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327803: F. H - Mells Church : to the visitor
327798: Committee of 100 (London, England) - No war over Berlin! : against Polaris mass resistance : Saturday afternoon 16 September Holy Loch mass sit-down to immobilize the base : Sunday afternoon 17 September central London assembly and sit-down Parliament Sq
327638: H., H. B - Holiday Haunts on the West Coast of Clare, Ireland. By H. B. H[arris]
326898: - The Art Journal, 1903
326252: - Longman dictionary of the English language
326235: - The Royal Ulster Rifles in Korea
325819: R.A.P. - Old Jordans Hostel/ Nr. Beaconsfield: containing six views in rich sepia photogravure detachable for use as postcards, with miniature view of each picture for snap album
325801: - Six of the best with Love
325451: - One Year's Legislation of the Russian Socialist Republic
324084: - Practical Lessons in English: Grammar, Analysis, Composition
333115: Kunstwerk-Schriften ; Bd. 45 - Kunst und humor : Souderausgabe der Zeitschrift Das Kunstwerk
323380: A.E. (1867-1935) - Collected poems
333484: B B (1905-1990) - Confessions of a carp fisher / illustrated by Denys Watkins-Pitchford
322596: - Artist and Craftsman
333922: N.N - A Second treasury of quotations
335720: - Masters in Art: Italian School. Raphael Through Verrocchio. Venetian School
321700: - Ireland's living voices: short fiction from Ireland's best contemporary writers
321108: - The Ulster Year Book/ The Official year Book of Northern Ireland/ 1957-1959/ published at three-yearly intervals
320970: - Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo/ notice and explanatory cards
320278: [unidentified author] - A Book of Animals
318811: - Sudetenland: Bohmen, Mahren, Schlesien
318809: - What was at stake in Czechoslovakia: Rude pravo, August 25th, 26th, 1970.
31852: H. , H. - Bits of Talk, about Home Matters
318268: [League Against Imperialism; Meerut Defence Committee] - The Meerut Prisoners and the Charge Against Them
318011: - The New testament; Special edition for the new millennium; Authorized King James Version; by First Baptist Church
317782: -
317771: - The Meerut Prisoners and the Charge Against Them
317752: - Cahiers de la Quinzaine
317754: - The Fight for Socialism/ A Review of Present Forces and a Forecast of Victory
317616: - Trace Your Family Tree/ Brockhampton Reference
317563: - Chums Annual (1937-1938)
317562: - Chums annual. Vol. 29
317446: Giorgione (1477-15110 - Giorgione / Testo di Paola della Pergola
317134: - The Action of the Fascist Government for the Physical and Moral Protection of the Race
337234: - Variétés étymologiques / J. Vendryes [2 issues]
316160: Ovid 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D - Ovid's Metamorphoses in fifteen books / translated by the most eminent hands. Adorn'd with sculptures; Complete in 2 Volumes
315738: - Dol-de-Bretagne, sa cathédrale
314972: H.M.S.O. - National service : a guide to the ways in which the people of this country may give service ; with a message from the prime minister
314115: - The Wordsworth dictionary of science & technology : a 'user-friendly' guide to the modern world / general editor, Peter M.B. Walker
312716: G.D. - The prince : a poem
94301: [Hornot, Antoine] - Anecdotes Americaines, Ou, Histoire Abregee Des Principaux Evenements Arrives Dans Le Nouveau Monde Depuis Sa Decouverte Jusqua L'Epoque Presente.
