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8767: Locy, William A. - Biology and its Makers, third edition, revised
7704: Loftus, W. F. and Kushlan, J. A. - Freshwater fishes of southern Florida
9299: Logier, E. B. S. and Toner, G. C. - Check List of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Canada and Alaska
9252: Logier, E. B. S. - The Frogs, Toads and Salamanders of Eastern Canada
6234: Lomolino, Mark V. and Heaney, Lawrence R. (editor). - Frontiers of Biogeography: New Directions in the Geography of Nature.
5359: Long, Nguyen Phuc - Les Nouvelles Researches Archéologiques au Vietnam (complement au Vietnam de Louis Bezacier).
7654: Longley, William Harding (edited and compiled by Samuel F. Hilderbrand). - Systematic Catalogue of the Fishes of Tortugas, Florida with Observations on Color, Habits, and Local Distribution.
5912: Loti, Pierre - Siam.
9125: Lotters, Stefan; Jungfer, Karl-Heinz; Henkel, Friedrich Wilhelm; and Schmidt, Wolfgang - Poison Frogs: Biology, Species and Captive Husbandry
8027: Loudon, Jane Wells - The Ladies' Flower-Garden [comprising] Ornamental Annuals (1844); Ornamental Perennials (1850); Ornamental Bulbous Plants (1850); Ornamental Greenhouse Plants (1860) and British Wild Flowers (1859), in 5 volumes, complete
4555: Loveridge, Arthur - Check List of the Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyika, Zanzibar).
9123: Loveridge, Arthur - Reptiles of the Pacific World
4419: Loveridge, Arthur - Checklist of the Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa (Uganda; Kenya; Tanganyika; Zanzibar).
4421: Loveridge, Arthur - Further Revisions of African Snake Genera.
3530: Lowe, Percy R. - On the Systematic Position of the Swifts (Suborder Cypseli) and Hummingbirds (Suborder Trochili), with special reference to their Relation to the Order Passeriformes.
6123: Lubbock, Sir John - The Origin of Civilisation and the Primitive Condition of Man: Mental and Social Condition of Savages.
7937: Lucas, Frederic A. - General Guide to the Exhibition Halls of the American Museum of Natural History
5591: Luckett, W. P. and Hartenberger J-L. (editors) - Evolutionary Relationships among Rodents: A Multidisciplinary Analysis.
8544: Luckett, W. Patrick and Szalay, Frederick S. (editors) - Phylogeny of the Primates: A Multidisciplinary Approach
7485: Ludicke, Manfred - 5. Ordnung der Klasse Reptilia, Serpentes
7518: Lukacs, John R. - The People of South Asia: The Biological Anthropology of India, Pakistan and Nepal
9445: Lull, R. S. - A Revision of the Ceratopsia or Horned Dinosaurs
5314: Lumley, Henry de (editor) - La Grotte de l'Hortus (Valflaunes, Herault). Les chasseurs neandertaliens et leur milieu de vie. Elaboration d'une chronologie du Wurmien II dans le Midi Mediterraneen (La Grotte Mousterienne De l'hortus).
5315: Lumley-Woodyear, Henry de - Le Paléolithique Inférieur et Moyen du midi Méditerranéen dans son cadre Géologique, Tome I: Ligurie, Provence + Tome II: Bas-Languedoc, Roussillon, Catalogne, (in 2 volumes complete).
8150: Lumley, Henry de, Pillard, Brigitte and Pillard, Frederic - L'habitat et les activites de l'homme de Lazaret
8852: Luo, Hong (managing editor) - Customs of Zhuang Nationality in Black in Napo of Guangxi
8976: Lutz, Bertha - Brazilian Species of Hyla
9315: Lutz, Bertha - Brazilian Species of Hyla
5298: Lyell, Charles - Travels in North America, in the years 1841-2; with Geological Observations on The United States, Canada and Nova Scotia, 2 volumes bound together in one volume.
9627: Lyell, Charles - The Student's Elements of Geology
6273: Lynch, John D. and Myers, Charles W. - Frogs of the Genus Eleutherodactylus in Eastern Panama and Chocoan South America (Leptodactylidae).
