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5CL1117: TWAIN, MARK - Huckleberry Finn
2CL1125: TWAIN, MARK (EDITED BY ROY GASSON) - The Illustrated Mark Twain
2CL1136: TWAIN,MARK - The Adventure of Tom Sawyer
2W1902: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer's Comrade)
2LIT2240: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad ( Collins Classics # 668)
2LIT2241: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad
2CL0869: TWAIN, MARK - Tom Sawyer
2LIT7022: TWAIN, MARK - A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur
2LIT2464: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - A Tramp Abroad In Two Volumes Volume II: The Writings of Mark Twain
2LIT2465: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - A Tramp Abroad In Two Volumes Volume I: The Writings of Mark Twain Volume III
2LIT18280: TWAIN, MARK - The €1,000,000 Bank-Note
2LIT18022: TWAIN, MARK - A Tramp Abroad
2RE3429: TWEEDIE, REV. W.K,. - Select Biographies. Edited for the Wodrow Society. Volume I
2BP0742: LORD TWEEDSMUIR - Presbyterianism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2SB0361: TWEEDSMUR, LADY - Canada
2NC0184: TWIGG, ALAN - Aboriginality: The Literary Origins of British Columbia
2OC1223: PAUL TWITCHELL - The Shariyat-KI-Sugmad: Book Two
LIT0361PB: TYLER, ANNE - The Accidental Tourist
S2357: TYLER, MARTIN - Olympics 1984
5ER1006: TYLER, PARKER - A Pictorial History of Sex in Films
5ER1090: TYLER,ALISON (EDITOR) - Naught Stories From A To Z Volume 4
2ART0522: TYLER, PARKER - Renoir : World Art Series
2WAR1502: TYLER, G. C. A. - The Lion Rampant: A Pictorial History of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, 1910-1985
2EH0610: TYMAN, JOHN LANGTON - By Section Township and Range: Studies In Prairie Settlement
HB0086: TYREE,MARION C - Housekeeping in Old Virginia
2PP2637: TYRER, WALTER - The Case of the Missing Nazi
PP1752: TYRER, WALTER - The Mystery of Three Demobbed Men
2ER0320: TYRO, ALEX - Big Top Swap
2TRA0937: TYRRAS, NICHOLAS - Riddle, Mystery, Enigma: The Essence of Russian Thought and Culture
2AR0322: TYRRELL, J W - Across The Sub-Arctics of Canada
2E0288: TYTLER, SARAH - Mermaidens A Sea Story Girls
2E0809: TYTLER,SARAH - Girl Neighbours or the Old Fashion and the New
A6550: UCHIDA,YOSHIKO - Takao and Grandfather's Sword
H3540: GOSCINNY & UDERZO - VNE Aventure D'Asterix Le Gavlois : Asterix Et Les Normands
2GN1075: GOSCINNY; UDERZO - Asterix and Son (Classic Asterix hardbacks)
2H1103: GOSCINNY & UDERZO - Asterix Aux Jeux Olympiques: Une Aventure D'Asterix
2I0083: UDRY, JANICE MAY - The Moon Jumpers
2I6354: UISTIN, LIAM MAC & MACNAMEE MICHAEL - An Tain Ceann De Mhorscealta Na Tire Seo Agus an Domhain Curtha in Oiriuint Do Leanai 8-11 Bhl.
2GN0462: ULM, CHRIS (ED.) - Strange Worlds No. 1
2EH1989: UNDERHILL, FRANK H. - In Search of Canadian Liberalism
2NON0054: UNDERWOOD,JOHN J. - Alaska, An Empire in the Making
5V1423: UNDERWOOD, MICHAEL - Cause of Death
2N2703: UNDSET, SIGRID & BENÉT, STEPHEN VINCENT ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly August 1939
6N2004: UNITED NATIONS UNESCO - Unesco/Sem./Directory/1947-1948 United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization Directory of Staff Members and Participants Seminars Sevres 1947, Ashridge 1948, New York 1948, Podebrady 1948
6N2009: UNITED NATIONS UNESCO - Unesco/Sem.. II/55/August 18 1948 Unesco's Seminar on Teaching About The United Nations and Its Specialized Agencies / A General Summary of the Seminar with Recommendations
E4911: UNKNOWN - Slave and His Golden Egg and Molly's Bed-Time Stories
I0085: UNKNOWN - Big Circus Paint Book
2RE3248: UNKNOWN - Holy Bible (God's Word Series)
2A2225: UNNERSTAD,DITH - The Saucepan Journey
2BP1870: UNRUH, TIM - How to Repair & Restore Antique & Collectible Toys
8A0048: UNSTEAD, R. J. - Men and Women in History: Book 2: Princes and Rebels
T3695: UNTERMEYER, BRYNA IVENS - Memoir For Mrs Sullavan
2I1343: UNTERMEYER, BRYNA AND LOUIS - Stories and Poems for the Very Young
2A4927: UNTERMEYER, LOUIS (ED.) - Yesterday and Today: A Collection of Verse for Young Folks
5E1092: UNTHANK,NITA A - From Rebels to Helpmates
3PU0007: POP-UP - The Wombles Pop-Up Book
FIC0274: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit Redux
2V2804: UPFIELD,ARTHUR - Boney: Boney and the Mouse
PU0153: JOLLY JUMP-UPS - A Child's Garden of Verses(6:1:vg+,5:fine)vg+
PU0154: JOLLY JUMP-UPS - Favorite Nursery Stories(6fine)vgf
5FIC1303: UPTON,PETER - Green Hill Far Away
5MY1873: UPTON, ROBERT - Dead on the Stick
3L0049: URBAHNS,ESTELLE - Little Susie Sleep Ears ( and Molly the Rat
5FIC1184: URIS, LEON - Exodus
2FIC11333: URNER, MABEL HERBERT - The Woman Alone
2LIT2874: RABELAIS; URQUHART, THOMAS (TRANSLATOR) - The Life of Gargantua and the Heroic Deeds of Pantagruel (Morley's Universal Library No.5)
2CF1988: URQUHART, JANE - Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories
5CF1336: URSELL, GEOFFREY - Saskatchewan Gold
3BP0043: URWIN,J HOPE - A Collection of Epitaphs
5FIC1614: USTINOV,PETER - The Loser
2N2368: USTINOV, PETER; TSE-TUNG, MAO; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly December 1959
2N2338: USTINOV, PETER; BOWEN, CATHERINE, MORTON, CHARLES ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly January 1966
2N1452: USTINOV, PETER; KICKER, DOUGLAS; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly October 1966
2N1450: USTINOV, PETER; GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly July 1966
