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5167: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Winslow Homer: 1836-1910 -- Oils, Watercolors, Drawings, Wood Engravings
36062: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Edward Hopper
332: GOODRICH, LLOYD - H.E. Schnakenberg (American Artists Series)
125722: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Winslow Homer
292.1: GOODRICH, LLOYD - American Watercolor and Winslow Homer
114629: GOODRICH, LLOYD - A Silent World. Watercolors and Drawings by Edward Hopper. Introduction by Lloyd Goodrich
152141: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Edwin Dickinson
149747: GOODRICH, JOHN - Steve Wheeler: The Oracle Visiting the 21st Century
102841: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Three Centuries of American Art
159213: GOODRICH, S. G. - A Pictorial History of America; Embracing Both the Northern and Southern Portions of the New World
2290: GOODRICH, LLOYD - A Loan Exhibition of the Works of Thomas Eakins, 1844-1944, Commemorating the Centennial of His Birth
2901: GOODRICH, LLOYD - The Whitney Studio Club and American Art, 1900-1932
5163: GOODRICH, LLOYD AND ABIGAIL BOOTH GERDTS - Winslow Homer in Monochrome
161943: [GOODRICH, SAMUEL G.] - The First Book of History, Combined with Geography; Containing the History and Geography of the Western Hemisphere. For the Use of Schools. (Parley's First Book of History)
2876: GOODRICH, LLOYD - A Century of American Landscape Painting: 1800 to 1900
22531: GOODRUM, CHARLES A. - Treasures of the Library of Congress
165226: GOODRUM, CHARLES AND HELEN DALRYMPLE - Advertising in America: The First 200 Years (Classics Edition)
144453: GOODSPEED'S BOOK SHOP - Etchings, Block-Prints, Water-Colors by Samuel Chamberlain, Decaris, Clark Fay, Sears Gallagher, Arthur Hall, Norma Hall, Hans Kleiber, Yngve E. Soderberg, George C. Wales, C.I. Wylde
23392: GOODSPEEDS'S BOOK SHOP, NO DATE - The Panorama of American Life & History,As Displayed in a Colleciton of Prints, Broadsides, Maps and Paintings. Catalogue No. 224
119060: GOODWIN, PHILIP L. - The Tuileries Brochures: A Series of Monographs on European Architecture with Special Reference to Roofs of Tile: French Architecture As Source Material
134008: GOODWIN, WILLIAM B. - The Truth About Leif Ericsson and the Greenland Voyages
123276: GOODWIN, GODFREY - A History of Ottoman Architecture
160672: GOODYEAR, ANNE COLLINS ET AL. - This Is a Portrait If I Say So: Identity in American Art, 1912 to Today
162003: GOODYEAR, A. CONGER - The Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art, December 1934
162004: GOODYEAR, A. CONGER - The Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art, December 1934
126918: GOODYEAR, FRANK H. JR. - A Growing American Treasure: Acquisitions Since 1978
120040: GOODYEAR, FRANK H., III - Zaida Ben-Yusuf: New York Portrait Photographer
6235: GOODYEAR, FRANK H. JR. - American Paintings in the Rhode Island Historical Society
162793: GOODYEAR, FRANK H., JR. - American Paintings in the Rhode Island Historical Society
123041: GOODYEAR, ANNE COLLINS AND JAMES W. MCMANUS (EDITORS) - Inventing Marcel Duchamp: The Dynamics of Portraiture
112908: GOODYEAR, FRANK - Pennsylvania Academicians
162009: GOODYEAR, A. CONGER AND ALFRED H. BARR, JR. - The Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art Volume 2, Number 4 January 1935
126954: GOODYEAR, FRANK - The Private Eye: A Salute to Philadelphia Collectors
1539: GOODYEAR, FRANK H. JR. - Thomas Doughty 1793-1856: An American Pioneer in Landscape Painting
