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141168: ONNE, CARINA ENGELHARDT - Schjerfbeck
142281: ONNE, EYAL - Personal Vision: Works by Contemporary Israeli Photographers
157049: ONNE, CARINA ENGELHARDT ET AL. - Granslosa Landskap (Katalog Nr 136)
157048: ONNE, CARINA ENGELHARDT - Stockholm Genom Tiderna (Katalog Nr 121)
125094: ONODERA, KEIJI - To the Universe
130885: ONODERA KEIJI - 2011 Shosakuhin Nenkan : 141 Nin Niyoru Gendai No Sho Junen No Ugoki 2001-2010 = 2011 Almanac of Contemporary Japanese Calligraphy : The Developments in Contemporary Calligraphy During the Last Decade : Works by 141 Calligraphers 2001-2010; (Series: Shosakuhin Nenkan)
142007: ONORATO, RONALD J. - The Olympia Galleries Collection of Thomas Eakins Photographs
134092: ONSLOW-FORD, GORDON - Yves Tanguy and Automatism
17767: ONTARIO, CANADA: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO EXTENSION SERVICES, 1977-1978 - The Laurentians: Painters in a Landscape
2768: ONTARIO: JAN. 14 TO FEB. 12, 1967, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Dine Oldenburg Segal: Painting/Sculpture
143714: OOMS, SASKIA - Painters and Cameras: Exploring New Ways of Looking Around 1900 (Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography, Volume 11)
19862: OOSTENS-WITTAMER, YOLANDE - La Belle Epoque: Belgian Posters, Watercolors and Drawings, from the Collection of L. Wittamer-de Camps
150475: OOSTWEGEL, CAMILLE - Henri Landier: Hommage a Rembrandt [Expositions Rembrandt]
108145: OPDYKE, GEORGE HOWARD - Art and Nature Appreciation
141509: OPIE, JOHN - Lectures on Painting, Delivered at the Royal Academy of Arts: With a Letter on the Proposal for a Public Memorial of the Naval Glory of Great Britain. To Which Are Prefixed, a Memoir by Mrs. Opie, and Other Accounts of Mr. Opie's Talents and Character
118216: OPIE, JENNIFER HAWKINS - Scandinavia: Ceramics & Glass in the Twentieth Century
152706: OPIE, JAMES - Tribal Rugs: Nomadic and Village Weavings from the Near East and Central Asia
158741: OPIE, JENNIFER HAWKINS - Scandinavia : Ceramics & Glass in the Twentieth Century
8570: OPITZ, GLENN B. (EDITOR) - Mantle Fielding's Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors & Engravers
8569: OPITZ, GLENN B. (EDITOR) - Dictionary of American Sculptors "18th Century to the Present
145975: OPPEDISANO, JOE - Testosterone
114226: OPPELT, NORMAN - Southwestern Pottery: An Annotated Bibliography and List of Types and Wares - Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
136639: OPPENHEIM, MERET ; THOMAS LEVY; BELINDA GRACE GARDNER; MUSEUM FUR KUNST UND GEWERBE HAMBURG - Meret Oppenheim : From Breakfast in Fur and Back Again : The Conflation of Images, Language, and Objects in Meret Oppenheim's Applied Poetry
111123: OPPENHEIM, MICHEL - Johann Peter Melchior Als Modellmeister in Höchst
117358: OPPERMAN, HAL - J.B. Oudry, 1686-1755
16768: OPPERMAN, HAL - J.B. Oudry, 1686-1755
162641: OPPERMAN, HAL - J. -B. Oudry 1686-1755
127223: OPPERMANN, ANNA - Anna Oppermann: Installationen IM Kunstverein in Hamburg 1984
120633: OPPITZ, KARIN E. - The Madonna Col Bambino and Piero Della Francesca: A Contextual Approach to Questions of Attribution