2L3006: UTTLEY, ALISON - Wise Owl's Story
2I2389: UTZ,LOIS - The Pineapple Duck with Peppermint Bill
5BG1320: VACHA,ROBERT (ED.) - The Kaisers Daughter Memoirs of h r h Viktoria Luise Duchess of Brunswick and Luneburg Princess of Prussia
2HA2234: VACHON, JINGO VIITALA - Sagas From Sisula
2GN0463: VADO, DAN - Samurai Penguin: Food Chain Follies
2FIC16766: VAIZEY, MRS GEORGE DE HORNE - The Love Affairs of Pixie
2FIC3464: VAIZEY, GEORGE - The Road Home
2E1268: VAIZEY,MRS. GEORGE DE HORNE - Bettey Trevor
2FIC1092: DE HORNE VAIZEY, MRS. GEORGE - A Honeymoon in Hiding
2OC0727: VALDRON, D. G. - Dark Icons, First of Six: A Kiss of Vampires
2ERT0134: VALENSIN, GEORGES - The French Art of Sex Manners
H3873: VALENTINE,LOUIS - Archie Andrews Annual 5
2CF0665: VALGARDSON, W. D. - God is Not a Fish Inspector (signed copy)
2I5880: VALGARDSON, W. D. - Sarah and the People of Sand River
2ARCH0417: DEL VALLE, CRISTINA - Compact Houses
A5871: VALLEAU, DOUGLAS - Mighty Hunter
A5875: VALLEAU, DOUGLAS - Clever Sam
2LIT17592: VALLINS, G.H. - Better English
3PP0403: VANCE,JACK & BROWN,FREDRIC ET AL - Thrilling Wonder Stories February 1951
2PP2112: VANCE, JACK - Thrilling Wonder Stories October 1952
2PP2114: VANCE, JACK; BLISH, JAMES - Thrilling Wonder Stories June 1951
2N2383: VANCE, THOMAS; LUCY, SEAN; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly October 1961
2F0082: VANDERCOOK, MARGARET - The Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill
5F1059: VANDERCOOK,MARGARET - The Red Cross Girls Afloat with the Flag
2LIT6289: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Trouble With Heroes and Other Stories
2CF1877: VANIER, LYNE - Agrippine-La-Pas-Fine
2SB0195: VANT, MAUD - The Year Begins with Winter
2WAR2889: VANWYNGARDEN, GREG - 'Richthofen's Circus': Jagdgeschwader Nr 1 (Aviation Elite Units)
2Z36718: VARDEMAN, ROBERT E & PROCTOR, GEO W - First 4 Books in the Sword of Raemillyn Series: To Demons Bound, a Yoke of Magic, Blood Fountain & Death's Acolyte
2MY2268: VARDRE, LESLIE - The Nameless Ones
2NP1216: VARIETY - Variety Wednesday December 30 1959
2TM1701: VARIOUS - TIME Magazine September 4, 1939
2R5901: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine July 1967
2HM1113: VARIOUS - Videogames & Computer Entertainment November 1990
2TM1702: VARIOUS - TIME Magazine July 17, 1939
2R5930: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine October 1965
FIC0345: VARIOUS - Snow on the Roof...and Fire in the Stove
HA0043: VARIOUS - Reader's Digest Bedside Book of Laughter
2R5890: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine February 1965
HC0096E: VARIOUS - The Bedroom Companion
MB0058: VARIOUS - O Winnipeg! A Centennial Paean
PP1258: VARIOUS - Western Story pulp magazine 1923 March 24
PP1309: VARIOUS (ALBERT BIGELOW PAINE, J. CARL PEHL, ETC) - Pearsons pulp magazine December 1905
CC0255: VARIOUS - Uncle Dick's 1931 Annual
CC0994: VARIOUS - Popular Stories For Boys
CC1038: VARIOUS - Jolly Days For Girls
CC1048: VARIOUS - Champion Book For Boys
2R5944: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 11 December 1967
H3295: VARIOUS - Doctor Who: Dimension Four Issue 2
2HM1106: VARIOUS - Nintendo Power September 1991
CK0213: VARIOUS - What's Next? An Engaging Calendar from the Best of Bridge, 1980
CF0284: VARIOUS - Northern Journey #3
2R5889: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine March 1965
2TRA0600: VARIOUS - The National Geographic Magazine
2N2658: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly August 1967
2CB0199OBTPB: VARIOUS - 9th Annual Norris
2CB0200OBTBP: VARIOUS - 8th Annual Norris
2RR0096MAG: VARIOUS - 98 Stories for Children
CK0280: VARIOUS - Gallery Buffet Soup Cookbook
6A0042: VARIOUS (INTRODUCED BY JAMES LAVER) - The Young Collector's Book
2HM0002: VARIOUS (MAGAZINE) - Media Spotlight March 1977 Cover: Captain Kirk, Dr. Spock & Dr.McCoy
2TL0007SET: VARIOUS - Family Circle Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia, Set of 16
2CC0045: VARIOUS - The Queen's Book of the Red Cross
2R5888: VARIOUS - 16's Winter Spec '66 1966
2I1041: VARIOUS - The Cosy Corner
2N2657: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly September 1967
2ART1277: VARIOUS - Graphic Designers #1
2RR0687: VARIOUS - The Manitoba Readers III
5MB1047: VARIOUS - Mosaic 2/1: Alienation
5MB1048: VARIOUS - Creative Campus 62
5N1344: VARIOUS (MAGAZINE) - Cigar Afficionado 1992 Autumn
5N1345: VARIOUS (MAGAZINE) - Cigar Afficionado 1992/3 Winter
5N1346: VARIOUS (MAGAZINE) - Cigar Afficionado 1993 Spring
5N1349: VARIOUS (MAGAZINE) - Cigar Afficionado 1993/4 Winter
5N1350: VARIOUS (MAGAZINE) - Cigar Afficionado 1993 Autumn
5HA1158: VARIOUS (MAGAZINE) - National Lampoon 1975: The 199th Birthday Book
2N2596: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly October 1926
2N2656: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly October 1945
2R5943: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 12 January 1968
2S0639: VARIOUS - Athletic Handbook of the YMCA Athletic League
2N0216: VARIOUS - The Wide World 1954 July
2N0217: VARIOUS - Country Life Annual 1957
2R5942: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 13 February 1968
2N2601: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly August 1932
2R5941: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 14 March 1968
2PP2955: VARIOUS - True Detective September 1948
2R5952B: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 3 August 1967
