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5568912347: - Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Set of 5 Books
2I3565: - The Book of ABC (A B C)
2HST0637: - Education in Revolution
33568789123: - Christmas Ormanents
CC1212A: - Chatterbox 1914
2ART0713: - African Arts August 1980 Volume XIII, Number 4
2H1602: - Hardy Boys Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle 121 Pieces
2RPG0137: - The Mines of Selka (Star Trek the Role Playing Game)
2RPG0148: - Conflict of Interests/Klingon Intelligence Briefing (Star Trek Role Playing Game 2 Book set)
2RPG0157: - The Vanished (Star Trek Role Playing Game)
2RPG0170: - United Federation of Planets Star Fleet Officer's Manual (Star Trek Role Playing Game Second Edition)
2RPG0171: - United Federation of Planets Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook (Star Trek Role Playing Game Second Edition)
2H1087: - Superman Official Annual 1982
2ART0720: - Eurpean Paintings from The Minneapolis Institue of Arts
2FIC4258: - A London Girl: Tales from the Great City
2RE2110: - The Jewish People Past and Present Volume 2
2S1345: - Hand-To-Hand Fighting (Karate/Tae-Kwon-Do): US Army Special Forces Only
2H1367: - Shirley Temple's Favorite Songs from Her Newest Pictures
2TRA0539: - 120 Photographic Gems of Scottish Scenery
2WAR1104: - Great Campaigns of World War II: Battle of Atlantic, Battle of Britain, Desert War, D-Day, Battle of Pacific
2N2869: - Aquarium News December 1935
2H2172: - Wide Awake Stories For Wide Awake Children
2I6572: - Cinderella
2I6573: - Lucie Atwell's Annual
2S2738: - Canadian Football
2HL1658: - Stretching Your Health Care Dollar (Compact Guide to Fitness & Health)
2R5598: - Story of Rock
2MB1489: - United Scottish Association Halloween Annual October 1926
2TRA0807: - Peace's Almanac and County Directory for 1930
2MB1385: - 1877-1937 Sixty Years In Pioneering Organization Achievement: Programme of the Celebration Diamond Jubilee The University of Manitoba
E2088: - The Boys Book Of Outdoor Life
2EH1308: - Northwest Territories: Our Northern Heritage
SP0862: - Sports Illustrated 80
2HST0666: - Guinness Dublin
2X0423: - Royal Romance (A Daily Mail Publication)
2EH1763: - Culture in Canada
2CR0201: - Crimes and Punishment Weekly Set in Binder: No. 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
2RE3545: - Views of The Biblical World 4: The Writings
2RR5053: - The Canadian Readers Book V
2TRA0324: - Four Hundred and One Views of London
2TRA0327: - L'egypte Que J'aime...
2FSH0335: - Brownells Catalogue No 42 50 Years
2BP0431: - Canadian Pacific Passenger List: Empress of France From Montreal to Liverpool October 7, 1949
2BP0432: - Canadian Pacific Passenger List: Empress of Scotland From Liverpool to Quebec May 9, 1950
2BP0433: - Lyndhurst: New Forest
2BP0434: - Clinton Engine 700 Series: Operating and Repair Instructions and Parts Catalogue
2WAR1113: - Oradour Sur-Glane 10 Juin 1944: Souviens-Toi Remember
SP3000: - Sport Magazine August 1966
SP0664: - Sports Illustrated August 25 1969
SP0812: - Sports Illustrated April 11 1961
SP0820: - Sports Illustrated April 10 1961
SP0844: - Sports Illustrated December 27 1954
SP0848: - Sports Illustrated November 22 1954
SP0849: - Sports Illustrated October 25 1954
SP0850: - Sports Illustrated October 11 1954
SP0851: - Sports Illustrated November 4 1954
SP0852: - Sports Illustrated September 27 1954
SP0853: - Sports Illustrated September 13 1954
SP0895: - Time February 27 1980
SP0931: - Sports Illustrated June 20 1955
SP0940: - Sports Illustrated March 28 1955
SP2193M: - Pic Magazine January 23 1940
SP2204M: - Pic Magazine December 11 1941
SP2227M: - Pic Magazine March 17 1942
SP2237M: - Click March 1942
2NP1172: - The Star Weekly Tabloid Section November 24, 1956
2N2481: - Patterns of Growth: Seventh Annual Review
2N0287: - The World & His Wife May 1907
2S1353: - Even Better Rugby
2MB0924: - Bookshelf Free Press Volume 1: A Selection from The Winnipeg Free Press 1955-56
2DVD0085: - Innocent Vision DVD
2SP0721: - Grey Cup 90 Official Souvenir Program (November 25th 1990): Edmonton Eskimos vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2MB0926: - United Church Circle Delicious Recipes: Salutes Elkhorn School 1910 - 1977
2TC0040: - Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Baths (List No. 332)
2TC0041: - Portable Cooking Stoves (no. 312)
2TC0042: - The Eaton News: May Twenty-Sixth (26), 1928
3RR0301: - Maple Leaf Primer for Canadian Little Folk
2FG0049: - Farmers' Cyclopedia Abridged Agricultural Records in Seven Volumes and a Guide: Volume VII Farming Methods.-Soils, Fertilizers, Irrigation, Rotation, Buildings. Farmers Home and Education. Index.
