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6897: MORGAN, JOHN HILL - Early American Painters, Illustrated by Examples in the Collection of the New York Historical Society
129049: MORGAN, ROBERT C. - Conceptual Art: An American Perspective
160199: MORGAN, ROBERT C. - John Mclaughlin : Marvelous Void
130433: MORGAN, ROBERT - Lions of the West: Heroes and Villains of the Westward Expansion
160632: MORGAN, MORRIS H. AND GEORGE H. CHASE (EDITORS) - Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume XX, 1909
155348: MORGAN, WILLARD D. - The American Snapshot: An Exhibition of the Folk Art of the Camera March 11 to April 30, 1944
2032: MORGAN, CHARLES H. - George Bellows: Paintings, Drawings, Lithographs
6472: MORGAN, ANN LEE ; ROXANNA BARRY. (FOREWORD) - Arthur Dove: Life and Work, with a Catalogue Raisonne
30489: MORGAN, JOHN HILL AND HENRY WILDER FOOTE - An Extension of Lawrence Park's Descriptive List of the Work of Joseph Blackburn
143911: MORGAN, JOHN HILL - John Singleton Copley
160819: MORGEN, ROBERT C. - Cornelia Thomsen: Strokes
110103: MORGENSTERN, CHRISTIAN - Jurg Kreienbuhl: Bilder, Zeichnungen, Druckgraphik
142931: MORGENTHAU, ELINOR - Art for War Bonds: A National Exhibition of Original Paintings by American Artists, Designed for Poster Use - Sponsored by the Treasurey Department's National Committee of Honorary Patrons
146748: MORGUNOV, N.S. - B.V. Ioganson / B.V. Johanson
147522: MORI, DOMIZIO ET AL. - Farmaci E Comunicazione = Drugs and Communication
130671: MORI, GIOIA; TAMARA DE LEMPICKA; DENIS A CANAL - Tamara de Lempicka: Paris 1920-1938
36241: MORICE, CHARLES - Paul Gauguin
18955: MORICE, CHARLES - Paul Gaugin
135695: MORIER, J. J. - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan (2 Vols. )
131117: MORIN, FRANCE; JAN HELLER LEVI (ED.) - The Interrupted Life / France Morin, Massimo Vignelli
157472: MORINEAU, CAMILLE - Lanterna Magika: Nouvelles Technologies Dans L'Art Tchèque Du Xxe Siècle = New Technologies in Czech Art of the 20th Century
148064: MORIOKA, MICHIYO AND PAUL BERRY - Modern Masters of Kyoto: The Transformation of Japanese Painting Traditions - Nihonga from the Griffith and Patricia Way Collection
113555: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Introduction to Whaler out of New Bedford, a Film Based on the Purrington-Russell Panorama of a Whaling Voyage Round the World 1841-1845
22547.2: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT AND HENRY STEELE COMMAGER (2 VOLUMES) - The Growth of the American Republic (2 Vols)
22547.1: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT AND HENRY STEELE COMMAGER (2 VOLUMES) - The Growth of the American Republic (2 Vols)
149714: MORISOT, BERTHE; PAUL VALERY; WILDENSTEIN AND COMPANY - Loan Exhibition of Paintings, Berthe Morisot: For the Benefit of the National Organization for Mentally ILL Children
10906: MORISOT, BERTHE; PAUL VALERY; WILDENSTEIN AND COMPANY - Loan Exhibition of Paintings, Berthe Morisot: For the Benefit of the National Organization for Mentally ILL Children
120600: MORITZ, MARINA AND KAI UWE SCHIERZ - Reisen Ins Paradies: Die Erfurter Sudesee-Sammlung IM Spiegel Der Kunst
30712: MORLEY, G. L. MCCANN - Paul Gauguin: Exhibition of Paintings and Prints
147926: MORLEY, SIMON (EDITOR) - The Sublime [Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art]
105533: MORLEY-FLETCHER, HUGO - Early European Porcelain & Faience As Collected by Kiyi and Edward Pflueger (2 Vols. )
111956: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Out in the Midday Sun: The Paintings of Noel Coward
12707: MORLEY, GRACE L. MCCANN AND MARCELLE MARQUET - Albert Marquet, 1875-1947
157773: MORLEY, H.T. - Old and Curious Playing Cards, Their History and Types from Many Countries and Periods
145401: MORLEY, JOHN - Regency Design, 1790-1840: Gardens, Buildings, Interiors, Furniture
112645: MORLEY, MORRIS H. - Washington, Somoza, and the Sandanistas: State and Regime in U.S. Policy Toward Nicaragua, 1969-1981
110051: MORLEY, GRACE L. MCCANN - Fifteenth Annual Watercolor Exhibition
161840: MORLEY, GRACE L. MCCANN - French Romantic Artists: An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Watercolors by Gros, Gericault, Delacroix, with Prints of the Romantic Period
161339: MORLEY, SIMON - Writing on the Wall: Word and Image in Modern Art
116538: MORMANDO, FRANCO (ED.) - Saints & Sinners: Caravaggio & the Baroque Image
135863: MORNAND, PIERRE AND J.R. THOME - Vingt Artistes Du Livre
148999: MORO, FRANCISCO DE SANTOS - Imagenes de China
146222: MORO, GINGER - European Designer Jewelry
155547: MORONEY, MIC - Helnwein: Irish and Other Landscapes
137188: MOROWITZ, DAVID - Diagnostic Eye : Photographs by David Morowitz = Glaz Diagnosta : Fotografii Devida Morovitsa
160696: MOROYAMA, MASANORI - Takeuchi Hekigai Ten : Mokkogei Waza to Fuga = Elegance of Woodwork : Art of Takeuchi Hekigai
35586: MOROYAMA, MASANORI - Thoughts on Contemporary Vessels " Utsuwa
127826: MOROYAMA MASANORI (ESSAY) - Ceramic Design of Sakaegi Masatoshi: Rhythm and Waves
135666: MOROZKINA, YELENA - Pskov: A Guide
139303: MOROZOVA, O.V. - Russkoe Serebro XVIII-Nachala XX Veka: Iz Xobraniya Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha - Katalog Vystavki
109820: MORPHET, RICHARD - Roy Lichtenstein: Sculpture
162175: MORPHET, RICHARD - Cedric Morris
130192: MORPHY, HOWARD; MARGO SMITH BOLES (EDS.) - Art from the Land: Dialogues with the Kluge Ruhe Collection of Australian Aboriginal Art
138355: MORPHY, HOWARD; MARGO SMITH BOLES (EDS.) - Art from the Land: Dialogues with the Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Australian Aboriginal Art
124212: MORRELL, R.S. AND H.R. WOOD - The Chemistry of Drying Oils
