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164583: FLAM, JACK - John Walker: Time and Tides
21304: FLAM, JACK - John Walker: Time and Tides
103762: FLAM, JACK - Matisse in Transition Around Laurette
139458: FLAM, JACK ET AL. - The Painewebber Art Collection
130253: FLAM, JACK D.; MIRIAM DEUTCH; CARL EINSTEIN - Primitivism and Twentieth-Century Art : A Documentary History
153556: FLAM, JACK - Henri Matisse: A Survey of Drawings
28259: FLAM, JACK - Judith Rothschild: An Artist's Search
163639: FLAM, JACK D. - Fernand Leger
146526: FLAM, JACK - Henri Matisse: Sculpture
153750: FLAMENT, M. ALBERT (PREFACE) - Collection Dite "Au Ballon" Appartement a Monsieur Leon Barthou
112666: FLAMENT, M. ALBERT (PREFACE) - Collection Dite "Au Ballon" Appartement a Monsieur Leon Barthou
147515: FLAMM, EUGENE S. - Printing and the Brain of Man: The Sixteenth-Century Brain -- an Exhibition and Catalogue of Selections from the Collection of Eugene S. Flamm
122441: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - Omega: The Last Days of the World
125066: FLANAGAN, HALLIE (DIRECTOR) - Federal Theatre Bulletin / Magazine
153863: FLANAGAN, BARRY - Barry Flanagan: Sculptures in Bronze (1980-1981)
5090: FLANAGAN, BARRY - Barry Flanagan: Recent Sculpture
110768: FLANDER, BRITA AND ELINA SORAINEN - Brita Flander, Elina Sorainen
148412: FLANDERS, JUDITH - Inside the Victorian Home: A Portrait of Domestic Life in Victorian England
131025: FLANDERS, STEVEN; JUSTICE STEPHEN G BREYER (FOREWORD) - Celebrating the Courthouse : A Guide for Architects, Their Clients, and the Public
27323: FLANDERS, MRS. G. M. - The Ebony Idol
119772: FLANDRAU, GRACE - The Story of Marias Pass
36238: FLAT, M. PAUL - Journal de Eugene Delacroix (in Three Volumes)
138696: FLATSCHER, EVA - Light Painting by Eva Flatscher
145836: FLATT, ROBERT - Healing Art
122505: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Salambo
115505: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Bouvard and Pecuchet
141506: FLAVEL, JOHN - Navigation Spiritualized; or a New Compass for Seamen
137425: FLAVELL, M. KAY - George Grosz: A Biography
138289: FLAVIN, DAN - Drawn Along the Shores, 1959-1976, by Dan Flavin
114876: FLAXMAN, JOHN - Lectures on Sculpture, As Delivered Before the President and Members of the Royal Academy
104342.1: [FLAXMAN, JOHN AND WILLIAM ROBERTSON] - Anatomical Studies of the Bones and Muscles for the Use of Artists, from Drawings by the Late John Flaxman, Esq. R.A. Engraved by Henry Landseer, with Two Additional Plates; and Explanatory Notes by William Robertson
104342: [FLAXMAN, JOHN AND WILLIAM ROBERTSON] - Anatomical Studies of the Bones and Muscles for the Use of Artists, from Drawings by the Late John Flaxman, Esq. R.A. Engraved by Henry Landseer, with Two Additional Plates; and Explanatory Notes by William Robertson
153906: FLAYDERMAN, E. NORMAN - Scrimshaw and Scrimshanders: Whales and Whalemen
150366: FLECHON, DOMINIQUE AND GREGORY GARDINETTI - Horology, a Child of Astronomy = L'Horlogerie, Fille de L'Astronomie
23167: FLECHSIG, EDUARD - Zeichnungen Alter Meister IM Landesmuseum Zu Braunschweig. 3 Volumes
133547: FLEETWOOD, FRANCES - L'Elefante E la Rosa. Storia Della Famiglia Malatesta
138479: FLEISCHER, DONNA - Dan Ostermiller: Les Animalier
163233: FLEISCHER, ROLAND AND SUSAN S. MUNSHOWER (EDITORS) - Age of Rembrandt: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting (Papers in Art History from the Pennsylvania State University, Volume III)
155852: FLEISCHER, ROBERT - Artemis Von Ephesos Und Verwandte Kultstatuen Aus Anatolien Und Syrien
110821: FLEISCHER, MARTI AND CLAUDIA CHASE - American Tapestry Biennial I.
