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112061: GRAFTON, CAROL BELANGER (EDITOR) - Treasury of Victorian Printers' Frames, Ornaments and Initials
134482: GRAHAM, HERBERT W. - Studies in the Morphology, Taxonomy, and Ecology of the Peridiniales (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 542); Scientific Results of Cruise VII of the Carnegie During 1928-1929 Under the Command of Captain J.P. Ault
7193: GRAHAM MODERN, NY: SEPT. 20 TO OCT. 20, 1984 - Carmen Cicero: Paintings and Drawings, 1975-1984
31406: GRAHAM (JAMES AND SONS), NY: SEPTEMBER 4 TO OCTOBER 4, 2003 - John Funt: Tidewater Farm, a Series of Paintings
34708: GRAHAM AND SONS (JAMES), NY: NOVEMBER 9 TO DECEMBER 2, 2000 - Joellyn Duesberry: Landscape Paintings
121418: GRAHAM, C. (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Winters Art Lithographing Company's Popular Portfolios of the World's Columbian Exposition (1893) : No. 1 Grounds and Principal Buildings
1618: GRAHAM, NY: NOV. 4 TO DEC. 1, 1987 - The Animal in Sculpture: American and European, 19th and 20th Century
32247: GRAHAM (JAMES) AND SONS, NY: JANUARY 17 TO FEBRUARY 28, 2004 - Antoine-Louis Barye and the American Collector (French, 1795 - 1875) an Exhibition of Sculpture
16220: GRAHAM, MAYO; LOZANO, LUIS M. ET AL. - Mexican Modern Art: 1900-1950
16340: GRAHAM, JOHN MEREDITH - The Campbell Museum Collection
36112: GRAHAM, F. LANIER - Hector Guimard
144369: GRAHAM, DOROTHY - Chinese Gardens: Gardens of the Contemporary Scene, an Account of Their Design and Symbolism
8324: GRAHAM GALLERY, NY: MAY 22 TO JUNE 30, 1962 - Benjamin West, 1738-1820
34566: GRAHAM, NEW YORK - Henry Glintenkamp, 1887-1946: Ash Can Years to Expressionism, Paintings and Drawings 1980-1939
159376: GRAHAM, KENNETH W. AND KEVIN BERLAND (EDITORS) - William Beckford and the New Millennium
138508: GRAHAM, COLIN - Philip Mccracken
13993: GRAHAM, JOHN MEREDITH - American Pewter
150860: GRAHAM, FRANK - The Castles of Northumberland
104081: GRAHAM, JOHN M. - Popular Art in America: Woodcarvings and Lawn Sculpture; Decorative Pictures; Weather Vanes; Toys; Firebacks and Stoves; Ceramics and Chalkware; Valentines, Advertisements, Prints
21851: GRAHAM (JAMES) & SONS, NY - Geoffrey Dashwood: Birds in Bronze-an Exhibition of Recent Sculpture
158545: GRAHAM, JAY - Bella Notte Linens
36227: GRAHAM, JOHN D. - Byron Browne: Work from the 1930s
101412: GRAHAM AND SONS (JAMES), NY: MARCH TO APRIL, 2005 - Works on Paper from the 70s, 80s, and 90s from the Estate of Norman Bluhm
123299: GRAHAM, GORDON - Philosophy of the Arts. An Introduction to Aesthetics
100188: GRAHAM, MARIA - Three Months Passed in the Mountains East of Rome, During the Year 1819
6147: GRAHAM GALLERY, NY: NOV. 2 TO DEC. 16, 1989 - Van Dearing Perrine: The Light Years
137085: GRAHAM, LANIER AND BARRY WALKER AND DAN BUDNIK - Willem de Kooning: Printer's Proofs from the Collection of Irwin Hollander, Master Printer / Druckerabzuge Aus Der Sammlung Des Meister-Druckers Irwin Hollander / Pruebas de Impresor de la Coleccion de Irwin Hollander, Maestro Impresor
144640: GRAHAM, HARRY - More Misrepresentative Men
30011: GRAHAM, DAN - Dan Graham: Public / Private
128746: GRAHAM, JOHN AND EVERETT ELLIN - John D. Graham, 1881-1961
137632: GRAHAM, SUZANNE AND MICHAEL PARKES - [Michael] Parkes: Drawings and Stone Lithographs
18430: GRAHAM (JAMES) & SONS, NY: APR. 29 TO JUNE 4, 1999 - Herman Maril (1908-1986): Paintings and Works on Paper from the 1920s and 1930s