114257: MORRETTI, ANGELO - I Miti Delle Antiche Civilta Messicane: Olmechi, Teotihuacani, Zapotechi, Maya, Toltechi, Aztechi
1146: MORRIN, PETER - The Advent of Modernism: Post-Impressionism and North American Art, 1900-1918
123306: MORRIN, PETER - What's New? American Ceramics Since 1980, the Alfred and Mary Shands Collection
119274: MORRIS, SUSAN - Annual Exhibition of Sporting Paintings
119276: MORRIS, SUSAN - Sporting and British Art
154524: MORRIS, CATHERINE AND MATTHEW HIGGS - Judith Scott: Bound & Unbound
109957: MORRIS, SUSAN - Sporting and British Paintings
139680: MORRIS, SUSAN - Thomas Girtin, 1775-1802
143896: MORRIS, WILLIAM - Pre-Raphaelite Ballads
128254: MORRIS, JOSEPH F. - Donald de Lue (the American Sculptors Series)
113205: MORRIS, WALTER F. - A Millennium of Weaving in Chiapas: An Introduction to the Pellizzi Collection of Chiapas Textiles
124751: MORRIS, SUSAN - Antonio Joli (Modena Circa 1700-1777 Naples): A Set of Four London Views
141328: MORRIS, SUSAN AND RACHEL BOYD - British and European Portraiture, 1600-1930
28501: MORRIS, DESMOND - Intimate Behaviour
100512: MORRIS, PAUL C. AND WILLIAM P. QUINN - Shipwrecks in New York Waters: A Chronology of Ship Disasters from Montauk Point to Barnegat Inlet from the 1880's to the 1930's
111461: MORRIS, JOHN T. - Stone Designs for the Home
145214: MORRIS, WILLIAM - Hopes and Fears for Art
160809: MORRIS, SUSAN - The Father of Impressionism : Eugène Boudin and His Circle
164421: MORRIS, ROBERT - Robert Morris: Mirror Works, 1961-78
150869: MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Illustrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes C. 1682 - C. 1712
156133: MORRIS, SARAH P. - The Black and White Style: Athens and Aigina in the Orientalizing Period
12982: MORRIS, GEORGE L.K. (INTRODUCTION) - American Abstract Artists
155966: MORRIS, SARAH P. - Daidalos and the Origins of Greek Art
4385: MORRIS, GEORGE L.K. ET AL. - George L.K. Morris: The Years 1945-1975
115593: MORRIS, RICHARD - John Dillwyn Llewelyn: 2003 Calendar
158671: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Biology of Art: A Study of the Picture-Making Behaviour of the Great Apes and Its Relationship to Human Art
32523: MORRIS, PAMELA - The Irreverences, Provocations and Connivances of Uncle Skulky: A Suite of Twenty-One Prints by Frank Boyden
156014: MORRIS, IAN - Burial and Ancient Society: The Rise of the Greek City-State
129948: MORRIS, MARK C.; AL HELD; DONALD MORRIS GALLERY - Al Held: New Paintings
145074: MORRIS, WILLIAM - Love Is Enough, or the Freeing of Pharamond, a Morality
145077: MORRIS, WILLIAM - The Earthly Paradise: A Poem, Parts I and II
137540: MORRIS, HARRISON S. (COMMISSIONER GENERAL) - Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures and Sculpture in the Pavilion of the United States of America at the Roman Art Exposition, 1911
398: MORRIS, JACK - Contemporary Artists of South Carolina
134242: MORRIS, WILIAM - Architecture and History of Westminster Abbey
128594: MORRIS, CRAIG AND ADRIANA VON HAGEN - The Inka Empire and Its Andean Origins
161037: MORRIS, DESMOND AND PHILIP OAKES - The Secret Surrealist: The Paintings of Desmond Morris
158419: MORRIS, FRANCES ET AL. - The Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club, Volume 19, Number 1
138538: MORRIS, CATHERINE AND VINCENT BONIN (EDITOR) - Materializing Six Years: Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art
4425: MORRIS, MARGARET - Georgia O'Keeffe: Selected Paintings and Works on Paper
106950: MORRISON, ARTHUR - The Painters of Japan (2 Vol. Set)
161571: MORRISON, TONI - Tar Baby
161453: MORRISON, CRAIG - Theaters (Norton / Library of Congress Visual Sourcebooks in Architecture, Design and Engineering)
125602: MORRISON, HUGH - Louis Sullivan: Prophet of Modern Architecture
124941: MORRISON, ELIZABETH AND ANNE D. HEDEMAN - Imagining the Past in France: History in Manuscript Painting, 1250-1500
14229: MORRISTOWN, NJ: MORRIS MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, 1983 - New Jersey Quilters: A Timeless Tradition
15000: MORRISTOWN, NJ: MORRIS MUSEUM, JUNE 26 TO AUG. 21, 1988 - New Jersey Arts Annual: Painting, Sculpture, Works on Paper
5175: MORRISTOWN, NJ: MORRIS MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, DEC. 16, 1984 TO FEB. 10, 1985 - Julian Rockmore: The American Scene... Then and Now
678: MORRISTOWN, NJ: MORRIS MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, APR. 17 TO MAY 29, 1977 - American Art Treasures Discovered: A Community Adventure
590: MORRISTOWN, NJ: MORRIS MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, DEC. 17, 1983 TO FEB. 28, 1984, THREE OTHER LOCATIONS - Charles Lanman: Landscapes and Nature Studies
17877: MORRISVILLE, PA: PENNSBURY MANOR, SEPT. 29 TO OCT. 2, 1966 - Pennsbury Manor: Americana Forum (Summary of Lectures and Bibliography)
119818: MORROW, DWIGHT W. - The Exertions of a Whole People
100397: MORROW, SUSAN BRIND - Stone Roberts: Eight Paintings
36549: MORROW, SUSAN BRIND - Stone Roberts: Eight Paintings
145545: MORSCHEL, JURGEN - Kricke
3967.2: MORSE, A. REYNOLDS - Salvador Dali, 1910-1965
26808: MORSE, EMMA DEF - Catalogue of the Morse Collection of American Historical Pottery
25578: MORSE, JOHN D. (EDITOR) - Country Cabinetwork and Simple City Furniture (Winterthur Conference Report 1969)
156465: MORSE, JOHN D. AND LAWRENCE A. FLEISCHMAN (EDITORS) - The American Art Journal, Volume IV, Number 2, November 1972
157712: MORSE, LEIGH A. - Donald Roller Wilson: Miss Dog America
162177: MORSE, ALBERT REYNOLDS - Salvador Dalí: Catalog of a Collection; Ninety-Three Oils, 1917-1970
162098: MORSE, REYNOLDS - The Decade, 1971-1961 : Updating Supplement to a New Introduction to Salvador Dali
159223: MORSE, JEDIDIAH - Geography Made Easy; Being an Abridgment of the American Universal Geography. .
