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4858: SKINNER, JOHN L. - Those Intriguing Miniatures, Bantams.
5346: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F. - Life Histories of Central American Birds, 3 volumes, complete.
7883: SLEVIN, JOSEPH R. - Log of the Schooner ""Academy:"" On a Voyage of Scientific Discovery to the Galapagos Islands, 1905-1906
5209: SLIJPER, E. J. AND UTRECHT, W. L. VAN - Observing Whales: Participation of the Netherlands mariners in the Whale Research Project has proved a great success - after three years, 4500 reports with about 3500 observations.
5697: SMALLWOOD, W. M. - The Agassiz-Rogers Debate on Evolution.
3162: SMALLWOOD, WILLIAM M. - Natural History and the American Mind
7761: SMARTT, JOSEPH AND BUNDELL, JAMES H. - Goldfish Breeding and Genetics
4762: SMITH, ERIC A. AND WINTERHALDER, BRUCE - Evolutionary Ecology and Human Behavior.
7884: SMITH, BERTRAM G. - The Heterodontid Sharks: Their natural history, and the external development of the Heterodontus japonicus based on notes and drawings by Bashford Dean (The Bashford Dean Memorial Volume, Archaic Fishes Article VIII)
7927: SMITH, I. L. B. AND SMITH, MARGARET M. - Studies in Carangid Fishes, no. 1 to no. 6, complete
6116: SMITH, JOHN B. - Catalogue of the Lepidopterous Superfamily Noctuidae found in Boreal America.
7924: SMITH-VANIZ, WILLIAM F. - Saber-Toothed Blennies, Tribe Nemophini (Pisces: Blennidae)
7832: SMITH, HUGH M. - Report on the Fisheries of the South Atlantic States
7711: SMITH, HUGH M. - The Fresh-Water Fishes of Siam, or Thailand
4472: SMITH, HOBART M. AND TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - An Annotated Checklist and Key to the Snakes of Mexico + An Annotated Checklist and Key to the Amphibia of Mexico + An Annotated Checklist and Key to the Reptiles of Mexico exclusive of Snakes, 3 parts complete in 3 volumes.
7828: SMITH-VANIZ, WILLIAM F. - Saber-Toothed Blennies, Tribe Nemophini (Pisces: Blennidae)
7509: SMITH, HOBART M. - The Lizards of the Torquatus Group of the Genus Sceloporus Wiegmann, 1828
2424: SMITH, JOHN E. AND HOOKER, W. JACKSON - An Introduction to the Study of Botany
7419: SMITH, PHILIP E.L. - Palaeolithic Archaeology in Iran
4799: SMITH, ROZELLA B. AND SMITH, HOBART M. - Nominal Taxa of Recent Amphibians and Reptiles, I: Gymnophiona.
4829: SMITH, HOBART M. AND CHISZAR, DAVID - A Revision of the Bevelnosed Boas (Candoia carinata complex) (Reptilia: Serpentes).
7829: SMITH-VANIZ, WILLIAM F. - Saber-Toothed Blennies, Tribe Nemophini (Pisces: Blennidae)
7644: SMITH, J. L. B. - The Sea Fishes of Southern Africa (the fourth revised edition)
3495: SMITH, ROGER S. ET AL. - Common Insects in Kansas
7456: SMITH, HUGH M. - A review of the history and results of the attempts to acclimatize fish and other water animals in the Pacific states.
7341: SMUTS, BARBARA - Sex and Friendship in Baboons
6994: SMYTHIES, BERTRAM E. - The Birds of Borneo, third edition.
1218: SMYTHIES, B.E. - An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Borneo.
6689: SMYTHIES, BERTRAM E. - The Birds of Burma, second edition.
2392: SNODGRASS, R. E. - Insect Metamorphosis
7272: SNOW, DAVID - The Cotingas: Bellbirds, Umbrellabirds and Allies
7273: SNOW, DAVID - The Cotingas: Bellbirds, Umbrellabirds and Allies
7926: SNYDER, JOHN O. - Relationships of the Fish Fauna of the lakes of southeastern Oregon
1734: SNYDER, L.L. - The Hawks and Owls of Ontario.
