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8930: Abbatius, Baldus Angelus - De admirabili Viperae natura et de mirificis ejusdem facultatibus (second edition)
9638: Adams, Ansel - Yosemite and the Range of Light
1457: Adams, H.G. and H.B. - THE SMALLER BRITISH BIRDS: With Descriptions of their Nests, Eggs, Habits etc., etc., etc.
9639: Adams, Ansel - Ansel Adam, Images 1923-1974 (with foreword by Wallace Stegner)
9489: Adams, G.I., Williston, S.W., Case, E.C., McClung, C.E. and Logan, W.N. - The Upper Cretaceous of Kansas and its Fauna, Part I: Historical Review, Part II: Birds, Part III: Dinosaurs, Part IV: Crocodiles, Part V: Mosasaurs, Part VI: Turtles, Part VII: Microscopic Organisms, Part VIII: Invertebrates
8030: Adams, John Quincy - The Duplicate Letters, the Fisheries and the Mississippi. Documents relating to Transactions at the Negotiation of Ghent. Collected by John Quincy Adams, one of the Commissioners of the United States at that Negotiation
9440: Aelianus, Claudius - De Natura Animalium libri XVII. Cum animadversionibus Conradi Gessneri, et Danielis Wilhelmi Trilleri: curante Abrahamo Gronovio, Qui et suas Adnotationes adjecit, 2 volumes complete in a clamshell box
7393: Agassiz, Louis - Monographies d'Echinodermes Vivans et Fossiles, Livraison 1-3
8183: Agassiz, Louis - Report on Deep-Sea Dredgings in the Gulf Stream during the third Cruise of the U.S. Steamer Bibb, addressed to Professor Benjamin Peirce, Superintendent U.S. Coast Guard Survey
5158: Agassiz, Louis - Geographical Distribution of Animals.
5157: Agassiz, Louis - Sketch of the Natural Provinces of the Animal World and their Relation to the Different Types of Man.
9089: Agusti, Jorge; Rook, Lorenzo; de Bonis, Louis; Koufos, George D. and Andrews, Peter (editors) - Hominoid Evolution and Climatic Change in Europe Volume 1: The Evolution of Neogene Terrestrial Ecosystems in Europe + Volume 2: Phylogeny of the Neogene Hominoid Primates of Eurasia (two volume set)
4063: Akazawa, T. and Szathmary, E.J.E. (editors). - Prehistoric Mongoloid Dispersals.
7800: Al-Rawa, Abdul Hakim A. - The Development of the Weberian Apparatus and the Swim Bladder in the Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque)
8327: Albrecht, Gene H. - Craniofacial Morphology of the Sulawesi Macaques: Multivariate Approaches to Biological Problems
6606: Allen, Glover N. - Solenodon Paradoxus.
3835: Allen, J. A. - Ontogenetic and other Variations in Muskoxen, with a Systematic Review of the Muskox Group, Recent and Extinct.
7787: Allen, G. R. (editor) - FAO Species Catalogue, Volume 6 - Snappers of the World: An annotated and illustrated catalogue of Lutjanid species known to date
8033: Allen, Glover M. - The Whalebone Whales of New England
7786: Allen, G. R. (editor) - FAO Species Catalogue, Volume 6 - Snappers of the World: An annotated and illustrated catalogue of Lutjanid species known to date
6388: Altmann, Stuart A. (editor) - Social Communication among Primates.
7339: Altmann, Jeanne - Baboon Mothers and Infants
8947: Amann, Gottfried - Bodenpflanzen des Waldes: Taschenbildbuch
5742: Amano, Akira - Birds in Flight.
5220: Amaral, Afranio do. - A General Consideration of Snake Poisoning and Observations on Neotropical Pit-Vipers.
1922: American Journal of Archaeology - AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGY, Volume 38, no. 1-4, complete.
9259: American Philosophical Society - Commemoration of the Centennial of the Publication of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
8755: Ammirati, Joseph F., Traquair, James A. and Horgen, Paul A. - Poisonous Mushrooms of Canada, Part 1: The Fungus Fruit Body and Part 2: Fungal Poisoning
4618: Ananjeva, N. B. and Borkin, L. J. (editor) - Ecology and Systematics of Amphibians and Reptiles.