14656: OPPORTUNITY ART GALLERY, NY: MAY 13 TO JUNE 10, 1948 - Stampfer
139491: OPRESCU, GEORGE (ED.) - Scurta Istorie a Artelor Plastice in R.P. R. , 1: Arte Romineasca in Epoca Feudala
120268: OPSTAD, JAN-LAURITZ - Norwegen, Bildweberei Und Email Von Der Jahrhundertwende Bis Zur Gegenwart: Eine Ausstellung Der Kunstgewerbemuseen Von Oslo Und Trondheim in Zusammenarbeit Mit Der Deutsch-Norwegischen Gesellschaft
120249: OPSTAD, JAN-LAURITZ - Norsk Art Nouveau
127413: OPSTAD, GUNVALD - Sorlandet Og Malerne
160042: OR, GALIA BAR - The Rough Law of Gardens: Olaf Holzapfel, Nahum Tevet
7223: ORADELL, NJ: RIVER DELL SENIOR HIGH, 1960 - Domjan: Oil Paintings
163067: ORAM, WILLIAM ESQ. (THE LATE) ARRANGED FROM THE AUTHOR'S ORIGINAL MS AND PUBLISHED BY CHARLES CLARK, ESQ. F.S.A. - Precepts and Observations on the Art of Colouring in Landscape Painting
25247: ORAV, ERIK - Lozowick (1892-1973): Paintings & Drawings
115211: ORCHARD, KARIN AND ISABEL SCHULZ (EDITORS) - Merzgebiete: Kurt Schwitters Und Seine Freunde
131150: ORCHARD, KARIN - Nachtblüten: Bilder Der Natur Aus Dem Sprengel Museum Hannover
162257: ORCHARD, WILLIAM C. - Beads and Beadwork of the American Indians: A Study Based on Specimens in the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation
163395: ORCUTT, KIMBERLY - John Rogers : American Stories
137228: ORDEMAN, JOHN T. - Frank W. Benson: Master of the Sporting Print
102992: ORDEMAN, JOHN T. - William J. Schaldach: Artist, Author, Sportsman
145440: ORDEMAN, JOHN T. ET AL. - Frank W. Benson: His Sporting Art
160186: ORDOVAS, PILAR - Artists and Lovers
152900: ORDOVAS, PILAR AND SARAH HAMILL - Chillida: Rhythm - Time - Silence
160823: ORDOVAS, PILAR AND MARIO VARGAS LLOSA - Tales of Paradise: Gauguin
148864: ORDOVAS, PILAR - Self: Bacon, Hirst, Koons, Picasso
114342: OREGLIA, GIACOMO - Poesia Svedese: Antologia Critica
154098: ORENDI, JULIUS - Das Gesamtwissen über Antike Und Neue Teppiche Des Orients (2 Vols. )
139613: ORESMAN, JANICE (CURATOR) - Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb, Incorporated, Art Collection
108709: ORESMAN, JANICE C. - New Vistas: Contemporary American Landscapes
107168: ORESMAN, JANICE C. - Twentieth Century American Watercolor
6663: ORESMAN, JANICE C. - Gari Melchers, 1860-1932: American Painter
117890: ORESTANO, FRANCESCO - Giuseppe Verdi: Mediterraneo E Universale
124444: ORGAN, R.M. - Design for Scientific Conservation of Antiquities
24894: ORIENTAL ART GALLERY - Oriental Jewellery and Works of Art
115197: ORILLION, KATHLEEN AND RICHARD COX - American Art in Private Louisiana Collections 1870-970
151816: ORLAN, PIERRE MAC (PIERRE DUMARCHEY) - Varta: Exposition de Portraits Photographiques
27192: ORLANDO, FL: THE MENNELLO MUSEUM OF AMERICAN FOLK ART, 1998 - Earl Cunningham: Dreams Realized
162873: ORLANDO, ANNA AND ANGELO COSTA - Genova E IL Collezionismo Nel Novecento: Studi Nel Centenario Di Angelo Costa (1901-1976)
133757: ORLANDO GROSSO - Portali E Palazzi Di Genova
8441: ORLANDO, FL: ORLANDO MUSEUM OF ART, DEC. 3, 1995 TO JAN. 28, 1996, FIVE OTHER LOCATIONS - American Art from the Currier Gallery of Art
148085: ORLOFF, SOPHIE ET AL. - Olivier Strebelle: Journal D'Un Sculpteur
20951: ORLOFSKY, PATSY AND MYRON - Quilts in America