162178: MORSE, ALBERT REYNOLDS - Salvador Dalí: A Panorama of His Art; Ninety-Three Oils, 1917-1970
4558: MORSE, JOHN D. (EDITOR) - Ben Shahn (Documentary Monographs in Modern Art)
8139: MORSE, A. REYNOLDS - Salvador Dali: The Masterworks
138582: MORSE, REBECCA AND JEFFREY DEITSCH (EDITORS) - Cai Guo-Qiang: Ladder to the Sky
146669: MORSE, BELINDA - A Woman of Design, a Man of Passion: The Pioneering Mcians
162067: MORSE, A. REYNOLDS - A Dali Primer
149534: MORSE, SIDNEY E. - Premium Questions on Slavery, Each Admitting of a Yes or No Answer; Addressed to the Editors of the New York Independent and New York Evangelist
105572: MORSE, EDGAR, EDITOR, THOMAS CURRAN, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, ET AL. - Silver in the Golden State: Images and Essays Celebrating the History and Art of Silver in California
141156: MORSE, MARCIA - 10 Years: The Contemporary Musuem at First Hawaiian Center
108340: MORSE, REBECCA - Moca Focus: Florian Maier-Aichen
162095: MORSE, A. REYNOLDS - Ode a Dali Santatomica
2678: MORSE, JOHN D. - The Second Exhibition of the la Tausca Art Competition
160577: MORSE, ANNE NISHIMURA AND SAMUEL CROWELL MORSE ET AL. - Object As Insight: Japanese Buddhist Art & Ritual
107004: MORSE, JANE CROWELL - Beatrix Potter's Americans: Selected Letters
135152: MORSE, EDWARD S. - Japan Day by Day, 1877, 1878-79, 1882-83 (2 Vols. )
22706: MORSE, FRANCES CLAY - Furniture of the Olden Time; New Edition with a New Chapter and Many New Illustrations
5894.1: MORSE, JOHN D. (EDITOR) - Prints in and of America to 1850 (Winterthur Conference Report 1970)
119573: MORSE, LEIGH A. - Donald Roller Wilson: Mrs. Jenkins' Hallway - a Strong Night Wind
157242: MORSE, MEREDITH - Soft Is Fast: Simone Forti in the 1960s and After
109015: MORSE, EDWARD S. - Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings
138379: MORSE, JOHN D. (EDITOR) - The Artist and the Museum: The Report of the Third Woodstock Art Conference Sponsored by Artists Equity Association and the Woodstock Artists Association
136481: MORSE, EDWARD S. - Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings
162093: MORSE, A. REYNOLDS - The Salvador Dali Museum Souvenir Catalog : 1971 Supplement
162993: MORSE, SAMUEL F.B. - Lectures on the Affinity of Painting with the Other Fine Arts
162273: MORSE, A. REYNOLDS - The Salvador Dali Museum [Souvenir Catalog]
6339.2: MORSE, EDWARD LIND - Samuel F.B. Morse: His Letters and Journals, Edited and Supplemented by His Son Edward Lind Morse. Illustrated with Reproductions of His Paintings and with Notes and Diagrams Bearing on the Invention of the Telegraph [2 Volumes]
161168: MORSE, A. REYNOLDS - Dali & Halsman : Special Loan Exhibition Catalog
147786: MORSELLI, RAFFAELLA (ED.) - Gonzaga: La Celeste Galeria - L'Esercizio Del Collezionismo
29352: MORSELLI, RAFFAELLA - Gonzaga: La Celeste Galeria, le Raccolte
163325: MORSTAD, ERIK - Edvard Munch: Formative år 1874-1892 : Norske Og Franske Impulser [Dr. Philos. -Avhandling]
137910: MORTARI, LUISA - Bernardo Strozzi
153140: MORTARI, LUISA - Bernardo Strozzi
134591: MORTENSEN, TH - Studies in the Development of Crinoids. Papers from the Department of Marine Biology, Volume XVI (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 294)
154511: MORTLAKE, G. N. (EDITOR) - Love-Letters of a Japanese
119559: MORTON, LUCY ET AL. - Recent Acquisitions 1999
119561: MORTON, LUCY ET AL. - Recent Acquisitions 1995
35758: MORTON, THOMAS - Henri Quatre: Or, Paris in the Olden Time; a Musical Romance, in Three Acts, As Performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
6233: MORTON, ROBERT - Southern Antiques & Folk Art
150994: MORTON, MARY AND GEORGE SHACKELFORD - Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye
11896.1: MORTON, ROBERT (ED.); BETSY FAHLMAN; MATTHEW BAIGELL - American Images: The Sbc Collection of Twentieth-Century American Art
158251: MORTON, LUCY (EDITOR) - Silver Studies: The Journal of the Silver Society (Number 28, 2012) (Issn 1743-2677)
157252: MORTON, MARY - Intimate Impressionism from the National Gallery of Art
119567: MORTON, LUCY ET AL. - Recent Acquisitions 1998
119568: MORTON, LUCY ET AL. - Recent Acquisitions 1994
119571: MORTON, LUCY AND MICHELLE STROUBE - Furniture, Silver & Works of Art 2004
116988: MORYL, ELLEN (FOREWORD) - William Mccullough Southern Painter: A Retrospective Exhibition
7463: MOSBY, DEWEY F. - Across Continents and Cultures: The Art and Life of Henry Ossawa Tanner
146135: MOSBY, DEWEY F. AND MARTINA CORGNATI AND REBEKAH PRESSON MOSBY - Resolutions in Light Revisited: Recent Photographs by Rossella Bellusci
161929: MOSBY, DEWEY F. - Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps, 1803-1860 (Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts) (Vol. II Only)
