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3ART0053: - R I Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Catalogue of the One Hundred and Seventh Exhibition
3WAR0064: - Handbook of Elementary Drill
CC1227: - The New Rupert Colour Story Book
CC1230: - Three Cheers A Book of Stories
CC1231: - The Boys Budget
B0985: - Bugs Bunny The Masked Marvel
I3280: - Little Tot's Picture Book
2MB1451: - Murdoch MacKay Collegiate Institute Yearbook 1983-1984
H3821: - Superman Coloring Book
H3831: - Star Wars Coloring Book
H3835: - Krofft Supershow Presents Wonderbug Rock-A-Bye Buggy Coloring Book
H3838: - Superman To The Rescue Coloring Book
L4167: - Cowboys
2RR0098MAG: - The School Arts Book : The Greek Anthemion (October 1911- Vol XI, No. 2)
2RR0099MAG: - The School Arts Book : A Byzantine Lily (January 1912 - Vol XI, No. 5)
2RR0101MAG: - The School Arts Book : Assyrian Palmette (November 1911 - Vol XI, No. 3)
2RR0102MAG: - The School Arts Book : Color Number (October 1910 - Vol X, No. 2)
2RR0103MAG: - The School Arts Book : Fesival Number (November 1910 - Vol X, No. 3)
2RR0105MAG: - The School Arts Book : Handicraft Number (December 1910 - Vol X, No. 4)
2RR0104MAG: - The School Arts Book : Freehand Number (December 1911 - Vol X, No. 5)
2RR0106MAG: - The School Arts Book : A Celtic Cross (Febuary 1912 - Vol XI, No. 6)
2RR0107MAG: - The School Arts Book : A Saracenic Bilateral (March 1912 - Vol XI, No. 7)
7BP0005: - Everyday Art Tuned Palette Papers
2RR0108MAG: - The School Arts Book (May 1905 - Vol IV, No. 9)
2I0535: - Xavier's Fantastic Discovery (Cabbage Patch Kids Ser.)
2I0560: - Greenaway Picture to Paint
W3463: - 365 Bedtime Stories
2I0622: - Tales from the Arabian Nights
I3287: - The Little Small Red Hen
I3293: - Mother Goose
I3294: - Pets and Playmates at the Farm
CC1260: - The Girl's Own Annual 1897 - 1898 Volume XIX
2DVD0097: - Two And a Half Men . The Complete First Season
I3301: - My Picture Book of The Fair
2W1387: - Hanna-Barbera's the Flintstones
2X0534: - The Ilustrated London News Silver Jubilee Record Number 1910-1935
2CM0008: - Boys Best Weekly #14: Jack Standfast and the Gamblers
2CM0014: - Tip Top Weekly No 490
CC1266: - Collins Children's Annual
CC1267: - The Dandy Book 1980
CC1287: - Thrills of the Seven Seas
CC1288: - My Great Big Book
2PU0018: - Puss 'n Boots
H3854: - Andy Pandy's Annual
H3857: - Shirley Temple on the Movie Lot
H1320A: - Raiders of the Lost Ark The Movie on Cassette
2ER0001: - Jennifer Book Eight
3R0142: - Musician November 1987 Cover: George Harrison
3R0154: - She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain When She Comes Sheet Music
3BP0099: - A Brief History of the Hudson's Bay Company
2TM0056: - Photoplay 04/64
2TM0059: - Inside Movie 09/63
2I0754: - My Book of Bible Stories
2TM0077: - The Liberace Legend Show Program
2TM0082: - Rona Barrett's Hollywood March 1974 Cover: Lucille Ball / Elvis Presley
2TM0087: - This is Harry Belefonte
2TM0095: - Photoplay 54
3M0066: - A Tribute To John Wayne The Duke
2TM0095: - Photoplay 54
3BP0102: - Souvenir of the Royal Visit to Birmingham July 7th 1909
2H0097PB: - Sailor Moon Sticker Album
2PU0033: - Pinocchio (Giant Pop-up Book)
2NC0678: - The Canadian Journal of Native Studies Vol. 3 No. 1 1983
2I0755: - My Book of the Ugly Duckling
2PM0037: - People 06/12/76
R0022A: - Hit Parader magazine May 1970
B1019: - Bugs Bunny The Masked Marvel
2S3667: - World Series '92 Snowmobile Drag Racing Souvenir Program
2H0139: - The World of the Wombles
2D0032: - Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Coloring Book
2D0036: - How it Works in the Home
2TC0116: - Macleod's Fall and Winter 1967-1968
2DVD0208: - Pitch Black
2H0149: - Favorite Pets to Color
SP0440: - Sports Illustrated 73 - 02 - 19
SP0848A: - Sports Illustrated 54
SP0795: - Sports Illustrated 59 , July 13
SP0897: - :Sports Illustrated 86-09 -08
SP0891A: - :Sports Illustrated 86-01-06
SP0891B: - :Sports Illustrated 86-01-06
SP0827: - Sports Illustrated 1986, September 8
SP0827A: - Sports Illustrated 1986, September 8
SP0253: - Liberty 1941, August 9
2RR0315: - Busy Times
2CC0545: - Chums Annual 1934-1935
I3377: - The Little Red Hen
2TM0263: - Laugh In Magazine No. 2 November 1968
BP0210: - Canadian Order of Foresters Constitution