2FG0052: - The Vet. Book or Animal Doctor
2NON0544: - Commonwealth Universities Yearbook 1965
2WAR1142: - Range Table Part II: 1938 (War Office)
2SM1513: - Remick Orchestra Filio No. 16 (1st Violin)
2ER0280: - La Sadist (Complete & Unexpurgated Illustrated Edition)
2I6559: - The Bright-eye Book
2ART1360: - How to Make Good Pictures: A Book for the Amateur Photographer
2EH0909: - Jewish Life and Times: A Collection of Essays
J1174: - Society Today
2GN0705: - David Anthony Kraft's Comics Interview Super Special: Masters of Marvel
2D0368: - Walt Disney's Disneyland: A Pictorial Souvenir (Program)
2BP0467: - The Twenty-Sixth Annual Spring Show and sale of Polled Shorthorns at the Pavilion of the Omaha Horse and Mule Co. Friday March 14 1941
2BP0468: - 1st Polled Shorthorn Congress Show and Sale State Fairgrounds Des Moines, Iowa May 20-21, 1941
2BP0469: - Catalog of the 25 Annual Show and Sale Polled Shorthorns at the Stock Yards Horse Sale pavilion South omaha, Nebraska, Saturday, March 16th, 1940
2N0335: - McKenzie Seeds 32nd Annual Catalogue 1928
2DVD0010: - Futurama Volume 7
2OC0957: - A Comprehensive Life Sketch of Shree Shirdi Sai Baba
2EH1726: - Portfoolio 6 : The Year in Canadian Caricature
2FSH0533: - World Class Sport Fishing Manual
2MOV0485: - Austin-Healey 3000 Driver's Handbook (Series BN 7 and BT 7)
2TC0051: - Simpsons - Sears Midwinter Sale Catalogue Ends Feb. 28, 1959
3I0180: - Hullo Hullo Story Book
2I3710: - The Night Before Christmas
2I3715: - Jumbos Traum
3CC0393: - Rupert Annual 1979
2mov0840a: - 13 Digest Magazines
2BUC0071: - Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 User Guide
2L1481: - The Storytoon Express Version of the Three Pigs (Elf Book)
2L1506: - Hopalong Cassidy Lends a Helping Hand (Bonnie Book)
5ART1205J: - Ivory Hammer 3 the Year at Sothebys & Parke Bernet 1964 - 65
2E2150: - A Mother's Blessing and Other Stories (Stories With a purpose)
2ART0775: - CANOP 2 Summer 1988 (The Canadian Association of Nature and Outdoor Photographers)
2TC0052: - Steele-Briggs Seed Co. Limited Seed Catalogue 1940
2BP0491: - Weston's ...of Course! "Please Pass the Bread!"
2BP0493: - Public Service News Vol. 40 No. 9 Sept. 19, 1955: Tracks to Tires Souvenir Issue: Commemorating the closing of an era in the History of Mass Transportation in Greater Winnipeg, Spanning a Period of 73 Years.
2BP1352: - What to Knit For Baby Second Edition
2MB1454: - Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1936, Eighteenth Annual, Official Programme
2L4969: - First Carols
2L4971: - First Poems
2TRA0880: - A Day in the life of Hawaii
2I3719: - My Story Book
2L1534: - Jack and the Beanstalk (Linenette)
2L1536: - Little Red Riding Hood (Linenette)
2L1537: - Peter Rabbit (Linenette)
2L1538: - Peter Rabbit
2L1539: - Mother Hubbard's Dog
2L1540: - Mother Hubbard's Dog (Linenette)
2L1542: - Henny Penny (Linenette)
2L1543: - Three Billy Goats (Linenette)
2L1547: - Dick Whittington (Linenette)
2L1619: - The Magic Ring
5H1242: - Roy Rogers' Trigger to the Rescue
2FUN0751: - Introduction to Fashion Dressmaking by Singer. Dressmaking II Student's Book
2MB0939: - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet 22nd Season 1961-1962
2MB0940: - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet 23rd Season 1962-1963
2I4910: - Big Storybook for Children
2MB1604: - Crossroads of the Continent: A History of the Forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers
J1117Y: - Ethics Volume 3 Revised: Practical Reason-zoroastrian
2MB1722: - Manitoba Past and Present
2I3742: - My Favorite Story Book
2I3743: - Junior Xylophone Playing and Singing
2I3749: - Play with Picture Puzzles (An Easy to Do Playtime Book)
2I3751: - Jacks Color Book: A Coloring Book for Boys and Girls
2I3753: - Easy Stencil Colouring Book: Motors
2I3755: - Busy Days: a Paint Book: 32 pages in Color
2I3757: - My Own Canadian Drawing Book (No. 501)
2W0361: - 365 Bedtime Stories
5BP1180: - Henry A. Merriker and Family Visit Florida
5BP1181: - Regulations of the Advisory Board Regarding Religious Exercises in Public Schools Including Recommended Scripture readings, Prayers and Hymns Effective February 1st, 1964
2VCR0036: - Star Trek : The Motion Picture. The Wrath of Khan. The Search For Spock. The Undiscovered Country. The Final Frontier
5ANTH1027: - Underwater Archaeology: A Nascent Discipline (Museums and Monuments Series XIII)
2R3167: - The Latest Beatle Book of Recorded Hits (Souvenir Song Album No. 2)
2FG0076: - The Practical Stock Doctor