7106: SNYDER, NOEL AND SNYDER, HELEN - The California Condor: A Saga of Natural History and Conservation
7233: SNYDER, NOEL F. R., WILEY, JAMES W. AND KEPLER, CAMERON B. - The Parrots of Luquillo: Natural History and Conservation of the Puerto Rican Parrot
7701: SNYDER, JOHN O. - Japanese and Riu Kiu Fishes (three separate papers by John Snyder)
5590: SOEKMONO. D., DE CASPARIS, J. G. AND DUMARCAY, J. - Borobudor: Prayer in Stone.
6053: SOKAL, ROBERT R. AND ROHLF, F. JAMES - Biometry: The Principles and Practice of Statistics in Biological Research.
4703: SOLHEIM II, WILHELM G. AND DERANIYAGALA, S. - Archaeological Survey to Investigate Southeast Asian Prehistoric Presence in Ceylon.
4702: SOLHEIM II, WILHELM G. AND DERANIYAGALA, S. - Archaeological Survey to Investigate Southeast Asian Prehistoric Presence in Ceylon.
5877: SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM - The Chase; A Poem.
5789: SONI, SUJATA - Evolution of Stupas in Burma - Pagan Period: 11th to 13th Centuries, A.D.
7843: SOWERBY, GEORGE BRETTINGHAM - Popular History of the Aquarium of Marine and Fresh-water Animals and Plants
7445: SOWERBY, ARTHUR DE CARLE - Nature in Chinese Art
1962: SOWERBY, G. B. - APPENDIX TO MARINE SHELLS OF SOUTH AFRICA: A Catalogue of All the Known Species.
5458: SPARRMAN, ANDREW - A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, towards the Antarctic Polar Circle, and Round the World; but chiefly into the Country of the Hottentots and Caffres, from the year 1772 to 1776.
6495: SPENCER, FRANK - A History of Physical Anthropology 1930-1980
7531: SPENCER, FRANK (EDITOR) - History of Physical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia, in 2 volumes, complete
4404: SPRACKLAND, ROBERT G. - Giant Lizards.
1844: SPRECHER VON BERNEGG, A. - Tropische und Subtropische Weltwirtschaftspflanzen. Ihre Geschichte, Kultur und volkswirtschaftliche Bedeutung, Volume 1: Stärke- und Zuckerpflanzen
7382: SPUHLER, J. N. (EDITOR) - Genetic Diversity and Human Behavior
4971: SQUIRES, HUBERT - Decapod Crustacea of the Atlantic Coast of Canada.
5484: STAFLEU, FRANS A. - Linnaeus and Linnaeans: The spreading of their ideas in systematic botany, 1735-1789.
6621: STANLEY, HENRY M. (EDITED BY RICHARD STANLEY AND ALAN NEAME). - The Exploration Diaries of H.M. Stanley: Now first published from the original manuscript.
6406: STAPF, OTTO + PRAIN, D. - The Aconites of India: A Monograph + A Sketch of the Life of Francis Hamilton (once Buchanan) sometime Superintendent of the Honorable Company's Botanic Garden, Calcutta (India).
7334: STARCK, D. - Parallel development and specialisation during the evolution of the bird skull.
5149: STARCK, D., SCHEIDER, R. AND KUHN, H.-J. (EDITORS) - Neue Ergebnisse der Primatologie Progress in Primatology: First Congress of the International Primatological Society, Frankfurt a. M., 26-30 Juli, 1966.
7827: STARKS, EDWIN C. - Bones of the Ethmoid Region of the Fish Skull
7650: STEAD, DAVID G. - General Report upon the Fisheries of British Malaya with recommendations for future development.
2399: STEBBINS, FANNIE A. - Insect Galls of Springfield, Massachusetts, and Vicinity
7870: STEDMAN, JOHN W. - The Norwich Jubilee - A Report of the Celebration at Norwich on the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town September 7th and 8th 1859 with an appendix containing documents of interest
2119: STEENBERG, C. M. - Études sur l'anatomie et la systématique des maillots (fam. Pupillidae s. lat.)
