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154516: JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER KEITH - The Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena, for the Use of Colleges, Academies, and Families
744: JOHNSTON SONA K. - Theodore Robinson, 1852-1896
144367: JOHNSTON, R. STEWART - Scholar Gardens of China: A Study and Analysis of the Spatial Design of the Chinese Private Garden
144649: JOHNSTONE, EDWARD - Writing & Illuminating, & Lettering
104265: JOHNSTONE, MRS - The Edinburgh Tales (Volumes 1 + 2)
163199: JOHNSTONE, CHRISTOPHER - John Martin
162161: JOHNSTONE, PAULINE - A Guide to Greek Island Embroidery
152248: JOKELSON, PAUL - Sulphides: The Art of Cameo Incrustation
27413: JOKELSON, PAUL, ED - Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors' Association: 25th Anniversary Issue
136093: JOKELSON, PAUL & GERARD INGOLD - Paperweights of the 19th and 20th Centuries
151962: JOKELSON, PAUL - One Hundred of the Most Important Paperweights
130950: JOKINEN , TEPPO - Italiassa & Saksanmaalla : Taiteilijoiden Ja Taiteentuntijoiden Matkassa 1840-1930
116511: JOLAN, DR. BALOGH - A Regi Szoborosztaly
139432: JOLAS, EUGENE, AND PAUL, ELLIOT (EDITORS) - Transition 7 (October, 1927)
115329: JOLL, EVELYN - Agnew's 150th Anniversary Loan Exhibition of Paintings and Watercolours by J.M. W. Turner, R.A.
130923: JOLLEY, RICHARD; TOMMIE RUSH; PETER MORRIN (ESSAY) - Richard Jolley and Tommie Rush: A Life Glass
122840: JOLLIVET, GASTON (TRANSLATED BY HENRY BACON) - The Salon of 1893: One Hundred Plates in Photogravure and Etchings and One Water Color Facsimile
138883: JOLLY, ANNA - Wachsbildnisse Eines Furstenpaares Von Antonio Abondio (Monographien Der Abegg-Stiftung, 17)
30347: JOLLY, PIERRE - Du Pont de Nemours: Apostle of Liberty and the Promised Land
154120: JOLLY, ANNA - Eine Hollenlandschaft Von Jan Brueghel D.A. (Monographien Der Abegg-Stiftung, 14)
106528: JOLLY, ANNA - Fürstliche Interieurs: Dekorationstextilien Des 18. Jahrhunderts (Riggisberger Berichte 12)
148625: JON, DENNIS MICHAEL AND KRISTIN MAKHOLM - Vermillion Editions Limited: A History and Catalogue 1977-1992
160716: JON, DENNIS MICHAEL - James Castle: The Experience of Every Day
160444: JONAITIS, ALDONA - Art of the Northern Tlingit
17183: JONAS, EDOUARD - Collections Léguées a la Ville de Paris Par Ernest Cognacq
25671: JONAS, F. M. - Netsuke
105682: JONAS, MAURICE - Notes of an Art Collector with 69 Full-Page Plates
140106: JONATHAN COOPER PARK WALK GALLERY - Steven Porwol: Recent Paintings
140105: JONATHAN COOPER PARK WALK GALLERY - Steven Porwol: Red in Tooth and Claw
132807: JONATHAN GREENBERG - Selected American Prints
132805: JONATHAN GREENBERG - The Figure in Modern American Prints
132809: JONATHAN GREENBERG - American Prints at Kennedy Galleries
132804: JONATHAN GREENBERG - Selected American Prints
132808: JONATHAN GREENBERG - Twentieth Century Prints at Kennedy Galleries
140093: JONATHAN COOPER PARK WALK GALLERY - Gary Stinton: Breeds Apart
140107: JONATHAN COOPER PARK WALK GALLERY - Steven Porwol: Flights of Fancy
146283: JONCZYK, LEON AND YOLANDA KLESEN - Dokumentacja / Dokumtation 1985
157947: JONES, ELEANOR HARVEY - Window on the West : Views from the American Frontier [from] the Phelan Collection
137560: JONES, HARVEY L. - The Art of Arthur & Lucia Mathews
138823: JONES, BARBARA L. - Born of Fire: The Valley of Work -- Industrial Scenes of Southwestern Pennsylvania
