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148488: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - Jacob El Hanani: Drawings
136777: DANTO, ARTHUR C. AND NANCY PRINCENTHAL - The Art of John Cederquist: Reality of Illusion
162362: DANTO, ARTHUR C. ET AL. - Off Canvas Drawings / Jacob El Hanani: Drawings (2 Volumes Together)
31110: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - Robert Mangold: Curled Figure and Column Paintings
143376: DANTO, ARTHUR C. AND MIA FINEMAN AND EDWARD LUCIE-SMITH - The Color of Time: The Photographs of Sean Scully
146141: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - Connie Fox: Paintings
136816: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - 397 Chairs
130648: DANTO, ARTHUR C. (ESSAY); KNOEDLER & CO - Charles Simonds: Mental Earth, Growth and Smears (November 3, 2011-January 14, 2012)
124492: DANTZIC, CYNTHIA MARIS - Drawing Dimensions: A Comprehensive Introduction
138651: DANUSER, HANS - In Vivo: 93 Photographs in Seven Series
140537: DANZ, PASCAL - Pascal Danz: Der Zweite Blick = the Second View: Malerei - Verfuhrung Zum Sehen = Painting - Seducing the Eye
149130: DANZIGER, JAMES - American Photographs, 1900/2000
139038: DANZKER, JO-ANNE BIRNIE - Glenn Lewis: Bewilderness - the Origins of Paradise
139051: DANZKER, JO-ANNE BIRNIE - William Hogarth: Nationalism, Mass Media and the Artist
144046: DANZKER, JO-ANNE BIRNIE AND GIAN CASPER BOTT (EDITORS) - Seance: Albert Von Keller and the Occult
134122: DARCEL, ALFRED - Les Tapisseries Decoratives Du Garde-Meuble (Mobilier National), Choix Des Plus Beux Motifs
127973: DARCEL, ALFRED - Les Tissus Anciens: Reconstitues a L'Aide Du Costume Des Miniatures Et de Documents Inedits Par E. Guichard
128201: DARGE, MONIQUE; FREDDY DECREUS; CHRISTINE DELHAYE; ET AL. - An Unexpected Journey: Vrouw En Kunst / Woman and Art
108798: DARK, PHILIP J. C. - The Art of Benin: A Catalogue of an Exhibition of the A.W. F. Fuller and Chicago Natural History Museum Collections of Antiques from Benin, Nigeria
108795: DARK, PHILIP J. C. - The Art of Benin: A Catalogue of an Exhibition of the A.W. F. Fuller and Chicago Natural History Museum Collections of Antiques from Benin, Nigeria
114310: DARLEY, FELIX O.C. - Illustrations of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Designed and Etched by Felix O.C. Darley for Members of the American Art-Union
114311: DARLEY, FELIX O.C. - Illustrations of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Designed and Etched by Felix O.C. Darley for Members of the American Art Union
131055: DARLEY, GILLIAN, ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN SOANE - John Soane: An Accidental Romantic
133695: DARLEY, F.O.C. (ILLUSTRATOR) - Illustrations of Rip Van Winkle, Designed and Etched by Felix O C Darley for Members of the American Art Union
148727: DARLEY, GILLIAN - John Evelyn: Living for Ingenuity
28546: DARLING, SHARON S. - Chicago Metalsmiths: An Illustrated History
106083: DARLING, SHARON S. - Teco Art Pottery of the Prarie School
26586: DARLING, HERBERT - New York State Silversmiths
120681: DARLING, MICHAEL (CURATOR) ET AL. - Target Practice: Painting Under Attack 1949-78
144715: DARLING, SHARON - Chicago Furniture: Art, Craft, & Industry, 1833-1983
113299: DARLING, MICHAEL - Roy Mcmakin: A Door Meant As Adornment
102569: DARLINGTON, BETH (EDITOR) - The Love Letters of William and Mary Wordsworth
114250: DARR, ALAN PHIPPS AND GIORGIO BONSANTI - Donatello E I Suoi: Scultura Fiorentina Del Primo Rinascimento
18105: DARR, ALAN PHIPPS AND TRACEY ALBAINY WITH MELANIE HOLCOMB - Woven Splendor: Five Centuries of European Tapestry in the Detroit Institute of Arts
157795: DARRA GOLDSTEIN; GAIL H ROMAN - Art for the Masses : Russian Revolutionary Art from the Merrill C. Berman Collection
145377: DARRACOTT, JOSEPH - The World of Charles Ricketts
114762: DARRAGON, ERIC, DIEDERICH, STEPHAN & GOHR, SIEGFRIED - Max Beckmann, Fernand Leger: Unerwartete Begegnungen
