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122301: GIOIA, DANA - Planting a Sequoia: Poems by Dana Gioia
122991: GIOIA, DANA (TRANSLATOR) AND SENECA - Juno Plots Her Revenge: Act One of Hercules Furens
153224: GIONI, MASSIMILIANO AND ROBERTA TENCONI (EDITORS) - The Great Mother: Women, Maternity, and Power in Art and Visual Culture, 1900-2016
131327: GIORGI, ROSA - I Santi E I Loro Simboli
133454: GIORGIO VASARI; ANTONIO CALECA; ANDREA DEL GROSSO; MARGHERITA MELANI - La Topografia Artistica Di Giorgio Vasari: Appendice - Indice Dei Luoghi Delle Vite Vasariane
102483: GIOSEFFI, DECIO - Canaletto and His Contemporaries
132472: GIOVANNA DI CAPUA, MARIA ET AL. - Giaquinto: Capolavori Dalle Corti in Europa
159686: GIOVANNONI, SIMONA LECCHINI - Alessandro Allori
115357: GIOVANNOTTI, MICAELA - Living & Dreaming: Aim 2009
109332: GIOVINCO, STEVE - Eclipse
109333: GIOVINCO, STEVE - Nightlandscapes
126306: GIPS, TERRY (ESSAYIST) - Closeenough: Photography by David Seymour (Chim)
141747: GIPSTEIN, EDITH G. AND CHARLES PRICE - Painters of Light and Color: American Impressionists from the Lyman Allyn Art Museum and Private Collections
154631: GIQUEL, PIERRE ET AL. - Mehdi-Georges Lahlou
107944: GIQUEL, PIERRE - Gilgian Gelzer: Pure Coincidence
129268: GIRALT-MIRACLE, DANIEL - Marca-Relli
128293: GIRALT-MIRACLE, DANIEL (ESSAY) - Aurelia Munoz
157688: GIRARD, XAVIER ET AL. - Cahiers Henri Matisse (Vols. 1-4)
124135: GIRARDI, MICHELE ET AL. - Pavarotti: La Boheme
123731: GIRARDOT DE PREFOND, PAUL - Catalogue Des Livres Du Cabinet de Mr. G... D... P... Par Guillaume-Franc. De Bure
110900: GIRAY, KIYMET AND DERMAN, M. UGUR - Selected Works from the Painting Collection (and) Selected Works from the Calligraphy Collection (Two Volume Set)
157186: GIRNIUS, RIMA ET AL. - Yuriko Yamaguchi: Interconnected in Art, Nature, Science and Technology
118192: GIROUARD, MARK - Life in the French Country House
17541: GIROUARD, MARK - Life in the English Country House: A Social and Architectural History
150472: GIROUARD, MARK - A Hundred Years at Waddesdon
109116: GIROUARD, MARK - Life in the French Country House
144990: GIROUARD, MARK - Sweetness and Light: The Queen Ann Movement 1860-1900
150841: GIROUARD, MARK - Robert Smythson & the Elizabethan Country House
109776: GIROUD, VINCENT - Picasso and Gertrude Stein
153908: GIROUD, VINCENT AND MAURICE SENDAK - Sendak at the Rosenbach
109346: GISBOURNE, MARK - Axel Geis
154446: GISBOURNE, MARK - Oleg Vassiliev: Recent Work
131458: GITEAU, MADELEINE - Civilization of Angkor
140468: GITHENS, JOHN - Tenhaeff
111582: GITHENS, JOHN - Tenhaeff
140467: GITHENS, JOHN - Ten Haeff Drawings
149851: GITLITZ, MICHAEL - The Paint Group: Hirsch & Adler Galleries
20934: GITLITZ, MICHAEL L. AND THOMAS B. PARKER - Frank Von Der Lancken: Artist and Educator
160619: GITTER, KURT ET AL. - Kaettekita Edo Kaiga Ny Rinzu Gitt Korekushonten = Returning Home: Edo Paintings from the Gitter-Yelen Collection
103757: GITTINGER, MATTIEBELLE - Textiles for This World and Beyond: Treasures from Insular Southeast Asia
144759: GIUBBINI, GUIDO AND SANDRA SOLIMANO - Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Di Genova: Luisella Carretta -- Mostra Antologica, 1964-1995
114309: GIUBILEI, MARIA FLORA - La Pittura Di Paesaggio in Liguria Tra Otto E Novecento: Collezionismo Pubblico E Privato Nelle Raccolte Della Galleria D'Arte Moderna Di Genova
103019: GIUFFRIDA, ROMUALDO ET AL. - Nel Palazzo Dei Normanni Di Palermo. La Sala D'Ercole