4619: Ananjeva, N. B. and Borkin, L. J. (editor) - The Fauna and Ecology of Amphibians and Reptiles of Palaearctic.
9400: Anderson, John - Mandalay to Momien: A Narrative of the Two Expeditions to Western China of 1868 and 1875 under Colonel Edward B. Sladen and Colonel Horace Browne
7455: Anderson, John - Catalogue of Mammalia in the Indian Museum, Calcutta, Part I: Primates, Prosimiae, Chiroptera and Insectivora
8505: Anderson, Douglas D. - Lang Rongrien Rockshelter: A Pleistocene, Early Holocene Archaeological Site from Krabi, Southwestern Thailand
4293: Anderson, John - Herpetology of Arabia.
2831: Andersson, Lars G. - Some new species of snakes from Cameroon and South America belonging to Royal Museum in Stockholm
9216: Andrewartha, H. G. and Birch, L. C. - The Distribution and Abundance of Animals
8566: Andrews, R. C., Berkey, C. P., Grabau, A. W., Nichols, J. T., Pope, C. H., Allen, G. M. et al. - Collected Works of the Central Asiatic Expeditions to Mongolia and China, in 7 volumes, complete
5541: Andrews, Roy Chapman - Across Mongolians Plains: A Naturalist's Account of China's ""Great Northwest"".
6609: Andrews, Roy Chapman - The New Conquest of Central Asia: A Narrative of the Explorations of the Central Asiatic Expeditions in Mongolia and China, 1921-1930.
6362: Andrews, Roy Chapman - Quest of the Snow Leopard.
5502: Andrews, Charles William with Cooper, Clive Forster - On a Specimen of Elephas Antiquus from Upnor. With further notes on the teeth and skeleton.
8802: Andrews, Roy Chapman - The New Conquest of Central Asia: A Narrative of the Explorations of the Central Asiatic Expeditions in Mongolia and China, 1921-1930, inscribed by Roy Chapman Andrews and Walter Granger
8057: Andrews, C. W. - A description of new species of Leathery Turtles from the Eocene of southern Nigeria.
3645: Andrews, Roy Chapman - The Sei Whale (Balaenoptera borealis Lesson): 1. History, habits, external anatomy, osteology, and relationships. 2. Anatomy of a foetus of Balaenopterus borealis (by H. von W. Schulte).
1372: Andrews, C. W. - A DESCRIPTION OF THE SKULL AND SKELETON OF A PECULIARLY MODIFIED RUPICAPRINE ANTELOPE (Myotragus balearicus, Bate), With a Notice of a New Variety, M. balearicus Var. major.
4506: Angel, F. - Vie et Moeurs des Amphibiens: Grenouilles, Crapauds, Tritons, Salamadres, Cecilies.
4507: Angel, F. - Vie et Moeurs des Amphibiens: Grenouilles, Crapauds, Tritons, Salamadres, Cecilies.
4443: Angel, Fernand - Faune de France 45: Reptiles et Amphibiens.
8286: Angel, F. - Vie et Moeurs des Serpents
4625: Angel, Fernand - Petit Atlas des Amphibiens et Reptiles, Fascicule I: Apodes, Urodèles, Anoures, Rhynocéphales, Chéloniens, Crocodiliens + Fascicule II: Sauriens, Ophidiens, 2 volumes, complete
7541: Angress, Shimon and Reed, Charles - An Annotated Bibliography on the Origin and Descent of Domestic Mammals, 1900-1955
4864: Anthony, R. and Friant, M. - Théorie de la Dentition Jugale Mamalienne, Parts I-III, complete.
4701: Antoniewicz, Wlodzimierz - Sur l'Atlas Archeologique du Monde et de la Pologne.
8314: Arambourg, Camille - Mission Scientifique de l'Omo, 1932-1933, Tome I: Geologie - Anthropologie, Fascicle II (Geologie) + Fascicle III (Paleontologie): Contribution a l'etude geologique et paleontologique du bassin du lac Rodolphe et de la basse vallee de l'Omo
8274: Arambourg, C. and Hoffstetter, R. - Le Gisement de Ternifine, I.
