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72191: Austin, George Lowell (1849-1893) - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; His Life, His Works, His Friendships
65776: Austin, Alfred (1835-1913) - Lamia's Winter-Quarters
61686: Austin, James C. - Fields of the Atlantic Monthly: Letters to an Editor, 1861-1870
265843: Austin, Bertram - The secret of high wages
258724: Austin, Roger T. (Roger Tilston) - Robert Chessher of Hinckley 1750-1831 : first English orthopaedist
51110: Austin, James C. - Artemus Ward
48815: Austin, Mary Hunter (1868-1934) - The Flock. Illustrated by E. Boyd Smith
249850: Austin, Stanley Elston - The Collector's Magazine: with which is incorporated the Printseller and Collector: vol. II: January to December 1904
249017: Austin, Alexander Berry - Fighter command / Alexander Berry Austin
227820: Austin, Alfred (1835-1913) - The garden that I love
222384: Austin, Stanley - The History of Engraving from its inception to the time of Thomas Bewick
221319: Austin, Mary Hunter (1868-1934) - The Flock. Illustrated by E. Boyd Smith
195874: Austin, Dennis (1922-) - West Africa and the Commonwealth
19220: Austin, M. M. - Economic & Social History of Ancient Greece An Introduction
350515: Austin, J. L. (John Langshaw) (1911-1960) - Philosophical papers
185490: Austin, Bertram - The secret of high wages
170303: Austin, Dennis (1922- ) - Britain and South Africa Issued under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs
165651: Austin, Alex (Ed. ) - War!
127668: Austin, Bertram Herbert & Lloyd, William Francis - The Secret of High Wages
127663: Austin, Bertram Herbert & Lloyd, William Francis - The Secret of High Wages
116786: Austin, Alfred (1835-1913) - Lamia's Winter-Quarters, by Alfred Austin
102029: Austin, Leonard - Around the World in San Francisco, by Leonard Austin; Foreword by Louis Adamic, Pictures by Pauline Vinson
341186: Austin, Alexander Berry - We landed at dawn
342246: Austin, William (d. 1928) - The history of Luton and its hamlets : being a history of the old parish and manor of Luton in Bedfordshire [Complete in 2 Volumes]
236602: Australia. Australian Army. A.I.F., (1939-) Middle East. Military history and information section. Australian War Memorial - Active service : with Australia in the Middle East
215072: Australia. Royal Commission on Espionage. Owen, W. F. L. Philp, R. F. B. Ligertwood, G. C. - Report of the Royal Commission on Espionage : 22nd August 1955 / W.F.L. Owen, R.F.B. Philp, G.C. Ligertwood, Commissioners
206256: Communist Party of Australia - Handbook for tutors
122846: Creative Source Australia - The Wizards of Oz
244503: United States Allied Commission Austria - The rehabilitation of Austria (1945-1947) / Volume 2
351579: Rudolf Crown Prince of Austria (1858-1889) - Die österreichisch-ungarische Monarchie in Wort und Bild. Übersichtsband / auf Anregung und unter Mitwirkung Seiner kaiserlichen und königlichen Hoheit des durchlauchtigsten Kronprinzen Erzherzog Rudolf
163064: Austria - Katholische Stimmen Aus Osterreich ; Zweiter Band
239444: Austyn, Jonathan M - New prospects for medicine / edited by Jonathan M. Austyn
93547: Ausubel, Herman - In Hard Times; Reformers Among the Late Victorians
72123: Ausubel, Nathan (1899-?) - Pictorial History of the Jewish People, from Bible Times to Our Own Day Throughout the World
56018: Ausubel, Nathan (1899-) - Pictorial History of the Jewish People, from Bible Times to Our Own Day Throughout the World
49150: Ausubel, Herman - Historians and Their Craft: a Study of the Presidential Addresses of the American Historical Association, 1884-1945 Number 567
45087: Ausubel, Herman - John Bright, Victorian Reformer
35837: Ausubel, Herman - In Hard Times; Reformers Among the Late Victorians
207556: Ausubel, Herman - In hard times : reformers among the late Victorians
