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2ART1692: EWING, WILLIAM A.;BLASER, JEAN-CHRISTOPHE;HERSCHDORFER, NATHALIE - ReGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, 2005-2025
2BP1895: EXCELSIOR - Flags of the British Empire
2RE1222: EXELL,J.S - Homiletical Commentary on the book of Exodus
2TRA0466: EXELL, F.K. - Siamese Tapestry
5M1005: EYLES,ALLEN - Westerns Film Album
2COL0318: EYLES, DESMOND & DENNIS, RICHARD - Royal Doulton Figures: Produced at Burslem Staffordshire
2ART2376: WAYNE EYRE - Ivan Eyre the 100 Drawings
2I1950: AESOP'S FABLES - The Tortosi and the Hard and Other Stories, Retold for Younger Readers (stories Incl. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The Fox and the Grapes, The Cheating Fortune-Teller, The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs and
3T0026: FABRE,J H - The Story Book of Birds & Beasts
3FL0003: ABEL FABRE - Fables
2ART2140: FACETTI, GERMANO; FLETCHER, ALAN - Identity Kits: A Pictorial Survey of Visual Signals
2A1604: FADIMAN,CLIFTON - The Story of Young King Arthur
2I0913LRG: FADIMAN, CLIFTON (SELECTED AND WITH COMMENTARY BY) - The World Treasury of Children's Literature in Two Volumes
2FIC8611: FAIRBROTHER, NAN - Children in the House
3EH0102: FAIRFAX,DICK - So Soon Forgotten
5EH1132: FAIRFAX,DICK - so Soon Forgotten
I0748: FAIRMONT - Rhymes For Kindly Children
2ART0463: FAISON,JR, S. LANE - Edouard MANET (1832-1883)
2LIT17848: MADELYN CAROL FAJARDO - Kama Sutra the Ancient Art of Making Love: The Ancient Art of Making Love
5EH1222: FALCONER, TIM - Watchdogs and Gadflies: Activism from Marginal to Mainstream
2WAR1950: FALCONER, D. W. - Battery Flashes of W.W. II: A Thumb-Nail Sketch of Canadian Artillery Batteries during the 1939-1945 Conflict
2A0151: FALK, ELSA - Fence Across the Trail
5A1055: FALK,ELSA - Fence Across the Trail
2Z41068: FALK, LEE - The Goggle-eyed Pirates (the Story of the Phantom No 10)
2I7315: FALKEN, LINDA (EDITOR) - The Eloise Wilkin Treasury: Favorite Nursery Rhymes, Prayers, Poems, and Stories
2HL0073: FALLER,JOAN (ED.) - how to Keep Your Partner Happy
2HL2028: ADOLF FALLER - The Human Body: An Introduction to Structure and Function (Flexibook)
2ER0364: FALLON, SYLVIA - Executive Ecstasy
5CK1161: HALL FAMILY - Halls Potato Harvest Cookbook
H0788: FANNIN ,COLE - Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys
2W0051: FANNIN,COLE - Gene Autry And The Golden Stallion
5W1173: FANNIN,COLE - Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in River of Peril
2W2463: FANNIN, COLE - Roy Rogers and the Brasade Bandits
2W2227: FANNIN, COLE - Roy Rogers... King of The Cowboys
2W0516: FANNIN,COLE - Roy Rogers and the Brasada Bandits
2LIT2125: LE FANU, J. SHERIDAN - The House By The Church-Yard
2FIC16843: LA FARGE, OLIVER - Laughing Boy
2NC0175: FARIES, D.D, R. - A Collection of Hymns: Translated Into the Dialect of the Cree Indians
E5288: FARJEON,ELEANOR - The Old Nurse's Stocking-Basket
3E0039: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The Little Bookroom
2E2424: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The Starry Floor
2E3199: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The Silver Curfew
2E2479: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Italian Peepshow
T3737: FARLEY, WALTER - The Black Stallion Mystery
T4030: FARLEY, WALTER - Big Black Horse
H3670: FARLEY,WALTER - The Black Stallion Returns A Storybook Based on the Movie
3PP0355: FARLEY,RALPH MILNE - The Radio Planet Argosy All-Story Weekly Serial Beginning June 26th (1925?)
3PP0356: FARLEY,RALPH MILNE - The Radio Beasts Complete Argosy All-Story Weekly Serial Beginning March 21 1925
2T2912: FARLEY, WALTER - The Black Stallion Mystery
2T4257: FARLEY, WALTER - The Black Stallion
2PP2911: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE; LEINSTER, MURRAY; ET AL - The Thrilling Wonder Stories Winter 1954
2NF0576: FARNDON, JOHN - Experimenting with Chemistry
2RM2072: FARNES, ELEANOR - The Fortunes of Springfield
2RM2096: FARNES, ELEANOR - The Flight of the Swan
2RM1892: FARNES, ELEANOR - Sister of the Housemaster
2FIC16636: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Sir John Dering: A Romantic Comedy
2FIC16637: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The Definite Object
HA0024: FARQUHARSON, CHARLIE - Charlie Farquharson's Korn Allmynack
HA0131: DON HARRON / FARQUHARSON, CHARLIE - Charlie Farquharson's Histry of Canada
HA0194: FARQUHARSON, CHARLIE - Charlie Farquharson's Histry of Canada
HA0196: FARQUHARSON, CHARLIE / DON HARRON - Charlie Farquharson's Jogfree of Canda, the Whirld and other Places
EH0398: FARQUHARSON, CHARLIE - Charlie's A Broad: Travails in Fern Parts
2NH1403: FARRAND, JOHN JR (EDITOR) - The Audubon Society Master Guide To Birding 3 Volume Set 1. Loons to Sandpipers, 2 Gulls to Dippers & 3 Old World Warblers to Sparrows
2NH1402: FARRAND, JOHN JR (EDITOR) - The Audubon Society Master Guide To Birding 3 Volume Set 1. Loons to Sandpipers, 2 Gulls to Dippers & 3 Old World Warblers to Sparrows
