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8740: PEMBERTON, MAX. - Doctor Xavier.
5586: PENN, W.A. - The Soverane Herbe. A history of tobacco.
2571: PERCIER, C. & P.F.L. FONTAINE. - Recueil de Decorations Interieures, comprenant tout ce qui a rapport a l'ameublement.
8468: [FRANCES PERRY]. PERRY, RICHARD. - Contributions to an Amateur Magazine in Prose and Verse.
8090: PETTIGREW, J. BELL. - Animal Locomotion or, Walking, Swimming, and Flying, with a dissertation on aeronautics.
8638: PETZENDORFER, LUDWIG. - Schriften Atlas. Eine sammlung der wichtigsten schreib- und druckschriften aus alter und neuer zeit, nebst initialen, monogrammen, wappen, landesfarben und heraldischen motiven, fur die praktischen zwecke des kunstgewerbes.
9246: PETZENDORFER, LUDWIG. - Schriftenatlas. Neue Folge. Eine sammlung von alphabeten, initialen und monogrammen.
7101: [WERKBUND]. PFLEIDERER, WOLFGANG [ED]. - Die Form Ohne Ornament. Werkbundaustellung 1924.
9335: NEW YORK. HUMPHREY PHELPS. - The Great Metropolis. Phelp's New York City Guide ...
7604: PHILBY, H. ST J. - The Empty Quarter, being a description of the Great South Desert of Arabia known as Rub' al Khali.
8607: PHILIPS, F.C - A Question of Color.
8956: PHILLIPS, GILBERT E. - Studies in Experimental Education. No.1. The standardisation of tests of general ability for Australian children. Part 1. The 'Opposites' test.
5631: PHILLIPS, PHILIP. - The Forth Bridge In its various stages of construction and compared with the most notable bridges of the world.
9982: LYSAGHT PHOTOGRAPH. - Lysaghts Works Pty. Limited, Newcastle. Free of Lost-Time Accidents ... Mr. Glen's Group.
7428: PICKERING, ARTHUR J. - The Cradle and Home of the Hosiery Trade.
7965: PIDGIN, CHARLES FELTON. - The Chronicles of Quincy Adams Sawyer, Detective.
2416: PIGGOTT, SIR FRANCIS. - Studies in the Decorative Art of Japan.
2913: PIGGOTT, SIR FRANCIS. - Studies in the Decorative Art of Japan.
9294: PLANAS, D. EUSEBIO. - Historia de Una Mujer.
10291: CARS & PLANES. - [Kisha to Hikoki].
9354: LONDON PLANS. - Report from the Select Committee on Metropolitan Communications; together with the proceedings ... minutes of evidence, and appendix.
9543: LONDON PLANS. - Report from the Select Committee ... on Railway Schemes (Metropolis); together with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence, and an appendix.
9355: LONDON PLANS. - Metropolitan Railway Commission. Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Commissioners Appointed to Investigate the Various Projects for Establishing Railway Termini Within, or in the Immediate Vicinity of, the Metropolis. [and] Maps, Plans, and Sections of Metropolitan Railways and Termini ...
6504: DU-PLAT-TAYLOR, F.M. - The Design, Construction and Maintenance of Docks, Wharves & Piers ... second edition revised and enlarged.
10240: PLOYER, OTOKAR. - Views, elevations and plans for the Remislavsky-Stome villa and studio in Prague, along with drawings and plans for a 'California Weekender'.
8152: POIREL, M. [LEOPOLD-VICTOR]. - Memoire sur les Travaux a la Mer, comprenant l'historique des ouvrages executes au Port d'Alger ...
8847: POLAND, HENRY. - Fur-Bearing Animals in Nature and in Commerce.
6884: POLLOK, LIEUT.-COLONEL [FITZWILLIAM]. - Sport in British Burmah, Assam, and the Cassyah and Jyntiah Hills.
3453: POMPIDOU. - Paris Paris 1937 1957 creations en france.
1348: POOLE, AUSTIN LANE [ED]. - Medieval England. A new edition rewritten and revised.
8973: POPE, JAMES H. - Health for the Maori: a manual for use in native schools. [with] Te Ora Mo te Maori: he pukapuka mo nga kura Maori.
4221: POPE, JAMES H. - The State: The Rudiments of New Zealand Sociology for the Use of Beginners.
9427: PORNY, MARK ANTHONY. - The Elements of Heraldry. Containing, a clear definition, and concise historical account of that ancient, useful, and entertaining science ... annexed a dictionary of the technical terms made use of in heraldry.
7472: PORTER, LUTHER H. - Cycling for Health and Pleasure. Edited, for the use of English readers, by Frank W. Shorland.
9983: PORTER, HAL. - Short Stories.
10008: SMOCA TOOTHPOWDER POSTER. - [Tabako Nomi no Hamigaki Sumoka].
10005: FIRE SAFETY POSTER. - [Hifuse - Chichibu Shobogume].
10292: FILM POSTER. - Original art for a poster for the silent movie Kago no Tori.
10264: POSTER. - [Nori no tomo - sen'i no horumon].
8771: POTTER, BEATRIX [NOT BY]. - Peter Rabbit and His Pa.
3535: POUCHET, GEORGES. - The Plurality of the Human Race: translated and edited ... by Hugh J.C. Beavan.
6067: POUND, EZRA. - Exultations.
8927: POWER, F. DANVERS. - Receptacles for Valuable Mineral Deposits.
7231: POWICKE, F.M. - King Henry III and the Lord Edward. The community of the realm in the thirteenth century.
8849: PRADT, M. DE . [DOMINIQUE GEORGES FREDERIC]. - Les Trois Ages des Colonies, ou de leur etat passe, present et a venir.
9568: PRATT, AMBROSE. - The Counterstroke.
9567: PRATT, AMBROSE. - Vigorous Daunt: Billionaire.
9130: PRATT, AMBROSE. - The Living Mummy.
8793: PRELOOKER, JAAKOFF. - Russian Flashlights. With a biographical sketch of the author ...
6006: PRESTWICH, JOSEPH. - Geology. Chemical, physical, and stratigraphical.