23659: JONES (SISTERS) - Maryland History Through the Camera's Eye (Volume 1)
130231: JONES, AMELIA (ED.) - Sexual Politics: Judy Chicago's Dinner Party in Feminist Art History
101626: JONES, HARVEY L. - Mathews: Masterpieces of the California Decorative Style
117119: JONES, GWYN - Structure 1966: The First Open Exhibition Exclusively for Sculpture and Construction
108139: JONES, LOUIS C. - The Triumph of American Folk Art
108142: JONES, DALU AND GEORGE MITCHELL - The Arts of Islam: Hayward Gallery 8 April - 4 July 1976
135420: JONES, H. MCCOY AND JEFF W. BOUCHER - Baluchi Rugs: An Exhibition Featuring Rugs of the Baluchi Tribes of Iran and Afghanistan
1210000001: JONES, BARBARA L. - Nature Staged: The Nature and Landscape Paintings of Levi Wells Prentice
1210: JONES, BARBARA L. - Nature Staged: The Nature and Landscape Paintings of Levi Wells Prentice
163107: JONES, ARTHUR F. - The Art of Paul Sawyier
150056: JONES, BARBARA L. - Picturing America: Signature Works from the Westmoreland Museum of American Art
135776: JONES, JEANETTE - Walk on the Wild Side
139083: JONES, JOHN - Wonders of the Stereoscope (Text Volume)
19188: JONES, HARVEY L. - Mathews: Masterpieces of the California Decorative Style
161657: JONES, JAMES - From Here to Eternity
158081: JONES, NELL CHOATE - National Association of Women Artists 62nd Annual Exhibition
152898: JONES, STEPHEN AND ROBERT ROSENBLUM - Mark Rothko: No. 10, 1958
163932: JONES JR., BOB - Revealed Religion": A Series of Paintings by Benjamin West in the War Memorial Chapel
122329: JONES, INIGO - The Most Notable Antiquity of Great Britain Vulgarly Called Stonehenge
140173: JONES, CHARLES W. - Saint Nicholas of Myra, Bari, and Manhattan: Biography of a Legend
163953: JONES, OWEN - The Grammar of Ornament: A Visual Reference of Form and Colour in Architecture and the Decorative Arts
154253: JONES, ARTHUR F. AND STEVE ARBURY - Adolf Dehn: Works on Paper from the Radford University Art Museum Collection
136949: JONES, HARVEY L. - The Art of Arthur & Lucia Mathews
142021: JONES, HARVEY L. - Nathan Oliveira: Paintings, 1959-1973
5021: JONES, AGNES HALSEY - Hudson River School
148941: JONES, PETER C. AND MICHAEL SHNAYERSON - Sweep out Cottage
145277: JONES, THOMAS S. JR. - Akhnation and Other Sonnets ; Sonnets and Quatrains ; Six Sonnets (3 Vols. )
30662: JONES, KELLIE AND MOIRA ROTH - Pat Ward Williams: Probable Cause
36658: JONES, LESLIE - Top 40! the Stoner Collection of 20th-Century Sculptors' Drawings
148988: JONES, STEPHEN - Leighton House Museum
7350: JONES, DAN BURNE - Rockwell Kent: Prints, Drawings and Watercolors
116704: JONES, WILLIAM - Finger-Ring Lore, Historical, Legendary, & Anecdotal
152028: JONES, LIAL A. ET AL. - Reality & Realism: The Ceramic Art of Ah Leon
156400: JONES, A. H. M. - The Cities of the Eastern Roman Provinces
2728: JONES, LOUIS C. AND AGNES HALSEY JONES - Queena Stovall: Artist of the Blue Ridge Piedmont; an Exhibition
156259: JONES, CHARLES HENRY - History of the Campaign for the Conquest of Canada in 1776 : From the Death of Montgomery to the Retreat of the British Army Under Guy Carleton
124267: JONES, GLYN - When the Rose-Bush Brings Forth Apples
32746: JONES, MARK (EDITOR) - Fake? the Art of Deception
136966: JONES, KIMBERLY AND SIMON KELLY, SARAH KENNEL AND HELGA AURISCH - In the Forest of Fontainebleau: Painters and Photographers from Corot to Monet
