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112499: HELLER, NANCY - Women Artists: Works from the National Museum of Women in the Arts
156640: HELLER, REINHOLD - Kurt Schwitters: Dada, Collages, Drawings, Objects
30007: HELLERICH, MAHLON, AND SCOTT SWANK - A Pennsylvania German Precisionist: The Art of Richard Peter Hoffman
151137: HELLERSTEDT, KAHREN J. AND DAVID G. WILKINS AND ADAM VON BARTSCH - Netherlandish School: Pre-Rembrandt Etchers (the Illustrated Bartsch, 53)
121282: HELLICH, ERIKA - Photographien Von Stephanie Windisch-Graetz
127083: HELLIESEN, SIDSEL, AND TINA GRUTTER, BERNHARD VON WALDKIRCH, MARIE L. BANG - Zeichnungen Der Romantik Aus Der Nationalgalerie Oslo
107081: HELLIWELL, STEPHEN - Small Silver Tableware
123736: HELLIWELL, STEPHEN - Collecting Small Silverware
145884: HELLMAN, ROBERTA AND MARVIN HOSHINO - Helen Levitt: Color Photographs
151841: HELLMAN, LILLIAN - Days to Come
103208: HELLMAN, GEORGE S. (PREFACE) AND RICHARD EDERHEIMER AND FRANCES HELLMAN - Illustrated Catalogue to an Exhibition of Engravings by the Three Great Masters of the 16th Century: Albrecht Durer, Lucas Van Leyden, Marc Antonio Raimondi; Etc Etc.
134983: HELLMAN, GEORGE S., ED - Letters of Henry Brevoort to Washington Irving, Together with Other Unpublished Brevoort Papers
129090: HELLNER, FAYE - For the Love of Creation: The Life and Art of Eva Stubbs
100654: HELLYEAR, A. G. L. ET AL. - Flowers in Colour: An Amateur Gardening Encyclopaedia
5870: HELM, MACKINLEY AND FREDERICK S. WIGHT - John Marin: A Retrospective Exhibition
155276: HELM, MACKINLEY - John Marin
37079: HELMAN GALLERY, MO: MAY TO JUNE 1971 - Ralston Crawford, American Modernist
116205: HELMREICH, FRANZI - Ceija Stojka: Bilder & Texte 1989 - 1995
126512: HELMRICH, MICHELE (CURATOR) - Prostrate Your Horses: Weather and Then Some -- Rosemary Laing at the University of Queensland Art Museum
108560: HELMS, DIETRICH - Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart: Drawings and Collages: 1920 - 1960
154198: HELMS, MARY W. - Cuna Molas and Cocle Art Forms: Reflections on Panamanian Design Styles and Symbols (Working Papers in the Traditional Arts, 7)
108902: HELSELL, CHARLES - Country Life, City Life: Prints from the Harold D. Peterson Collection
159477: HELSINGER, ELIZABETH K. - Poetry and the Pre-Raphaelite Arts: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Morris
111594: HELSINGER, ELIZABETH K. - Poetry and the Pre-Raphaelite Arts: Dante Gabriel Rossetti & William Morris
135440: HELSINKI: NORDISKT KONSTCENTRUM, 1986 - Lena Cronqvist
124117: HELSTED, DYVEKE ET AL. - Martinus Rorbye 1803-1848
116157: HELSTEIN, MELVIN - Puppetry of India: An Exhibition of Figures Celebrating India's Culture
104835: HELSTON, MICHAEL - Painting in Spain During the Later Eighteenth Century
158552: HELTUNEN, VICKI L. AND ROGER D. RAK - Color, Pattern & Plane E. Martin Hennings in Taos
133938: HELYOT - Album Ou Collection Complete Et Historique Des Costumes de la Cour de Rome Des Ordres Monastiques, Religieux Et Militaires, Et Des Congregations Seculieres Des Deux Sexes. , 80 Figures Dessinées Et Coloriees D'Apres Nature Par G. Perugini. Deuxieme Edition
143769: HEMAN, FELICIA - Poems by Mrs. Felicia Heman, a New Collection / Mrs. Hemans's Earlier Poems (2 Volumes)
137365: HEMIN, YVES, ET AL. - Pascin: Catalogue Raisonne -- Peintures, Aquarelles, Pastels, Dessins (2 Vols. + Index)
35699: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - A Farewell to Arms
161652: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - For Whom the Bell Tolls
157484: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Sun Also Rises
161795: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The First Forty-Nine Stories
161764: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Old Man and the Sea
143247: HEMINGWAY, ANDREW - Artists on the Left: American Artists and the Communist Movement, 1926-1956
