a Detective.
8241: LIEBIG, JUSTUS. - Researches on the Motion of the Juices in the Animal Body. Edited from the manuscript of the author, by William Gregory.
876: CATALOGUE - GUNS. FS DUMOULIN & CIE. LIEGE. - Catalogue. Fabrique d'Armes.
10201: JAMES P. LIND. - A pair of photographs of a Melbourne house and garden taken when new and sometime later.
4241: LINDEMANN, F.A. - The Physical Significance of the Quantum Theory.
9183: LINDEN, ANNIE. - Gold. A Dutch-Indian Story for English People.
4536: LINDSAY, ROBERT. - An Essay on Malaria and its Consequences.
6887: LIOT, W.B. - Panama, Nicaragua, and Tehuantepec; or, considerations upon the question of communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
9974: LIPS, JULIUS E. - The Savage Hits Back or the White Man Through Native Eyes.
7950: LISTER, JOSEPH, BARON. - The Collected Papers .. .
7855: LITTLE, JAMES BROOKE. - The Law of Burial: including all the burial acts and official regulations, with notes and cases.
8731: LIVINGSTON, ROBERT R. - Essay on Sheep: their varieties - account of the Merinoes of Spain, France &c. Reflections on the best method of rearing them, and raising a flock in the United States; together with miscellaneous remarks on sheep and woollen manufactures.
4563: LOCK. TURNER, VIOLET E. - The “Good Fella Missus”.
5992: LOCK, C.G. WARNFORD [ED]. - Tobacco: Growing, Curing, & Manufacturing. A handbook for planters in all parts of the world.
7736: LOCKYER, NORMAN. - The Sun's Place in Nature.
6005: LOCKYER, J. NORMAN. - Contributions to Solar Physics.
9126: LODGE, OLIVER J. - Signalling Across Space Without Wires. Being a description of Hertz & his successors. Third edition (second issue) with additional remarks ...
9577: SHOP POSTERS. SAMUEL REEVES LTD. LONDON. - Ten printed posters for shops, teashops, etc.
9867: [PAINT]. THOS. PARSONS & SONS LTD. LONDON. - A Tint Book Of Historical Colours. Suitable For Decorative Work. [cover title; the title page merely reads "Historical Colours"].
8442: [PETERS]. LONG, W. ARNOLD. - Bobbie Peters A Chosen Vessel. A story of a deformed half-caste aboriginal native worker, who was made meet for the master's use.
5450: LORIMER, JAMES. - Studies National and International. Being occasional lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh 1864-1889.
8585: LOUDON, J.C. - An Encyclopaedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and Furniture; .. a new edition;
8750: LOUGHEED, VICTOR. - Vehicles of the Air. A popular exposition with working drawings.
10326: LOW, R. BRUCE - Reports and Papers on Bubonic Plague, ... progress and diffusion of plague throughout the world, 1898-1901 ... measures employed in different countries for repression of this disease.
10102: ART TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD. - The New Era in Commercial Art.
9975: MADAME WEIGEL PTY LTD. - Cosies - afghans, cushions, gloves, wool novelties. Series No. 1.
5318: [CATALOGUE - SILVERPLATE]. ELLIS & CO. (B'HAM) LTD. - Silverplate [cover title].
8354: LUCAS, DR T.P. [THOMAS PENNINGTON]. - Cries From Fiji and Sighings From the South Seas. 'Crush out the British Slave Trade' ... a review of the social, political, and religious relations of the Fijians .. policy of the English Government .. white settlers; the labour traffic.
7356: LYNCH, LAWRENCE [E. MURDOCH VAN DEVENTER]. - Against Odds. A detective story.
8398: LYNCH, LAWRENCE L. [EMMA MURDOCH VAN DEVENTER?]. - The New Detective Story. The Diamond Coterie.
4215: LYTLE, H.W. & DILLON, JOHN. - From Dance Hall to White Slavery. The World's Greatest Tragedy.
9555: MACDONALD, REV. J. MIDDLETON. - Thunderbolt. An Australian Story.
4679: MACKINTOSH. HOWARTH, THOMAS. - Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Modern Movement.
6202: MAFFEI, [SCIPIONE]. - A Compleat History of the Ancient Amphitheatres. More peculiarly regarding the architecture of those buildings, and in particular that of Verona ... made English ... by Alexander Gordon.
