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HB0106: KAPLAN, STUART - Tarot Classics
FIC0290: KAPLAN, BARRY JAY - Biscayne
2RE3554: KAPLAN, RABBI ARYEH - Handbook of Jewish Thought
2RE1572: KAPLINSKI, SOLLY - Lost and Found: A Second Generation Response to the Holocaust
2I6050: KAPPER, R. JON - Bow Wow Blast Off (Little Lucy and Friends)
2NF0437: KARLITZ, GAIL - Author (Virtual Apprentice)
2I1228: KARNOVSKY,B.N.S. - The Romper Room Bedtime Storybook
5FIC2526: KARP,DAVID - Leave Me Alone
2EH1702: KARPAN, ROBIN;KARPAN, ARLENE - Saskatchewan Scenic Secrets
5GH1024: KARPIN,FRED L - Contract Bridge the Play of the Cards
2WAR2481: KARPOV, VLADIMIR - Russia at War 1941-45
CN0059: KARR,W J - Explorers Soldiers and Statesman The History of Canada Through Biography
J2256: KARR, GERALD WILLIAM - Studies on Supersensitivity of Smooth Muscle in the Cat Spleen: A Thesis Presented to The University of Manitoba: In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy
2AR0267: KARRAS, A.L. - Face the North Wind
2CF1879: KARRAS, A.L. - North to Cree Lake
2ART1882: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh Canadians
2EH0094: KARSH, YOUSUF & FISHER, JOHN - Karsh & Fisher See Canada
2ART1962: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh: American Legends: Photographs and Commentary (Springs of Achievement Series on the Art of Photography)
2RE0023: KEVORK KASSARJIAN - Behind the Iron Altar
6L0023: KASSEL, DON - Things to Do When You Get Out of The Hospital
2TRA0825: KATES, JEROME S - Minute Stories of Famous Explorers
2RPG0505: KATH, D.; SPIEGLE, GARRY - 3-D Dragon Tiles The Kipnapping of Princess Areline
2ERT0043: KATT, TABITHA - Have Wife, Will Swap
5BG1373: KATYI, ANDRE; TRANSLATED BY JUDI SIMMS - Angels on Devil's Island
MY0991PB: KATZ, WILLIAM - Death Dreams
6RE1023J: KAUFFMAN, PAUL E. - A Single Spark
2V2183: KAUFFMANN,LANE - A Lesser Lion
5FIC3922: KAUFFMANN,STANLEY - This Time Forever
2L0364: KAUFMAN, CAROL - Reading, Writing and Spelling
2R0621: PROGRAM; KAUFMANN, WALTER (CONDUCTOR); GRESCOE, DONNA (GUEST ARTIST) - Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Program for Thursday December 14, 1950
2S1226: KAVANAGH, L.V - History of Golf in Canada
2BG0975: KAYE, DENNIS - Laugh, I Thought I'd Die : My Life With ALS
2S0710: KAZ, GEORGE - Hockey Legends
2RM0046: KAZAN, ELIA - Acts of Love
2POT0444: KEACHIE, PAT - From My Heart to Yours : New Words from an Old Soul
L4214: KEAN,EDWARD - Howdy Doody and the Princess
5L1174: KEAN, EDWARD - Howdy Doody in Funland
2L0358: KEAN, EDWARD - Howdy Doody and Clarabell
2CB2376: KEANE, BIL - The Family Circus (First Time in Paperback!)
2MB1635: KEARNS, LENDRE ROGERS - Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
2CC0326: KEARY, E. (EDITOR) - Friendly Leaves for 1889
2MB1086: KEATING, WES - The Hanover Tache Hockey League Story: A History 1958-1983 (The H.T.H.L. Story)
5POT1084: KEATS,JOHN - Keats
2POT1056: KEATS - Selections from Keats
2MB0102: KEDDIE,PHILLIP D. & HAAS,DR. MAARA & JAENEN,DR. C.J & VAN KIRK,SYLVIA & EMMETT,ROBERT E. & STONE,DANIEL - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 31 1974-75
2BG2046: KEEFE, LYNN - Guess Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed: Bedtime Stories By a Very Hip Hooker
7NF0006LRG: KEEN, MARTIN L. - The How and Why Book of Science Experiments
2NF0164a: KEEN,MARTIN L - air and water: The How and Why Wonder Book
2P0332: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew Double: The Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion and The Quest of the Missing Map
2G2436: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret of the Golden Pavilion Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 36
G3938: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Bungalow Mystery
G3939: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Bungalow Mystery
G3992: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret of the Hermitage
G3993: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret at Lone Tree Cottage
G3994: KEENE, CAROLYN - In The Shadow of the Tower
P5172: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret of the Swiss Chalet
P5370: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew: The Clue of the Crossword Cipher
P5372: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew: The Witch Tree Symbol
G2159: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew and The Mystery At Lilac Inn
P1004A: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England) 5 The Clue in the Crossword Cipher
P1519: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England) 5 The Clue in the Crossword Cipher
P2135A: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England)35 The Witch Tree Symbol
P2135D: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England)35 The Witch Tree Symbol
P2137B: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England)Mystery Of The Glowing Eye
P2243B: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England)29 Mystery of the Moss-covered Mansion
P2243C: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England)29 Mystery of the Moss-covered Mansion
P2441: KEENE, CAROLYN - ND(England)The Moonstone Castle Mystery
2P0966: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew #53: The Sky Phantom
2P1000: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew #51: Mystery of the Glowing Eye
2P1001: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew #51: Mystery of the Glowing Eye
2G2297: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret of The Old Clock: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
2PB2492: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Legend of the Emerald Lady (Nancy Drew Ser.)