2VCR0004: - Gene Autry: Boots and Saddles
3MY0054: - Top Three Number 7
LIFE0039: - Life Magazine May 29, 1950
LIFE0040: - Life Magazine May 22, 1950
LIFE0041: - Life Magazine June 5, 1950
LIFE0042: - Life Magazine April 1, 1940
LIFE0045: - Life Magazine August 28, 1950
LIFE0046: - Life Magazine August 14, 1950
LIFE0047: - Life Magazine June 12, 1950
LIFE0051: - Life Magazine July 17, 1950
LIFE0052: - Life Magazine July 24, 1950
LIFE0053: - Life Magazine July 31, 1950
LIFE0054: - Life Magazine August 7, 1950
LIFE0055: - Life Magazine September18 , 1950
LIFE0057: - Life Magazine April 3, 1950
LIFE0060: - Life Magazine June 9, 1947
LIFE0062: - Life Magazine December 14, 1942
LIFE0067: - Life Magazine March 31, 1958
2TC0114: - Macleod's Spring and Summer 1968
2TC0115: - Macleod's Spring and Summer 1970
CC1297: - The Oxford Annual for Tiny Folks
4LK0052: - Look Magazine October 2, 1956
M2815: - Police Gazette 59
M2813: - :Police Gazette 63
2N0068: - Macleans's 66-10-15
2N0069: - Macleans's 66-10-15
2N0095: - Confectionery Craft April 5th 1930
CM0110: - Boys' Life The Boy Scouts' Magazine May 1966
TM2583: - T.V. Guide 63 October 12 - 18
2BP0004: - Streit's Passover Booklet
TM3251: - TV Guide 1963 November 22 - 25
H3890: - Betty Grable Coloring Book
H3891: - Piper Laurie Coloring Book
2RE0019: - Bible Readings for the Home Circle
3FUN0016: - The Adventurer Album for Postage Stamps of the World
2ART2210: - Baker Lake 1972 (Prints/Estampes)
2H0208: - Superman Annual 1965-66
2I6115: - Mother Goose
3HA0019: - Latest Hollywood Jokes of Stage Screen & Radio
2H0226: - Snoopy's Flying Aces Fun Book
H3894: - The Smothers Brothers Volume III
3BP0113: - 5 Years of War
3BP0114: - The Morris Minor 1000 Operation Manual Fourth Edition
2I4879: - Fluffy Puffy and Muffy
2TC0112: - Macleod's Spring and Summer 1963
2TC0113: - Macleod's Fall and Winter 1963-1964
2S0377: - Operation White Sox
2BP2216: - 1939 Holiday Guide Vacation Suggestions 5th Annual Edition
2RE0025: - The Story of Christian Science Wartime Activities 1939-1946
2I1024: - On A Sunday Afternoon (Vegtable Puppets Series)
2CM0090: - Bedtime Stories
2ER0536: - Sexy Ladies
3NON0016: - Fundamentals of Radio and Television Volumes One to Six
B1031: - Roy Rogers in Robbers' Roost
2MB1847: - History of Blanshard Municipality Volume II 1884-1970
3EH0070: - Canadian National Exhibition Official Souvenir Catalogue & Program
H3901: - The Brady Bunch Sticker Fun
2CK0996: - Good Cookery
2A0535: - The Pack Scouters Handbook
CC1315: - The Treasure Chest for Boys and Girls
CC1318: - Chatterbox 1923
W3482: - The Pitter Patter Book 1936
PU0381: - The Puppy Book with Two Pop-Ups
2I1121: - Twilight Tales
PU0388: - Cinderella An ABC Pop-Up Book
PU0389: - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
3BP0122: - Nova Scotia Canada's Ocean Playground
3BP0127: - Tours in Quebec Canada 5th Edition 1935
3BP0128: - Ontario 22 Planned Motor Tours
3BP0131: - California
3BP0135: - By Train Through The Canadian Rockies The Canadian Pacific Way
2GH0018: - Poker According to Maverick
3BP0143: - Pacific Northwest and Alaska
3BP0144: - Colorado Mountain Playgrounds
2I1146: - Sing a Song of Popcorn : Every Child's Book of Poems
3BP0153: - Oxford Books For Elementary and Junior High Schools 1961-1962
3BP0154: - Victoria British Columbia The Evergreen City of Canada
2BG0139: - Reminiscences of Lev Tolstoi By His Contemporaries
2PU0047: - The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse a Pop Up Book
2PU0052: - The Remarkable Mr.Franklin A Hallmark Pop Up Book
2PU0053: - Little Mermaid Fairy Tale Pop Up
2PU0054: - Unicorns a Pop Up Book
2PU0062: - My 123 Pop Up Book
2PU0066: - Yogi Bear and the Wise Old Owl Deluxe Pop Up Book
2PU0067: - Robin Hood
2RR0394: - Stories from Everywhere
J1037Y: - Masterplots II Short Story Series Volume 8: Revised Edition
6I2004: - The Children's Best Story Book (including Little Black Sambo)
2I1185: - Ten Little Rabbits
H3906: - Hopalong Cassidy Sticker Fun Stencil Coloring Book
2HA2147: - Punch Almanack for 1944
2PU0069: - Puss in Boots (Mother Goose with Pop-up pictures)
2CB0912: - Charlie Brown Puzzle Treasury Book
H3907: - 36 th Annual Houston Livestock Show World's Largest Wildest Rodeo Official Program February 21 Thru March 3 1968.