150518: DARRAGON, ERIC - Gustave Caillebotte
158110: DARS, CELESTINE AND TIMOTHY WATKINSON ET AL. - London: The Tate Gallery, Old Masters Collection (Subject Catalogue of Paintings in Public Collections, Volume II)
134914: DARWIN, FRANCIS (EDITOR) - The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Including an Autobiographical Chapter
147286: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex (2 Vols. )
141248: DARWIN, CHARLES - Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
144862: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants
131397: DASENT, G.W. - East O' the Sun and West O' the Moon; (Series: The Golden Books for Children)
122490: DASENT, SIR GEORGE WEBBE (TRANSLATOR) - The Story of Burnt Njal: The Great Icelandic Tribune, Jurist, and Counsellor
141407: DASH, MADAME LA COMTESSE - Les Dernières Amours de Madame Du Barry
112096: DASHKEVICH-PURTO, VICTORIA - Japanese Woodcut Book Illustration from the 17th Century to 1867
159899: DASTON, LORRAINE (EDITOR) - Things That Talk : Object Lessons from Art and Science
111460: DATTA, RITA - On the Verge: Recent Works by Sumitro Basak
147579: DATTA, SANTO - After the Fall: Time, Life & Art of Rabin Mondal
109053: DAUB, MATTHEW F. - A Charmed Vision: The Art of Carolyn Plochmann
128053: DAUBERVILLE, JEAN AND HENRY; - Chefs D'Oeuvres de Raoul Dufy: Avril-Juillet 1959; Au Profit de L'Entraide Des Travailleurs Intellectuels
144513: DAUBLER, THEODOR - Georg Tappert, 1880-1957: Aquarelle Und Zeichnungen
122326: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Letters from My MILL
103487: DAULT, GARY MICHAEL - Models of Continuity: The Art of Brent Mcintosh
121041: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - Michel Larionov: April 22 - May 24, 1969
121051: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - Michel Larionov
122655: DAULTE, OLIVIER - L'Oeuvre Grave de Palezieux V 2000-2005
160158: DAULTE, FRANCOIS AND JENNIFER JONES ET AL. - Odilon Redon: La Collection Woodner
114486: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - Michel Larionov: April 22 - May 24, 1969
112866: DAUM, ANDREAS W., LLOYD C. GARDNER, AND WILFRIED MAUSBACH (EDS.) - America, the Vietnam War, and the World: Comparative and International Perspectives
120398: DAUMARD, ADELINE - Les Fortunes Francaises Au Xixe Siecle: Enquete Sur la Reparition Et la Composition Des Capitaux Prives a Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux Et Toulouse D'Apres L'Enregistrement Des Declarations de Succession
108019: DAUTERMAN, CARL C. AND F.J.B. WATSON - The Wrightsman Collection: Volume 3 Furniture, Snuffboxes and Silver
116609: DAUTERMAN, CARL CHRISTIAN WITH JAMES PARKER AND EDITH APPLETON STANDEN - Decorative Art from the Samuel H. Kress Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
28040: DAUTERMAN, CARL CHRISTIAN - Folgers Coffee Company Collection of Antique English Silver Coffee Pots
108018: DAUTERMAN, CARL CHRISTIAN - The Wrightsman Collection: Volume IV, Porcelain
157324: DAUTERMAN, CARL CHRISTIAN - The Wrightsman Collection: Volume IV, Porcelain
135981: DAUTERMAN, CARL C. (EDITOR) - American Ceramic Circle Bulletin, Number 5
147077: DAUX, GEORGES (PREFACE) WITH OTHERS - Collection Helene Stathatos: Les Objets Byzantins Et Post-Byzantins
110023: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC, ED - Joannis Avramidis
157799: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC - Questions D'Uirbanite: Dani Karavan à Cergy-Pontoise, Jean-Pierre Raynaud à Vénissieux-Les Minguettes, Gérard Singer à Paris-Bercy. Parce Que la Sculpture Actuelle Trouve Une Autre Fonction... Quelques Réflexions En Forme de Questions
113767: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC - Photography: History of an Art
161797: DAVANZO POLI, DORETTA WITH OLGA MELASECCHI AND AMEDEO SPAGNOLETTO - Antiche Mappòt Romaneil Prezioso Archivio Tessile Del Museo Ebraico Di Roma
139571: DAVAY, PAUL - Anne Bonnet
27526: DAVENPORT, MILLIA - The Book of Costume, Volume I.