G5355: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Witch Tree Symbol
4PB1088: KEENE, CAROLYN; GREENBERG, ANNE (EDITOR) - Flying Too High (The Nancy Drew Files, No. 106)
2P0644: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Nancy Drew Files Making Waves
2P0645: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Nancy Drew Files Swiss Secrets
2G0580: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Clue In The Crumbling Wall
2P6043: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew #16: The Clue of the Tapping Heels
3G0026: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Haunted Showboat
3G0028: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Hidden Window Mystery
2P6139: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Rusty Key
3G0040: KEENE, CAROLYN - Dana Girls Number 1: By The Light of the Study Lamp
5G1173: KEENE, CAROLYN - In the Shadow of the Tower
5VV1137: KEENE, DAY - Wake Up To Murder
2P6801: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret of Mirror Bay
2G1214: KEENE,CAROLYN - Nancy Drew Mystery: The Saucer Mystery
2P6969: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Clue in the Crumbling Wall
2A4774: KEENE, CHARLES, ET AL - With Rod & Gun (Punch Library of Humour)
2G1269: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Bungalow Mystery
2P7067: KEENE, CAROLYN - Mystery of the Bamboo Bird
2G1338: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Black Keys
2G1453: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Mystery at the Ski Jump (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #29)
2P8391: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Sierra Gold Mystery (Dana Girls Mystery Stories No. 23)
3H0229: BASED ON CAROLYN KEENE - The Dana Girls Game
6G1008: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret at the Hermitage
2G2158: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Clue in the Crumbling Wall
6G2018A: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Clue in the Crumbling Wall Nancy Drew Series No 22
2G0650: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Secret of the Swiss Chalet
2P2292: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Message in the Hollow Oak
2A4766: KEENE, CHARLES, ET AL - Scottish Humour (Punch Library of Humour)
2G1698: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret At the Gatehouse: Dana Girls Mystery Stories #9
2P7895: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Witch Tree Symbol
2P7907: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Bungalow Mystery
2P7916: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Message in the Hollow Oak
2PB25667: KEENE, CAROLYN - Set of 25 Nancy Drew Girl Detective From Number 1 Without a Trace to No 25 Trails of Treachery
2P8074: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Mystery of the Tolling Bell: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #23
2P8926: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Dana Girls Mysteries By The Secret Of The Silver Dolphon
2G1892: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Black Keys: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
2G1900: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Clue in the Jewel Box
2G1901: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Password to Larkspur Lane
2PB22732: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Nancy Drew Files Gift Set 2
6G2037: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Secret in the Old Attic Nancy Drew Series No 21
3G2017: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Password To Larkspur Lane Nancy Drew No 10
2G1979: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Message in the Hollow Oak
2PB25857: KEENE, CAROLYN - Ultimate Nancy Drew Collection #3 (En Garde #17 / Pit of Vipers #18 / The Orchid Thief #19 / Getting Burned #20 / Close Encounters #21 / Dressed to Steal #22 / Troubled Waters #23 / Murder on the Set #24)
2G1994: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Password to Larkspur Lane
2G5259: KEENE, CAROLYN - By the Light of the Study Lamp (Nancy Drew #1)
2G2031: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Sign of the Twisted Candles
2PB24989: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Campus Ghost/The Ghost Dogs of Whispering Oaks/Blackbeard's Skull/The Ghost Jogger/The Curse of the Frog/The Greenhouse Ghost (Nancy Drew Ghost Stories 1, 27, 59, 89, 107 & 133)
2PB25880: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Sleuth Set 1-4 (Without a Trace / A Race Against Time / False Notes / High Risk)
2G2434: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Haunted Showboat Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 35
2G2332: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Rusty Key: Dana Girls Mystery No 11
G3672: KEENE,CAROLYN - Nancy's Mysterious Letter
6G2018: KEENE,CAROLYN - The Clue in the Crumbling Wall Nancy Drew Series No 22
2G2437: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Rusty Key Dana Girls Number 11
2G0030A: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue in the Old Stagecoach
P5559EMS: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew Complete Set 1 to 56. From The Secret of the Old Clock to The Thirteenth Pearl
2G2367: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Velvet Mask Nancy Drew Number 30
2G2442: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Mystery At Lilac Inn
2P8911: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Dana Girls Mysteries The Ghost In The Gallery
2P8497: KEENE, CAROLYN PSEUD - The Nancy Drew Cookbook; Clues to Good Cooking.
2PB25854: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew: Ultimate Books Collection #1 (A Race Against Time #2 / False Notes #3 / Lights, Camera... #5 / The Stolen Relic #7 / Action! #6 / High Risk #4 / The Scarlet Macaw Scandal #8)
2P8915: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Dana Girls Mysteries By The Secret Of The Silver Dolphon
2P8775: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Nancy Drew Cookbook; Clues to Good Cooking.