2R5940: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 6 July 1967
2N2678: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly September 1945
2R5915: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine February 1966
2R5916: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine June 1968
2R5917: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine April 1966
2N2635: VARIOUS - The Living Age June 19 1926
2N2636: VARIOUS - The Living Age June 26 1926
2R5928: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine November 1966
2R5929: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine August 1964
2R5918: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine June 1967
2R5919: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine November 1964
2R5920: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine November 1964
2R5921: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine June 1964
2R5922: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine January 1966
2R5923: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine January 1966
2R5924: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine January 1966
2R5925: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine October 1966
2R5926: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine August 1967
2R5927: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine July 1965
2S6379: VARIOUS - Panini Major League Baseball 1996 Sticker Album
2N2864: VARIOUS - Fortune Magazine May 1972
2S6398: VARIOUS - Canada Cup of Hockey Magazine 1976
2R5912: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine June 1965
2N2637: VARIOUS - The Living Age July 10 1926
2N2726: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly August 1931
2PP2951: VARIOUS - Inside Detective September 1949
2PP2952: VARIOUS - Inside Detective January 1950
2R5893: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine October 1967
2R5894: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine August 1966
2R5895: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine May 1967
2ART2099: VARIOUS - Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald (1890-1956): The Development of an Artist
2PP2956: VARIOUS - Inside Detective June 1949
2TM1651: VARIOUS - TIME Magazine January 12, 1970
2NC0262: VARIOUS - A Cree Phrasebook
2R5896: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine April 1967
2R5897: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine March 1966
2R5914: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine May 1965
2R5952: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 9 October 1967
2R5931: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine July 1966
2R5948: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 10 November 1967
2R5949: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 8 September 1967
2R5950: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 4 May 1967
2R5951: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 7 August 1967
2R5953: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 15 April 1968
2N2690: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly October 1967
2N2691: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly February 1970
2N2693: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly July 1951
2HA2303: VARIOUS - Fooey February Vol. 1 No. 1
2R5946: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 2 March 1967
2R5947: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 18 July 1968
2N2638: VARIOUS - The Living Age July 3 1926
2SM1031: VARIOUS - 120 Scotch Songs
2N2709: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly January 1932
2R5905: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine March 1968
2TP8422: VARIOUS - Glimpses (Heartspace Writers Anthology)
2R5903: VARIOUS - 16's Winter Spec '67 1967
2R5967: VARIOUS - The Arkansas Wood-Chopper's World's Greatest Collection of Cowboy Songs with Yodel Arrangement
2HM1128: VARIOUS - Strange Unknown Vol. 1, No. 2 July 1969 Complete Witchcraft Special
2N2831: VARIOUS - Good Housekeeping June 1949
2ART1276: VARIOUS - Graphic Designers #1
2TM1722: VARIOUS - TIME Magazine January 5, 1976
2TM1712: VARIOUS - Hollywood August 1938
2TM1711: VARIOUS - True Story February 1941
2TM1710: VARIOUS - True Story May 1942
2TM1709: VARIOUS - Movie Mirror June 1938
2HM1123: VARIOUS - Heavy Metal Magazine September 1977
2R5945: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 5 June 1967
2R5906: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine Spectacular Summer 1965
2R5908: VARIOUS - 16's Fall Spec '67 1967
2R5909: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine September 1965
2R5910: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine May 1964
2R5911: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine June 1965
2R5902: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine August 1968
2R5907: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine Spectacular Summer 1965
2R5954: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 16 May 1968
2R5955: VARIOUS - Monkees Monthly No. 16 May 1968
2R5891: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine March 1967
2R5892: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine February 1967
2HM1142: VARIOUS - ElfQuest #1 (1978)
2R5904: VARIOUS - 16's Summer Spec '67 1967
2R5913: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine April 1965
2PP2949: VARIOUS - True Detective October 1949 Vol. 52, No. 1