162102: DAVENPORT, GUY (INTRODUCTION) - The Drawings of Paul Cadmus
118141: DAVENPORT-HINES, RICHARD - Gothic: Four Hundred Years of Excess, Horror, Evil, and Ruin
2550: DAVENPORT, GUY (INTRODUCTION) - The Drawings of Paul Cadmus
149474: DAVENPORT, ELSIE G. - Your Handspinning
113478: DAVERN, JEREMYN - Priscilla Roberts: Magic Realist
107291: DAVEY, PETER - Architecture of the Arts and Crafts Movement
161476: DAVEY, PETER - Arts and Crafts Architecture
101209: DAVEZAC, BERTRAND (ED.)  - Four Icons in the Menil Collection. The Menil Collection Monographs 1
120832: DAVID, JEAN - Afrikanische Kunst
139925: DAVID FINDLAY JR GALLERY - Herman Maril: A Sense of Place
158404: DAVID COWAN AND NED JALBERRT - Peter Busa, 1914-1985 : Indian Space Paintings with Related Native American Art Objects
105410: DAVID BOMFORD, CHRISTOPHER BROWN, ASHOK ROY - Art in the Making: Rembrandt
3739: DAVID FINDLAY JR INC - American Paintings, 1820-1964
154236: DAVID MESSUM FINE ART - Matthew Alexander: Annual Exhibition
25207: DAVID AND SONS FINE ART, LAGUNA BEACH, CA: 1987 - Ben Messick: Stone Lithographs
119373: DAVID BATHURST LTD - Joseph Oppenheimer (1876-1966)
134800: DAVID AND CHARLES LIVINGSTONE - Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi and Its Tributaries; and of the Discovery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa. 1858-1864
154654: DAVID-CHAPY, AUBREE ET AL. - Une Reine Sans Couronne? Louise de Savoie, Mere de Francois Ier
138451: DAVID FINDLAY JR FINE ART - Robert Natkin, January 7-28, 2006
144143: DAVID, JEAN AND JANE DAVID - Ghana Akan Komaland
135259: DAVID DEWING, EDITOR - Home and Garden: Paintings and Drawings of English, Middle-Class Urban Spaces, 1675 to 1914
140943: DAVID FINDLAY JR GALLERY - Herman Maril (1908-1986)
155242: DAVID MESSUM FINE ART - Wilfrid de Glehn R.A. 1870-1951: A Painter's Journey: An Exhibition of Sanguine Drawings, Watercolours and Oil Paintings
126084: DAVID MAXIM - And What of the Animals: Miniature Dioramas, David Maxim
136862: DAVID A. SCHORSCH, INC - The Edwards Ledger Drawings: Folk Art by Araphao Warriors
22645: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. WITH BERNARD MCTIGUE - Treasures of the New York Public Library
989: DAVIDSON, ABRAHAM A. - Early American Modernist Painting, 1910-1935
137097: DAVIDSON, SUSAN - No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock, Malerei Auf Papier
110509: DAVIDSON, MAXWELL - Darren Lago: Inappropriations
122789: DAVIDSON, ABRAHAM A. - Ralph Albert Blakelock
101404: DAVIDSON, SUSAN - No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock, Paintings on Paper
137205: DAVIDSON, HAROLD G. - The Lost Works of Edward Borein
23034: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. (INTRODUCTION) - The Original Water-Color Paintings by John James Audubon for the Birds of America (2-Volume Set)
24096: DAVIDSON, REBECCA WARREN AND NANCY ALLYN JARZOMBEK - Abbott Graves (1859-1926): Garden Masterpieces
141137: DAVIDSON, CLIFFORD - Drama and Art: An Introduction to the Use of Evidence from the Visual Arts for the Study of Early Drama
153979: DAVIDSON, SUSAN; ANN TEMKIN; JOSEPH CORNELL; MARCELL DUCHAMP - Joseph Cornell / Marcel Duchamp... In Resonance
159860: DAVIDSON, BERNICE F. - Mostra Di Disegni Di Perino Del Vaga E la Sua Cerchia (Gabinetto Disegni E Stampe Degli Uffizi, XXIII)
110564: DAVIDSON, RAECHEL - American Paintings with a Selection of Works by William Glackens
107180: DAVIDSON, SUSAN - Art in the Usa: 300 Anos de Innovacion