155808: GIULIANI, LUCA - Bildnis Und Botschaft: Hermeneutische Untersuchungen Zur Bildniskunst Der Römischen Republik
104989: GIUSTI, P. - IL Museo Duca Di Martina Di Napoli
140612: GIVENCHY, HUBERT DE - La Galerie Du Girardon: Evocation Par Hubert de Givenchy
36222: GIVERNY, FRANCE: MUSEE D'ART AMERICAIN, APRIL 1 TO OCTOBER 31, 1999 - The City and the Country: American Perspectives 1870-1920
26128: GIVERNY, FRANCE: LE MUSEE D'ART AMERICAIN FETE SES DIX ANS, MARCH 29 TO JUNE 16, 2002; TERRA MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART IN CHICAGO, IL, NOVEMBER 2, 2002 TO MARCH 2, 2003 - An American Point of View: The Daniel J. Terra Collection
125730: GIVISKOS, CHRISTINE - Blocks of Color: American Woodcuts from the 1890s to the Present
16389: GIZA, JOANNE, ET AL. - Great Baltimore Houses: An Architectural and Social History
162114: GIZZI, CORRADO - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
152152: GJESVIK, TORILD - The Road in Art: Three Cases from Nineteenth-Century Norway
152027: GLAB, TRACEE J. - Michael Dunbar: Explorations in Space
5805: GLACKENS, IRA ET AL. - French Impressionists Influence American Artists
144756: GLACKENS, IRA - Memorial Exhibition: James Preston (1873-1962), May Wilson Preston (1873-1949)
157828: GLACKENS, IRA - William Glackens and the Eight : The Artists Who Freed American Art
2112: GLACKENS, IRA - George Luks, 1866-1933: An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings Dating from 1889-1931
29212: GLADFELTER, KIMBERLY A. (EDITOR ) - Russian Constructivist Roots: Present Concerns
110494: GLADSTONE, VALERIE - Soile Yli-Mayry: Forty Years of Painting - Retrospective 1968-2008
124694: GLADSTONE, VALERIE ET AL. - Jose Manuel Ciria: Box of Mental States
121606: GLADWIN, HAROLD S. ET AL. - Excavations at Snaketown: Material Culture
20023: GLANTON, RICHARD H. (PREFACE) - Great French Paintings from the Barnes Foundation: Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Early Modern
145821: GLANTS, MUSYA AND JOYCE TOOMRE (EDS.) - Food in Russian History and Culture
28017: GLANVILLE, PHILIPPA, ET AL. - Women Silversmiths, 1685-1845
107099: GLANVILLE, PHILIPPA AND SOPHIE LEE - The Art of Drinking
14006: GLANVILLE, PHILIPPA, ET AL. - Women Silversmiths, 1685-1845
33351: GLANVILLE, PHILIPPA, ED - Silver: History and Design
130092: GLANVILLE, PHILIPPA AND HILARY YOUNG (EDITORS) - Elegant Eating: Four Hundred Years of Dining in Style
130092.1: GLANVILLE, PHILIPPA AND HILARY YOUNG (EDITORS) - Elegant Eating: Four Hundred Years of Dining in Style
28017.1: GLANVILLE, PHILIPPA, ET AL. - Women Silversmiths, 1685-1845
5051000001: GLANZ, DAWN - How the West Was Drawn: American Art and the Settling of the Frontier
156378: GLARE, P. G. W. (EDITOR) - Greek-English Lexicon: Revised Supplement
26379: GLASCOCK, PATRICIA AND MICHAEL D. HALL - A Place in Time: The Inlander Collection of Great Lakes Regional Painting 1913 - 1958
111960: GLASER, HERBERT - Wittelsbach Und Bayern (6 Volumes)
110699: GLASER, MILTON AND PETER CLOTHIER - Sequins & Skeletons: The Art of Miriam Wosk
127753: GLASER, HUBERT - Um Glauben Und Reich. Kurfürst Maximilian I. 2 Volumes
160488: GLASER, CURT - Edvard Munch
147419: GLASER, MILTON AND MIRKO ILIC - The Design of Dissent: Socially and Politically Driven Graphics
127744: GLASER, HUBERT - Krone Und Verfassung: Konig Max I. Joseph Und Der Neue Staat 2 Volumes
128591: GLASER, MILTON - Milton Glaser: Design Graphique