Z0465: FARRAR, F A - Old Greek Nature Stories
3CN0002: FARRAR,SGT F S FARRAR - Arctic Assignment The Story of St Roch
5V2098: FARRAR,MARGARET P (EDITOR) - The 13th Pocket Book of Crossword Puzzles
5MY1586: FARRARS,ELIZABETH - Skeleton Staff
2PP2568: FARREL, CLIFF - Star Weekly Complete Novel: End of Steel
V0475M: O'FARRELL, WILLIAM - Thin Edge of Violence
V6000: FARRELL, JAMES T. - When Boyhood Dreams Come True
5PP1405: FARRELL, CLIFF - Ride the Wild Country
2SB0316: FARRELL, WINSTON - Echoes of Young Blood
2V3897: FARRIMOND, JOHN - Dust in my Throat
2FIC1944: FARRIMOND, JOHN - The Hollow Shell
2PB26393: FARSHTEY, GREG - Set of the First 8 in Bionicle Quest Series: 1. Mystery of Metru Nui 2. Trial By Fire 3. Darkness Below 4. Legends of Metru Nui 5. Voyage of Fear 6. Maze of Shadows 7. Web of the Visorak & 8. Challenge of the Hordika
2TM0696: FASS, MYRON - Remember Me Elvis The King: Complete Photos and Story of His Life and Career
2RR5111: FASSETT, JAMES H. - The New Beacon Readers Book Three
R4197: FAST, JULIUS - The Beatles: The Real Story
2BP0889: BARBARA GILES; RUSSELL DAVIS; HOWARD FAST - Mainstream, Vol. 10 No. 3 March 1957
2MB1499: FAUCHON, ANDRE; HARVEY, CAROL J. - Saint-Boniface 1908-2008 : Reflets D'une Ville
2I0654: FAULDING, G M - Springtime : a Flower Book for Little Folks
2I0655: FAULDING, G M - Summer Flowers: A Flower Book for Little Folks
2I2434: FAULKNER,KEITH - Bewildered Bear
2PU0316: FAULKNER, KEITH - Yeti (Pop-up flapbook)
2N1607: FAULKNER, WILLIAM; PHILLIPS, JOHN; ET AL - Harper's Magazine June 1956
7T0068: FAULKNOR, CLIFF - The White Calf: The Story of Eagle Child, the Piegan boy, Who found a White Buffalo Calf said to Have Been Sent By the Above Ones
2POST0021: MAGAZINE; FAUST, FREDRICK; BRAND, MAX - The Saturday Evening Post June 10, 1944
2ART1532: FAVELL, ROSALIE; MCALEAR, DONNA - Rosalie Favell: I Searched Many Worlds
5ART1286: FAVREAU,MARIE THERESE - Nudes By the Masters
5FG1019: FAWCUS,HENRY E - The Horse Its Care and Management with a Chapter on the Donkey
6RR0005: FAY, LEO C. - Hilltop Trails
2RR0330: FAY, LEO C. - The Barking Cat and Other Stories (Curriculum Motivation Ser.)
2RR0680: FAY,LEO; ROSS,RAMON ROYAL; ET AL - Boxcars and Bottle Caps Level 7
2L1083: FAZZINI, LILLIAN DAVIDS - Indians of America
2L4369: FAZZINI, LILLIAN DAVIDS - Indians of America
2HST1026: FEA, ALLAN - After Worcester Fight: Being a Companion Volume to "The Flight of the King"
2FIC3895: FEARING, KENNETH - The Hospital
2PP2585: FEARN, JOHN RUSSELL - Star Weekly Complete Novel: Manton's World
PP1690NWS: FEARN, JOHN RUSSELL - The Amethyst City
3PP0166: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL & BINDER,EANDA & ARNOLD,H F - Amazing Stories December 1937
2PP0184: FEARN, JOHN RUSSELL - World in Reverse
3PP0606: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - World in Duplicate A Golden Amazon Adventure
3PP0607: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - Kingpin Planet A Golden Amazon Adventure
3PP0608: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - Dwellers in Darkness A Golden Amazon Adventure
3PP0644: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - World in Reverse A Golden Amazon Adventure
3PP0645: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - World in Reverse A Golden Amazon Adventure
3PP0646: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - Standstill Planet A Golden Amazon Adventure
3PP0647: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - The Shadow People A Golden Amazon Adventure
3PP0534: FEARN,JOHN RUSSELL - Kingpin Planet A Golden Amazon Adventure
A5872: FEATHER, JEAN HAYES - The Best of Enemies
2CB2026: KING FEATURES - Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon: Volume Four
2NC0665: THE MANITOBA METIS FEDERATION - The Struggle for Recognition: Canadian Justice and the Metis Nation
2FSH0200: FEDORUK, ALEX N. - Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba: Checklist and Keys
CB0184: FEIFFER,JULES - Passionella
2HA0328: FEIFFER, JULES - The Penguin Feiffer
2FIC2261: FEIFFER,JULES - Ackroyd
3CB0004: FEIFFER, JULES - Tantrum
RE0399: FEINBERG, ABRAHAM L - Storm The Gates Of Jericho
2Z30293: FEIST, RAYMOND E. - Talon of the Silver Hawk
A6234: FELLOWS,MURIEL H - Little Magic Painter
2A0844: FELSEN,HENRY GREGOR - To My Son, The Teen-Age Driver
5A1203: FELSEN,HENRY GREGOR - Cub Scout at Last
PB4791: FELSEN,HENRY GREGOR - Why Rustlers Never Win and Other Humorous Stories of the West
2FIC4866: FELTON, MONICA - To All the Living
2I0757: FELTSER, ELEANOR B. (EDITOR) - The Sesame Street Book of Shapes
2I0758: FELTSER, ELEANOR B. (EDITOR) - The Sesame Street Book of People and Things
2I0759: FELTSER, ELEANOR B. (EDITOR) - The Sesame Street Book of Puzzlers
2I0760: FELTSER, ELEANOR B. (EDITOR) - The Sesame Street Book of Letters
BG0352: FEN, ELISAVETA - A Girl Grew Up in Russia (An Autobiography)
MY2184: FENISONG, RUTH - The Lost Caesar
