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2TM1022: MAGAZINE - TIME Magazine April 17, 1939
2TM1017: MAGAZINE - TIME Magazine January 29, 1945
2N1122: MAGAZINE - Needlecraft September 1917
2ARCH0474: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record March 1954 Building Types Study Number 208 Hospitals
2ARCH0475: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record November 1955 Building Types Study Number 228 Hospitals
2N2121: MAGAZINE - Weldon's Home Journal April 1935 with Souvenir of the Royal Jubilee: Supplement to Weldon's Ladies' Journal AMay 1934 with 2 Free Charming Scottie Dog Pictures Redy for Framing
2X0687: MAGAZINE - Daily Telegraph May 11 1937 Coronation Supplement No 1
2N1291: MAGAZINE - Liberty July 19, 1941
2MEN2052: MAGAZINE - Elite Vol. 7 No. 6 June 1981
2N3008: MAGAZINE - Fortune Magazine May 5, 1980
2MEN2037: MAGAZINE - The Best of Hustler #3 (1978)
2PP2745: MAGAZINE - True Detective December 1955
2N1393: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal March 1954
2N1394: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal June 1953
2MEN2038: MAGAZINE - Hustler Magazine July 1977
2R4773: MAGAZINE - 16's Beatle Movie Boo (16 Magazine0
2SP3097: MAGAZINE - Who's Who in Baseball 1990
2SP3098: MAGAZINE - Who's Who in Baseball 1993
2TM1067: MAGAZINE - Screen Romances May 1941
2TM1178: MAGAZINE - Us Magazine July 18 1983
2HM1008: MAGAZINE - Epic - Marvel Magazine of Fantasy and Science -Fiction Fall 1980
2MOV1470: MAGAZINE - Autobuff August 1986
2LIFE0520: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine May 1979
2N1399: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal June 1954
2N1400: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal March 1953
2R4774: MAGAZINE - Beatle-Mania Volume 1 No 1
2LIFE0972: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine December 13, 1943
2TM1093: MAGAZINE - Liberty, June 1957
2N2128: MAGAZINE - Harlequin Volume 1 Number 3
2MB1461: MAGAZINE - Winnipeg Actimist June 1949 Wininpeg's 75 Birthday Parade
2ARCH0450: MAGAZINE - Progressive Architecture June 1958 Churches
2SP1260: MAGAZINE - CFL Illustrated June 1980: British Columbia Lions - Winnipeg vs. B.C.
2LIFE0825: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine September 4 1950
2S3068: MAGAZINE - Sports Canada Pro Football: Handbook for 1969 CFL Season
2N2905: MAGAZINE - Popular Science May 1937
2TM1057: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine February 10, 1941
2TM1058: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine January 9, 1939
2TM1157: MAGAZINE - Photoplay Combined with Movie Mirror January 1957
2S3061: MAGAZINE - National Hockey League Player and Team Album
2PP2805: MAGAZINE - The Rio Kid Western February 1947.Tom Curry et .al
2SP1262: MAGAZINE - CFL Illustrated 1983 Vol 14 No 22 Playoffs '83: Winnipeg Vs. Edmonton
2LIFE1095: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine March 29, 1968
2N1982: MAGAZINE - Weldon's Ladies Ournal and Portfolio of Fashion April 1944
2MEN1927: MAGAZINE - Playboy's Newsmakers
2MEN1928: MAGAZINE - Playboy's Playmate Review 1985
4LK0069: MAGAZINE - Look Magazine June 16 1970
2MEN2036: MAGAZINE - Hustler Magazine December 1975
2PP2823: MAGAZINE - Crime Detective . April 1963
2ARCH0478: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record January 1955 Building Types Study Number 218 College Buildings
2R3460: MAGAZINE - Masters of Rock Vol 1 Summer 1990: Hendrix Special Collector's Edition
2S3049: MAGAZINE - Sports Illustrated October 1 1956
2R5631: MAGAZINE - WOW! November 1989 Vol.2, # 10
2R2297: MAGAZINE - Rolling Stone July 24 1980
2PM0177: MAGAZINE - People Weekly February 13 1984
2POST0026: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post April 21, 1962
2POST0025: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post January 23, 1962
2POST0024: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post February 3, 1962
2TM1163: MAGAZINE - Teen Favorites April 1977 Vol 1 No 2
2N1120: MAGAZINE - Needlecraft July 1917
2SP3604: MAGAZINE - National Football League Official Western Conference Edition 1967 Chicago Bears Autograph Book
2TC0101: MAGAZINE - Sportsmans Guide 1966
2PP2530: MAGAZINE - Imagination Science Fiction October 1958
2SP1214: MAGAZINE - Muscular Development June 1970
2R3209: MAGAZINE - Circus October 30 1979
2R3208: MAGAZINE - Circus November 13 1979
2LIFE0518: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine June, 1981
2FSH0564: MAGAZINE - Fishing Yearbook No. 2 1951
2LIFE0935: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine July 6 1953
2MEN2049: MAGAZINE - Genesis January 1982
2R5632: MAGAZINE - Super Teen . March 1988
2LIFE0978: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine March 5 , 1945
2LIFE0594: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine January 19, 1959
2PP2790: MAGAZINE - Private Detective Cases July 1944
2R3050: MAGAZINE - The Original Beatles Book
2N1988: MAGAZINE - Jet Magazine April 19 1968 Martin Luther King Jr.
