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190863: Fairbrass, Sheila - The Institute of Paper Conservation: Conference Papers, Manchester 1992
190229: Fairclough, Oliver et al (Editors) - The French Porcelain Society Journal: Volume II: 2005 and Volume III: 2007
177281: Fairland, Thomas - A New Progressive Drawing Book of Landscapes: Selected and Adapted from the Best Originals
191432: Fairlie, Louisa; Charles Heath and Alfred Edward Chalon - Portraits of the Children of the Nobility: A Series of Highly Finished Engravings
173882: Faithorne, W. - Faithorne Gallery
187124: Falcao, Joaquim - Quase Todos
190672: Falciani, Carlo - Giovanni Balducci and the Rediscovered Predella for the Papal High Altar in Saint John the Lateran
190195: Falcon, Jean - Emmanuel Vigeland
188645: Falconer, John - India: Pioneering Photographers 1850-1900
189205: Falgas, Victor de and Joan Sacs - Arte Y Decoracion En Espana: Arquitectura, Arte Decorativo; Tome II
189204: Falgas, Victor de and Joan Sacs - Arte Y Decoracion En Espana: Arquitectura, Arte Decorativo; Tome III
178517: Falino, Jeannine and Yvonne J. Markowitz - American Luxury: Jewels from the House of Tiffany
182554: Falk Hastings, Peter - Who Was Who in American Art 1564-1975: 400 Years of Artists in America (Three Volumes)
163569: Falk, Peter Hastings - Milton J. Burns, Marine Artist
177002: Falk, Peter Hastings (Compiler and Editor) - The Annual Exhibition Record of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Vol. 2: 1876-1913
177003: Falk, Peter Hastings (Compiler and Editor) - The Annual Exhibition Record of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Vol. 3: 1914-1968
159135: Falk, Tilman and Robert Zijlma - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts, 1400-1700: Volume Xvb, Balthasar Jenichen to David Kandel
177001: Falk, Peter Hastings (editor) and Anna Wells Rutledge - The Annual Exhibition Record of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (3-Volume Set) : Vol. I 1807-1870; Vol. II 1876-1913; Vol. III 1914-1968
175214: Falk, Peter H. (editor) - Art Price Index International '94: 1992-1993 Auction Seasion, Volume I a-K
159132: Falk, Tilman and Robert Zijlma - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume Xiia, Nicolaus Haublin to Nikolaus Hautt
184065: Falk Hastings, Peter - Who Was Who in American Art 1564-1975: 400 Years of Artists in America (Three Volumes)
188073: Falke, Jacob von; Charles C Perkins - Art in the House. Historical, Critical, and Aesthetical Studies on the Decoration and Furnishing of the Dwelling
192764: Falomir Faus, Miguel - Late Raphael: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Actas Del Congreso Internacional, Madrid, Museo Nacional Del Prado, October 2012
200237: Falser, Michael - Deutsch-Koloniale Baukulturen: Eine Globale Architekturgeschichte in 100 Visuellen Primarquellen
186700: Fama Luisa, Maria and Gaetano Bongiovanni - IL Maestro Del Polittico Di Trapani: Opere Restaurate Del Museo Pepoli
184709: Fan, Hong and J.A. Mangan - Soccer, Women, Sexual Liberation: Kicking Off a New Era
192393: Fang, Zengxian - Chinese Fine Arts Chronicle 2015
177295: Fangle, Eduard - Arnulf Rainer: Arbeiten Auf Papier, 1951-1978
178268: Fara, Giovanni Maria and Daniela Tovo - I Libri Dell'Architetto Jean-Charles Moreux Al Centro Internazionale Di Studi Di Architettura Andrea Palladio
172732: Faraday, Cornelia Bateman - European and American Carpets and Rugs
190766: Farber, Hannah - Underwriters of the United States: How Insurance Shaped the American Founding
190501: Farcy, Louis de - La Broderie Du Xie Siecle Jusqu'a Nos Jours D'Apres Des Specimens Authentiques Et Les Anciens Inventaires. Second Supplement
