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2L4893: SCARRY, RICHARD - Rabbit and His Friends
2I1583MS: SCARRY, RICHARD - Look and Learn Library (Things to Know, Going Places, Fun With Words, Best Stories Ever)
2L4894: SCARRY, PATSY - My Baby Sister
2II583BMS: SCARRY, RICHARD - Look and Learn Library (Things to Know, Going Places, Fun With Words, Best Stories Ever)
2L3679J: SCARRY, PATSY - My Puppy
2L5161: SCARRY, PATRICIA - Corky
2L3844: SCARRY, PATSY - Piere Bear
2L3682: SCARY, PATSY - My Snuggly Bunny
MY0051: BARBER AND SCHABELITZ - Murder Enters The Picture
PP1013: SCHACHNER, NAT ET AL - Astounding v18 #03;v 1936;vg-
HA0280: SCHAFER, REUBEN, BORDEN, KEN, BERTON PIERRE - ,,,now show me your Belly-Button
5T1033: SCHAFFNER, VAL - Algonquin Cat
2AB0533: SCHAMA, SIMON - Rough Crossings CD
2RE3572: SIMON SCHAMA - The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000 BC - 1492 AD
2BP1138: SCHARMA, MAUDE S. - Lessons in Citizenship (1953 Revision)
2I5448: SCHATZER, JEFFERY L.;BUSH, MARK;RUTT, DON - The Bird In Santa's Beard: How A Christmas Legend Was Forever Changed
2LIT5103: SCHECHED, CLARA - The Nonconformist and Other Stories
6GN2004: HUDNALL & BAGLEY & GARZON & SCHEELE - Strikeforce: Morituri Electric Undertow 5 Volume Complete Set Book One, Two, Three, Four & Five
2N1593: SCHEFFER, PAUL; SUZUNO, ISAMU; ET AL - The Living Age May 8, 1926
2ART2068: SCHEIDIG, WALTER - Holzschnitte des Petrarca-Meisters. Zu Petrarcas Werk. Von der Arzney bayder Glueck des guten und widerwaertigen. Augsburg 1532
6NC1006: SCHELL,REV JAMES PERRY - In The Ojibway Country A Story of Early Missions on the Minnesota Frontier
WAR0550PB: SCHELLENBERG, WALTER - Hitler's Secret Service
2TRA0338: SCHELLENBERG, AGATHA - Search for Reality
2A0435: SCHENKER, DONA - Fearsome's Hero
2L3207: SCHERMELE, WILLY - Winkie and Wobbleena
M2951: SCHEUER, STEVEN H. - The Movie Book
2M0617: SCHEUER, STEVEN H - The Movie Book
2I6703: SCHICK, ELEANOR - Jeanie Goes Riding
2I1551b: SCHICK, ELEANOR - Jeanie Goes Riding
2ARC0024: SCHIFFER, MICHAEL B. - Behavioral Archeology (Studies in Archeology)
2ARCH0757: SCHILD - Schild Structural Vol 2
2ARCH0758: ERICH SCHILD - Structural Failure in Residential Buildings
2ARCH0722: SCHILD - Structural Failure in Residential Buildings Volume 1: Flat Roofs, Roof Terraces and Balconies
3C0189: SCHILLER,FREDERICK - Classics Illustrated No 101 William Tell
3C1150: SCHILLER,FREDERICK - Classic Illustrated No 101 William Tell
2L1156: SCHILLER, BARBARA - Princess Souricette
2N1507: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR; WALTER, EUGENE; ET AL - Harper's Magazine February 1965
2N2573: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR; MOORE, CRARY, WOLF, LEONARD; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly May 1952
2N1451: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR; YOUNG, PHILIP; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly August 1966
2N2581: MOWATFARLEY; SCHLESINGER , ARTHUR; DE MILLE, AGNES; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly January 1952
2N1439: SCHLESINNGER, ARTHUR M.; NYE, ROBERT; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly July 1963
2ART2066: SCHMALENBACH, FRITZ - Kokoschka : Saul and David 1969
6ARCH2020: SCHMERTZ, MILDRED F. - Apartments, Townhouses, & Condominiums
2I6353: SCHMID, ELEONORE - An Chaora Dhubh
2TRA0326: SCHMID, HAGEN & VINE, DR. PETER - Saudi Arabian Red Sea
2BP0956: SCHMIDBERGER, FRANZ FR. - The Episcopal Consecrations of 30 June 1988
2NON0292: SCHMIDT, THEODORE A.F - On Slit-lamp Microscopy
2FEM0134: SCHMIDT, JAN ZLOTNIK (ED.); ET AL - Women / Writing / Teaching
2NH1395: SCHMIDT, ESTER - Western Wildlife
2S2724: SCHMIRLER, SANDRA - Sharing the Memories: Photos from the Personal Album of Curling Champion Sandra Schmirler
3USA0013: SCHMITT,MARTIN F & BROWN,DEE - Fighting Indians of the West
2TRA0214: SCHMITZ, LEON - Authorized Text Book Series Greece and Rome
2R3056: SCHNAKENBERG! - The Beatles in Pictures Issue #1 July 1992 (Celebrity Comics)
NH0080: SCHNECK, MARCUS - The Bird Feeder Guide: How to Attract and Identify Birds in Your Garden
2LIT18445: SCHNEIDER, I. - The World of Love Vol. I & II (The Experience of Love Set)
5HL1118: SCHNEIDER,MARGARET S - Often Invisible Counselling Gay & Lesbian Youth
3RE0003: SCHNELL,WILLIAM J - Thirty Years A Watch Tower Slave
B0752: SCHOEDSACK,ERNEST B (DIRECTOR) - The Last Days of Pompeii
PP1340: JACKSON V. SCHOLZ, BURT L. STANDISH, ARTHUR MANN, T. W. FORD, ETAL - Sport Story magazine 1935, 2nd August number
3PP0237: SCHOLZ,JACKSON V & GOODIS,DAVID - Popular Sports Magazine Winter 1941
5I1749: SCHONBERG, MARCIA; SHONBERG, MARCIA - B Is for Buckeye: An Ohio Alphabet
2A0355: SCHOOLLAND, MARIAN M. - Tomboy Janie's Adventures with Peek
2S0640: SCHOOR, GENE - The Jack Dempsey Story
2S0643: SCHOOR, GENE - Casey Stengel: Baseball's Greatest Manager
2CS2187: SCHOOR, GENE - Willie Mays: Modest Champion
2S6391: SCHOOR, GENE - Mickey Mantle of The Yankees
2TRA0824: SCHOR, FRANCES R - Echoes from Palestine
2MOV1620: SCHORR, MARTYN L. - AMC Power Book: Rolling Thunder from American Motors
5I1723: SCHOTTER, RONI - When Crocodiles Clean Up
2R2024: SCHREINER, HENRY (EDITOR) - A Tribute to the King : Elvis
2SB0141: SCHREYER, KARMEL - Naomi the Strawberry Blonde of Pippi Town
HI0049: SCHUCHTER, ARNOLD - White Power / Black Freedom
TRA0085: SCHUERL, WOLFGANG F. - Medieval Castles and Cities
NH0042: SCHUHMACHER, EUGEN - The Last Paradises: On the Track of Rare Animals
EH0040: SCHULL,JOSEPH & GIBSON,J DOUGLAS - The Scotiabank Story A History of the Bank of Nova Scotia 1832-1982
2CN0073: SCHULL, JOSEPH - The Salt-Water Men (Great Canadian Stories Series)
RE0025: SCHULLER, REV. ROBERT H. - Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted People
2L1004: SCHULTZ, SAM - 101 Sports Jokes Guaranteed to Make You a Winner: Guaranteed to Make You a Winner
