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8793: GUERNSEY'S - Artists of the Hamptons (Auction Conducted by Guernsey's)
12099: GUERNSEY'S, NY: JUNE 1 TO 3, 1995 - Beasts
153939: GUERNSEY'S - American Carvings: Carousel Figures, Cigar Store Indians and Fine Folk Art Carvings at Auction
167575: GUERNSEY'S - The Sporting Auction: Guernsey's in Conjuction with Fans
16143: GUERNSEY'S - The Roman Bronze Works Collection: An Important Grouping of Plasters and Bronzes from America's Foremost Foundry
126892: GUERRA, FRANCISCO - American Medical Bibliography 1639-1783
145718: GUERRERO, JOSE - Efimeros: Jose Guerrero
114619: GUERRI, GIORDANO BRUNO ET AL. - Gli Annitrenta: Arte E Cultura in Italia (Exhibition Catalogue and Brochure)
114356: GUERRIERI, GUERRIERA - Cortona: Piazze, Strade, Vicoli, Rughe E Localita Extraurbane
106165: GUEST, MONTAGUE J. (EDITOR) AND EGAN MEW - Lady Charlotte Schreiber's Journals, 2 Vols
32144: GUEST, MONTAGUE J. - Lady Charlotte Schreiber's Journals, 2 Vols
140000: GUEVORKIAN, ASTGHIK - The Crafts and Mode of Life in Armenian Miniatures (Arhestnery Yev Kensakerpy Hayastani Manrankarneri) - (Remesla I Byt V Armyanskikh Miniatiurakh)
143843: GUFFOGG, SHANE - Wallworks: The Art of Wall Batterton, 1959 to 2005
144450: GUGGENHEIM, HANS - Dogon World: A Catalogue of Art and Myth for You to Complete
108189: GUGGENHEIM, HARRY - Masterpieces of Modern Art: A Picture Book Published on the Occasion of the First Showing of 19th and 20th Century Mastepieces Arranged by Courtesy of the Thannhauser Foundation
141496: GUGGENHEIM, PEGGY (EDITOR) - Art of This Century: Objects-Drawings-Photographs-Paintings-Sculpture-Collages, 1910 to 1942
125419: GUGGENHEIMER, RICHARD - Sight and Insight: A Prediction of New Perceptions in Art
144769: GUGONG-BOWUYUAN - Gugong Zhoukan (or) Ku Kung Chou K'an (Gu Gong Zhou Kan / [Bian Ji Chu Beiping Gu Gong Bo Wu Yuan]. ) Museum Palace Weekly Gugong Xunkan (Originally Titled, Gugong Zhoukan)
114905: GUHL, E. AND W. KONER - The Life of the Greeks and Romans, Described from Antique Monuments
150476: GUICCIARDI, JEAN-PIERRE - Henri Landier: Le Peintre Voyageur, 1983-2000
159804: GUICCIARDINI CORSI SALVIATI, ALESSANDRA - Affreschi Di Palazzo Corsini a Firenze 1650-1700
150306: GUICHARD, AMI - Boyhood Photos of J. -H. Lartique: The Family Album of a Gilded Age
170605: GUIDERI, REMO - Hernandez Pijuan
145449: GUIDIERI, REMO - Michel Gerard Au Creux de L'Enfer
169563: GUIDOTTI, MARIO - A Journey Round the Planet of the Goldsmith's Art
162199: GUIFFREY, JULES - Les Tapisseries Du Xiie à la Fin Du Xvie Siècle [Histoire Générale Des Arts Appliqués à L'Industrie]
127209: GUIFFREY, JULES - Antoine Van Dyck: Sa Vie Et Son Oeuvre
115678: GUIFFREY, JEAN - Collection de Monsieur le Baron Vitta
115905: GUIFFREY, JEAN - Collection Jacques Zoubaloff
110082: GUILDING, RUTH - The Piper Dynasty
166044: GUILDING, RUTH - Marble Mania: Sculpture Galleries in England 1640-1840
122688: GUILLAUD, JACQUELINE AND MAURICE GUILLAUD (EDITORS) - Altdorfer and Fantastic Realism in German Art
147135: GUILLAUD, MAURICE - Frescoes by Masaccio in the Brancacci Chapel, Along with the Frescoes by Masolino and Filippino Lippi
139653: GUILLAUME, VALERIE - Patrick Jouin
130509: GUILLEMIN, HENRI; HAROLD J. SALEMSON (TRANSL.) - Joan, Maid of Orleans
147639: GUILLOU, ANDRE - Aspetti Dell Civilta' Bizantina in Italia: Societa E Cultura = Aspects of Byzantine Civilization in Italy: Society and Culture
170506: GUILMARD, D. - Les Maitres Ornemanistes: Dessinateurs, Peintres, Architects, Sculpteurs Et Graveurs: Ecoles Francaise, Italienne, Allemande Et Des Pays-Bas (Flamande & Hollandaise) [Plate Volume Only]
144597: GUILMARD, D. - Les Maitres Ornemanistes: Dessinateurs, Peintres, Architects, Sculpteurs Et Graveurs: Ecoles Francaise, Italienne, Allemande Et Des Pays-Bas (Flamande & Hollandaise) [Plate Volume Only]
