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17710: HANOVER, NH: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, HOOD MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 10 TO SEPT. 3, 1995 - Two Views of Italy: Master Prints by Canaletto and Piranesi
25761: HANOVER, NH: HOOD MUSEUM OF ART, MAR. 25 TO JUNE 25, 1989, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Varujan Boghosian: A Retropective
8234: HANOVER, NH: HOOD MUSEUM OF ART, DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, MAR. 31 TO JUNE 21, 1992 - Picturing New York: Images of the City, 1890-1955
18206: HANOVER, NH: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, MAR. 25 TO JUNE 12, 1977 - Nineteenth-Century American Prints from the Dartmouth College Collection
14065: HANOVER, NH: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, HOOD MUSEUM OF ART, JULY 18 TO SEPT. 20, 1998 - Post-Pastoral: New Images of the New England Landscape
132622: HANS NAMUTH - Fifty-Two Artists: Photographs by Hans Namuth
133430: HANS ERICH KUBACH; PIER LUIGI NERVI - Architettura Romanica (Storia Universale Dell' Architettura)
104967: HANS VAN LEMMEN - Tiles 1, 000 Years of Architectural Decoration
133658: HANS JANSSEN; MICHAEL WHITE - The Story of de Stijl: Mondrian to Van Doesburg
133428: HANS MARTIN VON ERFFA - Ikonologie Der Genesis: Die Christlichen Bildthemen Aus Dem Alten Testament Und Ihre Quellen (Erster Band)
132894: HANS H. HOFSTATTER; ET AL. - Jugendstil: Druckkunst (Epochen Der Druckkunst)
16575: HANSEN, T. VICTORIA; ELEANOR HEARTNEY - Presswork: The Art of Women Printmakers
102937: HANSEN, DOROTHEA AND WULF HERZOGENRATH - Monet Und Camille: Frauenportraits IM Impressionismus
140203: HANSEN-LOVE, AAGE A. - Russkiy Simvolizm: Sistema Poeticheskikh Motivov - Mifologicheskiy Simvolizm Nachala Veka Kosmicheskaya Simvolika (Der Russische Symbolismus: System Und Entfaltung Der Poetischen Motive - Mythopoetischer Symbolismus Kosmische Symbolik) (Russian Symbolism: System and Development of the Poetic Motif - Mythological Symbolism of the Century of Cosmic Symbolics)
113267: HANSEN, MORTON STEEN - Masterpieces of Italian Painting: The Walters Art Museum
138646: HANSEN-SCHABERG, INGE WITH WOLFGANG THONER AND ADRIANE FEUSTEL - Entfernt: Frauen Des Bauhauses Wahrend Der Nx-Zeit - Verfolgung Und Exil
157087: HANSEN, DOROTHEE ET AL. - Emile Bernard: Am Puls Der Moderne
139602: HANSEN, MARIANNE AND SHEILA ISHAM - Sheila Isham: Images of a Global Journey
139490: HANSEN, JAMES M. - Ejnar Hansen 1884-1965: Retrospective Exhibition
112591: HANSEN, ANDERS LUND - Space Wars and the New Urban Imperialism
112910: HANSON, VICTOR - A Reprint from Applied Spectroscopy
104427: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN (CATALOGUE BY) - Edouard Manet ,1832-1883
104148: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - Manet and the Modern Tradition
100863: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - Severini Futurista: 1912-1917
148583: HANSON, LEE H. JR. - The Hardin Village Site (Studies in Anthropology, No. 4)
19699: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - The Futurist Imagination: Word + Image in Italian Futurist Painting, Drawing, Collage and Free-Word Poetry
158594: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - The Futurist Imagination: Word + Image in Italian Futurist Painting, Drawing, Collage and Free-Word Poetry
160879: HANSTCHMANN, KATHARINA ET AL. - Johann Peter Melchior, 1747-1825: Bildhauer Und Modellmeister in Höchst, Frankenthal Und Nymphenburg
111100: HANSTEIN, HENRIK - Lempertz Bulletin
109300: HANTEN, SASA - Bettina Blohm: No Ugly Mathematics
131267: HANZAL, CARLA M ; RUTH FINE; MINT MUSEUM (CHARLOTTE, N.C.); ET AL. - Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections
105286: HANZAL, CARLA M. - Robert Lazzarini: Seen/Unseen. Vantage Point V.