2TM1164: MAGAZINE - Collector's Issue #4 The Kotter's Sweathogs November 1976
2TM1109: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, October 1958
2TM1108: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, October 1958
2TM1107: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, December 1957
2TM1106: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, November 1956
2TM1105: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, April 1958
2TM1104: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, January 1957
TM0836A: MAGAZINE - Movie Mirror magazine 1963 May
6TRA2005: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE - National Geographic Magazine Complete Year for 1925 / 12 Issues January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August , September, October, November and December
2PP2747: MAGAZINE - True Detective August 1946
2N1600: MAGAZINE - Scribner's Magazine July 1930
2POST0043: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post November 25, 1961
2POST0042: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post January 27, 1962
2TM1103: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, November 1957
2TM1102: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, June 1956
2TM1101: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, September 1956
2TM1099: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, March1958
2TM1097: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, August 1957
2TM1096: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, July 1957
2POST0036: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post February 10, 1962
2POST0055: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post December 12 1942
2N1121: MAGAZINE - Needlecraft June 1917
2HM0644: MAGAZINE - Infinity Five Summer 1973 No. 5
2POST0059: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post May 16 1942
2TM1095: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, April 1956
2TM1094: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, December 1956
2R3172: MAGAZINE - Music Favorites Vol. 1, No. 1: Beatles Collector's Issue
2R3173: MAGAZINE - THe Beatles Forever: Beatles 16th Anniversary Collector's Edition
2TM1098: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, February 1958
2TM1100: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, July 1956
2FSH0494: MAGAZINE - Sports Afield January 1949
2SP3120: MAGAZINE - Western Major Fastball League Illustrated 1979
2N1241: MAGAZINE - FORUM: A Ukrainian Review, Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine No. 66 Summer 1986
2R3765: MAGAZINE - Photoplay with TV Mirror November 1977
2N2983: MAGAZINE - Fortune Magazine February 11, 1980
2TM1079: MAGAZINE - Radio and Television Mirror August 1949
2POST0046: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post November 18, 1961
2TM1170: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine Canadian Edition September 13 1943
2S3057: MAGAZINE - Cord Sportfacts Hockey Guide 1971
2TM1254: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine June 17 1940 Vol 35 No 25
2ARCH0430: MAGAZINE - General Building Contractor (July 1931)
2LOOK1004: MAGAZINE - LOOK Magazine September 29, 1959
2N1395: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal May 1954
2N1396: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal April 1953
2R2185: MAGAZINE - 100 Metal Pix Superstar Special Vol. 5 No. 6 April, 1989
2SP1383: MAGAZINE - Winnipeg Blue Bombers Winnipeg Football Club 14th Annual Hall of Fame Induction Dinner Saturday, September 6th, 1997 Program
2R3213: MAGAZINE - Circus November 30 1983
2N1075: MAGAZINE - American Hairdresser and Beuty Culture October 1955
2TM1145: MAGAZINE - Photoplay Combined with Movie Mirror June 1946
2LOOK0052: MAGAZINE - Look Magazine November 21, 1961
2LIFE0981: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine January 8 , 1945
2TM1173: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine December 9 1940
2LIFE0622: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine May 12, 1941
2R4664: MAGAZINE - The Beatles The Greatest Meet Dave Clark Five
2R3276: MAGAZINE - Circus March 31 1981
2PP2815: MAGAZINE - North West Romances Feb-Apr 1952
2R4667: MAGAZINE - The Beatles Color Pinup Album
2R2290: MAGAZINE - Rolling Stone July 21 1983
2ARCH0497: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record May 1949 Hospitals
2MB1360: MAGAZINE - WinnipegWorld: Vol. 2, No. 1 February/March 1968
2LOOK1010: MAGAZINE - LOOK Magazine January 27, 1970
2SP3514: MAGAZINE - Jets Magazine 1982-83
2HA2420: MAGAZINE - National Lampoon Best of #8 Fall 1978
2CM0339: MAGAZINE - Beverly Bantam Coloring Book
2FSH0552: MAGAZINE - Field and Stream November 1948
2FSH0553: MAGAZINE - Outdoor Life October 1948
2R4668: MAGAZINE - Popular Annual Vol 1 No 1 1964 Dave Clark 5 Vs The Beatles
2R5542: MAGAZINE - Johnny Cash Song and Picture Folio No. 1
2PP2791: MAGAZINE - Official Detective July 1977
2R2793: MAGAZINE - The Life and Death of Elvis Presley
2SP0560: MAGAZINE - The Sporting News Pro Football 1990 Yearbook
2MB1376: MAGAZINE - Soda Fountain and Confectioner July 1926
2MB1375: MAGAZINE - Winnipeg Commercial Magazine December 1926 Opening of Winnipeg Hudson Bay Store Featured
2HA2164: MAGAZINE - MAD Magazine No 39 May 1958 Special April Fool Issue
2X0688: MAGAZINE - Weekly Illustrated Coronation Souvenir and Guide May 12 1937 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
2S3079: MAGAZINE - Basketball Yearbook 1966
2PP2877: MAGAZINE - Detective Cases February 1961