205535: Ausubel, Nathan (1899-1986) - Pictorial history of the Jewish people : from Bible times to our own day throughout the world
304076: Autant-Lara, Claude [et al.] - La nation face a l'armée
231945: Autenrieth, Johanne (1923-) - Kirchenrechtliche Texte im Bodenseegebiet : mittelalterliche uberlieferung in Konstanz, auf der Reichenau und in St. Gallen / Johanne Autenrieth u. Raymund Kottje
336857: No Author - 19th Rubicon-Bezigne Piquet, Whist + Bridge card-game compendium in the original state box
8165: The Author Of Miss Molly, Ingelheim - Dan Riach - Socialist
269550: Young Indian Author - Rose Clarendon, or, The trials of true love
221392: Unknown Author - Personal photo album / scrapbook : ca. late 19th century. Original images of Italy and Switzerland
220308: Unknown Author - Il Marmo delle Alpi Apuane [photo album]
219912: Unknown Author - Typography : sample portfolio folder
185316: Unknown Author - A Magyar Geniusz : Rovid tanulmanyok nemzetunk muvelodesenek tortenetebol ket reszbe [2 vols. bound in 1 - Language : Hungarian]
185287: Unknown Author [sometimes attributed to Daniel Defoe (Trent, Moore, Novak)] - The annals of King George, year the second : being a faithful history of the affairs of Great Britain, for the year MDCCXVI containing also a full and compleat history of the rebellion
176089: Unknown Author - Proces contre le Duc d'Aumale et la Baronne de Feucheres
175854: Unknown Author - Socialism as a Briton sees it
262270: By the Author of 'Broad Shadows on Life's Pathway,' 'Doing and Suffering,' &c - The Post of Honor
7476: [William Clarke] The Author Of 'the Cigar' - Every Night Book Or, Life after Dark
313965: By the Author of 'The Falcon Family,' and 'my Uncle the Curate' - The Bachelor of the Albany
262280: By the author of 'John Halifax, Gentleman,' ect - Poems by the author of 'John Halifax, Gentleman,' ect
264259: The Author of 'The Picture Galler,' ect - Fire-Side Stories; or, recollections of my school-fellows
280479: Collected from the Best Authorities - The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons, during the Third Parliament of his present Majesty King George II. held in the years 1742, and 1743 ; together with the last determination of the House relating to contested elections: being the fourtheenth volume from the Restoration of King Charles II [ect.]
333823: By Authority - The Statutes: Second Revised edition. Volume 9
252911: South West Water Authority - South West Water's guide to angling and recreation / South West Water
234734: Custom House Docks Development Authority - Custom House Docks, Dublin : planning scheme
209679: Exmoor National Park Authority - Enjoying Exmoor : the National Park in words and pictures / Exmoor National Park Authority
189065: Ascot Authority - Royal Ascot 2000
231294: Bible. English. Authorized - The Holy Bible : reprinted according to the Authorised version 1611 - Complete in 5 volumes
198319: Bible. English. Authorized - The Holy Bible : Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
138897: Bible. O. T. Apocrypha. English. Authorized (1924-) - The Apocrypha : Reprinted According to the Authorised Version, 1611
109492: Bible. English. Authorized - Holy Bible; Authorized or King James Version. Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with all Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. Pictorial Pronouncing Dictionary and Other Interesting Instructive Features
214605: AuthorJennings, Paul Francis (1918-?) - The living village : a report on rural life in England and Wales, based on actual village scrapbooks
327608: Multiple Authors - The Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England, from the earliest Times, to the Restoration of King Charles II: collected from the records, rolls of Parliament, the Journals of both Houses, the Public Libraries, Original Manuscripts, scarce speeches, and tracts; all compared with the several Contemporary Writers, and connected, throughout, with the History of the Times. By Several Hands: vol. XV: from July 1, 1646, to June 22, 1647