2100: Lyon, Marcus W. - Mammals of Indiana.
5569: M'William, James O. - Medical history of the expedition to the Niger during the years 1841-42, comprising an account of the fever which led to its abrupt termination.
9086: Maceda, Marcelino - The Culture of the Mamanua (Northeast Mindanao) as compared with that of the other Negritos of Southeast Asia
9387: Macholan, Milos, Baird, Stuart J. E., Munclinger, Pavel, and Pialek, Jaroslav (editors) - Evolution of the House Mouse
9386: Macholan, Milos, Baird, Stuart J. E., Munclinger, Pavel, and Pialek, Jaroslav (editors) - Evolution of the House Mouse
6064: MacInnes, D. G. - Fossil Tubulidentata from East Africa.
3885: Mackintosh, N.A. - The Southern Stocks of Whalebone Whales.
2019: Macoun, John and Kindberg, N. C. - Catalogue of Canadian Plants, Part 6: Musci.
6413: MacPhee, Ross D. E. (editor) - Primates and Their Relatives in Phylogenetic Perspective.
6438: Made, J. van der - Listriodontinae (Suidae, Mammalia), their evolution, systematics and distribution in time and space, in 2 parts (text + figures, plates, tables), complete.
9243: Maderson, Paul F. A. and Homberger, Dominique G. (editors) - Evolutionary Origin of Feathers
6169: Magurran, Anne E. and May, Robert M. (editors) - Evolution of Biological Diversity.
8548: Maier, Wolfgang - Vergleichend- und funktionell-anatomische Untersuchungen an der Vorderextremitat von Theropithecus gelada (Ruppell 1835): Ein Beitrag zur Systematik und Evolutionsmorphologie terrestrischer Cercopithecidae
7520: Majumdar, R. C. - Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East, Volume 2: Suvarnadvipa, Part I - Political History
8814: Majumdar, R. C. - India and South-east Asia
6200: Maki, Moichiro - A Monograph of the Snakes of Japan, in 3 volumes, complete.
8040: Maki, M. - A Monograph of the Snakes of Japan, in 3 text volumes + Portfolio of color plates, in portfolio case with bone-clasped ties
9311: Makino, Sajiro - An Atlas of the Chromosome Numbers in Animals
7311: Mann, Albert - Report on the Diatoms of the Albatross Voyages in the Pacific Ocean, 1888-1904
9637: Manning, Harvey and Miller, Tom - The North Cascades
9146: Mao, Shou-Hsian and Chen, Been-Yuan - Sea Snakes of Taiwan: A Natural History of Sea Snakes
8980: Mao, Shou-Hsian and Chen, Been-Yuan - Sea Snakes of Taiwan: A Natural History of Sea Snakes
8979: Mao, Shou-Hsian and Chen, Been-Yuan - Sea Snakes of Taiwan: A Natural History of Sea Snakes
7136: Mara, W. P. - Desert Snakes of North America.
6431: Marcho, Gabriele and Freeman, Leonard - A re-analysis of the Andrew A Abbie morphometric data on Australian Aborigines.
8794: Marks, G. C. and Kozlowski, T. T. (editors) - Ectomycorrhizae: Their Ecology and Physiology
9514: Marsh, O.C. - Odontornithes: A Monograph on the Extinct Toothed Birds of North America
9496: Marshall, A. J. - Bower-Birds: Their Displays and Breeding Cycles, A Preliminary Statement
8482: Martin, Karl (editor) - Sammlungen des Geologischen Reichs-Museums in Leiden (Ie Serie), Band I - Band VII (1881-1904)
8450: Martin, Robert A. - Missing Links: Evolutionary Concepts and Transitions through Time
9255: Martin, P. S. and Wright, JR., H. E. (editors) - Pleistocene Extinctions: The Search for a Cause
5444: Marty, P. - Etudes sur les Végétaux Fossiles du trieu de leval (Hainaut) avec une note preliminaire sur la résine fossile de ce gisement par Maurice Langeron.
6311: Marzuki, Yazir and Heraty, Toeti - Borobudur.