312484: World Press Photo '67 - World Press Photo' 67
312388: 'G.S.O.' [Sir Frank Fox] - G.H.Q. (Montreuil-Sur-Mer) by 'G.S.O': with a map and thirty-two illustrations
311754: - In Search of the Eternal: St. Teresa of Avila
311687: - Raritan: a quarterly review
310851: - Our way of life: heritage, wildlife, countryside, people
310258: - New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs
310015: - General Chinese-English dictionary
30938: X. 7 - The Return of the Kings; Facts about the Conspiracy for the Restoration of Monarchy in Central Europe, by X.7
93996: [Eccentric Biography - American] - Eccentric Biography, Or, Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters, Ancient and Modern: Including Actresses, Adventurers, Authoresses, Fortunetellers, Gipsies, Dwarfs, Swindlers and Vagrants.... . ...also Many Others Who Have Distinguished Themselves by Their Chastity, Dissipation, Intrepidity, Learning, Abstinence, Credulity, & C. &c. , Alphabetically Arranged, Forming a Pleasing Mirror of Reflection to the Female Mind
304286: H.M.S.O. - Admiralty handbook of wireless telegraphy : Vol. 1 - Magnetism and electricity
338111: P., E. W. I - Taurus pursuant : a history of 11th armoured division
301114: J.E. and H.S. - For the quiet hour
300808: R., D. G - Rhymes of a grandfather
300558: J.E. - The bond of sympathy : A selection of thoughts culled from many sources
299259: X Y Z - Bells & Bellfounding: a practical treatise upon Church Bells by X Y Z
298326: E. V. B. (Eleanor Vere Boyle) (1825-1916) - Seven gardens and a palace
298319: H.C - Lettres sur l'Italie
298281: E. V. B, (Eleanor Vere Boyle) (1825-1916) - Sylvana's letters to an unknown friend
297987: H.M.S.O - Exhibition of armour made in the royal workshops at Greenwich
297927: -
287658: J. L - Brief Romances from Bristol History, with a few other papers from the same pen
89561: [Kydd, Samuel] - The History of the Factory Movement, from the Year 1802, to the Enactment of the Ten Hours' Bill in 1847. by Alfred Kydd [Pseud. ] in Two Volumes (Two Volumes in One)
287066: W. H. M - Pamel's Pet: with four coloured illustrations and many line drawings
286892: R.T.S. (Religious Tract Society) - The Empire Annual for Girls : Volume 13
286764: J. W - Nature's wonder's : pictures of remarkable scenes in foreign lands
286748: M & J - M & J Furniture Plates: 71 plates.
286537: J. C - The Compleat collier : or, The whole art of sinking, getting, and working, coal-mines &c., as is now used in the northern parts, especially about Sunderland and Newcastle
88887: H. W. R - Food for Young Appetites Garnered from Varied Stores
285534: T.C.C.B - 100 Years of English County Cricket: collection of cricket pictures, postcards and stamps
284339: R.A.F - R.A.F. Parade: over 100 illustrations: 1'-: a war record of achievement
284267: C. P. S. U - The Work of the Seventh Congress of the Communist International: a speech delivered at a meeting of the active members of the Moscow Organisation of the C.P.S.U., September 14, 1935
86281: [Greene, Henry Copley] (Comp. ) - Songs of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ; with Illustrations by Albert Durer
281154: C.D.M - The Principles of Pianoforte Practice
84745: [Shadwell, Charles] (D. 1726) - The Fair Quaker of Deal: Or, the Humours of the Navy. a Comedy. As it is Acted At the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane - [Bound with the Pilgrim, the Wive's Excuse, and the Amorous Widow - Each with Seperate Title Page and Engraved Frontis]