8714: PRIDEAUX, T. SYME. - Dishonesty Exposed. Report on Experiments Made on Board H.M.S. 'Imperieuse' in June 1856, with Prideaux's Self-Closing Furnace-Valve-Door, and the Common Door.
8665: PRIP-MOLLER, J. - Chinese Buddhist Monasteries. Their plan and its function as a setting for Buddhist monastic life.
8666: PRIP-MOLLER, J. - Chinese Buddhist Monasteries. Their plan and its function as a setting for Buddhist monastic life. [with] Kina For Og Nu.
8485: PRISONS. - Report with Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Board of Inquiry Appointed to Inquire Into the General Management of the Gaols, Penal Establishments, and Lockups of the Colony of Queensland.
8148: PRITCHETT, R.T. - Smokiana, Historical & Ethnographical.
8597: PROCTOR, RICHARD A. - Chance and Luck: a discussion of the laws of luck, coincidences, wagers, lotteries, and the fallacies of gambling; with notes on poker and martingales.
10322: PUBLIC HEALTH, QUARANTINE & SANITATION. - A collection of sixteen reports on vaccination, quarantine, disease and sanitation in Sydney.
7815: [CATALOGUE - CAST-IRON HOLLOW WARE]. E. PUGH & CO., WEDNESBURY. - [Illustrated Price List of Cast-Iron Hollow-Ware - E. Pugh & Co.].
1151: PULVER, JEFFREY. - A Biographical Dictionary of Old English Music.
2910: JAVANESE PUPPETS. - Darah Baratah. Verzameling van hoofdpersonen uit de Wajang Poerwa.
10229: RUSSIAN SHIP. PUTYATIN. - A Bunkindo woodcut of a supposedly Russian ship.
4193: [GANDHI]. PYARELAL. - The Epic Fast.
9388: VAN DER PYL, R. [REINIER VAN DER PIJL]. - [Igirisu Kaiwahen] Conversation of English Language; for those, who begin to learn the English. Third edition.
1372: QUATREFAGES, A. DE. - The Pygmies.
8951: QUEENSLAND. - Socialism at Work. How the Queensland Government succeeded in profitably establishing state ventures where the needs of the people ...
9414: QUENIOUX, GASTON. - Elements de Composition Decorative. Cent themes de decoration plane.
8844: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM. - The Money-Spider.
8128: QUONG TART, MRS. [MARGARET]. - The Life of Quong Tart: or, how a foreigner succeeded in a British community.
8533: RABY, F.J.E. - A History of Christian-Latin Poetry from the Beginnings to the Close of the Middle Ages.
10002: LONDON - MELBOURNE AIR RACE. - Nederlands Succes. Melbourne Race.
9599: RADCLIFFE, ANN. - The Italian, or, The Confessional of the Black Penitents. A romance.
9752: WINDSOR RAILWAY. - Report of the Select Committee on Extension of Railway to Windsor; ... proceedings ... minutes of evidence, and appendix.
9819: RAILWAYS. - Woods' Continuous Automatic Brake. [Two reports].
4473: RAILWAYS. - Victoria. Report of the Select Committee .. Upon Railways; together with the proceedings .. minutes of evidence and appendices.
4474: RAILWAYS. - Victoria. Report of Andrew Clarke, .. Surveyor General, upon Railways; with appendices.
6714: RAMSAY, WILLIAM M. - Asianic Elements in Greek Civilisation.
7550: RASHDALL, HASTINGS. - The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages. A new edition in three volumes edited by F.M. Powicke and A.B. Emden.
8758: RAY, FREDERICK A. - The Devil Worshipper.
6836: REED, SIR EDWARD J. - Japan: its history, traditions, and religions. With the narrative of a visit in 1879.
7663: REID, WILLIAM. - The Progress of the Development of the Law of Storms, and of the Variable Winds, with the practical application of the subject to navigation.
8769: O'REILLY, JOHN BOYLE. - Moondyne: A Story from the Underworld.
7983: REISNER, G.A. [GEORGE ANDREW]. - Models of Ships and Boats.
9092: REISNER, G.A. [GEORGE ANDREW]. - Models of Ships and Boats.
9278: ADVERTISING. HUDSON'S HOUSEHOLD REMOVALS. - Hudson's Household Removals. Fire Proof Depositories.
7278: VAN REVESTEYN, IR.S. - De Sierkunst op Nederlandsche Passagiersschepen.
3455: REYNOLDS. NORTHCOTE, JAMES. - Memoirs of Joshua Reynolds, .. comprising original anecdotes .. a brief analysis of his discourses .. to which are added varieties on art.
5587: RICE, STANLEY P. - Occasional Essays on Native South Indian Life.
8635: RICHARDSON, BENJAMIN WARD. - Hygeia a City of Health.
2854: RIDDELL, ROBERT. - The Carpenter and Joiner, Stairbuilder and Hand-Railer.
5635: RIGAUD, STEPHEN PETER. - Account of Some Early Proposals for Steam Navigation.
3516: RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS. - The Circular Staircase.
9106: RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS. - The Window at the White Cat.
10306: CHINESE IN AUSTRALIA - THE LAMBING FLAT RIOTS. - Lambing Flat. (Petition from Certain Inhabitants of Sydney RespectingAlleged Maltreatment of the Chinese.) [with] Lambing Flat. (Petition from Hu Foo, Kylong, and Other Chinamen.) [with] Lambing Flat. (Report from Gold Commissioner on Petition of Su San Sing Doh.)
6334: RITTER, HUBERT. - Der Krankenhausbau der Gegenwart.
9818: MURRAY RIVER. - Report of the Royal Commission ... to examine into and report upon the best means of Clearing the River Murray, etc.
10206: ROBERTS, MORLEY. - The Adventure of the Broad Arrow. An Australian romance.
8099: ROBERTS, HELEN H. - Ancient Hawaiian Music.
9569: ROBERTSON, ANDREW. - The Kidnapped Squatter and other Australian stories.
6463: ROBERTSON, J.M. [JOHN MACKINNON]. - A History of Freethought in the Nineteenth Century.