112104: FLEISCHER, DONNA - Dan Ostermiller: Les Animalier
115670: FLEISCHER, DONNA H. - Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Scottsdale Gets Bill's Best: Selections from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center
160481: FLEISCHMAN, BARBARA - No Substitute for Quality: The Many Worlds of Lawrence A. Fleischman
3028: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - The Eyes of America: Art from 1792 to 1979
4359: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - John Marin
16188: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - John Marin: Land & Sea
7171: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE - Charles Burchfield: Watercolors and Drawings, 1915-1966
8155: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Millard Sheets: Recent Paintings
4180: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A.; LLOYD GOODRICH; GAIL LEVIN - Edward Hopper at Kennedy Galleries
145980: FLEISCHMAN, MELANIE - In the Neoclassic Style: Empire, Biedermeier and the Contemporary Home
3861: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Charles E. Burchfield Watercolors: Visual Music
4330: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Jack Levine: Recent Work
7524: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Millard Sheets
7389: FLEISCHMAN, MARTHA J. - John Marin: New York Sketches
7523: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Millard Sheets: Recent Paintings
120682: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - A Kennedy Galleries Selection of American Art for Public and Private Collection
120684: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Art of America: Selected Painting and Sculpture 1770 to 1981
4624: FLEISCHMAN, MARTHA - Drawings by Elihu Vedder
8143: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Lorrie Goulet: Sculpture and Drawings
4551: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - The Drawings of Ben Shahn
126811: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. (FOREWARD) - Kennedy Graphics, Inc. : Volume 2
4728: FLEISCHMAN, LAWRENCE A. - Master Prints 10: John Marin Prints: A Retrospective
112486: FLEISCHMANN, KASPAR M. - Thirty Years (1979-2009)
149698: FLEITAS, WANDA CANALS - Oncena Bienal de la Habana: Practicas Artisticas E Imaginarios Sociales
109464: FLEKEL, M.H. - Ot Markantonio Raimondi Do Ostroimovoi-Lebedevoi
159518: FLEMING, CATHERINE (EDITOR) - David Simpson: Works 1965-2015
25821: FLEMING, E. MCCLUNG - A Tribute to Charles F. Montgomery, 1910-1978
152299: FLEMING, THOMAS J. - First in Their Hearts: A Biography of George Washington
163867: FLEMING, GEOFFREY K AND RUTH ANN BRAMSON - Charles Henry Miller, N.A. : Painter of Long Island
139233: FLEMING, JOHN F. AND PRISCILLA JUVELIS - The Surrealists and Their Associates
137268: FLEMING, GEOFFREY K. - Lemuel Maynard Wiles: A Record of His Works, 1864-1904
158732: FLEMING, MARNIE LYNN AND SHEP STEINER - Roy Arden: Selected Works 1985-2000
105256: FLEMING, JOHN AND HUGH HONOUR - The Penguin Dictionary of Decorative Arts. New Edition
157515: FLEMING, IAN - Octopussy
108731: FLEMING, GORDON - James Abbott Mcneill Whistler: A Life
115570: FLEMING, JOHN AND HUGH HONOUR - Dictionary of the Decorative Arts
114789: FLEMING, PEGGY AND JOANNE ZICH - Small Town in the Big City: The Shopkeepers and Business Community of Chevy Chase, Washington, Dc at the Beginning of the 21st Century
142622: FLEMING, GEOFFREY K. AND SARA EVANS (EDITORS) - A Shared Aesthetic: Artists of Long Island's North Fork
111898: FLEMING, PEGGY - In Her Place
131219: FLEMING, GORDON H. - John Everett Millais: A Biography
150185: FLEMING, VIVIAN MINOR - Campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia, Including the Jackson Valley Campaign, 1861-1865
128518: FLEMMING, HANNS THEODOR - Diether Kressel: Radierungen Und Holzschnitte
153370: FLEMMING, RON J. - Heartbeats: "a Book of Wisdom
143124: FLEMMING, HANNS THEODOR ET AL. - Bruno Bruni
107126: FLENSBURG, BIRGITTA - Pablo Picasso: Akrobater Och Harlekiner, Familij Och Kvinnor
151570: FLETCHER, BANISTER - A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method
119098: FLETCHER, BOB - Picture Writing
3152: FLETCHER, ELLEN - Nelson Augustus Moore (1824-1902)
159150: FLETCHER, J.S. - The King Versus Wargrave
113248: FLETCHER, PAMELA M. - Ali: Nature Morte - Naturaleza Muerta