7792: Arambourg, Camille - Résultats Scientifiques de la Mission C. Arambourg en Syrie et en Iran (1938-1939). II. Les Poissons Oligocènes de l'Iran
9382: Arasaratnam, Sinnappah - Francois Valentijn’s Description of Ceylon
5717: Archer, John - The Behavioural Biology of Aggression.
4725: Arkiv for Zoologi - Arkiv for Zoologi. Utgivet af K. Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademien (ser. 1), volume 1-19, 32, in 20 bound volumes.
7535: Armstrong, A. Leslie - Rhodesian Archaeological Expedition (1929): Excavations in Bambata Cave and Researches on Prehistoric sites in Southern Rhodesia
4317: Armstrong, Barry L. - The Natural History of Mexican Rattlesnakes.
7938: Arnold, Marion (author and editor) - South African Botanical Art: Peeling back the petals (Collector's edition of 100 numbered copies, this is copy no. 1 presented to 'The Publisher' by the author)
5402: Arthaber, G. V. - IV. Das Jungere Palaozoicum aus der Araxes-Enge + V. Uber die Fundstelle von Senon-Fossilien bei Sirab in Persien.
8862: Asher, Robert J. and Müller, Johannes (editors) - From Clone to Bone: The Synergy of Morphological and Molecular Tools in Palaeobiology
9402: Ashton, Ray E. and Ashton, Patricia S. - The Natural History and Management of the Gopher Tortoise Gopherus polyphemus (Daudin)
7980: Atkins, Ernst M. - Goldfish & Other Cold-Water Fishes
5787: Atmadi, Parmono - Some Architectural Design Principles of Temples in Java: a study through the buildings projection on the beliefs of Borobudur temple.
7932: Atwater, W. O. - Contributions to the Knowledge of the Chemical Composition and Nutritive Value of American Food Fishes and Invertebrates
6020: Auboyer, Jeannine and Darbois, Dominique. - Angkor (Coleccion Fotoscop in four languages).
1725: Ault, Captain J.P. - OCEANOGRAPHY IV. THE WORK OF THE CARNEGIE AND SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE SCIENTIFIC CRUISES. (Scientific Results of Cruise VII of the Carnegie during 1829-1929).
9342: Aung-Thwin, Michael - Irrigation in the Heartland of Burma: Foundations of the Pre-Colonial Burmese State
9605: Australian National Commission for UNESCO - Australian Aboriginal Culture
8063: Azevedo, Antonio Carlos Pradel - Notas sobre Cobras Corais (Serpentes: Elapidae), III, IV, V, VI and VII
6351: Babcock, Harold L. - The Turtles of New England.
6687: Babcock, Harold L. - Turtles of New England.
9547: Bacon, Anne-Marie (editor) - Les sites de Tam Hang, Nam Lot et Tam Pà Ling au nord du Laos: Des gisements à vertébrés du Pléistocène aux origines des Hommes modernes
9587: Bacon, Anne-Marie (editor) - Les sites de Tam Hang, Nam Lot et Tam Pà Ling au nord du Laos: Des gisements à vertébrés du Pléistocène aux origines des Hommes modernes
9084: Badam, G. L. - Pleistocene Fauna of India with special reference to the Siwaliks
6341: Bakalov, P. and Nikolov, I. V. - Les Fossiles de Bulgarie X: Mammiferes Tertiarires.
2596: Baker, H. Burrington - Land and Freshwater Molluscs of the Dutch Leeward Islands
6516: Baker, Paul T. and Weiner, J. S. (editors) - The Biology of Human Adaptability.
3203: Baker, Frank C. - The Mollusca of the Chicago Area: The Pelecypoda
8376: Ballowitz, E. - Die Entwickelungsgeschichte Der Kreuzotter (Pelias berus Merr.) (=The History of the Development of the Adder (Pelias berus Merr.), Part 1: Die Entwickelung Vom Auftreten Der Ersten Furche Bis Zum Schlusse Des Amnios (all published).