2A0727: - Les Passageres De L' Hirondelle
R0369: - The Paul Simon Song Book: The Best Simon & Garfunkel
CC1323: - The Scout's Pathfinder Annual 1964
CC1329: - The Children's Treasury of Pictures and Stories Twenty-Eighth Year
CC1331: - The Fairy Book
CC1333: - Schoolgirls Annual 1968
2I1242: - Victorian Children 20 Gorgeous Colour Postcards
C3945: - The Monkees comic # 13 July 1968
2E0588: - Little Meg's Children
3BP0163: - Finland For Holidays
3BP0164: - Tourist Map of Norway 1936
2I1353: - It Was So
2I1368: - On the Railway
CC1346: - The Rupert Annual 1995
2EH0108: - A Motor Scamper Across Canada
2I1404: - Fairy Tales The Valiant, Big Claus and Little Claus, Little Tailor, Rapunzel, The Wolf and Seven Little Goats
2H0344: - Captain Kangaroo Record
2BG0246: - John Buchan By His Wife and Friends
2I1438: - Yellow Dog and Pussy Gray and Other Stories
2I1453: - Tell Me a Story
2W0102: - 365 Bedtime Stories
2D0091: - Welcome to Walt Disney World Florida Coloring Book
2D0104: - Donald Duck
2D0114: - Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
2H0360: - Happy Birthday, Bugs Bunny
2H0373: - Star Fleet Technical Manual
2H0377: - Star Trek Passage to Moauv Book and Record Set
2RR0432: - Tags and Twinkle
2H0405: - Hebrew Smurf Book #4
2RR0448: - Gateways to Bookland for Grade Four
2RR0449: - The New Friendly Village
2HST0063: - Hammond's Self Revising Superior Atlas of the World
2FG0004: - Shur-Grain... Our First Fifty Years
2E0641: - Thrilling Scout Stories
3BP0167: - The Canadian Stockman - Farmer Catalogue #5-52
2PU0077: - The Clock Book a Puppet Pop Up Book
2H0438: - The Wonderful World of Tom and Jerry
2B0214: - Once Upon a Time Stories
2CC0049: - Monster Book for Boys
2I1472: - Best Loved Fairy Tales
2NON0066: - Directory of Books and Authors
2I1484: - Here We Go Roung The Mulberry Bush
2CM0099: - Jack and Jill February 1964
5ART1004: - Westvaco Inspirations for Painters
2CM0120: - Jack and Jill April 1961
2CM0121: - Jack and Jill June 1961
2CM0125: - Jack and Jill November 1959
2B0228: - Mother Goose Rhymes
2T0457: - The Peter Rabbit Story Book
RR2306: - The Victorian Readers : Fourth Reader
2USA0023: - Wabasha County, Minnesota Pictorial
2I1549: - The Story of the Three Bears
2CC0064: - The Jolly Play Book
2I1574: - The Big Book of Mother Goose
2DVD0205: - Ghost Rider: Blaze of Glory! (Marvel Digital Comics, Collector's Edition)
2DVD0206: - Underworld Evolution
2L0445: - Hanna-Barbera's Pebbles Fintstone Runaway
2N2901: - The American Home May 1951
2N2902: - The American Home March 1950
2L0452: - The Pink Panther in Canyon Capers
3CC0002: - Our Air Force
3CC0005: - Daredevil Annual 1977
2PU0084: - The Flintstones - Fred and Barney Go Fishing
2H0474: - Barbie's Neighborhood
2WAR0241: - Field of Honour: The Second World War 1939-1945
2I1607: - Bible Stories For Little Folks
2CM0132: - Jack and Jill January 1960
2CM0145: - Jack and Jill November 1961
2CM0147: - Jack and Jill July 1960
2BP1898: - Rules and Regulations for the Government of Conductors and Motormen of the Winnipeg Electric Railway Co July 1st 1911
2RE3447: - Lámi Du Clerge Revue Du Clerge Revue De Toutes Les Questions Ecclasiastiques January Janvier 3 1889 to Decembre December 26 1889
2BP0009: - Field Crop Insects In The Prairie Provinces
2I1684: - The Adventures of Robin Hood
2ARCH0753: - Project Romulus . M.I.T Report # 12
2I5983: - King Arthur and His Knights (Early Reader Series 29)
2S0481: - The Rules of Golf 1959
2FUN0063: - Airbrushing Gradated Tones (Airbrush Artist's Library)
3TC0036: - Oxford University Press Books For Fall 1949
3CC0020: - The Popular Book of Girls Stories 1933
3CC0021: - The Dandy Book 1966
2L0509: - Walt Disney's Uncle Remus
2H0485: - Big Circus Paint Book for Painting Drawing and Crayoning
2H0508: - Casper the Friendly Ghost Pictures to Color - Authorized Edition
2H0509: - Harvey-Toons Big Coloring Book - Authorized Edition
2H0515: - Archie !?