9429: Masroor, Rafaqat - A Contribution to the Herpetology of Northern Pakistan: The Amphibians and Reptiles of Margalla Hills National Park and surroundings regions
9428: Masroor, Rafaqat - A Contribution to the Herpetology of Northern Pakistan: The Amphibians and Reptiles of Margalla Hills National Park and surroundings regions
9128: Masroor, Rafaqat - A Contribution to the Herpetology of Northern Pakistan: The Amphibians and Reptiles of Margalla Hills National Park and surroundings regions
9061: Matheson, Andrew et al. (editors) - The Conservation of Bees
7941: Mathews, Gregory M. - The Birds of Australia, Supplement No. 2 - Check List of the Birds of Australia, Part 2: Order Passeriformes (Part) + Supplement No. 3 - Check List of the Birds of Australia, Part 3: Order Passeriformes (Concluding Part)
1908: Mathias, M.M. - Studies the Umbelliferae. III: A Monograph of Cymoptera including a critical study of related genera
4785: Matthes, Horst W. - Zur Palaogeographie und Stammesgeschichte der Eozanen Wirbeltiere des Geiseltales.
6107: Matthew, William D. - Climate and Evolution.
4078: Matthew, William Diller - Paleocene Faunas of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico.
9234: Maynard, C. J. - The Naturalist’s Guide in Collecting and Preserving Objects of Natural History
2289: Mayor, Alfred Goldsborough - A Memorial to Alfred Goldsborough Mayor. Some Posthumous Papers of A.G. Mayor Relating to His Work at Tutuila Island and Adjacent Regions, together with reports of R.A. Daly, R.T. Chamberlin, and C.B. Lipman on their work in the same connection.
2579: Mayr, E. and Rand, A.L. + Tate, G.H.H. and Archbold, R. - Results of the Archbold Expeditions, No. 14: Birds of the 1933-1934 Papuan Expedition + No. 16: Some Marsupials of New Guinea and Celebes
8637: Mazzer, S. J. - A monographic study of the genus Pouzarella: A new genus in the Rhodophyllaceae, Agaricales, Basidiomycetes
3575: McCormick, L. Hamilton - Characterology: An Exact Science
9036: McCranie, James R. and Wilson, Larry David - The Amphibians of Honduras
7892: McDonald, Marshall (editor) - Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission Vol IX, for 1889
4894: McDowell, Samuel Booker, Jr. - The Greater Antillean Insectivores.
9270: McKeown, Sean - Hawaiian Reptiles and Amphibians
9240: McKinney, H. Lewis - Wallace and Natural Selection
3640: McNab, Robert - The Old Whaling Days: A history of southern New Zealand from 1830 to 1840
7813: Mead, Albert D. - A Method of Lobster Culture
9073: Medway, Lord - The wild mammals of Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia) and Singapore, second edition
9582: Meikle, William Eric and Parker, Sue Taylor - Naming Our Ancestors: An Anthology of Hominid Taxonomy
3753: Meinertzhagen, Richard - Birds of Arabia.
7060: Mell, R. - Beitrage zur Fauna Sinica, IV: Grundzuge einer Okologie der chinesischen Reptilien und einer herpetologischen Tiergeographie Chinas.
8206: Mellars, Paul (editor) - The Emergence of Modern Humans: An Archaeological Perspective
5147: Menzel, Emil W. (editor) - Precultural Primate Bahavior.
8356: Meriam, C. Hart (editor) - Harriman Alaska Expedition, 1901-1914, complete in 13 volumes
1813: Merian, Matthaus - MAP OF PARIS in a later hand-colored state, first published in 1615.
9444: Merriam, J. C. - Triassic Ichthyosauria with special reference to the American forms
5048: Mertens, Robert - Zur Kenntnis der Iguaniden-Gattung Tropidurus in Peru.
5052: Mertens, Robert - Zur verbreitung und systematik einiger Lacerta-formen der Apenninischen halbinsel und der Tyrrhenischen inselwelt.
4644: Mertens, Robert and Muller, Lorenz - Liste der Amphibien und Reptilien Europas.
9028: Mertens, Robert - Die Amphibien und Reptilien der Inseln Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa und Flores (Beiträge zur Fauna der Kleinen Sunda-Inseln, I).