136185: GUIMBAUD, LOUIS - Saint-Non Et Fragonard: D'Apres Des Documents Inedits
170115: GUIMET, EMILE, MARCEL HUBER, LEON-JOSEPH DE MILLOUE, AND GENERAL TCHENG KI TONG - La Légende de Koei Tseu Mou Chen: Peinture de LI-Long-Mien
144145: GUIMIOT, PHILIPPE AND BERNARD DE GRUNNE - Regard Sur Une Collection: Art Et Objets Tribaux II
136349: GUINAN, ROBERT - Krehbiel: Life and Works of an American Artist
122925: GUINEA, MIGUEL ANGEL GARCIA AND JOSE MARIA PEREZ GONZALEZ - Enciclopedia Del Romanico En Asturias: Asturias (2 Vols. )
165978: GUINESS, LUCY E. - In the Far East: Letters from Geraldine Guinness in China
152959: GUINNESS, MURTOGH - The Murtogh Guiness Collection
28926: GUITRY, SACHA - Elles Et Toi
125523: GULDBECK, PER E. - The Care of Historical Collections: A Conservation Handbook for the Nonspecialist
124367: GULDBECK, PER E. - The Care of Historical Collections: A Conservation Handbook for the Nonspecialist
146458: GULIAYEV, VLADIMIR - Russian Lacquered Miniatures: Fedoskino, Palekh, Mstiora, Kholui
140259: GULINA, T.I. - Musiny-Pushkiny (Musin-Pushkin)
27058.1: GULLIFORD, ANDREW - America's Country Schools
121235: GUMETSKAYA, L.L. - Tvorchestvo: Zhurnal Soyuzov Sovetskikh Khudozhnikov Skultptorov
158925: GUMMERE, SAMUEL R. - Introductory Observations and Definitions in Botany
114528: GUMP, A. LIVINGSTON - Collection of Khmer and Thai Art
164560: GUNDERSON, KAREN, ALESSANDRO RYKER, DONALD KUSPIT, AND MARK DANIEL COHEN - Karen Gunderson: Los Cuadros Negros, the Black Paintings
132787: GUNHILD SIGURDSON - Solkringlor
161098: GUNN, ANN V. - The Prints of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham: A Complete Catalogue
120841: GUNN, HAROLD D. - A Handbook of the African Collections of the Commercial Museum, Philadelphia
144526: GUNN, ANN V. - George Sheringham
124256: GUNNARSSON, TORSTEN - Nordic Landscape Painting in the Nineteenth Century
120532: GUNNION, VERNON S. AND CARROLL J. HOPF - Pennsylvania German Fraktur and Color Drawings
10732: GUNNIS, RUPERT - Dictionary of British Sculptors, 1660-1851 (Revised Edition)
11678: GUNSAULUS, FRANK WAKELEY - Josef Israels: An Address Delivered at the Opening of the Exhibition of Josef Israel's Paintings, Toledo Museum of Art
157279: GUNSAULUS, HELEN C. - Japanese Textiles
148871: GUNTER, ANN C. (EDITOR) - Investigating Artistic Environments in the Ancient Near East
130170: GUNTHART, LOTTE - Linger Golden Light
170717: GUNTHER, DANIELA AND SOREN FISCHER - Terra Altenbourg: Die Welt Des Zeichners
14240: GUNTHER, ERNA - Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Exhibit at the Seattle Worlds Fair, Fine Arts Pavilion
29877: GUO LI GU GONG BO WU YUAN. BIAN JI WEI YUAN HUI - Special Exhibition on Aesthetics of Ink in Landscape Painting = Shan Shui Hua Mo Fa Te Zhan Tu Lu
152872: GUPTA, ANJALI - The Science of Surrealism: Assemblage Sculpture of Steve Brudniak
124184: GURATZSCH, HERWIG - Jahrbuch Der Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf: Neue Folge, Band XI, 2007-2008
160558: GURLITT, CORNELIUS (EDITOR) - Bibliothek Alter Meister Der Baukunst Zum Gebrauch Fur Architekten Bd. 1 : Andrea Palladio
139449: GURNEY, GEORGE ET AL. - Variations on America: Masterworks from American Art Forum Collections
19588: GURNEY, GEORGE - Sculpture and the Federal Triangle
146067: GUROK, SEMION AND BORIS LOBANOVSKY - Kiev Architectural Landmarks and Art Museums: An Illustrated Guide
161333: GURVICH, MARTIN - Living Traditions in Indian Art
109563: GUSE, ERNST-GERHARD - Hartmut Böhm: Zeichnungen
169124: GUSE, ERNST-GERHARD AND LORENZ DITTMAN - Paul Klee: Wachstum Regt Sich : Klees Zwiesprache Mit Der Natur
144900: GUSE, ERNST-GERHARD - Max Neumann
121186: GUSEV, V.A. - The Russian Museum, Leningrad / Gosudarstvennyi Russkii Muzei: Kollektsii Zhivopisi, Skulptury, Grafiki, Dekorativno-Prikladnogo Iskusstva XII-XX Vekov