9262: RODGERS, H.J. - Twenty-Three Years Under a Sky-light, or Life and Experiences of a Photographer.
9909: ROGERS, BEN. [IE ROGER PUGH?]. - The Vengeance of the Tong.
8786: ROLLINS JR., WILLIAM. - Midnight Treasure.
6191: ROORDA, T. - Proeve van Javaansche Poezie uit het Javaansche Heldendicht de Brata-Joeda, of de Strijd der Barathas; een voorlezing.
7870: ROS, AMANDA M. - Fumes of Formation.
8748: ROSE, JOSHUA. - Modern Machine-Shop Practice. [with] Modern Machine-Shop Practice Supplement. Containing all the revisions and additions to be found in the second edition ...
9928: ROSENKRANTZ, BARON PALLE. - The Magistrate's Own Case.
5824: ROSS, LLOYD AND ALEX MCLAGAN. - From the Martyrs to the Masses. Pages in the history of trade unionism.
8406: DE ROUGEMONT, LOUIS. [HENRI GRIEN]. - The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont as told by himself.
2750: RUBIN, WILLIAM S. - Dada and Surrealist Art.
8513: RUSSELL, J. SCOTT. - The Modern System of Naval Architecture.
4129: RUSSELL, BERTRAND. - Free Thought and Official Propaganda.
9190: RUSSELL, W. CLARK. - The Romance of a Transport.
6372: RUTHERFORD, E. - Radio-Activity.
1764: RYAN, CORNELIUS [ED]. - Conquest of the Moon.
10193: SUGOROKU. KAWABATA RYUSHI. - [Shonen Mirai Ryoko Sugoroku].
10318: KAWABATA RYUSHI - [Nijuyon Toki Katei].
10310: SAARINEN, ELIEL. - Munksnas-Haga och Stor-Helsingfors - Stadsplansstudier och forslag.
10075: OTA SABURO. - Asagiri.
10314: SUGOROKU. OTA SABURO. - [Sekai Isshu Kyoso Sugoroku].
5357: SAMAROW, GREGOR. [IE OSKAR MEDING]. - For Sceptre and Crown. A romance of the present time. Translated from the German ..
10294: YOSHIMOTO SANPEI. - [Isoppu Sugoroku].
9959: WADA SANZO. - Wood Block Hand Prints - Japanese Life and Customs - A set of six pictures by Sanzo Wada. [aka , Showa Occupations or Japanese Vocations in Pictures].
10273: WADA SANZO. - [Shikimei Sokan].
7161: SARTON. MONTAGU, M.F. ASHLEY. - Studies and Essays in the History of Science and Learning offered in homage to George Sarton ...
3636: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL. - Existentialism and Humanism. Translation ... by Philip Mairet.
10312: ONO SASEO. - [Iya Ze Wa - Hon Maitta].
7936: SATTERLEE, MARION P. - A Detailed Account of the Massacre by the Dakota Indians of Minnesota in 1862.
9540: SAVILE, FRANK. - Beyond the Great South Wall - being some surprising details of the voyage of the S.Y. Racoon.
5620: SCAMMON, CHARLES M. - The Marine Mammals of the North-Western Coast of North America, described and illustrated; .. with an account of the American Whale-Fishery.
1707: SNOWY MOUNTAINS SCHEME. - Report of the Snowy River Investigation Committee on the Utilization of the Waters of the Snowy River 1944.
8203: SCHIMMELPENNINCK, MARY ANNE. - Theory on the Classification of Beauty and Deformity, and their correspondence with physiognomic expression, exemplified in various works of art, and natural objects ...
4299: SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF. GROHMANN, WILL. - Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
6514: SCHUYLER, JAMES DIX. - Reservoirs for Irrigation, Water-Power, and Domestic Water Supply .. various types of dams .. methods and plans of their construction.
1007: SCOTT, H.H. - A Monograph of Nototherium Tasmanicum.
5917: SCOTT, WALTER. - The Border Antiquities of England and Scotland .. architecture and sculpture, and other vestiges of former ages ..
9573: GEORGE VIVIAN AND FAMILY SCRAPBOOK. - Scrapbook compiled by members of the Vivian family throughout the 19th century.
10159: SECESSION. - A New State. Proposed Separation of Northern New South Wales. A statement ... by the committee appointed at a public meeting held in Grafton, in January, 1915.
5328: SEELEY, J.R. - The Growth of British Policy. An Historical Essay.
5316: SELBIE, W.B. - The Psychology of Religion.
10012: SELBORNE, JOHN. - The Thousand Secrets.
337: TELEVISION. THE SENATE. - Report from the Select Committee on the Encouragement of Australian Productions for Television.
338: TELEVISION. THE SENATE. - Report from the Select Committee on the Encouragement of Australian Productions for Television. Part I. - Report.
10187: SENJAFUDA. - A printer's sample album of woodcut senjafuda and nosatsu.
8587: SERVISS, GARRETT P. - A Columbus of Space.
2258: [PRINGLE-PATTISON] SETH, ANDREW. - The Development from Kant to Hegel with chapters on the philosophy of religion.
7970: SEVERY, MELVIN L. - The Darrow Enigma.
8662: SHAKESPEARE. RUSDEN, G.W. [GEORGE WILLIAM]. - William Shakespeare; his life, his works, and his teaching.
8634: SHALER, ROBERT. - The Boy Scouts for City Improvement.
8910: SHARP, L. HEY. - More Talk on Economics.
7567: SHAW, EYRE M. - Fire Protection. A complete manual of the organization, machinery, discipline, and general working, of the fire brigade of London.
8094: SHAW, SIMEON. - The Chemistry of the Several Natural and Artificial Heterogenous Compounds, Used in Manufacturing Porcelain, Glass, and Pottery.
6549: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD. - A Letter from George Bernard Shaw to J.C. Williamson. Prefatory note by Walter Stone.
9952: SHCHERBAKOV, D.I. - . [Sovremennaia Antarktika i Zadachi ee Izucheniia].
