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004381: ITURBIDE, GRACIELA - IMŠgenes Del Espiritu (Images of the Spirit)
003416: IVENS, WALTER - Bugotu-English, English-Bugotu Concise Dictionary
003523: SCHAEFER JACK - Shane
002095: JACKSON, EDGAR N. - The Christian Funeral
000355: JACKSON, K. & B. - The Saggy Baggy Elephant
004299: JACKSON, KATHRYN AND BYRON - Animal Babies
003923: JACOBS, KATE - Knit Two
003988: JACQUES, BRIAN - Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
004283: JACQUES, BRIEN - Loamhedge
004426: JAMES, HENRY - What Maisie Knew
001322: JAMES, KELLY - Dancing with the Witchdoctor: One Woman's Stories of Mystery and Adventure in Africa
000862: JAMES, J. ALISON - Sing for a Gentle Rain
B-10001: JAMES, MARQUIS - Andrew Jackson the Border Captain
003980: JANSEN, MARIUS B. ; ASANA, NAGATAKE - Japan: A History in Art
003987: JARVIS, ROBIN - The Dark Portal: Book One of the Deptford Mice Trilogy
003986: JARVIS, ROBIN - The Crystal Prison: Book Two of the Deptford Mice Trilogy
003985: JARVIS, ROBIN - The Final Reckoning: Book of Three of the Deptford Mice Trilogy
001398: JASEN, DAVID A. - P.G. Wodehouse: A Portrait of a Master
003114: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
000018: JENKINS, DANIEL - Fast Copy
TS-01001: JENKINS, DANIEL - The Strangeness of the Church
002354: JENKINS, PHILIP - New Anti-Catholicism, the: The Last Acceptable Prejudice
003689: JEPSEN, DEE - Women: Beyond Equal Rights
004002: JEWELL, RICHARD B. ; HARBIN, VERNON - The Rko Story
003521: AYLESWORTH JIM - Old Black Fly (Signed)
001451: JOBLING, CURTIS - Frankenstein's Cat
001147: JOHANSEN, IRIS - Final Target
004037: JOHNSON, D. B. - Palazzo Inverso
CH-12166: JOHNSTON, VELDA - The Etruscan Smile
WO-10001: JOHNSTON, JOHANNA - Women Themselves
004061: JONAS, JOE, KEVIN & NICK - Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers
004268: JONES, CARRIE - Entice
002715: JONES, MIRANDA - Castle Magic
002701: JONES, ROBERT B. - Jean Toomer and the Prison-House of Thought: A Phenomenology of the Spirit
001992: JONES, CAROLYN; MCKELLEN, IAN (FORWARD BY) - Living Proof Courage in the Face of Aids
003817: JOOSSE, BARBARA M. - Mama, Do You Love Me?
000127: JORDAN, ELIZABETH - May Iverson: Her Book
000942: JORDAN, TERESA - Riding the White Horse Home : A Western Family Album
001882: JOSELMA, SISTER M. , O. S.F - The Littlest Brother
004422: JOSEPH, LYNN - Flowers in the Sky
002175: JOSEPH, GILBERT; RUBENSTEIN, ANNE; ZOLOV, ERIC (EDITED BY) - Fragments of a Golden Age: The Politics of Culture in Mexico Since 1940
001004: JOYCE, WILLIAM - Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo
004078: JUDGE M. D. , JAMES - The Closest of Strangers
004112: JUKES, MAVIS - I'LL See You in My Dreams
CH-01036: JULIAN, LEE - Fire Dog
001106: KADOW, JEANNINE - Burnout
001057: KAGAN, ELAINE - The Girls : A Novel
003409: KAHNG, EIK; ROLAND MICHEL, MARIANNE - Anne Vallayer-Coster Painter to the Court of Marie-Antoinette
003435: KAISER, HARVEY H. - An Architectural Guidebook to the National Parks California, Oregon, Washington
002800: KAISER, ROBERT BLAIR - A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future
000810: KALB, JONAH - The Goof That Won the Pennant
002998: KALMANSOHN, MARK E. - Nothing Is Too Late: The Hunt for a Holocaust Swindler
H-10001: KANE, HENRY B. - The Tale of a Pond
002869: KANE, PENNY - Victorian Families in Fact and Fiction
CH-01018: KANTOR, MACKINLAY AND RICHTER, CONRAD - Happy Land; Tacey Cromwell
002406: KANY, CHARLES E. ; MELZ, CHRISTIAN F. - Spoken German for Students and Travelers
002282: KAPLAN, ROBERT; KAPLAN, ELLEN - The Art of the Infinite: The Pleasures of Mathematics
004366: KARRAS, A. L. - North to Cree Lake
002863: KASHIWA, IVAN - Spirit Tokens of the Ling Qi Jing
002611: KATO, YOSHIKO - Animal Foot Prints
004419: KATZ, DONALD R. - The Big Store Inside the Crisis and Revolution at Sears
004359: KATZEN, MOLLIE - Vegetable Heaven over 200 Recipes for Uncommon Soups, Tasty Bites, Side-by-Side Dishes, and Too Many Desserts
004247: KAY, SCHUCKHART - The Happy Little Book of Pugs
003071: KEABLE, ROBERT - Though This Be Madness
003433: KEADY, WALTER - The Dowry a Novel of Ireland
000948: KEATING, SUSANNAH - The Picture Book
004099: KEAY, JOHN - Sowing the Wind: The Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East
001904: KEENE, CAROLYN - By the Light of the Study Lamp
001625: KEHRET, PEG - Cages
001624: KEHRET, PEG - Cages
N-11004: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Lake Wobegon Days
000347: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Billy Straight
SF-11001: KELLEY, LEO P. - On the Red World
B-11002: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - Sketches from a Life
003735: KENNEDY, RANDALL - Nigger: The Strange Case of a Troublesome Word
N-11001: KENNEDY, BARRY - Through the Deadfall
002598: KENNEDY, ROGER - Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause: Land, Farmers, Slavery, and the Louisiana Purchase
001919: KENNEDY, ROBERT F. - The Enemy Within
CH12109: KENWORTHY, CATHERINE - Little Squirt the Fire Engine - 10154-23
004445: KERCHEVAL, JESSE LEE - Space a Memoir
004178: KERCHEVAL, JESSE LEE - My Life As a Silent Movie: A Novel
003480: KERTZER, DAVID I - Amalia's Tale: A Poor Peasant, an Ambitious Attorney, and a Fight for Justice
003312: KETCHUM, RICHARD M - The American Heritage Book of Great Historic Places
002797: KETCHUM, RICHARD M. (EDITOR) - The American Heritage Book of the Pioneer Spirit
003119: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - The River Road
003113: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - The River Road
004070: KHOURI, NORMA - Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan
002577: INNOVATIVE KIDS - Fairytale Games: Stories Told Through Play
004312: KIDWELL, GERALDINE - Cakes for All Occasions
002108: KIEFFER, PAUL - Luxembourg le Grand Duche, Das Grobherzogtum, the Grand Duchy
003298: KIHL, YOUNG WHAN - Politics and Policies in Divided Korea : Regimes in Contest
003877: KILMER, NICHOLAS - Dirty Linen
002921: KIM, YOUNG MI - Architecture & Design Libarary: Neoclassical
002495: KIMMERLE, BETH - Candy: The Sweet History
004205: KINCAID, LUCY - Follow My Leader
004243: KINCAID, LUCY - Will & Pa's New Friend
CH-01213: KINDERSLEY, DORLING - Mealtime (Look at Me Books)
002477: KING, ROSS - Michelangelo & the Pope's Ceiling
001570: KING, WALTER S. ; SLADE, ALFRED L. - The Airbrush Technique of Photographic Retouching
001542: KING, MICHAEL - Wrestling with the Angel: A Life of Janet Frame
000681: KING, STEPHEN - The Tommyknockers
000202: KING, STEPHEN - Rose Madder
003451: KINGMAN, LEE; HOGARTH, GRACE ALLEN; QUIMBY, HARRIET - Illustrators of Children's Books 1967-1976
000538: KINGSLEY, EMILY PERL - The Sesame Street Pet Show
003434: KINSELLA, BRIDGET - Visiting Life Women Doing Time on the Outside
003359: KIRBY, BABS - Experiential Astrology Symbolic Journeys Using Guided Imagery
004030: KIRK, E. J. ; BASED ON THE BOOK BY C. S. LEWIS - Step Into Narnia: A Journey Through the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
CH-12102: KIRK, DAVID - Miss Spider's Wedding
003365: VAN DER KISTE, JOHN (COMPILED BY) - Gilbert & Sullivan's Christmas
CH-02023: KITAMURA, SATOSHI - Ufo Diary
001602: KLEIN HALEVI, YOSSI; HALEVI, YOSSI KLEIN - At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: A Jew's Search for God with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land
004400: KLUGER, RICHARD - The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek a Tragic Clash between White and Native America
002236: KNIGHT, REBECCA - A Car, Some Cash and a Place to Crash: The Only Post-College Survival Guide You'LL Ever Need
000796: KNIGHT, DAVID C. - Dinosaurs That Swam and Flew
001950: KOCH, K. M. ; STEIN, GUNTER (EDITED BY) - Pathogenetic and Therapeutic Aspects of Chronic Renal Failure
003319: KOEN, KARLEEN - Dark Angels
M-11002: KOENIG, LAIRD - Rockabye
001446: KOENIGSBERG, PATTY LAKIN - Simon Visits the Doctor - 10134-6
001351: KOETHE, JOHN - The Constructor