155839: GUSMANI, ROBERTO - Neue Epichorische Schriftzeugnisse Aus Sardis (1958-1971) (Archaeological Exploration of Sardis)
141698: GUSSOW, ALAN AND ROBERT REDFORD - Rediscovering the Landscape of the Americas
169901: GUSTAFSON, SANDRA M. - Imagining Deliberative Democracy in the Early American Republic
21911: GUSTAFSON, DONNA AND ANNE MORAND - The Poetry of Place: Works on Paper by Thomas Moran from the Gilcrease Museum
160968: GUSTAFSON, KLAS - Marie-Louise Ekmans Tva LIV
143992: GUSTAFSON, DONNA AND SUSAN SIDLAUSKAS AND LEE SIEGEL - Striking Resemblance: The Changing Art of Portraiture
153411: GUSTAFSON, DONNA ET AL. - George Segal in Black and White
24237: GUSTAFSON, DONNA ET AL. - Images from the World between: The Circus in 20th Century American Art
136712: GUSTAVE, HEREN AND JACQUES NELLENS - Pop Art: Nieuwe Figuratie / Nouveau Realisme
141882: GUSTON, PHILIP - Philip Guston: Drawings 1947-1977
140999: GUTENBERG, JANICE P. AND INA PRUITT - Steens Mountain Heritage Scrapbook
153935: GUTHORN, PETER J. - United States Coastal Charts, 1783-1861
109900: GUTHRIE, JILL - In Celebration: Works of Art from the Collections of Princeton Alumni and Friends of the Art Museum, Princeton University
29731: GUTHRIE, KEVIN - The New-York Historical Society: Lessons from One Nonprofit's Long Struggle for Survival
151392: GUTIERREZ, RAMON ET AL. - Barroco Iberoamericano: De Los Andes a Las Pampas
166516: GUTIERREZ, ANGELA ET AL. - O Livro de Sant'Ana, Colecao Angela Gutierrez = the Book of Saint Anne, Angela Gutierrez Collection
118784: GUTIERREZ, ANGELA ET AL. - Objetos Da Fe, Oratorios Brasileiros: Colecao Angela Gutierrez
165941: GUTIERREZ, RAMON - The Jesuit Guarani Missions / Les Missions Jesuites Des Guaranies
165333: GUTIERREZ, ANGELA ET AL. - Objetos Da Fe, Oratorios Brasileiros: Colecao Angela Gutierrez
153159: GUTIERREZ, ANGELA ET AL. - O Livro de Sant'Ana, Coleçao Angela Gutierrez = the Book of Saint Anne, Angela Gutierrez Collection
125721: GUTMAN, WALTER - The Dominant Woman
155472: GUTMAN, WALTER K. - Raphael Soyer Paintings and Drawings
123155: GUTMANN, ROBERT AND ALEXANDER KOCH - Ausstellungsstande / Exhibition Stands / Stands D'Exposition
156463: GUTMANN, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - The Dura-Europos Synagogue: A Re-Evaluation (1932-1972)
146008: GUTNER, HOWARD - Gowns by Adrian: The Mgm Years, 1928-1941
120462: GUTT, IRINA - K. Korovin: Obraz I Tsvet
109111: GUTTEMAN, HELENA - Cerebro Svetsii
159926: GUTTING, GARY (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Companion to Foucault
135536: GUTTRY, IRENE DE, ET AL. - Le Arti Minori D'Autore in Italia Dal 1900 Al 1930
166785: GUTTU, ANE HJORT, IKA KAMINKA, MARTIN CLARK, ET AL. - Ane Hjort Guttu: Eating or Opening a Window or Just Walking Dully Along
164539: GUY ARNOUX AND CLAUDE FARRERE - Vieille Marine, 12 Images de Guy Arnoux Présentées à la Lanterne Magique Par Claude Farrère
160635: GUY COGEVAL, KATHARINE LOCHNAN, MICHAEL STOEBER, ROALD NASGAARD - Au-Delà Des étoiles. Le Paysage Mystique de Monet à Kandinsky
134829: GUY BURROWS; H. M. STANLEY - The Land of the Pigmies
137541: GUY, ROBERT - Lemieux
133296: GUY COGEVAL; BEATRICE AVANZI - De la Scene Au Tableau: David, Fussli, Klimt, Moreau, Lautrec, Degas, Vuillard
147237: GUY, JOHN WITH PIERRE BAPTISTE - Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia
115528: GUYER, FOSTER ERWIN, PH.D. (EDITOR) - Le Roman de Tristan Et Iseut
168511: GUYOL, PHILIP N., KENNETH CHORLEY, AND CHARLOTTE D. CONOVER - The Prentis Collection at the New Hampshire Historical Society
139277: GUZE, JUSTYNA (ED.) - Bulletin Du Musee National de Varsovie, XXXVIII 1997 No. 1-4
139282: GUZE, JUSTYNA (ED.) - Bulletin Du Musee National de Varsovie, XL 1999 No. 1 and No. 2-4
139283: GUZE, JUSTYNA (ED.) - Bulletin Du Musee National de Varsovie, XLI 2000 No. 1-4