2R5898: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine November 1965
2R5899: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine December 1965
2R5900: VARIOUS - 16 Magazine September 1967
2TM1645: VARIOUS - TIME Magazine September 1, 1941
2TM1695: VARIOUS - TIME Magazine January 18, 1943
2TM1696: VARIOUS - The Sound of Music Program (Palace Theatre - London)
2I6759: VARIOUS - Set of 12 Dandelion Library
2SP3515: VARIOUS - Olympic Record Day 14 August 11, 1984
2PP2950: VARIOUS - Inside Detective August 1949
2R5956: VARIOUS - The Rolling Stones Book No. 23 April 1966
2W2074: VARIOUS - Four and Twenty Authours Tell Four and Twenty Stories
2HM1141: VARIOUS - ElfQuest #2 (1978)
2MOV1529: VARIOUS - 1972 Firenza Owner's Manual
2TM1787: VARIOUS - Movie Life Yearbook #43
2EH2019: VARIOUS - Charlottetown Summer Festival 1971
2N2876: VARIOUS - Radio News August 1944
2N2877: VARIOUS - Radio News September 1944
2N2878: VARIOUS - Radio News June 1931
2N2696: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly February 1969
2N2875: VARIOUS - Radio News February 1947
2FG0135: VARIOUS - Grains & Oilseeds: Handling, Marketing, Processing Volume I & II
2TM1587: VARIOUS - Spick No. 106 Vol. 9
2PP2927: VARIOUS - Nick Carter Magazine November 1933
2SP3516: VARIOUS - Olympic Record Day 12 August 9, 1984
2TM1552: VARIOUS - Coronet Magazine September 1944
2BG5877: DE VAULT, CAROL - Informer: Confessions of an Ex-Terrorist
J2186: VEGTE, J. VANDE - Advances in Metal Working
2GN1095: VEITCH, OM & TALBOT, BRYAN - The Nazz Set of 4 Graphic Novels Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 of 4
2RE1351: VELDHUIS, ATZE - The Longest Stride of Soul
5FR1008: VENTE,BEN - Water Bobbejaar
2USA0225: VENTURA, JESSE WITH RUSSELL, DICK - 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read
ACT0182: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Rigoletto
2I2881: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Aida
5MY1729: VERMANDEL,JANET GREGORY - scratch a Lover
CL3509: VERNE,JULES - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
SF0961: VERNE,JULES - Michael Strogoff
3C0119: VERNE,JULES - Classics Illustrated Comic # 28 Michael Strogoff
3C0120: VERNE,JULES - Classics Illustrated Comic # 28 Michael Strogoff
5SF1010: VERNE,JULES - A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
2CL0692: VERNE, JULES - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
2H1449: VERNE, JULES; VERRAL, TOM CHARLES (ED.) - Around the World in 80 Days
3C1151: VERNE, JULES - Classic Illustrated No 105 From Earth To the Moon
5CL1111: VERNE, JULES - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea Part II
2LIT5481: VERNE, JULES - Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
I2199: VERNE,JULES - Michael Strogoff
2FL0060: VERNE, JULES - Jules Verne Omnibus: De Reis om De Wereld in 80 Dagen / 20 000 Mijlen Onder Zee / Vijf Weken in een Ballon
2C4841: VERNE, JULES - Classics Illustrated No. 162 Robur The Conqueror
WAR0201: VERNEY, JOHN - Going to the Wars: A Journey in Various Directions
3CC0059: VERNON,DOROTHY & CRUNDALL,ADA ET AL - The Schoolgirls Own Annual 1929
L4173: VERRAL,CH - La Fleche Brisee
3L0014: VERRAL, CHARLES SPAIN (ADAPTED BY) - Walt Disney's The Shaggy Dog
5L1334: VERRAL,CHARLES SPAIN - Zorro and the Secret Plan
2H0923: VERRAL, CHARLES SPAIN - The Lone Ranger and Tonto
3H0213: VERRAL, C - Le Courageux Lone Ranger
A5948: VERRALL, CHARLES SPAIN - Men of Flight - Conquest of the Air
2A5255: VERRILL, A HYATT - An American Crusoe
2A4424: VERRILL, A. HYATT - The Boys' Book of Buccaneers
5RM1063: VERYAN, PATRICIA - Cherished Enemy (The Golden Chronicles Ser., No. 5)
2MB1841: VESELY, CAROLIN; CURRIE, BUZZ - The Hermetic Code Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets
2Z34457: VESS, CHARLES - Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess
5FG1005: THE TV VET - The Tv Vet Book for Pig Farmers How to Recognize and Treat Common Pig Aliments
2A0924: VETTER, MARJORIE - Champlain Summer
3FL0005: VEUILLOT,LOUIS - Historiettes et Fantaisies
6X2000: KING GEORGE VI AND QUEEN ELIZABETH - Royal Welcome Week Winnipeg Official Souvenir Programme The Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth May 20-27 1939
2FL0156: VICENTE, GIL - O essencial Sobre
V7149: VICHY, BOB - All Together Now
2V0269: VICHY, BOB - All Together Now
2X0632: VICKERS, HUGO - Debrett's Book of the Royal Wedding
MM2539: VICTOR,RALPH - Boy Scouts Air Craft
2WE0882: VICTOR, SAM - Kilburn No. 1: The Man the West Loved to Hate
2Z0299PB: VIDAL, GORE - Messiah
2N1503: VIDAL, GORE, SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS; ET AL - Harper's Magazine October 1965
FIC0561: VIDAL, GORE - Messiah
I3082: VIDOUDEZ,PIERRE - Jimmy Brown En Famille
GH0065: DE VIEL, JOSEFINA ARTAYETA (INTRO. BY RALPH MICHAELS) - Canasta: The Official Rules and Play
2FL0196: VIGEE, CLAUDE - Avent
2FR0106: DE VIGNY, ALFRED - Cinq-Mars, Extraits
2N1576: VILLARD, LEONIE; PRIESTLEY, J.B.; ET AL - The Living Age March 20, 1926
2FIC9072: LADY BYNG OF VIMY - Barriers
2FL0296: VINAY, J. P.; DARBELNET, J. - Stylistique Comparee Du Francais et De L'Anglais
A4113: VINCENT,FLORENCE ILL:HARRY COULTAUS - Peter's Adventure in Meadowland
5A1743: VINCENT,FLORENCE SMITH - Peters Adventures in Meadowland from the Spiders Parlor to the Digger Wasps Den
5FIC2604: VINET, MICHAEL R. - Hell to Pay
2I0790: VINSON, PAULINE - Wille Goes to the Seashore
2I1741: VIORST, JUDITH - Earrings!