2FIC17802: KEENLEYSIDE, DAVID - Where the mountain falls
3PP0658: KEFFER,ANNE (EDITOR) WITH LOUIS L'AMOUR & STEUART EMERY ET AL - Treasury of Great Western Stories
2AR0316: KEIGHLEY, SYDNEY AGUSTUS - Trader Tripper Trapper: The Life of a Bay Man
J1101Y: KEILLOR, BRUCE DAVID - Marketing in the 21st Century: Volume 3
5NH1069: KEIRAN, MONIQUE - Albertosaurus : Death of a Predator (Discoveries in Paleontology Ser.: )
CF0200: KEITH, MARIAN - The Bells of St Stephen's
CF0201: KEITH, MARIAN - Under The Grey Olives
CF0202: KEITH, MARIAN - A Gentleman Adventurer A Story of the Hudson's Bay Company
CF0205: KEITH, MARIAN - The End of the Rainbow
H0151: KEITH - Boys Life Of Will Rogers
S1800: KEITH,HAROLD - A Pair of Captains
2FIC2346: KEITH, MARY E.; CHAMPAGNE, DEBORAH E. - The Scarlet Cord
W1131: KEITH, BRANDON - Green Hornet: Case of the Disappearing Doctor
2V6046: KEITH, AGNES NEWTON - Land Below the Wind
2EH0467: KELCEY, BARBARA E AND DAVIS, ANGELA E (EDITOR) - A Great Movement Underway: Women and The Grain Growers' Guide 1908-1928
2CF0698: O'KELL, JENNIFER - A Wolf at the Door
2HL1916: KELLER, DAVID - The Sexual Education Series. Love, Courtship, Marriage
2HL1915: KELLER, DAVID - The Sexual Education Series. Sex and Family Through the Ages
2A0338: KELLER, CHARLES (COMPILED) - More Ballpoint Bananas
2HL1913: KELLER, DAVID - The Sexual Education Series. The Sexual Education of a Young Man
2SM1330: KELLER, ROBERT S.; W.J.G. - Round The Tree: The Children's Christmas Book - A Merry Collection of Happy Songs
2HL1914: KELLER, DAVID - The Sexual Education Series. The Sexual Education of the Young Woman
6BP1011: KELLERMAN, JOSEPH L - Alcoholism A Guide For the Clergy
2ARCH0351: KELLEY, EDWARD N.;PLATT, ELISE;GERS, BARBARA BEHRENS - Cost, Rent, and Profit Computer: Rental Apartments
MM2079: KELLOGG,ELIJAH - Boy Farmers of Elm Island
MM2363: KELLOGG, ELIJAH - The Spark of Genius - Or, The College Life of James Trafton
H2827: KELLOGG - Kellogg's Story Book Of Games Book Number One ( Little Black Sambo )
H2828: KELLOGG - Kellogg's Storybook of Games Book Two
H2829: KELLOGG - Kellogg's Storybook of Games Book Number Three
H2830: KELLOGG - Kellogg's Story Book of Games Book Number Four (Little Black Sambo)
2A0057: KELLY,ERIC P - The Trumpeter of Krakow
3C0391: KELLY,WALT COMIC - Pogo Possum 7 October to December 1951
2S0551: KELLY,RED - Hockey the Sports Playbook
5BUC1003: KELLY,A ASHMUN - The Expert Estimator and Business Book for Painters
5FIC2974: KELLY,MYRA - Wards of Liberty
2I2253: O'KELLY, BARBARA; ALLINSON, BEVERLEY - All Aboard!: A Cross-Canada Adventure
2WE0639: KELLY, JAMES B - The Edge Of Grass
2ART2086: KELLY, DEIRDRE - Ballerina: Sex, Scandal, and Suffering Behind the Symbol of Perfection
2E3380: KELLY, MARGARET DUNCAN KELLY - The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh
2POT0737: KELLY, W. - An Ulsterman's Rhymes
2E1504: KELMAN, JANET HARVEY - Stories from the Life of Christ
2ACT0135: KELTIE,JOHN S - The Works of the British Dramatists
MY0902: KEMELMAN, HARRY - The Day the Rabbi Resigned, a Rabbi Small Mystery
2V5619: KEMP, KIMBERLY - Love Like A Shadow
2L0754: KEMP, JO - Wally the Wobbling Wellington
2PB15206: KEMP, GENE - Tamworth Pig Saves the Tree
2MB0964: KEMP, DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III (3) Number 16
2MB1021: KEMP, DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III (3) Number 20
2V5618: KEMP, KIMBERLY - Perfume and Pain
2V5649: KEMP, KIMBERLY - Lap of Luxury
2LIT8113: KEMPIS, THOMAS - The Imitation of Christ
2R4074: KEMPSTER, GRAHAM - Guitars: Sounds, Chrome and Stars
5E1073: KENDALL,K - South from Frisco
2NH0368: KENDALL,REGINALD - Problem Bilong Yu
2B0300: KENDALL, K. - Tenderfoot
2ART1193: KENDERDINE, G. - Twelve Views of Saskatchewan
V2760M: KENDERICK,BAYNARD - The Last Express
2BG2987: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Profiles in Courage: Decisive Moments in the Lives of Celebrated Americans
R4596: KENNEDY, MARGERY & PETER - Little Music Maker The Children's Own Piano Book
WAR0176: KENNEDY, J M - How The Nations Waged War
WAR0182: KENNEDY, J M - How The War Began
A6626: KENNEDY,MILDRED - The Forest Beyond the Woodlands
2A0626: KENNEDY,JOHN F - Profiles In Courage (abridged)
I3386: KENNEDY,LESLIE - Quaint Chums
5FIC1565: KENNEDY,NANCY MACDOUGALL - New Girl in the Office
2N2348: KENNEDY , ROBERT & SAROYAN, WILLIAM ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly April 1962
2L0866: KENNEDY,WALLY DON - Our Daddy is a Lumberman
2CR0179: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Ten Rillington Place
2WAR2731: KENNEDY, J. M. - The Campaign Round Liège
3WAR0151: KENNINGTON,ERIC - Tanks and Tank-Folk
2P7230: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Black Jacket Mystery
5PB1269: KENNY - Trixie Belden Mystery : Quiz Book (No. 1)
2PB9517: KENNY,KATHRYN - Trixie Belden Mystery : Quiz Book (No. 2)
2P6474: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Black Jacket Mystery
2P6756: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mystery at Bob-White Cave
2P6894: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mystery Of Bob-White Cave
2P8425: KENNY, KATHERINE - Trixie Belden and The Mystery on Cobbett's Island