7466: [CATALOGUE - FASHION]. MAISON DU PETIT SAINT-THOMAS, PARIS. - Maison du Petit St Thomas. Saison d'Hiver 1879 - 1880.
8651: MAKOWER, WALTER. - The Radioactive Substances, their properties and behaviour.
5117: MALLOWAN, M.E.L. - Nimrud and its Remains.
6510: MANLY. - Official Jubilee Souvenir to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of .. Municipality of Manly 1877 - 1927.
8117: JOHN EDYE MANNING. - Copies or Extracts of Correspondence relative to the Default of Mr. Manning, late Registrar of the Supreme Court of New South Wales; ..
9229: MANSON, MARSDEN. - The Yellow Peril in Action. A possible chapter in history.
6999: MARCHMONT, A.W. - Parson Thring's Secret.
10239: ADVERTISING - LOTUS MARGARINE. - Lotus Margarine. Fine de Table. Recettes de Cuisine.
2907: [HEDIN]. DE MARGERIE, EMMANUEL. - L'Oeuvre de Sven Hedin et L'Orographie du Tibet.
8366: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. - Peruvian Bark. A popular account of the introduction of Chinchona cultivation into British India. 1860-1880.
10107: REAL ESTATE SUBDIVISION - COOGEE - MAROUBRA. - Colonna Point Estate - Coogee close to Maroubra - Saturday 24th September 1910 ... Richardson & Wrench Ltd ...
9394: MARSH, RICHARD. - Mrs. Musgrave and Her Husband.
8420: MARSH, RICHARD. - The Datchet Diamonds.
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9103: MARTIN, ADRIAN J. - History of Westernport and the Establishment of Flinders Naval Depot.
9348: MARTIN, CHARLES. - Sous les Pots de Fleurs. Recueil de dessins a la plume accompagnes de prose rythmee composes au front. 1914 - 1917. Preface de MacOrlan.
3563: MARTIN, E. & J.P. MAYGRIER. - Atlas of Gynaecology and Obstetrics .. explanatory text translated and edited with additions by Wm. A. Rothacker.
7605: MARTIN, JOHN. - An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean. With an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr. William Mariner.
3173: MASTERS, DEXTER & KATHARINE WAY [ED]. - One World or None.
8978: MASTERS, JOHN. - Nightrunners of Bengal.
8498: MASURY, JOHN W. - How Shall We Paint Our Houses? A Popular Treatise on House-Painting: Plain and Decorative.
6868: MATTHEWS, R. BORLASE. - The Aviation Pocket-Book for 1916.
8650: MATTHEWS, W.H. - Mazes and Labyrinths. A general account of their history and developments.
9011: MAUNDER, E. WALTER. - The Indian Eclipse 1898. Report of the expeditions organized by the British Astronomical Association to observe the solar eclipse of 1898, January 22.
8268: MAUNSELL, R. - Grammar of the New Zealand Language. Second edition.
9592: MAUPAS, CH. [CHARLES]. & WILLIAM AUFEILD. - A French Grammar and Syntaxe, Contayning most Exact and certaine Rules ... of the French Language. Translated into English, with many Additions and Explications, peculiarly usefull to us English ... by W.A.
7984: MAXWELL, JOSEPH RENNER. - The Negro Question or, hints for the physical improvement of the negro race, with special reference to West Africa.
7206: MCCULLOCH, J.R. - The Principles of Political Economy: with a sketch of the rise and progress of the science.
7362: MCCUTCHEON, GEORGE BARR. - Anderson Crow Detective.
9205: MCGLOIN, FRANK. - Norodom, King of Cambodia. A romance of the east.
8867: MCGOVAN [OR M'GOVAN], JAMES. [IE WILLIAM CRAWFORD HONEYMAN]. - Strange Clues: or, Chronicles of a City Detective.
10106: MCINNIS, R.A. - Plan of General Development for the City of Mackay.
8047: MCLEVY [M'LEVY], JAMES [AND ALFRED CROWQUILL]. - Romances of Crime; or, The Disclosures of a Detective.
3459: MEAD, MARGARET. - Kinship in the Admiralty Islands.
6856: MEDICINE. - Nostrums and Quackery. Articles on the nostrum evil and quackery reprinted, with additions and modifications, from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
4608: MILITARY MEDICINE. - War Wounds and Air Raid Casualties. Articles republished from the British Medical Journal.