190480: Farcy, Louis de - La Broderie Du Xie Siecle Jusqu'a Nos Jours D'Apres Des Specimens Authentiques Et Les Anciens Inventaires
191567: Farcy, Louis de - La Broderie Du Xie Siecle Jusqu'a Nos Jours: Atlas
188103: Farge, John La and August F. Jaccaci - Noteworthy Paintings in American Private Collections
190474: Farge, Louis - Les Concours Publics D'Architecture. Revue Mensuelle. Septieme Anee
175738: Fargue, Leon-Paul - D'Apres Paris Lithographies de Jean-Louise Boussingault
186010: Farhat, Hormoz - The Dastgah Concept in Persian Music
173733: Faries, Molly, Barbara Heller, Daniel Levine, et al. - Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts: Vol. 62, No. 4
183663: Farington, Joseph - The Farington Diary
129825: Faris, William ; Mark B Letzer; Jean Burrell Russo - The Diary of William Faris : The Daily Life of an Annapolis Silversmith
177486: Farmer David, John and Geraldine Weiss - Concepts of the Bauhaus: The Busch-Reisinger Museum Collection
184565: Farmer, John - A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New-England: Containing an Alphabetical List of the Governours, Deputy-Governours, Assistants or Counsellors, and Ministers of the Gospel in the Several Colonies, from 1620 to 1692, Representatives of the General Court of Massachusetts, from 1634 to 1692 ; Graduates of Harvard College to 1662, Members of the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company to 1662, Freemen Admitted to Massachusetts Colony from 1630 to 1662, with Many Other of the Early Inhabitants of New-England and Long-Island, N.Y. , from 1620 to the Year 1675 : To Which Are Added Various Genealogical and Biographical Notes, Collected from Ancient Records, Manuscripts, and Printed Works
182571: Farnham, Alexander - Early Tools of New Jersey and the Men Who Made Them
178164: Farnham, Frank R. - Bald Headed Aft: An Etching by Levon West
191095: Faroux, Renaud - Luis Feito: Imaginaire Ardent, Hommage a la Galerie Jean-Robert Arnaud
183220: Farquhar, George - The Complete Works of George Farquhar in Two Volumes
176478: Farrer, Edmund - Portraits in Suffolk Houses (West)
186084: Faser, P. M. ; Karl Lehmann (ed.) - Samothrace - Volume 2, Parts 1 & 2 the Inscriptions on Stone/the Inscriptions on Ceramics and Minor Objects
176806: Fashion Foundation - Wool Book; the International Textile Design Contest
186129: Fassler, Margot Elsbeth - Gothic Song: Victorine Sequences and Augustinian Reform in Twelfth-Entury Paris
174565: Fattori, Giovanni; Anna Maria Ciaranfi - Incisioni Del Fattori
181769: Fattorusso, G. - Wonders of Italy: The Monuments of Antiquity, the Churches, the Palaces, the Treasures of Art, History, Biography, Religion, Literature, Folklore
180780: Fauchereau, Serge (curator) - Paris - New York, Echanges Litteraires Au Vingtieme Siecle
174530: Faure, Gabriel - Diptyque Romain
188383: Fava, Domenico - Emilia E Romagna
141554: Favai, Gennaro and Antonio Cippico - 56 Disegni Di Gennaro Favai Dell Isola Di Capri Nel 1930
188814: Favier. Paul - L'Architecture Et la Decoration Aux Palais de Versailles Et Des Trianons
177974: Fay, Bernard - Notes on the American Press at the End of the Eighteenth Century
185555: Fay, Amy and Margaret William McCarthy - More Letters of Amy Fay: The American Years, 1879-1916
185669: Fayer, Lillian and Dieter Zochling - Von Don Carlos Bis Parsifal: Placido Domingo, 25 Jahre an Der Wiender Staatsoper (Signed)
181203: Federal Writers' Project - New Hampshire: A Guide to the Granite State
182986: Federation of German Graphic Designers - Grafik Design Bdg - Exhibition June 18 - July 5, 1970
174566: Federmann, Arnold - Johann Heinrich Fussli; Dichter Und Maler