117765: ORMOND, MARK ET AL. - David E. Davis: Artist and Humanist: Sculpture 1967 - 2002
119489: ORMOND, FLAVIA ET AL. - Old Master & Modern Drawings
107091: ORMOND, R.L. (INTRO.) - The Queen's House: A Royal Palace by the Thames
3557: ORMOND, RICHARD - John Singer Sargent: Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors
137697: ORMOND, RICHARD AND ELAINE KILMURRAY - John Singer Sargent: The Later Portraits: Complete Paintings, Volume III
117583: ORMOND, RICHARD AND JAMES TAYLOR - Rule Britannia! Art, Royalty & Power in the Age of Jamestown
111273: ORMOND, RICHARD - The Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle
154852: ORMOND, RICHARD ET AL. - Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends
136582: ORMOND, RICHARD AND ELAINE KILMURRAY - John Singer Sargent: The Early Portraits, Complete Paintings, Volume I.
12412: ORMOND, RICHARD - Sir Edwin Landseer
136964: ORMOND, SUZANNE AND MARY E. IRVINE - Louisiana's Art Nouveau: The Crafts of the Newcomb Style
145198: ORMOND, RICHARD AND JOHN COOPER - Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881
150424: ORMOND, RICHARD AND ELAINE KILMURRAY - John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1908-1913: Complete Paintings, Volume VIII
132132: ORMOND, SUZANNE AND MARY E. IRVINE - Louisiana's Art Nouveau: The Crafts of the Newcomb Style
121910.1: ORMOND, RICHARD; WARREN ADELSON; ET AL. - Sargent's Venice
124689: ORMOND, RICHARD AND ELAINE KILMURRAY - John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1883-1899: Complete Paintings, Volume V.
136975: ORMOND, RICHARD AND ELAINE KILMURRAY - John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the 1890s, Complete Paintings, Volume II
137847: ORMOND, LEONEE AND RICHARD - Lord Leighton
137701: ORMOND, RICHARD AND ELAINE KILMURRAY - John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1874-1882: Complete Paintings, Volume IV
155755: ORMOND, RICHARD - National Portrait Gallery - Early Victorian Portraits
113928: ORMSBEE, THOMAS H. (EDITOR) - American Collector: Volume XIII, Number 4
161999: OROZCO, JOSE CLEMENTE - Orozco "Explains" : The Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art: Volume 7, Number 4, August 1940
111922: OROZCO, JOSE CLEMENTE - The Artist in New York: Letters to Jean Charlot and Unpublished Writings (1925-1929)
162000: OROZCO, JOSE CLEMENTE - Orozco "Explains" : The Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art: Volume 7, Number 4, August 1940
140792: ORR-CAHALL, CHRISTINA - Gordon Cook: A Retrospective
28178: ORR-CAHALL, CHRISTINA - The Art of California: Selected Works from the Collection of the Oakland Museum
31628: ORR-CAHALL, CHRISTINA - 100 Years of California Sculpture
9777: ORR, LYNN FEDERLE ET AL. - Monet: Late Paintings of Giverny from the Museé Marmottan
136462: ORR, CHRIS AND ROBERT HEWISON - Chris Orr: The Making of Things
161447: ORSI, PIETRO - Modern Italy 1748-1898
127806: ORSWELL, LOIS; ANN FREEDMAN (FOREWORD) - Lois Orswell, David Smith and Friends: Works from the Lois Orswell Collection, Harvard University
36580: ORSWELL, LOIS; ANN FREEDMAN (FOREWORD) - Lois Orswell, David Smith and Friends: Works from the Lois Orswell Collection, Harvard University
