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2SB0160: DAHER, ANITA - Flight From Bear Canyon (Signed copy)
6ARCH2029: DAHINDEN,JUSTUS - Urban Structures For The Future
2ARCH0342: DAHIR, JAMES - Communities for Better Living: Citizen Achievement in Organization, Design and Development
2I0900: DAHL, ROALD - The Enormous Crocodile
2A1376: DAHL,RONALD - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
2A0671: DAHL,ROALD - Matilda
5A1557: DAHL, ROALD - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2POT0886: DAHL, TONY - Grouper Jump An' Pop Duh Line: Poems To Be Read Out Loud
V5503: DAILEY,CLARK W - Soft To The Touch
2LIT18429: DAKYNS, HENRY GRAHAM - The Education of Cyrus
2PSY0150: DALE, CYNTHIA - Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras
2ART1288: DALE, DAPHNE (ED.) - Beauties of Nature and Art
2E3130: DALE, JUDITH - Shirley Flight Air Hostess in The Rajah's Daughter
5F1015: DALE,JUDITH - Shirley Flight Air Hostess in Desert Adventure
PU0038: DALIBOR, JAN - Pinky & Perky Pop-Up Book(T V Favourites)3:fine
3I0132: DALKEITH,LENA - Funny Fables
2CN0149: DALLAS, OSWALD - The Treasures of Asshur (The Boys Adventure Series No. 830)
2PB13045: DALTON, CLIVE - Mystery of the Malay Schooner
2PB14227: DALTON, ANNIE - The Afterdark Princess
2MOV1381a: DALTON, LAWRENCE - Rolls-Royce: The Elegance Continues, 1946-71
RR1741: DALY, RONALD C - The Macmillan School Atlas
EH0469: DALY,MARGARET - The Revolution Game
6L0009TAT: DALY, EILEEN - Barbie and Skipper Go Camping
6L0088GSB: DALY, EILEEN - The Santa Claus Book
T4689: DALY,MAUREEN - The Small War of Sergeant Donkey
2L0063: DALY, EILEEN - Top Cat
2H0128: DALY, EILEEN - Pebbles Flintston Runaway
2L0581: DALY,EILEEN - King Leonardo and the Royal Contest
5L1356: DALY, KATHLEEN - Howdy Doody's Animal Friends
2L3498: DALY, E. - Drole De Pique-Nique (Petit Livre D'Or)
2L6029: DALY, EILEEN - Walt Disney's Ludwig von Drake Dog Expert
2I5132: DAMJAN, MISCHA;MARTENS, MARIANNE - The Little Seahorse and the Christmas Pearl
2HST0611: DAN, URI - To the Promised Land: The Birth of Israel/40th Anniversary
2CF0262: DANA,MARVIN - The Shooting of Dan McGrew Based on the Poem By Robert w Service
2CL1107: DANA,RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before the Mast
2CL0811: DANA, RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before the Mast
2LIT18123: DANA, JR., RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before The Mast
2PB15238: DANAKAS, JOHN - Hockey Night in Transcona
3ART0129: DANBY, KEN; DE SANTANA, HUBERT - Danby, Images of Sport Boxed Set with 6 Prints
2WAR2604: DANCOCKS, DANIEL G. - Welcome to Flanders Fields the First Canadian Battle of the Great War: Ypres, 1915
2CC0514: BEANO AND DANDY - Dandy and Beano A Seventies Selection
PAH0043: DANIEL, LOIS (EDITOR) - The Faithful Friend: Favorite Writings about Owning and Loving Dogs
2NH0279: BELLET. DANIEL - Beautes et Forces De La Nature
5USA1000: DANIEL,HAWTHORNE - The Hartford of Hartford
5NC1015: DANIELLS,ROY - Indian File Books I: Deeper Into the Forest
OC0162PB: DANIELS, NORMAN - Voodoo Slave
5FIC3849: DANIELSON,BENGT - The Happy Island
2R0705: DANIELSON, SARAH - Elvis: Man & Myth
2R0705: DANIELSON, SARAH - Elvis: Man & Myth
2S3085: DANTE, JIM/DIEGEL, LEO - The Nine Bad Shots of Golf and What to Do About Them
2RE1439: DANYLEWYEZ, MARTA - Taking the Veil: An Alternative to Marriage, Motherhood and Spinsterhood in Quebec 1840-1920
2I1493: DARBY, RAY - Peter Smith and the Bugs
2L0598: DARBY,RAY - Peter smith and the Bugs
5I1857: DARBY,RAY - Peter Smith and the Bugs
2TRA0841: GOODALL & DARBY - The University Atlas
J1830: DARBY, RAY - Peter Smith And The Bugs
2I6897: DARBY, RAY - Peter Smith and The Bugs
5ARC1006: DARLEY, GILLIAN - Built in Britain
2T4043: DARLING, ESTHER BIRDSALL - Boris: Grandson of Baldy
5RE1367: DARRAH,D D - The Masters Assistant a Complete Treatise on Freemasonry Its History Organization Landmarks Laws Rules and Precedents Topically Considered and Alphabetically Arranged
2NF0366: DARRAJ, SUSAN MUADDI AND PULLER, MEREDYTH - United Arab Emirates (creation Of The Modern Middle East)
2NF0860: DARRAJ, SUSAN MUADDI - Bashar Al-Assad Major World Leaders Series
2M0069: DARREN,ALISON - Lesbian Film Guide
L3616: DART, ELEANOR - Baby's First Christmas
A6613: DARTON,F J HARVEY - A Wonder Book of Old Romance
3E0051: DARTON,F J HARVEY - Without Fear and Without Reproach The Adventures of the Famous Knight Bayard
2T2403: DARTON, E. L & J.H - Reynard the Fox
2NH1478: DARWIN, CHARLES M.A. F.R.S. - A Naturalist's Voyage. Journal of Researches Into The Natural History and Geology of The Countries Visited During The Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle Round The World, Under The Command of Capt. Fitzroy, R. N.
2NH1473: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Origin of Species
2R2235: DASHER, RICHARD - History of Rock Music
2CFL0014: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Contes Choisis
5A1370: DAUGHERTY,CHARLES MICHAEL - Where the Condor Nests
5USA1032: DAUGHERTY,JAMES - Abraham Lincoln
2FUN0184: DAUM, JEANNIE - Beginners Guide to Social Dancing
2ARCH0659: JEANNE M DAVERN - Places for People: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, etc.