327596: Multiple Authors - Collection of bound Eleven 19th Geology Pamphlets
325288: Various Authors - Penguin 60s Cookery
325192: Various Authors - The Spring Anthology 1939; A Compilation of Representative Verse From The World's Living Poets
325189: Various Authors - The Spring Anthology 1939; A Compilation of Representative Verse From The World's Living Poets
324995: Various Authors - We carry on : tales of the war
323762: Various authors - The Magnet stories for summer days and winter nights
323455: Multiple Authors - Mémorial Adminstratif De La Province de Brabant: Année 1844: premier semestre
323451: Multiple Authors - Tropics & Southern Hemisphere: South Pacific: Hong Kong: Genus Auliscus: Licmophora-Roper
323131: Various authors - The adultery and other stories and poems
322923: Various authors - Visitors book : short stories of their new homeland by famous authors now living in Ireland
333609: Various Authors - Théatre des auteurs du premier ordre : ou, Recueil des tragédies et des comedies [27 volumes]
334951: Various Authors - Ghost stories
334949: Various Authors - Horror by lamplight
320774: Multiple Authors - Collected Pamphlets of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire: includes eight pamphlets
319705: Various authors - Bound Collection of 19 Ballads and Operettas
316655: Various authors - Selections of novels by various authors. Complete in 8 volumes
312357: Multiple Authors - Collection of 12 U.S. TV and Music Award Ceremony Programmes
309668: Multiple Authors - Documents on Irish foreign policy. Volume II 1923-1926 / editors, Ronan Fanning, Michael Kennedy, Dermot Keogh, Eunan O'Halpin
306458: Multiple Authors - The Girl's Own Annual: illustrated
304844: St. Michael's Press. Multiple Authors - The Cast Iron Church: as seen through the eyes of the children of the Sunday School and Youth Groups
304241: Multiple Authors - Collection of Textile and Chemical Industry Pamphlets
302315: Multiple Authors - Collected Pamphlets: QD181: p.v.3: 13 collected articles
302214: Various Authors - Monographien moderner Musiker / kleine Essays über Leben und Schaffen zeitgenössicher Tonsetzer mit Portraits: Band I
301178: Multiple Authors - Sonderdruck Aus: Keramos: 5 articles on porcelain
301098: Multiple Authors - Science Pamphlets: 30 plus 19th & early 20th century Science (Chemistry) Pamphlets
300217: Multiple Authors - Collection of 14 19th & early 20th century disbound pamphlets on Chemistry
293885: Multiple Authors - Art Annual: Leight, Millais, Meissonier, Holman Hunt, Burne-Jones and Watts: bound collection of articles and biographies
292542: The Most Eminent Authors - English biography and English mansions : a drawing-room portrait gallery of prominent Englishmen of the present century. Beautifully illustrated with fine engravings and autotypes of their country seats, by the finest engravers in the kingdom, and with memoirs by the most eminent authors
287976: Multiple Authors - Poems in Pamphlet: in nine issues
287104: Multiple Authors - The Golden Gift Book
287093: Multiple Authors - Herbert Strang's Annual
284648: Multiple Authors - The Poetical Works of Collins, Gray, and Beattie: with Lord Byron's English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, Hours of Idleness, &c. &c
283565: Various Authors - Small Archive of ephemera from New York, Chicago and California Booksellers dating from the 1940s to 1950s
283560: Various Authors - Antiquarian Booksellers Invitations and Announcements (Special Printings): New York, Chicago and California Bookselles: 36 in total (1940s-1950s)
283559: Multiple Authors - 19 business cards and bookmarks from booksellers (1940s-1950s)
283526: Multiple Authors - Shakespeare: with a preface by Dr. Samuel Johnson, glossary and explanatory notes