84670: H. D. (Hilda Doolittle) [1886-1961] - Palimpsest ... [By] H. D. - [Contents: Hipparchia. War Rome (Circa 75 B. C. ) --Murex. War and Post-War London (Circa 1916-1926 A. D. ) --Secret Name. Excavator's Egypt (Circa 1925 A. D. )]
280626: Committee of 100 (London, England) - Resistance : bulletin of the Committee of 100, vol. 2 no. 10 Oct. 1 1964
279954: L. N. R. (1810-1879) - Stones crying out and rock-witness to the narratives of the Bible concerning the times of the Jews : the evidence of the last years
279697: K.M.V - Eight Hundred Years of Cookery
81902: U2 (Musical Group) - U2 Portfolio / [Words and Music by U2 ; Edited and Compiled by Marc Marot]
80602: T. , C. J. & C. J. T (Eds. ) - Folk-Lore and Legends: English
272701: D.L.M.S - Boys' interests
272702: D.L.M.S - Stories for boys
272390: D.L.M.S - Stirring Days, stories for boys
271699: Vertot abbé de 1655-1735 - Histoire de la conjuration de Portugal
77096: [L. Bernard. Libraire-Editeur] - How to Spend a Day in Versailles - Illustrated Guide to the Palace and Park with 55 Engravings and Maps
77088: [Bible. Manx. ] - Yn Vible Casherick, Ny Yn Chenn Chonaant As Yn Conaant Hoa : Veih Ny Chied Gnlaraghyn / Dy Kiaralagh Chyndait Ayns Gailck: Ta Shen Dy Ghra, Chengey Ny Mayrey Ellen Vannin. Pointit Dy Ve Ilhaiht Ayns Kialteenyn
77076: Bible. English. Authorized. 1839 - The Complete Family Bible Containing the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testaments with the Apocyrpha At Large Illustrated with Maps and Plates - with John Brown's Concordance [Revised and Corrected]
271095: H.E.M.J. [compiler]. W.A.J. [compiler] - Extracts From the Pedigrees of James of Barrock: No. 4
270990: ??????, ??????? ??????????. ?????-??????????? ?. ?. ?????? - ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????????? = Exlibris of the Russian Ripablic = Les ex libris des artistes de la Féderation de Russie = Die exlibriskunst in der Russischen föderation / Èkslibrisy hudožnikov Rossijskoj Federacii = Exlibris of the Russian Ripablic = Les ex libris des artistes de la Féderation de Russie = Die exlibriskunst in der Russischen föderation
76115: Harvard University. Class Of 1930 - Twentieth Anniversary Report
74778: Das, R. C - Convictions of an Indian Disciple
73580: Harvard College (1780- ). Class Of 1905 - Report / Harvard College, Class of 1905
72576: [Claflin, Horace Brigham (1811-1885) ] - Horace B. Claflin. Born December 18th, 1811. Died November 14th, 1885
72254: [Schomburgk, Meg Gehrts] - Negro Types, Seen by the Camera
71963: [by An Idle Man] - Charades, by an Idle Man
268706: Edinburgh Festival 1954 - The Diaghilev Exhibition from the Edinburgh Festival 1954
267574: H.M.S.O - The British Army in the Falklands, 1982
267378: E.E.G - The makers of Hellas : a critical inquiry into the philosophy and religion of ancient Greece
65834: S. , F. M. - Brother Reginald's Golden Secret
6468: A. D. - Until the Shadows Flee Away : the Story of C. E. Z. M. S. Work in India and Ceylon
63193: U. S. 49th Cong. , 1st Sess. , 1885-1886 - Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thomas A. Hendricks (Vice-President of the United States) , Delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, Forty-Ninth Congress, First Session ...