30100: HAPGOOD, ISABEL (TRANSLATION) - The Works of Ivan Turgenieff (Complete 7 Volume Set)
128760: HAPGOOD, MARILYN OLIVER - Wallpaper and the Artist: From Durer to Warhol
25426: HARADA, JIRO - The Shosoin: An Eighth Century Repository
22735: HARADA, JIRO - The Shoshoin: An Eighth Century Repository
123275: HARADA, JIRO - The Lesson of Japanese Architecture
108937: HARALSON, CAROL (EDITOR) - The Gilcrease Journal: Thomas Moran at Gilcrease: Volume 5, Number 1 Spring / Summer 1997
122783: HARAMBOURG, LYDIA - Dictionnaire Des Peintres Paysagistes Francais Au XIX Siecle
26640: HARARI, HANANIAH - Abstraction Across America, 1934 - 1946: American Abstract Artists, New York & Transcendental Painting Group, New Mexico
131899: HARAUCOURT, EDMOND - L'Histoire de la France Expliquee Au Musee de Cluny: Guide Annote Par Salles Et Par Series
119650: HARB, FLORIAN AND THOMAS WILLIAMS - Old Master Drawings
16394: HARBESON, GEORGIANA BROWN - American Needlework: The History of Decorative Stitchery and Embroidery from the Late 16th to the 20th Century
161922: HARBISON, GRAIG - The Last Judgment in Sixteenth Century Northern Europe: A Study of the Relation between Art and the Reformation (Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts)
158620: HARBUTT, CHARLES - Travelog
111492: HARBY, STEPHEN W. - Norwich Connecticut: A Guide to Its Architecture
103314: HARCOURT, G. (EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION) - Hendrick Goltzius and the Classical Tradition
140186: HARCOURT, LESLIE - Paule Vezelay: Master of Line
144680: HARCOURTS GALLERY - Marc Chagall: Paintings
13538: HARCOURTS CONTEMPORARY, SAN FRANCISCO, CA: NOV. 19 TO DEC. 24, 1987 - Byron Browne: A Selection of Paintings, Sculpture, and Works on Paper
136298: HARDEE, JIM - Obstinate Hope: The Western Expeditions of Nathaniel J. Wyeth -- Volume One, 1832-1833
160433: HARDEE, JIM (EDITOR) - The Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Journal (Volume 10, 2016)
33639: HARDER, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Light: Contemporary Photographs
160788: HARDIE, MARTIN - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Etchings... By James Mcbey (3 Catalogues; 1919, 1925, 1926)
145731: HARDIE, MARTIN - English Coloured Books (the Connoisseur's Library)
19002: HARDIE, MARTIN - Water-Colour Painting in Britain (3-Volume Set)
138081: HARDIE, MARTIN - Water-Colour Painting in Britain (3-Volume Set)
152330: HARDIGN, ANNELIESE - John Quincy Adams: Pioneer of German-American Literary Studies
100977: HARDIN, JENNIFER AND VALERIE ANN LEEDS - In the American Spirit: Realism and Impressionism from the Lawrence Collection
100979: HARDIN, JENNIFER - Georgia O'Keeffe: The Artist in Focus
112101: HARDIN, JENNIFER - American Masterpieces from the Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida
142756: HARDIN, JENNIFER - The Lure of Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs Revisited
117128: HARDING, ANNELIESE - Eden Revisited: Graphic Works by German Romantic Artists
112727: HARDING, HARRY - A Fragile Relationship: The United States and China Since 1972
8938: HARDING, ANNALIESE; BRUCIA WITTHOFT - American Artists in Dusseldorf: 1840-1865
113372: HARDING, FRANK - A Livestock Heritage: Animals and People in Art
5258: HARDING, JONATHAN P. - The Boston Athenaeum Collection: Pre-Twentieth Century American and European Painting and Sculpture
160721: HARDING, ALEXIS - Joseph Marioni: Liquid Light