2L1005: SCHULTZ, SAM - 101 Sports Jokes Guaranteed to Make You a Winner: Guaranteed to Make You a Winner
2CB0245PB: SCHULTZ, CHARLES M - Charlie Brown Puzzle Treasury Book
2FL0049: SCHULTZ, JOACHIM - Die Letzen 30 Tage
H2495: SCHULZ, CHARLES - Play It Again Charlie Brown
H2848: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - Snoopy
H3596: SCHULZ, CHARLES M - Is This Good-bye Charlie Brown
TV0670: SCHULZ, CHARLES M - Go Fly A Kite, Charlie Brown
2CB0105: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - The "Snoopy, Come Home" Movie Book
H3745: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - It's A Dog's Life, Charlie Brown & You Need Help, Charlie Brown
H3746: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - Snoopy Facts & Fun Book About Houses
H3749: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - You Need Help, Charlie Brown & It's A Dog's Life, Charlie Brown
6H0003: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - There's No Time for Love;, Charlie Brown
2CB0246PB: SCHULZ, CHARLES M - The Snoopy Mazes & Puzzles Book
2CB0327PB: SCHULZ, CHARLES M - The Peanuts Treasury of Fun and Puzzles
2H0122: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown
2H0136: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Charlie Brown This is Your Life
2H0137: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Sally School Is My World
2H0212: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - The "Snoopy, Come Home" Movie Book
2H0355: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - You'll Flip, Charlie Brown
2H0356: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Snoopy, Come Home
2H0359: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Schroeder : Music Is My Life
2H0398: SCHULZ,CHARLES M. & HALL,KENNETH F. - Two-by-Fours
2H0421: SCHULZ,CHARLES M. - Peanuts at School
5H1135: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Win a Few, Lose a Few, Charlie Brown
2H0882: SCHULZ, CHARLES - Why, Charlie Brown, Why
2H2229: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - You Don't Look 35 Charlie Brown
2H2238: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - The Snoopy Festival
6H0005b: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Is This Good-Bye, Charlie Brown?
2EH2018: SCHULZ, HERBERT - Betrayal: Agricultural Politics in the Fifties (Legacies Shared)
H3634b: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown
2LP0113: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Charlie Brown Records presents: "He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown"
2L5935: SCHUMACHER, ALVIN J. - What Will I Be?
2POT0102: SCHURKO,KATHERINE - Grains of Sand Supplement Edition
2L3499: SCHURR, CATHLEEN - Le Petit Chat Timide (Petit Livre D'Or)
2RE3214: SCHUSTER, SISTER MARY FAITH - The Meaning of the Mountain
6L0083TAT: SCHWALJE, MARJORY - Raggedy Ann and the Tagalong Present
2I6902: SCHWARTZ, DELMORE - "I am cherry alive," the little girl sang
2NF0666: SCHWARTZENBERGER, TINA - Manufacturing (Canadian Industries)
USA0005: SCHWARZ, DR. FRED - You Can Trust Communists (To Be Communists)
Z0616PB: SCHWEITZER, DARRELL - We Are All Legends
2CR0444: SCNWARZ, TED - Deadly Whispers
5A1074: SCOFIELD,DOROTHY - The Shining Road
3NON0013: A SCOTSMAN - An Answer To Mr Burke's Speech in Parliament in Favour of The Scots Roman-Catholics Refiding in Edinburgh and Glafgow On the 18th of March 1779
2LIT6116: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. IX: Peveril and Antiquary
2LIT18364: SCOTT, WALTER - The Abbot
2LIT18362: SCOTT, WALTER - The Antiquary
2LIT18363: SCOTT, WALTER - The Fair Maid of Perth
2POT1030: SCOTT, WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
2LIT18357: SCOTT, WALTER - Guy Mannering
A3267: ILL:JANET SCOTT - Singing Around The Seasons
E5011: SCOTT,ELEANOR - Adventurous Women
3C0201: SCOTT,SIR WALTER - Classics Illustrated No 111 The Talisman
LIT0650: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Lady of the Lake
2LIT6115: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. X: Red Gauntlet and Anne of Geierstein
2LIT6114: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. I: Waverley and Monastery
2CL0383: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Talisman: A Tale of the Crusades
2POT0034: SCOTT, DUNCAN CAMPBELL - Beauty and Life
2I1106: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe (A Romance)
2TRA0019: SCOTT,J DIXON - The Homeland Illustrated No. 21 The Beauty of The Isle of Man
2LIT18356: SCOTT, WALTER - Woodstock
2G0541: SCOTT,DAN - The Secret Of Hermit's Peak
2G0571: SCOTT,DAN - The Mystery Of Ghost Canyon
2LIT6108: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. VII: Kenilworth and Maid of Perth
3SP0003: SCOTT,BARBARA ANN - Beautiful Barbara Ann Scott Worlds Olympic Champion in Skating Sensations of 1950 The Winter Wonder Show Program
2LIT6113: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. V: Midlothian and Surgeon's Daughter
5F1091: SCOTT,JANEY - Sara Gay Model Girl in Mayfair
2ERH1927: SCOTT, D. B - The home front in the second world war (Canadian studies program)
5FIC3592: SCOTT,SIR WALTER - St Ronans Well
3C1354: COMIC SIR WALTER SCOTT - Classics Illustrated Number 75 The Lady of the Lake
2RR1383: SCOTT, JOSPEH M. - The Story of our Prairie Provinces
2FIC4939: SCOTT, B. MONTAGU - The Road Back
2X0427: SCOTT, ELIZABETH - Our Queen and her Consort Volume One
2HL1798: SCOTT, JERRY G. - Psoriasis: The Real Way Out - A Self-Education Guide for Complete Natural Healing
2LIT2423: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field
2LIT6111: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. IV: Black Dwarf and Count Robert
2LIT7261: SCOTT,SIR WALTER - Quentin Durward
2LIT6064: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (ED.) - Woodstock (Waverly Novels Border Edition Vol. XX)
