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2CF1019: COLOMBO, JOHN ROBERT (EDITOR) - How Do I Love Thee: Sixty Poets of Canada (and Quebec) Select and Introduce Their Favourite Poems from Their Own Work
2H2296: COLON, SUZAN - Batman and the Missing Penguins
3CC0001: COLT,FLORENCE UNDERWOOD - Uncle Sam's Speaker For Little Boys and Girls
S2117: COLTON, MATTHEW M - Frank Armstrong Captain of the Nine
I2489: COLUM, PADRIAC - THE ARABIAN KNIGHTS Tales of Wonder and Magnificence
2RR5548: GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Foods, Nutrition and Home Managaement Manual
E4511: COLUMBUS (EDITOR) - Good Afternoon Children
T3245: COLVER,ANNE - Borrowed Treasure
2FIC11226: COLVER, ALICE ROSS - Hilltop House
2EH0538: COLVILE,EDEN - London Correspondence Inward From Eden Colville 1949 1852 The Hudson's Bay Record Society XIX
6RR1017: COLWELL, ELISABETH S. - A Word Book for High Schools
2RE3887: COMBER, HEATHER - Table for Two - Refreshing Moments for Your Journey
2RR0963: COMFORT,MILDRED H - Happy Health Stories
2Z9074: COMFORT, ALEX - Tetrarch
2E1865: COMFORT, JOHN - Nobby: A Son of Empire
2L1479: COMFORT, MILDRED H. - Sergeant Preston and Yukon King
2C5033: COMIC - Go-go Vol. 1 No. 5 February 1967
2C4990: COMIC - St George A Shadowline Sage Complete Set of 8 Comics Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
2C4567: COMIC - The Corrupters No 3
2C4568: COMIC - Have Gun, Will Travel No 7
2C4562: COMIC - The Lone Ranger No 19
3C0933: COMIC - Gene Autry and Champion 120 Oct-Dec 1958
2C4590: COMIC - Rocky Lane's Black Jack Vol 2 No 28
C3415: COMIC - Addams Family 1
C3480: COMIC - Walt Disney Comics and Stories 96
C3820: COMIC - :Star Trek 25 July 1974; vg - water Spots
C3866: COMIC - Rin Tin Tin # 4
C3867: COMIC - Rin Tin Tin # 6
C3869: COMIC - Rin Tin Tin and Rusty . 21
C3876: COMIC - Steve Donovan, Western Marshal
C3892: COMIC - Wagon Train No 9
C3910: COMIC - Wyatt Earp No 13 1961
C3911: COMIC - Wyatt Earp No 12 1960
C3912: COMIC - Wyatt Earp No 11 1960
C3917: COMIC - Wild Wild West comic #3
8C2022: COMIC - Fightin' Marines No 37 September 1960
3C0286: COMIC - The 77th Bengal Lancers Four Color # 791
3C0742: COMIC - Jonah Hex Number 1 April 1977
2C4946: COMIC - Freak Brothers No. 5 1977
2C5102: COMIC - Garrison's Gorillas No. 2 April 1968
2C4557: COMIC - Rocky Lane's Black Jack Vol 2 No 29
3C1731: COMIC - Major Inapac Space Ace No 1
3C0457: COMIC - Star Wars No 20 Deathgame
3C0468: COMIC - Star Wars No 17 Crucible
3C0487: COMIC - Star Trek 40
3C0488: COMIC - Star Trek 52
3C0495: COMIC - Tarzan 83
3C0502: COMIC - Bonanza 1
3C0512: COMIC - Walt Disney's 101 Dalmations No 1183
3C0515: COMIC - Bonanza 12-070-210
3C0518: COMIC - Walt Disney Presents 3 Texas John Slaughter & The Swamp Fox & The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca
3C0519: COMIC - Outlaws of the West Volume 2 No 26
3C0523: COMIC - Huckleberry Hound 1050
3C0552: COMIC - Tippy Teen 20
3C0553: COMIC - Date With Debbie 1
3C0554: COMIC - Walt Dismey's World of Adventure 3 Savage Sam & Captain Nemo
3C0557: COMIC - Fury 1133
3C0559: COMIC - Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 233
3C0568: COMIC - Marge's Little Lulu 196
3C0570: COMIC - Magilla Gorilla 3
3C0571: COMIC - The Jetsons 3
3C0582: COMIC - Gomer Pyle 3
3C0590: COMIC - Dr Kildare 3
3C0591: COMIC - Hennesey 1200
2HM1055: COMIC - The Hulk October 1980, No 23
3C0620: COMIC - Our Army at War Feat. Sgt. Rock
3C0665: COMIC - Our Fighting Forces: The Losers Number 150
3C0700: COMIC - Haunted Number 1
3C0709: COMIC - War-Stories Combat Number 72
3C0730: COMIC - Leave it to Binky
3C0738: COMIC - Air War Number One
3C0747: COMIC - Jonah Hex Number 5
3C0748: COMIC - Jonah Hex Number 7
3C0751: COMIC - Jonah Hex Number 4
3C0752: COMIC - Jonah Hex Number 9
3C0753: COMIC - Jonah Hex Number 9
3C0758: COMIC - Ghosts
2C0804: COMIC - Transformers Number One
3C0611a: COMIC - The Lone Ranger 77 November 1954
3C0612a: COMIC - Howdy Doody 36 January - March 1956
5C1105: COMIC: - Unexpected #155
5C1132: COMIC: - Weird Western Tales #37 1976
5C1080: COMIC: - Turok Son of Stone #110 1977
5C1081: COMIC: - Turok Son of Stone #119 1979
5C1109: COMIC: - Star Trek #38 1976
5C1114: COMIC: - Haunted #30 1976
5C1115: COMIC: - Dark Shadows #34 1975
8SH0112: COMIC - Weird Western Tales #36
5SH1095: COMIC: - The World 's Finest Comics #218
3C0936: COMIC - Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea No 9
3C0938: COMIC - Operation Bikini
3C0940: COMIC - The Outer Limits No 5
3C0942: COMIC - The Absent-Minded Professor No 1199
3C0946: COMIC - Smokey The Bear Nature Stories
3C0952: COMIC - Roy Rogers Comics 4 Color No 124
3C0956: COMIC - Tonto The Lone Ranger's Companion No 8 Nov- Dec 1952
3C0965: COMIC - Wild Bill Elliott No 14 July - September 1954
2C4518: COMIC - War At Sea Vol 2 No 36
2C4519: COMIC - Billy the Kid Vol 1 No 20
8C0002: COMIC - The Witching Hour #60
8C0003: COMIC - The Witching Hour #65