27506: GLASGALERIE MICHAEL KOVACEK - Glas Aus Vier Jahrhunderten
13076: GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY, 1990 - James Mcneill Whistler at the Hunterian Art Gallery: An Illustrated Guide
109430: GLASMEIER, ROLF - Daisy Steinbeck: Photographie
17273: GLASMEIER, MICHAEL, ET AL. - Vergessen: Jahrbuch, Hochschule Für Bildende Künste Braunschweig
35301: GLASSGOLD, C. ADOLPH - Glenn O. Coleman (American Artists Series)
123832: GLASSIE, HENRY - Turkish Traditional Art Today
126976: GLASSIE, HENRY - Passing the Time in Ballymenone: Culture and History of an Ulster Community
160001: GLASSMAN, SUSAN ET AL. - Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere
26843000001: GLATFELTER, CHARLES, H. - Pastors and People: German Lutheran and Reformed Churches in the Pennsylvania Field, 1717 - 1793, Vol II: The History
149957: GLAZEBROOK, MARK - David Hockney: Paintings, Prints and Drawings 1960-1970
145314: GLAZER, LASZLO - Andy Warhol: Art from Art
160299: GLAZER, LEE - The Peacock Room Comes to America
124959: GLAZER, NATHAN AND DANIEL PATRICK MOYNIHAN - Beyond the Melting Pot: The Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Italians, and Irish of New York City
144864: GLAZIER, RICHARD - A Manual of Historic Ornament: Treating Upon the Evolution, Tradition, and Development of Architecture & the Applied Arts: Prepared for the Use of Students and Craftsmen
160449: GLEADELL, COLIN - Twilight: An Exhibition of Photographs by Béatrice Helg
142722: GLEASON, MARTHA AND DENNIS - Clarence Kerr Chatterton (1880-1973)
123900: GLEASON, FREDERICK - Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion: Volume VI
131759: GLEASON, JUDE COLLIN - A House in a Most Singular Style: John Penn's the Solitude
142385: GLEASON, MARTHA AND DENNIS - James Fitzgerald: Independent Spirit
107207: GLEESON, JANET - The Arcanum: The Extraordinary True Story
134228: GLEESON WHITE - English Illustration -- the Sixties: 1855-70
129974: GLEIS, RALPH ET AL. - Makart: Ein Kunstler Regiert Die Stadt
126450: GLEISSNER, STEPHEN; NOVELENE ROSS - Wichita Art Museum: 75 Years of American Art
149593: GLEISSNER, STEPHEN - Bernard Chaet: Paintings from the 1960s Through the Present
161308: GLEIZES, SERGE - Pierre Frey: Inspiring Interiors: A French Tradition of Luxury
139703: GLEN, ROBERT - Robert Glen, Sculpture in Bronze
152080: GLENN, CONSTANCE W. - Figurative Sculpture: Ten Artists / Two Decades
153994: GLENN, THOMAS ALLEN - Merion in the Welsh Tract with Sketches of the Townships of Haverford and Radnor: Historical and Genealogical Collections Concerning the Welsh Barony in the Province of Pennsylvania, Settled by the Cymric Quakers in 1682
19575: GLENN, CONSTANCE W. AND LUCINDA BARNES - Eric Fischl: Scenes Before the Eye
26624: GLENN, CONSTANCE (EDITOR) - Masters of American Modernism: Vignettes from the Katz Collection
32557: GLENN, CONSTANCE - The Photograph As Artifice
113616: GLENN, CONSTANCE AND JACK - Robert Motherwell: The Dedalus Sketchbooks
4507: GLENN, CONSTANCE W. - James Rosenquist: Time Dust: The Complete Graphics, 1962 - 1992
129502: GLENN, CONSTANCE W. - Lucas Samaras: Sketches, Drawings, Doodles, and Plans
154485: GLENN HOROWITZ BOOKSELLER - Virginia & Leonard Woolf
138181: GLENN, CONSTANCE W. - Jim Dine: Figure Drawings, 1975-1979
141214: GLICK, ADAM D. - Mad. Sq. Art 2012. Charles Long, Pet Sounds
145181: GLICKMAN, ARTHUR - Allied Artists of America, Inc. Annual Exhibition: 75