2H1665: - Penelope Annual ." Thunderbirds"
2CC0253: - Eagle Annual 1970
2CC0255: - The Topper Book For Boys and Girls 1980
2CC0258: - The Sparky Book 1968 for Boys and Girls
2CC0260: - Oh Boy! Annual 1978
2PU0194: - My Abc Cinderella Pop-Up Book
2CC0262: - The Beezer Book 1980
2CC0270: - The Bimbo Book 1974
2CC0273: - Daily Mail Boy's Annual 1965
2S1384: - Baltimore Orioles Greatest Hits 20th Anniversary Yearbook 1974 Special Edition
2S1392: - Washington Capitals 1979-80 Media Guide
2BUC0072: - This Business of Life: A Detailed Guide to Life Insurance for Canadian Consumers
2HST0691: - The Outline of History Question Test
2SM0554: - Singing Melodies: An Album of Piano Solos with Words
2SM0555: - Girls Own Book of Pianoforte Pieces
2DVD0112: - Grey's Anatomy (Complete Eighth Season: Extraordinary Moments)
2ER0286: - Ecstasy: Exploring the Erotic Imagination
2L4107: - Lightning Jim Whipple: U.S. Marshal
2ER0289: - Deborah's Dreams
2R0623: - The Beatles
2NH1470: - Great Stories of Men and the Animal World. Volume One and Two
2I3775: - Favorite Stories Six Linenette Books Box Set: Mother Hubbard's Dog/ Three Billy Goats/ Peter Rabbit/ Three Little Kittens/ Three Bears/ Henny Penny (No. 2051)
2RR1671: - The Manitoba Readers: First Reader
2RR1686: - Dent's Canadian School Atlas
2ARCH0689: - Dead on Arrival: Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba | Journal
2FUN0640: - The Whole Christmas Catalogue
2H1126: - 2000 A.D. Annual 1978
2S1400: - Detroit Red Wings 1993-94 Media Guide
2CB2008: - Cartoons and Gags: Fun Filled with Girls, Gags and Jokes
2L4766: - Magic Tricks: Mystifying And Puzzling Tricks, With Explanations
2WAR2655: - Chronicles of the Civil War: An Illustrated Almanac and Encyclopedia of America's Bloodiest War
3CC1562: - Chatterbox Popular Limited Edition 1926
3A0112: - Camping With The Scouts Cutaways Series C
2BP1625: - The Holy Rule of St. Benedict
5J2007: - 8 Booklets from National Radio Institute: Introducing You to Radio,How Radio Programs Are Sent From The Studio To Your Home,Simple Radio Circuits & Meters,Resistors,Radio Coils,Radio Condensers,How Radio & Electronic Tubes Work,How Tuned Circuits Function
2L5915: - Little Golden Book In Hebrew (ce que nous aimons faire- What We Like to Do )
2FG0124: - Mitchell Farm Implements
2CC0546: - The Scout (Annual) Volume XXVII for 1932
2I6110: - The Clever Little Elephant
2L4968: - First Hymns
5SM1061: - The Best of the Sixties All No. Hits: Columbia's Piano/Vocal/Guitar Series No. 9
5HA1358: - Locker Room Humor: It's a Million Laughs
2EH0517: - Weyburn 75 Years 1913 - 1988
2SM0653: - The Greatest Songs Ever Written: Book 3 (All-organ)
2SM0654: - Best of the 80's Movie Songbook: Cinema Sounds Anthology: Piano/Vocal/Chords
2LIT17794: - The Works of Tacitus Vol. 1 The Annals
2H0326: - John Wayne Adventure Album 1958
2EH1263: - A Century Ago: Halifax 1871
2ARCH0742: - Unbuilt America: Forgotten Architecture in the United States from Thomas Jefferson to the Space Age (On site)
3LIT0075: - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
2ER0293: - Hot Streets: Hot Rods
2ER0294: - Caged Tounges: Man to Man
2ER0301: - Back Alley Hustle: Young Stallion
2ER0302: - Big's Gang: Man to Man
2ER0303: - Big's Gang: Man to Man
2NC0646: - Six Metis Communities
2ER0331: - Unwilling to Swap
2ER0351: - Big Mama and Her Girls: Girlfriends
2ER0352: - Superstuds Trophy: Wet Women
2ER0353: - Superstuds Trophy: Wet Women
2ER0381: - Hot Box
2ER0382: - Wet & Wild: Sex Therapy
2ER0390: - A Fun Weekend
2ER0404: - The Divorcee's Bed
5L1453: - Put Put Tractor Wheel Book (Wheel Toy Books)
5H1248: - Les Aventures De Popeye
2NP1071: - Building For Peace: A Toronto Telegram Supplement Saluting Israel on Its 20th Anniversary Saturday April 27, 1968
H0763: - Kojak Annual 1977
H1433: - Shirley Temple Fan Photo
H1756: - Tippee-Toes Coloring Book
H1757: - Doctor Dolittle Coloring Book
H1758: - U.S. Marshall Coloring Book
H1816: - Elvis Presley & Nancy Sinatra color movie scene Card 4: Nancy and Elvis working on Car
H1817: - Elvis Presley & Nancy Sinatra color movie scene Card 7: Nancy listens to Elvis
H1820: - Elvis Presley & Nancy Sinatra color movie scene Card 2: Elvis is angry while Nancy looks on
H1821: - Elvis Presley & Nancy Sinatra color movie scene Card 8: Nancy and Elvis in Restaurant
H2130: - Wild West comic Annual
H2252: - Gene Autry Coloring Book
H2276: - The Mod Squad: Home Is Where The Quick Is
H2281: - The New Avengers: To Catch A Rat
2L3149: - Commando Yank and The Terrific Toy / The Commandos Strike Again