2I4705: VIORST, JUDITH;CRUZ, RAY - Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
2I4832: VIORST, JUDITH;CRUZ, RAY - Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
2MB1758: VIPOND, DOROTHY - Proudly We Speak : The History of Woodworth Municipality 1878 - 1967
6E0097A: VIPONT, CHARLES - The Heir of Craigs
2AB0534: VIRGIL - The Aeneid
2N1572: VISSER, PHILIP C.; PATTEN, C.J.; ET AL - The Living Age September 26, 1925
2A0812: VITARELLI, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Weird Witch's Spell
2A2227: VOEGELI,MAX - Price of Hindustan
2WAR2744: TERRY COPP; ROBERT VOGEL - Maple Leaf Route: Falaise
2I3756: VOIGT, MARGOT - Goldilocks and the Three Bears/ The Wee Wee Bear/ Mother Bear/ Father Bear
3POT0002: VOLK,CRAIG - Icarus Above The Prairie
5FIC2021: VOLK, PATRICIA - White Light
5HL1326: VOLLMAN, ARDENE ROBINSON PH.D.;ANDERSON, ELIZABETH T.;MCFARLANE, JUDITH M. - Canadian Community As Partner: Theory and Practice in Nursing
2LIT18021: VOLTAIRE - Candide
2BP0299: VOLTI, CARL - Violin Catechism and Text Book
MM2115: DE VRIES,JULIAN - The Black Spear
2A0703: DE VRIES, JAN - Maartje De Wit
5V2057: DE VRIES,PETER - The Mackerel Plaza
2FIC4975: VYVYAN, C.C - Coloured Pebbles
A6241: WRAY ANGELINA W - Jean Mitchell's School
2V3475: BUTTERWORTH W. - The Court-Martial
MY0653: WADDELL, E. LEE - Murder At Drake's Anchorage
A6032: WADE, MARY HAZELTON - Our Little Japanese Cousin
CK0172: WADE, CARLSON - The Rejuvenation Vitamin
7NH0011: WADE, LESLIE - Purr-sonal Perspectives from Moppet
2E1299: WADE, MARY HAZELTON - The Little Norwegian Girl
2NF0612: WADE, LINDA R.;HAMILTON, JOHN - Yosemite National Park
Z2012PB: WADEY,VICTOR - A Planet Named Terra
5RM1023: WADLEIGH,JOHN W. - The Bitter Passion
2HL1811: WAGMAN, RICHARD J. (SIDNEY S SCHIPPER CANADIAN EDITOR - Medical and Health Encyclopedia Canadian Edition
ACT0187: WAGNER, RICHARD - The Flying Dutchman
2MB0078: WAGNER,MITCHELL - Some People Some time Ago
2BP0506: WAGNER, G.A - Handbooks for Archaeologists No. 1 Thermoluminescene Dating
2GN0439: WAGNER, JOHN; GRANT, ALAN - Judge Dredd's Crime File (Book 2)
2GN0899: WAGNER, JOHN; GIBSON, IAN - Robo-Hunter. Book One
2MB1351: WAGNER, FRANCES E. - Eighty Years of Grace
2I3192: WAHL, JAN; LORENZ, LEE - Sylvester Bear Overslept
2MY2186: WAINWRIGHT, JOHN - Freeze Thy Blood Less Coldly
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2R2034: WENNER, JANN S. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Rolling Stone Magazine Oct. 22, 1987 Issue 511 George Harrison Cover
2R2097: WENNER, JANN S. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Rolling Stone Magazine May 15th, 1980 No. 317
L4068: WERNER,JANE - Noah's Ark
2D0350: WERNER, JANE - Cinderella's Ball Gown
7L0097LGB: WERNER, JANE (TOLD BY); LEWIS CARROLL - Alice in Wonderland Finds the Garden of Live Flowers
2L0532: WERNER, PAR J. - Le Caneton Vagabond
2D0351: WERNER, JANE - Mickey's New Car (Mickey Mouse)
2ART0490: WERNER, ALFRED - Utrillo
2D0352: WERNER, JANE - Brer Rabbit Plays A Trick
5BG1711: WERNER, ERIC - Mendelssohn: A New Image of the Composer and His Age
2NON1191: WERNER, HANS - Imagined Homes: Soviet German Immigrants During the Cold War (Studies in Immigration and Culture)
2ART0460A: WERNER, ALFRED - Utrillo: 16 Beautiful Full Color Prints
2L6017: WERNER, JANE - Walt Disney's Mick Mouse's Picnic
3L0060J: WERNER,JANE - Mr Noah and His Family
2D0344: WERNER, JANE - Bongo Stars Again
H3810: WERSTEIN,IRVING - Danger At Dry Creek
2H0997: WERSTEIN, IRVING - Walt Disney's Zorro
5S1221: WERTHEIM, L. JON - Venus Envy: A Sensational Season Inside the Women's Tennis Tour
2TRA0657: WESSEX, EDWARD - Edward Wessex's Crown and Country: A Personal Guide to Royal London
3CF0009: WEST,REBECCA - The Birds Fall Down
2A0566: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain
2V1062: WEST,MORRIS - The Crooked Road
2A1014: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters And The Merry-Go-Round Mystery
2A1022: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters And The Cuckoo Clock Mystery
2A1029: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters And The Merry-Go-Round Mystery
2A1031: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters And The Merry-Go-Round Mystery
2HST0090: WEST,NIGEL - Games of Intelligence
8FIC0030: WEST, V. SACKVILLE - The Easter Party
2A1347: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort
2A1351: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery
2A1352: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery
2A1398: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort
2A1403: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery
2A1407: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Swiss Echo Mystery
2A1409: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery
2A1441: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Holisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch
5A1253: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery
5A1418: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters And the Ghost Horse Mystery
5A1421: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters And the Ice Carnival Mystery
2ER0104: WEST,RONA - Call Girl Heaven