6086: Mertens, Robert - Die Familie der Warne (Varanidae); Teil 1: Allgemeines, Teil 2: Der Schadel, Teil 3: Taxonomie, complete in 3 parts.
5982: Mertens, Robert - Die rezenten Krokodile des Natur-Museums Senckenberg
4813: Mertens, Robert - uber Reptilienbastarde.
4497: Mertens, Robert - Herpetogische Ergebnisse einer Reise nach Kamerun.
4827: Mertens, Robert - uber eine kleine herpetologische Sammlung aus Java.
4828: Mertens, Robert - Die Reptilien der Madagaskar-Expedition Prof. D. H. Bluntschli's.
9298: Mertens, Robert, Hennig, Willi, and Wermuth, Heinz - Liste der rezenten Amphibien un Reptilien: Ascaphidae, Leiopelmatidea, Pipidae, Discoglossidae, Pelobatidae, Leptodactylidae, Rhinophrynidae
4562: Mertens, Robert - Die Lurche und Kriechtiere des Rhein-Main-Gebietes.
4564: Mertens, Robert - Die Tierwelt des tropischen Regenwaldes. Hrsg. v. d. Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft.
4611: Mertens, Robert - Senckenberg Naturforschende Gesellschaft Abhandlungen, no. 435, 442, 449, 451, 462, 465, 466 (7 monographs by Robert Mertens)
4641: Mertens, Robert and Wermuth, Heinz - Die Amphibien und Reptilien Europas.
4642: Mertens, Robert - Die Tierwelt der Erde.
4643: Mertens, Robert - Studien zur Eidonomie und Taxonomie der Ringelnatter (Natrix natrix).
4652: Mertens, Robert and Schnurre, Otto - Eidonomische und oekologische Studien an Smaragdeidechsen Deutschlands.
4826: Mertens, Robert - Zur Kenntnis der Eidechsenfauna Nordwest-Spaniens.
5133: Mertens, Robert - The history of the herpetological section of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt A.M. (including a list of types in the Museum).
4645: Mertens, Robert and Muller, Lorenz - Die Amphibien und Reptilien Europas
4646: Mertens, Robert - Reptilien und Amphibien aus dem sudlichen Inner-Afrika.
4134: Mertens, Robert - Die ""Typostrophen-Lehre"" im Lichte des Darwinismus.
4138: Mertens, Robert - Zoologische Ergebnisse einer Reise nach den Pelagischen Insen und Sizilien.
8539: Messeri, Patrizia (editor) - Abstracts of the VIIIth International Congress of Primatology, Firenze, Italy, July 7-12, 1980, volume 3, no. 2
6455: Meyer, H.L. - Missel Thrush (Turdus miscovorus) Hand Colored Plate
6450: Meyer, H.L. - Magpie and Bittern Eggs Hand Colored Plate
6451: Meyer, H.L. - Land Rail and Ring Pheasant Eggs Hand Colored Plate
6453: Meyer, H.L. - Rook (Corvus frugilegus) Hand Colored Plate
6454: Meyer, H.L. - Ptarmigan (Tetralagopus) Hand Colored Plate
6445: Meyer, H.L. - Jer Falcon (Falco Islandicus) Hand Colored Plate
6446: Meyer, H.L. - Hen Harrier (Circus cyaneus) Hand Colored Plate
6447: Meyer, H.L. - Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorus) Hand Colored Plate
6449: Meyer, H.L. - Egyptian Neophron (Neophron percnopterus) Hand Colored Plate
8557: Michael, Richard P. and Crook, John H. (editors) - Comparative Ecology and Behaviour of Primates: Proceedings of a Conference held at the Zoological Society, London, November 1971
7951: Michelet, M. J. - The Sea (La Mer)
5913: Middleton, Robert Hunter (printer) - Abstract Art Print Limited Edition on hand made paper
5892: Middleton, Robert Hunter (printer) - Limited Edition Abstract Art Print on hand made paper
6177: Middleton, R. Hunter - Cherryburn Prints: Volume I. Discovered Subjects I to X (and) Volume II. Discovered Subjects XI to XX + 2 additional signed prints, each housed in portfolio cases as issued.
