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142049: DI PESO, DR. CHARLES C. AND SPENCER HEATH MACCALLUM - Juan Quezada and the New Tradition / Y la Nueva Tradicion
136902: DI CARLO, MASSIMO, ET AL. (EDITOR) - Giorgio de Chirico, 1920-1950
159588: DI GIAMPAOLO, MARIO - Dal Disegno All'Opera Compiuta: Atti Del Convegno Internazionale, Torgiano, Ottobre - Novembre 1987 / Fondazione Lungarotti
115999: DI ROBILANT, ANDREA - A Venetian Affair
124633: DI SAN LAZZARO, G. (EDITOR) - Les Chroniques Du Jour: No. 9: Henri Matisse
126020: DI PIERO, W. S. (ESSAY TEXT) - Dominic Di Mare: A Retrospective
114748: DI ROBILANT, EDMONDO WITH EDOARDO TESTORI AND MARCO VOENA - Bologna and Ferrara: Two Centuries of Emilian Painting
103139: DI CASTRO, FEDERICA ET AL. - Robert Baxter Disegni
135790: DI GIOVANNI, JANINE - Jedd Novatt: Chaos
106516: DIACONOFF, SUELLEN - Through the Reading Glass: Women, Books, and Sex in the French Enlightenment
137420: DIAMOND, MARTIN - Who Were They? My Personal Contact with Thirty-Five American Modernists Your Art History Course Never Mentioned
129369: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARALEE - Handmade in America: Conversations with Fourteen Craftmasters
4741: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARA AND DAVID SHIREY - Nevelson: Wood Sculpture and Collages / Nevelson: Maquettes for Monumental Sculpture
133127: DIANA CRAIG PATCH; ET AL. - Dawn of Egyptian Art
132574.1: DIANE WALDMAN; ET AL. - Roy Lichtenstein
112828: DIAZ, RIESTRA - Homenaje a la Economia de Vizcaya: Revista Financiera Del Banco de Vizcaya 1901-1951
122603: DIAZ, JOSE HERNANDEZ - Josefa de Ayala: Pintora Iberica Del Siglo XVII
112796: DIAZ-CAYEROS, ALBERTO - Federalism, Fiscal Authority, and Centralization in Latin America
149786: DIAZ, EVA WITH KO'AN JEFF BAYSA AND MICHELLE-LEE WHITE - Zero-G: When Gravity Becomes Form
120160: DIBBLE, CHARLES RYDER - The John R. Fox Collection of Korean Ceramics at Syracuse University
122723: DIBNER, MARTIN - Indiana's Indianas: A 20-Year Retrospective of Paintings and Sculpture from the Collection of Robert Indiana
1518: DICKASON, DAVID H. - The Daring Young Men: The Story of American Pre-Raphaelites
139589: DICKE, JAMES F. II AND JANICE DRIESBACH - Creating the New Century: Contemporary Art from the Dicke Collection
161642: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Christmas Carol; the Chimes; the Cricket on the Hearth
161635: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Tale of Two Cities
29193: DICKENS, CHARLES - Holiday Romance, in Four Parts (in Our Young Folks Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. IV, No. 2)
158898: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Christmas Carol in Prose : Being a Ghost Story of Christmas
157513: DICKENS, CHARLES AND GEORGE ALFRED WILLIAMS - Mr. Pickwick's Christmas, Being an Account of the Pickwickians' Christmas at the Manor Farm, of the Adventures There; the Tale of the Goblin Who Stole a Sexton, and of the Famous Sports on the Ice
146671: DICKENS, CHARLES - American Notes, and the Uncommerical Traveler
121586: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Personal History of David Coppperfield
104309: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Battle of Life: A Love Story
160526: DICKERMAN, LEAH AND ELSA SMITHGALL - Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series
101218: DICKERMAN, LEAH (EDITOR) - Building the Collective Soviet Graphic Design 1917-1937. Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection
161051: DICKERSON, C.D. III; ESTHER BELL - The Brothers le Nain : Painters of Seventeenth-Century France
158260: DICKERSON, C.D. III - Raw Painting: The Butcher's Shop by Annibale Carracci
12912.1: DICKERSON, ALBERT L. (EDITOR) - The Orozco Frescoes at Dartmouth
161542: DICKEY, JAMES - Deliverance
154284: DICKEY, TINA - James Gahagan: Retrospective of a Colorist: Representing Work from 1954-1999
137236: DICKEY, TINA - Color Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hofmann
116259: DICKHOFF, WILFRED - Donald Baechler
21803: DICKINSON ROUNDELL, NY: NOV. 2-22, 2000 - Balthus: Drawings from the Collection of Stanislas Klossowski de Rola
29850: DICKINSON ROUNDELL, INC., NY: MAY 5 TO JUNE 20, 2003 - Aftershock: The Legacy of the Readymade in Post-War and Contemporary American Art
161699: DICKINSON, EMILY AND THOMAS H. JOHNSON - Final Harvest : Emily Dickinson's Poems
123815: DICKINSON, S.N. - The Boston Almanac for the Year 1848
123814: DICKINSON, S.N. - The Boston Almanac for the Year 1848
134669: DICKINSON, EMILY MONROE - A Patriot's Mistake: Being Personal Recollections of the Parnell Family, by a Daughter of the House
1056: DICKSON, HAROLD E. - John Wesley Jarvis, American Painter: 1780-1840, with a Checklist of His Works
152904: DICKSON, DAME VIOLET ET AL. - Al-Sadu: The Art of Weaving Amongst the Bedouin of Arabia
373: DICKSON, HAROLD E. - Arts of the Young Republic: The Age of William Dunlap
130403: DICKSON, DAME VIOLET ET AL. - Al-Sadu: The Art of Weaving Amongst the Bedouin of Arabia
125590: DICKSON, H.E. - A Misdated Episode in Dunlap
125205: DICKSON, EDWARD R. - Poems of the Dance: An Anthology [1500 B.C. - 1920 A.D. ]
461: DICKSON, HAROLD E. - Pennsylvania Painters: Centennial Exhibition
708: DICKSON, HAROLD E. AND RICHARD PORTER ET AL. - Henry Varnum Poor, 1887-1970: A Retrospective Exhibition
108605: DICKSTEIN, MORRIS - A Mirror in the Roadway: Literature and the Real World
7947: DICURCIO, ROBERT A. - Art on Nantucket
117502: DIDEROT, DENIS; GOODMAN, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - Diderot on Art, Volume II: The Salon of 1767
107095: DIDEROT & D'ALEMBERT - Recueil de Planches, Sur Les Sciences, Les Arts Liberaux, Et Les Arts Mechaniques, Avec Leur Explication
2916: DIDEROT, DENIS - Drawings by Contemporary Painters and Sculptors
139748: DIDEROT, DENIS - Diderot on Art, Volume I: The Salon of 1765 and Notes on Painting
8654: DIDIER IMBERT FINE ART, PARIS: SEPT. 27 TO NOV. 8, 1985 - Shirl Goedike
30354: DIDIER, CHARLES PEALE - Rsvp: A Novelette
157794: DIDIER'S - Exhibition of Southern Genre Paintings by William Aiken Walker, 1838-1921
161543: DIDON, JOAN - The Book of Common Prayer
151939: DIDOT, AMBROISE FIRMIN - Etude Sur Jean Cousin, Suivie de Notices Sur Jean Leclerc Et Pierre Woeiriot
8807: DIEBENKORN, RICHARD - Richard Diebenkorn "the Ocean Park Series
144562: DIECKMANN, HEINZ - Rischar
104860: DIEDEREN, ROGER, EDITOR - French Artists in Rome: Ingres to Degas, 1803-1873
127365: DIEDERICHSEN, DIEDRICH (ESSAY) - Paul Mccarthy: Hummel
159486: DIEDERICHSEN, DIEDRICH - No Problem: Cologne, New York, 1984-1989
154817: DIEDERICHSEN, DIEDRICH - Katharina Sieverding: Mal D'Archive
149898: DIEFENDORF, JEFFRY M. AND MARA R. WITZLING - The Art of Samuel Bak: Memory and Metaphor
154608: DIEGUS, ISABEL ET AL. - Adriana Varejao: Entre Carnes E Mares = between Flesh and Oceans
139290: DIEHL, CHARLES - L'Afrique Byzantine Histoire de la Domination Byzantine En Afrique (533-700) Vol. 1 and 2