125385: JONES, ROBERT E. - Provincial Development in Russia: Catherine II and Jacob Sievers
159013: JONES, ARTHUR FREDERICK (EDITOR) - The American Kennel Gazette, October 1942
140998: JONES, PHILLIP MARCH - Phillip March Jones: Points of Departure: Roadside Memorial Polaroids
115283: JONES, OWEN - The Grammar of Ornament: Illustrated by Examples from Various Styles of Ornament, One Hundred and Twelve Plates
142227: JONES, HARVEY L. - Twilight and Reverie: California Tonalist Painting, 1890-1930
723: JONES, ARTHUR F. AND BRUCE WEBER - The Kentucky Painter: From the Frontier Era to the Great War
27178: JONES, COLIN - Madame de Pompadour: Images of a Mistress
123476: JONES, MARK (EDITOR) - Why Fakes Matter: Essays on Problems of Authenticity
16200: JONES, ALVEY L. - Jacob Van Ruisdael's "Ford in the Woods" [Krannert Art Museum Bulletin, Vol. III, No. 2, 1978]
106756: JONES, MARVIN - Movie Buff Checklist: A History of Male Nudity in the Movies
125185: JONES, THOMAS H. AND ADDISON S. CATE - Preliminary Report on a Regional Stratigraphic Study of Devonian Rocks of Pennsylvania
151174: JONES, E. ALFRED - The Old Silver of American Churches
146293: JONES, H. MCCOY AND JEFF W. BOUCHER - The Ersari and Their Weavings: An Exhibition Featuring Rugs of the Ersari Tribes of Russian Turkestan and Afghanistan
26943: JONES, H. MCCOY - Ersari and Their Weavings
159769: JONES, ERNEST AND DAVID EISENBERG - Swing the Clubhead
111830: JONES, PAMELA M. - Giovanni Baglione: Saint Sebastian Healed by an Angel
131746: JONES, RAY - Porcelain in Worcester 1751-1951: An Illustrated Social History
161320: JONES, ANN - New Hall Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, Fourth Edition
135184: JONES, HARRY C. AND JOHN A. ANDERSON - The Absorption Spectra of Solutions of Certain Salts... ; of Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Chromium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, and Erbium in Water, Methyl, Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, and Acetone, and in Mixtures of Water with the Other Solvents
135185: JONES, HARRY C. AND W. W. STRONG - A Study of the Absorption Spectra of Solutions of Certain Salts... ; of Potassium, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Chromium, Erbium, Praeseodymium, Neodymium, and Uranium As Affected by Chemical Agents and by Temperature
135186: JONES, HARRY C. AND W. W. STRONG - The Absorption Spectra of Solutions of Comparatively Rare Salts... ; Including Those of Gadolinium, Dysprosium, and Samarium the Spectrophotography of Certain Chemical Reactions and the Effect of High Temperature on the Absoption Spectra of Non-Aqueous Solutions
139411: JONES, JULIE (EDITOR) - Jade in Ancient Costa Rica
156477: JONES, RONALD - David Salle: Pastoral
8727: JONES, AGNES HALSEY AND LOUIS C. - New-Found Folk Art of the Young Republic
150711: JONES, FRANCIS ET AL. - Historic Houses of Pembrokeshire and Their Families
111581: JONES, KELLIE - Energy Experimentation: Black Artists and Abstraction 1964-1980
145809: JONES, AWEN - Maze: Photographs by Celine Clanet
152410: JONES, KELLIE - Lorna Simpson
158847: JONES, LEONARD A. - The Law of Bonds and Bond Securities, Volume 3
125599: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - O Strange New World: American Culture: The Formative Years
14131: JONES, HARVEY L. ET AL. - Impressionism: The California View, Paintings 1890-1930