I2529: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Quentin Durward
S1304: SCOTT, MORGAN - Rival Pitchers of Oakdale
2LIT3467: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Fair Maid of Perth (Waverly Novels Border Edition 250 Illustrations)
2LIT3468: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Ivanhoe (Waverly Novels Border Edition 250 Illustrations)
2LIT3470: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Kenilworth (Waverly Novels Border Edition 250 Illustrations)
2LIT3471: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Heart of Midlothian (Waverly Novels Border Edition 250 Illustrations)
2FIC17776: SCOTT, CHRIS - To Catch a Spy
2LIT7698: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe
2SB0341: SCOTT, MUNROE - Mcclure Years of Challenge
2LIT17510: SCOTT, WALTER - Old Mortality
2LIT6072: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (ED.) - Count Robert of Paris and The Surgeon's Daughter (Waverly Novels Border Edition Vol. XXIII)
2S2715: SCOTT,BARBARA ANN - Skate With Me
2LIT6067: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (ED.) - Anne of Geierstein (Waverly Novels Border Edition Vol. XXII)
2LIT6112: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. III: Rob Roy and The Pirate
2LIT6110: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. XII: Woodstock and Old Mortality
2LIT6109: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. XI: Betrothed and The Talisman
2LIT6075: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (ED.) - The Pirate (Waverly Novels Border Edition Vol. XIII)
2LIT6077: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (ED.) - Peveril of the Peak (Waverly Novels Border Edition Vol. XV)
2LIT18360: SCOTT, WALTER - The Bride of Lammermoor
2LIT18361: SCOTT, WALTER - Quentin Durward
2LIT6068: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW (ED.) - St. Ronan's Well (Waverly Novels Border Edition Vol. XVIII)
2LIT6107: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Vol. II: Guy Manning and Quentin Durward
2MEN0003: FITZGERALD F.SCOTT, STUART J. - Esquire The Magazine for Men June 1940
2LIT17854: SCOTT, WALTER - The Fair Maid of Perth
2LIT6725: SCOTT, WALTER - Waverley
2ERT0073: SCOTT, MICHAEL - Desperate Women
2LIT7262: SCOTT,SIR WALTER - Kenilworth
2NH1381: SCOTTER, G - Birds of the Canadian Rockies
CM0245: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ February 1920
CM0247: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ July 1921
CM0248: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ March 1921
CM0249: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ November 1921
CM0250: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ December 1920
CM0251: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ October 1921
CM0252: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ May 1920
CM0253: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ July 1920
CM0254: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ January 1921
CM0256: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ November 1920
CM0257: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy The Boy Scout's Official Organ February 1921
CM0262: BOY SCOUTS - Canadian Boy Special Hobbies Number
CM0342: BOY SCOUTS - 1964 to 1965 Boy Scouts of Canada Supply Services
A5843: BOY SCOUTS - Wolf Cub Scout Book
A5844: BOY SCOUTS - The Big Bear Cub Scout Book
A5848: BOY SCOUTS - The Patrol Books- Number 23: The Scouts' Cook Book
A5849: BOY SCOUTS - Golden Arrow Training Handbook
2A0349: SCOVIL, ELISABETH ROBINSON - Wee Folks Stories from the New Testament in Words of One Syllable
FIC0619: SCOWCROFT, RICHARD - Back to Fire Mountain
FIC0619J: SCOWCROFT, RICHARD - Back to Fire Mountain
2TM1231: SCRIBBLER - Movie Star Cover Scribbler
I3302: SCUTT,M W - Tales Told By Candlelight
2L1209: SCUTT,J F - Luju The Honey Boy
2N1511: SEABURY, PAUL; HOFFER, ERIC; ET AL - Harper's Magazine June 1965
5T1278: SEAGER,JOAN - The Vengeance of Wol
2MOV0338: SEAGRAVE, STERLING - The Epic of Flight: Soldiers of Fortune
2HST1069: SEAGRAVE, STERLING - Dragon Lady: The Life and Legend of the Last Empress of China
2A2272: SEAL,GABRIEL - Adventuring Through France
2RM1073: SEALE, SARA - These Delights
2NC0127: SEALEY, D. BRUCE - Monographs in Education III: The Education of Native Poeples in Manitoba
2SB0392: SEALEY, BRUCE; LUSSIER, ANTOINE S. - The Metis Canada's Forgotten People
2R4163: SEALEY, RAYMOND; TROTTER, WILLIAM E. - Classic Guitar for Young People Volume 1
2NC0675: SEALY, D. B. AND LUSSIER, A.S. - The Metis Canada's Forgotten People
5PP1005: SEAMARK - Frozen Gold
I1708: SEARLE,RONALD - More Cats
I1913: SEARLE,RONALD - Dick Deadeye
2E1148: SEARLE,D V - Makers of the Modern World
2I2656: SEARLE, RONALD - Zoodiac
2ART1925: SEARLE, RONALD - Second Coming of Toulouse-Lautrec
2TC0288: SEARS - Sears Spring and Summer 1976
2TC0290: SEARS - Sears Spring and Summer 1979
2NF0570: SECHRIST, DARREN - Air Pollution
2WAR2292: PREPARED BY THE ARMY HISTORICAL SECTION - The Regiments and Corps of The Canadian Army Volume I of the Canadian Army List
2SM1520: SEDAKA, NEIL; CODY, PHIL - Solitaire
5FR1001: SEDAN - La Bataille Des Flandres
5GA1029: SEDDON,GEORGE - Planning a Family Garden
2HL1380: SEELING, CHARLES - Simplified EKG Analysis: A Sequential Guide to Interpretation and Diagnosis
2T2666: SEERS, H. WADDINGHAM - More Nature Stories
2X0620: SEEWARD, INGRID - Royal Children
5FIC1664: SEGAL, BRENDA L.; KANTER, MARIANNE - Aliya : A Love Story
PU0264: SEGAR,E C - The Pop-Up Popeye With The Hags of the Seven Seas
2H1073: SEGAR, E. C. - The Complete E.C Seger Popeye Volume 11 Dailies 1937-1938 (The Nemo Bookshelf)
5FIC3764: SEGRE,ALFREDO - Mahogany
2I5979: COMTESSE DE SEGUR - Les Memoires D'un Ane
2I5978: COMTESSE DE SEGUR - Les Matheurs De Sophie
5TM1770: DE SEGUROLA, ANDRES - Deanna Durbins Favorite Songs and Arias: Book One