62382: [Baldwin, Charles N. ] - A Universal Biographical Dictionary, Containing the Lives of the Most Celebrated Characters of Every Age and Nation ... to Which is Added, a Dictionary of the Principal Divinities and Heroes of Grecian and Roman Mythology; and a Biographical Dictionary Of
61484: [Schulze, Paul] (1895-) - Captain Walter H. Schulze; the Peace Messenger 1893-1919 - in Memoriam
60950: [Kohlmetz, George William] (1869-) - Bibliographical Notes on a Collection of Editions of the Book Known As 'Puckle's Club' from the Library of a Member of the Rowfant Club
60621: C. S. C. - Verses and Translations
264252: H. C - Diana, or, the excellent conceitful Sonnets of H. C. Augmented with divers Quatorzains of honourable and learned passages: divided into VIII: decades
264013: H. S. C. E - A bondman of the Lord : the life and letters of St. Paul
261940: [Saint-Simon, Louis de] - Mémoires de Duc de Saint-Simon : Nouvelle édition, mise dans un meilleur ordre, et accompagnee de notes / Par M.F. Laurent - vols. 4, 5, 6
261879: ???????? [ACADEMICIAN]. ???????????? ???????? ???? [PUBLISHING HOUSE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES] - ??????? ?????????? ???? [EVGENY VIKTOROVICH TARA]: ????????? [SOCHINENIYA/ Compositions]: tom VIII [Russian Language]
261878: ?????????-??????, M. E. [SALTIKOV-SHCHEDRIN, M.E.] - ?????????? ?????? [Russian Language]
261717: ??µ???? ???aµa [ Lámprou Málama ] - ???ße?a - ???Ga [Preveza - Parga]: ??????t???? ???G?? [The IRIS Guide]
261669: H. O. F - Saint George for England : The life, legends, and lore, of our glorious patron / Compiled by H. O. F
261293: D., J. R - A Hand-Book of Newport, and Rhode Island. By the author of 'Pen and Ink Sketches,' etc. [The dedication signed: J. R. D., i.e. John Dix, afterwards Ross. With illustrations.]
260788: F. V. M - Cotswold ways
57153: Y. [Pseud. ] - The Autobiography of an Englishman / 'Y. '
259151: Bibliothèque nationale (France). Français 247 - Antiquités et Guerre des Juifs de Josèphe : reproduction des 25 miniatures des Manuscrits français 247 et nouv. acq. 21013 de la Bibliothèque nationale
257756: H., H - Gideon, “the mighty man of valour.” By [Lady] H[arriet] H[oward]
54742: H. H. - Verses. by H. H.
54359: [Benjamin, Lewis Saul] (1874-1932) - Some Aspects of Thackeray, by Lewis Melville [Pseud. ] ...
255977: P. M - The days and nights of Migumi
33084: S. K. - Agent in Italy
254193: W. S. C - Edward Townsedn Cox, Birmingham
252780: D. M. T - The soldier's sorrow; or, A tale of true love
252391: Q - The Blue Pavilions. [A tale.] By Q. [i.e. A. T. Quiller-Couch]
51488: National Press Photographers Association (U. S. ). Region 11 - One Day in Washington
251421: (Waldmeir, Patti) - Anatomy of a miracle : the end of apartheid and the birth of the new South Africa / Patti Waldmeir
49400: (De Mille, James) - Helena's Household. a Tale of Rome in the First Century
250200: M., C. G - The Nation's Credit. A précis of Major C. H. Douglas' proposals. By C. G. M
250127: C, J. L. B - Nueva coleccion de piezas en prosa y en versos : sacadas de varios autores españoles, tales son Solis, Cervantes, Quevedo, etc. Tomo primero / por J. L. B. C
48221: Ka-Tzetnik 135633 - Phoenix over the Galilee
48121: [Centre Excursionista De Catalunya] - Record De La Exposicio De Documents Grafichs De Coses Desaparegudes De Barcelona Durant El Segle XIX Inaugurada 'l Dia 3 Marc De 1901 En El Local De [Centre Excursionista De Catalunya]
248871: Exposition Universelle Internationale de 1900 - Notices sur la Finlande : publiées à l'occasion de l'Exposition universelle à Paris en 1900
24877: Bible. N. T. English. 1865 - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. with Engravings on Wood from Designs of Fra Angelico, Pietro Perugino, Francesco Francia, Lorenzo Di Credi, Fra Bartolommeo, Titian, Raphael, Gaudenzio Ferrari, Daniel Di Volterra, and Others
24872: [Pullen, Henry William], 1836-1904 - Tom Pippin's Wedding
46196: [British Coal Industry] - One Hundred Questions & Answers about Coal
248202: B. B - The Challenge of Big carp
45966: [A Visitor To The Riviera] - Monte Carlo and Public Opinion
45903: [Endicott, William Crowninshield] (1860-) - Memoir of William C. Endicott, LL. D. , Communicated by Charles Francis Adams At a Meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society, February 13, 1902
45887: [Winthrop, Robert Charles, Jr. ] (1834-1905) - A Difference of Opinion Concerning the Reasons why Katharine Winthrop Refused to Marry Chief Justice Sewall
45879: [Council Of The |nstitute Of Bankers] - The First Fifty Years of the Institute of Bankers, 1879-1929
45414: [Smollett, Tobias George] (1721-1771) - The Expedition of Humphry Clinker. by the Author of Roderic Random... [Complete in Three Volumes]
246893: P.J.M - Fishing - A fine kettle of fishy tales and literary quotes
244123: Prof. V - Religion, atheism, and solipsism : is life a dream?