174488: Fehlemann, Sabine - Rolf-Gunter Dienst: Malstrom, Wasserwerk, Bleistiftgebiet, Gemalde, Auarelle, Zeichnungen
177868: Fehr, Marc-Antoine and Paul Tanner - Marc-Antoine Fehr; Journal de Pressy
173497: Feinblatt, Ebria - Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Exhibition
187067: Feininger, Lyonel; Achim Moeller - The Enchanted World of Lyonel Feininger
189790: Felibien, Andre and Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy - Entretuebs Sur Les Vies Et Sur Les Ouvrages Des Plus Excellens Peintres Anciens Et Modernes. Cinquieme Partie
177983: Felibien, Andre - Entretiens Sur Les Vies Et Sur Les Ouvrages Des Plus Excellens Peintres Anciens Et Modernes
186365: Felix Landau Gallery - Recent Paintings by John Paul Jones
192212: Felt, Mark - The Fbi Pyramid from the Inside
179331: Fendrick Gallery - Clay Usa: March 11 - April 12, 1975
192173: Feng, Mengbo - Feng Mengbo: Yi Bite
189287: Fennell, J.G. - The Rail and the Rod, or, Tourist-Angler's Guide to Waters and Quarters Thirty Miles Around London: No. 1, Great Eastern Railway. No 2, Great Western Railway. No III, South-Western Railway. No. IV, South Eastern Railway. No. V, Great Eastern, London and North-Western, Midland, and Great Northern Railways. No. VI, Great Eastern, Midland, London and North-Wester, and Great Northern Railways
174508: Fenz, Werner, Reinhard Braun, Justin Hoffmann, et al. - Radikale Bilder, Two Volume Set
181355: Ferber, Linda S. - Pastoral Interlude: William T. Richards in Chester County
176576: Ferckel, Christoph - Die Gynäkologie Des Thomas Von Brabant; Ein Beitrag Zur Kenntnis Der Mittelalterlichen Gynäkologie Und Ihrer Quellen
186265: Ferckel, Christoph - Die Gynäkologie Des Thomas Von Brabant; Ein Beitrag Zur Kenntnis Der Mittelalterlichen Gynäkologie Und Ihrer Quellen
189654: Ferguson, Russell - Mathias Poledna: Crystal Palace
183346: Ferguson, Russell and William Olander, et al. - Discourses: Conversations in Postmodern Art and Culture
182791: Fern, Alan and Judith O'Sullivan - The Complete Prints of Leonard Baskin: A Catalogue Raisonne 1948-1983
171187: Fernadez del Amo, Jose Luis, Juan Manuel Bonet, Serge Guilbant, et al. - Guerrero
192441: Fernandez, Lucas - Farsas Y Eglogas
191766: Ferrand, Franck - Jacques Garcia: Decorating in the French Style
191499: Ferrari, Giulio - Gli Stili: Nella Forma E Nel Colore, Rassegna Dell'Arte Antica E Moderna Di Tutti I Paesi. Volume II. Christiano Primitivo, Bizantino, Arabo
190648: Ferrari Battista, Giovanni and Alberta Campitelli - Flora: Overo Cultura Di Fiori
189270: Ferrari, Luigi - La Collezione Gallini: Gusto, Usanze, Modi Del Teatro Musicale Italiano Del Secondo Ottocento
174819: Ferrer, Mathilde, Cleo Armstrong, Agnes Barbier, Laurence Bosse, et al. - Groupes, Movements, Tendances de L'Art Contemporain Depuis 1945
173774: Ferrey, Benjamin and E. Sheridan Purcell. Esq - Recollections of A.N. Welby Pugin, and His Father, Augustust Pugin; with Notices of Their Works
183243: Ferrez, Gilberto and Weston J. Naef - Pioneer Photographers of Brazil, 1840-1920
183641: Ferrier, Susan - Destiny; or, the Chief's Daughter (Volume 1 and 2)
174422: Fetting, Rainer - Rainer Fetting: Portraits, Stadtlandschaften/Cityscapes, Wald/Forest, Skulpturen/Sculptures
178560: Feuerman, Carole A. - From Studio to Foundry: Three Decades of Sculpture by Carole A. Feuerman
191696: Feuillet, Maurice - Les Dessins D'Honore Fragonard Et de Hubert Robert Des Bibliotheque Et Musee de Besancon Dresse Par Maurice Feuillet
175076: Feyyaz and Steve Davis - Photography Inspirations: The World Is the Human's Project
200276: Fheodoroff, Nikolaus and Walburga Litschauer, et al. - Nikolaus Fheodoroff: Mensch Und Werk