2L0299: DAVID, PETER - How Jacky Bunny Came to Parson's Wood
5NON1014: BAR-DAVID,MOLLY LYONS - My Promised Land : The Story of a Jerusalem Housewife
2WAR2621: DAVID, SAUL - All the King's Men: The British Soldier From The Restoration To Waterloo
V1460SC: DAVIDSON, AVRAM - The Enemy of My Enemy
E4328: DAVIDSON,L V - Tony's Temptation
7A0031: DAVIDSON, GLADYS - Undine
FIC1133PB: DAVIDSON, ANGELA - The Forbidden Mansion
5BG1094: DAVIDSON,APOLLON - Cecil Rhodes and His Time
2YA0648: DAVIDSON, ANDREW - The Gargoyle
2WAR2650: DAVIDSON, EDWARD; MANNING, DALE - Chronology of World War Two
3B0012: DAVIE, GEORGE E - Mickey Mouse Adventure in Outer Space
WAR0148: DAVIES, JOSEPH E. - Mission to Moscow
H3054: DAVIES,DAVID STUART - Holmes of the Movies The Screen Career of Sherlock Holmes
2A0284: DAVIES, ROBERSTON - Shakespeare for Young Players
2M0067: DAVIES,MARY; ANDERSON,JANICE; ET AL - The Hamlyn History of the Movies
2SB0147: DAVIES, ADAM - Mine All Mine
2HST1274: LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN - The Battle of Waterloo : Collection of Contemporary Documents
2RE3535: DAVIES, BENJAMIN; MITCHELL, EDWARD C. - Student's Hebrew Lexicon (A Compendious and Complete Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to The Old Testament with an English-Hebrew Index)
3EH0136: DAVIN,NICHOLAS FLOOD - The Irishman in Canada
M0399: SAMMY DAVIS, JR. - Hollywood in a Suitcase
PH0010: DAVIS, HON. JACK - Popular Politics: How To Make Democracy Work
CN0156: DAVIS, ROBERT - Hudson Bay Express
2EH2000: DAVIS, CHUCK; MOONEY, SHIRLEY - Vancouver: An Illustrated Chronology
6L0090GSB: DAVIS, DAPHNE - The Baby Animal Book
7SP0036LRG: DAVIS, MAC - 100 Greatest Sports Heroes
2V0465: DAVIS, ELIZABETH - Along Came A Spider
2M0583: DAVIS, DEBORAH - The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy
2V0536: DAVIS, H.L. - Winds of Morning
2R0122: DAVIS, TERRY - If Rock and Roll Were a MacHine
3C0820: DAVIS,RICHARD HARDING - Classics Illustrated 119 Soldiers of Fortune
2SP0476: DAVIS, MAC - Teen-Age Baseball Jokes & Legends
5FIC1118: DAVIS,HARRIET EAGER - Elmira - The Girl Who Loved Edgar Allan Poe
2I1561: DAVIS, LEE - P.B. Bear's Birthday Party
5FIC1725: DAVIS,MARK - Spector
2V4998: DAVIS, BURKE - Yorktown
2ART0493: DAVIS, ANN - A Distant Harmony: Comparisons in the Painting of Canada and the United States of America
2L1417: DAVIS, DAPHNE - The Peter Pan Book (A Golden Shape Book)
2H0210A: DAVIS, HAZEL H. - Davy Crockett: Frontiersman and Indian Scout
2RR5593: DAVIS, CANTELON, EDWARDS - Workbook for Using our Language
2F0928: DAVIS, ANNE PENCE - Mimi at Camp
2SM1641: DAVIS, BILL / HEARST, JOE - Just a Lullaby
2FUN0434: DAVIS, MILDRED - The Art of Crewel Embroidery (Volume #902)
2WAR2656: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - Civil War In Photographs
2E3323: DAVISON, ANN; DUTHIE, ERIC, ET AL - Open-Air Adventure Stories For Girls
2WAR2810: DAWES, CHARLES G. - A Journal of the Great War Volume I & II
6E0083: DAWLISH, PETER - Young Drake of Devon
E5443: DAWLISH,PETER - Young Drake of Devon
2ART0438: DAWN, LESLIE - National Visions, National Blindness: Canadian Art and Identities in the 1920s
EH0250: DAWSON, C. A. (EDITOR) - The New North-West
5FIC2220: DAWSON,CONINGSBY - The Moon Through Glass
2EH0200: DAWSON,R MACGREGOR - William Lyon Mackenzie King a Political Biography 1874 - 1923 Volume One
2BG0830: DAWSON, R.MACGREGOR - William Lyon MacKenzie King : A Political Biography 1974-1923 Volume I
2GH0338: DAWSON, LAWRENCE H. - Popular Card Games
2I1020: DAY, ALEXANDRA - Carl's Masquerade
2I1021: DAY, ALEXANDRA - Carl's Afternoon in the Park
2I1022: DAY, ALEXANDRA - Carl's Christmas
2A1315: DAY,GROVE A - Hawaii Fiftieth Star
2MB1721: DAY, BRUCE - Hey Cop!