281571: Multiple Authors - Brochures: collected brochures and reports on Belgian Politics and History
280971: Various Authors - A Messieurs les Présidents et Membres du Sénat Belge
280638: Multiple Authors - Small Archive of reports and pamphlets concerning Women's Organisations
280587: Multiple Authors - Points et Contrepoints: No. 54, Octobre 1960
280536: Multiple Authors - Nether Whiteacre Nuggets: a selection of Village Recipes
278048: Multiple Authors - Collections: Historical and Miscellaneous: 18th century: New Hampshire
277190: Multiple Authors - Tales of Adventure
277184: Multiple Authors - Collected 19th century Tracts of British Historical Sites and other subjects
276146: Multiple Authors - Sermons preached by several of the People called Quakers: exactly taken in short-hand as they were delivered by them at their Meeting-Houses, in Grace-Church-Street, Devonshire-HOuse, St. Martin's-le-Grand, St. John's-Street, Wheeler-Street, and Ratcliffe, in and about London
275795: Multiple Authors - Collected Pamphlets Relating to The Aborigines
275594: Multiple Authors - Social Science: collected pamphletes
275593: Multiple Authors - The Royal Treasury of England: or, an historical account of all taxes, under what denomination soever, from the conquest to this present year
275553: Multiple Authors - Imprimerie Gourmontienne: bulletin trimestriel consacré a remy de gourmont et rédigé par se amis: aout-sept-oct. 1921: no. IV
273101: Multiple Authors - Charges, Sermons &c.: collected pamphlets
272443: Multiple Authors - The Tip Top Book: 1951
272441: Multiple Authors - The Champion Annual: 1955
272432: Multiple Authors - The Girl's Adventure Book
272430: Multiple Authors - Fifty-Second Annual Volume: Young England
272429: Multiple Authors - Fifty-Second Annual Volume: Young England
272428: Multiple Authors - Thrilling Books for Boys
272427: Multiple Authors - Stories for Boys
272177: Multiple Authors - Tale for Tinies
272174: Multiple Authors - The Big Bumper Budget For Children
272171: Multiple Authors - The World's Best Boys' Annual: sport, travel, adventure in many lands
272165: Multiple Authors - Ideal Books for Boys
272164: Multiple Authors - Ideal Books for Boys: 309-305
271090: Multiple Authors - Reproduktionen alter Einbände aus Monatshefte für graphisches Kunstgewerbe.
270525: Multiple Authors - The Spectator: with sketches of the lives of the authors: and explanatory notes: vol. IV
270520: The Authors - Rejected Addresses: or, the new theatrum poetarum
270323: National Book League. Multiple authors - Walter del La Mare: Books: the journal of the National Book League: No. 301: April-May 1056
269995: Multiple Authors - Annales des Travaux Publics de Belgique: cahier IV - tome XLVII
267600: Multiple Authors - Great Leaders: and national issues of 1896: with over 100 portraits and illustrations
266112: Various Authors - Theatre Record: Pre-1920 American Theatre archive (New York and Boston)
266041: Various Authors - Richard Hale Photo Archive: four photographs
265868: Various Authors - Theatrum veritatis et iustitiae sive decisivi discursus: ad veritatem editi in forensibus controuersijs, canonicis, & ciuilibus, in quibus, in Vrbe Aduocatus, pro vna partium scripsit, vel consultus respondit: IO Baptista De Luca venvsinvs: per materias seu titulos distincti iuxta proximam indicem post praefationem: Liber Septimus
265859: Various Authors - Elegant Extracts from the most eminent prose writers: in two volumes
264886: Multiple Authors - Soviet-Polish Relations
264536: Multiple Authors - Der Kampf: in seven volumes
264248: Multiple Authors - The Holy Bible (worn family Bible)
263379: Multiple authors - Die Lehren des Judentums nach den Quellen. Teil 2 Die sittlichen Pflichten des Einzelnen / herausgegeben vom Verband der deutschen Juden / bearbeitet von Simon Bernfeld
262995: Multiple authors - Khrushchev on culture
262960: Multiple authors - Improve your coarse fishing