6515: [BYRON]. MEDWIN, THOMAS. - Journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron. Noted during a residence with his lordship at Pisa .. 1821 and 1822.
749: MEGRUE, ROI COOPER. - Undercover .. novelised by Wyndham Martyn.
6493: TOWN PLANNING - MELBOURNE. - Special Report of the Metropolitan Town Planning Commission. On the Development of the Area Served by the Darling to Glen-Waverly Railway ... 1927.
10181: CATALOGUE - BEDS. A.F. MELENDES. - Album No. 5 1923. Lits Fer & Cuivre & Cuivre.
10098: HIKIFUDA MENU. - [Banzai Binran].
2781: MEREDITH, GEORGE. - The Tale of Chloe - The House on the Beach - The Case of General Ople and Lady Camper.
8609: [CAMERON, JOHN?]. WULLA MERRII. - The Fire Stick: Incidents in the shearer's strike. A tale of bush life.
9643: MERRITT, HENRY. - Dirt and Pictures Separated in the Work of the Old Masters.
7470: [CATALOGUE - METAL WARE]. METAFA, STRASSBURG. - Metallwarefabrik Schiltigheim. Katalog Nr.40.
6000: MICHIE, CHRISTOPHER YOUNG. - The Larch: a practical treatise on its culture and general management.
10115: MUNEAKI MIHARA. - [Jizai Kyoikuho Kuzai]. The Teaching by Pictures the Way of Impraving Freely am Easely the Natural Constitution of Man [sic].
9732: MUNEAKI MIHARA. - [Jizai Kyoikuho Kuzai]. The Teaching by Pictures the Way of Impraving Freely am Easely the Natural Constitution of Man [sic].
6569: MILL, JOHN STUART. - A System of Logic Ratiocinative and Inductive ..
8782: MITCHELL, S. WEIR. - The Guillotine Club and other stories.
5455: MITCHELL, SIR T.L. - The Australian Geography, with the shores of the Pacific and those of the Indian Ocean .. to which is added an appendix, containing a correct Account of the Recent Gold Discovery ..
8589: MITCHELL, J.A. - The Last American. A fragment from the journal of Khan-Li, Prince of Dimph-yoo-chur and Admiral in the Persian Navy.
7371: MITFORD, BERTRAM - The Sign of the Spider. An episode.
9598: MITFORD, C. GUISE. - The Paxton Plot.
9137: HASEGAWA MITSUNOBU. - [Tobae Fudebyoshi].
8026: MOHOLY-NAGY. MOHOLY-NAGY, SIBYL. - moholy-nagy - experiment in totality ... with an introduction by walter gropius.
7481: [CARAVAGGIO]. MOIR, ALFRED. - Caravaggio and His Copyists.
1102: MOLL, ALBERT. - Hypnotism.
9893: MONTGOMERY, A. - Geological Notes in and Around Launceston.
767: MOORE, JOHN. - Mordaunt. Sketches of life, characters and manners in various countries; including the memoirs of a lady of quality.
9045: MOORE-BENTLEY, MRS M.A. - An Original Hypothesis of the Origin of Life.
6448: [TIEPOLO]. MORASSI, ANTONIO. - A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings of G.B. Tiepolo, including pictures by his pupils and followers wrongly attributed to him.
6380: MORE, HANNAH. - Moral Sketches of Prevailing Opinions and Manners, foreign and domestic; .. sixth edition.
8244: MORESBY, JOHN. - Discoveries & Surveys in New Guinea and the d'Entrecasteaux Islands. A cruise in Polynesia and visits to the pearl-shelling stations in Torres Straits ...
10163: MORESBY, JOHN. - Autograph letter to the commander, officers and ship's company of H.M.S. Moresby.
9779: MORETTE, EDGAR. - The Sturgis Wager. A detective story.
7661: MORRIS, E.P. - The Fore-and-Aft Rig in America, a sketch.
8832: MORRISON, R.J. [RICHARD JAMES]. - The New Principia: or, True System of Astronomy. In which the earth is proved to be the stationary centre of the solar system, and the sun is shewn to be only 365,006.5 miles from the earth. Second edition.
7512: MOSELEY, SYDNEY A. & H.J. BARTON CHAPPLE. - Television To-Day and To-Morrow with a foreword by John L. Baird.
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952: MUNRO, H.H. ("SAKI"). - Beasts and Super-Beasts.