2P2313: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mystery on Cobbett's Island
2P1759: KENNY,KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Black Jacket Mystery
2P2365: KATHRYN KENNY - Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Blinking Eye
2P4174: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mysterious Code
2P4213: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mystery on Cobbett's Island (Trixe Belden Ser., No. 13)
2P7218: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mysterious Code
V5245: KENT, W. H. B. - The Tenderfoot
V6643: KENT, PAMELA - Moon Over Africa
2AB0519: KENT, STEVEN L. - Rogue Clone 7: The Clone Redemption
2RM1487: KENT, PAMELA - Bladon's Rock (Original Title: Doctor Gaston)
5AD1104: KENT, ALEXANDER - The Inshore Squadron
3AD0007: KENT,ALEXANDER - Stand Into Danger
2I6720: ALLEGRA KENT - Ballerina Swan
2AD1734: KENT, ALEXANDER - Richard Bolitho, Midshipman
2AD1738: KENT, ALEXANDER - Honour This Day
2V5610: KENT, NORA - Vendetta in Connemara: Woman's Life Romances No 141
I0913: KENT, ALICE - Jesus The Healer
5RR1051: KENWORTHY,LEONARD S - Introducing Children to the World
2Z39437: SHERRILYN KENYON - Born of Defiance: The League: Nemesis Rising
2E2744: KENYON, JAMES W. - Traitor's Gold
2TRA0438: YAMAMOTO KENZO - Kyoto Best Selection
2PB7860: KEOWN,DON - The Case Of The Runaway
2PB7861: KEOWN,DON - The Mystery Of The Poisoned River
2PB7862: KEOWN,DON - The Case Of The Smoke Bomber
2PB7863: KEOWN,DON - The Case Of The Missing Trophy
E5227: KER,DAVID - Blown Away From The Land
2E2918: KER, DAVID - Prisoner Among Pirates
5CF1189: KERBY,GEORGE W - The Broken Trail
2FIC1110: KERBY, SUSAN ALICE - Fortnight in Frascati
2E1452: KERR, MARY - Slippery Sam
2TRA0590: KERS, MARTIN - Holland
2FIC0032: GERALD KERSH - Sergeant Nelson of the Guards
2FIC4428: KERSH,GERALD - Prelude to a Certain Midnight
NH0110: KERSHAW, ANDREW - All Colour World of Baby Animals
2Z26290: KESEY, KEN (FORWARD) - Sorcerers: A Collection of Fantasy Art
2L2293: KESSLER, LEONARD - Whose Hat Is That?
2A3798: KESTAVAN, G.R - The Pale Invaders
2NF0768: KESTER, MAX - The Ambush: A Robin Hood Adventure
CB0026: KETCHAM,HANK - Dennis The Menace Vs Everybody
H0229: KETCHAM, HANK - Dennis The Menace
H2494: KETCHAM, HANK - More Dennis The Menace
H2739: KETCHAM, HANK & HOFFMAN, AL & MANNING, AL - Dennis The Menace sheet music
H2752: KETCHAM,HANK - Dennis The Menace Golden Record R91
2HA0212: KETCHAM, HANK - Someone's in the Kitchen with Dennis (Dennis the Menace Ser.)
2C0083: KETCHAM, HANK - Dennis the Menace: The Best of Dennis No.7
2C0086: KETCHAM, HANK - Dennis the Menace: The Best of Dennis No.4
PP1257: FARRELL; KETCHUM ET AL. - Star Western pulp magazine 1946 October
PP1320: KETCHUM, PHILIP; GIFF CHESHIRE; ETAL - Ranch Romances 1955, first August issue
RR1908: KETCHUM, I A & RICE, A L - Toys At Play
2USA0021: KETCHUM, RICHARD (EDITOR) - The American Heritage: Book of Great Historic Places
2V1815: KEVIN, LLOYD - Her Cheating Heart
CB0930: KEY,TED - Ted Key's Diz and Liz
2N2485: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON; CUMMINGS; E.E.; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly April 1953
2ER0426: KEYES, PETER - The Love Odds
2N1489: KEYES, FRANCIS PARKINSON; LA FARGE, OLIVER; SANDBURG, CARL; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly September 1950
2M0058: KEYLIN,ARLEEN BENT,CHRISTINE (EDITED BY) - The New York Times At The Movies
2I4847: KHAN, RUKHSANA - King of the Skies
2LIT7563: OMAR KHAYYAM - Ruba'iya't of Omar Khayyam
I1389: KHAYYAM, OMAR - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
I2089: KHAYYAM,OMAR - The Rubayyat
2LIT6142: KHAYYAM, OMAR; JAMI; FITZGERALD, EDWARD (TRANS.) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and the Salman and Absal of Jami
2CL0450: KHAYYAM, OMAR - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
2POT0334: KHAYYAM, OMAR - Rubaiyat
2LIT7564: OMAR KHAYYAM - Ruba'iya't of Omar Khayyam
2LIT17571: KHAYYAM, HAKIM YAMA; KHAYYAM, OMAR - Omar Khayyam Revisited
2LIT18449: HAKIM YAMA KHAYYAM; OMAR KHAYYAM - Omar Khayyam Revisited
2MOV1304: KIBLER, JEFF;HAYNES, JOHN HAROLD - Ford Festiva & Aspire '88 Thru '97
2RE3462: KIDDER, J.E. - Japan Before Bugghism
2I0511: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #11 : Gerty Goose Moves Away
2I0512: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #26 : Summer Camp
2I0513: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #9 : The Big Game
2I0514: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #5 : The Gang Gets in Trouble
2I0515: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #4 : The Beauty Lesson
2I0516: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #25 : Uncle Bill Comes to Visit
2I0518: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #17 : Trouble with Fire
2I0519: KIKI - The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver and Friends #13 : The Saturday Matinee
BG0521m: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - The Firebrand: William Lyon Mackenzie & the Rebellion in Upper Canada
2S3002: KILGOUR, DAVID (EDITOR) - Maple Leaf Gardens Memories and Dreams 1931-1999