2MB1458: STUDENTS OF ARTHUR DAY - Gold: An Anthology By the Students of Arthur Day 1983-1984
2ERT0125: DAY, ROCK - Vicky Performs
2R4636: AC/DC - AC/DC Who Made Who
HST0184LRG: DEACON, G. E. R. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Oceans: An Atlas-history of Man's Exploration of the Deep
B0959: DEAKIN,BASIL - Secret of Zarb
USA0035: DEAN, ROBERT J. - Living Granite: The Story of Borglum and the Mount Rushmore Memorial
S2524: DEAN,ANABEL - Hot Rod
7SP0011: DEAN, ANABEL - Destruction Derby
7SP0052: DEAN, ANABEL - Baja 500
MY2193: DEAN, ROBERT GEORGE - Layoff Starring Tony Hunter
2A0437: DEAN, LEON W. - Border Bullets
2I1937: DEAN,LUCILLE DENNHARDT - At the Dry Cleaners
5A1526: DEAN,GRAHAM M - Slim Evans and His Horse Lightning
5I1746: DEAN,MABEL AND LILY - Merry go Round Picture and Story Book
2A4430: DEAN, GRAHAM M. - Gleaming Rails
2E1924: DEANE, SPENCER - The Riddle of the Rock
J1372: DEANS, EDWINA; MCMEEN, GEORGE H.; KANE, ROBERT B.; OESTERLE, ROBERT A. - Learning Mathematics: Teacher's Annotated Edition
3PU0013: DEAR (ILLUSTRATOR) - La Nuit Du Pere Noel (Santa Claus)
2RR5899: DEARBORN, BLANCHE J. - Country Days
RR0127A: MCINTYRE AND DEARNESS - Alexandra reader
RR0127B: MCINTYRE AND DEARNESS - Alexandra reader
RR0127B_: MCINTYRE AND DEARNESS - Alexandra reader fourth book
2ART2088: DEBERARDINIS, OLIVIA - Let Them Eat Cheesecake (The Art of Olivia, Vol. 1)
2ART2089: OLIVIA DEBERARDINIS - Second Slice (The Art of Olivia, Vol. 2)
H1195: DEBONO, ROBERTA TENNANT - Revenge of the Wind Rider (Star Trek)
2ARCH0756: J. DECHIARA - Handbook of Architectural Details for Commercial Buildings
3ART0127: DEE DEE - Original Ink Drawing Based on the Cover Art of Planet Stories March 1952
3ART0128: DEE DEE - Original Ink Drawing Based on the Cover Art From Headquarter Detective
2BG2234: DEFEHR, C.A. - Memories of My Life: Recalled for My Family
CL3683: DEFOE,DANIEL - Life & Adventure of Robinson Crusoe
CL4684: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
CL4756: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
I0858: DEFOE,DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
6CL0019: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2I0521: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2I0569: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2I0620: DEFOE, DANIEL - Children's Treasury : Robinson Crusoe
2CL0552: DEFOE,DANIEL ROUSE,W.H.D. (ABRIDGED BY) - Robinson Crusoe
3CC0058: DEFOE,DANIEL & STEVENSON,ROBERT LOUIS - Adventure Classics Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island and Kidnapped Retold for Younger Readers
2I1947: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe, Retold for Younger Readers from the Story
5CL1108: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2CL0875: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2I4850: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe (retold for Younger readers): Early Reader Series No. 8
2LIT18124: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2FIC8588: DEFOE, DANIEL - Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress
2I5502: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2C4809: DEFOE, DANIEL - Classics Illustrated No. 10 ("Robinson Crusoe")
2ER0279: DEGALLAMANIA, CHARLES - Nightrider (The Collectors Classic Series)
2MB1427: DEGRAVE, DIANE; LEGG, IRENE - 54 West Gate: Stories of Ralph Connor House
2MB1317: DEGRAVES, DIANE AND LEGG, IRENE - 54 West Gate: Stories of Ralph Connor House
5FIC2162: DEHAN,RICHARD - The Sower of The Wind
2FIC8923: DEHAN, RICHARD - The Villa of the Peacock
2MY1869: DEIGHTON, LEN - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy
2T0560: DEJONG,MEINDERT - Hurry Home Candy
2MY0632: DEKKER, CARL - Woman In Marble
2RF0223: DELAMONTTE, F. - The Signist's Book of Modern Alphabets: Plain and Ornamental, Ancient and Mediaeval, from the Eighth to the Twentieth century, with Numerals
5X1049: DELANO,JULIA - Diana a Tribute
2WAR1665: DELATTRE, LUCAS - Betraying Hitler : The Story of Fritz Kolbe
2RM0053: DELDERFIELD,R.F. - All Over The Town
2WAR2159: DELGADO, JAMES; CUSSLER, CLIVE - Silent Killers : Submarines and Underwater Warfare
2FIC9410: DELL, ETHEL M. - The Rocks of Valpré
2V1288: DELON, RUTH - Wild and Winsome
2H2226: DELPORTE, Y. & PEYO - Stories of the Smurfs by Peyo 2 . The Smurfette
2H0078b: DELPORTE, Y AND PEYO - The Egg and the Smurfs : The Hundredth Smurf
2H2124: PEYO;DELPORTE, YVAN - The Astrosmurf/King Smurf
2H1663: PEYO; DELPORTE, Y. - Smurphony in C: The Flying Smurf (Stories of The Smurfs)
7BG0044: DELTEIL, JOSEPH - Lafayette
2ART1749: DEMARCHELIER, PATRICK - Fashion Photography American Photographer Master Series Henry Horenstein Editor
NF0026: DEMAREST,DONALD - The First Californian The Story of Fray Junipero Serra
3PP0404: DEMAREST,PHYLLIS GORDON & BROWN,RUTH ET AL - Love Book Magazine October 1945
2H1418: DEMARETS, MICHEL - Jouons Avec Tintin En Syldavie
2H1417: DEMARETS, MICHEL - Jouons Avec Tintin A Moulinsart
2GN1160: J. M DEMATTEIS - Spider-Man and Batman (Disordered Minds)
HM0360: DEMATTEIS, J.M - Marvel Super Special : 2010
2PU0104: VAN DEMEER, RON - Monster Island
PB5178: DEMERS, DOMINIQUE - Ils Dansent dans la Tempete
2LIT0962: DEMOSTHENES - Orations: The Worlds Great Classics
5A1879: DEMPSTER,GUY - The Phantom Wing
2WAR2907: DENFELD, D.; FRY, M. - Indestructible Jeep (No. 36)