262954: Multiple authors - Specimen hunting / introduction by John Bailey
262854: Multiple authors - Das Musikinstrument
262540: Multiple authors - Gazette - Vol. 5 issue 1 and 2 - International Journal for Mass Communication Studies
262505: Multiple authors - Modern painters: A quarterly journal of the fine arts - Vol. 2, No. 3
262504: Multiple authors - Modern painters: A quarterly journal of the fine arts - Vol. 1, No. 1
262503: Multiple authors - Modern painters: A quarterly journal of the fine arts - Vol. 1, No. 2
262481: Multiple authors - Autobiography : a collection of the most instructive and amusing lives ever published / written by the parties themselves
262441: Multiple authors - Miscellaneous plays
261957: Multiple authors - The battle of 1900: An official hand-book for every American citizen
261549: Multiple authors - La Lente : storia, scienza, curiosita attraverso la collezione Fritz Rathschuler, catalogo della mostra, Genova, 5 marzo -5 giugno 1988, Museo civico di storia naturale 'G.Doria'
261322: Multiple Authors - Pamphlets: Sociological, Historical and Economical: volume: index
261060: Multiple authors - Poetry Review: Afro-Asian Caribbean focus - Vol. 80 No. 4
260584: Multiple authors - Essays of British essayists : including biographical and critical sketches / with a special introduction by Chauncey C. Starkweather - Vol. 1
260548: Multiple authors - Cahiers sloniens: Tables de l'annee 1954 (VIII Annee)
260526: Multiple authors - Le temps parallèle : Revue de création poétique
260521: Multiple authors - Inside story
260492: Multiple authors - Extracts from the journal of theological studies - Vol. 15, part 2
260468: Multiple authors - Europe : revue mensuelle. 30e année, no.74-75, février-mars 1952 Numéro spécial: Victor Hugo
260307: Multiple authors - Stille nacht, heillige nacht fur jung und alt
259803: Multiple authors - Histoire de Pologne
259047: Multiple authors - The dictionary of art / edited by Jane Shoaf Turner. V.15, Hungary, section 6: Ceramics to Iran, ancient - Vol. 1
258687: Multiple authors - Réalités secrètes : cahiers de littérature - Vol. 4
258631: Multiple authors - Interrogations : revue internationale de recherche anarchiste
257991: Multiple authors - Scottish Journal of Theology - Vol. 28
257964: Multiple authors - Syndicalisme et corporations ; L'Homme réel. no. 15/16
257960: Multiple authors - L'Homme réel. Revue mensuelle du syndicalisme et de l'humanisme. No. 37
257886: Multiple authors - Conference on Christian politics, economics and citizenship
257884: Multiple authors - NOW volume 6
257882: Multiple authors - The Christian citizen
257820: Multiple authors - People's power in Mozambique & Guinea Bissau
257814: Multiple authors - Un mois avec les Juifs d'U.R..S.S. - Bulletin mensuel mai 1981
256492: Multiple authors - Great golf stories / edited by Gordon Jarvie
256174: Multiple Authors - Traveller's Library in 29 volumes
254334: Multiple authors - Chefs-d'oeuvres de l'art - Grands peintres: Kokoschka
254329: Multiple authors - Francisco Salzillo - I maestri della scultura
254207: Multiple Authors - Music: collected pianoforte pieces from the 19th century
254192: Multiple authors - The Fortnightly Review: Contemporary Review (19th century)
254159: Multiple authors - La France et L'Europe ; La Patrie Francaise
253924: Multiple authors - Poets of England and America; being selections from the best authors of both countries
253904: Multiple authors - La Famille
253866: Multiple authors - The history of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the end of the reign of James II - Fron the reign of William and Mary to the death of George II - From the accession of George III to the twenty-thrid year of the reign of Queen Victoria in three volumes
253363: Multiple authors - Fishing with the experts : a new look at the wonderful world of angling / edited by Charles Wade ; contributors, Conrad Voss Bark