9993: SHEHADI, B. [BESHARA]. - The Confession of Pontius Pilate. First written, as alleged, in Latin by Fabricius Albinus, a playmate of Pilate; translated into Arabic ... and rendered into English ... by B. Shehadi, ... now of Sydney, N.S.W.
8698: SHIEL, MP. - The Rajah's Sapphire.
5988: SHIELD, WILLIAM. - Principles and Practice of Harbour Construction.
9762: SHIP'S NEWSPAPER. - The Sorata Scorcher Vol. 1 No. 2. October 10(?) 1883.
8223: SHIPS. - R.M.S. Queen Mary. A Noble Tribute to the Imagination of Man ...
9826: YUKAWA SHODO. - War Nurse from the series [Kinko Fuzoku Hyaku Bijin - 100 Beauties Past and Present].
10032: SHOGAKUSEI ZENSHU. DEFOE, DANIEL. - [Robinson Hyoryuki].
10031: SHOGAKUSEI ZENSHU. AMUNDSEN, ROALD. - [Kyokuchi Tankenki].
10112: HIKIFUDA. BENKYO SHOTEN? - [Wayo Zakka Keorimono-rui]. Hikifuda - or handbill - for a sale of Japanese and western wool textiles.
9772: YANAGAWA SHUNSAN. - [Seiyo Tokei Benran].
4530: SIDIS, BORIS. - The Foundations of Normal and Abnormal Psychology.
6838: SIEMENS, C. WILLIAM. - On the Conservation of Solar Energy. A collection of papers and discussions.
10315: SIGIURA HISUI, TAKEO TAKEI, TAKESHI KIMATA &C. - [Wagako no Rekishi].
9944: KYOTO SILK. - A collection of 48 and a half large sample books of Kyoto silk from the twenties and thirties.
4654: SIMMONDS, P[ETER].L[UND]. - The Animal Food Resources of the Different Nations, with mention of some of the special dainties of various people ..
1908: SIMON, OLIVER AND RODENBERG, JULIUS. - Printing of To-Day. An illustrated survey of post-war typography in Europe and the United States. With a general introduction by Aldous Huxley.
7162: SINGER. UNDERWOOD, E. ASHWORTH [ED]. - Science Medicine and History. Essays on the evolution of scientific thought and medical practice written in honour of Charles Singer.
7988: SLADEN, DOUGLAS. - The First Duke of Cornwall.
9782: SLADEN, DOUGLAS. - Fair Inez. A romance of Australia.
9759: SLADEN, DOUGLAS. - Fair Inez. A romance of Australia.
9856: SLAVERY. [GILBERT FRANCKLYN?]. - A Very New Pamphlet Indeed! Being the Truth addressed to the people at large. Containing some strictures on the English Jacobins ... respecting the Slave Trade.
4519: SLEVIN, JOSEPH R. - The Amphibians of Western North America. An account of the species known to inhabit California, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Sonora and lower California.
8417: SMEATON, OLIPHANT. - A Mystery of the Pacific.
9230: SMEATON, JOHN. - A Narrative of the Building and a Description of the Construction of the Edystone Lighthouse With Stone: ... an appendix, giving some account of the lighthouse on the Spurn Point, built upon a sand.
9594: SMITH, J.F. [JOHN FREDERICK]. - Minnigrey. A romance.
9228: SMITH, JAMES & JOHN WREN SUTTON. - The Secret of the Sphinx or, the Ring of Moses.
7880: SMITH, [ARTHUR] BRUCE. - Liberty and Liberalism. A protest against the growing tendency toward undue interference by the state, with individual liberty, private enterprise and the rights of property.
7549: SMITH, G. ELLIOT. - The Evolution of the Dragon.
7532: [EXHIBITION - MELBOURNE 1888-9]. SMITH, R. BURDETT. - Report by ... Executive Commissioner for the Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, 1889; with appendices and views of the New South Wales Court.
494: SMYTH, HENRY DE WOLF. - Atomic Energy for Military Purposes. The official report ...
439: SMYTH, H.D. - A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the United States Government 1940-1945.
489: SMYTH, H.D. - A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the United States Government 1940-1945 ..
496: SMYTH, HENRY DE WOLF. - Atomic Energy for Military Purposes.
3394: SMYTHE, F.S. - Over Tyrolese Hills.
3400: SMYTHE, F.S. - Climbs and Ski Runs. Mountaineering and Ski-ing in the Alps, Great Britain and Corsica.
8943: SOCIALISM. - Socialist Theory Series No.1. Political Economy. Beginner's Course.
6366: SODDY, FREDK [FREDERICK]. - Radio-Activity: an elementary treatise, from the standpoint of the disintegration theory.
5840: SODDY, FREDERICK. - The Interpretation of Radium.
10319: MATSUNO SOFU. - Nitto Kenji Kojosen Sugoroku.
5623: SOMMERFELDT, HAKON A. [& GRANTHAM, JOHN]. - Atlas to the Elementary and Practical Principles of the Construction of Ships. [bound with:] On Iron Ship Building. With practical examples and details [this latter by Grantham].
9716: WATTLE WEDDING SOUVENIR. - Souvenir in Commemoration of the Marriage Between Captain Leonard G. Sewell ... and Miss Elsa Faning at Christ Church, Lancastergate, January 5th 1918.
1761: SPACE. - The Future in Space.
6370: SPACE, NASA AND VON BRAUN. - Information kit on the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. Huntsville, Alabama: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1962. Package of information from the Center sent to a Sydney gentleman in February 1962.
6136: SPACE. - Soviet Planet into Space.
5004: SPACE. - Space Weapons. A handbook of military astronautics.
9133: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW. - Our Homes and How to Make the Best of Them.
6614: SPENCE, CATHERINE HELEN. - An Autobiography.
9744: SPENCE, PERCY FREDERICK SEATON. - Two ink drawings: native police and apparent new chums with a settler.
9274: CHARLES SPENCER. - Fusen Nori Uwasa Takadono [in (Kabuki Shinpo - Kabuki News)].
3386: SPENCER, HERBERT. - The Data of Ethics.