6162: Midlo, Charles and Cummins, Harold - Palmar and Plantar Dermatoglyphics in Primates.
9574: Miksic, John N. - Traditional Sumatran Trade
5790: Miksic, John - Borobudur: Golden Tales of the Buddhas.
6128: Milisauskas, Sarunas - European Prehistory.
5692: Miller, A. H. et al. (editors) - University of California Publications in Zoology, volume 52, no. 1-5 (1951-1954).
5424: Miller, Arthur K. - Tertiary Nautiloids of West-Coastal Africa.
9631: Miller, Gerrit S. - Revised determinations of some Tertiary Mammals from Mongolia
7648: Miller, Robert R. - The Cyprinodont Fishes of the Death Valley system of eastern California and southwestern Nevada.
8537: Miller, James B. (editor) - The Epic of Evolution: Science and Religion in Dialogue
8130: Miller, John F. - Illustratio Systematis Sexualis Linnaei. An Illustration of the sexual system of the Genera Plantarum of Linnaeus
8499: Milliken, Sarah and Cook, Jill (editors) - A Very Remote Period Indeed: Papers on the Palaeolithic presented to Derek Roe
2827: Milne Edwards, M. Alphonse - Mission Scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amerique Centrale: Études sur les Xiphosures et les Crustacés de la région Mexicaine
3057: Milne Edwards, Alphonse - Description de quelques Crustacés Nouveaux provenant des voyages de M. Alfred Grandidier a Zanzibar et a Madagascar
3993: Milne Edwards, Alphonse and Bouvier, E. L. - Reports on the Results of Dredging in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78), in the Caribbean Sea (1878-79) and along the Atlantic coast of the United States (1880), by the U.S. Coast Survey Steamer ""Blake"", Part XLVII: Les Porcellanides et les Brachyures.
3992: Milne Edwards, Alphonse and Bouvier, E. L. - Reports on the Results of Dredging in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78), in the Caribbean Sea (1878-79) and along the Atlantic coast of the United States (1880), by the U.S. Coast Survey Steamer ""Blake"", Part XLIV: Les Pénéides et Sténopides.
3455: Minelli, Alessandro - The Development of Animal Form: Ontogeny, Morphology, and Evolution
6003: Miner, Roy Waldo - The Pectoral Limb of Eryops and Other Primitive Tetrapods.
3089: Mirbel, M. - Mémoire sur l'Anatomie et la Physiologie des plantes de la famille des Labiées
5063: Mitchell, Edward - Evidence for Mass Standings of the False Killer Whale (Pseudorca crassidens) in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean.
3799: Mitchell, E. and Tedford, R.H. - The Enaliarctinae, a new Group of Extinct Aquatic Carnivora and a Consideration of the Origin of the Otariidae.
3852: Mitchell, E. and Tedford, R.H. - The Enaliarctinae, a new Group of Extinct Aquatic Carnivora and a Consideration of the Origin of the Otariidae.
2200: Mitchell, G. F. - Post-Boreal Pollen-Diagrams from Irish Raised-Bogs
6278: Mitra, N. D. et al. - Geology of Nagaland Ophiolite: D.B. Ghosh Commemorative Volume: A Compilation of Research Papers on Nagaland Ophiolite.
1358: Mitten, G. - MUSCI AUSTRO-AMERICANI. Enumeratio muscorum omnium Austro-Americanorum auctori hucusque cogitorum.
9645: Mivart, St. George and Keulemans, J. G. - Red and Blue Lory with Challenger Lory Hand-Colored Plate
6383: Mivart, George - On the Appendicular Skeleton of the Primates.
8186: Mivart, St. George - A monograph of the lories, or brush-tongued parrots, composing the family Loriidae
5712: Miyazaki, Manabu - Ural Owl (=Fukuro).
9377: Mjoberg, Eric - Forest Life and Adventures in the Malay Archipelago
5630: Mlynarski, Marion - Handbuch der Palaoherpetologie, Part 7: Testudines.