2OC1247: SEHESTED, OVE H. - Better and Better (A Silva mind research book)
HIS0112: SEIDEN, MORTON IRVING - The Paradox of Hate: A Study in Ritual Murder
2PP2477: SEIFERT, SHIRLEY - Star Weekly Complete Novel April 7, 1956: Caty Greene
2I6144: SELDEN, GEORGE - Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride
2L4953: SELGE, BODIL; EVISON, B. (TRANS.) - Mandy and Midge
2L4951: SELGE, BODIL; EVISON, B. (TRANS.) - Mandy Moves In
2L4952: SELGE, BODIL; EVISON, B. (TRANS.) - Mandy and I Meet Jake
2L5025: SELGE, BODIL; EVISON, B. (TRANS.) - The Land of Anywhere: A Mandy Book
2L4954: SELGE, BODIL; EVISON, B. (TRANS.) - Mandy and Midge
2FIC6000: SELINKO,ANNEMARIE - Desiree (Book Club Promotional Edition)
2FIC3903: SELLARS,CRIGHTON - Open The Westport
5E1156: SELLER,J W - The Hermit and Charlie
MY2175: SELMARK, GEORGE - Murder in Silence
2T2334: SELOUS,EDMUND - The Romance of the Animal World: Interesting Descriptions of the Strange & curious in Natural History
WE0065PB: SELTZER, CHARLES ALDEN - Double Cross Ranch
2CB0943: SELTZER, NADINE - Sweetie Pie
2WE1171: SELTZER, CHARLES ALDEN - The Vengeance of Jefferson Gawne
2FIC16756: SELVON, SAMUEL - A Drink of Water
2FIC16586: SELVON, SAMUEL - Turn Again Tiger
2SB0325: SELVON, SAMUEL - The Housing Lark
3CF0067: SELWYN,CECIL E - Prairie Patchwork
2NON1199: SELYE, HANS - From Dream to Discovery
2TRA0857: SEMMES, RAPHAEL - Baltimore: As Seen By Visitors 1783-1860
5V2253: SEMPLE, GORDON - Life of Passion
2TRA0174: SENGUPTA, R. - India : Continuity in Change
2M0377: SENNETT, TED - Hollywood Musicals
3PU0054: SPRING-UP PICTURE BOOK SERIES - Hansel and Gretel An Activity Book With Five 3 Dimensional Spring-Ups ( Pop-Up Book )
A6059: SERL, EMMA & VIVIAN EVANS - Work-A-Day Doings
2TV1127: SERLING, ROD - More Stories from the Twilight Zone
2CFL0127: SERNINE, DANIEL - La Fresque Aux Trois Demons
2I2320: SERRAILLIER, IAN - Beowulf the Warrior
2TRA0626: SERVENTY, VINCENT - Landforms of Australia
CF0185: SERVICE, ROBERT - The Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
PO0024: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
3CF0010: SERVICE,ROBERT W - Ballads of A Bohemian
3CF0042: SERVICE,ROBERT - Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
3CF0045: SERVICE,ROBERT - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
2CF0097: SERVICE,ROBERT - Songs of a Sourdough
5CF1242: SERVICE,ROBERT W - Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
2CF0370: SERVICE,ROBERT W. - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
2CF1373: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
2CF0489: SERVICE, ROBERT - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
2CF0501: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Bohemian
2CF1502: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
2CF0640: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
2CF0684: SERVICE, ROBERT - Rhymes of the Midnight Sun
5POT1181: SERVICE,ROBERT W - Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
CF0172: SERVICE, ROBERT - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
2CF0861: SERVICE,ROBERT W - Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
J1407: CANADIAN WILDLIFE SERVICE - Proceedings of the Pacific Seabird Group Symposium, Seattle, Washington, 6-8 January 1982
POT0024J: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
2HL1977: AA SERVICES - Alcoholics Anonymous: Reproduction of the First Printing of the First Edition
2FIC4336: SERVOS, LAUNCELOT CRESSY - Frontenac and the Maid of the Mist
6C2261: COMIC SET - King Conan (Conan The King)/ Complete Set of 55 Comics Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10......55
6C2276: COMIC SET - Steelgrip Starkey Set of 6 Comics No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
RE0067: SETHI, SHANTI - Message Divine
T4713: SETON,ERNEST THOMPSON - The Library of Pioneering and Woodcraft Volume III: Earth and Sky : Wild Animals At Home
2C4861: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Classics Illustrated No. 152 Wild Animals I Have Known
5FIC2341: SETON,GRAHAM - Colonel Grants Tomorrow
2C4860: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Classics Illustrated No. 157 Lives of the Hunted
2T0648: SETON,ERNEST THOMPSON - Wild Animals At Home
2T2866: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - The Library of Pioneering and Woodcraft Vol. III
TV0127: SETTEL,IRVING - Best Television Humor of the Year
TV0128: SETTEL,IRVING - Best TV Humor of 1957
HA0322PB: SETTEL,IRVING - Best TV Humor of 1957
I3102: DR SEUSS - I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollew
I3100: DR SEUSS - McElligot's Pool
I1385: DR. SEUSS - The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
I3246: DR. SEUSS - The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
3I0092: SEUSS ,DR - The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
2I3697: DR. SEUSS - The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
2I4782: SEUSS, DR. - I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! And Other Stories
2I6547: SEUSS, DR - Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose
2I0657a: SEUSS, DR - Dr Seuss's Sleep Book
2ANTH0129: SEVER, THOMAS; WISEMEN, JAMES - Remote Sensing and Archaeology: Potential for the Future Report on a Conference March 1-2, 1984
E5403: SEVERN,DAVID - Burglars and Bandicoots
T2359: SEWELL,ANNA ILL:F W WHITE - Black Beauty
T4650: SEWELL,ANNA - Black Beauty
8T0006: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty
2T1385: SEWELL,ANNA - Black Beauty
2T1387: SEWELL,ANNA - Black Beauty
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2MOV0021: SMITH,FRANK KINGSTON - I'd Rather Be Flying Instrument And Multi-Engine Flying For The Week-End Pilot
2RF0036: WALKER-SMITH,DEREK - Lord Reading And His Cases The Study of a Great Career
2FIC3115: SLADEN-SMITH,F. - At Last We Are Alone!