3387: SPENCER, HERBERT. - Facts and Comments.
10222: SPRENT, JAMES & WILLIAM HOGAN. - This Map of Tasmania in 1859, ... is dedicated to his excellency and the parliament by James Sprent, Surveyor General.
5437: SPURZHEIM, J.G. - A View of the Elementary Principles of Education, founded on the study of the nature of man.
2430: STAHLIN, LEONHARD. - Kant, Lotze and Ritschl. A critical examination ... translated by D.W. Simon.
9801: EDWARD STANFORD. - A Map of the Nile, from the equatorial lakes to the Mediterranean ... with the surveys and explorations of Emin, Junker, Stanley, &c. ... 1896.
7281: STEINMETZ, ANDREW. - A Manual of Weathercasts; comprising storm prognosis on land and sea .. adapted for all countries.
4539: STEPHENS, JAMES. - Insurrections.
7705: STEUART, SIR HENRY. - The Planter's Guide; or a practical essay on the best method giving immediate effect to wood, by the removal of large trees and underwood;
9703: STEVENS, J.M. - With Pen and Pencil in Southern Queensland.
8595: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - A Footnote to History, eight years of trouble in Samoa.
8777: STEVENSON, BURTON E. - The Marathon Mystery. A story of Manhattan.
8411: STILES, HENRY REED. - Bundling: its Origin, Progress and Decline in America.
7441: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - A Bicycle of Cathay.
8680: STOKES, GEORGE GABRIEL. - Memoir and Scientific Correspondence .. selected and arranged by Joseph Larmor.
9052: STONE, HAL E. - The Red Ant. An Australian Magazine [cover title].
4557: STOPES, MARIE CARMICHAEL. - Contraception (birth control) Its Theory, History and Practice. A Manual for the Medical and Legal Profession.
8575: STORY, JOSEPH - An Address Delivered on the Dedication of the Cemetery at Mount Auburn, September 24, 1831.
7280: STRONG, MRS ARTHUR [EUGENIE]. - Apotheosis and After Life. Three lectures on certain phases of art and religion in the Roman empire.
8986: STUART, T.P. ANDERSON. [THOMAS PETER]. - A Review of University Life in Australasia with its Conditions and Surroundings in 1891.
5897: SUASSO, ANTONIO [I.E. ANTONIO LOPEZ SUASSO DIAZ DE FONSECA]. - The Theory of Infantry Movements.
8824: SUE, EUGENE. - Paula Monti: or, The Hotel Lambert.
9421: SUGAR. - Manufacture of Beet Root Sugar. Copy of two despatches from the Agent-General ... with estimates of sugar-houses, plans, drawings of machinery, etc.
9012: SUGDEN, ALAN VICTOR & JOHN LUDLAM EDMONDSON. - A History of English Wallpaper 1509 - 1914.
10071: SUGOROKU. - [Kagayaku Nihon Sugoroku].
10267: ADVERTISING SUGOROKU. - [Shobai Hanei Sugoroku].
10266: SUGOROKU. - [Saishin Heiki Sugoroku].
10325: SUGOROKU. - [Yumei Shoten Annai u Kure-Roku].
7485: SULMAN, JOHN. - An Introduction to the Study of Town Planning in Australia.
1298: SUTTON, SIR JOHN BLAND. - Selected Lectures and Essays including ligaments their nature and morphology fourth edition.
10152: TOWN PLANNING - SUVA. - Greater Suva Urban Structure Plan December 1975.
7149: SVOBODA, A. - The Seven Churches of Asia.
8467: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - The True Christian Religion; containing the universal theology of the new church.
6577: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - Opera Quaedam aut Inedita aut Obsoleta de Rebus Naturalibus ..
3520: SWIFT, EMERSON H. - Roman Sources of Christian Art.
7440: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES. - Ode on the Proclamation of the French Republic. September 4th, 1870.
4148: SWINTON, JOHN. - A Momentous Question. The Respective Attitudes of Labour and Capital.
6700: SYDNEY. - Old Military Barrack Square Allotments. Minutes of evidence taken before the select committee...Monday 6 September, 1847.
10028: CATALOGUE - AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY. HOLDSWORTH MACPHERSON & CO. SYDNEY. - No.14. 1914. Section XI. Agricultural Machinery. Holdsworth MacPherson & Co. Sydney.
6786: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON. - Sketches in Italy and Greece.
10090: FUJIWARA TAICHI. - [E o Haishita Zuan Moji].
9526: HOKKAI TAKASHIMA. [TOKUZO TAKASHIMA]. - [Oshu Sansui Kisho].
10305: TAKEO TAKEI. - [Genshi Bakudan].
9902: KAMISHIBAI. KIJIMA TAKEO. - [Saiken Orai].
5578: TALBOT, FREDERICK A. - Submarines. Their mechanism and operation.
9323: HAYASHI TAMIJI. - [Kibutsu Zushiki - Vessel Patterns (more or less)].
9238: HAWAII - MISSIONARIES. WILLIAM TAPPAN. - Wake Isles of the South.
5146: TARDIEU, AMBROISE. - Etude Medico-Legale et Clinique sur l'Empoisonnement ... deuxieme edition, revue et considerablement augmentee.
8289: PRISONS - TASMANIA. - Correspondence on the Subject of Convict Discipline and Transportation ... presented to both houses of Parliament ... May 1848.
10265: TOZAWA TATSUO. - [Sekai Haya Mawari Sugoroku].
8143: TAUT, BRUNO. - Fundamentals of Japanese Architecture.
8325: TAUT, BRUNO. - Houses and People of Japan.
908: TAYLOR, TOM. - The Ticket-of-Leave Man. A drama in four acts.
6770: TAYLOR, GEORGE A. [AUGUSTINE]. - Town Planning for Australia.
323: TELEVISION. - Report of the Royal Commission on Television.
6883: TELFER, J. BUCHAN. - The Crimea and Transcaucasia. Being the narrative of a journey in the Kouban, in Gouria, Georgia, Armenia, Ossety .. and in the Tauric Range.