8C0004: COMIC - The Witching Hour #79
8C0010: COMIC - The Witching Hour #84
8C0087: COMIC - Tarzan of the Apes #188
8C0114: COMIC - Star Spangled War Stories #133
8C0203: COMIC - Dark Shadows #2
8C0243: COMIC - The Phantom #38
8C0268: COMIC - Star Spangled War Stories #154
3C1046: COMIC - Fantastic Voyage
2HA0317: COMIC: - MAD #157
2HA0322: COMIC: - MAD Special #6
2HA0325: COMIC: - MAD #171
3C1057: COMIC - Bonanza No 18
3C1063: COMIC - Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery No 14
3C1069: COMIC - Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery No 13
3C1078: COMIC - Maya 12-495-612
3C1102: COMIC - War Gods of the Deep 12-900-509
5SH1056: COMIC: - Walt Disney Showcase : Mickey and the Sleuth #42
5SH1057: COMIC: - Classic X-Men #24
2C5085: COMIC - King of the Royal Mounted No. 24 March-May 1957
3C1109: COMIC - Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea Number 13
3C1113: COMIC - Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea Number 12
3C1117: COMIC - The Mod Squad No 1
3C1710: COMIC - Speed Demons Number 10 March 1958
3C1123: COMIC - I Love Lucy No 33
3C1167: COMIC - Walt Disney's Greyfriars Bobby
3C1170: COMIC - 77 Sunset Strip No 1159 February - April 1961
3C1175: COMIC - The Mod Squad No 3 October 1969
2C4983: COMIC - Walt Disney's Grandma Duck's Farm Friends #965
8C2017: COMIC - Speed Demons No 6 May 1957
3SH0007: COMIC - Fantasy Master 10 August 1967
3SH0041: COMIC - Adventures of the Jaguar No 3 November 1961
3SH0051: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 82 April 1968
3SH0052: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 83 May 1968
3SH0054: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 85 August 1968
3SH0059: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 90 February 1969
3SH0062: COMIC - Adventures of the Fly No 25 April 1963
3SH0063: COMIC - Adventures of the Fly No 22 October 1962
3SH0069: COMIC - Fly Man No 39 September 1966
3SH0071: COMIC - Fly Man No 33 September 1965
3SH0075: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 62 January 1966
3SH0076: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 87 October 1968
3SH0142: COMIC - Brigade No 1 August 1992
3SH0146: COMIC - House of Mystery No 164 January 1969 Dial H for Hero
3SH0147: COMIC - House of Mystery No 169 September 1969 Dial H for Hero
3SH0155: COMIC - Outer Space No 1 November 1968
3SH0158: COMIC - The X-Men No 34 July 1967
3SH0159: COMIC - Supreme No 1 Gold Foil November 1992
3SH0161: COMIC - The Sandman No 5 November 1975
3SH0184: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 67 August 1966
3SH0192: COMIC - Wolverine No 5 March 1989
3SH0201: COMIC - The Uncanny X-Men No 283
3SH0220: COMIC - The Uncanny X-Men No 273
3SH0245: COMIC - Werewolf No 1 December 1966
3C1351: COMIC - The Buccaneer Classics Illustrated No 148
3SH0251: COMIC - Sea Devils No 31
3SH0252: COMIC - Aquaman No 32
3SH0255: COMIC - Metamorpho The Element Man No 14
3C1356: COMIC - Wings Comics No 122
2SH0321: COMIC - Action Comics Number 461
3C1368: COMIC - Tip Top Comics No 41 September 1939
3C1370: COMIC - Tales From The Bay
3C1386: COMIC (JOHN WAYNE) - The Comancheros Movie Classics No 1300 Copyright 1961
3C1389: COMIC - The Lone Ranger No 128 June July 1959
3C1401: COMIC - Morgan The Pirate Movie Classic No 1227
3C1419: COMIC - Roy Rogers and Trigger No 96 December 1955
3C1429: COMIC - The Fastest Gun Alive No 741
3SH0299: COMIC - Rip Hunter Time Master No 21 August 1964
3C1466: COMIC - Life Story No 28 July 1951
3SH0379: COMIC - Superboy No 122 July 1965
3SH0403: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 79 November 1967
3SH0409: COMIC - Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane No 137 October 1974
3SH0412: COMIC - The Hawk and the Dove No 6 July 1969
3C1499: COMIC - Six Gun Heroes No 65 October 1961
2C5117: COMIC - Hawkeye and The Last of The Mohicans No. 884 (1958)
2SH1837: COMIC - World's Finest No. 98 December 1958
3SH0424: COMIC - The Spirit No 12 1964
2C5114: COMIC - Ronald McDonald Vol. 2 No. 3 January 1971
3H0205: COMIC - Little Orphan Annie Comic Book / Quaker Puffed Wheat Comic Book Premium
3C1529: COMIC - Bat Lash No 1 November 1968
3C1533: COMIC - Bonanza No 22 November 1966
3C1534: COMIC - Bonanza No 35 February 1970
3C1541: COMIC - Secret Six No 1 April May 1968
2C5094: COMIC - The Lone Rangers Companion Tonto No. 30 February-April 1958
5C1822: COMIC - The Occult Files of Doctor Spector No 1
5C1842: COMIC - I Spy No 2
3C1571: COMIC - Fantastic Four No 76 July 1968
3C1575: COMIC - The Mighty Thor No 145 October 1967
3SH0443: COMIC - Captain Atom No 86 June 1967
3SH0445: COMIC - Adventures of The Fly No 27 September 1963
3C1579: COMIC - Strange Adventures No 194 November 1966
5C1863: COMIC - Archie's Jokes (Archie Giant Series) No. 27
5C1870: COMIC - Wilbur No. 89 Oct. 1964
5C1871: COMIC - Ensign Pulver Aug.-Oct. 1964
5C1878: COMIC - The Runaway Oct.-Dec. 1964
5C1884: COMIC - Unknown Worlds No. 56 June-July 1967