2N1102: MAGAZINE - The Canadian Child November 1926
2N1103: MAGAZINE - The Canadian Child November 1925
2SP3254: MAGAZINE - Sports Illustrated February 11, 1991
2R3303: MAGAZINE - Record Review June 1983
2HM1059: MAGAZINE - Creepy August 1977
2SP1405: MAGAZINE - Canadian Football League Illustrated September 10 1972 Vol 3 No 7 Hamilton
2LIFE0582: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine September August 11 1961 Lovely Ways and Wiles of a Captivating Woman: Sophia Loren
2N2934: MAGAZINE - Popular Photography January 1956
2TM1252: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine June 3 1940 Volume 35 No 23
2TM1253: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine July 1 1940 Volume 36 No 1
2Z34640: MAGAZINE - New Worlds Science Fiction Vol 48 No 145
2N2148: MAGAZINE - Maclean's December 14 1963
5TM1099: MAGAZINE - Screenland September 1967
2S3077: MAGAZINE - Pro Football 1956
2N1391: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal August 1952
2N1392: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal October 1953
6TRA2003: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE - National Geographic Magazine Complete Year for 1923 / 12 Issues January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August , September, October, November and December
2TM1078: MAGAZINE - Screen Romances August 1945
2HA2400: MAGAZINE - The Original National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook Parody Summer 1976
2TM1440: MAGAZINE - Young Sisters and Brothers April 1992
2TM1110: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine, September 1957
2N1253: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine July 4 1936
2TM1191: MAGAZINE - Radio Trade-Builder April 1942
2R3141: MAGAZINE - Guitarist (February 1999) Beatles White Issue
2HA2213: MAGAZINE - Sock it to Me Sex to Sexty No. 18
2HA2215: MAGAZINE - Sock it to Me Sex to Sexty No. 42
2TM1218: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #121 December 1975
2TM1213: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #128 September 1976
2TM1212: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #127 August 1976
2TM1211: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #129 October 1976
2TM1209: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #119 September 1975
2TM1208: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #146 August 1978
2TM1206: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #154 June 1979
2TM1202: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters October 1977 #138 (Star Wars)
2TM1195: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters April 1978 #142 (Star Wars)
2TM1200: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters August 1979 #156 (Star Wars)
2TM1199: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters March 1979 #151 (Star Wars)
2TM1196: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters September 1978 #147 (Star Wars)
2TM1194: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters December 1977 #139 (Star Wars)
2TM1370: MAGAZINE - Travel and TV Times April 28 - May 4 1961
2HM0661: MAGAZINE - Loose Teeth # 2
2R3220: MAGAZINE - Circus November 30 1981
2SP1419: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine October 14 1974 (Canadian Edition)
2TM1306: MAGAZINE - TV Radio Mirror May 1959
2R2282: MAGAZINE - Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album
2N1242: MAGAZINE - Chatelaine July 1962
2N1246: MAGAZINE - L'Europeo September 13, 1964
2ARCH0479: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record March 1955 Building Types Study Number 220 Hospitals
2HM1044: MAGAZINE - Movie Allens Illustrated # 4 September 1979
2N1106: MAGAZINE - The Canadian Child April 1926
2N1114: MAGAZINE - Hands Across the Seas Magazine March 1914
2R4788: MAGAZINE - Elvis
2R4791: MAGAZINE - Elvis One Year Later
2TM1187: MAGAZINE - Variety Magazine January 2, 1952 46th Anniversary Number
2N1249: MAGAZINE - Oggi November 23, 1967
2N1248: MAGAZINE - Oggi April 27, 1967
2N1247: MAGAZINE - L'Europeo November 9, 1964
2PP2806: MAGAZINE - Masked Rider Western April 1952. Dean Owen
2TM1201: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters September 1977 #137 (Star Wars)
2HM0551: MAGAZINE - The Comics Journal (January 1984) Number 88
2HA2216: MAGAZINE - Grand Prix Limerix: A Sex to Sexty Special Vol. 4
2HA2162: MAGAZINE - MAD Magazine No 36 December 1957
2R3243: MAGAZINE - Circus January 19 1978
2S3066: MAGAZINE - Baseball Stars 1955
2ARCH0434: MAGAZINE - Progressive Architecture July 1955 Campus Buildings
2R5588: MAGAZINE - Movie Mirror Presents Elvis: The True Facts (No 2)
2LIFE0752: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine April 11 1955
2HA2261: MAGAZINE - National Lampoon September 1985
2R3237: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly January 30 1979
2R3238: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly January 23 1979
2R3249: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly July 10 1979
2R3248: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly July 24 1979
2CM0410: MAGAZINE - The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls November 1964
2X0712: MAGAZINE - People Magazine January 1985
2HM0632: MAGAZINE - Will Eisner's Quarterly No 1 Winter 1983
2TM1137: MAGAZINE - Photoplay Combined with Movie Mirror September 1942
2HA2111: MAGAZINE - Crazy Magazine No 71 February 1981
2TM1176: MAGAZINE - Us Magazine August 9 1977
2R5579: MAGAZINE - Hit Parader Presents The Immortal Elvis Summer 1978
2R5586: MAGAZINE - A Tribute to Elvis Presley