S1627: KILLANIN,LORD & RODDA,JOHN (EDITORS - The Olympic Games 1984
S1926: KILLANIN,LORD & RODDA,JOHN - The Olympic Games
S1782: KILLY, JEAN-CLAUDE WITH PFEIFFER, DOUG - Skiing ... The Killy Way
3FG0006: KILMISTER,L M - Farm Mechanics Construction Book Details of Construction, Maintainance and Repair of Farm Buildings, Irrigation and Earth Fill Dams
3FG0007: KILMISTER,L M - Farm and Home Mechanics' Guide: Information on Internal Combustion Engines,Mechanical and Civil Engineering Problems, Repairing and Maintaining Farm Machinery
3FG0008: KILMISTER,L M - Farm and Home Mechanics' Guide: Information on Internal Combustion Engines,Mechanical and Civil Engineering Problems, Repairing and Maintaining Farm Machinery
2L3090: KILROY, SALLY - Babies' Zoo
2L3091: KILROY, SALLY - Baby Colours
6NON0008: KIM, ASHIDA - Secrets of the Ninja
5I1895: KIM, MELISSA - The Mountain Gorilla
2FSH0527: KIMBALL, KENDRICK & HARVEY, HAROLD R ET AL - Field & Stream May 1929
2BP0857: KIMBALL, ALICE MARY - The Story of Books and How They Came to be
F2184: KINCADE,WYNN - Golden Buttons
EH0439: KINCADE, WINNIFRED - Saskatchewan Monuments
I2627: KINCAID, LUCY (ADAPTED BY ) - Little Red Riding Hood
5S1041: KINDALL, JERRY - Sports Illustrated Baseball
HB0028: KING, STEPHEN - Pet Cemetary (Chinese edition)
T4685: KING,RUFUS - North Star A Dog Story of the Canadian Northwest
H3852: KING,MARTIN P AND SON (CREATOR) - Hingees Bring Clyde Beatty and His Animals to Life
3PP0387: KING,OLIVER & CALVERT,THOMAS ET AL - Rangeland Love Stories April 1954
2MOV0037: KING, BRAD - All Colour Book of Racing Cars
2V1433: KING,RUFUS - The Case of the Constant God
5BG1101: KING,ANDREW - Pen,Paper & Printing Ink
5M1042: KING,BASIL - Let Not Man Put Asunder
5FIC2698: KING,ANNETTE - The Magic Tortoise Ranch
5COL1043: KING, CONSTANCE E. - Antique Toys and Dolls
5WE1165: KING,AMES - Pistol Justice
5M1136: KING,DAVID - My Life in Pictures Charles Chaplin
5USA1066: KING JR, MARTIN LUTHER - Conscience For Change Massey Lectures 1967
6POT1001: KING, JOHN M. - A Critical Study of In Memoriam
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5F1172A: LAMBERT, JANET - The Odd Ones
2F0936: LAMBERT, JANET - Friday's Child (Famous Janet Lambert Books No. 8)
F2246A: LAMBERT, JANET - Candy Cane
2ER0500: LAMBERT, CHARLES - Bareback Rider
5F1093A: LAMBERT, JANET - A Dream for Susan
2F3081: LAMBERT, JANET - Stagestruck Parri
5F1024A: LAMBERT, JANET - One for the Money
2CFL0202: ST. LAMBERT, PATRICK - Vicky et Le Serpent A Plumes (Une Aventure De Vicky)
FSH0045: LAMMON,L. D. - Outdoors with "Dad" Lammon
V5507: LAMOTT, KENNETH - The Stockade
2FUN0823: LAMPE, DIANA - Diana Lampe's Embroidery from the Garden (Milner Craft Series)
2I2526: LAMPERT, EMILY; OLIVER, JENNI - The Unusual Jam Adventure
2A2984: LAMPREY, L - Long Ago People: How They Lived in Britain Before History Began
3FIC0107: LANCASTER,G B - Grand Parade
7X0002LRG: LANCEFIELD, RICHARD T.; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY HON. G. W. ROSS - Victoria, Sixty Years a Queen: A Sketch of Her Life and Times
5A2048: VAN DER LAND,SIPKE - Vitos Escape
2RE1825: LAND, ELIZABETH - To Find a Church
5BG1510: LANDAU, ROM - Of No Importance
8BG0008: LANDERY, CHARLES - So What?
3L0007: LANDIS,DOROTHY THOMPSON - Bronto the Dinosaur
2V1339: LANDON, MARGARET - Anna and the King of Siam
2ER0487: LANDON, OWEN - The Wedding Night
E5121: LANDOR,OWEN - Whither Bound? A Story of Two Lost Boys
7A0006: LANE, CARL D. - River Dragon
5TRA1006: LANE,MARGARET - A Calabash of Diamonds
5E1472: LANE,MARGARET STUART - Joan of the Brownies
2E1363: LANE, MARGARET STUART - Just Peggy
2RR1281: LANE, M.A.L - The Wide World
2A2834: LANE, M.A. - All the Year Round: A Nature Reader Part IV : Summer
2HL1444: LANE, JIM - The BetterBody Program
GH0047: LANEY, AL - Golfing America
2V1351: LANG, JACK - The Hard Case
5A1741: LANG,JEAN - A Book of Myths
5FIC1949: LANGE, OLIVER - The Land of the Long Shadow
2A2119: LANGE,D. - The Lure of the Mississippi
2PB15885: LANGEHOUGH, MABEL - The Prize and the Broken Lamp
6I0002: LANGFIELD, PAUL - My Learn to Play Chess Book
2NF0658: LANGLEY, ANDREW - Glass
MM2051: LANGWORTHY,JOHN LUTHER - The Bird Boys or The Young Sky Pilots First Air Voyage
MM2221: LANGWORTHY,JOHN LUTHER - The Bird Boys on the Wing or Aeroplane Chums in the Tropics
2MM0185: LANGWORTHY,JOHN LUTHER - The Airplane Boys On The Wing
2MM0211: LANGWORTHY, JOHN LUTHER - The Aeroplane Boys: Among the Clouds, or Young Aviators in a Wreck
2MM0233: LANGWORTHY,JOHN LUTHER - The Airplane Boys on the Wing
2ART0311: LANSDOWNE, J.F - Birds of Canada
2ART1991: LANSDOWNE, J.F.; LIVINGSTON, JOHN A. - Birds of the Northern Forest
2D0005: LANSING,MARGARET - Play-A-Sound Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame
A6638: LANSING,MARION FLORENCE - Great Moments in Exploration
7SP0043: LANTSCHNER, HELLMUT - Ski-ing for Beginners
L3707: LANTZ, WALTER ( STORY BY ANNIE NORTH BEDFORD ) - Woody Woodpecker Joins The Circus
3B0128: LANTZ, WALTER - Woody Woodpecker Big Game Hunter
3B0222: LANTZ, WALTER - Woody Woodpecker Big Game Hunter
2PB5757: LANTZ, FRANCESS L. - The Case of the Missing Mummy (The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Ser.)