5C1890: COMIC - Rin Tin Tin No. 5, June-Aug. 1954
5C1898: COMIC - Walt Disney's Bon Voyage No. 01-068-212
5C1908: COMIC - National Velvet No. 1195 May-July, 1961
5C1909: COMIC - Archie's Mad House Annual (Archie Giant Series) No. 3
5C1914: COMIC - The Lucy Show No. 4, March 1964
5C1921: COMIC - Walt Disney's World of Adventure No. 3, October 1963
5C1933: COMIC - Walt Disney's Bambi No. 3
5C1936: COMIC - Walt Disney Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped
5C1942: COMIC - Fury No. 1080, Feb.-Apr. 1960
5C1953: COMIC - Walt Disney's Son of Flubber (10057-304)
5C1954: COMIC - Walt Disney's Greyfriars Bobby No. 1189
5C1956: COMIC - The Deputy No. 1130 Sept.-Nov. 1960
5C1957: COMIC - McLintock (10110-403)
5C1962: COMIC - Walt Disney's The Misadventures of Merlin Jones (10115-405)
2C4524: COMIC - Tex Ritter Vol 1 No 43
2C4552: COMIC - "The Rifleman" No 3
2C4916: COMIC - Child's Play 3 Complete Set of 3 Comics of the Official Movie Adaptation Nos 1, 2 & 3
3C1587: COMIC - House of Secrets No 73 August 1965
3SH0469: COMIC - The Spectre No 5 August 1968
3C1606: COMIC - Strange Adventures No 178 July 1965
3SH0490: COMIC - Captain Marvel Jr No 103 November 1951
3SH0496: COMIC - X-Men No 33 June 1967
3SH0516: COMIC - The Silver Surfer No 17 June 1970
3C1621: COMIC - George of the Jungle No 1
3SH0529: COMIC - Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen No 90 January 1966
3C1624: COMIC - The Adventures of Jerry Lewis No 102 October 1967
3C1625: COMIC - Young Romance No 128 March 1964
2C5009: COMIC - Jughead with Archie Plus Betty & Veronica & Reggie, Too No. 1 March 1974
2C4775: COMIC - Supreme Vol. 2 Set of 5 Comics Numbers 1 (silver), 2 ,3 4 & 5
2C1498: COMIC - Walt Disney's The Nature of Things No. 842 1957
3C1715: COMIC - The Lone Ranger No 123 September 1958
2C1455: COMIC - H. R. Pufnstuf No. 1 October 1970
2C4589: COMIC - Dudley Do-Right Vol 2 No 5
2C1525: COMIC - Western Roundup No. 20 October-December 1957
6C2009: COMIC - Captain Venture and The Land Beneath The Sea No 1
5C1949: COMIC - Man From Wells Fargo No. 1287 Feb.-April 1962
8C2060: COMIC - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds Number 24 May 1961
2C4972: COMIC - Nancy and Sluggo November 1956 #138
8C2048: COMIC - Ben Bowie and His Mountain Men No 17 November January 1959
2HA0381: COMIC - Sick Spoofs the World of Mod
2C1524: COMIC - Straight Arrow No. 35 March-April 1954
2C1732: COMIC - Classics Illustrated Junior No. 545: The Glass Moutain
2C1733: COMIC - Classics Illustrated Junior No. 567: The Bearskin Soldier
8C2004: COMIC - Steve Donovan Western Marshal Four Color Number 880
2C1507: COMIC - Sergeant Preston of the Yukon No. 19 May-July 1956
8C2000: COMIC - Walt Disney's Light in the Forest No 891
2C1477: COMIC - Sergeant Preston of the Yukon No. 15 May-July 1955
3C1705: COMIC - Petunia No 463 April 1953
6SH2007: COMIC - Captain Marvels Adventures No 149 October 1953
3C1729: COMIC - Beware The Creeper No 2 August 1968
6SH2019: COMIC - Superboy No 44 October 1955
3SH0551: COMIC - Space Adventures Featuring Captain Atom Number 37 December 1960
2C4565: COMIC - Tales of Wells Fargo No 1113
2C4563: COMIC - The Lone Ranger No 26
2C5047: COMIC - The Tomb of Dracula August 1979
8C2030: COMIC - Walt Disney's The Littlest Outlaw Movie Classic No 609
2C1738: COMIC - Classics Illustrated Junior No. 530: The Golden Bird
2C4970: COMIC - Marge's Tubby September-October #24
2SH1805: COMIC - Captain America No. 130 October 1970
2C4561: COMIC - The Lone Ranger Vol 1 No 142
3SH0601: COMIC - Batman No 204 August 1968
2C4963: COMIC - Jungle Jim No 11 January-June 1957
2C5116: COMIC - Brave Eagle No. 929 (1958)
2C5005: COMIC - Maverick No. 16 July-September 1961
2C1727: COMIC - Classics Illustrated Junior No. 547: The Wishing Table
2C4576: COMIC - David Ladd's Life Story
2C4572: COMIC - Have Gun, Will Travel No 10
3SH0579: COMIC - The Incredible Hulk Number 103 May 1968
2C1471: COMIC - Stamps Comics No. 3 February 1952
2C1472: COMIC - Strange Adventures No. 186 March 1966
2C1473: COMIC - Annie Oakley and Tagg No. 14 January to March 1958
2C5028: COMIC - I Dream of Jeannie No. 2 December 1966
2C4513: COMIC - Lash LaRue Vol 8 No 49
2WC0021: COMIC - Dynamite Joe No. 39 February
2C1279: COMIC - Marvel Spotlight on Red Wolf No. 1 November
2C1295: COMIC - Ripley's Believe it or Not! #6 August 1967
2C1296: COMIC - Ripley's Believe it or Not! #4 April 1967
2SH1561: COMIC - Marvel Super Action Starring the Avengers #35 September 1981
2SH1571: COMIC - Superman No. 272 February 1973 100-Page Super Spectacular
2C1316: COMIC - Tiger Girl No. 1 1968
2C1320: COMIC - G.I. Combat No. 44 January 1957
2C1351: COMIC - Turok Son of Stone No. 101
2C5113: COMIC - Jonah Hex Vol. 1 No. 2 May-June 1977
6C2170: COMIC - Star Trek No 57 November 1978
2C1451: COMIC - The Jetsons No. 36 October 1970
2C4973: COMIC - Mutt & Jeff January 1957
2C4980: COMIC - Li'l Genius April 1956 No. 9