160773: JONES, CAROLINE ET AL. - Hans Haacke 1967
125937: JONES, BARBARA L. AND JUDITH HANSEN O'TOOLE - Painting in the United States 2008
126163: JONES, E. ALFRED - Catalogue of the Plate of Oriel College Oxford
126137: JONES, H. MCCOY - Today's Collector Examines Oriental Rugs
152509: JONES, ARTHUR F. AND CARL E. KRAMER - Art in Frankfort: A Capital Collection
139633: JONES, ROBERT W. - Gender and the Formation of Taste in Eighteenth-Century Britain: The Analysis of Beauty
116213: JONES, JEAN CAMPBELL - William Pachner
162409: JONES, H. MCCOY - Rugs of the Yomud Tribes : An Exhibition of Yomud Weavings
29292: JONES, ALFRED - Old English Gold Plate
138560: JONES, LESLIE - Drawing Surrealism
154217: JONES, H. MCCOY AND JEFF W. BOUCHER - An Exhibition of the Weavings of the Tribes in Afghanistan, Christmas 1972
145902: JONES, PROCTOR (EDITOR AND PHOTOGRAPHER) - Classic Russian Idylls
138258: JONES, ALEXANDER - Cuba in 1851 : Containing Authentic Statistics of the Population, Agriculture and Commerce of the Island for a Series of Years, with Official and Other Documents in Relation to the Revolutionary Movements of 1850 and 1851
163542: JONES, OWEN - The Grammar of Ornament: Illustrated by Examples from Various Styles of Ornaments
35957: JONES, SUZI (EDITOR) - Eskimo Drawings
156645: JONES, HORACE LEONARD - The Geography of Strabo, Volume VI (Loeb Classical Library)
103299: JONES, PAMELA M. WITH OTHERS - Edouard Manet and the Execution of Maximilian
156692: JONGE, INGRID FISCHER - Fotografi I Diamanten: Udvalgte Vaerker Fra Det Nationale Fotomuseum
153292: JONGEWARD, DAVID - Buddhist Art of Pakistan and Afghanistan: The Royal Ontario Museum Collection of Gandhara Sculpture
134221: JONKMAN, MAYKEN; JACQUELINE DE RAAD - Mondriaan, Breitner, Sluijters E.A. De Onstuitbare Verzamelaar J.F. S. Esser
159432: JONSON, BEN AND GABRIELE BERNHARD JACKSON (EDITOR) - Ben Jonson : Every Man in His Humor
159431: JONSON, BEN AND STEPHEN ORGEL (EDITOR) - The Complete Masques
122281: JONSON, BEN (NEWLY EDITED BY H.C. HART) - The Alchemist (Part of the King's Library)
152095: JOO, EUNGIE ET AL. - The Ungovernables: 2012 New Museum Triennial
144673: JOORIS, ROLAND - Raoul de Keyser: Bilder, 1976-1978
129404: JOOS, ERWIN; EUGEEN VAN MIEGHEM; - Eugeen Van Mieghem: An Artist of the People
108086: JOOS, ERWIN - Antwerp New York: Eugeen Van Mieghem (1875-1930) and the Emigrants of the Red Star Line
33729: JOOST-GAUGIER, CHRISTIANE L. (EDITOR) - Jacopo Bellini: Selected Drawings
3838: JOPLIN, MO: MISSOURI SOUTHERN STATE COLLEGE, MAR-APR, 1973 - Thomas Hart Benton: A Personal Commemorative *Inscribed by Benton*
139099: JOPPIEN, RUDIGER; BERNARD SMITH - The Art of Captain Cook's Voyages, Volume One: The Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771; with a Descriptive Catalogue of All Known Original Drawings and Paintings of Peoples, Places, Artefacts and Events and Original Engravings Associated with the Voyage
132133: JOPPIEN, RUDIGER; BERNARD SMITH - The Art of Captain Cook's Voyages, Volume Two: The Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure 1772-1775; with a Descriptive Catalogue of All Known Original Drawings and Paintings of Peoples, Places, Artefacts and Events and Original Engravings Associated with the Voyage
111164: JOR, FINN - Bilen - En Kjaerlighetshistorie
133970: JORANSON, EINAR PHD - The Danegeld in France