6994: TEMPLE, SIR RICHARD. - Oriental Experience: a selection of essays and addresses ..
9597: KATE TEMPLE? - The Fair Mystery. By the author of "Strangely Parted," &c., &c.
2733: TEPPER, J.G.O. - Gravitation v. Light. The Compensation or 'Fire-Bucket' Theory Explained by simple Apparatus and Figures.
6096: TERESHKOVA, VALENTINA. - Speech .. at the World Congress of Women.
8073: TEXTILES. - [Shokumon Zue - Miyuki].
9645: JAPANESE TEXTILES. - Sample book of textiles titled Tozakire Honcho [album of textiles we have handled - more or less] and dated March Taisho 4 [1915].
884: THACKERAY, W.M. - Sultan Stork and Other Stories and Sketches ... now first collected to which is added the bibliography of Thackeray ..
5145: THACKERAY. [HOTTEN, JOHN CAMDEN]. - Thackeray the Humourist and the Man of Letters. The story of his life, including a section of his characteristic speeches, now for the first time gathered together by Theodore Taylor.
7972: THANET, OCTAVE [IE ALICE FRENCH]. - The Lion's Share.
9760: THOMAS, EDWARD A. - At Swords' Point. A novel.
8153: THOMAS, AUG. H. - Formes et Couleurs.
6622: THOMAS, JOHN JONES. - Britannia Antiquissima: or, a key to the philology of history (sacred and profane).
7854: THOMPSON, SIR H. - Modern Cremation. Its history and practice .. recently improved arrangements made by the Cremation Society of England. Second edition revised and greatly enlarged.
5867: THOMPSON, SIR H. - Modern Cremation. Its history and practice .. recently improved arrangements made by the Cremation Society of England.
7158: THOMSON, J.J. - The Electron in Chemistry.
8686: THOMSON, JAMES. - Collected Papers in Physics and Engineering. Selected and arranged with unpublished material and brief annotations by Sir Joseph Larmor ...
10203: PETER THOMSON. - The Cabinet Makers' Assistant: a series of original designs for modern furniture ...
8979: THOMSON, J.P. - Geography in Australia. Anniversary address to the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Brisbane.
8566: THOMSON, SIR WILLIAM, BARON KELVIN. - Mathematical and Physical Papers. Collected from various scientific periodicals from May, 1841, to the present time.
1617: [CATALOGUE - FURNITURE]. THONET. - Thonet Freres.
5857: THORBURN, W. STEWART. - A Guide to the Coins of Great Britain & Ireland, in gold, silver, and copper ..
6389: THORNE, ROSS. - Theatre Buildings in Australia to 1905. From the time of the First Settlement to the arrival of cinema.
4527: THORNTON, W. PUGIN. - Phrenology or Heads, and What They Tell Us. Fifth edition
10014: JAPANESE 1920S GRAPHIC THRILLER. - Preliminary sketches for a graphic story, probably for a magazine or pulp book.
6496: THUDICHUM, J.L.W. & AUGUST DUPRE. - A Treatise on the Origin, Nature, and Varieties of Wine: being a complete manual of viticulture and oenology.
4782: THURNWALD, RICHARD. - Economics in Primitive Communities.
8141: TOBACCO. - Tobacco Whiffs for the Smoking Carriage.
10209: TOBACCO. - Three price and retailers lists of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco and a manual of rules and regulations from the Imperial Japanese Government Monopoly.
7247: KIMURA TOKATURO. - [Kanbo Enkai].
10259: CATALOGUE - PHOTO ALBUMS. SEIUNDO CO. TOKYO. - Catalogue of Album.
8624: TOKYO. - The Outline of the Reconstruction Work in Tokyo & Yokahama.
7062: [BOSCH]. DE TOLNAY, CHARLES. - Hieronymus Bosch.
8556: TOLSTOI [OR TOLSTOY], COUNT LEO. - Ivan the Fool or The Old Devil and the Three Small Devils, also A Lost Opportunity and Polikushka ... translated by Count Norraikow.
6559: TOLSTOY, LEO. - What is Art? .. translated by Aylmer Maude.
10146: MURAYAMA TOMOYOSHI. - [Puroretaria Eiga Nyumon].
10039: SHOGAKUSEI ZENSHU. MURAYAMA TOMOYOSHI. - [Ongaku no Hanashi to Syokashu].
5480: TORRENS, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR HENRY. - Field Exercise and Evolutions of the Army.
5144: TOTTEN, GEORGE OAKLEY. - Maya Architecture.
8426: TOWNE, HENRY R. - A Treatise on Cranes. Descriptive particularly of those designed and built by The Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co. ... also ... light hoisting machinery as built by the same makers.
9807: CHUNG TEONG TOY. - Ah Toy v. Musgrove. A copy of the report of the arguments and judgment in the case of Ah Toy v. Musgrove - Supreme Court of Victoria.
8735: TRACY, LOUIS. - A Son of the Immortals.
9039: TRACY, LOUIS. - The Albert Gate Affair.
7382: TRAIN, ARTHUR. - True Stories of Crime, from the District Attorney's Office.
7383: TRAIN, ARTHUR. - McAllister and his Double.
2094: TRALINS, BOB. - The Miss From S.I.S. [and] The Chic Chick Spy [and] The Ring-a-ding UFOs.
8670: TRAVEL. - The 'Queen' Newspaper Book of Travel. A guide to home and foreign resorts. A resume of practical travel information which has appeared in The 'Queen' from 1894 to 1906.
7951: TRAVERS, MORRIS W. - The Experimental Study of Gases, an account of the experimental methods involved .. and of the more important researches connected with the subject.
8070: TRELOAR, W.P. - The Prince of Palms.
7548: TRENDALL, A.D. - Paestan Pottery. A study of the red-figured vases of Paestum.
8341: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY. - Barchester Towers.
8391: TUCKER, JOHN OWEN. - The Mute; a Poem of Victoria. And other poems.
6523: TUCKER, JOHN OWEN. - The Mute; a Poem of Victoria. And other poems.
9331: TUCKER, HORACE. - The New Arcadia. An Australian story.