2NON0579: - Kodak Professional Products 1989 Technical Information
2PSY0406: - The Psychology Primer
2RE1721: - The Father's World: Christian Truth and Life: G.B.R.E. Series No. 5 Beginners' Department (Manual for Teachers)
2NON0590: - Canadian Service Data Book 1959 Edition
2NON0591: - Canadian Service Data Book 1958 Edition
5I2229: - The Giant First Book
2I3884: - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: 1976 Christmas Issue
3CC1577: - Little Chums
2H1149: - Batman Returns: Official Movie Program
3CC1583: - Chatterbox ( Annual)
2RE2109: - The Jewish People Past and Present Volume 1
3B0199: - Gene Autry and the Land Grab Mystery
H1700: - Bronco Layne Annual
H1842: - Lone Ranger Deputy Kit
2RE1722: - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: translate out of the Original Tounges
2H2254: - A Marvel Treasury Edition . The Rampaging Hulk # 26
2H2255: - A Marvel Super Special . Battlestar Galactica . The Official Adaptation of the Television Sensation. # 1 1978
2G2409: - Cherry Ames Student Nurse
2RR5567B: - More Friends and Neighbours
2RR5570B: - Wide Open Windows
2GA0206: - The Complete Garden Flower Book : How to Grow over 600 of the Best Performing Varieties - Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Shrubs, Climbers
2R2847: - Western Jamboree Souvenir Program
2DVD0110: - Grey's Anatomy (Season Four: Expanded)
2DVD0111: - Grey's Anatomy (Complete Fifth Season: More Moments)
6TC2006: - W Seelig Sales Organisation Bayerische Spiegelglasfabriken Catalogue 28 (Mostly Mirrors)
2ANTH0152: - Reports on Illinois Prehistory: I (Bulletin No. 4 Illinois Archaelogical Survey)
2R5958: - Songs of Johnny Cash
2TRA0808: - Peace's Orkney Almanac and County Directory for 1932
2TRA0809: - Peace's Orkney Almanac and County Directory for 1936
2ANTH0153: - Indian Mounds and Villages in Illinois (Bulletin No. 2 Illinois Archaelogical Survey)
2ARCH0545: - Bar Design
2R0703: - The Partridge Family Annual 1975
2R0703: - The Partridge Family Annual 1975
2I3985: - Jack and the Beanstalk: Giant 3-D Fairy Tale Books
H2067: - The Flintstones and the Unhappy Rich Man Pop-Up Book
2H2248: - A Marvel Super Special . Battlestar Galactica . The Official Adaptation of the Television Sensation. # 1 1978
2BP1858: - Alberta, British Columbia
2LIT17582: - Ends and Means
2I6071: - Wonders of The World Color By Number
2TRA0831: - Rand McNally Illustrated Atlas of Today's World . Encyclopedic Edition
2I6697: - Blackie's All-Story Book
2S1481: - The Sporting News Hockey Register 1986-87
A4501: - The Star Series of 153 Tricks of Magic
2BP2116: - Calgary Stampeders 1960 Press, Radio and TV Data
2SM0688: - Chart Champs: Great "Top 5" Hits of the 80's Song Book Vol. 1
2R3738: - The Definitive Blues Collection: Piano, Vocal, Guitar/96 Songs
2WAR1553: - The GRAF Vol. No. 1 No. 2 May, 1942: The Magazine of R.A.F. Charlottetown, P.E.I.
2CC0521: - Rupert Annual 1959
2MB1727: - A Century of Service
2NON1212: - The Wreath of Ladies Complete Pocket Book for 1851
2H2126: - The Adventures of TinTin: TinTin In America
2TRA0912: - Larousse Encyclopedia of World - Geography
2R4058: - Halleluja: A Treasury of the Traditional Hassidic Songs
2NF0964: - Guinness World Records 2000: Millennium Edition (Guinness Book of Records)
J1464: - University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering: Alumni Directory 1988
2DVD0210: - Robotech: The Macross Saga E1
2ARCH0762: - Time-Saver Standards . A Manual of Essencial Architectural Data
D0129: - Story of Minnie Mouse
D0244: - Walt Disney's Coloring Book
H2453: - Ice Capades Program
S1663: - American Boy Sports Stories
3MB0030: - Representative Men of Manitoba 1902 History in Portraiture
2I4008: - From Forest, Field & Farm
2I4010: - The Real Mother Goose
2EH0956: - Merritt & the Nicola Valley: An Illustrated History
2NON0606: - The Countryman Spring 1965 Volume 64, No 1
3GN0004: - Three-Dimensional Adventures Superman (in Startling 3-D Life-Like Action)
2ANTH0085: - Current Anthropology October 1981 Vol 22 No 5
2ANTH0090: - Current Anthropology December 1981 Vol 22 No 6
2ANTH0091: - Current Anthropology February 1982 Vol 23 No 1
2SM0723: - Alabama: Selections from Two Ablums
2I6109: - Mother Goose
2RR2156: - The Open Door: Pathways to Reading Book I (New Brunswick Series)
2S0704: - Calendar 91 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit/Diary
2L1982: - Children's Pets
2L1984: - Mother Goose Pets
2L1986: - Mother Goose Favorites
2L1987: - Jingle ABC
2L1988: - Nursery Pets
2L1991: - All Aboard!