2722: STEINDACHNER, FRANZ - Bericht über die von Hans Sauter auf Formosa gesammelten Schlangenarten
3409: STEINHAUSER, F. (SUPERVISOR) - Climatic Atlas of North and Central America I: Maps of Mean Temperature and Precipitation
0906: STEINHEIL, F. - Die Europaeischen Schlangen, Parts 1-9, complete
7552: STEJNEGER, LEONHARD - The Herpetology of Porto Rico
7498: STEJNEGER, LEONHARD - The Batrachians and Reptiles of Formosa
4919: STEJNEGER, LEONHARD - List of Snakes collected in Bulungan, northeast Borneo, by Carl Lumholtz, 1914.
3708: STEJNEGER, LEONHARD AND JORDAN, DAVID STARR. - The Fur Seals and Fur-Seal Islands of the North Pacific Ocean, Part 4: The Asiatic Fur-Seal Islands and Fur-Seal Industry
7487: STEJNEGER, LEONHARD - The Poisonous Snakes of North America
3717: STEJNEGER, LEONHARD - The Russian Fur-Seal Islands
7375: STEKELIS, M., BAR-YOSEF, O. AND SCHICK, T. - Archaeological Excavations at 'Ubeidiya, 1964-1966
7710: STENSIÖ, ERIK ANDERSSON - On the Head of the Macropetalichthyids, with certain remarks on the head of the other arthrodires
7876: STEPHENS, JOHN L. - Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land, volume 1 only (of a two volume set)
2098: STERRETT, J.R. SITLINGTON. - An Epigraphical Journey in Asia Minor.
2099: STERRETT, J.R. SITLINGTON. - The Wolfe Expedition to Asia Minor.
7176: STEVENS, AUSTIN J. - The Last Snake Man
7281: STEVENS, R. - Observations on Modern Falconry
7285: STEVENS, RONALD - Observations on Modern Falconry
1635: STEVENSON, E. - Key to the Nests of Pacific Coast Birds.
6240: STEWART, ALBAN - Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences to the Galapagos Islands, 1905-1906: Part II: A Botanical Survey of the Galapagos Islands + Part V: Notes on the Botany of Cocos Island + Part VII: Notes on the Lichens of the Galapagos Islands.
6366: STEWART, A. T. Q. - The Pagoda War: Lord Dufferin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Ava 1885-6.
3819: STEWART, ROBERT - Missing Whale Ships: Correspondence between the Board of Treasury and the Merchants and others of Dundee, on the subject of missing whale ships.
4455: STEWART, MARGARET M. - Amphibians of Malawi.
5794: STIERLIN, HENRI - The Cultural History of Angkor.
7264: STILES, F. GARY - Food Supply and the Annual Cycle of the Anna Hummingbird
7901: STILLWELL, S. B. (PRESIDENT) - Report of the Fish Commissioners of the State of Pennsylvania for the Year 1901
7426: STINER, MARY C. - Honors among Thieves: A Zooarchaeological study of Neandertal Ecology
5615: STIRLING, JAMES H. - As Regards Protoplasm, in relation to Professor Huxley's Essay on the Physical Basis of Life.
5445: STOCKMANS, F. - Vegetaux Eocenes des Environs de Bruxelles.
7228: STOODLEY, JOHN AND STOODLEY, PAT - Parrot Production incorporating incubation
5456: STRAELEN, V. VAN - Resultats Scientifiques du Voyage aux Indes Orientales Neerlandaises de Ll. Aa. Rr. le Prince et la Princesse Leopold de Belgique, Volume IV, fascicle 6 + 12: Lepidoptera I + II.
6675: STRAHAN, RONALD (EDITOR) - Finches, Bowerbirds, and other Passerines of Australia.
2247: STRAND, EMBRIK - Die Arktischen Araneae, Opiliones und Chernetes
2385: STRANDTMANN, R. - A Review of the North American Species of Philanthus North of Mexico (Hymenoptera: Specidae)
2849: STRECKER, JOHN T. - A Check-List of the mammals of Texas exclusive of the Sirenia and Cetacea
5755: STREETER, EDWIN W. - Pearls and Pearling Life.