3A0004: SMITH,FREDRIKA SHUMWAY - The House in the Tree and Other Tales
5TRA0062: SMITH, BRIAN J. - Whistler, Changing Images : Photographs and Cartoons
5TRA1038: SMITH,BRIAN - The Cotswolds
2MB0062: SMITH, DOUG - Joe Zuken : Citizen and Socialist
5PB1438: SMITH, L. J. - The Night of the Solstice
5E1152: SMITH,EVELYN - Phyllida in Form III
3B0064: SMITH,SIDNEY - Chester Gump in the City of Gold
5S1031: SMITH, BEVERLEY; DIAMOND, DAN (EDITOR) - A Year in Figure Skating
2RR0799: SMITH, NILA BANTON - At Home and Away
5E1247: SMITH,EVELYN - Phyllida in Form III
2E3055: SMITH, C. FOX - The Ship Aground
5I1336: SMITH,VIRGINIA - Not Here and Never Was
2RR0831: SMITH,CHARLES E - Cumulative Speller and Shorthand Vocabulary
5W1052: SMITH, CARL W. - The Lone Wolf and the Hidden Empire
5SB1001: SMITH,CAROL STURM - Fat People
5WAR1313: SMITH, GENE - The Dark Summer: An Intimate History of the Events That Led to World War II
2MY2399: HECKSTALL-SMITH,ANTHONY - The Man with Yellow Shoes
2MB1777: SMITH, DOUG - As Many Liars: The Story Of The 1995 Manitoba Vote-Splitting Scandal
5ART1243: SMITH, FRANCES K. - Andre Bieler: An Artist's Life and Times
2T1769: SMITH,LAURA ROUNTREE - Bunny Boy and Grizzly Bear
5R1234: SMITH,BENTE - Cue Track the Canadian Record & Tape Guide
5FG1021: SMITH,A - Vetrinary Notes on the Causes Symptoms and Treatment of the Diseases of Domestic Animals
2RR1080: SMITH,WALTER - The New Graded Arithmetics Teachers Book II
2SP0537: SMITH, DON - Diamond Jubilee!
2V2861: SMITH, FREDERICK E - Saffron's Army
2BP0247: SMITH, DOUGLAS - The Light of Our Bones: A Sequence For Lawrence
3E0044: SMITH,C E - Stories From Wagner Told To The Children Series
2A2799: SMITH, LAURA ROUNTREE - Stories of Famous Musicians or the Singing Twins
3BP0313: SMITH,NILA B & TOWNE,LANAH - Nancy's Apple Tree, The Unit Activity Reading Series, At Home and Away, Unit 9
2E2921: SMITH, EVELYN; CADOGAN, E.; VINCENT, HETTIE ET AL - The Lucky Girls' Budget
3ART0125: SMITH,FRANCIS - Andre Bieler An Artist's Life and Times
2BUC0059: SMITH, P. - It Seem Like Only Yesterday: Air Canada the First 50 Years
2FIC4986: SMITH, DOROTHY EVELYN - Huffley Fair
2V4220: SMITH, GUY - The Truckers: The Black Knights No. 1
H1965: BRUNOFF / SMITH,J D - Babar raconte Halte a la Pollution
2MB1219: SMITH, DOUGH - Let Us Rise! An Illustrated History of The Manitoba Labour Movement
2E2274: SMITH, MADLE - Guide Marcery or the Real Thing
2R2019: SMITH, MILBURNE (EDITOR) - Elvis Memories Forever Collectors Edition
2SM1270: SMITH, CLAY - Favorite Musical Readings and Pianologues of Coyla May Spring
2USA0128: SMITH, SANDE - The Life and Philosophy of Malcolm X
2B0536: SMITH,LLOYD E - Erik Noble and the Forty-Niners
2RR5823: SMITH, CHARLES - Elementary Algebra
2TRA0751: SMITH, CHARLES J. - Historic South Edinburgh Volume 1
2SB0356: SMITH, O. MICHAEL - Fruits from Africa: LXXI Poems
2FIC16956: SMITH, WILBUR - Birds of Prey
2F1079: SMITH, HARRIET LUMMIS - Pollyanna's Jewels
2BP1194: SMITH, A. E. - Detective Bob (Spur of Interest Series)
2C3292: COMIC BOOK JIM SMITH - Boris The Bear Set of 26 Comics Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25 & 26
2E3061: SMITHELLS, PHILIP - World Without War
T3912: SMOCK, NELL STOLP - White Tail King of the Forest
5LIT1791: SMOLLETT,TOBIAS GEORGE - The Expedition of Humphry Clinker
2LIT6719: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - The Adeventures of Peregrine Pickle Volume 1
5CN1029: SMUCKER, BARBARA - Underground to Canada
T4632: SMYTHE,PAT - Three Jays Go To Town
T4633: SMYTHE,PAT - Three Jays Lend A Hand
2CB3696: SMYTHE - The Second Andy Capp Book
2CB2744: SMYTHE, REG - Live It Up, Andy Capp!
2S0487: SNEAD,SAM - On Golf
6A0153: SNEDEKER, CAROLINE DALE - Theras and His Town
MM2140: SNELL,ROY J - Triple Spies
MM2227: SNELL,ROY - The Gray Shadow
2MM0054: ROY J. SNELL - Whispers at Dawn or The Eye
A6667: SNELL,ROY J - Lost in the Air
2A0556: SNELL, LEROY W. - The Lead Disk (A Story of the Northwest)
2A1507: SNELL,LEROY W - The Phantom of the Rivers
W2003: SNELL,ROY J - Sally Scott of the Waves
2EH1948: SNELL, JAMES G.; VAUGHAN, FREDERICK - The Supreme Court of Canada: History of the Institution
2A0483: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Ersatz Elevator (A Series of Unfortunate Events , Bk. 6)
V5265: SNOW, CHARLES H. - Wolf of the Mesas
2E0687: SNOW,LAURA A. BARTER - Our Dick
8R0034: SNOW, HANK - Hank Snow Folio No. 3
8R0036: SNOW, HANK - Hank Snow The Singing Ranger Folio No. 2
5E1280: SNOW,LAURA BARTER - Ruperts Resolve
2SM0808: SNOW, HANK - Hank Snow Folio No. 3
2N2520: SNOW, C.P.; USTINOV, PETER; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly 1958
2A0183: SNYDER, ZILPHA KEATLEY - The Gypsy Game
2SM0790: SNYDER, JERRY - Jerry Snyder's Contemporary Folk Songs and Bluegrass for Guitar
2ART1109: SNYDER, PETER ETRIL - A Painter's Harvest: The Works of Peter Etril Snyder
V6103: SOBOL, LOUIS - Along the Broadway Beat
MM2331: SOBOL, DONALD J - Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Eagles
2PB1867: SOBOL, DONALD J. - Encyclopedia Brown No. 12: The Case of the Dead Eagles and Other Mysteries
2MM0443: SOBOL, DONALD J. - Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor
2A4085: SOBOL, DONALD J. - Encyclopedia Brown's Book of Wacky Crimes
2NF0567: SOBRAN, JOSEPH - Hamlet: Shakespeare Explained
TRAV0030: THE GROLIER SOCIETY - Lands and Peoples: The World in Colour, seven volumes
2A0926: UNIVERSITY SOCIETY - The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls: Happy Hours in Storyland Volume 2
2EH1966: SYLVAN LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Reflections of Sylvan Lake
2ART2121: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits
7NH0041: SODERBERG, P. M. - Foreign Birds for Cage and Aviary: Buntings, Cardinals, Lovebirds, Mannikins
2N2945: SOFTCOVER - Souvenir of Roma : 100 Tavole in Tricromia
2I0339: SOFTLY, BARBARA - Magic People
2A0121: BARBARA SOFTLY - Magic People Around the World
5BG1193: SOKOLOV,BECKY - Knishes are Out
J1153Y: SOLOMONS, T. W. GRAHAM - Organic Chemistry: Sixth Edition
2BG0606: SOMERVELL, D.C. - Disraeli and Gladstone: "Enemies - But Builders of Empire"
2NF0426: SOMERVILL, BARBARA A. - Grasslands (Our Living World: Earth's Biomes Volume 6)
5WAR1155: SOMMERVILLE,DONALD - Monty a Biography of Field Marshal Montgomery
2BG2283: HIS SON, EARL OF BIRKENHEAD - Frederick Edwin Earl of Birkenhead: The First Phase
2SB0350: SONMOR - Burned by the Rock
2N1588: SORANI, ALDO; CABIATI, ATTILIO; ET AL - The Living Age May 22, 1926
2FR0181: SORENSEN, THEODORE C. - Het Testament Van De Kennedy's
2EH1937: SOUPCOFF, MURRAY - Good Buy Canada!