2I1754: - Robin Hood and His Merry Men
2RR0505: - The Manitoba readers V
2W1570: - Eight Stories of the Fifteen Little Bunny Tails and Their Animal Friends
5E1013: - Rupert And the Iceberg
5E1036: - The Very First Boy Scout Handbook
5MY1620: - Anthology of Mystery and Suspense
5A1032: - The Lucky Penknife
2I1795: - Fireside Stories
2I1800: - The Sweetbriar Story Book
2I1801: - The Little Foxes Story Book
3CC0031: - Hurricane Annual 1969
3CC0038: - Jingles Annual 1940
2H0532: - TV Chimps Annual 1978
3H0050: - Dilly Duckling and the Goblins (Smurfs)
2PU0096: - A Childs Nursery Rhymes
2PU0107: - Mother Goose (Giant Pop-Up Bks.)
2PU0108: - The Kitten Book
2I1816: - The House That Jack Built
5E1080: - School and Adventure Stories for Girls
2I1829: - Animals Real Cloth No. 273
2I1842: - Talking Animal Book
2RR0634: - The Century Geographical Readers Reader V
2RR0644: - Highroads To Reading Book Four
2RR0648: - The Manitoba readers V
3MB0044: - General Table of Subjects of the Report of the Census of The Province of Manitoba 1886 Census of Manitoba 1885-6
3WAR0092: - The King's Regulations and Orders for The Canadian Militia 1939
2A1415: - A Boys Treasury of Sea Stories
2PU0111: - Fern Hollow Numbers Pop Up Book
2SM1531: - The Best of QUEEN
2S0560: - Saskatoon Quakers 1951 Souvenir Program
2BP0022: - Pion Era 1956 at Saskatoon July 4 to 7
2A1453: - Told in the Twilight Stories to Tell to Children
2MB0056: - Beyond the Marsh
2EH0184: - Canadian German Folklore Volume I
2RR0675: - The Canadian Readers Book IV
2RR0683: - School Curriculum and Teachers Guide Grades I - VI
2RR0693: - New Canadian Readers, Book V
3CC0040: - Princess Gift Book For Girls 1964
3CC0041: - Girl Annual Number Eleven 1963
3CC0056: - Nelson's The Chummy Book for All Boys & Girls Who are Good Chums Twenty-seventh Year
3I0041: - Drawing and Tracing Book Simple Objects
3I0042: - Drawing and Tracing Book Children at Play
2SM1532: - Rock Guitar ( with tablature)
5BP1003: - Education and Careers In The Navy
400070481639z: - China
5BP1009: - Canada At War
2BUC0122: - 50th Anniversary Yearbook - Standard Aero
2R0166: - The International Book of Song Sweet Melodies for the Home
2L0629: - The Easy Painting Book
2L0646: - A is for Apple
2L0647: - Tangletown Tale
5I1061: - Furry Friends
5I1084: - The Night Before Christmas
3CC0064: - The Scout's Pathfinder Annual 1974
3CC0065: - The Beezer Book 1984
3CC0069: - The Big Book of Fairy Stories
8RR0003: - The School Arts Book: Pictorial Number February 1911 Vol. X, No. 6
8RR0004: - The School Arts Book: A Saracenic Bilateral March 1912 Vol. XI, No. 7
8RR0005: - The School Arts Book February 1906 Vol. V, No. 6
2FIC4568: - The Literary Guillotine
2CC0586: - Sixty Years the Beano and the Dandy: Funshine and Laughter
2PU0113: - Christmas Carols Pop-Up Book
2TC0007: - Stephen Faller Exports Ltd Catalogue Circa 1980
2I1900: - Jackpot Play Book
2I1902: - All Aboard for Colorland
2I1903: - Giant Paint Book
2I1904: - Follow the Dots and Find the States
2I1905: - Wild West Paint book with Cut Outs
2I1906: - Pictures from Fairyland Drawing and Painting Book
2I1907: - Sunshine Painting and Crayoning Book No 203
2CK1372: - Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbooks 7 Book Set Volume 2 to 8
5H1005: - The Story of the Dionne Quintuplets Authorized Edition
5H1015: - Hopalong Cassidy and Lucky at the Double x Ranch Starring William Boyd
5H1028: - Mr t search a Word
5T1103: - Billy Whiskers Stowaway Vol. 32
5T1105: - Billy Whiskers in Mischief Vol 28
3R0214: - Songs of the Bay City Rollers
3H0060: - The Goon Show No 35 & 36 33 1/3 RPM Record
3I0046: - Mother Goose as Told By Kellogg's Singing Lady
5RF1013: - Porches Terraces & Decks How to Build Remodel and Renovate
2CL0724: - King Arthur and His Knights
5I1103: - Yellow Dog and Pussy Gray
2BP1803: - Greater Grand Forks Guide Post May 1961
2AB0340: - The Best of Bonanza: 34 Episodes DVD
5NH1024: - In the Temperate Regions or Nature & Natural History
8BP0005: - Happy Gang Blue Plate Specials
2DVD0117: - Damages (The Complete Series) DVD
2TC0453: - Dealers' Confidential Price List July 1952
5I1140: - Fairy Tale Giftbook
5L1127: TELL-A-TALE 2461-33 - Chick Little
2HL0035: - Care in the Home
2WAR0318: - Naval Reunion '85 75 Years 1910-1985 May 3-5, 1985 Winnipeg, Manitoba
2FR0235: - Ule-Maailmssed Eesti-Paevad 1972 / The Estonian World Festival 1972
5I1152: - The Invaders (The Living Past Ser.)
2V1635: - Classic Cartoons from Playboy 1960