161721: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - A Farewell to Arms
122668: HEMINWAY, JOHN - Jonathan Kenworthy: Sculpture and Works on Paper
146385: HEMMASI, HARRIETTE WITH JO-ANN CONKLIN AND ABBOTT GLEASON - Views and Re-Views: Soviet Political Posters and Cartoons
148527: HEMON, LOUIS AND W. H. BLAKE - Maria Chapdelaine: A Tale of the Lake St. John Country
24229: HEMPHILL, HERBERT W. JR. - Folk Sculpture Usa
128832: HEMPHILL, C. DALLETT - Siblings: Brothers & Sisters in American History
143733: HEMPTINNE, THERESE DE ET AL. - Speaking to the Eye: Sight and Insight Through Text and Image (1150-1650) (Medieval Identities: Socio-Cultural Spaces)
112965: HEMSTREET, CHARLES - Nooks & Corners of Old New York
147939: HENAULT, GILLES - Panorama de la Peinture Au Quebec, 1940-1966
145019: HENAULT, GILLES - Pierre Clerk: Oeuvres Recentes Peintures Et Sculptures
19191: HENCH, JOHN B. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society: A Journal of American History and Culture Through 1876, Vol. 105, Part I.
131261: HENCH, JOHN B. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society: A Journal of American History and Culture Through 1876, Vol. 101, Part 2. Annual Meeting Worcester October 16 1991
156221: HENCKEN, HUGH - The Earliest European Helmets: Bronze Age and Early Iron Age (Bulletin No. 28)
111402: HENDERSON, HUNT - Etchings, Lithographs, Paintings and Drawings by James Mcneill Whistler
107956: HENDERSON, JUSTIN - Museum Architecture
387: HENDERSON, HELEN W. - The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Other Collections of Philadelphia
122443: HENDERSON, PETER - Gardening for Pleasure
138640: HENDERSON, LINDA DALRYMPLE - The Fourth Dimension and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Art
126770: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD - Washington's Southern Tour 1791
123014: HENDERSON, LESTER KIERSTEAD AND SHIRLEY KOPLOY - The Sublime Heritage of Martha Mood (2 Vols. )
3087: HENDRICKS, GORDON - Thomas Eakins: His Photographic Works
163610: HENDRICKS, GORDON - Beginnings of the Biograph: The Story of the Invention of the Mutoscope and the Biograph and Their Supplying Camera
577: HENDRICKS, GORDON - A. Bierstadt: An Essay and Catalogue to Accompany a Retrospective Exhibition of the Work of Albert Bierstadt
148662: HENDRICKS, GORDON - Eadweard Muybridge, the Father of the Motion Picture
163421: HENDRICKS, GORDON - The Kinetoscope: America's First Commercially Successful Motion Picture Exhibitor
129895: HENDRICKS, GEOFFREY - La Capra
3485: HENDRICKS, GORDON - The Life and Works of Winslow Homer
3839: HENDRICKS, GORDON - Albert Bierstadt, 1830-1902
3470: HENDRICKS, GORDON - The Life and Work of Thomas Eakins
158559: HENDRICKS, GORDON - Beginnings of the Biograph : The Story of the Invention of the Mutoscope and the Biograph and Their Supplying Camera
155190: HENDRICKS, GORDON - Albert Bierstadt, Painter of the American West
3549: HENDRICKS, GORDON - The Photographs of Thomas Eakins
156743: HENDRICKSON, G. L. AND H. M. HUBBELL - Cicero V: Brutus, Orator (Loeb Classical Library)
136823: HENDRICKSON, MARY E. - The Fieldstone Collection of Early California Art
163046: HENDRIKMAN, L.; ANNA KOLDEWEIJ; GERDIEN WUESTMAN - Henri de Fromantiou. Vorstelijke Illusies
120769: HENDY, PHILIP - European and American Paintings in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
125057: HENEBRY, RICHARD - A Handbook of Irish Music
113999: HENERY, JONATHAN - Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Over the River - Project for Arkansas River, State of Colorado / Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Mastaba - Project for United Arab Emirates
158655: HENFRY, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - The Journal of the Photographic Society of London : Containing the Transactions of the Society and a General Record of Photographic Art and Science : Vol. I.