2L1998: - Goosey Cander Rhymes
2L2000: - The Lord's Prayer and Beatitidues: Pictured for Children
2L2006: - A B C and ABC
2ART0880: - Birds of the Northern Forest
2COL0313: - Revell 1991 Catalogue
2S2668: - Famous Slugger Yearbook 1971
2S2671: - 1995 B.C.Lions Media Guide
2R0737: - Elvis: The King
2CC0310: - Collins Children's Annual
2CC0311: - Collins Children's Annual
2BP1386: - Walker Theatre Program: Season of 1923-24 Winnipeg Manitoba
2BP1379: - Highland Gathering Banff 1928: August 31 to September 3 and Scottish Music Festival
2TC0063: - Marshall Wells Co. Limited Order Book
3RE0044: - Hymns Ancient and Modern For Use in the Dervices of the Church Complete Edition (Miniature boob)
2S2673: - Scott Young Sports Stories
2WAR1307: - The Children's Story of the War No. 35
2WAR1308: - The Children's Story of the War No. 34
F1707: - Miss America 1948 Volume 7 Number 5
F1709: - Miss America Teen Life September 1946 Volume 4 Number 5
F1710: - Miss America Teen Life March 1946 Volume 3 Number 5
F1711: - Miss America Teen Life November 1946 Volume 5 Number 1
F1712: - Miss America Teen Life February 1946 Volume 3 Number 4
F1713: - Miss America Teen Life December 1947 Volume 7 Number 5
F1714: - Miss America Teen Life August 1946 Volume 4 Number 4
F1715: - Miss America Teen Life February 1947 Volume 5 Number 4
F1716: - Miss America Teen Life December 1946 Volume 5 Number 2
F1717: - Miss America Teen Life May 1947 Volume 6 Number 1
F1718: - Miss America Teen Life April 1946 Volume 3 Number 6
F1719: - Miss America Teen Life June 1946 Volume 4 Number 2
F1720: - Miss America Teen Life June 1947 Volume 6 Number 2
F1721: - Miss America Teen Life May 1946 Volume 4 Number 1
F1722: - Miss America Teen Life April 1947 Volume 5 Number 6
F1723: - Miss America Teen Life October 1946 Volume 4 Number 6
F1726: - Calling All Girls March 1944 Number 27
F1729: - Calling All Girls May 1944 Number 31
F1885: - Miss America December 1946 Volume 5 Number 2
F1886: - Miss America December 1947 Volume 7 Number 5
F1888: - Miss America January 1948 Volume 7 Number 6
F1889: - Miss America July 1948 Volume 7 Number 12
F1890: - Miss America July 1947 Volume 6 Number 3
F1891: - Miss America November 1947 Volume 7 Number 4
H2165: - Miss America Teen Life July 1946 Volume 4 Number 3
H2200: - Judy Garland selections from Girl Crazy
H2472: - Sylvester The Cat's Nine Lives
H2493: - Shrine Circus Program May 1955
2MB1403: - All Saints' Church Winnipeg One Hundred Years 1883 - 1983
3B0208: - Captain Frank Hawks Air Ace (based on the Radio showHawk's Trail)
3B0210: - Gene Autry and the Land Grab Mystery
3B0213: - Jack Armstrong the All-American Boy and the Mystery of the Iron Key
2DVD0034: - Boardwalk Empire Season 2
2DVD0035: - Boardwalk Empire Season 3
2MB1804: - 1975-76 Crusader St. Paul's High School Yearbook
2RF2219: - The Women's Torah Commentary: New Insights from Women Rabbis on the 54 Weekly Torah Portions
2MB0979: - Schools - Our Heritage: From 46 School Districts to Hanover Unitary School Division 1878-1976
2I4063: - Roly, Poly and Puff
3CC1600: - The Rainbow Annual 1938
3CC1601: - Chatterbox 1916
2H1166: - The Wombels Colour Story Book
2FR0262: - Goethes Werke: Complete 10 Volume Set: Gedichte/ Gedankenlyrik Westostl. Diwan/ Faust. Verskomodien Und prosadramen/ Wilhelm Misters Lehrjahre/ Klassische Dramen Und Epen/ Werther Wahlverwandtschaften/ Dichtung Un Wahreit
2CK1679: - Bone Appetite: More Recipes from Pet Lovers
2FEM0088: - Working Together for Change: Training Manual
2CFL0194: - Paper Folding for Children
2NON0628: - Lighting Handbook: Westinghouse
PU0339B: - A Child's Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Living Pictures Pop-up Book
2DVD0285: - Ghost Whisperer Season 1
2BP2122: - Radiation and Man
2TC0131: - Assembling and Using Your... Heathkit "Cheyenne" Mobile Transmitter Model MT-1
2TRA0865: - Edinburgh
2NH1226: - Roosevelt Wild Life Annals of the Wild Life Forest Experiment Station May 1936
2LIT6060: - Cartoons From "Punch" Vol. 1
2A4796: - A Record of My School Days
2BP1744: - The Album of British Fresh-Water Fishes (Player's Transfer Book for a Series of 50 Transfers/ Cigarette Cards)
2H1313: - The Shirley Temple Treasury
2NF0340: - The Modern Encyclopedia for Children
2PU0239: - The Big Jump-Up Animal Book
2CC0368: - Our Girls' Hobby Book
2R5557: -
2I4721: - The New Nature Book for Boys and Girls
RR0135C: - Canadian reader, book II
2S1432: - Esso Olympic Hockey Heroes
I0631: - Santa's Fun Book
2I5973: - The Story of Jesus
2CC0557: - The Windsor Magazine December 1910-May 1911
2I0729: - East of the Sun and West of the Moon
3I0009: - Laughing Eyes and Other Stories
5MB1072: - R.m. Of Franklin Turns a Century 1883 - 1983
3I0101: - Merry Mates For Boys and Girls Embracing Stories From Fairy Land. Stories From Natural History. Stories of Wonderful Things in the Sea, On the Land and in the Air. Stories from Home Life and Stories of Games Indoor and Out, Which Little Folk Love
3I0105: - Little Curly Locks, Story and Rhyme For Boys and Girls at Christmas Time
2WAR0646: - Leader of a Nation At War: Posthumous Homage ( General Wladyslaw Sikorski )
6WAR1001: - A Pictorial Record of Military District No. 10: A Record of Those Who Offered Their Services in the First and Second Divisions from Military District No. 10 1939-1940
2FL0188: - Luke Sinclair Westmann: Im Westmann-Filmlexikon: Duell in Der Sonne - Der Mann Ohne Chance No 1495