2NF0585: SOUTER, GERRY;SOUTER, JANET - John Quincy Adams: Our Sixth President
5A1279: SOUTHALL,IVAN - Ash Road
2R4246: SOUTHALL, BRIAN - 100 Objects That Made The Beatles
2TP0550: SOUTHERN, TERRY - Blue Movie
E4439: SOUTHWOLD, STEPHEN - Listen Children! Stories for Spare Moments
2I5137: SOVAK, JAN - The Great Dinosaur Poster Book.
8R0045: SPAETH, SIGMUND (ED.) - New Barbershop Harmony
A6290: SPALDING,THOMAS ALFRED - Captain Bluecoat's Tales From Japan
2E2102: SPALDING, THOMAS ALFRED - The Story of Sinbad the Sailor
MEN0102: SPALDING,HARRY & STUART,JESSE ET AL - Esquire The Magazine For Men May 1938
2PB24738: SPARK, MURIEL - Momento Mori
A5785: SPEARE, ELIZABETH GEORGE - The Sign of the Beaver
2A0648: SPEARMAN,FRANK H. - Whispering Smith
2FIC16731: SPEARMAN, FRANK H - Merrilie Dawes
2EH1824: SPEARS, BORDEN - Wilderness Canada
2GN1170: SPEARS, RICK - Black Metal: Omnibvs
2PP2473: SPEAS, JAN COX - Star Weekly Complete Novel February 19, 1955: Bride of the MacHugh
S1773: SPEED,ERIC - The Mexicali 1000
2E0178: SPEED, FLORENCE - Blossoming Flowers
5F1117: SPEED, NELL - The Carter Girls' Mysterious Neighbors
5HL1002: SPEEDBY,HENRY J - The 20th Century and Your Heart
2HST0733: SPELIOS, THOMAS - Pictorial History of Greece
2ER0341: SPELVIN, GEORGE - Swapass
2OC1000: SPENCE, LEWIS - Legends and Romances of Spain
2A1490: SPENCER,CORNELIA - The Low Countries
2N2591: SPENCER, THEODORE; HUTTON, JOHN; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly June 1947
2PB25104: SPENCER, BEV - Guardian of the Dark
2Z26567: SPENCER, JAMES - Die Zweibeiner
T3247: SPENDER,BRENDA E - On'y Tony's Circus
2A0119: ARMSTRONG SPERRY - Wagons Westward
E5387: SPEYER,WILHELM - Galahads and Pussy-Cats
2FIC0933: SPICEHANDLER, DANIEL - Burnt Offering
5PP1406: SPICER, DOROTHY - A Place Called Utah (Parts One and Two)
2I0788: SPIEGELBERG, FLORA - Princess Goldenhair and the Wonderful Flower
3V0056: SPILLANE, MICKEY - I, the Jury
2RE1785: SPILLENAAR, REV. JOHN - To the Regions Beyond
LIT0512PB: SPILLER,ROBERT E. (ED) - Ralph Waldo Emerson : Five Essays on Man and Nature
2WAR2928: SPIN - Short Flights with the Cloud Cavalry
3S0017B: SPINK,J G TAYLOR (COMPILER) - The Sporting News Dope Book 1951
2Z3065: SPINRAD, NORMAN - Deus X
2SM0065: SPITANLY,MAURICE - Angles with Dirty Faces
2EH1553: SPLANE, RICHARD B. - Social Welfare in Ontario 1781-1893: A Study of Public Welfare Administration
2CK1883: SPLINT, SARAH FIELD - The Art of Cooking and Serving
2M1605: SPONAGLE, MICHELE - Tales From Dog River: The Complete Corner Gas Guide
2RR5344: SPOTTON, H. B. - The Elements of Structural Botany: With Special Reference to The Study of Canadian Plants
RR1410: SPRAGUE,HOMER B - Six Selections From Irving's Sketch-Book With Notes, Questions Etc For Home and School Use.
2ER0380: SPRAGUE, CARTER - The Girl in the Bar
5A1395: SPRATLING,EMILY - Mylies Good Fortune
6CC2007: SPRATT,GLADYS M (EDITOR) COWEN,FRANCIS ETY AL - The Schoolgirl's Annual - Stories of School, Sport and Adventure;
5E1320: SPRING, HOWARD - Darkie & Co
2M0081: SPRINGER,JOHN - The Fondas The Films and Careers of Henry, Jane, and Peter Fonda
2ER0368: SPRINGS, TANYA - The Sweet Taste of of Sammie
2ER0369: SPRINGS, TANYA - The Sweet Taste of of Sammie
A5466: SPRINGSTUBB, TRICIA - Give & Take
L4166: SPRINKLE,REBECCA K - Johnny The Fireman
J2006: SPROTT, ARTHUR F. - Office Practice for Stenographers
2AB0541: SPRUNK, JON - Shadow's Master
2AB0537: SPRUNK, JON - Shadow Saga 1 - Shadow's Son
2AB0539: SPRUNK, JON - Shadow Saga 2: Shadow's Lure
2BP1018: SPURR, MEL. B.; MAYNE, WM. M. - Nursery Rhymes Parodied
I0879: SPYRI - Heidi vgf(N)BL:aplique Cover
2CL0205: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
2CL0326: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
2CL0529: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
5I1031: SPYRI,JOHANNA - Heidi
2CL0684: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
2CL0802: SPYRI,JOHANNA - Heidi
2CL1311: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
2I3611: SPYRI, J - Hedi
2S0867: SQUARE, DAVID - When Falcons Fly: The Story of the World's First Olympic Hockey Team
2POT0767: SQUIRE, J. C. - American Poems and Others
E4224: STABLES,GORDON - The Children of the Mountain
E4403: STABLES, GORDON - Courage True Heart
5E1279: STABLES,GORDON - In the Great White Land
3CC0207: GORDON-STABLES,W & TURNER,ETHEL ET AL - The Girl's Own Annual Volume XXVII 27 1905 - 1906
2E1408: STABLES, DR. GORDON - The Hermit Hunter of the Wilds
2E3012: STABLES, GORDON - Allan Adair or Here and There in Many Lands
2ART1335: STACEY, R. H. - The Canadian Poster Book: 100 Years of the Poster in Canada
RR1542: STACKEL,ROBERT W - The Day of Jesus
2ER0491: STACY, ROBERT - Small Town Sinners
EH0068: STAEBLER, EDNA - Cape Breton Harbour
2D0062: DISNEY STAFF - Sweet Duck of Youth and Double-O-Duck (Disney's Duck Tales Ser.)