6400: STRIER, KAREN B. - Faces in the Forest: The Endangered Muriqui Monkeys of Brazil.
4474: STRIMPLE, P. D. AND STRIMPLE, J. L. (EDITORS) - Contributions in Herpetology.
7799: STROMMAN, PEHR HOGO - Leptocephalids in the University Zoological Museum at Upsala
6119: STRUHSAKER, THOMAS T. - The Red Colobus Monkey.
6389: STRUM, SHIRLEY C. AND FEDIGAN, LINDA M. (EDITORS) - Primate Encounters: Models of Science, Gender, and Society.
7058: STULL, OLIVE G. - Variations and Relationships in the Snakes of the genus Pituophis.
7057: STULL, OLIVE G. - Variations and Relationships in the Snakes of the genus Pituophis.
4149: SUBBA RAO, MADIREDDI V. - Conservation of an Endangered King Cobra in Salur Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh, India.
7690: SUMMERFELT, ROBERT C. AND HALL, GORDON E. (EDITORS) - Age and Growth of Fish
6189: SURINGAR, W. F. R. AND SURINGAR, J. V. - Illustrations du Genre Melocactus, in 3 Parts, complete.
6358: SUSMAN, RANDALL L. - The Pygmy Chimpanzee: Evolutionary Biology and Behavior.
5699: SUTCLIFFE, ANTONY - On the Track of Ice Age Mammals.
2552: SUTTON, GEORGE M. - The Exploration of Southhampton Island, Section 2: The Birds of Southhampton Island
7664: SUVATTI, CHOTE - Fishes of Thailand
5905: SUZUKI, KOUU - Toushiki Zukai Shodo Youketsu (=Methods of Japanese Calligraphy with see-through lettered tissue guards).
7536: SUZUKI, HISASHI AND TAKAI, FUYUJI (EDITORS) - The Palaeolithic Site at Douara Cave in Syria: Report of the Fourth Season of the Tokyo University Scientific Expedition to Western Asia, Part I only
0532: SVETOVIDOV, A.N. - Fauna of the U.S.S.R., Fishes, Vol. II, No. 4, Gadiformes
4453: SWAN, GERRY - A Field Guide to the Snakes and Lizards of New South Wales.
5354: SWEET, W.C., YANG, ZUNYI, DICKINS, J.M. AND YIN, HONGFU (EDITORS) - Permo-Triassic Events in the Eastern Tethys: Stratigraphy, Classification and Relations within the Western Tethys.
2157: SWEET, ROBERT. - Geraniaceæ: The natural order of Gerania. Illustrated by coloured figures and descriptions; comprising the numerous and beautiful mule-varieties cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain, with directions for their treatment, 5 volumes, complete.
1760: SWINTON, W.E. - THE CROCODILE OF MARANSART (Dollosuchus dixoni [Owen]).
4000: SWOBODA, MERRILY K. - The American Rhetorical Career of Louis Agassiz: A Case Study of Transformations in American Science, 1846-1860.
4749: SWYNNERTON, G. H. AND HAYMAN, R. W. - A Checklist of the Land Mammals of the Tanganyika Territory and the Zanzibar Protectorate.
6121: SYMONS, DONALD - Play and Aggression: A Study of Rhesus Monkeys.
7373: SZALAY, FREDERICK S. - Systematics of the Omomyidae (Tarsiiformes, primates): Taxonomy, phylogeny, and adaptations
6681: SZCZERBAK, N.N. AND GOLUBEV, M.L. - Gecko Fauna of the USSR and Contiguous Regions.
5415: SZE, H. C. - Older Mesozoic Plants from the Yenchang Formation, Northern Shensi.