5LIT1281: DENHAM,PAUL - The Evolution of Canadian Literature in English: 1945 - 1970
5TRA1140: DENIAU,JEAN - Lyon et Ses Environs
V5576PB: DENISON, MERRILL - Klondike Mike
5FIC1294: DENKER,HENRY - The Warfield Syndrome
2BG0311: DENKINGER, EMMA MARSHALL - Immortal Sidney
WAR0618LRG: DENMAN, RONALD W. R. - 50 Years of Military Presence in the Fraser Valley
2NON1243: DENNEY, ROY (ARRANGER) - Answers to 1001 Questions on Cleaning , Spotting and Finishing
2RE1945: DENNEY, DODS, LAIDLAW ET AL - Questions of Faith: A Series of Lectures on the Creed
2SM1643: DENNI, LUCIEN / DENNI, GWYNNE - You're Just a Flower From an Old Bouquet
4Z1042PB: DENNING, TROY - Forgotten Realms: The Parched Sea
2Z33557: DENNING, TROY - Apocalypse
2T2248: DENNIS, WESLEY (EDITED AND ILLUSTRATED BY) - Palomino and Other Horses
2PSY0026: DENNIS,WENDY - Hot And Bothered
2PB13670: DENNISON, MILO - The Case of the Gentleman Ghost
I1392: DENTON, CLARA J - Robin Red Breast's Home
I1441: DENTON,CLARA J - Robin Red Breast's Home
2N2482: DENTON, FRANK T. - An Analysis of Interregional Differences in Manpower Utilization and Earnings Staff Study No. 15
3R0165: DENVER,JOHN - Back Home Again
2SM0253: DENVER, JOHN - Autograph
2BP0821: HOME SERVICE DEPARTMENT - Reddy Makes Casseroles
2SM1588: DEPPEN, JESSIE - Remembrance. A Romance for the Piano
2SM1600: DEPPEN, JESSIE - A Japanese Sunset ( for Piano)
5FIC4211: DEPREE,LENORE - Line Tree
PB3763: HITCHCOCK (EDITOR); DERLETH, GARDNER, CHRISTIE, ETC. - Alfred Hitchcock's Daring Detectives
2N2608: DERLETH, AUGUST W. - The Atlantic Monthly December 1935
2PSY0374: DERRIG, KATHLEENE PALUMBO;DERRIG-PALUMBO, KATHLEENE;ZEINE, FOOJAN - Online Therapy: A Therapist's Guide To Expanding Your Practice
2ART2024: DERRY, RAMSEY - World of Robert Bateman
2ART1878: RAMSAY DERRY - The Art of Robert Bateman
2RR1532: DERUBE, FRANCOISE & JOHN PAUL - Sacrament of Peace Book 2 Ages 9-12
2FL0131: DESCRITIVO, GUIA - Mvsev Martins Sarmento: Seccao De Inustrias Pre e Proto-Historicas
J1403: DESGRANGES, JEAN-LUC; DESROSIERS, ALAIN - Breeding Distribution and population Trends of the Great Blue Heron in Quebec, 1977-2001
2FR0178: DESJARDINS, LOUISE - Coeurs Braises: Nouvelles
2A0655: DESMOND, ALICE CURTIS - Jorge's Journey a Story of the Coffee Country in Brazil
2FIC0866: DESMOND, SHAW - Black Dawn
2ER0425: DESMOND, ROBERT - A Libertine
2NC0275: DESORMES, P. - A La Frontiere Indienne
2WAR2085: DESQUESNES, REMY; LEE, JOHN (TRANS) - Normandy 1944: The Invasion, The Battle, Everyday Life - English Edition
5M1154: DESSAU, BRUCE; ATKINSON, ROWAN - Bean There Done That: The Life and Times of Rowan Atkinson
3WAR0138: DESTREE,JULES - The Deportations of Belgian Workmen
2SM0009: DESYLVA,B G & BROWN,LEW & HENDERSON,RAY - Together from the Movie Since You Went Away
5SB1014: DEUTERMANN, PETER T.; DEUTERMANN, P.T. - The Edge of Honor: A Novel
2FIC10076: DEVAS, NICOLETTE - Black Eggs
2FIC16783: VAN DEVENTER, E M (LYNCH,LAWRENCE L) - The Doverfields Diamonds
2FIC4001: DEVERELL, WILLIAM - Kill All the Lawyers
S1804: DEVLIN,J F - Badminton For All
2RF0007: DEVLIN, JOSEPH - A Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms
2ER0183: DEVLIN,GEORGE - Bad Girl in Town
F2030: DEVRIES,JULIANNE - The Campfire Girls Flying Around The Globe
F2559: DEVRIES, JULIANNA - The Campfire Girls Flying Around The Globe
2MB1792: DEWAR, LES W. - The Manitoba Society of Artists: Artists Directory : a Directory of Msa Members from 1902-2003
2ANTH0238: DEWAR, ELAINE - Bones: Discovering the First Americans
2RF0171: DEWEY, MELVIL - Dewey Decimal Classification 11th Abridged Edition
2MY6943: DEWEY, THOMAS B - The Brave Bad Girls
2FIC17863: DEWITT, PATRICK - Under Major Domo Minor
2ER0204: DEXTER,JOHN - The Joybox Caper
V4475PB: JOHN DEXTER - Swap Before Business
2PU0310: DIAMOND, MARIE - Wizard Of Oz
2S0583: DIAMOND, DAN - The Official Stanley Cup Centenary Book
3CC0277: DIAMOND,LUCY - The Bible Story
2S0720: DIAMOND, D. - NHL Sourcebook, 1987-1988
2SM0766: DIAMOND, NEIL - Song Sung Blue Sheet Music
2ART0370: DIBDIN, E. RIMBAULT - George Frederick Watts 1817 - 1904
2ART0377: DIBDIN, E RIMBAULT - British Artists: Raeburn
CC1258: UNCLE DICK (EDITOR) - Wilfred's Annual 1925
5FIC1548: DICK,KAY - The Shelf
3PP0623: DICK, PHILIP K & HERBERT,FRANK & MATHESON,RICHARD ET AL - Amazing Stories April 1967 Volume 41 No 1
2TRA0640: DICK, C. H. - Highways & Byways in Galloway & Carrick
2N1980: DICKEL,CONRAD - Conrad Dickel Cover Scribbler/Exercise Book
CL4788: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Christmas Carol In Prose Being A Ghost Story of Christmas
T3600: DICKENS, MONICA - Cobbler's Dream
W3117: DICKENS, CHARLES (RETOLD) - The Child's Picture Story of Oliver Twist
2CL0098: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield Vol. 1
A6413: DICKENS,MONICA - The Great Fire
3C0093: DICKENS,CHARLES - Classics Illustrated No 6 A Tale of Two Cities
3C0132: DICKENS,CHARLES - Classics Illustrated Comic # 48 David Copperfield
T4537: DICKENS,MONICA - Stranger at Follyfoot
2E0063: MONICA DICKENS - Summer at World's End
2I0787: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Girls of Dickens Retold
2E0314: DICKENS, MONICA - Cobbler's Dream
3C0574: DICKENS, CHARLES - Classics Illustrated No 6 A Tale of Two Cities
2LIT0323: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Life of Our Lord