2ER0076: - Playboys Magnificent Seven
5ART1067: - Dorit Ya'acoby
5E1172: - Simple Story Book
5E1173: - Tales for Tinies
3CC0081: - Hullo Boys A Budget of Good Things By The Uncles on the Wireless
2NH0504: - The Hamlyn Photographic Guide to Birds of the World
2MB1789: - Synthesis . Technical Report
3CC0103: - The Boy's Book of Jets
3CC0110: - Chatterbox 1923
2I6867: - Round About the Farm and Other Stories & Rhymes The Children's Hour Series
5FEM1018: - Harpers Household Handbook a Guide to Easy Ways of Doing Womens Work
5I1187: - Mother Goose
2LIFE0036: - :Life 72-01-14
2LIFE0037: - :Life 58-04-07
2LIFE0039: - :Life 61-08-18
2LIFE0042: - :Life 71-03-19
5T1157: - Black Beauty Annual 1977
3RR0120: - Think and Do Book to accompany: The New Our New Friends
3RR0121: - Think and Do Book to accompany: Streets and Roads
2RF2205: - Langenscheidt Lilliput Webster English Dictionary
5A1456: - Hundredes of Things a Girl Can Make a Hobby Book for Girls of all Ages
5H1057: - Fonzie a Cool Coloring Book
J1055Y: - USA in Space Third Edition Volume 1 A-I
5I1353: - Caricatures of Anybody
J1059Y: - Critical Survey of Drama Volume 7 Second Revised Edition
2RR0855: - Junior Workbook Quarterly - Second Quarter 1943
5E1267: - Rupert and the Lost Dragon
2I4932: - Famous Fairy Tales
5D1085: - One Hundred One Dalmatians : Walt Disney
5BP1020: - Souvenir Gaming Guide:Pioneer Club
5I1418: - Scratch a Scent Book Wishes Whiffs And Birthday Gifts
2N1011: - KVP Philosopher, December 1953
5HL1065: - The Surgical Clinics Of North America May Clinic Number : Abdominal Surgery August 1957
2MOV0071: - Nash Cars Sales Brochure For 1937
J1119Y: - Birds of the World Volume 1: Alb-Bil
3CC0118: - Rupert Annual 1986
3N0069: - Punch or the London Charivari May 18 1910
2VCR0048: - Union Gospel Mission Presents : The North End
2RR0868: - The Ontario Readers First Book
5TC1017: - Lloyds Galleries Catalog with Price List
5L1345: - Petits Poemes
3I0063: - Farmyard Panorama (a Die-cut Version of the Farmyard Play Book
5X1045: - Country Life Picture Book of the Royal Tour 1953 - 1954
5I1529: - Journey to the Center of the Earth Colouring Book
5MOV1055: - Toyota Corolla Ff 1985 Repair Manual Engine Chassis Body Electrical Specifications
5A1529: - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2PU0127: - Little Red Riding Hood Pop Up Picture Story
2PU0134: - Christmas Carols Pop-Up Book
2PU0135: - My Pop-Up Book of Cinderella
5I1576: - A Paintless Paint Book
5I1585: - Story Land
2TC0008: - Catalog of Emery Prints
5E1350: - The Golden Budget for Girls
5I1623: - Mother Goose Picture Book
5I1624: - Make Believe Picture Book
5NC1025: - Keystone to Survival the Multinational Corporations and The Struggle for Control of Land
5MB1054: - Mid eastern Manitoba
5BP1025: - Souvenir View Book of Riding Mountain National Park
3I0064: - Up To Date ABC
3CC0160: - The Girl's Own Annual Volume 26 XXVI 1904 - 1904
2POT0114: - Friendship Outstays the Hurrying Flight of Time
5NON1103: - The Crescent December 1919 Vol XI No 3 Concordia College
2RR1216: - The Highroads Manual Grades IV, V, and VI
3CC0176: - Young Canada Forty-Seventh Annual Volume
3CC0177: - Young Canada Thirty Second Annual Volume 1911
3CC0179: - Young Canada Fiftieth Annual Volume 1929
3CC0180: - Young Canada Thirty Ninth Annual Volume 1918
3PD0004: - The Nurses Cut-Outs Paper Dolls
3PD0006: - Walt Disney Presents Hayley Mills in That Darn Cat Cut Out Doll and Wardrobe (paper dolls)
3PD0009: - Liddle Kiddles 9 Paper Dolls
2HA0461: - Playboy Plays With Words
5I1702: - Childrens Game Book with Tricks and Puzzles
5E1384: - Tom Brown at Oxford Second Part
5ART1180: - Jacques Salomon Peintures Pastels Aquarelles
J1038Y: - Masterplots II: Poetry Series Volume 8
2ER0114: - Fighting Females: Truck-Stop Tussle
2ER0115: - Fighting Females: Truck-Stop Tussle
2ER0118: - Hooked Housewife
2ER0127: - Fighting Females: Women in Prison
234567895654: - Used Pant
3FIC0157: - Readers Digest Condensed Books Volume (Two Spring Selection 1962
5EH1251: - Alberta 's Parks : Our Legacy
2RR0922: - A Second Workbook of English
2LIT18014: - The Adventures of Marco Polo
5CK1222: - Wild Life Cook Book
5USA1044: - Wichita Center City Usa Salutes McConnell Afb
3CC0195: - Schoolgirls Annual 1969
3CC0196: - Rupert Annual No 58 Daily Telegraph 1994
3H0072: - Sir Francis Drake A Television Painting Book
3MB0056: - Dixon's Address To the Jury In Defense of Freedom of Speech and Judge Galt's Charge to the Jury in Rex Vs Dixon (Winnipeg General Strike of 1919)