2H0437: ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE STAFF - The Rolling Stone Visits Saturday Night Live
5D1032: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS STAFF - The Book of Tall Tales : Featuring "The Shaggy Dog" (Disney's World of Adventure Ser.)
5D1088: DISNEY STAFF - Peter Pan (Big Golden Bks.)
5NON1121: STAFF, I. C. S. AND DONALD MCNICOL - Telegraph Lines and Repeaters: Telegraph Lines and Protection, Telegraph Repeaters Parts 1-2
2MOV0136: CHILTON AUTOMOTIVE EDITORIAL STAFF - Chilton's Import Car Repair Manual 1985
2PU0172: WALT DISNEY STAFF - Snow White's Party: A Mini Pop Up Book
2I3703: WORLD STAFF - Noddy Annual 1995
I3272: STAFFORD,CORA ELDER & RUCKER,PEARL, LOOSELY BASED LEWIS CARROLL - My Indian Art Book Art Appreciation Textbooks- Part III
2MB1518: RAINBOW STAGE - Rainbow Stage 1960 Season Brochure
2B0531: STAGG, JAMES - The Sound of Danger
2CB3571: STAHL, N. M. - Best Canadian Political Cartoons '83
2CB1112: STAHL, N. M. - Best Canadian Political Cartoons '84
3I0181: STAHL,L G (BUILT ALSO UPON THE IDEAS PUT FORTH BY COL FRANCIS PARKER - The Kindergarten Home & School Culture A Boon to Mothers and Teachers on Rainy Days
2N2650: STALIN, JOSEPH - The Living Age April 1931
W3236: STAMM, RUSSELL - Invisible Scarlet O'Neil
2W1417: RUSSEL STAMM - INvisible Scarlet O'Neil
2W2321: STAMM, RUSSELL - Invisible Scarlet O'Neil
2CM0024: STANDISH,BURT - New Tip Top Weekly
2CM0022: STANDISH,BURT - Tip Top Weekly
2CM0020: STANDISH,BURT - Tip Top Weekly
2CM0018: STANDISH,BURT - Tip Top Weekly
2CM0017: STANDISH,BURT - Tip Top Weekly
2CM0016: STANDISH,BURT - Tip Top Weekly
2CM0015: STANDISH,BURT - Tip Top Weekly No 464
2CM0012: STANDISH,BURT - Tip Top Weekly No 467 March 25
3BG0039: STANDISH,FRANK HALL - The Life of Voltaire with Interesting Particulars Respecting His Death and Ancedotes and Characters of his Contempories
2B0667: STANDISH, BURT - Frank Merriwell at Yale
A5596: STANFORD, DON - Crash Landing !
S2517: STANFORD,DON - Ski Town
GA0014: STANGL, MARTIN; EDITED BY ROGER GROUNDS - Chilton's Encyclopedia of Gardening
2EH1353: STANGOE, IRENE - History and Happenings in the Cariboo-Chilcotin: Pioneer Memories
5A1784: STANKE, ALAIN - So Much To Forget
BP0003: STANLEY,G F G - Louis Riel Patriot or Rebel
PP1200: STANLEY, CHUCK & MARTIN, CHUCK & HUNGERFORD, JAMES E. - Western Action November 1948 V13 N1
WA0011: STANLEY, KARNOW - Vietnam
2TRA0393: STANNARD, BRUCE;MEIER, LEO - Sparkling Sydney
3L0016: STANTON,FRANK L - Jest A-wearyin' for You
2ER0356: STANTON, CARL - Lip Magic
2RR1505: STAPLES, GERTRUDE E. - Speaking and Writing Our Language Book IV
4V0122: STARK, RICHARD - The Man with the Getaway Face
2TRA0957: DON STARKELL - Paddle to the Amazon
2EH2022: STARKELL, DON - Paddle to the Arctic: The Incredible Story of a Kayak Quest Across the Roof of the World
2FUN0542: STARMORE, ALICE - Celtic Needlepoint
R4047: STARR, VICTORIA - K.D. Lang: All You Get Is Me
2N1546: STARVINSKY; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly November 1953
2ARCH0725: STASIOWSKI, FRANK A. - Project Management for Design Professionals
ART0183: NO AUTHOR STATED - Pre-Spanish Art of Mexico / Pre-Hispanic...
HA0198: NONE STATED - The Vagabond Vender
WAR0209: NO AUTHOR STATED - Canadian Army Manual of Training: The Principles of Motor Mechanics
BP0114: NO AUTHOR STATED - Edison Institue Museum and Village
BP0134: NONE STATED - Everybody Sing! "In All the West Our Brews Are Best"
RPG0016: NO AUTHOR STATED - James Bond 007: Octopussy
TRA0191: NO AUTHOR STATED - An Album of Letters to Mother
BP0151: NO AUTHOR STATED - Welcome Aboard: USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) and Carrier Air Wing Three
4USA0001: NO AUTHOR STATED - Index to the General Laws of the State of Michigan
4USA0002: NO AUTHOR STATED - Acts of the Legislature of the STate of Michigan Passed at the Extra Session of 1870
RF0140: NO AUTHOR STATED - B/W Designer's Workbook of Type FAces
TC0131LRG: NO AUTHOR STATED - Motors Catalogue 30M
BP0171: NO AUTHOR STATED - Lecture Notes for First Paper Part I Examination, 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant
BP0172: NO AUTHOR STATED - Hercules Operator's Handbook for WX, YX, RX, and RXL Series
6BP0002: NO AUTHOR STATED - A Brief History of the Hudson's Bay Company
6POT0002: NO AUTHOR STATED - Sweetest Memories
6BP0003: NO AUTHOR STATED - A Coronation Map & Guide to the Heart of London
2H0028: NONE STATED - Star Wars Kids #2 Chewbacca: The Galaxy's Favorite Wookie
2H0032: NONE STATED - Star Wars #7 Darth Vader: The Dark Lord Unmasked
2H0033: NONE STATED - Star Wars Kids #8 C-3PO: The Galaxy's Golden Droid Speaks Out!