2CL0528: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield
2CL0562: DICKENS,CHARLES - Oliver Twist
2W1644: DICKENS,CHARLES - Christmas Stories
5I1378: DICKENS,MARY ANGELA - Childrens Stories from Dickens
2CL0805: DICKENS,CHARLES - A Christmas Carol and the Cricket on the Hearth
5LIT1800: DICKENS, CHARLES - Works of Charles Dickens Christmas Books Volume II
2W1824: DICKENS,CHARLES - Christmas Stories
2LIT17596: DICKENS, CHARLES - Bleak House
2LIT18238: DICKENS, CHARLES - Pickwick Papers Volume I
2CL5292: DICKENS, CHARLES - Dickens' Stories About Children
2FIC5087: DICKENS, MONICA - Portobello Road
2LIT18052: DICKENS, CHARLES - Dombey and Son
2LIT18054: DICKENS, CHARLES - Christmas Stories
2LIT18055: DICKENS, CHARLES - Sketches By Boz
2LIT18056: DICKENS, CHARLES - Great Expectations
2LIT18057: DICKENS, CHARLES - Nicholas Nickleby
2LIT2594: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Old Curiosity Shop
2LIT17819: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield Volume I
2LIT17820: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield Volume II
2CL1234: DICKENS, CHARLES - Oliver Twist
2LIT17855: DICKENS, CHARLES - Barnaby Rudge
2LIT18122: DICKENS, CHARLES - Our Mutual Friend Vol. I + II
2I5442: DICKENS, MARY ANGELA ET AL - Children's Stories From Dickens
2LIT4825: DICKENS, CHARLES - Bleak House I
2LIT4815: DICKENS, CHARLES - Nicholas Nickleby I
2LIT4816: DICKENS, CHARLES - Nicholas Nickleby II
2LIT18050: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Child's History of England
2LIT18051: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Adventures of Oliver Twist
2LIT6736: DICKENS, CHARLES - Christmas Stories By Charles Dickens
2LIT18366: DICKENS, CHARLES - Sketches By Boz
2LIT18431: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield
2N2353: DICKEY, JOHN & BERNSTEIN, LEONARD ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly April 1965
2POT0344: DICKEY, WILLIAM - The Rainbow Grocery
2RR0014: DICKIE, D. J. & PALK, HELEN - Pages from Canada's Story
RR2116: DICKIE,D J & DILL,GEORGE - Two Little Indians
2RR0454: DICKIE, D.J - The Book of Boys and Girls Round the World
2EH0131: DICKIE, DJ ; PALK, HELEN - Pages from Canada's Story
5CN1027: DICKIE, DONALDA - The Great Adventure: An Illustrated History of Canada for Young Canadians
5RR1064: DICKIE,D J - Far Horizons Enchanted Paths
5RR1069: DICKIE,D J - Far Horizons the Kings Wish Book 3
2RR1279: DICKIE, D.J & PALK, HELEN - Hearts High
3RR0218: DICKIE,D J & DILL,GEORGE - Two Little Indians
2RR1337: DICKIE, D.J - Far Horizons: The Kings Wish
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ACT0186: DONIZETTI, GAETANO - Lucia Di Lammermoor
2RR5581: O' DONNELL, MABEL - Happy Days (Alive and Jerry Books)
7RR0060: O'DONNELL, MABEL AND RONA MUNRO - Days in the Sun
2RR0263: O'DONNELL, MABEL - Happy Days
2RR0478: O'DONNELL, MABEL & MUNRO, RONA - Days in the Sun
3RR0014: O'DONNELL, MABEL & MUNRO,RONA & WARWICK,MURIEL - Janet and John - Book One - The Janet and John Books (Alice and Jerry)
2RR0605: O'DONNELL,MABEL - Through the Green Gate
6RR1028: O'DONNELL, MABEL - The New Through The Green Gate
2V5609: O'DONNELL - Modesty Blaise
2RE0079: DONNELLY,W. E. - The Top Of The Hill
2WAR0278A: DONOGH,NORMAN R - Seventy-fifth Anniversary Royal Winnipeg Rifles 1883 - 1958 (Regimental History)
2HA2383: O'DONOGHUE, MICHAEL - The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humour 1973
2E1958: DONOVAN, J.B. - Bill Speed Special Squad
5MY1905: DOODY,MARGARET - Aristotle Detective
2E2969: DOOLAN, MOIRA F. - The Knights of the Round Table: From the Morte D'Arthur of Sir Thomas Malory
2SB0158: DOOLE, JOHN - Pith & Vinegar (Signed Copy)
2GN0457: DOONEY, MICHAEL - The Collected Gizmo
2BG0671: VAN DOREN,MARK - Nathaneil Hawthorne
2V5672: DOREN, MICHAEL - Strange Trio
3H0031: DORF,SHEL (EDITOR) - Steve Canyon Magazine Number 2
5NON1192: DORIGO, JOE - Mafia: A Chilling Illustrated History of the Underworld
5I1732: DORNBUSCH, ERICA - Finding Kate's Shoes
2HST1331: DOROSHENKO, DYMTRO - A Survey of Ukranian History
V6766: DORSET, RUTH - Hotel Nurse
2HST1082: DORSEY, HEBE - Age of Opulence: The Belle Epoque in the Paris Herald, 1890-1914
2ART1906: DORSEY, ELSIE - Art for the Classroom
2LIT18171: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR - The Brothers Karamazov (Everyman's Library)
2LIT17043: FYODOR MIKHAILOVICH DOSTOEVSKY - The Adolescent (Everyman's Library)
2LIT18043: FYODOR MIKHAILOVICH DOSTOEVSKY - The Adolescent (Everyman's Library)
2RF0115: DOTSON,CARROL BAKER; STANTON,ELEANOR W - The Newspaper Institute of American Handbook for Writers / Editing a Womens Page a Lecture
TRAV0037: DOUBLEDAY, NELSON AND C.EARL COOLEY (EDITORS) - Encyclopedia of World Travel, Volume 3: Europe
A5206: DOUBTFIRE,DIANNE & HOROWICZ,KAY - Fun With Stamps For The Younger Collectors
S1734: DOUCET,CLIVE - Disneyland,Please
5E1474: DOUDNEY,SARAH - Under False Colours
E5040: DOUGAN,OLIVE - Nancy Finds Herself
2HST1291: DOUGHTY, CHARLES M. - Wanderings in Arabia Vol. 1
E4115: DOUGLAS ,M - With Stanley On The Congo
CN0188: DOUGLAS,AMANDA M - A Little Girl in Old Quebec
CN0189: DOUGLAS,AMANDA M - A Little Girl in Old Quebec
3FIC0129: DOUGLAS,NORMAN - South Wind
MM2582: DOUGLAS,CAPT ALLAN - The Hickory Ridge Boy Scouts Fast Nine