183340: Fiala, Vladimír - Russian Painting of the 18th and 19th Centuries
175923: Ficacci, Luigi and Alessandro Toso - Segni Multipli: Opere Grafiche Dalla Donazione Argan
191783: Fideler, David (editor) - Alexandria: Volume 3
188622: Fiedler, Jeannine - Photography at the Bauhaus
174525: Field, Saul; Morton P. Levitt - Bloomsday: An Interpretation of James Joyce's Ulysses
182818: Field, Maria Antonia - Where Castilian Roses Bloom: Memoirs of Maria Antonia Field
178468: Field, Rachel - Hitty, Her First Hundred Years
171177: Field, Richard S., Cynthia L. Strauss, and Samuel J. Wagstaff, Jr. - The Prints of Armand Seguin 1869-1903
200152: Field, Jennifer and David Smith - David Smith: Follow My Path
174424: Fielding, Jed, Shirley Hazzard, Nan Richardson and Denise Miller - City of Secrets: Photographs of Naples
185143: Fields, James Thomas; Edwin Percy Whipple - The Family Library of British Poetry from Chaucer to the Present Time. (1350-1878. )
173556: Fierens, Paul - Survage
174938: Fievet, Serge - Cezanne: Museum Saint-Georges Du 12 Mars Au 9 Mai 1982
191240: Figuier, Louis - La Vie Et Les Må“Urs Des Animaux; Zoophytes Et Mollusques
189217: Filchner, Wilhelm - Das Kloster Kumbum in Tibet: Ein Beitrag Zu Seiner Geschichte
172650: Filla, Emil, Frantisek Ketzek, Rudolf Krajc, Antonin Pelc, et al. - Erotisme Et Surrealisme En Tchecoslovaquie
190291: Finberg, A. J. (ed.) - The Old Water-Colour Society's Club (Volumes I-VII)
175433: Finch, Elizabeth - Sara Sosnowy: Paintings, 2000-2006
186897: Finden, W. - Finden's Gallery of the Graces: A Series of Portrait Illustrations of British Poets
176023: Fine, E. Ruth - The Janus Press Silver Anniversary Miscellany: 1955-1980
174560: Fine, Jud - Or: An Introduction
188913: Fineman, Mia; Arlyn Nathan - Other Pictures
172433: Finer, Peter, Ewart Oakeshott, Anthony R.E. North, David A. Edge, et al. - Peter Finer, the Old Rectory Ilmington, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire
188553: Finiguerra, Maso and Sidney Colvin - A Florentine Picture-Chronicle: Being a Series of Ninety-Nine Drawings Representing Scenes and Personages of Ancient History, Sacred and Profane
175911: Finkel, Jori and Tim Hawkinson - Tim Hawkinson
175750: Finnegan, W. Robert - California Furniture: The Craft and the Artistry
172994: Finotti, Antonio - L'Ossessione Nordica: Bocklin, Klimt, Munch E la Pittura Italiana
178456: Fiocco, Giuseppe - Giovanni Bellini
175116: Fiocco, Giuseppe - Venetian Painting of the Seicento and the Settecento
180205: Fiore, Davide. ; Barbieri, Franco - Tesori Da Santa Corona : Bellini, Veronese, Pittoni E Altri Maestri Della Pittura Veneta Dal XIV Al XVIII Secolo
192784: Fiorenza, Giancarlo - Dosso Dossi: Paintings of Myth, Magic and the Antique
192464: Firbank, Ronald - Santal
189863: Firbank, Ronald - Prancing Nigger
189900: Firbank, Ronald; Albert Rutherston - Inclinations
182390: Firbank, Ronald - Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli
179158: Firmin-Didot, Ambroise - Essai Typographique Et Bibliographique Sur L'Histoire de la Gravure Sur Bois
192624: Firmin-Didot, Ambroise - Essai Typographique Et Bibliographique Sur L'Histoire de la Gravure Sur Bois
125093: Fischbach, Friedrich - Die Wichtigsten Webe-Ornamente Bis Zum 19. Jahrhundert (Volume 1 Only)
191315: Fischel, Oskar - Die Sammlung Joseph Spiridon, Paris
186982: Fischer Fine Art Limited - Silvia Quandt, First London Exhibition
188599: Fischer, Otto - Oberdeutsche Federzeichnungen Aus Den Jahren 1457 Und 1483
113756: Fischer, Chris - Fra Bartolommeo, Master Draughtsman of the High Renaissance: A Selection from the Rotterdam Albums and Landscape Drawings from Various Collections