3BP0190: - They Want Your Votes An Exposure of Capitalist Parties and Policies
3BP0193: - The Communist Election Program A Program for a Better Life
3BP0197: - The Sunshine Twins and the Crystal Gazer
2H0735: - Television Cartoon Annual 1977
2H0737: - Make and Play with Andy Pandy
2RR0951: - Everyday Arithmetic Grade Two
2RR0969: - Gateways to Bookland for Grade Four
3BP0207: - Parisette Shows You Round Paris
2PU0154: - Garfield and the Scary Bakery
3PD0014: - Stephanie The Teenage Paper Doll
3PD0015: - Amy Magic Doll (paper doll)
J1127Y: - Science in Everyday Life in America: Volume 1 Native America to the First European Settlement
J1065Y: - Cyclopedia of Literary Characters Volume 5: Ton-Z
2ER0141: - Jerri Takes a Jerk
6N2001: - Hobbies Catalogue for 1934
2V1996: - Playboy on Sex 2
5MY2379: - Worlds Great Detective Stories One Volume Edition
5RE1252: - A Little Book of Faith
5F1170: - Pansy a Story for Little Girls
5I1760: - Follow the Dots and Color the Pictures
5MB1080: - Around the Cracker Barrel
3PU0019: - Nursery Rhyme Pop-Up Pictures
2H0775: - Hanna Barberas Fun Fair No 1 Featuring Huckleberry Hound Abbott & Costello
2A1565: - Counting Rhyme: Ten Little Indians
2EH0235: - Our Canadian Praries
2W2079: - The Christmas Book
2L0811: - The Lords Prayer and the Beatitudes
5I1767: - Tiny Tots a Real Cloth Book
5CK1254: - Whats Cooking Cookbook Special Collection
5GH1029: - Cassell's Cross Word Puzzle Book
2I2232: - stamp Book of Birds
2I2233: - My Stamp Book of Wild Flowers
5EH1314: - Canadian Woman Studies Les Cashiers De La Femme: Margaret Laurence Fall 1987
2SM1551: - Encyclopedia of # 1 Hits . Volume Two ( 1966 -1980 )
5COL1084: - Harris Pioneer World Wide Postage Stamp Album
3H0073: - The Smurf's Village Three Dimensional Cut Out Book
2PB12184: - Fantastic Book of Picture Puzzles
2I2277: - The Meadow Mouse Treasury : Stories, Poems, Pictures from Canada's Finest Authors and Illustrators
5BP1051: - Swimming and Diving
5BP1065: - Incendiary Bombs and How to deal with Them
3BP0211: - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada Progam for January 12 - 14 1954
5H1160: - Story of Atari Yars Revenge
5H1162: - Story of Atari Star Raiders
5EH1282: - William Henry Clarke 1902 - 1955 a Memorial Volume
5I1811: - Jimmie and the Atheist
5I1817: - Jingle Time a Book of Nursery Verses for Children
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2ART2042: - Art Treasure of the World : Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
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3SP0013: - The Broncos Swift Current 1973-74 (Year Book)
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3SP0015: - 9th Annual International Midget Hockey Tournament of Champions April 8, 9, 10, 11 1977 Program
3SP0016: - 9th Annual International Midget Hockey Tournament of Champions April 8, 9, 10, 11 1977 Program
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2BP0187: - Religion Reaps the Whirlwind
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2CK0202: - The Ultimate Microwave Cookbook
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2RR1266: - Victorian Readers Third Book
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2T0839: - Heads Without Hands: Animal Stories for the Young
3RE0037: - Devotional and Practical Polygot FAMILY BIBLE : Containing the Old and New Testaments Together with the Apocrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in Metre The Text Conformable to the Standard of the American Bible Society Translated Out of the Original
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2FSH0061: - The Sportsman's Bookshelf Volume VII: Fishing Tackle and Gear
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2BP2214: - 1941 Holiday Guide Vacation Suggestions 7th Annual Edition
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3ART0121: - A Catalogue of the Medici Prints and Other Colour Reproductions
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2I2770: - Oranges and Lemons: A Nursery Rhyme Picture Book
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2ARCH0808: - Progressive Architecture January 1958
2ARCH0809: - Progressive Architecture February 1958
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3I0158: - New Testament Picture Book
3I0159: - Old Testament Picture Book
3I0160: - Old Testament Picture Book
3I0161: - Old Testament Picture Book
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2I2791: - Puss in Boots