168629: GOODYEAR, W.H. (PREFACE) AND JOHN GETZ (CATALOGUE) - Catalogue of the Avery Collection of Ancient Chinese Cloisonnes
165834: GOODYEAR, W.H. (PREFACE) AND JOHN GETZ (CATALOGUE) - Catalogue of the Avery Collection of Ancient Chinese Cloisonnes
804: GOODYEAR, JR., FRANK H.; ELIZABETH BAILEY - Cecilia Beaux: Portrait of an Artist
114900: GOOKIN, KIRBY (ESSAY) - Markus Lupertz
169094: GOOKIN, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition of Colour Prints by Ichiryusai Horoshige 1797-1858
8027: GOOSMAN, MILDRED, JOHN G. LEPLEY AND MARK H. BROWN - The Missouri: Timeless Wilderness (Reprinted from Montana--the Magazine of Western History, Vol. XX, No. 3, July 1970) [Bodmer]
16271: GOOSSEN, E.C. - Helen Frankenthaler
19938: GOOSSEN, E.C., ET AL. - Ferber, Hare, Lassaw: Three American Sculptors
5796: GOOSSEN, E.C. - Stuart Davis (the Great American Artists Series)
164395: GOOSSEN, E. C. - Douglas Ohlson at Bennington: Two Decades, 1962-1982
171042: GOOSSEN, E.C. - Herbert Ferber
128457: GOOSSEN, E.C. - Der Raum in Der Amerikanischen Kunst 1948-1968 / the Art of the Real Usa 1948-1968
119368: GOOSSEN, E. C. - Douglas Ohlson at Bennington: Two Decades, 1962-1982
163342: GOOSSENS, KORNEEL - David Vinckboons
163620: GOPNIK, ADAM - Isca Greenfield-Sanders: Keep Them Still
169262: GOPNIK, ADAM - Wendy Mark
120307: GORBATENKO, SERGEI BORISOVICH - Arkhitektura Strelny
125898: GORBATY, NORMAN - To Honor My People: Judaica
110798: GORBEA, XABIER SAENZ DE - Ines Medina: The Unified Femininity
140024: GORDAN, PAULUS - Pforte Des Himmels
139137: GORDCHENKO, Z.A. - Vladyichnaya Palata Novgorodskogo Kremlya (Vladyichnaya Palace/Episcopal House of the Novgorod Kremlin)
154637: GORDIN, A.M. ET AL (EDITORS) - Trudy Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha LX - Problemy Okhrany, Issledovaniya I Restavratsii Pamyatnikov Kul'Tury = Transactions of the State Hermitage Museum LX: Seminar on Architecture and Archaeology - the Problems of Conservation, Research and Restoration of Cultural Monuments
144116: GORDIN, A. - Krylov V Peterburge
146650: GORDIN, ARKADIY MOISEEVICH - Pushkinskiy Peterburg / Pushkin's St. Petersburg
5131: GORDON, JOHN - Jim Dine
109669: GORDON, SAM - Sam Gordon, Giverny Artist in Residence / Sam Gordon, Tennessee Artist in Residence
106463: GORDON, JAN - Modern French Painters
17912: GORDON, JENNIFER AND SALLY MILLS, ANNE ROSENTHAL, LAURIE MCGAVIN - John Storrs & John Flannagan: Sculpture & Works on Paper
120054: GORDON, ARMISTEAD C. - John Tyler, Tenth President of the United States
20173: GORDON, JENNIFER A. - Cast in the Shadow: Models for Public Sculpture in America
137285: GORDON, ROBERT - Deborah Butterfield
162817: GORDON BALDWIN, ET AL. - All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860
167385: GORDON, ETHELYN ADINE, SOPHIE FOURNY-DARGERE, AND RAYMOND INBONA - Frederick William Macmonnies (1863-1937), Mary Fairchild Macmonnies (1858-1946): Deux Artistes Americains a Giverny
148219: GORDON, JOHN - Richard Poussette-Dart
6801.1: GORDON, JOHN - Richard Pousette-Dart
105928: GORDON, HORACE W. AND ELINOR - Oriental Lowestoft
158657: GORDON, S.D. - A Quiet Talk with Those Who Weep
112049: GORDON, PETER - Holding Patterns: Selections from the Collection of W. Donald Head, Old Grandview Ranch
4408: GORDON, JOHN - Louise Nevelson
105634: GORDON, ELINOR - Treasures from the Past: Chinese Export Porcelain for the Collector
156280: GORDON, ARTHUR E. - Illustrated Introduction to Latin Epigraphy
156460: GORDON, ALLAN M. - Echoes of Our Past: The Narrative Artistry of Palmer C. Hayden
28161: GORDON, ELINOR - Chinese Export Porcelain: An Historical Survey