185025: Fischer, Henry W. - Secret Memoirs; the Court of Royal Saxony, 1891-1902: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess from the Pages of Her Diary, Lost at the Time of Her Elopement from Dresden with M. Andre ("Richard") Giro
174759: Fischer, Yona - Anna Ticho: Sketches, 1918-1975
171954: Fischer-Hausdorf, Eva, Ortrud Westheider, Sebastian Karnatz, and Irene Pieper - Max Beckmann: The World As a Stage
174659: Fischer, Jacques - Sculpture in Miniature: The Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki Collection of Gilt & Gold Medals and Plaquettes
174780: Fischer, Hartwig, Ute Eskildsen, Peter Geimer, et al. - Der Mensch Und Seine Objekte
188263: Fischer, Ron W. - The Last Great Frontier Marshal
191590: Fischhof, Eugène; Marcel Nicolle - Catalogue de Tableaux Anciens : Des écoles Anglaise, Flamande, Française, Hollandaise, Italienne Des Xve, Xvie, Xviie, Xviiie, Et Xixe Siècles, Pastels Et Miniatures Composant la Collection de Eugène Fischhof, Dont la Vente Aura Lieu... à Paris, Galerie Georges Petit, 14 Juin 1913
175294: Fischli, Hans and Michel Seuphor - Hans Aeschbacher
171320: Fischman, Lisa, Eugenia Parry, Ann Gabhart, et al. - A Generous Medium: Photography at Wellesley, 1972-2012
188535: Fischman, Lisa and Claire C. Whitner - Christiane Baumgartner: Another Country
182739: Fish, Arthur - Great Pictures by Great Painters: Selected from the Public Galleries of Great Britain and the Continent - 2 Volume Set
186418: Fisher, Alfred Young - The Book of Job from the King James Bible
185951: Fisher, H. L. - Barring out the Master
156116: Fisher, Jay and William Johnston, Cheryl Snay, Kim Schenk - The Essence of Line: French Drawings from Ingres to Degas
178884: Fisher, Harold H.; Brooks, Sidney - America and the New Poland
173843: Fisher, P. - The Angler's Souvenir
190232: Fiske, John - The American Revolution
181645: Fiske, John; William P. Trent; W.H.W. Bicknell and John Fiske - Unpublished Orations: "the Discovery of the Columbia River, and the Whitman Controversy"; "the Crispus Attucks Memorial: ", and "Columbus Memorial
184601: Fiske, Charles H. - Oration Delivered Before the Inhabitants of Weston, at the Town Hall, July 4, 1876
186676: Fitch, Andrew - Erik Desmazieres: Etchings 1982-1991
189422: Fitzgerald, Percy - The Book Fancier, or, the Romance of Book Collecting
122667: Fitzgerald, Edward (translator) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: The Astronomer-Poet of Persia
186102: Fitzgerald, William - Agonistic Poetry: The Pindaric Mode in Pindar, Horace, Holderlin, and the English Ode
181607: Fitzgerald, C.P. - Barbarian Beds: The Origin of the Chair in China
192136: Fitzjohn-Monson, G.J. - Drinking Vessels of by-Gone Days: From the Neolithic Age to the Georgian Period
174512: Fiume, Salvatore; Agosta Tota, Augusto; Antonova, Irina Aleksandrovna - Fiume a Mosca
171296: Fiz, Alberto and Daniel Buren - Daniel Buren: Interseizioni 7: Al Parco Archeologico Di Scolacium E Al Marca
190177: Flagg, Ernest - Le Naos Du Parthenon, Du Livre de L'Auteur Pret a Paraitre Intitule le Recouvrement de L'Art, Ces Feuilles Etant Une Communication Adressee a Charles Marie Widor, Secretaire Perpetuel de L'Institut de France
191100: Flagg, Ernest - The Parthenon Naos; from the Author's Forthcoming Book Entitled the Recovery of Art. The Present Sheets Being a Communication Addressed to Charles Marie Widor, Perpetual Secretary of the Institute of France
184806: Flanders June, M. - International Monetary Economics, 1870-1960: Between the Classical and the New Classical
7247: Flannagan, John Bernard - John B. Flannagan Sculpture/Drawings, 1924-1938
190450: Flaubert, Gustave - Sentimental Education