10867: GUZZARDI, WALTER JR. - The Henry Luce Foundation, a History: 1936-1986
159743: GUZZI, DOMENICO ET AL. - Mario Padovan: L'Angelo Custode E Gli Angeli Di Ponte Sant' Angelo: Opere 1997-2000
140498: GWAK, JUNE Y. ET AL. (EDITOR) - Jitish Kallat: 365 Lives
114938: GWILT, JOSEPH AND SIR WILLIAM CHAMBERS - A Treatise on the Decorative Part of CIVIL Architecture / an Examination of Grecian Architecture
162610: GWILT, JOANNA - French Porcelain for English Palaces : Sevres from the Royal Collection
115974: GYLES, ANNA BENSON AND CHLOE SAYER - Of Gods and Men: The Heritage of Ancient Mexico
158191: GYLLENSVARD, BO - Chinese Gold, Silver and Porcelain: The Kempe Collection
105720: GYLLENSVÄRD, BO - Chinese Gold, Silver and Porcelain: The Kempe Collection
152647: GYOXO, SIKOTA - Herend Porcelanmuveszete
116689: GYSELEN, GABY - Jeanine Behaeghel
144672: GYSELEN, GABY AND PHIL MERTENS - Gilbert Decock: Gemalde, Gouachen, Skupturen, Juwelen
157744: GYULA, LASZLO - The Art of the Migration Period
134443: H. SNOWDEN WARD (ED.) - Photograms of the Year 1910: Typical Photographic Pictures Reproduced and Criticised
134799: H. H. JOHNSTON - The Kilima-Njaro Expedition. A Record of Scientific Exploration in Eastern Equatorial Africa and a General Description of the Natural History, Languages, and Commerce of the Kilima-Njaro District
149639: H. H. WARNER & CO - Book of $2,000. 00 Prize Enigmas, 1883
150158: H. P. KRAUS - Choice Books and Manuscripts from Distinguished Private Library, with an Appendix of Acquisitions from Other Sources (Catalogue 126)
150159: H. P. KRAUS - Cimelia: A Catalogue of Important Illuminated and Textual Manuscripts Published in Commemoration of the Sale of the Ludwig Collection (Catalogue 165)
150156: H. P. KRAUS - Monumenta Xylographica Et Typographica: The Cradle of Printing, Part II (Catalogue 131)
126675: H.H.F.J. (EXTENSIVE PREFATORY NOTE) - Tucker China 1825-1838: An Exhibition of Examples Made in Philadelphia by William Ellis Tuvker, Tucker and Hulme, Tucker and Hemphill, Joseph Hemphill, and Thomas Tucker
150111: H. P. KRAUS - Illuminated Manuscripts from the Eleventh to the Eighteenth Centuries (Catalogue 159)
20265: H. PERRY CHAPMAN; WOUTER TH. KLOEK; ARTHUR K. WHEELOCK, JR. - Jan Steen: Painter and Storyteller
126675.1: H.H.F.J. (EXTENSIVE PREFATORY NOTE) - Tucker China 1825-1838: An Exhibition of Examples Made in Philadelphia by William Ellis Tuvker, Tucker and Hulme, Tucker and Hemphill, Joseph Hemphill, and Thomas Tucker
4910.1: H. BARBARA WEINBERG, DOREEN BOLGER AND DAVID PARK CURRY - American Impressionism and Realism: The Painting of Modern Life, 1885-1915
168928: H.H.F.J. (EXTENSIVE PREFATORY NOTE) - Tucker China 1825-1838: An Exhibition of Examples Made in Philadelphia by William Ellis Tuvker, Tucker and Hulme, Tucker and Hemphill, Joseph Hemphill, and Thomas Tucker
130783: H. M. QUEEN SONJA - Resonance, Wanderings in Prose and Pictures
132838: H. FELIX KRAUS; ALFRED WERNER (INTRO) - Giotto: Frescoes in the Upper Church of Assisi
19935: H., T. - Men and Manners in America, Vol. I Only of 2
150103: H. P. KRAUS - One Hundred Distinguished Manuscripts and Printed Books (Catalogue 188)
134451: H. A. SPOEHR; J. H. C. SMITH; H. H. STRAIN; H. W. MILNER; G. J. HARDIN - Fatty Acid Antibacterials from Plants (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 586)
20265.2: H. PERRY CHAPMAN; WOUTER TH. KLOEK; ARTHUR K. WHEELOCK, JR. - Jan Steen: Painter and Storyteller
139269: HAACK, FRIEDRICH - Die Kunst Des XIX. Jahrhunderts
133382: HAAG, SABINE ET AL. - Winter Märchen: Winter-Darstellungen in Der Europaischen Kunst Von Bruegel Bis Beuys
128795.2: HAAK, BOB - Rembrandt: His Life, His Work, His Time
128795: HAAK, BOB - Rembrandt: His Life, His Work, His Time
129327: HAAK, BOB - Rembrandt: His Life, His Work, His Time
106763: HAAK, KEN - Private Collection