109354: HENIG, SUZANNE, ED - Virginia Woolf Quarterly
109356: HENIG, SUZANNE, ED - Virginia Woolf Quarterly
109358: HENIG, SUZANNE, ED - Virginia Woolf Quarterly
147529: HENINGER, S.K. - The Cosmographical Glass, Renaissance Diagrams of the Universe
135356: HENISCH, BRIDGET ANN - The Medieval Cook
113050: HENKEL, KATHRYN - The Apocalypse
130065: HENKELS (STAN V.), PHILADELPHIA: JAN. 21 AND 22, 1904 - The Hampton L. Carson Collection of Engraved Portraits of Gen. George Washington (Part 1
7648: HENKES, ROBERT - Themes in American Painting: A Reference Work to Common Styles and Genres
30966: HENNESSEY, MAUREEN HART AND ANNE KNUTSON - Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People
31969: HENNESSEY, WILLIAM - Russel Wright: American Designer
156174: HENNESSEY, WILLIAM J. - Modern Furnishings for the Home
154275: HENNIG, CALVIN - James Fitzgerald
32285: HENNING VON DER OSTEN, HANS - Ancient Oriental Seals in the Collection of Mrs. Agnes Baldwin Brett
6421: HENNING, EDWARD B. - Paths of Abstract Art
24226: HENNING, EDWARD - Landscapes, Interior and Exterior: Avery, Rothko, and Schueler
140613: HENNING, CAROLINE - Ged Quinn
137322: HENNING, ROBERT - Destined for Hollywood: The Art of Dan Sayre Groesbeck
131842: HENNING, ROBERT (CURATOR) - Modern European Masterpieces from the Envoy and Latner Family Collection: An Exhibition of Twenty-Five Paintings and Sculptures on Loan to Springfield
151935: HENNING, WILLIAM T. JR. - Ernest L. Blumenschein Retrospective
114976: HENNING, ANDREAS AND SCOTT SCHAEFER (EDITORS) - Captured Emotions: Baroque Painting in Bologna, 1575-1725
162423: HENNING, WILLIAM - Aaron Bohrod Retrospective
153551: HENNING, ROBERT JR. ET AL. - Diverse Directions: A Collector's Choice: Selections from the Charles Craig Collection
6421.2: HENNING, EDWARD B. - Paths of Abstract Art
2454: HENNING, WILLIAM T. (JR.) - A Catalogue of the American Collection; Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee
123632: HENNING, FRITZ (EDITOR) - Stevan Dohanos: American Realist
133217: HENNING MANKELL; CARMEN MONTES (TRADUCCION) - Un Angel Impuro; (Impreso En Espana: Minnet Av En Smutsig Angel. Coleccion Andanzas, 774)
162581: HENNING, FRITZ (EDITOR) - Famous Artists Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 3, 1971
9073: HENRI, ROBERT (MARGERY RYERSON, COMPILER) - The Art Spirit, a New Issue with an Introduction by Forbes Watson
133066: HENRI KAMER; TOUMANI TRIANDE (FOREWORD) - Haute-Volta: A L'Occasion de la Quinzaine Africaine
146621: HENRIC, JACQUES - Titus-Carmel: Suite Chancay
162687: HENRIOT, GABRIEL - Collection David Weill: Tome Troisieme: Dessins. [2 Vols. ]
133682: HENRY W. SHOEMAKER - A Forgotten People: The Pennsylvania Mountaineers
108921: HENRY, FRANCOISE - Irish Art in the Early Christian Period
163248: HENRY HOPKINS (DIRECTOR) - Clyfford Still
7405: HENRY, MARTHA - J. Milder: "Messiah on the Ind and Other Biblical Tales". Paintings from 1966
152561: HENRY, GERRIT - Lisa Zwerling: Primitive Mysteries
141874: HENRY, GARRIT - Connie Fox: Connie Fox's Wild Classicism
146191: HENRY, GERRIT - William King