159846: GORDON, MARGOT AND MARCELLO ALDEGA - Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Wicar: Drawings
118266: GORDON, D.J. AND STEPHEN ORGEL - The Renaissance Imagination
150782: GORDON, PETER - The Wakes of Northamptonshire: A Family History
114093: GORDON, ALDEN R. - Masterpieces from Versailles: Three Centuries of French Portraiture
16739: GORDON, LORD ALASTAIR - Enzo Plazzotta
4228: GORDON, CHERYL CIBULKA - Explorations of an American Impressionist: The Art of Wilson Irvine, 1869-1936
168736: GORDON, THOMAS F. - The History of America Containing the History of the Spanish Discoveries Prior to 1520 (Volume 1 Only of 2)
170440: GORDON, ANTOINETTE K. - The Iconography of Tibetan Lamaism
168926: GORE, JANICE S. - La Luz de Jesus 25: The Little Gallery That Could
160087: GOREN, NILI (EDITOR) - Orit Raff: Priming
112797: GORENBURG, DMITRY P. - Minority Ethnic Mobilization in the Russian Federation
125211: GORES,BURKHARDT - Stiftung Schlosser Und Garten Potsdam-Sanssouci: Eine Kommode Von Johann Gottlob Fielder
144219: GOREY, EDWARD - The West Wing
144217: GOREY, EDWARD - The Insect God
144215: GOREY, EDWARD - The Awdrey-Gore Legacy
149993: GORGERINO, GIUSEPPE - Mostra Del Pittore: Felice Casorati
6832: [GORHAM COMPANY] - Famous Small Bronzes: A Representative Exhibit Selected from the Works of Noted Contemporary Sculptors
105495: GORHAM, HAZEL H. - Japanese and Oriental Ceramics
166347: GORI, GIANFRANCO MIRO - Rimini Et le Cinema: Images, Cineastes, Histoires
160975: GORING, ELIZABETH - Time Regained: Works by Artist-Goldsmith Kevin Coates
31421: GORISSEN, FRIEDRICH - Conspectus Cliviae: Die Klevische Residenz in Der Kunst Des 17. Jahrhunderts
138165: GORKY, ARSHILE AND MATTHEW SPENDER (EDITOR) - Goats on the Roof: A Life in Letters and Documents
170121: GORLIN, ALEXANDER - The New American Town House
129675: GORMAN, R. C.; VIRGINIA DOOLEY - R.C. Gorman: Nudes & Foods, Volume II
1236: GORMAN, JOAN H. AND GERTRUDE GRACE SILL - George Cope: 1855-1929
1237: GORMAN, JOAN H. - Jefferson David Chalfant, 1856-1931
169975: GORMAN, MICHAEL JOHN - Buckminster Fuller: Designing for Mobility
166764: GORNER, VEIT AND SUSANNE FIGNER - 10001 Nacht: Daniel Ricther
169503: GORNER, VEIT AND FRANK-THORSTEN MOLL - Eric Fischl: Ten Breaths
153442: GORNER, VEIT ET AL. - Alex Katz: Naked Beauty
156491: GORNI, MERI - Meri Gorni: Nel Sogno Parlavo Con Dostoevskij
125855: GORNIK, APRIL (ESSAY) - Linda Cummings: Stirring the Waters
159574: GORSE, GEORGE L. ET AL. - Disegni Genovesi Dal Cinquecento Al Settecento
7857: GORSON, A.H. - A.H. Gorson, 1872-1933
130576: GORVY, BRETT; PETER NORTON; THOMAS SOLOMON - Works from the Peter Norton Collection : Post-War and Contemporary Art [2-Volume Set: Large Auction Catalogue and Small Summary Booklet, Both with Same Title]
162357: GORVY, BRETT (EDITOR) - Face Off: Koons, Kippenberger / Post-War and Contempoary Art Evening Sale, Wednesday, 13 May 2015
148377: GORVY, BRETT - Andy Warhol's Statue of Liberty in 3d
122733: GORVY, BRETT - Works from the Collection of Michael Crichton
140213: GORYAINOV, V. V. - Grafika Renato Guttuzo - Grafika Renato Guttoso (Graphics Renato Guttuso)
119868: GOSCHEN, SIR EDWARD - The One Condition of Peace
160938: GOSEBRUCH, MARTIN AND CHRISTIAN LENZ - Martin Gosebruch : Aufsatze Und Vortrage
165957: GOSIN, SUSAN - Through a Papermaker's Eye: Artists' Books from the Dieu Donne Collection of Susan Gosin
113717: GOSLINGA, CORNELIS CH - The Dutch in the Caribbean and on the Wild Coast, 1580-1680
110072: GOSS, FRANK - Early California
144788: GOSSAGE, JOHN - Stadt Des Schwarz : Eighteen Photographs of Berlin