151555: ORTA, LUCY (EDITOR) - Potential Architecture: Lucy + Jorge Orta
109231: ORTEGA, FERNANDO - For Those Who Do Not Listen to Me
108119: ORTIZ, ANTONIO DOMINGUEZ, CONCHA FERERO CARRETERO AND JOSE A. GODOY - Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy: Renaissance Tapestries and Armor from the Patrimonio Nacional
148620: ORTIZ, ANTONIO DOMINGUEZ, ET AL. - Velazquez
160520: ORUD, KARL O. AND STEPHEN BAGNOLD - On the Street
146311: ORWELL, GEORGE WITH W.J. WEST (ED.) - Orwell, the War Broadcasts
116858: ORY, NORMA R. - Bookbinding: A Living Art
25422: OSAKA, JAPAN: OSAKA MUNICIPAL ART MUSEUM, OCT. 1 TO NOV. 14, 1954 - Clay Figures of Ancient China
153296: OSATO, SONO - Distant Dances
163052: (OSBORN, LAUGHTON) "AN AMERICAN ARTIST - Handbook of Young Artists and Amateurs in Oil Painting
145009: OSBORN, SARAH - Susanna Heron, Bodywork Exhibition
128073: OSBORN, JAMES M. - Neo-Philobiblon: Ruminations on Manuscript Collecting (Bibliographical Monograph Series No. 7)
128083: OSBORN, JAMES M. - Young Philip Sidney 1572-1577
163062: (OSBORN, LAUGHTON) "AN AMERICAN ARTIST - Handbook of Young Artists and Amateurs in Oil Painting
24400: OSBORN, CAPTAIN SHERARD (C.B.) - A Cruise in Japanese Waters
154023: OSBORNE, J. A. AND W. A. R. GOODWIN - Williamsburg in Colonial Times: Incidents in the Lives of the English Colonists in Virginia During the 17th and 18th Centuries As Revealed in Old Documents and Files of the Virginia Gazette
114232: OSBORNE, HAROLD (ED.) - The Oxford Companion to Art
115402: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The Complete Operas of Puccini: A Critical Guide to the 12 Operas by the Composer of la Boheme, Tosca, Madame Butterfly, the Girl of the Golden West and Turandot
153031: OSBORNE, PETER ET AL. - Jane & Louise Wilson: Tempo Suspenso
6583: OSBORNE, CAROL - Duveneck: Frank Duveneck and Elizabeth Boott Duveneck
136817: OSBORNE, CAROL M. - Museum Builders in the West: The Stanfords As Collectors and Patrons of Art, 1870-1906
106039: OSBORNE, HAROLD - South American Mythology
158612: OSBORNE, RICHARD - Aes+F. Last Riot 2
123781: OSBORNE, JUNE - Urbino: The Story of a Renaissance City
164304: OSBORNE, FREDERICK S. - Gary Weisman: Sculpture and Drawings
134532: OSCAR RIDDLE - Endocrines and Constitution in Doves and Pigeons (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 572)
134529: OSCAR RIDDLE AND ASSOCIATES - Studies on Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism, with Especial Reference to the Pigeon (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 569)
157668: OSCAR & PETER JOHNSON LTD - James Mcbey, 1883-1959: A Centenary Exhibition of Watercolours
146813: OSHIMA, SEIJI AND TADAYASU SAKAI - Yoshikuni Iida: Recent Sculptures
124824: OSHIMA, SEIJI - Picasso: Musee Picasso: Volume 2
101852: OSHINS, LISA TURNER - Quilt Collections; a Directory for the United States and Canada
119371: OSHITA, KAZUMA - Kazuma Oshita: The Art of Metal Hammering
119372: OSHITA, KAZUMA - Kazuma Oshita: The Art of Metal Hammering
6278: OSHKOSH, WI: PAINE ART CENTER AND ARBORETUM, JULY 12 TO AUG. 27, 1970 - The Barbizon Heritage
121517: OSIECKI, DAVID - Bill Shanhouse