243883: Élections Législatives de 1896 - Élections Législatives de 1896: Plate-Forme Électorale: Réformes: a réaliser par les élus au parlement pendent la durée de leur mandat (1896-1900)
9755: [Department Of The U. S. Army] - U. S. Army Handbook for Germany Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 550-29
239993: Clifton Festival : 1980 - Port of Bristol 1780-1980
23401: Zwei Weltkriege Im Buch 1914-1973 - Zwei Weltkriege Im Buch 1914-1973; Etwa 2000 Werke Im Alphabet, Aufgliederung Nach 150 Themen Mit Verweisungen
231513: Bible. English. Authorized. 1860 - The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments : translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by his majesty's special command. Appointed to be read in churches
231512: Bible. English. Authorized. 1860 - The Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments: translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised
22933: [Russian Revolution] - Art of the October Revolution
22906: [Burgh, James], 1714-1775 - The Art of Speaking
226700: Ovid 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D. - The Heroycall epistles of the learned poet Publius Ovidius Naso / translated into English verse by George Turbervile ; with ten full-page illustrations by Hester Sainsbury ; edited with an introduction and glossary by Frederick Boas
225812: Michelangelo Buonarroti 1475-1564 - The complete works of Michelangelo / [foreword] by Mario Salmi
225400: Gregory Lady 1852-1932 - Seven short plays
221887: [Washbourn, John] (1760?-1829) - Bibliotheca gloucestrensis: a collection of scarce and curious tracts : relating to the county and city of Gloucester; illustrative of, and published during the civil war / with an historical introduction, notes, and an appendix
219700: Barbican Art Gallery : 'That's Shell - that is!' (Exhibition) - 'That's Shell - that is!' : an exhibition of Shell advertising art, 5th July-4th September 1983, Barbican Art Gallery
21739: A Girt For My Mother Annual For 1853 - A Gift for My Mother : an Annual for 1853
216947: Stowarzyszenie 'Pax.' - Schizmy [Language: Polish]
216640: Bible. English. Authorized. 1830 - The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments : translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command
216546: Il'in, N. N. - Letopisnaya stat'ya 6523 goda i yeye istochnik (Opyt analiza) [Chronicles the 6523 article, and its source (Experience in the analysis). Language: Russian]
216537: [Butler Family] - Some account of the family of the Butlers, but more particularly of the late Duke of Ormond, the Earl of Ossory his father, and James Duke of Ormond his grandfather
215826: Agentstvo pechati 'Novosti.' - Soviet Jews reject Zionist 'protection'; Novosti Press Agency round-table discussion, February 5, 1971
215264: H.M.S.O. - Coal : presented by the President of the Board of Trade to Parliament by Command of His Majesty 3rd June, 1942
212962: U.N.E.S.C.O. - L'experience du centre de Buzenval : 92 garches : travaux du colloque organise par la Societe Internationale de Criminologie (U.N.E.S.C.O., mercredi 21 juin 1967
212418: H.M.S.O. - Correspondence respecting Czechoslovakia, September 1938
212095: Arts Council Of Great Britain 1957 - An exhibition of paintings : Claude Monet / arranged by the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with the Edinburgh Festival Society, The Tate Gallery 26 September - 3 November 1957