2R3251: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly May 1 1979
2R3252: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly March 20 1979
2R3253: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly February 20 1979
2MEN2031: MAGAZINE - Elite August 1981
2LIFE0734: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine August 22 1955
2PM0116: MAGAZINE - People Weekly July 23 1984
2TM1165: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine January 22 1940
2LIFE0827: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine February 4 1952
2LIFE0826: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine September 25 1950
2N1402: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal March 1956
2SP1299: MAGAZINE - Sports Illustrated September 2 1974
2PP2524: MAGAZINE - Imagination Science Fiction December 1956
2LIFE0731: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine September 12 1955
2TM1146: MAGAZINE - Photoplay Combined with Movie Mirror August 1946
2MOV1594: MAGAZINE - The Autocar October 22, 1954
2LOOK0099: MAGAZINE - LOOK Magazine September 8, 1964
2LOOK1001: MAGAZINE - LOOK Magazine May 18, 1965
2ARCH0650: ARCHITECTURAL RECORD MAGAZINE - A Treasury of Contemporary Houses
2N1410: MAGAZINE - Canadian Zionist February 1968
2SP3548: MAGAZINE - The Ring October 1980
2HM0616: MAGAZINE - Savage Tales Featuring Conan the Barbarian #4 May 1974
2TM1185: MAGAZINE - Screen Guide Vol 3 No 8 December 1938
2POST0094: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post December 23,1944
2POST0099: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post March 12,1955
2POST0096: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post June 11,1955
2R3282: MAGAZINE - A Tribute to the King: Elvis
2SP1494: MAGAZINE - WWF Program Vol No 151
2TM1344: MAGAZINE - People Today October 1954
2HM1013: MAGAZINE - Epic - Marvel Magazine of Fantasy and Science - Fiction February 1986
2SP3054: MAGAZINE - The Hockey News Yearbook 1983
2PP2822: MAGAZINE - Master Detective . February 1963
2N1397: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal October 1955
2N1398: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal February 1956
2S3078: MAGAZINE - Stanly Woodward's Football 1955
2LIFE0966: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine May 4 , 1942
2ARCH0483: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record April 1954 Building Types Study Number 209 Office Buildings
2N2964: MAGAZINE - Fortune Magazine February 11, 1980
2ARCH0495: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record October 1949 Stores
2MOV1475: MAGAZINE - Autobuff July 1985
2TM1216: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #109 August 1974
2TM1214: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters of Filmland #130 December 1976
2TM1198: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters March 1979 #151 (Star Wars)
2TM1197: MAGAZINE - Famous Monsters October 1978 #148 (Star Wars)
2HA2378: MAGAZINE - Apple Pie March 1975, Vol.1 # 1
2ARCH0482: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record July 1955 Building Types Study Number 224 Schools
2R3274: MAGAZINE - Circus January 31 1981
2N1993: MAGAZINE - McCall's Children's Annual Vol 1 No 1
2R4044: MAGAZINE - Blender Vol 1 No 1 June 2001
2R3231: MAGAZINE - Circus April 1 1980
2R3273: MAGAZINE - Circus August 7 1979
2POST0054: MAGAZINE - The Saturday Evening Post July 13 1957
2PP2797: MAGAZINE - True Crime November 1943
2R3254: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly February 13 1979
2R3232: MAGAZINE - Circus March 4 1980
2LOOK1003: MAGAZINE - LOOK Magazine November 10, 1959
2R3470: MAGAZINE - Rolling Stone Magazine January 9 1992 Michael Jackson
2ARCH0493: MAGAZINE - Architectural Record July 1949 Facilities For Athletics
2ARCH0440: MAGAZINE - Progressive Architecture November 1954 Expanding Enterprise
8R2004: MAGAZINE - The Best of the Beatles From Fabulous
8R2003: MAGAZINE - Pop Pics Super Special The Beatles Film
8R2002: MAGAZINE - The Original Beatles Book Two
2R3255: MAGAZINE - Circus August 31 1983
2LIFE0961: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine March 31 , 1941
2PP2816: MAGAZINE - Texas Rangers April 1952
2R3245: MAGAZINE - Circus December 25 1979
2R4663: MAGAZINE - The Original Beatles Book
2LIFE0815: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine February 20 1950
2LIFE0816: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine February 13 1950
2SP3595: MAGAZINE - Professional Football Year Book 1953
2MB1429: MAGAZINE - Modern Home April 1939
2FG0121: MAGAZINE - The Nor-West Farmer February 20 1905
2N1084: MAGAZINE - The Modern Priscilla November 1917
J1618: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada December 1947 Vol 24 No 12
J1619: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada May 1948 Vol 25 No 5
J1620: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada June 1948 Vol 25 No 6
J1621: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada January 1948 Vol 25 No 1
J1622: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada January 1949 Vol 26 No 1
J1623: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada December 1948 Vol 25 No 12
J1624: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada May 1950 Vol 27 No 5
J1625: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada November 1947 Vol 24 No 11
J1626: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada July 1948 Vol 25 No 7
J1627: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada April 1948 Vol 25 No 4