004278: KOGAN, LEE - The Art of Nellie Mae Rowe Ninety-Nine and a Half Won't Do
000155: KONIGSBURG, E. L. - (George)
001191: KOPEL, DAVID B. ; BLACKMAN, PAUL H. - No More Wacos : What's Wrong with Federal Law Enforcement and How to Fix It
001915: KORNEGAY, DEMITRI - Dear Rhonda: Life Lessons from a Father to His Daughter
004318: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Fata Morgana
000197: KOVACS, DEBORAH - Ernie's Neighborhood
004411: KOWAL, MARY ROBINETTE - Without a Summer
002910: KOWSKY, FRANCIS R. - Country, Park & City: The Architecture and Life of Calvert Vaux
CH-12091: KRAFT, JIM - Garfield's Tales of Mystery
000672: KRAFT, JIM - Garfield's Tales of Mystery
000289: KREIDER, KAREN ADAPTED BY - Disney's Aladdin
000037: KREIDER, KAREN ADAPTED BY - Disney's Aladdin
CH-02025: KROLL, STEVEN - The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
003479: KRYZA, FRANK T - The Race for Timbuktu: In Search of Africa's City of Gold
003876: KUBAN, KARLA - Marchlands: A Novel
001819: KUENNING, DELORES - Life After Vietnam: How Veterans and Their Loved Ones Can Heal the Psychological Wounds of War
CH-07002: KUMIN, MAXINE AND SEXTON, ANNE - Joey and the Birthday Present
002462: KURLAND, MICHAEL - How to Try a Murder: The Handbook for Armchair Lawyers
003871: KUSHNER, TONY - Brundibar (Bumblebee)
002333: KWAN, MICHAEL DAVID - The Chinese Storyteller's Book: Supernatural Tales
002227: KYSAR, GEORGIANA G. - Love, Laughter and Tears
003011: LAAS, WILLIAM (EDITED BY) - Lincoln Continential Guide to Cuisines of the Eastern World
004234: LABENSKY, SARAH R. ; HAUSE, ALAN M. - On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals
002874: LACY, ALLEN - Gardening with Groundcovers and Vines
002250: LAFLER, STEVE - Scalawag: A Bughouse Book (Volume 3)
001088: LAGARD, GARALD - Scarlet Cockerel
001984: LAHAYE, TIM F. ; HALLIDAY, STEVE - The Merciful God of Prophecy: His Loving Plan for You in the End Times
002327: LAL, P. - The Bhagavad Gita
003949: LAM, AMANDA; THOMAS, AMY - Convertible Houses
R-12002: LAMBERT, JANET - Friday's Child
002820: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Kamikaze: Japan's Suicide Samurai
004131: LAMORISSE, ALBERT - The Red Balloon
004146: LAMOTT, ANNE - Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair
004116: LAMPLEY, JONATHAN MALCOLM; BECK, KEN; CLARK, JIM; ACKERMAN, FORREST J. (FOREWORD BY) - The Amazing, Colossal Book of Horror Trivia: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Scary Movies But Were Afraid to Ask
003361: LANGER, ELINOR - A Hundred Little Hitlers the Death of a Black Man, the Trial of a White Racist, and the Rise of the Neo-Nazi Movement in America
003412: LANGSETH-CHRISTENSEN, LILLIAN; SMITH, CAROL STURM - The Complete Kitchen Guide the Cook's Indispensable Book
002808: LANTOS, M. D. , JOHN D. ; MEADOW, M. D. , PH. D. , WILLIAM L. - Neonatal Bioethics: The Moral Challenges of Medical Innovation
000864: LARKIN, ROCHELLE [ADAPTED BY] - Great Illustrated Fairy Tales
000863: LARKIN, ROCHELLE [ADAPTED BY] - Great Illustrated Fairy Tales
003806: DE LASA, CATHERINE - Oscar Et la Baby-Sitter
002916: LASH, JOHN - The Hero: Manhood and Power
002749: LASH, JOHN - Twins and the Double
003533: LASKY, KATHRYN - Sophie and Rose (Signed)
001678: LASSELL, MICHAEL; GEORGIOU, ELENA (EDITED BY) - The World in Us: Lesbian and Gay Poetry of the Next Wave
001954: LAUCK, JENNIFER - Still Waters
000898: LAUCK, JENNIFER - Blackbird : A Childhood Lost and Found (Angel Ser. )
001765: LAUGS, MARTHA; KLETKE, DANIEL - America After Life
CH-01100: LAURITZEN, JONREED - The Legend of Billy Bluesage
000847: LAURITZEN, JONREED - The Legend of Billy Bluesage
002032: LAURY, JEAN RAY - The Fabric Stamping Handbook: Fun Projects, Tips & Tricks, Unlimited Possibilities
001109: LAWRENCE, MIKE - Bathrooms: Practical Designs for Everyday Living
001160: LAWS. , PH. D. , PRISCILLA; RALPH NADER'S PUBLIC CITIZEN HEALTH RESEARCH GROUP - The X-Ray Information Book: A Consumers' Guide to Avoiding Unnecessary Medical and Dental X-Rays
002750: LEACOCK, ELSPETH; BUCKLEY, SUSAN - Journeys in Time: A New Atlas of American History
002144: LEADBEATER, C. W. - Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites
004406: LEBAR, MARY E - Johnny's Cookies
004393: LEBAR, MARY E - Sh-H-H-H Pattibook 2
004394: LEBAR, MARY E - Whatever I Do
004392: LEBAR, MARY E - I'm Giving Pattibook 1
004405: LEBAR, MARY E - Who Loves the Children?
002723: LEBEAU, CAROLINE; CORBETT, PATRICIA - Fabrics: The Decorative Art of Textiles
001896: LEBLANC, MAURICE - The Three Eyes (Les Trois Yeux)
003929: LEDERER, RICHARD - The Word Circus: A Letter-Perfect Book
001038: LEDERER, RICHARD - Get Thee to a Punnery (Signed)
004167: LEDYARD, CHARLES - The Queen's Rangers, a Story of Revolutionary Times
004128: LEE, CAROL ANN - The Hidden Life of Otto Frank
001809: LEE, CHARLOTTE; GROTE, DAVID - Theater: Preparation and Performance
000849: LEE, TANITH - Electric Forest
CH12096: LEEKA, M. C. - Looking for Letters
000082: LEHRER, JIM - White Widow
001541: LEIBER, FRITZ - The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich: A Study of the Mass-Insanity at Smithville
001056: LENNON, J. ROBERT - The Light of Falling Stars
ME-12001: LENTRICCHIA, FRANK - A Confession
003077: LEON, STEVEN J. - Linear Algebra with Applications
000837: LEONARD, MARY - The Story of the Big Front Door
001567: LESTER, JULIUS - And All Our Wounds Forgiven
001566: LESTER, JULIUS - And All Our Wounds Forgiven
003800: LEVINSON, PAUL - Realspace: The Fate of Physical Presence in the Digital Age, on and Off Planet
000834: LEVY, ELIZABETH - Frankenstein Moved in on the Fourth Floor
002758: LEWIN, JIM; HUFF, P. J. - How to Feed an Army : Recipes and Lore from the Front Lines
004084: LEWIS, HILDA - The Case of the Little Doctor
CH-01181: LEWIS, C. S. - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
T-14001: NIDA. WILLIAM LEWIS - Elementary Agriculture
003081: LEWIS, SHARI - One Minute Favorite Fairy Tales
002887: LEWIS, ELEANORE - Better Homes and Gardens Water Gardens
000955: LEWIS, JEAN - The Tweety Trap (First Little Golden Bks. )
003720: LEWIS, NAOMI (COMPILED BY) - Rocking Horse Land and Other Classic Tales of Dolls and Toys
N-12005: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - Up Stream; an American Chronicle
000838: LEYTON, PATRICK - By Foul Means
003754: LIEBMAN, MARCEL; ROSE, JACQUELINE (INTRODUCTION BY) - Born Jewish: A Childhood in Occupied Europe
004021: LIECKFELD, CLAUS-PETER; HUEMER, PETER - Nomads of the Wind; the Migration of the Monarch Butterfly and Other Wonders of the Butterfly World
004042: LIEFERANT, HENRY AND SYLVIA - Seven Daughters
002059: LIENHARD, JOHN H. - Inventing Modern: Growing Up with X-Rays, Skyscrapers and Tailfins
CH-01096: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - The Depot Master
002740: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead - Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1929-1932
004185: LINDBERGH, CHARLES A. - The Spirit of St. Louis
CH-01178: LINDGARD, JOAN - Strangers in the House
003571: LINNE, GERHARD; MANN, GOLO (MIT EINEM VORWORT) ; WITH PREFACE BY; - Lexikothek Panorama Der Deutschen Geschichte (Encyclopedia Panorama of the German History)
000980: LIPTON, JAMES - An Exaltation of Home and Family
002550: LISTER, RON - Designing Greeting Cards and Paper Products: A Complete Guide
003663: LITHGOW, JOHN - Micawber (Signed)
002474: (EDITED BY) LITTLEFIELD, BILL; JOHNSON, RICHARD A. - Fall Classics: The Best Writing About the World Series' First 100 Years
002841: LITTLETON, C. SCOTT - The Sacred East: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shinto
001865: LIU, AIMEE E. - Cloud Mountain
003865: LOBEL, ANITA - No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War
003589: LOBEL, ANITA - The Dwarf Giant
M-12003: LOCHTE, DICK - Laughing Dog
002237: LOCKE, CHRISTOPHER - Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices
004298: LOCKWOOD, HAZEL - The Golden Book of Birds
M-12001: LOFTS, LAURA - Hauntings, Is There Anybody There?