139293: DIEHL, CHARLES - Etudes Sur L'Administration Byzantine Dans L'Exarchat de Ravenne (568-751)
146145: DIEHL, CAROL ET AL. - Andrew Stevovich: Essential Elements
146247: DIEHL, LORRAINE B. AMD ADA LOUISE HUXTABLE - The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station
138799: DIEHL, CHARLES - L'Art Chretien Primitif Et L'Art Byzantin
116483: DIEHL, CAROL - Joan Snyder: New Paintings May 5 - June 17, 1995
139541: DIEHL, CHARLES AND HAROLD BELL - Byzantine Portraits
142309: DIEHL, CAROL - Teo Gonzalez: February 7 - March 1, 2008
157649: DIEHL, CAROL - Gary Komarin: Incident at Osbourne Grove
137930: DIEM, EUGEN - Heinrich Von Zügel: Leben, Schaffen, Werk
119077: DIENST, JILL HOFFER ET AL. - Didier Aaron: Catalogue 1994/95
139813: DIERKING, LYNN D. AND WENDY POLLOCK - Questioning Assumptions: An Introduction to Front-End Studies in Museums
114955: DIETERICH, BARBARA ET AL. - Verzeichnis Der Gemalde Und Skulpturen Des 19. Jahrhunderts
139163: DIETTERLIN, WENDEL - Architectura Von Austheilung/SÿMmetria Und Proportion Der Fünf Seulen, Und Aller Daraus Folgender Kunst Arbeit, Von Fenstern, Caminen, Thürgerichten, Portalen, Bronnen Und Epitaphen. Wie Dieselbige Aus Jedweder Art Der Fünff Seulen, Grundt Aufzureissen, Zuzurichten, Und Ins Werck Zu Bringen SeÿEn, Allen Solcher Kunst Liebhabenden, Zu Einem Bestendugen Und Ring Ergreiffenden Underricht, Erfunden, in ZweÿHundert Stück Gebracht, Geezt, Und an Tag Gegeben
139434: DIETTERLIN, WENDEL - Architectura Das Vierte Buch Von Der Corinthia Sampt Ihrn Zugegebnen Stuckhen; Durch Wendel Dietterlin... Vom Strassburg 1598
30836: DIETZ, ULYSSES - The Newark Museum Collection of American Art Pottery
117061: DIETZ, ULYSSES GRANT - The Art of Glass from Galle to Chihuly: Highlights from the Lowenbach Collection
160676: DIETZ, ULYSSES GRANT - Great Pots: Contemporary Ceramics from Function to Fantasy
158734: DIETZ, ULYLSSES GRANT - Paul J. Stankard: Homage to Nature
22971: DIETZ, ULYSSES G. - Century of Revivals: Nineteenth-Century American Furniture from the Collection of the Newark Museum; (the Newark Museum Quarterly, Vol. 31, Nos. 2-3-Spring/Summer 1980)
123469: DIETZ, ULYSSES GRANT AND SAM WATTERS - Dream House: The White House As an American Home
160677: DIETZ, ULYSSES GRANT - Great Pots: Contemporary Ceramics from Function to Fantasy
149652: DIEUZAIDE, JEAN - August Sander: Photographie Sociale
137723: DIFEDERICO, FRANK R. - Francesco Trevisani: Eighteenth-Century Painter in Rome, a Catalogue Raisonne
158284: DIJKSTRA, LIDA - Wonen in Een Schilderij
159690: DIJKSTRA, BRAM - Naked: The Nude in America
143215: DIJKSTRA, BRAM - American Expressionism: Art and Social Change, 1920-1950
16438: DIJKSTRA , BRAM; ANNE WEAVER; MANDEVILLE GALLERY - Belle Baranceanu--a Retrospective
126179: DIJKSTRA, BRAM - Verschränkung and the Uncertainty Principle: Damian Loeb
132630: DIKEOU, DEVON (ED.); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Zingmagazine, a Curatorial Crossing. Issue 22
20816: DILAURENTI GALLERY, NY: MAY 3 TO JUNE 14, 1986 - Lowell Nesbitt: Secret Gardens
159235: DILG, WILL H. - Tragic Fishing Moments
36554: DILKE, LADY - French Engravers and Draughtsmen of the XVIII Century
128437: DILLAWAY, THEODORE M. - Textile Designs: Reproduction of Ten Historic Masterpieces from the Collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
143567: DILLENBERGER, JOHN - Benjamin West: The Context of His Life's Work with Particular Attention to Paintings with Religious Subject Matter