7620: Bannerman, David A. and Bannerman, W. Mary - Birds of Cyprus
8885: Barber, A. J. and Wiryosujono, S. (editors) - The Geology and Tectonics of Eastern Indonesia: Proceedings of the CCOP-IOC SEATAR Working Group Meeting Bandung, Indonesia, 9-14 July 1979
8328: Barbour, T. and Carr, Jr., A. F. - Antillean Terrapins
6006: Barbour, Thomas - Sphaerodactylus.
7499: Barbour, Thomas - A Second List of Antillean Reptiles and Amphibians
8361: Barbour, Thomas and Ramsden, Charles T. - The Herpetology of Cuba
9518: Barbour, Thomas et al. - Four herpetological monographs from Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Museum: A Contribution to the Zoogeography of the East Indian Islands + A Contribution to the Zoogeography of the West Indies, with special reference to Amphibians and Reptiles + The Herpetology of Cuba + A Comparative Study of the Herpetological Faunae of the Uluguru and Usambara Mountains, Tanganyika Territory
8198: Barigozzi, Claudio et al. (editors) - Atti Del Colloquio Internazionale sul Tema: l""Origine Dell'uomo Indeteto in occasione Del Primo Centenario Della pubblicazione Dell'opera Di Darwin ""The Descent of Man"" (Roma, 28-30 Ottobre 1971)
5616: Barker, George F. - The Correlation of Vital and Physical Forces.
9230: Barlow, Nora (editor) - Darwin and Henslow: The growth of an idea
2129: Barnard, J. L. - Marine Amphipoda of Oregon.
7304: Barnes, Lawrence G. - Miocene Desmatophocinae (Mammalia Carnivora)
1808: Barraband, J. - Le Barbu de la Guyane, hand-colored engraving (20.5 x 13.5 inches).
9139: Bartholomew, Breck - In Pursuit of Snakes & Other Reptiles: The Herpetological Library of Adrian Crane
6433: Bartsch, Paul - A review of some West Atlantic Turritid Mollusks.
4609: Barus, Vlastimil and Oliva, Ota - Obojzivelnici Amphibia
9344: Bassenne, Marthe and Tips, Walter E. J. (translator) - In Laos and Siam
3598: Bateman, James - A Second Century of Orchidaceous Plants
9622: Bates, Henry Walter - The Naturalist on the River Amazons. A record of adventures, habits of animals, sketches of Brazilian and Indian life, and aspects of nature under the Equator, during eleven years of travel.
2622: Baur, G. - Beitrage zur Morphogenie des Carpus und Tarsus der Vertebraten, I: Batrachia
8008: Bean, Tarleton and Goode, G. Brown - A List of European Fishes in the Collection of the United States National Museum + Catalogue of a collection of fishes sent from Pensacola, Florida, and Vicinity, by Mr. Silas Stearns, with descriptions of six new species
3009: Beaumont, Eilneen H. - Cranial morphology of the Loxommidae (Amphibia: Labyrinthodontia)
9595: Bechstein, Johann Matthaus - Herrn de la Cepede's Naturgeschichte der Amphibien, oder der enerlegenden vierfussigen Thiere und der Schlangen: Eine Fortsetzung von Buffon's Naturgeschichte, in five volumes with hand-colored plates
4912: Bedriaga, Jacques de - Wissenschaftliche Resultate der von N.M. Przewalski nach Central-Asien unternommenen Reisen Zoologischer Teil. Band III, Abth. 1: Amphibien und Reptilien. Lieferung (Part) I and II.
8359: Bedriaga, Jacques de - Wissenschaftliche Resultate der von N.M. Przewalski nach Central-Asien unternommenen Reisen Zoologischer Teil. Band III, Abtheilung 1: Amphibien und Reptilien. Lieferung 1 to 4, complete in four parts
4131: Beebe, William and Tee-Van, John - The Fishes of Port-Au-Prince Bay, Haiti.