2A1500: WEST,JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery
A4108: WEST - The Lone Scout of the Air: Charles Lindbergh
2WE1001: WEST, WALLACE; FOX, JR., JOHN - The Trail of the Lonesome Pine: Photoplay Edition
2A5031: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and The Mystery of the Mexican Idol
2ART0198: WESTAWAY,F W - Appreciation of Beauty
5FIC3833: WESTCOTT,E N - David Harum
2NH0323: WESTELL,W PERCIVAL - The Circling Year Part IV Rambles in Winter
2EH1732: WESTELL, ANTHONY - The new society
2E2678: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - The Percy F. Westerman Omnibus Book: Sea Scouts All/ Sea Scouts Abroad/ Sea Scouts Up-Channel
E4351: WESTERMAN,PERCY F ET AL - The Wolf's Last Stand
E4679: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - The Airship Golden Hind
E4939: WESTERMAN, J F C - The Antarctic Treasure
E5006: WESTERMAN,JOHN F C - Treasure Chest Island
E5128: WESTERMAN,PERCY F - Captain Starlight
E5224: WESTERMAN,PERCY F - Daventry's Quest
6E0009: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - Standish of the Air Police
2E0136: WESTERMAN, P. F. - On the Wings of the Wind
2E0139: WESTERMAN, P. F. - The Quest of the Golden Hope: Seventeenth Century Story of Adventure
2E0154: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - The Sea-Girt Fortress: A Story of Heligolad
2E0548: WESTERMAN, PERCY, F - Rounding Up The Raider
3CC0013: WESTERMAN,PERCY F & COWPER,E E & TALBOT E ET AL - Blackie's Boys Annual
5E1271: WESTERMAN,PERCY F - Wilmshurst of the Frontier Force
5E1323: WESTERMAN,PERCY F - His First Ship
3CC0178: WESTERMAN,PERCY F & BRIDGES,T C ET AL - Young Canada Thirty Fourth Annual Volume 1913
3CC0184: WESTERMAN,PERCY F & FORESTER,F B ET AL - Young Canada Thirty Fifth Annual Volume 1914
2A1523: WESTERMAN,PERCY F - The Flying Submarine
2E1040: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - Sea Scouts Up-Channel
5CC1006: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. & BIRD,RICHARD ET AL - Blackie's Boys Annual
2E1287: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - The Flying Submarine
3CC0317: WESTERMAN,PERCY F & WOOD,WALTER ET AL - Blackie's Boys Annual
2E1519: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - Sabarinda Island
2E2205: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - His Unfinished Voyage
2E2656: WESTERMAN, PERCY - The Black Hawk
2E2676: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - Werested from the Deep
2RE1718: WESTERVELT, JOSEPHINE HOPE - Pool of Sacrifice
2V0497: WESTLAND, LYNN - Wagon Train Westward
2GA0022: WESTLAND,PAMELA - The Complete Flower Arranger
5FUN1094: WESTLAND,PAMELA - Celebrating Christmas
2FUN0634: WESTLAND, PAMELA - Step-by-Step Dried Flowers
F2373: WESTON, KATE - Little Miss Muffet Abroad
2PP2574: WESTON, GARNETT - Star Weekly Complete Novel: Remittance Girl
T4768: WESTWOOD,NAN - Run Rabbit Run
E4914: WETHEKAM, CILI - Dudu
5LIT1170: WETHERELL,J E - Selections from Tennyson
2A3751: WETHERELL, MISS - Ellen Montgomery's Bookshelf: The Ruby Series
NH0050: WETMORE, ALEXANDER - Song and Garden Birds of North America
2CF0373: CONSTANTIN-WEYER, M - Forest Wild
5MY1703: WHALEN,STEVE - Deep Water
2EH1617: WHARF, BRIAN - Rethinking Child Welfare in Canada
NH0189: WHEATLEY,GEORGE - Schooling Your Horse
2OC0090: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Devil and All His Works
5FIC1790: WHEATLEY,DENNIS - The Prisoner in the Mask
5GN1040: WHEATLEY,MARK - Breathtaker - Book 4 of 4
2FIC11268: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Black August
NON0040: WHEELER, HAROLD F. B. - Stirring Tales of Britain's Sea-dogs in the Great War
HB0459HI: WHEELER,HAROLD F B - The Story of Napolean
I0892: WHEELER,OPAL - Stephen Foster and His Little Dog Tray
T4430: WHEELER,F G - Billy Whisker's Travels
F2734: WHEELER,JANET D - Billie Bradley and Her Classmates
2EH1247: WHEELER, WILLIAM J. - Images of Flight: A Canadian Aviation Portfolio
5FIC1152: WHEELER,KEITH - The Last Mayday
3A0013: ROLT-WHEELER,FRANCIS - Hunting Hidden Treasure in the Andes
5A1729: WHEELER,M J - First Came the Indians
2T1213: WHEELER,F G - Billy Whiskers Travels
2RR1361: WHEELER,J. TALBOYS - History Primers: Indian History
2NF0385: WHEELER, JILL - White-tailed Spiders (Checkerboard Animal Library)
2HST1338: WHEELER, HAROLD (ED) - The Wonderful Story of the Sea
8WE0156PB: WHELLER, RICHARD S. - Dodging Red Cloud
MM2382: WHIPPLE, WAYNE & AARON, S F - Radio Boys Cronies Or Bill Brown's Radio
MM2579: WHIPPLE, WAYNE & AARON, S F - Bill Brown Listens In
5MM1014: WHIPPLE, WAYNE AND AARON, S.F. - Radio Boys Cronies
5MM1020: WHIPPLE, WAYNE AND AARON, S.F. - Radio Boys Cronies or Bill Brown's Radio
RM0092: WHISTLER,MARY - Escape To Happiness
2R3115: WHITAKER, BOB;HARRISON, MARTIN - The Unseen Beatles
2R5961: WHITAKER, BOB - The Unseen Beatles
V0470M: WHITE, ETHEL LINA - Step in the Dark
E4792: WHITE, PAUL - Doctor of Tanganyika
T2870: WHITE,ANNE H - A Dog Named Scholar
BG0758PB: WHITE, EVELYNE - Elizabeth Fry
G5219: WHITE,STEWART EDWARD - The Adventures of Bobby Orde
2E0021: WHITE,PAUL - Jungle Doctor's Enemies
3FIC0103: WHITE,THEODORE H - The Mountain Road
PP1707: WHITE, HAL; R. J. GERRARD; EVERETT WILSON; ET AL. - True Detective 1957, Oct.