4072: GLIER, MIKE - Satisfaction
117633: GLIKMAN, A. - Musee de L'Ermitage: Peinture Francaise Des Xve - Xviie Siecles
106023: GLIMCHER, ARNE (INTERVIEW) - Nyc Chairs
157314: GLIMCHER, MILDRED AND ARNE - Adventures in Art: 40 Years at Pace
112423: GLIMCHER, MARC - Calder: From Model to Monument
16382: GLIMCHER, ARNOLD, ET AL. (EDITORS) - Je Suis le Cahier: The Sketchbooks of Picasso
137550: GLIMCHER, ARNOLD B. - Louise Nevelson
105064: GLOAG, JOHN (NEW INTRODUCTION) AND BLACKIE AND SON'S - The Victorian Cabinet-Maker's Assistant: 417 Original Designs with Descriptions and Details of Construction
124352: GLOCKER, JURGEN - Fitz Maurice: Berlin: Metamorphose
2628: GLOUCESTER, MA: CAPE ANN HIST. ASSOC., JULY 8 TO JAN. 31, 1989 - Gloucester at Mid-Century: The World of Fitz Hugh Lane, 1840-1865
152444: GLOWEN, RON - Blue Star II
160908: GLUCHOWSKA, LIDIA ET AL. - Bunt : Ekspresjonizm. Transgraniczna Awangarda : Prace Z Berlinskiej Kolekcji Prof. St. Karola Kubickiego = Bunt : Expressionismus. Grenzubergreifende Avantgarde : Werke Aus Der Berliner Sammlung Von Prof. St. Karol Kubicki
114083: GLUCK, GUSTAV - Bilder Aus Bruegels Bildern
114084: GLUCK, GUSTAV - Bruegels Gemalde
161157: GLUCKSMANN, MIRIAM - Women Assemble : Women Workers and the New Industries in Inter-War Britain
161018: GLUCKSTEIN, DANA ET AL. - Dignity: In Honor of the Rights of Indigenoius Peoples
119356: GLUECK, GRACE - Marcia Gygli King
152563: GLUECKERT, STEPHEN - Alison Reintjes: Double Column
149297: GLUHMAN, JOSEPH W. - Dale Kennington: Time and Place
144563: GLUHMAN, JOSEPH W. - Lyonel Feininger: Nature Notes
141253: GLUSBERG, JORGE (ORGANIZER) - Cayc - Seventh International Open Encounter on Video. February 1977
141251: GLUSBERG, JORGE (ORGANIZER) - Cayc - Third International Open Encounter on Video. May 25th to 29th 1975
127301: GLUSBERG, JORGE - The Architecture of Mario Botta: Between History and Memory: The Past As Friend
127405: GLUSKINA, B. S.; TATIANA NIKOLAEVNA NIKITINA; KRZYSZTOF ZAESKI - Rysunki Stanislawa Noakowskiego: Ze Zbiorow Polskich I Radzieckich = Drawings from the Collections Noakowskiego Stanislaus Polish and Soviet '
125652: GLYKMAN, A. - Zhak Kallo / Jac. Callot
136735: GLYMPH. MINNIE, ET AL. - The Sarah P. Duke Gardens: A Wonderful Wander
144023: GNANN, ACHIM - In Farbe! Clair-Obscur- Holzschnitte Der Renaissance. Meisterwerke Aus Der Sammlung Georg Baselitz Und Der Albertina in Wien
109959: GNOLI, DOMENICO - Archivo Storico Dell'Arte
160173: GNOS, LIVIA (EDITOR) - Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing-Lucerne "2007
116639: GNUDI, CESARED (INTRO.) - L'Ideale Classico Del Seicento in Italia E la Pittura Di Paesaggio
129204: GNUDI, CESARE - Vitale Da Bologna and Bolognese Painting in the Fourteenth Century
118219: GNUDI, CESARE - L'Ideale Classico: Saggi Sulla Tradizione Classica Nella Pittura Del Cinquecento E Del Seicento
121226: GNUTOVA, S.V. AND E. ZOTOVA - Kresty Ikony Skladni Mednoe Khudozhestvennoe Lite XI-Nachala XX Veka Iz Sobraniya Tsentralnogo Muzeya Drevnerusskoi Kultury I Iskusstva Imeni Andreya Rubleva (Crosses, Icons and Bronze Art Starting with the Xith Until the XX Century, from the Collection of the Andrei Rublev Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture)
129713: GOAR, MARJORY - Marble Dust: The Life of Elisabet Ney, an Interpretation
118054: GOBERMAN, D.N. - Wooden Architectural Monuments of Trans-Carpathia