2784: HARDING, ANNELIESE - John Lewis Krimmel: Genre Artist of the Early Republic
121490: HARDINGE, CHARLES (LORD HARDINGE OF PENSHURST) - Loyal India: An Interview with Lord Hardinge of Penshurst
10735: HARDOUIN-FUGIER, ELISABETH AND ETIENNE GRAFE - French Flower Painters of the 19th Century: A Dictionary
148070: HARDWICK, M. JEFFREY - Mall Maker: Victor Gruen, Architect of an American Dream
125487: HARDY, RODNEY D. ET AL. - Harvard College Class of 1960 Fortieth Anniversary Report
125486: HARDY, RODNEY D. ET AL. - Harvard College Class of 1960 35th Anniversary Report
123680: HARDY, THOMAS - Old Mrs. Chundle: A Short Story
106964: HARE, SUSAN, ED - Paul de Lamerie: The Work of England's Master Silversmith (1688-1751)
100234: HARE, AUGUSTUS J.C. - The Gurneys of Earlham
149737: HARE, BILL - Jock Mcfadyen: The Ability to Cling
144849: HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C. - Cities of Southern Italy and Sicily
144847: HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C. - Cities of Central Italy (2 Vols. )
113324: HARFF, ILLI-MARIA - Eskimo Sculpture
157653: HARGRAVES, MATTHEW - Candidates for Fame: The Society of Artists of Great Britain 1760-1791
153015: HARIOT, THOMAS - A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia: The 1590 Theodor de Bry Latin Edition
157981: HARIOT, THOMAS AND THEODOR DE BRY AND JOHN WHITE - Wunderbarliche, Doch Warhafftige Erklärung, Von Der Gelegenheit Und Sitten Der Wilden in Virginia, Welche Newlich Von Den Engelländern, So IM Jar 1585. Vom Herrn Reichard Greinuile, Einem Von Der Ritterschaft, in Gemeldte Landtschafft Die Zu Bewohnen Geführt Waren, Ist Erfunden Worden, in Verlegung H. Walter Raleigh, Ritter Vnd Obersten deß Zinbergwercks, Auß Vergünstigung Der Durchleuchtigsten Vnnd Vnvberwindlichsten, Elisabeth, Königin in Engelland, Etc.
142089: HARITHAS, JAMES - Vera Simons: Aerial Sculpture
142272: HARITHAS, JAMES - Lucht-Kunst
108716: HARITHAS, JAMES - George Smith
106800: HARITHAS, JAMES (INTRODUCTION) - My Five Years in the Country : An Exhibition of Forty-Nine Paintings by Joan Mitchell
141917: HARITHAS, JAMES AND AL BRUNELLE - Kawabata Minoru Ten = Exhibition of Minoru Kawabata
145641: HARKAVY, DONNA - Mark Innerst: Places of Wonder
121415: HARKER, PATRICK T. ET AL. - Building the Future, Remembering the Past: Fifty Years of the University of Delaware Library Associates
134377: HARKNESS BALLET - Harkness Ballet Programs 1967
113002: HARLAN, MARY (ED.) - Art of Glass: Selections from the Columbus Collections October 18 - November 17, 1981
143910: HARLAN, ROBERT D. - Chapter Nine: The Vulgate Bible & Other Unfinished Projects of John Henry Nash
131610: HARLAND, MARION (MARY VIRGINIA TERHUNE) - Marion Harland's Autobiography: The Story of a Long Life
131394: HARLAND, MARION - Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery
142664: HARLOW, ANN - Early Artists of the Bohemian Club
152312: HARLOW, ANN (CURATOR) - California Paintings 1910-1940: Selections from Mills College Art Museum
140680: HARLOW, THOMPSON R. - The Life and Trials of Joseph Steward (the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 46, Number 4, October 1981)
157396: HARMAN, P.M. - The Culture of Nature in Britain 1680-1860
147195: HARMAN, P. M. AND ALAN E. SHAPIRO (EDITORS) - The Investigation of Difficult Things: Essays on Newton and the History of the Exact Sciences, in Honour of D.T. Whiteside
137432: HARMAN, FRED - The Great West in Paintings