J1628: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada March 1948 Vol 25 No 3
J1629: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada November 1948 Vol 25 No 11
J1630: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada August 1948 Vol 25 No 8
J1631: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada September 1948 Vol 25 No 9
J1632: MAGAZINE - Journal: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada February 1948 Vol 25 No 2
2N2980: MAGAZINE - Fortune Magazine May 4, 1981
2TM1133: MAGAZINE - Photoplay Combined with Movie Mirror April 1942
2TM1159: MAGAZINE - Photoplay Combined with Movie Mirror September 1946
4MEN1000LRG: MAGAZINE - Esquire October 1935
2PP2801: MAGAZINE - Leading Detective May 1947
2PP2800: MAGAZINE - Line-Up Detective July 1959
2HA2304: MAGAZINE - MAD #57 September 1960
2R3222: MAGAZINE - Circus May 31 1981
2R3223: MAGAZINE - Circus February 1981
2S3051: MAGAZINE - Hockey World April 1967
2MOV1471: MAGAZINE - Autobuff October 1985
2S3064: MAGAZINE - All-Pro Football 1961
2R3227: MAGAZINE - Circus July 22 1980
2R3219: MAGAZINE - Circus January 31 1984
2TM1242: MAGAZINE - Liberty Magazine April 1957
2R3258: MAGAZINE - Circus September 30 1981
2TM1167: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine January 29 1940
2TM1169: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine Canadian Edition May 29 1944
2LIFE0755: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine March 21 1955
2S3045: MAGAZINE - Sport Vol 45 No 4
2S3046: MAGAZINE - Sports Illustrated March 13 1967
2HM0626: MAGAZINE - Star Trek Winter Special
2R4823: MAGAZINE - Song Hits March 1968
2R3250: MAGAZINE - Circus Weekly June 26 1979
2TM1276: MAGAZINE - TV Guide October 20 1962
2LIFE0944: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine July 20 1953
2SP3122: MAGAZINE - CFL Bombers Vs Calgary
2SP3121: MAGAZINE - 4th Annual World Hockey Association All Star Game
2HM0595: MAGAZINE - The Savage Sword of Conan #219 March 1993
2N1203: MAGAZINE - Maclean's March 28 1959
2TM1182: MAGAZINE - The Winnipeg Ballet
2N1144: MAGAZINE - The Passing Show #42 January 7 1933
2PP2736: PULP MAGAZINE - North West Romances: Stories from the Wilderness Frontier Vol 17 No 7
2PP2737: PULP MAGAZINE - Rogue's Harbour, Sexton Blake Library No 477
2HM1062: MAGAZINE - Future Magazine April 1978 #1
2N2052: MAGAZINE - Canada Album: Canadian Achievements in The Arts, Science, Politics, Sports, Entertainment in The 20th Century
2HM1063: MAGAZINE - Future Magazine May 1978 #2
2PP2528: MAGAZINE - Imagination Science Fiction June 1958
2TM1230: MAGAZINE - Fighting Stars & Contact Karate June 1976 Bruce Lee
2PP2765: MAGAZINE - Master Detective May 1956
2ARCH0667: MAGAZINE - Western Construction and Building November 1956
2A5227: HUMPTY DUMPTY MAGAZINE - Humpty Dumpty's Mix and Fix Cook Book and Young Children's Party Book (2 Books in one)
2SP1399: MAGAZINE - Winnipeg Jets Magazine Vol 1 No 32 March 1973
2PP2820: MAGAZINE - Headquarters Detective. January 1953
2N1994: MAGAZINE - How to Beautify Your Home
2TM1251: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine June 10 1940 Volume 35 No 24
2TM1250: MAGAZINE - Time Magazine June 24 1940 Volume 35 No 26
2N1401: MAGAZINE - Ladies' Home Journal January 1953
2HM0662: MAGAZINE - Shriek. #1
2TM1297: MAGAZINE - Modern Screen June 1959
2TM1298: MAGAZINE - Modern Screen November 1959
2TM1299: MAGAZINE - Movie Mirror July 1959
2TM1508: MAGAZINE - On Target: The Avengers Vol. 3 No. 2
2TM1509: MAGAZINE - On Target: The Avengers Vol. 3 No. 1
2TM1510: MAGAZINE - Stay Tuned Vol. 1 No. 3
2TM1249: MAGAZINE - Laugh-In Magazine No 2 November 1968
2R4051: MAGAZINE - The Winnipeg Tribute Weekend Magazine March 27 1965
2SP3124: MAGAZINE - CFL Magazine Blue Bombers Vs Stampeders November 3 1968
2LIFE0943: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine April 6 1953
2LIFE0968: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine February 8, 1943
2R4665: MAGAZINE - The Beatles The Greatest Meet Dave Clark Five
2LOOK0095: MAGAZINE - LOOK Magazine July 13, 1965
2SP1406: MAGAZINE - Western Canada Hockey League Magazine 1971-72 WCHL
2MOV1486: MAGAZINE - Driveway Reporter March 1964
2MOV1487: MAGAZINE - Driveway Reporter February 1964
6HA0004MAG: MAGAZINES - Sick 1979, October
6HA0085MAG: MAGAZINES - Sick 1978 December
2EH1657: MAGEE, JOAN - The Belgians in Ontario: A History
2FL0140: MAGNE, EMILE - Romans et Nouvelles
PU0383: MAGNER, CAROLYN S (BASED ON JOHNNY GRUELLE) - Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy: In the Garden : A Pop-Up Book about Numbers
2BG2945: MAGUIRE, J. ROBERT - Ceremonies of Bravery: Oscar Wilde, Carlos Blacker, and the Dreyfus Affair
2Z39476: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Son of a Witch. A Lion Among Men
3PP0054: MAHAFFEY,ROBERT & REYNOLDS,W J ET AL - 10 Story Western Magazine February 1954
2R4252: MAHALIK, DAVE - 10 Nights Without Sleep
BG0281: MAHLERMAN, HERMAN - The Fugitive
2Z38767: O'MAHONY, DANIEL - The Man in the Velvet Mask (Doctor Who - the Missing Adventures Series)
2S0447: MAHOVLICH, TED - The Big M : The Frank Mahovlich Story
5A1987: MAHY, MARGARET - The Changeover
2PB15786: MAHY, DEBORAH I. - Fire, Water, Earth and Air (Signed copy)
V6368: MAIER, WILLIAM - Pleasure Island
5FR1002: MAIER,PAUL L - Pilatus
2ART1471: MAILER, NORMAN;GREENE, MILTON H. - Of Women and Their Elegance
2RE3533: MAIMONIDES, RAMBAM - Maimonides: The Commandments (Sefer Ha-Mitzvoth) The 613 Mitzvoth of the Torah elucidated in English (2 vol.)
2FIC1858: MAIN, MARY - Memory and Desire