17945: GRAHAM (JAMES) & SONS, NY: NOV. 14 TO DEC. 21, 1996 - Geoffrey Dashwood: Maquette to Monumental, Recent Bronze Sculpture
36112.1: GRAHAM, F. LANIER - Hector Guimard
164171: GRAHAM, MARTHA - Portfolio: Andy Warhol
161959: GRAHAM - New Paintings by Ger Lataster
161160: GRAHAM-DIXON, ALEXANDER - Paper Museum : Writings About Painting, Mostly
134926: GRAHAME-WHITE, CLAUDE AND HARRY HARPER - The Aeroplane: Past, Present, and Future
159468: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
123869: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
159559: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Pagan Papers
137926: GRAIMBERG, CARL DE - Guide to the Ruins of Heidelberg Castle, with a Plan, and a Series of Views Engraved on Steel. From the Guide-Book of Professor Dr. Theodor Alfred Leger
161094: GRALL, ALEX AND CONSTANTIN JELENSKI - [the Drawings of] Hans Bellmer
160133: GRAMICCIA, ANNA AND FEDERICA PIANTONI (EDS.) - L'Idea Del Bello: Viaggio Per Roma Nel Seicento Con Giovan Pietro Bellori (Guida Breve Alla Mostra)
124383: GRAMS, DIANE AND BETTY FARRELL (EDITORS) - Entering Cultural Communities: Diversity and Change in the Nonprofit Arts
128757: GRAN, HENNING - Jacques Villon
117102: GRANATH, OLLE (FOREWORD) - Silver Till Nytta Och Lust
108887: GRANATH, OLLE - Another Light: Swedish Art Since 1945
135716: GRANATH, OLLE AND MONICA NIECKELS - Moderna Museet: Le Moderna Museet de Stockholm a Bruxelles = Het Moderna Museet Van Stockholm Te Brussel
124681: GRANCSAY, STEPHEN V. - Loan Exhibition of Medieval and Renaissance Arms and Armor
145414: GRANCSAY, STEPHEN V. - Catalogue of Armor: The John Woodman Higgins Armory
145518: GRANCSAY, STEPHEN V. - Loan Exhibition of European Arms and Armor
155653: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: OCTOBER 10 TO NOVEMBER 5, 1980 - 59th Annual Founders Exhibition of Art
324: GRAND CENTRAL GALLERIES, NY: FEB. 23 TO MARCH 22, 1924 - Retrospective Exhibition of Important Works of John Singer Sargent
102466: GRAND, STANLEY I. (CURATOR) AND BETSY FAHLMAN AND STANLEY I. GRAND (ESSAYS) - Guy Pène Du Bois: The Twenties at Home and Abroad
3219: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES: 1957 - Grand Central Art Galleries 1957 Yearbook
3220: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1949 - Grand Central Art Galleries Yearbook 1949
113829: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1947 - 25th Anniversary: Grand Central Art Galleries Yearbook 1947
14712: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES - Richard Schmid: An American Master Painter's Collection of New Works
131650: GRAND, STANLEY I. - Don Perlis: Narrative Reborn
131089: GRAND PALAIS (PARIS, FRANCE); SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART.; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, US) - Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso... : L'Aventure Des Stein [Hardcover]
143791: GRAND, KARINA LYKKE ET AL. - Guld: Skatte Fra Den Danske Guldalder = Gold: Treasures from the Danish Golden Age
131089.1: GRAND PALAIS (PARIS, FRANCE); SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART.; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, US) - Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso... : L'Aventure Des Stein [Hardcover]
5802: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1974 - Grand Central Art Galleries 1974 Yearbook
2927: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1964 - Grand Central Art Galleries Yearbook 1964
2925: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1954 - Grand Central Art Galleries Yearbook 1954