9331: Beebee, T. J. C. - Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians
7562: Bekaert, Jacques - Kampuchea Diary 1983-1986
8127: Bell, D. C. - Britain's Maritime History: An Illustrated Chronicle (limited edition of 300 numbered copies)
6655: Bellairs, A. d'A. and Cox, C. Barry (editors) - Morphology and Biology of Reptiles (Linnean Society Symposium Series, no. 3)
9048: Bellairs, Angus and Carrington, Richard - The World of Reptiles
9081: Bellwood, Peter - Man’s Conquest of the Pacific: The Prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania
8076: Belon, Pierre - L'Histoire de la Nature des Oyseaux, avec Leuers Descriptions, & Naifs Portraicts Retirez du Naturel, seven Parts complete, bound in one volume
6286: Bemis, William E. and Burggren, Warren W. and Kemp, Norman E. (editors) - The Biology and Evolution of Lungfishes.
6367: Bendall, Derek S. (editor) - Evolution from Molecules to Men.
3907: Beneden, P.J. van and Gervais, F.L.P. - Ostéographie des Cétacés Vivants et Fossils: Comprenant la description et l'iconographie du squelette et du système dentaire de ces animaux, 2 volumes complete
6049: Beneden, P.J. van - Description des Ossements Fossiles des Environs d'Anvers, Text volumes, Parts 2-5 (of 5 Parts).
4225: Bennett, Daniel - Warane der Welt Welt der Warane.
9193: Benson, Lyman and Thornber, J. J. - The Cacti of Arizona
6201: Bentham, T. - An Illustrated Catalogue of Asiatic Horns and Antlers.
8888: Berger, Karl (editor) - Mykologisches Worterbuch in 8 Sprachen -- Mycological Dictionary in 8 Languages
1580: Berlepsch, H. von - Revision der Tanagriden.
7345: Bernstein, Irwin S. and Smith, Euclid O. (editors) - Primate Ecology and Human Origins: Ecological Influences on Social Organization
7898: Berry, S. Stillman - A Review of the Cephalopods of Western North America
4696: Berthelet, Arlette and Chavaillon, Jean - The Use of Tools by Human and Non-human Primates.
7760: Bertram, James G. - The Harvest of the Sea: A Contribution to the Natural and Economic History of the British Food Fishes
2976: Besairie, Henri - Recherches Géologiques a Madagascar (première suite): La Géologie du Nord-Ouest, text + plates (mostly ammonites).
5891: Bewick, Thomas and Middleton, R. Hunter - Thomas Bewick, ten working drawing reproductions shown with impressions of the corresponding engravings.
8687: Bigelow, Howard E. and Thiers, Harry D. (editors) - Studies on Higher Fungi: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Dr. Alexander H. Smith on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
7538: Binford, Lewis R. - Debating Archaeology
4994: Binney, W.G. and Bland, Thomas - XVIII. Notes on the Lingual Dentition of Mollusca.
1951: Biosystems Analysis, Inc. - ECOLOGY OF BALD EAGLES IN ARIZONA, 4 volumes, complete.
8210: Bishop, Walter W. and Clark, J. Desmond (editors) - Background to Evolution in Africa
7751: Bisset, Peter - The Book of Water Gardening
3002: Bjorge, A. and Donovan, G. P. (editors) - Biology of the Phocoenids
7679: Bjorndal, Karen and Balazs, George H. (editors) - Manual of Sea Turtle Research and conservation techniques prepared for the Western Atlantic Turtle Symposium
7473: Blache, J. - Contribution a la connaissance de Poissons Anguilliformes de la cote occidentale d'Afrique, Premiere note: Enchelycore nigricans + Deuxieme note: Le genre Muraena + Troisieme note: Le genre Echidna + Quatrieme note: Le genre Lycodontis + Cinquieme note: Le genre Gymnothorax + Sixieme note: Les genres Ararchias, Uropterygius et Channomuraena, in six separate parts, each in its original light red wrappers
3211: Blackwelder, R.E. - Checklist of the Coleopterous Insects of Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and South America. Parts I-VI, complete (bound in 1 thick volume)
9215: Blair, W. Frank - The Rusty Lizard: A Population Study
2563: Blake, S.F. - A Revision of the Genus Viguiera
9464: Blanford, W.T. - Eastern Persia; an account of the journeys of the Persian Boundary Commission, 1870 – 1871 – 1872, Volume II: The Zoology and Geology only
5094: Blanford, W.T. - Account of a visit to the Eastern and Northern Frontiers of Independent Sikkim, with notes on the zoology of Alpine and Subalpine Regions, Part I-II: Narrative + Zoology, complete.