18594: DAVIDSON, GAIL S. - Training the Hand and Eye: American Drawings from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
24973: DAVIDSON, ABRAHAM - The Eccentrics and Other American Visionary Painters
140362: DAVIDSON, JANE CHIN - Inner Space, Global Matter: Recording from the Structures Within: Geraldine Ondrizek: Works from 2009 Through 2012
107420: DAVIDSON, SUSAN - Art in America; 300 Years of Innovation
151634: DAVIDSON, ABRAHAM A. - Ben Solowey
18577: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B., ET AL. - The American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
123845: DAVIDSON, MARY M. - Plimoth Colony Samplers
123666: DAVIDSON, JAMES WEST AND MARK HAMILTON LYTLE - After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection (Volumes I and II)
140886: DAVIDSON, SUSAN ET AL. - Robert Motherwell: Early Collages
111895: DAVIDSON, KATE - Beyond Recognition: Contemporary International Photography
121276: DAVIDSON, JAMES - Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens
143258: DAVIDSON, BRUCE - East 100th Street: Bruce Davidson
150322: DAVIDSON, A.S. - Across the Western Ocean: American Ships by Liverpool Artists
108417: DAVIE, ALAN - Alan Davie Paintings
160213: DAVIEE, JERRY M. - Stanton Macdonald-Wright : Watercolors and Drawings
136329: DAVIES, KAY E. AND SHIRLEY M. TILGHMAN (EDITORS) - Genes and Phenotypes
136328: DAVIES, KAY E. AND SHIRLEY M. TILGHMAN (EDITORS) - Gene Expression and Its Control
136327: DAVIES, KAY E. AND SHIRLEY M. TILGHMAN (EDITORS) - Genetic and Physical Mapping
109777: DAVIES, HUGH M. WITH OTHERS - Mauro Staccioli
142767: DAVIES, KRISTIAN - The Orientalists: Western Artists in Arabia, the Sahara, Persia & India
143765: [DAVIES, HUGH WILLIAM] - Catalogue of a Collection of Early French Books in the Library of C. Fairfax Murray, Second Part
16088: DAVIES, KAREN - At Home in Manhattan: Modern Decorative Arts, 1925 to the Depression
113094: DAVIES, RICHARD - An Account of the Convincement, Exercises, Services, and Travels, of That Ancient Servant of the Lord, Richard Davies: Comprising Some Information Relative to the Spreading of the Truth in North Wales: From the Sixth London Edition
100672: DAVIES, ADRIAN - Wildflowers of America
152254: DAVIES, VIRGINIA M. AND MARCHAL E. LANDGREN - Textiles and Sculpture by Arthur B. Davies (1862-1928); Paintings by Robert Loftin Newman (1827-1912)
100028: DAVIES, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Literary Works of James Smetham
132555: DAVIES, J. G. - Medieval Armenian Art and Architecture: The Church of the Holy Cross, Aght'Amar
131833: DAVIES, VIRGINIA M. AND MARCHAL E. LANDGREN - Textiles and Sculpture by Arthur B. Davies (1862-1928); Paintings by Robert Loftin Newman (1827-1912)
142413: DAVIES, KRISTIAN - Artists of Cape Ann: A 150 Year Tradition
151151: DAVIES, A. MERVYN - Solon H. Borglum: "a Man Who Stands Alone
124376: DAVIES, MARTIN - Paintings and Drawings on the Backs of National Gallery Pictures
146354: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - World of Wonders - a Novel
100288: DAVIES, GERALD S. - Ghirlandaio
117700: DAVIES, ALICE I. - 16th- and 17th-Century Dutch and Flemish Paintings in the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts
115832: DAVIES, RANDALL - Velasquez
115833: DAVIES, RANDALL - Reynolds
16088.1: DAVIES, KAREN - At Home in Manhattan: Modern Decorative Arts, 1925 to the Depression
127195: DAVIES, MARTIN - Carlo Crivelli: The Annunciation
19319.1: DAVIES, HUGH M. ET AL. - Blurring the Boundaries: Installation Art, 1969-1996