2D0189: - Uncle Scrooge and the Secret of the Old Castle
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2MOV0233: - 1987 Chrysler Service Manual Supplement Front Wheel Drive Van/Wagon Ram Van Caravan Voyager
2MOV0234: - 1987 Chrysler Service Manual Chassis Body Front Wheel Drive Van/Wagon: Ram Van, Caravan & Vogager
2MOV0239: - 1982 Ford Car Shop Manual Body Chassis Electrical: Lincoin Continental & Thunderbird/XR-7 & Fairmont Futura & Zephyr & Granada/Cougar & Mustang/Capri
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2RR1348: - Arnolds Home & Abroad Readers Book III
2RR1349: - Arnolds Home & Abroad Readers Book VI
2RR1350: - Arnolds Home & Abroad Readers Book V
2RR1352: - Handbook to the Canadian Readers
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2EH0549: - 75 Years of Scouting In Canada
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2I2922: - Stories and Rhymes in the Nursery
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2TC0327: - Berkenkamp & Schleuter Metallspielwarenfabrik Manufactory of Metal Toys
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2MOV0350: - The Epic of Flight: The Luftwaffe
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2MOV0381: - Mercedes-Benz in aller Welt
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2D0207: - Walt Disneys Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all their Pals
2D0209: - Walt Disneys Pinocchio Story Color Book
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2I3048: - Disease and Health
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2I3224: - My Picture Book of the Circus
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2SM1426: - Everybody's Favorite Piano Pieces Series No 2
2HA1545: - The Orange Book of Locker Room Humor
2HA1546: - The Yellow Book of Locker Room Humor
2HA1547: - The Turquoise Book of Locker Room Humor
2HA1548: - The Purple Book of Locker Room Humor
2HA1549: - The Green Book of Locker Room Humor
2HA1550: - The Pink Book of Locker Room Humor
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2E1979: - The Horse and His Way: Stories of Man and his best Friend
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3BP0373: - Successful Picture Making with the Folding Scout Camera
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2MOV0407: - CN Mountain Region : Employees' Operating Time Table # 8 - December 9th, 1979
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3WAR0123: - The Sentinel of the Seas The Tireless Vigil of the British Navy
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6H1018: - Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N
6H1019: - Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N
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6H1020: - Tarzan Goes to India
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2L1302: - The Valiant Little Taylor (A Bonnie Book)
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2L1306: - Walt Disney's Donald and Mickey Cub Scouts
2L1307: - Walt Disney's Peter Pan
2L1314: - Henrietta's Ride
2L1315: - Walt Disney's The Three Orphan Kittens
2L1320: - Kittens Grow Up to be Cats
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2I3397: - The Modern World: Book of Hobbies
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2CK1598: - Blue Ribbon Cook Book
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2SP0673: - Games of the XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976: Volleyball (Event Program)
2SP0674: - Games of the XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976: Athletics (Event Program)
2SP0675: - Games of the XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976: Wrestling (Event Program)
2SP0676: - Games of the XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976: Weightlifiting (Event Program)
2T3414: - Dawn the Fawn
2I3483: - Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitten
2R0367: - Nirvana
3PD0027: - Teen Model Paper Doll
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2L1353: - A Television Book of Favorite Nursery Rhymes
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2ART2041: - Art Treasure of the World : Pierre Auguste Renoir
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6TC1017: - 1959 Catalogue of International Harvester Service Parts
2H1063: - Scary Spice: In My Pocket (Unofficial)
2H1069: - Le Chat Felix (ComicOrama)
2ART0692: - Once Upon a Time There Was Sport/ Il Etait Une Fois Le Sport...