128795.1: HAAK, BOB - Rembrandt: His Life, His Work, His Time
155907: HAARLOV, BRITT - New Identifications of Third Century Roman Imperial Portraits (Odense University Clasical Studies, Vol. 7)
138694: HAAS, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - John Isaacs: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
169196: HAAS, ROBERT, MICHAEL FRIZOT, ET AL. - Corre Caballo Corre: Imagenes de Las Colecciones Fotograficas de Fundacion Televisa
126501: HAAS, OTTO; WOLFGANG KOSLER (EDITORS) - Munchen: Official Guide to the Olympic Games of the Xxth Olympiad 1972
153564: HAAS, RICHARD AND PAUL GOLDBERGER - Richard Haas: An Architecture of Illusion
145244: HAASE, AMINE AND S.D. SAUERBIER - Astrid Klein
151896: HAASER, SOPHIE ET AL (EDITORS) - Ines Lombardi
158249: HABARA, SHUKURO - Koz No Geijutsu : Aruiwa Dezain No Toposu He
33672: HABATAT GALLERIES, FARMINGTON HILLS, MI: 1994 - The 22nd Annual International Glass Invitational
16384: HABATAT GALLERIES, FARMINGTON HILLS, MI: NOV. 7-28, 1992 - Mary Shaffer
27322: HABBERTON, JOHN - Other People's Children
148109: HABER, ROBERT - Gods, Beasts and Men: Images from Antiquity
144083: HABERLAND, EIKE - The Caves of Karawari
2043: HABERLEN, RICHARD A. - Henry Wolcott Boss, 1827-1916: Binghamton Artist Rediscovered
103447: HABERT, JEAN (CURATOR) - Tintoretto El Paraiso. Un Concurso Para El Palacio de Los Dux
119211: HABOLDT, BOB - Fifty Paintings by Old Masters
119214: HABOLDT, BOB - Dessins Anciens Des Ecoles Du Nord, Francaises Et Italiennes
119216: HABOLDT, BOB - Netherlandish and Italianate Old Master Drawings
119220: HABOLDT, BOB AND JOHN T. SPIKE - Old Master Paintings: French, Northern and Italian Schools
119218: HABOLDT, BOB AND JOHN T. SPIKE - Portrait de L'Artiste: Images Des Peintres 1600 - 1890
119219: HABOLDT, BOB - Old Master Paintings and Drawings: The First Five Years
163043: HABOLDT, BOB ET AL. - Singular Vision: Haboldt & Co. 's Old Master Paintings and Drawings Since 1983
167635: HABSBURG, FELDMAN S.A. - Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modern Illustrated Books = Art Nouveau, Art Deco Et Livres Illustres Modernes
167893: HABSBURG, FELDMAN FINE ART AUCTIONEERS - Important Jewelry by Rene Lalique
138245: HABSBURG, FELDMAN - The Art of Dali = Dari Geijutsu: Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings
167887: HABSBURG, FELDMAN - A Private Collection of Galle Glass and Furniture
167878: HABSBURG, FELDMAN - Twentieth Century Decorative Art
167886: HABSBURG, FELDMAN - Art Nouveau and Art Deco
138803: HACHLILI, RACHEL - Mound and Sea: Akko and Caesarea Trading Centres
106251: HACKENBROCH, YVONNE - Meissen and Other Continental Porcelain, Faience and Enamel in the Irwin Untermyer Collection
151718: HACKENBROCH, YVONNE AND ERIC N. SHRUBSOLE - One Hundred Years of English Silver 1660-1760
17658: HACKENBROCH, YVONNE - Chelsea and Other English Porcelain, Pottery and Enamel in the Irwin Untermyer Collection
26309: HACKENBROCH, YVONNE - English and Other Silver in the Irwin Untermyer Collection
131244: HACKENS, TONY - Catalogue of the Classical Collection: Classical Jewelry
165550: HACKER, RICHARD CARLETON - The Ultimate Pipe Book
138979: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY - Paul Resika: Recent Paintings, March 2-April 1, 2000
32534: HACKETT FREEDMAN GALLERY - Jim Mcvicker: Recent Paintings
138935: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY - Richard Piccolo: Recent Work from Italy, April 3-26, 2003
138119: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY - Skip Steinworth, Recent Drawings, November 6-29, 2003
33561: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY, SAN FRANCISCO, CA: MAY 1 - 31, 2003 - Terry St. John: New Figurative and Landscape Paintings, May 1-31, 2003
137635: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY - Roland Petersen: Early Paintings, 1958-1969