100013: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD - Some Contemporary American Poets (in the Monthly Chapbook, No. 11, Vol. 2)
100014: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD - A Bibliography of Modern Poetry, with Notes of Some Contemporary Poets (in the Monthly Chapbook, No. 12, Vol. 2)
142070: FLETCHER, PAMELA - Jim Ritchie: Recent Sculpture
152843: FLETCHER, VALERIE J. - Marvelous Objects: Surrealist Sculpture from Paris to New York
17527.2: FLETCHER, BANISTER - A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method
163955: FLETCHER, VALERIE - Directions: Tim Hawkinson
147560: FLETCHER, JOHN - The Mirror of Nature Part I. Presenting a Brief Sketch of the Sciene of Phrenology; the Mirror of Nature, Part II. Presenting a Practical Illustration of the Science of Phrenology
13566: FLETCHER, C. R. L., ET AL. - Historical Portraits (Vols. I-IV, Ranging from 1400-1850)
36446: FLETCHER, VALERIE J. ET AL. - Alberto Giacometti, 1901-1966
137648: FLETCHER, J. M. W. - Edward Willis Redfield, 1869-1965: An American Impressionist -- His Paintings and the Man Behind the Palette
3152.1: FLETCHER, ELLEN - Nelson Augustus Moore (1824-1902)
126138: FLETCHER, J.M. (EDITOR) - Golden Leaflets: A Selection of Poetry Designed As a Present Book for All Seasons
27394: FLETCHER, H.R. - The Story of the Royal Horticultural Society, 1804 - 1968
143629: FLETCHER, JENNIFER DUNLOP - Ewan Gibbs: America
138419: FLETCHER, J.M.W. - Edward Willis Redfield: An American Impressionist, 1869-1965 : The Redfield Letters, Seven Decades of Correspondence Plus 426 Photographs of His Paintings in Two Volumes
148998: FLEURBAAY, ELLEN - Empire in Het Paleis: De Inrichting Van Het Paleis Op de Dam Ten Tijde Lodewijk Napoleon = Empire in the Palace: The Decoration and Furnishing of the Royal Palace at the Time of Louis-Napoleon
155579: FLEURY, ELIE AND GASTON BRIERE - Collection Maurice Quentin de la Tour a Saint-Quentin
22523: FLEXNER, SIMON AND JAMES THOMAS FLEXNER - William Henry Welch and Heroic Age of American Medicine
339: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - Gilbert Stuart: A Great Life in Brief
608: FLEXNER, JOHN THOMAS AND JOHN K. HOWATT - John Frederick Kensett, 1816-1872
8403: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - Nineteenth Century American Painting
5198: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - American Painting: First Flowers of out Wilderness
163429: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - John Singleton Copley
106507: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - America's Old Masters: First Artists of the New World
818: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - Asher B. Durand: An Engraver's and a Farmer's Art
194: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - John Singleton Copley
106233: FLICK, PAULINE - Children's China: The Medallion Collector's Series
30627: FLIEDNER, SIEGFRIED - Die Bremer Kogge
141079: FLIEGEL, STEPHEN N. - The Caporali Missal: A Masterpiece of Renaissance Illumination
3971: FLINT, JANET - The Prints of Ralston Crawford
120060: FLINT, RALPH - Albert Sterner: His Life and His Art
126567: FLINT, JANET A. - Boris Anisfeldt: Twenty Years of Designs for the Theater
4203: FLINT, JANET ALTIC - Charles W. Hawthorne: The Late Watercolors
2718: FLINT, JANET A. - J. Alden Weir, American Printmaker
3753: FLINT, JANET A. - American Prints: Recent Acquisitions
116153: FLINT, JANET - Collector's Choice: The Washington Print Club 7th Biennial Members' Exhibition
2096: FLINT, JANET A. - Raphael Soyer: Drawings and Watercolors
33545: FLINT, JANET A. - Drawings by William Glackens, 1870-1938
17798: FLINT, MI: FLINT INSTITUTE OF ARTS, MAR. 25 TO JULY 1, 1973 - The Art of the Great Lakes Indians
4347: FLINT, JANET A. - Lithographs of Louis Lozowick (1892-1973)
13042: FLINT, JANET ET AL. - Jacob Landau: The Graphic Work: Catalogue Raisonne
126806: FLIPPIN, HARRISON F.; GEORGE M. EISENBERG - Antimicrobial Therapy in Medical Practice
121005: FLOMENHAFT, ELEANOR - Don Nice: A 20 Year Survey
111584: FLOMENHAFT, ELEANOR AND INNESA LEVKOVA-LAMM - Transit: Russian Artists between the East & West
109938: FLOOD, MARK - Aaron Parazette: All on Up
141679: FLOOD, SUZETTE LOUISE - Amerian Modernist Painters in France: The Decade Before World War I.