2C4517: COMIC - War At Sea Vol 2 No 24
2C1509: COMIC - Jungle Jim No. 10 October-December 1956
3C1701: COMIC - Roy Rogers and Trigger No 145 September 1961
8SH0460: COMIC - Grafik Muzik #1
2C4597: COMIC - Bonanza No 21
2C4595: COMIC - The Invaders No 4
2C4923: COMIC - Dazzler Run of the First 23 Comics numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8. 9. 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23
2C1493: COMIC - The Adventures of Jerry Lewis No. 54 September-October 1959
8C2050: COMIC - Turok Son of Stone No 44 March 1965
2C4982: COMIC - Heidi (Dell Junior Treasury No. 6)
3SH0591: COMIC - Captain Action No 1 November 1968
3C1732: COMIC - Classics Illustrated (Greek) No 2035 (1050) The Time Machine (H MHXANH MOY TPEXEI)
2C1736: COMIC - Classics Illustrated Junior No. 551: The Queen Bee
8C2103: COMIC - Fever Dreams Number One 1
3C0901: COMIC - Cowboy in Africa No 1
2C1502: COMIC - Woodsy Owl No. 4 August 1974
2SH1839: COMIC - Adventure Comics No. 289 October 1961
2C5045: COMIC - Tomb of Dracula August 1979
2C4660: COMIC - XXX Women February 1994 No. 3
3C0589: COMIC - Walt Disney's Bon Voyage
2C1740: COMIC - Classics Illustrated Junior No. 558: The Magic Dish
2C4965: COMIC - Love At First Sight No 35 June 1955
2C4779: COMIC - Trencher Lot of 5 Comics Numbers1, 2, 3, 4 & 1994 Xmas Bites Holiday Blowout
6SH2017: COMIC - Batman El Hombre Murcielago Ano XIV March Marzo 1967 Numero Extraordinario
3SH0505: COMIC - Superman No 191 November 1966
5C1943: COMIC - Fury Four Color No. 1296 March-May 1962
2C5109: COMIC - Strange Tales December 1973
2C4986: COMIC - Walt Disney's Donald Duck January-February 1960 #69
2C4984: COMIC - Dotty Dripple and Taffy #746
2C5096: COMIC - The Lone Rangers Companion Tonto No. 33 November-January 1959
2C5128: COMICS - Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted No. 15 March-May 1954
H3865: MIGHTY MIDGET COMICS - Ibis The Invisible No 11
2GN1231: DC COMICS - Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told (DC Comics)
2C5123: COMICS - Around the World with Huckleberry Finn and His Friends No. 44 (1961)
2SH3534: COMICS - Woverine Gambit Victims A Set of 4 Comics Nos 1, 2, 3 & 4
2SH3298: COMIC BOOK SET OF 23 COMICS - Bloodshot Set of 23 Comics No 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 & 1994 Yearbook
2C5149: COMICS - Marvel Premiere Featuring Dr. Who Vol. 1 No. 57 December 1981
2C5150: COMICS - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
2SH3728: COMICS - Captain Canuck Set of the 1st 6 Comics Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
2C5024: COMICS - Star Trek The Next Generation Complete Set of 80 Comics Numbers 1 to 80
2C4954: COMICS - Stalers Complete 12 Issue Series Series Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 11 & 12
2C4763: COMICS - Cyber Force & Cyber Force Zero Lot of 5 Comics Numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4
2C5124: COMICS - Walt Disney's Donald Duck in The Flying Horse No. 27 January-February 1953
2C4479: COMICS - The H.A.R.D. Corps Set of the First 18 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 & 18
2C4953: COMICS - Legends of the Stargazers First Six in Series Numners 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
2C5129: COMICS - Zane Grey's The Lost Wagon Train No. 583 September-November 1954
2C5121: COMICS - Super Powers Mini-Series Set of 5 Comics Nos 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of 5
2C4955: COMICS - Romant Adventures No 55 May 1955 ( My Romantic Confessions on cover)
2C5137: COMICS - Western Stories in Pictures No. 156, Outlaw Hoods
2C5130: COMICS - Zane Grey's The Rustlers (Raiders of Spanish Peaks) No. 532 February-April 1954
2WAR0043PB: EDITOR: HENRY STEELE COMMAGER - The Pocket History of the Second World War
2MB0194: THE INTERNATIONAL JOIN COMMISSION - Living with the Red: A Report to the Governments of Canada and the United States on Reducing Flood Impacts in the Red River Basin
2MB1570: BRANT ARGYLE LOCAL HISTORY COMMITTEE - Hands Across the Meridian : A History of Brant Argyle, Manitoba
2MB1272: STEINBACH MENNONITE CHURCH EDITORIAL COMMITTEE - Steinbach Mennonite Church : 50th Anniversary 1942-1992
2MB2006: RM OF FRANKLIN BOOK COMMITTEE - R M of Franklin Turns A Century 1883 - 1983
2EH1971: EATONIA HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - A Past to Cherish -- Volume II -- History of Chesterfield, Newcombe, Eatonia, Laporte, Mantario
2MB1729: HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - Heritage Land of Plenty A History of the Town of Neepawa and District as Told and Recorded By Its People
TC0117: THE ROTOR AIR TOOL COMPANY - Rotor Portable Pneumatic Tools Catalogue No 6
3TC0009: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Genuine Ford Parts Steering and Suspension Repair Kits
3TC0010: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Genuine Ford Parts Steering and Suspension Repair Kits