A6186: FENN,E MANVILLE - The King's Sons
5E1548: FENN, GEO. MANVILLE - Jungle and Stream
2E2437: FENN, G. MANVILLE - Blue Jackets
2FIC4948: FENN, GEO MANVILLE - The Tiger Lily: A Story of a Woman
2A5093: FENNER,PHYLLIS R (EDITOR) - Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
FIC1200J: FENTON, JULIA - Black Tie Only
2RR0602: FENWICK, G. ROY - The New High Road to Sight Singing
PP0108: CHISHOLM & MACISAAC & GUTHRIE & FERGUSON - Popular December 7 1926 V82 N4
NF0117: FERGUSON,GRACE - The How and Why Wonder Book of Wild Flowers
S2308: FERGUSON, DONALD - Chums of Scranton High Out For the Pennant
3MB0020: FERGUSON,MARY MCCARTHY - A History of St James
5NH1129: FERGUSON,MARY; SAUNDERS,RICHARD M - Canadian Wildflowers Through the Seasons
2WAR2924: FERGUSON, JULIE H. - Through a Canadian Periscope: The story of the Canadian Submarine Service
2TC0257: D FERGUSON (PRESIDENT) - Business Education
2SB0173: FERGUSON, WILL - Spanish Fly
2V0522: FERGUSSON, HARVEY - Wolf Song
FIC0078: FERGUSSON, HARVEY - Grant of Kingdom: A Narrative Based upon the Records of Early Days and the Recollections of Old-Timers in the Dark River Valley
5TRA1031: FERNS,H. S. - Argentina
2RM1139: FERRARI, IVY - Surgery in the Hills
HB0362: FERRARS,E X - The Cup and the Lip
2RF0159: FERREIRA, JULIO - Diciona'rio : Ingles-Portugues
5I1654: FERRER, LAURENT - Tek a Skis
2GN0010: FERRET - Phoenix Restaurant
WE0045: FERRIS, SUSAN - Tucker and the Horse Thief
5FIC1616: FERRIS,PAUL - The Destroyer
2G0753: FERRIS,JAMES CODY - The X Bar X Boys In Thunder Canyon
2G1129: FERRIS,JAMES CODY - The x Bar x Boys Lost in the Rockies
2G2446: FERRIS, JAMES CODY - The X Bar X Boys In Smoky Valley
2RE2996: FERRY, JAMES - In the Courts of the Lord: A Gay Minister's Story
2FL0256: FEUCHTWANGER, LION - Zidovska Valka ( Jewish War)
A5374: FEUER,ELIZABETH - One Friend To Another
E4213: LE FEUVRE,AMY - Odd
E4615: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Jill's Red Bag
6E0150A: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Laddie's Choice
2POT0748: FFOULKES, L. F. WYNNE - Poems of Life and Form
E5376: FIDLER,KATHLEEN - Fingal's Ghost
5A2120: FIDLER,KATHLEEN - Pete Pam and Jim the Investigators
2EH1081: FIDLER, RICHARD - RCMP: The Real Subversives
2E2694: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - The Bank House Twins
2E2499: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Pete, Pam and Jim, the Investigators
2NON1141: FIDLET, N. & GRAY, K. - Law and Practice of Nursing
2PB1178OB: FIEDLER, JEAN - The Green Thumb Story
I2118: FIELD,EUGENE - In Wink-A-Way Land
I2206: FIELD,RACHEL - Calico Bush
A6201: FIELD,E M - Mixed Pickles
3I0017: FIELD, EUGENE - Poems of Childhood
5WE1148: FIELD, PETER - The Man from Thief River
2I3216: FIELD, EVGENE - Poems of Childhood
2FIC4874: FIELD, BEN - Jacob's Son
3I0073: FIELD, EUGENE - Poems of Childhood
I3362a: FIELD, EUGENE - Poems of Childhood
3I0072a: FIELD, EUGENE - Poems of Childhood
5L1058: FIELDER,JEAN - Lassie the Sandbar Rescue
2R2831: FIELDER, HUGH - The Beatles Revealed
T3461: FIELDING,JANE - Bear Brownie The Life Of A Bear
5LIT1063: FIELDING,HENRY - The History of Tom Jones : A Foundling
5LIT1063b: FIELDING,HENRY - The History of Tom Jones : A Foundling
3LIT0126: FIELDING,HENRY - Select Works of Henry Fielding,Esq in Five Volumes Volume III
3LIT0127: FIELDING,HENRY - Select Works of Henry Fielding,Esq in Five Volumes Volume IV
2T2577: FIELDING, JANE - Master Reynard, The History of a Fox
2LIT3652: FIELDING, HENRY - The Novels of Henry Fielding, Esq.: Sharpham Edition Volume VI & VII Amelia Part I and II
6LIT2005: FIELDING,HENRY - The History of Tom Jones A Foundling Volumes I. II. III A Three Volume Set
6LIT2007: FIELDING,HENRY - The History of the Life of the Late Mr Jonathan Wild
2T1119: FIELDING, JANE - Scamp: A Dog's Own Story
2LIT6402: FIELDING, HENRY - Tom Jones
2LIT18183: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Tom Jones Volumes I & II (Set of 2)
2I2774: FIENEMANN, ALICE - Transportation Picture Reader
2PH0153: FIERO, GLORIA K. - The Humanistic Tradition: 6 Modernism, Globalism and the Information Age Fourth Edition
2Z26860: FILES, GEMMA - A Book of Tongues: Hexslinger Book 1
5SM1039: FILIBERTO,ROGER - Harmony Chords Melody for the Steel Guitar
5A1641: FILLOUX,H; HARDOUOIN,R - Sur De Nouvelles Pistes
2FL0029: FILTEAU, GERARD - La Civilisation Catholique et Francaise Au Canada
E5436: FINBARR,JOHN - The Strange Adventure of Jack Smith
D0471: FINCH,CHRISTOPHER - The Art of Walt DisneyFrom Magic Kingdom To The Magic Kingdom
D0500: FINCH,CRISTOPHER - The Art of Walt Disney From Mickey Mouse To The Magic Kingdom
5FIC2391: FINCH,PHILLIP - Reckoning
5E1149: FINCH,ROBERT - Merchant Venturers
5E1545: FINCH, ROBERT - Heroes Of Exploration First Series Book Two
D0710: FINCH,CHRISTOPHER - The Art of Walt Disney From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom
2BG3010: FINDLAY, J. PATRICK - In The Footsteps of R. L. S.