27176: FLORENCE, S. LORENZO, JUNE 20 TO SEPTEMBER 13, 1986 - Donatello at Close Range: An Initial View of the Restoration of the Stuccoes in the Old Sacristy, S. Lorenzo, Florence
105500: FLORENCE M. HOVEN, K. RODRIGUEZ, J. THRASHER, L. TREESE ET AL. - Oriental Porcelains from Alexandria Collections
10442: FLORENCE, ITALY: PALAZZO PITTI, OCT. 25, 1980 TO JAN. 4, 1981 - Primo Conti, 1911-1980
17360: FLORENCE, ITALY: PALAZZO STROZZI, MAR. 20 TO APR. 28, 1963 - Mostra Mercato Nazionale D'Arte Contemporanea
20193: FLORENCE, ITALY: PALAZZO DEGLI UFFIZI, APR. TO OCT. 1937 - Città Di Firenze Onoranze a Giotto Nel VI Centenario Della Morte: Mostra Giottesca
15860: FLORENCE, ITALY: PALAZZO PITTI, JULY 8 TO SEPT. 30, 1970 - Caravaggio E Caravaggeschi Nelle Gallerie Di Firenze
154245: FLORENCIO, DON - F. Molina Campos
139493: FLORENDO, ANDREA OLIVA - The Liturgy of Flowers in a Mary Garden: A Contemplation
161357: FLORES, CAROL A. HRVOL - Owen Jones: Design, Ornament, Architecture, and Theory in an Age in Transition
142457: FLORES-SANCHEA, HORACIO - Pintura Y Escultura Sovieticas de Hoy
142496: FLORES-SANCHES, HORACIO WITH JUAN BIALOSTOCKI AND JAN LENICA - El Arte Del Cartel Polaco (the Art of the Polish Poster)
153277: FLORES, TATIANA AND CAJA DE BURGOS - IVán Navarro: Tierra de Nadie
139612: FLORES, TATIANA (CURATOR) - More Is More: Maximalist Tendencies in Recent American Painting
147692: FLOWERDEW, BOB - The Complete Book of Fruit: A Practical Guide to Growing and Using Fruits and Nuts
157475: FLOYD, GRACE C. - Tom Thumb
122700: FLOYD, WILLIAM BARROW - Jouett, Bush, Frazer: Early Kentucky Artists
126947: FLOYD, MARGARET HENDERSON - Architecture After Richardson: Regionalism Before Modernism--Longfellow, Alden, and Harlow in Boston and Pittsburgh
29104: FLOYD, PHYLIS - The Ivan Albright Collection
159023: FLUCK, J. LEWIS - A History of the Reformed Churches in Chester County
29677: FLUEGEMAN, BARBARA - Greetings from Beautiful River: Oral Histories of an Ohio Valley Community
143940: FLURY-LEMBERG, MECHTHILD AND ULRICH SCHIESSL - Funf Jahrzehnte Textilkonservierung: Erinnerungen an Die Anfange
8216: FLUSHING, NY: QUEENS MUSEUM, JUNE 16 TO SEPT. 9, 1979 - By the Sea: 20th Century Americans at the Shore
110477: FLYNN, BARBARA - Nancy Spero: 43 Works on Paper, Excerpts from the Writings of Antonin Artaud
158505: FLYNN, ELIZABETH L. (INTRODUCTION) - Thomas Sully 1783-1872
25164: FLYNN, KATHRYN A. (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Treasures on New Mexico Trails: Discover New Deal Art and Architecture
26612: FLYNT, HENRY N. AND MARTHA GANDY FALES - The Heritage Foundation Collection of Silver with Biographical Sketches of New England Silversmiths, 1625 - 1825
34598: FLYNT, SUZANNE - George Fuller: At Home (1822 - 1884)
150395: FOCARINO, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - The Frick Collection, an Illustrated Catalogue: IX - Drawings, Prints, and Later Acquisitions
103405: FOCARINO, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - El Greco: Themes & Variations
103699: FOCILLON, HENRI AND ANNAMARIA DUCCI, ROLAND RECHT ET AL. - La Vie Des Formes: Henri Focillon Et Les Arts