233: DILLENBERGER, JANE AND JOSHUA C. TAYLOR - The Hand and the Spirit: Religious Art in America, 1700-1900
158905: DILLEY, ARTHUR URBANE - Oriental Rugs and Carpets: A Comprehensive Study
28129: DILLEY, ARTHUR URBANE - Oriental Rugs and Carpets: A Comprehensive Study
134886: DILLIN, CAPT. JOHN G.W. - The Kentucky Rifle. A Study of the Origin and Development of a Purely American Type of Firearm, Together with Accurate Historical Data Concerning Early Colonial Gunsmiths, and Profusely Illustrated with Photographic Reproduction of Their Finest Work
122561: DILLINGHAM, RICK AND MELINDA ELLIOTT - Acoma and Laguna Pottery
105838: DILLON, EDWARD - Porcelain (the Connoisseurs Library)
105837: DILLON, EDWARD - Porcelain (the Connoisseurs Library)
112943: DILLON, GIANVITTORIO AND ANNAMARIA PETRIOLI TOFANI - Dessins Italiens Du Xviie Siecle Du Musee Des Offices de Florence: Italian Xviith-Century Drawings from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence
130311: DILWORTH, JOHN; QUENTIN SMITH (SERIES ED.) - The Double Content of Art; (Series: Studies in Analytic Philosophy)
120820: DIMAND, MAURICE S. - Peasant and Nomad Rugs of Asia
18175: DIMAND, M. S. AND JEAN MAILEY - Oriental Rugs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
27258: DIMAND, MAURICE - The Ballard Collection of Oriental Rugs in the City Art Museum of St. Louis
154219: DIMAND, MAURICE - The Ballard Collection of Oriental Rugs in the City Art Museum of St. Louis
161936: DIMAND, M. S. AND JEAN MAILEY - Oriental Rugs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
104858: DIMIER, L. - French Painting in the Sixteenth Century
17100: DIMIER, LOUIS - Histoire de la Peinture Francaise Des Origines Au Retour de Vouet, 1300 à 1627
13169: DIMIER, LOUIS - Douze Crayons de François Quesnel
133476: DIMIER, M -ANSELME - L'Art Cistercien; (Series: "la Nuit Des Temps," Vol. 16) (L'Art Cistercien, by M. -Anselme Dimier, [Second Edition)
133474: DIMIER, M -ANSELME - L'Art Cistercien: Hors de France; (Series: "la Nuit Des Temps," Vol. 34)
143663: DIMIER, M. LOUIS - Les Peintres Francais Du Xviiie Siecle Histoire Des Vies Et Catalogue Des Oeuvres (Tomes Premier Et Second)
136204: DIMIER, LOUIS - Le Primatice
145240: DIMITRIJEVIC, NENA - Bruce Mclean
143169: DIMITROV, D.P. - Iskusstvo Bolgarii S Drevneyshikh Vremen Do Nashikh Dney Katalog Vystavki / Bulgarian Art from Ancient Times to the Present Day: Exhibition Catalog
133657: DIMITROVA, MIRA - David Lachapelle: Earth Laughs in Flowers
107681: DIMOCK, GEORGE AND JOANNE HARDY - Intimations & Imaginings: The Photographs of George H. Seely
123605: DIMOCK, GEORGE - Exploiting the View: Photographs of Yosemite and Mariposa by Carleton Watkins
34138: DIMOCK, GEORGE - Caroline Sturgis Tappan & the Grand Tour: A Collection of 19th Century Photographs
109418: DIMOVA, NATALYA - Moskovskie Metsenaty (Moscow Patrons)
160236: DIN, GILBERT C. AND A. P. NASATIR - The Imperial Osages: Spanish-Indian Diplomacy Int He Mississippi Valley
112211: DINE, JANET - Companies, International Trade, and Human Rights
34717: DINE, JIM - Some Greeks, Some Romans: A Drawing by Jim Dine
158569: DINE, JIM AND LEE FRIEDLANDER - Work from the Same House: Lee Friedlander, Jim Dine Photographs & Etchings
19182: DINES, ELAINE (EDITOR) - Paul Outerbridge: A Singular Aesthetic, Photographs & Drawings, 1921-1941, a Catalogue Raisonné
113531: DINES, ELAINE AND GRAHAM HOWE (EDS.) - Paul Outerbridge, a Singular Aesthetic: Photographs & Drawings, 1921-1941, a Catalogue Raisonné