138613: MOSCH-KLINGELE, ROSMARIE - Die Loutrophoros IM Hochzeits- Und Begrabnisritual Des 5. Jahrhunderts V. Chr. In Athen
13013: MOSCHELES, FELIX - Fragments of an Autobiography
27859: MOSCHINI, VITTORIO - Gli Affreschi Del Mantegna Agli Eremitani Di Padova (the Frescoes of Mantegna at the Eremitani Church of Padova)
16649: MOSCHINI, VITTORIO - Pietro Longhi
149173: MOSCHINI, VITTORIO - Disegni Di Jacopo Bellini
154228: MOSCHKOVA, V. G. - Die Teppiche Der Völker Mittelasiens, IM Späten XIX. Und Frühen XX. Jahrhundert
18953: MOSCO, MARILENA, ED - Natura Viva: Animal Paintings in the Medici Collection
135308: MOSCO, MARILENA, ED - Natura Viva: Animal Paintings in the Medici Collection
133732: MOSEL, CHRISTEL; PETER TAKAL - Peter Takal: Zeichnungen: Graphik [Ausstellung in Hannover, Kestner-Museum, Bremen, Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Kunstverein... 1961]
156474: MOSELEY, NICHOLAS AND MASON HAMMOND - T. Macci Plauti: Menaechmi
136441: MOSELEY, KEITH AND ROBERT CREMINS - Dinosaurs: A Lost World
120796: MOSER, JOANN AND JOHN YAU AND JOHN G. HANHARDT - What's It All Mean: William T. Wiley in Retrospect
117142: MOSER, JOANNE - Small Prints: 1999 Delta National Small Prints Exhibition
156810: MOSER, STEPHANIE - Wondrous Curiosities: Ancient Egypt at the British Museum
18000: MOSER, JOANN - Singular Impressions: The Monotype in America
146369: MOSER, JOANN - Passages in Time: The Prints of Jiri Anderle
4589: MOSER, JOANN - Visual Poetry: The Drawings of Joseph Stella
139219: MOSES, HENRY ET AL. - The Works of Antonio Canova, in Sculpture and Modelling, Engraved in Outline by Henry Moses; with Descriptions from the Italian of the Countess Albrizzi, and a Biographical Memoir by Count Cicognara (Vols. 1-3)
123550: MOSES, ELISABETH - Der Schmuck Der Sammlung W. Clemens
106902: MOSES, HENRY AND OTHERS - A Collection of Antique Vases, Tripods, Candleabra, Etc. ; Reproduced from Engravings
7885: MOSES, ANNA MARY ROBERTSON - Grandma Moses: Anna Mary Robertson Moses (1860-1961)
142058: MOSHARRAFA, M. - Contemporary Egyptian Art
112647: MOSHER, FREDERICK C. WITH W. DAVID CLINTON AND DANIEL G. LANG - Presidential Transitions and Foreign Affairs
130767: MOSKOWITZ, IRA; ELIZABETH MONGAN; MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON; CHARLES E. SLATKIN GALLERIES - Berthe Morisot [Exposition, 24 Avril-18 Juin 1987, Galerie Hopkins-Thomas]
130766: MOSKOWITZ, IRA; ELIZABETH MONGAN; MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON; CHARLES E. SLATKIN GALLERIES - Berthe Morisot: Drawings / Pastels / Watercolors / Paintings
30433: MOSQUERA, GERARDO - Liliana Porter: Photographs
154474: MOSS, DAVID - Seven Blessings [Sheva Brachot]: A Portfolio of Seven Prints of the Traditional Wedding Blessings for Use at the Chuppah, the Festive Meals, and Suitable for Framing
122952: MOSS, MICHAEL E. - Robert W. Weir of West Point: Illustrator, Teacher and Poet
110919: MOSS, KEVIN - Digital Nature Photography and Adobe Photoshop
112139: MOSS, KAREN (ED.) - Lace: 10 Yrs. Documented
150689: MOSS, ROGER W. - Philadelphia Victorian: The Building of the Athenaeum
154784: MOSS, PAUL - Emperor, Scholar, Artisan, Monk: The Creative Personality in Chinese Works of Art; the Seventh Nan-Hsun-T''u Handscroll; Prince I's Lan-T''Ing Ink Rubbing Compilation; Beautiful Scenery of Peach Blossom Spring
141218: MOSS, STACEY - Mark Di Suvero: The Hands
19533: MOSS, MORRIE A. - The Lillian and Morrie Moss Collection of Paul Storr Silver
106024: MOSS, PAUL (INTRODUCTION) - Japanese Netsuke: Serious Art (Outstanding Works Selected from American Collections)
138797: MOSS, KAREN AND JILL CONNER - Karen Moss: What Remains
138798: MOSS, KAREN AND CALEB NEELON - Karen Moss: Dissonant Worlds
163545: MOSS, MATTHEW - Caring for Old Master Paintings: Their Preservation and Conservation
18635: MOSS, ROGER W. - Historic Houses of Philadelphia: A Tour of the Region's Museum Homes
160927: MOSSINGER, INGRID - Ida Kerkovius : "Meine Welt Ist Die Farbe
137356: MOSSINGER, INGRID AND KERSTIN DRECHSEL - Lyonel Feininger: Loebermann Collection, Drawings, Watercolors, Prints
160990: MOSSINGER, INGRID - Karl Schmidt-Rottluff : Werke in Den Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz
122527: MOSSINGER, INGRID AND BEATE RITTER (EDITORS) - Raimund Girke Zum Siebzigisten
107864: MOSSMAN, BILLY C. - Ebb and Flow: November 1950 - 1951: United States Army in the Korean War
105847: MOSTAFA, MOHAMED - Moslem Ceramics
161893: MOSTAFAVI, MOHSEN (EDITOR) - Structure As Space: Engineering and Architecture in the Works of Jürg Conzett and His Partners
123370: MOSZYNSKA, ANNA - Abstract Art (World of Art Series)