253231: Multiple Authors - The Annals of England: an epitome of English History: from contemporary writers, the rolls of parliament, and other public records
253220: Multiple Authors - Collected Notated pieces for Piano-Forte
252828: Multiple authors - DC big carp
252748: Multiple authors - Spreekkamergeluiden
252226: Multiple authors - Great angling stories / Selected and edited by John M. Dickie
252096: Multiple authors - Fight for freedom - A black paper edited by C. B. Cox and A. E. Dyson
252071: Multiple authors - Britain to-day No. 130
252065: Multiple authors - Japanese-American relations : an AEI Round Table held on 17 December 1974 at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Washington, D.C
252062: Multiple authors - The Soviet Union Everyman's Book
251843: Multiple Authors - The Library of Choice Literature: prose and poetry selected from the most admired authors: in three volumes
251801: Multiple Authors - Handbuch Der Psychologie: in eight volumes
251677: Multiple authors - Examen de la proposition de messieurs Dubus et Brabant
251477: Multiple authors - In the hand of God
250734: Multiple Authors - Winterstein: Vol. I: Part 1: 3: Index
250681: Multiple authors - Negotiating South Africa's future / editors, Hermann Giliomee, Lawrence Schlemmer ; in conjunction with Centre for Policy Studies, University of the Witwatersrand
250227: Multiple authors - Presence universitaire: Revue interuniversitaire des etudiants catholiques du Congo, du Rwanda et du Burundi
250103: Oxford University Press. Multiple authors - Collection of Oxford Pamphlets: 1914-1915 in 21 volumes
249988: mULTIPLE AUTHORS - The achievements of Soviet economics in the first postwar five year plan period
249972: Multiple authors - Muller, Bredekamp, Hinz, Verspohl, Fredel, Apitzch ; Autonomie der Kunst zur Genese und Kritik einer burgerlichen Kategorie
249967: Multiple authors - Scotland's gardens scheme
249963: Multiple authors - L'encyclopedie des jardins et maisons de campagne Tome 2
249938: Multiple authors - Mélanges D'économie Politique: in two volumes
249336: Multiple authors - Four English comedies of the 17th and 18th centuries : Volpone ;The Way of the World ;She Stoops to Conquer ;The School for Scandal - Edited by J. M. Morrell
249255: Multiple authors - Famous Trials III
249217: Multiple authors - 'Dante':revue de culture Latine: Huitieme Annee: VIII: Septieme Annee No. 1-2 (Fascicile 48) : Janvier-Fevrier 1938: Sommaire
249216: Multiple authors - 'Dante':revue de culture Latine: Huitieme Annee: IX: No. 1-2 (Fascicile 54) : Janvier-Fevrier 1939: Sommaire
246641: Multiple Authors - British Theatre: 22 volumes
245601: The House of Commons. Various Authors - The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons: from the restoration to the present time: volume V
245417: The Mothers' Union. Various Authors - Mothers In Council: Vol. XXIII: January, 1913, No. 89 - October, 1913, No. 92
245397: Multiple Authors - Africa and Its Exploration as told by Its Explorers: volume II
245202: Multiple Authors - Collected Pamphlets about Palestine
245047: Multiple Authors - Miscellaneous Papers: Water Divining Devices
244845: Multiple Authors - The mirror of time, from the Creation to the present hour ...; the whole arranged as a diurnal chronology, with a copious index: volume I
244111: Anonymous compiler. Quotes from various authors - Purified Proverbs and censored quotations
243968: Multiple Authors - Proces de Montalembert (1858); Le Pape et Le Congres: la guerrioniere (1859); L'Empereur Rome et le Roi d'Italie (1861); Lettre Sur L'Histoire de France: duc d'aumale; La Politique Anglaise (1860)
243115: Multiple Authors - Articles de L'Avenir: tome deuxieme
242890: Various authors - Det Nya Europa. Utgiven till Sverges Kommunistiska Partis trettioårsjubileum, den 13-16 maj 1947. [By various authors. With portraits.]