19179: DINES, ELAINE (EDITOR) - Paul Outerbridge, a Singular Aesthetic: Photographs & Drawings, 1921-1941, a Catalogue Raisonné
159267: DINHUT, CHARLENE - Furtherance: Leonora Hamill
154647: DINI, JANE (EDITOR) - Dance: American Art, 1830-1960
115494: DINI, GIULIETTA CHELAZZI AND GIOVANNI PREVITALI - Jacopo Della Quercia Nell'Arte Del Suo Tempo
143358: DINI, PIERO - Boldini Macchiaiolo, Con 156 Disegni Inediti Dai Taccuini Di Casa Banti
115135: DINNERSTEIN, HARVEY - A Portfolio of Drawings
156908: DINSMOOR, WILLIAM B. AND WILLIAM B. DINSMOOR JR. - The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis -- Volume II. The Classical Building
109835: DINTENFASS, TERRY - Suttman Still Life Sculpture
4061: DINTENFASS (TERRY ) GALLERY, NY: JAN. 28 TO MAR. 12, 1994 - Philip Evergood: A Tribute
148418: DIONIGI, RENZO ET AL. - Stemmi Robbiani in Italia E Nel Mondo: Per Un Catalogo Araldico, Strico E Artistico
32363: DIPIETRO, COHEN AND MARY TORR REHM - Out of the Shadows: Helen Torr, a Retrospective
114863: DIPPIE, BRIAN W. - Remington & Russell: The Sid Richardson Collection
21343: DIPPIE, BRIAN W. - The Frederic Remington Art Museum Collection
103671: DIQUINZIO, APSARA - Jane South
161877: DISERENS, CORINNE ET AL. - Gordon Matta-Clark
105203: DISERTORI, ANDREA ET AL. - IL Mobile Del Settecento
149624: DISKUL, SUBHADRADIS WITH SAENG SURIYA LADAVALYA AND CHARLES S. RICE - The Ramakian (Ramayana) Mural Paintings Along the Galleries of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Revised Edition)
158512: DISNEY, WALT - Donald Duck Gets Fed Up
123703: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN - Ixion in Heaven
161830: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN AND JOHN AUSTEN - The Infernal Marriage
155764: DISTEL, ANNE AND SUSAN ALYSON STEIN - Cezanne to Van Gogh: The Collection of Doctor Gachet
134715: DISTURNAL, JOHN - Influence of Climate in North and South America: Showing the Varied Climatic Influences... Accompanied by an Agricultural, and Isothermal Map of North America
137829: DITMAS, CHARLES ANDREW - Historic Homesteads of Kings County
111904: DITNER, EVELYN AND BLANCHE MOSER - The Descendants of Conrad Dorsch and Barbara Lunz
151068: DITTRICH, CHRISTIAN - Van Eyck, Bruegel, Rembrandt: Niederlandische Zeichnungen Des 15. Bis 17. Jahrhunderts Aus Dem Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden
132261: DITTRICH, EDITH - Der Wandelbare Raum: Japanische Wandschirme Und Schiebeturen
127914: DITZEN, ELEANOR DAVIES TYDINGS - My Golden Spoon: Memoirs of a Capital Lady
127894: DIVALD, KORNEL - Old Hungarian Art
107080: DIVIS, JAN - Guide to Silver Marks of the World
105964: DIVIS, JAN AND MARIELLE ERNOULD-GANDOUET - L'Art de la Porcelaine En Europe
107414: DIVYABHANUSINH - The Story of Asia's Lions
118399: DIXON, LAURINDA S. - Perilous Chastity: Women and Illness in Pre-Enlightenment Art and Medicine
107143: DIXON, LAURINDA S. - Skating in the Arts of 17th Century Holland: An Exhibition Honoring the 1987 World Figure Skating Championships
145789: DIXON, ANNETTE - Minimalism / Postminimalism: Selections from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation
144006: DIXON, CHRISTINE ET AL. - Gold and the Incas: Lost Worlds of Peru
120221: DIXON, SIMON - Catherine the Great
21955: DIXON, PENELOPE - Photographers of the Farm Security Administration: An Annotated Bibliography, 1930-1980; Garland Reference Library of the Humanities Vol. 373