174665: Flaxman, John - Lectures on Sculpture
188552: Flechsig, Eduard - Zeichnungen Alter Meister IM Landesmuseum Zu Braunschweig: Deutsche, Nr. 1- 42
185374: Flechtheim, Alfred - Paul Klee. Exhibition on Klee's 50th Birthday, 20 October to 15 November 1929 Lützowufer 13
191339: Flegel, Georg and Friedrich Winkler - Georg Flegel: Sechs Aquarelle
177917: Fleischmann Manual, Kaspar - Jasienski: Exzellenz Fiap
190834: Fleites, Alex; Rigoberto Mena Santana - Mena; the Pleasure of Abstracting
174162: Fleming-Williams, Ian - Constable and His Drawings
186888: Fleming, George - Travels on Horseback in Mantchu Tartary: Being a Summer's Ride Beyond the Great Wall of China
182415: Fletcher, Ifan Kyrle - Ronald Firbank : A Memoir
182926: Fletcher, John and John Brown - The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments, Together with the Apocrypha: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by the Special Command of His Majesty King James I, of England. With Marginal Notees and References to Which Are Added an Index; an Alphabetical Table of All the Names in the Old and New Testaments, with Their Signifiications; Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins
182265: Flomenhaft, Eleanor - Beyond Time: The Art of Alfred Van Loen
190610: Floquet, Alph - Compositions Decoratives Par Alph. Floquet
174519: Flora, Paul - Der Zahn Der Zeit
178047: Florian, M. de - Estelle, Roman Pastoral
180492: Florisoone, Michel, ; editor - Manet
190306: Flot, Marcelle - Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: France: Musee de Compiegne (Musee Vivenel)
122700: Floyd, William Barrow - Jouett, Bush, Frazer: Early Kentucky Artists
189606: Floyd, Benjamin - The Lowell Directory for 1834
182582: Focillon, Henri - Henri Focillon: L'Ile Oubliee
190355: Focillon, Henri - Leon Pichon, Imprimeur Parisien
183858: Focillon, Henry; Michael Ivanovitch Rostovtzeff; Charles Rufus Morey; Wilhelm Reinhold Walter Koehler - Dumbarton Oaks Inaugural Lectures
178366: Fock, C. Willeminj - Het Nederlandse Interieur in Beeld 1600-1900
3307: Fogg Art Museum - Art in New England: New England Genre
200177: Fogle, Douglas and Hanneke Skerath - Fausto Melotti
188035: Fogliatti, Cynthia Jo - Romare Bearden: Origins and Progressions
179615: Foley, Kelsey Kathy and Betty Iverson Monroe - Chinese Ceramics from Chicago Collections
185412: Foley, James W. - The Voices of Song
178613: Folk, Thomas C. - New Hope Impressions: George J. Stengle, 1866-1937
190624: Foll Le, Josephine - L'Impressionnisme
177870: Folnesics, Josef - Katalog Und Historische Einleitung; Die Wiener Porzellan Sammlung Karl Mayer
187966: Folsach von, Kjeld - Islamic Collection: The David Collection
176588: Folsom, Joseph F. - Bloomfield Old and New: An Historical Symposium
178117: Fondation Dapper - Art Et Mythologie: Figures Tshokwe
180215: Fondin, Jean - L'Automobile: Un Demi-Siecle D'Histoire
189958: Fonesca, Cosimo Damiano - Rock Civilization in the Ionian Land
180141: Fong, Wen - The Lohans and a Bridge to Heaven
182682: Fontaine, William Morris and I.C. White - The Permian or Upper Carboniferous Flora of West Virginia and S.W. Pennsylvania
188631: Fontanella, Lee; Maria de los Santos Garcia Felguera and Gerardo F. Kurtz - Fotografos En la Sevilla Del Siglo XIX
173623: Forain, Jean Louis - Doux Pays: 189 Dessins
183304: Foray, Jean-Michel and Paul Virilio - De L'Instabilite: Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Jochen Gerz, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Peter Greenaway, Alain Jaquet, Bernard Joisten, Pierre Joseph, Thierry Kuntzel, Philippe Parreno
189136: Forbes, Arthur Holland - Architectural Gardens of Italy: In Three Parts - I.