2SB0338: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Headhunter
2Z37046: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Pilgrim
5R1210: FINDON,B W - Sir Arthur Sullivan and His Operas
5A1065: FINE, ANNE - The Book of the Banshee
5FIC2485: FINEMAN,MORTON - Christmas is Everywhere Including Asia Minor
T3861: FINGER, CHARLES J - A Dog At His Heel
A6585: FINGER, CHARLES J - Golden Tales From Faraway
2A0265: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Courageous Companions
A4548: FINLAY - The Castaways
2E1103: FINLAY,WINIFRED - Danger at Black Dyke
2M0044: FINLER,JOEL W. - The Hollywood Story
F2151: FINLEY,MARTHA - Elsie's Womanhood
F2443: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's New Relations
F2450: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie and the Raymonds
F2468: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie and the Raymonds
F2472: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters
F2481: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie At Nuntucket
F2484: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Kith and Kin
F2485: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie At Ion
F2487: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie At Viamede
F2495: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Vacation
F2496: FINLEY, MARTHA - Mildred At Home
2F0013: FINLEY,MARTHA - Elsie's Kith and Kin
2F0014: FINLEY,MARTHA - Elsie at Nuntucket
2F0017: FINLEY,MARTHA - Elsie's Kith and Kin
F2665: FINLEY,MARTHA - Elsie at Nantucket
2F0047: FINLEY, MARTHA A. - Mildred at Home
2F0048: FINLEY, MARTHA A. - Elsie at the World's Fair
2F0049: FINLEY, MARTHA A. - Elsie at the World's Fair
2F0141: FINLEY (FARQUHARSON), MARTHA - Mildred at Home (with Something About Her Relatives and Friends)
2F0212: FINLEY,MARTHA - Elsie's Holidays
5F1119: FINLEY,MARTHA - Elsie's Kith and Kin
5F1193: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Motherhood
2F0476: FINLEY (FARQUHARSON), MARTHA - Elsies Kith and Kin (The Elsie Books)
2F0479: FINLEY (FARQUHARSON), MARTHA - Elsies Vacation (The Elsie Books)
2F0483: FINLEY (FARQUHARSON), MARTHA - Elsie at Nantucket (The Elsie Books)
2F0506: FINLEY, MARTHA - Mildred at Roselands A Sequel to Mildred Keith
2F0511: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsies Holidays at Roseland
2F0517: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsies Girlhood
2F0529: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Holidays
2F0699: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie at the World's Fair
2F0754: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Kith and Kin
2RR1338: FINNEMORE, JOHN - A Second Class Book of English History The Tudors and Stuarts
2I3273: FINNIGAN, JOAN - Look The Land is Growing Giants
2PP2583: FISCHER, PAULINE BENEDICT - Star Weekly Complete Novel: Up-River
5PP1477: FISCHER,BRUNO & MCGIVERN,WILLIAM P - Mammoth Mystery June 1947 Volume 3 Number 3
2HST0674: FISCHETTI, LUIGI - Pompei Past and Present: Its Principal Monuments as They are and as They Used to be Reproduced and Restored from Photographs and Original Sketches
2I0470: FISCHETTO, LAURA - Inside Noah's Ark
S1630: FISCHLER,STAN - Hockey's Greatest Rivalries
S2373: FISCHLER, STAN - Cracked Ice. An Insider's Look at the NHL in Turmoil
5MY1907: FISH,ROBERT L - The Memoirs of Schlock Homes a Bagel Street Dozen
2MY2437: FISH, ROBERT L. - The Shrunken Head
5FIC4768: FISH,HORACE - The Saints Theatre
BIO0062: LESLIE NIELSEN & FISHER,DAVID - Leslie Nielsen The Naked Truth
CM0347: FISHER, FREDERICK VINING - The Transformation of Job A Tale of the high Sierras
A5348: FISHER,AGNES - The Blue Fly Caravan
I1993: FISHER,ED - The Animal Song Book
EH0396: FISHER, JOHN - Karsh and Fisher See Canada
A6322: FISHER,LOIS I - Puffy P Pushycat, Problem Solver
3W0001: FISHER,ALFRED (ILLUSTRATOR) - My Big Book of Fairy Tales
3CC0022: FISHER,MARGERY - Who's Who in Children's Books A Treasury of the Familiar Characters of Childhood
5RM1057: FISHER,AGNES ADAMS - The Quiet Woman
3A0010: FISHER,CLAUDE - Boy Scouts: The World Jamboree 1929 The Quest of the Golden Arrow
2CN0082: FISHER,OLIVE M - A First Geography of Canada
2T1196: FISHER,AILEEN - Valley of the Smallest: The Life Story of a Shrew
2RR1178: FISHER,CLYDE PHD, LL.D - Required Nature Study In New York Schools Sixth Year Fall Term
2A2745: FISHER, CYRUS T - The Hawaiian Sword
2X0664: FISHER, GRAHAM & HEATHER - Charles and Diana: Their Married Life
2V5646: FISHER, EDIE - Prisoner of My Past
2TP2717: FISHER, CHRIS - Third and Long
3L0057: FISHER,SUSANNA G - Bible ABC ( A-B-C ) Book For Little Ones
2CS2049: FISK, NICHOLAS - The Fast Green Car
2I4052: FITCH, SHEREE - If I Were the Moon
2I4115: FITCH, SHEREE - Merry-Go-Day
2HL1526: FITCH, WILLIAM EDWARD ET AL - Dietotherapy Complete Three Volume Set (Books 1, 2, 3): Volume I (Chemistry and Physiology of Digestion Classification and Analysis of Foods), Vol. II (Nutrition and Diet in Health), Vol. III (Nutrition and Diet in Disease)
2HST0622: FITCHETT, THE REV W. H - Deeds That Won The Empire Historic Battle Scenes
2RE2958: FITCHETT, W. H. - The Beliefs of Unbelief: Studies in the Alternatives to Faith
5E1543: FITT, MARY - Annabella Takes A Plunge
S1527: FITZGERALD , EDWARD - Book of Major League Baseball Clubs: National League
S2082: FITZGERALD,ED - A Treasury of Sport Stories
I3045: FITZGERALD, EDWARD (TRANSLATOR) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
5FIC2043: FITZGERALD,ED - The Ballplayer
2RR0709: FITZGERALD,BRASSIL - Never Surrender
5A1228: FITZGERALD,BRASSIL - Never Surrender
5I1499: FITZGERALD,EDWARD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
2A1836: FITZGERALD,PITT L. - Young Man in Leather
2LIT1743: FITZGERALD,EDWARD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
MEN0092: FITZGERALD,F SCOTT ET AL - Esquire The Magazine For Men January 1940
MEN0096: FITZGERALD,F SCOTT ET AL - Esquire The Magazine For Men March 1940
MEN0112: FITZGERALD,F SCOTT & KOMROFF,MANUEL ET AL - Esquire The Magazine For Men July 1940
2EH1457: FITZHARRIS, TIM;LIVINGSTON, JOHN - Canada: A Natural History
G3469: FITZHUGH,PERCY KEESE - Roy Blakeley's Tangled Trail
2G1171: FITZHUGH,PERCY KEESE - Pee Wee Harris f o b Bridgeboro