PP1708: WHITE, HAL; R. J. GERRARD; EVERETT WILSON; ET AL. - True Detective 1957, Nov.
I3289: WHITE,CONSTANCE - The Flip Flop Show
3PP0190: WHITE,STEWART EDWARD & ADAMS,SAMUEL HOPKINS - American Magazine September 1906
2A0386: WHITE, JAMES EDSON - Best Stories from the Best Book (An Illustrated Bible Companion for the Home)
2USA0009: WHITE,HELEN MCCANN - Ho! For The Gold Fields
2ARCH0759: KEN WHITE - Bookstore Planning and Design
2NF0118: WHITE, ANNE TERRY - All About Great Rivers of the World
5FIC3628: WHITE,TERENCE DE VERE - Prenez Garde
2FIC4121: WHITE, SAMUEL ALEXANDER - The Foaming Fore Shore
2E2695: WHITE, ROBB - The Lion's Paw
2A3158: WHITE, JAMES EDSON - Best Stories from the Best Book
2N1523: WHITE, E.B.; CRAIG, CLARK; ET A; - Harper's Magazine March 1941
2A3426: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - Daniel Boone Wilderness Scout
2FIC5036: WHITE, AGNES ROMILLY - Mrs. Murphy Buries The Hatchet
2BP1310: WHITE, BILLY AND BETTY - The Junket Folks Book of Fun
2A3833: WHITE, CONSTANCE - Keeping Up With Cuthbert
2A3835: WHITE, ANNE TERRY - David The Giantkiller
2A3834: WHITE, LAURENCE B. - The Great Mysto ... That's You
2S2687: WHITE, JOHN A. - The Ultimate Hockey Challenge: The Best Hockey Quiz Book Ever (Revised and Updated)
2E3044: WHITE,PAUL - Jungle Doctor's Tug-Of-War
2E3317: WHITE, PAUL - Jungle Doctor on Safari (Jungle Doctor #2)
2PP2488: WHITE, NELIA GARDNER - Star Weekly Complete Novel December 15, 1956: House with Pillars
2N1526: WHITE, E.B.; WESCOTT, GLENWAY; ET A; - Harper's Magazine November 1940
3PP0614: WHITE,LIONEL & DEMING,RICHARD & RITCHIE,JACK ET AL - Murder! Magazine September 1956
2N1524: WHITE, E.B.; CURTISS, PHILIP; ET AL - Harper's Magazine June 1940
2N1525: WHITE, E.B.; STEINBECK, JOHN; WEIDMAN, JEROME; ET AL - Harper's Magazine August 1941
2AR0254: WHITE, PATRICK - Mountie in Mukluks: The Arctic Adventures of Bill White
2E3316: WHITE, PAUL - Eyes on Jungle Doctor
W2719: WHITEHILL, DOROTHY - Joy and Pam at Brookside
A5974: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH - Action in the Sky
2FIC5334: WHITEHOUSE, FLORENCE BROOKS - The Effendi: A Romance of the Soudan
5T1198: WHITELAW,STELLA - Favorite cat Stories
2AR0218: WHITELEY, GEORGE - Northern Seas, Hardy Sailors
2NF0664: WHITFIELD, DAVID - World Cup
2A0753: WHITING,J.D. - Convoy A Story of the World War At Sea
2PU0125: WHITING, SUE - Mistie's Magic: A Glitter Pop Up Book
2NF0539: WHITING, JIM - Claude Monet (Art Profiles for Kids)
2ANTH0061: WHITLAM, ROBERT - Archaeology in the Williams Lake Area, Britsh Columbia: Occasional Papers No. 1 of the Archaeological Sites Advisory Board of Britsh Columbia
2ANTH0062: WHITLAM, ROBERT G - Archaeological Investigations at Cache Creek: Occasional Papers 5
6A0047: WHITMAN, VIRGINIA - Secret of Hidden Ranch
2WAR2587: WHITMAN, JOHN W. - Bataan: Our Last Ditch
V7141: WHITMORE, LINDA - The Life She Wanted
MM1350: WHITNEY,ELLIOTT - The Bobcat of Jump Mountain
A5887: WHITNEY, PHYLLIS A - Secret of the Stone Face
W2019: WHITNEY, E. - The Saber-Tusk Walrus of the Icy Seas
2PB1185: WHITNEY, PHYLLIS A - The Highest Dream
2W1415: ELLIOTT WHITNEY - The King Condor of the Andes
2RM0057: WHITNEY,PHYLLIS A. - Seven Tears For Apollo
5SM1045: WHITTAKER,W GILLIES; WISEMAN,HERBERT (ED.'S) - The Clarendon Aria Books - I Piano Edition
2LIT8118: WHITTIER, J.G. - Songs of the Three Centuries
2LIT17800: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier
W3460: WHITTINGTON,HARRY - Bonanza Treachery Trail
NH0198: WHYTE, HAMISH (EDITOR) - The Scottish Cat
2PU0157: DUPPA-WHYTE, VICTOR - The Magic Train
2RR1455: WHYTE, GLADYS - Starting Points in Language B
A5540: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - The Life of Winston Churchill
5FIC1798: WIBBERLEY,LEONARD - Something to Read
5FIC1672: WICKENDEN,DAN - Tobias Brandywine
2FIC0901: WICKLOE, PETER - The Yellow Ship
2SB0287: WICKS, BEN - Ben Wicks' Women
2FIC2337: WIELER, DIANA - Drive
5ART1259: KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM WIEN - Guide to the Collections
2USA0136: WIERNIK, PETER - History of the Jews in America