141278: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES: 1960 - Grand Central Art Galleries 1960 Yearbook
141275: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES: 1960 - Grand Central Art Galleries 1960 Yearbook
5821: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES - Masters of the West: Painting and Sculpture Depicting the American Western Heritage
116735: GRAND-CARTERET, JOHN - Les Elegances de la Toilette: Robes - Chapeaux - Coiffures de Style Louis XVI - Directoire - Empire - Restauration (1780 - 1825)
3445: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 8, 1949 ONWARD AND TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Denunciation: A Series of Paintings Concerning Man's Fate
36703: GRAND, STANLEY I. AND ERIC L. CLEMENTS - Discovery: Paintings of the Lewis & Clark Trail by Kenneth A. Holder
132446: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1940 - Grand Central Art Galleries Yearbook 1940
37027: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1962 - Grand Central Art Galleries 1962 Yearbook
155656: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES - Illuminator 1975
116181: GRAND, STANLEY I. - Contemporary Realist Art from the Collection of Mellon Bank
3069: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: JUNE 27, 1923 ONWARD - Year Book: Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture Contributed by the Founders of the Galleries
155659: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1962 - Grand Central Art Galleries 1962 Yearbook
19096: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES - A Retrospective Exhibition of the Work of Edward W. Redfield, 1869-1965
3071: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: 1946 - Year Book: Catalogue of Paintings and Sculpture for Distribution, Nov. 14, 1946
124432: GRAND, STANLEY I. AND LINDA LESTZ WEIDMAN - The Echo Valley Art Group: 65th Anniversary Exhibition
3445.1: GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 8, 1949 ONWARD AND TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Denunciation: A Series of Paintings Concerning Man's Fate
128097: GRAND-CARTERET, JOHN - Vieux Papiers, Vieilles Images: Cartons D'Un Collectionneur
30672: GRAND, STANLEY I. AND DONALD KUSPIT - Jimmy Ernst: Shadow to Light Paintings 1942-1982
119366: GRANDE, JOHN K. - David Bierk: Selected Histories
135311: GRANDESSO, STEFANO (EDITOR) - A Picture Gallery in the Italian Tradition of the Quadreria (1750-1850)
154878: GRANDI, RENZO - I Monumenti Dei Dottori E la Scultura a Bologna (1267-1348)
162017: GRANDJEAN, SERGE - Inventaire Après DéCès de L'Impératrice Joséphine à Malmaison
157445: GRANDJEAN, SERGE ET AL. - Gold Boxes and Miniatures of the Eighteenth Century (the James A. De Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor)
146037: GRANGER, DAVID (ED.) - Esquire: The Big Black Book 2007 - the Style Manual for Successful Men
163222: GRANNEC, YANNICK - Le Bal Mécanique
108469: GRANT, GEORGE MONRO (EDITOR) - Picturesque Canada; the Country As It Was and Is
29514: GRANT, SUSAN - Paris: A Guide to Archival Sources for American History
123463: GRANT, JULIUS - Books and Documents: Dating, Permanence and Preservation
119869: GRANT DUFF, EVELYN MOUNTSTUART AND GOODHART, H.C. - The Reception of Wounded Prisoner Soldiers of Great Britain in Switzerland
126372: GRANT, KIM - Surrealism and the Visual Arts: Theory and Reception