3C1706: COMIC LANTZ,WALTER - Woody Woodpecker No 416
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5NON1024: LANZMANN,CLAUDE (EDITOR) - The Bird Has No Wings - Letters of Peter Schweifert
2SB0156: LAPCHAROENSAP, RATTAWUT - Sightseeing : Stories
2ARCH0661: LAPIDUS, MORRIS - Architecture: A Profession And A Business
2HST0084: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Europe in Our Time : A History, 1945-1992
3V0097: LARDNER,RING - You Know Me Al
2CB1033: LARIAR,LAWRENCE - More Best Cartoons of the Year
2FIC1362: LARIC, DODO - The Other Female in His Life
2Z36522: DAVID LARKIN - Giants
T3949: LAROM, HENRY V - Mountain Pony
2V0483: LARRIMORE, LIDA - Robin Hill
2H2131: LARSON, GLEN A - The Hardy boys and Nancy Drew meet Dracula
2FIC16870: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
5FG1014: LASCELLES, H. R. - Western Dairying
2ERT0122: LASHER, DAVID - Sex Crazy!
2GH0048: LASKER, EDWARD J. - Chess and Checkers
2L2054: LASKEY, MURIEL - Cyril the Squirrel
3ART0104: LASSAM,ROBERT - Fox Talbot Photographer
5S1337: LATFORD, BOB - 50 Years of Nascar
NF0180: LATHAM, JEAN LEE - Medals for Morse
3ART0096: LATHBURY,MARY A - Out of the Darkness Into Light
2ER0498: LATIEFF, DANIELLE MICHELE - Diary of a Licentious French Woman
2A2796: LATTIMORE, ELEANORE FRANCES - Little Pear: The Story of a Little Chinese Boy
2I0902: LAUBER, PATRICIA - The Runaway Flea Circus
2FIC16577: LAUCHMONEN - Guiana Boy
5BG1097: LAUDER,HARRY - A Minstrel in France
I3373: LAUFER,EVA - Young Folk of the Americas
3BP0238: LAUFER,BERTHOLD - Introduction of Tobacco Into Europe
2I6482: LAUFER, EVA AND THOMAS - Sylvester the Subway
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CF0099: LAURENCE, MARGARET - A Jest of God
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2A0387: LAURENCE, JOHN - The Secret of Sheen
2I1524: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Olden Days Coat
2I1809: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Olden Days Coat
2CF0169: LAURENCE,MARGARET - The Diviners
2N1454: LAURENCE, MARGARET; REED, ROY; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly November 1964
2CF1881: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Fire-Dwellers
2CF0834: LAURENCE, MARGARET - A Jest of God
3CF0006J: LAURENCE,MARGARET - The Fire-Dwellers
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2CF1069: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Diviners
2LIT7833: LAURENCE, MARGARET ET ALL - The Tamarack Review No 29 Autumn 1963
2LIT7826: LAURENCE, MARGARET/RICHLER, MORDECAI ET ALL - The Tamarack Review No 17 Autumn 1960
2LIT7823: LAURENCE, MARGARET ET ALL - The Tamarack Review No 26 Winter 1963
2SM1512: HAZEL; LAURENDEAU, ET AL - The Ideal Dance Collection For Orchestra
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2FIC4511: LAUT,AGNES C - Freebooters of the Wilderness
5LIT1728: LAUT,A C - Pathfinders of the West
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2FIC17966: LAUT, AGNES C. - The Freebooters of The Wilderness
7EH0008: LAVENDER, DAVID (EDITED BY A. B. GUTHRIE JR.) - Winner Take All: The Trans-Canada Canoe Trail (American Trail Ser.)