154381: GOBERMAN, DAVID - David Goberman: Khudozhnik O Sebe = David Goberman: Artist Information
154383: GOBERMAN, DAVID - David Goberman: Khudozhnik O Sebe = David Goberman: Artist Information
154795: GOBERMANA, DAVID N. - Evreiskie Nadgrobiya XVIII-XIX V V. Na Ukraine I V Moldavii: Vistavka Fotografiy D.N. Gobermana
115583: GOCKELN, ULRICH ET AL. - Helden, Schurken, Kurtisanen: Das Japanische Kabukitheater Des 19. Jahrhunderts in Holzschnitten Der Osakameister
139888: GODDARD, STEPHEN H. AND BRIAN PARSHALL - Ubu's Almanac: Alfred Jarry and the Graphic Arts
105783: GODDEN, GEOFFREY (EDITOR) - Staffordshire Porcelain
26819: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - British Porcelain: An Illustrated Guide
105715: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - British Pottery and Porcelain 1780-1850
106164: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852
105888: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - English China
106181: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Oriental Export Market Porcelain and It's Influence on European Wares
128880: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Godden's Guide to European Porcelain
146554: GODDEN, RUMER - The Kitchen Madonna
145738: GODDEN, RUMER AND BARBARA COONEY - The Story of Holly & Ivy
105558: GODDEN, GEOFFREY - An Introduction to English Blue & White Porcelains
105825: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Godden's Guide to Mason's China and the Ironstone Wares
149429: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Coalport and Coalbrookdale Porcelains
106137: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Encyclopaedia of British Porcelain Manufacturers
105010: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Caughley and Worcester Porcelains 1775-1800
105589: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - The Illustrated Guide to Lowestoft Porcelain
106716: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Minton Pottery and Porcelain of the First Period, 1793-1850
106853: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain, 1800-1900
152597: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852
152596: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Caughley and Worcester Porcelains 1775-1800
121188: GODDU, JOSEPH AND DEBRA WIEDER - Eccentric Orbits : Stanley William Hayter, Charles Howard, Knud Merrild, Kay Sage
3757: GODDU, JOSEPH - American Art Posters of the 1890s
26718: GODDU, JOSEPH - John James Audubon and Robert Havell, Jr. : Artist's Proofs for the Birds of America
20149: GODEL, HOWARD J. - The Glorious Quest
19658: GODEL & CO. FINE ART, NY: 1999 - The Glorious Quest II
110296: GODENRATH, PERCY F. - Catalogue of the Manoir Richlieu Collection of North American Indians (1830 - 1840)
111390: GODFREY, RICHARD T. - Wenceslaus Hollar: A Bohemian Artist in England
146605: GODFREY, MARK ET AL. - Peter Fischli, David Weiss
145151: GODFREY, TONY - Markus Lupertz
103869: GODFREY, TONY/SCHUBERT, KARSTEN/MOTTAHEDAN, MOHAMMED ET AL. - Once Upon a Time in America: The Mottahedan Collection
145245: GODFREY, TONY AND PER KIRKEBY - Per Kirkeby: Recent Painting and Sculpture
115488: GODI, GIOVANNI AND CORRADO MINGARDI - Le Collezioni D'Arte Della Cassa Di Risparmio Di Parma E Piacenza
113273: GODMER, GILLES - Suzelle Levasseur: Peintures Et Dessins 1980-1987
148308: GODO, RANDI AND MARIANNE YVENES (EDITORS) - Aase Texmon Rygh. Modernisme for Alltid! Modernism Forever!