7853: HARMON-MEEK GALLERY, NAPLES, FL: FEB. 15 TO MAR. 7, 1987, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Jimmy Ernst (1920-1984): Retrospective, 1942-1983
7853.1: HARMON-MEEK GALLERY, NAPLES, FL: FEB. 15 TO MAR. 7, 1987, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Jimmy Ernst (1920-1984): Retrospective, 1942-1983
153341: HARMON, LILY - Freehand: An Intimate Portrait of the New York Art Scene in Its Golden Years by a Remarkable Woman Who Lived, Loved and Painted It
7289: HARMON-MEEK GALLERY - Balcomb Greene: Retrospective -- the Figure in His Art, 1931-1984
7289.1: HARMON-MEEK GALLERY - Balcomb Greene: Retrospective -- the Figure in His Art, 1931-1984
112948: HARMON, FOSTER - Terry W. Curtis: Recent Paintings
7290: HARMON GALLERY - Balcomb Greene: Retrospective
127061: HARMSEN, BILL - Illustrating the Lost Wax Method: Sculpture to Bronze: Featuring the Life and Sculpture of Adrien Alexandre Voisin
111632: HARNEY, ELIZABETH - In Senghor's Shadow: Art, Politics, and the Avant-Garde in Senegal, 1960 - 1995
134544: HAROLD D. BABCOCK; CHARLOTTE E. MOORE - The Solar Spectrum, Lambda 6600 to Lambda 13495 (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 579)
133144: HAROLD DONALDSON EBERLEIN - Details of the Architecture of Tuscany
134557: HAROLD H. STRAIN; H. A. SPOEHR - Leaf Xanthophylls (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 490)
129775: HARPER, PRUDENCE OLIVER; VORDERASIATISCHES MUSEUM (BERLIN, GERMANY); METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.); ET AL. - Assyrian Origins: Discoveries at Ashur on the Tigris. Antiquities in the Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin
144175: HARPER, DENNIS ET AL. - Art Interrupted: Advancing American Art and the Politics of Cultural Diplomacy
132451: HARPER, IDA HUSTED - The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (in 2 Volumes)
121438: HARPER, LUCY AND ROBERT COOK - David Walker: Anatomy of the Object
26980: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Exposition D'Estampes En L'Honneur de C. Krieghoff, 1815-1872 = Exhibition of Prints in Honour of C. Krieghoff, 1815-1872
141282: HARPER, LUCY (CURATOR) - Year 12 Perspectives 2007
156357: HARPER, PRUDENCE O. AND PIETER MEYERS - Silver Vessels of the Sasanian Period: Volume One: Royal Imagery
3560: HARPER, J. RUSSELL (EDITOR) - Paul Kane's Frontier, Including Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America, by Paul Kane
156199: HARPER, PRUDENCE O. AND HOLLY PITTMAN - Essays on Near Eastern Art and Archaeology, in Honor of Charles Kyrle Wilkinson
106026: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Early Painters and Engravers in Canada
155119: HARPER, GLENN - Art Papers: Representing Lesbian Subjectivities, November & December 1994
11579.2: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Painting in Canada
142097: HARPER, MICHAEL S. AND SALLY YARD - Savoy: An Installation by Richard Yarde
129951: HARPER, LUCY - Plates, Blocks and Stones: Five Centuries of International Prints
130186: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Cornelius Krieghoff. The Habitant Farm, la Ferme ( Masterpieces in the National Gallery of Canada, No. 9)
147662: HARPER, JAMES G. - Verso: The Flip Side of Master Drawings
37133: HARPER, LORENE (ED.) - The Thomas and Harriet Gibbons Georgian Silver Collection and Other Silver at Lauren Rogers Library and Museum of Art, Laurel, Mississippi
13682: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Krieghoff