N-12001: LOFTS, MILDRED - The House at Old Vine
004315: LOGSDON, GENE - The Man Who Created Paradise (a Fable)
LI-12001: LONDON, JACK - Call of the Wild
000171: LONDON, JACK - Stories of Adventure
004124: LONG, GOLDBERRY - Juniper Tree Burning: A Novel
003323: LONGFELLOW, H. W. ; SCUDDER, H. S. (EDITED BY) - Evangeline a Tale of Acadie
003304: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - The Courtship of Miles Standish
001718: LORDEN, MIKE - Practical Self-Defense: Effective Techniques for Staying Safe
004199: DE LOS SANTOS, MARISA - Falling Together
000836: LOSE, G. W. - The Mountaineer's Song
001472: LOTTMAN, HERBERT R. - Jules Verne: An Exploratory Biography
002960: LOVE, DIANE - Yes/No Design : Discover Your Decorating Style with Taste-Revealing Exercises and Examples
002318: LOVE, GILLY - Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces
004279: LOVRIC, MICHELLE (COMPILED BY) - My First Cat; Writers and Artists Remember
002823: LOVRIC, MICHELLE (COMPILED BY) - The Insult & Curse Book
001192: LOWENTHAL, DAVID - No Liberty for License : The Forgotten Logic of the First Amendment
003139: LOWRY, M. D. , THOMAS P. ; WELSH, M. D. , JACK D. ; KRICK, ROBERT K. (FOREWORD BY) - Tarnished Scalpels: The Court-Martials of Fifty Union Surgeons
001093: LUCK, STEVE (EDITOR) - One-Volume Illustrated Encyclopedia
000921: LUMMIS SMITH, HARRIET - Pollyanna's Debt of Honor
004217: LUMMIS SMITH, HARRIET - Pollyana of the Orange Blossoms
CH-02024: LUNDELL, MARGO (ADAPTED BY) - Disney's Pocahontas
001429: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
003042: LYMINGTON, JOHN - Froomb!
002827: LYNCH, HELEN M. - In the Shadow of Our Lady of the Cenacle
003143: LYONS, LEWIS - The History of Punishment
003009: LYONS, CHARLOTTE - Mary Engelbreit's Outdoor Companion: The Mary Engelbreit Look and How to Get It
003846: MAC CALLUM, T W - Englisch Lernen Ein Vergnugen!
002946: MACDONALD, BETTY - Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic
003485: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLò; LERNER, MAX (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Prince and the Discourses
004107: MACKALL, DANDI DALEY - Silent Dreams
000983: MACKINTOSH, MAY - Appointment in Andalusia
002663: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Military Errors of World War Two
CH-01151: MACLACHLAN, PATRICIA - Arthur, for the Very First Time
M-13009: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE - The Balloon Man
T-13001: MADDEN-SIMPSON, JANET AND BLAKE, SARA M. - Emerging Voices; a Cross-Cultural Reader
004245: MADIGAN, DAN - Mondo Lucha a Go-Go; the Bizarre and Honorable World of Wild Mexican Wrestling
002423: MADISON, LUCY FOSTER - Bee and Butterfly a Tale of Two Cousins
003857: MADONNA - The English Roses - Good-Bye, Grace? (Book Two)
001813: MADSEN, ROSS MARTIN - Perrywinkle and the Book of Magic Spells
003427: MAGUIRE, MARY - The Bead Maker
004385: MAHMOODY, SAYED - Lost without My Daughter
002366: MAIER, THOMAS - Dr. Spock: An American Life
003914: MAILER, NORMAN - Oswald's Tale: An American Mystery
N-18010: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
001114: MAIR, GEORGE - Under the Rainbow : The Real Liza Minnelli
000684: MAITLAND, SARA - Three Times Table
004086: MAKINE, ANDREI - The Crime of Olga Arbyelina
N-13004: MAKOW, HENRY - Ask Henry
004284: MALCOLM, JOHN - The Wrong Impression
M-19005: MALCOLM, JOHN - The Wrong Impression
003132: MALLON, THOMAS - Mrs. Paine's Garage and the Murder of John F. Kennedy
002762: MALORY, SIR THOMAS; POLLARD, ALFRED W. (ABRIDGED BY) - The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
000845: MAMMEN, EDWARD W. - Turnipseed Jones
003840: MANCINELLI, FABRIZIO; COLALUCCI, GIANLUIGI; PARTRIDGE, LOREN - Michelangelo the Last Judgment: A Glorious Restoration
001279: MANDINO, OG - Spellbinder's Gift
CH-01137: MANLEY, SEON AND LEWIS, GOGO - Nature's Revenge: Eerie Stories of Revolt Against the Human Race
000352: MANLY, JOHN M. ; RICKERT, EDITH; LEUBRIE, NINA - Good Reading - Fourth Reader
002727: MANNERS, TERRY - Moonshadow : Story of the Total Eclipse
003191: MANSFIELD, BRIAN - Ring of Fire: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
003190: MANSFIELD, BRIAN - Remembering Patsy
004401: MANTLE, BEATRICE - Gret the Story of a Pagan
003662: MANUSHKIN, FRAN - The Matzah That Papa Brought Home (Signed)
CH-01172: MAPES DODGE, MARY - Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
N-13008: MARACOTTA, LINDSAY - Everything We Wanted
000852: MARAIRE, J. NOZIPO - Zenzele : A Letter for My Daughter
004075: MARANISS, DAVID - Rome 1960 the Olympics That Changed the World
003948: MARCH, STEPHEN - Catbird
004175: MARCIANO, JOHN BEMELMANS - Toponymity: An Atlas of Words
000737: MARCUSE, IRENE - The Death of an Amiable Child : An Anita Servi Novel (Anita Servi Novels Ser. )
000735: MARCUSE, IRENE - The Death of an Amiable Child : An Anita Servi Novel (Anita Servi Novels Ser. )
002191: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Turnip
004236: MARENT, THOMAS; MORGAN, BEN - Rainforest
001361: MARK, ANDREW - Falling Bodies
003769: MARKHAM, ANN - Woody and the Gray Wolf Pup - Signed
001325: MARKUS, JULIA - Across an Untried Sea: Discovering Lives Hidden in the Shadow of Convention and Time
N-13007: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - Wickford Point
001227: MARSHALL, EDISON - Love Stories of Edison
003472: MARTIN, JOHN - The Dance the Story of the Dance in Pictures and Text
003726: MARTIN, DEBORAH L. ; GERSHUNY, GRACE (EDITORS) - The Rodale Book of Composting
002275: MARTIN, VALERIE - Salvation: Scenes from the Life of St. Francis
001739: MARTIN, S. I. - Incomparable World
001293: MARTIN, STEVE - Pure Drivel
000364: MARTIN, PHYLLIS - Word Watcher's Handbook: A Deletionary of the Most Abused and Misused Words
000252: MARTIN, JR. , BILL - Sounds of the Storyteller
003972: MARX, KARL - The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte
003614: MASON, C. RUSSELL - Picture Primer of Attracting Birds
001577: MATHESON, RICHARD - Hunted Past Reason
002777: MATSON, TIM - Round-Trip to Deadsville: A Year in the Funeral Underground
003420: MATTHEWS, RUPERT - The Age of the Gladiators Savagery & Spectacle in Ancient Rome
004242: MATTHEWS, JAMES - A Treasury of Country Cottages: Journal & Address Book
004139: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - African Silences
000555: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - African Silences
001096: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Then and Now
004331: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Short Stories and the Tragedy and Comedy of Life, Vols. I and II
004390: MAUPIN, ARMISTAD - Mary Ann in Autumn
004160: MAX (GRIFFITHS, DAVID, TRANSLATED BY) - The Extended Dream of Mr. D. , Including Su's Dream, Sarah's Dream, and Scallywax's Dream
001027: MAXTONE-GRAHAM, KATRINA - An Adopted Woman
002560: MAXWELL, KENNETH - A Sexual Odyssey: From Forbidden Fruit to Cybersex
004191: MAXYM, LUCY - Russian Lacquer Legends and Fairy Tales: Volume 2
CH-22022: MAYER, MERCER - Tom and Jerry: The Movie
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003107: MAYNARD, JOYCE - At Home in the World: A Memoir
CH-01192: MAYS, LUCINDA - The Candle and the Mirror
000447: MCALLISTER, HAYDEN - Bedtime Tales
000341: MCBAIN, ED - Widows: A Novel of the 87th Precinct
003169: MCBANE, SUSAN - Grooming
002926: MCCAFFERY, JANET; LINDEMEYER, NANCY - A Show of Hands: Needlepoint Designs by Janet Mccaffery
001591: MCCALMAN, IAIN - The Last Alchemist: Count Cagliostro, Master of Magic in the Age of Reason
M-13003: MCCAMMON, ROBERT R. - Mystery Walk
003981: MCCARTHY, MARY - How I Grew
001436: MCCARTNEY, PAUL; MITCHELL, ADRIAN - Blackbird Singing: Poems and Lyric 1965-1999
002552: MCCARVER, TIM; PEPE, PHIL - Few and Chosen: Defining Cardinal Greatness Across the Eras
002759: MCCAULEY, DANA - Noodles Express: Fast and Easy Meals in 15-45 Minutes
000715: MCCAULEY, STEPHEN - The Man of the House
CH-23003: MCCLURG, JAMES E. - Caves and Their Mysteries
001359: MCCOURT, MALACHY - A Monk Swimming: A Memoir
001358: MCCOURT, MALACHY - A Monk Swimming: A Memoir
003007: MCCUNN, RUTHANNE LUM - Wooden Fish Songs
CH-01169: MCDONNELL, LOIS EDDY - Stevie's Other Eyes
004220: MCELFRESH, LYNN E. - Can You Feel the Thunder?