128369: GODON, JULIEN - Painted Tapestry and Its Application to Interior Decoration: Practical Lessons in Tapestry Painting with Liquid Colour
149794: GODSPEED'S BOOK SHOP - Portraits of Washington [Godspeed's Catalogue of Prints, Series V, No. 6, April 30, 1928]
115642: GODWIN, BLAKE-MORE - The Toledo Museum of Art: Founded by Edward Drummond Libbey: Catalogue of European Paintings
118271: GOEDDE, LAWRENCE OTTO - Tempest and Shipwreck in Dutch and Flemish Art: Convention, Rhetoric, and Interpretation
143329: GOEDL-ROTH, MONIKA - Wilhelm Von Kobell, Druckgraphik: Studien Zur Radierung Und Aquatinta Mit Kritischem Verzeichnis (Bruckmanns Beitrage Zur Kunstwissenschaft)
160380: GOEKJIAN, KAREKIN AND ROBERT PEACOCK - Light of the Spirit: Portraits of Southern Outsider Artists
129765: GOEPPER, ROGER; SEIKO KONO - Worte Des Buddha : Kalligraphien Japanischer Priester Der Gegenwart Sammlung Seiko Kono Abt Des Daian-Ji, Nara
116938: GOERG, CHARLES - Glyn Uzzell: Oeuvre Grave
21838: GOERING, ADRIENNE - Houghton Cranford Smith: The Purist Landscapes
12504: GOERLING, ALDOLPHUS - The Galleries of Vienna: A Selection of Engravings
122981.1: GOETHE, J.W. - Italian Journey (1786 - 1788)
122981: GOETHE, J.W. - Italian Journey (1786 - 1788)
128444: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG - Reineke Fuchs in Zwolf Gesangen
148358: GOETZ, OSWALD (EDITOR) - Essays in Honor of Georg Swarzenski
3169: GOETZMANN, WILLIAM H. ET AL. - The West As Romantic Horizon
25806: GOETZMANN, WILLIAM H. - New Lands, New Men: America and the Second Great Age of Discovery
104146: GOETZMANN, WILLIAM - Texas Images and Visions
117189: GOFFEN, RONA - Giovanni Bellini
118082: GOFFEN, RONA - Piety and Patronage in Renaissance Venice: Bellini, Titian and the Franciscans
137903: GOFFEN, RONA - Titian's Women
117484: GOFFEN, RONA - Titian's Women
158094: GOFFIN, ARNOLD - La Peinture Des Origines la Fin Du Xviiie Siecle: L'Art Religieux En Belgique
143359: GOFFMAN, JUDY (CURATOR) - The Great American Illustrators
35888: GOFFMAN (JUDY AND ALAN), BLUE BELL, PA, ND - American Illustrators (Catalog One)
109319: GOGGIN, BILL AND KAREN - Eagles Market and Price Guide - Americana at Auction: Pre-1840 American Furniture Sold in Public Estate Auctions, Mid-Atlantic Area 1988-1990; Details of Condition and Form
160625: GOGUEL, CATHERINE MONBEIG AND CORDELIA HATTORI (EDITORS) - L'Artiste Collectionneur de Dessin, I & II: De Giorgio Vasari a Aujourd'Hui
110159: GOGUEL, CATHERINE MONBEIG AND CORDELIA HATTORI (EDITORS) - L'Artiste Collectionneur de Dessin, II: De Giorgio Vasari a Aujourd'Hui
117453: GOGUEL, CATHERINE MONBEIG - Francesco Salviati O la Bella Maniera
123466: GOGUEL, CATHERINE MONBEIG - Dessins Toscans Xvie - Xviiie Siecles: Tome II: 1620-1800
107699: GOGUEL, CATHERINE MONBEIG - Francesco Salviati Ou la Bella Maniera
156652: GOHL, HEINRICH - Wälder Der Erde. Eine Fotografische Sammlung Für Unsere Zukunft / Forests of the World. A Photographic Collection for Our Future