6017: TUKE, DANIEL HACK. - Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles.
2029: MERSEY TUNNEL. - The Story of the Mersey Tunnel officially named Queensway.
8630: TURNER, GEORGE FREDERIC. - A Bicycle Ride.
9927: TURNER, GEORGE FREDERIC. - The Toad and the Amazon.
7353: TURNER, EDGAR. - The Lady and the Burglar, a fantastic romance.
349: TYLER, KINGDON S. - Telecasting and Color.
1429: TYNDALL, JOHN. - Essays on the Floating-Matter of the Air in Relation to Putrefaction and Infection.
8940: ULIANOV, V.I. (N. LENIN). [SIC]. - The State and Revolution ... First Australian Edition, April, 1920.
10061: TRADE UNIONS. - A Reply to the Commonwealth Public Service Commissioner - from the South Australian Post and Telegraph Association.
6533: SYDNEY UNIVERSITY. - The Sydney University Magazine. January, 1855 - No. I [... July 1855 - No. III].
9074: ROCHESTER UNIVERSITY. - Grand Exhibition of Rochester University Pet Animals, at Corinthian Hall, Friday Evening, December 4 1868.
429: URANIUM. - Radio-active Mineral Deposits. Notes for the guidance of prospectors in Australia.
7120: URANIUM. - Prospecting for Uranium. Hints on the discovery and recognition of mineral pitchblende, carnotite, tyuyamunite, autunite, torbernite and other radio-active minerals. By 'Geologist'.
430: URANIUM. - Prospecting and Mining for Uranium in Australia. Notes for the guidance of prospectors.
10017: ISHII USABURO. - [Shinsen Taisho Hinagata Taizen].
10188: ISHII USABURO. - [Shinsen Taisho Hinagata Taizen].
9812: JORN UTZON. - Zodiac 14.
8856: VANCE, LOUIS JOSEPH. - The Bandbox.
8536: VANDAM, ALBERT D. - The Mystery of the Patrician Club.
4479: VECKENSTEDT, EDM. - Geschichte der griechischen Farbenlehre. Das farbenunterscheidungsvermogen. Die farbenzeichnungen der griechischen epiker von Homer bis Quintus Smyrnaus.
7435: VERNEUIL, M.P. - Etude de la Plante. Son application aux industries d'art .. pochoir, papier peint etoffes, ceramique ..
7687: VERNON-HARCOURT, LEVESON FRANCIS. - Achievements in Engineering During the Last Half Century.
8759: VESCELIUS-SHELDON, LOUISE. - An I.D.B. in South Africa.
6621: VICTORIA ROAD, SYDNEY. - Proposed Road to Gladesville via Balmain and Five Dock. (Correspondence &c ..).
9175: VINCENT, WILLIAM [IE THOMAS HOLCROFT]. - A Plain and Succinct Narrative of the Late Riots and Disturbances in the Cities of London and Westminster ... particulars of the burning of Newgate, the King's Bench, the Fleet ... with an account of the commitment of Lord George Gordon to the Tower, and anecdotes of his life ... by William Vincent, of Gray's Inn.
3598: VOGEL, SOL. - The Assistant Fur Fitter.
8355: IMAGINARY VOYAGE. - The History of Bullanabee and Clinkataboo, Two Recently Discovered Islands in the Pacific.
8215: WAINEWRIGHT, JER. [JEREMIAH]. - A Mechanical Account of the Non-Naturals: Being a brief explication of the changes made in humane bodies, by Air, Diet, &c. Together with an enquiry into the nature and use of baths ... the fifth edition, revis'd. To which is added, An Anatomical Treatise of the Liver, with the diseases incident to it.
8410: WALCOTT, EARLE ASHLEY. - Blindfolded.
8728: WALCOTT, EARLE ASHLEY. - The Open Door. A romance of mystery, time, 1905.
6847: WALDSTEIN, CHARLES. - Essays on the Art of Pheidias.
8727: WALK, CHARLES EDMONDS. - The Time Lock.
8387: WALKER, FRANCIS A. - The Wages Question, a treatise on wages and the wages class.
6077: WALKER, FRANCIS A. - The Wages Question, a treatise on wages and the wages class.
6835: WALLACE, ROBERT. - India in 1887.
7743: RICHARD OF WALLINGFORD. - Richard of Wallingford: An Edition of His Writings with Introductions, English Translation and Commentary by J.D. North.
6531: WALPOLE, J.P. - Recollections and Historical Notices of Cambridge; preceded by a brief outline of schools and universities ..
8372: WALRAS, LEON. - Correspondence of Leon Walras and Related Papers. Edited by William Jaffe.
8794: WALSH, M.C. - The Golden Idol. A tale of adventure in Australia and New Zealand.
7974: WALSH, GEORGE E. - The Mysterious Burglar.
4295: WALTON, THOMAS. - Present-Day Shipbuilding.
10172: RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR. - The Sinking of the Rurik, Russian cruiser, under heavy attacking by Our 2nd squadron off Ulsan, 14th August, 1904.
10217: RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR. - [Meiyo - Sunayama Shojiro ... ].
8724: WATSON, H.B. MARRIOTT. - The Devil's Pulpit.
7455: WATSON, JOHN. - The Theory and Practice of the Art of Weaving, by hand and power, ..
6095: WATT, ALF. - Rocket Range Threatens Australia.
8346: WAWN, WILLIAM T. - The South Sea Islanders and the Queensland Labour Trade. A record of voyages and experiences in the western Pacific from 1875 to 1891.
7560: WEALE, JOHN [ED]. - Ensamples of Railway Making; which, although not of English practice, are submitted, with practical illustrations, to the civil engineer and the British and Irish public.
9695: WEAVER, MRS. - Letter from a Mrs Weaver to a Mr Buntin, September 17 1880
7181: WEBER, MAX. - The Theory of Social and Economic Organization. Being part I of Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft.
7842: WEBER, MAX. - From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology. Translated, edited .. by H.H. Gerth and C. Wright Mills.
7570: WEBER, MAX. - General Economic History.