2MOV0063: FITZPATRICK,WENDY - Practical Sailing
2USA0118: FITZPATRICK, DANIEL;NEW YORK (N.Y.) POLICE DEPT - Above Hallowed Ground: A Photographic Record of September 11, 2001
2I0952: FLACK, MARJORIE - The Restless Robin
6RE0005: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Louis 'David' Riel: Prophet of the New World
2ERT0147: FLANAGAN - Intimate Sercrets of Escort Girls
ER0044: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Madame Bovary
2LIT0570: FLAUBERT,GUSTAVE - Madame Bovary
2HST1055: FLAUM, ERIC - Discovery: Exploration Through The Centuries
2PB3690: FLAURIER, NOEL, CRITES, LUCILE, IRISH, MARIE ET AL - Christmas in the Schoolroom
2PP2470: FLEISCHMAN, A.S. - Star Weekly Complete Novel November 13, 1954: Ferry to Freedom
A5946: FLEISCHMAN, SID - The Ghost in the Noonday Sun
2I3651: FLEISCHMAN, SID - The Hey Hey Man
2AD0262: FLEMING, IAN - You Only Live Twice
2S0489: FLEMING, PEGGY; KAMINSKY, PETER - The Long Program : Skating Toward Life's Victories
5TRA1005: FLEMING,PETER - Brazilian Adventure
6MY2001C: FLEMING,IAN - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
2A1996: FLEMING, ELIZABETH P - Redcloud & Co
2FR0085: FLEMING, IAN - Echec a L'orient Express: Inter Espions #7
2MY9500: FLEMING, IAN - The Man with the Golden Gun
2MY9544: FLEMING, IAN - James Bond Octopussy
3MY0029: FLEMING,IAN - The Man With The Golden Gun
2ARCH0605: FLEMING, JOHN - Scottish Country Houses and Gardens Open to the Public
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3MY0025: GARDNER,JOHN - Ian Fleming's Master Spy James Bond in Win,Lose or Die
2ER0345: GAREFIELD, ADAM - Outdoor Whore
7A0078: GARFIELD, LEON - The Ghost Downstairs
2TV1228: GARFIELD, BRIAN WYNNE - Hopscotch
5A2107: GARFIELD, LEON - Jack Holborn
5A2119: GARFIELD, LEON; BLISHEN, EDWARD - The Golden Shadow
E2742: GARFIELD,LEON - Black Jack
T1643: GARIS - Uncle Wiggily and The Canoe
T2022: GARIS, HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggily and Grandaddy Longlegs
T2496: GARIS, HOWARD - Uncle Wiggily Starts Off
T2540: GARIS - Uncle Wiggily Learns To Dance
T3397: GARIS - Uncle Wiggily Learns To Dance
T3400: GARIS, HOWARD - Uncle Wiggily's Adventures Boxed set of Uncle Wiggily and the Red Spots, Uncle Wiggily and the Canoe, Uncle Wiggily and the Apple Dumpling & Uncle Wiggily and the Sleds
T4040: GARIS, HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggily and the Starfish
T4041: GARIS, HOWARD R - Uncle wiggily and the Cowbird
A4592: GARIS, HOWARD - Daddy Takes Us Camping
A5031: GARIS,HOWARD R - Daddy Takes Us To The Circus
A5933: GARIS, HOWARD R - Daddy Takes Us To The Circus
T4128: GARIS,HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggily and the Paper Boat
2PB1743: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Teddy and the Mystery Pony
7T0064LRG: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily and the Sugar Cookie
2MM0019: HOWARD R. GARIS - Buddy and the Secret Cave
2MM0023: HOWARD R. GARIS - Buddy and His Winter Fun
2MM0024: HOWARD R. GARIS - Buddy in School
A6686: GARIS,HOWARD R - Adventures of the Prancing Piano
2A0347: GARIS, HOWARD R. - The Curlytops and Their Playmates or Jolly Times Through The Holidays
2MM0090: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Buddy Indian Chief
2MM0091: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Buddy and His Winter Fun
2T2164: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Story Book
2T2245: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Fortune
2T0619: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily and the Littletails
5T1293: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily Learns to Dance
5T1294: GARIS,HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggily and the Canoe
5T1296: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily And the Apple Dumpling
2T1548: GARIS,HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggilys Automobile
2T1566: GARIS,HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggily Learns to Dance
2T2476: GARIS, HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggily and His Flying Rug
T2470: GARIS,HOWARD - Uncle Wiggily and Grandaddy Longlegs
2B0554: GARIS,HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggilily's Adventures
2T4475: GARIS, HOWARD R - Uncle Wiggly's Automobile
5WE1059: GARLAND,HAMLIN - The Moccasin Ranch
2MB0091: GARLAND,MISS AILEEN & BRADLEY,WALTER E. & LEGASSE,MR. JEAN & HEDLIN,RALPH & ROSE,DR. WILLIAM JOHN - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 15 1960
2MB0097: GARLAND,MISS AILEEN & FERGUSON,GEORGE V. & MORTON,WILLIAM & ORLIKOW,LIONEL & WAKENTIN,JOHN & FORRESTER,MARJORIE - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 16 1961
2MB0098: GARLAND,MISS AILEEN & WOOD,CHIEF JUSTICE DEMUND BURKE & PRATT,MAJOR A.M & EARL,LEONARD F. & MACLEOD,Q.C,GEORGE P. & BROWN,RAY & DOUGLAS,WILLIAM - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 14 1959
2POT0656: GARLAND, OXFORD; LEONARD, R.M. - Patriotic Poems
2BP0907: GARLIN, SENDER - The Real Rickenbacker
V4451: GARNER, HUGH - The Sin Sniper
2FIC17505: GARNER, HUGH - A Hugh Garner Omnibus
5A2118: GARNETT,RICHARD - Jack of Dover
T3967: GARRARD, PHILLIS - Running Away With Nebby
2E2760: GARRARD, PHILLIS - Hilda, Fifteen
2A5195: GARRETT, E.W. - RIP
FUN0062: GARROW, A B - Sideboard and Cellar A Handbook on Wines, Spirits and Beer
A5079: GARROWAY,DAVE - Fun On Wheels
2A0178: GARST, SHANNON - Silver Spurs for Cowboy Boots
2BG3095: GARST, SHANNON AND WARREN - Ernest Thompson Seton Naturalist
I1006: GARTH, MILT - Fuzzy Wuzzy Puppy
A4994: GARTHWAITE,MARION - Tomas and the Red Headed Angel
ROM0020PB: GARTLAND, BARBARA - The Passionate Pilgrim
2S0527: GARVEY, STEVE - Shortstop (The Winning Edge Ser.)
2A2972: GARVEY, ROBERT - The Ghosts of Camp J
5RM1106: GARVICE,CHARLES - He Loves Me he Loves Me Not
2RM0983: GARVICE, CHARLES - A Wounded Heart or Sweet As a Rose
2CN0255: GARVIN, JOHN W. - Canadian Verse for Boys and Girls
5WAR1128: GARVIN,JOHN W - Canadian Poems of the Great War
2RR1557: GARY, WILLIAM S & ARBUTHNOT, MAY HILL - Fun with Dick and Jane
MY0900: GASH, JONATHAN - The Judas Pair
2MY0565: GASH, JONATHAN - A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair : A Lovejoy Mystery (A Lovejoy Mystery Ser.)