138073: GRANT, MAURICE HAROLD - A Chronological History of the Old English Landscape Painters (in Oil) from the Xvith Century to the Xixth Century (Describing More Than 800 Painters) [8 Volumes]
136434: GRANT, FREDERIC DELANO JR. - The Chinese Cornerstone of Modern Banking: The Canton Guaranty System and the Origins of Bank Deposit Insurance, 1780-1933
163879: GRANT, SUSAN - Paris: A Guide to Archival Sources for American Art History
122546: GRANT, CAMPBELL - Rock Art of the American Indian
137893: GRANT, COLONEL M. H. - Rachel Ruysch, 1664-1750
155957: GRANT, MICHAEL - Roman Myths
150857: GRANT, MICHAEL - Cambridge: A Living Tradition
138056: GRANT, MAURICE H. - Flower Paintings Through Four Centuries: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection Formed by Major the Honourable Henry Rogers Broughton ; Including a Dictionary of Flower Painters from the Xvith to the Xixth Century
144823: GRANT, PERCY STICKNEY - Fair Play for the Workers: Some Sides of Their Maladjustment and the Causes
133901: GRANT, MRS. ANNE - Memoirs of an American Lady. With Sketches of Manners and Scenes in America As They Existed Previous to the Revolution. With Unpublished Letters and a Memoir of Mrs. Grant by James Grant Wilson
145870: GRANT, IAN - Great Interiors
101823: GRANT, MADISON - The Caribou. Reprinted from the Seventh Annual Report of the New York Zoological Society
106089: GRANT, M. H. - The Makers of Black Basaltes
114068: GRAPE-ALBERS, HEIDE - Begehrte Manner: Dresscodes, Die Die Welt Bedeuten
137858: GRAPPE, GEORGES - Constantin Guys : 24 Drawings on Superfine Unglazed Art Paper, 39 Tinted Illustrations
137858.1: GRAPPE, GEORGES - Constantin Guys : Mit Vierundzwanzig Mattkunstdruckbildern Und Neununddreissig Reproduktionen in Tondruck
118204: GRASMAN, EDWARD - All' Ombra Del Vasari: Cinque Saggi Sulla Storiografia Dell'Arte Nell'Italia Del Settecento
161553: GRASS, GUNTER - The Meeting at Telgte
118724: GRASSBY, RICHARD B. - Ship, Sea & Sky: The Marine Art of James Edward Buttersworth
162648: GRASSBY, RICHARD B. - Ship, Sea & Sky: The Marine Art of James Edward Buttersworth
139276: GRASSE, MARIE-CHRISTINE ET AL. - Jean-Honore Fragonard: Peintre de Grasse
130178: GRASSELLI, MARGARET MORGAN; NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART (U.S.) - The Touch of the Artist: Master Drawings from the Woodner Collections
131199000001: GRASSELLI, MARGARET MORGAN ; NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART (U.S.) - Colorful Impressions: The Printmaking Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France
131199.1: GRASSELLI, MARGARET MORGAN ; NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART (U.S.) - Colorful Impressions: The Printmaking Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France
128168: GRASSER, FRANZ AND ANTON SCHLOSSAR AND GUSTAV GUGITZ - Kleine Wiener Memoiren Und Wiener Dosenstucke (2-Vol. Set)
148861: GRASSI, MARCO AND MATTEO GRASSI ET AL. - Italian Paintings with an Unpublished Judith Beheading Holofernes by Giuseppe Vermigilo: Tefaf 2015 Maastricht
130617: GRASSI, NEYSA; LOCKS GALLERY - Neysa Grassi: Rose Gatherer
162358: GRASSI, MARCO AND MATTEO GRASSI - Grassi Studio at Tefaf 2012
32445: GRASSI, MARCO AND ROBERT M. EDSEL - The Robert M. Edsel Collection
159960: GRASSI, LUIGI - IL Disegno Italiano Dal Trecento Al Seicento (Arte E Storia, 2)
136458: GRASSKAMP, WALTER - Das Cover Von Sgt. Pepper: Eine Momentaufnahme Der Popkultur
109788: GRATE, PONTUS - Deux Critiques D'Art de L'Epoque Romantique: Gustave Planche Et Theophile Thore
124988: GRATE, PONTUS ET AL. - Solen Och Nordstjarnan: Frankrike Och Sverige Pa 1700-Talet