4738: MOTHERWELL, ROBERT - Robert Motherwell
154336: MOTHERWELL, ROBERT - Cy Twombly: Paintings and Sculptures, 1951 and 1953
31339: MOTT, CHAS. T. (EDITOR) - Year Book of the Brooklyn Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
123362: MOTT, GEORGE AND SALLY SAMPLE AALL - Follies and Pleasure Pavilions: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
26386: MOTT, JACOLYN A. (EDITOR) - Searching out the Best, 1978/1988: A Tribute to the Morris Gallery of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
113023: MOTT, GEORGE S. - History of the Presbyterian Church in Flemington, New Jersey, for a Century, with Sketches of Local Matters for Two Hundred Years
19662: MOTTAHEDEH, ROY AND OTHERS - Important Chinese Export Porcelain and Chinese Works of Art from the Collection of the Late Mildred R. And Rafi Y. Mottahedeh
148457: MOTTURE, PETA ET AL. (EDITOR) - Carvings, Casts & Collectors: The Art of Renaissance Sculpture
107062: MOULIN, PIERRE ET AL. - Pierre Deux's French Country: A Style and Source Book
114848: MOUNT, MARSHALL W. - African Art from New Jersey Collections
137035: MOUNT VERNON LADIES' ASSOCIATION OF THE UNION - Catalogue of the Centennial Exhibition Commemorating the Founding of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union, 1853-1953
101676: MOUNT, CHARLES MERRILL - Gilbert Stuart in Washington: With a Catalogue of His Portraits Painted between December 1803 and July 1805
22742: MOUNTAINVILLE, NY: STORM KING ART CENTER, JUNE 29 TO AUG. 22, 1963 - Winslow Homer in New York State
32213: MOUNTFORD, ARNOLD R. - The Illustrated Guide to Staffordshire Salt-Glazed Stoneware
113178: MOURA, RODRIGO - Bola Pampulha 2003-2004
162866: MOURADIAN, HÉLÈNE - Jean-Jacques Bachelier (1724-1806) Peintre Du Roi Et de Madame Pompadour
143147: MOURE, NANCY DUSTIN WALL - With an Eye Toward Collecting California Paintings
10615: MOURE, NANCY - Scenes of California Life: 1930-1950
3417: MOURE, NANCY DUSTIN WALL - Painting and Sculpture in Los Angeles, 1900-1945
17977: MOURE, NANCY DUSTIN WALL - California Art: 450 Years of Painting and Other Media
8160: MOURE, NANCY DUSTIN WALL - William Wendt, 1865-1946
5560: MOURE, NACY DUSTIN WALL - Dictionary of Art and Artists in Southern California Before 1930
14984: MOURE, NANCY DUSTIN WALL - Drawings and Illustrations by Southern California Artists Before 1950
112046: MOURE, NANCY DUSTIN WALL - The World of Zarh Pritchard
555: MOURE, NANCY DUSTIN WALL - Publications in Southern California Art 1,2 & 3
22562: MOUREAU, FRANÇOIS AND MARGARET MORGAN GRASSELLI (EDITORS) - Antoine Watteau (1684-1721): The Painter, His Age and His Legend
118920: MOURIER, GILLES ET AL. - The Collection of Harry Torczyner, Esq
161321: MOURLOT, FERNAND - Twentieth Century Posters: Chagall / Braque / Picasso / Dufy / Matisse / Miro / Leger
13001: MOURLOT, FERNAND - Picasso: Lithographs
131130: MOUSEIO MPENAKI - Mouseio Mpenaki 8, 2008 [= Annual Journal of the Benaki Museum] [Periodical]
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145085: N/A - Faces Since the 50's: A Generation of American Portraiture
142958: N/A - Collection of Early Americana Formed by the Late John Kenneth Byard
142959: N/A - American Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures from the Estates of the Late Robert Rockmore, Blanche B. Ostheimer and from Other Owners, Including Lee Ault
142162: N/A - Twelve Watercolours and Drawings by Henry Moore
142179: N/A - Dan Ostermiller
142080: N/A - A Espanha Na II Bienal Paulista
142069: N/A - Second Biennial of American Painting and Sculpture / the One Hundred and Fifty-Fifth Annual Exhibition American Painting and Sculpture
142008: N/A - Contemporary Prints from Northern California
142138: N/A - Alfred R. Waud: Special Artist on Assignment
142102: N/A - Philip Wofford: New Paintings
142183: N/A - Charles Hinman
142201: N/A - Donald Judd
141933: N/A - Exhibition of Paintings by Karl Knaths
142911: N/A - Notes on Prominent Mezzotint Engravers of the XVIII Century
146322: N/A - 100 Dresses
143014: N/A - Second International Salon of Photographic Art (Bulletin of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1950)
23019: N/A - The American Weigh: Vintage Penny Weighing Scales from the Collection of Christopher Steele
10908: N/A - Cinquante Dessins de Victor Hugo Provenant de la Collection de Monsieur Jean Hugo
4299: N/A - Walt Kuhn, 1877-1949
4153: N/A - Marsden Hartley: A Selection of His Paintings and Drawings of the Twenties and Thirties
147488: N/A - Mordecai Ardon, Recent Paintings
142459: N/A - Art Graphique de la Chine
6206: N/A - Edwin Dickinson Retrospective
142302: N/A - Long Island Landscapes 1870s-1920s