146683: DAVIES, JOHN - John Davies: Recent Sculpture and Drawings
146684: DAVIES, JOHN AND NICHOLAS WADLEY - John Davies: Recent Sculpture and Drawings
127952: DAVIES, RUTH - The Great Books of Russia: An Introduction to the Major Nineteenth-Century Russian Writers and Their Writings
104599: DAVIES, N. DE GARIS WITH NOTES BY THE EDITOR F. LL. GRIFFITH - The Mastaba of Ptahhetep and Akhethetep at Saqqareh, Parts 1+2: The Mastaba. The Sculptures of Akhethetep (Archaeological Survey of Egypt, Eigth and Ninth [8th & 9th] Memoir)
143315: DAVIES, THOMAS - Collecting Stories: 400 Paintings, 400 Stories -- a Collection of American Paintings
157720: DAVIES, HUGH MARLAIS - Artist & Fabricator
155965: DAVIESM W. VIVIAN AND LOUISE SCHOFIELD - Egypt, the Aegean and the Levant: Interconnections in the Second Millennium Bc
121480: DAVILA, CARLOS G. - North American Imperialism: Address of His Excellency Don Carlos G. Davila
139725: DAVIRA S. TARAGIN; PATTERSON SIMS; SUSAN JEFFERIES - Bigger, Better, More: The Art of Viola Frey
9551: DAVIS & LONG, NY: OCT. 15 TO NOV. 2, 1974 - American Painting
9559: DAVIS & LONG, NY: OCT. 6-27, 1976 - American Painting
9584: DAVIS & LANGDALE COMPANY, NY: MAY 1 TO JUNE 12, 1987 - Drawings by Thomas Gainsborough
104180: DAVIS, RICHARD BEALE - Intellectual Life in the Colonial South, 1585-1763: Volume Three
34819: DAVIS, BRUCE - Master Drawings in the Los Angeles Museum of Art
35113: DAVIS, RICHARD - The Central Australian Expedition: The Journals of Charles Stuart
21193: DAVIS, LINDA H. - Onward and Upward: A Biography of Katharine S. White
3190: DAVIS, LENWOOD G. AND JANET L. SIMS - Black Artists in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography of Books, Articles, and Dissertations on Black Artists, 1779-1979
142769: DAVIS, JOHN - The Landscape of Belief: Encountering the Holy Land in Nineteenth-Century American Art and Culture
145142: DAVIS, CAROL BECKER - Drawing in Situ: Applebroog, Bernstein, Fekner, Fortunato, Jennis, Parchner, Ramage
135403: DAVIS, BRITTON - The Truth About Geronimo
151416: DAVIS, HOWARD MCP. AND JOSEPH SOLOMON - Florine Stettheimer: An Exhibition of Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings; Gift of the Ettie Stettheimer Estate
105773: DAVIS, FRANK; DE SAGER, WALTER; BLAKEMORE, KENNETH & OTHERS - Antiques - Victoriana, Boxes, Fans, Chinese Bronze, Jade & Ceramics, Samplers, Pipes & Tobacco Jars, Porcelain, Clocks & Watches
158177: DAVIS, KEITH F. AND APRIL WATSON - The Art of Frederick Sommer: Photography, Drawing, Collage
152002: DAVIS & LANGDALE COMPANY, INC - Robert Bevan (1865-1925): Works on Paper
158194: DAVIS, MYRA TOLMACH - Sketches in Iron: Samuel Yellin, American Master of Wrought Iron, 1885-1940
2836: DAVIS & LONG CO., NY: MAY 13 TO MAY 31, 1975 - Charles Conder, Robert Henri, James Morrice, Maurice Prendergast: The Formative Years, Paris, 1890's
108206: DAVIS, DOUGLAS - The Museum Transformed: Design and Culture in the Post-Pompidou Age
144451: DAVIS, CHARLES B. - The Animal Motif in Bamana Art
118596: DAVIS, JAMES C. - Una Famiglia Veneziana E la Conservazione Della Ricchezza I Dona Dal '500 Al '900
124773: DAVIS, MARION B. (ACTING DIRECTOR) - 1st Annual Survey of Contemporary American Crafts
113469: DAVIS, ANITA PRICE - New Deal Art in North Carolina: The Murals, Sculptures, Reliefs, Paintings, Oils and Frescoes and Their Creators
28096: DAVIS, DEREK C. - English and Irish Antique Glass