6708: HENRY, CHARLES T. ET AL. - Everett Shinn, 1873-1953
132157: HENRY, TOM - Signorelli in British Collections: Catalogue of Works Exhibited
117080: HENRY, GERRIT - Yumi Tohyama: The Dual Letter
16339: HENRY, GERRIT - A Noble Tradition Revisited: The Contemporary American Still Life
150611: HENRY SOTHERAN LIMITED - Piccadilly Notes: Summer 2015
132053: HENRY BARENDSE (CURATOR); CAROL SQUIERS - The Fashionable Image: Unconventional Fashion Photography
156723: HENRY, GERRIT - Irma Gilgore: Fragments and Fragmentations, Paintings and Drawings -- "Beyond the Fragment
145820: HENRY, KATHRYN WITH JOANNA ROBIN AND RICHARD ROBIN - Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian, Book 2 (2 Volumes; Textbook and Lab Manual)
35391: HENRY, GERRIT - Jack Beal
104086: HENRY, JOHN (INTRODUCTORY ESSAY BY WILLIAM GERDTS) - American Art at the Flint Institute of Arts
134229: HENRY REVELEY - Notices Illustrative of the Drawings and Sketches of Some of the Most Distinguished Masters in All the Principal Schools of Design
134887: HENRY T. TUCKERMAN - The Criterion; or the Test of Talk About Familiar Things. A Series of Essays
155085: HENRY DISSTON & SONS, INC - Disston Tool Manual for School Shops: A Book of Practical Information on the Construction, Use, and Care of Saws, Tools, and Files
148857: HENRY, GARRIT - Herbert Katzman: Drawings
108437: HENRY, GERRIT - Eleanore Berman: Requiem Series: Paintings and Works on Paper 1990-1998
161027: HENRY, MAURICE - Antologia Grafica Del Surrealismo
147935: HENRY, GERRIT - Alice Baber 1938-1982
150483: HENRY, GERRIT - Nell Blaine: Recent Oils and Works on Paper
132914: HENRY HAVARD - Histoire de L'Orfevrerie Francaise
137989: HENRY DISSTON & SONS, INC - Disston Handbook : Containing a Treatise on the Construction of Saws and How to Keep Them in Order. Together with Other Information of Kindred Character. ; Hand Saw and Tool Section
16409: HENRY, GERRIT - Susan Abbott: Romance and Meaning, Watercolors
133680: HENRY W. SHOEMAKER - The Cumberland Valley and the Highland Regiments
133681: HENRY W. SHOEMAKER - The West Branch and the Constitution
132922: HENRY NOCQ; P. ALFASSA; J. GUERIN - Orfevrerie Civile Francaise Du Xvie Au Debut Du Xixe Siecle (2 Vols)
133617: HENRY GILES - Illustrations of Genius, in Some of Its Relations to Culture and Society
105769: HENRYWOOD, R. K. - Relief-Moulded Jugs, 1820-1900
124175: HENTSCHEL, DR. MARTIN - Sigmar Polke
151427: HENTSCHEL, MARTIN ET AL. - Sigmar Polke: Die Drei Lügen Der Malerei
108717: HENTZEN, ALFRED - Paul Klee, Max Beckmann
21182: HENTZEN, ALFRED - Horst Janssen: Master Drawings
114951: HENZE, WOLFGANG UND INGEBORG - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1880-1938
16458: HENZE GALLERIA, LUGANO, SWITZERLAND: SEPT. 18 TO DEC. 20, 1991 - Ursula: Werke, 1951-1991
147486: HENZE, WOLFGANG - Friederich Werthmann: Plastik
105654: HENZKE, LUCILE - American Art Pottery
136726: HEON, LAURA STEWARD - Yankee Remix: Artists Take on New England
151953: HEON, LAURA STEWARD - Barry X Ball
107515: HEPPNER, IRENE (COMPILER) - Bibliography on Portraiture: Selected Writings on Portraiture As an Art Form and As Documentation. 2 Volumes