164097: HACKETT, STEPHANIE - George Nama: Works 1958-1978
138438: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY - Roland Petersen Works from the 1950s and 1960s
19896.1: HACKETT, PAT (EDITOR) - The Andy Warhol Diaries
139639: HACKFORTH-JONES, JOCELYN - Between Worlds: Voyagers to Britain, 1700-1850
154939: HACKMACK, ADOLF - Chinese Carpets and Rugs
158411: HACKNEY, LOUISE W. - Guide-Posts to Chinese Painting
9372: HACKNEY, SHELDON ET AL. - The Intellectual World of Benjamin Franklin: An American Encyclopaedist at the University of Pennsylvania
163544: HACKNEY, STEPHEN, RICA JONES, AND JOYCE TOWNSEND - Paint and Purpose: A Study of Technique in British Art
128478: HACKNEY, STEPHEN (INTRODUCTION) - Completing the Picture: Materials and Techniques of Twenty-Six Paintings in the Tate Gallery
138047: HADELN, DETLEV FREIHERR VON - Handzeichnungen Des Giacomo Tintoretto
137762: HADELN, DETLEV FREIHERRN VON - Die Zeichnungen Von Antonio Canal, Genannt Canaletto
118167: HADEN-GUEST, ANTHONY - True Colors: The Real Life of the Art World
141810: HADEN-GUEST, ANTHONY - David Black
115799: HADEN, SIR FRANCIS SEYMOUR - Modern Masters of Etching: Number Eleven Sir Francis Seymour Haden
158854: HADER, BERTA AND ELMER - The Skyrocket
161992: HADFIELD, TIM AND DR. JUDITH VAN BARON - Fruit from the Garden of Good & Evil
110831: HADFIELD, TIM - More Fruit from the Garden of Good & Evil
166766: HADJITHOMAS, JOANA AND KHALIL JOREIGE - The Rumors of the World: Rethinking Trust in the Age of the Internet
164269: HADLER, MONA AND JEROME VIOLA - Brooklyn College Art Department Past and Present 1942-1977
163069: HADLEY, HENRY ET AL. - Commemorative Tributes to Van Der Stucken and Chadwick by Henry Hadley; Woodberry and Cole by Robert Underwood Johndon; Hadley and Alderman by John Huston Einley; Matthews by Nicholas Murray Butler; Channing by A. Lawrence Lowell
154602: HADLEY, ROLLIN VAN N. (EDITOR) - The Letters of Bernard Berenson and Isabella Stewart Gardner, 1887-1924: With Correspondence by Mary Berenson
127795: HADLEY, ROLLIN VAN N. (EDITOR) - The Letters of Bernard Berenson and Isabella Stewart Gardner, 1887-1924: With Correspondence by Mary Berenson
3265: HADLOCK, WENDELL AND PRISCILLA B. ADAMS - Oils, Watercolors, Drawings by James Wyeth
155488: HAECHLER, PETER - Des Espaces Des Artistes Genève : 1866-1986, 120 Ans Société Des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Architectes Suisse], S.P. S.A. S. Artistes Visuels
135830: HAENGGI, F. F. - Lucas Sithole, 1958-1979: A Pictorial Review of Africa's Major Black Sculptor
143715: HAEST, HINDE - Between Ad and Allegory: Marketing Portraits of Gerard Reve (Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography, Volume 13)
125255: HAFEZ AND MICHAEL BOYLAN (TRANSLATOR) - Hafez: Dance of Life
166127: HAFIZ AND ZAHRA PARTOVI - Selected Poems from the Divan of Khage Shams Al-Din Hafiz of Shiraz
155880: HAFNER, GERMAN - Spathellenistische Bildnisplastik: Versuch Einer Landschaftlichen Gliederung
144514: HAFTMANN, WERNER - Hermann Teuber: Retrospektive: Gemalde, Aquarelle Und Graphik
104847: HAFTMANN, WERNER/ HENTZEN, ALFRED / LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S. - German Art of the Twentieth Century. Edited by Andrew Carnduff Ritchie
107383: HAFTMANN, WERNER - Dada (Suites 10)
22286: HAFTMANN, WERNER - Lardera: La Rose Des Vents
119488: HAFTMANN, WERNER WITH OTHERS - Katalog Der Edition Van de Loo
10745: HAFTMANN, WERNER - Painting in the Twentieth Century (2-Volume Set)
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163799: HARRISON, HELEN - Alfonso Ossorio: Horror Vacui. Filling the Void: A Fifty Year Survey