2BUC0153: MAIN, O.W. - Customs Administration in Canada The Canadian Nickel History Canadian Studies in Economics No 9
2BUC0152: MAIN, O.W. - The Canadian Nickel History Canadian Studies in Economics No 4
5MY1756: MAINE,CHARLES ERIC - Never Let Up
2V4340: MAINE, ERIC - The Mind of Mr. Soames
5HL1036: MAINIERO, LISA A. - Office Romance
2V2672: MAIR,GEORGE B. - The Girl From Peking
2MM0164: MAITLAND, HUGH - The Boy Scout Aviators
2G0081: CHARLES MAJOR - Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
5A1407: MAJOR,H - Up the Nile
2EH1839: WILLLIAMSON'S MAJORIE - Journey to the Sea of Grass
A6163: MAKERNEY,EDNA SMITH - Cissy's Texas Pride
2N2483: MAKI, DENNIS R. - Search Behaviour in Canadian Job Markets Special Study No. 15
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5FIC1111: MAYNARD, NAN - A Fig for Virtue
2V3988: MAYNARD, NAN - The Wayward Flesh
2V3991: MAYNARD, NAN - Almost an Affair
2V4001: MAYNARD, NAN - Strumpet Voluntary
2AD2546: MAYNARD, K. - First Lieutenant
5FIC4577: MAYNARD, NAN - The Wayward Flesh
E4565: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The Blue Boat
2E0220: MAYNE - Tiger's Railway
5E1315: MAYNE,WILLIAM - The Yellow Aeroplane
OC0012: MAYO, JEFF - How To Read The Ephemeris
2I2624: MAYO, MARGARET - Sleepytime Stories
2SM1639: MAYO, SAM / HARRINGTON, JOHN - I Know Where the Flies Go
5V2245: MAYO, DALLAS - All Together Now
2I1489: MAYPER, MONICA - Oh Snow
2A5243: MAZER, NORMA FOX - Up in Seth's room: A love story
2ER0160: MCAFEE,ROBERT - His Sister Taught Him
MM2401: MCALISTER, HUGH - The Flight of the Silver Ship, Around the World Aboard a Giant Dirigible
2A0719: MCALISTER, HUGH - Conquerors of the Highroad
2I1635: MCALLISTER, ANGELA - The King Who Sneezed
5BG1309: MCARTHUR,PETER - Stephen Leacock: Makers of Canadian Literature Series
2MY0296: MCBAIN, ED - Another Part of the City
VV1033: MCBAIN,ED - See Them Die
3BP0187: MCBRIDE,ISAAC - The Red Menace With A Chapter Who is Lenin
2E1150: MCBRIDE,COL JAMES L - The Smoky Valley Claim
2ER0251: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Masterpieces of Erotic Literature: A Study of the Outstanding Works Of Sensuality In Ancient, Medieval and Modern Times
2LIT6680: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Legends of Saints and Martyrs
6PP2016: MARTIN.GEORGE R R & MCCAFFREY,ANNE & MODESITT JR,L E ET AL - Analog Science Fiction Science Fact Complete 12 Issues for 1973 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December
2Z26649: MCCAFFREY, ANNE; NYE, JODY LYNN - The Ship Who Won
2A0343: MCCALL, EDITH S. - Bucky Button
LIT0407: MCCALLUM, J. D. (EDITOR) - The College Omnibus (1935)
2ARCH0072: MCCANCE, DAWNE ( EDITOR ) - Mosaic Vol. 35 No. 4 December 2002
2L5912: MCCANDLISH, EDWARD - Pinky-Winky Meets A Stranger
MOV0186: MCCARTHY, MIKE - Porsche
2WE0684: MCCARTHY, GARY - The First Sheriff
2N2363: MCCARTHY, MARY; FENTON, JOHN H.; ET AL - Harper's Magazine October 1962
2N2430: MCCARTHY, MARY; STEELE, MAX; ET AL - Harper's Magazine February 1954
2R4167: MCCARTNEY, PAUL - Paul McCartney - Out There Tour 2013
3PP0470: MCCLARY,T C & STORM,AL ET AL - Exciting Western July 1953
2WAR0138: MCCLEMENT,FRED - Guns In Paradise
2PB24911: MCCLINTOCK, NORAH - Break and Enter
2I4506: MCCLOSKEY, ROBERT - Lentil (Book and Record)
2I5480: MCCLOSKEY, ROBERT - Make Way For Ducklings
CF0240: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - The Stream Runs Fast
CF0256: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - In Times Like These
EH0004: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - Purple Springs
5CF1045: MCCLUNG,NELLIE - More Leaves from Lantern Lane
2CF0193: MCCLUNG,NELLIE L - Sowing Seeds in Danny
5EH1224: MCCLUNG, NELLIE - Tea with the Queen
5CF1273: MCCLUNG,NELLIE L - all We Like Sheep
3BP0293: MCCLUNG,NELLIE L - Newspaper Clipping of an Article: Nellie McClung Says: Closing The House
2CF1450: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - The Stream Runs Fast: My Own Story
2CF1365: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - Sowing Seeds In Danny
2CF1446: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - Purple Springs
2CF1462: MCCLUNG, NELLIE - The Second Chance
2CF1044: MCCLUNG, NELLIE - Flowers for the Living (Signed Copy)
2CF0210A: MCCLUNG,NELLIE L. - The Stream Runs Fast
2CF1391: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - Purple Springs
2CF1218: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - Clearing in the West: My Own Story
2CF1393: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - The Second Chance
USA0018: MCCLURE, COLONEL A. K. - Lincoln's Own Yarns and Stories
USA0034: MCCLURE, ALEXANDER K. AND CHARLES MORRIS - The Authentic Life of William McKinley, with a life of Theodore Roosevelt
2MB1214: MCCOLL, FRANCES V. - Vignettes of Early Winnipeg 1912 - 1926
7RR0072: MCCONNELL, W. R. AND J. W. WATSON - Geography Around the World, Geography Workshop #4
2Z39213: MCCONNELL, ASHLEY - Quantum Leap: The Wall
2RR0481: MCCORKINDALE, ISABEL - The Canadian Lesson Book on Temperance and Life for the Use of Teacher
2FIC3822: MCCORMACK, ERIC - The Paradise Motel
H2901: MCCORMICK,DELL J - Paul Bunyan Swings His Axe
S2542: MCCORMICK,WILFRED - The Play For One
NON0165LRG: MCCORMICK, W. H. - The Modern Book of Engineering
S2557: MCCORMICK,WILFRED - Stranger in the Backfield
3S0003: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - Legion Tourney
3S0004: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - The Big Ninth
3S0008: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - Quick Kick