3MB0037: DOUGLAS,WILLIAM - The House of Shea The Story of a Pioneer Industry
2A1652: DOUGLAS,AMANDA M - A Modern Cinderella
5A1929: DOUGLAS,AMANDA M - The Children at Sherburne House
5PB1830: DOUGLAS, HILL - Colsec Rebellion
2RR1529: DOUGLAS, JAMES PHD - The Principles of English Grammar with a Series of progressive Exercises and a supplementary Treatise on Analysis of Sentences
2EH0969: DOUGLAS, T. C.;LOVICK, L. D. - Tommy Douglas Speaks: Till Power Is Brought to Pooling
2F0949: DOUGLAS, AMANDA M. - Girls of Mount Morris
2MM0632: DOUGLAS, CAPTAIN ALAN - Campfires of the Wolf Patrol
2Z37603: DOUGLASS, SARA - Enchanter (The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy, Bk 2)
NF0109: DOUTY,ESTHER M - The Story of Stephen Foster
BG0783: DOUTY, ESTHER M. - Forten the Sailmaker: Pioneer Champion of Negro Rights
2A5288: DOVE, CASTLEDEN - Lowanna
GH0079: DOVER, H. E. - The Canterbury Puzzles and other Curious Problems
2ART2037: HELEN JEANETTE DOW - The art of Alex Colville
TRAV0026: DOW, DAVID M. - Australia Advences
2S0853: DOWBIGGIN, BRUCE - The Defense Never Rests
3V0122: DOWDEY, CLIFFORD - Gamble's Hundred
A5866: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE - The Magical Adventures of Pierre
A5873: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE - Scared Sarah
2EH0426: DOWNS, ART - Wagon Road North: The Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush in Historical Photos
A6126: DOYLE, A CONAN - The Boys' Sherlock Holmes
A6440: DOYLE,SIR ARTHUR CONAN - MICAH CLARKE: A Tale of Monmouth's Rebellion
3FIC0111: DOYLE,ARTHUR CONAN - The Last Galley
2V1341: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Lost World
5CL1004: DOYLE, A CONAN - The Hound of the Baskervilles
2MY1823: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
2FIC1646: DOYLE, ADRIAN CONAN - Tales of Love and Hate
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2LIT7976: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The White Company/Sir Nigel/Micah Clarke/The Refugees
2LIT6734: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Conan Doyle Historical Romances 4 Volumes in 1: Rodney Stone / Uncle Bernac / Adventures of Gerard / Exploits of Brig. Gerard
2LIT8128: DOYLE, A. CONAN - Round the Red Lamp
2V6714: DOYLE, ADRIAN CONAN - The Lost World
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2MY6934: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Tales of Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet
2C4959: DOYLE, A CONAN - Classics Illustrated No 102 The White Company
2LIT8126: DOYLE, A. CONAN - The Valley of Fear
2MY8700: DOYLE, A. CONAN - The Complete Sherlock Holmes Memorial Edition Vol. 1
2AB0460: DOYLE,ARTHUR CONAN - Sherlock Holmes Radio Classics 3 Volume Set Volume I, II and III.
2LIT3206: DRABBLE,MARGARET (EDITOR) - The Oxford Companion To English Literature
2BG0854: DRABINSKY, GARTH; DE VILLIERS, MARQ - Closer to the Sun : An Autobiography
2EH1741: DRACHE, DANIEL - Quebec, only the beginning;: The Manifestoes of the Common Front, (Studies Quebec)
S2597: DRADY,ALAN - Red Morton Waterboy
A6549: DRAGONET,EDWARD - Beyond the Great Wall
2A5225: DRAGONET, EDWARD - Beyond the Great Wall
2ANTH0069: DRAGOO, DON W - Classic Prehistoric Projectile Points
6WAR0003: DRAPER, THEODORE - The Six Weeks' War: May 10-June 25, 1940
5I1498: DRAWSON, BLAIR - Mary Margaret's Tree
2I3141: DRAWSON, BLAIR - All Along the River
PU0181: DREANY, JOSEPH - Bible Stories From The Old Testament in Pop-Up Action Pictures
2PU0019: DREANY, E.JOSEPH - Indians
5I1010: DREANY,E JOSEPH - Alaska
6E0117: DREWSEN, M. E. - The Cottage In the Wood
2ARCH0346: DREXLER, ARTHUR - Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe: Masters of World Architecture
2E0158: DRIN, MICHAEL - Three's a Crowd
LIT0462LRG: DRINKWATER, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Outline of Literature (in two volumes)
ACT0150PB: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Oliver Cromwell
2A3687: DRINKWATER, JENNIE M. - Fifteen
5BG1331: DRINNAN,ETHEL H - Jelly Beans are Not Kosher
2SB0371: DRIVER, MARK - Just Another Empire
2A2974: DRUCE, ROBERT AND TUCKER, MARGARET - Look! Structural English Volume One Part One
2RR1782: DRUCE, ROBERT; TUCKER, MARGARET - Project Survival: Structural English Volume Two Part One
2RR1783: DRUCE, ROBERT - On Trial: Structural English Volume 3 Part I
2RR1784: DRUCE, ROBERT - In Evidence: Structural English Volume 3 Part 2
2N1518: DRUCKER, PETER F.; HARRINGTON, MICHAEL; ET AL - Harper's Magazine December 1966
2GN1096: DRUILLET, PHILIPPE - Nosferatu
CF0124: DRUMMOND - The Habitat and Other French-Canadian Poems
3CF0053: DRUMMOND,WILLIAM HENRY - The Great Fight ...Poems and Sketches
5POT1097: DRUMMOND,WILLIAM HENRY - The Great Fight Poems and Sketches
2POT1060: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM HENRY - The Habitat and Other French-Canadian Poems
2V0698: DRURY, ALLEN - The Throne of Saturn
2V0703: DRURY,ALLEN - "A Very Strange Society"
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I2594: DRYNAN, JUDITH - The Canada Goose
2CF0156: DUBE, PAULETTE - Talon (Nunatak Fiction Ser.)
2Z0228PB: DUBOIS, THEODORA - Solution T-25
2A0446: DUBOSE, DOROTHY (RETOLD BY) - The Princess on the Glass Hill (A Readingtime Book)
5I1597: DUBOWSKI, KATHY EAST (ADAPTATION BY) - Babar the Movie Storybook (Babar Ser.)