2EH0988: - Canada: A Portrait
2DVD0240: - Lord Peter Wimsey - The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
2ART0908: - Best National Advertising of the Year Volume 2: 1949 - 1950
2E2293: - Tittle Tattle and Other Stories for Children
2TRA0375: - Pictures of Travel in Far-off Lands: a Companion to the Study of Geography: Central America
2MB0993: - Who I am is Who We are: Growing Up Canadian: An anthology of the Writing, Art and Music of Manitoba Students
2I4247: - The Jingle Bell Book
2BP1896: - Ways to Better Eye-Sight
J2192: - The Economic Justification of New Equipment
2I4256: - A Golden Stamp Classic: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
2TC0321: - His Master's Voice . August 1940
2TRA0379: - Mexico By Motor 1955 - 56
2TRA0810: - Peace's Orkney Almanac and County Directory for 1935
3CC1570: - The Boy's Own Thirty-First Annual ( 31st ) 1908 - 1909
H3889: - Roy Rogers Trigger and Bullet Coloring Book
3I0104: - A Run Round The World or The Adventures of Three Young Americans
2HM0233: - Stan Lee Presents Crazy the Magazine That Dares to be Dumb Vol. 1 No. 32 December 1977
2NH1062: - Butterflies British & Foreign (Player's Transfer Book for a Series of 50 Transfers/ Cigarette Cards
2NH1063: - Butterflies British & Foreign (Player's Transfer Book for a Series of 50 Transfers/ Cigarette Cards)
2NH1065: - Poultry (Player's Transfer Book for a Series of 50 Transfers/ Cigarette Cards)
2NH1066: - Poultry (Player's Transfer Book for a Series of 50 Transfers/ Cigarette Cards)
2NH1068: - The Album of British Fresh-Water Fishes (Player's Transfer Book for a Series of 50 Transfers/ Cigarette Cards)
2NH1069: - The Album of British Fresh-Water Fishes (Player's Transfer Book for a Series of 50 Transfers/ Cigarette Cards)
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2NON0722: - Practical Instructions relating to the Construction and Use of the Steam Engine Indicator
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2DVD0222: - X-men
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2DVD0005: - Sons of Anarchy Season 4
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2DVD0150: - Happy Days: The Second Season
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2EH1788: - A Historical Atlas of Canada
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2DVD0019: - The Big Bang Theory Season 4
2DVD0020: - The Big Bang Theory Season 5
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2RF2105: - Model English Chinese Dictionary with Illustrative Examples: New and Revised Edition
2RR5898: -
2BP1164: - Cure: Do We Need More Religion? Is Religion The Cure For Naitons And Individuals? What is Christianity?
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2MB1564: - Reflections on Our Heritage: A History of Steinbach and the R.M. Of Hanover from 1874
2SM1011: - The Scottish Song Book for Mezzo-Soprano: A Collection of the Favourite Songs and Ballads of the North
2SM1009: - Francis & Day's 24th Annual with Tonic Solfa Setting
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2CC0410: - The Big Budget for Girls
J1888: - TTL Integrated Circuits Data Book
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2RR5570: - Beckoning Trails
2PP2298: - Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Oct. 14, 1981
2TC0300: - Concrete Structures for Flood Control
2BP1567: - Riding Mountain National Park
2TRA0701: - Dublin: A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Dublin and The Wicklow Tours, Including a Street Guide to The City, Excursions to The Suburbs, and Tours Through The Country Wicklow
2PD0011: - Little Lulu Paper Dolls
3705360255351: - Camera with Case
2X0238J: - Majesty Magazine 12 Issues Bound (Mar. 88 - Feb. 89)
2X0233J: - Majesty Magazine 12 Issues Bound (Jan. 84, Apr. 84 - Feb. 85)
2TC0424: - Mid Day Fluorescent Fixtures
2I6081: - My Picture Book of Tractors on the Farm: A Nursery Colour Picture Book
2ART1333: - Important Old Master Paintings: Parke-Bernet Public Auction, Thursday Evening, October 22 1970 at Eight
2RE3297: - Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 4, Pt.3
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2DVD0094: - Breaking Bad Season 3
6MB2007: - The Story of Manitoba Volume II
2BP1572: - Riding Mountain National Park
2BP1936: - The Principles of Mechanics and Practical Applications to Machinery
2SM1052: - The Popular Song Book With The Beatles
2ARCH0708: - Engineering for Architecture
2RR5894: - Mr. Mugs Book Level 2: Starting Points in Language Arts
2POT1083: - Lives of The British Poets
2B0726: - Buck Rogers and the Super-Dwarf of Space
2DVD0214: - Green Lightning: First Flight
2DVD0215: - Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
2WAR1900: - Demolitions Made Easy: How to Calculate And Place Charges
2MB1089: - "The Power of a City" : A Story of City Hydro
2R5641: - The Shatler Brothers with Bobby Bare
2D0300: - Walt Disney Presents Sleeping Beauty (Theatre Give-Away)
3PD0037: - Archie Paper Dolls
2NH1138: - The Cat Wall Chart (Looking at Nature)
2SM0826: - The Best of Frank Loesser (Songbook)
J1058Y: - Cyclopedia of Literary Places Volume 3 Pla-Z
2SM1550: - The Best of the 70's , 80's Today Popular Music
2EH1724: - Brockville, A Pictorial History
2CC0435: - The Playtime And Wonderland Annual 1927 (For Boys and Girls)
2RE3508: - The Holy Bible (King James Version)