003874: MCENERY, TIM; MORGAN, JEFF - Celebration; Recipes from Cooper's Hawk Family & Friends Volume 2
003813: MCENERY STUART, RUTH - Sonny - a Christmas Guest
CH-01040: MCGOVERN, ANN - Rocky and His Friends
002196: MCGOVERN, JIMMY - Liam: A Screenplay
003055: MCGOWAN, KATHLEEN - The Expected One
002676: MCGOWEN, TOM - The Spirit of the Wild - Signed
004398: MCGRATH, SUSAN - Saving Our Animal Friends (Books for Young Explorers)
001524: MCGREGOR, SHEILA - A Shared Vision: The Garman Ryan Collection at the New Art Gallery Walsall
000409: MCKAY, GARDNER - Toyer : A Novel
000079: MCKAY, JIM - My Wide World
004004: MCKEAN, HUGH F. - The "Lost" Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany
004188: MCKEAN, HUGH F. - The Lost Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany
002427: MCKEEGAN, MICHELE - Abortion Politics: Mutiny in the Ranks of the Right
004438: MCKELVEY, DOUGLAS KAINE - A Child's Christmas at St. Nicholas Circle
001053: MCKENNA, SHANNON - Behind Closed Doors
M-13001: MCLEAN, ROBERT N. - The Traded Twins
002025: MCLEISH, KENNETH - The Penguin Companion to the Arts in the Twentieth Century
003534: MCLIMANS, DAVID - Gone Wild an Endangered Animal Alphabet (Caldecott Honor Book) (Signed)
004239: MCMILLAN, MICHAEL - Paper Airplane: A Lesson for Flying Outside the Box
003880: RAND MCNALLY - The Real Mother Goose
001089: MCNEILL, JAMES - The Sunken City and Other Tales from Around the World
003463: MCPHAIL, DAVID - The Searcher and Old Tree
002210: MEEHAN, LES - Digital Image Making: A Complete Visual Guide for Photographers
000283: MEETER, GLENN - Letters to Barbara
001294: MELNYCZUK, ASKOLD - Ambassador of the Dead
002102: MEMLING, CARL - Little Cottontail
003321: MERILLAT, HERBERT CHRISTIAN - Guadalcanal Remembered
001867: MERRICK, DONNA; CLARK, GINNIE - Christopher A. Moose, III; Christopher Discovers a Secret
000664: MERRILL, HUGH - The Blues Route
M-13008: MEYERS, ANNETTE - Tender Death
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003983: MICHALAK, JAMIE - The Tale of Despereaux: The Deluxe Movie Storybook
N-13005: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The Covenant (Two Volumes)
002690: MILES, DORIEN K. - The Wind in His Fists
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002772: MILETICH, LEO N. - Dan Stuart's Fistic Carnival
003587: MILICH, MELISSA - Miz Fannie Mae's Fine New Easter Hat
003284: MILLER, JUDITH - Country Finishes and Effects a Creative Guide to Decorating Techniques
CH-01091: MILLER, BASIL - Ken Saddles Up
002176: MILLER, ARTHUR I. - Empire of the Stars: Obsession, Friendship, and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes
001946: MILLER, ALLAN W. - Model Railroad Resources: A Where-to-Find-It Guide for the Hobbyist
001697: MILLER, ROBERTA - Chipmunks ABC
002864: MILLS, TONY AND PENNY (COMPILED BY) - Quotable Quotes the Gardener
002232: MILLS, DANIEL QUINN, PH. D. - E-Leadership: Guiding Your Business to Success in the New Economy
CH-23012: MILNE, A. A. - Walt Disney Presents Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger
CH-01041: MILNE, A. A. - Winnie-the-Pooh; the Honey Tree
003691: MILNE, A. A. - Walt Disney Productions, Winnie-the-Pooh; the Blustery Day
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000585: MILNE, A. A. - Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party
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004436: MILNE, A. A. (EDITED BY TALKINGTON, BRUCE) - Winnie the Pooh Stories for Christmas
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003456: MIRVISH, ROBERT F. - Two Women, Two Worlds
002473: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON - The Wildest Place on Earth: Italian Gardens and the Invention of Wilderness
002199: MITCHELL, ANGELYN - The Freedom to Remember: Narrative, Slavery, and Gender in Contemporary Black Women's Fiction
004092: MODARRESSI, MITRA - The Dream Pillow
004105: MRS. MOLESWORTH - The Cuckoo Clock
N-13010: MOLLOY, ROBERT - Pride's Way
CH-12156: MOLLOY, ANNE - The Mystery of the Pilgrim Trading Post
002830: MONAR, JORG; WESSELS, WOLFGANG (EDITED BY) - The European Union After the Treaty of Amsterdam
000648: MONCURE, JANE BELK - My "C" Book
000647: MONCURE, JANE BELK - My "a" Book
000641: MONCURE, JANE BELK - My "B" Book
000640: MONCURE, JANE BELK - My "a" Book
004132: MONJO, F. N. - The One Bad Thing About Father
N-13006: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Castle Garac
001455: MONTAGUE-SMITH, PATRICK W. ; COUNTRY LIFE BOOKS (FIRM) - The 'Country Life' Book of the Royal Silver Jubilee
004249: DE MONTALEMBERT, HUGUES - Invisible a Memoir
ME-13001: MONTGOMERY, M. R. - Saying Goodbye: A Memoir for Two Fathers
003549: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers Treasure Hunt
003546: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers Kids or Day and Night Sequel to Billy Whiskers
003547: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers Twins
003548: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers at the Fair
003550: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers Stowaway
000888: MOODY, RICK - Purple America
004156: MOONEY, MICHAEL MACDONALD - The Hindenburg
003411: MOORE, MARIANNE - Tell Me, Tell Me Granite, Steel, and Other Topics; New Poems and Prose
003819: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - Sacr„© Bleu : A Comedy D'Art
004440: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - Lamb the Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
002368: MOORE, ROWAN - Vertigo: The Strange New World of the Contemporary City
N-13012: MOORE, SUSANNA - In the Cut
CH-01208: MOORE, LILIAN - My First Counting Book
002545: MOORE, SUSANNA - I Myself Have Seen It: The Myth of Hawai'i
002064: MOORE, BARBARA - What Tarot Can Do for You: Your Future in the Cards
001262: MOORE, LUCY - The Thieves' Opera
004036: MOORE, CLEMENT C. - The Night Before Christmas
001324: MORELL, VIRGINIA - Blue Nile: Ethopia's River of Magic and Mystery
001627: MORENO, RICHARD - Nevada Desert Lows & Mountain Highs: A Photo Essay
003152: MORETTI, MARCO; DAVENPORT, NEIL FRAZER (TRANSLATED BY) - Australia and the Islands of the Pacific: Myths and Wonders of the Southern Seas
N-13001: MORGAN, MARLO - Mutant Message Down Under
002964: MORGAN, MICHELE - Simple Wicca
001893: MORGAN, WILLIAM DE - It Can Never Happen Again
001646: MORING, MARCEL - In Babylon
001473: MORLEY, CAROL; WILDE, LIZ - Destress: 100 Natural Ways to Relax
002994: MOROSCO AIA, GERALD LEE - How to Work with an Architect
004130: DE MORRIS, DESSINS; DE GOSCINNY, SCENARIO - Jesse James Lucky Luke
002016: MORRIS, DESMOND - Human Sexes a Natural History of Man and Woman
000615: MORRIS, CLARA - Left in Charge
003951: MORRISSEY, DEAN - The Great Kettles: A Tale of Time
004413: MORTENSON, GREG - Stones Into Schools Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan
001507: MORTIMER, JOHN - Felix in the Underworld
000560: MORTIMER, PENELOPE - The Pumpkin Eater
002912: MORTON, RACHEL - One Island, Many Faiths: The Experience of Religion in Britain
004276: MOSSE, KATE - The Winter Ghosts
002826: MOYNAHAN, BRIAN - The British History: A Photographic History of the Last Hundred Years
000294: MOYNIHAN, DANIEL PATRICK (EDITED BY) - The Defenses of Freedom: The Public Papers of Arthur J. Goldberg
002804: MUIR, SHARONA - The Book of Telling: A Memoir
002242: MUIR, SHARONA - The Book of Telling: A Memoir
CH-01068: MISS MULOCK - The Little Lame Prince
001818: MUNSON, RONALD - Raising the Dead: Organ Transplants, Ethics, and Society
001590: MURDOCH, JOYCE; PRICE, DEB - Courting Justice: Gay Men and Lesbians V. The Supreme Court
001930: MURDOCK, GEORGE PETER - Our Primitive Contemporaries
003930: MURPHY, JIM - The Great Fire
004289: MURRAY, STUART - What's Inside? Submarines
000102: MURRAY, EARL P. - Thunder in the Dawn
004053: THE DECORATIVE ARTS COLLECTION MUSEUM - The Book of Painted Quilts; Handpainted Quilts & Other Home Accessories
003176: MYER, PHILLIP C. - Creative Paint Finishes for the Home
001048: MYERS, TAMAR - Custard's Last Stand : A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes
001641: NAIR, ANITA - The Better Man: A Novel
003675: NAMM, DIANE - My First Book of Numbers
000280: NAMM, DIANE - Baby Mickey Plays Follow-the-Leader
000053: NAMM, DIANE (ADAPTED TEXT) - A Charlie Brown Christmas
004430: NASH, JAY ROBERT - People to See an Anecdotal History of Chicago's Makers and Breakers...