102706: JORDAN, WILLIAM B. - Juan Van Der Hamen Y Leon & the Court of Madrid
1643000002: JORDAN, WILFRED - Exhibition of Portraits by Charles Willson Peale and James Peale and Rembrandt Peale
104834: JORDAN, WILLIAM B. - The Meadows Museum: A Visitor's Guide to the Collection
4104: JORDAN, JIM M. - Gorky: Drawings
3761: JORDAN-VOLPE GALLERY, NY: 1989 - 19th and 20th Century Paintings
18557: JORDAN-VOLPE GALLERY, NY: OCT. 17 TO DEC. 7, 1996 - Masterpieces of American Painting from the Brooklyn Museum
12354: JORDAN-VOLPE GALLERY, NEW YORK: SEPT. 1990 - 50 Recent Acquisitions
160895: JORDAN, MARK D. - Teaching Bodies: Moral Formation in the Summa of Thomas Aquinas
104826: JORDAN, WILLIAM B. AND PETER CHERRY - Spanish Still Life from Velázquez to Goya
148090: JORDAN, WILLIAM B., JR. - Portland's Famed Weathercock, 1788-1981
147121: JORDAN, WILLIAM B. - Juan Van Der Hamen Y Leon Y la Corte de Madrid
136344: JORDAN, PASCUAL - Anschauliche Quantentheorie: Eine Einfuhrung in Die Moderne Auffassung Der Quantenerscheinungen
17027: JORDAN, WILLIAM B. WITH ASSISTANCE FROM SARAH SCHROTH - Spanish Still Life in the Golden Age, 1600-1650
104825: JORDON, WILLIAM ET AL. - An Eye on Nature: Spanish Still-Life, Paintings from Sanchez Cotan to Goya
106130: JORG, C. J. A. - The Geldermalsen: History and Porcelain
130887: JORG, C J A ; MUSEUM BOYMANS-VAN BEUNINGEN; GRASSIMUSEUM - Oosters Porselein: Een Keuze Uit de Verzameling Van Het Museum Boymans-Van Beuningen = Oriental Porcelain: A Choice from the Boymans-Van Beuningen Museum Collection
129748: JORGENSEN, MOGENS - Egyptian Art from the Amarna Period
120775: JORGENSEN, MOGENS - An Egyptian Pantheon
122903: JORGENSON, JOSEPH J. ET AL. - John MIX Stanley: A Traveller in the West
134966: JORROCKS - The Private Stable: Its Establishment, Management, and Appointments
152434: JOSE FREIRE FINE ART, INC - Rona Pondick: Fiction / Nonfiction
133477: JOSEF STRZYGOWSKI; O.M. DALTON (TRANSL.); H.J. BRAUNHOLTZ (TRANSL.) - Origin of Christian Church Art: New Facts and Principles of Research, Eight Lectures Delivered at Upsala, to Which Is Added a Chapter on Christian Art in Britain
140855: JOSELIT, DAVID - Jasper Johns: Numbers, 0-9, and 5 Postcards
134794: JOSEPH THOMSON - Through Masai Land: A Journey of Exploration Among the Snowclad Volcanic Mountains and Strange Tribes of Eastern Equatorial Africa. Being the Narrative of the Royal Geographical Society's Expedition to Mount Kenya and Lake Victoria Nyanza, 1883-1884
143692: JOSEPH B. SCHENK, JASON SCHOEN, ERIKA DOSS, & ANDREW LADIS - Coming Home: American Paintings 1930-1950 from the Schoen Collection
134213: JOSEPH FISHER - Facsimiles of Original Studies by Michael Angelo, in the University Galleries, Oxford
133453: JOSEPH GILL - IL Concilio Di Firenze (Biblioteca Storica Sansoni, Nuova Serie XLV)
130137: JOSEPH SABIN; WILBERFORCE EAMES; R W G VAIL; BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present Time. (2 Vol. Set)
134818: JOSEPH JOHN GURNEY - A Letter to a Friend on the Authority, Purpose, and Effects of Christianity, and Especially on the Doctrine of Redemption
133766: JOSEPH GILET; JEAN-LOUIS GILET - Travaux D'Architecture: Les Oeuvres de... J. Et J. -L. Gilet
128779: JOSEPH BAER & CO - Bibliothek George Nestle-John. Frankfurt Am Main (1839-95). ; Illustrierte Bücher Des XIII. -XIX. Jahrhunderts. Deutsche, Englische, Französische, Italienische & Spanische Literatur