119367: HEPWORTH, CHARLES - Hugo Bastidas: On the Surface
128207: HEPWORTH, BARBARA; ADAMS, ANTHONY (ED.) - Barbara Hepworth: A Pictorial Autobiography
128200: HEPWORTH, BARBARA; ALAN BOWNESS - Barbara Hepworth: Drawings from a Sculptor's Landscape
149104: HEPWORTH, STEPHEN ET AL. - Glenn Brown
16453: HEPWORTH, CHARLES - Sophia Vari: Recent Sculpture
159874: HEPWORTH, THOMAS CRADDOCK - The Book of the Lantern (Aspects of Film)
130644: HEPWORTH, CHARLES - Hugo Bastidas: Fin de Siecle
29434: HERBERT, J. A. - Illuminated Manuscripts
123197: HERBERT, GEORGE - The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations
103454: HERBERT, LYNN M. ET AL. - Jim Love: From Now on
21592: HERBERT F. JOHNSON MUSEUM OF ART; NANCY GREEN - Dreams, Myths, and Realities: A Vincent Smith Retrospective
117081: HERBERT, LYNN M. - Liz Ward: The Present of Past Things
21026: HERBERT, EUGENIA W. - Red Gold: Copper Arts of Africa
113629: HERBERT, ROBERT L. - Seurat's Drawings
144168: HERBERT, MARTIN AND ASMUND THORKILDSEN - Leonard Rickhard: Paintings
112493: HERBERT, JAMES D. - Our Distance from God: Studies of the Divine and the Mundane in Western Art and Music
156891: HERBERT, ROBERT L., ET AL. (EDITOR) - The Société Anonyme and the Dreier Bequest at Yale University: A Catalogue Raisonné
128306: HERBERT, ROBERT L. - Georges Seurat, 1859-1891
136790: HERBERT, JAMES D. - Fauve Painting: The Making of Cultural Politics
133442: HERBERT W. ROTT (ED); ET AL. - George Stubbs 1724-1806: Science Into Art
134275: HERBERT J. SPINDEN - A Study of Maya Art, Its Subject Matter and Historical Development (Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Memoirs, Volume VI)
133869: HERBERT SPENCER TRUSTEES; J.P. MAHAFFY; W.A. GOLIGHER; HENRY R. TEDDER - Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopedia of Social Facts. No. 10, Greeks: Hellenic Era
104463: HERBERT, ROBERT - Jean-Francois Millet
146855: HERBERT, MARTIN - Barnaby Furnas
22903: HERBERT, ROBERT L. - Georges Seurat, 1859-1891
133836: HERBERT E. MARTINI (ED); ET AL. - Applied Art: A Collection of Designs Showing the Tendencies of American Industrial Art (Volume One)
22112: HERBERT, ROBERT L. ET AL. - Seurat
133862: HERBERT SPENCER; DAVID DUNCAN; RICHARD SCHEPPIG; JAMES COLLIER - Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopedia of Social Facts. No 1: English
153680: HERBERT, LYNN M. - Trenton Doyle Hancock: The Life and Death of #1
133863: HERBERT SPENCER; DAVID DUNCAN; RICHARD SCHEPPIG; JAMES COLLIER - Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopedia of Social Facts Representing the Consistution of Every Type and Grade of Human Society, Past and Present, Staionary and Progressive. No. 3: Lowest Races, Negrito Races, and Malayo-Polynesian Races
18886: HERBERT, ROBERT L. - Neo-Impressionism
110100: HERBERT, LYNN M. - Perspectives 150: Robyn O'Neil
12464: HERBERT, ROBERT L. - Leger's le Grand Dejeuner
133034.1: HERBERT M. COLE; CHIKE C. ANIAKOR; CHINUA ACHEBE, ET AL. - Igbo Arts: Community and Cosmos