2FIC17820: WIESEL, ELIE - The Accident
I2772: WIESNER, WILLIAM - Happy-Go-Lucky
PSY0127: WIGGAM, ALBERT EDWARD - Exploring Your Mind with the Psychologists
CL2322: WIGGIN,KATE D ILL:WYETH(4) - Susanna And Sue
H1225: WIGGIN, KATE D. - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
CL5102: WIGGIN,KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
CL5105: WIGGIN,KATE DOUGLAS - Susanna and Sue
2CL0268: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
2A0130: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - The Story of Patsy
2W1360: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
2T1203: WIGGIN,MAURICE - Life with Badger
3I0019: WIGGIN, KATE D & SMITH,NORA (EDITORS - The Arabian Nights Their Best Known Tales
2E2512: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Birds' Christmas Carol
2CL1336: WIGGIN,KATE DOUGLAS; SMITH,NORA A (ED.'S) - The Arabian Nights
2CL5196: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
3ACT0020: WIGGINS,CHRIS - Sinbad and the Mermaid
3ACT0021: WIGGINS,CHRIS - Sleeping Beauty
2ART2143: WIGHT, DARLENE COWARD - Rankin Inlet Ceramics: Inuit Art
3PP0412: WILCOX,DON & BLOODSTONE,JOHN ET AL - Amazing Stories January 1952
2AR0224: WILD, ROLAND - Arctic Command: The Story of Smellie of the Nascopie
2V5990: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome and Other Plays
I1215: WILDE, OSCAR - Little Hans
7L0049WB: WILDE, IRMA - The Fixit Man
2E0134: WILDE, OSCAR - Fairy Tales
2L0190: WILDE, IRMA - Polly's Christmas Present
2HA1386: WILDE, LARRY - The Official W.A.S.P joke Book
2HA1398: WILDE, LARRY - The Official Rednecks Joke Book
2LIT7214: WILDE, OSCAR - The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: De Profundis Lectures And Essays
2A1257: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS - Little Town on the Prairie
5FIC2061: WILDER,THORNTON - The Bridge of Sans Luis Rey
2RE0094: WILDER, JOHN WATSON - His Name Is Jesus
2N2575: WILDER, THORNTON; MOFFAT, DONALD; - The Atlantic Monthly June 1952
2FIC2879: WILDER,THORNTON - The Eighth Day
2N2410: WILDER, THRONTONL TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J.; ET A; - Harper's Magazine April 1953
6USA2001: WILDER,MARSHALL P - The Wit and Humor of America in Ten Volumes (Complete)
2A5368: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS - Little House on the Prairie
2N2576: WILDER, THORNTON; MOFFAT, DONALD; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly July 1952
I2536: WILDSMITH, BRIAN - The Miller, The Boy and The Donkey
I3012: WILDSMITH,BRIAN - Brian Wildsmith's 1,2,3's
5ART1201: WILENSKI,R H - Modern French Painters
2V5670: WILHELM, GALE - The Strange Path
2V5624: WILHELM, GALE - We Too Are Drifting
I1186: ILL: ELOISE WILKIN - Prayers For Children
2I1878: WILKIN, WENDY - The Magic Acorn
2MB1231: WILKIN, CHARLES - Winnipet 8: The Ice-Cold Hothouse
2L3738: WILKIN, ESTHER - Play Street
5L1026J: WILKIN,ESTHER - play Street
2L5024: WILKIN, WENDY - The Magic Acorn: Little Twinky Book No 5
2L5019: WILKIN, WENDY - The Magic Acorn: Little Twinky Book No 5
MM2248: WILKINS,DALE - The Long Trail Boys and The Gray Cloaks
H3566: WILKINS, CHARLIE & BARRETT, CURT - Roy Rogers: Yopu Should Know Sheet Music
2MB1753: WILKINS, C ( EDITOR) - Winnipeg 8: The ice-cold hothouse
5EH1151: WILLARD,SYBIL - The Pioneers and the Present: a History of the Township of Barclay 1882 - 1982
2E3172: WILLCOX, K M - Averil's Ambition
2FL0189: WILLCOX, LES - Die Grosse Wild West Story Nr 20: Gemeinsam Zum Kampf
2I4054: WILLEMS, MO - Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct
3PP0124: WILLIAM,JACK & LEY,WILLY ET AL - Astounding Science Fiction June 1938
V6013: WILLIAMS, DABEL - Hell-Cat: The Lust of a Vixen
CM0344: WILLIAMS, ADENE - The Girl Warrior
E4710: WILLIAMS, M P - Adventures At Sandend
SF0906: WILLIAMS, JAY & ABRASHKIN, RAYMOND - Danny Dunn & the Anti-Gravity Paint
A5205: WILLIAMS,L N & WILLIAMS,M - Know Your Stamps For Juniors of All Ages
3FIC0068: WILLIAMS,JESSE LYNCH - She Knew She Was Right

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