3S0009: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - Fielder's Choice
5CS1059: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - The Three-Two Pitch
5CS1066: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - Stranger In The Backfield
2CS2068: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - Rebel with a Glove: A Bronc Burnett Story
2CS2103: MCCORMICK, WILFRED - One-O'clock Hitter: A Bronc Burnett Story No. 12
2WAR2413: MCCORMICK, ROBERT R - With the Russian Army
2LIT7602: MCCORMICK, FRANK J - Four-In-Hand- A Group of Short Stories
CN0173: MCCOURT, EDWARD - Buckskin Brigadier The Story of the Alberta Field Force
5CN1014: MCCOURT, EDWARD - The Story of the Alberta Field Force Buckskin Brigadier
2CF0351: MCCOURT, EDWARD - Music at the Close
2FIC16933: MCCOURT, EDWARD - The Ettiner Affair
2FIC2956: MCCOY,JOHN PLEASANT - The Secret Doorways
2EH0964: MCCRANK, G.F.D & MISIURA, J.D & BROWN, P.A - Plutonic Rocks in Ontario: Geological Survey of Canada Paper 80-23
J2165: MCCRORIE, JAMES N. - Arda: An Experiment in Development Planning. Special Study # 2
2RR0234: MCCRORY, MAE - People Who Work for Us
E5092: MCCULLAGH,S K - A Dragon in the Wood
5A1209: MCCULLOCH,DEREK - In the Wilderness
5CC1002: MCCULLOCH,DEREK (ED.) - Uncle MacS Childrens Hour Book
2EH0565: MCCULLOCH, JOHN HERRIES - The Men of Kildonan: A romance of the Selkirk Settlers
2TRA0472: MCCULLOCH, MERCY E. - Exploring Britain By Car
CC1262: MCCULLOUGH,DEREK - Uncle Mac's Own Story Book
5MY2329: MCCULLY,WALBRIDGE - Death Rides Tandem
2T1208: MCCUNE,EVELYN - Kim Rides the Tiger
2YA1060: MCCURDY, J. FITZGERALD - The Black Pyramid (The Mole Wars Book 2)
5FIC3691: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Marley's Empire
2AD2582: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Storm South
S1386: MCDONALD, LANNY - Lanny
2ER0296: MCDONALD, APRIL - Hot Enuf
2ER0297: MCDONALD, APRIL - Hot Enuf
2CR0285: MCDONALD, ROBERTA - Road Rage : When commuters become Monsters
2MB0101: MCDOWALL,LINDA & LETOURNEAU,RODGER & KRISTJANSON,WILHELM & WAITE,PETER B. & MACPHERSON,IAN & BRETON,PIERRE - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 32 1975-76
2BUC0194: DUNCAN MCDOWALL - Quick to the Frontier: Canada's Royal Bank
5PP1407: MCDOWELL, EMMETT - Portrait of a Victim
F2354: MCELFRESH, ADELINE - Dr Jane's Choice
2A1362: MCELFRESH, ADELINE - To Each Her Dream
2SM0792: MCENTIRE, REBA - Reba McEntire: Read My Mind Songbook: Piano Vocal Guitar
2BG3043: MCEWAN, GRANT - Pat Burns: Cattle King
2S2691: MCFADDEN, FRED - Wayne Gretzky (Canadian Lives series)
2CK1549: MCFADDEN, CHRISTINE;FRANCE, CHRISTINE - The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate: With over 200 Recipes
2E1116: MCFARLAN,DONALD M - Owutam Goes Hunting
A3888: LESLIE MCFARLANE - The Princess,The Hockey Player,Magic and Ghosts
SP4181LRG: MCFARLANE, BRIAN - Brian McFarlane's NHL Hockey
5S1102: MCFARLANE,LESLIE - McGonigle Scores
2S1092: MCFARLANE, BRIAN - One Hundred Years of Hockey
2WAR1657: MCFEE, HARRY F. - For We Were Young and We Had Wings : A Tribute to Those Who Volunteered to Restore Peace in the World
5I1644: MCFERRAN, ANN (COMPILED BY) - Stories to Be Read Aloudto Children and By Children
2I2800: MCFERRAN, ANN (COMPILED BY) - Stories to Be Read Aloud to Children And By Children
A4706: MCGAVRAN,GRACE - Mpengo of the Congo
5BG1040: MCGEOWN,PATRICK - Heat the Furnace Seven Times More
2T1288: MCGIFFIN, LEE - High Whistle Charley
7CL0010: PERRAULT; RETOLD BY HILDA MARY MCGILL - Perrault's Tales of Long Ago
2FIC2975: MCGINLEY,PHYLLIS - The Province of The Heart
L3216: MCGOVERN,ANN - Rocky and His Friends
2WAR0065: MCGOWAN, ALAN - Sailor A Pictorial History
3S0012: MCGRAW,JOHN J - 1904 Official Base Ball (Baseball) Guide Also The Official Rules For 1905 and Schedule of Games To Be Played
6C2272: COMIC SET DON MCGREGOR & PAUL GULACY - Sabre Set of 12 Comics Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
RR1285: MCGUFFEY - McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader Revised Edition
RR1289: MCGUFFEY - McGuffey's Eclectic Primer Revised edition
RR1291: MCGUFFEY - McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book Revised edition
2RR0054: MCGUFFEY - McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader
2BP0943: FRED MCGUINNESS - Local History Style Guide
2MB1151: MCGUINNESS, FRED - The Wheat City: A Pictorial History of Brandon
2A1328: MCGUIRE,EDNA - Glimpses Into Long Ago
2HL1407: MCGUIRE, MICHAEL & FAIRBANKS L. - Ethological Psychiatry; Psychopathology in the Context of Evolutionary Biology
2BG1024: MCGUIRE, LIZZIE - The Story of Lizzie McGuire: By Herself
2AR0292: MCGUIRE, THOMAS - 99 days on the Yukon: An account of what was seen and heard in the company of Charles A. Wolf, gentleman canoeist
2PB14953: MCHARGUE, GEORGESS - The Turquoise Toad Mystery
2SM0067: MCHUGH,JIMMY - I love to Whistle
2RM0385: MCHUGH, FRANCES Y - The Ghost Wore Black
2NH0516: MCINERNY, DEREK & GERARD, GEOFFREY - All About Tropical Fish
ART0151: MCINNES, GRAHAM - Canadian Art
WAR0205: MCINNIS, EDGAR - The War: Sixth Year
5EH1376: MCINNIS,EDGAR W - The Unguarded Frontier a History of American Canadian Relations
2HST1361: MCINTARY, ALEXANDER - World Relations and The Continents . Part I and II
RR2134: MCINTOSH,J RANTON & BARRETT,FRANKLIN L ET AL - Teachers Manual to Accompany Wide Open Windows
2RR0564: MCINTYRE,ALEXANDER - A Modern Arithmetic Book One
2RR5863: MCINTYRE, W.A. - The Alexandra Readers Primer
2EH1869: MCIVOR, R. CRAIG - Canadian Monetary Banking and Fiscal Development
2I6411: MCKAY, HILARY - Was That Christmas?