134515: HERBERT W. GRAHAM; ERIK G. MOBERG - Scientific Results of Cruise VII of the Carnegie During 1928-1929 Under Command of Captain J.P. Ault. Chemistry - I. Chemical Results of the Last Cruise of the Carnegie (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 562)
134521: HERBERT W. GRAHAM; NATALIA BRONIKOVSKY - Scientific Results of Cruise VII of the Carnegie During 1928-1929 Under Command of Captain J.P. Ault. Biology - V. The Genus Ceratium in the Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 565)
101296: HERBERT, ROBERT L.ET AL - Seurat and the Making of la Grande Jatte
138775: HERBERT, SHARON - The Red-Figure Pottery (Corinth, Volume VII, Part IV)
133872: HERBERT SPENCER TRUSTEES; REUBEN LEVY - Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopedia of Social Facts. No. 13: Mesopotamia (the Ancient Inhabitants of the Tigris-Euphrates Lands)
9230: HERBERT F. JOHNSON MUSEUM OF ART - Cornell Then, Sculpture Now
144867: HERBERT, HENRY WILLIAM - Hints to Horse-Keepers: A Complete Manual for Horsemen
133871: HERBERT SPENCER TRUSTEES; W. FLINDERS PETRIE - Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopedia of Social Facts. No. 11: Ancient Egyptians
136612: HERBERT, ROBERT L., ET AL. (EDITOR) - The Société Anonyme and the Dreier Bequest at Yale University: A Catalogue Raisonné
133865: HERBERT SPENCER; DAVID DUNCAN; RICHARD SCHEPPIG; JAMES COLLIER - Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopedia of Social Facts Representing the Consistution of Every Type and Grade of Human Society, Past and Present, Staionary and Progressive. No. 5: Asiatic Races
133866: HERBERT SPENCER; DAVID DUNCAN; RICHARD SCHEPPIG; JAMES COLLIER - Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopedia of Social Facts Representing the Consistution of Every Type and Grade of Human Society, Past and Present, Staionary and Progressive. No. 6: American Races (North and South Americans)
162056: HERBERTS, KURT - Das Buch Der Ostasiatischen Lackkunst
146794: HERBIN, AUGUSTE - Herbin
163508: HERBST, KATRIN - Martin Luther: Treasures of the Reformation
30469000001: HERBST, TOBY AND JOEL KOPP - The Flag in American Indian Art
112979: HERDAN, ANDREW C. (EDITOR) - Union Township, Rural Recollections: A Narrative and Pictorial History of Union Township Researched and Compiled by the Union Township Historical Society
158798: HERDEG, WALTER (EDITOR) - Graphis No. 112
164027: HERDING, KLAUS - Courbet: To Venture Independence
124980: HERDING, KLAUS AND MAX HOLLEIN (EDITORS) - Courbet: A Dream of Modern Art
137698: HERDRICH, STEPHANIE AND H. BARBARA WEINBERG - American Drawings and Watercolors in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: John Singer Sargent
129837: HERESIES COLLECTIVE - Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics. #1: Feminism, Art and Politics
144826: HERFORD, OLIVER - An Alphabet of Celebrities
135835: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - The Party Dress
135832: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Cytherea
111043: HERGOTT, FABRICE - Gravures Fauves Et Expressionnistes
140280: HERGOTT, FABRICE ET AL. - Zeng Fanzhi: Musee D'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 18 Octobre 2013-16 Fevrier 2014