10324: GOSSE, EDMUND - British Portrait Painters and Engravers of the Eighteenth Century, Kneller to Reynolds
142427: GOSSELIN, CLAUDE (INTRODUCTION) - Michael Morris Photographies
112294: GOSU, ARMAND - La Troisieme Coalition Antinapoleonienne Et la Sublime Porte 1805
129687: GOSUDARSTVENNYI MUZEI IZOBRAZITELNYKH ISKUSSTV IMENI A.S. PUSHKINA - Grafika Khudozhnikov Ssha XX Veka Iz Sobraniia Gmii Imeni A.S. Pushkina: Katalog Vystavki (Russian Edition) = Graphic Artists of the 20th Century
108965: GOSWAMY, B.N. AND CARON SMITH - Domains of Wonder: Selected Masterworks of Indian Painting
159373: GOTLIEB, HOWARD B. - William Beckford of Fonthill : Writer, Traveller, Collector, Caliph 1760-1844 : A Brief Narrative and Catalogue of an Exhibition to Mark the Two Hundredth Anniversary of Beckford's Birth
121237: GOTSEV, STOICHO - Burgaski Khudozhnitsi: Zhivopis, Grafika - Okruzhen Suvet Za Izkustvo I Kultura / Bugarsskie Khudozhniki
118807: GOTT, TED WITH LAURIE BENSON - 20th Century Painting and Sculpture in the International Collections of the National Gallery of Victoria
169145: GOTT, SUZANNE, KRISTYNE S. LOUGHRAN, BETSY D. QUICK, AND LESLIE W. RABINE [EDS] - African-Print Fashion Now!: A Story of Taste, Globalization, and Style
130184: GOTTE, GISELA; MAX TAUSCH; - Clemens-Sels-Museum Neuss : Gemalde, Skulpturen, Eine Auswahl
2366: GOTTESMAN, RITA SUSSWEIN (COMPILER) - The Arts and Crafts in New York: 1777-1799. Advertisements and News Items from New York City Newspapers
2366.1: GOTTESMAN, RITA SUSSWEIN (COMPILER) - The Arts and Crafts in New York: 1777-1799. Advertisements and News Items from New York City Newspapers
123803.1: GOTTESMAN, RITA SUSSWEIN (COMPILER) - The Arts and Crafts in New York: 1800-1804: Advertisements and News Items from New York City Newspapers
123803: GOTTESMAN, RITA SUSSWEIN (COMPILER) - The Arts and Crafts in New York: 1800-1804: Advertisements and News Items from New York City Newspapers
123802: GOTTESMAN, RITA SUSSWEIN (COMPILER) - The Arts and Crafts in New York: 1726-1776: Advertisements and News Items from New York City Newspapers
161757: GOTTFRIED, HERBERT AND JAN JENNINGS - American Vernacular Buildings and Interiors, 1870-1960
138830: GOTTLER, CHRISTINE - Last Things: Art and the Religious Imagination in the Age of Reform
143751: GOTTLIEB, LENNART AND JENS ERIK SORENSEN - Modernisme: Maleriets Fornyelse 1908-41 = Modernism: Reinventing Painting 1908-41
126894: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS (EDITOR) - The Letters of Lafayette to Washington 1777-1799
170631: GOTTSCHALLER, PIA, ALECA LE BLANC, ET AL. - Making Art Concrete: Works from Argentina and Brazil in the Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
28371: GOTTSHALL, FRANKLIN - Heirloom Furniture
166093: GOUDY, ALICE MARGARET - Far Eastern Sculpture: Small Chinese Bronzes and Bronze Mirrors
130954: GOUGH, JOHN B.; GEORGE CRUIKSHANK - Autobiography and Personal Recollections of John B. Gough : With Twenty-Six Years' Experience As a Public Speaker
136599: GOULANDRIS, ELISE B. ET AL. - Paul Klee
126571: GOULART, RON - The Encyclopedia of American Comics from 1897 to the Present
124478: GOULD, MR. AND MRS. G. GLEN - Period Lighting Fixtures
104420: GOULD, CECIL - Corot
129378: GOULD, CECIL - Parmigianino
106512: GOULD, MARY EARLE - Early American Wooden Ware & Other Kitchen Utensils
132162: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY; ET AL. - On the Nature of Things: The Scientific Photography of Fritz Goro
109052: GOULD, CECIL - The Sixteenth Century Italian School
21201: GOULD, CECIL - The Sixteenth-Century Italian Schools
102016: GOULD, MARY EARLE - Early American Wooden Ware & Other Kitchen Utensils