5BG1042: LAVER,JAMES - Museum Price
2CR0419: LAVIGNE, YVES - Hells Angels Taking Care of Business
A5260: LAVINE,SIGMUND A - The Games The Indians Played
2FL0028: LAVIOLETTE, GUY - Histoire Du Canada
2HST1314: LAW, DIANE - The World's Most Evil Dictators
7Z0011: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN R. - The Search for Fierra (Empyrion Series I)
2T0266: LAWHEAD,STEPHEN R. - Brown Ears
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5WE1050: LAWRENCE,STEVEN C - Saddle Justice
5A1429: LAWRENCE,JAMES - Adventures of a Boy Pioneer Davy Crockett and the indian Secret
5HL1066: LAWRENCE,H SHERWOOD - The Medical Clinics of North America New York Number : Medical Emergencies May 1957
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2NH1344: LAWRENCE, R.D. - The Natural History of Canada
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2LIT6948: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sons & Lovers; Women in Love; Love Among the Haystacks; Lady Chatterley's Lover
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2I0958: LAWSON, JULIE - Blown Away
2CB1072: LAWSON, PETER - Another Giant Book of Cartoons
5A1363: LAWSON,ROBERT - At That Time
2A1498: LAWSON,JULIE - White Jade Tiger
2CF0724: LAWSON, MRS. J. K. - The Harvest of Moloch
2GN0474: LAWSON, JIM - The Collected Bade Bike and Orson
S1733: LAWTON,CHARLES - Touchdown To Victory
2SP0478: LAWTON, CHARLES - Clarkville's Battery (Champion Sport Stories)
J1800: LAWTON, SANDRA AUGUSTYN - Complementary And Alternative Medicine Information for Teens: Health Tips About Non-Traditional And Non-Western Medical Practices
2NON0607: LAYCOCK, S.R. - Teaching and Learning : A Textbook in Educational Psychology
5FIC1854: LAYNE, MARION M. - The Balloon Affair
2Z8925: LAYNE,STAN - I Doubted Flying Saucers
5CF1359: LAYTON, IRVING - Lovers and Lesser Men
2SB0253: LAYTON, IRVING - Nail Polish
2SB0250: LAYTON, IRVING - The Shattered Plinths
2POT0954: LAZARUS, EMMA - The Poems of Emma Lazarus, Volume I
2SP0471: LAZEBY, ROLAND - 100 Greatest Quarterbacks
S2448: LAZENBY,ROLAND - Greatest Moments in Football
2RE1161: LEACH,GEORGE, P. & HUMBERT,GREG J. - Beedahbun: First Light of Dawn
2WAR0986: LEACH, NORMAN - Canadian Peacekeepers: Ten Stories of Valour in War-Torn Countries (Great Canadian Stories)
2RE1947: LEACH, WILLIAM H. - Prize Sermons: Church Management Contest
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3EH0117a: LEACOCK, STEPHEN & DIONNE,NARCISSE ET AL - The Makers of Canada 21 Volume Set
2PH0837: LEADBEATER, C. W. - The Hidden Side of Things Volume II
2I2644: LEAF, MUNRO - Metric Can Be Fun!
2SP0658: CFL CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE - CFL Canadian Football League Program : Winnipeg Blue Bombers Vs Ottawa Roughriders Winnipeg Stadium August 17 1961
2SP0659: CFL CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE - CFL Canadian Football League Program : Winnipeg Blue Bombers Vs Ottawa Roughriders Winnipeg Stadium August 17 1961
2SB0294: LEAH, VINCE - Pages From The Past
2MB1793: LEAH, VINCE - Alarm of Fire: 100 Years of Firefighting in Winnipeg 1882-1982
2MB1726: LEAH, VINCE - Alarm of Fire: 100 Years of Firefighting in Winnipeg 1882-1982
2HL1527: LEAMAN, WILLIAM G. - Management of the Cardiac Patient
2I3498: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense
2A5321: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsense Songs
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2RR1013: LEARY,BERNICE E; REICHERT,EDWIN C; ET AL - Finding Favorites 1957
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5FIC3272: LEATHER, STEPHEN - Tango One
2W2311: LEBECK, OSKAR; DUBOIS; GAYLORD - Rex, King of the Deep
2I1940: LEBLANC,GEORGETTE - Maeterlincks the Childrens Blue Bird
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2ER0222: LECHANCE,A N - Rodeo Ridden
2ERT0169: LECHNACE, ADRIAN - Lonely Wife
2BP0883: LECHUGA, CARLOS - Cuba's Road to Peace: A Speech to the United Nations By delegate, Carlos Lechuga
7SP0022: LEDERER, WILLIAM J. AND JOE PETE WILSON - Complete Cross-Country Skiing and Ski Touring
2V1441: LEDERER,JOE - The Long Night
2MOV1561: LEDWOCH, JANUSZ - Aircraft Monograph 3 - Messerschmitt Bf 110
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V5214: LEE, RANGER - Rustler's Luck
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2TV0889: LEE, STAN - The Fantastic Four Return
2V0374: LEE, EDNA - The Web of Days
2V0527: LEE, RANGER - Brothers of the Sage
2F0140: LEE, ELLA DOLBEAR - Jean Mary's Adventures and Summer Mystery
5ZZ1032: LEE, TANITH - Tamastara: Or the Indian Nights
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2E2096: LEE, F. H. - The Children's Hiawatha
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2GN0243: LEE, STAN - Stan Lee Presents: Star Trek the Motion Picture Marvel Super Special #15 December 1979
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2PU0292: LEE, STAN - Stan Lee presents the Incredible Hulk pop-up book, "Ringmaster and his circus of crime"
5ART1312: LEECH,JOHN - John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character from the Collection of Mr Punch Volume 2