2L0165: MCKEAN, EMMA C. - Surprise for Snoozey
6PB2003: MCKEAN,EMMA C - 14 Good Little Dolls With Cloth Like Dresses (Paper Dolls)
2L1583: MCKEAN, EMMA C. - Surprise for Snoozey (Tell-a-tale-books)
RR1819: MCKEE, PAUL & HARRISON, M LUCILLE ET AL - Practice For Climbing Higher Revised Edition
RR1822: MCKEE, PAUL & HARRISON, M LUCILLE ET AL - Practice For Jack and Janet Revised Edition
RR1824: MCKEE, PAUL & HARRISON, M LUCILLE ET AL - Practice For Up and Away Revised Edition
2RR0178: MCKEE, PAUL ; HARRISON, M LUCILE ; MCCOWEN, ANNIE ; LEHR, ELIZABETH - Practice for On We Go Teacher's Edition, Revised
2RR0215: MCKEE, PAUL ; HARRISON, M LUCILE ; MCCOWEN, ANNIE ; LEHR, ELIZABETH - Reading for Meaning : Practice for Jack and Janet
2NH1261: MCKEE, JASPER - Tails & Tales
T2203: MCKENNA,DOLORES - The Adventures of the Bunny-Boys
2A0269: MCKENNA, COLLEEN O'SHAUGHNESSY - Merry Christmas Miss McConnell
3V0088: MCKENNA,EDWARD L - The Bruiser
2FIC5018: MCKENNEY, RUTH - Jake Home
2TRA0890: MCKENZIE, RUTH - Leeds and Grenville : Their First Two Hundreds Years
2MB0901: MCKENZIE, TULLY - It's Time to Remember 1874-1974: A Hundred Years of Progress Tremaine - Hunterville Area
3WAR0132: MCKENZIE, F A - British Railways and the War
2BG2980: MCKENZIE, DONALD - Fugitives
2Z36436: MCKILLIP, PATRICIA A. - The Tower at Stony Wood
CN0158: MCKIM, AUDREY - Judy and the Moons of Korea
2A1389: MCKIM,AUDREY - Lexy O'connor
2SB0393: MCKIM, AUDREY - Sun Hee and The Street Boy
5EH1120: MCKINLEY,MABEL BURNS - The Maple Leaf Series Famous Men and Women of Canada
A4120: MCKINLEY,M B - Three Boys On The Yangtse
2S6366: MCKINLEY, MICHAEL - Hockey: A People's History
2MY1551: MCKINNON, KEITH - The Rempal Inquest
3BP0003: MCKISHNIE,ARCHIE P - Big John Wallace
2I0060: MCKISSACK, PATRICIA C. - A Million Fish...More or Less
2I1468: MCKISSACK, PATRICIA C. - Goin' Someplace Special
5MB1097: MCKITRICK,T G - Andrew Stewart of the Prairie Homesteads
5EH1448: MCKITRICK,T G - Andrew Stewart of the Prairie Homesteads
2CF0055: MCKOWAN, EVAH - Graydon of the Windermere
2L3068: MCLACHLAN, ROBERTA - Eskimos
E4746: MCLAINE, KATHLEEN - Jean At St Hilary's
2LIT2843: MCLAREN, E. T. - Dr. John Brown and His Sisters Isabella and Jane
2EH0499: MCLAUGHLIN, AUDREY; ARCHBOLD, RICK - A Woman's Place: My Life and Politics
5FIC2900: MCLEAN, STUART - The Vinyl Cafe Unplugged
5I2115: MCLEAN, RUARI (EDITOR) - The Noah's Ark A.B.C. And 8 Other Victorian Alphabet Books In Color
2CF1805: STUART MCLEAN - Extreme Vinyl Cafe
7BG0006: MCLEISH, JOHN A. B. - A Canadian For All Seasons: The John E. Robbins Story
2EH0091: MCLEISH,JOHN A. B. - September Gale
2I3091: MCLELLAN - Nanobosho Soaring Eagle and Great Sturgeon
2A5145: MCLENNAN, MARY LOUISE - Childrens' Artist Friends
A6212: MCLEOD,GRACE DEAN - Stories of The Land of Evangeline
2I3275: MCLEOD, ELAINE - Lessons from Mother Earth
2NON1290: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL - The Mechanical Bride
2N2670: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL & BELLOW, SAUL ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly December 1969
7L0082MISC: MCMANUS, JEAN KYLER - Mothers are Nicer'n Anybody
3CB0029: MCMANUS,GEO - Bringing Up Father First Series
2CB3412: MCMANUS,GEO - Bringing Up Father Series No 20
H2469: MCMANUS, GEORGE - Bringing Up Father Second Series
WAR0248: MCMILLAN, RICHARD - Mediterranean Assignment
2A0725: MCMILLAN, ROBERT - The Origin of the World a Book for Children
4V0079: MCMULLEN - Eager is the Flesh
2FIC17853: MCMURTRY, LARRY - The Berrybender Narratives
2I6341: MCNAIR, RICK;MCVARISH-YOUNGER, CHRIS - Last Unicorn on the Prairies
5HA1365: MCNAMARA, BROOKS - American Popular Entertainments: Jokes, Monologues, Bits, and Sketches
2POT0573: MCNAMARA, EUGENE - Passages & Other Poems
2PP2629: MCNARY, HERBERT L & O'SULLIVAN, WILLIAM & OPPENHEIN, RALPH ET AL - Sky Fighters November 1938 Volume XX No 1
5BG1206: MCNAUGHT, KENNETH - Conscience and History : A Memoir
2HOR0108: MCNAUGHTON, BRIAN - Satan's Mistress
7RE0001: MCNEILL, JAMES - The Sunken City and Other Tales from Round the World
2OC0894: MCNICHOL, ANDREA;NELSON, JEFFREY A. - Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work for You
J1395: MCNICHOLL, MARTIN K. - Maintoba Bird Studies 1744-1983 (A Bibliography)
2FIC0028: MCNICKLE, D'ARCY - Wind from an Enemy Sky

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