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9768: MURPHY, G. [GEORGE] READ. - Beyond the Ice. Being a story of the newly discovered region round the north pole. Edited from Dr. Frank Farleigh's diary.
5451: MURPHY, JOHN. - A Treatise on the Art of Weaving, with calculations and tables for .. manufacturers. Eleventh edition.
3655: MUSGRAVE, CLIFFORD. - Adam and Hepplewhite and Other Neo-Classical Furniture.
3656: MUSGRAVE, CLIFFORD. - Regency Furniture 1800 - 1830.
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1762: NASA - Space The New Frontier.
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1518: NEEDHAM, LU, COMBRIDGE & MAJOR. - The Hall of Heavenly Records. Korean astronomical instruments and clocks 1380-1780.
7768: NERNST, WALTER [WALTHER]. - Theoretical Chemistry from the Standpoint of Avogrado's Rule & Thermodynamics. Translated by Charles Skeele Palmer.
8700: NETTLETON, CHARLES. - Views of Melbourne [binding title of an album of photographs].
7104: NETTO, C. & G. WAGENER. - Japanischer Humor.
9912: NEURATH, OTTO. - Modern Man in the Making.
9345: NEWCOMB, JOSIAH TURNER. - A Fight for a Throne.
8702: NEWKIRK, NEWTON. - Stealthy Steve, The Six-Eyed Sleuth. His Quest of the Big Blue Diamond. A Satirical Detective Story.
9556: NEWLAND, SIMPSON. - Blood Tracks of the Bush.
8089: NEWTON, ISAAC. - The Correspondence of Isaac Newton edited by H.W. Turnbull [& others].
5456: NICHOLS, GEORGE ROBERT. - The Administration of the Justice Acts ... protection of justices acts ... duties ... in the colony of New South Wales ... explanatory and practical notes ...
9771: NICHOLSON, ADMIRAL SIR DOUGLAS ROMILLY LOTHIAN. - ANS to a Mrs Gibbs dated 22nd November 1922 on HMS Courageous notepaper.
7888: NICHOLSON, PETER. - The Student's Instructor in Drawing and Working the Five Orders of Architecture. Fifth edition, considerably augmented and improved.
6412: NICHOLSON, CHARLES A. & HUBERT C. CORLETTE. - Modern Church Building.
10279: CATALOGUE - WINE. ESTABLISSEMENTS NICOLAS. - Liste des Grands Vins Fins 1935.
10281: CATALOGUE - WINE. ESTABLISSEMENTS NICOLAS. - Liste des Grands Vins Fins 1936.
10280: CATALOGUE - WINE. ESTABLISSEMENTS NICOLAS. - Liste des Grands Vins Fins 1932.
9565: NISBET, HUME. - The Swampers. A romance of the Westralian goldfields.
9426: NISBET, ALEXANDER. - An Essay on the Ancient and Modern Use of Armories; Shewing Their Origin, Definition, and Division of them into their several Species ...
9116: NISBET, HUME. - The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom; a yarn of the Papuan Gulf.
7949: NISBET, HUME. - A Dream of Freedom, romance of South America.
7238: NISHIMURA, SHINJI. - The Manashi-Katama or Meshless Basket.
7239: NISHIMURA, SHINJI. - The Kame-no-se or Turtle Shell.
6754: NOLAN, JAMES. - Satellite Evolution. The evident scope of tidal friction the meaning of Saturn's rings.
7599: NORDAU, MAX [SIMON SUDFELD]. - Degeneration.
8559: NORITANE, NINAGAWA. - [Kanko Zusetsu]. Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu. Notice historique et descriptive sur les arts et industries Japonais .. art ceramique.
4445: NORTH, A.J. - Descriptive Catalogue of the Nests & Eggs of Birds Found Breeding in Australia and Tasmania.
8504: NORTON, JOHN BRUCE. - A Letter to Robert Lowe ... on the Condition and Requirements of the Presidency of Madras.
9014: NOSHIGAMI - . - A sample book of Noshigami - special paper for gifts - from the Kakuya Dyeing Workshop, Tokyo.
9015: NOSHIGAMI - . - A sample book of Noshigami - special paper for gifts - from the Kadoya Dyeing Workshop, Tokyo.
9751: GOVERNMENT NOTICES. - Broadside of government notices dated between April 15th and 24th, 1829.