354386: H. F. E - T. O. Elworthy & Son Ltd. 1868-1968
354080: Aristotle 384-322 C. - The ethics of Aristotle : the Nicomachean ethics / [Aristotle] ; translated by J. A. K. Thomson ; revised with notes and appendices by Hugh Tredennick ; introduction and bibliography by Jonathan Barnes
208373: Agentstvo pechati 'Novosti.' - Soviet Jews reject Zionist 'protection' : Novosti Press Agency round-table discussion, February 5, 1971
206965: C.E.L.F. - Tragedie et espoir d'Israel / Iada, Zehoval - Bandalin
352765: T. L. B - Naval & Military Records of Rugbeians
204159: C. S. C. - Activite de la Confederation des syndicats chretiens de Belgique : XIVe Congres 13-14-15 Juillet 1945 / par Mr Auguste Cool
201954: C.S.D. - 'That I may know him' : an introduction to mental prayer
201158: Bible. N.T. Welsh. 1809 - Testament Newydd : ein harglwydd a'n hiachawdwr Iesu Christ [Language: Welsh - bound with 2 prayer books and 1 book of psalms]
199606: P.B. - Eton Memories. By an Old Etonian
351864: H. S. L - Some Lees of Berkshire: a pedigree
198725: International Organization of Journalists. Conference (7th, Havana) 1971 - 7th congress of the IOJ, Havana-Cuba, 1971
198202: (Simar, Dr. Theophil) - Gorres-Gesellschaft zur Pflege der Wissenschaft im katholischen Deutschland
196642: C.O.P.E.C. - Politics and citizenship : being the report presented to the conference on Christian politics, economics and citizenship at Birmingham, April 5-12, 1924.
351764: Q - Noghts and Crosses: stories, studies and sketches by Q
196420: Bible. N.T. English. 1858. - The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : translated out of the original Greek and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by His Majesty's command. Appointed to be read in churches
196235: M. M. - The Benefits, Moral and Secular, of Assassination : An essay to correct Sir Arthur Keith's eugenical speculations on the merits of war and peace, with divers other arguments showing conclusively why murder must be rationalised to save England ...
351511: - A book of secrets : illegitimate daughters, absent fathers
351431: - Pinacoteca Vaticana: Papal Monuments Museums Galleries
194304: [Cromwell] - La vie d'Oliver Cromwel - [Complete in 2 volumes]
193382: C. [author unknown] - Quelques reflexions sur l'organisation de l'armee Suedoise : presentees aux amis de la patrie / par C.
193284: J. W. - Reponse au General Baron de Richemont, depute de l'allier / par un citoyen des Pays-Bas
351285: A. M. D. C - Mois du Sacré coeur de Jésus
193222: H. D. K. - Essai sur les besognes periodiques de l'administration provinciale et communale en Belgique / par H.D.K.
192581: P.P.U. - The Peace Pledge Union
351195: -
191394: (Fitz-Gerald, William George) - Les memoires de Messire Philippe de Commines, Sieur d'Argenton
191351: I. L. P. - Song book
189569: E.C. - De M. (Journalistes) - Biographie complete des 750 representants a l'Assemblee legislative / par deux journalistes
187750: Editor, The (Adams, John, B.D., of Inverkeilo) - The Hebrew Prophets and their Message for To-day
187700: E. O. S. - Hungary and its revolutions from the earliest period to the nineteenth century : With a memoir of Louis Kossuth
350221: S., G. M. - John-Joseph.