7441: SZEKELY, LADISLAO - Tropic Fever: The Adventures of a Planter in Sumatra
3273: TABERNAEMONTANUS, JACOBUS THEODORUS - Neu Vollkommen Kräuter-Buch, Darinnen über 3000. Kräuter, mit schönen und kunstlichen Figuren, auch deren Underscheid und Würckung, samt ihren Namen in mancherley Sprachen, beschrieben, 3 parts, complete (bound in one thick volume)
6046: TAKAGI, KIYOKAZU - Mountain Birds (in Japanese).
1645: TAKAHASHI, SEIICHI - Terrestrial Snakes in Japan.
6026: TAKANO, TSUYAKO ET AL. - Wild Birds of Japan.
6023: TAKASAKI, BAITAN (EDITOR) - Taika Kacho Kessaku Shu (=Collection of Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds by Great Artists).
6212: TAKASHIMA, HARUO AND KURODA, NAGAHISA - Color Illustrations of Birds.
5737: TAMURA, SAKAE - Birds of River Tama (=Tamagawa No Tori).
3617: TANAKA, YOSHITAKA AND TIN TIN YEE - Wild Orchids in Myanmar: Last Paradise of Wild Orchids, 3 volumes, complete
5840: TANAKA, RYOSUKE (EDITOR) - The Collection of Famous Paintings on the Early Showa Era (in Japanese)
3635: TANNER, VASCO M. - A Preliminary Study of the Genitalia of Female Coleoptera
7929: TANNER, ZERO L. - Report on the Construction and Outfit of the United States Fish Commission Steamer Albatross
7104: TANNER, JAMES T. - The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
6220: TARLING, D. H. AND RUNCON, S. K. (EDITORS) - Implications of Continental Drift to the Earth Sciences, in 2 volumes, complete.
6259: TATE, D. J. M. - The Making of Modern South-East Asia: Volume 1: the European Conquest.
4684: TATE, G. H. H. - The Taxonomy of the Genera of Neotropical Hystricoid Rodents.
6266: TAUB, AARON M. - Comparative histological studies on Duvernoy's gland of Colubrid snakes.
7856: TAYLOR, J. W. - The Aquarium: Its Inhabitants, Structure, and Management
7857: TAYLOR, J. W. - The Aquarium: Its Inhabitants, Structure, and Management
4759: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Mexican Lizards of the Genus, Eumeces, with comments on the recent literature of the genus + A Review of American Sibynophine Snakes, with a proposal of a new genus + Skin Shedding in Amphibia + Herpetological Novelties from Mexico.
7470: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - A Brief Review of the Snakes of Costa Rica + Further Studies on the Serpents of Costa Rica + The Frogs and Toads of Costa Rica + The Salamanders and Caecilians of Costa Rica + A Review of the Lizards of Costa Rica - five monographs in the original wrappers offered as a set.
7553: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Herpetological Miscellany No. 1
5633: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Amphibians and Turtles of the Philippine Islands.
6029: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Eight early papers on the Reptiles and Amphibians of Mexico, 1939-1942, including 'New Species of Mexican Anura,' 'New Salamanders of Mexico and the distribution of certain known forms,' 'Some Mexican Serpents,' 'Tadpoles of Mexican Anura' and 'New Tailless Amphibia from Mexico' all from volumes 26-28 of the Kansas Science Bulletin.
5998: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Nine offprints and small monographs on Caecilians from 1951-1974.
5994: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Four papers and small monographs on the snakes and lizards of Ceylon from 1947-1960.
5984: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Squamation in Caecilians with an Atlas of Scales.
4098: TAYLOR, BAYARD - Prose Writings of Bayard Taylor (Caxton edition), 10 volumes, complete.
5859: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. AND ELBEL, ROBERT E. - Contribution to the Herpetology of Thailand.
7715: TAYLOR, W.R. - Fishes of Arnhem Land
7510: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - A Review of the Lizards of Ceylon
6008: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - The Serpents of Thailand and Adjacent Waters.
5268: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - The Frogs and Toads of Costa Rica.
5269: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - A Brief Review of the Snakes of Costa Rica.
5856: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Skulls of Gymnophiona and their Significance in the Taxonomy of the Group.
5860: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Further Studies on the Serpents of Costa Rica.