T3529: GAST,LISE - Our Ponies
5E1209: GASTER, DAVID - Pineridge Discoveries, The
2NH0565: GASTON, A. J.; NETTLESHIP, DAVID N. - The Thick-Billed Murres of Prince Leopold Island: A Study of the Breeding Ecology of a Colonial High Arctic Seabird
HA0413OB: GATELY, GEO - Heathcliff in Concert
2EH2050: GATENBY, GREG - The Wild Is Always There : Canada Through the Eyes of Foreign Writers
PB3113: GATES,DORIS - My Brother Mike
RR0964: GATES (ILLUSTRATIONS BY F. MCANELLY) - Fun with Nick and Dick
2G0567: GATES, MACBURNEY - The Black Pirate
2G0570: GATES,ELEANOR - The Poor Little Rich Girl
2RR0576: GATES,ARTHUR I; PEARDON,CELESTE COMEGYS - Practice Exercises in Reading Book III Type B
2RR0577: GATES,ARTHUR I; PEARDON,CELESTE COMEGYS - Practice Exercises in Reading Book III Type A
2RR1044: GATES,ARTHUR I; BAKER,FRANKLIN T; ET AL - Fun with nick and Dick
2RR5590: GATHERCOLE, D. AND.F.J. - Children Around the World : Grade III and IV
2Z38931: GATISS, MARK - Nightshade (The New Doctor Who Adventures)
2V3554: GATTZDEN, MATT - O.D. At Sweet Claude's
2ARCH0664: GATZ, KONRAD; HIERL, FRITZ - Treppen Und Treppenhauser
2I1155: GAUCH, PATRICIA LEE - My Old Tree
3PP0234: GAULT,WILLIAM CAMPBELL 7 MERWIN,SAM JR & FORD,T W ET AL - 5 Sports Classics Magazine Fall 1950
5CS1057: GAULT, WILLIAM CAMPBELL - Quarterback Gamble
2PB13673: GAULT,WILLIAM CAMPBELL - Dirt Track Summer
5PP1401: GAULT, WILLIAM CAMPBELL & RICE,CRAIG ET AL - 5 Detective Novels Fall 1953
2I4090: GAUTHIER, BERTRAND - Yuneek in The Present #4
2BUC0164: GAUTHIER, MAURICE - De La Table De Cuisine a La Rue Principale . 50 Ans d' Histoire Des Caisses Populaires Du Manitoba 1937 -1987
5FIC2419: GAVIN,MARIN - Jailer My Jailer
2ER0123: GAVIN,FRANK - I'll Swap You Mine
3L0020b: GAY,ROMNEY - The Funny Noise
I3381: GAY,ROMNEY - Romney Gay's Nursery Tales
2A0497: GAY, ROMNEY - Peter's Adventure
2I1096: GAY, ZHENYA; CRESPI, PACHITA - A Fish Story (The Adventures of a Little Girl Who Liked to Go Fishing)
2I1751: GAY,ROMNEY - Picture Book of Poems
5RE1103: GAY,FISHER - Oncve Upon a Time
2A2742: GAY, ROMNEY - A Joke On Cinder
2A2743: GAY, ROMNEY - Cinder's Secret
2E1976: GAY, FRANCIS - The Friendship Book 2006
2I7207: GAY, ROMNEY - The Romney Gay ABC
2FL0123: GAYA, SAMUEL GILI Y - Diego De San Pedro: Obras (Clasicos Castellanos)
2FR0151: GEBHARDT, ERNST - Frohe Botschaft in Liedern (German Songbook)
2FIC2636: GEDGE, PAULINE - The Horus Road
3L0023: GEE,JOHN - Bunnie Bear
2SM1421: BEE GEES - Bee Gees 2 Years On
5S1000: GEIBEL, JAMES - The Blond Brother
CB0146: GEIRINGER,EVA (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Little Riddle Book
2L1362: GEIS, DARLENE - The Quiet Little Indian
2L3667: GEIS, BERNARD - The Magic ABC Book
5FIC3139: GEISMAR,MAXWELL - The Ring Lardner Reader
4RE0087LRG: GELLER, LARRY - Apples, Walnuts and Wine: A Spiritual Map of Winnipeg
2RE1043: GELLER,LARRY - Apples Walnuts and Wine a Spiritual Map of Winnipeg
2MB1026: GELLER, LARRY - Apples, Walnuts and Wine: A Spiritual Map of Winnipeg
2N2480: GELLMAN, H.S.; CARROLL, R.C. - Practical Application of Data Processing in Small and Medium Manufacturing Companies
5R1114: GEMME, LEILA B - The New Breed of Performer
5HOR1168: GENTILE, GARY - The Lurking
2HL1485: GENTLES, HARRY W. - Junior First Aid Legion Hand Book
J1380: GEOGHAN, POLLARD & KELLEY - Developmental Psychology
2COL0594: GEOGIADY, PETE - Wood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide, 1997-98
5NON1050: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - National Geographic Magazine Volume II July 1931 Volume LX No 1
5NON1051: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - National Geographic Magazine Volume I 1932
CC1149: GEORGE,S C & OLDRIDGE,JOHN ET AL - Grand Story Book For Girls
2L5260: GEORGIANA - Animal Jingles
5I1252: GERAS, ADELE - My Grandmother's Stories : A Collection of Jewish Folk Tales
5CB1183: GERBERG, MORT - The All-Jewish Cartoon Collection
2FL0050: VON GERING, HUGO - Eyrbyggja
2WAR2722: GERLACH, HEINRICH - The Forsaken Army
3N0004: GERNSBACK,HUGO - Short Wave Craft November 1936
3N0005: GERNSBACK,HUGO - Short Wave Craft September 1935
3FL0002: GEROK,KARL - Christliches Vergi├čmeinnicht Gedenkb├╝chlein in Spruch und Lied f├╝r alle Tage des Jahres, mit einem Gedicht als Einleitung von Karl Gerok
2MB1154: GERRARD, JON - Battling for a Better Manitoba: A History of the Provincial Liberal Party
2Z40258: GERROLD, DAVID - The War Against The Chtorr A Set of 3 Paperbacks 1. A Matter For Men 2. A Day For Damnation & 3. A Rage For Revenge
B0145: GERRY, GEORGE - Jimmy And The Tiger
5FIC1124: GERSHON,FREDDIE - Sweetie Baby Cookie Honey
8R0099: GERSHWIN, GEORGE & IRA GERSHWIN - Girl Crazy: Embraceable You
T4482: GERVAISE,MARY - Ponies and Holidays
2E0586: GERVAISE, MARY - Ponies and Holidays
5E1473: GERVAISE,MARY - Topsy the Terrible
5E1907: GERVAISE, MARY - The Vanishing Pony
2T2513: GERVAISE, MARY - The Pony Clue
2S1108: GETTELSON, LEONARD - One...For the Book (Official 1965 All Time Baseball Records)
2ART2433: GETTINGS, FRED - Arthur Rackham