5922: HERING, FANNY FIELD - The Life and Works of Jean Leon Gerome
115083: HERING, KARL-HEINZ - IM Geiste Von Paul Klee
25213: HERITAGE GALLERY, LOS ANGELES: NO DATE, CIRCA 1984 - Drawings and Watercolors from the Estate of Charles White and the Heritage Gallery Collection
157953: HERITAGE NUMISMATIC AUCTIONS, INC - Platinum Night: Fun Signature Sale #336, January 7, 2004
147473: HERIVEL, JOHN - The Background to Newton's Principia: A Study of Newton's Dynamical Researches in the Years 1664-84
130362: HERKENHOFF, PAULO - Die Dichte Des Lichts : Zeitgenossische Brasilianische Fotografie = Density of Light : Contemporary Brazilian Photography = a Espessura Da Luz: Fotografia Brasileira Contemporanea
111140: HERLIHY, KATHERINE - Quiet Reflections: The Art of Gunnar Norrman
148162: HERMAN, GARRETT - Darwin: The Evolution of the Man - from the Collection of Garrett Herman
142254: HERMAN, LLOYD E. - California Crafts XIII
136200: HERMAN, LLOYD E. - Trashformations: Recycled Materials in Contemporary American Art and Design
135899: HERMAN, BERNARD L. (EDITOR) - Thornton Dial: Thoughts on Paper
123647: HERMAN, LLOYD E. - Paint on Wood: Decorated American Furniture Since the 17th Century
113697: HERMAN, LLOYD E. - Clearly Art: Pilchuck's Glass Legacy
153954: HERMAN, JOSEF - Homage to Henryk Gotlib
138606: HERMAN, GABRIEL - Morality and Behaviour in Democratic Athens: A Social History
102207: HERMAN, LLOYD E. AND RAYMOND LOEWY - The Designs of Raymond Loewy
127333: HERMANN HISTORICA - 54. Auktion: Alte Waffen, Jagdliches Und Kunsthandwerk, 9. / 10. April 2008
125878: HERMANN TRENKWALD; FRIEDRICH PAUL THEODOR SARRE; A F KENDRICK; SIEGFRIED TROLL; KURT ERDMANN ET AL. - Old Oriental Carpets Issued by the Austrian Museum for Art and Industry; with Text by Friedrich Sarre and Hermann Trenkwald, Translated by A.F. Kendrick
148216: HERMANS, EDUARD H. - Humor in de Geneeskunde (Vol. I)
158296: HERMARY, ANTOINE AND JOAN R. MERTENS - The Cesnola Collection of Cypriot Art: Stone Sculpture
100589: HERMELIN, CARL F AND ELSEBETH WELANDER - Glasboken : Historia, Teknik Och Form
149530: HERNAD, BEATRICE AND KARIN V. MAUR - Papiergesange: Buchkunst IM Zwanzigsten Jahrhundert - Kunstlerbucher, Malerbucher, Und Pressendrucke Aus Den Sammlungen Der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek Munchen
20945: HERNANDEZ, JO FARB - Misch Kohn: Beyond the Tradition
157161: HERNANDEZ, JO FARB AND PAUL J. KARLSTROM - Fire and Flux: An Undaunted Vision: The Art of Charles Strong
112245: HERNANDEZ, JUAN VINCENTE - La Prensa En El Archivo General Militar de Segovia: Catalogo (1810-1935)
123213: HERNANDEZ, JOSE MARIA MEDIANERO - Nuestra Senora de la Antigua: La Virgen "Decana" de Sevilla
145760: HERNDON-CONSAGRA, FRANCESCA AND SYDNEY JANE NORTON - Dreamscapes: February 11, 2011-August 13, 2011
116252: HERNER DE LARREA, IRENE ET AL. - Diego Rivera: Paradise Lost at Rockefeller Center
148161: HEROLD, INGE WITH ULRIKE LORENZ AND MARIE-AMELIE ZU SALM SALM - Manet, Cezanne, Van Gogh Aus Aller Welt Zu Gast
112138: HEROLD, MARTINE - L'Acadamie Julian a Cent Ans . .