123685: HARPER, PRUDENCE O. AND JOAN ARUZ AND FRANCOISE TALLON (EDITORS) - The Royal City of Susa: Ancient Near Eastern Treasures in the Louvre
108149: HARPER, PRUDENCE OLIVE - The Royal Hunter: Art of the Sasanian Empire
152198: HARPER, MICHAEL S. AND SALLY YARD - Savoy: An Installation by Richard Yarde
131756: HARPER, ROBERT W. - John Fenwick and Salem County in the Province of West Jersey 1609-1700; Including Burlington, Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester Counties, a Brief History
154473: HARPLEY, MELISSA ET AL. - St. Petersburg 1900
116520: HARR, JONATHAN - The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece
159471: HARRIER, RICHARD C. - An Anthology of Jacobean Drama. Edited with an Introduction, Notes, and Variants by Richard C. Harrier (Volumes I & II)
132790: HARRIET ZINNES - I Wanted to See Something Flying: Poems
111965: HARRIMAN (MARIE) GALLERY, NY: NOVEMBER, 1932 - Seven Paintings by Walt Kuhn
141942: HARRIMAN (MARIE) GALLERY, NY: NOVEMBER, 1932 - Seven Paintings by Walt Kuhn
11519: HARRIMAN (MARIE) GALLERY, NY: NOV. 7 TO DEC. 7, 1940 - Courbet: Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
5782: HARRIMAN (MARIE) GALLERY, NY: JAN. 1932 - Exhibition of Paintings by Walt Kuhn
26613.1: HARRINGTON, JESSIE - Silversmiths of Delaware 1700 - 1850. Old Church Silver in Delaware
5481: HARRINGTON, BEV AND WILLIAM KLOSS - The Figural Images of Theodore Robinson, American Impressionist
152450: HARRINGTON, BEV - Chicago: Emerging Visions
154230: HARRINGTON, M. R. - Sacred Bundles of the Sac and Fox Indians: Illustrated by Specimens in the George G. Heye Collection (the University Museum Anthropological Publications, Vol. IV, No. 2)
145127: HARRINGTON, ELAINE AND HEDRICH-BLESSING - Henry Hobson Richardson: J.J. Glessner Hosue, Chicago (Opus, 7)
117629: HARRIS, JOHN (ED.) - Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum - Decorative Arts
22539: HARRIS, BILL - China: A Photographic Journey
161771: HARRIS, JOHN - Moving Rooms: The Trade in Architectural Salvages
116873: HARRIS, ELLEN (FOREWORD) - The Grand Moving Panorama of Pilgrim's Progress
25820: HARRIS, NEIL - Winterthur and America's Museum Age; Winterthur: 1951-1981, a Chronology
144727: HARRIS, JOHN - Sir William Chambers: Knight of the Polar Star
156473: HARRIS, GENE E. - Arthur Ignatius Keller, 1866-1924
107814: HARRIS, ELIZABETH M. - The Art of Medal Engraving: A Curious Chapter in the Development of 19th Century Printing Processes
132648: HARRIS, J WILL - Riding & Roping: The Memoirs of J. Will Harris; (Series: Libros Homines)
148410: HARRIS, JOHN AND GORDON HIGGOT - Inigo Jones: Complete Architectural Drawings
148156: HARRIS, JOHN - Sir William Chambers: Knight of the Polar Star
161647: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus
3656: HARRIS, GENE E. - Arthur Burdett Frost, 1851-1928: Artist and Humorist
144879: HARRIS, K. M. (EDITOR) - The Embroideress: Volume Nine: A Collection of Articles Published in Parts 65 to 72 of This Quarterly Magazine Treating of the Practice and History of All Kinds of Decorative Needlework, Including Stitches, Designs & Materials
159612: HARRIS, ANN SUTHERLAND (EDITOR) - Selected Drawings of Gian Lorenzo Bernini
158215: HARRIS, ELIZABETH M. - Pochoir
511: HARRIS, GENE E. - Thornton Oakley (1881-1953)
160294: HARRIS, SHAWNYA L. - The Art of James C. Mcmillan : Discovering an African American Master
150688: HARRIS, JOHN - The Artist and the Country House: A History of Country House and Garden View Painting in Britain, 1540-1870