129764: GRATE, PONTUS; MAGNE MALMANGER; FRODE HAVERKAMP - Romantiken I Dresden : Caspar David Friedrich Och Hans Samtida 1800-1850
164099: GRATZ, PAUL S. - Bernard Harmon: African American Artist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
158406: GRATZ, PAUL STEVEN AND PETER COOK - Peter Cook : A Journey in Light, 1915 - 1992 : A Collection of Works by American Painter Peter Cook
147621: GRAU, HILDEGARD AND JUTTA THAMER - Charlotte Berend-Corinth: Eine Ausstelllung Zum 100. Geburtstag Der Kunstlerein; Malerei Und Graphik
146356: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN (ED.) - Daedalus - Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Science (Twentieth Anniversary Year)
158845: GRAUER, MICHAEL R. - W. Herbert Dunton: A Retrospective
112889: GRAUER, PAULA AND MICHAEL GRAUER - Dictionary of Texas Artists, 1800-1945
162880: GRAULICH, GERHARD AND KATHARINA UHL - Die Revolution Der Romantiker/Revolution of the Romantics: Fluxus Made in Usa
154164: GRAUMONT, RAOUL AND JOHN HENSEL - Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work
160512: GRAUTOFF, OTTO - Nicolas Poussin. Sein Werk Und Sein Leben. 2 Bände
137539: GRAVALOS, MARY EVANS O'KEEFE AND CAROL PULIN - Bertha Lum (American Printmakers: A Smithsonian Series)
8235: GRAVE, ALEXANDRA - Three Centuries of Connecticut Folk Art
141518: GRAVES, JOHANNES - Der "Ideale Kunstkörper". Johann Wolfgang Goethe Als Sammler Von Druckgraphiken Und Zeichnungen. ästhetik Um 1800 Band 4
17160: GRAVES, ALGERNON - A Dictionary of Artists Who Have Exhibited Works in the Principal London Exhibitions from 1760 to 1893
128224: GRAVES, NANCY; PHYLLIS TUCHMAN - Nancy Graves: Sculpture/Drawings/Films 1969-1971
157974: GRAVES, ALGERNON - Summary of and Index to Waagen
122813: GRAVES, ALGERNON - The Royal Academy of Arts: A Complete Dictionary of Contributors and Their Work from Its Foundation in 1769 to 1904 Vol. 1 Only
122814: GRAVES, ALGERNON - The Royal Academy of Arts: A Complete Dictionary of Contributors and Their Work from Its Foundation in 1769 to 1904 Vol. 2 Only
122815: GRAVES, ALGERNON - The Royal Academy of Arts: A Complete Dictionary of Contributors and Their Work from Its Foundation in 1769 to 1904 Vol. 5 Only
122816: GRAVES, ALGERNON - The Royal Academy of Arts: A Complete Dictionary of Contributors and Their Work from Its Foundation in 1769 to 1904 Vol. 3 Only
122819: GRAVES, ALGERNON - The Royal Academy of Arts: A Complete Dictionary of Contributors and Their Work from Its Foundation in 1769 to 1904 Vol. 8 Only
17338: GRAVES, ALGERNON - A Dictionary of Artists Who Have Exhibited Works in the Principal London Exhibitions from 1760 to 1893
133335: GRAVES, ALGERNON - A Century of Loan Exhibitions 1812-1912 (5 Volumes)
122194: GRAVINA, DOMENICO BENEDETTO - IL Duomo Di Monreale, Illustrato E Riportato in Tavole Cromolitografiche. Riproduzione Integrale Dell'Originale Del 1869
150044: GRAW, ISABELLE - Where Are We Now
106890: GRAY, BASIL - Early Chinese Pottery and Porcelain
154976: GRAY, ANNE - G.W. Bot: The Australian Wilderness and Garden: Language, Calligraphy and Semantics
137929: GRAY, CAPTAIN DAVID AND INTRODUCTION BY LIEUTENANT-COLONEL THEORORE ROOSEVELT - The American Army in France (1917-1919) from Pictures by J.F. Bouchor
112923: GRAY, WILLIAM (PREFACE) - The Fine Arts in Philanthropy
158498: GRAY, FRANCES AND ARTHUR A. ANDERSON - Attraction / Reaction: A Tribute to Hervey White, Byrdcliffe & the Maverick
154008: GRAY, JONATHAN - The Cambrian Company: Swansea Pottery in London 1806-1808