118446: FOCILLON, HENRI - The Art of the West in the Middle Ages: Volume Two, Gothic Art
18254: FOCILLON, HENRY - Art D'Occident: Le Moyen Age Roman Et Gothique
118257: FOCILLON, HENRI - La Peinture Aux Xixe Et Xxe Siecles Du Realisme a Nos Jours
112537: FOCILLON, HENRI - Paul Gauguin 1848-1903: A Retrospective Loan Exhibition for the Benefit of Les Amis de Paul Gauguin and the Penn Normal Industrial and Agricultural School
127048: FOCILLON, HENRI, AND MICHAEL IVANOVICH ROSTOVTZEFF, CHARLES RUFUS MOREY, AND WILHELM KOEHLER - The Dumbarton Oaks Inaugural Lectures: November 2nd and 3d, 1940
152483: FODDE, RAPHAEL - Raphael Fodde Editions: A Decade of Printing, 1985-1995
121578: FODOR, ISTVAN ET AL. - Baroque Splendor: The Art of the Hungarian Goldsmith
154200: FOERSTNER, ABIGAIL - Building a Masterpiece: Legacy of the University of Iowa Museum of Art
143576: FOGARTY, THOMAS - Alice Harold Murphy: A Memorial Exhibition
29749: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM - Without Consent or Contract: The Rise and Fall of American Slavery
146945: FOGEL, JONATHAN (ED.) - Tribal: The Magazine of Tribal Art, Number 29, Winter 2002
131770: FOGELSON, ROBERT M. - Bourgeois Nightmares: Suburbia, 1870-1930
130917: FOGELSTROM, LOLLO; ELISABETH HAITTO; FOLKE LALANDER; OLEV KOLL - Ovantat Mote. Estnisk Och Lettisk Modernism Fran Mellankrigstiden; (Series: Liljevalchs Katalog, 421)
125542: FOGG ART MUSEUM - Grenville L. Winthrop: Retrospective for a Collector
159395: FOGLE, FRENCH (EDITOR) - The Complete Poetry of Henry Vaughan (the Stuart Editions)
162570: FOISTER, SUSAN; ASHOK ORY, AND MARTIN WYLD - Makin & Meaning : Holbein's Ambassadors
16963: FOLCH Y TORRES, JOAQUÍN - Museo de la Ciudadela: Catálogo de la Sección de Arte Románico
138779: FOLESANI, GIOVANNA PERINI - Sir Joshua Reynolds in Italia (1750-1752): Passaggio in Toscana, IL Taccuino 201 a 10 Del British Museum
120830: FOLEY, MARY MIX - The American House
127112: FOLEY, KATHY KELSEY; TOM DAVIS - Birds in Art 2010
143351: FOLEY, SUZAANE AND CONSTANCE LEWALLEN - Space Time Sound: Conceptual Art in the San Francisco Bay Area: The 1970s
118275: FOLEY, MARY MIX - The American House
127672: FOLIE, SABINE; DORIS KRYSTOF (EDITOR) - Ana Torfs: Album/Tracks a+B
111966: FOLIE, SABINE AND MICHAEL GLASMEIER - Eine Barock Party: Augenblicke Des Welttheaters in Der Zeitgenossischen Kunst
138932: FOLK, THOMAS - Edward Redfield: First Master of the Twentieth Century Landscape
141401: FOLK, THOMAS - Mel Stark: Preserving a Landscape Tradition
533: FOLK, THOMAS - Edward Redfield: First Master of the Twentieth Century Landscape
7229: FOLK, THOMAS C. - Elsie Driggs: A Woman of Genius
3476: FOLK, THOMAS - Robert Spencer: Impressionist of Working Class Life
111750: FOLK, THOMAS C. - Charles F. Ramsey: Father of New Hope Modernism
141616: FOLK, THOMAS - The Pennsylvania School of Landscape Painting: An Original American Impressionism
995: FOLK, THOMAS - Walter Elmer Schofield: Bold Impressionist
1256: FOLK, THOMAS - Edward Redfield (1869-1965)
141714: FOLK, THOMAS - The Pennsylvania Impressionists
766: FOLK, THOMAS - Charles Rosen: The Pennsylvania Years (1903-1920)
144251: FOLLWELL, PERCY - The Book of the Chrysanthemum (Handbooks of Practical Gardening)