8185: Bloch, Marcus Elieser - Allgemeine Naturgeschichte der Fische: I. Naturgeschichte der ausländischen Fische, 9 parts in 4 volumes (text) + II. Oeconomische Naturgeschichte der Fische Deutschlands, with 432 fine color plates in 2 volumes (plates)
5494: Boesch, Christophe - Wild Cultures: A Comparison between Chimpanzee and Human Cultures.
5861: Boettger, O. - Katalog der Reptilien-Sammlung im Museum der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft, Teil 1:Rhynochocephalen, Schildkroten, Krokodile, Eidechsen, Chamaleons.
0929: Bogert, C.M. - Dentitional Phenomena in Cobras and Other Elapids with Notes on Adaptive Modifications of Fangs
2592: Bogert, C. M. - Herpetological results of the Vernay Angola Expedition with notes on African reptiles in other collections
7350: Bohlin, Birger - Die Familie Giraffidae mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der fossilen Formen aus China (Paleaeontologia Sinica, series C, volume 4, fascicle 1)
7363: Bohlin, Birger - The Fossil Mammals from the Tertiary deposit of Taben-buluk, western Kansu, Part II: Simplicidentata, Carnivora, Artiodactyla, Perissodactyla and Primates
7348: Bohlin, Birger - Cavicornier der Hipparion-Fauna Nord-China (Palaeontologia Sinica, series C, volume 9, fascicle 4)
2971: Boivin, Bernard - Énumération des Plantes du Canada, Provancheria no. 6
3746: Bolivar, Ignacio - Monografia de los Pirgomorfinos, Part I.
5232: Bolus, Harry - Icones Orchidearum Austro-Africanarum Extra-Tropicarum; or, figures, with descriptions, of extra-tropical South African Orchids, in 3 volumes (1896-1911-1913) + The Orchids of the Cape Peninsula (1918), in 4 uniformly-bound volumes
7443: Bonifay, Eugene and Vandermeersch, Bernard (editors) - Les Premiers Europeens (Actes du 114e Congres national des societes savants, Section de prehistoire et de protohistoire)
9418: Bonnaterre, Pierre-Joseph - Tableau Encyclopédique et Méthodique des Trois Règnes de la Nature: Erpétologie + Ophiologie
9586: Bonnichensen, Robson and Sorg, Marcella H. (editors) - Bone Modification
6181: Bonnichsen, Robson and Turnmire, Karen L. (editors) - Ice Age Peoples of North America: Environments, Origins, and Adaptations of the First Americans.
4132: Boone, Lee - The Littoral Crustacean Fauna of the Galapagos Islands.
8629: Borkin, L. J. (editor) - Herpetological Investigations in Siberia and the Far East
4617: Borkin, L. J. (editor) - Herpetological Investigations in Siberia and the Far East.
1365: Borodin, A., Bannikov, A. and Sokolov, V. - THE USSR RED BOOK OF RARE AND ENDANGERED SPECIES OF PLANTS, Volume 2.
5427: Bose, Emilio - El Temblor del 14 de Abril de 1907.
2955: Boston Society of Natural History - Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History, volume XVI (1873-1874)
5155: Boston Society of Natural History - Louis Agassiz: memorial meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History, January 7th 1874.
9212: Boulenger, George Albert - Catalogue of the Batrachia Gradientia: S. Caudata and Batrachia Apoda in the collection of the British Museum, second edition
9044: Boulenger, G. A. - Contributions to American Herpetology, Collected Papers, Parts 1-18, complete + Taxonomic Index and Two Tables of Contents
9457: Boulenger, George A. - Vertebrate Fauna of the Malay Peninsula from the Isthmus of Kra to Singapore Including the Adjacent Islands: Reptilia and Batrachia
9439: Bourret, Rene L. - Les Tortues de l'Indochine avec une note sur la pêche et l'elevage des tortues de mer par F. Le Poulain
9438: Bourret, Rene L. - Les Tortues de l'Indochine avec une note sur la pêche et l'elevage des tortues de mer par F. Le Poulain
8476: Bourret, Rene - Les Mammiferes de l'Indochine: Les Gibbons
8918: Bourret, René - Les Batraciens de l'Indochine
5628: Bourret, Rene L. - Les Tortues de l'Indochine avec une note sur la pêche et l'elevage des tortues de mer par F. Le Poulain.