7391: Mobius, Karl, Fraiche, Felix, et al. - The Oyster, Parts XXVII to XXXVI, complete in one volume
5623: Moll, Edward O. and Legler, John M. - The Life History of a Neotropical Slider Turtle, Pseudemys scripta (Schoepff) in Panama.
6129: Mongait, Alexander - Archaeology in the U.S.S.R.
9475: Monk, Kathryn A., Fretes, Yance De andReksodiharjo-Lilley, Gayatri - The Ecology of Nusa Tenggara and Maluku
8071: Monks, Sarah - The Columella and Stapes in some North American Turtles
7613: Montgomery, Thomas H. - On Phylogenetic Classification
7497: Mook, Charles C. - A Revision of the Mesozoic Crocodilia of North America
7798: Moore, Henry F. - A Practical Method of Sponge Culture
3480: Moore, John - A Treatise on Domestic Pigeons, comprehending all of the different species known in England; describing the perfections and imperfections of each, ... the method of breeding the most curious and valuable sorts, ... the generation of pigeons in general
6274: Moore, John A. - Geographic Variation in Rana pipiens Schreber of Eastern North America.
9329: Moore, John A. and Lofts, Brian (editors) - Physiology of the Amphibia, 2 volumes.
7785: Moore, Henry F. - The Commercial Sponges and the Sponge Fisheries
8501: Morbeck, Mary Ellen - A Reexamination of the Forelimb of the Miocene Hominoidea
6297: Morbeck, Mary Ellen, Preuschoft, Holger and Gomberg, Neil (editors) - Environment, Behavior, and Morphology: Dynamic Interactions in Primates.
6498: Morch, Ernst Trier - Chondrodystrophic Dwarfs in Denmark (supplemented with investigations from Sweden and Norway) with special reference to the Inheritance of Chondrodystrophy.
2852: Moreira, C. - Crustaceos do Brazil + six other papers by Moreira
8923: Morgan, Andrew Price - The Mycologic Flora of the Miami Valley, Ohio, in 10 parts, complete
9473: Morris, F. O. - A Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds (with 225 color plates) in three volumes, complete
5814: Morris, F. O. - Jer Falcon Hand-Colored Plate
4989: Morse, Albert P. - Notes on the Acrididae of New England, II. Tryxalinae + III. Oadipodinae, + IV. Acridiinae.
8046: Mortensen, Th. - Handbook of the Echinoderms of the British Isles
9184: Mount, Robert H. - The Reptiles & Amphibians of Alabama
9186: Moyal, Ann - Platypus: The extraordinary story of how a curious creature baffled the world
5439: Muir-Wood, Helen M. - The British Carboniferous Producti, II: Productus (sensu stricto) - semireticulatus and longispinus groups.
3305: Multiple Authors - Herpetological Offprints from Zoologische Mededelingen, (Leiden), 1938-1978
5182: Munro, J. A. - Studies of Waterfowl in British Columbia, No. 9: Barrow's Golden-eye, American Golden-eye.
3595: Murray, Andrew - The Geographical Distribution of Mammals
6332: Murrill, Rupert Ivan - Cranial and Postcranial Skeletal Remains from Easter Island.