132425: GRAY, GEORGE H. - Report of the American E.F. Art Training Center, Bellevue, Seine-Et-Oise
128945: GRAY, BASIL (EDITOR) - The Arts of India
134838: GRAY, GORDON ET AL. - Examinations of Rivers and Harbors: House Documents 435-530, with Exceptions, 81st Congress, 2d Session (2 Vols. )
158336: GRAY, BASIL AND ARTHUR WALEY - Buddhist Cave Paintings at Tun-Huang
151697: GRAY, CHRISTOPHER AND JOHN BOSWELL - Blueprints: Twenty-Six Extraordinary Structures
129953: GRAY, THOMAS A. - Important Auction of Miniature Decorative Arts from the Old Salem Toy Museum, Including Property from the Personal Collection of Thomas A. Gray
110370: GRAY, LYLE - Alan Gussow: Oils 1950-1980
154090: GRAY, BASIL - L'Art de L'Orient Islamique: Collection de la Fondation Calouste Bulbenkian = Oriental Islamic Art: Collection of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
145808: GRAY, CAMILLA - The Russian Experiment in Art 1863-1922
108525: GRAY, JOHN - Paul Schutze: Twilight Science
158010: GRAY, CAMILLA AND MARY CHAMOT - A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings and Designs for the Theatre. Larionov and Goncharova
125070: GRAY, JOHN M. - George Manson and His Works: Being a Series of Permanent Photographs from His Pictures and Sketches
6343.1: GRAY, CLEVE - David Smith by David Smith
136674: GRAY, STEPHEN AND ROBERT EDWARDS (EDITORS) - Collected Works of Gustav Stickley
145307: GRAY, STEPHEN - The Mission Furniture of L & Jg Stickley
145788: GRAYBILL, MARIBETH - Legendary Samurai
147451: GRAYBILL, MARIBETH - Ceramics of the Islamic World: The Ottis Collection
128193: GRAZE, DELIA (EDITOR) - Dictionary of Women Artists (2-Volume Set); Volume 1: Introductory Surveys, Artists a-I; Volume 2: Artists J-Z
144292: GRAZE, SUE - Vernon Fisher, September 6 Through October 11, 1997
116481: GRAZE, SUE ET AL. - Arthouse Texas Prize 2005
4396.1: GRAZE, SUE ; KATHY HALBREICH ; ROBERTA SMITH ; CLIFFORD S. ACKLEY - Elizabeth Murray: Paintings and Drawings
158206: GRAZE, DELIA (EDITOR) - Dictionary of Women Artists (2-Volume Set); Volume 1: Introductory Surveys, Artists a-I; Volume 2: Artists J-Z
159829: GRAZIANI, ALBERTO ET AL. - Bartolomeo Cesi
121591: GRAZIOSI, PAOLO - Palaeolithic Art
137924: GREARD, VALLERY C. O. - Meissonier: His Life and His Art, with Extracts from His Note-Books, and His Opinions and Impressions on Art and Artists, Collected by His Wife
115290: GREARD, VALLERY C. O. - Meissonier: His Life and His Art, with Extracts from His Note-Books, and His Opinions and Impressions on Art and Artists, Collected by His Wife
26802: GREASER, ARLENE AND PAUL H. GREASER - Homespun Ceramics: A Study of Spatterware (Third Edition)
105264: GREASER, ARLENE AND PAUL H. - Homespun Ceramics a Study of Spatterware (Fourth Edition, Enlarged)
105610: GREASER, ARLENE AND PAUL - Homespun Ceramics: A Study of Spatterware
142745: GREAVER, HARRY - Western Art: Paintings and Sculptures of the West
107336: GREAVER, HARRY (NOTES) - Paintings by American Masters Fifth Anniversary Exhibition
145770: GREBELSKY, P. KH - Dom Romanovykh / House of Romanov
130661: GREBEN, DEIDRE S.; JOAN MILLER - Joan Miller: A Retrospective : Paintings 1950-2011 : October 29th-November 23rd, 2011
130660: GREBEN, DEIDRE S.; JOAN MILLER - Joan Miller: A Retrospective : Paintings 1950-2011 : October 29th-November 23rd, 2011
153528: GREBLIUNAS, ALIJUSAS - Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis: Paintings, Sketches, Thoughts
125571: GRECHANYK, IGOR - Igor Grechanyk: Dreams of Ukraine