2RR2077: - Highroads to Reading Book Four
2CK0927: - Brer Rebbit's New Orleans Molasses Recipes with Large Foldout Cut Out Cookie Patterns
2CK1595: - A Guide to Good Cooking
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2MB1153: - Town of Altona: Millennium Diary
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2RR5882: - Summary of Canadian Commercial Law for Use of Schools and Handbook for Office Men
2FSH0517: - The Best of Jimmy Robinson
2ARCH0639: - Urban Structure: A Study of Long Range Policies Which Affect the Physical Structure of an Urban Area
2TC0159: - Westinghouse: 1949 to 1955 Television Composite Service Manual
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2H1358: - Topo Gigio: The Little Country Cottage
2NON1121: - The Frog: An Introduction to Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology
2H2252: - A Marvel Super Special . Battlestar Galactica . The Official Adaptation of the Television Sensation. # 1 1978
2DVD0164: - Stargate SG-1 - Season 2 Complete Second Season
2TC0351: - Catalogue of The Greener Collection of Important Firearms
2MB1818: - The Sceptre. Windsor Park Collegiate High School Year Book 1964 - 1965
2MB1819: - The Sceptre. Windsor Park Collegiate High School Year Book 1965 - 1966
2BP1844: - Child's Instruction for Servers
2ARCH0746: - Energy-efficient Buildings
2TC0421: - Hastings Piston Ring Handbook
2TC0422: - Teleco Wholesale Distributors Prizes-Premiums-Gifts: Gifts for the Household
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2BP1573: - Riding Mountain National Park
2BP1574: - Riding Mountain National Park
2GN0962: - The Tick Omnibus No 2 June 1992
5BG1685: - Public Characters of 1799 - 1800 To Be Continued Annually
2Z39508: - Star Trek Boxed Set (The Covenant of The Crown / Mutiny on The Enterprise / The Trellisane Confrontation / The Klingon Gambit)
3B0257: - Gene Autry and the Bandits of Silver Tip
2I6497: - The Wiggle Waggle Show
2V6249: - Underwater Saboteur
J2157: - The International Standardisation of Labour Statistics
2ERT0046: - Roomies
2L1325J: - Hanna-Barbera's Hokey Wolf and Ding-a-Ling Featuring Huckleberry Hound
J2269: - 28th Annual Canadian Medical Directory
2L2204: - Ruff and Reddy go to a Party
2BP1937: - The Makers of Five Roses Flour Present A Diary of Celebrated Christmas Recipes
2SM1438: - Hollywood Dance Folio
2B0595: - The Lone Ranger and the Secret of Somber Cavern
2SM1341: - Memories of The Gay Nineties: An Album of Old-time Favorites
2SM1423: - University of Toronto Conservatory of Music: Grades 9, 10, & A.T.C.M. Pianoforte Studies
2X0697: - Weldon's Home Journal April 1935 with Souvenir of the Royal Jubilee: Supplement to Weldon's Ladies' Journal April 1935
2SM1424: - University of Toronto Conservatory of Music: Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, & Octavs
2HST1411: - Disasters: From the Pages of the New York Times
2DVD0209: - Fantastic 4
2ERT0091: - Slave Action
2TC0391: - Violin Kit #5342 Assembly Instructions
2CF2059: - Spirit of Canada
2MB1809: - University of Manitoba Brown and Gold Yearbook Vol. 8 1927
2MB1811: - University of Manitoba Brown and Gold Yearbook Vol. 2 1921
2MB1813: - University of Manitoba Brown and Gold Yearbook Vol. 5 1924
2MB1812: - University of Manitoba Brown and Gold Yearbook Vol. 1 1920
2RE3476: - The Book of Psalms, translated out of The Original Hebrew; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, By His Majesty's Special Command
2MB1816: - University of Manitoba Brown and Gold Yearbook Vol. 5 1924
2MB1815: - University of Manitoba Brown and Gold Yearbook Vol. 8 1927
2MB1814: - University of Manitoba Brown and Gold Yearbook Vol. 3 1922
2S0990: - Western Hockey League Yearbook 1958-1959
J2182: - Some Applications of Behavioural Research
2BP1828: - Notebook for Forest Fire Guardians an Co-operators
2BP0919: - The Indian National Congress: 1885 to 1939
2HL1889: - Yoga- in Daily Life: A Systemati Presentation of the Discipline of Yoga
2ART2069: - Johann Heinrich Fussli 1741 -1825 ( Show catalogue)
2E3357: - Nicholas Catches the Crooks
2ART1931: - Paul Kane Sketch Pad
2ART1932: - S.S.E.A. Art Journal 1967 Vol. 6
2POT0999: - Poems from Punch 1841-1884
2CC0551: - Rupert Annual 1968
2CC0520: - Rupert Annual 1960
2FUN0479: - Practical Needlework : An Illustrated Guide
2N0652: - Villagers: Issue Two
2TL0197: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume I ABB-ARN
2TL0198: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume II ARN-BEC
2TL0199: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume III BED-BRO
2TL0200: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume IV BRO-CAI
2TL0201: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume V CAL-CLA
2TL0202: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume VI CLA-DAN
2TL0203: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume XIII JUN-LOT
2TL0204: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume XV MEL-MUR
2TL0205: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume XVI MUR-PLI
2TL0206: - Masterpieces of the World's Literature Ancient and Modern Volume XX VIR-ZOL
2MOV1029: - 1959 Oldsmobile Maintenance Manual
2MOV1030: - Dodge Service Manual Models B-100 B-200 B-300 CB-300 MB-300
2MOV1031: - 1983 Service Manual Ram/ Vans/ Wagons/ Voyager
2CC0361: - The Crackerjack Story Book
2NP1173: - The Star Weekly Tabloid Section September 15, 1956
2PP2276: - Amazing Stories March 1947