32450: HARRIS (ELIZABETH) GALLERY, NY: APRIL 15 TO MAY 23, 2003 - Richard Bosman
155647: HARRIS-FERNANDEZ, AL (FOREWORD) - The Legacy of T.S. Martin
114734: HARRIS, THERESA FAIRBANKS AND SCOTT WILCOX - Papermaking and the Art of Watercolor in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Paul Sandby and the Whatman Paper MILL
151554: HARRIS, CYRIL M. - American Architecture: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
129907: HARRIS, STACY PALEOLOGOS; RICHARD ANDREWS; CESAR PELLI AND NANCY ROSEN; ET AL. - Insights/on Sites : Perspectives on Art in Public Places
105110: HARRIS, NATHAN - Chippendale
5060.2: HARRIS, ANN SUTHERLAND; LINDA NOCHLIN - Women Artists: 1550-1950
5060.1: HARRIS, ANN SUTHERLAND AND LINDA NOCHLIN - Women Artists: 1550-1950
118578: HARRIS, PATRICIA AND DAVID LYON - Connecticut: The Spirit of America
131030: HARRIS, CYRIL M. - American Architecture: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
139470: HARRIS, NEIL ET AL. - Union League Club of Chicago Art Collection
113507: HARRIS, JOHN - Christopher Wren: Architect
131358: HARRIS, JEAN C. - Harold Weston: Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings; the Mount Holyoke Friends of Art Presents a Retrospective Exhibiton of Paintings by Harold Weston (1894-1972)
152082: HARRIS, JULIETTE - The International Review of African American Art, Volume 16, Number 4: What It Is: Art at the Edge of the Century
150178: HARRIS, MICHAEL C. - Brandywine: A Military History of the Battle That Lost Philadelphia But Saved America, September 11, 1777
146059: HARRIS, EILEEN - The Country Houses of Robert Adam, from the Archives of Country Life
116055: HARRIS, ANNE SUTHERLAND - Women's Caucus for Art Honors Bishop, Burke, Neel, Nevelson, O'Keeffe
5060: HARRIS, ANN SUTHERLAND AND LINDA NOCHLIN - Women Artists: 1550-1950
12655: HARRIS, JEAN C. AND JOEL ISAACSON - Manet and Spain: Prints and Drawings
130536: HARRIS, LOIS V. - Maxfield Parrish: Painter of Magical Make-Believe
161482: HARRIS, STEVEN - True Life: Steven Harris Architects
150693: HARRIS, JOHN - The Artist and the Country House from the Fifteenth Century to the Present Day
124954: HARRIS, EILEEN - The Genius of Robert Adam: His Interiors
158153: HARRIS, JOHN - Moving Rooms: The Trade in Architectural Salvages
113718: HARRIS, JOHN - Italian Architectural Drawings Lent by the Royal Institute of British Architects, London
102869: HARRIS, BETTYE AND JANET ROSS, SUSAN M. MAYER & DEBORAH FRANKLIN - Words in Action, Abstract Expressionism
110502: HARRISBURG, HALLEY K. - Irving Norman
107416: HARRISBURG, HALLEY K. - African American Art: 200 Years - 40 Distinctive Voices Reveal the Breadth of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art
102057: HARRISBURG, HALLEY K. - Fiber and Form: The Woman's Legacy
106825: HARRISON, HELEN A. - Paul Jenkins in the Fifties: Space, Color, and Light
111079: HARRISON, MYRNA - Rediscovering William Freed
122940: HARRISON, ALFRED C., JR. - William Hahn (1829-1887): A Retrospective Exhibition
125904: HARRISON, HELEN MAYER; NEWTON HARRISON - Halbinsel Europa: Das Hochland
138471: HARRISON, ALFRED C. JR. - Carol Peek: Forty at Forty
119728: HARRISON, HELEN A. AND PRESCOTT D. SCHUTZ - Art and Friendship: A Tribute to Fairfield Porter
155939: HARRISON, JANE ELLEN - Epilogomena to the Study of Greek Religions; and Themis: A Study of the Social Origins of Greek Religion
131005: HARRISON, J. F. C. - The Second Coming: Popular Millenarianism 1780-1850