3TC0011: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Genuine Ford Parts Steering and Suspension Repair Kits
2MOV0328: PETERSEN PUBLISHING COMPANY - Petersen's Complete Book of Pinto
2TC0468: THE T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Spring and Summer Catalogue 1963
2TRA1992: BRITISH AMERICAN OIL COMPANY - B/A British American Oil Map of Winnipeg, Port Arthur, Fort William and Brandon
2TC0393: T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Fall and Winter 1962-63 Catalogue
2TC0467: THE T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Spring and Summer Catalogue 1963
8MOV2001: FORD MOTOR COMPANY, AIRPLANE DIV. STAFF - Ford Tri-Motor Monoplane Instruction Book
2TC0466: THE T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Spring and Summer Catalogue 1960
2TC0465: THE T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Fall and Winter Catalogue 1964-1965
2MOV1068: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Mecury Montego 1968 Dealer Brochure: MX Brougham/ MX/ Cyclone GT/ Comet
6NON2001: CANADIAN FACTS COMPANY - Toronto Daily Newspapers: Audience and Readership Characteristics
2TC0469: THE T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Fall and Winter Catalogue 1960-1961
2L3525: SAMUEL LOWE COMPANY - Betty Plays Lady
2TC0368: T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Spring and Summer Catalogue 1958
2TC0369: T EATON COMPANY - Eaton's of Canada Fall and Winter Catalogue 1959-1960
2SM1272: ALBERTA COMPOSERS - Alberta Keys: Piano Compositions Grades I - VIII
2RR1275: COMPTON, J - Argosy Book Four
2Z24275: COMPTON, D. G. - The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe
2RE2125: COMPTON, W.H. - Compton's 75 Sermon Outlines
2A4943: COMPTON, J. (ED.) - Open Sesame: A Collection of Poems for Children Part I
5E1415: COMRIE,MARGARET S - The One Talent
2FIC5131: COMSTOCK, HARRIET C. - The Flame of Devotion
3LIT0171: CONDER,CLAUDE REIGNER - Judas Maccabaeus and the Jewish War of Independence
FIS0026: CONE, ARTHUR L JR - The Complete Guide To Hunting
2ER0324: CONE, SHELBY - Light My Fire
2A4850: CONE, MOLLY - Annie Annie
5HL1064: CONN,HOWARD F (ED.) - The Medical Clinics of North America Nationwide Number : Efficacy of New Drugs March 1957
5FIC4390: CONNEL,VIVIAN - The Chinese Room
FIC0344J: CONNELL, EVAN S. - The Collected Stories of Evan S. Connell
ER0026: O'CONNER, LOIS - The Bare Facts: Candid Confessions of a Stripper
3POT0027: CONNOLLY,FREDERICK A - As I Walk Through Our World
2NF0424: CONNOLLY, SEAN - Sudan: Countries in Crisis
2RE1021: CONNON,F WALLACE - Documents of Destiny or Father Time K C
CF0022: CONNOR,RALPH - The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land
CF0027: CONNOR,RALPH - Black Rock A Tale of the Selkirks
CF0028: CONNOR,RALPH - The Man From Glengarry
CF0032: CONNOR,RALPH - The Gaspards of Pine Croft
CF0094: CONNOR, RALPH - The Prospector
CF0192: CONNOR, RALPH - The Major
MOVE0006: O'CONNOR, PATRICK - Across the Western
A6654: O'CONNOR,PATRICK - Flight of the Peacock
4CF0010: CONNOR, RALPH - Corporal Cameron
5CF1126: CONNOR, RALPH - Runner, The
2CF0514: CONNOR, RALPH - The Gay Crusader
2CF0711: CONNOR, RALPH - To Him That Hath
2LIT6793: O'CONNOR, EDWIN - The Edge of Sadness
2CF1318: CONNOR, RALPH - Black Rock: A Tale of Teh Selkirks
2CF1063: CONNOR, RALPH - The Man from Glengarry: A Tale of the Ottawa
2CF2178: CONNOR, RALPH - The Man from Glengarry
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2NON0028: CULTER,HORACE M. & STONE, JULIA M. - The Rural School, It's Methods and Management
MY0636: CUMBERLAND, MARTEN - A Dilemma for Dax
2ERT0013: CUMMINGS, CAROLE - Small Town Tramp
2SB0363: CUMMINS, WILLIS - Calypsos, Symphonies And Incest
2LIT18474: CUMMINS, MARIA S. - The Lamplighter
W2984: CUNNIBGHAM,VIRGINIA - Stories of Animals
V5366: CUNNINGHAM, EUGENE - Riders of the Night
I2113: CUNNINGHAM,VIRGINIA - What Happened to Fluffy
2I0685: CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD - The Tall Tale Cat
2MY0604: CUNNINGHAM, E.V. - The Case of the Sliding Pool
5MY2412: CUNNINGHAM,A B - The Affair at the Boat Landing
2I2560: CUNNINGHAM, VIRGINIA - What Happened to Fluffy
3Z0249: CUNNINGHAM, ELAINE - Wind Walker Windwalker: Starlight & Shadows 3 Forgotten Realms
2RR2302: CUNNINGHAM, JULIA - Macaroon: Ginn Reading Series Levels Six and Seven
5GH1012: CUNNINGTON,REVD E E - Lessons in Pawn Play
5E1378: CUPPLES,GEORGE - My Pretty Scrap Book
2FIC11271: CUPPLES, MRS GEORGE - The Adventures of Mark Willis: A Tale for Boys
WA0026: CURIE, EVE - Journey Among Warriors
WAR0080: CURIE, EVE - Journey Among Warriors
5HL1121: CURRIE,DAWN H; RAOUL,VALERIE (ED.'S) - Anatomy of Gender Womens Struggle for the Body
2SB0364: CURRIE, RAYMOND F. - Secure and Uncertain: A Father's Story
2MB1718: CURRY, FRANK - 504 Brandon Avenue: Growing Up In Winnipeg Before and During the Great Depression: Family Stories
6A0022: CURTIS, CAROLINE - Keola: A Boy of Old Hawaii
2SP0252: MIKE CURTIS & BILL GILBERT - Keep Off My Turf