126407: OSKAR BEYER, NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - Eric Mendelsohn: Letters of an Architect
136607: OSLO MUSEUM OF APPLIED ART - The Jewelry of Tone Vigeland, 1958-1995
135557: OSLO, NORWAY: MUSEET FOR SAMTIDSKUNST - Katalog: Katalog over Museets Samlinger, Bind 1: Assemblage, Collage, Installasjon, Maleri, Materialbilder, Skulptur, Tekstil; Terskel = Threshold
30294: OSLO, NORWAY: GALLERI EKLUND, NOVEMBER 7, 1991 - Ida Lorentzen: Malningar/Paintings
141448: OSMAN, COLIN (ED.) - Creative Camera, June 1971
138551: OSMOLOVSKII, YURY - Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon
102849: OSMUN, WILLIAM; EVERETT P. LESLEY - Enamel. An Historic Survey to the Present Day
145953: OSSMAN, LAURIE AND HEATHER EWING - Carrere & Hastings: The Masterworks
118368: OSSOLA, CARLO - Dal "Cortegiano" All'"Uomo Di Mondo": Storia Di Un Libro E Di Un Modello Sociale
144612: OSTDEUTSCHE GALERIE - Helmut Holzler, 1909-1976: Aquarelle, Zeichnungen
156046: OSTEN, H.H. VON DER - Explorations in Hittite Asia Minor: A Preliminary Report and 1929 (Volumes 1 and 2)
107083: OSTERBERG, RICHARD - Sterling Silver Flatware for Dining Elegance
117186: OSTERGARD, DEREK E. (EDITOR) - William Beckford 1760-1844: An Eye for the Magnificent
20025: OSTERGARD, DEREK (ED.) - Along the Royal Road: Berlin and Potsdam in Kpm Porcelain and Painting, 1815-1848
22688: OSTERGARD, DEREK E. (EDITIOR) - Bent Wood and Metal Furniture: 1850-1946
112197: OSTERLING, JORGE PABLO - Democracy in Colombia: Clientelist Politics & Guerrilla Warfare
109838: OSTERLUND, STEVE - Robert Abuda at the Fred Landon Branch Library
11583: OSTIGUY, JEAN-RENE - Modernism in Quebec Art, 1916-1946
160137: OSTLUND, NICLAS - Callahan Dawid Sugimoto
159168: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - The Crimson Blotter
159167: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - Annihilation
159156: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - How Many Cards
120267: OSTROI, O.S. - Rossiiskaia Natsional'Naia Biblioteka I Otechestvennaia Khudozhestvennaia Kul'Tura: Vyp. 2: Sbornik Statei I Publikatsii
107986: OSTROW, SAUL - Shifts and Phases: Caspar Henselmann
149909: OSTROW, SAUL - Stan Gregory: Primary Sources
30550: OSTROW, SAUL - Ursula Von Rydingsvard
131643: OSTROW, SAUL - Valerie Jaudon
120229: OSTROWSKI, JAN K. ET AL. - Land of the Winged Horsemen: Art in Poland, 1572-1764
140243: OSTROY, O.S. AND I.H. SAKSONOVA - Izobrazitel'Noye I Prikladnoye Iskusstvo: Russkiye Spravochnyye Izdaniya Seredina XVIII-Konets XX VV. - Annotirovanniy Ukazatel' (Fine and Applied Arts: Russian Reference Books, Mid-XVII to End XX C. - Annotated Index)
132146: OSTRYNIEC, JANE E. - Selected Objects from the Asian Art Collection
18459: OSTWALD, W. - Letters to a Painter on the Theory and Practice of Painting
113349: OTAHI, R. - Chavez
163337: OTAKI, KEISUKE - John Martin
100683: OTANI, SHOGO - Dreams of the Horizon: Fantastic Paintings in Japan, 1935 - 1945
124696: OTANI, SHOGO ET AL. - Kawaguchi Tatsuo: Language, Time, Life (2 Vols. )
148790: OTAVSKY, KAREL (EDITOR) - Riggisberger Berichte, Volume 6: Entlang Der Seidenstrasse - Frühmittelalterliche Kunst Zwischen Persien Und China in Der Abegg-Stiftung = Along the Silk Road - Early Medieval Art between Persia and China