142303: N/A - Gallery Selections 2004
19521: N/A - Collection of the Late Thomas B. Clarke, Removed from His Beautiful Homes in Southampton and New York
148963: N/A - The Art of Arie Smit
144123: N/A - Glass Routes
143616: N/A - Oeuvres Sur Papier: Esquisses & Grisaille 2013
138313: N/A - Rembrandt Bible: A Collection of Sixty-Seven Facsimile Reproductions of Drawings by Rembrandt Illustrating Scenes from the Old and New Testaments
27491: N/A - Glas Aus 5 Jahrhunderten
107127: N/A - Mandana Moghaddam
22188: N/A - Catalogue de Tableaux Modernes Dependant de la Collection de M.X... (San Marcelli)
128368: N/A - Extraits de L'Art Pour Tous: Encyclopedie de L'Art Industriel & Decoratif: Bronzes D'Art
144875: N/A - Nash and Nevinson in War and in Peace: The Graphic Work 1914-1920
142492: N/A - Catalogue de Derriere le Miroir Et Affiches
142350: N/A - Oude Schilderijen
135724: N/A - Etoffes Byzantines Coptes Romaines, Etc. Du IV Au X Siecle
142449: N/A - Emile Galle, Vases, Lampes Et Projets
101799: N/A - The Royal Doulton Potteries. A Brief Summary of Their Rise and Expansion During Six Reigns
143034: N/A - Mind over Matter: Painters of the Immanent Things
26733: N/A - Renaissance of American Art
142853: N/A - Village Art Center
142290: N/A - Alfred Stieglitz
142323: N/A - Ausstellung Ausgewahlte Graphik Von E.L. Kirchner
142751: N/A - Twenty Contemporary Sculptors
132860: N. H. J. WESTLAKE - An Elementary History of Design in Mural Painting Principally During the Christian Era (in Two Volumes)
142117: N/A - Rufino Tamayo, Mexico
142505: N/A - IV Salon Nacional Del Grabado
144372: N/A - Ilbon Sojae Gogulyeo Yumul. 4: Iljegangjeomgi Gogulyeo Yujeog Josa Yeongu Jaegeomtowa Gwandongjiyeog Sojae Gogulyeo (Koguryo Relics of Japan, Vol. 4: Japanese Occupation of Goguryeo - Relics, Review and Research Material Kanto Goguryeo) / a Relic of Koguryo in the Japan Location
147483: N/A - Barbara Hepworth Gallery Materials (Unpublished)
142284: N/A - National Watercolor Society Fifty-Seventh Annual Exhibition
147908: N/A - Frankfurter Maler IV: Gemalde - Aquarelle - Zeichnungen - Graphik (Katalog 104)
142032: N/A - Islamic Painting: Persia and Mughal India
140061: N.U. DZHASHI AND T.E. SANIKIDZE - Shua Saukuneebis Tikhruli Minank'Ari Kolek'Ts'Iakhelovnebis Sakhelmtsip'o Muzeumi Sak'Art'Velos (Srednevekovyye Peregorodchatyye Emali Iz Sobraniya Gosudarstvennogo Muzeya Iskusstv Gruzii) / (Medieval Cloisonne Enamels at Georgian State Museum of Fine Arts)
115315: N/A - The Gibson Book; a Collection of the Published Works of Charles Dana Gibson (2 Volume Set)
143997: N/A - Kunst-Katalog Enthaltend 1400 Abbildungen Hervorragenden Klassischen Und Modernen Bildern. Ein Praktischer Wegweiser Bei Der Auswahl Von Kunstblattern
142985: N/A - Important Dutch, Flemish and German Drawings from the Gathorne-Hardy Collection
146800: N/A - Norbert Kricke: Sculpture
146788: N/A - The Radio City Theatres, the Radio City Music Hall, the Rko Roxy Thatre: Show Place of the Nation
115310: N/A - Homes of Poets and Historical Homes: First Series
144347: N/A - Japanese Ceramics. A Loan Exhibition of One Hundred Selected Masterpieces
147254: N/A - Toshihiro Katayama
36679: N/A - A Collection of Beautiful Chinese Snuff Bottles Belonging to Miss. E. Constance Woodward, New York City, Together with Blue and White Porcelains from Other Private Sources
5923: N/A - Mechanics' Magazine, Vol. 2 (July to December, 1834)
34202: N/A - Rufino Tamayo: Recent Paintings
6918: N/A - Panorama of Cincinnati Art I.
142310: N/A - An East End Tradition: Six Artists
107182: N/A - Quilts of America
107171: N/A - 20th Century Americans
107188: N/A - Ile Saint-Louis: Exposition Organisee Par le Musee Carnavalet Et la Delegation a L'Action Artistique de la Ville de Paris
107243: N/A - Tapisseries Flamandes Vlaamse Wandtapijten
107246: N/A - Tapisseries Francaises Des Xviie Et Xviiie Siecles
107009: N/A - Diego Rivera: Art and Revolution
17950: N/A - Frank Auerbach: Recent Work
142865: N/A - Seventy-Five Seleced Prints December 9-28
143029: N/A - Photographers of Northern New England
143030: N/A - Contemporary Photography Japan & France
144991: N/A - An Exhibition of Sketches & Watercolours by Lady Diana Beauclerk
142957: N/A - Collectors' Americana: The Entire Stock of the Late David Hollander, Riverdale, Ny
142960: N/A - American Paintings and Drawings of the XIX-XX Century Beloning to the Burlington Trust
142948: N/A - Catalogue of Roman Coins from the Collection of the Late Frederick J. Woodbridge of New York
142949: N/A - Important Gold Boxes and Objects of Vertu
142951: N/A - Catalogue of Fine Italian, French and Spanish Drawings from the Collection of the Late Mr. C.R. Rudolf, Part I.