28670: FOLSOM, MICHAEL BREWSTER, AND STEVEN D. LUBAR, EDS - The Philosophy of Manufactures: Early Debates over Industrialization in the United States
126834: FOLSOM, BURTON W. JR. - The Myth of the Robber Barons: A New Look at the Rise of Big Business in America
157280: FOMICHOVA, TAMARA D. - Venetian Painting: Fourteenth to Eighteenth Centuries (the Hermitage Catalogue of Western European Painting, II)
153588: FOMINAYA, ALVARO RODRIGUEZ ET AL. - Nuevos Misticos = New Mystics
28195: FONER, PHILIP, AND REINHARD SCHULTZ - The Other America: Art and the Labour Movement in the United States
140271: FONKENELL, GUILLAUME ET AL. - The Art of the Louvre's Tuileries Garden
122590: FONTAINE, ANDRE - Essai Sur le Principe Et Les Lois de la Critique D'Art
160842: FONTÁN DEL JUNCO, MANUEL (EDITOR) - Futurist Depero: 1913-1950
125378: FONTANA, BERNARD L, PHOTOGRAPHS BY EDWARD MCCAIN - A Gift of Angels: The Art of Mission San Xavier Del Bac
131341: FONTCUBERTA , JOAN - Euskaldunen Uhartea = la Isla de Los Vascos
113882: FONTCUBERTA, JOAN AND PERE FORMIGUERA - Dr. Ameisenhaufen's Fauna
144011: FONTCUBERTA, JOAN AND PERE FORMIGUERA - Fauna (Spanish Edition)
158685: FONTECUBERTA, JOAN AND IGNACIO GONZALEZ (EDITORS) - Photovision : Anos de Color = 50 Years of Color
101448: FONTEIN, JAN AND WU TUNG - Han and T'Ang Murals Discovered in Tombs in the People's Republic of China and Copied by Contemporary Chinese Painters
17929: FONTEIN, JAN ET AL. - The Sculpture of Indonesia
117755.1: FONTEIN, JAN - Selected Masterpieces of Asian Art
157262: FONTEIN, JAN AND WU TUNG - Oriental Ceramics: The World's Great Collections. Volume 10: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
117755: FONTEIN, JAN - Selected Masterpieces of Asian Art
101443: FONTEIN, JAN AND TUNG WU - Unearthing China's Past
32280: FONTEIN, JAN - Eskenazi: Chinese Works of Art from the Stoclet Collection (March 2003)
122679: FONTEIN, JAN - Romans and Barbarians
26489: FOOT, REV. GEORGE - An Address Embracing the Early History of Delaware and the Settlement of Its Boundaries and of the Drawyers Congregation with All the Churches Since Organized on Its Original Territory - May 16, 1842
119985: FOOTE, HENRY W. - In Memory of Charles Sumner. Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, Sunday, March 22, 1874
1929: FOOTE, HENRY WILDER - John Smibert, Painter: With a Descriptive Catalogue of Portraits and Notes on the Work of Nathaniel Smibert
158811: FOOTE, HENRY WILDER - Robert Feke: Colonial Portrait Painter
155128: FOOTE, JOHN TAINTOR - The Look of Eagles
145118: FOOTE, EDWARD B. - Plain Home Talk About the Human System, the Habits of Men and Women, the Causes and Prevention of Disease, Our Sexual Relations and Social Natures, Embracing Medical Common Sense
125588: FOOTE, HENRY WILDER - Mr. Smibert Shows His Pictures
123820: FOOTE, HELEN S. - A Collection of Early American Silver Gift of Hollis French [in Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art, November 1940, Twenty-Seventh Year, Number Nine]
128574: FOOTE, EDWARD J. - The New York Historical Society Quarterly: Volume LXI July/October 1977 Number 3/4