132069: DIXON, PETER MORRIS (EDITOR) - Robert A.M. Stern: Buildings and Projects, 2004-2009
121925: DIXON, CHRISTINE AND RON RADFORD AND LUCINA WARD - Turner to Monet: The Triumph of Landscape Painting
160776: DIXON, JENNY ET AL. - Isamu Noguchi, Qi Baishi : Beijing 1930
22933: DIXON, PETER MORRIS (EDITOR) - Robert A.M. Stern: Buildings and Projects, 1999 - 2003
129032: DIXON, ANNETTE; MARK ROTHKO - Mark Rothko and the Lure of the Figure: Paintings 1933-1946
141816: DIXON, DANIEL - Lou Bernstein: A Retrospective Look
108614: DIZ, HUGO - Palabras a Mano: Poemas Y Aforismos Ineditos: Tomo III 1998/2001
114086: DJERASSI, CARL - Paul Klee: Selections from the Djerassi Collection
154311: DJORDJEVIC, IVAN M. (EDITOR) - Zograf: Asopis Za Srednjovekovnu Umetnost 28 = Zograf: Magazine for Medieval Art 28 = Zographe: Revue D'Art Medievale No. 28
133552: DJURIC, IVAN ; MARIO GALLINA (INTRODUCTION) - IL Crepuscolo Di Bisanzio : I Tempi Di Giovanni VIII Paleologo (1392-1448); (Series: Saggi. , Storia E Scienze Sociali)
147150: DLUHOSCH, ERIC AND ROSTISLAV SVACHA (EDITORS) - Karel Teige / 1900-1951: L'Enfant Terrible of the Czech Modernist Avant-Garde
132426: DMITRI, IVAN; PFA - Photography in the Fine Arts: Exhibit IV
151092: DMITRI, IVAN ET AL. - Photography in the Fine Arts: Museum Directors' Selections for the 1965 New York World's Fair Exhibition
158869: DMITRIEVA, OLGA AND NATALYA ABRAMOVA (EDS.) - Britannia & Muscovy: English Silver at the Court of the Tsars
114926: DMITRIEVA, OLGA AND NATALYA ABRAMOVA (EDS.) - Britannia & Muscovy: English Silver at the Court of the Tsars
159547: DOAN, WILLIAM AND CRAIG DIETZ - Photoflexion: A History of Bodybuilding Photography: Photographs from the Doan Family Collection
142498: DOBBELMANN, THEO AND J.C. EBBINGE WUBBEN - Beeldend Aardewerk: Experimentele Ofdeling Van de Porceleyne Fles Te Delft
157360: DOBBINS, FRANK S. ET AL. - Gods and Devils of Mankind
147471: DOBBS, BETTY JO TEETER - The Foundations of Newton's Alchemy, or "the Hunting of the Greene Lyon
123667: DOBBS, STEPHEN MARK - Learning in and Through Art: A Guide to Discipline-Based Art Education
147265: DOBEL, CLIFFORD, F.R.S. - Antony Van Leeuwenhoek and His "Little Animals" - Being Some Account of the Father of Protozoology and Bacteriology and His Multifarious Discoveries in These Disciplines
151601: DOBER, RICAHRD P. - Campus Architecture: Building in the Groves of Academe
116060: DOBERT, MARGARITA - Africa Illustrated: Fantasy and Reality Before 1900
143823: DOBIDA, KAREL - Razstava Ikon / Icon Exhibition
121053: DOBIDA, DR. KAREL - Ivan Napotnik, 1888-1958
127994: DOBIE, J. FRANK - Tom Lea-a Portfolio of Six Paintings
160423: DOBIE, J. FRANK - Frederic Remington, Charles Russell: Titans of Western Art (American Scene: The History and Art Magazine with a Purpose, Vol. V, No. 4)
150142: DOBJANSCHI, ANA AND VICTOR SIMON - Arta in Epoca Lui Vasile Lupu: Comori de Arta Din Romania = Art in the Age of Vasile Lupu: Art Treasures of Romania
112495: DOBKE, DIRK - Dieter Roth in Print: Artists' Books
7012: DOBKIN, ALEXANDER - Principles of Figure Drawing
597: DOBKIN, JOHN H. - Edwin Dickinson: Draftsman/Painter
146735: DOBLER, ANDREAS ET AL. - Die Mitgift Einer Zarentochter: Meisterwerke Russischer Kunst Des Historismus Aus Dem Besitz Der Hessischen Hausstiftung, Museum Schloss Fasanerie (German Edition) / the Dowry of a Tsars Daughter: Masterpieces of Historic Russian Art in the Collection of the Hessian House Foundation, Castle Fasanerie Museum (German Edition)