10582: JOSEPHINE COUCH DEL DEO - Ross Moffett, 1888-1971
112615: JOSEPHSON, MATTHEW - Life Among the Surrealists: A Memoir
164468: JOSEPHSON, MATTHEW - Ruth Gikow
116763: JOSLIN, MARK - John Snow: Four Decades
134119: JOSPEH ARNETH - Die Antiken Cameen Des K.K. Munz- Und Antiken-Cabinettes in Wien (Monumente Des K.K. Munz- Und Antiken-Cabinettes in Wien)
104216.1: JOST, HANS ULRICH, BRANDON BRAME FORTUNE, AND WILLIAM HAUPTMAN - From Liotard to le Corbusier: 200 Years of Swiss Painting, 1730-1930
104216: JOST, HANS ULRICH, BRANDON BRAME FORTUNE, AND WILLIAM HAUPTMAN - From Liotard to le Corbusier: 200 Years of Swiss Painting, 1730-1930
25700: JOSZ, VIRGILE - Antoine Watteau
143943: JOUBERT, LUCIE AND ANNETTE HAYWARD - La Vieille Fille: Lectures D'Un Personnage
161296: JOUFFROY, ALAIN ET AL. - Dorothea Tanning: Essais, Lettres, Poèmes Et Témoignages (Xxe Siecle)
152101: JOUFFROY, ALAIN ET AL. - Rauschenberg
144532: JOUFFROY, ALAIN - Schlosser: L'Espace Du Dehors, L'Espace Du Dedans = Outside Space, Inside Space
161298: JOUFFROY, ALAIN - Dorothea Tanning
161383: JOUFFROY, ALAIN ET AL. - Henry Moore : Sculptures, Drawings, Prints = Skulpturen, Zeichnungen, Grafiken = Sculptures, Dessins, Estampes
146371: JOUFFROY, ALAIN - Bat-Yosef
157505: JOUHANDEAU, MARCEL - Marie Laurencin
115252: JOUIN, M. HENRY - Charles le Brun Et Les Arts Sous Louis XIV. Le Premier Peintre, Sa Vie, Son Oeuvre, Ses Ecrits, Ses Contemporains, Son Influence
162659: JOULIE, FRANCOISE AND JEAN-FRANCOIS MEJANES - Francois Boucher : Hier Et Aujourd' Hui
108021: JOURDAIN, M. - English Decoration and Furniture of the Later Xviiith Century 1760-1820: An Accout of Its Development and Characteristic Forms
152214: JOURDAIN, M. - Old Lace: A Handbook for Collectors - an Account of the Different Styles of Lace, Their History, Characteristics & Manufacture
105631: JOURDAIN, MARGARET AND R. SOAME JENYNS - Chinese Export Art in the Eighteenth Century
118834: JOURDAIN, FRANTZ - Albert Besnard and His Work (from Art and Letters: An Illustrated Review, Date Unknown)
105063: JOURDAIN, MARGARET AND RALPH FASTNEDGE - Regency Furniture 1795-1830
11728: JOUVANCOURT, HUGUES DE - Cornelius Krieghoff
149002: JOUZEAU, MARIE-HELENE ET AL. - La Grace Baroque: Chefs-D'Oeuvre de L'Ecole de Quito
159179: JOY, GLORIA AND RICHARD SKEIE - Gloria Joy : The Goddess Series 1985 to 1994
114291: JOY, EDWARD (INTRO.) - Pictorial Dictionary of British 19th Century Furniture Design
105209: JOY, ADWARD T. - English Furniture 1800-1851
10883: JOYAUX, ALAIN G. ET AL. - Childe Hassam in Indiana
138558: JOYCE, JULIE ET AL. - Labour & Wait
116838: JOYCE, JULIE AND MALIK GAINES - Todd Gray: Immaculate
125715: JOYCE, JULIE; MICHAEL DUNCAN, ET.AL - Charles Garabedian: A Retrospective
132669.1: JOYCE, THOMAS ATHOL ; H J BRAUNHOLTZ; BRITISH MUSEUM - Handbook to the Ethnographical Collections
132269: JOYCE, THOMAS ATHOL ; H J BRAUNHOLTZ; BRITISH MUSEUM - Handbook to the Ethnographical Collections
107015: JOYES, CLAIRE - Claude Monet: Life at Giverny
141741: JOYES, CLAIRE - The Taste of Giverny: At Home with Monet and the American Impressionists
36544: JOYNER, J. BROOKS - Artists of the American West 1830 - 1940
144738: JOYNER WADDINGTONS - Canadian Art, Fall 2003
144737: JOYNER WADDINGTONS - Canadian Art, Fall 2002
137849: JPL FINE ARTS - Camille Pissarro (1830 - 1903). Paintings, Pastels, Watercolours and Drawings