125570: GRECHANYK, IGOR - L'Alchimie Du Bronze
125286: GRECHANYK, IGOR - Ukrainian Institute of America: Igor Grechanyk: Looking Through the Bronze
154515: GRECO, FRANCO CARMELO ET AL. - La Pittura Napoletana Dell'Ottocento
160550: GRECO, GABRIELLA (ED.) - Metaphysical Art: The de Chirico Journals (No. 11/13, 2013)
156888: GRECO, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Oxford Handbook of Skepticism
149666: GREELEY, HORACE - Glances at Europe: In a Series of Letters from Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, &Ec. During the Summer of 1851, Including Notices of the Great Exhibition, or World's Fair
139933: GREEN, RICHARD - Bernardo Bellotto: Venice 1722-1780 Warsaw: Venice, the Grand Canal Looking South-West from the Rialto Bridge to the Palazzo Foscari
111257: GREEN, VIVIEN WITH OTHERS - A Chisel and a Brush: Vincenzo Gemito (1852-1929) Antonio Mancini (1852-1930) from the Gilgore Collection Italian Art 1850-1925
119272: GREEN, RICHARD - Impressionist and Modern Masters
119277: GREEN, MATTHEW - Nineteenth Century Paintings
119284: GREEN, RICHARD AND SUSAN MORRIS - Marine Paintings in the Age of Nelson
119289: GREEN, RICHARD - Realism to Abstract II
119290: GREEN, RICHARD AND SUSAN MORRIS - British Sporting Paintings
119296: GREEN, MATTHEW AND RACHEL BOYD - Dutch Romantic Paintings
34789: GREEN, CAROLYN - Morley: The Intimate Story of Virginia's Governor and Mrs. Westmoreland Davis
141886: GREEN, ELEANOR - Al Held
4462000001: GREEN, ELEANOR ET AL. - Maurice Prendergast: Art of Impulse and Color
101041000001: GREEN, ELEANOR - John Graham: Artist and Avatar
110926: GREEN, ROSALIE B. - The Art Bulletin: An Index of Volumes I-XXX 1913-1948
139469: GREEN, NANCY ET AL. - The David M. Solinger Collection: Masterworks of Twentieth-Century Art
127154: GREEN, JAMES - The Rittenhouse MILL and the Beginnings of Papermaking in America
126405: GREEN, E. TYRRELL - Towers and Spires, Their Design and Arrangement
82: GREEN, SAMUEL M. - American Art: A Historical Perspective
105502: GREEN, BERTHA DE VERE - Fans over the Ages: A Collector's Guide
4098: GREEN, ELEANOR - John Graham, 1881-1961: Drawings
112408: GREEN, NANCY - Cheryl Warrick
1997: GREEN, NANCY - American Modernism: Precisionist Works on Paper
13855: GREEN, NANCY AND NANCY ALLYN JARZOMBEK - Cornell Collects: A Celebration of American Art from the Collections of Alumni and Friends
162208: GREEN, VERA M. ET AL. - El Balzac de Rodin: Historia de Un Símbolo
126522: GREEN, NANCY E.; CHRISTOPHER REED (EDITORS) - A Room of Their Own: The Bloomsbury Artists in American Collections
159970: GREEN, CHRISTOPHER - Cubism and War : The Crystal in the Flame
35388: GREEN, CATHERINE - George Bellows: Works from the Permanent Collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery
103768: GREEN NANCY E. (EDITOR) - Byrdcliffe: An American Arts and Crafts Colony
156699: GREEN, WILLIAM N. ET AL. - Saint Augustine: The City of God Against the Pagans V-VII (Last Three Volumes) (Loeb Classical Library)
146355: GREEN, KEVIN (ED.) - Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Architect
140844: GREEN, CHRISTOPHER - Leger and the Avant-Garde
26608: GREEN, ROBERT ALAN - Marks of American Silversmiths
119298: GREEN, RICHARD AND E.H.H. ARCHIBALD - Exhibition of British Marine Paintings
126561: GREEN, JAMES (EDITOR) - Poor Richard's Books: An Exhibition of Books Owned by Benjamin Franklin Now on the Shelves of the Library Company of Philadelphia
101041: GREEN, ELEANOR - John Graham: Artist and Avatar