H-14001: NASH, OGDEN - I'm a Stranger Here Myself
000470: NATHAN, STELLA WILLIAMS (RETOLD BY) - Jack and the Beanstalk
000500: NAYLOR, PHYLLIS REYNOLDS - Boys Against Girls
002697: O'NEILL, CATHERINE; RINARD, JUDITH E. - Amazing Animals of the Sea: Marine Mammals
003375: NELSON, SHARLENE; NELSON, TED - Bull Whackers to Whistle Punks Logging in the Old West
004173: NESBITT, ALEXANDER - Decorative Alphabets and Initials
003627: NEUMEYER, HELEN - The Green Tiger's Caravan
001576: NEUMEYER, PETER F. ; GOREY, EDWARD - Donald Has a Difficulty
003899: NEWBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Within a Rainbowed Sea
003174: NEWDICK, JANE - Ultimate Christmas
003594: NEWLAND, GEFF - Make a Change Opposites
004403: NEWLIN, RONALD J - Tales of a New-Line and Related Stories
003554: NEWMAN, PAUL S. - The Invaders Alien Missile Threat
002689: NEWTON, LEWIS W. ; GAMBRELL, HERBERT P. - Texas Yesterday and Today with the Constitution of the State of Texas
002132: NEWTON, MICHAEL - Savage Girls and Wild Boys: A History of Feral Children
003465: NICHOLAS, KRISTIN - Colorful Stitchery 65 Hot Embroidery Projects to Personalize Your Home
004345: NISHI, DENNIS - The Great Depression
004263: NIVEN, DAVID - The Moon's a Balloon
001635: NIXON, ROB - Dreambirds: The Strange History of the Ostrich in Fashion, Food, and Fortune
004118: EDITORS OF NOLO - Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials (Book with Software)
001274: NORDBERG, BETTE - Serenity Bay
003764: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - The Lucky Lawrences
000306: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - You Can't Have Everything
CH-12124: NORTH BEDFORD, ANNIE (TOLD BY) - Walt Disney's Donald Duck's Toy Sailboat
CH-01197: NORTH, CAROL [RETOLD BY] - Hansel and Gretel
000185: NORTH, CAROL - The Christmas Sled
N-14003: NOVA, CRAIG - Incandescense
N-14002: NOVA, CRAIG - The Good Son
000382: NOVA, CRAIG - The Congressman's Daughter
004229: NUMEROFF, LAURA - The Chicken Sisters
N-15001: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Angel of Light
001508: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Broke Heart Blues
001285: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - What I Lived for
003569: OGDEN, CHARLES - Edger & Ellen Under Town
002706: OKAKURA, KAKUZO - The Ideals of the East: With Special Reference to the Art of Japan
PS-15001: OLIVER, PH. D, GARY J. , WRIGHT, H. NORMAN - Kids Have Feelings Too!
002404: OLSEN, VIGGO; LOCKERBIE, JEANETTE W. - Daktar Diplomat in Bangladesh
001377: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Great Prince Shan
001379: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Exit a Dictator
001376: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Ostrekoff Jewels
002924: ORGEL, DORIS - The Princess and the God
003389: OROYAN, SUSANNA; GROYAN, SUSANNA - Dolls of the Art Deco Era 1910-1940
004425: ORR, TAMRA B. - Extraordinary Research Projects
0004425: ORR, TAMRA B. - Extraordinary Research Projects
003112: OSBORNE, WILLIAM HAMILTON - The Running Fight
001733: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie: A Biographical Companion to the Works of Agatha Christie
000652: OSBORNE, RICHARD - Basic Instinct
003489: OSBORNE, HAROLD - Bolivia - a Land Divided
004168: OTIS, JAMES - With the Swamp-Fox, a Story of General Marion's Young Spies: Young Patriot Series
001100: OTIS, JAMES - Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus
004158: OTSAMO, PENTTI - The Fall of Homunculus
002057: OTTE, JEAN PIERRE - The Courtship of Sea Creatures
001994: OTTO, WHITNEY - Now You See Her
000812: OTTO, WHITNEY - How to Make an American Quilt
004135: OURSLER, FULTON; OURSLER, WILL - Father Flanagan of Boys Town
003026: OVINGTON, MARY WHITE - Black and White Sat Down Together: The Reminiscences of an Naacp Founder
CH-12075C: OXENBURY, HELEN - All Fall Down
001487: OXLADE, CHRIS - Toys Through Time: How Toys Were Designed, Developed and Made
002818: OXNAM, G. BROMLEY - I Protest: My Experience with the House Committee on Un-American Activities
000887: OXNAM, ROBERT B. - Cinnabar
004153: OYEYEMI, HELEN - Mr. Fox
001476: PACE, ANITA - If You Want to Soar. You'Ve Got to Learn to Fly
001712: PACHEN, ANI; DONNELLEY, ADELAIDE - Sorrow Mountain: The Journey of a Tibetan Warrior Nun
CH-12121: PACKARD, MARY (ADAPTED BY) - Walt Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Tree
N-16013: PALLISER, CHARLES - The Sensationist
B-19005: PALLISER, CHARLES - Friends of Promise; Cyril Connolly and the World of Horizon
003063: PAN, CEDRIC HUNG-CHAO - Thinking About Democracy
004377: FATHER CHARLES L PAPADEAS (COMPILED BY) - Greek Orthodox Holy Week & Easter Services
002738: PAPE, DONNA LUGG - Snowman for Sale
004424: PARENT, NANCY - Hercules: Feel the Pain, Pat the Panic
M-16001: PARETSKY, SARA - Guardian Angel
003954: PARISH, PEGGY - The Amelia Bedelia Treasury
000346: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON - Pacific Beat
003970: PARRIS, S. J. - Heresy (a Thriller)
002950: PARRISH, RANDALL - Bob Hampton of Placer
003779: PASCAL, ERNEST - Husband's Holiday, Photoplay Title of the Marriage Bed
002967: PASCUAL I MIRO, EVA - Decorating Wood
003660: PATERSON, KATHERINE - The Wide-Awake Princess - Signed
003144: PATERSON, ALLEN; WOOSTER, STEVEN - Best Trees for Your Garden
003056: PATERSON, ANDREW BARTON 'BANJO' - A Book of Verse
003403: PATHAK, ANAMIKA - Pashmina
000592: PATIENCE, JOHN - Edward Tall & Teddy Small: Pop-Up Opposites
004215: PATRI, ANGELO - Pinocchio in America
000216: PATRICK, DENISE LEWIS - How Many Animals (My First Golden Board Bks. )
N-16009: PATTERSON, JAMES - Cat & Mouse
N-16010: PATTERSON, RICHARD NORTH - Eyes of a Child
HO-16001: PATTERSON, KATHERINE - Angels & Other Strangers
004397: PAUL, PATRICE - A
003902: PAUL, PATRICE - Cullen Arma, the Bully, and the Shaman's Coat
002001: PAXMAN, JEREMY; HARRIS, ROBERT - A Higher Form of Killing : The Secret Story of Gas and Germ Warfare
003965: PAXSON, DIANA L. - Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword of Avalon
002018: PEACOCK, MOLLY - Paradise, Piece by Piece
001854: PEALE, CYNTHIA - The White Crow: A Beacon Hill Mystery
001564: PEARCE, PHILIPPA - Familiar and Haunting: Collected Stories
001257: PEARS, IAIN - The Immaculate Deception
002700: PECK, RICHARD - The River between Us
000601: PECK, M. SCOTT - People of the Lie : The Hope for Healing Human Evil
003749: PECK, RICHARD - Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death (Signed)
003419: PELLY, DAVID F. ; IRNIQ, THE HONORABLE PETER (FOREWORD BY) - Sacred Hunt a Portrait of the Relationship between Seals and Inuit
002695: PELZER, DAVID J. - Help Yourself: Celebrating the Rewards of Resilience and Gratitude
002461: PELZER, DAVE - The Privilege of Youth
000312: PENN, JOHN - Barren Revenge
WO-16001: PENNEY, ALEXANDRA - How to Make Love to a Man
004251: PERCY, BENJAMIN - Red Moon: A Novel
003404: PERKINS, CAROL & MARLIN - I Saw You from Afar" a Visit to the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert
004316: PERLMAN, BENNARD - The Lives, Loves, and Art of Arthur B. Davies
002888: PERLMAN, BENNARD B. (EDITED BY) - Revolutionaries of Realism: The Letters of John Sloan and Robert Henri
002358: PERRINS, CHRISTOPHER - New Generation Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe
004293: PERRINSN, DR. CHRISTOPHER - Birds, Their Life, Their Ways, Their World
004184: PERSEUS PUBLISHING; GOLEMAN, DANIEL - Business: The Ultimate Resource
N-16004: PETERKIN, JULIA - Scarlet Sister Mary
002419: PETERSON, BERTHA M. - Born at Daybreak - an Historical Novel
004208: PEVSNER, STELLA; TANG, FAY - Sing for Your Father, Su Phan
CH-01207: PFLOOG, JAN - The Kitten Book
004212: PHELPS, J. ALFRED - They Had a Dream; the Story of African-American Astronauts
002174: PHILIPPS, HELEN - The New Cross Stitch Sampler Book
N-16002: PHILLIPS, CARYL - The Final Passage
002813: PICKFORD, LOUISE - The Inspired Vegetarian
003763: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A. - Computers Pattern Chaos and Beauty: Graphics from an Unseen World
003762: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A. - Mazes for the Mind: Computers and the Unexpected
004098: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A. - Calculus and Pizza: A Cookbook for the Hungry Mind
003761: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A. - Computers and the Imagination: Visual Adventures Beyond the Edge
004096: PIERRE, D. B. C. - Vernon God Little
003295: PIKE, DOUGLAS - Pavn: People's Army of Vietnam
003413: PILGRIM, DAVID - So Great a Man
N-16001: PINCHOT, BEN AND ANN - Hear This Woman!