FIC0568: DUBUS, ANDRE - The Last Worthless Evening: Four Novellas and Two Stories
2FIC2887: THE DUCHESS - Airy Fairy Lilian
2A2949: THE DUCHESS - A Little Rebel
5MB1065: DUCKWORTH, H. E. - One Version of the Facts : My Life in Academe
2FIC1830: DUDENEY, MRS. HENRY - The Finger-Post
A6337: DUDER,TESSA - Jellybean
H3718: DUDLEY,DICK (PAPER ENGINEER) - Alf Learns About Colors A Pop-Up Book
2MY2238: DUDLEY, KAREN - Red Heron
3V0052: LA DUE,RUSSELL - Hell-Bent With Jake (No More With Me)
2S0642: DUECK, NORM (STATISTICS COMPILED BY) - 1983-84 Western Hockey League Guide
A3672: DUFF,MILDRED - The Life of Jesus
2E1522: DUFF, MILDRED - Rude Rosa
2A3615: DUFF, EMMA LORNE - A Cargo of Stories for Children
MM2232: DUFFIELD,J W - Radio Boys in the Flying Service
MM2353: DUFFIELD, J W - Bert Wilson at Panama
2BUC0029: DUFFY, JAN - Reaping the Benefits of Knowledge
2EH2026: DUGMORE, RADCLYFFE - The Romance of the Beaver
HIST0128: DUKE, WINIFRED - Scotland's Heir
6C2235: STAPLES & TONG & MEYERS & WASHINGTON & DUKESHIRE - Masters of the Universe Rise of the Snake Men/ Set of 3 Comics Numbers 1, 2, 3
2N1516: DULLES, ALLEN W.; THURBER, HELEN; ET AL - Harper's Magazine August 1966
2N1515: DULLES, ALLEN W.; GREENWALD, SHEILA; ET AL - Harper's Magazine July 1966
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3C0128: DUMAS,ALEXANDRE - Classics Illustrated Comic # 41 Twenty Years After
8CL0002: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Three Musketeers
2CL0702: DUMAS,ALEXANDRE - The Three Musketeers
2LIT1510: DUMAS,ALEXANDRE - Comtesse De St Geran
2BP0350: DUMAS, ALEXANDER - A Story of Infamous Intrigue (Comtesse De Stain-Geran)
2C4188: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Classics Illustrated No 3 The Count of Monte Cristo
2C4826: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Classics Illustrated December 1948 No. 54 ("The Man in The Iron Mask")
2C4866: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Classics Illustrated No. 165 The Queen's Necklace
2LIT18281: DUMAS, ALEX - The Count of Monte Cristo
CL2567: DUMAS - The Three Guardsman(Musketeers)
2LIT18182: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Three Musketeers
2LIT7769: DUMAS, ALEXANDER - Louise De La Vallerie
5FIC3648: DUMBRILLE, DOROTHY - All This Difference
2TRA0961: DUMONT, GEORGES-HENRI (SIGNED BY D'ARMAND DE DECKER) - Two Volume Set: Chateaux en Belgique/Kastelen in België/Castles of Belgium/Schlösser in Belgien & Volume II Chateaux En Belgique et Au Grande Duche De Luxembourg/Castrles of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg/Kastelen in Belgie En in Luxemburg
2R5664: DUN, FINLAY & THOMSON, JOHN - The Queen's Edition of The Vocal Melodies of Scotland
2FIC3660: DUNANT, SARAH - The Birth Of Venus
2LIT1821: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - The Uncalled
2BUC0180: DUNBAR, CHARLES F. - The Theory and History of Banking
MM1410: DUNCAN,NORMAN - Doctor Duke of The Labrador
A4049: DUNCAN, NORMAN - The Cruise of the Shining Light
A4397: DUNCAN, NORMAN ILL:E S GREEN:5BWP - The Suitable Child
CF0299: DUNCAN, NORMAN - The Cruise of the Shining Light
NH0156: DUNCAN,F. MARTIN & DUNCAN,L. T. - Spiders and Scorpions
ART0222LRG: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - Viva Picasso: A Centennial Celebration 1881-1981
3WAR0052: DUNCAN,DONALD ALBERT - Some Letters and Other Writings of Donald Albert Duncan
2F3140: DUNCAN, FRANCES - When Mother Lets Us Garden
5E1051: DUNCAN,KATHLEEN M - Valley of Adventure
5A1310: DUNCAN,JANE - My Friend the Swallow
5PSY1101: DUNCAN,E H - Night Duty Social Worker
5BG1664: DUNCAN,IRMA - Duncan Dancer
2RE3500: DUNCAN, MALCOLM C. - Revised Masonic Ritual and Monitor Part I
2MB1084: DUNCAN, J. B. - First Year Woodwork: Junior High School Winnipeg
J1413: DUNCAN, JAMES R.; JOHNSON, DAVID H.; NICHOLLS, THOMAS H. - Biology and Conservation of Owls of the Northern Hemisphere
2ART2076: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR; EIDELBERG, MARTIN; HARRIS, NEIL - Masterworks of Louis Comfort Tiffany
T4517: DUNFIELD,H CLIFFORD - Rusty and Susie
J1401: DUNN, ERICA H.; CADMAN, MICHAEL D.; FALLS, J. BRUCE (EDITORS) - Monitoring Bird Populations: The Canadian Experience
2NH1392: DUNN, JOHN AND ARDERFEL, JONATHAN (EDITORS) - Field Guide to the Birds of North America
2V5825: DUNTON, JAMES - A Maid and a Million Men
2V6222: DUNTON, JAMES G. - A Maid and a Million Men
2RE2916: DUNWOODY, GREGORY - Compassion and Forgiveness: Inheriting Teh Wisdom of Our Spiritual Traditions
S2306: DUPLACEY, JAMES & PADDOCK, MARK - The NHL Today's Stars Tomorrow's Legends
2I0134: DUPLAIX, GEORGES - The Merry Shipwreck
5I1008: DUPLAIX,GEORGES - Animal Stories
2I3008: DUPLAIX, LILY - The White Bunny and His Magic Nose
7BG0027: DUPRE, CATHERINE - John Galsworthy: A Biography
5FR1014: DURAND, RENEE; BOLLER, CARLO - Perlimpinpin: 162 chansons, rondes, Marches et Jeux Pour Les Tout Petits
2SP0007: DURANT, JOHN - Highlights of the Olympics
2ER0309: DURANT, PATRICIA & NELSON, KEITH - The Sexual Triangle
2SB0174: DURCAN, LIAM - A Short Journey By Car
2RM1035: DURHAM, ANNE - The Youngest Night Nurse
MM2256: DURHAM, VICTOR G - The Submarine Boys and the Middies
2RM1036: DURHAM, ANNE - The Youngest Night Nurse