3BP0120: GEYSERLAND - Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
5FIC2110: GHAN,LINDA - A Gift of Sky
2ART1539: GHAZNAVI, CORINNA; GARNET, CARLA (CURATORS) - 18 Illuminations: Contemporary Art and Light
5NON1179: GHIRARDI,ALFRED A - Radio Troubleshooters Handbook 3rd Revised Edition
2CB2124: GHOLOWKA - It's a Game of Inches Starring Champ: A Whimsical Look at the World of Curling
5A2175: GHOSE, DAPHNE - Harry
3TRA0006: GIBAVICIUS,RIMTAUTAS - Vilniaus Architektura
3R0185: GIBB,BARRY, ROBIN AND MAURICE - Nights on Broadway Sheet Music
5R1097: GIBB,BARRY; GIBB,ROBIN; ET AL - How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gees) (Saturday Night fever) - Sheet Music
7NH0014: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Lovely is the Lee
2EH0502: GIBBON, J. MURRAY ( EDITOR ) - Canadian Folk Sons Old and New
FIC0546: GIBBONS, WILLIAM F. - Those Black Diamond Men
2PSY0443: GIBBONS, DON E.; CONNELLY, JOHN F. - Selected Readings in Psychology
2R4092: GIBBONS, ROY W. - The CCFCS Collection of Musical Instruments Volume Three: Chordophones
HB0321: GIBBS,JERRY - Advanced Tactics For Bass & Trout
3FIC0023: GIBBS,PHILIP - The Law-Breakers
5FIC2370: GIBBS,PHILIP - The Cloud Above the Green
2RR5084: GIBBS, ANNA ET AL - Mr. Mugs Book Level 4 (Starting Points in Language Arts)
2RR1806: GIBBS, ANNA ET AL - Mr. Mugs Book : Starting Points in Language Arts Level Seven (7)
2TRA0729: GIBBS, HENRY - The Masks of Spain
5FIC2971: GIBERNE,AGNES - Floss Silverthorn or the Masters Little Handmaid
FIC0630: GIBERNE, AGNES - Sweetbriar -or- Doings in Priorsthorpe Magna
2E2523: GIBERNE, AGNES - Floss Silverthorn
2LIT1436: GIBRAN,KAHLIL - Spirits Rebellious
2LIT5476: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Spirits Rebellious
CF0012: GIBSON,JOHN - File on Helen Morgan
CF0092: GIBSON, GRAEME - Perpetual Motion
V3508: GIBSON, WALTER B. - The Fine Art of Spying
2I0633PB: GIBSON, WALTER - Monsters : The Strange Case of Dt Jekyll and Mr Hyde / Frankenstein / Dracula
2A0533: GIBSON, J. - Outdoor Hints for Boy Scouts
2I3477: GIBSON, KATHARINE - Fairy Tales
2MB1444: GIBSON, DALE AND LEE - Substantial Justice: Law and Lawyers in Manitoba 1670-1970
2S1512: GIBSON, ADAM; WALLACE, BILL - Competitive Karate: Featuring The Superfoot System
2WAR2942: GIBSON , WALTER - The Boat
M3865: GIELGUD, SIR JOHN (INTRO); EDITED BY CLIVE UNGER-HAMILTON - The Entertainers: a biographical history of the stage: its players, writers, directors, showmen and clowns
2MB1887: GIESBRECHT, DENNIS - Not Jacob - A Memoir
5MY1387: VAN GIESON, JUDITH - North of the Border
HB0359: GIFFORD,KATHIE LEE - I Can't Believe I Said That!
2H1326: GIFFORD, DENIS - Super Duper Supermen! Comic Book Heroes from the Forties and Fifties!
2I2823: GIFFORD, VIRGINIA - Fun with Words
2HST0642: GIGON, FERNAND - Formula for Death: E=MC2 (The Atom Bombs and After)
R4155: GILBERT, W. S. - Selected Operas, First Series
CL4757: GILBERT, HENRY - King Arthur For Boys
H3140: GILBERT,NAN - Hanna Barbera's Fred Flintstone's Bewildered Baby-Sitter with Pebbles
H3564: GILBERT, NAN - Hanna Barbera's Fred Flintstone's Bewildered Baby-Sitter with Pebbles
I0853B: GILBERT, HENRY - Robin Hood
R4624: GILBERT, W. S. AND ARTHUR SULLIVAN - The Yeomen of the Guard -or- the Merryman and His Maid: Vocal Score
R4636: GILBERT, W. S. AND ARTHUR SULLIVAN - The Pirates of Penzance -or- The Slave of Duty
2W1357: NAN GILBERT - A Knight Came Riding
2CL0327: GILBERT, HENRY - King Arthur
2W1477: GILBERT, NAN - A Knight Came Riding
5FIC1877: GILBERT,EDWIN - Silver Spoon
5BG1516: GILBERT,MARTIN - Churchill
2CL0861: GILBERT, HENRY - King Arthur for Boys
2S0124: GILBERT, JOHN - The Hockey News Book of NHL Shooters
3A0090: GILBERT, HENRY - Robin Hood
2S1235: GILBERT, JOHN - Shooters : The Hockey News Book of NHL
2CS2054: GILBERT, NAN - Champions Don't Cry
2HST1451: GILBERT, MARTIN - Dearest Auntie Fori
6HST2007: GILBOA,DAVID (DESIGN AND LAYOUT - The Scroll of New Israel
2NON1160: GILBRETH, FRANK B - Field System
3BG0016: GILES,F T - Open Court: Pages from the Notebook of a London Magistrates' Clerk
3MB0013: GILL,E A WHARTON - Love in Manitoba
2HST0178: GILL,BRENDAN - Lindbergh Alone: May 21 1927
2MB1205: GILL, E.A. WHARTON - A Manitoba Chore Boy
2COL0341: GILLAM, L. F. - A History of Canadian R.P.O.'s 1853-1967
2BG0027: GILLEN, MOLLIE - The Wheele of Things; A Biography of L.M. Montgomery
T3000: GILLESE,JOHN PATRICK - Kirby's Gander
T3956: GILLESPIE, T H - Zoo-Man Stories
T3957: GILLESPIE, T H - Zoo-Man Talks
3FIC0018: GILLESPIE,SUSAN - Women of Influence
2FSH0324: GILLEY, WENDELL - The Art of Bird Carving: A Guide to a Fascinating Hobby
2A0348: GILLHAM, CHARLES E. - Eskimo Folk-tales from Alaska or The Eskimo's Arabian Nights
E3114: GILLIARD - Joy and the Joystrings
2MB1232: GILLIES, IAN; PRYSTUPA, STEVEN; WYNOBEL, CORNEL - Manitoba and Its Great Resources: An Illustrated History of Resource Development in Manitoba
2NF0419: GILLIS, JENNIFER - Museums
2NF0421: GILLIS, JENNIFER - Battlefields (Field Trips)