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134807: HARROP - The History of the Irish Rebellion, in the Year 1798, &C. , Containing an Impartial Narrative of the Proceedings of the Irish Revolutionists, from the Year 1782, Till the Total Supression of the Insurrection with a Review of the History of Ireland from Its First Invasion by the English, Till the Commencement of the Rebellion (Two Volumes in One)
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15862: HARTFORD, CT: WADSWORTH ATHENEUM, APR. 23 TO JULY 26, 1998 - Caravaggio and His Italian Followers from the Collections of the Galleria Nazionale D'Arte Antica Di Roma
7111: HARTFORD, CT - The Antique Furniture and Fine Arts Collections of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
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132750: HARTOP, CHRISTOPHER ET AL. - A Noble Feast: English Silver from the Jerome and Rita Gans Collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
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32360: HARVARD UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUMS - 40 Years on... : Donations by John Goelet, Sculpture, Paintings and Drawings, Miniatures and Calligraphy, Tankas and Mandala
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18405: HARVEY, ELEANOR JONES - The Painted Sketch: American Impressions from Nature, 1830-1880
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134776: HARWOOD L. CHILDS (TRANSL.); WILLIAM E. DODD - The Nazi Primer: Official Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth
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18457: HARWOOD, LAURIE B. - Reflections on Italy: Adam Pynacker
127538: HASEGAWA, YUKO; HIROKO KATO - Trans-Cool Tokyo: Contemporary Japanese Art from Mot Collection
125669: HASHIMURA, YASUOMI - Hashigraphy: Rome: Future Deja Vu
126549: HASHMI, SALIMA - Hanging Fire: Contemporary Art from Pakistan
159445: HASKELL, BARBARA - The Image of Modernism : Selections from the Karen and Kevin Kennedy Collection
117399: HASKELL, FRANCIS - History and Its Images: Art and the Interpretation of the Past
138893: HASKELL, BARBARA ET AL. - Robert Indiana: Beyond Love
164250: HASKELL, FRANCIS, STEPHEN DUFFY, ROBERT WENLEY, AND DAVID EDGE - Anatole Demidoff: Prince of San Donato, 1812-1870
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18666: HASKELL, BARBARA - Burgoyne Diller
114593: HASKELL, BARBARA - Joseph Stella
164625: HASKELL, BARBARA - Arthur Dove
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3164: HASKELL, BARBARA - Arthur Dove
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136906: HASKELL, FRANCIS - Patrons and Painters: A Study in the Relations between Italian Art and Society in the Age of the Baroque
137013: HASKELL, BARBARA - Claes Oldenburg: Object Into Monument
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164718: HASKELL, BARBARA - Ralston Crawford
1093: HASKELL, BARBARA - Ralston Crawford
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109141: HASKINS, JIM - The Harlem Renaissance
28551: HASKINS, SAMUEL - Five Girls Photographed by Sam Haskins
136933: HASLAM, MALCOLM - In the Nouveau Style
141908: HASLEM, JANE N. - David Hollowell: December 1985-January 1986
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108907: HASLETT, CARRIE ET AL. - Neo-Impressionism: Artists on the Edge
111349: HASLIP, JOAN - Marie Antoinette
134904: HASLUCK, PAUL N. - The Clock Jobber's Handybook: A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing & Adjusting: Embracing Information on the Tools, Materials, Appliances, and Processes Employed in Clockwork
134905: HASLUCK, PAUL N. - The Watch Jobber's Handybook: A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing & Adjusting: Embracing Information on the Tools, Materials, Appliances, and Processes Employed in Watchwork
138027: HASSAM, CHILDE - Three Cities
159923: HASSAN, SALAH AND PAUL KAPLAN - Fred Wilson: Speak of Me As I Am, 50th Venice Biennale