350170: - Bible History, Prophecy and Poems in 3 Volumes
350094: D 83222. O'Faoláin, Seán (1900-1991) - I did penal servitude
99763: Bible. English. Authorized. 1970. - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments in the King James Version
347697: -
186278: [ Bible. N.T. English. Authorized. 1867. ] - The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : translated out of the original Greek : and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command. [ Bible. N.T. English. Authorized. 1867. ]
347467: -
184646: L. U. C. - Pledged to Socialism
329564: G., P. - The lady housekeeper's poultry yard : its pleasure and profit
182100: (East India Company) - The law relating to India, and the East-India company; with notes and an appendix
182053: (Bagster, Samuel) - The Bible of every land : a history of the Sacred Scriptures in every language and dialect into which translations have been made : illustrated by specimen portions in native characters; series of alphabets; coloured ethnographical maps, tables, indexes
182040: [National anti-corn-law league, London] - The League - A collection of 92 issues relating to or concerned with aspects of the Corn Law controversy
181992: E. O. S. (Emanuel O. Stone) (1860-1930) - Hungary and its revolutions from the earliest period to the nineteenth century : With a memoir of Louis Kossuth
346570: N.G.M. [with] H.C.M. - Colour Rays and Other Poems
178619: International Institute Of Philosophy Entretiens in Jerusalem 4-8 April 1965 - La comprehension de l'histoire
346184: A., T - March Hares and their friends by T. A
346181: H.M.S.O - Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Somerset
176482: Guerre Europeene 1914-1916 - Le nord de la france: villes bombardes
176246: Congo Belge Conseil de Gouvernement 1955 - Discours du gouverneur general l. petillon statistiques
175760: Journee Internationale des femmes 9 Mars 1952 - Des millions de femmes a travers le monde dans la lutte ardente pour le bonheur la vie la paix . . . 31 Janvier 1952
175477: M.M - The benefits moral and secular of assassination : an essay to correct Sir Arthur Keith's eugenical speculations [in The place of prejudice in modern civilization] on the merits of war and peace with divers . . .
175123: F.S.D. - Queen Elizabeth : a dramatic poem in five acts
174852: Roman Catholic Church. (Pope). 1963-1978 [Paul VI] - Message of His Holiness Paul VI for the celebration of the 'Day of Peace' : January 1st, 1971
174850: Roman Catholic Church. (Pope). 1963-1978 [Paul VI] - Message of His Holiness Paul VI for the celebration of the 'Day of Peace' : January 1st, 1970
173380: [Stewarton] - The secret history of the court and cabinet of St. Cloud: in a series of letters from a gentleman at Paris to a nobleman in London, written during the months of August, September and October, 1805
172369: J. M. D. - Jean Trouve Ou le Socialisme : Manuscrit Trouve dans les papiers d'un vieux poete
172348: C.P.S.U. - Measures for the development of agriculture in the U.S.S.R.
170020: Great Britain. Royal Commission on the Poor Laws and Relief of Distress. 1909 - Royal Commission on the Poor Laws and Relief of Distress. Appendix volume I. Minutes of evidence (1st to 34th days) being mainly the evidence given by the officers of the local government board for England and Wales.
16839: T124 - Sea Power
168332: [Savile, Christopher] (ca. 1738-1819) - A refutation of the case of Christopher Atkinson, Esq.
168144: [Marshall] - The manual of liberty: or testimonies in behalf of the rights of mankind; selected from the best authorities, in prose and verse, and methodically arranged
168105: Bible. N.T. Greek. 1831 - He Kaine Diatheke. Novum Testamentum, cum versione latina Ariae Montani, in quo tum selecti versiculi 1900, quibus omnes Novi Testamenti voces continentur, astericis notantur:
167957: S.E.D.I.C. - La Cinquime colonne la voici / with contributions from (among others) Henri Queuille, Paul Reynaud, Robert Schuman, Albert Sarraut
166408: [Economic Society Of Berne] - Essays on the Spirit of Legislation : in the Encouragement of Agriculture, Population, Manufactures, and Commerce. ... Translated from the Original French, Which Gained the Premiums Offered by the Society of Berne
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328583: -
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221432: Adams, Ansel (1902-1984) - Yosemite and the Range of Light / Ansel Adams ; Introd. by Paul Brooks

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