154604: OTERO, ALEJANDRO - A Century of Venezuelan Landscape Painting: La Escuela de Caracas
144349: OTSUBO, KENJI - Arufureddo Ba to Nyuyoku Kindai Bijutsukan No Tanjo : Amerika 20seiki Bijutsu No Ichi Kenkyu (Kenji Otsubo, Alfred H. Barr, Jr. , and the Birth of the Museum of Modern Art, New York: A Study of American Art in the 20th Century)
136314: OTSUKA, RONALD Y. AND FANGFANG XU - Xu Beihong: Pioneer of Modern Chinese Painting
110776: OTT, GUNTHER ET AL. - Frauen IM Bilde: Gesehen IM Umfeld Von Wirtschaft Und Gesellschaft
135811: OTT, RICHARD, SEL - The Art of Children
160316: OTT, JAMES - The Greatest Brush: Love, Tragedy and Redemption of Artist, Frank Duveneck
126660: OTT, JOSEPH K. ET AL. - The John Brown House Loan Exhibition of Rhode Island Furniture: Including Some Notable Portraits, Chinese Export Porcelain & Other Items
157350: OTT, JOSEPH K. ET AL. - The John Brown House Loan Exhibition of Rhode Island Furniture: Including Some Notable Portraits, Chinese Export Porcelain & Other Items
9179: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, 1957, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Some American Paintings from the Collection of Joseph H. Hirshhorn
19655: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, 1978 - The Other Nineteenth Century: Paintings and Sculpture in the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Joseph M. Tanenbaum
31153: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, JANUARY 30 TO FEBRUARY 28, 1970 - Royal Canadian Academy of Arts: 90th Annual Exhibition
150450: OTTAWA, CANADA: , 1978 - Un Autre Xixe Siecle : Peintures Et Sculptures de la Collection de M Et Mme Joseph M Tanenbaum
12093: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, 1975 - Some Canadian Women Artists
22884: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, 1982 - Bolognese Drawings in North American Collections, 1500-1800
11797: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, 1967 - Three Hundred Years of Canadian Art: An Exhibition Arranged in Celebration of the Centenary of Confederation
19984: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, SEPT. 19 TO NOV. 9, 1980 - The Young Van Dyck
18942: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF OTTAWA, OCT. 15, 1999 TO JAN. 2, 2000 - Baltic Light: Early Open-Air Painting in Denmark and North Germany
14474: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, 1999 - Robert Murray: The Factory As Studio
20980: OTTAWA, CANADA: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, JUNE 17 TO SEPT. 18, 1994, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Egyptomania: Egypt in Western Art, 1730-1930
160685: OTTENBERG, SIMON - Masked Rituals of Afikpo: The Context of an African Art (Index of Art in the Pacific Northwest, 9)
164182: OTTENBRITE, PHILLIP - Mark Tobey: Paintings from the 1950s
15609: OTTERLO, THE NETHERLANDS: STATE MUSEUM KRÖLLER-MÜLLER, 1970 - A Detailed Catalogue with Full Documentation of 272 Works by Vincent Van Gogh Belonging to the Collection of the State Museum Krröller-Müller
126440: OTTERNESS, TOM AND ALAN W MOORE - Tom Otterness: Animal Spirits