140816: FOOTE, EDWARD J. - The New York Historical Society Quarterly: Volume LXI July/October 1977 Number 3/4
161813: FOOTER, MAUREEN AND MARIO BUATTA - George Stacey and the Creation of American Chic
108155: FORBES, EDWARD, ED - Technical Studies in the Field of the Fine Arts
143742: FORBES, EDWIN - An Artist's Story of the Great War, As Published in 1890
160344: FORBES, CHRISTOPHER AND ROBYN TROMEUR-BRENNER - Faberge : The Forbes Collection
128087: FORBES, ISABELLA AND WILLIAM UNDERHILL (EDS.) - Catherine the Great: Treasures of Imperial Russia from the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
147332: FORBES, EDWIN - Thirty Years After: An Artist's Story of the Great War (4 Vols. )
13580: FORBES, CHRISTOPHER ; ALLEN STALEY - The Royal Academy Revisited (1837-1901): Victorian Paintings from the Forbes Magazine Collection
146478: FORBES, CHRISTOPHER (FOREWORD) - Faberge Silver from the Forbes Magazine Collection: A Loan Exhibition
128087.1: FORBES, ISABELLA AND WILLIAM UNDERHILL (EDS.) - Catherine the Great: Treasures of Imperial Russia from the State Hermitage Museum, Leningrad
22031: FORBES, EDWARD - Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University: Collection of Mediaeval and Renaissance Paintings
26645: FORBES, EDWARD W. - Furniture and Decorative Arts of the Period, 1636-1836 : Catalogue of Furniture, Silver, Pewter, Glass, Ceramics, Paintings, Prints, Together with Allied Arts and Crafts of the Period, 1636-1836
120159: FORBES, H.A. CROSBY - Yang-Ts'Ai: The Foreign Colors - Rose Porcelains of the Ch'Ing Dynasty
154196: FORBES, R. J. - Studies in Ancient Technology, Volume IV
11400: FORBES, CHRISTOPHER - Fabergé Eggs: Imperial Russian Fantasies (9th Printing-1988)
163371: FORBES, W. STANTON AND JEAN RETI-FORBES (EDITOR) - Lucy M. Stanton, Artist
22811: FORBES, MALCOLM - More Than I Dreamed: A Lifetime of Collecting
11400.1: FORBES, CHRISTOPHER - Fabergé Eggs: Imperial Russian Fantasies (9th Printing-1988)
164006: FORBES, DONNA M. - The William A. Clark Collection: Treasures of a Copper King
7804: FORCE, DEBRA J. - Earl Cunningham's American Fantasies
33731: FORCE, DEBRA - Oscar Bluemner: Visions of the Modern Landscape
139866: FORCE, JULIANA AND HERMON MORE - Whitney Museum of American Art Catalogue of the Collection
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133394: FREDERIC BRENNER; ET AL. - Diaspora: Homelands in Exile (2 Volumes, Photographs, Voices)
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108764: FREEHLING, WILLIAM W. - The Road to Disunion: Volume II: Secessionists Triumphant 1854-1861
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107201: FREEMAN, RONALD - Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian Literature for the Ten Years 1975-1984
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16605.1: FRUHAUF, ALINE; ERWIN VOLLMER (EDITOR) - Making Faces: Memoirs of a Caricaturist
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36735: FRYRD, VIVIEN GREEN - Art and the Crisis of Marriage: Edward Hopper and Georgia O'Keeffe
21672: FRYXELL, FRITIOF (EDITOR) - Thomas Moran: Explorer in Search of Beauty

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