2CF1815: DURNFORD, MEGAN; GLASNER, JOYCE; MACDONALD, CHERYL; MOLE, RICH - Christmas in Canada: A Collection of Heartwarming Legends, Tales and Traditions (Amazing Stories)
3V0074: DURRANT,THEO - The Big Fear
2FR0248: DURRENMATT, PETER - Schweizer Geschichte 1 & 2 (2 Volume Set)
6C2231: BAYLOCK & MILLER & DURRUTHY - G I Joe Vs Transformers/ Set of 6 Comics Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
MM2542: DURSTON,GEORGE - The Boy Scouts in Camp
2MM0093: DURSTON, GEORGE - The Boy Scouts to the Rescue
2MM0094: DURSTON, GEORGE - The Boy Scouts In Camp
2MM0165: DURSTON,GEORGE - The Boy Scouts' Victory
5MM1083: DURSTON,GEORGE - The Boy Scout Aviators
5MM1085: DURSTON,GEORGE - The Boy Scouts on the Trail
6ARCH2024: DUSCHINSKY,WALTER J - TV stations : a guide for architects, engineers, and Management
2RR1576: DUSSAULT, CESAR - French Conversational Course
2E0621: DUTHIE, ERIC (EDITOR) - Stirring Stories for Boys
2HST1394: DUUS, PETER - The Japanese Discovery of America: A Brief History with Documents (Bedford Series in History & Culture)
2MB1601: DUVAL, PAUL - Leo Mol Sculpture Garden
2ART0593: DUVAL, PAUL (INTRODUCTION) - The McMichael Conservation Collction of Art
2ART1989: DUVAL (PAUL) - The Tangled Garden The Art of J.E.H. MacDonald
2ART2101: DUVAL, PAUL - Canadian Drawings and Prints
2ART1143: DUVAL, PAUL - Leo Mol Sculpture Garden
2ART1579: DUVAL, PAUL - High Realism in Canada
2ART1043: DUVAL, PAUL;DANBY, KEN - Ken Danby
2MB0140: DYCK, BETTY - Hugging the Meridian: Macdonald, a Manitoba Municipal History, 1881-1981
2MB1348: DYCK, JOHN (ED.) - Historical Sketches of the East Reserve 1874-1910
2MB1349: DYCK, JOHN - Historical Sketches of the East Reserve 1874-1910
2RR0321: DYER, FRANKLIN B.; BRADY, MARY J. - The Merrill Readers, Fourth Reader
5E1437: BRENT-DYER,E M - The Rivals of the Chalet School
2F0431: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The New Chalet School
2EH0828: DYER, GWYNNE - With Every Mistake
2E0206: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Chalet Girls in Camp
2W1993: DYER, RUTH O. - What Happened Then Stories
5LIT2078: VAN DYKE,HENRY - Fisherman's Luck: And Some Other Uncertain Things
POT0115J: VAN DYKE, HENRY - The House of Rimmon
2TRA0977: VAN DYKE, HENRY - Out of Doors in The Holy Land
2LIT18312: VAN DYKE, HENRY - The Mansion
2R5969: DYLAN, BOB - 1978 Bob Dylan Tour Concert Program
2SM1721: DYLAN, BOB; HARDING, JOHN WESLEY - Songs from the Columbia Album (CS-9604)
USA0003: DYSON, JOHN (PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER CHRISTOPHER) - Columbus: For Gold, God and Glory - In Search of the Real Christopher Columbus
5AD1164: DYSON,JOHN - China Race
2RF2113: DZANG, K. Z. - The World Chinese-English Dictionary (Revised Edition)
CC1259: JOHNS CAPT W E ET AL - Worrals of the W.A.A.F.S. In Girl's Own Annual Volume 62
2ARCH0736: ABRABEN. E. - Resort Hotels: Planning and Management
2ARCH0570: MOORE. J. E. - Design For Good Acoustics
2LIT7862: BIRNEY E - Near False Creek Mouth
2SM1561: EAGLES - Common Thread -- The Songs of the Eagles
2ART0911: EAKIN, WILLIAM - Ordinary Art
5RE1254: EARDLEY,ALLWORTH - The Table and the Kingdom
2TRA0790: EARLY, ELEANOR - Lands of Delight
SF1072: EARNSHAW, BRIAN - Dragonfall 5 and the Royal Beast
2SF1191: EARNSHAW, BRIAN - Dragonfall 5 and the Haunted World
2CF1862: EASON, BRUCE - Black Tulips
2ACT0684: EASTMAN, FRED (ED.) - Modern Religious Drama
HB0218: EASTON,ROBERT - Max Brand The Big "Westerner"
3MY0036: EASTON,NAT - Bill For Damages
2HST1400: EASTON, STEWART C. - The Western Heritage
2I3279: HUNTER-EASTWOOD, BONITA - A Magical Story of the Gimli Trolls
I2680: EATON'S: - Eaton's 1947 Santa Claus Parade Colouring Book
2TC0306: EATON'S - Spring & Summer 1975
3I0057: EATON,SEYMOUR - The Adventures of the Traveling Bears
2RR0960: EATON,EVELYN M; MACGOWAN,S J - Jouons Book One
2RR1397: EATON, EVELYN M & MACGOWAN, S.J - Jouons Book One
2TC0048: EATON'S - Eaton's Summer Sale and Value Guide Catalogue 1957
2TC0060: EATON'S - Eaton's Fall and Winter 1975 Catalogue
2TC0066: EATON'S - Eaton's Seeds 1938 Catalogue
2H2107: EATON'S - How Punkinhead Came To Toyland
2TC0279: EATON'S - Eaton's 1969 Spring & Summer Catalogue
2TC0286: EATON'S - Eaton's Fall and Winter 1975
2H2109: EATON'S - Punkinhead And The Clock That Fell Asleep
2TC0307: EATON'S - Spring & Summer 1973
2H2108: EATON'S - Punkinhead And The Clock That Fell Asleep
2TC0291: EATON'S - Eaton's Spring & Summer 1976
2OC0968: EBBUTT, M I - The British Myths and Legends Series
2A3585: EBERLE, IRMENGARDE - Phoebe Belle
2EH1773: ECCLES, W.J. - Frontenac: The Courtier Governer
V5092: ECHOLS, ALLAN K. - Saddle Wolves
6I2021: ECKARDT,THEODORE (TRANSLATED BY A H KEANE) - Sanford's Series of Instructive Picture-Books Physics in Pictures The Principal Natural Phenomena and Appliances Described and Illustrated By Thirty Coloured Plates
PSY0074PB: ECKERT, RALPH G. - Sex Attitudes in the Home
2PB19510: ECKERT, ALLAN W. - Incident at Hawk's Hill
2MB1187: ECKHARDT, FERDINAND;WINNIPEG ART GALLERY;ECKHARDT-GRAMATTE, S. C. - The Eckhardts in Winnipeg: A Cultural Legacy 11 January to 3 May 1987, Winnipeg Art Gallery
2HL1761: ECKHOFF, NILS L. - Aids to Osteology
3Z0244: ECKSTROM,DENNIS - The Time of the Hedrons
2R4612: CONDON. EDDIE - We Called It Music

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