158995: OTTEY, AMBROSE S. - Curiosities of the Bible; or the Holy Scriptures and What They Contain, Being a Complete Synopsis of the Bible, Together with a Carefully Prepared Appendix of Statistics, Texts, and Records of Persons, Places and Events
162214: OTTINGER, DIDIER ET AL. - Les Pictographes: L'Esthétique de L'ICône Au Xxe Siècle
158307: OTTINGER, DIDIER - Magritte: La Trahison Des Images
127940: OTTLEY, WILLIAM YOUNG - A Collection of One Hundred and Twenty-Nine Fac-Similes of Scarce and Curious Prints, by Early Masters of the Italian, German, and Flemish Schools; Illustrative of the History of Engraving, with Introductory Remarks, and a Catalogue of the Plates
113996: OTTMANN, KLAUS - Joan Snyder... And Seeking the Sublime
127705: OTTMANN, KLAUS - Rackstraw Downes: Onsite Paintings, 1972-2008
160830: OTTMANN, KLAUS - Hiroshi Sugimoto: Conceptual Forms and Mathematical Models
149135: OTTMANN, KLAUS AND DOROTHY KOSINSKI - Angels, Demons, and Savages: Pollock, Ossorio, Dubuffet
140864: OTTO GERSON GALLERY - Gerhard Marcks, Recent Sculpture
22809: OTTO, CELIA JACKSON - American Furniture of the Nineteenth Century
129858: OTTO, WALTER F. - Die Gotter Griechenlands: Das Bild Des Gottlichen IM Spiegel Des Griechischen Geistes
156085: OTTO, RUDOLF - The Idea of the Holy
149195: OUAKNIN, MARC-ALAIN AND LAZAI HAMANI - Symbols of Judaism
131688: OULTON, ISABELLA - John Kirby: Still Lives
145776: OUSPENSKY, LEONID - Theology of the Icon
146963: OUSTERHOUT, ROBERT AND LESLIE BRUBAKER (EDS.) - The Sacred Image East and West
123341: OUTERBRIDGE, ALEX AND OTHERS - Bulletin of the Free Museum of Science and Art of the University of Pennsylvania, Volume 1
146947: OVED, MOSHEH - Visions and Jewels: Autobiographic in Three Parts
107206: OVERBECK, JOHANNES - Atlas Der Griechischen Kunstmythologie
136404: OVERBEY, KAREN EILEEN - Sacral Geographies: Saints, Shrines, and Territory in Medieval Ireland
132458: OVERBURY, THOMAS ; RIMBAULT, EDWARD F. - The Miscellaneous Works in Prose and Verse of Sir Thomas Overbury, Knt. ; Series: Library of Old Authors
156346: OVERMAN, J. ANDREW AND ROBERT S. MACLENNAN (EDITORS) - Diaspora Jews and Judaism: Essays in Honor of, and in Dialogue with, A. Thomas Kraabel (South Florida Studies in the History of Judaism, Number 41)
154571: OVERTON, TOM (EDITOR) - Portraits: John Berger on Artists
116197: OVERY, PAUL (INTRO.) - Kandinsky Watercolours
141476: OVERY, PAUL - Mary Martin, Kenneth Martin: An Arts Council Touring Exhibition, 1970-71
117046: OVSEJEVICH, LUIS - Libro de Oro de Las Artes Visuales Argentinas
36653: OVSIANIKOV, YURI - Invitation to Russia
120880: OVSIANNIKOV, I. U. - Kartiny Russkogo Byta : Stili, Nravy, Etiket (Picture of Russian Life: Styles, Manners, Etiquette)
120429: OVSYANNIKOV, YURI - Lubok: Russkie Narodnie Kartinki XVII - XVIII VV. (the Lubok: 17th - 18th Century Russian Broadsides)
121243: OWEN, DOROTHY M. AND S.W. WOODWARD - The Minute-Books of the Spalding Gentlemen's Society, 1712-1755
134052: OWEN W. DAVIS - Art and Work. As Shown in the Several Artistic Industries Employed in the Use of Marble, Stone, and Terra-Cotta; Metal, Wood, and Textile Fabrics; As Well As in the Various Details Associated with Decorative Art...