1405: OIL. - Petroleum. (Correspondence, &c., Respecting Existence of, in New South Wales.)
9675: OKAMOTO, K.S. [KONSEKI]. - Ancient and Modern Various Usages of Tokio Japan. .
8980: OLIPHANT, E.H.C. [ERNEST HENRY CLARK]. - Germany and Good Faith. A study of the history of the Prussian royal family.
9882: OPERA. - A collection of 23 19th century opera librettos (or libretti if you like) mostly published in Australia.
8591: L'ORANGE, H.P. - Studies on the Iconography of Cosmic Kingship in the Ancient World.
6491: ORNAMENT. - Biedermeier-Zierat.
9822: TAKEO TAKEI & OTHERS - [Kansatsu ehon - Kinda bukku - boku kei].
10288: NAKATA SHUNZO & OTHERS. - [Hyojun Shogyo Bijutsu].
924: OUIDA. - Pipistrello and Other Stories.
9539: JAPANESE ILLUSTRATION. HANAI OUME? - Set of proof wood engraved illustrations for a Japanese serial story.
9393: OUTCAULT, R.F. [RICHARD FELTON]. - Buster Brown's Antics.
6326: OVID. MEAGHER, J.A.. - The Art of Love translated by J.A. Meagher.
8999: OWEN, W.F.W. - Tables of Latitudes, Longitudes by Chronometer, of Places in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans; principally on the west and east coast of Africa, the coasts of Arabia, Madagascar .. from observations of H.M.S. Leven and Barracouta in .. 1820 to 1826 .. to which is prefixed, An Essay on the Management and Use of Chronometers, by Richard Owen.
7234: PAIN, BARRY. - Playthings and Parodies.
6839: PALMER, WILLIAM. - Egyptian Chronicles, with a harmony of sacred and Egyptian chronology, and an appendix of Babylonian and Assyrian antiquities.
6322: PANAMA CANAL. C.P. GRAY, MAPMAKER. - Gray's Aero View of the Panama Canal.
9545: PAPER TOY. JOHN SANDS, SYDNEY. - The Spanish Galleon.
9701: PARABLE, GREGORY. (?) - Communism Fights Religion. New and revised edition.
7461: [CATALOGUE - FASHION]. GRANDS MAGASINS DU PRINTEMPS. PARIS. - Saison d'Ete 1870. Grands Magasins du Printemps. Exposition Publique et Grande Mise en Vente des plus belle nouveautes de la saison. Catalogue des articles les plus remarquables .. 1870.
8328: CATALOGUE - FASHION. RIBBY. PARIS. - Ribby 1923 - 1924.
7462: CATALOGUE - FASHION &C.. GRANDS MAGASINS DE LA PAIX. PARIS. - Catalogue des Grands Magasins de la Paix. Premier Maison du Monde. Saison d'Hiver 1871-1872.
7312: [CATALOGUE - WIRE FENCES]. PARKER, WINDER & ACHURCH LTD, BIRMINGHAM. - Three items, being a catalogue of “Empire” Woven Wire Fence; a smaller brochure for the “Empire” Fence; and a leaflet with two actual samples of wire.
8965: PARRAMATTA. - Parramatta and District Historical Society. Journal and Proceedings (with notes). Vol. I to Vol IV. [all published].
7791: PARSONS, J. HERBERT. - An Introduction to Colour Vision.
10327: PARSONS, H. FRANKLIN. - Report on Isolation Hospitals.
7781: PARTINGTON, J.R. - A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder.
9234: PHOTOGRAPH - HUNTING PARTY. - A photograph of a group of colonial hunters.
3607: PATON, G.P. - Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides.
5443: PATTERSON, R. HOGARTH. - The New Golden Age and the Influence of Precious Metals Upon the World.
7155: PAULHAN, F. - The Laws of Feeling. Translated by C. K. Ogden
9333: PALACE OF PEACE. - International Competition of the Carnegie Foundation. The Palace of Peace at The Hague. The 6 premiated and 40 other designs chosen by the society of architecture ...
6973: PEARSON, W.W. - For India.
8953: PEEL, GERALD. - Two Worlds in Europe, the old and the new. An eyewitness account.
1241: PEIRCE, BENJAMIN. - Ideality and the Physical Sciences.
6572: PEIRCE, BENJAMIN OSGOOD. - A collection of 20 mathematical and physical papers.

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