145290: JUAN-CARLOS, RICARDO AND PHIL FLASCHE - Photographing the Male: How to Photograph the Male Form in Action and Repose
140428: JUAN, ANDREA - Andrea Juan: Proyecto Antartida = Antarctica Project
119087: JUDA, ANNELY ET AL. - From Figuration to Abstraction
108596: JUDA, DAVID - Yoshishige Saito: Time Space Wood
130874: JUDA (ANNELY) FINE ART - Roger Ackling: High Noon
127170: JUDA, DAVID ET AL. - Leon Kossoff
111380: JUDD, ORANGE (EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR) - The American Agriculturist. Designed to Improve All Classes Interested in Soil Culture. Including the Farmer, Gardner, Fruit Grower, Planter, Stock Breeder, &C
102155: JUDD, BOB - Gustavo Ramos Rivera: The Poetics of Painting. Paintings, Monotypes and Collages, 1981-2005
156850: JUDD, NEIL M. AND GLOVER M. ALLEN - The Material Culture of Pueblo Bonito
162481: JUDD, DON AND WILLIAM C. AGEE - The Chinati Foundation = la Fundación Chinati
151597: JUDIN, JUERG AND JONAS STORSVE - Sandra Vásquez de la Horra
103820: JUDITH RUSSI KIRSHNER ET AL. - Subjective Realities: Works from the Refco Collection of Contemporary Photography
157136: JUDITH APPLEGATE - Art Deco
1783: JUDSON, ISABELLA FIELD (EDITOR) - Cyrus W. Field: His Life and Work (1819-1892)
120324: JUDSON, W.L. - The Building of a Picture
145756: JUDSON, HORACE FREELAND - Anatomia Del Fraude Cientifico
143696: JUDSON, J. RICHARD - Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard: Part VI: The Passion of Christ
132349: JUDY GELLES - Florida: Family Portrait
100657: JUET, ROBERT - Juet's Journal. The Voyage of the Half Moon
133704: JULES GOURDAULT - La Suisse: Etudes Et Voyages, a Travers Les 22 Cantons (Premiere Partie Et Deuxieme Partie)
140533: JULIA, CARMAN AND JUAN LEDEZMA - Carmen Herrera
133611: JULIA HENDERSON LEVERING - Historic Indiana, Being Chapters in the Story of the Hoosier State from the Romantic Period of Foreign Exploration and Dominion Through Pioneer Days, Stirring War Times, and Periods of Peaceful Progress, to the Present Time, Illustrated
163851: JULIAN, PHILIPPE - The Orientalists: European Painters of Eastern Scenes
163994: JULIAN, LINDA - Thomas Stephen Powell: Portraitist of the Greenville District
145746: JULIAN, PHILIPPE - The Triumph of Art Nouveau, Paris Exhibition 1900
148373: JULIANO, ANNETTE L. AND JUDITH A. LERNER - Monks and Merchants: Silk Road Treasures from Northwest China -- Gansu and Ningxia, 4th-7th Century
153887: JULIANO, ANNETTE L. AND AN JIAYAO - Unearthed: Recent Archaeological Discoveries from Northern China
139779.1: JULIANO, ANNETTE L. AND JUDITH A. LERNER - Monks and Merchants: Silk Road Treasures from Northwest China -- Gansu and Ningxia, 4th-7th Century
151517: JÜLICH, THEO - Alfred Messel Und Sein Darmstädter Landesmuseum: Geschichte Und Architektur
131920: JULIEN, EDOUARD - Toulouse-Lautrec Au Musee D'Albi
17640: JULIG, SUZANNE L. AND LANE TALBOT SPARKMAN - Center Stage: Entertainment in American and European Art
119362: JULLIAN, RENE - Hans Et Lea Grundig
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137971: KENT, ROCKWELL - Portinari: His Life and Art
147775: KENT, RACHEL AND MARK NASH - Kutlug Ataman: Perfect Strangers
22085.1: KENT, HENRY WATSON AND FLORENCE N. LEVY - The Hudson-Fulton Celebration: Catalogue of an Exhibition Held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Vol. II)

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