8471: Musser, Guy G. and Newcomb, Cameron - Malaysian murids and the Giant Rat of Sumatra
8472: Musser, Guy. G. - Results of the Archbold Expeditions, No. 105. Notes on Systematics of Indo-Malayan Murid Rodents, and Descriptions of New Genera and Species from Ceylon, Sulawesi, and the Philippines
8478: Musser, Guy G. - The giant rat of Flores and its relatives east of Borneo and Bali
8479: Musser, Guy - Species Limits of Rattus cremoriventer and Rattus langbianis Murid Rodents of Southeast Asia and the Greater Sunda Islands
8473: Musser, Guy G. and Dagosto, Marian - The Identity of Tarsius pumilus, a pygmy species endemic to the montane mossy forests of Central Sulawesi
9372: Musser, Guy G. - Zoogeographical Significance of the Ricefield Rat, Rattus argentiventer, on Celebes and New Guinea and the Identity of Rattus pesticulus
9373: Musser, Guy G. - The Species of Hapalomys (Rodentia, Muridae)
9155: Myers, Charles W. and Daly, John W. - Preliminary Evaluation of Skin Toxins and Vocalizations in Taxonomic and Evolutionary Studies of Poison-Dart Frogs (Dendrobatidae)
9349: Myrdal, Jan and Kessle, Gun - Angkor: An Essay on Art and Imperialism
3464: Nabours, Robert K. - Studies of Inheritance and Evolution in Orthoptera. V. The Grouse Locust, Apotettix eurycephalus Hancock
8000: Nadler, Tilo, Streicher, Ulrike and Long, Ha Thang (editors) - Conservation of Primates in Vietnam
8591: Naef, Adolf - Die fossilen Tintenfische. Eine paläozoologische Monographie
9060: Naef, Adolf - Fauna and Flora of the Bay of Naples, monograph no. 35: Cephalopoda, in two fascicles, complete
6329: Nairn, Alan E. M. and Stehli, Francis G. (editors) - The Ocean Basins and Margins, Volume 1: The South Atlantic.
4073: Nakal, T., Honda, M., Satake, Y. and Kitagawa, M. - Index Florae Jeholensis cum Appendice: Plantae novae vel minus cognitae ex Manshuria.
5825: Nakamura, Tsukasa and Yoda, Masauo - Birds in Yamanishi, Japan.
8646: Nakasone, Karen K. - Cultural Studies and Identification of Wood-Inhabiting Corticiaceae and selected Hymenomycetes from North America
8266: Nakaya, Hideo (editor) - Northern Hemisphere Geo-Bio Traverse, Numbers 1-4: Report of Evolutionary History of Mammalian Fauna and Paleoenvironments - Late Cenozoic Eurasia and North America
6384: Napier, Prudence H. - Catalogue of Primates in the British Museum (Natural History) and Elsewhere in the British Isles, Part 1: Families Callitrichidae and Cebidae.
9079: Napier, Prudence Hero - Catalogue of Primates in the British Museum (Natural History) and elsewhere in the British Isles. Part II: Family Cercopithecidae, Subfamily Cercopithecinae
9481: Napier, J. R. - Fossil Metacarpals from Swartkrans
8218: Napier, J.R. and Napier, P.H. (editors) - Old World Monkeys: Evolution, Systematics, and Behavior
6065: Napier, J. R. - Fossil Metacarpals from Swartkrans.
7776: Napoleon I - The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte with his Brother Joseph, sometime King of Spain. Selected and translated, with explanatory notes, from the 'Mémoires Du Roi Joseph' in 2 volumes, complete
6342: National Academy of Science - Paleontological Collecting.
8255: National Center for Scientific Research of Vietnam - Selected Collection of Scientific on Ecology and Biological Researches (1986-1990)
9646: Naumann, J. A. and Keulemans, J. G. - Little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius) Chromolithograph Plate
6458: Navia, Juan M. - Animal Models in Dental Research.
9124: Necas, P., Modrý, D. and Zavadil, V. - Czech Recent and Fossil Amphibians and Reptiles: An Atlas and Field Guide
5144: Nelson, Gareth and Rosen, Donn (editors) - Vicariance Biogeography: A Critique.
9652: New York Zoological Society - Set of six vintage postcards from the New York Zoological Park
9651: Newell, Rev. Daniel - The Honeysuckle and Hummingbird Framed Hand-colored Plate
9338: Ngoc, Huu - Vietnamese Studies, New Series No. 9 (79)
9339: Ngoc, Huu - Etudes Vietnamiennes No. 18 (88)
9336: Nguyen, Khac Vien - Dien Bien Phu: Before During After
9337: Nguyen, Khac Vien - Essays on Vietnamese Civilization (I)
8303: Nguyen, Tuan - Hoian | Old Town (Hôian Dô Thi Co)
9340: Nguyen, Khac Vien - Face to Face with U. S. Armed Forces (I)
5236: Nguyen, Chi Ben et al. - My Son: The World Heritage.
7392: (Nichols, Ichabod) - A Catechism of Natural Theology (the rare anonymous first edition)
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