26674: HARRISON, HELEN A. AND LUCY R LIPPARD - Women Artists of the New Deal Era: A Selection of Prints and Drawings
139906: HARRISON, HELEN ET AL. - Nicolas Carone: The East Hampton Years: Paintings from the 1950s
129841: HARRISON, HELEN A. - East End: Artists of the Hamptons
140830: HARRISON, MARTIN AND ROBERT MORGAN - Brian Clarke: Between Extremities
122087: HARRISON, HELEN A. - East Hampton Avant-Garde: A Salute to the Signa Gallery, 1957-1960
152568: HARRISON, HELEN A. - Ten Artists
127203: HARRISON, MARTIN AND LESLIE PROUTY - Francis Bacon: Two Major Works from a European Private Collection
160214: HARRISON, KATHRYN - Margaret Bowland : Power
126191: HARRISON, COLIN; CHRISTOPHER NEWALL; ET. AL - The Pre-Raphaelites and Italy
126999: HARRISON, STEPHEN; EMMANUEL DUCAMP; JEANNINE FALINO - Artistic Luxury: Faberge Tiffany Lalique
129672: HARRISON, JIM (PAINTINGS); FERROL SAMS (WORDS) - The Passing: Perspectives of Rural America
134245: HARRISON, W. K.; C. E. DOBBIN; R. W. SEXTON - School Buildings of Today and Tomorrow
103638: HARRIST JR., ROBERT E. AND WEN C. FONG - The Embodied Image: Chinese Calligraphy from the John B. Elliott Collection
134807: HARROP - The History of the Irish Rebellion, in the Year 1798, &C. , Containing an Impartial Narrative of the Proceedings of the Irish Revolutionists, from the Year 1782, Till the Total Supression of the Insurrection with a Review of the History of Ireland from Its First Invasion by the English, Till the Commencement of the Rebellion (Two Volumes in One)
104553: HARRSEN, META - The Nekcsei-Lipocz Bible: A Fourteenth Century Manuscript from Hungary in the Library of Congress, Ms. Pre-Accession 1
134526: HARRY D. MACGINITIE - Fossil Plants of the Florissant Beds, Colorado (Contributions to Paleontology. Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 599)
36072: HARRY HOLTZMAN, SUSAN C. LARSEN, NECIA GELKER - Progressive Geometric Abstraction in America, 1934-1955: Selections from the Peter B. Fischer Collection
107822: HARSHE, ROBERT B. - The Art Institute of Chicago: A Guide to the Paintings in the Permanent Collection
21661: HART, CHARLES HENRY - A Register of Portraits Painted by Thomas Sully 1801-1871, Arranged and Edited with an Introduction and Notes by. .
130280: HART, VAUGHAN - Inigo Jones: The Architect of Kings
125569: HART, IVOR B. - The Mechanical Investigations of Leonardo Da Vinci
151317: HART, KATHERINE ET AL. - Collecting and Sharing: Trevor Fairbrother, John T. Kirk, and the Hood Museum of Art
103973: HART, CHARLES HENRY - Frauds in Historical Portraiture, or Spurious Portraits of Historical Personages (Offprint from Annual Report of American Historical Association, 1913)
156167: HART-DAVIS, DUFF; CORBEAU-PARSONS, CAROLINE - Philip de Laszlo His Life and Art
146190: HART, KITTY CARLISLE - The Estate of Ambassador Pamela Harriman
120691: HART, SPENCER - The Wright Space
124645: HART, JOHN S. AND MRS. C. M. KIRKLAND - Sartain's Union Magazine of Literature and Art: Vol. IX: July - December 1851
124644: HART, JOHN S. AND MRS. C. M. KIRKLAND - Sartain's Union Magazine of Literature and Art: Vol. VIII: January - June 1851
161370: HART, AVRIL AND SUSAN NORTH - Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Fashion in Detail
131893: HARTCUP, ADELINE - Angelica: The Portrait of an Eighteeth-Century Artist, a Biography of Angela Kauffmann
161649: HARTE, BRET - Sixteen Stories
135124: HARTE, BRET - On the Frontier
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