162226: GOHLKE, FRANK - Ben Lifson: Photographs
138710: GOHR, SIEGFRIED (EDITOR) - Johannes Dorflinger: Eine Monographie = a Monograph
115151: GOHR, SIEGFRIED - Max Beckmann
115131: GOHR, SIEGFRIED - Markus Lupertz
114934: GOHR, SIEGFRIED - Antonius Hockelmann: Frau Am Baum
138735: GOHR, SIEGFRIED (EDITOR) - Johannes Dorflinger: Bilderfindung = Tools of Invention
127537: GOHR, SIEGFRIED - Hunden Tillstoter Under Veckans Lopp / Der Hund Stosst IM Laufe Der Woche Zu Mir: Jorg Immendorff, Per Kirkeby, Markus Lupertz, and A.R. Penck
103450: GOHR, SIEGFRIED - A.R. Penck
144766: GOHR, SIEGFRIED - Franz Hitzler
156524: GOHR, SIEGFRIED ET AL. - Georg Baselitz: Retrospektive 1964-1991
154783: GOIZUETA, ELIZABETH T. (EDITOR) - Matta: Making the Invisible Visible
123206: GOLD, SUSANNA W. - Imaging Memory: Re-Presentations of the CIVIL War at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition
118110: GOLDBERG, EDWARD L. - Patterns in Late Medici Art Patronage
111462: GOLDBERG, RICHARD P. - Direct Adhered Ceramic Tile, Stone and Thin Brick Facades: Technical Design Manual
158396: GOLDBERG, DAVID J. - Potteries : The Story of Trenton's Ceramic Industry
152861: GOLDBERG, VICKI - Susan Paulsen: Sarah Rhymes with Clara
118437: GOLDBERG, JONATHAN - Sodomotries: Renaissance Texts, Modern Sexualities
149234: GOLDBERG, VICKI - Ground Level: Photographs by James Nachtwey
118569: GOLDBERG, DEBROAH AND ALEXANDRA KEISER (EDITORS) - Alexander Archipenko Revisited: An International Perspective: Proceedings of the Archipenko Symposium, Cooper Union, New York City, September 17, 2005
157091: GOLDBERG, VICKI - Susan Paulsen: Sarah Rhymes with Clara
155542: GOLDBERG, CAROLINE VIRGINIA WALTER - Giuseppe de Nittis: An Italian Perspective on the Parisian Cityscape, 1867-1884
147808: GOLDBERG, ROSELEE - Performa: New Visual Art Performance
115658: GOLDBERG, ISAAC PH.D. - Plays of the Italian Theatre: Verga, Morselli, Lopez, Pirandello
117998: GOLDBERG, JONATHAN - James I and the Politics of Literature: Jonson, Shakespeare, Donne, and Their Contemporaries
151263: GOLDBERG, DEBORAH - Alexander Archipenko: The Sculptor As Printmaker
126290: GOLDBERG, VICKI (ESSAY) - Contact Sheet Number 136: Suzanne Opton
10497: GOLDBERG, NORMAN L. - John Crome the Elder: Vol. 1: Text and a Critical Catalogue, Vol. 2: Illustrations
130707: GOLDBERG, VICKI - Margaret Bourke-White: A Biography
154560: GOLDBERGER, PAUL ET AL. - Building with History
127475: GOLDBERGER, PAUL AND REM KOOLHAAS - The Pritzker Architecture Prize 2000: Presented to Rem Koolhaas
149433: GOLDBLATT, MAURICE H. AND PASCAL BONETTI - Deux Grands Maitres Francais: Le Maitre de Moulins, Jean Perreal
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145059: GREENAWAY, KATE - Mother Goose, or the Old Nursery Rhymes
123783: GREENAWAY, KATE - A Day in a Child's Life

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