24306: DAVIS, STUART AND LAWRENCE SALANDER ET AL. - Stuart Davis: Major Late Paintings
114344: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - Cuba in War Time
142779: DAVIS, DEBORAH - The Secret Lives of Frames: One Hundred Years of Art and Artistry [Lowy]
149288: DAVIS, JACK AND DOROTHY RYAN - Samuel L. Schmucker: The Discovery of His Lost Art
103928: DAVIS, MICHAEL THOMAS - Jim Dine: Pinocchio
36873: DAVIS, JOHN D. - The Genius of Irish Silver: A Texas Private Collection
162621: DAVIS, GEORGE (EDITOR) - Horst : Photographs of a Decade
160237: DAVIS, DAVE D. (EDITOR) - Perspectives on Gulf Coast Prehistory
121791: DAVIS, JOHN - Roy Shifrin in an Interview with John Davis
33261: DAVIS, JOHN - Pewter at Colonial Williamsburg
152217: DAVIS & LANGDALE COMPANY, INC - Albert York
126693: DAVIS, RONALD AND PAOUL SIMONSON - Bibliographie Des Oeuvres de Paul Valéry (1895-1925)
152194: DAVIS, STUART - Stuart Davis (American Artists Group Monograph Number 6)
139360: DAVIS GALLERIES - Robert Bevan, 1865-1925
57: DAVIS, STUART - Stuart Davis (American Artists Group Monograph Number 6)
323: DAVIS, MELINDA DEMPSTER - Winslow Homer: An Annotated Bibliography of Periodical Literature
108736: DAVIS, DEBORAH - Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X.
153324: DAVIS, MYRA TOLMACH - Sketches in Iron: Samuel Yellin, American Master of Wrought Iron, 1885-1940
142033: DAVIS, MARIAN (CURATOR) WITH OTHERS - Himalaya: An Exhibition of the Arts and Crafts of Tibet and Nepal
8419: DAVIS, EDWARD M. III - An Exhibition of Nineteenth Century Virginia Genre
152372: DAVIS, G. A. (ILLUSTRATOR) - Little Snowdrop and Other Stories
28650: DAVIS, DEERING - Georgetown Houses of the Federal Period, Washington, D.C. 1780 - 1830
108547: DAVIS, SUSAN ET AL. - Robin Winters: Think Tank
159329: DAVIS, JAMES J. AND JOSEPH G. CANNON - The Iron Puddler: My Life in the Rolling Mills and What Came of It
105172: DAVIS, JOHN - Smith College Museum of Art: European and American Painting and Sculpture 1760-1960
104950: DAVIS, LEE - Greek Revival Influence on American Clock Case Design and Empire Clock Case Development Nawcc Bulletin Supplement 18, Spring 1991
26382: DAVIS, DEERING - Annapolis Houses 1700-1775
152001: DAVIS & LONG COMPANY - Duncan Grant, April 12-May 3, 1975
157719: DAVIS, MARIAN B. (DR.) - Everett Spruce: Selected Paintings and Drawings
108929: DAVIS, GERALDINE AND INGRID JENKNER - Printshops of Canada: Printmaking South of Sixty
16445: DAVIS & LONG, NY: APR. 18 TO MAY 24, 1980 - Vanessa Bell, 1879-1961: A Retrospective Exhibition
149720: DAVIS, CAROLYN O'BAGY - Quilted All Day: The Prairie Journals of Ida Chambers Melugin (1867-1955)
128324: DAVIS, RONALD (TRANSLATED) - Twelve Aquarelles by Auguste Rodin
121279: DAVIS, KEITH AND PAT FUNDOM - Twentieth Century Masters of Photography 1900 - 1985
158839: DAVIS, ELLEN N. - The Vapheio Cups and Aegean Gold and Silver Ware
111892: DAVIS, STEPHEN (CURATOR) - Moved
16545: DAVIS (JOHN) GALLERY, NY: 1987 - Catherine Lee: Paintings
161036: DAVIS, KEITH F. - The Passionate Observer: Photographs by Carl Van Vechten
137330: DAVIS, STUART - Stuart Davis Sketchbooks
157577: (DAVISON, GIDEON MINER) - The Traveler's Guide Through the Middle and Northern States and the Provinces of Canada
101844: DAVISON, MILDRED AND CHRISTA C. MAYER-THURMAN - Coverlets: A Handbook on the Collection of Woven Coverlets in the Art Institute of Chicago
105638: DAVISON, GERALD - The Handbook of Marks on Chinese Ceramics
149203: DAVY, HUMPHRY - Elements of Chemical Philosophy, Part I. , Vol. I.