2H0035: NONE STATED - Star Wars #11 Meet Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Wise Warrior of Star Wars
MOV0191: NO AUTHOR STATED - Canadian National Railways: Regulations Governing the operation and care of Air Brake and Air Signal Equipment on Lines in Canada
MOV0192: NO AUTHOR STATED - Canadian National Railways: Rules for the operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing of Air Brake and Communicating Signal Equipment on Motive Power, Cars, and Work Equipment
MOV0194: NO AUTHOR STATED - Canadian National Railways: Progressive Mechanical Examinations -for- Locomotive Enginement and Helpers (Firemen)
6X0016LRG: NO AUTHOR STATED - Prince Diana and Prince Charles: The Royal Baby, William Arthur Philip Louis
HL0001: NO AUTHOR STATED - First Aid to the Injured: THe Authorized TExtbook of the St. John Ambulance Association
BP0195: NO AUTHOR STATED - Guide for Instructors of First Aid Classes
BP0198: NO AUTHOR STATED - Elementary Drill and Stretcher Exercises for the St. John Ambulance Brigade
6I0087: NO AUTHOR STATED - The Two Musicians
OC0160LRG: NO AUTHOR STATED - The Complete Book of Astrology, Horoscope and Dreams
7BP0001: NO AUTHOR STATED - The Battle of Britain: An Air Ministry Account of the Great Days from 8th August - 31st October, 1940
7BP0002: NO AUTHOR STATED - Canadian National Railways, Accounting Department: Instructions InConnection With the Preperation and Handling of Time Returns for Engineers, Firemen, Helpers and Hostlers
7A0009BOY: NO AUTHOR STATED - Jamboree Patrol Menus: First Manitoba and N. W. Ontario Jamboree, August 8th to 15th, 1964
7A0010BOY: NO AUTHOR STATED - Scouts 68 (Boy Scouts of Canada National Council 1968)
7A0011BOY: NO AUTHOR STATED - First Aid for Boy Scouts
7A0012BOY: NO AUTHOR STATED - Camp Cook Book, Fire Lighting, Fire Woods
7A0019BOY: NO AUTHOR STATED - Winter Scouting Handbook
7RR0084: NO AUTHOR STATED - Golden Windows, Pathways to Reading III
SM0188: NO AUTHOR STATED - First and Second Grade Pieces for Boys for the Pianoforte
7I0025: NO AUTHOR STATED - Papa's Picture Album and What the Children Saw in it.
7MB0006: NO AUTHOR STATED - Manitoba Winter
7RR0094: NO AUTHOR OR EDITOR STATED - A Handbook of Manitoba Readers
2E0029: NO AUTHOR STATED - Noddy's Day Out
2B0078: NO AUTHOR STATED - Popeye and Queen Olive Oyl
2B0085: NO AUTHOR STATED - Mickey Mouse: Mystery at Disneyland
2PP0001DIG: NONE STATED - Wanted: True Crime Cases 1955 July
5I1665A: NO AUTHOR STATED - Mother Goose Color Paint Book
2PU0035: NONE STATED - Favorite Nursery Rhymes: Mother Goose
2L0051: NONE STATED - In Nursery Land
2T0314: NO AUTHOR STATED - Ride a Fine Horse
5EH1110: NO AUTHOR STATED - Brewing in Canada
2RR0759: NO AUTHOR STATED - Golden Windows, Pathways to Reading III
5L1208: NO AUTHOR STATED - King's Hat, The
5L1209: NO AUTHOR STATED - Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty
5L1265: NO AUTHOR STATED - Near the Friendly Meadows
5FUN1055: NO AUTHOR STATED - Dinosaurs / Les Dinosaures Collectable Postage Stamps from Canada, Austalia and New Zealand
5EH1178: NO AUTHOR STATED - Our West: A Pictorial Journey Through Western Canada
5D1101: NO AUTHOR STATED - Adventures in Fact (The Walt Disney Parade of Fun, Fact, Fantasy and Fiction)
5D1105: NO AUTHOR STATED - Oliver & Company
5I1587: NO AUTHOR STATED - Nursery Rhymes and Verses
5ER1052: NO AUTHOR STATED - The Purple Book of Locker-Room Humor
5MB1060: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg By-Law No. 1131: The Electrical Bylaw
5TRA1139: NO AUTHOR STATED - The World and Its People - Africa
5NON1112: NO AUTHOR STATED - Duplex and Quadruplex Telegraphy - 1
2I2329: NO AUTHOR STATED - Tiny Frontier Town Press-out Book
2HST0157: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Among the Red Indians; or, the Triumphs of the Gospel in the Land of the Wigwam and the Tomahawk
2NON0192: NO AUTHOR STATED - The New Universe
2E2591: NO AUTHOR STATED - Rupert Adventure Book No. 48
2D0168: NO AUTHOR STATED - Rip Van Winkle
2MB0177: NO AUTHOR STATED - Historic Winnipeg Restoration Study
2E2588: NO AUTHOR STATED - Rupert Adventure Book No. 1
2E2589: NO AUTHOR STATED - Rupert Adventure Book No. 46
2E0319: NO AUTHOR STATED - Rupert Adventure Book No. 1
2E3033: NO AUTHOR STATED - Rupert Adventure Book No. 48
7A0086a: NO AUTHOR STATED - The Second Book of Hundreds of Things a Boy Can Make
8A0013: STEAD, R. - Grit Will Tell
2E1033: STEAD, R - Grit Will Tell
2OC1054: W.T. STEAD - The Blue Island
2TRA0869: STEAD, MICHAEL J. - Queen Victoria's Scotland
2WAR1773: STEADMAN, PETER - Platoon Commander : Memoirs of a Royal Engineers Officer
S1360: STEARN, BILL - Bill Stearn's Favorite Football Stories
E4360: STEBBING,GRACE - A Real Hero or Gold and Glory A Story of the Conquest in Mexico
2BP1020: STEDMAN, MARSHALL - Readings and Sketches For Boys
2I2368: STEEDMAN,AMY - The Story of Moses and Ruth, Samuel and Daniel
2I2777: STEEDMAN, AMY - The Story of Samuel
2I2780: STEEDMAN, AMY - The Good Physician
3I0124: STEEDMAN,AMY - The Nursery Book of Bible Stories
2I6382: STEEL, DANIELLE - Martha's New Puppy
6I0016: STEELE, WILLIAM O. - Triple Trouble for Hound Dog Zip
8HST0001: STEELE, JOEL DORMAN & ESTHER BAKER STEELE - A Brief History of the United States
2ER0107: STEELE,BRAD - Foxy Roxie
2ART0215: STEELE,LISA; TOMCZAK,KIM - The Blood Records written and Annotated: Critical Symptoms / the Blood Records Inscriptions et Annotations

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