242780: Suisse Contemporaine. Multiple authors - Suisse Contemporaine: Revue Mensuelle: Sommaire: Janvier, Février, Mars, Juin, 1941, Numero 1, 2, 3, 6
242119: Multiple Authors - Birmingham Health Lectures: First Series
241647: Various Authors (Conwill-Evans, T.P. et al.) - Land Problems
241218: Multiple Authors - Radical Philosophy 30: Reviews and news. Spring 1982. Arthur: Objectification and Alienation. Grimshaw: feminism. Bird: Lacan. ParkerL Adam Smith. Hunt and Swan: Dialectical Form
238906: The Red Cross. Various authors - The October Red Cross Magazine. Volume 12, Number 10
238661: Various Authors - London and the Advancement of Science: Issued by the British Association for the Advancement of Science on the Occasion of its Centenary Meeting in London, 1931
220291: Various Authors - Italy - Abyssinia : collection of 5 pamphlets, 1935-1936
219793: Various Authors - Magic and magic tricks : small private collection of articles, pamphlets, correspondence etc. 1940s
219536: Fifth of June Society / Various authors - Fifth of June Society [a small archive of journal articles, offprints and promotional material]
329109: Various Authors - 12 19th Century Military Pamphlets. Franco-Provencial war Period
353957: Various Authors - Penguin 60s travel
353956: Various Authors - Penguin 60's; Biography
353955: Various Authors - Penguin children's 60s: a collection of favourite children's stories
353954: Various Authors - Phoenix Poetry (Boxed Set) 26 Paperbacks
353953: Various Authors - Set of 25 Phoenix Paperbacks
353600: Various Authors - Various London Booklets
353562: Multiple Authors - Schatzkammern und herrscherhäuser der welt: in 13 volumes
204701: Various Authors - Discursos [12 titles on Spanish political and cultural affairs, bound in 1 volume]
203651: Various Authors - Chatterbox
203626: Various Authors - Bedtime stories / illustrated by G. Higham
352532: Multiple Authors - Collection of Military Auction Catalogues from Wallis & Wallis, Marlow's, Bosleys, ect.: in 49 issues
202746: Various Authors - Some stirring relics of English history
197619: Various Authors - The Reign of terror : a collection of authentic narratives of the horrors committed by the revolutionary government of France under Marat and Robespierre written by eye-witnesses of the scenes. Translated from the French; interspersed with biographical notices of prominent characters and curious anecdotes illustrative of a period without its parallel in history
189469: Various Authors - Essays of the year (1929-1930) [edited by F.J.H. Darton]
349496: Native Authors - Traits of American humour
179689: Various Authors - Rivers of Great Britain : The Thames, from source to sea : descriptive, historical, pictorial / [by various authors]
346145: Multiple Authors - Collection of 19th Century Scottish Songs and Ballads
175250: Various Authors - The voice of the pulpit on temperance
329294: Multiple Authors - The Girl's Own Paper and Woman's Magazine
287873: Multiple Authos - Historiae anglicanae scriptores X : Simeon monachus Dunelmensis, Johannes prior Hagustaldensis, Ricardus prior Hagustaldensis, Ailredus abbas Rievallensis, Radulphus de Diceto Londoniensis, Johannes Brompton Jornallensis, Gervasius monachus Dorobornensis, Thomas Stubbs dominicanus, Guilielmus Thorn Cantuariensis, Henricus Knighton Leicestrensis : Ex vetustis manuscriptis, nunc primum in lucem editi / adjectis variis lectionibus, glossario, indicéque copioso
351578: Autier, Joseph - Le Lac Léman et ses rives
267921: AutoCar - AutoCar: 118 issues: 1950-1989: car and automobile magazines
333103: Automobile Association (Great Britain). Argyle, Peter. Adelman, Martyn. Baird, David [et al.] - AA illustrated guide to Britain's coast
245496: Automobile Association. Graham, Colin (1929-) - AA guide to angling in Great Britain / editor Colin Graham
234804: Automobile Association. Beach, Russell P. O - AA touring guide to Ireland / [Editor Russell P.O. Beach]
349459: Autrand, Charles - Charles Autrand L'Eau des Fleuves Poëmes
337771: Auty, Robert [editor]. J.L.I. Fennell [editor]. Simmons, J.S.G. [editor] - Oxford Slavonic Papers / [Volume III]
337775: Auty, Robert [editor]. J.L.I. Fennell [editor]. Simmons, J.S.G. [editor] - Oxford Slavonic Papers / [Volume II]
262368: Robert Auty ... et al - Lexikon des Mittelalters / [hrsg. von Lexikon des Mittelalters / [hrsg. von Robert Auty ... et al.].]