123675: OWEN, PAULA ET AL. - Marcia Gygli King: Forty Years
148266: OWEN, MICHAELANDREW THOMPSON AND JENNIFER CHOW - American Paintings from Private Collections
107629: OWEN, MICHAEL (FOREWORD) - American Paintings
163734: OWEN, DAWN [ED.] AND NATALKA HUSAR - Husar Handbook
10577: OWEN GALLERY, APR. 15 TO JUNE 19, 1998 - William Sergeant Kendall: American Master, 1869-1938
158497: OWEN, MICHAEL (FOREWORD) - American Paintings
150053: OWEN, NANCY E. - Rookwood Pottery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Gerald and Virginia Gordon Collection
123154: OWEN, NANCY E. - Rookwood and the Industry of Art
14868: OWEN, MICHAEL AND BRIAN PAUL CLAMP - American Impressionism
14920: OWEN, MICHAEL - The Eight : Henri, Sloan, Prendergast, Shinn, Glackens, Lawson, Luks, Davies
125436: OWEN, FELICITY AND DAVID BLAYNEY BROWN - Collector of Genius: A Life of Sir George Beaumont
27138: OWEN, MICHAEL AND ANDREW THOMPSON - American Modern: Exhibition of Paintings
30780: OWEN, MICHAEL - American Paintings
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5892: PELADEAU, MARIUS B. - Walter Griffin, 1861-1935: Maine Impressionist
161919: PELADEAU, MARIUS B. - Charles D. Hubbard, 1876-1951: American Impressionist
141088: (PELBY, ROSALIE FRENCH) - The Trial of Christ. He Is Arraigned As a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns Upon His Head, Before Calaphas, the High Priest, and the Court of Pontius Pilate. The Group Consists of 23 Figures in Statuary, the Size of Life. It Was Executed by an American Lady, of Extraordinary Talent, and Is One of the Most Beautiful and Imposing Scenes Ever Offered for Exhibition
103085: PELEETIER, S. WILLIAM - Harbor Gallery Presents and Exhibition by John Taylor Arms
145174: PELEHACH, PATRICIA - The Influence of the Germans Upon the Development of Physical Education in Nineteenth Century America
119793: PELIVAN, ION G. - The Right of the Roumanians to Bessarabia, in the Light of History and Ethnography and on the Basis of Self-Détermination. With Four Cuts and a Map
119789: PELIVAN, ION G. - The Movement and Increase of Population in Bessarabia from 1812 1918 with Some Facts Concerning Bessarabian Geography
111367: PELIZZARI, MARIA ANTONELLA (ED.) - Traces of India: Photography, Architecture, and the Politics of Representation, 1850-1900
152531: PELIZZARI, PATRICIA GANTER - The National Museum of Women in the Arts: Case Study of a New Museum
11870: PELL, ROBIN - Keene Valley: The Landscape and Its Artists
23484: PELL, ROBIN ET AL. - Alexander Lawrie: Views of Essex County, New York
155509: PELLEGRIN, MAURIZIO ET AL. - Maurizio Pellegrin: The Great M.P. In Istanbul
154641: PELLEGRINI, ALDO - Enio Iommi
111777: PELLEGRINI, GLAUCO - Passaggio in Canada: Voci E Atmosfere Della Tavolozza Di Joseph Cusimano
124435: PELLEGRINO, TONINI - IL Santuario Della Santissima Annunziata Di Firenze: Guida Storico-Illustrativa
115051: PELLETIER, S. WILLIAM - Whistler's Drouet Drypoint: Its States, and Detection of Impressions from the Restored Plate

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