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154827: HASSLER, UTA (EDITOR) - Felsengärten, Gartengrotten, Kunstberge: Motive Der Natur in Architektur Und Garten
131412: HASSRICK, PETER H. ET AL. - Western Passages: Colorado: The Artists' Muse; Western Passages
122794: HASSRICK, PETER H. - Charles M. Russell
142297: HASSRICK, PETER - William Matthews: Rainmakers and Cowpunchers
122898: HASSRICK, ROYAL B. - History of Western American Art
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123448: HASSRICK, PETER H. ET AL. - Redrawing Boundaries: Perspectives on Western American Art
32359: HASSRICK, PETER H. - The American West: Out of Myth, Into Reality
158138: HASSRICK, PETER H. - Drawn to Yellowstone: Artists in America's First National Park
105168: HASSRICK, PETER H. - The Frederic Remington Studio
101486: HASSRICK, PETER H. - Wildlife and Western Heroes: Alexander Phimister Proctor, Sculptor
108476: HASSRICK, ROYAL B. (ASST DIRECTOR) - The Western Frontier
4494: HASSRICK, PETER H. ET AL. - Frederic Remington
156296: HASSRICK, PETER - Carl Rungius Western Wildlife: An Exhibition of Paintings on Loan from the Glenbow-Alberta Institute
8724: HASSRICK, PETER - Michael Coleman
130912: HASTINGS GALLERY/SPANISH INSTITUTE - Paintings by the Contemporary Spanish Artist Aguayo: First One-Man Exhibition in New York
109905: HASTREITER, KIM WITH JULIE V. IOVINE AND CLAUDE AND INGO MAURER - Provoking Magic: Lighting of Ingo Maurer
132423: HATFIELD - Cast Iron in the Light of Recent Research
146189: HATFIELD, HILARY (EDITOR) - Bart Walter: Great and Small: A Prospectus of Life Size Works in Bronze
169648: HATHAWAY, NORMAN AND DAN NADEL - Overspray: Riding High with the Kings of California Airbrush Art
145583: HATT, GORDON - Lisa Neighbour: Illuminations
163551: HATTIS, PHYLLIS - Four Centuries of French Drawings
118126: HATTON, WARWICK AND BETH - A Feast of Gingerbread from Our Victorian Past
160516: HATTORI, CORDELIA ET AL. - Dessins de Sculpteurs, I.
148752: HATTSTEIN, MARKUS AND PETER DELIUS (EDITORS) - Islam Art and Architecture
152781: HÄUBER, CHRYSTINA - The Eastern Part of the Mons Oppius in Rome: The Sanctuary of Isis Et Serapis in Regio III, the Temples of Minerva Medica, Fortuna Virgo and Dea Syria, and the Horti of Maecenas
139102: HAUCK, ALICE H. R. ET AL. - American Silver 1670-1830: The Cornelius C. Moore Collection at Providence College
139104: HAUCK, ALICE H. R. ET AL. - American Silver 1670-1830: The Moore Collection at Providence College
169118: HAUCK, ALICE H. R. ET AL. - American Silver 1670-1830: The Cornelius C. Moore Collection at Providence College
153831: HAUDIQUET, ANNETTE ET AL. - Pissarro Dans Les Ports: Rouen, Dieppe, le Havre
140358: HAUDIQUET, ANNETTE AND GERALDINE LEFEBVRE - Le Cercle de L'Art Moderne: Collectionneurs D'Avant-Garde Au Havre
168612: HAUDIQUET, ANNETTE AND ANNE-MARIE BERGERET-GOURBIN - Eugène Boudin: L'Atelier de la Lumière
134702: HAUGHTON, SIDNEY H. ET AL. - The Mineral Resources of the Union of South Africa
26811: HAUGHTON, BRIAN AND ANNA (ORGANIZERS) - The International Ceramics Fair and Seminar, 1984
110944: HAUGHTON, BRIAN AND PAUL CRANE - Splendour in the Grass: Birds, Beasts and Flowers in European Ceramics
166221: HAUGHTON, BRIAN AND PAUL CRANE - Rococo Porcelain
132160: HAUGHTON, BRIAN; PAUL CRANE - The Elegance of Porcelain
26810: HAUGHTON, BRIAN AND ANNA (ORGANIZERS) - The International Ceramics Fair and Seminar, 1986
146384: HAUGLAND, H. KRISTINA - Grace Kelly: Icon of Style to Royal Bride
25424: HAUGLID, ROAR AND GRODECKI, LOUIS - Norway: Paintings from the Stave Churches
152544: HAULK, TOM - Amalie Rothschild: Retrospective, 1933-1983
28749: HAUPT, OTTO - German Handicraft and Industrial Design
9656: HAUPTMAN, WILLIAM AND NANCY SCOTT NEWHOUSE - Charles Gleyre, 1806-1874
160835: HAUPTMAN, JODI (EDITOR) - Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty

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