2F0350: CURTIS,ALICE TURNER - A Frontier Girl of Pennsylvania
2BUC0049: CURTIS, FRIEDA STEINMANN - Careers in the World of Fashion
2SM1053: CURTIS, LOUIS WOODSON - Joan of the Nancy Lee
2M1601: CURTIS, JAMES - W. C. Fields: A Biography
2ACT0783: CURTIS, AGNES - Christmas Comedies
5PP1402: CURTISS,URSULA - The Wasp
2EH0064: CURWOOD,JAMES OLIVER - The River's End
2AD0378: CURWOOD,JAMES OLIVER - Gods country and the Woman
6CF0003A: CURWOOD, JAMES OLIVER - The Ancient Highway: A Novel of High Hearts and Open Roads
2L6234: CUSHMAN, JEAN - We Help Mommy Little Little Golden Book Number 11
E5086: CUTHELL,EDITH E - Reggy,Queenie and Blot
2W1789: CUTLER,JOHN HENRY - Tom Stetson and the Giant Jungle Ants
CN0232: CUTT,W T - On The Trail of Long Tom
A5869: CUTTING, ROBERT J - Antroba Ant Goes Into Action
2RR5087: CUTTING, ROBERT ET AL - Mr. Mugs Book Level 5
2RR1107: CYR,ELLEN M - Cyr Graded Art Readers Book Three
2LIT2865: CZAKO, AMBROSIUS - Don Quixote: A Commentary (signed copy)
2LIT0113: CLARK L.D. - Dark Night Of The Body D.H. Lawrence's The Plumed Serpent
2V2003: KLAF M.D,FRANKLIN S. - The Male Nymphomaniac
2E1447: STABLES M.D, R.N, GORDON - Out in the Silver West: A Story of Struggle and Adventure
2PSY0580: RAPAPORT PH. D, DAVID - Dignostic Psychological Testing Vol 1 & 2
2RE3567: EISENBERG M.D., RONALD L. - What the Rabbis Said: 250 Topics from the Talmud
2NON1159: SCRIPTURE JR. PH. D, EDW. W. - The Principle and Application of Cement Dispersion
2HL1840: HALLIBURTON M.D., W.D - Handbook of Physiology
2MB0326: DAFOE, CHRISTOPHER - Dancing Through Time
2MB1824: DAFOE, CHRIS - Winnipeg: Heart of the Continent
2MB1796: DAFOE, CHRIS - Winnipeg: Heart of the Continent
2MB1865: DAFOE, CHRIS - Winnipeg: Heart of the Continent
5BP1146: DAGGETT, HELEN M - Interior Decorating
2SB0160: DAHER, ANITA - Flight From Bear Canyon (Signed copy)
6ARCH2029: DAHINDEN,JUSTUS - Urban Structures For The Future
2ARCH0342: DAHIR, JAMES - Communities for Better Living: Citizen Achievement in Organization, Design and Development
2I0900: DAHL, ROALD - The Enormous Crocodile
2A1376: DAHL,RONALD - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
2A0671: DAHL,ROALD - Matilda
5A1557: DAHL, ROALD - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2POT0886: DAHL, TONY - Grouper Jump An' Pop Duh Line: Poems To Be Read Out Loud
V5503: DAILEY,CLARK W - Soft To The Touch
2ART2299: RICHARD DALBY - The Golden Age of Children's Book Illustration
2F3284: DALE, JUDITH - Shirley Flight Air Hostess in Storm Warning
2PSY0150: DALE, CYNTHIA - Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras
2ART1288: DALE, DAPHNE (ED.) - Beauties of Nature and Art
2HST1454: MARJOLEIN STERN; RODERICK DALE - The Viking Experience
5F1015: DALE,JUDITH - Shirley Flight Air Hostess in Desert Adventure
PU0038: DALIBOR, JAN - Pinky & Perky Pop-Up Book(T V Favourites)3:fine
3I0132: DALKEITH,LENA - Funny Fables
2CN0149: DALLAS, OSWALD - The Treasures of Asshur (The Boys Adventure Series No. 830)
2PB13045: DALTON, CLIVE - Mystery of the Malay Schooner
2PB14227: DALTON, ANNIE - The Afterdark Princess
RR1741: DALY, RONALD C - The Macmillan School Atlas
EH0469: DALY,MARGARET - The Revolution Game
6L0009TAT: DALY, EILEEN - Barbie and Skipper Go Camping
6L0088GSB: DALY, EILEEN - The Santa Claus Book
T4689: DALY,MAUREEN - The Small War of Sergeant Donkey
2L0063: DALY, EILEEN - Top Cat
2H0128: DALY, EILEEN - Pebbles Flintston Runaway
2L0581: DALY,EILEEN - King Leonardo and the Royal Contest
5L1356: DALY, KATHLEEN - Howdy Doody's Animal Friends
2L3498: DALY, E. - Drole De Pique-Nique (Petit Livre D'Or)
2L6029: DALY, EILEEN - Walt Disney's Ludwig von Drake Dog Expert
2I5132: DAMJAN, MISCHA;MARTENS, MARIANNE - The Little Seahorse and the Christmas Pearl
2TP8948: AKIWENZIE-DAMM, KATERI - The Stone Collection (The Debwe Series)
2HST0611: DAN, URI - To the Promised Land: The Birth of Israel/40th Anniversary
2CF0262: DANA,MARVIN - The Shooting of Dan McGrew Based on the Poem By Robert w Service
2CL1107: DANA,RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before the Mast
2CL0811: DANA, RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before the Mast
2LIT18123b: DANA, JR., RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before The Mast
2PB15238: DANAKAS, JOHN - Hockey Night in Transcona
3ART0129: DANBY, KEN; DE SANTANA, HUBERT - Danby, Images of Sport Boxed Set with 6 Prints
2WAR2604: DANCOCKS, DANIEL G. - Welcome to Flanders Fields the First Canadian Battle of the Great War: Ypres, 1915
2CC0514: BEANO AND DANDY - Dandy and Beano A Seventies Selection
PAH0043: DANIEL, LOIS (EDITOR) - The Faithful Friend: Favorite Writings about Owning and Loving Dogs
2NH0279: BELLET. DANIEL - Beautes et Forces De La Nature
5USA1000: DANIEL,HAWTHORNE - The Hartford of Hartford
5NC1015: DANIELLS,ROY - Indian File Books I: Deeper Into the Forest
OC0162PB: DANIELS, NORMAN - Voodoo Slave
2R0705: DANIELSON, SARAH - Elvis: Man & Myth