5991: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Early Herpetological Papers by Edward Harrison Taylor, 1929-1937 (32 papers in total).
6592: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - The Caecilians of the World.
5270: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - The Lizards of Thailand.
7554: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. AND ELBEL, ROBERT E. - Contribution to the Herpetology of Thailand
6009: TAYLOR, E.H. - Herpetological Miscellany, no. 1 + no. 2, complete.
7525: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - The Snakes of the Philippine Islands
7555: TAYLOR, EDWARD H. - Concerning Mexican Salamanders
3040: TAYLOR, R.E. AND MEIGHAN, C.W. (EDITORS) - Chronologies in New World Archaeology
5411: TCHANG, T. L., LIAO, K. M. AND FU, T. S. - Notes on the Reptiles from South China and Kiran + Notes on some Amphibians and Reptiles from Kwangsi + Studies on the Amphibians of Honan.
5412: TCHANG, T. L., LIAO, K. M. AND FU, T. S. - Notes on the Reptiles from South China and Kiran + Notes on some Amphibians and Reptiles from Kwangsi + Studies on the Amphibians of Honan.
6456: TEAFORD, MARK F., SMITH, MOYA MEREDITH AND FERGUSON, MARK W. J. (EDITORS) - Development, Function and Evolution of Teeth.
5373: TEICHERT, CURT - Ordovician and Silurian Faunas from Arctic Canada.
7357: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, P. AND YOUNG, C. C. - Fossil Mammals from the Late Cenozoic of Northern China (Palaeontologia Sinica, series C, volume 9, fascicle 1)
5611: TEISO, ESAKI ET AL. - Icones Heterocerorum Japonicorum in Coloribus Naturalibusm, in 2 volumes, complete.
5612: TEISO, ESAKI ET AL. - Icones Heterocerorum Japonicorum in Coloribus Naturalibusm, volume 2 (of 2 volumes).
6625: TENNANT, ALAN - The Snakes of Texas.
6142: TERBORGH, JOHN - Five New World Primates: A Study in Comparative Ecology (Monographs in Behavior and Ecology).
6303: THE JOURNAL OF THE EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY - The Journal of the East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society, volumes 16 (nos. 1-5), 17 (nos. 1-6), 18 (nos. 1-2), and 19 (nos. 1-5).
7819: THE PHILIPPINE JOURNAL OF SCIENCE - The Philippine Journal of Science: Ichthyological Papers from Volume 3, 1908 through Volume 87, No. 1, 1958, in 3 volumes, complete
7380: THE PHILIPPINE JOURNAL OF SCIENCE - The Philippine Journal of Science, volume 66, numbers 2, 3, 4 (in 3 volumes)
7820: THE PHILIPPINE JOURNAL OF SCIENCE - The Philippine Journal of Science: Ichthyological Papers from Volume 3, 1908 through Volume 87, No. 1, 1958, in 3 volumes, complete
4936: THERY, ANDRE - Notes on the Buprestidae (Coleoptera) of East Africa.
4671: THEWISSEN, J. G. M. - Evolution of the Paleocene and Eocene Phenacodontidae (Mammalia, Condylarthra).
7308: THIAGO DE MELLO, MILTON (EDITOR) - A Primatologia No Brasil 1 and 2 (First and Second Congresso Brasileiro de Primatologia), in 2 volumes, complete.
6257: THIERRY, SOLANCE - The Khmers.
7910: THOMAS HENRY HUXLEY - Evolution and Ethics and other essays
7018: THOMAS, OLDFIELD; GUNTHER, A.; HARTERT, ERNST; OATES, EUGENE; STOLICZKA, F.; STEJNEGER, LOENHARD; BOULENGER, G. A. AND POCOCK, R. I. ET AL. - Twenty-eight papers on Birds, Mammals and Reptiles from Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, The Ibis, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Annals and Magazine of Natural History, etc.
2027: THOMAS, A. O. - Echinoderms of the Iowa Devonian + Slocom, A.W. and Foerste, A.F. New Echinoderms from the Maquoketa Beds of Fayette County, Iowa.