2C5120: GILLIS, PETER B & KING, MARTIN & COOPER, DAVID - Gammarauders Set of 10 Comics Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
2FIC2255: GILLMORE,DAVID - A Way From Exilw
2NH0387: GILLOTT,FELICITY - Introduction to Horseriding
7SF0002: GILMAN, ROBERT CHAM - The Rebel of Rhada
2Z30225: GILMAN, FELIX - Thunderer
5A1183: GILMER,ANN - Skyscraper Nurse
2A3033: GILMORE, CECILE - The Lesser Love
2I3689: GILMORE, D.H - The Adventures of Catkin and Coldin: Christopher Cricket and Benjamin Bee
2FIC5254: GILMORE, CECILE - When the Bough Breaks
2CC0200: GILSON,CAPT CHARLES & SAXBY,ARGYLL ET AL - The Boy's Own Annual Volume 39 XXXIX
5E1436: GILSON,MAJOR CHARLES - The Cunning of Quang
2A0534: LORD BADEN-POWELL OF GILWELL - The Wolf Cub Handbook
2A5469: GILWELL, LORD BADEN POWELL OF - Scouting for Boys Special Canadian Edition
3E0031: BADEN-POWELL OF GILWELL,LORD - Rovering to Success Revised Edition
2ART1546: GINGRAS, GILLES - Le Vieux Montreal (Peintures)
2CK1428: GINSBERG, MINDY - Easy & Elegant: 300 International Jewish Recipes for Friends and Families
2RE3519: GINZBERG, LOUIS - Legends of The Jews Volume I & II (Set)
HC0087E: GINZBURG,RALPH - An Unhurried View of Erotica
WAR0210PB: GIOVANNITTI, LEN - The Man Who Won the Medal of Honor
2A0454: GIRARD, PAULA TANNER - The Brave Little Plant (A Readingtime Book)
2PSY0082: GIROUX,PAUL - Beaten
2E0940: GIRVIN,BRENDA - The Tapestry Adventure
5E1580: GIRVIN, BRENDA - June The Girl Guide
2SB0271: GIRZONE, JOSEPH F. - Joshua: The Journey Home - Joshua, Joshua and the Children, Joshua in the Holy Land
2R0678: GIULIANO, GEOFFREY - The Illustrated Paul McCartney
S1807: GLANVILLE,BRIAN - Know About Football (Soccer
5FIC3795: GLANVILLE,BRIAN - Money is Love
5FIC1345: GLASER,HUGO - The Drama of Medicine
2R0237: GLASER, MILTON (ART DIRECTOR / EDITOR) - P P & M: Peter Paul and Mary
5FIC2512: GLASGOW, ELLEN - Vein of Iron
5L1001: GLASSCOCK,JOYCE - Cowboy Eddie
E4827: GLASSPOOL, ALFRED J - Charlie Wilson's Prophecy
2EH0206: GLAZEBROOK,G P DE T - Canadian External Relations an historical Study to 1914
2COL0010: GLENCROSS,JUNE - The Story of Antiques
2R4805: GLICK, ANDREW - Dictionary Of Heroes, Heroines, Lovers, And Villains In Classical Opera
2I2838: GLIORI, DEBI - Mr. Bear Babysits
2I2834: GLOVACH, LINDA - The Little Witchs Valentine Book
3FIC0074: GLOVER,HALCOTT - Both Sides of the Blanket
2POT0734: GLOVER, W. J. (ED.) - Cassell's Anthology of English Verse: A Three Years' Course for Schools
2SM0656: GLOVER, DAVID; RODGERS, RICHARD - The Wonderful world of Richard Rodgers Easyplay Piano Solos
2MY5934: GLUCK, SINCLAIR - Shadow in The House
2LIT3412: GLYN, ELINOR - The Sayings of Grandmamma & Others
2ERT0089: GLYNN, MORIRA - Soul Mare
2ERT0104: GNARLEY, HUGH - Big Banger
2HL1409: GODDEN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Cancer in Childhood
2A5379: GODDEN, RUMER - The Doll's Douse
2HOR0153: GODEY,JOHN - The Snake
5A1049: GODFREY,HOLLIS - The Man Who Ended War
2R4099: GREG GODOVITZ - Travels with My Amp: Sex! Drugs! and Rock and Roll!
NON0012: GODSELL, PHILIP - Romance of the Alaska Highway
2ART2365: GODSELL, PATRICIA - Enjoying Canadian painting
Z2189: GODWIN,PARKE - The Last Rainbow
2GA0281: GODWIN, SARA - The Gardener's Companion
2ART1780: GOETZ, HELGA - The Inuit Print ('Estampe Inuit)
2ER0173: GOFF,JERRY M JR - The Genuine Wanton
2ER0174: GOFF,JERRY M - Her body Was Too Much Temptation
2ERT0056: GOFF JR., JERRY M. - Cindy Honey
RE0401: GOFORTH, ROSALIND (MRS. JONATHAN GOFORTH) - Chinese Diamonds For The King Of Kings
2ART0600: VAN GOGH, VINCENT - Starry Night (CD)
2FR0107: GOGOL, NICOLAS - Les Ames Mortes
2V5507: GOHIER , GERALD - Love in the Sun
2S1288: GOLD, EDDIE; AHRENS, ART - Day by Day in Chicago Cub History
2ERT0036: GOLD, R. C. - Memoirs of a Pussycad
2ARCH0727: GOLD, SEYMOUR M. - Recreation Planning and Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Landscape and Landscape Architecture)
2A0554: GOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER; HOLDER, NANCY - Immortal (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Novels)
2I1390: GOLDEN,MARY (COMPILED BY) - A Picture Dictionary
2R2892: GOLDEN, HARRY - Pageant (May 1964), Why the Beatle Plague Has Hit Our Kids
2H2195: GOLDEN - Mask (A Giant Coloring Book)
2H2197: GOLDEN - Centurions (A Giant Coloring Book)
MOV0086: GOLDENBERG, SUSAN - Canadian Pacific A Portrait of Power
2RR0297: GOLDIN, MYRON R.; SALLEN, BENJAMIN; HEYL, HELEN HAY; LOFTUS, JOHN J. - Happy Children: Child Experience Readers
LIT0226: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Paper Men
CC0993: GOLDING, HARRY - The Wonder Book of Children and the People They Live With
TRA0157: GOLDING, CLAUD - The County Books: London the City
3CC0006: GOLDING, HARRY - The Wonder Book of Soldiers Fifth Edition
3CC0130: GOLDING, HARRY - The Wonder Book of Why and What 4th Edition
2FIC4993: GOLDING, LOUIS - Magnolia Street
2L3673: GOLDING, HARRY - The Goblin Scouts

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