2R0705: DANIELSON, SARAH - Elvis: Man & Myth
2I7409: DARBOIS, DOMINIQUE - Kai Ming Boy of Hong Kong
2I1493: DARBY, RAY - Peter Smith and the Bugs
2L0598: DARBY,RAY - Peter smith and the Bugs
5I1857: DARBY,RAY - Peter Smith and the Bugs
2TRA0841: GOODALL & DARBY - The University Atlas
J1830: DARBY, RAY - Peter Smith And The Bugs
2I6897: DARBY, RAY - Peter Smith and The Bugs
5ARC1006: DARLEY, GILLIAN - Built in Britain
2T4043: DARLING, ESTHER BIRDSALL - Boris: Grandson of Baldy
2MM0708: DARLINGTON, EDGAR B P - The Circus Boys on the Flying Rings
5RE1367: DARRAH,D D - The Masters Assistant a Complete Treatise on Freemasonry Its History Organization Landmarks Laws Rules and Precedents Topically Considered and Alphabetically Arranged
2NF0366: DARRAJ, SUSAN MUADDI AND PULLER, MEREDYTH - United Arab Emirates (creation Of The Modern Middle East)
2NF0860: DARRAJ, SUSAN MUADDI - Bashar Al-Assad Major World Leaders Series
L3616: DART, ELEANOR - Baby's First Christmas
3E0051: DARTON,F J HARVEY - Without Fear and Without Reproach The Adventures of the Famous Knight Bayard
2T2403: DARTON, E. L & J.H - Reynard the Fox
2NH1478: DARWIN, CHARLES M.A. F.R.S. - A Naturalist's Voyage. Journal of Researches Into The Natural History and Geology of The Countries Visited During The Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle Round The World, Under The Command of Capt. Fitzroy, R. N.
2R2235: DASHER, RICHARD - History of Rock Music
2CFL0014: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Contes Choisis
5A1370: DAUGHERTY,CHARLES MICHAEL - Where the Condor Nests
5USA1032: DAUGHERTY,JAMES - Abraham Lincoln
2FUN0184: DAUM, JEANNIE - Beginners Guide to Social Dancing
2ARCH0659: JEANNE M DAVERN - Places for People: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, etc.
2L0299: DAVID, PETER - How Jacky Bunny Came to Parson's Wood
E4328: DAVIDSON,L V - Tony's Temptation
7A0031: DAVIDSON, GLADYS - Undine
FIC1133PB: DAVIDSON, ANGELA - The Forbidden Mansion
5BG1094: DAVIDSON,APOLLON - Cecil Rhodes and His Time
2YA0648: DAVIDSON, ANDREW - The Gargoyle
3B0012: DAVIE, GEORGE E - Mickey Mouse Adventure in Outer Space
WAR0148: DAVIES, JOSEPH E. - Mission to Moscow
H3054: DAVIES,DAVID STUART - Holmes of the Movies The Screen Career of Sherlock Holmes
2A0284: DAVIES, ROBERSTON - Shakespeare for Young Players
2ART2312: DAVIES, BLODWEN - Tom Thompson
2SB0147: DAVIES, ADAM - Mine All Mine
2HST1274: LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN - The Battle of Waterloo : Collection of Contemporary Documents
3EH0136: DAVIN,NICHOLAS FLOOD - The Irishman in Canada
M0399: SAMMY DAVIS, JR. - Hollywood in a Suitcase
PH0010: DAVIS, HON. JACK - Popular Politics: How To Make Democracy Work
CN0156: DAVIS, ROBERT - Hudson Bay Express
2EH2000: DAVIS, CHUCK; MOONEY, SHIRLEY - Vancouver: An Illustrated Chronology
6L0090GSB: DAVIS, DAPHNE - The Baby Animal Book
7SP0036LRG: DAVIS, MAC - 100 Greatest Sports Heroes
2V0465: DAVIS, ELIZABETH - Along Came A Spider
2M0583: DAVIS, DEBORAH - The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy
2R0122: DAVIS, TERRY - If Rock and Roll Were a MacHine
2SP0476: DAVIS, MAC - Teen-Age Baseball Jokes & Legends
5FIC1118: DAVIS,HARRIET EAGER - Elmira - The Girl Who Loved Edgar Allan Poe
2I1561: DAVIS, LEE - P.B. Bear's Birthday Party
5FIC1725: DAVIS,MARK - Spector
2V4998: DAVIS, BURKE - Yorktown
2ART0493: DAVIS, ANN - A Distant Harmony: Comparisons in the Painting of Canada and the United States of America
2L1417: DAVIS, DAPHNE - The Peter Pan Book (A Golden Shape Book)
2COL0641: DAVIS, ALEC - Package and Print, The Development of Container and Label Design
2RR5593: DAVIS, CANTELON, EDWARDS - Workbook for Using our Language
2F0928: DAVIS, ANNE PENCE - Mimi at Camp
2SM1641: DAVIS, BILL / HEARST, JOE - Just a Lullaby
2FUN0434: DAVIS, MILDRED - The Art of Crewel Embroidery (Volume #902)
2WAR2656: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - Civil War In Photographs
2E3323: DAVISON, ANN; DUTHIE, ERIC, ET AL - Open-Air Adventure Stories For Girls
6E0083: DAWLISH, PETER - Young Drake of Devon
E5443: DAWLISH,PETER - Young Drake of Devon
2ART0438: DAWN, LESLIE - National Visions, National Blindness: Canadian Art and Identities in the 1920s
EH0250: DAWSON, C. A. (EDITOR) - The New North-West
5FIC2220: DAWSON,CONINGSBY - The Moon Through Glass
2EH0200: DAWSON,R MACGREGOR - William Lyon Mackenzie King a Political Biography 1874 - 1923 Volume One
2BG0830: DAWSON, R.MACGREGOR - William Lyon MacKenzie King : A Political Biography 1974-1923 Volume I
2GH0338: DAWSON, LAWRENCE H. - Popular Card Games
2ART2167: DAWSON, JOHN - The Complete Guide to Prints and Printmaking: History, Materials and Techniques from Woodcut to Lithography
2I1020: DAY, ALEXANDRA - Carl's Masquerade
2I1021: DAY, ALEXANDRA - Carl's Afternoon in the Park
2I1022: DAY, ALEXANDRA - Carl's Christmas
2A1315: DAY,GROVE A - Hawaii Fiftieth Star
2MB1721: DAY, BRUCE - Hey Cop!