7893: THOMAS, CHAS W. - Adventures and Observations on the West Coast of Africa, and its Islands: Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Madiera, Canary, Biafra and Cape Verd Islands
6337: THOMAS, HERBERT - Geologie et Paleontologie du Gisement Acheuleen de l'Erg Tihodaine, Ahaggar Sahara, Algerien, in two parts, complete.
3246: THOMPSON, FRED G. - The Aquatic Snails of the Family Hydrobiidae of Peninsular Florida
5471: THOMPSON, M. L. - Fusulinid Studies, 1934-1937 (13 papers bound in one volume).
7512: THOMSON, J. M. - The Mugilidae of Australia and adjacent seas
3820: THOMSON, POULETT - Missing Whale Ships: Copies of Memorials to the Admiralty, Treasury Minutes, etc., relating to missing whale ships.
6318: THORINGTON, RICHARD W. AND HELTNE, PAUL G. (EDITORS) - Neotropical Primates: Field Studies and Conservation.
6562: THORPE, ADRAIN (EDITOR) - The Birds of Daniel Giraud Elliot: A Selection of Pheasants and Peacocks painted by Joseph Wolf and taken from Elliot's Monographs.
7692: THORPE, J. E. (EDITOR) - Rhythmic Activity of Fishes
7663: THORSON, THOMAS B. (EDITOR). - Investigations of the Ichthyofauna of Nicaraguan Lakes.
3081: THOUIN, A. - Description et usage de plusieur ustensiles de moderne invention propes à la culture d'um grand nombre de plantes dans les école de botanique
3087: THOUIN, A. - Mémoire sur le greffe par rameaux dite à orangers, son histoire, sa description, ses usages et ses différentes sortes
3088: THOUIN, A. - Mémoire sur une nouvelle sorte de greffe, nommée greffe en arc, et sur les avantages qu'on peut en obtenir
6582: TIKADER, B.K. AND SHARMA, R.C. - Handbook Indian Lizards.
6680: TIKADER, B.K. AND SHARMA, R.C. - Handbook Indian Testudines.
6996: TIKADER, B.K. - Birds of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
7647: TINKER, SPENCER WILKIE - Fishes of Hawaii: A Handbook of the Marine Fishes of Hawaii and the Central Pacific Ocean.
5895: TINKLE, D.W. - Variation in Shell Morphology of North American Turtles, I. The Carapacial Seam Arrangements.
6601: TINSLEY, R. C. AND KOBEL, H. R. (EDITORS) - The Biology of Xenopus (Symposia of the Zoological Society of London).
2888: TODD, W. E. CLYDE - A Study of the Neotropical Finches of the genus Spinus
7821: TODD, W.E. CLYDE - Birds of the Labrador Peninsula and Adjacent Areas: A Distributional List
7179: TOKE GALE - Burmese Timber Elephant
4076: TOKUNAGA, S. AND NAORA, N. - Report of Diggings at Ho-Chia-Kou, Ku-Hsiang-Tung, Kiran, Manchoukuo.
6060: TOLMACHOFF, I.P. - The Carcasses of the Mammoth and Rhinoceros Found in the Frozen Ground of Siberia.
2466: TOOKE, F.C.G. - The Eucalyptus snout-beetle, Gonipterus scutellatus Gyll: A study of its ecology and control by biological means.
7694: TORELL, MAGNUS - Fisheries in Thailand: Geographical Studies about the Utilization of Resources in Semi-Enclosed Seas
7695: TORELL, MAGNUS - Fisheries in Thailand: Geographical Studies about the Utilization of Resources in Semi-Enclosed Seas
5379: TORIYAMA, R. - Geology of Akiyoshi, part III: Fusulinids of Akiyoshi (Southwest Japan).
7750: TORREY, JOHN - Flora of the State of New-York: Comprising full descriptions of all the indigenous and naturalized plants hitherto discovered in the state with remarks on their economical and medicinal properties, with 162 monochrome lithographed plates of the New York flora (Natural History of New York series), in 2 volumes, complete
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