121382: DOBNEY, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Kpf: Selected and Current Works
143996: DOBOS, ZSUZSANNA (CURATOR) - Caravaggio to Canaletto. The Glory of Italian Baroque and Rococo Painting
144424: DOBROKLONSKIY, M.V. - Katalogi Sobraniy Ermitazha VI: Risunki Flamandskoy Shkoly XVII-XVIII Vekov / Catalog of the Collection of the Hermitage IV: Figures of the Flemish School XVII-XVIII Centuries
148159: DOBRZYCKI, JERZY (EDITOR) - Nicholas Copernicus, Complete Works II: Nicholas Copernicus on the Revolutions
128534: DOBSON, HENRY AND BARBARA - The Early Furniture of Ontario & the Atlantic Provinces
128939: DOBSON, AUSTIN - Eighteenth Century Vignettes
134964: DOBYNS, FLETCHER - The Amazing Story of Repeal: An Expose of the Power of Propaganda
141718: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK - Indian Art of Central America
101616: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J. - Indian Art of the Americas
145668: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Ragtime
142815: DODD, LORING HOLMES - With an Eye on the Gallery: American Painters in Oil
121552: DODD, WILLIAM - The Hymns of Callimachus
161863: DODD, WILLIAM - Reflections on Death
19706: DODD, JERRILYNN D. AND EDWARD J. SULLIVAN - Crowning Glory: Images of the Virgin in the Arts of Portugal
17946: DODDS, JERRILYNN D. (EDITOR) - Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain
158126: DODDS, DENNIS R. - Oriental Rugs: The Collection of Dr. And Mrs. Robert A. Fisher in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
146665: DODGE, NORTON (ED.) - Lydia Masterkova: Striving Upward to the Real
125203: DODGE, NORTON AND ALISON HILTON - New Art from the Soviet Union: The Known and the Unknown
14090: DODGE, JOSEPH - Artists of the Paris Salon
114881: DODGE, MARY MAPES (EDITOR) - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks (Vol. 13: November, 1885 to April 1886)
125203.1: DODGE, NORTON AND ALISON HILTON - New Art from the Soviet Union: The Known and the Unknown
16663: DODGE, NORTON, ET AL. - Vladimir Kandelaki between Two Worlds
114530: DODGE, ALLEINE - Nine Lives: The Cat in History and in Art
142642: DODGSON, CAMPBELL - Fine Prints of the Year: An Annual Review of Contemporary Etching, Engraving & Lithography
104610: DODGSON, CAMPBELL (INTRODUCTION) - Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931)
108518: DOE, WILLO - Roseline Koener: About Fire and Laughter
110420: DOE, DONALD BARTLETT - Ronald Slowinski: 25 Years
106589: DOE, WILLO - Layla Fanucci: Traveling the World - City to City
151029: DOE, WILLO - Masae Uezumi: Santa Fe, Recent Paintings
142464: DOEDE, WERNER - Krieg Und Frieden Vor 30 Jahren
143374: DOEDE, WERNER - Die Berliner Secession: Berlin Als Zentrum Der Deutschen Kunst Von Der Jahrhundertwende Bis Zum Ersten Weltkrieg
108632: DOELMAN, C. - Nanninga
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125396: DUNAS, JEFF (EDITOR) - Collectors Photography
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124454: EASTLAKE, SIR CHARLES AND LADY EASTLAKE - Handbook of Painting. The Italian Schools. Based on the Handbook of Kugler (Part I)
100265: EASTLAKE, SIR CHARLES - Handbook of Painting. The Italian Schools. Based on the Handbook of Kugler
100107.1: EASTLAKE, CHARLES - Materials for a History of Oil Painting Volume 1
142339: EASTMAN, CLARK - The Arts of Persia from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Centuries, Including Mohammedan India

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