18507: DAWDY, DORIS OSTRANDER - Artists of the American West: A Biographical Dictionary (3 Vol. Set)
158212: DAWES, LEONARD G. - Japanese Illustrated Books
21154: DAWES, NICHOLAS M. (EDITOR) - Lalique: A Century of Glass for a Modern World
105258: DAWES, NICHOLAS M. (EDITOR) - Majolica
153384: DAWETAS, DEMOSTHENE - S. Mendjisky: Paris - New York
145182: DAWSON, AILEEN - Bernard Moore, Master Potter 1850-1935
125624: DAWSON, NELSON - Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Work
153114: DAWSON, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Hugh Lane: Founder of a Gallery of Modern Art for Ireland
115096: DAWSON, ROBERT ET AL. - Ansel Adams: New Light: Essays on His Legacy and Legend
135745: DAWSON, AILEEN - A Catalogue of French Porcelain in the British Museum
108032: DAWTREY, LIZ ET AL (EDITOR) - Investigating Modern Art
123073: DAY, WILLIAM E. - Art Price Guide: The Blue Book
11907: DAY, HOLLIDAY T. AND HOLLISTER STURGES - Joslyn Art Museum: Paintings & Sculpture from the European & American Collections
119317: DAY, RICHARD AND JAMES FABER - European Drawings, 1570-1870
158681: DAY, LEWIS F. - Enamelling: A Comparative Account of the Development and Practice of the Art
31404: DAY, CLARENCE - This Simian World
141890: DAY, HOLLIDAY T. - I-80 Series: Edgar Heap of Birds
145068: DAY, HOLLIDAY T. - Iowa Artists 1992
150678: DAY, ANGELIQUE (EDITOR) - Letters from Georgian Ireland: The Correspondence of Mary Delany, 1731-68
153970: DAY, CYRUS LAWRENCE - Quipus and Witches' Knots: The Role of the Knot in Primitive and Ancient Cultures
158625: DAY, LEWIS F. - Windows: A Book About Stained and Painted Glass
141764: DAY, HOLLIDAY T. - Crossroads of American Sculpture
24000: DAY, HOLLIDAY T. - Power: Its Myths and Mores in American Art, 1961-1991
149019: DAY, IVAN (EDITOR) - Eat, Drink & Be Merry: The British at Table, 1600-2000
155500: DAY, SUSAN ELLEN - Collecting Memories - 30 Years of the Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah
153492: DAY, SYLVIA AND ROBERT ANGELOCH - Robert Angeloch: Black and White - Woodcuts, Etchings, and Lithographs
13559: DAY, HAROLD A. E. - East Anglian Painters (3 Vols. Sold As Set)
142045: DAY, LARRY - Jane Piper: Recent Work
134037: DAY, LEWIS F. - Windows: A Book About Stained and Painted Glass
134014: DAY, ARTHUR L. AND E.T. ALLEN - Hot Springs of the Yellowstone National Park (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication No. 466); Microscopic Examinations by H.E. Merwin
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