113116: HERON, WINNIE (ED.) - Margaret Rinkovsky: The Odyssey Landscapes Reconsidered
143448: HERON, LIZ AND VAL WILLIAMS (EDITOR) - Illuminations: Women Writing on Photography from the 1850s to the Present
152058: HERR, PATRICIA T. - The Ornamental Branches: " Needlework and Arts from the Lititz Moravian Girls' School, between 1800 and 1865
147792: HERREMAN, FRANK AND CONSTANTIJN PETRIDIS (EDITORS) - Face of the Spirits: Masks from the Zaire Basin
133375: HERREMAN, FRANK (EDITOR); ELZE BRUYNINX; MUSEUM FOR AFRICAN ART (NEW YORK, N.Y) - In the Presence of Spirits : African Art from the National Museum of Ethnology, Lisbon
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144544: HIGGS, PERCY JACKSON - Exhibition Commemorating the 350th Anniversary of Peter Paul Rubens
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113034: HILL, JONATHAN - The Cat's Whisker: 50 Years of Wireless Design
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162071: HOFFMAN, MALVINA - Sculpture Inside and out
132315: HOFFMAN (F.) AND B. RAMAZINI - A Dissertation on Endemial Diseases: Or, Those Disorders Which Arise from Particular Climates, Situations, and Methods of Living. Together with a Treatise on the Diseases of Tradesmen
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2080: HOFFMAN, MALVINA - Yesterday Is Tomorrow: A Personal History
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150616: HOLBROOK, E. RICHARDSON - Copies of the Wills of General George Washington, the First President of the United States, and of Martha Washington, His Wife, and Other Interesting Records of the County of Fairfax, Virginia, Wherein They Lived and Died
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123958: HOLFTER, U. AND W. KIRSCHFINK - Sales of String Instruments 1994-1995 (2-Volume Set)
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27091: HOLGATE, DAVID - New Hall and Its Imitators
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114985: HOLLAND, JAMES R. - Fisheyes
130281: HOLLAND, JAMES R. - Politics : Puns & Parody
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109750: HOLLINGER, STEVE - Morton Hollinger Paintings
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17669: HOLLIS TAGGART GALLERIES - The Orchestration of Color: The Paintings of Arthur B. Carles
26190: HOLLIS TAGGART GALLERIES - Middleton Manigault: Visionary Modernist
34876: HOLLIS TAGGART GALLERIES - Elena & Michel Gran
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27417: HOLLISTER, PAUL - Glass Paperweights of the New York Historical Society
27410: HOLLISTER, PAUL, JR. - The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights
158647: HOLLISTER, PAUL - Important Paperweights the Property of the New York Historical Society. Sale #6656
143463: HOLLOWAY, MEMORY - John Walker: Prints, 1976-84
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145359: HOLLOWAY, EDWARD STRATTON - American Furniture and Decoration, Colonial and Federal
114791: HOLLOWAY, CAMARA DIA - Portraiture & the Harlem Renaissance: The Photographs of James L. Allen
134672: HOLLOWAY, HARRY VANCE - An Experimental Study to Determine the Relative Difficulty of the Elementary Number Combinations in Addition and Multiplication
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159087: HOLLSTEIN, F. W. H. - Dutch and Flemish Etchings Engravings and Woodcuts, Ca. 1450-1700: Volume VIII, Goltzius-Heemskerck
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159119: HOLLSTEIN, F. W. H. - German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts, Ca. 1400-1700: Volume II, Altzenbach-B. Beham

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