161003: Auty, Phyllis - Yugoslavia / with 95 Illustrations and 2 Maps
264733: D'Auvergne, Edmund B. (Edmund Basil) - Human livestock : an account of the share of the English-speaking peoples in the development, maintenance and suppression of slavery and the slave trade
227959: D'Auvergne, Edmund Basil - Famous castles and palaces of Italy
176050: Auvray, Paul [et al.] - L' Ancien Testament et les chretiens / par Paul Auvray [et al.]
76431: Von Auw, Alvin - Heritage & Destiny : Reflections on the Bell System in Transition
184224: Avacumov, S. - S. M. Kirov : marele tribun Bolsevic / S. Avacumov
300112: Avakian, Alexandra - Windows of the soul : my journeys in the Muslim world / Alexandra Avakian
74619: Avakian, Bob - A Horrible End, or an End to the Horror?
226266: Avakian, Alexandra - Windows of the soul : my journeys in the Muslim world / Alexandra Avakian
212247: Avakov, Rachik Mamikonovich - National liberation movement, vital problems / prepared by R. Avakov, and others
194697: Avallone, Alessandra - The complete book of salads / Alessandra Avallone ; photographs by Franco Pizzochero
177489: Avallone, Michael - The spitting image : a novel of suspense
325718: Avanzi; Beatrice; Ferrari, Daniela; Mazzocca Fernando - I pittori della luce: dal Divisionismo al Futurismo
347470: Avaregan, Rouhyeh. Gasponi, Giancarlo - Rome, a special journey
347449: Avaregan, Rouhyeh. Gasponi, Giancarlo - Rome
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64755: Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey - Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus; the Greatest Show on Earth (Souvenir Program & Magazine)
61447: Bailey, Lee - Lee Bailey's Good Parties : Favorite Food, Tableware, Kitchen Equipment and More, to Make Entertaining a Breeze / Text and Photographs by Lee Bailey
61422: Bailey, Joyce Waddell (Ed. ) - Handbook of Latin American Art : a Bibliographic Compilation - Vol 1: General References and Art of the Nineteenth and Twentiethcenturies - Part 1: North America - Part 2: South America In Two Volumes
60928: Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin (1875-1961). Dash, Joseph Eugene - Stories from an Indian Cave : the Cherokee Cave Builders
264652: Bailey, Philip ; Thorn, Philip ; Wynne-Thomas, Peter - Who's who of cricketers : a complete who's who of all cricketers who have played first-class cricket in the British Isles, with full career records
264599: Bailey, Trevor - From Larwood to Lillee
261916: Bailey, Joyce Waddell - Handbook of Latin American art = Manual de arte latinoamericano : a bibliographic compilation / general editor, Joyce Waddell Bailey ; volume/regional editor--Brazil, Aracy Abreu Amaral ; volume editor--southern cone, Ramón Gutiérrez ; regional editor--southern cone, Alberto S.J. de Paula - Vol. 1 part 2
58272: Bailey, Arthur Scott - The Tale of the Muley Cow
25935: Bailey, George - Galileo's Children - Science, Sakharov, and the Power of the State
253782: Bailey, Ralph ; McDonald, Elvin - Good housekeeping planning the perfect garden
252091: Bailey, Jack - The Co-operative Movement in Labour Britain
49399: Bailey, Norman A. - Latin America - Politics, Economics, and Hemispheric Security
249667: Bailey, John - Pike : the predator becomes the prey / [compiled by] John Bailey and Martyn Page

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