003558: PINE, ROBERT M. - Paula's Poetry Picnic (Signed)
000072: PINKWATER, DANIEL - The Moosepire
004097: PINSKER, MATTHEW - Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home
CH-01190: PINSKER, JUDITH - A Lot Like You
004038: PIROTTA, SAVIOUR - Firebird
003436: PISTORIUS, CHRISTEL AND ROLF - Restoring Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals
CH-12157: PITCHFORD HAYES, WILMA - The Ghost at Penniman House
002907: PLANEL, PHILIPPE - Locks and Lavatories: The Architecture of Privacy
002848: PLASS, ADRIAN (INTRODUCED BY) - The Wisdom of Solomon
TS-16001: PLATT, RUTHEFORD - Walt Disney Secrets of Life
001143: PLAZY, GILLES - The History of Art in Pictures : Western Art from Prehistory to the Present
004237: PODLESKI, JANET & GRETA - Looneyspoons Low-Fat Food Made Fun!
003959: POHL, FREDERIK - All the Lives He Led
001908: POINTER, PRISCILLA - Ten Little Fingers - a Book of Finger Plays
004305: POLIZZ, RICK - Baby Boomer Games Identification and Value Guide
001426: POLSKY, RICHARD - I Bought Andy Warhol
000809: POPLE, MAUREEN - A Nugget of Gold
004044: PORTER, ELEANOR H. - Pollyanna
002556: PORTER, ANDREW - Bravi: Lyric Opera of Chicago
003561: POTOK, CHAIM - Wanderings: Chaim Potok's History of the Jews
004378: POTTER, BEATRIX; WILKINS, CARY (EDITED BY) - Peter Rabbit's Giant Treasury the Tales of Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, Benjamin Bunny, Two Bad Mice, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, and Mr. Jeremy Fisher
003992: POTTER, BEATRIX - A Treasury of Bunny Stories
000305: POTTER, MARY KNIGHT - Peggy's Trial
002053: POTTER, PARKER B. JR. - Public Archaeology in Annapolis: A Critical Approach to History in Maryland's Ancient City
000593: POTTER, BEATRIX (BASED ON ORIGINAL ART AND STORY) - The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
000586: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
004207: POTTER, BEATRIX; WILKINS, CARY (EDITED BY) - Peter Rabbit's Giant Treasury
003825: POWERS, RICHARD - Generosity: An Enhancement
003915: PRELUTSKY, JACK - The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep
003916: PRELUTSKY, JACK - Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep
002559: PRESTON, CAROLINE - Lucy Crocker 2. 0 a Novel
003161: PREVES, AIA, RICHARD - New House - More House : Solving the Residential Construction Project Puzzle
002786: PRICE, CHERYL - Never Give Up: A Biography of Thomas L. Thomas
004270: PRINCE, PAMELA - Once Upon a Time
001295: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' - Mickey's Christmas Carol
L-16001: PROLMAN, MARILYN - The Story of the Constitution.
003459: PRUITT, IDA - A Daughter of Han the Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman
003622: BROWNTROUT PUB. - New Orleans
004265: PUTNAM, ROBERT D. AND CAMPBELL, DAVID E. - American Grace; How Religion Divides and Unites Us
CH-01157: PYLE, HOWARD - The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
CH-01156: PYLE, HOWARD - The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
M-17001: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Murderer Is a Fox
002163: QUEEN, ELLERY; SULLIVAN, ELEANOR; PRINCE, KAREN A. - Ellery Queen's Memorable Characters
001074: RABE, BERNICE - Rass
004126: RACZKA, BOB - The Vermeer Interviews: Conversations with Seven Works of Art
000166: RADLEY, GAIL - The World Turned Inside out
000575: RAMBEAU, JOHN AND NANCY - Jim Forest and the Flood
002129: RAMSLAND, KATHERINE - Ghost: Investigating the Other Side
M-18002: RAMUZ, C. F. - When the Mountain Fell
002363: RANDLE, KEVIN D. ; ESTES, RUSS - Faces of the Visitors: An Illustrated Reference to Alien Contact
003937: RANKIN, TOM - Local Heroes Changing America
CH-12165: RANKIN, LOUISE - Daughter of the Mountains
004441: RAPAPORT, BROOKE KAMIN - Houdini: Art and Magic
003601: RAPHAEL, LEV - The Death of a Constant Lover: A Nick Hoffman Mystery
003844: SANTHA RAMA RAU - View to the Southeast
002387: RAYMER, STEVE - St. Petersburg
002200: RAYNER, JAY - Star Dust Falling : The Story of the Plane That Vanished
003824: READ, SIMON - War of Words: A True Tale of Newsprint and Murder
001102: REAGAN, NANCY; NOVAK, WILLIAM - My Turn : The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan
000637: REARDON, LISA - Billy Dead : A Novel
002889: REAY, BARRY - Watching Hannah: Sexuality, Horror and Bodily de-Formation in Victorian England
001139: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Celestine Prophecy : An Adventure
003618: REES, LUCY - The Fundamentals of Riding
002542: REEVE, CHRISTOPHER - Nothing Is Impossible: Reflections on a New Life
002845: REEVES, JOHN - The St. Matthew Passion: A Text for Voices
001136: REGISTER, WOODY - The Kid of Coney Island : Fred Thompson and the Rise of American Amusements
004444: REICHL, RUTH - Garlic and Sapphires the Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise
003581: O'REILLY, EDMUND B. - Sobering Tales: Narratives of Alcoholism and Recovery
003707: REKULAK, JASON; JOSLOW, AARON; SHENK, JENNIFER - The Christmas List (a Holly, Jolly Treasury of Seasonal Stats)
000356: RENAULT, MARY - The Mask of Apollo
001751: RENCORET, FRANCISCO JAVIER - New York City: The Edge of Enigma
004306: RENDELL, JOAN - Matchbox Labels
004028: REPCHUCK, CAROLINE (EDITED BY) - Classic Spooky Stories
000183: RESNICK, JANE P. - What's Missing, Baby Daisy?
002171: REYNOLDS, BRAD - Embracing Reality: The Integral Vision of Ken Wilber a Historical Survey and Chapter-by-Chapter Review of Wilber's Major Works
004277: RHATIGAN, JOE; NEWCOMB, RAIN; DOPPMANN, P. HD.., GREG - Out-of-This-World Astronomy
CH-01063: VAN RHIJN, ALEID - The Tide in the Attic
000799: RICCIUTI, EDWARD R. - Shelf Pets: How to Take Care of Small Wild Animals
003292: RICE, EDWARD E. - Wars of the Third Kind Conflict in Underdeveloped Countries
CH-12093: RICHARDS, KENNETH - The Story of the Gettysburg Address
003973: RICHARDSON, JOHN H. - In the Little World (a True Story of Dwarfs, Love and Trouble)
CH-12087: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur
004210: RICKETTS, MIKE AND ANN - My Best Friend
004404: RILEY, TIM - Lennon the Man, the Myth, the Music - the Definitive Life
004355: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - Riley Love Lyrics with Life Pictures
000917: RIPLEY, ALEXANDRA - From Fields of Gold
CH-12095: RISSING, KAREN - Cars and Trucks
T-18001: RITCHIE, JOHN W. - Primer of Physiology
001092: ROARK, GARLAND - Wake of the Red Witch
CH-01029: ROBERTS, ELIZABETH - Animal Train
000880: ROBERTS, COKIE - We Are Our Mothers' Daughters
000435: ROBERTS, JAN - A Blood Affair
004408: ROBERTS, DAVID - Devil's Gate Brigham Young and the Great Mormon Handcart Tragedy
002855: ROBERTSON, ROBIN - Pasta for All Seasons: 125 Vegetarian Pasta Recipes for Family and Friends
001970: ROBERTSON, STRUAN; OPERATION HUNGER (ORGANIZATION) - The Cold Choice: Pictures of a South African Reality
001938: ROBINS, GAY - Women in Ancient Egypt
003020: ROBINSON, DAVID - Charlie Chaplin: Comic Genius
000861: ROBINSON, ROXANA - A Glimpse of Scarlet : And Other Stories
000038: ROBINSON, BARBARA - The Best Barbara Robinson Treasury Ever
002737: ROBISON, NANCY - The Missing Ball of String
004414: ROCHLIN, HARRIET AND FRED - Pioneer Jews a New Life in the Far West
000052: RODDA, EMILY - The Pigs Are Flying!
002123: RODRIGUEZ, PAULINE - Knob-Its: Painted Pulls for Drawers and Doors
CH-12080: ROFFEY, MAUREEN - Me and My Friends Downstairs
004266: ROGERS, LELA E. - Ginger Rogers and the Riddle of the Scarlet Cloak
M-18001: ROGERS COOPER, SUSAN - Funny As a Dead Comic
001993: ROGERS, KATHARINE M. - L. Frank Baum: Creator of Oz
000271: ROGERS, ALAN - Red Rhino
001190: ROIZEN, MICHAEL F. - Realage : Are You As Young As You Can Be?