169224: GOULDS, PETER - Sean Scully: Recent Paintings
113985: GOULDS, PETER - David Hockney: The East Yorkshire Landscape
30286: GOUMA-PETERSON, THALIA - I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can: " New Paintings by Miriam Schapiro
128556: GOUMA-PETERSON, THALIA - Breaking the Rules: Audrey Flack: A Retrospective 1950-1990
110008: GOUMA-PETERSON, THALIA - Athena Tacha: New Works, 1986 - 1989
128556.1: GOUMA-PETERSON, THALIA - Breaking the Rules: Audrey Flack: A Retrospective 1950-1990
157193: GOUMA-PETERSON, THALIA ET AL. - Women's Caucus for Art Honor Awards: Berenice Abbott, Elsie Driggs, Elizabeth Gilmore Holt, Katharine Kuh, Charmion Von Wiegand, Claire Zeisler
165611: GOUPIL (AND) HORACE VERNET (AND) JEAN-PIERRE THENOT (AND) CASIMER-LEFEBVRE - Manuel Complet Et Simplifie de la Peinture a L'Huile : Suivi Du Traite de la Restauration Des Tableaux (Bound with) L'Aquarelle Et le Lavis Appliques a L'Etude de la Figure En General, Du Portrait D'Apres Nature, Du Paysage, de la Marine, Des Animaux Et Des Fleurs, Par Goupil (Bound with) la Miniature Mise a la Portee de Toutes Les Intelligences (Bound with) le Pastel Simplifie Et Perfectionne (Bound with) Traite de Paysage Mis a la Portee de Tous (Bound with) Guide Du Peintre-Coloriste, Comprenant L'Enluminage Des Gravures Et Lithographies, le Coloris Du Daguerreotype, Des Vues Sur Verre Pour Stereoscope Et la Retouche de la Photographie a L'Aquarelle Et a L'Huile (Bound with) Peinture Sur Porcelaine Decoration Et Impression de Toutes Les Couleurs D'Un Seul Coup : Suivie de la Peinture Sur Verre, Email, Stores, Ecrans, Marbres Et de L'Art D'Executer la Vitrau-Manotypie Ou Maniere de Faire Soi-Meme Les Vitraux Factices
28319: GOURLEY, HUGH J., III - Handbook of the Colby College Art Museum
27808: GOURLEY III, HUGH J. - The New England Silversmith: An Exhibition of New England Silver from the Mid-Seventeenth Century to the Present, Selected from New England Collections
27808.1: GOURLEY III, HUGH J. - The New England Silversmith: An Exhibition of New England Silver from the Mid-Seventeenth Century to the Present, Selected from New England Collections
162267: GOURLEY, HUGH J. III - Helena Simkhovitch, an Exhibition of Sculpture 1949-1979
140712: GOURLEY, HUGH J. III AND SHIRLEY JACKS - Bernard Langlais: The Middle Years, an Exhibition of Wood Reliefs
118306: GOURNAY, ISABELLE AND FRANCE VANLAETHEM (EDITORS) - Montreal Metropolis, 1880 - 1930
112636: GOURVISH, TERRY (EDITOR) - Business and Politics in Europe 1900 - 1970: Essays in Honour of Alice Teichova
106028: GOUTIER, JEAN-MICHEL - Grands" Surrealistes
155359: GOUTIER, JEAN-MICHEL - Kurt Seligmann: A L'Enseigne Du Surrealisme
161073: GOVAN, MICHAEL (EDITOR) ET AL. - Picasso and Rivera: Conversations Across Time
162553: GOVETT, E. - The Samos Aphrodite
150746: GOW, IAN AND ALISTAIR ROWAN (EDITORS) - Scottish Country Houses, 1600-1914
116312: GOWER, LORD RONALD - Romney and Lawrence
148902: GOWIN, EMMET AND PHILLIP C. HAMMOND - Petra in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
146296: GOWIN, ENOCH BURTON - Principles of Speculation and Investment (Vols. I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII)
22502: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Paintings in the Louvre
117495: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Turner: Imagination and Reality
104457: GOWING, LAWRENCE ET AL. - Matisse 1869-1954: A Retrospective Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery
141425: GOWING, LAWRENCE WITH FREDA CONSTABLE AND OTHERS - John Constable, R.A. / Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863): Paintings and Drawings - Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640): Three Oil Sketches. (2 Vols. In Slip Case)
167382: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Odilon Redon: The Woodner Collection
128005: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Odilon Redon: The Woodner Collection
115696: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Hogarth
146714: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Patrick George: Paintings, Drawings 1937 / 1980
20302: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Henri Matisse: 64 Paintings
143631: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Larry Rivers: Oeuvres Recentes, 1984-1990
164673: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Lucian Freud
168897: GOWLAND, PETER AND ALICE GOWLAND - Classic Nude Photography: Techniques and Images
160756: GOWRIE, GREY - A Tribute to A.G.
170411: GOWRIE, GREY - Francis Bacon: Loan Exhibition in Celebration of His 80th Birthday
169855: GOY, BERTRAND AND GISELE KRAUSKOPFF - Wood Sculpture in Nepal: Jokers and Talismans
170323: GOY, RICHARD J. - Building Renaissance Venice
127656: GOYA, FRANCISCO; CLAUDE ROY; CENTRE CULTUREL DU MARAIS, ET AL. - Goya 1746-1828: Peintures-Dessins-Gravures
150408: GOZZI, FAUSTO ET AL. - Guercino
163914: GOZZOLI, MARIA CRISTINA AND MARCO ROSCI - IL Volto Della Lombardia: Da Carlo Porta a Carlo Cattaneo: Paesaggi E Vedute, 1800-1859
152594: GRABAR, IGOR - A Catalogue of Russian Icons Received from the American Russian Institute for Exhibition
133553: GRABAR, ANDRE - Les Voies de la Creation En Iconographie Chretienne; (Series: Collection Idees Et Recherches)
100624: GRABAR, IGOR - Repin (2 Volume Set)
143386: GRABAR, OLEG - The Mediation of Ornament (Bollingen Series XXV, 38)
165013: GRABAR, ANDRÉ - Christian Iconography: A Study of Its Origins
156987: GRABAR, I.E. (EDITOR) - Geschichte Der Russischen Kunst (Bands I, II, III, IV)
156100: GRABAR, OLEG - The Shape of the Holy: Early Islamic Jerusalem
144678: GRABAR, IGOR - Russkie Khkudozhniki: Sobranie, Illiustrisobrannbikh, Monografiy - Vypusk 3, Serov; Valentin Aleksandrovnich Serov: Zhizn I Tvorchestvo (Russian Painters: Collection, Illustration Collections, Monographs - Volume 3, Serov; Valentin Aleksandrovnich Serov: Life and Creativity)
155853: GRABAR, ANDRÉ - Christian Iconography: A Study of Its Origins (Bollingen Series XXXV)
144720: GRABAR, I.E. - Istoriya Russkogo Iskusstva, Tom IV - Semnadtsatyy Vek I Yego Kul'Tura (History of Russian Art, Volume IV - the Seventeenth Century and Its Culture)
144722: GRABAR, I.E. - Istoriya Russkogo Iskusstva, Tom III - Iskusstvo Srednerusskikh Knyazhestv XIII-XV Vekov (History of Russian Art, Volume III - Art of the Central Russian Principalities of the XIII - XV Centuries)
169708: GRABAR, OLEG AND SHEILD BLAIR - Epic Images and Contemporary History: The Illustrations of the Great Mongol Shahnama
108138: GRABAR, OLEG - The Formation of Islamic Art
160117: GRABAU, AMADEUS - Bulletin of the New York State Museum No. 45, Vol. 9 April 1901: Guide to the Geology and Paleontology of Niagara Falls and Vicinity: With a Chapter on Post-Pliocene Fossils of Niagara
158234: GRABNER, MICHELLE - Claire Sherman: West Ridge
108226: GRABNER, SABINE AND MICHAEL KRAPF (EDITORS) - Aufgeklart Burgerlich: Portrats Von Gainsborough Bis Waldmuller 1750-1840
163280: GRABSKA, ELZBIETA - Autour de Bourdelle : Paris Et Les Artistes Polonais 1900-1918
160924: GRABSKI, JOZEF (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Artibus Et Historiae: An Art Anthology -- No. 58 (XXIX)