2S3684: WAYNE GRETZKY; KIRSTIE MCLELLAN DAY - 99: Stories of the Game
2MB1458: STUDENTS OF ARTHUR DAY - Gold: An Anthology By the Students of Arthur Day 1983-1984
2ERT0125: DAY, ROCK - Vicky Performs
2HL2046: JOSEPH E. MUSCOLINO DC - The Muscular System Manual: The Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body, 2nd Edition
2R4636: AC/DC - AC/DC Who Made Who
HST0184LRG: DEACON, G. E. R. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Oceans: An Atlas-history of Man's Exploration of the Deep
USA0035: DEAN, ROBERT J. - Living Granite: The Story of Borglum and the Mount Rushmore Memorial
S2524: DEAN,ANABEL - Hot Rod
7SP0011: DEAN, ANABEL - Destruction Derby
7SP0052: DEAN, ANABEL - Baja 500
MY2193: DEAN, ROBERT GEORGE - Layoff Starring Tony Hunter
2A0437: DEAN, LEON W. - Border Bullets
2I1937: DEAN,LUCILLE DENNHARDT - At the Dry Cleaners
5A1526: DEAN,GRAHAM M - Slim Evans and His Horse Lightning
5I1746: DEAN,MABEL AND LILY - Merry go Round Picture and Story Book
2A4430: DEAN, GRAHAM M. - Gleaming Rails
2ER0558: DEAN, DON - Sarah's Doberman Love
2E1924: DEANE, SPENCER - The Riddle of the Rock
3PU0013: DEAR (ILLUSTRATOR) - La Nuit Du Pere Noel (Santa Claus)
RR0127B: MCINTYRE AND DEARNESS - Alexandra reader
2MY8996: JEFFERY DEAVER - The Stone Monkey: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel (Lincoln Rhyme Novels)
2CB3474: DEBARTOLO, DICK - Good Days and Mad: A Hysterical Tour Behind the Scenes at Mad Magazine
H1195: DEBONO, ROBERTA TENNANT - Revenge of the Wind Rider (Star Trek)
3ART0127: DEE DEE - Original Ink Drawing Based on the Cover Art of Planet Stories March 1952
3ART0128: DEE DEE - Original Ink Drawing Based on the Cover Art From Headquarter Detective
2I7277: DEEN, JANET - The Janet Deen Mother Goose
2BG2234: DEFEHR, C.A. - Memories of My Life: Recalled for My Family
CL3683: DEFOE,DANIEL - Life & Adventure of Robinson Crusoe
CL4684: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
CL4756: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
I0858: DEFOE,DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
6CL0019: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2I0521: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2I0569: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2I0620: DEFOE, DANIEL - Children's Treasury : Robinson Crusoe
2CL0552: DEFOE,DANIEL ROUSE,W.H.D. (ABRIDGED BY) - Robinson Crusoe
3CC0058: DEFOE,DANIEL & STEVENSON,ROBERT LOUIS - Adventure Classics Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island and Kidnapped Retold for Younger Readers
2I1947: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe, Retold for Younger Readers from the Story
5CL1108: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2CL0875: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2I4850: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe (retold for Younger readers): Early Reader Series No. 8
2LIT18124: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2FIC8588: DEFOE, DANIEL - Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress
2I5502: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
2C4809: DEFOE, DANIEL - Classics Illustrated No. 10 ("Robinson Crusoe")
2ER0279: DEGALLAMANIA, CHARLES - Nightrider (The Collectors Classic Series)
2MB1427: DEGRAVE, DIANE; LEGG, IRENE - 54 West Gate: Stories of Ralph Connor House
2MB1317: DEGRAVES, DIANE AND LEGG, IRENE - 54 West Gate: Stories of Ralph Connor House
5FIC2162: DEHAN,RICHARD - The Sower of The Wind
2FIC8923: DEHAN, RICHARD - The Villa of the Peacock
2T0560: DEJONG,MEINDERT - Hurry Home Candy
2MY0632: DEKKER, CARL - Woman In Marble
2RF0223: DELAMONTTE, F. - The Signist's Book of Modern Alphabets: Plain and Ornamental, Ancient and Mediaeval, from the Eighth to the Twentieth century, with Numerals
5X1049: DELANO,JULIA - Diana a Tribute
2RM0053: DELDERFIELD,R.F. - All Over The Town
2WAR2159: DELGADO, JAMES; CUSSLER, CLIVE - Silent Killers : Submarines and Underwater Warfare
2FIC9410: DELL, ETHEL M. - The Rocks of Valpré
2V1288: DELON, RUTH - Wild and Winsome
2H2226: DELPORTE, Y. & PEYO - Stories of the Smurfs by Peyo 2 . The Smurfette
2H0078b: DELPORTE, Y AND PEYO - The Egg and the Smurfs : The Hundredth Smurf
2H2124: PEYO;DELPORTE, YVAN - The Astrosmurf/King Smurf
7BG0044: DELTEIL, JOSEPH - Lafayette
2ART1749: DEMARCHELIER, PATRICK - Fashion Photography American Photographer Master Series Henry Horenstein Editor
3PP0404: DEMAREST,PHYLLIS GORDON & BROWN,RUTH ET AL - Love Book Magazine October 1945
2H1418: DEMARETS, MICHEL - Jouons Avec Tintin En Syldavie
2H1417: DEMARETS, MICHEL - Jouons Avec Tintin A Moulinsart

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