3994: Bouvier, E. L. - Reports on the Results of Dredging in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78), in the Caribbean Sea (1878-79) and along the Atlantic coast of the United States (1880), by the U.S. Coast Survey Steamer ""Blake"", Part XLVIII: Les Macroures Marcheurs.
8543: Bowden, Douglas M. - Aging in Nonhuman Primates (Primate Behavior and Development Series)
7630: Bowers, George M. (Commissioner) - Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, Vol XXV for 1905
7925: Bowers, George M. - Artificial Propagation of the Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Brook Trout
7632: Bownas, Samuel + Richardson, John - An Account of the Lives, Travels, and Christian Experiences in the Work of the Ministry of Samuel Bownas + An Account of the Life of that Ancient Servant of Jesus Christ ...John Richardson
6232: Boyce, A. J. (editor) - Chromosome Variations in Human Evolution
3196: Boyd, I.L. (editor) - Marine Mammals: Advances in Behavioural and Population Biology
5064: Boyde, A., Brown, S. G. and Jones, S. I. - Sightings of Cetacea during the 1966 Trans-Atlantic Yacht Race.
9209: Bragg, Arthur N. - Gnomes of the Night: The Spadefoot Toads
8273: Brain, C. K. (editor) - Swartkrans: A Cave's Chronicle of Early Man (Transvaal Museum Monograph no. 8)
9323: Brandon, Ronald A. - Systematics of the Salamander Genus Gyrinophilus
5431: Branson, E. B. et al. - The Devonian of Missouri with chapters on The Bailey Limestone and the Little Saline Limestone
4246: Brazil, Vital - La Défense Contre l'Ophidisme.
9236: Breckenridge, W. J. - Reptiles and Amphibians of Minnesota
7515: Breder, C. M. - The reproductive habits of the North American Sunfishes (Family: Centrarchidae)
4614: Brehm, A E. - De Kallblodiga Ryggradsdjurens Lif.
9294: Brent, Peter - Charles Darwin: A Man of Enlarged Curiosity
6185: Briggs, Lawrence P. - The Ancient Khmer Empire.
7533: Briggs, J. C - Biogeography and Plate Tectonics
8166: Britton, Nathaniel Lord - Descriptions of Cuban Plants New to Science
3981: Broadley, Donald G., Gans, Carl, and Visser, John - Studies of Amphisbaenians (Amphisbaenia, Reptilia): 6. The Genera Monopeltis and Dalophia in Southern Africa.
3980: Broadley, Donald G., Gans, Carl, and Visser, John - Studies of Amphisbaenians (Amphisbaenia, Reptilia): 6. The Genera Monopeltis and Dalophia in Southern Africa.
8085: Brocchi, Paul Louis Antoine - Mission Scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amerique Centrale, ouvrage Public par ordre du Ministre de l'Instruction Publique. Recherches Zoologiques. Troisieme Partie, 2e Section: Etude des Batraciens de l'Amerique Centrale
3355: Brooks, W.K. and Herrick, F.H. - The Embryology and Metamorphosis of the Macroura.
8317: Broom, Robert and Robinson, J. T. + Schepers, G.W.H. - Further Evidence of the Sterkfontein Ape-Man Plesianthropus (Part 1) + The Brain Casts of the Recently Discovered Plesianthropus Skulls (Part 2)
8064: Broom, Robert - Article II. - Further evidence on the Structure of the Eosuchia + Article III. - On the Classification of the Reptilia
6125: Broom, Robert - The Origin of the Human Skeleton: An Introduction to Human Osteology.
6515: Brothwell, D. R. - The Skeletal Biology of earlier Human Populations (Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology, volume 8).
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