3WAR0133: - For The Defence of Canada
3WAR0147: - A War of Liberation
3N0152: - Liberty February 10 1945
3RE0042: - The Holy Bible According to the Douay and Rheimish Versions with Annotations By Rev. Challoner with A Catholic Dictionary of The Holy Bible
2RR1528: - McDougall's Complete Public School Grammar with Composition and Derivation Adapted to the Latest Code Requirements in regard to English
5568912347: - Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Set of 5 Books
2I3565: - The Book of ABC (A B C)
2HST0637: - Education in Revolution
33568789123: - Christmas Ormanents
CC1212A: - Chatterbox 1914
2ART0713: - African Arts August 1980 Volume XIII, Number 4
2H1602: - Hardy Boys Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle 121 Pieces
2RPG0137: - The Mines of Selka (Star Trek the Role Playing Game)
2RPG0157: - The Vanished (Star Trek Role Playing Game)
2RPG0170: - United Federation of Planets Star Fleet Officer's Manual (Star Trek Role Playing Game Second Edition)
2RPG0171: - United Federation of Planets Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook (Star Trek Role Playing Game Second Edition)
2H1087: - Superman Official Annual 1982
2ART0720: - Eurpean Paintings from The Minneapolis Institue of Arts
2FIC4258: - A London Girl: Tales from the Great City
2RE2110: - The Jewish People Past and Present Volume 2
2S1345: - Hand-To-Hand Fighting (Karate/Tae-Kwon-Do): US Army Special Forces Only
2H1367: - Shirley Temple's Favorite Songs from Her Newest Pictures
2TRA0539: - 120 Photographic Gems of Scottish Scenery
2WAR1104: - Great Campaigns of World War II: Battle of Atlantic, Battle of Britain, Desert War, D-Day, Battle of Pacific
2ART2218: - The Winnipeg Art Gallery 1912 - 1962
2N2869: - Aquarium News December 1935
2H2172: - Wide Awake Stories For Wide Awake Children
2I6572: - Cinderella
2I6573: - Lucie Atwell's Annual
2S2738: - Canadian Football
2HL1658: - Stretching Your Health Care Dollar (Compact Guide to Fitness & Health)
2R5598: - Story of Rock
2MB1489: - United Scottish Association Halloween Annual October 1926
2TRA0807: - Peace's Almanac and County Directory for 1930
2MB1385: - 1877-1937 Sixty Years In Pioneering Organization Achievement: Programme of the Celebration Diamond Jubilee The University of Manitoba
E2088: - The Boys Book Of Outdoor Life
2EH1308: - Northwest Territories: Our Northern Heritage
SP0862: - Sports Illustrated 80
2HST0666: - Guinness Dublin
2X0423: - Royal Romance (A Daily Mail Publication)
2EH1763: - Culture in Canada
2CR0201: - Crimes and Punishment Weekly Set in Binder: No. 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
2RE3545: - Views of The Biblical World 4: The Writings
2RR5053: - The Canadian Readers Book V
2TRA0324: - Four Hundred and One Views of London
2TRA0327: - L'egypte Que J'aime...
2BP2212: - 1943 Holiday Guide Vacation Suggestions 10th Annual Edition
2FSH0335: - Brownells Catalogue No 42 50 Years
2BP0431: - Canadian Pacific Passenger List: Empress of France From Montreal to Liverpool October 7, 1949
2BP0432: - Canadian Pacific Passenger List: Empress of Scotland From Liverpool to Quebec May 9, 1950
2BP0433: - Lyndhurst: New Forest
2BP0434: - Clinton Engine 700 Series: Operating and Repair Instructions and Parts Catalogue
2WAR1113: - Oradour Sur-Glane 10 Juin 1944: Souviens-Toi Remember
SP3000: - Sport Magazine August 1966
SP0664: - Sports Illustrated August 25 1969
SP0812: - Sports Illustrated April 11 1961
SP0820: - Sports Illustrated April 10 1961
SP0844: - Sports Illustrated December 27 1954

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