142952: N/A - Catalogue of Drawings by Jacopo Palma, Called IL Giovane, from the Collection of the Late Mr. C.R. Rudolf, Part II
142944: N/A - Russian Paintings, Drawings, Watercolours and Sculpture 1750-1910
151507: N/A - German Woodcuts: Kirchner and the Expressionists
146391: N/A - Fine Icons
131072: N/A - Details of Decorative Sculpture: French Renaissance; (Series: Vol. II of "Details of Decorative Sculpture")
142902: N/A - Early American Paintings
142981: N/A - The Sheid Collection: An Important Nautical Collection Including Pictures and Prints, Books, Arms and Armour, Nautical Works of Art, Ships' Fittings and Fixtures, Scientific Instruments and Model Ships
142982: N/A - The Boulton Collection, the Property of Mr. And Mrs. John Boulton of Caracas, Venezuela
147561: N/A - De Droeve Ellendigheden Van Den Oorloogh (the Miseries and Misfortunes of War)
147401: N/A - Veneto (Non Compresa Venezia)
148560: N/A - Bains de Baden. Pres Zurich, Suisse. Un Hopital Militaire Romain
148566: N/A - The Stevens & Brown Mf'g Co's Price List. Of Mechanical Toys. (Reproduction of an 1870 Catalog)
148567: N/A - 46th Annual Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors Exhibition of Wisconsin Art
148568: N/A - 48th Wisconsin Art Annual: Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors Exhibition of Wisconsin Art
148569: N/A - Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors 49th Annual Exhibition of Wisconsin Art
147568: N/A - Four Artists, 16 Jan. - 20 Feb. 1972, Akron Art Institute: Peter Alexander, Billy Al Bengston, Ed Moses, Edward Ruscha
148235: N/A - Catalogue Illustre de L'Exposition Des Oeuvres Nouvelles de Vassili Vereschagin
147948: N/A - Rolls Royce: The Handbook for the Corniche Convertible and Corniche Two-Door Coupe, from Car Serial Number Drx 9920
147950: N/A - The Handbook of the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
139160: N/A - Disegni Inediti Del Paesista Pietro Ronzoni (1781-1862) Terza Parte Angoli Di Terra Bergamasca
19194: N/A - Catalogue of the Well-Known Collection of Pictures by Old Masters of Sir Joseph B. Robinson, Bart. Of South Africa // the Robinson Collection (2 Vols. Sold As Set)
29528: N/A - Indian and Southeast Asian Art: Exhibition for Sale 7th - 15th November 2002
142440: N/A - Porcelaines, Objets D'Art Russe, Objets de Vitrine Et Miniatures
143136: N/A - Contemporary Prints, Etchings, Lithographs, Woodcuts
114562: N/A - Pictures of Life and Character by John Leech from the Collection of Mr. Punch. (Three Volumes) First Series, Second Series, Third Series
153744: N/A - Oskar Kokoschka: Watercolors, Drawings, Lithographs
27489: N/A - Glas Aus 5 Jahrunderten
144839: N/A - Jules Pascin 1885-1930
34197: N/A - Trova
143032: N/A - Contemporary Japanese Photographies 1961/1962
142019: N/A - Indian Miniatures Deccan and Jain
22193: N/A - Catalogue de Tableaux Modernes... Composant la Collection de M.V... [Veaucamps]
143010: N/A - 26th Memphis International Exhibition of Photography
143019: N/A - 1962 Southwestern Artists Biennial
143007: N/A - 18th Memphis Exhibition of Photography
143005: N/A - 15th Memphis Exhibition of Photography
143004: N/A - Twelfth Memphis Salon of Photography
142322: N/A - Europaische Graphik VI: Bildhauergraphik
142983: N/A - Fine Maritime Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours, Navigational Instruments, Scrimshaw, Ship Models, Prisoner-of-War Work, and Nautical Works of Art
142980: N/A - Fifty Modern Paintings and Sculptures Especially Donated for the Benefit of the 30th Anniversary Fund of the Museum of Modern Art, New York
147008: N/A - A Selection of 20th Century American Masterpieces
146712: N/A - Max Ernst
142971: N/A - The John J. Gunther Collection of Valuable American Furniture & Decorations; Early American Primitive Portraits and Landscape Paintings
148009: N/A - Wealth and Splendour in Ancient Jewellery from the Classical World: Exhibition Catalogue Spring 1995
142969: N/A - Important Early American Cabinetwork, Silver & Decorative Objects from the Estate of the Late Mrs. C. Hallam Keep
142968: N/A - Early American & Other Furniture, Currier & Ives Lithographs, American Paintings, Tiffany Glass
142966: N/A - Early American Furniture, Scrimshaw, Ivories, Paperweights, Silver, Paintings from the Estate of the Late Esther B. Crego
142965: N/A - Early American Furniture, Silver and Glass Belonging to Mrs. Robert E. Dickerman
142963: N/A - American Furniture, Silver, Porcelain, Rugs: Estates of the Late Annette Hills Olds, Leslie A. Hyam and from Other Owners
142961: N/A - American Paintings and Drawings of the XIX-XX Century Beloning to William S. Zierler
142953: N/A - Catalogue of Ancient Iranian Bronzes and Silver Formerly in the Peter Adam Collection
142954: N/A - Classical and Near Eastern Art Collected by the Late Hagop Kevorkian
142955: N/A - First Editions of American Authors Collected by the Late Arthur Swann
142956: N/A - The Michael M. Zagayski Collection of Rare Judaica
142947: N/A - The Heckett Collection of Miniatures Part III
142945: N/A - Fine Gold Boxes, Objects of Vertu and Portrait Miniatures, Faberge and Russian Works of Art
142946: N/A - Fine Gold Boxes, Objects of Vertu and Portrait Miniatures, Faberge and Russian Works of Art
142918: N/A - Indonesian Arts
143197: N/A - Frederick Macmonnies
142964: N/A - American Furniture by Important Makers, Pewter, Silver, Other Appointments; Collection of Mrs. Virginia F. Giannestras
142894: N/A - An Exhibition: Terry Fugate-Wilcox, Frank M. Herz, Mike Leff, Norman Lewis, George Mcclancy, Peter Pinchbeck, H. Bill Rivers, Bill Taggart, Alexandre Wakhevitch, Janey Washburn
142679.1: N/A - Modern Paintings and Sculptures from the Collection of Mr and Mrs Adolphe A. Juviler