189110: Forbes, Arthur Holland - Architectural Gardens of Italy: In Three Parts - I.
175942: Ford, Ford Madox - New York Essays
186745: Fordham, Douglas - Aquatint Worlds : Travel, Print, and Empire, 1770-1820
183852: Forestier, Sylvie; Chantel Martinet - Saint Sébastien : Rituels Et Figures
186747: Forin, Elena - Elementi Spaziali: Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani, Dadamaino, Paolo Scheggi
173022: Forray-Carlier, Ane - Le Mobilier Du Chateau de Chantilly
192858: Forrer,Robert - Die Schwerter Und Schwertknäufe Der Sammlung Carl Von Schwerzenbach-Bregenz. Mit Einer Geschichte Von Schwert Und Dolch Herausgegeben Von Dr. R. Forrer
177920: Forsyth, William; Cobbett, William - An Epitome of Mr. Forsyth's Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit-Trees: Also, Notes on American Gardening and Fruits... And Further, of Economical Principles in Building Farmers' Habitations
175035: Forsyth, Robert J. and John B. Flanagan - John B. Flanagan
187708: Fort, Paul - Florilège Des Ballades Françaises
182817: Fort, Paul - Florilege Des Ballades Francaises
187827: Fort, George F. - A Historical Treatise on Early Builders' Marks
187646: Fort, George F. - A Historical Treatise on Early Builders' Marks
190756: Fortnum, C. Drury E. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Maiolica Hispano-Moresco, Persian, Damascus, and Rhodian Wares in the South Kensington Museum. With Historical Notices, Marks, & Monograms
187950: Fortunati, Vera - Vita Artistica Nel Monastero Femminile: Exempla
178552: Foss, Cornelia - Cornelia Foss: Places & Portraits
179697: Foster, Andrew R. - Tamara Karsavina: Diaghilev's Ballerina
179401: Foster, Allen Evarts - Check List of Illustrations by Winslow Homer
163397: Foster, Kathleen A. - Thomas Chambers: American Marine and Landscape Painter, 1808-1869
185524: Foster, Myles Birket - Some Places of Note in England: A Series of Twenty-Five Drawings
185493: Foster, Myles Birket - Poetry of the Year
175316: Foucher, A. & L.A. Thomas - The Beginnings of Buddhist Art and Other Essays in Indian and Central-Asian Archaeology
187990: Foulc, Edmond and Henri Leman - La Collection Foulc, Objets D'Art Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaissance; Texte and Planches (2 Volumes)
174133: Fountain, Robert and Alfred Gates - Stubbs' Dogs: The Hounds and Domestic Dogs of the Eighteenth Century As Seen Through the Paintings of George Stubbs
191860: Fournel, Victor - Les Contemporains de Moliere: Recueil de Comedies, Rares Ou Peu Connues, Jouees de 1650 a 1680, Avec L'Histoire de Chaque Theatre (Volume Two)
174514: Fowble, E. McSherry - Two Centuries of Prints in America 1680-1880: A Selective Catalogue of the Winterthur Museum Collection
185003: Fowler, Mel - A Portfolio of Nudes Mel Fowler
176142: Fraenger, Wilhelm - Der Bildermann Von Zizenhausen
186696: Fraenkel, Michael - Bastard Death: The Autobiography of an Idea
186471: Fraenkel, Michael, Lowenfels, Walter - Anonymous: The Need for Anonymity
188650: Fraenket, Jeffrey; Frish Brandt; Darius Himes; Amy R Whiteside; Claire Cichy - The Unphotographable
178299: Frailey, Stephen - School of Visual Arts: Photography Portfolio, Class of 2011
182062: Frampton, Kenneth and Yukio Futagawa - Modern Architecture, 1851-1919
180072: Frampton, Kenneth and Kunio Kudo - Nikken Sekkei: Building Modern Japan, 1900-1990
177758: France, Anatole - Les Contes de Jacques Tournebroche
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