9536: WEGENER, SEM, IRIBE &C. - La Baionnette. Volume 2. Nouvelle Serie. No.14 [... to No.26].
9537: WEGENER, SEM, IRIBE &C. - La Baionnette. Volume 5. Nouvelle Serie. No.53 [... to No.65].
6022: WEISMANN, AUGUST. - Essays Upon Heredity and Kindred Biological Problems.
4391: WELLS, H.G. - The Country of the Blind and other stories.
1122: WESCHER, HERTA. - Collage.
7913: WEST, REV. THOMAS. - Ten Years in South-Central Polynesia .. the Friendly Islands and their dependencies.
6442: WHATELY, RICHARD. - Thoughts on Secondary Punishments, in a letter to Earl Grey .. ; [bound with] Remarks on Transportation, and on a recent defence of the system; ..
5943: WHEELER, W.H. - Tidal Rivers, their (1) Hydraulics (2) Improvement (3) Navigation.
8534: WHEELER, GERALD CAMDEN. - Mono-Alu Folklore (Bougainville Strait, Western Solomon Islands).
9037: WHITE, CAROLINE EARL. - Love in the Tropics. A romance of the south seas.
9423: WHITELAW, DAVID. - The Man with the Red Beard. A story of Moscow and London.
8030: WICKS, MARK. - To Mars Via the Moon. An Astronomical Story.
8222: WIEBE, EDWARD. - The Paradise of Childhood: A manual for self instruction in Friedrich Froebel's educational principles, and a practical Guide to Kinder-Gartners. Revised edition, containing the text of 'A Handbook for the Kindergarten.'
2596: OSCAR WILDE. - For the Love of the King A Burmese Masque by Oscar Wilde.
8737: WILKINS, W.A. - The Cleverdale Mystery; or, the machine and its wheels.
8401: WILKINS, W.A. - The Cleverdale Mystery; or, the machine and its wheels.
7907: HOGARTH WILLIAM. - The Analysis of Beauty. With the rejected passages from the manuscript drafts and autobiographical notes. Edited with an introduction by Joseph Burke.
4067: WILLIAMS, W. MATTIEU. - A Vindication of Phrenology.
7693: WILSON, FREDERICK J. - The Philosophy of Classification; being a base for thought, a measure for morality, and a key to truth.
7232: WILSON, JOHN COOK. - Statement and Inference, with other philosophical papers .. edited from the mss &c .. memoir and selected correspondence.
8510: WINDELBAND, WILHELM & ARNOLD RUGE [ED]. - Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences. Volume I. Logic. Translated by B. Ethel Meyer.
9114: WINE LABELS - SAMPLE BOOK. MYNCKE FRERES, BRUSSELS. - The printer's sample album of wine labels printed by Myncke Freres of Brussels.
8937: WINSER, KEITH. - Australian TV Year Book No.1: for 1958.
10323: WIRGMAN, THOMAS. - A Complete and Permanent Science of Morals, Founded on Transcendental Philosopy. [or, drop title: Moral philosophy reduced to a complete and permanent science on the principles of transcendental philosophy, as contained in Kant's "Critic of Practical Reason."]
8836: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG. - Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics.
7596: WITTKOWER, RUDOLF. - Allegory and the Migration of Symbols.
7145: WOOD, C.F. - A Yachting Cruise in the South Seas.
4534: WOODHEAD, GERMAN SIMS. - Bacteria and Their Products.
6722: WOODWARD, A.M. - Excavations at Sparta, 1924-25.
7242: WOOLLS, WILLIAM. - Miscellanies in Prose and Verse.
1671: WRIGHT. NICOLSON, BENEDICT. - Joseph Wright of Derby. Painter of Light.
5957: WRIGHT, G. FREDERICK. - The Ice Age in North America and its bearings on the antiquity of man.
2707: WURTENBERGER, FRANZSEPP. - Mannerism. The European style of the sixteenth century. Translated from the German by Michael Heron.
9640: WYLIE, I.A.R. [IDA ALEXA ROSS]. - The Paupers of Portman Square.
10003: YAMAMOTO G.S. [TADASHI]. - The Conversations for Officers and Merchants, of the Japanese and English. [Eiwa Bunsho Kaiwahen].
333: YATES, RAYMOND FRANCIS. - ABC of Television or Seeing By Radio.
10070: YOKOSUKA. - [Yokosuka-ko Ichiran Ezu].
7885: NEW YORK. - New-York As It Is, in 1835; containing a general description of the city and environs ... with correct maps of the city, and its vicinity. Also the Hudson River Guide, accompanied by a map.
10072: SHINODA SENKA & UTAGAWA YOSHIHARU, - [Meiji Eimei Hyakueisen].
10042: SHINODA SENKA & UTAGAWA YOSHIHARU, - [Meiji Eimei Hyakueisen].
9346: KYOKUTEI BAKIN. [SOMETIMES CALLED TAKIZAWA BAKIN]. YOSHITOSHI. - [Muso byoe kocho monogatari - A Dreamer's Butterfly Tale].
8097: YOUNG, THOMAS. - An Account of Some Recent Discoveries in Hieroglyphical Literature, and Egyptian Antiquities. Including the author's original alphabet, as extended by Mr. Champollion ...
9662: YVES. [IE YVES ZUBER]. - Aviation Sans Formules.
10309: ZENKER, RUDOLF. - Farbiger Decken- und Wandschmuck im Geiste Fruhgermanischer Kunst
10035: SHOGAKUSEI ZENSHU. - [Jido Butsuru Kagaku Monogatari].
10033: SHOGAKUSEI ZENSHU. - [Jido Supotsu].
10037: SHOGAKUSEI ZENSHU. - [Kodomo Seiri Eisei Monogatari].
3358: ZIMMER, HEINRICH. - The Art of Indian Asia. Its Mythology and Transformations. Edited by Joseph Campbell.
7425: DE ZOETE, BERYL & WALTER SPIES. - Dance and Drama in Bali.
7459: [CATALOGUE - BICYCLES]. R. HILDEBRAND. ZURICH. - 1912. Cycles. Record und Corso.

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