2A4764: LEECH, JOHN, ET AL - In The Hunting Field (Punch Library of Humoujr)
T4656: LEEMING,JOHN F - Thanks To Claudius
V2156M: LEES,HANNAH - Prescription for Murder
2HL1463: LEES, CHRISTOF; REYNOLDS, KARINA; MCCARTAN, GRAINNE - Pregnancy and Birth : Your Questions Answered
2PP2665: LEES, MARGUERITE - Night Sister
5X1064: HODGE-LEETE, L. - Royal Family: A Pop-Up Book
2FIC3728: DE LEEUW, HENDRIK - Flower of Joy
2CB1741: LEFCOURT, JACK - Lefcourtland Archives Vol #1
5R1266: LEFCOWITZ, ERIC - The Monkees Tale Revised Edition
2HL1504: LEFEBVRE, ERIC ALBERT - Faithful, Free or Both?: Tools for Maximizing Long Term HIV Treatment Efficacy Revised Edition
5POT1024: LEFEVRE,L A - A Garden By the Sea and Other Poems
2POT0689: LEFEVRE, L.A. - A Garden by the Sea and Other Poems
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2BG0807: LEFOHN, L.J. - Shadows That Never Fade
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2CF1861: LEGER, GEORGE H. - The Keepers of Mon
2I0914LRG: LEGRAND - Amazing Adventures of Archie and the First Hot Dog
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3R0046: LEIGH,ROWLAND & HEYMANN,WERNER R - Live Laugh and Love
2T1372: LEIGH,M CORDELIA E - Nature's Playground in Four Books
2POT0145: LEIGH,HANES - Song of the New Hercules
2BG0695: LEIGH, Z. LEWIS - My Lady of Courage: The Story of Lillian Jan "Lin" Leigh
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7NH0036LRG: LEITCH, W. G. - Ducks and Men: Forty Years of Co-operation in Conservation
5T1019: LEITCH,ADELAIDE - The Blue Roan
2E0942: LEITCH,ELIZABETH - The Family Kilmory
2PB26006: LEITCH , PATRICIA - Dream of Fair Horses
2SB0136: LEITH, LINDA - The Desert Lake
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2MB1695: LEITKIE, C.E.; MURRAY, A.S. - Our Living Forest
2FL0139: LEMAITRE, HENRI - Gerard De Nerval Tome 1
V5382: LEMAY, ALAN - Wild Justice (The Smoky Years)
5I1314: LEMIEUX,MICHELE - What is That Noise
2L2007: LEMON, MARK - The Enchanted Doll: A Fairy Tale for Little People
2POT0906: LEMON, DON - Everybody's Book of Short Poems
2FIC1850: KENNEDY LENA - Lizzie
3M0097: LENBURG, JEFF - The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoon Series
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5SM1003: LENNON, JOHN - Imagine Sheet Music
2SM0727: LENNON, JOHN - Imagine (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
2NH1407: LENNOX, MURIEL - E. P. Taylor: A Horseman & His Horses
I3182: LENSKI,LOIS - The Little Sail Boat
2I0530: LOIS LENSKI - The Little Train
2I1634: LENSKI,LOIS - The Little Fire Engine
5L1043: LENSKI,LOIS - Now Its Fall
5I1755: LENSKI,LOIS - Policeman Small
2A1718: LENSKI, LOIS - The Little Airplane
2TM0558: LENSKI, ROBERT W - Cannon: The Last Parade TV Script
2A2794: LENSKI, LOIS - At Our House
2L1569: LENSKI, LOIS; BULLA, CLYDE ROBERT - I Went for a Walk (A Read-and-sing book)
2A3665: LENSKI, LOIS - Little Sioux Girl
2A4619: LENSKI, LOIS - Houseboat Girl
2GN0579: LENTE, FRED VAN - Marvel Zombies 4
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2Z38651: LEONARD, PAUL - The Turing Test (Doctor Who Series)
PP1176: LEONARD,BURGESS & TEMPLE,W.H - New Sports May 1951
2Z38697: LEONARD, PAUL - Genocide (Dr. Who Series)
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2TV1031: LEONARD, ELMORE - Mr. Majestyk
2A3671: LEONARD, REV. M.P.G - Scouts' Owns
2POT0763: LEONARD, R. M. (ED.) - Oxford Garlands Modern Plays and Ballads
2POT0726: LEONARD, R. M. - Oxford Garlands Poems on Travel
2LIT6006: LEONARD, R. M. (ED.) - Oxford Garlands Echoes From the Classics
2POT0713: LEONARD, R. M. - Religious Poems
2POT0762: LEONARD, R. M. (ED.) - Oxford Garlands Songs for Music
2S3004: MIKE LEONETTI - Cold war: A decade of hockeys greatest rivalry, 1959-1969
2SM1677: LEONI, FRANCO / COOPER, GEORGE - The Leaves & the Wind
2ART1478: LEPORE, M. - Les Grands De Tous Les Temps: Rembrandt
A5531: LEROE, ELLEN W - Robot Raiders
5F1203: LEROW,CAROLINE B - Duxberry Doings
2FR0098: LESAGE - Gil Blas De Santillane, Extraits I
L3782: LESKO, ZILLAH (ILLUSTRATOR) - Night Before Christmas
2LIT18089: LESKOV, NIKOLAI - The Enchanted Wanderer: and Other Stories
2LIT7199: LESKY, ALBIN - A History of Greek Literature
2MM0073: LESLIE, LAWRENCE J. - Cruise of the Houseboat
2GA0006: LESLIE, W. R.; KENNEDY, MARGARET - The Canadian Gardener's Handbook
2BP0008: LESLIE,W. R. - Growing Small Fruits In The Prairie Provinces
5MY1587: LESLIE,JEAN - One Cried Murder
5E1277: LESLIE,EMMA - In the Gipsies Van
2MM0377: LESLIE, LAWRENCE - Chums of the Campfire
2AD2825: LESLIE, RICHARD - Dusk Patrol
V4864: KNOX / LESSER - The Plot Against Earth / Recruit for Andromeda
5FIC2050: LESSING, DORIS - Landlocked
V6989: LESTER, BURT - Striptease for Murder
2E2134: LESTER, MARY E. - Bob and Bob's Baby
2ER0342: LESTER, JOAN - One Night Stand Girl
2F0807: LESTER, PAULINE - Marjorie Dean: High-School Freshman
5E1083: LETHBRIDGE,PETER - The Beresfords in Tarndale
2E0058: WINIFRED M. LETTS - The Quest of the Blue Rose
2LIT6032: LEVACK, MRS. - Stories of Old Lossiemouth

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