001289: VAN DE ROL, RUUD, AND VERHOEVEN, RIAN - Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary
004058: ROLAND, PAUL - Deadly Duos - Partners in Crime and Their Addiction to Murder
004272: RONNE, HARTFIELD - Another Way Home, the Tangled Roots of Race in One Chicago Family
002640: ROSE, MARTIAL - Stories in Stone: The Medieval Roof Carvings of Norwich Cathedral
001693: ROSE, JOEL - New York Sawed in Half: An Urban Historical
004071: ROSENBERG, BYRON - Dale the Uniclyde an Adventure in Friendship
002469: ROSENFIELD, ISRAEL - Freud's Megalomania
003362: ROSS, PH. D. , JOHN MUNDER - The Sadomasochism of Everyday Life: Why We Hurt Ourselves - and Others - and How to Stop
000605: ROSS, CORINNE - Christmas in Italy
001822: ROSSI, SARA - The Collector's Guide to Paperweights
N-18006: ROTH, PHILIP - Portnoy's Complaint
003990: ROWLEY, CAROL A. AND WILLIAM J. - On Wings of Mourning: On Journey Through Grief and Recovery
003556: ROWLING, J. K. - The Tales of Beedle the Bard: A Wizarding Classic from the World of Harry Potter
002188: RUBIN, SUSAN GOLDMAN - Degas and the Dance: The Painter and the Petits Rats, Perfecting Their Art
H-18001: RUBINSTEIN, HILARY - Insomniacs of the World, Goodnight; a Bedside Book
002145: RUDDICK, JAMES - Death at the Priory: Love, Sex and Murder in Victorian England
N-18005: RUDNICK, PAUL - Social Disease
003186: RUDNICKI, STEFAN (COMPILED AND ADAPTED BY) - Confucius in the Boardroom: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Lessons for Business
L-18001: RULAND, WILHELM - The Finest Legends of the Rhine
000489: RULAND, WILHELM - The Finest Legends of the Rhine
001470: RUMI (RETOLD BY ARTHUR SCHOLEY) - The Paragon Parrot: And Other Inspirational Tales of Wisdom
003429: RUOFF, ABBYè - Making Rustic Originals Turning Furniture Finds Into Folk Art
003280: RUSHMORE, HELEN - The Shadow of Robbers' Roost
003805: RUSSELL, JERRY & RENNY - On the Loose
002844: RUSSMANN, EDNA R. - Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from the British Museum
003101: RYDER, LILLIAN - Bible Treasures
001821: SABA, MARCEL (EDITOR) - Witness Iraq: A War Journal Frbruary - April 2003
003360: SABATIER, PAUL; SWEENEY, JON M. (EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION AND ANNOTATIONS) - The Road to Assisi the Essential Biography of St. Francis
B-19004: SACHAR, EMILY - Shut Up and Let the Lady Teach
004024: SACHS, PAUL J. ; BARR, JR. , ALFRED H. (PREFACE BY) - Modern Prints & Drawings; a Guide to a Better Understanding of Modern Draughtsmanship
004025: SAGE, ALISON (EDITED BY) ; BLAKE, QUENTIN (FOREWORD BY) - The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature
000327: SAINT, H. F. - Memoirs of an Invisible Man
003606: SALINE, CAROL; WOHLMUTH, SHARON J. - Sisters: Tenth Anniversary Edition
004023: SALINGER, MARGARETTA - Masterpieces of American Painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
002104: SALTEN, FELIX; ADAPTED BY GRANT, BOB - Walt Disney's Bambi
003157: SALVESEN, BRITT - Gauguin
003955: SALZBURG, JOSEPH S. - No Place of Her Own
CH-01196: SALZMAN, YURI - The Three Bears
003941: SAMKANGE, STANLAKE - African Saga: A Brief Introduction to African History
003631: SAMPSON, EMMA SPEED - Miss Minerva's Mystery
001418: SAMTON, SHEILA WHITE - My Haunted Ship: A Lift-the Flap Book
000697: SAN SOUCI, ROBERT D. - The Boy and the Ghost
002569: SANCHEZ, JANET H. - Theme Gardens
004240: SANDBURG, CARL - Ever the Winds of Chance
000610: SANDERS, LAWRENCE; LARDO, VINCENT - Mcnally's Folly (Archy Mcnally Ser. )
000359: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - Mcnally's Risk
003721: SANDERSON, RUTH (RETOLD BY) - The Golden Mare, the Firebird, and the Magic Ring
002853: SANFIELD, STEVE - The Feather Merchants and Other Tales of the Fools of Chelm
003415: SAPP, JAN - What Is Natural? Coral Reef Crisis
003296: SARKESIA, SAM, EDITED BY - Revolutionary Guerrilla Warfare
001997: SASSON, JEAN - Mayada, Daughter of Iraq: One Woman's Survival Under Saddam Hussein
CH-01086: SAVAGE CARLSON, NATALIE - The Letter on the Tree
004181: SAVAGE, MICHAEL - Train Tracks: Family Stories for the Holidays
001498: SAWYER, SUSAN - More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Tennessee Women
CH-12143: SCARRY, RICHARD - Best Little Word Book Ever!
001415: SCARRY, PATSY - My Puppy
N-19024: SCHAEFFER, SUSAN FROMBERG - Time in It's Flight
001539: SCHAFFERT, TIMOTHY - The Phantom Limbs of the Rollow Sisters
003873: SCHAPIRO, NATALIA - Lucia y la Varita China / Lucia and the Chinese Wand
003302: JOHN SCHEEPERS - Beauty from Bulbs a Treatise on the Leading Varieties of Bulbs Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Culture and of Proven Merit for American Gardens
003605: SCHEINDLIN, RAYMOND P. - The Chronicles of the Jewish People
000851: VON SCHMIDT, ERIC - Mr. Chris and the Instant Animals
003514: SCHOENER, ALLON; FEINGOLD, HENRY (INTRODUCTION BY) - The American Jewish Album: 1654 to the Present
002653: SCHREIBER, MARION - The Twentieth Train: The True Story of the Ambush of the Death Train to Auschwitz
003958: SCHROEDER, ALAN - Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman
001200: SCHULMAN, AUDREY - The Cage
003903: SCHULZ, REGINE AND SEIDEL, MATTHIAS; (EDITED BY) - Egypt : The World of the Pharaohs
002566: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Bon Voyage!
002565: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Bah, Humbug! and Eating Is My Business (2 Volumes)
001090: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Security Is a Thumb and a Blanket
004384: SCHUMACHER, MICHAEL - Mighty Fitz the Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald
001040: SCHURR, CATHLEEN - The Shy Little Kitten
002810: SCHUTT, CHRISTINE - Florida
002667: SCHUTZ, SUSAN POLIS (EDITED BY) - You Are Always My Friend a Collection of Poems on Friendship
003797: SCHWARTZ, EUGENE M. - The Eugene M. Schwartz Course in Speed Learning
REL-19003: SCHWARTZMAN, SYLVAN D. - Once Upon a Lifetime
002152: SCIESZKA, JON - Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?
004093: DEVIN SCILLIAN - Fibblestax
001135: SCOVELL, JANE - Oona : Living in the Shadows: A Biography of Oona o'Neill Chaplin
001204: SEAL, JEREMY - Snakebite Survivors' Club : Travels Among Serpents
001885: SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY - Kenmore Microwave Cooking
CH-12133: SEBRING LOWREY, JANETTE - The Poky Little Puppy
004256: SECKEL, AL - Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion
004225: SEDARIS; DINELLO; COLBERT, AMY, PAUL, STEPHEN - Wigfield, the Can-Do Town That Just May Not
000944: SEE, CAROLYN - The Handyman : A Novel
004209: SEE, LISA - China Dolls
003836: SEGALL, BARBARA - The Holly and the Ivy: A Celebration of Christmas
000324: SEINFELD, JERRY - Sein Language
003956: DR. SEUSS - If I Ran the Circus
004149: SEUSS, DR. - Dr. Seuss's ABC
001082: SEUSS, DR. - Hop on Pop (I Can Read It All by Myself: Beginner Books)
CH-12153: SEVERN, DAVID - A Cabin for Crusoe
001977: SEWARD, INGRID - William and Harry
001064: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty
001435: SEYMOUR-JONES, CAROLE - Painted Shadow: The Life of Vivienne Eliot, First Wife of T.S. Eliot
000690: SHAINESS, NATALIE - Sweet Suffering : Woman As Victim
001710: SHAND-TUCCI, DOUGLASS - The Crimson Letter: Harvard, Homosexuality, and the Shaping of American Culture
002871: SHANDLER, JEFFREY - While America Watches: Televising the Holocaust
002993: SHANNON, GEORGE; TORLEN, PAT - Decorative Glass: Sandblasting, Copper Foil, and Leaded Stained Glass Projects & Patterns
N-19006: SHARP, MARGERY - Cluny Brown
002894: SHATTUCK, ROGER - Candor and Perversion: Literature, Education, and the Arts
004110: SHEA, ERIN J. - Tales from the Scale
CH-01087: SHEAD, ANN - The Jago Secret
N-19001: SHELDON, MARY - Raising My Titanic
CH-01016: SHERMAN, DIANE - Little Skater
003082: SHERWIN, RABBI BYRON L. , PH. D. - Crafting the Soul: Creating Your Life As a Work of Art
002073: SHIELDS, JODY - The Fig Eater
003378: SHIRLEY, DAVID - Thomas Nast Cartoonist and Illustrator
002809: SHOHAT, ELLA - Taboo Memories, Diasporic Voices
CH-23021: SHOOK HAZEN, BARBARA - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
CH-12111: SHOOTER, JAMES C. - Baby Animals on the Farm
002385: SHRADY, NICHOLAS - Sacred Roads: Adventures from the Pilgrimage Trail
CH-12097: SHRODE, MARY - Just Imagine with Barney
000513: SHRODE, MARY - Just Imagine with Barney
003635: SHULMAN, MARTHA ROSE; ORNISH, M. D. , DEAN (FOREWORD BY) - Mediterranean Light: Delicious Recipes from the World's Healthiest Cuisine
N-19026: SIDDONS, ANNE RIVERS - Downtown
N-19025: SIDDONS, ANNE RIVERS - Colony
CH-01184: SIDNEY, MARGARET - The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
002787: SIEGEL MD, MARC - False Alarm: The Truth About the Epidemic of Fear
003879: SIEGLER, KATHRYN (DESIGNED BY) - Disney's Pocahontas Pop-Up Book
003424: SIHOTA, KIKKY - Creative Carving of Fruits and Vegetables
002124: SILIOTTI, ALBERTO - The Discovery of Ancient Egypt
001940: SILVERMAN, DAVID P. - Ancient Egypt
004182: SIMMONS, PHILIP - Learning to Fall: The Blessings of an Imperfect Life
004140: SIMPSON, THOMAS WILLIAM - This Way Madness Lies
H-19003: SINGER, IRVING - The Pursuit of Love
002160: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - More Stories from My Father's Court
000295: SIRICA, JOHN J. - To Set the Record Straight: The Break-in, the Tapes, the Conspirators, the Pardon
001015: SITTIG, SIGRID - Remember My Love
CH-01148: SIVERS, BRENDA - The Snailman
003574: SKAL, DAVID J. ; AUERBACH, NINA (FOREWORD BY) ; GUILEY, ROSEMARY ELLEN (AFTERWORD BY) - Romancing the Vampire from Past to Present
001769: SKWAREK, SKIP (COMPILED AND EDITED) - The Golden Books Treasury of Christmas Joy: Favorite Stories, Poems, Carols, and More
004376: SLABINA, KAREL (TEXT) ; SMETANA, BEDRICH (MUSIC) - Prodana Bride (Also Known As the Bartered Bride)
003592: SLATER, TEDDY (RETOLD BY) - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
002090: SLAUGHTER, GERTRUDE - Shakespeare and the Heart of a Child
N-19023: SLOAN, SUSAN R. - An Isolated Incident
000210: SLONAKER, ERIN; BOSSUYT, MEGAN (EDITED BY) - The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas: 50 Years of Holiday Comics!