147565: N/A - 1891 General Catalogue, M. Knoedler & Company, Publishers and Importers: Engravings, Etchings, Photographs, Photo-Engravings
145104: N/A - Chinese Art
2424: N/A - American Genre Painting in the Victorian Era: Winslow Homer, Eastman Johnson, and Their Contemporaries
142903: N/A - The Heckett Collection of Miniatures Part II
141898: N/A - A Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Works of Childe Hassam at the American Academy of Arts and Letters
148805: N/A - Lovis Corinth : Eine Privatsammlung Von Original-Lithographien, Radierungen, Holzschnitten Und Zeichnungen
147904: N/A - Wade Guyton: Zeichnungen Fur Ein Kleines Zimmer, Vol. II
13010: N/A - Catálogo de la Gran Exposición de Cuadros de Fama Mundial En Los Salones de Galerías Ordáz = Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of World-Famous Paintings in the Salons of the Ordáz Galleries
148962: N/A - English and American Period Furniture, Georgian Silver, Rugs, Tapestries, Chinese Porcelains and Mineral Carvings; Property of Mrs. Minnir R. Walker, Mrs. Frederick Dwight; Property of the Estate of the Late Viola Bennett Carlson (Sale Number 3)
143963: N/A - Gender Beyond Memory: The Works of Contemporary Women Artists
2912: N/A - Sculpture and Sculptors Drawings
122575: N/A - Meunier Mappe
142908: N/A - Catalogue of Ballet and Theatre Material
19513.1: N/A - The Joseph P. Levy Collection of Early American Furniture, Silver, Liverpool, Leeds & Staffordshire, Wedgewood Ware and Paperweights
141562: N/A - The Artists' Vision
144101: N/A - Six Early American Portraits & a Group of American Drawings
144096: N/A - Who Killed Cock Robin and Other Stories
142882: N/A - Sculpture for Architecture
13038: N/A - Source and Inspiration: A Continuing Tradition
141930: N/A - Exhibition of Paintings by Karl Knaths
132959: N/A - La France Catholique I (Oeuvrages a Costumes)
144293: N/A - Representative Images from American View Books
142331: N/A - 30 Centuries of Iranian Art: Amlash, Luristan and the Islamic Period
147776: N/A - Dayanita Singh: Go Away Closer
147242: N/A - Grogan & Company: The November Auction (1997)
148971: N/A - Gluckmann: "Theme and Variations" Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition 1941-1961, November 7 to November 30
140217: N/A - Portrait Bust in Marble of la Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764) by J.B. Pigalle (1714-1785) (Collection Comtesse Yolande Du Hamel de Breuil, Chateau de Peschescul)
142025: N/A - Indian Paintings: 17, 18, 19th Centuries
142046: N/A - Matulka and the Modern Landscape
145056: N/A - Horst Heinen: Olbilder Und Zeichnungen
145959: N/A - Afrikanische Kunst: Eine Suddeutsche Sammlulng
5408: N/A - Reynolds Beal, 1867-1951: Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings
19513: N/A - The Joseph P. Levy Collection of Early American Furniture, Silver, Liverpool, Leeds & Staffordshire, Wedgewood Ware and Paperweights
140700: N/A - Ellsworth Kelly, Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland, Frank Stella
148964: N/A - The Galerie St. Etienne Presents an Exhibition of Gouaches, Watercolors, Drawings, Prints by Alfred Kubin
145017: N/A - Johns, Stella, Warhol: Works in Series
148712: N/A - Nature and Tradition: LI Geng's World
138539: N. A. YAKOVLEVA - Fedot Ivanovich Shubin 1740 - 1805
22181: N/A - Catalogue de Tableaux Modernes... La Collection de M. Voit
145998: N/A - Jewels from the Estate of Betsey Cushing Whitney
138676: N/A - Lovis Corinth, Prints and Drawings: The Collection of the Late Heinrich Muller
145146: N/A - Brooklyn and Long Island Artits
128362: N/A - Modern Museum of Art in Moscow
145193: N/A - William Orpen 1878-1931 Early Work
147485: N/A - Rufino Tamayo, Recent Paintings 1980-85
106767: N/A - Gallery of Men II
106769: N/A - Gallery of Men
144039: N/A - Poesie Contemporaine: Picasso Et L'Art D'Aujourd'Hui
144040: N/A - Drawings, Studies & Paintings by Sir Edward Burne-Jones 1833-1898
147138: N/A - Plan Von Munchen (1: 15000)
139700: N/A - The John Graham Collection
139575: N/A - George Grosz in America: Acquarelli, Disegni, Collages
141563: N/A - Catalogue of the Fourth International Exhibition of Etching and Engraving
148989: N/A - Selected Works of Mohammad Nasseripour
20421: N/A - Catalogue of the Special Loan Exhibition of Old Masters of the British School
142014: N/A - Italian Etchings of the XVI and XVII Centuries
24679: N/A - The Krug Collection of Glass: Part II
114281: N/A - River Scenery by Turner and Girtin; Engraved by Eminent Engravers from Drawings by J.M. W. Turner, R.A. And the Late Thomas Girtin
143155: N/A - 33rd Annual Exhibition: Missouri - Arkansas - Iowa - Kansas - Nebraska - Oklahoma
143033: N/A - Sculpture for out of Doors: An Exhibition
114058: N/A - Art for the New Collector V.
142974: N/A - Richard Diebenkorn in Context 1949 - 1952
119121: N/A - F.E. Mcwilliam
31551: N/A - 20th Century Americans: Gallery Collection
142885: N/A - The Nude in Sculpture
144896: N/A - Oskar Kokoschka: Watercolors, Drawings, Lithographs
144897: N/A - Kiki Kogelnik
24030: N/A - American Modernism: 1930s & 1940s Abstraction
142990: N/A - George Washington 1732-1932, an Exhibition at the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
143162: N/A - 3rd Annual Summer Art Exhibit
144574: N/A - The Art of Chinese-Style Bonsai
136251: N. ANDOVER, MA: ROBERT LEHMAN ART CENTER, APR-JUNE 2010 - On the Road: A Legacy of Walker Evans
144870: N/A - Andre Brasilier: Peintres, Aquarelles
142923: N/A - Art of the South Seas
142924: N/A - Exhibition of the History of Indian Medicine and Its Spreas in Asia

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