2TC0352: - Electro-Plate and Cabinet Goods Latest Designs
2BU0122: - 50th Anniversary Yearbook - Standard Aero
2PB23474: - My First Dictionary with the Smurfs
2RR5020: - How We Play
2RR5024: - How We Play
2RR5025: - ABC With 123
2RR5029: - Animal Pranks
2RR5030: - Animal Pranks
2SM0925: - Reprints from Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine Volume 2
2H1661: - Bob Hope Coloring Book
2DVD0201: - Uncanny X-Men : Apocalypse Now-Again ! DVD
2CN0277: - Dear Canada : A Love Letter to My Country
2NF0903: - The How And Why Wonder Book Of The First World War
2BP2113: - Edmonton Eskimos 1962 Press/Radio/TV Guide
2TC0215: - Buyers Guide 1937: Products "Made in The West" Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta
2MB1440: - Ville Cathedrale De Saint Boniface: The Cathedral City (50th Anniversary)
2TC0210: - Catalogue A: Suggestions for Inexpensive Wall & Dado Tiling
2TC0211: - H. Samuel Headquarters Market Street Catalogue Manchester 179th Edition
2TC0213: - Specialties in Milenda Silver: Marvel, Oriental, & Electro-plated Waiters And Trays
2R3763: - Johnny Cash Program
2D0404: - Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures Coloring Book
6PD2001: - Teen Time Stand Up Dolls With Their Clothes
2NF0357: - All About Birds 2005: A Supplement to Childcraft, the How and Why Library
2MOV1032: - Chevrolet Truck Operators Manual 1959
2HST0982: - Czechoslovakia: Its Sacrifice and Future
2SM0933: - The New Discotheque Book: British Invaders: Words, Music, Chord Names No. 62Q
2BP0882: - Canadian World Federalist No. 9 January - February 1963: The Lesson of Cuba
2BP0888: - Facts and Fables About the Jews
2GN0511: - More Fabulous, Furry Freak Brothers (The Best of the Rip Off Press, Volume Four)
2H1570: - I Love My Teeth: I Know Them And I Look After Them (Smurf Book)
2M0573: - Membership List of the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists 1971
2T3215: - Billy Whiskers' Treasure Hunt
2RE3452: - Scenes from the Bible: With the Classic Illustrations of Gustave Doré
2I6868: - A Christmas Carol Christmas Book
J2199: - People and Jobs. A Study of the Canadian Labour Market
M2661: - Movie Life December 1958
2BP1999: - Libby's Grocers' Profit Chart
2BP2115: - Saskatchewan Roughriders 1959 Press, Radio and TV Guide
2TV0205: - Monsters of Filmland Strike Back No 3
2BP1335: - British Film News (Winnipeg Movie Playbill) Volume 1 No 1 1932
2BP1900: - H.J. Miller's Sons Improved Perkins Pattern Wire Nail Machines Of All Sizes Catalogue
2ERT0084: - Linda's Weet Candy-Jar
2RE3137: - The Haggadah
2RF2229: - Bradshaw's Anglo-French Phrase Book for Travellers & Students
J1739: - Aerobiology: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium Held at the University of Suss/
J1024Y: - American Indian History: Pavonia Massacre--Zuni Rebellion, Appendixes, Indexes Volume 2
J1023Y: - Science and Scientists: Volume 1
J1014Y: - Ecology Basics: Volume 2
J1016Y: - U.S. Laws, Acts, and Treaties: Volume 3
2ERT0180: - Stockbroker's Secret Life
2TRA0557: - London Town Described & Illustrated
2BUC0123: - 50 Years of Technology 1930-1980 (Volume One: The First Quarter Century)
2MB1448: - Beckoning Hills Revisited: Ours Is A Goodly Heritage Morton-Boissevain 1881-1981
6PD2002: - The Beverly Hillbillies Cut-Outs ( Paper Dolls)
2RR5200: - Nelson Graded Readings: Third Grade - A Christmas Carol
2CC0558: - Smart Girl 1964
8332713515: - 5 Philip Roth hardcovers with Dustjackets
2CB2378: - The Second New Yorker Album
2RE3497: - ESV The Holy Bible (CD)
2RE3498: - ESV The Holy Bible (CD)
2X0690: - The House of Windsor: A Book of Portraits
2N1986: - Woolcraft A Practical Guide To Knitting & Crochet With Beehive & White Heather Knitting Wools Beehive Knitting Booklets No 9 New and Enlarged Edition
2CK1646: - Favorite Recipes from Noah's Ark Snowbird Club
2EH1691: - Where the Red Willow Grew (Valleyview, Alberta and Surounding Districts)
2RE3203: - The Presbyterian Book of Praise Tunes
2DVD0090: - Breaking Bad Season 1
2S0992: - Original Six: True Stories from Hockey's Classic Era
2L4757: - Jokes: A Book of Side-Splitting Funny Stories
2I6055: - The Sandman's Story Book
2BP1299: - Picture-taking with the No. 3 "Kodak" (Series III)
J2191: - Canada the Commonwealth and the Common Market
J1052Y: - Notorious Lives: Great Lives from History Volume III: PET-Z
J1121Y: - Encyclopedia of Flight: Volume 3 Sta-Z
2TC0357: - Eaton`s Spring & Summer Catalogue 1976
2I6496: - Baby's Mother Goose
2HST1440: - Jerusalem: A History
2HA1987: - Harvard National Lampoon Special Parody Issue Fall 1981: People Parody
2X0539: - Royalty Illustrated Volume Two March 1950
2R2902: - Paul McCartney Songbook
2MOV1417: - Sports Cars Book 2
2WAR1797: - A Tribute to Soldiers and Pioneers of the Langruth District
2RR5601: - We Look and See
6CC2004: - Girls Book of Heroines with 49 Coloured Illustrations
2L3744: - Cinderella: The Story of Cinderella and the Prince, With Paper Dolls to Punch Out and Dress (Little Golden Activity Book)
2MB1333: - Healing & Hope: A History of Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg
2MB1332: - Rapid City and District: Our Past For the Future
2PSY0621: - The Journals of Abraham Maslow
J1108Y: - Mexico and the United States Vol. 1: ACA-FIL
2NF0713: - Add to Ten (Macmillan Big Books and Teacher's Guide)
2CC0367: - Blackie's Boys' Annual

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