003911: SLUNG, MICHELE (EDITED BY) - Stranger: Dark Tales of Eerie Encounters
003742: SMITH, JEFF - Recipes from the Frugal Gourmet (Signed)
004043: SMITH, HARRIET LUMMIS - Polyanna's Jewels
CH-12082: SMITH, ALISON - A Stranger in the Dark
TS-19001: SMITH, ROBERT PAUL - Where Did You Go?" "out" "What Did You Do?" "Nothing
CH-01066: SMITH, ALISON - A Stranger in the Dark
000093: SMITH, LILLIAN - Strange Fruit
000069: SMITH, ALISON - A Trap of Gold
003858: SMOLAN, RICK; ERWITT, JENNIFER - 24 Hours in Cyberspace : Painting on the Walls of the Digital Cave
004192: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH - Carl Faberge: Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia
CH-12164: SNYDER, CAROL - Ike & Mama and the Once-in-a-Lifetime Movie
CH-12158: SNYDER, RICHARD L. - Reuel Makes a Decision
003676: SOLVEIG, PAULSON RUSSELL (TOLD BY) - Johnny Appleseed
002736: SOMOGYI, NICK DE (EDITED BY) - The Little Book of Great Lines from Shakespeare
004196: SOTOMAYOR, SONIA - My Beloved World
003179: SPELLMAN, FRANCIS CARDINAL - Heavenly Father of Children
003768: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG - The Rain Forest
003172: SPIER, CAROL - For Your Garden: Window Boxes
002540: SPOWART, ROBIN - Ten Little Bunnies
004379: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
CH-12179: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
CH-01166: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
003934: SQUIRE, DAVID - Cottage Gardens : Everything You Need to Create a Garden
004368: ST. CROW, LILI - Nameless, a Tale of Beauty and Madness
003684: ST. PIERRE, STEPHANIE - Mystery in the Woods
000236: ST. JOHN, ROBERT - Its Always Tomorrow
004233: STACK, RICHARD LYNN - The Doggonest Puppy Love
002713: STACK, DEBBIE DAINO; MARQUISEE, RONALD - New Yorks Canals : 21 Art Postcards
000110: LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS STAFF - The Three Bears
001742: STANDAGE, TOM - The Neptune File: A Story of Astronomical Rivalry and the Pioneers of Planet Hunting
003155: STARBUCK, DAVID R. ; SWANK, SCOTT T. - A Shaker Family Album: Photographs from the Collection of Canterbury Shaker Village
003595: STATLER, OLIVER - Japanese Inn, a Reconstruction of the Past
004246: STAUFFER & HATCH, JEANNE & SANDRA L - Lots of Scraps; It's Time to Quilt
002256: STEELE, JAMES - Architecture and Computers: Action and Reaction in the Digital Design Revolution
N-19021: STEEN, MARGUERITE - The Sun Is My Undoing
001931: STENDAHL (TRANSLATED BY SHAW, MARGARET R. B. ) - Scarlet and Black
003883: STENDHAL; TERGIE, CHARLES (TRANSLATED BY) - The Red and the Black
CH-01189: STERLING, DOROTHY - Secret of the Old Post Box
002862: STERLING, DOROTHY (EDITED BY) - Speak out in Thunder Tones: Letters and Other Writings by Black Northerners, 1787-1865
000440: STERLING, DOROTHY - The Cub Scout Mystery
000895: STEVENS, MARCUS - The Curve of the World
CH-01152: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Treasure Island
002359: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; TREGLOWN, JEREMY (EDITED BY) - The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays
003926: STEWART, CATHERINE POMEROY - So Thick the Fog
003124: STEWART, PAUL; RIDDELL, CHRIS - Midnight over Sanctaphrax: The Edge Chronicles- Book 3
004349: STEWART, MARTHA; CAREY, SARAH - Martha Stewart's Cooking School Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook
002457: STEWART, JANE L. - A Campfire Girl's Test of Friendship
001196: STEWART, EDWARD - For Richer, for Poorer
004371: STEWART, MARY - A Walk in Wolf Woods a Tale of Fantasy and Magic
002705: STIEGEMEYER, JULIE - Cheep! Cheep!
004443: STINETORF, LOUISE A. - La China Poblana
002765: STIRLING, STUART - The Last Conquistador: Mansio Serra de Leguizamon and the Conquest of the Incas
003193: STOKES, PENELOPE J. - The Wishing Jar
003192: STOKES, PENELOPE J. - The Treasure Box
004409: STOLZ, MARY - Tales at the Mousehole
003311: STONE, IRVING - The Passions of the Mind a Novel of Sigmund Freud (Signed)
CH-12170: STONE, NANCY - The Wooden River (Signed)
N-19007: STONG, PHIL - Blizzard
004145: STRAUSS, DARIN - Half a Life
003468: STREETER, EDWARD - Daily - Except Sundays or What Every Commuter Should Know
SC-19002: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Breakthrough; the Next Step
003178: STRUGNELL, LYNNE - Berlitz Basic Japanese
001561: SUCHER, CHERYL PEARL - The Rescue of Memory: A Novel
004418: SUNG, VIVIEN - Five-Fold Happiness Chinese Concepts of Luck, Prosperity, Longevity, Happiness, and Wealth
001949: SUNSHINE, LINDA (EDITED BY) - All Things Oz: The Wonder, Wit, and Wisdom of the Wizard of Oz
000772: SUSAC, ANDREW - The Clock, the Balance and the Guillotine
003853: SUSSMAN, AYALA; PELED, RUTH - Scrolls from the Dead Sea
001423: SUTCLIFFE, TOM (EDITOR) - The Faber Book of Opera
004046: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt - a Judy Bolton Mystery
004041: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Living Portrait - a Judy Bolton Mystery
004040: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Secret of the Barred Window - a Judy Bolton Mystery
004020: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Name on the Bracelet- a Judy Bolton Mystery
004019: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Mysterious Half Cat
004018: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Voice in the Suitcase - a Judy Bolton Mystery
004016: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Midnight Visitor - a Judy Bolton Visitor
004015: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Yellow Phantom - a Judy Bolton Mystery
004014: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Mark on the Mirror - a Judy Bolton Mystery
003889: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Ghost Parade; a Judy Bolton Mystery
000047: SUTTON, STEPHEN P. (EDITOR) - Tales to Tremble by
003078: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Unfinished House
000529: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Vanishing Shadow
002815: SUZUKI, DAISETZ TEITARO - The Training of the Zen Buddhist Monk
002752: SWALES, DAVID - Hand Illustrated Postal Envelopes
003000: SWARTZ, MARK EVAN - Oz Before the Rainbow: L. Frank Baum's the Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Stage and Screen to 1939
N-19002: SWIFT, GRAHAM - Out of This World
000787: SWIFT, PENNY; LAWRENCE, MIKE (EDITOR) - Bathrooms: Practical Designs for Everyday Living
003620: SWINDELLS, PHILIP - Quick and Easy Container Water Gardens : Simple-to-Make Water Features and Fountains for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens
003866: SWINDOLL, CHARLES R. - A Man of Passion and Denstiny: David
001868: SWITZER, MEREBETH - Getting to Know-- Nature's Children
003369: SYMONS, JULIAN - A Pictorial History of Crime
000428: SZEKERES, CYNDY - Cyndy Szekeres' Counting Book: 1 to 10
002168: TAIPEI ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES; CHEN, C. J. - Lasting Friendship, Enduring Goodwill: Taiwan (Roc) -Us. Relations, 2000-2004
N-20005: TARKINGTON, BOOTH - Seventeen
N-02009: TARKINGTON, BOOTH - The Gentleman from Indianapolis
CH-01168: TARKINGTON, BOOTH - Seventeen
002164: TARLO, EMMA - Unsettling Memories: Narratives of the Emergency in India
001850: TARR, JUDITH - His Majesty's Elephant
003364: TASCHEN - See the World
004006: TATHAN, JULIE - Cherry Ames Country Doctor's Nurse
002861: TATTERSALL, IAN - The Monkey in the Mirror: Essays on the Science of What Makes Us Human
004356: TAYLOR, FRANK J. - High Horizons Daredevil Flying Postmen to Modern Magic Carpet - the United Air Lines Story
003189: TAYLOR, G. P. - Wormwood
002435: TAYLOR, SHEILA ORTIZ - Faultline: A Novel
001562: TAYLOR, THEODORE - The Boy Who Could Fly without a Motor
003679: TEALE, SARAH - Giants
000091: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Selections from the Idylls of the King

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