138760: GREEN, CHRISTOPHER - Johannes Dorflinger: Der Berg / Gozitan Mountain, Pastelle / Pastels
6723.1: GREEN, JONATHAN (EDITOR) - Camera Work: A Critical Anthology
6729: GREEN, ELEANOR - Nicolas Tarkhoff
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18208: GYLLENHAAL, MARTHA ET AL. - New Light: Ten Artists Inspired by Emanuel Swedenborg (in Conjunction with the Swedenborg Symposium '88)
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19921: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY - Martha Mayer Erlebacher: Recent Still Life Paintings
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33561: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY, SAN FRANCISCO, CA: MAY 1 - 31, 2003 - Terry St. John: New Figurative and Landscape Paintings, May 1-31, 2003
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127795: HADLEY, ROLLIN VAN N. (EDITOR) - The Letters of Bernard Berenson and Isabella Stewart Gardner, 1887-1924: With Correspondence by Mary Berenson
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144514: HAFTMANN, WERNER - Hermann Teuber: Retrospektive: Gemalde, Aquarelle Und Graphik
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137331: HAGERTY, DONALD J. - Desert Dreams: The Art and Life of Maynard Dixon
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159636: HAGGERTY, GERARD - Koulbak: Drawings: May 3 - May 31, 2000
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126729: HAGLUND, KARL - Inventing the Charles River
112220: HAGOPIAN, FRANCES AND SCOTT P. MAINWARING - The Third Wave of Democratisation in Latin America: Advances and Setbacks
130413: HAGSTROMER, DENISE - Swedish Design
125148: HAGUE, ARNOLD - Atlas to Accompany Monograph on the Geology of the Eureka District, Nevada
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100749: HAHLER, CHRISTINE ANNE - ... Illustrated by Darley
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128678: HAHN, OTTO - Martial Rayesse
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137691: HAIDER, HANS AND DIANA STOLL - Serge Sabarsky: A Full Life
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9837: HAIG, ALEXANDER M. JR. - Cavaet: Realism, Reagan, and Foreign Policy
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139820: HAIN, MARK ET AL. - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1805-2005: 200 Years of Excellence
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106082: HAKE, TED - Hake's Guide to Presidential Campaign Collectibles: An Illustrated Price Guide to Artifacts from 1789-1988
147343: HAKFOORT, CASPER - Optics in the Age of Euler: Conceptions of the Nature of Light, 1700-1795
149145: HAKGOJAE GALLERY - A Brushstroke = Han Hoek
149070: HAKIMIAN, BEN AND SOL - Antique and Semi-Antique European Rugs and Tapestries
159763: HAKS, FRANS - Domenico Bianchi, Bruno Ceccobelli, Gianni Dessì, Giuseppe Gallo
148228: HAL, DOUGLAS - Alberto Giacometti's Woman with Her Throat Cut, 1932
8226: HALASZ, PIRI - The Expressionist Vision: A Central Theme in New York in the 1940s
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109009: HALBREIGH, KATHY - Cameron Jamie
142644: HALD, ARTHUR (ED.) - Kontur 3
154128: HALD, MARGRETHE - Olddanske Tekstiler: Komparative Tekstil- Og Dragthistoriske Studier Paa Grundlag Af Mosefund Og Gravfund Fra Jernalderen = Old Danish Textiles: Comparative Textile and Costume Historical Studies on the Basis of Bogs and Grave Finds from the Iron Age

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