155616: GRABSKI, JOZEF (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Artibus Et Historiae: An Art Anthology -- No. 27, 1993
155612: GRABSKI, JOZEF (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Artibus Et Historiae: An Art Anthology -- No. 23, 1991
155613: GRABSKI, JOZEF (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Artibus Et Historiae: An Art Anthology -- No. 24, 1991
155615: GRABSKI, JOZEF (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Artibus Et Historiae: An Art Anthology -- No. 26, 1992
155610: GRABSKI, JOZEF (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Artibus Et Historiae: An Art Anthology -- No. 22, 1990
155617: GRABSKI, JOZEF (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Artibus Et Historiae: An Art Anthology -- No. 28, 1993
141814: GRACE BORGENICHT GALLERY - Charles Biederman: Selected Works, 1936-1988
112129: GRACE, TRUDIE A. - Paper Trail: Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors in the National Academy of Design
4262: GRACE BORGENICHT GALLERY - Wolf Kahn: New Work, 1987-1989
123494: GRACE, TRUDIE A. - This Perfect River-View: The Hudson River School and Contemporaries in Private Collections in the Highlands
103690: GRACHOS, LOUIS (INTRODUCTION) - Alan Rath: Robotics
136655: GRACHOS, LOUIS - Romance & Irony in Recent American Art
17704: GRAD, BONNIE L. AND TIMOTHY A. RIGGS - Visions of City and Country: Prints and Photographs of Nineteenth-Century France
5132: GRAD, BONNIE LEE - Milton Avery
147802: GRAD, BONNIE L. AND JOHN UPDIKE - George Nick: A Retrospective
125442: GRADL, M.J. - Plafonds Et Decorations Murales
106122: GRAESSE, J. G. TH. AND FRIEDRICH JAENNICKE - Graess-Jaennicke, Guide de L'Amateur de Porcelaines Et de Faiences (Y Compris Gres Et Terres Cuites)
107152: GRAESSE, J.G. AND JAENNICKE, E. - Fuhrere Fur Sammer Von Porzellan, Fayence Etc.
144964: GRAF, ALFRED BYRD - Hortica: A Color Cyclopedia of Garden Flora, in All Climates and Indoor Plants
111244: GRAF, DIETER - Master Drawings of the Roman Baroque from the Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf: A Selection from the Lambert Krahe Collection
23568: GRAFF, NANCY PRICE AND E. THOMAS PIERCE (EDITORS) - Charles Louis Heyde: Nineteenth-Century Vermont Landscape Painter; with Catalogue Raisonné
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103112: GRUNEISEN, WLARAMIR DE - Sainte Marie Antique Avec le Concours de Huelsen Giorgis Federici David
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151243000001: GRUNENBERG, CHRISTOPH - Rachel Whiteread
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170372: GUDIOL, JOSÉ - Velázquez, 1599-1660
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170927: GUEGAN, STEPHANE - Théodore Chassériau,1819-1856: The Unknown Romantic
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138898: GUEGAN, STEPHANE - Manet: Ritorno a Venezia
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121290: GUEGUEN, PIERRE (AUTHOR) AND GUALTIERI DI SAN LAZZARO (ED.) - Giorgio de Giorgi Et le Reve Des Pierres de Bronze
106971: GUENA, ELENA (ED.) - Fausto Melotti
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148462: GUENTHER, BRUCE ET AL. - In Passionate Pursuit: The Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Collection and Legacy
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115738: GUENTHER, BRUCE - Apex: Mk Guth
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130554: GUENTHER, BRUCE (CUR.); MARK DI SUVERO - Mark Di Suvero / Orange County
161372: GUENTHER, IRENE - Nazi Chic? Fashioning Women in the Third Reich
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